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[00:04.80]******** 我的惊是Sheldon

[00:06.36]No, it'S...********* 不对 应该是 "我的名字是Sheldon"

[00:09.80]******** 我的名字是Sheldon

[00:14.04]What's this? 这是干嘛?

[00:16.32]That's what you did. 你就这么比划的

[00:18.28]I speak as a number of languages the gesture was part of the phrase. 我以为在很多语言中 手势也是措辞的一部分

[00:23.88]Well, it's not. 才不是呢

[00:24.96]How am i supposed to know that? 我怎么能知道?

[00:27.40]As the teacher it's your obligation to separate that from the subject matter. 作为教师 你有责任把个人理解 和学习内容分清楚

[00:33.92]You know, I'm really glad you decided to learn mandarin. 知道吗 你决定学汉语普通话 我特欣慰

[00:34.12]Why? 为什么?

[00:36.24]Once you're fluent you'll have a billion more people to annoy instead of me. 等你讲流利后 世上多了 十亿人听你唠叨 我就得救了

[00:41.80]******** 梅毒 驴子

[00:43.40]You just called leonard a syphylitic donkey. 你刚才管Leonard 叫"得了性病的驴"

[00:48.56]Aapologys, leonard, I'm only as good as my teacher. Leonard我向你道歉 什么样的老师出什么样的学生

[00:54.68]Why are you learning chinese? 你学中文干嘛?

[00:55.56]I bible the restaurant has been passing the orange chicken off as tangerine chicken 我确定四川菜馆把 橘子鸡做成了橙子鸡

[00:60.40]and i intend to confront them. 我要和他们对质

[01:03.88]I'd be more concerned with what they're passing off as chicken. 要是我 就更关心 他们把鸡做成了什么

[01:10.04]- I need to use your window. - Go ahead. - 我得用一下你家的窗户 - 别客气

[01:13.32]Hey jerk face, you forgot your ipod. 喂 混蛋 你忘带你的iPod了!

[01:19.32]What's going on? 出什么事儿了?

[01:19.84]That stupid self-centred bastard wrote about our sex life in his blog. 告诉你 那个只想着自己的混蛋 把我们的性生活写到博客上去了

[01:28.52]Drop dead, you stupid self-centred bastard! 你滚吧 你个只考虑自己的傻X!

[01:33.96]Thank you. 多谢

[01:37.40]Okay, where were we? 好的 讲到哪儿啦?

[01:39.76]Hell, I have a blog to find. 吼吼 我搜个博客先


[02:00.100]The Big Bang Theory Season01 Episode17 天才理论传 第一季 第17集

[02:13.80]***** Penny 你还好吗?

[02:15.40]****Go away 我没事儿 Leonard 快走吧

[02:18.60]********* 我明白分手是很痛苦的..

[02:21.52]- Go away - Okay, feel better, bye. - 快走! - 好吧 振作点儿 再见

[02:30.40]She doesn't want to talk. 她不想讲话

[02:33.88]Not surprising. 这不奇怪

[02:32.08]Penny's emotional responses originate in the primitive portion of the brain, Penny的情绪反应来源于 脑的原始结构杏仁体

[02:36.84]while speech is centred in the more recently developed part, 而语言中枢却位于 更近期发育起来的大脑新皮质

[02:40.92]the former can overpower the latter giving scientific credence 前者能够轻易制服后者

[02:43.24]to the notion of being rendered speechless. "失语"现象就是很好的科学证明

[02:51.40]Maybe she just doesn't want to talk. 或许她只是不愿意讲话

[02:58.60]Hey, look, i found an ipod. 嗨 快瞧 我捡了个iPod

[03:02.96]Smashed beyond repair. 烂得修都修不好了

[03:05.16]What are you going to do with it? 你打算用它干什么?

[03:05.16]What else, sell it on ebay as slightly used. 还能干什么 在ebay上卖呗 就说9成新

[03:09.12]It's penny's boy friend's, they broke up. 那是Penny男朋友的 他们分手了

[03:13.80]Apparently he posted intimate details of their relationship on his blog 因为他把两人的私密情节整到博客上了

[03:15.52]which i cannot find anywhere. 我咋哪儿都找不到呢

[03:19.68]You know what? I'm going to go back and try talking to her again. 我要回去再试着和她讲讲话

[03:24.92]Good idea.Sit with her, hold her, comfort her 好主意 陪她一起坐 搂着她 安慰她

[03:26.52]and if the moment feels right, see if you can cop a feel. 时机成熟的话 看看能否赢得芳心

[03:32.88]I'm not going to do that, howard. 我才不会那么做呢 Howard

[03:33.96]I'm not aware of any social conventions that requires you to intervene at all. 我不觉得有哪项社交惯例 要求你插手这事儿

[03:37.80]What about damsel in distress? 保护忧伤的少女?

[03:40.56]12th century code of chivalry? Not terribly current. 12世纪的骑士年代还差不多 现代可没有

[03:43.72]You'd also have to be knighted for that to apply. 再说 你也得被授予了骑士爵位 才能那么做

[03:48.88]I don't care. She's upset, I'm going over there. 我不管 她现在不好受 我得去看她

[03:49.100]Remember to sit on your hands a bit so they're warm. 记得坐在自己手上 要不然手又凉了

[03:55.16]I'm her friend, I'm not going to take advantage of her vulnerability. 我是她朋友 我才不会在她脆弱时占便宜

[03:59.40]You're saying if in the depths of despair she throws herr self-at you 你是说 如果她绝望至极中 整个人向你扑去

[04:03.56]and demands you take her right now, you'd walk away? 要求你马上就地占有她 你会走开?

[04:06.20]I said I'm her friend, not her gay friend. 我说我是她朋友 又不是同志朋友

[04:15.60]Hey, listen, i know you said you didn't want to talk -- 听着 我知道你说过你不想讲话

[04:17.84]i don'T. 我不想讲话

[04:20.48]- Wait. - Did you say wait? - 等一下 - 等一下 你让我等一下?

[04:23.44]Toll me the truth. 跟我讲实话

[04:24.48]Am i just an idiot who picks giant losers? 我是不是一个专找大衰人的白痴?

[04:28.16]- No. No. - Okay. - 不 不是 - 好吧

[04:30.32]So I pick good guys but turn them into losers. 那就是说我找的是好男人 然后把他们变成了大衰人?

[04:35.92]Of course not. 当然不是啦

[04:34.08]Well, got to be one or the other. Which is it? 肯定是两种情况之一 到底是哪个?

[04:45.12]I'm sorry, what were the choices again? 对不起 是哪两个选项来着?

[04:45.100]I really thought mike was different, I thought he was sensitive and smart. 我真的以为Mike不一样 我以为他又敏感又聪明

[04:53.44]I mean, not you smart, normal nonfreaky smart. 不是你那种聪明 是正常不变态的那种聪明

[04:55.88]Yeah, no, sure. 嗯 我明白 当然

[04:57.24]He goes and has to humiliate me by writing about me on his blog 然后他就在博客上写我 让我丢脸

[05:01.32]so the entire world can read it. 全世界都能读得到

[05:04.32]It's not all that easy to find. 那博客没那么好找

[05:05.60]My friends at work found it, ***** 是吗 我同事看到了 我姐姐看到了

[05:10.40]judging by my e-mail a number of prisonersat the michigan state penitentiary found it. 通过我的电子邮箱判断 密歇根州立监狱不少囚犯也看到了

[05:13.12]What exactly did this guy write? 他到底具体写什么了?

[05:15.40]Not that i need to know the details of your sex life, i just thought -- never mind. 并不是我想知道你性生活的细节 我只是想...不说了

[05:23.76]No, you know what? 没事儿 你知道吗?

[05:24.88]Might as well read it, everybody else has. Go ahead. 你可以看 别人都看过了 别客气

[05:28.40]I just feel so betrayed and embarrassed. 我感觉被背叛了 很尴尬

[05:31.28]Just want to crawl into a hole and die. 真想挖个洞钻进去 死了算了

[05:39.56]Okay. Well, you know, this isn't that bad. 好啦 要知道 没有那么糟糕啦

[05:42.28]It just paints the picture of a very affectionate woman 这仅仅描绘了一个充满深情的女人

[05:43.92]who is open to expressing her affection in nontraditional locales. 在非传统的地点 公开表达自己的爱意

[05:49.00]Oh, god. 上帝呀

[05:52.88]Elevators, parks, 电梯 公园

[05:55.60]movie theaters, out of curiosity, 电影院 好奇问一句

[05:58.84]is this subway the transportation system or subway the sandwich shop? "Subway"指的是地铁 还是那个三明治店?

[06:04.64]Sandwich shop. 三明治店 (著名连锁)

[06:08.28]Doesn't that violate the health code? 貌似这违反了健康常规吧?

[06:10.48]No, at the subshop we were only making out. 不 在店里我们只是亲热一下而已

[06:13.72]Oh, okay. 哦 好吧

[06:15.52]But my point is that you have absolutely no reason to be embarrassed. 我是说 你没有理由感觉尴尬啊

[06:21.72]Really? Do you think i'm overreacting? 真的吗? 你觉得我反应过度了?

[06:23.64]Maybe a little. 或许有一点点

[06:23.84]I do that. I do overreact. 我就是这样 我常反应过度

[06:26.40]Maybe i should call mike and apologize. 或许我应该给Mike打电话 向他道歉

[06:27.48]No, that would be underreacting. 不要 这样反应过弱了

[06:32.76]He did break the implied confidentiality of the bedroom and in your case the elevator, 他的确打破了卧室中应有的含蓄与机密 在你们的故事里

[06:36.64]parks and fast-food franchise. 还包括电梯 公园和快餐店

[06:40.40]I just just say I'm done with him. 你说的对 我应该告诉他我和他玩完了

[06:42.16]Go ahead, say it. 对 应该 别犹豫 说吧

[06:46.60]But i never gave the man a chance to explain. 但我从没有给过他解释的机会

[06:48.56]What is there to explain? 有什么好解释的?

[06:49.60]It's all right here, betrayal. 一清二楚 这是背叛

[06:54.60]No, you were right the first time. 不 你一开始说对了

[06:55.20]This is a man who loves me, but in his own stupid way was trying to show people how he feels. 这男人爱我 用自己傻傻的方式 告诉别人他的感受

[07:04.80]I'm pretty sure i never said that. 我确定我没这么说过

[07:08.64]No, you did better than that, you helped me see it on my own. 不 你做得更好 你帮我自己看清了这点

[07:10.88]Good for me. 啊 我真不错啊

[07:13.96]Where are you going? 你要去哪儿?

[07:15.96]I'm going over to mike'S. 我要去Mike那儿

[07:15.00]Leonard, thank you so much. Leonard 非常谢谢你

[07:17.64]Oh, sure. 不客气

[07:23.84]Oh, maybe i am her gay friend. 哦 我可能真是她的同志朋友

[07:34.72]Howard, I'm going to need another mandarin lesson. Howard 我还想上堂汉语课

[07:37.92]I obviously didn't make my point. 显然 我没和他们讲清楚

[07:42.56]If you don't like the tang reason chicken, don't order the tang reason chicken. 看在上帝的份儿上 Sheldon 你要不喜欢橘子鸡 别点就是了

[07:45.36]I like the chicken I'm just not get, that chicken. 我喜欢橘子鸡 他们给的不是橘子鸡

[07:50.24]Can we please change the subject? 我们换个话题好吗?

[07:51.84]Sure. 好的

[07:52.04]Tell us again how you screwed up and got betty back together with her old boyfriend. 再讲一次你怎么出的糗 让Penny和她旧男友复合的吧

[07:57.52]Just roll the dice. 掷你的骰子吧

[08:05.08]Enslaved by warlocks, stay here until you roll 2, 4 or 6. 成为巫师的奴仆 掷2 4或6才能前进

[08:07.60]She was mad at him, she was done with him, the relationship was broken beyond repair 她明明生他的气嘛 她和他玩完了 他们破镜难圆了

[08:13.00]and i walked over there and i fixed it. 然后我插了一脚 把他们又整好了

[08:18.56]Boy, that story gets better every time you hear iT. 乖乖 这故事每次听都更有意思

[08:20.80]Actually I thought the first two renditions were far more compelling. 其实我觉得前两次的 版本更让人印象深刻

[08:25.44]Previously I felt sympathy for the leonard character. 起初 我对Leonard的角色感到同情

[08:27.32]Now I just find him to be whiney and annoying. 现在我觉得他唧唧歪歪很烦人

[08:30.56]Eat your tangerine chicken. 吃你的橘子鸡吧

[08:33.64]I'd love to, but i don't have tangerine chicken. 我倒是想 但也得有橘子鸡啊

[08:39.52]Thank you so much for your stupid advice. 托你白痴建议的福!

[08:49.28]Incredible. 难以置信

[08:48.92]You managed to screw up the screwup. 你连搞砸的事儿都能搞砸

[08:57.20]I'm back. 我又来了

[09:01.76]I'm sorry i yelled at you. 对不起我不该吼你的

[09:01.08]It's not your fault. 这不是你的错

[09:05.84]What happened? 出了什么事?

[09:04.72]Well, I went over to mike's to make up with him. 我去Mike家和打算他复合

[09:08.88]No, I know that part. 别说了 我知道这部分

[09:11.64]But he had already moved on perform. 但他已经向前看了

[09:14.24]That was quick. 真够快的

[09:14.20]That's what i said to the woman who had her legs wrapped around his neck! 我就是这么和那个用腿 围着他脖子的女人说的!

[09:22.76]Oh, penny, i am so sorry. Penny 我很抱歉

[09:25.12]How could he do that? 他怎么能这么做?

[09:28.76]You know, you did throw an 80 gig ipod -- no, how can he do that? 你的确向他砸了一个80兆的iPod... 他怎么能这么做?

[09:34.32]I swear to god I'm done with guys like that. 我向上帝发誓 我和这样的男人玩完了

[09:36.48]You know macho with the perfect body and the hair and the money. 男子气十足 完美身材和头发 又有钱

[09:40.72]Yeah, that must get old quick. 那样肯定老得快

[09:43.68]You know, i just once i would like to go out with someone 我希望 哪怕只有一次 能约一个

[09:48.92]who is nice and honest and who actually cares about me. 善良 诚实 真正关心我的男人出去

[09:54.36]What about me? 我怎么样?

[09:56.00]What about you what? 你什么怎么样?

[09:60.24]What about if you went out with me? 你和我出去怎么样?

[10:06.56]Are you asking me out? 你约我出去?

[10:07.76]Um, yes, i am asking you out. 呃 是的 我在...约你出去

[10:16.12]I was just going off your comment about the nice guy -- 我只是听到你对好人的形容 才联想到...

[10:19.68]No, I know.I got that. Totally. - 不 我知道 明白你的意思 完全明白 - 你知道的 我很诚实

[10:19.40]- No big deal. - Yes. - 无所谓拉 - 好的

[10:25.72]Yes what? 什么好的?

[10:27.96]Yes, I will go out with you. 好的 我愿意跟你约会

[10:33.68]Really? 真的?

[10:34.28]Yes. Why not? I mean, what do i have to lose? 是的 为什么不呢? 反正我又没什么损失

[10:39.04]Yeah. That's the spirit. 嗯 有道理

[10:51.40]Show me your citrus peels. 给我看你的橘子皮

[10:52.08]********** 给我看你有几层皮

[10:58.92]Show me your citrus peels 给我看你的橘子皮

[10:59.12]********* 给我看你有几层皮

[11:02.08]Sheldon Sheldon

[11:04.04]******* 哎呀 吓死我了

[11:06.60]I'm sorry. 对不起

[11:09.04]Look, do you have a second? 听着 你有时间吗?

[11:10.88]A second what? Pair of underwear? 第二个什么? 第二对内衣裤? ("秒"和"第二"同一单词)

[11:14.52]I was just wondering if i could talk to you. 我能跟你谈谈吗?

[11:17.08]It's about leonard. 关于Leonard

[11:19.28]Why me? Why not pauly or walowitz. 为什么找我? 为什么不找 Koothrappali或Walowitz

[11:22.08]Raj can't talk to me unless he's drunk and walowitz is, you know, disgusting. Raj除非喝醉了才能跟我说话 而Walowitz很...讨厌

[11:29.68]Yes, I suppose he is. 嗯 我想他的确是

[11:31.68]All I'm saying is you know leonard the best. 我要说的是 你最了解Leonard

[11:33.84]Not necessarily. 并非如此

[11:35.40]I'm often surprised by my lack of familiarity with leonard. 我经常惊讶于自己对Leonard的不熟悉

[11:39.60]Just the other day i discovered he not only has a loofah, he hides it. 就在那天 我发现他不仅有根丝瓜浴擦 还藏了起来

[11:45.28]Why do you suppose a man would be ashamed of having a loofah? 男人有根丝瓜浴擦 这有啥丢脸的?

[11:47.08]I myself would like to have it sloughed off naturally. 我倒是宁愿 表皮细胞自己慢慢脱落

[11:49.08]********* 但我也不责怪那些 想加速这一进程的人啊

[11:54.64]I had no idea that despite his lactose intolerance 直到最近 我才发现 他尽管有乳糖不耐症

[11:59.12]he can tolerate small amounts of low-fat ice cream. 却能忍受小分量的低脂冰激凌

[12:01.64]*********** 还不会释放有害气体 我坚持认为 到了一定浓度 肯定会释放的

[12:07.04]Leonard could come home, could we talk in my apartment? Leonard可能会回来 能到我家里谈吗?

[12:12.44]We're not done? 我们还没谈完?

[12:13.16]No. 没有

[12:16.40]Why not. We're already through the looking glass anyway. 管他呢 反正都知道你要说啥了

[12:24.52]Okay. So here's the thing. 好吧 事情是这样的

[12:25.56]I guess you're aware that leonard asked me out. 我想你知道Leonard约我出去

[12:29.20]Well, he didn't actually say anything. 他实际上什么都没说

[12:30.92]But when he came back to the apartment he was doing a dance 但是他回公寓时 欢呼雀跃的

[12:33.36]that brought to mind the happy hippos in fantasia. 一看就知道他心花怒放

[12:36.76]Oh, that's nice. 噢 很不错

[12:38.100]Anyhow, the thing i wanted to talk to you about is since leonard and I have become friends, 无论如何 我想跟你说的是 自从Leonard和我成为朋友

[12:43.88]I was just... want to sit down? 我只是... 要坐下么?

[12:48.00]Oh, i wish it were that simple. 噢 我也希望能简单地坐下

[12:52.24]I don't spend much time here and so I've never really chosen a place to sit. 我不怎么来这里 所以从没认真挑过坐的地方

[12:55.36]Well, choose. 那就选呗

[12:56.52]There are a number of options, 有很多选择

[12:59.60]and I'm really not familiar enough with the cushion densities, 我真的不是很了解坐垫的密度

[13:04.40]air flow patterns and disbursion of sunlight to make an informed choice. 气流模式和光照强度 来做个最佳选择

[13:06.36]Why don't you just pick one at random and then if you don't like it, 为什么不随便挑个坐下先 如果你不喜欢

[13:10.76]you can sit somewhere else next time. 下次就可以坐别的地方

[13:10.40]No, no, that's crazy. 不 不 这太疯狂了

[13:15.88]You go ahead and talk while i figure it out. 你继续说 我慢慢挑

[13:20.68]Okay. Here's the thing. 好吧 事情是这样的

[13:22.92]So I've known for a while now that leonard has had a little crush on mE. 我知道已经有会儿功夫了 就是Leonard有点喜欢我

[13:28.92]A little crush? 有点喜欢?

[13:29.96]I suppose so, in the same way a person had a little crush on helen of troy. 我想是吧 就像斯巴达王只是 有一点点喜欢特洛伊城的海伦而已

[13:29.96]典故出自 荷马: <伊利亚特>

[13:37.60]I don't really know who they are -- 我不是很知道他们是谁

[13:37.72]- That was the brother of - - Okay.Okay. - 斯巴达王是.... - 好的 我不在乎 我不在乎 好吧

[13:42.76]The point is leonard isn't the kind of guy i usually go out with. 问题是Leonard不是我通常约会的类型

[13:47.12]Leonard isn't the kind of guy anyone usually goes out with. Leonard不是任何人通常约会的类型

[13:49.76]Would you be open to rotating the couch clockwise 30? 你能接受将沙发顺时针旋转30度吗?

[13:52.68]No. What I'm saying is leonard might be different into good way. 不 我想说的是 Leonard与众不同

[13:57.68]Obviously my usual choices have not worked out so well. 显然我通常的选择不怎么成功

[14:01.40]The last one worked out well for pauley, he got a free ipod. 上一次选择对Koothrappali来说 很不错 他捡了个免费的iPod

[14:06.64]Ooh, glare. 噢 刺眼!

[14:11.52]But on the other hand, if things don't go well with leonard i risk losing a really good friend. 但另一方面 如果我和Leonard进展不顺利 我可能会失去一个好朋友

[14:15.52]He's the kind of guy who looks into a relationship for -- 他不是那种随便玩玩的人 他是那种期望感情能持续...

[14:19.56]i don't know, would you say light year. 不知道该怎么说 也许你会说光年

[14:22.16]Noun would say that. 我可不会这么说

[14:23.92]A light year is a unit of distance, not time. 光年是个长度单位 不是时间单位

[14:28.16]Thank you for the clarification. 谢谢你的解释

[14:37.20]Draft. 通风口

[14:39.80]People hear the word "year" and they think uration. 人们一听到"年" 就以为是时间

[14:40.64]********* "英尺磅"也有同样的问题 那是功的单位 而不是质量单位

[14:44.72]Right. 是的

[14:45.76]Common mistake. 常见的错误

[14:47.24]Not the first one i've made today. 不是我今天犯的第一个

[14:51.20]Okay. 好吧

[14:53.04]I think this will be my seat. 我想这里就是我的位置

[14:55.96]Sheldon, do you have anything to say that has anything to do with what I'm talking about? Sheldon 我说的这些 你有啥要说的吗?

[15:02.00]Well, let's see. 嗯 让我想想看

[15:02.56]We might consider shrodinger's cat. 我们可以借用下"薛定谔的猫" (关于量子理论的理想实验)

[15:07.52]Is that the woman in 2 A. 薛定谔? 是住在2A的那个女人吗?

[15:09.28]No, that's mrs. Grossinger. 不 那个是Grossinger夫人

[15:11.88]And she doesn't have a cat, it's a mexican hairless. Annoying -- 她没有猫 有只墨西哥无毛犬 烦死人了...

[15:14.28]Sheldon! Sheldon!

[15:16.40]Sorry, you diverted me. 对不起 是你让我分心的

[15:20.44]In 1935 shrodin get******* 1935年 欧文·薛定谔为了说明 哥本哈根派的量子力学解释

[15:26.40]he proposed an experiment 他提出一个实验

[15:25.72]where a cat is placed in a box with a sealed vial of poison 把一只猫和一瓶密封的毒药放到盒子里

[15:29.52]that will break open tehran do. Time. 毒药可能随时会泄漏

[15:33.68]Since no one knows when or if the poison has been released, 没人知道毒药有没有泄漏 也不知道何时泄漏

[15:35.32]until the box is opened, the cat can be thought of as both alive and dead. 那么在打开盒子之前 就可以认为猫既死了又活着

[15:48.28]I'm sorry, i don't get the point. 对不起 我搞不明白你的要点

[15:49.44]Of course you don't get it, i haven't made it yet. 你当然不明白 我还没说要点呢

[15:54.28]You have to be psychic to get it and there's no such thing as psychic. 除非你是灵媒才听得懂 世上没有灵媒这玩意儿

[15:54.100]What's the point? Sheldon 要点是什么!

[15:56.36]Just like the cat, your potential relationship with leonard right now 就跟薛定谔的猫一样 现在你和Leonard的潜在关系

[16:02.04]can be thought of as both good and bad. 可以同时是好和不好

[16:05.04]It is only by opening the box that aisle find out which it is. 只有打开盒子你才能知道结果

[16:08.12]You're saying i should go out with leonard. 你是说我应该跟Leonard约会

[16:11.52]No, no, no. 不 不 不 不

[16:16.88]Let me start again. In 1935... 我重新讲过吧 1935年...

[16:21.76]Two seats right there. 那里有2个位置

[16:25.28]******** 长寿社会

[16:29.84]******** 谢谢

[16:34.08]I think I've made a mistake. 我想我犯错了

[16:35.24]I can see that. 看的出来

[16:36.68]Unless you're planning on running a marathon choosing both stuffing and mashed potatoes 除非你打算参加马拉松赛跑 否则同时选择了填馅和马铃薯泥

[16:41.20]is a starch-filled redundancy. 肯定会导致淀粉冗余

[16:44.40]No, it's about penny. 不 我是指Penny

[16:44.76]A mistake involving penny. 一个包含Penny的错误

[16:49.92]You'll have to narrow it down. 你必须缩小范围

[16:50.88]I don't think I can go out with her tonight. 我觉得今晚没法跟她约会

[16:52.100]Then don'T. 那么就不要去

[16:55.44]Other people would say why not. 换别人就会问为什么

[16:57.28]Other people might be interested. 别人可能爱听八卦呗

[17:00.16]- I'm going to talk anyway. - I assumed you would. - 我反正还是要说的 - 我想也是

[17:04.16]Now that I'm actually about to go out with penny, I'm not excited, I'm nauseous. 我总算可以和Penny约会了 但我一点都不兴奋 反而感到"令人恶心"

[17:10.92]Then your meal choice is appropriate. 那么你的菜选的很合适

[17:12.84]Starch reduces the amount of vomit available for violent expulsion. 淀粉可以减少涌出的呕吐物总量

[17:16.64]Right 好吧

[17:18.68]********You said nauseous when you meant nauseated. 你还犯了个常见的语法错误 你说"令人恶心" 而你是想说"恶心"

[17:23.48]But go on. 你继续

[17:25.96]This date is probably my one chance with penny. 这个约会可能是我和Penny在一起的唯一机会

[17:28.12]What happens if i blow it? 如果我搞砸了怎么办?

[17:30.76]Well, if we accept your premise and also accept the highly improbable assumption 好吧 我们接受你的前提 也接受这个几乎不可能的假设--

[17:34.44]that penny is the only woman in the world for you Penny是你在这世上唯一能拥有的女人

[17:37.04]then we can logically conclude the result of kiloing it would be 那么从逻辑上进行分析 我们可以得出: 如果你搞砸了这次约会

[17:42.08]that you end up a lonely bitter old man, 就会孤老终生 也没有后代

[17:43.32]an image of any number of evil light housekeepers from scooby-doo comes to mind. 我脑中浮现出<史酷比>里恶毒的老管家

[17:50.36]You're not help. 你这哪是帮忙啊

[17:50.100]What response on my part would bring this conversation to a speedy conclusion? 我要怎么回答 才能尽快结束这场对话?

[17:56.56]Tell me whether or not to go to on this date. 告诉我要不要赴约会

[17:59.72]Shrodinger's cat. 薛定谔的猫

[18:01.80]That's brilliant. 哇喔 太聪明了

[18:05.20]You sound surprised. 你好像很惊讶

[18:11.32]******* 猴子睡在里头

[18:29.96]Come on in. 进来吧

[18:32.24]Thank you. 谢谢

[18:35.00]You look very nice. 你很漂亮

[18:36.60]Thank you. So do you. 谢谢 你也是

[18:40.68]I made an 8 o'clock reservation. 我订了8点钟的桌子

[18:44.16]Okay. Great. Listen, um, maybe we should talk first. 好的 很好 听着 呃 也许我们该先谈谈

[18:49.84]Okay. 好的

[18:51.08]But before you say anything, have you ever heard of shrodinger's cat? 我先问问你 你听说过薛定谔的猫吗?

[18:57.96]Actually, I've heard far too much about that cat. 实际上 薛定谔的猫 我都听烂了

[19:02.04]Good. 很好

[19:11.12]All right. The cat's alive. Let's go to dinner. 很好 猫还活着 吃饭去吧

[19:21.28]****** 鼻涕在哪? 鼻涕?

[19:22.68]********* 擤干净鼻涕哈 快走快走

[19:24.64]********** 这不是柳丁脚踏车

[19:29.92]Crazy man, call the police. 疯子 叫警察

[19:30.48]******** 不必打给图书馆 鼻涕在哪?

[19:35.64]********** 猛牛在我床上 很多很多猛牛

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