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01欲望城市 Sex and the City








[00:50.72]Once upon a time an English journalist came to New York. 从前有个英国女记者来到纽约

[00:57.36]Elizabeth was attractive and bright, and right away 伊丽莎白既美丽又聪明

[01:01.44]she hooked up with one of the city's eligible bachelors. 立刻就钓上 城里的黄金王老五

[01:05.52]The question remains, is this a company we want to own? 问题是这家公司值得投资吗?

[01:08.36]Tim was 42. 提姆四十二岁

[01:09.32]A well-liked and respected banker, 是位迷人且颇有声望的银行家 年薪约两百万

[01:13.32]who made about two million a year.

[01:17.96]They met one evening, in typical New York fashion, 某晚在典型的纽约社交聚会中 他们相识

[01:21.16]at a gallery opening. 那是个艺廊的开幕典礼

[01:28.72]Like it? 喜欢吗?

[01:30.48]Yes, actually l think it's quite interesting. What? 是啊,我觉得挺有趣的 怎么了?

[01:37.64]- l feel like l know you. - Oh, doubtful. -我对你有似曾相识的感觉 -应该不会吧

[01:41.32]- l just moved here from London. - Really? -我刚从伦敦搬来 -真的吗?

[01:43.24]That's my favorite city. 那是我最爱的城市

[01:45.48]- lt is? - Absolutely. -是吗? -真的

[01:49.76]lt was love at first sight. 他们一见钟情

[01:49.28]You know, l think perhaps l have met you somewhere before. 或许我们真的曾经见过

[02:01.24]For two weeks they snuggled... 两星期来他们浓情蜜意

[02:03.72]went to romantic restaurants... 共度浪漫的晚餐

[02:10.08]had wonderful sex... 享受鱼水之欢

[02:13.36]and shared the most intimate secrets. 分享彼此最不为人知的小秘密

[02:17.72]One day, he took her to a house he saw in the New York Times. 某天他带她去看 纽约时报广告里的房子

[02:22.88]How about if we start at the top? There are four bedrooms upstairs. 我们何不从楼上看起? 楼上有四间卧房

[02:26.44]- Do you have any children? - Not yet. -你们有孩子吗? -还没有

[02:32.84]That day Tim popped the question. 那天提姆提出一个问题

[02:33.04]Would you like to meet my folks Tuesday night? 星期二晚上 你愿意跟我父母见个面吗

[02:38.28]l'd love to. 我很乐意

[02:39.80]On Tuesday he called with some bad news. 星期二他打电话 通知她一些坏消息

[02:42.68]- My mother's not feeling very well. - Oh, gosh, l'm sorry. -我妈不太舒服 -真的是太糟糕了

[02:47.52]- Can we take a rain check? - Of course. -改天再说吧 -没问题

[02:49.44]Tell your mum l hope she feels better. 帮我向你妈妈问好

[02:53.00]When she hadn't heard from him for two weeks, she called. 两个星期来他音讯全无 她忍不住地打了电话

[02:56.40]Tim, it's Elizabeth. That's an awfully long rain check. 提姆,我是伊丽莎白 你未免让我等太久了吧

[02:60.28]He said he was up to his ears and that he'd call the next day. 他说她是插播 他明天会打电话给她

[03:05.84]He never did call... Bastard. 他再也没打来,大混蛋

[03:06.100]- She told me one day over coffee. - l don't understand. -某天在喝咖啡时她向我倾诉 -我不明白

[03:12.12]ln England, looking at houses together would have meant something. 在英国两个人一起看房子 就表示他们要结婚了

[03:15.08]l realized no one had told her about the end of love in Manhattan. 我明白没人告诉过她 曼哈顿人如何结束一段恋情

[03:20.36]Welcome to the ''age of un-innocence''. 欢迎光临“非纯真年代”

[03:25.68]No one has ''breakfast at Tiffany's'', and no one has ''affairs to remember''. 没人会吃“第凡内早餐” 也没人会遵守“金玉盟”

[03:29.08]lnstead, we have breakfast at 7:00am 相反地我们在早上七点吃早餐

[03:33.36]and affairs we try to forget as quickly as possible. 试着尽快地忘记誓言

[03:37.72]Self-protection and closing the deal are paramount. 自我保护跟完成交易 是最高原则

[03:39.32]Cupid has flown the co-op. 爱神也只好同流合污

[03:47.56]How did we get into this mess? 为什么会这样呢?

[03:51.56]There are thousands of women like this in the city. 纽约市数千名女人 有类似的遭遇

[03:53.76]We all know them and we all agree they're great. 我们身边都有这样的人 也同意她们都是好女人

[03:59.04]They travel, they pay taxes, 她们四处旅游、纳税

[04:02.32]they'll spend $400 on a pair of Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals, 愿意花四百块买一双 曼诺罗布雷尼克的细带凉鞋

[04:04.04]and they're alone. 她们孤家寡人

[04:12.92]lt's like the riddle of the Sphinx. 这就像狮身人面像之谜

[04:14.04]Why are there so many great unmarried women 为什么有那么多未婚好女人

[04:16.80]and no great unmarried men? 就是没有未婚的好男人?

[04:20.88]l explore these issues in my column and l have terrific sources: my friends. 我在我的专栏中探讨这些问题 朋友是我超棒的灵感来源

[04:26.16]When you're in your 20s, women control the relationships. 二十几岁时 由女人来主宰你们的交往

[04:28.60]By the time you're in your 30s, you're being devoured by women. 过了三十岁 女人开始追逐男人

[04:35.20]Suddenly the guys are holding all the chips. 突然间男人占尽优势

[04:36.96]l call it ''the mid-thirties power flip''. 我称之为 “三十几岁的权力大转移”

[04:41.04](彼德曼森,广告公司经理 中毒已深的单身汉)

[04:46.84]lt's all about age and biology. 这跟年纪及生理状况有关

[04:48.92]lf you want to get married, it's to have kids, right? 结婚就得生孩子

[04:52.40]lf you do it with someone older than 35, you have to have kids right away. 超过三十五岁结婚 就得立刻生孩子

[04:55.48]And that's about it. 就是这么一回事

[04:58.28]These women should forget about marriage... and have a good time. 女人该忘了婚姻 好好地放纵一下

[05:02.64](卡波迪杜肯,广告公司经理 中毒已深的单身汉)

[05:06.72]l have a friend who'd always gone out with extremely sexy guys 我有个朋友 老跟超级性感的男人约会

[05:08.40]and just had a good time. 她也玩得很开心

[05:10.40]One day she woke up and she was 41 . She couldn't get any more dates. 有天她醒来发现自己41岁了 没人愿意跟她约会

[05:16.72]She had a breakdown, couldn't hold on to her job, 她精神崩溃,连工作都保不住

[05:20.00]and moved back to Wisconsin to live with her mother. 只能搬回威斯康辛跟老妈住

[05:21.32](米兰达霍布斯,别号先生 律师,未婚女性)

[05:25.08]Trust me, this is not a story that makes men feel bad. 相信我,男人是不会伤心的

[05:31.56]Most men are threatened by successful women. 大部分的男人 觉得女强人是一大威胁

[05:35.96]lf you wanna get these guys, 如果你想抓住这些男人

[05:37.60]you have to keep your mouth shut and play by the rules. 就得闭嘴,乖乖地照规矩来

[05:38.28](夏绿蒂约克,艺术经销商 未婚女性)

[05:42.36]l totally believe that love conquers all. 我完全相信爱能征服一切

[05:46.88]Sometimes you just have to give it a little space. 有时你得给它一点空间

[05:47.32]That's what's missing in Manhattan - the space for romance. 曼哈顿所缺少的 就是浪漫的空间

[05:51.84](史奇普强斯顿,网站设计者 无可救药的浪漫主义分子)

[05:54.60]The problem is expectations - older women won't accept what's available. 问题出在期待 老女人不接受垂手可得的东西

[06:04.56]By your mid thirties, you think why should l settle? 到了三十几岁 你会想为什么要安定下来

[06:10.04]You know? 你知道的

[06:09.92]The older we get, the more we keep self-selecting down to a smaller group. 年纪越大,来往的朋友就越少

[06:17.60]What women really want is Alec Baldwin. 女人真正要的是艾力克鲍温

[06:21.08]There's not one woman in New York 在纽约每个女人 至少都拒绝过十个好男人

[06:22.96]who hasn't turned down ten wonderful guys

[06:24.12]because they were too short, or too fat, or too poor. 只因为他们太矮、太胖或太穷

[06:28.60]l've been out with short, fat and poor guys. lt makes no difference. 我跟又矮又胖的穷男人约会过 他们都一样

[06:34.00]They are just as self-centered as the good-looking ones. 他们跟帅哥一样自私

[06:36.56]Why don't these women marry a fat guy? 为什么这些女人不嫁胖子呢?

[06:41.56]Why don't they just marry a big fat tub of lard? 为什么她们不嫁给大肥猪?

[06:46.60]Happy birthday (祝你生日快乐)

[06:48.60]Dear Miranda (亲爱的米兰达)

[06:49.00]Happy birthday to you (祝你生日快乐)

[06:54.68]Another thirty-something birthday with a group of unmarried female friends. 又是一堆未婚的女友 在一起欢度三十几岁的生日

[06:59.12]We would all have preferred a celebratory conference call. 我们都喜欢一起庆祝

[07:01.44]You were saying? 你说什么?

[07:03.20]lf you're a successful woman in this city 如果你是纽约市的女强人

[07:06.80]you can either struggle to find a relationship 你不是努力地寻觅天赐良缘

[07:10.68]or just go out and have sex like a man. 就是跟男人一样出外打野食

[07:12.96]- You mean with dildos? - No. l mean without feeling. -你是说用情趣用品来自慰? -不,我是说纯上床

[07:18.12]Samantha was a New York inspiration, a public relations executive. 莎曼珊是纽约的奇女子 她是名公关

[07:23.60]She routinely slept with good-looking guys in their 20s. 她常跟二十几岁的帅哥上床

[07:25.88]You know that guy that l was dating? What was his name? 记得跟我约会的那个男人吗? 他叫什么名字来着?

[07:27.56]- Drew. - The sex god. -德鲁 -那个性感男神

[07:29.84]Afterwards, l felt nothing. lt was like, ''Gotta go, catch you later.'' 完事后我毫无感觉 那就像是“走了,待会儿见”

[07:36.68]And l completely forgot about him after that. 之后我根本就把他忘了

[07:38.56]That's because he didn't call you. 不是因为他没打电话给你吗?

[07:40.28]Sweetheart, it's the first time in the history of Manhattan 甜心,这是曼哈顿史上第一次

[07:45.44]that women have had as much power as men, 女人的权力跟男人一样大

[07:45.64]plus the equal luxury of treating men like sex objects. 她们也相当富裕 能把男人当性玩物

[07:50.40]Yeah, except men in this city don't want to be in a relationship with you, 对,但纽约男人不想跟你交往

[07:54.88]but if you only want them for sex they don't like it. 因为你要的只是性 他们不喜欢这样

[07:57.88]- Suddenly they can't perform. - That's when you dump them. -突然间他们落居下风 -当你抛弃他们的时候

[08:01.48]Come on, ladies, are we really that cynical? 少来了 我们有那么玩世不恭吗?

[08:05.76]- What about romance? - Who needs it? -浪漫呢? -谁需要浪漫?

[08:08.12]lt's like that guy, Jeremiah, the poet. 就像那个名叫杰瑞米的诗人

[08:09.68]The sex was incredible, but then he wanted to read me his poetry 我们在床上水乳交融 之后他想念他的诗给我听

[08:14.96]and go out to dinner and chat, and l'm like, ''Let's not even go there.'' 我们出去用餐聊天 我摆出老大不情愿的样子

[08:19.36]What are you saying? Are you saying you're just gonna give up on love? 你在说什么? 你要放弃爱?大变态

[08:22.80]- That's sick! - Look, if the right guy comes along, 听着,如果真命天子真的出现 这一切都是不成立的

[08:26.72]this whole thing's right out the window.

[08:27.48]- That's right! - The right guy is an illusion. -没错 -真命天子是不存在的

[08:31.56]Start living your life! 好好去过你们的生活

[08:34.64]So you think it's possible 你觉得 女人可以跟男人一样只要性

[08:35.16]to pull off this whole women having sex like men thing.

[08:39.12]- You're forgetting The Last Seduction. - You're obsessed with that movie. -你忘了“最后的诱惑” -你太迷信那部电影了

[08:44.12]OK! Linda Fiorentino fucking that guy up against the chain-link fence. 琳达佛伦提诺 靠着铁栏杆跟男人乱搞

[08:48.44]And never having one of those ''God, what have l done?'' epiphanies. 她从没想过 “天啊,我做了什么?”

[08:51.16]l hated that movie. 我讨厌那部电影

[08:55.32]Was it true? Were women in New York giving up on love 那是真的吗?

[08:58.20]纽约女人会放弃爱 热衷于追逐权力?

[08:58.12]and throttling up on power?

[09:02.88]What a tempting thought. 真的是太棒了

[09:09.48]l think the only place where one can still find love and romance in New York 我认为纽约 唯一还能找到爱跟浪漫的地方

[09:13.52]is the gay community. 就是男同性恋圈

[09:14.60]Straight love has become closeted. 异性恋反而成了异端

[09:17.08]Stanford Blatch was a close friend. 史丹佛巴勒奇是我的密友

[09:19.60]He owned a talent agency who was down to a single client. 他开了一家 只有一个客户的经纪公司

[09:24.64]Are you telling me that you're in love? 你是在告诉我你恋爱了吗?

[09:30.04]How could l possibly sustain a relationship? 我哪有办法跟别人交往?

[09:31.40]Derek takes up like 1000% of my time. 德瑞克占走了我所有的时间

[09:36.40]Don't you think that's a bit obsessive? 你不觉得那算是迷恋吗?

[09:38.80]Carrie, l'm a passionate person. His career is all l care about. 凯莉,我是个热情的人 我唯一关心的是他的工作

[09:40.16]When that's under control, then l can concentrate on my personal life. 在控制住这一点后 我才能专心在私人生活上

[09:45.16]- Stanford, he's an underwear model. - With a billboard in Times Square! -史丹佛,他是内衣模特儿 -在时代广场上有他的看板

[09:52.92]Oh, my God, don't turn around. The loathe of your life is at the bar. 天啊,别转头 你最讨厌的人就在吧台那边

[09:56.96]lt was Kurt Harrington. 他是柯特哈林顿

[09:59.12]A mistake l made when l was 26... 我在26岁时犯下的错误

[10:01.12]and 29... 在29岁,31岁时,一错再错

[10:03.92]and 31 . 凯莉,别过去

[10:05.60]Carrie, don't even go there.

[10:08.48]What do you think, l'm a masochist? The man is scum. 你觉得我是受虐狂吗? 那家伙是个无赖

[10:13.36]Good. l don't have the patience to comfort you a fourth time. 很好 我没有耐心安慰你第四次

[10:17.64]- Relax. l don't have any feelings left. - Thank God. -别紧张,我对他没感觉了 -谢天谢地

[10:21.92]Excuse me, l have to visit the ladies' room. 对不起,我得去一下洗手间

[10:27.96]lt was true, l no longer felt a thing for Kurt. 真的,我不再对柯特有感觉

[10:29.96]After all these years, l finally saw him for what he was - 过了这么多年 我终于了解他的真面目

[10:32.36]a self-centered withholding creep, 他是个自私退缩的怪胎

[10:35.72]who was still the best sex l ever had in my life. 也是我一生中最棒的性对象

[10:37.40]However, l did have a little experiment in mind. 我心里头的确想做个小实验

[10:51.52]- Wow, what are you doing here? - Hey, babe. -柯特,你在这里做什么? -你好啊,宝贝

[10:57.12]- God, you look gorgeous. - Thanks. -天啊,你美呆了 -谢谢

[10:60.16]So, how's life? 你过得还好吧?

[11:02.24]Not bad, can't complain. You? 还不错,没什么好抱怨的 你呢?

[11:05.12]You know just writing the column, the usual. 我还是在写专栏

[11:08.40]So, you seeing anyone special? 你另结新欢了吗?

[11:14.72]Not really. You? 不算有,你呢?

[11:17.36]Oh, just a couple of guys. 我跟几个男人约过会

[11:20.08]- But you look good though. - So do you. -但你看起来气色很好 -你也一样啊

[11:27.80]So... What are you doing later? 待会儿你有事吗?

[11:29.48]l thought you weren't talking to me for the rest of your life? 我还以为 你这辈子再也不跟我说话了

[11:33.16]Who said anything about talking? 那只是嘴上说说

[11:37.36]What do you say, my place, three o'clock? 三点到我家见?

[11:41.92]Alright. See you there. 没问题,到时候见

[11:55.32]Are you out of your mind? What do you think you're doing? 你疯了吗? 你以为自己在做什么?

[12:01.80]Calm down, it's research. 冷静下来,这是个实验

[12:03.60]Oh, God! Oh, Kurt! 天啊,柯特

[12:07.20]Kurt was just like l remembered. 柯特仍如我记忆中一样

[12:09.68]Better. 这次比以前还棒

[12:12.04]Because there would be none of that messy emotional attachment. 因为我们不再为感情所困扰

[12:23.68]Alrighty. 太棒了

[12:27.04]My turn. 轮到我了

[12:28.24]Oh, sorry. l have to go back to work. 抱歉,我得回去上班了

[12:32.80]- What are you kidding? You serious? - Oh, yeah completely. -你开什么玩笑?真的吗? -真的

[12:37.32]But l'll give you a call. Maybe we can do it again some time? 我会打电话给你 以后可以再见面吗?

[12:43.88]As l began to get dressed, l realized that l'd done it. 当我开始穿衣服时 我明白我真的做到

[12:49.20]l'd just had sex like a man. 我跟男人一样只要性

[12:54.00]l left feeling powerful, potent, and incredibly alive. 我觉得自己充满了力量跟潜能 而且活力充沛

[12:57.48]l felt like l owned the city - nothing and no one could get in my way. 我觉得我拥有纽约市 任何事跟任何人都阻挡不了我

[13:13.48]Number one - he's very handsome. 一,他很英俊

[13:15.68]Number two - he's not wearing a wedding ring. 二,他没戴婚戒

[13:17.24]Number three - he knows l carry a personal supply 三,他知道我带着个人用品

[13:22.16]of ultra textured Trojans with the reservoir tip. 超薄型的保险套

[13:24.12]- Thanks a lot. - Any time. -谢谢 -不客气

[13:42.100]Later that night, Skipper Johnston met me for coffee 那晚稍后 史奇普强斯顿约我喝咖啡

[13:47.08]and confessed a shocking intimate secret. 向我坦承一个惊人的私密

[13:50.04]- Thank you. - Do you know that it has been a year? -谢谢 -你知道已经过了一年吗?

[13:53.12]Really? l don't understand that, you're such a nice guy. 真的吗?我真是弄不懂 你是个好男人

[13:57.40]That's the problem. l'm too nice, you know? 问题就在这里 我太好了,你知道吗?

[14:01.88]l'm a romantic. l just have so much feeling. 我是个浪漫的人 我的感情充沛

[14:06.28]- Are you sure you're not gay? - No! -你确定你不是同性恋? -当然不是

[14:08.64]l'm sensitive and l don't objectify women. 我很感性,而且不物化女人

[14:14.24]You know, most guys when they meet a girl, 大部分的男人在认识女人时

[14:15.32]the first thing that they see is... 第一个看到的东西是…

[14:20.36]- You know. - Pussy? -你知道的 -“小妹妹”吗?

[14:20.60]Oh, God! 天啊

[14:24.48]l hate that word. 我讨厌那个字眼

[14:26.16]Don't you have any friends that you can hook me up with? 你没有朋友可以介绍给我吗?

[14:29.72]- No, they're too old for you. - l like older women. -没有,对你来说她们太好了 -我喜欢姐姐型的

[14:35.08]Maybe. 或许有吧

[14:36.48]- Maybe my friend Miranda. - When? -或许我的朋友米兰达可以 -什么时候?

[14:41.48]Tomorrow night. We're all going downtown to this club, Chaos. 明天晚上 我们都会到混乱俱乐部去

[14:43.76]Great. 太棒了

[14:45.60]Don't tell her l'm nice. 别告诉她我是好男人

[14:49.92]Miranda was gonna hate Skipper. 米兰达一定会讨厌史奇普

[14:53.60]She'd think he was mocking her with his sweet nature 她会觉得他的温柔是在嘲笑她

[14:55.44]and decide he was an asshole. 认为他是个大混蛋

[14:59.96]The way she had decided all men were assholes. 就像她认为男人全是混蛋一样

[15:07.60]- Hello? - Hey, Carrie, it's Charlotte. -哪位? -凯莉,我是夏绿蒂

[15:11.08]- Hey, sweetie. - l can't meet you for dinner tomorrow, -你好 -明晚我没办法跟你吃饭

[15:14.56]because l have an amazing date. 因为我要跟一个好男人约会

[15:16.56]- With who? - Capote Duncan, -你要跟谁约会? -卡波迪杜肯

[15:17.96]a big shot in the publishing world. Do you know him? 他是出版界的名人 你认识他?

[15:20.32]He was one of the city's most un-gettable bachelors. 他是城里 最难钓到的单身汉之一

[15:26.92]Wait, wait. Don't answer that question, because l don't care. 等一下,别回答那个问题 因为我并不在乎

[15:31.68]And l'm not buying into any of that women having sex like men crap. 我才不相信 女人能跟男人一样只要性

[15:36.40]l didn't tell her about my afternoon of cheap sex and how good it felt. 我没有告诉她 那天下午我的美好性爱游戏

[15:39.28]Alright. Listen, have a good time, and promise to tell me everything. 听着,好好去玩 一定要把所有的细节都告诉我

[15:45.40]- lf you're lucky. Bye. - Alright, bye. -只要你的运气够好,再见 -好了,再见

[15:52.44]Friday night at Chaos. 星期五晚上在混乱俱乐部

[15:55.40]lt was just like that bar in Cheers where ''everybody knows your name''. 酒吧里的每个人都在干杯 装出一副很熟的样子

[15:59.00]Except here they were likely to forget it five minutes later. 但五分钟后他们会忘了你是谁

[16:05.04]Still, it was the crème de la crème of New York, whipped into a frenzy. 就像是 纽约的甜点大师突然抓狂

[16:10.32]Sometimes you got a soufflè, sometimes cottage cheese. 有时你会吃到舒芙雷 有时会吃到软干酪

[16:15.80]lt is like a model bomb exploded in this room tonight. 今晚俱乐部里挤满了模特儿

[16:18.68]ls there a woman here aside from me that weighs more than a 100 pounds? 除了我之外 哪个女人体重超过一百磅?

[16:21.48]l know, it's like under-eaters anonymous. 我知道 这像是厌食者的若名治疗课

[16:25.92]- That's funny, Skippy. - Skipper. -真的很好笑,史奇皮 -是史奇普

[16:26.20]l have this theory that men secretly hate pretty girls 我认为 男人在心里头是讨厌美女的

[16:30.12]because they feel that they're the ones who rejected them in high school. 因为他们觉得那些美女 就是在中学时拒绝过他们的人

[16:35.56]But if you're not in the beauty Olympics, 就算你没参加过选美

[16:36.04]you can still be a very interesting person. 你还是能当个风趣的人

[16:40.76]- Are you saying that l'm not pretty? - No, of course you are. -你是说我不漂亮? -不,你当然很漂亮

[16:43.72]So ipso facto, l can't be interesting? Women fall into one of two categories, 所以我不是个风趣的人?

[16:47.72]女人不是木头美女 就是风趣的恐龙妹?

[16:49.48]beautiful and boring, or homely and interesting? ls that it, Skippy?

[16:51.60]-是那样吗?史奇普 -我不是那个意思

[16:52.00]No, that's not what l meant.

[16:55.48]Excuse me, is this your hand on my knee? 对不起 你把手放在我的膝盖上吗?

[16:58.12]No. 不是

[16:57.16]Let's keep them where l can see them. 把你的手放在我看得见的地方

[17:02.80]l guess you must find me beautiful. 我猜你一定觉得我很漂亮

[17:04.40]Or interesting. 或是很风趣

[17:07.56]l was about to rescue Skipper from a hopeless situation, 我当时打算救史奇普脱离苦海

[17:09.56]when suddenly... 突然间…

[17:13.04]- Lucky me, twice in one week. - You may not be getting that lucky. -一星期遇到你两次算我好运 -这不算是运气好吧

[17:17.84]- l was pissed off the way you left. - You were? -我很气你那样子离开 -是吗?

[17:21.52]Yeah. Then l thought how great! 对,后来我觉得那很棒

[17:22.40]You finally understand that we can have sex without commitment. 你终于了解 我们可以只要性,不要承诺

[17:28.76]Yeah, right. Sure, l guess. 对,我猜是吧

[17:32.40]So whenever l feel like it, l'll give you a call. 我想要时就会打电话给你

[17:34.44]Yeah, whenever you feel like it. l mean, if l'm alone, l'm all yours. 只要你想要而我又一个人 我是你的

[17:40.20]- Alright. - l like this new you. -好吧 -我喜欢现在的你

[17:42.88]- Call me. - Yup. -打电话给我 -好啊

[17:47.24]l didn't understand, 我不了解

[17:49.60]did men secretly want promiscuous and emotionally detached women? 男人真的只要性 不想跟女人有情感纠葛吗?

[17:55.88]And if l was really having sex like a man, 如果我真的能跟男人一样乱搞 为什么我并不是主宰者?

[17:56.60]why didn't l feel more in control?

[17:60.24]You see that guy? He's the next Donald Trump, 你看到那家伙了吗? 他是下一个唐纳川普

[18:01.48]except he's younger and much better looking. 但他年纪比较轻 长得也比较帅

[18:07.80]Hi. 你好

[18:08.04]- Do you know him? - No, l've never seen him in my life. -你认识他吗? -不,我从未见过他

[18:11.20]He usually dates models, but, hey, l'm as good looking as a model, 他都跟模特儿约会 但我长得跟模特儿一样漂亮

[18:15.56]plus l own my own business. 而且我还有自己的事业

[18:19.68]Samantha had the kind of deluded self-confidence 莎曼珊是个特别有自信的人

[18:20.84]that caused men like Ross Perot to run for President. 那种自信让裴洛想竞选总统

[18:23.72]And it usually got her what she wanted. 这样的自信 让她能得到她想要的东西

[18:27.60]Well, if you're not gonna hit on him, l will. 如果你不要的话 我可要发动攻势了

[18:29.08]And there she went, off to take her best shot with Mr. Big. 她使出浑身解数勾引大人物

[18:34.96]Meanwhile, Charlotte York 同时夏绿蒂约克

[18:36.72]was passing the most splendid evening with Capote Duncan. 跟卡波迪杜肯度过美好的一晚

[18:42.24]Want to go back to my place and see the Ross Bleckner? 想回我家去看 罗斯雷克纳的画吗?

[18:45.00]- l'd love to, but it's really getting late. - No problem. -我很想,但真的很晚了 -没关系

[18:51.68]What year was it painted again? 是哪一年的作品?

[18:53.44]'89. 八九年

[18:54.96]Charlotte was playing hard to get, but she didn't want to end it too abruptly. 夏绿蒂不想当个随便的女人 但她也不希望突兀地结束约会

[18:58.80]Well... Maybe just for a minute. 或许我可以去看一下

[19:08.36]This could easily go for a hundred grand. Ross is so hot right now. 这随便都能卖到十万块 罗斯现在很红

[19:15.92]lt's beautiful. 好漂亮

[19:20.80]No, you're beautiful. 不,你才漂亮

[19:24.76]Thank you... 谢谢

[19:27.84]for tonight. 你今晚所做的一切

[19:29.16]- l had a wonderful time. - Well, it was my pleasure. -我玩得很开心 -这是我的荣幸

[19:46.92]l have to get up really early tomorrow. 我明天真的得早起

[19:51.60]l'll get you a cab. 我帮你叫计程车

[19:57.16]Charlotte thought she'd played the entire evening flawlessly. 夏绿蒂认为这是个完美的夜晚

[20:06.28]So, what are you doing next Saturday? 下个星期六你要做什么?

[20:10.28]l'm having dinner with you. 跟你去吃晚餐

[20:20.44]Hey, hey, you're going to the West Side, right? 你要到西区去,对吧?

[20:24.60]Right, West Fourth and Bank please. 对,麻烦到西四街跟班克街口

[20:27.40]Scoot over, will you? 坐过去一点

[20:29.08]Two stops, 我们要到两个地方

[20:32.64]Fourth and Bank and west Broadway and Broome. 到西四街跟班克街口 和西百老汇大道跟布鲁明街口

[20:36.72]- You're going to Chaos? - Oh, yeah. -你要到混乱俱乐部去? -对啊

[20:42.08]Why? 为什么?

[20:42.56]l understand where you're coming from and l totally respect it. 我知道你是个好女孩 也完全尊重这一点

[20:46.96]But l really need to have sex tonight. 但我今晚真的很想做爱

[20:55.40]Back at Chaos, things were swinging into high gear 在混乱俱乐部好戏才刚开始

[20:58.92]and Samantha was putting the moves on Mr. Big. 莎曼珊开始对大人物下手

[21:00.88]l've been smoking cigars for years, when they were terminally uncool. 我抽了很多年的雪茄 那时抽雪茄还不是那么流行

[21:07.32]l've got a source that sends me Hondurans. Do you want to try one? 我可以拿到“洪都拉斯人” 要来一根吗?

[21:08.64]- No, thank you. - You can't find them anywhere. -我不要,谢谢你 -那可不是随便就能弄到的

[21:11.64]Cohibas - that's all l smoke. 我只抽“柯西巴斯”

[21:21.16]Look, l do the PR for this club 我帮这家俱乐部做公关

[21:26.92]and l have a key to the private room downstairs. 我有楼下包厢的钥匙

[21:29.32]Really? -真的吗? -想来趟私人导览吗?

[21:30.88]You want a private tour?

[21:36.24]No thanks, but maybe another time. 不要了,谢谢,下次再说吧

[21:47.60]Meanwhile, Skipper was hopelessly smitten with Miranda Hobbes. 史奇普拜倒在米兰达的裙下

[21:53.68]Where are we going now? 我们现在要去哪里?

[21:53.84]Listen, Skippy, you know, you really are a nice sweet guy, but... 听着,史奇普 你真的是个好男人,但是…

[21:60.24]Oh, l understand. 我了解

[22:03.60]Goodnight. 晚安

[22:10.08]Miranda said she thought he was too nice, 米兰达说她觉得他太好了

[22:14.36]but she was willing to overlook one flaw. 但她愿意忽视他这个缺点

[22:18.00]And Capote Duncan found his fix for the night. 卡波迪杜肯找到做爱的对象

[22:24.60]Where is it? l wanna see the Ross Bleckner. 在哪里? 我要看罗斯雷克纳的画

[22:27.64]Later. 待会儿再说

[22:30.04]Later. 待会儿再说

[22:39.08]Oh, listen. 听着

[22:42.24]l gotta get up really early, so you can't stay over. 我真的得早起 所以你不能留下来过夜

[22:47.72]- Cool? - Sure, l have to get up early, too. -可以吗? -当然,我也得早起

[23:08.44]Taxi! Taxi! 计程车

[23:14.00]And so another Friday night in Manhattan crept towards dawn. 曼哈顿星期五之夜又将结束

[23:16.84]Taxi! 计程车

[23:22.96]And just when l thought l would have to do the unspeakable - 当我想到我得很丢脸地

[23:26.44]walk home... 走路回家时

[23:39.64]Well, get in for chrissakes. 快上车吧

[23:50.64]- Where can l drop you? - 72nd Street, Third Avenue. -你要在哪里下车? -七十二街跟第三大道口

[23:53.24]- You got that, Al? - Yes, sir. -听到了没有?艾尔 -听到了,老板

[23:57.92]So what have you been doing lately? 你最近做了什么?

[24:01.28]You mean besides going out every night? 你是指 除了每晚出来鬼混之外吗?

[24:03.48]Yeah, l mean what do you do for work? 我是说你是干哪一行的?

[24:06.68]Well, this is my work. l'm sort of a sexual anthropologist. 这就是我的工作 我可以算是性学专家

[24:11.12]You mean like a hooker? 你是妓女?

[24:13.60]No. l write a column called Sex And The City. 不 我是“欲望城市”专栏作家

[24:18.12]l'm researching an article about women who have sex like men. 我在研究关于女人 能跟男人一样只要性的题材

[24:23.04]They have sex and afterwards they feel nothing. 她们能在做爱后 没有丝毫的感觉

[24:27.56]- But you're not like that. - Well, aren't you? -但你不是那种人 -你不是吗?

[24:30.64]Not a drop. Not even half a drop. 完全不是

[24:37.48]Wow. What's wrong with you? 你是怎么了?

[24:43.24]l get it. 我懂了

[24:45.24]You've never been in love. 你从没爱过

[24:47.12]Oh, yeah? 是吗?

[24:48.04]Yeah. 没错

[24:52.40]Suddenly l felt the wind knocked out of me. 突然间我觉得一阵晕眩

[24:55.96]l wanted to crawl under the covers and go right to sleep. 我想爬进被窝里立刻进入梦乡

[25:07.00]- Thanks for the ride. - Any time. -谢谢你让我搭便车 -别客气

[25:15.16]Wait. 等一下

[25:21.80]Have you ever been in love? 你爱过吗?

[25:26.92]Abso-fucking-lutely. 我当然爱过

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