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欲望都市02 Models and Mortals






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[00:46.88]Last night Miranda got invited to a dinner party 一位跟米兰达不是很熟的男人 昨晚邀她参加一个晚餐派对

[00:50.32]by a man she hardly knew.

[00:54.12]She was the date of Nick Waxler, 她当时跟尼克瓦克勒约会 他是个成功的运动经纪人

[00:56.12]a successful sports agent

[00:58.40]who once said she had nice legs. 还曾说过她有双漂亮的腿

[01:00.24]Movie stars you'd have liked to fuck when they were young. 在他们还年轻时 你想跟他们上床的电影明星

[01:05.96]Alive or dead? 在不在世都可以吗?

[01:08.24]lt doesn't matter. l'll start. 可以,从我先开始

[01:10.52]Veronica Lake 维洛妮卡拉克

[01:10.28]when she made Sullivan's Travels. 她拍“苏利文游记”时

[01:14.00]Dave? 大维

[01:15.68]l'd have to say Sophia Loren. 苏菲亚萝兰

[01:18.80]My dad had this thing for her. 我爸一直很喜欢她

[01:22.48]- We won't go there. Montgomery Clift. - He was gay. -别做梦,蒙哥马利克里夫 -他是同性恋

[01:26.72]Marilyn Monroe, before the Kennedys got to her. 玛丽莲梦露 在甘迺迪兄弟上了她之前

[01:29.28]Bing Crosby. 平克劳斯贝

[01:32.60]l stand by my choice. 我想好了

[01:34.68]Sean Connery, yesterday, today and tomorrow. 史恩康纳莱 不论是过去、现在还是未来

[01:39.32]For a first date, Miranda felt like she was hitting it out of the ballpark. 第一次约会时米兰达觉得 自己像是击出了全垒打

[01:46.08]- Thanks. - So how long have you known Nick? -谢谢 -你认识尼克多久了?

[01:48.00]We've been riding the same elevator line for years. 我们多年来一直搭同一部电梯

[01:54.76]We had lunch a few weeks ago, and then he invited me here to dinner. 几星期前开始共进午餐 然后他邀请我来吃晚餐

[01:56.32]- Well, we adore him. - He's very smart. -我们都很喜欢他 -他很聪明

[01:59.100]- He took our ultimatum seriously. - Deanne. -他听进我们最后的通牒了 -迪妮

[02:05.16]What are you talking about? 你是什么意思?

[02:06.100]They told Miranda that Nick had this thing for models. 她们告诉米兰达 尼克偏好模特儿

[02:10.24]Old movie stars you'd have liked to fuck when they were young. l'll start. 在他们年轻时你想跟他们 上床的老电影明星,我先来

[02:15.60]Veronica Lake, the year she made Sullivan's Travels. 维洛妮卡拉克 拍“苏利文游记”时

[02:18.28]- Dave? - l'd have to go with Sophia Loren. -大维 -苏菲亚萝兰

[02:22.48]Probably, my dad had a thing for her. 我爸一直很喜欢她

[02:25.16]- Montgomery Clift. - Marilyn Monroe. -蒙哥马利克里夫 -玛丽莲梦露

[02:27.88]Bing Crosby. 平克劳斯贝

[02:30.12]- Yvette? - l don't know, Charlie Sheen? -伊薇 -我不知道,查理辛

[02:35.72]They'd come to dinner, push their food around, and pout. 她们来吃晚餐 玩弄食物,嘴巴噘得高高地

[02:42.36]- Veronica Lake. - Sophia Loren. -维洛妮卡拉克 -苏菲亚萝兰

[02:45.68]- Montgomery Clift. - Marilyn Monroe. -蒙哥马利克里夫 -玛丽莲梦露

[02:48.16]- Bing Crosby. - Marissa? -平克劳斯贝 -玛丽莎

[03:03.64]She... had to make a phone call. 她得去打电话

[03:06.20]lt got to be a problem. They decided to take action. 他一定有问题 于是他们决定采取行动

[03:11.12]Can't you find a woman who can carry on a decent conversation? 你难道找不到 谈吐合宜的女人吗?

[03:14.36]- Yeah, Nick, and eat without purging. - What are you saying? -对,且吃完东西不必吃泻药 -你在说什么?

[03:17.24]You can't bring around any more models. 你不能再带模特儿来

[03:20.52]lt's too depressing. 你们太严厉了吧

[03:24.52]OK, OK, l'll see what l can do. 好吧,我会想办法的

[03:28.92]- And then he brought you. - So obviously not a model. -于是他带你来 -很明显地你不是模特儿

[03:32.56]- ln a good way! - Nick dates models? -一点都没错 -尼克都跟模特儿约会?

[03:42.32]Miranda confronted him, and it didn't take him long to fold. 米兰达跟他杠上了 没多久他就弃械投降

[03:48.40]No, it's true, it's true, OK? 那是真的,好吗?

[03:49.68]- l'm obsessed. - Obsessed with models. -我的确有病 -你迷恋模特儿

[03:53.16]- Correct. - So am l your intellectual beard? -没错 -而我是个聪明的丑八怪?

[03:55.20]Don't be pissed. You got to admit, you met some nice people. 别生气,你必须承认 你认识了一些好人

[03:59.80]You had a good time. 而且玩得很开心

[04:04.48]You were on a date with a modelizer and you didn't even know it? 你跟一个模特儿狂约会 而你根本不知道这一点?

[04:07.44]lf men like Nick are dating models, what chance do ordinary women have? 如果尼克那种人能约到模特儿 一般女人还有什么机会?

[04:13.44]Only supermodels can get a date in New York? 在纽约只有超级模特儿 才有约会的机会吗?

[04:16.68]Modelizers are a particular breed. 模特儿狂是很特别的族群

[04:19.76]They're a step beyond womanizers, 他们排名仅次于女人狂之后

[04:21.04]who will sleep with just about anything in a skirt. 女人狂 跟所有穿裙子的东西上床

[04:25.84]Modelizers are obsessed, not with women, but with models, 模特儿狂是种迷恋 他们迷恋模特儿,而非女人

[04:29.56]who in most cities are safely confined to billboards and magazines, 在大部分的城市模特儿 只能在看板及杂志上看到

[04:31.28]but in Manhattan run wild on the streets, 在曼哈顿她们到处都是

[04:34.00]turning the city into a model safari, 把纽约变成 充满模特儿的原始大地

[04:37.76]where men can pet the creatures in their natural habitat. 男人能将她们 豢养在原本的栖息地

[04:40.68]As if we didn't have enough problems. 我们的问题已经更多了

[04:44.84]They're stupid and lazy and they should be shot on sight. 她们又蠢又懒 一看到她们就该格杀勿论

[04:48.80]Many guys say l'm as beautiful as a model, but l work for a living. 很多男人说我有模特儿的美貌 但我自食其力

[04:52.88]l'm like... a model who's taken the high road. 我像是攀上巅峰的模特儿

[04:56.68]The advantages given to models and beautiful women 模特儿跟美女拥有的优势

[04:59.84]are so unfair, it makes me wanna puke. 是那么地不公平 这让我觉得想吐

[05:02.44]- But you are so cute. - Cute doesn't cut it in this town. -但你很可爱啊 -可爱在纽约不吃香

[05:06.80]What's cute compared to supermodel? 可爱哪比得上超级模特儿

[05:07.80]There's nothing like raising the subject of models among four single women 四个单身女子 一谈起模特儿莫不咬牙切齿

[05:11.44]to spice up an otherwise dull Tuesday night. 这让沉闷的星期二夜晚 增添几分趣味

[05:16.64]- They have this distant sexy look. - That's not sexy. lt's starvation. -她们长得既冷冷漠又性感 -那不是性感,是饥饿才对

[05:18.84]That's starvation in the best restaurants. 那些饥饿的女人 能在最高级的餐厅用餐

[05:21.72]l want to know when did men get together and decide 我想知道男人何时一致决定

[05:26.28]that they would only get it up for giraffes with big breasts? 只在看到大波霸时 长颈鹿才会勃起?

[05:29.84]ln some cultures, heavy women with moustaches are considered beautiful. 在某些文化中长胡子的胖女人 被认为是大美人

[05:35.92]And you're looking at me while you're saying that? 你说那句话时 眼睛是在盯着我看吗?

[05:38.20]Our culture promotes impossible standards of beauty. 我们的文化 为美丽树立了不可能的标准

[05:40.48]- Except men think they're possible! - Yeah. -但男人觉得那是可能的 -是啊

[05:43.88]No matter how good l feel, if l see Christy Turlington, l want to give up. 不管我觉得多自在 看到克里斯蒂特林顿我就输了

[05:48.12]l just want to force-feed her lard. That's the difference between us. 我想强迫她吃猪油 那就是我们之间的不同

[05:54.00]What are you talking about? Look at you two. You're beautiful. 你在胡说什么? 看看你们两个,你们很漂亮的

[05:58.40]- l hate my thighs. - Oh, come on! -我讨厌我的大腿 -少来了

[05:60.68]l can't even open a magazine without thinking, ''Thighs, thighs, thighs.'' 我看杂志时 会不由自主地想着“大腿”

[06:06.04]Well, l'll take your thighs and raise you a chin. 我要你的大腿 把我的下巴给你

[06:07.84]l'll take your chin and raise you a... 我要你的下巴,给你…

[06:13.92]- What? - Oh, come on. -什么? -少来了

[06:17.56]- l happen to love the way l look. - You should. You paid enough for it. -我喜欢自己的长相 -没错,为了它你花大把银子

[06:22.84]l resent that! l do not believe in plastic surgery. 我不喜欢那样子 我不相信整型手术

[06:26.52]Well, not yet. 是时间未到

[06:25.60]l find it fascinating that four beautiful, flesh-and-blood women 我觉得很有趣 四个如假包换的大美女

[06:30.20]could be intimidated by unreal fantasies. l mean... 被不真实的幻想所恐吓 我是说…

[06:36.04]Look at this. 看看这个

[06:37.68]ls this really intimidating to any of you? 这真的吓到你们了吗?

[06:40.84]- l hate my thighs. - Pass the chicken. -我讨厌我的大腿 -把鸡肉递过来

[06:42.00]l have that dress. 那件洋装我也有

[06:44.00]Suddenly l was interested. 突然间我感到有兴趣

[06:44.80]lf models could cause rational people to crumble in their presence, 如果模特儿能让理性的人 对自己毫无信心

[06:50.28]how powerful was beauty? 美丽的力量有多大呢?

[06:53.68]Two types of guys fall for beautiful women - 两种男人会爱上美女

[06:54.96]slimeballs that are out to get laid, 失业的可怜虫

[06:58.96]or guys who fall in love instantly. lt's pathetic. 以及会立刻陷入爱河的男人 那真是太可悲了

[07:01.04]Why fuck the girl in the skirt, if you can fuck the girl in the ad for the skirt? 如果你能上穿裙子广告模特儿 干嘛跟穿裙子的女孩上床

[07:06.28]Being beautiful is such a power. You can get whatever you want. 长得漂亮是一种力量 你要什么就有什么

[07:11.44]You can get anything. l've been offered trips to Aspen, 什么东西都能够得到 曾有人请我到阿斯彭度假

[07:13.04]weekends in Paris, Christmas in St Barts. 到巴黎度周末 到圣巴尔斯岛过圣诞节

[07:16.20]A motorcycle, a juicer... 摩托车,美酒…

[07:18.52]lt's not like models don't have brains, they have them. 模特儿并非没有脑袋 她们真的有

[07:25.60]They just don't need to use them. 只不过她们从来不用脑袋

[07:25.28]Most guys think you're dumb, but l'm very literary. l read. 大部分男人觉得模特儿很笨 但我很有文学素养,我会看书

[07:30.24]l'll sit down and read a magazine from cover to cover. 我会坐下来一页页地看杂志

[07:33.80]Some scuba gear. 还有潜水装

[07:37.28]A Herb Ritt's photo. 帮赫伯瑞兹拍照

[07:38.60]A Bulgari necklace, a breast job. 为宝格丽的项练作广告 靠我的胸部来赚钱

[07:42.96]My friends think l'm shallow. Sometimes l think they're right. 我朋友觉得我很肤浅 有时我认为他们说得对

[07:47.24]Other times l think, ''Hey, l'm fucking a model.'' 但在其他的时候我会想 “我可是在跟模特儿胡搞”

[07:50.24]Models are a lot looser than you think. 模特儿没你想像中 那么高不可攀

[07:56.88]lt's easier to screw a model than a regular girl 跟模特儿胡搞 要比跟普通女孩胡搞容易

[07:57.68]'cause they do it all the time. 因为对她们来说是家常便饭

[07:60.08]lt's how regular people are when they're on vacation. 一般人只会在度假时胡搞

[08:04.36]Barkley, a notorious modelizer, was one of those SoHo wonders 巴克利是声名狼藉的模特儿狂 也是苏活族的传奇人物之一

[08:06.100]who had a fabulous lifestyle, 他过着舒服的生活

[08:09.52]despite never having sold a single painting. 但连一幅画都没卖掉

[08:13.36]- So, it's easy to meet them? - No, it's not so easy. -很容易就能认识她们吗? -没那么容易

[08:18.96]The trick is to treat them like regular girls. 重点是 要把她们当成一般女孩看待

[08:20.16]You gotta walk up to the hottest thing in a place; otherwise, you're finished. 一看到她们就得发动攻击 然后就没搞头了

[08:24.84]lt's kind of like being around dogs - you gotta show no fear. 那就跟溜狗一样 你得拿出勇气来

[08:27.12]- Things? You call them things? - Yeah. -你把她们当成东西看待? -对

[08:32.48]Well, they are things - they're beautiful things, 她们是东西 她们是美丽的东西

[08:35.12]and that's what my life's about, you know? 那就是我的生活,你懂吗?

[08:40.64]Beauty. 我追逐美丽

[08:42.60]l want to show you something. 我有样东西要给你看看

[08:48.36]This is my real art, only l can't really show it to the public. 这是我真正的艺术创作 但无法将它们公诸于世

[08:55.84]Not yet, at least. Sit down. 至少现在还不行,坐吧

[09:07.04]That's Vanessa... That's Tanya, 她是凡妮莎,还有谭雅

[09:10.36]Elana and Katrina. 伊拉娜跟克芮蒂娜

[09:13.32]l couldn't believe it. 我不敢相信

[09:17.92]The man had slept with half the perfume ads in September's Vogue. 这家伙跟九月“时尚杂志” 一半的香水广告模特儿上过床

[09:23.04]Do they... do they know about this? 她们知道吗?

[09:28.04]Maybe. Oh, look at that one. 或许知道吧,你看那个

[09:33.60]She does runway now, but she's gonna be huge someday. 她才刚当上模特儿 但有一天她会成为超级名模

[09:37.08]l didn't know what to say. There wasn't anything to say except... 我不知道该说什么 只能说…

[09:40.56]- Do you have a light? - Yeah, sure. -有火吗? -有啊

[09:52.20]Later that day l was relieved to discover 那天稍后我很高兴地发现了

[09:53.48]that at least one eligible bachelor got his kicks off the runway. 至少有个黄金王老五 不屑跟模特儿往来

[09:57.48]- l totally dig your friend, Miranda. - You're kidding, that's great. -我真的爱上你朋友米兰达 -你是在开玩笑吧,太棒了

[10:02.24]She is so sexy and smart. 她既性感又聪明

[10:05.20]Did she tell you that we made out? 她有告诉你 我们上床了吗?

[10:07.40]Yeah, it was totally hot. 有啊,真是热情如火

[10:11.84]Why don't you call her? She would love that. 你为什么不打电话给她? 她一定会很高兴的

[10:16.16]l did, a hundred times. She won't return my calls. 我打过一百次了 但她没回我电话

[10:17.04]l don't know. Did she say anything about me? 我不知道,她有提起我吗?

[10:22.80]- No. - Maybe she's just busy. -没有 -或许她很忙

[10:25.88]- Am l not cute enough for her? - Of course you are. You're adorable. -她觉得我不够可爱吗? -当然不是,你很可爱

[10:29.88]Well, l don't know, find out for me. l want to see if l still have a chance. 我不知道,帮我问问看 我想知道还有没有机会

[10:35.04]- Right now, in front of you? - Go ahead, l can handle it. -在你面前打? -打吧,我承受得了

[10:40.52]Hi, this is Miranda, please leave me a message. 我是米兰达,请留言

[10:43.16]Oh, it's her machine. 是答录机

[10:45.16]Hey, this is Skipper. l'm with Carrie. l told her how you won't call me back. 我是史奇普,我跟凯莉在一起 我跟她说你不会回我电话

[10:50.84]So now you have to call me back. You better call me back! 你现在得回我电话 你最好快打电话给我

[10:54.20]No, l'm kidding. l'm joking. 我是在开玩笑的

[10:55.100]But seriously, l hope you call me back. 说真的,我希望你回我电话

[11:01.40]Did l mention this was Skipper? 我提醒过我是史奇普吗?

[11:03.44]l believe there is a curse put on who tries to fix up their friends. 我相信帮朋友拉红线 一定会被诅咒

[11:11.32]Where better to find modelizers in their natural habitat than a fashion show? 有什么地方比服装秀会场 更容易找到模特儿狂呢?

[11:15.28]Luckily, my friend Stanford Blatch had a client in the hottest show in town. 还好我朋友史丹佛巴勒奇 有客户参加了最热门的服装秀

[11:22.48]''The Bone'' is like the human equivalent of the sable coat. “骨头”就像是 人类中的貂皮大衣

[11:23.32]He's so beautiful that l find that sometimes l have to look away. 他真的是太美了 有时我发现自己得把眼光移开

[11:27.100]Do you see him? 你看到他了吗?

[11:31.92]- Right there. - Where? -就在那边 -在哪里?

[11:32.88]Oh, my God, look at him. He travels with his own personal lighting director. 天啊,你看看他 他带着私人打光师巡回走秀

[11:37.36]Derek, AKA ''The Bone'', 德瑞克别名“骨头”

[11:40.36]was the biggest underwear model and Stanford's most important client, 他是最红的内衣模特儿 史丹佛最重要的客户

[11:44.24]as well as the subject of his single-minded obsession. 也是他单相思的对象

[11:48.00]Hey, Stanny. 你来了,史丹佛

[11:48.68]Derek, l would like you to meet a very dear friend, Carrie Bradshaw. 德瑞克 这位是我的好友凯莉布雷萧

[11:54.88]Nice to meet you. 很高兴认识你

[11:53.84]Carrie writes the column ''Sex And The City''. 凯莉是“欲望城市”专栏作家

[11:56.96]- Have you read it? - No. -你看过这个专栏吗? -没有

[11:60.20]The other day, Derek and l were walking past his billboard 有天德瑞克跟我 走过他的广告看板下方

[12:03.28]and he told me he wanted a piece of it for his apartment, like maybe his nose. 他告诉我他想把一片看板 譬如说鼻子的部分拿回家去

[12:08.56]l said, ''Get the bulge in your pants, so when women ask how big you are, 我说“拿内裤凸出那一块 当女人问你有多大时”

[12:12.76]''you can say, 'Fourteen feet!''' “你可以告诉她 我有十四英寸大”

[12:16.80]lt would be funny, wouldn't it? 那真的很好笑,对吧?

[12:19.44]Everybody's talking about you. You are so great. 大家都在谈论你 你真的是太棒了

[12:20.40]You're gonna be a star, have l told you that enough? You're a star! 你会是个大明星的 我告诉过你多少次了

[12:24.68]Well, we better let you get dressed. 我们最好让你去换衣服

[12:29.44]- l am dressed. - Oh. 我已经换好了

[12:30.32]- We'll see you after the show. - Right. -结束后见 -没问题

[12:33.44]Bye. 再见

[12:35.40]Can you believe anyone that beautiful can be that nice? 你能相信那么帅的男人 会那么有礼貌吗?

[12:38.08]l keep dreaming that someday he's gonna say, ''Stanford, l love you.'' 我一直梦想有一天他会说 “史丹佛,我爱你”

[12:42.76]- ls he gay? - He denies it. -他是同性恋吗? -他否认

[12:47.84]How could anyone that gorgeous be straight? 那么帅的男人 怎么可能是异性恋?

[12:50.40]Sweetie, over here! 亲爱的,快过来

[12:51.04]Samantha never missed a major fashion show. 莎曼珊从未错过大型服装秀

[12:54.48]She was one of the only people who thought that proximity to beauty 她认为接近俊男美女

[12:59.88]made her feel more attractive. 能让自己更有吸引力

[12:60.76]Sweetie. What happened, you couldn't find seats right on the runway? 发生了什么事? 你在展示台边找不到位置吗?

[13:03.72]You can see all the flaws from this angle. 从这个角度 你能看到所有的缺点

[13:15.28]- Hey, Carrie. - Hi, Barkley. How are you? -你好,凯莉 -巴克利,你好吗?

[13:18.04]- You going to the party afterwards? - l don't know. -你要参加庆功派对吗? -我不知道

[13:20.12]Of course we are. Hi, l'm Samantha. 我们当然要参加 你好,我是莎曼珊

[13:24.92]Barkley. 我是巴克利

[13:29.28]Martini straight up or with a twist? 他是不是同志?

[13:34.16]Straight up. 不是

[13:36.56]Really? He's very cute. You're not dating him, are you? 真的吗?他好可爱 你们没在约会吧?

[13:38.72]God, no. He's a total modelizer. 天啊,没有,他只爱模特儿

[13:45.08]ls he dating any one model in particular? 他现在跟某位模特儿约会吗?

[13:51.28]Actually, he's sleeping with all of them in general. 事实上他跟她们都睡过

[13:55.92]- Only models? - Only models. -他只跟模特儿上床? -没错

[14:16.08]Later that night we all went downtown for a party. 稍后我们都参加了庆功派对

[14:21.96]l was beginning to float away on a sea of sweet potato puffs 我陷在甜马铃薯泡芙堆里

[14:23.28]with smoked salmon and sour cream when... 还有腌鲑鱼跟酸奶酪 就是那么巧…

[14:27.56]lt was Mr. Big - 大人物出现了

[14:30.24]major tycoon, major dreamboat... and majorly out of my league. 他是商业大亨,也是个万人迷 他跟我不是同一个世界的人

[14:36.08]l thought l saw you on the runway. 我就知道我看到的人是你

[14:39.60]Hi. 你好

[14:39.24]l started reading your column after we met. 在我们认识后 我开始看你的专栏

[14:41.44]- You did? - Yeah, cute. -是吗? -没错,挺可爱的

[14:45.20]- ''Cute.'' - Well... “挺可爱的”?

[14:48.32]Yeah, cute. What are you writing about this week? 没错,挺可爱的 你这星期要写什么?

[14:54.28]Well, l'm working on a story about... 我正在写

[14:55.84]Men who date models. Any thoughts? 跟模特儿约会的男人 你有什么想法吗?

[14:57.36]Only that they're very lucky. 他们的运气很好

[15:01.04]So what have you discovered about men who are dating models? 跟模特儿约会的男人 你有什么了解?

[15:08.48]Well, l'm discovering that some of them treat it as a competitive sport, 我发现他们之中有些人 把这样的行为当成体育竞赛

[15:13.68]and others, l think, just need the validation. 其他人则只是需要被认可

[15:15.04]And probably others have a thing for exceptionally beautiful women. 或许其他人是迷恋超级美女

[15:20.64]Exactly. 没错

[15:22.12]- There's something wrong with that? - No, there's nothing wrong. -那有什么不对吗? -不会啊

[15:28.00]l just think it might become a bit monotonous. 我只是觉得有点单调

[15:30.56]Puff? 要吃泡芙吗?

[15:34.04]- No, thanks. - Excuse me, baby. -不,谢谢你 -对不起

[15:34.24]So where do you write these stories? 你都在哪里写作?

[15:38.92]- My ''cute'' stories? - Have you got an office or anything? -你是指“可爱的”文章吗? -你有办公室吗?

[15:43.56]No, half the time l'm at my apartment, 没有 有一半的时间我待在家里

[15:46.84]and the other half l'm at a coffee shop on 73rd and Madison. 其他时间我都在七十三街 跟麦迪逊街口的咖啡馆

[15:50.84]Oh, Carrie, l'd like you to meet Misha. 凯莉,这位是米夏

[15:53.04]- Oh, hi. You were great in the show. - Thank you. -你在伸展台上很漂亮 -谢谢你的夸奖

[15:59.68]Suddenly l felt like l was wearing patchouli in a room full of Chanel. 突然间我觉得 自己像是天鹅堆里的丑小鸭

[16:02.44]lt was nice talking to you. 很高兴能跟你聊天

[16:04.04]See you around. 再见

[16:06.44]l hope. 希望能再见

[16:09.04]l thought l had come to terms with my looks when l turned 30, 我以为过了三十岁 我可以不在乎自己的长相

[16:13.60]when l realized that l no longer had the energy to be superficial. 我了解 我不再有力气去做肤浅的事

[16:18.16]Your friend Barkley has been coming on to me. 你朋友巴克利来约我

[16:22.24]Do you think he believes l'm a model? 他认为我是模特儿吗?

[16:23.36]- Whatever it is, don't go there. - Why not? -不论原因为何,别去 -为什么?

[16:27.04]He has this thing for secretly taping his conquests. 他会偷偷录下交欢的过程

[16:32.80]Really? 真的吗?

[16:33.88]What a pervert. 真是个变态

[16:37.08]As Samantha got ready for her close-up, 当莎曼珊准备好上镜头时

[16:39.44]l felt it was time to call it a night. 我觉得我该回家了

[16:44.40]l'd never felt so invisible. 我从未觉得如此渺小过

[16:45.80]Taxi! 计程车

[16:52.24]- Carrie. - Hey, hi! Did Stanford leave? -凯莉 -你好,史丹佛离开了吗?

[16:57.96]No, he's giving a neck massage to a Versace model. Where you going? 他在帮凡赛斯模特儿按摩脖子 你要去哪里?

[17:01.80]- Oh, l'm going home. - Can l come? -我要回家 -我能跟你去吗?

[17:05.08]You want to come home with me? 你要跟我回家?

[17:06.28]Sure, if it's quiet. l can't take these crowds. 对,只要你家很安静 我受不了人很多的地方

[17:13.92]The things you gotta do in the name of research. 我是为了研究才这么做

[17:23.60]Shouldn't you be spending the night with some girl from the show? 你不跟女模特儿共度春宵吗?

[17:26.84]No, l never date models. l think they're stupid. 不,我从不跟模特儿约会 我觉得她们很笨

[17:30.04]l wondered if there wasn't some kind of physics for beauty. 我纳闷着 是否有美丽的物理学法则

[17:36.00]Maybe two models repelled. 或许两个模特儿会互相排斥

[17:38.12]Maybe models could only be attracted to ordinary humans. 或许模特儿只能吸引一般人

[17:44.84]- l think it's so cool that you write. - Thanks. -我觉得能写作很酷 -谢谢

[17:47.32]l wish l could write. l got all these intense thoughts, 真希望我也能写作 我有很多不错的想法

[17:50.20]but l can't remember them long enough to write them. 但还来不及把它们写下前 便忘得精光

[17:55.00]- That's the big trick. - l'm totally neurotic. -这是有窍门的 -我有神经过敏的毛病

[17:59.68]One minute l'm walking down the street, totally cool, 前一分钟我还很酷地走在街上

[18:02.12]and the next minute l'm depressed for no reason. 下一分钟 我毫无理由地感到沮丧

[18:05.80]l'm totally self-conscious. Before l say something, 我总是羞于启口

[18:10.40]l say it in my head first so it doesn't come out wrong. 我会先想一想再说话 免得说错了话

[18:13.96]- lsn't that a waste of time? - lt only takes a second. -那不会很浪费时间吗? -只要几秒就能搞定

[18:21.32]- Sometimes l get so distracted. - What's distracting you now? -有时我会分心 -现在什么东西让你分心?

[18:25.72]- Your nose. - Thanks a lot. l hate my nose. -你的鼻子 -谢了,我讨厌我的鼻子

[18:31.36]No, it's just so cute. l hate my nose, too. 不,你的鼻子很可爱 我也讨厌我的鼻子

[18:32.48]lt's too big, but l think it depends on my hair. 我的鼻子太大了 但那要视我的头发而定

[18:36.84]Yeah... 没错

[18:40.64]l see what you mean. 我了解你的意思

[18:42.00]What do you want to be when you grow up? 你希望长大后做什么?

[18:43.40]Well, l think this might be it. 我已完成了梦想,就是写作

[18:46.88]What do you want to be? 你长大想做什么

[18:49.28]l'd like to move back to lowa and have kids, and be a cop. 我想搬回爱荷华州 生儿育女,当个警察

[18:56.32]l felt like when l was 16 and used to date a guy who was really beautiful 这就像我十六岁时跟帅哥鬼混

[19:02.00]while my parents thought l was helping him with his homework. 我父母以为我在教他功课一样

[19:07.48]Do you mind if we just lie here? l get so lonely in the city. 我们能躺一下吗? 在纽约我觉得很寂寞

[19:10.36]Sometimes it's just nice to lie with someone. 有时能跟某人躺在一起 就是一种幸福

[19:14.20]Sure. We could do that. 没问题

[19:20.56]lt was hard to imagine that anyone so beautiful could ever be lonely. 很难想像 那么帅的人会觉得寂寞

[19:27.16]Meanwhile, two ordinary Joes were doing their own lonely late night thing. 同时两个凡夫俗子 寂寞地过着他们的夜晚

[19:31.52]- Anything else, miss? - No, that's it. -还要别的东西吗?小姐 -不必了

[19:33.80]- Just cat food? - Yes, just cat food. -你只买猫食? -没错

[19:38.96]- Hey. - Hi, Skipper. -你好 -史奇普

[19:41.36]Why haven't you returned my calls? 你为什么不回我电话?

[19:45.04]l'm sorry, it's been a busy week. 抱歉,这星期我很忙

[19:46.60]- l thought we had a connection. - Oh, l don't know. -我还以为我们算是在交往 -我不知道

[19:50.20]Can l get my change? 麻烦把零钱找给我

[19:54.00]You get that way with every guy? 你跟每个男人都这样吗?

[19:56.08]No, it's just... 不,我只是…

[19:60.64]Don't you wanna date a girl your own age? 你不想 跟同年龄的女孩约会吗?

[20:02.72]lt's got nothing to do with age. l... l think you're luminous. 这跟年龄无关 我觉得你很聪明

[20:08.00]- You think l'm luminous? - Totally. -你觉得我很聪明 -没错

[20:14.76]Miranda couldn't resist her own reflection in his smudged lenses. 米兰达抗拒不了 自己在模糊镜片上的倒影

[20:20.80]- All right, let's get out of here. - l'll just pay for my Captain Crunch. -好了,我们快走了 -我得付玉米片的钱

[20:25.68]There's cereal at my place. 我家有玉米片

[20:36.04]And Samantha found the ultimate validation... 莎曼珊找到了最有力的证据

[20:37.00]Sex, with Barkley. 她跟巴克利上床了

[20:39.80]So... 好了

[20:44.28]- Where is it? - What? -在哪里呢? -什么东西啊?

[20:46.84]The camera. 摄影机

[20:49.96]Did your friend Carrie tell you about that? 凯莉跟你提过那玩意?

[20:53.12]Don't worry, l only tape models. 别担心,我只拍模特儿

[20:57.20]- l won't mind. - Fine. l'll make an exception. -我不会介意的 -好吧,我可以破例一次

[21:15.12]Samantha demended the same consideration given to every model. 莎曼珊要求 跟每个模特儿一样的待遇

[21:29.40]- Hello. - Carrie, it's Stanford. -你好 -凯莉,我是史丹佛

[21:32.40]Do you know what happened to Derek last night? 你知道德瑞克昨晚去哪里吗?

[21:33.08]- Actually, you'll never believe it, but... - Yes? -事实上你不会相信的,但… -什么事?

[21:41.84]lt's Stanford. 是史丹佛打来的

[21:47.72]Hi, Stanford. 你好,史丹佛

[21:46.00]Derek, could you put Carrie back on the phone? 德瑞克 麻烦你请凯莉来听电话

[21:51.00]Sure. 没问题

[21:57.84]- Hello. - How could you! 你怎么能这么做?

[21:60.44]- l didn't. We just talked. - Oh, l knew he was gay. -我没有,我们只是在聊天 -我就知道他是同性恋

[22:13.44]lt's amazing what you'll do to be with these models. 跟模特儿在一起真的很辛苦

[22:14.72]l've got to retire soon. They keep me from getting work done. 我很快就得退休 她们害得我工作做不完

[22:19.84]They make me fuck up my life. Look at me! 她们害得我搞砸了我的人生 看看我这个鬼样子

[22:20.80]l'm an old man at 34! 我是个三十四岁的老头

[22:26.96]l began to realize that being beautiful 我开始了解当帅哥美女

[22:31.12]is like having a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park, 就像是租下 一间俯视公园美景的出租公寓

[22:32.100]completely unfair and bestowed upon those who deserve it least. 那根本就不公平 该把它送给那些有资格的人

[22:38.52]- l'm not interrupting your work, am l? - Hey, what a surprise. -我没打扰你工作吧? -真是个大惊喜

[22:42.24]l can't stay, l'm late. But l've been thinking about men who date models. 我已经迟到了,没办法久留 但我在想跟模特儿约会的男人

[22:49.12]- Yeah, what about them? - First of all, -他们怎么了? -首先

[22:53.72]there are so many gorgeous women out there in this city. 纽约有许多美女

[22:56.28]What an amazing observation. 你真是好眼力

[22:59.48]But the thing is this, 但事实上

[23:03.76]after a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh. 过了一阵子后 你只想跟能逗你笑的人在一起

[23:09.80]Know what l mean? 了解我的意思了吗?

[23:15.24]OK. See ya. 再见

[23:30.28]l take that back... Beauty is fleeting, 我收回那句话,美丽是短暂的

[23:34.68]but a rent-controlled apartment overlooking the park is forever. 一间俯视公园美景的出租公寓 却是永远

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