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欲望都市04 Valley of the Twenty Something Guys






[00:00.00] 12.07.25 08:16:51



[00:50.64]Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, 从前在一个遥远的国度里

[00:55.88]a certain man and a slightly less certain woman 有个可靠的男人 和一位不怎么可靠的女人

[00:60.28]kept bumping into one another. 彼此不期而遇

[01:03.08]They seemed to meet everywhere. 他们似乎到任何地方都会相遇

[01:09.04]On street corners. 无论是街角

[01:14.40]At parties. 或是在派对里

[01:16.00]lt was almost as if they were dating accidentally. 就好像偶然的约会一样

[01:19.44]And then, after another chance meeting 一次又一次等待下次的相遇

[01:23.64]at a wealthy lawyer's new son's briss, 在富有的律师儿子的庆生会里

[01:28.80]they decided to pick a time to bump into each other on purpose. 他们决定选个时间有意邂逅

[01:33.80]Saturday, 10.30. The hottest new restaurant in Manhattan. 星期六十点半 在曼哈顿最热门的餐厅

[01:38.84]Samantha's PR firm was handling the opening. 莎曼珊的公关公司 负责这间餐厅的开幕式

[01:43.04]- Hi. - Hey. -你好 -你好

[01:45.32]So, isn't Brian great? 布莱恩好吗?

[01:46.92]Charlotte had a new boyfriend. 夏绿蒂有新男友了

[01:48.68]He had her big three - looks, manners, money. 他有她要求的三个条件 外貌、教养、有钱

[01:52.68]He wants to buy a painting from my gallery. 他想跟我的画廊买画

[01:55.72]Love and a commission, she couldn't have been happier. 爱情和一笔佣金 没有比这个使她更快乐的

[01:60.40]- All right, it's official, he's late. - Who? -好了,正式开始,他迟到了 -谁迟到了?

[02:01.92]- Mr. Big, who else? - Carrie, that's great! ls it a date? -大人物,不然还有谁? -凯莉,太好了,约会吗?

[02:07.56]No, he called it a ''thing''. He said meet me for a drink thing. 不,他称之为相遇 一起喝杯饮料之类的

[02:11.96]He never used the ''D'' word. 他从不用约会这样的字眼

[02:12.76]Well, thing is good. Thing comes before date. 相遇很好,约会总在相遇后

[02:16.04]Let's hope so. All right, l'm gonna go in. See you in there. 希望如此,好了,我要进去了 待会儿见

[02:19.92]Where did Skipper go? 史奇普到哪里去了?

[02:21.40]How can you date that younger guy? They're so unfocused. 你怎么跟比你年轻的人约会? 他们太嫩了

[02:24.60]We're not dating, it's a fuck thing. 我们不是在约会 只是性伴侣

[02:29.08]Girls, isn't this fun? l've turned away 20 so far. 女孩们,这里好玩吧?

[02:32.84]People are actually crying. 很多人无法进入,差点哭出来

[02:42.24]Something came up. He's not gonna meet me. 有事要发生,他没办法来

[02:46.24]Listen to this and tell me if he's not meeting me as a date 听好并告诉我 他把这次视为正式约会

[02:51.32]- or not meeting me as a friend. - All right. -或者只是朋友的约会 -好,我懂

[02:53.08]Sometimes you need a second opinion. 有时候你需要朋友意见

[02:56.96]With doctors, real estate men. 当问题是有关医生 房地产或男人时

[02:57.16]Well? 如何?

[03:01.48]l have no idea. 我不知道

[03:01.16]And l finished first in my litigation class. 我已听取完证词

[03:04.60]How pathetic do l feel asking you if a guy kinda likes me? 真可悲 我竟想问你他是否有点喜欢我

[03:12.76]- There you are! - Hey! -你们可来了 -你好

[03:16.88]Carrie, Miranda, 凯莉,这位是米兰达

[03:19.96]this is the hottest chef in New York, Jon. 他是纽约这里最受欢迎的大厨 约翰

[03:20.92]Jon. J-o-n. No ''H'', no last name. 约翰J-O-N,少了H 也没有姓氏

[03:24.28]His strudel was so fabulous he didn't need one. 他烘焙的点心无人能及

[03:29.32]- And this is his very cute friend, Sam. - Hey. -这是他的朋友,山姆 -你好

[03:32.68]Sam? Who's named Sam? 山姆?哪位是山姆?

[03:33.28]- Me. Can l get you a drink? - Oh, good luck, the bar is packed. -是我,能请你喝杯饮料吗? -祝你好运,吧台那儿挤满人

[03:39.20]No problem, the bartender's a buddy of mine. 没问题的,酒保是我好朋友

[03:40.72]- Miranda? - Martini. -米兰达呢? -一杯马丁尼

[03:42.48]20-something guys always know the really important ''B'' people - 二十多岁的小伙子 总和几项东西有关

[03:48.28]busboys, bouncers. 服务生,保镳

[03:51.08]Plus, they have cute butts. 外加他们有可爱的屁股

[03:53.72]That's The Times critic. l'd better go. 泰唔士报的评论找我 我该走了

[04:10.04]Did l mention l'm sleeping with him? 我提过我跟他上床的事吗?

[04:18.52]Skipper! 史奇普!

[04:21.88]He's lost. We gotta... 他走失了,我们…

[04:24.24]They stopped making martinis, l got rum and Cokes, is that OK? 酒保不供应马丁尼了 我这里有兰姆加可乐,要吗?

[04:29.12]Well, l hate rum and l hate Coke, but thanks. 我讨厌兰姆 也讨厌可乐,不过谢了

[04:33.72]- Martinis, ladies? - Well, look at you. -小姐们,你们的马丁尼 -真有你的

[04:34.68]- l was a waiter at TGlF. - Fabulous. -我曾是星期五餐厅的服务生 -太好了

[04:40.28]- Hey. - Hey. -你好 -你好

[04:43.84]- Sam. - Skipper. -山姆 -史奇普

[04:46.20]They liked each other immediately. 他们马上彼此有好感

[04:49.64]You want to see something? 你想看看什么吗?

[04:55.08]Can you narrow that down a little bit? 你能把问题范围缩小点吗?

[04:60.72]Wait. l didn't... 等等,我还没…

[05:01.24]No fair! Do it over. Let me see. 不公平,再一次,让我看

[05:08.52]- Hey! - Hey! -你好 -你好

[05:08.16]- lt's you. - l've been looking all over for you. -是你 -我到处找你

[05:11.28]And here you are, holding a tongue. 原来你在这里 在看别人的舌头

[05:17.36]- You said you weren't coming. - l said l'd try to make it. -你说你不来的 -我说我尽量

[05:19.92]Well, yeah, but then you said that... 对,但你后来又说…

[05:22.60]- What did l say? - Never mind, never mind. -我说什么? -算了…

[05:23.60]You're here, you have an hour. Let's have a drink. 你来了,有一个小时的时间 我们喝一杯

[05:26.40]l was trying to get inside for 30 minutes, and was looking for you for 20. 我花了三十分钟才进来 然后找你找了二十分钟

[05:29.36]That leaves me with just enough time to tell you that, l'm out of time. 这时间够让我告诉你 我没空了

[05:36.40]You have fun. 祝你玩得愉快

[05:36.64]Men in their 40's are like The New York Times crossword puzzle. 男人年过四十 就像纽约时报上的填字游戏

[05:41.68]Tricky, complicated, and you're never sure you've got the right answer. 狡猾又复杂,而你永远 不确定是否得到正确答案

[05:46.08]This place is tired. 待在这里好累

[05:48.24]- Do you want to get out of here? - Sure. -你想离开这里吗? -当然

[05:53.44]Why not? 为什么不?

[05:56.80]A short cab ride later, Samantha, Jon, no ''H'', Sam and l 几分钟车程后,莎曼珊 约翰,山姆和我

[05:60.96]found ourselves at the nearby 20-something club. 出现在附近 二十几岁年轻人待的俱乐部里

[06:05.64]l can't believe you made Jon leave his own opening. 我真不敢相信你居然 让约翰离开自己餐厅的开幕式

[06:08.64]He's too happening to be seen someplace borderline tired. 他高兴到分不清地方的界线了

[06:11.88]lt was a tough town, hot places had the life span of a med fly. 冷酷的城市,热闹的地方 生命飞快得过去

[06:16.56]- Samantha, everybody is in their 20's. - And so are we. 莎曼珊 这里都是二十几岁的小伙子


[06:21.76]As l glanced around the room, 当我环顾四周

[06:23.24]l was amazed at the variety of 20-something guys. 惊讶地发现 许多不同的年轻小伙子

[06:27.88]The groovy guy. 有时髦的家伙

[06:31.08]The corporate guy. 有绅士风度的家伙

[06:32.100]The jock guy. 游手好闲的家伙

[06:37.68]The underage guy. 涉世未深的家伙

[06:41.12]There you are! How are you? 你来了,你好吗?

[06:48.80]- Big couch. - Oh, here. -好大的沙发 -坐这里

[07:01.68]l don't weigh too much? 我不会太重吧?

[07:02.88]You weigh like nothing. 你轻到像是没有重量一样

[07:04.60]What's cuter than that? 真可爱

[07:09.48]As we took a swig from our pony-necked beers, 我们喝的瓶装啤酒 就好像给了我们一双翅膀

[07:10.64]l remembered another type of 20-something guy. 我记得另外一型二十岁小伙子

[07:13.12]So, what's it like to kiss with that thing in? 和你嘴里的舌环接吻 是什么感觉?

[07:19.68]You want to find out? 你想知道吗?

[07:26.88]The really good kisser guy. 还有善于接吻的家伙

[07:40.08]Hello. 你好

[07:43.24]- l am so fucked. - What's wrong? -我被搞得快疯了 -怎么了?

[07:44.24]No, l mean, literally. l've been fucked every way you can be. 我的意思是… 我们试尽所有的做爱方法

[07:49.84]lf you keep talking like that, l'll have to charge you by the minute. 如果你继续用这种方式说话 我要向你以分计费

[07:54.72]As l searched for my morning Marlboro Light, 找适合早上抽万宝路淡烟时

[07:55.08]Samantha proceeded to give me a run down of her night with Jon. 莎曼珊继续跟我叙述 昨晚和约翰的种种

[07:60.08]No ''H'', no inhibitions. 少了H,也少了约束

[08:01.48]We did it with him on top. Me on top. 我们做了,姿势轮流在上面

[08:04.04]Me on my side. 我在侧边

[08:06.20]Him on his side? 然后换他在侧边?

[08:09.20]Oh, my God, yes. 天啊,没错

[08:11.08]On his back, on his side, on his face. 从背后,旁边,正面

[08:13.20]- Have you ever done that? - lt's too early to remember. -你有没有尝试过这样? -太早起床想不起来

[08:17.44]Well, do it immediately. lt is fabulous. 赶快做吧,真的很棒

[08:20.92]These guys in their 20's, are up for anything. 这些二十出头的小伙子 看到什么都能兴奋

[08:23.00]How did it go with you and Sam? 你和山姆进展得如何?

[08:25.40]We kissed. 我们接吻

[08:27.80]Just kissed? 只有接吻?

[08:29.68]No. We just kissed for five hours, 不止,我们接吻了五个小时

[08:34.16]at the club, in front of the club, on the corner of the club. 在俱乐部里的每个地方

[08:36.84]l forgot how much fun it is to just kiss, you know, 我几乎忘了接吻的乐趣 即使害我只睡两小时

[08:39.60]even if l did only get two hours sleep.

[08:41.20]l didn't sleep at all. 我根本没睡

[08:46.96]As Samantha went on about her sexual escapades, 当莎曼珊还在向我炫耀时

[08:48.88]l glanced at my arm. 我瞥见我的手臂

[08:50.48]There it was in Bic blue. 上面有蓝色的墨水

[08:52.76]20-something Sam's phone number. 是二十多岁的山姆的电话

[08:54.56]l had this urge to call but l'd just left him. 我很想打给他 但我采取先按兵不动

[08:58.80]My lips were still swollen. 我的嘴唇还肿肿的

[09:01.08]Why this sudden craving? 为什么突然会有这种渴望?

[09:01.00]Are men in their 20's the new designer drug? 男人二十岁就是最新的春药

[09:06.56]Yes, Samantha, Miranda and l were all recreational users, 是的,莎曼珊,米兰达和我 都是愉悦享乐者

[09:08.72]but were we getting into something we couldn't handle? 但我们会不会惹上什么麻烦 是连我们都不能控制的呢?

[09:13.80]OK, we were attracted to younger men for various reasons. 我们因为种种原因 被年轻的男人吸引

[09:17.12]But l couldn't help but wonder, what do they see in us? 无法自拔,但我很纳闷 他们怎么看待我们呢?

[09:19.08]Women in their 30's are just so grateful. 女人年过三十实在是太好了

[09:23.24]Every bullshit, nice thing you do is like throwing food to the starving. 你所做的任何蠢事、好事 就像丢食物给饥荒的人一样

[09:27.16](杰克李威斯25岁 喜欢打棒球、溜狗)

[09:34.20]They give great head and know a lot about wine. 她们非常感谢 并知道很多关于酒的事

[09:36.40](瑞奇史汀27岁 股票分析师)

[09:38.96]They remind me of my mom. 她们使我想起我妈

[09:42.88](堤姆沃克24岁 医学院学生)

[09:48.64]They know who they are and what they want. And l like that. 她们知道自己是谁 想要什么,而我喜欢这样

[09:51.60](史基波强森27岁 网站设计家)

[09:58.16]Two words - smart, pussy. 只有两个词可以形容 聪明、性感


[10:05.40]Later that week, Miranda and l compared notes. 那星期过后 米兰达和我交换心得

[10:08.88]Shouldn't we be dating men our own age? 我们是不是应该 和年纪相差不多的男人约会?

[10:09.20]Good luck finding one. 能找到真是你的运气

[10:10.68]There are no available men in their 30's in New York. 在纽约没有三十几岁的好男人

[10:13.28]Giuliani had them removed along with the homeless. 朱立安尼把他们 连同流浪汉一起赶走了

[10:19.64]What's really going on here? l mean, is it younger men feel safer? 到底怎么了? 年轻人比较有安全感吗?

[10:23.20]What's really going on here is sex. 关键在于性

[10:26.00]Good old-fashioned, eager to please, do what l tell you to, Eagle Scout sex. 全套服务,渴望取悦对方 照我的话做,高级童子军性爱

[10:30.36]But l'm not having sex. lt's a kissing thing. 但我还没做爱,只是接吻而已

[10:33.92]So what's the big deal? lt's just a fling. 那又如何?只是一时的享乐

[10:36.24]lt's not like we're throwing out our schedules or anything. 又不是把我们的计划都抛开 或什么都不管了

[10:38.72]Sweetie, l gotta go. l'm late for a meeting with my editor. 甜心,我得走了 和编辑的会议我迟到了

[10:46.44]l didn't want to tell her l cancelled lunch with my editor 我不想说 我取消了和编辑的开会

[10:49.36]to go to Banana Republic and help 20-something Sam pick a shirt. 陪二十多岁的山姆 到香蕉共和国去买衬衫

[10:57.08]As l helped him try them on, l thought... 当我帮他穿上时,我想…

[11:00.20]he's sweet, fun, and l think he likes me. 他很甜又有趣,我想他喜欢我

[11:03.24]Could he be more than a fling? 他对我而言 会不会不只是一时的迷惑?

[11:07.24]Could he be a potential boyfriend? 他可能成为我的男友人选吗?

[11:08.80]Please. This isn't Gap. 拜托,这里不是没有别人

[11:15.28]And speaking of potential boyfriends. 说到男友人选

[11:19.76]That week the crossword puzzle asked me to meet him for a drink, blank. 这周玩填字游戏的男人 邀我去喝一杯

[11:23.76]Not quite a date, five letters, starts with ''T''. 还不算是约会 只是喝一杯而已

[11:30.08]Whoever this is, l can't talk. l'm late for a drink thing. 哪位,我现在无法说话 我约喝酒要迟到了

[11:34.60]l just need five minutes. l'm meeting Brian and l don't know what to do. 五分钟就好,我要去见布莱恩 我不知道该怎么做才好

[11:38.28]- About what? - Well, last night after a movie, 是关于什么事的?

[11:41.16]we were walking down 2nd Avenue... 昨晚看完电影后 我们漫步到第二大道…

[11:43.40]Four minutes, Charlotte! 只剩四分钟了,夏绿蒂

[11:45.00]l can't just blurt out what he asked me, it's embarrassing. 他问我的话我无法说出口 太难为情了

[11:47.52]What did the perfect boyfriend ask? 这位完美男友问了什么?

[11:51.96]Meet me in front of your apartment in ten minutes. 十分钟后在你的公寓门口见

[11:59.52]OK, words are essential. Tell me exactly how he worded it. 措辞很重要 告诉我他是怎么说的

[12:03.52]We've been seeing each other for a couple of weeks. l really like you. 他说:我们约会了好几个礼拜 我真的很喜欢你

[12:06.36]Tomorrow night after dinner, l want us to have anal sex. 明日晚餐后 我希望我们能肛交

[12:11.44]OK, next stop is gonna be 62nd and Madison. 下一站在麦迪逊街62号停

[12:12.16]- 62nd and Madison? - We're picking up Miranda. -麦迪逊街62号? -我们要接米兰达

[12:15.76]- No, God, no. - Then we're picking up Samantha. -天啊,不 -然后我们还要去接莎曼珊

[12:17.80]You need all the support you can get and l'm late for drinks with Big. 你需要所有你能得到的援助 我和大人物的约会已经迟到了

[12:22.08]Oh, that's great. 那真是太好了

[12:24.28]Even in her state of abject blackness, Charlotte was a dating optimist. 夏绿蒂即使在黑暗难堪情况里 她始终是个乐观的约会者

[12:28.76]- How much do you like him? - A lot. -你有多喜欢他? -很喜欢

[12:31.92]Dating a few months until someone better comes along a lot? 你是抱着 骑驴找马的心态较多?

[12:33.44]Or marrying him and moving to East Hampton a lot? 还是愿意为他远嫁东汉普顿?

[12:36.92]l don't know. l'm not sure. -我不知道,还不确定 -你最好赶快确定

[12:37.48]Well, you better get sure real quick.

[12:40.16]- You're scaring me. - Don't scare her. -你在吓我 -别吓她

[12:44.04]lt's all about control. 都跟控制有关,如果他已到了 需要有力量来转移

[12:44.68]lf he goes up there, there's going to be a shift in power.

[12:47.76]Either he'll have the upper hand or you will. 不是他在上就是你在上

[12:48.52]There's a camp that believes whoever holds the dick, holds the power, but... 会像帐篷一样 谁握住棚柱,谁就握住力量

[12:53.52]Hello! You're driving. 开你的车

[12:57.20]The question is... 问题是…若他勃起对着你屁股 他会尊重你比较多还是少?

[12:56.96]if he goes up your butt, will he respect you more or less?

[13:01.44]That's the issue. 这才是重点

[13:03.52]No, no-smoking cab. 在车内不能吸烟

[13:06.12]Sir, we're talking up the butt. A cigarette is in order. 先生,我们大谈屁股 抽烟是适当的

[13:07.100]Front, back, who cares? A hole is a hole. 前面、后面,谁在乎? 洞就是洞

[13:10.88]- Can l quote you? - Don't be judgmental. -我能引述你的话吗? -别太主观下定论

[13:14.08]You could use a little back door. 你可以使用小后门

[13:15.68]- l'm not a hole. - Honey, we know. -我不是洞 -宝贝,我们知道

[13:17.36]Look, all l'm saying is, that this is a physical expression 听着,我要说的是 这是生理表现

[13:22.12]that the body was designed to experience. 我们被设计有此功能

[13:23.12]And PS, it's fabulous. 附注,那真是太棒了

[13:26.88]What are you talking about? l went to Smith. 你在说什么?我受过高等教育

[13:29.76]l'm just saying with the right guy, and the right lubricant... 我只是在说要和对的人 还有对的润滑剂…

[13:37.44]- What was that? - A preview. -那是什么? -预告

[13:54.96]Well, l can't believe it. 真不敢相信

[13:57.52]Same time, same place. Just you and me. 相同的时间,相同的地方 只有你跟我

[14:01.16]Well, sort of. Meet my friend, Jack. 差不多,这是我朋友,杰克

[14:10.52]Hi, how are you? 你好吗?

[14:13.92]Marvelous. My second divorce. 好极了,我第二次离婚

[14:14.12]The bitch is getting everything the first didn't. 第二位拿走所有第一位没拿的

[14:18.52]There he was, right in the middle of my drink thing - Mr. Marvelous. 是他打扰了我的“喝一杯”约会 这位好极了先生

[14:22.88]Jesus, look at that beautiful woman. 天啊,你看那位美女

[14:29.96]l'm gonna go ask her to join us for dinner. Excuse me. 我要去邀她来跟我们共进晚餐 借过

[14:39.00]He called me, crying. 他打电话给我,嚎啕大哭

[14:45.100]Do you forgive me? 你会原谅我吧?

[14:51.40]Here's what. 听着

[14:55.56]Why don't you two have a guys night? 你们俩何不拥有男人之夜?

[14:58.76]You know, talk, cry, shoot bear. 可以聊天,哭闹,射飞镖

[15:00.12]l'm way behind on my column anyway. 我得赶我的专栏了

[15:04.80]Here. Next round on me. 拿去,下次轮到我

[15:06.80]We'll do our thing another time. 改天再约

[15:11.40]Sure? 你确定?

[15:14.96]Abso-fucking-lutely. 非常确定

[15:19.24]l didn't know what l was supposed to feel. 我不知道我应该有什么感觉 是混乱,伤心还是难过?

[15:21.20]Confused, sad, rejected?

[15:23.60]l decided to walk to clear my head. 我决定用散步来和缓我的思绪

[15:26.56]Also, l just left my cab fare on the table. 因为坐计程车的费用 花在刚才桌上的那杯酒

[15:28.08]So l walked. l walked 48 blocks in $400 shoes. 所以只好走路 我用四百块的鞋子走过48条街

[15:41.40]l just needed something to take the edge off. 我需要某个东西救我脱离

[15:48.28]A little kiss to make me feel better. 来一点香吻会让我好过些

[16:04.08]But now, it wasn't working - l wasn't getting the same rush. 但现在不是在赶工作 我不需要赶时间

[16:09.32]Tonight, l needed more. 今晚,我需要更多

[16:14.28]Charlotte wondered when relationships had gotten so complicated. 夏绿蒂担心 何时关系变得如此复杂

[16:16.80]She yearned for the time when dinner was followed by dessert, 她希望晚餐后来的是甜点 而不是润滑剂

[16:21.88]not lubricant.

[16:21.04]l can't, Brian. l want to, but l can't. 布莱恩,我不行 我想要,但是不行

[16:27.60]Actually, that's not true. l don't want to. 实际上,那不是真的 我并不想

[16:28.72]Or l do. l don't know what l want. l'm afraid if l don't, you'll dump me 或者我想,我不知道想要什么 我担心如果我不做你会甩了我

[16:32.48]and if l do, l'll be the up-the-butt girl. l don't want to be the-up-the-butt girl. 如果我做了,会变成翘臀女孩 我不想变成翘臀女孩

[16:38.44]Men don't marry the up-the-butt girl. Who ever heard of Mrs. Up-the-butt? 男人不想娶翘臀女孩 有谁听过翘臀太太吗?

[16:41.92]No, no, no. l can't. 不…我不行

[16:43.72]l want children and nice bedding. 我喜欢小孩和好的寝具

[16:45.28]l just can't handle this right now. 现在我无法接受

[16:49.60]Can we fuck the regular way? 我们能正常地做爱吗?

[16:53.48]Yes, please. 可以

[17:01.80]That night they made love the Charlotte way... 那晚他们以夏绿蒂的方式做爱

[17:02.72]polite and respectful on 300 count Egyptian cotton sheets. 有礼貌并且很尊重的 在三百针的埃及纯棉床单上

[17:09.76]Meanwhile, downtown... 与其同时,在城里…

[17:13.84]That was really great. 那真是太美了

[17:20.88]- You know. - Yeah? -你知道的 -知道什么?

[17:21.60]When you lay like that, 当你这样躺着时…

[17:23.68]you have the cutest little wrinkles on your neck. 脖子上有最可爱的小纹路

[17:28.96]Samantha realized as long as she dated someone younger, 莎曼珊了解 只要她和比较年轻的人约会

[17:30.16]she would always be older. 她总是比较老的一方

[17:34.32]She gave up 20-somethings right then and there. 她想到此 立刻放弃和二十几小伙子约会

[17:35.88]As Samantha went cold turkey... 莎曼珊一步步冷却…

[17:39.48]l got in deeper and deeper. 我越陷越深

[17:50.72]- That was... - Totally awesome. -这真是… -太不可思议了

[17:54.88]l was hooked. Gone. 我上钩了,被钓走了

[17:54.40]Who cares about age, crossword puzzles, 谁在乎年纪和填字游戏

[17:58.28]the cab money l'd left on the table? 也不在乎留在桌上的计程车费

[18:01.24]This felt so good. l'd do anything to keep this high. 这感觉真好 做任何事只为让自己兴奋

[18:03.52]And just when l thought l couldn't get any higher. 我想没有比这更高潮的

[18:07.32]He spooned me. 他爱抚我

[18:19.84]l woke up wanting more, or maybe not. 我醒来期待更多 结果完全相反

[18:23.84]ln the gray morning light, everything looked completely different. 早晨灰白的阳光下 一切看起来都不一样了

[18:27.32]Candles from Urban Outfitter, dirty laundry, a pizza box. 市中心装饰店的蜡烛 脏衣服和披萨的空盒子

[18:31.84]Suddenly, reality hit. 突然间被现实击中

[18:36.24]l'm in a 20-something apartment. 我在二十几岁小伙子的公寓

[18:39.96]- Morning, babe. - Morning. -宝贝,早安 -早安

[18:42.44]Fuck! l had this amazing dream. 我做了一个奇怪的梦

[18:47.16]My father and my ex-girlfriend were, like, dead or something. 我爸和我前女友死了之类的梦

[18:50.84]How you doing? Nice to see you. 你还好吗?很高兴见到你

[18:54.32]- Coffee, l need coffee. - lt's in the kitchen. -咖啡,我要喝咖啡 -厨房里有

[18:57.32]And l had these big hands, like big aluminum hands. 我有这双大手,像是铝做的

[19:02.76]And l lived in this like big missile silo that was totally nuclear 我像是住在飞弹基地 那全都是核武

[19:08.56]surrounded by like my enemies and shit, 被敌人的舰队包围

[19:11.84]and one by one, they'd run at me. 一艘接一艘,都瞄准我

[19:13.64]They got inside somehow. l don't remember, but they'd run at me 他们都躲在里面 记不清楚,但都瞄准我

[19:17.88]and l would crush them to pieces with my big aluminum hands. 我用这双铝制的大手 把他们摧毁成碎片

[19:22.96]l, like, crushed this one guy. He had no face and stuff, but l crushed him. 我摧毁了那家伙,他没有脸 也没有内在,但我摧毁了他

[19:30.92]l could crush anything with these big fucking hands, man. 我能用这双手打败任何人

[19:34.40]You don't have any coffee, you don't have any coffee filters. 你这里没有咖啡 没有泡咖啡的滤纸

[19:37.20]Oh, l'll make that. That's all right. 我会泡的,没问题

[19:39.88]Oh! And you were in the dream. 你还在梦里

[19:42.96]As this beautiful unicorn woman with glass eyes. 还有这位独角兽女人 有玻璃般的眼珠

[19:46.12]You, coffee. Me, bathroom. 你去泡咖啡,我去上厕所

[19:50.52]That would make a kick-ass song, wouldn't it? 可以哼厕所歌,对不对?

[19:52.08]- Unicorn woman. - Coffee. -独角兽女人 -去泡咖啡

[20:02.64]Oh, that's my roommate. 那是我室友

[20:07.08]Every fiber in my 30-something being was screaming, you're too old for this. 在我三十几岁的年纪里 常觉得太老了不适合做这种事

[20:10.68]And just when l thought l couldn't sink any lower. 正当我想情况不能再糟时

[20:15.44]l need toilet paper! 我要卫生纸

[20:19.84]l'm just using the last of it to make the coffee. 我把最后的纸用来泡咖啡了

[20:29.20]l decided the way to break free 我决定从沉沦中解脱 最好的方式

[20:32.68]was to move from one addiction to an even bigger one. 就是陷入另一个更大的欲望

[20:36.52]Shoes. 也就是买鞋子

[20:39.64]A couple of blocks and way too much money later, 经过几条街和花了不少钱后

[20:42.52]l realized l had just entered an interesting chapter in my life. 我了解我的人生 进入新的有趣的一章

[20:45.60]l had out-grown the boys of my past 我对过去的男孩来说太成熟

[20:48.44]and not quite grown into the men of my future. 对未来的男人来说 我又不够成熟

[20:54.40]Hi, how are ya? -你好 -你好吗?

[20:56.52]Why is it in a city of ten million men, 为什么在这有 上千万男人的城市中

[20:56.60]you always see the one you don't want and never see the one you... 总是遇到你不想见的那一个 却永远遇不到你…

[21:00.48]- Hi. - Hi. -你好 -你好

[21:04.96]- What are you doing down there? - Oh, it's a wobbly table. -你在下面做什么? -这桌子不太稳

[21:08.64]Guess l have the touch. Would you care to join us? 还好我手扶着 你要不要加入我们?

[21:10.92]Hinge. 关键

[21:12.40]What? 什么?

[21:14.20]Your crossword puzzle. Five letters, to bring together. Hinge. 你的填字游戏,差五个字母 就完成了,那个字是“关键”

[21:20.04]- Well, nice seeing you. Bye. - Excuse me. -很高兴见到你,再见 -稍待

[21:25.36]Just so you know, l would have gotten hinge on my own. Maybe. 只想告诉你,或许 我找到自己的关键所在了

[21:28.48]l have no doubt. 我相信

[21:32.68]Now Jack's hooked up, l'm single again. 现在杰克有了新对象 而我又恢复单身了

[21:33.28]Maybe we could have dinner sometime? 也许我们能一起共进晚餐

[21:36.88]l don't know. 我不确定

[21:38.24]l'm good at crossword puzzles. l'm not so good at people puzzles. 我擅长玩填字游戏 却不擅长猜别人的谜语

[21:43.16]Anywhere you want. Just you and me. 地点任你选,只有我和你

[21:47.92]Call me. 你再打电话给我

[21:49.80]As l walked away, l had a thought - 当我离去时,我有个想法 也许所有的男人都像毒品一样

[21:51.56]maybe all men are a drug. Sometimes they bring you down

[21:56.16]and sometimes, like now, they get you so high. 有时候他们使你低潮

[21:55.84]有时候,就像现在 他们让你神魂欲醉

[22:02.04]Damn. 真该死

[22:04.40]lt would have been so cool if l hadn't looked back. 如果我不回首,那真是太酷了

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