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欲望都市06 Secret Sex






[00:00.00] 12.07.25 08:18:38



[00:47.16]Two weeks ago l had my picture taken... 两周前我去拍沙龙照

[00:53.64]Look up. Good, good. 看上面,很好…

[00:59.60]lt was a promotional photo for my column 这是为了替我的专栏做宣传

[01:02.44]scheduled to run on the side of a bus. 打算刊登在公车车身

[01:07.92]l had misgivings. 我相当紧张

[01:11.88]Which were mollified when they said l could keep the dress. 但他们安慰我 说我可以把宣传服带回家

[01:21.64]Friday night. 星期五晚上

[01:21.12]ln lieu of any actual social life of their own, 莎曼珊、米兰达、夏绿蒂 为了帮我打点

[01:24.24]Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte had all stopped by to live vicariously 和大人物的首次正式约会

[01:27.48]through my first official date with Mr Big. 都牺牲了自己的社交活动

[01:30.36]Carrie! 凯莉

[01:34.36]Honey it's fabulous. Bravo! 真是太美了

[01:40.84]lt's tits on toast, baby. 这件衣服很暴露 但是穿在你身上很好看

[01:42.16]But you make it work.

[01:43.92]lt's the ''naked dress''. 这件衣服若隐若现 你显然打算今晚和他上床

[01:45.92]You're obviously gonna have sex with him tonight.

[01:48.48]- lt's our first date! - She's just gonna look like sex. -我们才第一次约会 -她的穿着完全透露了渴望

[01:51.96]- That's right, l'm just the trailer. - Please, if it happens, it happens. -没错,今天只是预告 -拜托,会发生的事就会发生

[01:54.04]- Bottoms up. - Wait a second! -加油 -等一下

[01:58.16]lf you're serious about this guy, you can't sleep on the first date. 如果你在乎对方 就不会第一次约会就跟他上床

[02:02.40]Oh, God. Here she goes again with The Rules. 老天,又是“约会守则”

[02:03.40]The women who wrote that book, couldn't get laid. 写那种书的女人 就是因为找不到上床的对象

[02:06.16]They constructed this whole bullshit theory 所以才发明这种狗屁理论

[02:08.56]to make women who can get laid feel bad. 好让找到上床对象的女人难过

[02:11.88]lf you're serious about a guy, 如果你在乎对方

[02:14.32]keep him waiting for at least five dates. 就要让他等到五次约会之后

[02:14.92]- Oh, you've gone up. - Yes. -你已经约会五次了 -对

[02:19.88]The number of dates that you wait to have sex is proportional to your age. 等做爱的约会数目 应该和年纪成正比

[02:22.16]Forget the math, don't fuck on a first date, you're fine. 别管数目字 反正首次约会不要做

[02:27.16]- Third date. - Too soon! -第三次约会 -太快了

[02:30.64]A guy can just as easily dump you if you fuck him on the first date 要是第一次约会和对方上床 他会甩了你

[02:32.80]- as he can on the 10th. - When have you been on a 10th? 那第十次同样有可能


[02:37.08]- By then you're emotionally involved. - Exactly! -到时你早就付出真情了 -没错

[02:41.28]lsn't it better to find out if the sex is good 心碎之前先看性趣合不合 不是比较好吗?

[02:42.16]before anybody's feelings get hurt?

[02:44.56]- lt's OK to feel hurt. - And you handle that so well! -心碎无所谓 -你一向擅长控制情绪

[02:49.84]- There is a case for restraint. - When did you become a Victorian? 她就是懂得自我克制的人

[02:51.32]The Victorians valued romance. 你何时变成维多利亚时代的人?


[02:55.16]True romance cannot exist without good sex. 没有鱼水之欢 就不算真正的浪漫

[02:58.16]And yet you can have good sex with someone you don't respect. 和自己不在意的人 也可以有鱼水之欢

[03:00.44]Or even remember. 或过后就忘的人

[03:06.80]All right, well, ladies l'm just going to dinner. 好了,各位,我要去吃晚餐了

[03:08.04]- Goodnight. - Goodbye, have fun. -晚安 -晚安,好好玩

[03:12.48]Bye! 再见

[03:18.56]Truth is l was dying to sleep with him. 其实我想上他想疯了

[03:18.64]But isn't delayed gratification the definition of maturity? 但成熟的定义 不是克制欲望吗?

[03:31.44]- lnteresting dress. - Meaning? -真有趣的衣服 -什么意思?

[03:37.64]lnteresting dress. 真有趣的衣服

[03:55.72]- Don't worry. l can restrain myself. - So can l. -别担心,我会克制自己 -我也是

[04:08.44]l can't be hemmed in by rules. l go with my emotions. 我无法墨守规则 我一向照感觉行事

[04:13.84]Some of the greatest romances of all time began with sex on the first date... 有些伟大的爱情故事 也开始于头一次约会就上床

[04:19.28]...l bet. 我敢打赌

[04:22.80]l will not be the first one to speak. 一定不是我先开口

[04:24.44]And if he never calls me again, l'll always think of him fondly... 要是他不打给我 我就把他想成…

[04:26.04]as an asshole. 一个大混蛋

[04:27.80]That was really... 这真是…

[04:30.80]Can you believe we... on the first date? 你相信吗? 我们第一次约会就…

[04:35.80]l mean, l didn't plan that, you know. 我没想到会这样

[04:43.32]What do you think? 你觉得如何?

[04:50.52]l thought it was pretty fucking great. But what do l know? 我觉得棒呆了,我也不知道

[04:57.92]You feel like getting some Szechwan? 你想吃四川菜吗?

[05:09.32]Had Mr Big discovered my weakness for great sex and greasy Chinese? 难道大人物发现我 喜欢做爱和中国菜?

[05:13.56]Or was going out to dinner a diversionary tactic 或者出去吃饭是调虎离山之计

[05:15.36]to keep me from spending the night? 以免我留下来过夜

[05:16.84]Before l was able to completely indulge my paranoia... 我还来不及思考就…

[05:22.80]lt was my pal, Mike Singer. We've known each other for ten years, 那是我的朋友麦可辛格 我们认识十年了

[05:26.96]but never had sex, because we want to know each other for another ten. 不过从没上过床 因为我们还想再维持十年友谊

[05:29.48]- Hey! - Carrie, what are you doing here? -你好 -凯莉,你在这里做什么?

[05:33.04]l'm with... l'll tell you all about it later. 我和…以后再告诉你

[05:38.12]- You look great. - Not too naked? -穿得真美 -不会太暴露吗?

[05:41.08]Just naked enough. 刚刚好

[05:47.96]Hi, l'm Carrie Bradshaw. l'm an old friend of Mike's. 我是凯莉布雷萧 是麦可的老朋友

[05:52.36]l'm Libby Biyalick. lt's so nice to finally meet a friend. 我是莉比碧亚利 总算遇到熟人了

[05:54.72]- So, l'll call you. - OK, great. -我再打给你 -好

[05:59.12]Well, have a good dinner. Nice to meet you. -用餐愉快 -很高兴认识你

[06:01.96]l left wondering why Mike didn't want to introduce me to his date. 不知麦可为何 不介绍我给他的女伴

[06:10.04]That very same night, something absolutely amazing 同一天晚上,有一件奇妙的事

[06:13.80]happened to Miranda. 发生在米兰达身上

[06:18.24]Oh, my God! l'm so sorry. 老天,对不起

[06:22.96]She met someone in gym class. 她在体育课认识一个人

[06:26.32]- Are you sure you're OK? - l'm fine. -你真的没事吗? -没事

[06:29.12]So, what exactly about my head pissed you off? 我的头哪里惹到你了

[06:34.80]l wish there was something l could do. 希望我能帮你做点事

[06:37.36]You could buy me dinner sometime. 你可以请我吃饭

[06:40.44]And a CAT scan. 还有断层扫描

[06:40.24]His name was Ted Baker. 32, a sports medicine doctor 他叫泰德贝克,32岁 是运动疗法医生

[06:45.08]with an apartment overlooking the Natural History Museum. 他的公寓可以看到 自然历史博物馆

[06:48.60]Three prior serious relationships, none resulting in marriage. 之前谈过三次恋爱 都没有结果

[06:53.04]A kiss to make it better. 亲一下会好一点

[06:56.56]So, really, can l call you sometime? 我可以打电话给你吗?

[07:02.52]Sure. 当然

[07:05.76]He left a message on my machine when l got home. 我回家时发现 他留了一通电话录音

[07:09.68]- He wants to go out this week. - That's fantastic! -他约我本周出去 -真不错

[07:13.24]No, it's too quick. Maybe that kick in his head scrambled his brains. 不,这样太快了 也许我把他脑袋踢糊涂了

[07:18.60]No, too quick is sleeping with him on the first date. That's too quick. 不,第一次约会就上床才算快

[07:21.80]You both got excited and you went for it. Stop blaming yourself. 你们俩太兴奋,才会那么大胆 别责怪自己

[07:25.76]No, l don't blame myself, l blame the dress. 我没责怪自己,都是那件衣服

[07:27.08]The dress led me on, it had a life of its own. 那件衣服唆使我 好像自己有生命似的

[07:30.92]We went to this restaurant afterwards, you'll never guess who l ran into. 之后我们去那家餐厅 你绝对想不到我碰到了谁

[07:35.12]- Who? - Mike Singer, on a date. -谁? -麦可辛格,他在约会

[07:37.80]- The whole world's in love. - l'm not sure, l don't know. -全世界的人都恋爱了 -我也不确定

[07:40.28]He was acting very weird. 他的举止很奇怪

[07:42.16]Like he didn't want me to meet her or something. 好像不希望我 看见他的女伴似的

[07:43.48]What's her name? 她叫什么名字?

[07:45.16]Her name was Libby Biyalick. 她叫莉比碧亚利

[07:47.04]Mike told me everything 我帮麦可在床具沐浴精品店

[07:49.44]while l helped him pick sheets at Bed Bath And Beyond. 挑选床单时,他告诉了我实情

[07:51.12]- How long have you been seeing her? - A while. -你认识她多久了? -一阵子

[07:57.80]ls this a painful topic? 你们有什么苦衷吗?

[07:60.88]lt's just, she's not someone l date openly. 我只是不和她公开约会

[08:03.76]- Why, is she married? - No. -为什么?她结婚了? -没有

[08:04.24]- ls she a cousin? - No. -是你的亲戚吗? -不是

[08:08.80]The thing is, she's smart, incredibly sweet, and the sex is great. 她很聪明、非常温柔 技巧也很高超

[08:16.08]She's just not the one l see myself with. 只是她不是我理想中的对象

[08:19.28]Why not? 为什么?

[08:21.44]lt was about three months ago. 那是三个月前的事

[08:21.80]Mike had been dumped by Fiona Brooks, a cellist, 麦可被大提琴家 费欧娜布鲁克甩了

[08:25.72]who he was trying to forget as quickly as possible. 他想尽快忘记她

[08:31.36]They had both loved to cook, 他们都喜欢烹饪

[08:33.76]shopping for the week was a Saturday morning ritual. 他如常在周六早晨 购买一周日用品

[08:35.56]So he was feeling particularly vulnerable when... 正当他伤心欲绝时…

[08:37.04]Care to try some aged sheep's milk cheese from the Tyrolean Alps? 想尝尝提洛尔羊乳酪吗?

[08:41.100]Thanks. 谢谢

[08:50.24]- lt's good. - lt's made by monks. -真好吃 -是僧侣制作的

[08:51.92]- Really? - Trappist monks. -真的? -特拉普僧侣

[08:57.80]Fresh goat cheese from the Napa Valley. 纳帕谷的新鲜羊乳酪

[09:02.88]lt's delicious. 好好吃

[09:07.48]L'Explorateur. lt's a triple cream from France. 这是“探险家” 一种法国三层奶酪

[09:23.84]Mike found himself very uninhibited. 麦可发现自己忽然轻松起来

[09:26.04]Since he didn't think Libby was that gorgeous, there wasn't any pressure. 他觉得莉比不是绝色美人 因此自己毫无压力

[09:37.48]Next morning, he woke up and felt at ease, very relaxed. 次日早晨他醒来时 觉得很舒适自在

[09:41.04]l'm a creative director of an ad agency but... 我是广告公司的企划部经理

[09:43.44]eventually l'd love to have my own shop. 我希望以后能自己开店

[09:46.72]l'd love to have my own shop, too. Well, cheese shop, l mean. 我也希望以后自己开店 我是说乳酪店

[09:52.100]She was one of the only women he'd ever met 她是麦可所遇见的女人中

[09:56.64]who he felt he could just be with. 唯一让他觉得轻松自在的

[09:59.36]- So what's the problem? - Look, she's not beautiful, 究竟问题何在?

[10:00.36]她长得不漂亮 我们没有什么共通点

[10:03.80]we don't have a lot in common. Most of her friends are in dairy.


[10:09.76]But she's warm, and unpretentious and... 但她很温暖、真诚,而且…

[10:13.16]it is the best sex l've ever had in my life. 是我这辈子做过最美好的一次

[10:16.56]What are you afraid of? What other people are going to think? 那你怕什么? 其他人会怎么想?

[10:19.72]She's not the right woman for me in the larger sense. 按照一般的想法,她不适合我

[10:25.68]So l keep her a secret. 所以我不告诉其他人

[10:29.00]l couldn't decide whether Mike was being shallow or honest. 我不知道麦可是 目光浅薄还是诚实

[10:32.32]But the question nagged me for days. 但我一直在思考这个问题

[10:35.84]How many of us out there are having great sex 有多少伴侣性关系美好

[10:39.80]with people we're ashamed to introduce to our friends? 但却羞于向朋友介绍另一半?

[10:43.28]Have l ever had fabulous sex with someone l didn't want to admit to? 我有没有和自己不认可的人 享受过美好的性爱?

[10:48.44]Did l tell you about that jazz musician who lived with his mother in Queens? 我是否告诉过你和妈一起住 皇后区的爵士乐手?

[10:53.40]- Yeah, Alex. - What about the window washer? -有,叫亚历斯 -还有那个洗窗工人?

[10:57.80]The one who doesn't wear any underwear? 不穿内裤的那个?

[10:58.56]l met this gorgeous kid in Spy Bar last year. 去年在间谍酒吧遇到的帅哥

[11:02.48]He turned out to be in high school. 结果他才读高中

[11:04.84]Evidently, Samantha had had lots of sex, 莎曼珊显然经验丰富

[11:08.36]none of which was secret. 每一次她都开诚布公

[11:11.84]Fine, it just proves l'm not ashamed of anyone l've slept with. 那只证明了 我不以这些上床对象为耻

[11:13.88]OK, here it is. 就是这张

[11:22.04]Oh, you look... 你看来…

[11:24.20]Naked. 很暴露

[11:26.40]There it was, the dress that led me down the garden path with Mr Big. 就是这件衣服诱使我 和大人物上床

[11:31.52]- l shouldn't be embarrassed? - No, you look fabulous! -我不用感到尴尬? -不,你看来很美

[11:35.04]There's no such thing as bad publicity. 恶名远播是最糟糕的事

[11:37.96]You would say that, you're a publicist. 说得对,你是公关经理

[11:40.52]We must go someplace fabulous 我们应该找个适当的地方

[11:43.52]where we can toast you, where the bus goes by. 等公车经过,好好庆祝一番

[11:45.80]- You can invite Mr Big. - No, l don't think so. -还可以请大人物来 -我觉得不好

[11:46.92]l haven't heard from him since we spent the night together. 那天晚上过后我们就没联络了

[11:49.20]Sweetie, forget about him. You're going to be on the side of a bus. 亲爱的,忘了他 你要上公车车身看板

[11:54.88]Ten million men will be drooling over you 每天早上上班时间

[11:54.96]every morning on their way to work. 会有一大票男人垂涎你

[11:58.72]lt's the best personal ad l've ever seen in my life. 这是我这辈子看过 最棒的个人广告

[11:60.92]Samantha had a particular knack 莎曼珊非常擅于

[12:03.60]for turning a desperate situation into a hopeless one. 将无助的情势变成绝望

[12:07.20]Speaking of secret sex, did Charlotte ever tell you about the rabbi? 谈到秘密性关系,夏绿蒂 有没有告诉你那个犹太教士?

[12:11.16]The rabbi? -什么? -你知道我说谁

[12:12.44]- Excuse me? - You know who l'm talking about.

[12:16.96]l cannot believe you're interrogating me at work! 你们居然打扰我工作

[12:17.80]l'm sorry, it's my fault. 抱歉,是我的错

[12:22.08]Anyway, he wasn't a rabbi. He was a Hasidic folk artist from Brooklyn. 他不是犹太教士 是布鲁克林哈什教传统艺术家

[12:27.36]Close enough. 差不多

[12:28.04]Charlotte had seen Shmuel's work, 夏绿蒂欣赏过希谬的作品

[12:32.92]and arranged to meet him at his studio. 打算参观他的画室

[12:38.28]These are outstanding, so much life. 真特别的画,充满生命力

[12:42.68]- You have a beautiful way with light. - Thank you. -你把光影处理得很美 -谢谢

[12:51.28]- Now this one is really special. - That's my yeshiva. -这一幅最特别 -是我读过的小学

[12:58.36]l wanted to capture the exuberance of youth. 我想捕捉青春的活力

[13:02.56]Charlotte was intoxicated by his talent, strangeness, 夏绿蒂为他的才华 异国风情以及

[13:05.84]and the smell of his wool. 身上羊毛织品的味道所吸引

[13:08.80]Magical. 真神奇

[13:18.56]lt was so sexy, so forbidden. 真是激情禁忌的爱

[13:21.04]Daddy's little Episcopalian princess 一位天主教派的公主

[13:21.00]in the arms of one of God's chosen people. 躺在上帝选民的臂膀中

[13:27.92]We would talk about art, sex and the Torah. 我们谈论艺术 性爱和摩西五书

[13:30.20]Why didn't you introduce him to anybody? 你为何不把他介绍给我们?

[13:33.44]l was embarrassed. 我觉得好尴尬

[13:35.04]l couldn't really date him. And he couldn't date me. 我不会和他约会 他也不会和我约会

[13:39.04]- What would people think? - lf the sex is good, who cares? -别人会怎么想? -如果性趣相合,管别人怎么想

[13:42.52]You can't put this in your column. Promise! 别把这事写在专栏里,你发誓

[13:45.80]l promise. 我发誓

[13:48.96]Was secret sex the ultimate form of intimacy, 秘密性爱是否因与世隔绝 保持纯洁的状态

[13:49.08]since it existed in a pure state, exempt from the judgment of the world? 而能成为 亲密关系的最终形式?

[13:54.44]Or is it just another way to deny our feelings 或者这只是否定 自己感情的一种方式

[13:56.64]and emotionally compartmentalize our lives? 好让这种感情 和真实生活区隔开来?

[14:05.24]- Hello? - Do you miss me yet? -谁? -开始想我了吗?

[14:09.08]- Who is this? - How have you been? -你是谁? -过得如何?

[14:13.12]Great. 很好

[14:15.64]Fabulous. Fantastic, actually, and you? 太好了,那你呢?

[14:15.100]Well, at the risk of sounding trite, 这样说可能太老套

[14:22.76]- l can't stop thinking about you. - l adore trite. 我一直在想你


[14:29.40]Listen, we should have a real first date. 听我说 我们应该要真正约一次会

[14:33.48]You know? The traditional American type. 典型的美式约会

[14:33.40]Dinner and a movie? 吃晚餐,然后看电影?

[14:37.48]Of course, knowing us, we'll skip the movie. 我们可以跳过电影

[14:38.48]As long as we don't skip dinner. 只要不跳过晚餐

[14:41.32]What a relief. l had just escaped the sex on the first date curse. 真好,总算逃过 首次约会就上床的诅咒

[14:48.00]That weekend, l was with a man 那个周末我和他一起出去

[14:48.60]whose name l wanted to shout from the rooftops. 我真想把他的姓名公诸于世

[14:52.08]Let me get this straight... 我们把事情弄清楚

[14:54.36]- Your picture is going to be on a bus. - That's right. -你的照片要刊登在公车上 -对

[14:59.76]A cross town bus, or a downtown bus? 是走城外的公车 还是走市内线的?

[15:01.32]The M2. lt goes right down 5th. -是M2线,走第五街那一班 -这条路线不错

[15:05.80]That's a good line.

[15:06.08]l'm getting together a group of friends tomorrow afternoon to watch it go by. 明天下午我要和朋友 一起看公车经过

[15:10.00]l thought, maybe if you weren't doing anything... 如果你没事的话…

[15:12.36]Hey, how are you? 你好吗?

[15:14.48]Hey, how are you? lt's good to see you. 你好,真高兴见到你

[15:17.64]- You remember Phyllis. - Of course, Phyllis, how are you? -你应该记得菲莉丝 -当然,你好,菲莉丝

[15:19.84]- Everything good? - Yeah, everything's dandy. -一切都好吗? -都很好

[15:25.68]Well, that's what l hear. 别人也这么说

[15:28.40]- So, good to see you. - Good to see you again. -很高兴见到你 -我也很高兴

[15:31.84]Bye-bye, cheers. 再见

[15:36.20]- Who was that? - Some guy l skied with in Aspen. -那是谁? -在亚斯本滑雪认识的

[15:41.72]l didn't understand. Had l become the invisible woman? 我不懂 我突然成了隐形人吗?

[15:44.36]l tried not to let it bother me. 我努力说服自己别烦脑这件事

[15:46.56]l also tried not to let it bother me that he took me back to Fung Wa, 他又带我去风华餐厅 我们第一次约会的餐厅时

[15:52.36]scene of our post-coital dinner. 我也努力说服自己别担心

[15:54.84]l can't make your party tomorrow. 我明天无法陪你去

[15:57.40]l wanted to introduce you to my friends. 我想把你介绍给我朋友

[15:58.48]Well, l'll be home later if you miss me. 如果你想我,我晚一点会在家

[16:04.84]As l surveyed the room, 我看着餐厅里面

[16:06.96]l realized it smelled like a cheap date you don't want anyone to meet. 忽然觉得在这里约会很没尊严 大家都不想遇见熟人

[16:11.84]l told Mr Big l was on a deadline and had to get home. 我告诉大人物我要赶稿 必须回家了

[16:14.68]- Hello? - Listen, l have a question. -谁? -我有问题要问你

[16:18.56]Of all the restaurants in Manhattan, why take Libby to Fung Wa? 曼哈顿那么多餐厅 你为何要带莉比去风华餐厅?

[16:23.92]lt's pretty obscure. Not much chance of seeing anybody l know. 那里很幽暗,不容易遇到熟人

[16:27.12]You mean, it's a place men take women they don't want to be seen with. 你是说男人带不想介绍 给别人的女友去那家餐厅?

[16:31.00]Yes, it is perfect for that. Oh, sorry. 对,那是最适合的地方,抱歉

[16:32.60]The evidence was mounting. 证据越来越明显

[16:34.76]Was it possible that l had become Mr Big's secret sex girl? 我是否变成大人物的 秘密性伴侣?

[16:41.44]The next morning, Miranda discovered a shocking sex secret of her own. 次日早晨 米兰达发现了惊人的情色秘密

[16:44.72]She had just spent a wonderful night with Ted, 她刚和泰德度过愉快的夜晚

[16:48.72]who had to leave early to catch a flight to DC for a spinal conference. 他一早就得搭机到华盛顿特区 参加脊髓研讨会

[16:52.60]- l can go home, it's no big deal. - No, stay, it's 6:00am. -我可以回家,没关系 -不,留下,现在才六点

[16:58.96]l'll be back tonight. Want to do something? 我今晚就回来,要约碰面吗?

[17:00.20]- l'd love to. - All right, l'll call you at work. -好 -我会打给你

[17:04.60]Have a good flight. 一路顺风

[17:12.56]Miranda waited for the dead bolt to drop, 米兰达一等到门关上

[17:15.76]and then ransacked Ted's apartment for pictures of old girlfriends. 就搜查泰德的公寓 找前女友的相片

[17:23.00]She was not at all prepared for what she found. 她没想到会搜出这些东西


[17:34.80]Yeah? You feel your cock where it wants to be every night? 是吗? 你的老二每晚都跑到别处去?

[17:37.72]Every night when you come home and everything's done in the house... 每天晚上你回到家 家里都整理得干干净净…

[17:45.04]l don't know what to do. 我不知道怎么办

[17:45.52]l can't admit to finding this, but now l don't know if l want to see him again. 真不敢相信找到这种东西 现在我不想再看到他

[17:51.72]How can you judge him until you spank him? 你没打他屁股怎能妄加批评?

[17:55.48]- l'm only kidding. - But obviously this is what he's into. -开玩笑的 -他显然热衷此道

[17:59.40]Maybe it's just his fantasy life. 也许只是性幻想

[18:05.52]Later, the cream of New York gathered to toast the maiden voyage of my bus. 待会儿纽约的精英 就要向我的公车敬酒

[18:07.72]- Where's Mr Big? - He couldn't make it. -大人物呢? -他不能来

[18:12.32]What do you mean he couldn't make it? 为何不能来?

[18:13.96]l don't know, it's a work thing. 不知道,工作的事

[18:16.08]- But this is your bus party! - l told you, you shouldn't have... -但这是你的公车宴会 -我说过你不该…

[18:18.12]No, never mind. 算了

[18:22.72]What? He's not here because l slept with him on the first date? 什么?我第一次约会跟他上床 所以他就不来了?

[18:24.52]Basically, yes. lf you sleep with a man on the first date, 基本上没错 第一次约会就和对方上床

[18:26.28]the relationship can't be more than sex. 双方的关系就仅止于性

[18:32.56]l didn't want to admit she was right. Here it comes! -我不想承认,但她说得对 -公车来了

[18:36.32]l just wanted to see my bus and get the hell out of there. 我只想看看我的公车 然后马上离开这里

[18:41.12]Oh, shit. 可恶

[18:41.64]- Carrie, hi, did l miss it? - Hi, not yet, no. -凯莉,我错过了吗? -没有

[18:46.20]- l thought you were bringing Libby... - Oh, yeah. -我以为你会带莉比… -对了

[18:49.28]l finally asked her to join me in public and she turns me down. 最后我邀她和我公开露面 但她拒绝我

[18:51.24]Why? 为什么?

[18:53.84]She's met somebody else, who doesn't have my problems with intimacy. 她认识了别人 对方没有像我一样的问题

[18:55.84]- l'm sorry. - Quiet, here you come! -真遗憾 -安静,车子来了

[19:11.04]Don't worry sweetie, don't worry. 别难过,亲爱的…

[19:15.24]Nobody in New York notices a bus until it's about to hit them. 纽约人不会注意公车 除非快被车撞

[19:17.80]That's right. 没错

[19:19.20]Meanwhile, Miranda spent another wonderful evening with Ted 同时米兰达又和泰德 度过愉快的夜晚

[19:24.76]and began to re-evaluate her options. 并且重新考虑她的选择

[19:27.56]That was one of the most amazing meals l've ever had. Thank you. 这是我吃过最棒的一餐 谢谢你

[19:32.60]My pleasure. 我的荣幸

[19:35.20]You know, l missed you today. 我今天很想念你

[19:38.80]You did? 真的?

[19:41.16]l guess l've just been waiting all this time for a good kick in the head. 我想我等人踢我的头等很久了

[19:43.16]And l thought all you really wanted was a good spanking. 我想你需要的是有人打你屁股

[19:50.24]- Excuse me? - You heard me. -什么? -你心知肚明

[20:04.84]Ted didn't take Miranda home that night. 泰德那晚没带米兰达回家

[20:07.20]He never took her calls or returned her messages. 不再接她电话,也不回她留言

[20:08.56]And she never saw him at the gym again. 她再也没在健身房见过他

[20:15.04]Very late that night, fuelled by a massive quantity of champagne, 那天深夜我喝了很多香槟

[20:18.72]l decided to say goodbye to Mr Big. 决定去向大人物告别

[20:28.20]l just came here to tell you that if you're embarrassed or ashamed 我来告诉你 如果你对我俩的关系

[20:31.56]to be involved with me in any way, that we can no longer see each other. 觉得尴尬或羞耻 那我们就不必再见面了

[20:37.84]The truth is, l blamed myself. 其实我责怪的是自己

[20:38.32]l wore the naked dress on our first date, l slept with him too fast, 我第一次约会就穿那么暴露 又太快和他上床

[20:42.36]and now l'm on a 5th Avenue bus with a penis on my head. 我挂在第五街公车的海报 还有个老二在头旁边

[20:48.08]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?

[20:49.04]You won't introduce me to your friends. 你不介绍我给你朋友认识

[20:51.16]You take me to that restaurant men use 带我去那家专门让男人

[20:54.84]for women they don't want to be seen with. 和不肯承认的女友吃饭的餐厅

[20:57.28]You won't meet my friends. 不跟我朋友见面

[20:58.100]You have me in a niche. Certain events, restaurants, certain people. 把我藏起来,做特定的事 去特定的餐厅、见特定的人

[21:05.56]Like l'm only a particular fragment 好像我的条件不配当

[21:06.36]of the kind of person you think that you should be dating. 你应该约会的那种人

[21:13.28]But l've only gotten to know a particular fragment. 但我只看见事情的一面

[21:15.32]Although, l'm beginning to know more. 不过后来我知道了实情

[21:18.96]No, this is not me. This is me reacting to your perception of me. 不,这不是我 这是你对我的误解

[21:25.92]Oh, OK. 好吧

[21:27.80]Well... 这个…

[21:29.20]l think Fung Wa's is the best Chinese food in the city, 我觉得风华是 市内最好的中国餐厅

[21:34.76]so that's why we went there. 所以我们才去那里


[21:41.04]The guy we met in the street,

[21:42.52]l couldn't remember his name, which possibly means l have Alzheimer's. 我忘了他的名字 我大概有老人痴呆症

[21:44.12]So that's what that was about. 所以我才那样表现

[21:48.48]And this afternoon l had courtside tickets to the Knicks, 至于今天下午 我去看尼克队比赛

[21:53.84]and that's all folks! 就是这样

[21:56.56]l should have been jumping for joy, 我本来应该高兴

[21:59.44]but l only felt a hard knot of fear. 但我只感到害怕

[22:06.80]So you and me... 我们之间…

[22:07.88]Maybe this is for real? 你是真心的?

[22:16.32]Could be... 有可能…

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