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欲望都市07 The Monogamists






[00:00.00] 12.07.25 08:18:45



[00:48.48]The lsland Of Manhattan is a cozy village 曼哈顿是个舒服的地方

[00:51.24]populated by seven million individuals, 人口有七百万人

[00:52.92]who all behave like they own the sidewalk. 在这里大家各行其道

[00:55.48]But lately it seemed as if the city had been reduced to only two people... 但近来纽约似乎只剩下两个人

[01:03.84]us. 只剩下我们

[01:03.84]Four-hour conversations flew by, and a few days apart felt like weeks. 在一起时光阴飞逝 分开时又度日如年

[01:10.60]l realized that Einstein's law of relativity 我认为 爱因斯坦的相对论需要修改

[01:13.08]would have to be amended to explain the peculiar effects of infatuation.


[01:21.48]Hello? 哪位?

[01:20.16]l'm trying to reach a Miss Bradshaw. 我要找布雷萧小姐 我们以前是好朋友

[01:25.36]She used to be a friend of mine.

[01:26.72]Good morning. 早安

[01:28.40]Wait, l think l recognize that voice. 等一下,我认得那个声音

[01:31.68]l meant to call you, l've just been... 我一直想打电话给你 但是…

[01:33.68]- Fucking your brains out? - Yeah, well, that's the least of it. -你玩昏头了? -没错

[01:37.04]l don't think that l have been hit this hard since... 我从没这么认真过 自从…

[01:40.24]No, l won't compare it to anything, 不,我无法比较

[01:42.64]because everything else always ended. 因为我之前的恋情都无疾而终

[01:44.52]Will l see you again? 我能跟你见面吗?

[01:46.40]- Yeah, how about tonight? - Yeah, tonight. -可以,就今晚吧 -没问题

[01:51.36]l'll see if Charlotte and Samantha are free. 我去问 莎曼珊及夏绿蒂有没有空

[01:53.88]Big's got this dinner thing, 大人物跟别人约好吃晚餐 我们今晚不会见面

[01:53.28]so we didn't have any plans.

[01:55.16]- God, listen to yourself! - Yeah, l know. -听,听听你说话的口气 -我知道

[01:59.92]- l've become a horrid woman. - Yes, you have. -我变成一个可怕的女人 -没错

[02:03.60]- l can't talk now, l'll call later. OK? - All right, bye. -我得挂了,待会儿再谈 -没问题,再见

[02:07.56]As l hung up, l realized l'd committed the cardinal sin... 挂断电话时 我明白自己犯了滔天大罪

[02:10.24]l'd forsaken my girlfriends for my new boyfriend. 我是个见色忘友的家伙

[02:13.84]That night l faced the tribunal. 那晚我接受了审判

[02:15.52]- We really weren't that concerned. - Just completely hurt and offended. -我们真的不在乎 -只是觉得很伤心

[02:21.92]Actually, you missed a lot. 事实上你错过很多事

[02:25.16]Miranda had worked on a big successful merger. 米兰达跟一个专搞合并的家伙 交往顺利

[02:28.24]Samantha was obsessed with the idea of a new apartment. 莎曼珊疯狂地看新房子

[02:32.52]And Charlotte... Charlotte was practically engaged. 夏绿蒂她真的定下来了

[02:38.80]They met the day after l dropped off the edge of the earth. 他们在我陷入热恋的隔天相识

[02:41.28]He was Michael Conway, from a good family, 他叫迈可康威 身家背景一级棒

[02:42.88]and he absolutely adored Charlotte. 而且他爱死夏绿蒂了

[02:46.56]l think this might be it. l think this might be the one. 我想应该就是他了 他应该是我的真命天子

[02:51.44]- We've met him, he's perfect. - Even his dog is perfect. -我们见过他,他很完美 -连他的狗都很完美

[02:56.76]But... there is one thing. 但是有个问题

[02:59.04]Last night, after seeing the Philharmonic, 昨晚在看过

[03:01.76]they went to his place and began the classic dating ritual... 他们回到他家 展开约会的例行公事…

[03:05.32]the blow job tug of war. 吹萧争霸战

[03:17.24]- Oh, come on. - Not tonight. -来吧 -今晚不行

[03:23.72]- When? - Sometime. -什么时候可以? -改天吧

[03:27.92]- The truth is, l hate doing it. - Honey, you can't be serious. -事实上我讨厌那么做 -不会吧

[03:30.68]You never perform this act? 你从没帮男人吹过?

[03:34.68]She'll juggle, she'll spin plates, but she won't give head. 她会慢跑,转盘子 但就是不帮男人吹

[03:37.72]l don't like putting it in my mouth. lt makes me want to puke. 我不喜欢把那玩意放进嘴里 那么做我会想吐

[03:43.92]- That's one way to say no. - lt's not like l haven't tried. -那是拒绝的方法之一 -我不是没试过

[03:46.88]l practiced on a banana. l pretended it was a Popsicle, but... 我曾拿香蕉来练习过 还假装那玩意是冰棒,但是…

[03:49.16]l just don't like it. 我就是不喜欢

[03:50.36]l love it until the guy wants me to swallow. 除非男人要我吞下精液 不然我还挺喜欢的

[03:55.32]That's a judgment call. 那是判断的根据

[03:56.00]Some men take it personally if you don't. 有些男人认为女人不那么做 就是不喜欢他们

[03:59.88]- Some guys don't give you a choice. - That's bad behavior. -有些男人不让你有选择机会 -那真的是太恶劣了

[04:01.88]You honestly like it? 你真的喜欢那么做吗?

[04:02.56]lt's not my favorite thing on the menu, but l'll order it from time to time, 那不是我最喜欢做的事 但我还蛮常做的

[04:06.84]and with the right guy, it can be nice. 只要对象对了 感觉还挺不错的

[04:11.44]Oral sex is God's gift to women - you needn't worry about getting pregnant. 口交是上帝赐给女人的恩典 那么做不必担心怀孕的问题

[04:17.80]Plus the sense of power is such a turn-on, you've got him by the balls. 嘴里含着男人的蛋蛋 你会被那股力量所震撼

[04:22.36]That is the reason that l don't want to go down this road. 所以我才不想那么做

[04:26.12]Sweetheart, if you're gonna get all choked up about it...just don't do it. 如果你真的不想那么做 那就不要做

[04:30.44]lf you don't go down on him, you can't expect him to go down on you. 如果你不帮他舔 他也不会帮你舔

[04:34.40]l don't. 我才不要

[04:35.36]Oh, well, forget it! l only give head to get head. 算了 我相信一分耕耘一分收获

[04:40.24]Me, too. 我也是

[04:44.64]A few hours and a couple of bottles later, vows of friendship renewed, 在几杯黄汤下肚聊了几小时后 我们重续友情誓约

[04:50.00]we were almost out the door when... 正当我们快离开餐厅时…

[04:51.100]- lsn't that Mr Big? - Yeah. l'm gonna go over and say hi. -那不是大人物吗? -没错,我过去跟他打个招呼

[04:59.16]- Ditching us now would be bad form. - l'm not gonna ditch you. -你不该丢下我们 -我才不会丢下你们

[05:07.92]- Surprise. - Hey, Carrie! How are you? -大惊喜 -凯莉,你好吗?

[05:10.68]Good, good. l was just here with my posse having dinner, and l saw you. 还不错,我跟朋友来吃晚餐 结果看到你

[05:19.52]Oh, Carrie, this is Julia Woods. Julia, Carrie Bradshaw. 凯莉,这位是茱丽亚伍德丝 茱丽亚,她是凯莉布雷萧

[05:23.52]Nice to meet you. 很高兴能认识您

[05:28.56]- Can l talk to you for a second? - Sure. -我能跟你谈谈吗? -当然可以

[05:29.68]Excuse me. 对不起

[05:34.92]- Are you on a date? - Sort of. -你们在约会吗? -算是吧

[05:38.08]You said you had a business thing tonight. 你说你今晚要谈公事

[05:42.20]- l said a dinner thing. - Well, she's stunning. -我是说我跟别人约好吃饭 -她简直是美呆了

[05:43.96]And l should know because frankly, she stunned me. 我早该知道的 因为她把我吓坏了

[05:48.16]- Enjoy your dinner. - Are you OK? -祝你吃得愉快 -你没事吧?

[05:50.16]Oh, sure. l was just, you know, 当然没事 我只是…你知道的

[05:55.92]l didn't realize you were dating other women. 我不知道 你还跟其他的女人约会

[05:57.48]Not a lot of other women. Why don't we talk about this Saturday? 不是那样的 星期六再来谈这件事吧

[06:02.28]Sure, sure. So...enjoy your dinner. 没问题,祝你吃得愉快

[06:05.44]Oh, already said that. Well, enjoy it twice. 我刚刚已经说过了 还是要祝福你一下

[06:08.12]Here we go. 我们走吧

[06:13.32]l can't believe it, he's seeing other women! 我不敢相信 他在跟别的女人交往

[06:17.76]Prick. 混蛋

[06:20.64]True, we had never discussed exclusivity. 事实上我们从没认真谈过

[06:21.72]While for me, seeing another man 对我来说跟其他男人约会

[06:26.12]would be like trying to fit another outfit into an over-stuffed suitcase, 像是硬把衣服 塞进已经爆炸的行李箱里

[06:29.60]Big was dating another woman 大人物跟另一个女人约会

[06:32.12]like it was the most natural thing in the world. 那是再自然不过的事

[06:32.88]ls it that men have an innate aversion to monogamy, or is it more than that? 男人真的天生讨厌一夫一妻制 或另有隐情呢?

[06:38.04]l wondered. ln a city like New York, with its infinite possibilities, 我真的很纳闷 在纽约这个光怪陆离的城市里

[06:44.52]has monogamy become too much to expect? 一夫一妻制难道是种奢求吗?

[06:48.72]l've been in a monogamous relationship for over a year. 我保持单一伴侣的关系 已经超过一年了

[06:49.68]lt's been wonderfully fulfilling. 我真的觉得很满足

[06:53.04]Of course, my definition of monogamy includes sex with prostitutes. 在我对一夫一妻制的定义中 嫖妓并不在此限

[06:56.24]The problem with monogamy, it's just so incredibly dull. 一夫一妻制的问题 出在那么做真的太无聊了

[06:60.40]My lover and l have a kind of 90's monogamy. 我的伴侣跟我维持 九十年代的一夫一妻制关系

[07:02.80]We have sex with other people, 我们跟其他人做爱 但绝不交换体液或电话号码

[07:04.12]but we don't exchange fluids or phone numbers.

[07:08.16]Hello. 你好

[07:09.84]Monogamy is fabulous. 一夫一妻制棒呆了

[07:12.24]lt gives you a deep connection to another human being 它让你跟另一个人 产生亲密关系

[07:15.56]and you needn't shave your legs as much. 而你不必常常刮腿毛

[07:18.64]Of course, l'm monogamous. Why, what have you heard? 我当然实行一夫一妻制 怎么了?你听说了什么?

[07:22.16]This is the c-line. This is the best in the building. 这间是边间 它的方位是最好的

[07:26.36]Have you ever seen any place like this? ls this to die? 你看过这么棒的地方吗? 你真的很想买吧?

[07:29.36]lt's nice. 是挺不错的

[07:31.92]Hold this. Just a second. 等我一下

[07:35.52]Excuse me. Excuse me, was someone looking for a view?. 对不起,有人想看看风景吗?

[07:40.76]Oh, Pamela, it's beautiful, but it's a little out of my price... 潘蜜拉,这里真的很漂亮 但价格有点超出我的预算

[07:42.28]l know, l know. l just love to show the crème de la crème. 我知道 但我喜欢介绍客户好东西

[07:47.52]l'll break my ass for you, sweetheart. l just want one small favor in return. 我会努力帮你谈谈看 但你得帮我一个忙

[07:50.64]My first born? 把我的长子过继给你?

[07:55.20]No, sweetheart, l don't even want my own kids. 不,我连自己的孩子都不想养

[07:57.84]Promise not to work with another broker. 答应我你不会找其他仲介

[08:01.28]Of course! 没问题

[08:04.36]Samantha didn't believe in monogamy, especially with real estate agents. 莎曼珊不相信忠贞不二 特别是跟房屋仲介打交道时

[08:07.12]This is a pre-war six. Notice the classic lines. Very solidly built. 这是二次大战前的建筑 线条优雅,而且非常地坚固

[08:12.08]Although Pamela had the hottest contacts in town, 虽然潘蜜拉是王牌仲介

[08:17.68]Rick did have a slight competitive edge. 瑞克的确略胜一筹

[08:18.92]Samantha could combine her two greatest loves - 莎曼珊可以 将她最爱的两件事结合在一起

[08:23.64]sex and real estate. 那就是性跟买房子

[08:26.32]That afternoon l dragged my tortured soul out to lunch with Stanford Blatch, 那天下午我带着伤痛的心 跟史丹佛巴勒奇吃午餐

[08:29.20]and attempted to stun it senseless with cosmopolitans. 想要喝鸡尾酒 让自己忘掉这一切

[08:32.28]Monogamy is out again. 一夫一妻制又成了当红炸子鸡

[08:36.72]lt had a brief comeback in the '90s, but as the millennium approaches, 九十年代这股风潮曾短暂复出 但随着新千禧年的来临

[08:41.80]everyone's leaving their options open. 大家都有自由选择的权利

[08:41.100]Wouldn't you commit to a nice guy? 你不想跟好男人定下来吗?

[08:45.48]l can't even commit to a long distance carrier. 我连长途快递都不相信了

[08:46.88]You know you're a whore. 你知道吗?你是花心大萝卜

[08:50.24]l wish that were true. 我也很希望啊

[08:53.56]- Hey, Stanford. - Hey, Jared, how are you? -史丹佛 -贾瑞德,你好吗?

[08:55.04]My book was well reviewed in Entertainment Weekly. “娱乐周刊”给了我的书 相当不错的评价

[08:59.04]How marvelous. Oh, Jared, have you met Carrie Bradshaw?. 太棒了,贾瑞德 你见过凯莉布雷萧吗?

[09:02.20]No, but l've read your column. Nice shit. 没有,但我看过你的专栏 你写得很不错

[09:04.04]Thanks. 谢谢

[09:05.96]You should write about me, my life's fucked up. 你该写写我的故事 我的生活糜烂透了

[09:10.96]Jared is the writer of the book ''Avenue B''. 贾瑞德是“B大道”的作者

[09:13.20]New York Magazine just named him 纽约杂志封他为

[09:14.92]one of the 30 coolest people under 30 in the city. 纽约市不满三十岁 最酷的三十人之一

[09:19.92]What an honor. 真的是太棒了

[09:19.36]lf they were doing the 30 sexiest women under 30, you'd top the list. 要选不满三十岁的最性感女人 你一定名列前茅

[09:23.28]You're quite the storyteller, aren't you? 你真的很会说话

[09:25.76]That's no lie. 那可不是谎言

[09:27.64]The magazine's party is tomorrow at Luna. l'll put your names at the door. 杂志社明天在月公园办派对 我会把你列入邀请名单

[09:31.92]- Thanks. - So you'll be there? -谢谢 -你会来吧?

[09:35.68]- l'll do my best. - Groovy. -我会尽量赶去 -太棒了

[09:39.08]Ciao. 再见

[09:43.44]What was happening to me? 我是怎么了?

[09:46.24]l used to get a rush when men hit on me during their 15 minutes of fame. 以前我总是会爱上 十五分钟内就爱上我的男人

[09:50.52]ln this case, it merely felt exhausting. 现在我只觉得好累

[10:02.12]- Hello. - Well, hello. -哪位? -是我

[10:05.92]l'm calling to confirm tomorrow night. Are we still on? 我是来跟你确定明晚的事 你没变卦吧?

[10:08.00]Yeah, of course, why wouldn't we be? 当然没有,为什么要变卦?

[10:09.80]l was striving for noncommittal, 我尽量含糊带过 担心自己会失态大叫

[10:12.24]but l was worried l had just bordered on shrill.

[10:15.96]- l'll pick you up at eight. - Yeah, eight's fine. -八点我去接你 -好啊

[10:21.12]- l miss you, baby. - Yeah. Me, too. -我想你,宝贝 -我也是

[10:24.88]There were so many questions l wanted him to answer, 我有很多问题想问他

[10:25.60]but would not ask. Not tonight at least. 却又不敢,至少今晚我不敢

[10:30.96]No, tonight l would ask Miranda. 不,今晚我要去问米兰达

[10:32.92]He said, ''l miss you, baby.'' Was that some kind of coded mea culpa? 他说“我想你,宝贝” 他是在求我原谅他吗?

[10:38.52]Like, ''l've been an idiot. Forgive me for having dinner with another woman''? 像是“我是个白痴 原谅我跟别的女人吃晚餐”

[10:42.88]- Exactly. - Could be. -没错 -有可能

[10:45.40]So everything that he ever said that l thought was sincere is subjective. 我以前觉得他很真诚的话 都太主观了

[10:50.96]So what l perceive as his feelings for me 我感受到他对我的感觉

[10:52.80]may only be projections of my feelings for him. 很可能 只是我对他感觉的反射

[10:55.80]What? 什么?

[10:57.72]Oh, God, l'm freaking. l gotta stop. 天啊,我在胡言乱语 我得停止下来

[10:60.80]Hey, Carrie! 凯莉

[11:02.76]- Hey! - Hey, you guys, great to see you. 大家好,很高兴能见到你

[11:05.92]- What are you up to? - Just hanging. -你在做什么? -只是四处晃晃

[11:09.04]Alison, this is Miranda and Carrie. 爱丽森,她们是米兰达跟凯莉

[11:12.60]- Miranda and Carrie, this is Alison. - Hello. -她是爱丽森 -你好

[11:16.32]- l've heard so much about you. - Me too. -我听说很多关于你的事 -我也一样

[11:17.36]We're big fans of your column at Vogue. 我们很爱看 你为时尚杂志写的专栏

[11:20.36]- You work at Vogue? - Yeah, designer relations. -你在时尚杂志工作? -对,我是设计部的

[11:22.32]Skipper and l just had the most incredible meal. 史奇普跟我刚刚吃了一顿美食

[11:27.04]- lt's this little hole in the wall. - This darling French bistro. -那个餐厅是一个小洞… -那间迷人的法国小餐厅

[11:31.72]l lived a year in Paris and never ate so well, and cheap. 我曾在巴黎住过一年 从没吃过那么好吃便宜的东西

[11:33.60]Really? 真的吗?

[11:35.28]Go quick before The Times destroys it with a rave. 在纽约时报搞来一堆客人前 快点去光顾

[11:38.48]- lt's great to see you guys. - Yeah, great meeting you. -很高兴能见到你们 -我也是

[11:41.32]- Goodnight. - Bye! -晚安 -再见

[11:46.44]- Who was that self-important bitch? - Skipper's new girlfriend. -那个自大的婊子是谁啊? -史奇普的新女友

[11:49.20]She seemed all right. 她看起来挺不错的

[11:52.28]l didn't think that was his type. 我认为她不是他喜欢的那型

[11:55.64]That's true, Miranda, you're his type. 没错,米兰达 你是他喜欢的那一型

[11:55.72]But you broke up with him, remember? 但你跟他分手了,还记得吗?

[11:59.60]Something looks different. Has he been working out? 他看起来不一样了 他一直在健身吗?

[12:18.60]Hey, Skipper here, leave me a message. 我是史奇普,请留言

[12:22.40]Hi, Skipper, it's Miranda. 史奇普,我是米兰达

[12:24.20]l just wanted to say it was great running into you today, and... 我只想说很高兴今天能遇到你

[12:30.92]You looked great. Did you do something different to you hair? 你看起来棒透了 你换发型了吗?

[12:32.72]Hello? Miranda. Hey, l can't talk right now. 米兰达,我现在没办法说话

[12:40.16]That's OK. l just wanted to say 没关系,我只是想告诉你

[12:42.04]maybe... l thought we could have dinner some night. 或许我们哪天可以一起吃晚饭

[12:45.44]- Seriously? - Yeah, l miss you. -真的吗? -真的,我想你

[12:50.64]l'll call you later. 我待会儿再打给你

[12:53.48]ls everything OK? 没事吧?

[12:57.48]Alison, l think you're great... 爱丽森,我觉得你很棒

[12:57.80]But l've gotta be totally honest with you. 但我得老实地告诉你

[13:01.32]The woman who l think l love just called and asked me back. 我爱的那个女人 刚刚打电话来跟我复合

[13:09.64]You're breaking up with me while you're still inside of me? 你还在我里面 却要跟我分手?

[13:12.20]As Skipper rededicated his singular affection for Miranda, 当史奇普为了米兰达 恢复单身的身分时

[13:17.64]Charlotte was receiving her own declaration of monogamy. 夏绿蒂得到了忠贞不二的承诺

[13:21.32]What do you think about not seeing anyone else but each other? 我们何不就这么定下来?

[13:23.24]- Really? - Yeah. -真的吗? -对

[13:28.32]- That might be a good idea. - l think it's the best idea l've ever had. -那或许是个好主意 -我觉得这是最棒的主意

[13:32.40]Well, in that case, absolutely. 一点都没错

[13:37.92]And while Charlotte embraced fidelity, 当夏绿蒂得到了忠贞的承诺

[13:40.12]and Samantha flaunted her infidelity... 莎曼珊炫耀着她的不忠时

[13:44.80]l found myself caught somewhere in between. 我发现自己陷于两难之地

[13:46.56]- Who's crowded apartment are we in? - Max, he's an old friend of mine. -这里是谁的家? -麦克斯,他是我的老友

[13:52.04]Becky is his second wife. She's a doll, you'll love her. 贝琪是他第二任太太 她是可人儿,你会喜欢她的

[13:54.24]Hey, there, stranger. 你好啊,陌生人

[13:56.40]Melissa. 梅丽莎

[13:57.04]- This is Carrie Bradshaw. - Hi. Love your column, never miss it. -这位是凯莉布雷萧 -我每次都会看你的专栏

[14:01.60]- Thanks. - l've been trying to call you. -谢谢 -我一直都有打电话给你

[14:03.16]You still have my passport. 我的护照还在你那里

[14:07.28]- She's a friend l once traveled with. - lnternationally, l would imagine. -我曾跟她一起去旅行过 -看来你们曾环游世界

[14:15.40]Let's find Max. 我们去找麦克斯吧

[14:20.80]Hey, Max! 麦克斯

[14:24.16]Excuse me. Glad you could make it. 对不起,很高兴你赶来了

[14:27.04]Max, l want you to meet someone very special. 麦克斯 我要跟你介绍一个很特别的人

[14:31.12]Julia. 茱丽亚

[14:33.68]Actually it's Carrie. 事实上我是凯莉

[14:35.76]Carrie, well, welcome. 凯莉,欢迎你的光临

[14:37.88]Carrie writes this fantastic column in The New York Star. 凯莉帮纽约星报 写一个很棒的专栏

[14:40.08]lt's called Sex And The City. 专栏名称叫做“欲望城市”

[14:42.72]Well, if you're looking for material, you're dating the right man. 如果你要找写作题材 那你的约会对象可没找错

[14:46.40]Oh, thank you, Max, thank you very much. 谢了,麦克斯 真是感激不尽

[14:50.60]Are we dating? l thought we were just sleeping together. 我们是在约会吗? 我还以为我们只是睡在一起

[14:52.20]Well, l'm sure after tonight, we won't be doing much of either. 我相信过了今晚 我们两者都不是

[14:57.24]Excuse me. 对不起

[14:58.16]l'll be right back. 我马上回来

[15:02.76]Carrie. 凯莉,你一定是在开玩笑

[15:04.80]You've got to be kidding.

[15:07.48]- How many women are you dating? - ln this area? -你现在跟多少女人在约会? -你是指这里吗?

[15:09.20]Well, let's see there's me, Julia, 我们来算算看,我、茱丽亚

[15:14.64]and let's not forget international Melissa. 别忘了跟你环游世界的梅丽莎

[15:15.52]- l'm not doing this here. - Fine. -我不想在这里吵架 -好吧

[15:18.52]- Can we just enjoy the party? - l don't know. -我们就不能开心地玩吗? -我不知道

[15:23.88]Come on, what do you want from me? 得了吧,你要我怎么做?

[15:26.36]What do l want from you? 我要你怎么做?

[15:31.52]Nothing. 没什么

[15:34.16]l don't want anything from you. l have to go, l'm sorry. 我什么都不要 我得走了,抱歉

[15:37.80]l felt like a fool. l had gone so far out on a limb with my feelings 我觉得自己是个傻瓜 认真地付出我的感情

[15:43.28]that l didn't realize l was standing out there alone. 却不知道自己是一厢情愿

[15:46.64]When life gets this confusing, 当生活变得如此混乱时

[15:49.56]sometimes there's only one thing to do, 有时只有一个方法可以排解

[15:52.52]attend a fabulous party. 那就是参加一场疯狂派对

[15:60.60]- Hey, Stanford. - Carrie, what a surprise! -史丹佛 -凯莉,我真的是太意外了

[16:04.28]- Where's... - Don't ask. -那个… -别提他了

[16:06.84]- What happened? - He became predictable. -发生了什么事? -他跟其他男人一样

[16:08.64]How predictable. 怎么了?

[16:12.84]- Hey, you made it. - Hey, Jared. -你赶来了 -贾瑞德

[16:12.68]- l'll get you a drink. - Cosmopolitan, thanks. 我帮你拿杯饮料来

[16:15.92]我要一杯“大都会”喝鸡尾酒 谢谢

[16:17.76]ln a room where everyone was gorgeous, cool, and under 30, 被不到三十岁的酷帅男女包围

[16:22.64]monogamy suddenly seemed like a quaint notion. 一夫一妻制 突然间成了一种古怪的想法

[16:27.00]That was so great. 那真的是太棒了

[16:31.68]- Don't you want to lie like this forever? - Well, for a few minutes anyway. -你不想永远这样躺着吗? -躺一下不会死人的

[16:37.56]l missed you. And l want you to know that that other woman 我想你,我要告诉你

[16:40.76]doesn't mean a thing to me. 那个女人对我来说毫无意义

[16:41.96]Oh, that's all right. l don't mind if you keep seeing her. 没关系 我不介意你继续跟她见面

[16:43.52]Oh, God, no. l broke up with her the second that you called. 天啊,不 你打电话来时我就跟她分手了

[16:47.68]- Skipper, you didn't have to do that. - Of course, l did. -史奇普,你不必那么做 -我当然得那么做

[16:54.88]l was so happy. 那时我好高兴

[16:56.64]We were still doing it while l was talking to you and l didn't realize. 我跟你讲电话时我们在做爱 我却没有感觉

[16:60.60]- You're kidding, right? - No, isn't that crazy? -你在开玩笑吧? -不,那很疯狂吧?

[17:04.32]Yeah, that's exactly what it is, crazy. 对,那的确很疯狂

[17:08.68]Listen, Skipper, l'm not ready for a full blown relationship thing. 听着,史奇普 我还没准备好真的定下来

[17:13.64]- What? - l mean we can see each other 什么?

[17:14.04]除了跟彼此见面外 我们还能跟其他人来往吧?

[17:17.24]and still see other people, right?

[17:20.60]No. No, we can't. At least, l can't. 不行,至少我办不到

[17:23.16]- Why did you call me back anyway? - l'm sorry, l thought... -你为什么要打电话给我 -抱歉,我以为…

[17:30.32]l'm not your private stud horse, Miss Dial-A-Fuck. 我不是你的私人种马 色情电话女王

[17:34.32]- Come here, come back. - l'm tired of being jerked around. -过来 -我厌倦了被人耍着玩

[17:40.40]l hope you find what you're looking for. 祝你能找到你想要的男人

[17:41.48]While Miranda misjudged the intensity of Skipper's feelings,

[17:44.76]当米兰达误判 史奇普对爱情的专一时

[17:46.24]Michael left Charlotte no doubt about his. 迈可让夏绿蒂 对他的专一起了疑心

[17:50.60]You're amazing. You've got everything l'm looking for, 你真的是太棒了 你就是我要的那个人

[17:55.60]and l've never found before in one woman. 我从没认识过 像你这么完美的女人

[17:59.28]Brains, taste, class... 你聪明、有品味、有气质

[18:05.72]And you're very, very, sexy. 非常地性感

[18:09.20]Thank you. 谢谢

[18:26.80]- What's the problem? - l hate doing it. -怎么了? -我讨厌那么做

[18:31.48]You hate giving blow jobs? 你讨厌吹箫?

[18:35.24]- lt's not that big of a deal, is it? - Well, sort of. -那没什么大不了的,对吧? -我觉得有点重要

[18:40.60]Can't you just do it for me? 你不愿意帮我吹吗?

[18:42.60]Would you really want me to do something that l didn't want to do? 你真的要逼我做 我不想做的事?

[18:47.40]- You'll get used to it. - No, l won't. -你会习惯的 -才怪

[18:52.16]l never have, sorry. 我永远都不会那么做,抱歉

[18:54.52]Well, l plan on getting a lot of blow jobs in the future, 我计划在未来常常做口交

[18:57.92]and l'm hoping that you're around when l get them. 希望做的时候你就在旁边

[19:02.48]What's that supposed to mean? 你是什么意思?

[19:03.80]lt means l'll have to find them somewhere else. 我得找别人来满足我

[19:06.68]You're telling me that you would give up a woman who really cares for you, 你是说你愿意放弃 一个真的关心你的女人

[19:11.32]who would share your hopes and your fears, and your dreams, 她能分享 你的希望、恐惧跟梦想

[19:16.60]the future possible mother of your children, all for a blow job? 很可能是你未来孩子的妈 只为了她不肯帮你吹?

[19:23.40]You're right. 没错

[19:25.08]- Will you at least lick my balls? - Goodbye, Michael. -你至少能舔舔我的蛋蛋吧? -再见,迈可

[19:32.64]Michael was upset, but Butterscotch seemed pleased. 迈可很难过 但奶油软糖很开心

[19:35.88]She was finally back in her monogamous relationship. 它终于再度完全拥有它的主人

[19:40.04]Half past midnight. ln a city that never sleeps, 午夜刚过

[19:40.56]在连房屋仲介 都不睡觉的城市里

[19:43.72]neither did the real estate market.

[19:46.60]- lt's beautiful. - lsn't it? -好漂亮 -我没说错吧?

[19:47.72]lt went on the market at midnight and you're the first one to see it. 这间公寓午夜时才公开出售 你是第一个来看房子的人

[19:53.68]Two bedrooms, pre-war, fireplace and views. 两间卧房,大战前的房子 有壁炉,风景很不错

[19:59.96]- Everything you wanted. - l love it, l really love it. -如你所愿 -我真的好喜欢

[20:04.44]- l knew you would. - Let's celebrate. -我就知道你会喜欢 -我们来庆祝吧

[20:32.56]Oh, my God! l can't believe that you are working with another broker. 天啊,我不敢相信 你找了其他的仲介

[20:37.12]l can't believe you weren't gonna show me this apartment. 我不敢相信 你没带我来看这间公寓

[20:52.16]3 am and l already had a new man in my life. 凌晨两点我已经找到新男友

[20:56.00]The greatest thing about writing, besides the validation and acclaim, 除了肯定跟喝采外 写作最大的优点是

[20:58.60]is knowing that l'm pumping my ideas into the world. 知道我能将自己的概念 灌输给全世界的人

[21:01.60]l thought it was that you could behave like an asshole 我还以为是因为 你可以表现出很混蛋的样子

[21:04.24]and people would find you amusing. 大家还是觉得你棒呆了

[21:08.52]l'm in love with you, you know that? 我爱你,你知道吗?

[21:10.20]l'm in love with you. 我爱你

[21:16.48]- Will you go home with me tonight? - One minute, l have to make a call. -今晚你愿意跟我回家吗? -等一下,我得打通电话

[21:27.64]Hello. 哪位?

[21:28.48]l'm at this very cool party for very cool people under 30, 我正在参加为不满三十岁的 超酷男女办的酷派对

[21:31.88]and this very cool novelist wants to take me home. 一个很酷的小说家要带我回家

[21:35.24]- What the hell happened to you? - His name is Jared. -你到底在搞什么? -他叫做贾瑞德

[21:39.32]He's really cute and really successful, and he just put his arms around me. 他很可爱,也很红 他现在正抱着我

[21:45.52]- Here, say hello, Jared. - Hello, Jared. -快打个招呼 -你好

[21:48.80]- That was Jared. - Carrie, just get over here. -他是贾瑞德 -凯莉,你快回来

[21:52.44]- No, you get over here. - l can't, l don't know where you are. -不,你过来 -不行,我不知道你在哪里

[21:58.92]l'm at the Luna Park Cafe. Meet me out front, you're not on the list. 我在月公园咖啡厅 到前门来找我,你没办法进来

[22:03.28]45 minutes later, l realized l was alone in a park at 3am. 四十五分钟后我发现 凌晨三点我独自在公园里

[22:08.96]And that it was time to call it a night. 我该回家了

[22:13.56]What are you doing back here? You said to meet out front. 你干嘛到后门来? 你说在前门见的

[22:17.44]- This is the front. - This isn't the front, this is the back. -这里是前门 -才不是,这里是后门

[22:22.08]l've been waiting out front for 30 goddamn minutes. 我在前门等了三十分钟

[22:24.88]You see those doors? That's the front. You were waiting at the street entrance. 看到那些门没有?那是前门 你是在出入口等我

[22:29.04]The street entrance is the front entrance. 出入口就是前门

[22:30.72]Depending on where you're coming from. 这要看你是打那儿来的而定

[22:37.80]OK. l'm here, now, what's going on? 我来了,你到底怎么了?

[22:44.36]l've done the merry-go-round and the revolving door. 我在情海中浮沉已久

[22:48.04]l feel like l met somebody l can stand still with for a minute and... 觉得自己 找到能相依偎的男人…

[22:52.40]Don't you want to stand still with me? 你不想跟我定下来?

[22:57.96]You dragged me out to a park to ask me if l want to stand still with you? 你半夜三点把我拖到公园 问我不想跟你在一起?

[23:03.12]Yes. 对

[23:19.68]ln a city of infinite options, 在一个有无穷选择的城市里

[23:20.04]sometimes there's no better feeling than knowing you only have one. 有时发现自己终有所属 是一种再棒不过的感觉

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