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欲望都市08 Three’s a Crowd






[00:00.00] 12.07.25 08:19:08



[00:48.12]Once upon a time, in a magical land called Manhattan, 从前在名叫曼哈顿的魔幻之地

[00:51.100]a young woman fell in love. 一个年轻女子恋爱了

[00:59.00]Charlotte and Jack locked eyes 在鼻咽癌单身汉慈善拍卖会上 夏绿蒂跟杰克看对眼

[01:01.40]at a black tie benefit for Epstein/Barr.

[01:05.92]She chased him through every disease in New York. 她在纽约的所有疾病慈善会上 追逐着他的身影

[01:07.96]They've been officially dating 色素性视网膜炎慈善会后 他们正式约会

[01:09.12]since retinitus pigmentosis.

[01:15.72]Jack was perfect for her. 杰克非常适合她

[01:15.16]Architect, philanthropist, and the sex was amazing. 他是建筑师,慈善家 他们之间的性无以伦比

[01:21.44]Late one night, Jack popped the inevitable question. 某天晚上 杰克丢出一个必然的问题

[01:26.20]So... 那么…

[01:29.48]- What are your fantasies? - Oh, God. -你有什么幻想? -天啊

[01:32.28]l'd love to own my own gallery, and maybe a little cottage in Maine. 我想自己开一间画廊 在缅因州有栋小别墅

[01:37.96]Well, actually l meant more like screwing in an airplane bathroom 事实上我指的是 像在飞机洗手间上乱搞的幻想

[01:43.44]kind of fantasies.

[01:45.60]The closest Charlotte had ever come to getting screwed on a plane 关于飞机跟乱搞 夏绿蒂最接近的幻想

[01:50.40]was losing her luggage. 是她的行李掉了

[01:55.64]l've always wanted to do it in my parents' bed. 我一直想在我爸妈的床上做爱

[01:57.04]- Wild, l like it. - What about you? -挺狂野的,我喜欢 -你呢?

[02:03.40]- You, me, and another woman. - Come on! -你,我跟另一个女人一起做 -少来了

[02:06.100]l'm serious. 我是认真的

[02:08.88]Charlotte, you have no idea how sexy you are, do you? 夏绿蒂 你不知道自己多性感,对吧?

[02:12.52]The idea of you touching another woman... 你抚摸另一个女人

[02:17.72]God, it makes me hard just thinking about it. 光是想我就硬了起来

[02:29.72]- Jack wants us to do a threesome. - Of course he does. Every guy does. -杰克想玩三P -当然,每个男人都想玩三P

[02:33.52]Threesomes now are the blow job of the '90s. 三P等于是九十年代的吹箫

[02:37.72]- What was the blow job of the '80s? - Anal sex. -八十年代的吹箫是什么? -肛交

[02:41.04]Don't get pressured into it. lt's just a ploy to watch you be a lesbian. 别理他 他只是想试探你是不是同性恋

[02:44.92]- Don't knock it until you've tried it. - l had a threesome once in college. -没做过就别乱说 -我大学时曾玩过三P

[02:48.52]l was drunk, and l woke up in someone else's bra. 当时我喝醉了 醒来时穿着别人的胸罩

[02:52.48]Only do a threesome as the guest star - 玩三P时一定要当来宾

[02:57.76]the girl the couple gets to come in, screw, and leave. 走进去后搞完就离开

[02:60.44]- The pinch hitter. - Exactly. lt's perfect. -那个代打者 -没错,那才是最好玩的

[03:04.12]Great sex, without wondering about your relationship. 你能享受鱼水之欢 不必怀疑你跟男朋友的关系

[03:05.100]- But you don't have relationships. - Which is why l have great sex. -你没有男朋友 -所以我做爱时很尽兴

[03:09.88]- l've never done a threesome. - Because you have relationships. -我从没玩过三P -因为你老在交男朋友

[03:12.88]- Well, l've never done a threesome. - Of course you haven't. -我永远都不会玩三P -当然

[03:18.56]You in a threesome? You won't even wear a thong! 你会玩三P? 你连丁字裤都不穿的

[03:20.76]- Jack thinks l'm sexy. - He's buttering you up. -杰克说我很性感 -他是在哄你

[03:24.60]First, you start thinking you're hot, then he brings up the threesome thing. 你得先觉得自己很性感 才会想要玩三P

[03:27.00]Boom! Suddenly you're kissing another woman while he beats off. 突然间你在吻另一个女人 他在一边打手枪

[03:30.16]Please... 拜托

[03:32.36]Make sure the other woman isn't a friend. 另一个女人绝不能是你朋友

[03:33.36]Use somebody you meet in a bar or something. 找在酒吧或其他地方认识的人

[03:37.44]- That's romantic. - No, l think l'd feel safer with a friend. -真浪漫 -不,我觉得跟朋友做较安全

[03:41.28]Someone l could trust, like Carrie. 跟我可以相信的人做 譬如说凯莉

[03:43.32]Oh, gee, l'm flattered. 天啊,我受宠若惊

[03:48.00]But l'd go with someone who has a little more experience, like Sam. 但我要跟有经验的人做 譬如说莎曼珊

[03:52.84]Well, thanks. 谢谢

[03:53.04]But there is something sexy about a first-timer like Charlotte. 跟夏绿蒂这种菜鸟做 也挺性感的

[03:56.24]Really? 真的吗?

[04:01.60]Oh, great, no, forget about me. 天啊,不,别理我

[04:04.36]- Oh, come on. - You know, l'd do it with you guys! -少来了 -我愿意跟你们做

[04:08.36]lt's like picking teams for dodge ball all over again. 这就像在挑躲避球的队友

[04:12.24]Was Samantha right? Were threesomes the new sexual frontier? 莎曼珊说得对吗? 三P是新的性流行吗?

[04:19.40]No question. Guys were infatuated with threesomes. 毫无疑问地男人爱死三P了

[04:22.64]And when l started looking, they were everywhere. 我开始认真地去找 发现他们无所不在

[04:27.76]After all, our lives are built on threesomes. 毕竟在生活中无三不成礼

[04:31.60]Fat, low-fat, non-fat. First, business, economy. Moe, Larry, Curly. 全脂低脂脱脂,最初商业经济 摩伊、赖利、柯力

[04:36.68]Maybe we were never meant to do it with only one other person. 或许我们一直都不想 只跟另一个人做

[04:38.68]Maybe threesomes were the relationship of the future. 或许三P 是未来男女关系的趋势

[04:43.56]Meanwhile, Samantha had been starring 同时莎曼珊在大演

[04:46.40]in a show l call ''Sam Does The Married Guy''. 我称之为“莎曼珊 爱上有妇之夫”的戏码

[04:50.72]- l love that you're not my wife. - l love that, too. -我爱死你不是我太太了 -我也一样

[04:55.40]l mean, that thing you do with your hips. 我喜欢你摆动屁股的样子

[04:57.04]Ruth won't even get on top. 萝丝连胸罩都不肯脱

[04:59.92]Ken was 37, a wine importer, 肯三十七岁 他是葡萄酒进口商

[05:04.32]unhappily married to a woman who designed modular office furniture. 他的婚姻不幸福 太太是标准办公室家具设计师

[05:08.60]This affair was the most exciting thing 这段外遇对他来说

[05:08.96]that had happened to him since the '94 Montrachet. 是除了94年的

[05:16.64]Five hours later, Charlotte's night was just beginning. 五小时后 夏绿蒂的夜晚才刚刚开始

[05:17.100]She and Jack had just had another fantastic date, dancing for dyslexia. 她跟杰克有个浪漫的约会 在读写障碍慈善会上跳舞

[05:24.12]So, what do you think of her? 你觉得她如何?

[05:27.20]- ls she hot? - Jack! -她性感吗? -杰克

[05:29.16]You're right. 你说对了

[05:33.56]- Maybe she's more your taste. - Stop it. -或许她比较适合你的品味 -别说了

[05:37.32]- Have a light? - Sorry. l don't smoke. -你有火吗? -抱歉,我不抽烟

[05:39.92]That's a shame. 太可惜了

[05:43.68]Did you see that? She was flirting with us. 你看到没有?她在跟我们调情

[05:48.56]She was flirting with you. 她在跟你调情

[05:51.64]Charlotte, you're such a turn-on, and you have no idea. 夏绿蒂,你很诱人 只是你并不知道

[05:54.84]You're giving off this sexual energy all the time. 你经常散发出性魅力

[05:59.00]A vibe like you've got a fire inside you. 就像你体内有熊熊烈火一样

[06:02.56]She'd be crazy not to be into you. 无法跟你融为一体 她会发疯的

[06:04.24]Who knows whether it was her vodka or her vibe, 谁知道她是喝多了 还是她在发抖

[06:08.60]but Charlotte suddenly felt warm. 但夏绿蒂突然觉得一阵暖意

[06:12.32]- She put her hand on my leg. - So, should l ask her to join us? -她把手放在我腿上 -我该邀请她加入我们吗?

[06:22.64]That night, she had an eye-opening experience. 那晚她大开眼界

[06:52.48]Charlotte hadn't been that excited since she became a cheerleader. 夏绿蒂自从当上啦啦队员后 再也没有这么兴奋过

[06:59.36]What do you think your dream meant? 你觉得你的梦有什么含意?

[07:01.12]l'm in a sandbox with Charlotte, Sam, and Carrie and they won't play with me. 我、夏绿蒂、莎曼珊跟凯莉 在沙堆里,她们不跟我玩

[07:05.40]Please, it's obvious. 拜托,这很明显

[07:08.20]Miranda was dealing with her own nightmare. 米兰达在处理她自己的梦魇

[07:09.24]l know it's juvenile, but it bothers me. l'm attractive, l'm smart... 我知道那很幼稚,却颇为困扰 我有吸引力,又聪明

[07:14.52]people should want me for a threesome. 大家都应该想跟我玩三P

[07:16.52]So, you're saying you're attracted to your girlfriends? 你是说你喜欢上你的女性朋友?

[07:20.60]No! But if your friends won't go down on you, who will? 不,但如果你朋友不肯跟你玩 还有谁会跟你玩?

[07:23.96]Well, that's some dream. 那只是一个梦

[07:25.28]lt was so real. l can't stop thinking about it. 那个梦太逼真了 我没办法不想到它

[07:28.92]- And l think l enjoyed it. - That's great. -我还挺喜欢那个梦的 -太棒了

[07:32.12]Dreams are a good way to experiment. 做梦是很棒的实验方法

[07:34.72]lt's like buying a dress and keeping the tags on. 那像是买下一件洋装 但不把标签撕掉

[07:38.28]Do you think it means l should have a threesome? 你觉得那表示我该玩三P吗?

[07:40.28]Jack says l have a fire inside me. 杰克说我体内有熊熊烈火

[07:44.04]- Tell him they make a cream for that. - l'm serious! -告诉他有灭火器这种东西 -我是认真的

[07:46.52]- Don't do it just to make Jack happy. - Maybe it would bring us closer. -别为了让杰克快乐而那么做 -或许那么做我们会更亲密

[07:53.48]Sweetie, don't you think it's weird to sleep with someone you don't know 你不觉得那很奇怪吗?

[07:54.92]跟一个你不认识的人睡觉 只为了跟杰克更亲密?

[07:56.96]to get closer to Jack?

[07:57.40]But how well do we ever know the people we sleep with? 但我们对枕边人又了解多少?

[08:02.32]That was Charlotte. Just when you think she's a Park Avenue Pollyanna, 夏绿蒂就是那样,当你觉得 她是个脑袋空空的拜金女时

[08:06.32]she'd say something so right on, you'd think she was the Dalai Lama. 她会说出达赖喇嘛式的名言

[08:11.96]ls my hair too shiny? 我的头发太亮了吗?

[08:14.36]And then she'd say something else. 然后她又扯到别的地方去

[08:17.48]But the bigger question remained... 但还有一个更大的问题

[08:18.12]if Charlotte was considering a threesome, who wasn't? 如果连夏绿蒂都想玩三P 谁不想呢?

[08:22.44]The Village Voice had more ads for threesomes “村声”里 寻找三P对象的广告

[08:26.92]than for small rat-infested studios renting at $1 ,000 a month. 比月租一千块的 小型烂工作室出租广告还多

[08:30.40]But who answered these ads? 但谁会回应这些广告呢?

[08:31.28]Wall Street honcho seeks two horny gals 华尔街老板寻找两个好色女

[08:34.24]for a fuck-fest at my summer home. No fatties, please. 在我的避暑小屋开性派对 胖女人勿试

[08:39.20]Sweet, suburban school teacher seeks two men to fulfill her fantasies. 甜美的郊区老师 寻找两个男人来满足她的幻想

[08:43.88]You be black or Hispanic. l'll be on time. 黑人或西班牙人都可 我会准时到达

[08:50.04]l need your dick now. 我现在就要你的老二

[08:52.64]X-files fanatic twosome seeks Scully look-alike for abduction fantasy. X档案迷夫妻为满足绑架幻想 寻找长得像史考莉的女孩

[08:58.60]Me, gorgeous with big boobs. You, a couple with class. 我是有大咪咪的美女 你们是有品味的夫妻

[09:02.88]Let's experience everything the city has. 让我们来体验这个城市的一切

[09:04.88]l'm into museums, blow jobs, theatre, and golden showers. 我什么都愿意做

[09:11.56]l seemed to be the only person 我似乎是唯一

[09:14.92]who still believed in the one-on-one relationship. 仍相信一对一爱情的人

[09:14.72]Mr Big and l were doing sleep-overs. 大人物跟我会在彼此家中过夜

[09:18.88]Which one? 哪一条?

[09:22.28]This one. 这条

[09:28.20]You better be careful. l could get used to this. 你最好小心一点 我可能会上瘾的

[09:32.52]Why is it that putting a tie around a man's neck 为什么帮男人打领带

[09:34.28]is sometimes even sexier than taking it off? 有时比帮男人 解开领带还性感?

[09:38.56]What are you doing for lunch? l could swing an hour between meetings. 午休时你要做什么? 我可以溜出来一小时

[09:43.64]No, sorry. l can't. 抱歉,我没空

[09:46.64]- l have to interview someone. - About what? -我得去跟别人面谈 -谈什么?

[09:51.28]Threesomes. Ever done one? 三P性游戏,你玩过吗?

[09:54.40]Sure. Who hasn't? 当然,谁没玩过?

[09:57.16]Really? With who? 真的吗?你跟谁?

[09:60.44]My ex-wife. 我前妻

[10:00.12]Suddenly my column was the last thing on my mind. 突然间 我将写专栏的事抛诸脑后

[10:06.88]- You were married? - Yeah, l thought l told you. -你结过婚? -是啊,我以为我告诉过你

[10:10.96]No, no, you didn't. 你没说过

[10:14.68]- An ex-wife, that's a new twist. - And they had wild sex, threesomes. -他有前妻,情况有了新变化 -他们性生活狂野,还玩三P

[10:19.32]We used to have wild sex, but now we have sweet sex. 年轻时我们的性生活都很狂野 但现在只能慢慢来

[10:21.100]- Wild beats sweet. - But he's not with her. -狂野还是比慢慢来好 -但现在他没跟她在一起了

[10:24.88]Because they stopped having wild sex. 因为他们不再有狂野的性生活

[10:29.56]- Ken's wife won't give him a blow job. - That didn't make me feel better! -肯的太太不肯帮他吹 -我一点都不感到安慰

[10:33.12]He'll never leave his wife for you. They never do. 他永远都不会为你离开他太太 男人永远都不会那么做

[10:36.52]Thank God. Who needs the trouble? No muss, no fuss. 谢天谢地,谁都不想惹麻烦 我不用去忍受那些事

[10:39.08]Sounds like you're selling toilet cleaner. 你说起话来 跟厕所清洁剂推销员一样

[10:41.48]Does this color turn you on? 这个颜色能挑起你的情欲吗?

[10:44.80]Miranda was certainly determined. 米兰达下定决心

[10:47.68]- lt's a little bit orange. - There's only one thing left to do. -有点橘 -现在只剩一个办法

[10:52.64]- What, leave him before he leaves me? - You kidding? Check out the ex. -在他离开我前先离开他? -别闹了,去探探他前妻底细

[10:60.20]Charlotte was right. We don't really know the people we sleep with. 夏绿蒂说得对 我们真的不了解枕边人

[11:05.16]After all, what did l know about Mr Big? 毕竟我又了解大人物什么呢?

[11:08.16]Except he had an ex-wife named Barbara who worked in publishing. 只知道他前妻叫芭芭拉 她在出版界工作

[11:12.04]My plan was to pitch her a steamy bodice-ripping paperback. 我打算用 出罗曼史的企划案来钓她

[11:16.72]She'd probably reject it, but l'd get five minutes face-to-face with her. 她很可能会拒绝我 但我可以跟她面对面谈谈

[11:19.48]Carrie? 是凯莉吗?

[11:22.28]Come right in. Barbara's ready for you. 快进来,芭芭拉已经在等你了

[11:27.32]...Thanks, bye. Carrie Bradshaw. l am so excited. 谢谢,再见 凯莉布雷萧,我真的很高兴

[11:31.80]Sit down. l am a huge fan of your work. 请坐,我是你的超级书迷

[11:35.60]Good taste and beautiful. Could it get worse? 有品味又漂亮,她无懈可击

[11:40.04]Special Olympics chairwoman. 特殊奥运主席

[11:42.80]Sorry. l haven't hung it yet. So, l'm dying to hear your pitch. 抱歉,我还没空把它挂起来 我很期待你的企划案

[11:45.12]l never knew you were interested in writing children's books. 我不知道你对写童书有兴趣

[11:49.88]Well, who doesn't love children's books? 谁不喜欢童书呢?

[11:54.28]Five minutes of bodice-ripping material wasted. 罗曼史的企划案失败

[11:57.96]So l did what any writer would do. l pulled an idea out of my ass. 于是我做了所有作家会做的事 我开始随口瞎掰

[12:01.52]Well, my story is about a little girl... 故事的主角是个小女孩

[12:08.76]named Cathy. Little Cathy. 她叫做凯西

[12:10.88]-小凯西 -小凯西有何过人之处?

[12:11.16]And what makes Little Cathy special?

[12:13.64]Well, she's got these magic... 她有魔法…

[12:18.52]cigarettes. 香烟

[12:21.28]She has magic cigarettes? 她有魔法香烟?

[12:22.80]Yes, Little Cathy and her magic cigarettes. 对,小凯西有魔法香烟

[12:28.64]Whenever she lights up, she can go anywhere in the world. 只要一把烟点燃 她想去哪里都可以

[12:32.40]You know... Arabia, New Jersey. 她可以去阿拉伯、新泽西

[12:35.20]l mean that stuff is all gonna be worked out, of course. 当然内容还可以改

[12:38.76]You wanna write a children's book about smoking? 你要写一本关于抽烟的童书?

[12:44.44]lt's a children's book for adults. 那是给大人看的童书

[12:50.12]- You are outrageous. l love it! - l thought you might. -你真是天才,我喜欢 -我就知道你会喜欢

[12:56.72]l've been dying to do something with an edge. This could be great. 我一直想做游走边缘的题材 这本书可能会大红大紫

[12:59.84]lt was the last straw. She was smart, beautiful, and she got me. 我受不了,她聪明漂亮 她迷倒我了

[13:03.72]l'd have to kill her. 我得杀了她

[13:07.32]Samantha was about to have a close encounter with the third kind. 莎曼珊 将跟外遇对象的太太见面

[13:14.80]- Oh, sorry. - l'm sorry... Ken! -抱歉 -对不起,是你啊

[13:17.04]- Sam. - You two know each other? -莎曼珊 -你们认识?

[13:17.64]- Sure. - Not really. -没错 -我们不熟

[13:22.56]Ruth, this is Samantha. She bought some pinot noir from me. 萝丝,这位是莎曼珊 她跟我买过葡萄酒

[13:25.08]- Sam, this is my wife, Ruth. - Hi. -莎曼珊,这位是我太太萝丝 -你好

[13:28.00]- Hi. - OK, we should be going. See ya. -你好 -我们该走了,再见

[13:32.44]That afternoon Samantha successfully screwed a guy in under two minutes. 那天下午莎曼珊不到两分钟 完全地击垮了一个男人

[13:42.52]The more Miranda analyzed, the worse her nightmares got. 米兰达越深入分析 就越难释怀

[13:46.68]So the four of us get into a cab, only they won't let me sit with them. 我们四个搭计程车时 她们就是不跟我坐

[13:49.16]They make me sit with the driver, 她们要我跟司机坐 他长得像帕瑞吉家族的克里斯

[13:51.56]who's like Chris from The Partridge Family.

[13:55.76]You're still very upset about being sexually rejected by your friends. 你还在为朋友 不肯跟你发生性关系而难过

[13:59.72]Let me ask you something. 我要问你一件事

[14:02.20]Would you do a threesome with me? 你愿意跟我玩三P吗?

[14:06.64]l think we need to talk about why you're asking me. 我们得谈谈 你为什么要问我这个问题

[14:12.12]That's a ''no''? 你不愿意吗?

[14:13.44]That night, l thought l could put the whole Barbara thing out of my mind. 那晚我以为 我能忘了芭芭拉的事

[14:20.00]After all, Mr Big was with me now. 毕竟大人物现在跟我在一起

[14:22.48]Nibbling his ear lobes? How sweet. 你在咬他的耳垂? 真的是太棒了

[14:26.44]Let me show you how it's really done. 我来教你该怎么做才对

[14:34.20]So, l guess you can't avoid a threesome, 看来谁都避免不了三P性关系

[14:34.68]even if it's only you in the bed, 即使现在躺在床上的人是你

[14:37.08]someone's always been there before you. 但在那之前 曾有人依偎在他身边

[14:41.36]What just happened? Where'd you go? 怎么了?你要去哪里?

[14:45.92]- Preoccupied. - No kidding. About what? -我在想事情 -不会吧,你在想什么?

[14:50.92]Your ex-wife's breasts, your ex-wife's lips, your ex-wife's long legs. 你前妻的胸部、嘴唇跟长腿

[14:56.16]...My column. 我在想专栏的事

[14:57.04]l didn't tell you l was married because it was a long time ago. 我没告诉你我结过婚 因为那是很久以前的事

[15:01.84]- What happened? - Alienation of affection, then divorce. -发生了什么事? -我们貌合神离,后来离婚了

[15:08.28]Let's not talk about the past, please. 别谈过去的事了

[15:16.24]What Mr Big didn't realize was the past was sleeping right next to me. 大人物并不了解 我无法释怀过去

[15:26.16]The next day the flesh and blood Barbara asked me to lunch. 隔天芭芭拉约我吃午餐

[15:31.16]- Hi. Thanks for meeting me. - Oh, thanks for inviting me. -谢谢你赶来 -谢谢你约我吃饭

[15:35.36]You changed your hair. 你换了发型

[15:38.12]Oh, thanks. 谢谢

[15:42.60]- Listen l have some news. - l'm back with Mr Big! -我有坏消息要通知你 -我跟大人物复合了

[15:44.28]The head guys didn't go for Little Cathy. 大头们不喜欢小凯西的故事

[15:48.76]They wouldn't know a good book if it bit 'em in the ass. 就算好书送上门来 他们也不知道

[15:51.24]- Yeah, fuck 'em. - l still love the project, -对啊,别理他们 -我还是很喜欢你的企划

[15:54.24]and at the risk of sounding like a groupie, 听起来或许很煽情

[15:56.80]l'd really like to become friends. 我真的很想跟你做朋友

[15:60.56]Friends? 做朋友?

[16:04.04]Two hours later, l was sleeping with the enemy. 两小时后我跟敌人共枕

[16:06.32]- So, never married? - Once. A long time ago. -你没过婚吗? -很久以前结过一次

[16:09.80]- Really? What happened? - He had a wandering eye. -真的吗?发生了什么事? -他喜欢四处偷腥

[16:14.80]lt wandered over to my best friend. 连我最好的朋友都不放过

[16:17.16]So, what about you? Are you seeing anyone? 你有男朋友吗?

[16:23.72]No one special. 没有

[16:26.36]For Samantha, the shit was about to hit the phone. 对莎曼珊来说 坏消息正要传来

[16:29.100]- Hello. - lt's over. l told my wife! -你好 -结束了,我告诉我太太了?

[16:34.60]- Who is this? - lt's Ken. -你是哪位? -我是肯

[16:36.04]- Wait. You told Ruth about us? - l'm in love with you. -你把我们的事告诉萝丝? -我爱上你了

[16:40.24]- Now we can be together. - No, no, no, no, no, no. -现在我们能在一起了 -不

[16:44.52]Hang on. 等一下

[16:47.20]- Hello. - Samantha? -你好 -是莎曼珊吗?

[16:50.40]This is Ruth Scheer... Ken's wife. 我是萝丝辛勒,肯的太太

[16:54.08]- Yeah, l found your number. - Hang on. -我查到你的电话号码 -等一下

[16:56.16]- Listen to me. You love your wife. - No, l'm in love with you! -听我说,你爱你太太 -不,我爱的是你

[17:00.72]No, no, no, no. 不

[17:03.08]Sam's no muss, no fuss affair was starting to feel very mussy. 莎曼珊不伤大雅的外遇事件 变成一场恶梦

[17:09.40]- l'm back. - l don't know who you are, -说吧 -我不知道你是谁

[17:11.36]but Ken and l love each other very much. 肯跟我彼此相爱

[17:12.76]- Of course you do. - And we have an unshakable bond. -那是当然的事 -我们的关系密不可分

[17:17.00]l'm going to keep this marriage together. 我一定会维持这段婚姻

[17:22.32]Good for you! Listen, Ruth this was a huge mistake. 那太好了,听着,萝丝 这是个天大的错误

[17:24.08]lt didn't mean anything. lt was just sex. 除了性,那不具任何意义

[17:26.16]Exactly. 没错

[17:30.12]And if being sexually adventuresome will keep this marriage together, 如果性冒险能维持婚姻

[17:34.72]then l am prepared to join you... 我准备跟你…

[17:36.20]...with him...in bed. 还有他一同上床

[17:43.80]Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 不

[17:46.44]Samantha was a guest star. Series regular was not in her contract. 莎曼珊是特别来宾 她不喜欢当固定班底

[17:52.12]That night at the attention deficit ball, 那晚在募款舞会中

[17:56.88]Charlotte felt free to indulge her fantasy. 夏绿蒂放纵于她的幻想中

[17:59.84]lt's amazing what some sequins on a stick can do to free up inhibitions. 很难想像一个小小的面具 能让人完全抛去束缚

[18:05.64]Who here is your type? 谁是你要的那一型?

[18:16.76]- Do you like peacocks? - Do you? -你喜欢孔雀吗? -你呢?

[18:25.40]Then Charlotte did the unthinkable. 然后夏绿蒂 做了令人难以想像的事

[18:32.88]Oh, my God. Oh, my God. She winked at me. 天啊,她对我眨眼

[18:34.64]- Excellent. - l need to get out of here. -太棒了 -我得离开这里

[18:46.56]- Hey, you OK? - Yeah, yeah, l think so. -你没事吧? -应该没事

[18:52.56]- So, how'd it feel? - Weird. -你觉得如何? -怪怪的

[18:54.84]Well, l enjoyed it. 我挺喜欢的

[18:58.12]- l do have another fantasy. - What's that? -我还有一个幻想 -是什么呢?

[19:02.48]Doing it upstairs at a party. 在宾客满堂的派对中 溜到楼上的房间做爱

[19:25.16]Can l join you? 我能加入你们吗?

[19:27.04]She realized that this was her moment. 她明白那一刻终于来了

[19:30.40]lf she was gonna take the plunge, it was now or never. 她想放纵于情欲中 就得把握这一刻

[19:54.96]Unfortunately, it was Jack who plunged first. 不幸的是 先一头栽进去的人是杰克

[19:58.56]Apparently someone else's fire was stronger than Charlotte's. 看来另一个女人 比夏绿蒂更性感

[20:01.36]She was not the guest star in this fantasy. 她不是这场幻想的特别来宾

[20:13.36]Meanwhile, at a bar downtown... 同时在市区的酒吧中…

[20:24.92]- Miranda? - Hi. -你是米兰达吗? -你好

[20:25.48]What a relief. 真的是太好了

[20:28.56]Most of the women who answered our ad, well, 大部分回应我们广告的女人 都有点…

[20:34.16]you know, they were kind of... -她们丑毙了 -跟你完全不同

[20:35.12]- Butt ugly. - Oh, nothing like you.

[20:38.40]- Thanks. - We've never done this before. -谢谢 -我们从没做过这种事

[20:42.00]lt's a huge fantasy of Mark's. l offered to do it for his 30th birthday. 这是马克的梦想 也是我送他的三十岁生日礼物

[20:50.08]Whatever happened to giving a nice pen? 你怎么不送他笔呢?

[20:56.92]So are you doing anything tonight? 你今晚有事吗?

[20:60.68]Let me just be clear. You want to do a threesome with me. 我得话把说清楚 你们想跟我玩三P

[21:06.16]lf you're busy, we understand. 如果你很忙,我们能了解

[21:07.12]l tell you what. Let me make a quick phone call, OK? 听我说 我得去打通电话,好吗?

[21:25.16]That night Miranda finally got her validation. 那晚米兰达终于得到了肯定

[21:28.52]Her shrink had suggested she comes three times a week. 心理医生建议她 一星期去找他三次

[21:33.96]l didn't see Mr Big for eight days. 我八天没跟大人物见面

[21:35.24]- Well, that was a great meal. - Yeah, it was. -真的,还挺好吃的 -是啊

[21:42.32]Actually, the food was terrible and we were like strangers. 事实上食物烂透了 我们跟陌生人一样

[21:45.00]What is wrong? 到底发生了什么事?

[21:47.40]Look. You tell me you have an ex-wife. 你告诉我你结过婚

[21:49.48]You tell me you guys had a three-way. Yes, l asked. 你们还玩过三P 对,是我开口问的

[21:52.76]But you drop this bomb, but you don't give me any details. 但你丢了一颗大炸弹 却不跟我说个清楚

[21:55.72]You don't even tell me why you broke up. 甚至没告诉我 你们为什么要分手

[21:60.12]- l cheated on her. - Yeah, l know. She told me at lunch. -我背着她偷人 -我知道,午餐时她告诉我了

[22:03.80]l know you know. She told me she told you. 我知道你已经知道了 她告诉我她已经跟你说过

[22:03.72]She told you? See, that's another thing. 是她跟你说的?还有这件事

[22:08.08]You didn't tell me that you're still talking. 你没告诉我你们还有联络

[22:12.28]- l still talk to all my ex-wives. - l'm so not finding that funny. -我跟我所有的前妻都有联络 -那一点都不好笑

[22:14.92]Listen, wait a minute. 等一下

[22:20.20]We had the threesome because we were both looking for someone else. 我们会玩三P 因为我们在寻找适合自己的人

[22:33.36]Do you know anyone who's right for me? 你认识任何适合我的人吗?

[22:47.52]And then it was just the two of us. 我们言归于好 我了解到玩三P的真正意义

[22:50.40]And l realized the real appeal of the threesome: it was easy.

[22:54.00]lt's intimacy that's the bitch. 很简单


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