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欲望都市10 The Baby Shower






[00:00.00] 12.07.25 08:19:28



[00:47.64]Let's be honest. 我们打开天窗说亮话

[00:48.72]Sometimes there's nothing harder, 有时候要为别人感到高兴

[00:52.20]than being happy for somebody else. 真不是件容易的事

[00:53.72]Like lottery winners 比如说,乐透彩得主

[00:57.80]or extremely successful people who are 27. 或某个27岁的成功人士

[00:60.68]And then there's that hell 而最痛苦的就是

[01:03.08]that only your friends can inflict on you... 连朋友的鸡毛蒜皮小事 都要麻烦你…

[01:06.76]...the baby shower. 新生儿的送礼会

[01:09.60]You couldn't drag me there with a grappling hook. 你不能把我五花大绑拖去参加

[01:12.00]Frankly, l think it's sad. She's using a child to validate her existence. 老实说,蛮可悲的 她得用孩子来证明自己的价值

[01:17.36]Exactly. Why can't she just use sex and cocktails, like us? 没错,她为何不学学我们 利用性和酒来证明自己

[01:20.96]l'm happy for her. 我为她感到高兴

[01:22.16]lf l see another paper stork, l'm gonna rip its beak off. 如果我再看到罐鸟 肯定撕烂它的嘴

[01:27.64]Would any baby shower bother you or is this one worse because it's Laney's? 你是讨厌送礼会? 还是讨厌兰妮办的?

[01:40.56]Laney Berlin. You can't describe her. You just had to know her. 你无法用言语形容兰妮柏林 只能亲身体会

[01:46.48]Chances are eight years ago, you probably did. 那是八年前的事 你可能也在场

[01:52.08]So help me. She fucks on my couch. She buys it. 饶了我吧 若她在我沙发上搞,就得买下

[01:55.24]That's how you got the couch from me. 你就是用这招买下我的沙发

[01:57.64]- Laney, show us your tits! - No. Give it a rest. -兰妮,让我们看一下咪咪 -拜托,少来了

[01:60.40]You guys have seen enough of my tits. 你们还没看够吗?

[02:05.48]Tits! Tits! Tits! 咪咪…

[02:09.96]Laney did A and R for a record label 兰妮的记录辉煌

[02:11.36]or as she used to call it - sex with an expense account. 可能就像她自己说的 为了性,而付出惨重代价

[02:15.16]Every time she went on a scouting trip, 她只要一从童子军营回来

[02:17.72]she came back with some hot new group 就会带些新东西回家 像是不常见的妇女病

[02:18.48]and a rare gynecological condition.

[02:21.36]Those things make so many public appearances, 现场这么多人围观

[02:25.88]they need a booking agent. 她应该请个经纪人才对

[02:28.56]Look at her! The poster girl for low self-esteem. 看看她 自信心不足的海报女郎

[02:34.52]l have low self-esteem but l express it the healthy way 我自信心也不足 但我用健康的方式来满足自己

[02:36.40]- by eating a box of double stuff Oreos. - She's so sad. 吃一大盒的欧瑞尔饼干


[02:43.44]Take it off! 脱…

[02:45.56]Samantha and Laney had a long-standing rivalry. 莎曼珊和兰妮 是长久以来的死对头

[02:50.04]Both wild, both sexy. Both incredibly insecure. 两人都性感狂野 也都缺乏安全感

[02:55.60]Two years ago, Laney did the most shocking thing of all. 两年前兰妮做了一件 惊天动地的事

[02:58.64]She met a Wall Street investment banker, married him, 她遇到华尔街的投顾专家 闪电结婚

[03:00.84]and moved to Connecticut. 搬到康涅狄格州

[03:02.44]That wasn't supposed to happen. 事情怎么会这样?

[03:04.60]She was supposed to have sex with Sid Vicious and move to heroin. 她应该和席得维休斯上床 而染上毒瘾

[03:10.92]Come on, it'll be fun. We've never visited her in Connecticut. 应该很有趣 反正我们没去过康涅狄格州

[03:13.48]- There's a reason for that. - Lyme disease? -但这不是理由 -怕得到莱姆关节炎?

[03:18.84]- That's another good one. - lt's a baby shower. -这理由不错 -是怕送礼会

[03:20.52]No, it's a cult. -不是,是怕仪式 -仪式?你说什么?

[03:22.84]lt's a cult? What are you talking about?

[03:25.60]They all think and dress the same 出席的人都穿得一成不变

[03:25.68]and sacrifice themselves to the same cause : babies. 而她们的共同目标 就是将一生奉献给…孩子

[03:30.28]- She's insane. - l've lost two sisters 她哪根筋不对?

[03:32.88]我有两位姐姐已变成妈妈辈 我知道那种情况

[03:34.88]to ''The Motherhood''. l know what l'm talking about.

[03:35.52]We should go, it's the right thing to do. 我们应该去,这样才对

[03:39.80]- Give me one good reason. - OK. -说个好理由 -好

[03:42.12]You're driving down the road, you see a sign, it says two-headed snake. 你不能把车开到路中间时 看到标示写着“前有两头蛇”

[03:46.00]You pull over. Wild Laney is having a baby shower, you pull over. 就打退堂鼓 就像兰妮要办送礼会一样

[03:49.04]She's got a point. lt's the right thing to do. Just imagine how fat she must be. 她说得没错,我们应该去 去看看她臃肿肥胖的模样

[03:56.40]As l penciled in the date, l noticed something missing. 当我写行事历时 我发觉到有件事不对劲

[04:01.88]ln between the Versace show and dinner at Moomba, 在凡赛斯服装秀 和到蒙巴餐厅用餐之间

[04:04.96]there it wasn't - my period - four days late! 有件事漏了 我的月事晚了四天

[04:08.72]That Saturday, also known as seven days late, 到了星期六就足足晚了一星期

[04:11.100]four city girls set off to visit the country mice. 四个时髦入时的女人 要去看位乡巴佬了

[04:15.40]Are we there yet? 到了没有?

[04:20.60]l've already had two of these, so we're gonna be stopping a lot. 我已经喝了两杯 我们停太久了

[04:22.88]Hey, nice outfit. ls there gonna be belly dancing at the shower? 真漂亮 要在送礼会上跳肚皮舞?

[04:28.16]Yeah, right after the gifts. 对,送完礼物后

[04:28.64]Shit! l totally spaced. l forgot to buy her a present. 可恶,我完全昏头了 忘了买礼物

[04:34.28]How tacky is it to give the mother-to-be a fistful of cash? 送大把现金给准妈妈 会不会太奇怪?

[04:36.76]Don't worry you can go in on mine. 别担心,你可以和我一起送

[04:40.28]You bought a pregnant woman a bottle of Scotch? 你送瓶威士忌给孕妇?

[04:42.92]- The invitation said BYOB. - That meant bring your own baby. -我是照她说的 -就是带自己的宝贝一起参加

[04:48.80]- What did you get her? - Condoms. -你送什么? -保险套

[04:50.20]- Seriously, what'd you get her? - Seriously. They're pastel. -说真的,送什么? -蜡笔

[04:53.60]Guys, wait, wait. 各位,等我

[04:56.28]Hey, guys, wait for me. 等一下

[04:59.36]Oh, my God. Look at the size of that thing. 天啊,看她拿那么大的婴儿篮

[05:03.72]- We can drive that to Connecticut. - l'm putting my name on that card. -这样能开到康涅狄格州? -也算我一份

[05:06.12]All right. 出发了

[05:12.16]Does anybody know how to drive? 有人会开车吗?

[05:20.40]As l turned the mid-sized coupè on to Hollyhock Lane, 当我把中型跑车开进蜀葵巷时

[05:23.48]l was struck by how a place so filled with nature could look so unnatural. 对周遭满是自然美景的房子 却感到很不真实

[05:39.60]Oh, Toto. l don't think we're in Manhattan anymore. 真不是盖的 这里可不是曼哈顿了

[05:43.88]Her house is beautiful! And look at her dog! 房子美呆了,还有小狗

[05:48.12]Hey, boy, come here, boy. 过来,乖

[05:53.52]Come here, boy. 过来

[05:59.80]- Why didn't he come? - lnvisible electric fencing. -它怎么不过来? -隐形的电墙

[06:02.76]lt's the latest thing. My sister has it. 新发明,我姐也有

[06:04.16]OK. Ready girls? 上场了

[06:09.32]Let's go. 走吧

[06:15.40]Charlotte, sweetie, don't forget our gift. Come on. 夏绿蒂,别忘了你的礼物,快

[06:31.08]Look at you, you're huge. 看看你,真是庞大

[06:32.60]lsn't it great? l can eat anything l want. Jealous? 很棒吧?现在我可以尽情大吃 嫉妒吧?

[06:37.08]Come on in. Come in. 快进来

[06:39.64]Brigid, Roxanne, these are my friends from the city. 布里姬,萝克珊 她们是城里来的朋友

[06:42.12]- Hi. - We didn't think you'd make it. -你们好 -还以为你们到不了

[06:45.48]We got lost. We took the wrong bridge. 我们迷路了,走错桥

[06:49.60]Remember that feeling like if you left Manhattan even for a second, 还记得住在曼哈顿时的感觉吗

[06:50.80]- you'd fall off the edge of the earth? - God, don't remind me. 只要一离开曼哈顿 就好像完全迷路了


[06:56.36]Hi. 你们好

[06:57.76]Oh my God, it's the Bellini baby basket. 天啊,是贝里尼的婴儿篮

[06:59.32]Everybody it's the Bellini baby basket. 各位,是贝里尼的婴儿篮

[07:06.56]Speaking of Bellini's, l'm gonna have a big drink. 说到这个 我可打算要狂欢畅饮一番

[07:08.64]Jealous? 嫉妒吧?

[07:11.64]ls she still bar hopping and bed hopping? 她还是到处夜夜笙歌 和人上床?

[07:15.24]lt's so sad, isn't it? When that's all you have. 真可悲,她也只能那样

[07:21.48]- This is Rebecca. - Hi. -这是瑞贝嘉 -你好

[07:22.36]- Susan. - Hello. -苏珊 -你好

[07:25.40]Mindy, don't get up, sweetheart. 明蒂,别站起来

[07:28.48]She's doing this in vitro thing. She's not supposed to move at all. 她快生了,不适合乱动

[07:31.80]And that's Betsy and her boy, Harry. They're inseparable. 这是贝茜和哈利 母子俩形影不离

[07:35.32]They do everything together. We call them our old married couple. 任何事都一起做 我们戏称他们就像对老夫老妻

[07:39.80]lt's not really that funny now that Betsy and her husband are getting divorced. 但令人难过的是 贝茜和先生正在办离婚

[07:43.04]Laney, we need you. 兰妮,来一下

[07:46.56]So, all l have to do to meet the ideal man is give birth to him. 现在我们只须等这个完美小子 赶快出生就好

[07:51.32]l love my son. Andy's 1 1 months old. 我好爱我儿子,安迪11个月大

[07:52.40]He is a god and l tell him so every day. 他就像上帝一样 我每天对着他说话

[07:58.48]30 years from now, what do you think the chances are 活到三十而立的年纪

[08:03.36]that a woman's gonna be able to make Andy happy? 你觉得有哪个女人 能令安迪觉得快乐?

[08:06.52]l'm gonna go with zero. 答案是“没有”

[08:11.08]lt's adorable. 好可爱

[08:12.48]- Look at that Charlotte. - l wish they made this in my size. -看夏绿蒂的模样 -真希望也有我的尺寸

[08:19.68]l told you it's a cult. We can't separate. 我就说这是个无聊的仪式 我们绝不能分开

[08:20.16]Once they isolate you from the herd, it's over. 如果她们让你落单 下场就很惨

[08:23.32]As l watched Laney tear open a terry cloth baby bib 当我看着兰妮撕开棉织围兜时

[08:25.92]with the same enthusiasm she once reserved 脸上兴奋的表情 就像她扯开摇滚巨星裤子一样

[08:28.36]for tearing off rock stars' pants, l couldn't help but wonder... 我不禁要问

[08:32.56]was l next? 下一个会是我?

[08:37.36]You know what, l have to pee. 我要去洗手间

[08:39.92]lf you're not back in five minutes, l'm coming after you. 如果你五分钟内不回来 我就去找你

[08:45.20]The truth is l needed to escape. 事实是,我必需逃离现场

[08:48.88]The party had turned into a preview, 送礼会已变成展示会

[08:52.52]a preview of a life l didn't know if l was ready for. 人生成果的展示会 我不知道自己做好准备没有

[09:00.92]Even seven months pregnant. Laney couldn't keep her clothes on. 就算怀了七个月的身孕 兰妮还是不喜欢穿上衣服

[09:06.56]Clearly a part of the old Laney had survived. 显然过去的兰妮还是存在的

[09:10.52]But l wondered, what was still buried deep inside the mommies downstairs? 我不禁感到好奇 这些妈咪内心究竟有何秘密?

[09:13.100]Before l married my husband, l slept around with everybody. 结婚前,我到处和人上床

[09:17.40]Now l have an internet lover. No one knows. 现在我有个网路情人 但没人知道这秘密

[09:24.56]When l was senior vice-president, 21 2 people reported to me on a daily basis. 我还是资深副总裁时 每天有212位员工要向我报告

[09:29.80]Now l just yell at the gardener who doesn't understand a single word. 现在我只能对着园丁大吼 而他却一个字也听不懂

[09:35.80]l'm exactly the same. l love my life, 我还是一样,热爱我的生活

[09:38.08]but every now and then l can't help but think about Lisa. 现在无时无刻我都只想到莉莎

[09:44.64]Sometimes l climb into the kids' tree house, with my Walkman, 有时我会带着随身听 爬到孩子们的树屋

[09:49.68]light up a joint and listen to Peter Frampton. 点根大麻,听彼得费普顿的歌

[10:08.80]There's a woman in there breast feeding a child who can chew steak. 喂乳的孕妇能大吃牛排

[10:12.68]You know how l feel about that? 你知道我是什么感觉?

[10:14.56]lf you can ask for it you're probably too old to have it. 如果你想这么做 那可能也过了年纪了

[10:20.92]Jeremy, no! 杰瑞米,不可以

[10:23.80]l just realized, maybe it's maturity or the wisdom that comes with age but 我刚恍然大悟 或许成长该伴随着成熟与智慧

[10:26.20]the witch in Hansel and Gretel, she's very misunderstood. 但“韩森和葛莉特”童话中的 巫婆弄错了

[10:31.44]l mean the woman builds her dream house 女人建造了自己的梦幻之屋

[10:34.32]and these brats come along and start eating it. 但爱捣蛋的小鬼们 却纷纷来破坏

[10:40.00]- l have to say your home is beautiful. - Thank you. -你家真是漂亮 -谢谢

[10:44.04]l know it's a big change. 这是人生的重大改变

[10:47.76]But at some point you have to get serious and settle down. 但到了某个时刻 就得认真看待人生,安定下来

[10:51.44]Life is not a Jacqueline Suzanne novel 生活可不是像贾桂琳苏珊小说 四个好友在城市中寻找真爱

[10:53.84]- four friends looking for love in the city.

[10:60.16]Stop it. You're not gonna clean up at your own shower. 住手 这是你的送礼会,不用自己清

[11:02.44]Yeah, relax. Once little Todd or Shayla comes around, 对,放轻松 一旦陶德或夏拉出生后

[11:07.16]- you'll never stop cleaning up. - Did you say Shayla? -你就有得忙了 -你刚说“夏拉”?

[11:08.24]- lt's so unique, isn't it? - lt's so my name. -这名字很特殊吧? -那是我的名字

[11:13.08]- l thought your name was Charlotte. - No, it's not my name. -你应该是夏绿蒂吧? -不,是我取的名字

[11:16.08]lt's my secret baby name that l made up when l was 1 1 , 那是我11岁时

[11:21.68]for my daughter when l had her. l told you. 为以后的女儿所取的名字 我告诉过你

[11:24.32]- Don't tell me you don't remember. - l'm sorry. l really don't. 你没告诉过我,我不记得了


[11:29.24]A complete lie. She remembered. We all remembered. 简直是在说谎,她记得的 我们全都记得

[11:33.56]Charlotte had made us all swear never to use it. 夏绿蒂还要我们大家发誓 绝不能用这个名字

[11:35.48]l think my husband heard it somewhere. 可能是我先生在哪儿听到的

[11:37.48]Really, where? Because l didn't tell him. 是吗?在哪? 我可没告诉他

[11:40.52]- You're freaking out over a name! - You're not even pregnant. -你居然会为个名字这么激动 -你根本都还没怀孕

[11:44.20]- That's not the point! - What's going on? -这不是重点 -怎么了?

[11:46.92]- She stole my baby name. - You bitch! -她偷了我女儿的名字 -贱货

[11:52.56]Let's go! 走吧

[11:60.84]Beers and bar nuts at Flanagan's off Route Five 坐在第五大道的弗兰格酒吧里 开怀畅饮

[12:04.00]were the perfect antidote to Laney's house of humiliation. 是消除在兰妮家所受屈辱的 最佳疗伤法

[12:06.28]lf l hadn't waited this long to have a baby, that name would be mine. 假如我早点生 那名字就是我的

[12:10.84]Charlotte, come on. You're still young. 夏绿蒂,你还年轻

[12:13.76]You have plenty of time to have children. 要生孩子,时间多得是

[12:16.32]No, l don't. l don't want to be one of those 40-year-old moms. 才不是 我才不要当个40岁的妈妈

[12:19.12]- No, offence. - l don't want to be one of them either. -没有冒犯之意 -我也不想当高龄产妇

[12:24.28]There are no frozen eggs in my freezer. 我可能也很难怀孕

[12:26.44]- Was the bathroom clean? - What do you think? -化妆室干净吗? -你觉得呢?

[12:30.44]This is why l hate baby showers. l always leave feeling depressed. 所以我才这么讨厌送礼会 参加后总是心情沮丧

[12:37.00]Patty, another round. 派提,再来一巡

[12:37.08]l for one love my life 我可是热爱我的生活

[12:40.28]and l won't be made to feel inadequate by all this baby talk. 我才不会因为这种无聊事 就觉得自己不如人

[12:46.28]l spoke to a woman with a Masters in finance. 我和位财经女强人谈话时

[12:47.72]All she wanted to talk about diapers. 她的话题都绕着尿布打转

[12:50.32]lt doesn't have to be like that. 根本没必要这样 不用为孩子而牺牲掉自己

[12:52.72]You don't have to lose yourself to have a kid.

[12:56.20]l know plenty of cool, hip mothers who live in the city 我知道城里有很多时髦的辣妈

[12:59.68]and who still have great careers and stuff. 而且成功事业

[13:03.64]Who? 谁?

[13:06.64]- l'm late. l missed my period. - Patty honey, where are those beers? -我的月事晚了 -派提,酒怎么还没来?

[13:11.00]How late? 晚了多久?

[13:11.76]- Just a few, seven days. - Oh honey, gray area. -几天而已,一星期 -亲爱的,灰色地带

[13:17.28]True you're in front of the firing squad but you haven't been shot. 没错,你只是准备行刑 还没被枪决

[13:22.92]- l was once ten days late. - Really? Were you having sex? -我有次晚了十天 -是吗?你有做爱?

[13:26.12]No. 没有

[13:31.88]What are you gonna do? Are you gonna tell Mr. Big? 你打算怎么做?告诉大人物?

[13:34.48]No, l'm not going to tell him until l know... 不,我不打算告诉他 除非我知道…

[13:36.12]Until l know how l... 我知道该怎么…

[13:39.72]No, l'm not going to tell him until l know how to finish this sentence. 除非我知道该怎么说完这句话

[13:48.48]- What did l miss? - Nothing. -我错过了什么? -没有

[13:55.32]That night Charlotte got out her wish box 当晚夏绿蒂拿出她的愿望箱

[13:56.84]where she kept reminders of all the things she hoped for in life. 她把这一生所许过的愿望 都放在里面

[14:02.48]A gift for Shayla. 给夏拉的礼物

[14:05.88]A town house in the city. A beach house in East Hampton. 在城里拥有一间大宅邸 在东汉普顿有间海滨别墅

[14:13.64]Her dream man. 白马王子

[14:20.00]Her back up dream man. 后补的白马王子

[14:24.56]lt's very strange when the life you never had flashes before your eyes. 令人奇怪的是 脑中居然没有你这一生的画面

[14:29.24]Carrie held hostage. Day eight. Miranda and l went shopping. 于是早上八点时 我抓了个人质米兰达去逛街

[14:32.60]l'm on total ovary overload. Which kind do l get? 子宫好像觉得快爆掉了 我该买哪一种?

[14:37.28]Here, this one's on sale. Half off. 这个,拍卖品,只要半价

[14:39.88]Sweetie, l just spent $395 on a pair of open-toed Gucci's last week. 我上星期刚花395美元 买了双古奇的开趾凉鞋

[14:44.16]- This is not the place to be frugal. - All right. -现在不是省钱的时刻 -好吧

[14:46.12]What about this one? 这个呢?

[14:49.24]First Response! 一试就灵

[14:50.72]l remember l had a reassuring moment with First Response. 我记得以前用过这牌子来覆验

[14:55.36]Here's hoping. 以防万一

[14:58.64]- What if l am? - lf you am, you am. -如果我怀孕怎么办? -就接受现实

[15:04.12]l don't think l'd be very good at this. l mean, am l maternal? 我对这种事根本不在行 我像是具有母爱的人?

[15:10.16]When l was little l left my doll out in the rain for four days. Her face peeled off. 小时候我连续四天把洋娃娃 放在外面淋雨,弄得面目全非

[15:17.52]- That can't be good. - Yeah, but... -这可不是好征兆 -对,但…

[15:19.92]l shaved Barbie's head when l was mad at her. 有次我很生气 还把它的头发剃光

[15:21.60]When l was little l took a rubber band 小时候我把橡皮筋

[15:24.12]and put it around my dog Pepper's snout. 绕在我的狗“胡椒”的 鼻子上

[15:25.68]- What! - Oh, God. -怎么了? -天啊

[15:31.96]- Can you picture it? Us with... - Kids? -你能想像那画面,我们有… -孩子

[15:35.52]- Babies. - l'll probably end up with five. -怀孕 -我可能办不到

[15:41.20]Five hours and two packs of gum later. 经过五个钟头 吃了两包口香糖后

[15:43.40]l decided l couldn't take the test till l knew how l felt about the results... 我决定除非自己已作好准备 否则就不看检查结果

[15:47.08]either way. 绝对不看

[15:54.40]Hello. -你好 -我是兰妮

[15:56.08]lt's Laney. lt was great seeing you guys.

[15:57.40]只是想告诉你 很高兴见到你们

[16:01.16]l know l was a big bitch but you gotta know my hormones are going wild. 我知道自己不对 可能是荷尔蒙作崇

[16:05.04]Truth is Laney's hormones have been going wild since she was ten. 事实上兰妮的贺尔蒙 从十岁起就开始作崇了

[16:10.24]Seeing you made me remember how much fun we used to have. 看到你们让我想起 以前快乐的时光

[16:14.48]Yeah, we did. lt's amazing how much time has gone by. 对,以前狂欢作乐的日子

[16:17.08]Tell me about it. But l miss us. l really do. 还用你说 但我真的很想念大家

[16:21.16]We should get together more often. 我们应该常聚聚

[16:26.52]But l mean we should get together. 我说的是在一起聚聚

[16:28.92]Not just say we're going to, but really do it. 不是说说而已 而是真的找时间聚聚

[16:29.48]- Absolutely. l've got to go. l'm late. - Where you off to? -好,但我得走了,要迟到了 -你要去哪里?

[16:35.28]- Actually Samantha's having a party. - She is? -莎曼珊办了个派对 -是吗?

[16:37.44]- Yeah. - Oh, man. -对 -真好

[16:38.52]That's the kind of thing! l love Samantha's parties. 这就是我怀念的地方 我喜欢莎曼珊的派对

[16:43.72]- Why didn't you tell me? - Next time, l promise, all right? -你怎么不通知我? -下次好吗?我保证

[16:45.92]OK, bye. 好吧,再见

[16:50.40]Faced with her own inadequacy, 面对自己不如人之处

[16:52.80]Samantha did something only she could do. 莎曼珊决定有所行动 做些她最擅长的事

[16:53.16]She threw an ''l don't have a baby'' shower 她办了个 “我没有小孩”的送礼会

[16:55.96]to let everyone know she was fabulous. 让大家知道她的迷人之处

[16:58.64]Great to see you. l don't have a baby. Everybody drink! 很高兴见到你 我没有小孩,大家尽量喝

[17:06.20]- Are you having fun? - Not quite as much as Miranda. -好玩吧? -对,但没米兰达那么好玩

[17:09.64]Still convinced that marriage plus baby equals death, 米兰达仍然相信 有了婚姻小孩生活就无望了

[17:12.12]Miranda chose life. 她选择即时享乐

[17:14.24]Also known as Ed, Samantha's accountant. 他是莎曼珊的会计师艾德

[17:18.00]lf she fucks on that couch, she buys it. 若她在沙发上搞,就得买下来

[17:26.16]Hey, you guys. The entertainment has arrived. 大家好,好戏上场了

[17:33.32]- What are you doing here? - What l do best, partying! -你来做什么? -做我最擅长的事,狂欢

[17:38.12]- Maybe we better sit down. - Where's the bar? -我们还是坐下吧 -吧台在哪儿?

[17:39.96]- Somebody get me a drink! - l don't know. ls that a good idea? -给我杯饮料 -这样好吗?

[17:43.76]l'm due any day. What's one little drink gonna matter? 反正我随时都会生 喝杯酒有什么关系?

[17:46.32]Maybe it'll help me go into labor. 说不定还有助于生产

[17:50.04]She gives birth on that couch, she buys it. 她敢在沙发上生,就得买

[17:55.48]What are you doing here? What is she doing here? 你在这里做什么? 她来这里做什么?

[17:55.80]- l missed you guys. - Us? -我想念大家 -想念我们?

[17:57.56]The pathetic single girls who think life is a Jacqueline Suzanne novel? 是谁说活在贾桂琳苏珊小说中 四个可悲单身女郎?

[18:04.64]l'm sure you get asked this all the time, but what is your problem? 你一定常在想这个问题 但你到底哪里有问题?

[18:08.40]My problem? 我的问题?

[18:10.80]Just that l had a dream and you killed it in a nutshell. 简单说,就是你毁了我的梦想

[18:11.92]Really? Then you're lucky. At least you know what happened to your dream. 是吗?那么你们可真幸运 还知道梦想的结果

[18:14.76]l have no idea what happened to mine. 我却连自己在做什么都不知道

[18:19.44]Hi, Laney. 兰妮

[18:20.76]l was keeping Charlotte away from Laney... 接下来的一个小时 我忙着把她们两个分开

[18:23.40]and Laney away from the vodka. 也忙着帮不让兰妮 喝太多伏特加酒

[18:25.24]Well, look who came up for air. 看谁出现了?

[18:26.12]He's a good kisser and he's gonna do my taxes for free. 他是个亲吻高手 还免费帮我报税

[18:29.80]- Excuse me. Sorry. Hey, Carrie. - Hey, Jonathan. -对不起,凯莉 -你好,强纳森

[18:32.56]Listen, l've just been talking to your friend, Charlotte. She's really great. 我刚和你朋友夏绿蒂谈了很久 她真的很迷人

[18:37.36]- ls she seeing anybody? - Wide open. -她有和谁约会? -待字闺中

[18:41.64]- Just don't mention the name Shayla. - Sorry? -只要别提夏拉这名字就好 -对不起?

[18:44.20]Nothing. Private joke. Go forth and date. 没什么,私人笑话 放手去追吧

[18:47.56]His name was Jonathan Bix, 他是强纳森比克斯

[18:49.56]a trader who was buying a house in the Hamptons. 是位房地产商 刚成交了一笔汉普顿的房子

[18:55.84]Charlotte suddenly realized all was not lost. 夏绿蒂突然觉得 她并非失去一切

[18:59.92]As she sipped her beer, 当她啜饮啤酒时

[19:01.00]she mentally stuck her dream house back together again. 脑子里已开始策划 她的梦幻之屋

[19:06.96]This party sucks. 这派对烂透了

[19:08.88]Laney. Maybe you should be getting home, all right? 兰妮,我送你回去吧?

[19:12.96]No, l don't want to go back there. 不,我不要回去

[19:17.72]Hey, you fuckers! Who wants to see my tits? 各位,谁想看我的咪咪?

[19:21.80]- l'll take a look. - Laney come back. Don't do this. -我 -兰妮,回来,别这样

[19:25.48]Relax. lt's gonna be fun. 放轻松,会很好玩的

[19:26.36]All right, look. Now we're gonna have a party. 好,开始狂欢了

[19:32.20]Pregnant lady showing her tits! 孕妇要秀她的咪咪了

[19:35.68]Oh, my God. 天啊

[19:37.88]This is at once so sad, 我本来还以为自己很可悲

[19:40.24]and the most fabulous validation l've gotten in my life. 但这让我再次确认 我的生活是美好的

[19:53.48]This is weird. 有点怪

[19:59.72]l don't think l can do this. 我办不到

[20:04.20]No biggie. 算了吧

[20:06.68]Despite her best efforts to run free, 兰妮除了想重获自由生活外

[20:09.16]it appeared Laney's invisible electric fence 显然她的隐形电墙

[20:14.04]stretched all the way to Manhattan. 也蔓延到曼哈顿了

[20:18.64]l know l can do it. Just give me one more chance. 我知道自己办得到 只要再给我次机会

[20:21.60]lt's not who you are anymore. lt's all right. 你已经不是以前的你了 没关系的

[20:26.20]But l didn't know that was gonna happen. 但我不知道事情怎会变成这样

[20:27.20]Nobody told me that was gonna happen. 没人告诉会变成这样

[20:29.76]- l mean somebody should warn you. - All right. -应该有人要警告我 -没关系

[20:36.12]One day you're gonna wake up and you're not gonna recognize yourself. 有一天当你醒来时 却再也认不出自己

[20:50.44]Can you take her to Connecticut? 麻烦载她到康涅狄格州

[21:02.60]l spent the next day on a park bench watching children play. 隔天我花了一整天 坐在公园里看着小孩玩耍

[21:09.04]lf l had to, could l do this? 如果我有孩子 我能应付得来吗?

[21:13.80]Would l be any good? 当个称职的妈妈?

[21:19.76]Would l somehow manage to stay me? 我该如何保住自我?

[21:29.28]Hello. Oh, my! 你好,天啊

[21:33.100]- Sorry. - That's OK. She's adorable. -抱歉 -没关系,她好可爱

[21:38.84]Yeah, most of the time. You want to go home? 对,大部分时间是 你要回家吗?

[21:43.96]- Yeah. Bye. - Bye, bye. -好,再见 -再见


[21:50.00]On the way home, l got my period. 在回家路上,我的月事来了

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