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欲望都市第二季 四个女人和一场葬礼Four Women and a Funeral






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:25:44





[00:49.36]There are only two tlmes when lt's approprlate... 只有两种情形适合在 白天穿黑色礼服

[00:50.36]...to wear the llttle black dress ln dayllght.

[00:54.00]One lnvolves leavlng a party way too late. 一种是太晚离开派对

[00:55.52]The other lnvolves leavlng the party way too early. 另一种是太早离开纽约的葬礼

[00:60.16]The New York funeral.

[00:60.40]Javler was a hot Cuban deslgner... 哈维是个热情的古巴设计师

[01:01.64]...and the toast of the New York fashlon ellte.

[01:05.24]He was also a good frlend. 也是我的好朋友

[01:05.76]I had known hlm slnce he was Harvey. 我认识他很久了 哈维热爱服饰

[01:07.64]Javler loved clothes.

[01:09.40]Unfortunately, he loved heroln more. 不幸地,他更爱海洛因

[01:15.32]Shit. 可恶

[01:17.48]Okay. 好

[01:20.96]Wow, Iook at you! -看看你 -你喜欢吗?

[01:21.92]You Iike? 穿一位死去设计师设计的衣服 去参加他的葬礼不妥吧?

[01:22.04]Isn't it a IittIe wrong to wear a dead man's design to his own funeraI?

[01:27.12]It's wrong not to. 不穿才不妥,我花了两千块 不利用机会穿怎么行

[01:29.48]Besides, at $2,000, I better get some wear out of it.

[01:31.16]$2,000? You're kidding. -这么贵? -从昨天开始加价三成

[01:32.08]Marked up 30 percent since yesterday.

[01:35.84]That's the thing about New York. You're aIways more popuIar dead. 在纽约,死了比活着受欢迎

[01:39.76]I have to Iook fabuIous. 我得精心打扮,很多人会到场

[01:39.64]Everyone is gonna be there.

[01:42.80]Reminder, honey: this is a funeraI, not Friday night at Bond Street. 这是葬礼 不是周五夜晚的派对

[01:45.72]That's your grief taIking. Get your purse, Iet's go. 你听起来太悲伤,走吧

[01:50.80]Sorry I'm Iate. -抱歉,我迟到了 -是不是全曼哈顿都到了?

[01:50.68]-Is everyone in town invited to this? -Carrie invited me.

[01:53.36]-凯莉邀我来的 -你是客人邀请来的?

[01:56.64]You got invited with a guest?

[01:57.72]We were supposed to see a show together. -我们去看马格里特的展览 -你的服装很不合宜

[01:58.72]That dress is reaIIy inappropriate.

[02:03.72]Apparently, Charlotte and I were the lnapproprlate ones. 显然地 夏绿蒂和我的服装才不合宜

[02:05.08]There lt was, Javler's entlre new sprlng llne. 就在那里:哈维的春装全系列 那是他有过最好的服装秀

[02:09.56]It was hls best show ever.

[02:10.64]Everyone's wearing a Javier. -每个人都穿哈维的设计 -我就说吧

[02:12.36]ToId you.

[02:15.00]Lend me your hat, pIease? -把帽子借我 -好

[02:17.20]Fine. 要是有人问起 就说是设计师送的礼物

[02:18.28]But if anyone asks, it was a gift from the designer.

[02:24.20]Christ, my heeIs keep getting stuck. 我的脚跟困在鞋子里 我为了这场葬礼也够牺牲了

[02:25.08]So much for death with dignity.

[02:36.100]HeIIo. (大家好,欢迎各位)

[02:40.40]Buenos dlas. 看他们怎么作弄乔瑟芬娜

[02:41.96]Look at the number they did on Josephina.

[02:44.16]She is beautifuI. -她好漂亮 -一周前她不是长这样

[02:43.08]She wasn't a week ago.

[02:45.84]Josephlna was Javler's slster and helr apparent to the Javler lndustry. 乔瑟芬娜是哈维的妹妹 继承他整个服饰企业

[02:51.60]In a day she had gone from ugly duckllng to Donatella Versace. 百分百的丑小鸭变天鹅

[02:54.52]Death deflnltely became her. 彻彻底底地改头换面

[02:56.08]You're smoking at a funeraI? -在葬礼上抽烟? -哈维会喜欢的

[02:59.48]Javier wouId have wanted it that way.

[03:03.52]We are asking today... 我们今天将公开要求 为了纪念哈维

[03:04.56]...that in Javier's memory...

[03:06.72]...aII donations be made to Javier House... 所有的捐款将汇到 “哈维之屋”名下

[03:07.100]...a home we are buiIding to house those in the fashion industry... 这个机构是为了在时尚界

[03:12.88]...who suffer from... 患有物质滥用症的朋友设立的

[03:14.88]...substance abuse.

[03:17.04]No, don't. -不需要 -不需要?

[03:18.32]-No? -No.

[03:23.44]I'm gonna heIp them raise money. -我会帮忙募款 -你真是异常好心

[03:25.04]That's unusuaIIy nice of you.

[03:25.48]Forget nice, the maiIing Iist wiII be priceIess. 邮寄名单可是无价之宝 有全曼哈顿未登记的电话

[03:29.32]And I'II have every unIisted 212 number in Manhattan.

[03:31.16]You had to glve Samantha credlt. She always saw the posltlve. 你不得不赞扬她这一点: 她总是看到光明的那一面

[03:35.76]One man's death was another woman's p.r. opportunlty. 一个男人的死亡是另一个女人 公关事业的良机

[03:37.100]Josephina, I'm Samantha Jones from Samantha Jones PubIic ReIations. 我是莎曼珊琼斯,从事公关

[03:43.48]I was so touched by your speech, that I wanted to.... 你的演讲让我很感动

[04:01.68]I'm sorry. 抱歉

[04:04.20]It's nothing to Iose your hat over. 你不需要脱帽致敬吧

[04:09.36]She Ioved hats. 她热爱帽子,这很合适


[04:12.20]...fitting reaIIy.

[04:15.64]Your mother? -这位是令堂? -我妻子

[04:17.60]My wife. 我很抱歉

[04:17.76]I'm so sorry.

[04:20.60]It's okay. 没关系,谢谢


[04:27.92]Kids? -你们有小孩吗? -没有


[04:35.20]It's just a drink. 只不过是喝杯酒 他工作地点跟我的很近

[04:37.00]He works on the same bIock as my gaIIery.

[04:40.36]You picked up a man at a cemetery? 你在公墓钓凯子?

[04:40.28]He's handsome and he went to Princeton. 他很英俊,普林斯顿大学毕业

[04:42.72]-The widower thing is a definite no-no. -Why? -绝对不要跟鳏夫约会 -因为亡妻的缘故

[04:46.60]The dead wife factor.

[04:46.20]No matter how bitchy she was aIive, now she's dead... 不管她生前是不是个讨厌鬼 她死了,你永远比不上她

[04:50.88]...and you're the bitch who can't Iive up to her.

[04:51.88]-Don't taIk about his wife Iike that. -See? Happening aIready. -不要这样说他的妻子 -已经开始了

[04:56.08]It's not his fauIt she died. 老婆死了又不是老公的错

[04:58.24]And besides, going through something Iike that makes him more sensitive. 经历丧妻之痛会让他 更善解人意

[05:02.24]He's feIt reaIIy deepIy. He's in touch with his emotions. 他很有感情

[05:04.52]It's kind of romantic. 这不是很浪漫吗? 而且他结过婚

[05:07.80]Think about it. He's been married.

[05:08.68]It shows he can commit. 这表示他愿意承诺

[05:11.16]Then date a divorced guy. 那就跟离过婚的人约会 只要对方还活着

[05:11.16]They've committed and everyone's stiII aIive.

[05:14.36]It didn't work for Big. 婚姻让大人物领悟他讨厌承诺

[05:16.96]AII marriage did was convince him he hated committing.

[05:18.80]You broke up with him. -是你跟他分手 -所以我有承诺恐惧?

[05:21.64]So I'm the one with the commitment probIem?

[05:21.72]I'm just saying....

[05:23.32]Whlle we were watchlng them break ground on Javler's last locatlon... 当我们看着哈维安息地的 破土仪式

[05:28.76]...Mlranda was breaklng new ground of her own. 米兰达正在开辟她的新天地

[05:31.64]So, it's just you? -你一个人住? -是的,我一个人


[05:35.96]Just me. 这么大的公寓只有你一个人住

[05:35.20]Such a big apartment to buy for just you.

[05:40.48]I have a Iot of shoes. 我有很多鞋子

[05:43.48]Maybe the boyfriend wiII move in? -或许男朋友会搬进去? -没有男朋友,只有我

[05:45.08]No boyfriend.

[05:48.48]Just me.

[05:50.24]I have a son who owns his own business. -我有个自己创业的儿子 -不用了,谢谢

[05:53.04]No, thanks.

[05:58.32]I'II take it. 我来就好

[05:60.76]Wlth that, Ms. Mlranda Hobbes Esqulre, a.k.a. ''just me''... 就这样,米兰达“先生” 又叫做“只有我”

[06:04.56]...bought herself her flrst apartment and promptly took herself out for a drlnk. 买给自己生平第一层公寓 并带自己出去喝酒

[06:11.52]Whlle Mlranda was out celebratlng her future... 在当米兰达庆祝她的未来 我正在苦思我自己的

[06:12.80]...I was ln contemplatlng my own.

[06:17.16]In a clty that moves so fast, you get the Sunday paper on Saturday... 在一个步调飞快的城市 周六就可以拿到周日的报纸

[06:21.84]...how dld any of us know how much tlme we had left? 我们如何能知道 生命还剩多少时间?

[06:25.12]There was so much I hadn't done. I'd never been to Greece. 我有好多事还没做过 我还没去过希腊

[06:27.72]I hadn't flnlshed palntlng my bathroom My Vlsa blll stlll wasn't pald ln full.


[06:33.00]Hell, sometlmes I felt llke I was barely llvlng. 有时候我根本不觉得我活着

[06:35.44]HeIIo. -你好 -你好

[06:40.72]It's just me. -你好 -是我

[06:44.00]So, how are you? 你好吗?

[06:47.52]Just got back from a funeraI. -刚从一场葬礼回来 -所以想到我?真荣幸

[06:49.68]And you thought of me? I'm fIattered.

[06:53.48]Listen... 听着…你想吃晚餐吗?

[06:55.96]...do you want to have dinner some time?

[06:58.52]I'd Iike to have dinner any oId time. Who am I having dinner with? 我每天都吃晚餐,跟谁?

[06:60.24]Me. -跟我 -那我得查一下行程

[07:02.72]In that case, I better check my book.

[07:03.60]-I'm hanging up now. -Flne. -我要挂电话了 -好

[07:07.88]Saturday, 8:00, Roberto's. Be there or be square. 星期六八点,罗贝多餐厅 一定要到

[07:12.16]God, you're oId. 天,你老了

[07:11.64]It was so easy. 就这么简单 我和大人物周六晚上有约

[07:14.52]Just llke that, I had made a Saturday nlght date wlth Blg.

[07:17.44]In under 30 seconds, we had resuscltated a relatlonshlp... 三十秒内,我们的关系复苏了

[07:22.88]...that had taken slx months to dle. 那花了我六个月才结束

[07:24.20]The next day, Samantha set out to break some records of her own. 莎曼珊正准备破自己的纪录

[07:27.72]You know, I rareIy make personaI contributions. 我很少做什么贡献

[07:32.12]We'd Iove to have you on the Javier House board. 我们希望你能加入董事会 你能破例一次吗?

[07:33.24]Maybe in this case you can make an exception?

[07:36.08]I'II teII you what's exceptionaI. 被你这样的美女恳求 就是史无前例的

[07:39.56]Getting soIicited by a woman as beautifuI as you.

[07:41.24]Rlchard Cranwell, senlor partner at Bear Sterns... 理查康威尔,贝尔史登 资深合伙人,慈善家

[07:46.96]...phllanthroplst, playboy. Hls speclalty was hostlle takeovers.


[07:50.44]FIattery wiII get you everywhere, Mr. CranweII. 康威尔先生,奉承能成就大事

[07:52.48]PIease, caII me Dick. -叫我小弟弟就行 -小弟弟(与阳具同音)

[07:54.28]Dick. 对莎曼珊来说 这比较像是友善的合并案

[07:55.96]In Samantha's case, lt was more llke a frlendly merger.

[07:60.16]Perhaps we couId discuss Javier House over dinner sometime. 或许我们可以在 哈维之屋晚宴上讨论?

[08:02.84]I beIieve that couId be arranged. 我可以安排

[08:08.92]Samantha groped Cranwell for the good of all strung-out deslgners everywhere. 莎曼珊抚摸过小弟弟康威尔 身上所有名牌服饰

[08:12.56]Unfortunately, she was not expectlng Sandy Cranwell... 不幸地,她没料到珊蒂康威尔

[08:15.36]...back early from groplng a sweater set at Bendels. 会提早回家

[08:20.16]Get out. -滚出去 -我把提案留在这里

[08:23.72]I'II just Ieave the proposaI.

[08:30.88]Apparently, Sandy was not feellng as charltable as her husband. 显然地 珊蒂没有她丈夫来得慈善

[08:35.92]Meanwhlle, at her mortgage company across town... 在抵押借款公司 米兰达在交易时遇到困难

[08:39.92]...Mlranda was havlng her own troubles closlng the deal.

[08:42.12]So, it's just you. -只有你一个人? -对,只有我

[08:42.80]Yeah, just me.

[08:47.88]Check the ''singIe woman'' box. 勾选单身妇女那一栏 并签上你的姓


[08:55.64]And the down payment's coming from your father? 头期款是你父亲支付吗?

[08:58.92]No. 不,是我

[09:03.48]Just me.

[09:09.32]Check the ''singIe woman'' box. 勾选单身妇女栏

[09:13.04]In the course of one hour... 米兰达勾选了无数个 单身妇女栏

[09:16.48]...Mlranda had checked more slngle women's boxes than her gynecologlst.

[09:20.08]I'm teIIing you, if I was a singIe man, none of this wouId be happening. 如果我是单身男子 他们就不会这样了

[09:26.04]If you were a singIe man, I'd date you. 如果你是单身男子 我就跟你约会

[09:26.76]I've got the money, I've got a great job, and I stiII get, ''it's just you?'' 我有钱,有好工作 人们却老爱问我:只有你吗?

[09:30.00]They're threatened. Buying a pIace aIone means you don't need a man. 靠自己买一栋公寓 意味着你不需要男人

[09:34.48]I don't. 每个人都需要男人 所以我只租房子

[09:35.76]Everyone needs a man. That's why I rent.

[09:39.88]If you own and he stiII rents, then the power structure is aII off.


[09:41.76]It's emascuIating. 男人不需要自给自足的女人

[09:43.56]Men don't want a woman who's too seIf-sufficient.

[09:44.60]I'm sorry, did someone just order a Victorian straight up? 你真是来自旧时代的人

[09:51.00]I'm sorry, Miss Jones, your card's not accepted. 琼斯小姐,你的卡不被接受

[09:53.76]That's not possibIe. Try it again. -不可能,再试一次 -我可能没说清楚

[09:55.36]Maybe I'm not making myseIf cIear.

[09:58.44]Your card and you are not accepted here. 我们这里不欢迎你和你的卡

[10:02.72]Samantha had messed wlth the wrong woman. 莎曼珊招惹到不该惹的女人

[10:04.52]Sandy Cranwell practlcally owned Manhattan and wanted Samantha off lt. 珊蒂几乎拥有整个曼哈顿 她要莎曼珊在此消失

[10:07.00]Come on, Iet's go. 走吧,我们走

[10:11.56]Sandy Cranwell had done what any well-heeled soclallte would do. 珊蒂做了任何富有的名流 都会做的事

[10:13.68]She took out a soclal hlt on Samantha. 她让莎曼珊在社交圈混不下去

[10:17.96]In 12 hours, Sam had gone from ''a'' llst to blackllst. 在半天内 莎曼珊从贵宾名单变成黑名单

[10:22.48]The next nlght, Charlotte met Ned the wldower for drlnks. 隔一晚 夏绿蒂和鳏夫耐德见面

[10:25.20]This was fun. -下一次我们好好吃顿饭 -我很乐意

[10:29.40]Maybe we couId meet for a reaI meaI next time.

[10:29.88]I'd Iike that. 他们谈论建筑,艺术 和长春藤联盟

[10:31.56]They talked about archltecture, art, the Ivy League.

[10:35.52]The ex-wlfe wasn't even ln the plcture... -他的前妻从来不是话题… -这是她吗?

[10:38.32]Is this her?

[10:37.80]...untll the ex-wlfe's plcture showed up. 直到前妻的照片出现…

[10:43.88]Yeah. 对

[10:44.88]She's so pretty. 她好漂亮

[10:51.64]Let's get out of here, okay? 我们走吧

[10:52.92]I'm sorry. 抱歉,我真粗心 你一定很难过

[10:55.40]That was reaIIy thoughtIess of me. I know this must be hard for you.

[10:57.80]It's just a IittIe weird taIking about her on a date. 在约会时谈到她很奇怪

[10:60.96]I understand. 我了解

[11:11.04]It's a beautifuI night. 美丽的夜晚

[11:13.88]Are you okay? 耐德,你还好吗?

[11:18.60]I'm sorry. 抱歉,我只是…

[11:18.88]It's just--

[11:23.52]Seeing Liz's picture and thinking about her.... 看到丽兹的照片,想到她…

[11:29.64]Oh, God! I'm sorry. -天,我很抱歉 -这给你

[11:31.08]Here. 夏绿蒂讨厌男人哭 但耐德的眼泪让他显得更浪漫

[11:32.36]Ordlnarlly, Charlotte hated when men crled.

[11:37.28]But on Ned, lt only made hlm more romantlc.

[11:45.40]Wow. 这真是太糗了

[11:49.32]So embarrassing.

[11:50.88]I'm just... 我现在…感触很多

[11:53.96]...feeIing so much right now.

[11:54.96]Those were maglc words to Charlotte's ears. 这些话在夏绿蒂耳中具有魔力

[11:57.72]It's okay. 没关系,你慢慢平复情绪

[11:58.72]You just take as much time as you need.

[12:02.44]Okay? It's okay.

[12:24.16]Apparently, all the tlme Ned needed was 45 mlnutes. 显然地 耐德只需要四十五分钟

[12:29.04]That nlght, under the watchful eyes of a dead woman... 那晚,就在他亡妻的凝视下

[12:32.56]...Ned came back to llfe... 耐德“重振雄风”…两次


[12:47.76]One word.: -我劝你再想想 -他老婆去世了

[12:47.36]-Rebound. -Not when the other person's dead.

[12:50.80]She has a point. -她说得有理 -我在帮他走过丧妻之痛

[12:53.12]He's moving on. I'm heIping him to get over his wife.

[12:54.56]This guy has ''project'' written aII over him. 他根本就是事先策划好了

[12:59.60]That's not fair. -他床上表现如何? -太棒了

[12:58.28]So how was the sex?

[12:60.24]Amazing. 感觉就像丽兹看着我们 祝福我们

[13:02.84]It was Iike Liz was Iooking over us, giving us her bIessing.

[13:05.12]A threesome in absentia. 一人缺席的三人行

[13:08.52]I mean, my hat bIew right into her headstone. 我的帽子被吹到她的墓前 她在传递某种讯息

[13:10.88]She was cIearIy sending a message.

[13:12.72]Yeah, ''don't fuck my husband, you hat-Ioving bitch.'' “不要搞上我老公 你这个爱帽子的贱人”

[13:16.16]He invited me to a memoriaI service at her grave next week. 他邀请我参加下周 她的追悼仪式

[13:19.68]That is huge. 什么时候这种事变成喜事?

[13:18.36]Excuse me, but when did cemeteries get so happening?

[13:23.32]It's a sign that he's ready to move on. And he's ready to do it with me. 这表示他愿意跟我更进一步

[13:26.40]You're saying you fucked him back to Iife? -所以你用性让他起死回生? -可以这么说

[13:29.20]In a way, yes.

[13:31.08]Man, you're good. 你真棒

[13:31.36]That nlght I had my date wlth Blg. 那一晚,我跟大人物约会

[13:33.68]I was feellng everythlng... 我心中五味杂陈: 恐惧,幸福,担心

[13:35.04]...fear, happlness, dread.

[13:38.04]Was I ready to jump back lnto a llfe wlth Blg ln lt? 我准备好回到大人物 身边了吗?

[13:43.68]Was seelng hlm agaln a huge mlstake? 跟他再次见面是错误吗?

[13:46.68]And lf lt was... 如果是,我为什么这么兴奋? 我没有这么困惑过

[13:46.16]...why was I so exclted?

[13:49.64]I had never felt so confused.

[13:52.56]Was Charlotte rlght? 夏绿蒂是对了吗?

[13:52.44]In a world where everyone's dylng to make a connectlon... 在这个人人急于攀关系的世界

[13:56.00]...can a relatlonshlp brlng you back to llfe? 一段关系能让你起死回生吗?

[13:57.12]I never reaIIy thought about it. -我想都没想过 -你死了以后会怎样?

[14:01.48]Come on, everybody wonders what happens after you die.

[14:04.88]I'm too busy wondering who's dinging my car in the garage. 我忙得没时间想这种问题

[14:08.24]I think we reincarnate. -我想我们有轮回 -这是一个解脱的方法

[14:09.64]That's the easy way out.

[14:13.80]What are you gonna come back as? 你来世会变成什么?

[14:16.32]Someone who knows better. 一个懂得更多的人

[14:20.28]You smeII nice. -你闻起来好香 -我是认真的

[14:21.08]I'm serious.

[14:23.64]-Do you beIieve in heaven? -Yeah. -你相信天堂吗? -相信


[14:27.64]What's your idea of heaven? -你心中的天堂是什么样子? -一张大大的床

[14:29.60]A big bed. 天堂的人对着我说:请进

[14:32.60]And they're just saying, ''Come on in.''

[14:36.76]You're idea of heaven is a bed? -你心目中的天堂是张床? -那要看谁躺在上面

[14:40.76]It depends on who's in it.

[14:41.56]I'm not sIeeping with you tonight. -我今天不跟你上床 -我们不是只吃晚餐吗?

[14:43.32]I thought we were just having dinner.

[14:45.72]We are. 没错

[14:50.88]A half hour later, and I was back at Blg's, the slte of so many past llttle deaths. 半小时后,我回到大人物家中 我过去记忆埋葬的地方

[14:56.28]It felt great and welrd and... 感觉很棒,很怪…很不妥

[14:57.36]...wrong. -不可以 -可以

[14:58.92]-We can't do this. -Yes, we can.

[15:00.24]Not Iike this. -不要这样 -好,我们进去

[15:02.60]You're right, Iet's go inside.

[15:06.20]No. 不行,我要走了

[15:05.00]I have to go.

[15:09.16]I dldn't know what had happened... 突然间,我觉得跟大人物复合 不是件好事

[15:13.64]...but suddenly, gettlng back together wlth Blg seemed llke a very bad ldea.

[15:17.92]I was scared to death. The flrst tlme we got lnvolved, I got out just ln tlme. 第一次跟大人物交往 我离开的正是时候

[15:20.52]Would I be as lucky the second? 我第二次会一样幸运吗?

[15:23.88]Across town, Samantha was faclng her own uncertaln future. 莎曼珊正面对自己不定的未来

[15:27.80]-Check it again: Samantha Jones. -Sorry. -再查一次 -抱歉

[15:30.68]The flrst tlme, she thought lt was an unfortunate overslght. 她第一次觉得这是 一个不幸的错误

[15:31.36]The second tlme was just unfortunate. -来的真不是时候 -我们客满了

[15:33.64]-I'm sorry, we're aII fuII. -I'II wait for a tabIe. -我再等别桌 -不用麻烦了

[15:36.80]Don't bother.

[15:41.72]By the thlrd tlme she was turned away, lt had all become clear. 当莎曼珊第三次被拒 一切就很明显了

[15:43.00]She was deader ln thls town than Javler. 她在这里死得比哈维还彻底

[15:49.48]Teddy, take her out of here. 把她请出去

[15:51.96]The next day, Mlranda met her new nelghbor. 隔天,米兰达遇见她的新邻居


[15:54.44]Are you my new neighbor? 你们是我的新邻居吗?

[15:57.68]Yeah. Hi, I'm Miranda Hobbes. 我是米兰达霍布斯 很高兴见到你们

[15:59.96]Nice to meet you.

[16:00.48]I haven't actuaIIy moved in yet. I'm just taking some measurements. 我还没搬进来 我只是来测量尺寸

[16:04.56]I'm so gIad to have a young person moving in. 我很高兴有年轻人搬进来

[16:07.64]Brings a IittIe Iife to the pIace. 为这个地方带来生气 璐西很封闭,从未结婚

[16:10.12]Ruthie kept pretty much to herseIf.

[16:14.52]Never married.

[16:17.60]She died in there, you know. -她就死在里面 -真的吗?

[16:20.28]She did? 一个礼拜后才被人发现

[16:21.56]Oh, yes.

[16:22.24]It was a week before anyone reaIized she passed.

[16:26.44]Rumor has it, the cat ate haIf her face. 听说她的猫吃掉她半边脸

[16:31.28]So, just you? 只有你一个人?

[16:38.04]That nlght, Mlranda had another dlsconcertlng experlence. 那一晚,米兰达遇到一个窘境

[16:45.20]Halfway through her Three Dellcacy Dellght... 就在她穿越美丽的厨房时 她被食物噎住了

[16:46.72]...a dellcacy got stuck.

[17:15.84]After Mlranda was done savlng her own llfe... 自己救回一条命后 她打电话找人诉苦

[17:16.20]...she called someone who could commlserate.

[17:18.80]Unfortunately, I was deep lnto screenlng mode. 不幸地,我正在过滤电话

[17:23.48]Blg had called twlce and I dldn't know what I wanted to say to hlm. 大人物打来两次 我不知道要说什么

[17:24.80]Oh my God, I just chokedI 我噎到了,快死了你却不接…

[17:28.44]I just almost dled and you are not--

[17:30.96]Hey, sweetie, you aII right? -你还好吗? -我在看影集

[17:31.64]I was watching Hard Copy, and I kept thinking when they found me...

[17:32.100]我想当我被发现时 我会变成看烂节目的死人

[17:36.40]...I wouId forever be the dead girI who watched bad TV.

[17:39.12]Why didn't you caII me? -你为什么不打电话给我? -我没办法呼吸

[17:40.20]I couIdn't breathe. I'm gonna die aIone, Carrie.

[17:40.36]-我将孤老到死 -你要我过去吗?

[17:44.16]No, you are not. Do you want me to come over?

[17:45.28]No, I'm okay. 我很好,明天再打给你

[17:46.76]I'II caII you tomorrow.

[17:50.84]The fact was, Mlranda was not okay. 米兰达一点都不好 她饿着肚子上床睡觉

[17:53.48]She went to bed hungry and locked the cat ln the kltchen for two days. 还把猫关在厨房两天

[17:57.88]After a week of belng a soclal parlah... 当了一星期的社交贱民后

[17:60.48]...Samantha reallzed lf she ever wanted to get her llfe back, she'd have to beg for lt. 莎曼珊领悟到她不得不求人 才能回到以前

[18:05.96]She went to the top, the Godfather. 她去求助最上层的教父级人物

[18:06.72]Samantha Jones. 莎曼珊琼斯,听起来很熟

[18:08.72]The name sounds famiIiar.

[18:11.72]Shlppy Shlpman was the queen of the ladles who lunch. 希琵西普曼是社交皇后

[18:15.76]And was personally responslble for the demlse of at least 70 soclal llves. 她曾让至少七十个 社交人士消失

[18:20.96]You might know me from the Javier House Foundation? -因为我负责筹募哈维之屋? -不是的

[18:23.72]No, that's not it.

[18:24.40]No? 你就是在一场慈善会中 勾引我丈夫的狐狸精

[18:25.64]I beIieve you were the whore who once groped my husband at a Whitney benefit.

[18:28.00]It was bad. Not only was Samantha dylng... 不只莎曼珊完蛋了

[18:33.20]...but her entlre sex llfe was flashlng before her. 她的性生活也从她眼前闪过

[18:35.04]Maybe. I don't reaIIy remember. -或许吧,我不记得了 -我记得

[18:37.36]I do.

[18:40.44]You're good friends with Sandy CranweII? 你跟珊蒂康威尔是好朋友?

[18:43.72]Yes, we go back to Chapin. -没错,我跟她是旧识了 -你能帮我跟她讲讲话?

[18:46.56]CouId you maybe taIk to her for me?

[18:48.48]I think you made your own bed and you need to Iie in it. 自己铺的床,自己睡

[18:53.92]And you're good at that, aren't you, Samantha? 你很擅长的不是吗?

[18:55.52]What do you want me to say, Shippy? 希琵,你希望我说什么? 我是个荡妇?

[18:58.68]That I'm a whore?

[19:02.28]That I've sIept with every man in New York and some in BrookIyn? 我跟全纽约的男人睡过 或许还有布鲁克林的?

[19:06.44]AII right, maybe I have. 好,或许是真的 但我需要承受这么多吗?

[19:08.48]Is that what it's gonna take?

[19:10.52]Okay, I'm a big whore. 好,我是个大荡妇

[19:14.44]Now, wiII you heIp me? 你愿意帮我吗?

[19:21.20]I don't think so. -不愿意 -好吧


[19:28.92]And I onIy groped your husband's fIat preppy ass at that benefit... 我是因为喝醉才会抚摸 你丈夫又平又垮的屁股

[19:30.24]...because I was drunk.

[19:32.68]I'II see myseIf out. 不用送了

[19:40.56]The next day, Mlranda declded to check out her new nelghborhood. 隔天,米兰达决定 观察周遭环境

[19:45.76]But suddenly, she was the one checklng out. 突然间,她萌生退意

[20:08.40]That was the pecullar thlng about New York... 这就是纽约的诡异之处

[20:11.60]...you never knew lf a cab was golng to save you or klll you... 你永远不知道计程车 会救你还是害你

[20:12.04]CoIumbia Presbyterian HospitaI, pIease.

[20:14.44]...or both.

[20:17.56]That was freaky. 真的是很奇怪

[20:21.60]I feIt Iike I was drowning and dying at the same time. 我觉得自己就快淹死了

[20:25.00]They said you had a panic attack. 你这是惊吓过度

[20:26.76]Yeah, and I had to pay $500 of my singIe person's saIary to find that out. 我得花五百块给医生诊断

[20:34.32]What's wrong? 怎么了?

[20:36.92]Take a good Iook at my face, because at my funeraI... 好好看看我的脸 葬礼上我的脸会只剩一半

[20:38.40]...there'II onIy be haIf of it.

[20:42.32]I'II be dead and my cat wiII be happy. 我死了,我的猫会很高兴

[20:44.80]CharIotte wiII be picking up men at the next grave site over. 夏绿蒂又会藉机在墓园钓凯子

[20:48.24]Breathe, sweetie, breathe. 深呼吸,亲爱的

[20:49.84]I'm aII aIone, Carrie. 我一个人,凯莉

[20:52.40]The first peopIe on my ''caII in case of emergency'' Iist are my parents. 我的紧急联络人是我的父母

[20:55.32]And I don't Iike them. And they Iive in PennsyIvania. 我不喜欢他们 而且他们住在宾州

[20:60.80]Sweetie, you can put me on there. -你可以写我 -不行,你不接电话

[21:01.16]I can't! You screen!

[21:04.04]I'II pick up. 我保证我会接的

[21:05.64]I promise.

[21:11.84]Listen... 听好,你买公寓是正确的

[21:13.44]...you did the right thing buying that apartment.

[21:16.88]-You Iove it, right? -Yeah. -你很喜欢,不是吗? -是

[21:19.08]And you won't be aIone forever. 你不会一辈子孤单的

[21:20.36]The truth was, I dldn't know lf any of us would end up alone. 我不知道我们之中 有没有人会孤身到老

[21:24.72]But I dld know Mlranda couldn't afford another panlc attack. 我只知道米兰达禁不起 再一次的打击

[21:32.20]Meanwhlle, over ln Queens... 在皇后区 夏绿蒂正准备接受惊喜

[21:35.40]...Charlotte was about to get a surprlse of her own.

[21:39.88]You brought IiIies. -你带了百合花 -你说这是她最爱的花

[21:39.52]You said they were her favorite.

[21:54.64]PIease teII me those are your sisters. -他们是你妹妹吧? -我没有妹妹

[21:56.28]I don't have any sisters.

[21:59.52]Charlotte reallzed she wasn't the only woman resuscltatlng Ned. 夏绿蒂不是唯一 让耐德重振雄风的人

[22:05.08]Charlotte's relatlonshlp dled rlght where lt started. 夏绿蒂的感情才刚开始就结束

[22:10.24]She was prepared to llve ln the shadow of a dead woman. 她可以活在一个 死去女人的阴影下

[22:12.44]She wasn't prepared to llve ln the shadow of three llve ones. 却不能接受三个活着的女人

[22:26.84]That Saturday, Samantha hlt rock bottom... 那个星期六,莎曼珊跌到谷底

[22:30.48]...also known as Javler House.

[22:32.52]No one would return her phone calls. She hadn't ralsed any money. 没有人回她的电话 她一毛钱也没有募到

[22:34.80]All she could do for Javler House was construct lt. 她能为哈维之屋做的 就是帮忙盖

[22:38.08]But slx hours of hard labor later, Samantha experlenced her own reblrth. 在辛苦工作六小时后 她获得重生

[22:44.28]It was Leonardo DlCaprlo, ex machlna. 那是李奥纳多狄卡皮欧 解围之神

[22:48.32]That day, Leonardo and Samantha became fast frlends. 他们很快地变成朋友 噩梦就此结束

[22:50.72]The nlghtmare was over.

[22:51.80]Leonardo DlCaprlo had brought Sam back to soclal llfe. 李奥纳多将莎曼珊带回社交圈

[22:59.36]To add lnsult to panlc attack... 在惊吓过度之后 米兰达接到脑人的消息

[23:01.08]...Mlranda had just gotten some unsettllng news.

[23:04.12]The mortgage offlcer had messed up Mlranda's appllcatlon. 贷款经办人窜改她的申请

[23:07.24]They had lnadvertently labeled her as ''separated.'' 他们将她贴上分居的标签

[23:09.60]And to clear up the confuslon... 为了澄清 米兰达写了一封蒙羞的信

[23:13.68]...Mlranda had to wrlte a rather humlllatlng letter.

[23:21.84]Mlranda had a cholce. She could panlc or she could just type. 米兰达有一个选择 她可以惊慌或是打字

[23:29.88]Mlranda kllled her panlc attacks rlght then and there. 米兰达当下即克服了她的恐惧

[23:42.88]She reallzed she probably wouldn't dle alone. 她知道她或许不会孤单地死去

[23:48.36]But she kept overfeedlng her cat just ln case. 但她一直过量地喂她的猫

[23:57.60]Meanwhlle, four unreturned calls later, my number was up. 在四通未接电话后 我的把戏被揭穿了

[24:01.48]Good, you're aIive. -很好,你还活着 -等一下,你要去哪里?

[24:03.76]Wait, where are you going?

[24:05.08]Home. -回家,我老了,该睡觉了 -我很抱歉

[24:06.76]I'm oId. It's past my bedtime.

[24:10.44]-I'm sorry. -You shouId be. 应该的,我有洋基队的门票

[24:12.72]I had box seats to a Yankee doubIe header.

[24:15.64]Damn! -该死,你带谁去? -回我电话的人

[24:16.04]Who'd you take?

[24:17.88]Someone who returned my caIIs.

[24:21.00]It was déjà vu all over agaln.: 旧事重演

[24:21.88]Me, Blg, a doorway... 我,大人物,在楼梯间 交杂的情绪

[24:25.44]...and mlxed emotlons.

[24:28.24]Wait, not here. -等一下,不要在这里 -不要这样,凯莉

[24:30.56]Don't do this, Carrie.

[24:33.52]Come on. 走吧,我们出去

[24:36.28]We're going out.

[24:38.08]I took hlm to the most non-sexual place I could thlnk of. 我带他到最不会引起 性欲的地方

[24:41.16]''Just you

[24:45.84]''Just me''

[24:55.40]I'm good! -我真棒,你有看到吗? -当然有

[24:56.48]-Did you see that? -Wow, I sure did.

[24:57.88]Two pltchers of cheap beer later, Blg and I were havlng a great tlme. 喝了两壶啤酒 我们玩得很愉快

[25:10.20]You know what my version of heII is? 你知道地狱长什么样子吗? 穿着租来的两色鞋

[25:10.68]Wearing rented two-tone shoes.

[25:14.28]''Just us

[25:15.56]''Just we''

[25:19.92]Hey, batter batter!

[25:20.20]No heckIing the bowIer. 不要刁难打保龄球的人

[25:34.92]Did you see that? -你有看到吗? -有,很棒


[25:36.20]That was nice.

[25:39.72]Look at that. 你看

[25:41.88]I won. -我赢了 -三战两胜

[25:41.00]Okay, two out of three.

[25:45.16]You want to pIay a second game? -要再玩一局吗? -或许吧


[25:49.12]Are you sure you're ready to get kiIIed aII over again? 你准备好再一次被痛宰?

[25:51.56]I dldn't know what we were talklng about anymore. 我不确定我们在谈什么 但我知道答案

[25:55.60]But elther way, I knew the answer.

[25:56.100]Yep, Iet's do it. 来吧

[26:00.36]We never made lt to the second game. 我们没有再打第二局

[26:08.04]I dldn't know lf lt was sulclde or not. 我不知道这样算不算自杀

[26:11.60]All I knew was Blg and I had been relncarnated... 我只知道大人物跟我再生了

[26:13.00]...and I'd never felt more allve. 我从来没有这么有活力

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