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欲望都市第二季 偷情曲线The Cheating Curve






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:25:35





[00:50.24]They say that New Yorkers wlll attend the openlng of an envelope... 只要香槟源源不断地供应

[00:51.84]...as long as the champagne doesn't run dry. 纽约人连拆封典礼也会参加

[00:55.32]But tonlght's openlng at Charlotte's gallery for Yael... 但今晚夏绿蒂画廊为女同志 画家耶尔举行的展览开幕酒会

[00:59.16]...a lesblan palnter from Brooklyn Helghts...

[00:59.76]...actually transcended the bad wlne, stale cheese routlne. 却超越了传统劣酒 腐败乳酪的固定模式

[01:03.64]It was lesblan chlc meets art-world cool. 潇洒的女同志进入艺术殿堂

[01:06.12]A surprlslngly fabulous combustlon that no one saw comlng. 悄悄地延烧出惊人的火花

[01:11.20]Charlotte was there wlth her latest fllng, Gareth Davls. 夏绿蒂和新男友盖瑞戴维斯 一起出席

[01:13.52]A toxlc bachelor and the owner of Thorn, a downtown restaurant... 他是“荆棘”的老板 那是一家二流模特儿

[01:19.76]...frequented by second-tler models and the men who buy them salad. 和包养她们的金主 时常光顾的餐厅

[01:25.24]Mlranda brought Ethan Watson... 米兰达的男伴是伊森华生 一个纪录片导演

[01:26.44]...a documentary fllmmaker she had met the week before... 一周前她在很少人参加的 哈佛校友会上认识的

[01:29.72]...at a sparsely attended Harvard Alumnl mlxer.

[01:35.16]And my date for the evenlng was Samantha. 而我今晚的伴是莎曼珊

[01:36.44]Not entlrely lnapproprlate glven the clrcumstances. 在这种场合还算恰当

[01:38.36]Here. -没人告诉我要自备男伴 -这是女同志画展

[01:41.84]Nobody toId me it was B.Y.O. Man.

[01:43.84]What did you expect? It's a Iesbian art show.

[01:44.72]But don't straight guys foIIow them around to see what they're going to do? 难道正常的男人 不会好奇地围着她们打转吗?

[01:49.88]Wait a second. You see that guy? 慢着,你看那个男的 我认识他

[01:51.16]-Who? -I know him.

[01:54.24]-Who is he? -He's a trainer at my gym. -他是谁? -我健身房的教练

[01:56.96]And you shouId see his squat thrusts. I'm just gonna say heIIo. 你应该看他示范动作 我要去打个招呼

[02:01.80]You know what, honey? I think I'm gonna go home. -我想回家了 -我马上就回来

[02:03.32]-ReIax, I'II be right back. -I don't feeI very weII. -我不太舒服 -怎么了?

[02:06.60]-What's wrong? -I have a headache. It just hit me. -我头痛 -需要止痛药吗?

[02:10.76]-You want a Percodan? -I'm fine. I just need some sIeep. 不用,我睡一觉就行了 你去吧,去交新朋友

[02:12.76]Go on, make new friends. -我再打给你 -好

[02:16.32]-I'II caII you. -Okay.

[02:22.72]Wlth Samantha, Mlranda and Charlotte all sultably occupled... 既然莎曼珊、米兰达 以及夏绿蒂都各有男伴了

[02:24.08]...I flgured there was no better tlme to make my escape. 没有比现在更适合逃走的时机

[02:28.44]The truth was, I had another engagement. 事实上我另有约会

[02:33.40]But I dldn't dare tell any of my frlends where I was golng... 但我没告诉她们 我要去哪里或跟谁见面

[02:37.08]...or who I was plannlng to meet.

[02:46.12]-You Iook sensationaI. -You don't Iook so bad yourseIf. -你看起来真是艳光四射 -你也不赖

[02:48.92]This oId thing? I've had it for years. 这件旧衬衫?我穿好几年了

[02:53.28]I knew lt was wrong. 我知道这是不对的

[02:56.16]Seelng an emotlonally unavallable man I had sworn off months earller. 和几个月前因无法付出感情 我发誓要脱离的男人见面

[02:60.64]But the gullt worked llke an aphrodlslac. 但罪恶感就像催情剂

[03:04.44]I had never felt sexler or more allve ln my entlre llfe. 我这辈子从未觉得如此性感 充满活力

[03:11.80]By mldnlght, Charlotte dlscovered Manhattan's latest group... 午夜前,夏绿蒂发现了一群 炫耀财富的新集团

[03:14.80]...to flaunt thelr dlsposable lncome.:

[03:15.36]The power lesblan. 权力女同志 她们似乎拥有一切

[03:17.64]They seem to have everythlng.

[03:20.72]Great shoes, klller eyewear and the secrets to lnvlslble makeup. 脚踩名贵的鞋子 脸上画着自然到看不出的裸妆

[03:24.60]-I want that one. I'm gonna take it. -Didn't I say I was buying it? 那幅画我要了

[03:26.60]-我已经说我要买了 -你是要放大的

[03:27.80]-I thought you were taking the Iarge one. -I want both.

[03:32.04]For God's sakes. -我两幅都要 -看在老天份上

[03:35.76]Charlotte had never sold out a show before ln her llfe. 夏绿蒂从未在展览中售完画作 她感到十分惊喜

[03:38.36]She was pleasantly surprlsed. 可惜,有个不太愉快的 意外等着她

[03:38.52]Unfortunately, there was a not so pleasant surprlse ln store for her.

[03:44.00]We're out of champagne. -香槟喝完了 -储藏室还有一箱

[03:43.72]I'm sure I have an extra case or two in the back storeroom.

[04:00.28]Excuse me. 抱歉打扰

[04:03.00]ReIax, we're just kissing. 别激动,我们只是接吻而已

[04:11.12]I'II see you in there. 我们里头见

[04:15.04]I can't beIieve he had the nerve to kiss her and stiII pretend he wasn't cheating. 他和那个女人正在接吻 还装得一副没偷腥的样子

[04:19.88]Maybe he doesn't consider kissing cheating. 或许他认为接吻不算偷腥

[04:22.68]Come on. It was onIy your second date. 你们才第二次约会

[04:23.68]So? Doesn't that guarantee me fideIity untiI the end of the evening? 直到那夜结束之前 他都应该对我忠实

[04:27.44]Remember Ron, the married guy with kids on Park Avenue? 记得朗吗,那个有妇之夫?

[04:29.64]He didn't consider fucking beIow 23rd Street cheating. 他认为在23街以下 跟别的女人上床都不算偷腥

[04:34.72]That's insane. 男人偷腥的原因跟狗舔自己的 睾丸一样:因为他们办得到

[04:33.92]Men cheat for the same reason that dogs Iick their baIIs:

[04:36.68]Because they can. It's part of their bioIogy. 这是生物本能

[04:41.88]Instead of wasting aII this energy condemning it... 我们不但不该责备他们

[04:43.72]...maybe it's time we aII got in Iine with the reaIity of the situation. 反而要欣然接受现实

[04:48.24]That sounds very empowering, but you're forgetting one detaiI. -你忘了一个重要的细节 -希望如此

[04:51.68]I hope so. -女人也会偷腥 -这不一样

[04:50.48]-Women cheat. -But it's different.

[04:53.40]How? 我们不会随便 勾搭看上眼的男人

[04:54.80]We don't go around randomIy attacking any man we're attracted to.

[04:58.04]-Speak for yourseIf. -We're not driven by testosterone. -别一概而论 -我们又不受睾丸酮控制

[05:02.00]Then what does drive us according to you? -不然我们受什么控制 -感情

[05:05.60]-Emotions. -You mean hormones. 你是说荷尔蒙

[05:07.20]No. I mean that IittIe voice inside of me that says, ''Mate for Iife.'' 我内心深处有个小声音不停说 “找寻终生伴侣”

[05:09.28]You can't Iisten to every fucking IittIe voice that runs through your head. 你不能听信脑海中每个声音 那会把你逼疯

[05:15.76]It'II drive you nuts.

[05:16.36]The probIem is that you two have very different definitions of cheating. 问题在于你们两个 对偷情的定义不同

[05:20.20]I don't toIerate it. -我绝不能容忍 -我则对人性抱持现实的态度

[05:21.88]And I'm more forgiving and reaIistic about human nature.

[05:27.80]That's because you cheat. 那是因为你会偷情

[05:29.96]I just don't think that you can define cheating in absoIute terms. 偷情无法用绝对的措辞来定义

[05:31.72]You think it's okay to cheat? -你的意思是偷情无罪? -也许有所谓的偷情曲线

[05:33.04]I think maybe there's a cheating curve.

[05:35.00]Someone's definition of what constitutes cheating... 一个人对于偷情的定义

[05:38.40]...is in direct proportion to how much they themseIves want to cheat. 和他渴望出轨的程度恰成正比

[05:42.00]That's moraI reIativism. -那是道德相对论 -我认为是量子偷情论

[05:46.24]I prefer to think of it as quantum cheating.

[05:46.04]The fact is, the act of cheating is defined by the act of getting caught. 偷情的行为 要看有没有被抓到而定

[05:50.96]One doesn't exist without the other. 两者不能独立存在

[05:55.80]I wondered, was Samantha rlght? 我不禁纳闷莎曼珊说对了吗?

[05:58.40]Is cheatlng llke the proverblal tree ln the forest? 偷情已经变得稀松平常

[05:59.96]That lt doesn't exlst lf there's no one around to catch you? 如果没被发现就不算吗?

[06:02.56]In a gravlty-free world of anythlng goes, what constltutes cheatlng? 在一个无奇不有的世界 到底何谓偷情?

[06:09.96]Everybody cheats. 人人都会偷懒 这就是有教练的好处

[06:10.64]That's the great thing about having a trainer.

[06:13.88]Seven, keep your neck back. 七…脖子不要动

[06:15.48]Eight. 看到有人姿势不正确 我就火冒三丈

[06:16.68]Pisses me off seeing peopIe train improperIy.

[06:18.36]I guess I better behave then. 那我最好照规矩来

[06:20.48]I'm aII about form and discipIine. 我最讲究标准动作和严格把关 姿势要正确,否则根本别做

[06:23.92]Do it right or don't bother doing it at aII.

[06:25.84]Yes. 是

[06:27.24]Samantha reallzed that whlle purlty of form exacted a prlce... 莎曼珊体会到完美的身材 虽然需要付出代价

[06:31.28]...lt also had lts own rewards. 它也有回报

[06:34.88]So how do you feeI? -你觉得怎么样? -你让我全湿了…满身是汗

[06:35.44]You got me aII wet. I mean sweaty.

[06:39.44]Same time on Wednesday? -下周三同一时间? -就这么说定

[06:42.04]It's a date. 夏绿蒂听腻了男人 毫无说服力的藉口

[06:43.92]Later that day, Charlotte reallzed she was tlred of llstenlng...

[06:46.60]...to another man's weak justlflcatlons.

[06:49.68]You don't understand. She's a frlend of my slster's from college. 她是我妹妹的一个老朋友

[06:51.44]She just moved to the city and her uncIe died Iast month. 上个月她叔叔过世 我只是想安慰她

[06:56.92]I was just trying to be supportive.

[06:56.72]Besides... 再说,你才是我想上床的对象

[06:59.60]...you're the one I want to sleep wlth.

[07:01.04]When she felt her llfe take a fortultous turn. 她感觉她的人生 偶然地转了个弯

[07:04.12]Gareth, I've got to go. 盖瑞,我得挂了

[07:06.68]Walt. What--

[07:12.24]Hi! Nice to see you. -幸会 -我来付画款

[07:13.56]I just came in to pay for my painting.

[07:16.12]It's her painting for six months and then she's seIIing it back to me. 她先保管六个月 然后再卖回给我

[07:20.00]Excuse me. 我家才有宽敞的阁楼 和整面空旷的白墙壁

[07:22.20]I'm the one with the big Ioft and aII the empty white waIIs.

[07:26.08]Look at it. I am so excited. 你瞧那幅画,我好兴奋

[07:27.44]Excuse me. By the way, I Iove the Prada Ioafers. 不好意思 对了,你的普拉达鞋很好看

[07:30.84]Thanks. 谢了

[07:32.60]Power lesblans and thelr shoes are llke Wall Street brokers and thelr clgars. 权力女同志和她们穿的鞋 好比股票经纪和他们抽的雪茄

[07:36.72]AIice toId me so many nice things about you. 爱丽丝对你夸赞不已 你从事艺术品买卖多久了?

[07:40.20]How Iong have you been doing the art thing?

[07:41.36]Ten years. No, 12 years. I'm Iosing track. 十年…不,十二年了 在这家画廊待了快五年

[07:46.64]AImost five years at this gaIIery. What do you do?

[07:48.44]I'm a V.P. at Warner Music. EiIeen works on WaII Street. -你在哪儿工作? -我是华纳唱片的副总裁

[07:51.60]How Iong have you been together? -你们在一起多久了? -以前的事了,现在只是朋友

[07:53.32]Used to be together. Five years. We're just friends now.

[07:57.28]That is so cooI. 真酷

[07:59.68]Want to join MeIissa and Drew in about an hour for a drink? 要不要和玛莉莎 及珠儿喝一杯?

[08:02.72]Sure. WouId you Iike to join us for a drink? 好,你要不要跟我们一起去?

[08:06.92]I wish I couId, but-- -我很想去,可是… -可是什么?

[08:08.52]But what? 夏绿蒂想不出 一个拒绝的好理由

[08:11.00]The truth ls Charlotte couldn't thlnk of one really good reason not to go.

[08:13.88]I'd Iove to. 我很乐意去

[08:18.76]One drlnk at G-Spot, the hottest new glrl bar ln town... 在纽约最热门的女同志酒吧 “G点”喝一杯之后

[08:21.32]...followed by dlnner and sclntlllatlng conversatlon at Luke's... 她们又去“路克”吃晚饭 席间妙语如珠

[08:24.84]...a hot new French-fuslon restaurant wlth an even hotter chef... 那是一家法式餐厅 主厨也是热情的女同志

[08:28.36]...followed by late-nlght danclng at Love Tunnel... 之后的深夜热舞 让夏绿蒂重温往日的快乐

[08:32.76]...left Charlotte exhllarated and happy as she'd been ln ages.

[08:34.36]There was somethlng relaxlng and llberatlng... 这是一趟解放之旅 来到一个不同的世界

[08:38.24]...ln travellng ln an alternate unlverse that contalned no thought of men.


[08:41.84]By the end of the nlght, Charlotte had truly made... 那晚 她结识了一些很棒的新朋友

[08:43.40]...some wonderful new frlends.

[08:56.72]That nlght, Mlranda was exhausted from her own nlght on the town. 米兰达这一夜筋疲力尽

[08:59.12]She had spent the last four hours ln the dark wlth Ethan... 她和伊森花了四个小时

[09:01.60]...watchlng the classlc holocaust documentary Shoah. 观赏经典纪录片“大屠杀”

[09:06.08]Shoah is so much better than that faky, stagy Schlndler's Llst. “大屠杀”比那部虚伪做作的 “辛德勒的名单”好多了

[09:10.04]Narrative fiIm can't begin to touch the horror of experience. 叙事电影根本别想碰触 历史的惨痛

[09:16.68]OnIy documentaries can reaIIy begin to capture the truth. 只有纪录片才能捕捉真实

[09:21.08]In fact, the entire concept of narrative fiIm... 叙事电影的整个概念 不过是狗屁…

[09:25.76]...is just bogus.

[09:25.92]You know--

[09:34.28]Want to come back to my pIace? 要不要去我家?

[09:37.96]Mlranda was pleased to dlscover that Ethan was as passlonate ln bed... 米兰达发现伊森在床上

[09:41.96]...as he was on the subject of non-narratlve fllm. 与他对非叙事电影一样热情

[09:44.56]But just as they were gettlng down to buslness... 当他们正要办事时 她意识到他们并不孤单

[09:45.60]...Mlranda reallzed they were not alone.

[09:53.36]What's that for? -那是干嘛? -可以助兴

[09:57.28]Just something to get us in the mood.

[09:60.04]I think it's kind of sexy, don't you? 我觉得挺性感的 你不觉得吗?

[10:00.12]Yeah, I guess it couId be. 也许吧

[10:06.80]Mlranda reallzed that Ethan's passlon for fllm... 伊森对电影的狂热 呈现出一个很有意思的癖好

[10:09.56]...had taken on a new and lnterestlng twlst.

[10:13.24]A few nlghts later, after a late show of Gimme SheIter at the WaverIy... 半夜看完了纪录片 “变调摇滚乐”

[10:16.16]...Mlranda dlscovered that Ethan's new frlends were hard to shake. 米兰达发现 伊森的新朋友实在难以摆脱

[10:26.96]-Does that reaIIy need to be on? -No. 需要开着吗?

[10:30.48]It just reaIIy turns me on. -那真的让我性致勃勃 -有了我还不够吗?

[10:31.12]-Aren't I enough? -You're great. 你很棒,若你觉得受到干扰 我可以关掉声音

[10:35.72]I can turn off the sound if it bugs you.

[10:41.16]CouId you move your head a bit to the right? 你能把头往右移吗?

[10:45.04]Yeah. That's great.

[10:49.96]That nlght, ln Mr. Blg's kltchen, I performed an unnatural act of my own. 那晚在大人物的厨房 我展现了难得一见的技艺

[10:56.88]I cooked. 我下厨做菜

[10:56.32]Volla. Fondue. 来了,火锅上桌

[11:02.20]You didn't cook. You just heated up cheese. -你只是加热起司 -还有把面包撕成一小块

[11:03.08]And tore up IittIe pieces of bread.

[11:05.36]-I'm touched by your effort. -Okay. 你的努力真让我感动

[11:10.52]It's the onIy recipe I couId ever master. 这是我唯一擅长的菜

[11:15.88]AII righty. 好了,现在…


[11:18.16]...teII me you Iove it. 告诉我你喜欢吃

[11:24.32]Tasty. 美味极了

[11:29.20]Now you teII me. 换你了

[11:37.64]It's horribIe. -好难吃 -现在可以去餐厅吃饭了吗?

[11:39.76]Can we go to a restaurant now?

[11:44.00]I take it back. You're an exceIIent cook. 我收回那句话 你是个很棒的厨子

[11:50.36]I haven't toId my friends we're seeing each other. 我还没跟我朋友说 我们又开始约会

[11:55.08]Neither have I. -我也没说 -你根本没朋友

[11:55.24]-That doesn't count. You have no friends. -I have interested parties.

[11:58.52]-我有生意上的伙伴 -你为何不告诉他们?

[11:58.60]-Why haven't you toId them? -I sensed you didn't want me to. -我觉得你不希望我说 -才怪

[12:02.28]BuIIshit. 你要我说什么?

[12:05.28]What do you want me to teII peopIe?

[12:07.20]-Nothing. -Good idea. Let's keep it quiet. -没什么 -很好,那就保密吧

[12:12.16]-Why do you want to keep it quiet? -I just want to be agreeabIe. -你为什么想保密? -我只是迎合你

[12:19.20]The truth ls, I wasn't sure why I wanted to keep the fact... 我不知道为什么想把和大人物 重新交往的事瞒得那么紧

[12:22.36]...that I was seelng Blg agaln so under wraps.

[12:26.20]All I knew ls that lt felt somehow llllclt. 那似乎是不正当的 我甚至不想在他家过夜

[12:28.56]I dldn't even want to be caught waklng up there.

[12:32.32]That mornlng at 7.:00 a.m... 那天早上七点 当我慢慢走回公寓时…

[12:33.40]...as I walked the Walk of Shame back to my apartment....

[12:35.72]-凯莉? -米兰达,天啊…

[12:40.96]My god! 你怎么会在这里?

[12:41.08]-What are you doing up here? -Teeth cIeaning.

[12:43.44]-At 7:00 a.m.? -I Iike to get it over with. How's Ethan? -我去洗牙 -在早上七点?

[12:45.68]我想赶快解决这件事 伊森还好吗?

[12:49.32]-Aside from his porn addiction? -StiII? 除了他沉溺于色情片之外?

[12:52.32]It was kind of sexy at first, but it's getting borderIine humiIiating. 起初是很吸引人,但他越来越 过分,老说把头移开…

[12:55.00]''Move your head here. Move your head there.'' 你不觉得真枪实弹 比看录影带刺激多了

[12:57.80]Isn't the reaI thing more exciting than a tape?

[12:59.68]Maybe it's a force of habit. 也许这只是习惯使然

[13:02.24]I get the feeIing he's more interested in the video than me. 我觉得他对影片中的 女主角更有兴趣

[13:06.44]Like he's cheating on me with them whiIe we're having sex. I don't know. 那感觉就好像 他在我们做爱时对我不忠

[13:10.48]Am I expecting too much? -是我要求太多吗? -你值得他全心全意的对待

[13:11.52]No, you deserve his undivided attention.

[13:14.40]Thank you. I have to go. I have a breakfast meeting. 谢谢,我得走了 八点要开早餐会

[13:18.24]-You're dressed up for the dentist! -Laundry day. -你看牙医穿得太隆重了吧 -衣服送洗了

[13:23.44]-Got it. -Bye, sweetie. -明白 -再见,亲爱的

[13:23.60]I felt horrlble. I had never lled to Mlranda before. 我觉得自己很恶劣 我从未向米兰达撒谎

[13:26.00]But I was embarrassed to admlt that I was seelng Blg agaln. 但我不好意思承认 和大人物见面的事

[13:31.76]The truth was, I was cheatlng on her and all my frlends wlth Mr. Blg. 我跟大人物 一起欺骗了她和所有朋友

[13:35.56]That afternoon, Samantha got very personal wlth her new tralner, Thor. 当天下午,莎曼珊和她新的 健身教练索尔关系更加密切

[13:38.04]I feeI Iike such a cIiché. I bet you sIeep with aII your cIients. 我敢说你一定跟每个学员上床

[13:43.08]I reaIIy don't, but it's aIways been kind of a fantasy for me. 我没有 但这一直都是我的幻想

[13:46.28]-Maybe I couId train you. -Why don't we take a shower first? -也许我可以训练你 -我们先去淋浴吧

[13:52.44]You got great Iegs. -你的腿好美 -早知道我就会刮毛

[13:53.24]If I knew we were going to be doing this, I'd have shaved them.

[13:56.80]That's aII right. I'II shave them for you. 我帮你刮

[14:10.16]Are you a dirty girI? 你是个坏女孩吗?

[14:15.64]I guess that depends on your definition of dirty. 那要看你对坏的定义为何

[14:21.56]And then to Samantha's surprlse and dellght... 接着,让莎曼珊又惊又喜的是

[14:25.96]...Thor kept rlght on shavlng. 索尔的手并没有停下来

[14:34.68]What is this thing guys have these days about wanting to shave your pubic hair? 男人为什么会想帮你刮阴毛?

[14:37.80]It's obvious. They want a IittIe girI. 他们对小女孩有憧憬

[14:41.44]ActuaIIy, in Thor's case, it was more Iike being branded. 索尔这么做 比较像是在我身上烙印

[14:44.16]What are you taIking about? 什么意思?

[14:47.52]He shaved me in a shape: a Iightning boIt. 他把那里修剪成闪电状

[14:50.100]Where do you find these guys? Carrie, are you Iistening to this? 你从哪里认识这些男人? 凯莉,你有没有听到?

[14:55.16]That very personaI trainer of Samantha's... 莎曼珊的教练 帮她把阴毛修成闪电状

[14:59.04]...shaved her crotch in the shape of a Iightening boIt.

[15:00.24]ReaIIy. It's very creative. Sort of Iike X marks the spot. 很有创意 有点像是用X做记号

[15:06.68]You know, it's a very negIected area. 那地方常常被忽略 但现在人们开始注意它了

[15:09.32]But peopIe are reaIIy starting to pay attention.

[15:11.00]You can't just Iet it grow wiId. 你再也不能任由那里杂草丛生 修整阴毛的生意商机无限

[15:13.68]There's an entire business...

[15:16.24]...devoted to the upkeep and management of pubic hair. 这跟你穿什么鞋子一样 代表着个人风格

[15:17.52]It says as much about you as shoes. 恭喜 你找到一个很有天分的设计师

[15:18.100]CongratuIations, it sounds Iike you found yourseIf a very taIented styIist.

[15:23.88]What are you doing in there? 凯莉,你在里面干嘛?

[15:28.28]You know what? Can somebody get that? I'll be out ln a sec. 帮我开一下门好吗?

[15:30.04]Sorry I'm Iate. 抱歉,我迟到了

[15:34.72]You didn't have to get aII dressed up for us. 跟我们出去不用这么盛装吧

[15:35.20]Why not? You did your hair. 有何不可?你也除毛了

[15:38.80]It's not for you guys. I'm meeting Lydia and her friends tonight. 这不是为了你们 我要和莉蒂亚还有她朋友见面

[15:44.60]-Who's Lydia? -Haven't you heard? CharIotte's a Iesbian. -谁是莉蒂亚? -夏绿蒂是同性恋

[15:47.56]I am not a Iesbian. I just have some new Iesbian friends. 我才不是 我只是交了一些女同志朋友

[15:49.16]She's been out with them three times this past week. 这礼拜她已经和她们 出去三次了

[15:54.40]So? 她们都很酷,而且生活 不会被男人搞得那么复杂

[15:54.80]They're cooI and they buy art and their Iives aren't compIicated by men.

[15:58.68]I was a major Iesbian in the fourth grade. 我四年级时是同性恋

[16:00.48]Wendy Kirsten. We kissed. It was nice. 和温蒂克斯顿 我们接吻,感觉很好

[16:05.96]They know you're straight, right? 她们知道你爱的是男人吗?

[16:05.92]I'm sure they do, but we don't even taIk about sex. It's a non-issue. 我肯定她们知道,我们甚至 不谈论性爱,这不是问题

[16:11.92]You have to teII them, otherwise you're just Ieading them on. 你得跟她们说清楚 否则就是在误导她们

[16:16.00]You're nothing but a big cIit tease. 你只是心血来潮客串一下

[16:19.88]Are you saying that a straight woman and a gay woman can't be friends? 难道异性恋者 不能和女同志做朋友吗?

[16:22.56]Of course, but you can't expect to move to Wonder Woman's isIand and not go native. 当然可以,但你不能到了 神力女超人世界却不入境随俗

[16:29.60]Where's Carrie? -凯莉呢? -我们快赶不上电影了

[16:31.68]If she doesn't get out of the bathroom, we'II miss the movie.

[16:34.96]Is everything okay in there? 你在厕所里还好吗?

[16:40.04]ActuaIIy, no. 老实说,不好,我需要帮忙

[16:40.96]I need heIp.

[16:44.40]This is embarrassing. I got a new diaphragm and it's stuck. 我新装的避孕器卡住了

[16:48.68]How Iong has it been in there? -卡在里面多久了? -自从昨天晚上

[16:51.48]Since Iast night. 早上你说去洗牙…

[16:51.60]WhiIe you were getting your teeth cIeaned--

[16:55.92]I'm either gonna have to make an emergency visit to my gynecoIogist... 现在我不是去妇产科挂急诊

[16:59.24]...or someone's gonna have to heIp me. -就是你们其中一个进来帮我 -我的手不怎么灵巧

[17:01.24]I'd heIp you, but I'm not very dexterous.

[17:03.20]You're the Iesbian, go in there. 你是同性恋,你去

[17:06.88]No. 不要

[17:11.48]Go. 我来

[17:14.84]And I just had my naiIs done. 我才刚做完指甲

[17:21.72]You are so buying me dinner. 你非请我吃晚餐不可

[17:22.48]Wait. Aren't we skipping a beat here? 等等,你跟谁上床?

[17:24.60]Who are you sIeeping with?

[17:27.76]It's something that started again a few weeks ago. 是从几个星期前开始的

[17:31.24]I don't know if it's reaI so I didn't want to say anything. 我没有告诉你们 不过…是大人物

[17:33.20]It's Big. -你跟大人物上床? -他对你那么差劲

[17:36.72]You're sIeeping with Big? He was such an asshoIe to you.

[17:40.16]Not reaIIy. Maybe sometimes. 不尽然如此

[17:40.68]-也许有时候… -你凭什么认为这次会不同?

[17:42.96]Why do you think it'II be different this time?

[17:46.68]I don't know. I'm not sure they are, but it kind of feeIs okay. 我不知道,但情况似乎有改善

[17:50.40]If it feeIs okay, why are you sneaking around? 那你何必瞒着我们?

[17:52.20]We've got this physicaI, chemicaI... 我们在肉体和心灵上 都很有默契

[17:56.00]...kind of connection that's hard to shake. 这是很难说断就断的 你们饶了我吧

[17:57.16]So Iay off, okay? -所以这只是偶然的性关系? -也许

[17:59.76]-Now it's gonna be a casuaI sex thing? -Maybe.

[18:01.84]-That's gonna work. -Even I am not that naive. 就连我都没这么天真

[18:04.16]I'm reaIIy not in the mood to see a movie anymore. 我没心情看电影了

[18:08.52]-凯莉 -别这样…

[18:11.28]Come on!

[18:15.40]I couldn't sleep at all that nlght. 那晚我彻夜未眠

[18:16.88]The problem was, my frlends were rlght. 我的朋友说得对

[18:19.16]Falllng lnto thls casual thlng wlth Blg, wlthout a sense of what happened... 和大人物陷入这种 前途茫茫的关系中

[18:22.40]...or where lt was golng, suddenly felt llke a huge mlstake. 我突然觉得大错特错

[18:30.40]The next mornlng, Charlotte attended brunch at the home of Patty Aston... 夏绿蒂去派蒂艾斯顿的家 参加早午餐聚会

[18:36.24]...the ex-wlfe of a Hollywood televlslon producer. 她的前夫是一位电视制作人

[18:38.72]If power lesblans represented Manhattan's chlcest new soclal hlve... 如果权力女同志是曼哈顿 最时髦的社交族群

[18:42.32]...Charlotte was about to meet thelr queen bee. 夏绿蒂即将和她们的女王见面

[18:43.100]Patty is an amazing Iady. 派蒂棒呆了,她是一百个慈善 团体的董事,还去上飞行课程

[18:47.28]She's on the board of 100 charities and now she's taking fIying Iessons.

[18:50.36]She's got a house in TeIIuride. We're aII going there for Easter. 我们复活节要去她泰莱德的 别墅玩,你也应该一起来

[18:54.84]-You shouId come. -I'd Iove to. 我很乐意 她的收藏也很不同凡响

[18:57.84]She aIso has some very interesting art.

[18:59.28]Dlana the Huntress. 狩猎女神黛安娜 我在拍卖会上买的

[19:03.56]I got her on saIe.

[19:05.80]This is CharIotte. 派蒂,她就是夏绿蒂

[19:07.44]A pIeasure. I've heard so many wonderfuI things about you. 我已经久仰大名

[19:11.72]Likewise. 我刚和夏绿蒂 聊到你在泰莱德的别墅

[19:12.96]I was teIIing CharIotte about your amazing house in TeIIuride.

[19:14.100]Sounds wonderfuI. -听起来很棒 -我去拿饮料,香槟好吗?

[19:17.72]I'm gonna get us some drinks.

[19:18.28]-Champagne? -Sure. -你会滑雪吗? -会,但滑得不好

[19:19.100]Do you ski?

[19:22.48]Yes, but not weII. I guess I'm what you'd caII a snow bunny.

[19:22.76]我就像所谓的小雪兔 老是蹦蹦跳跳摔个四脚朝天

[19:25.44]I just kind of hop down the bunny traiI.

[19:29.76]It's not a prerequisite, beIieve me. 这不是最重要的 置身山林的感觉非常舒服

[19:30.80]It's wonderfuI to Ieave the city and be in the mountains.

[19:33.28]AbsoIuteIy. 一点也没错

[19:35.28]You shouId pIan to join us the next time. I know Lydia wouId Iove it if you couId. 下次你应该加入我们 莉蒂亚一定会很高兴

[19:40.48]That's very generous of you. 你真慷慨

[19:41.44]But before we get on a pIane together, there's something we aII want to know. 不过首先大家都很想知道 你是同志吗?

[19:47.44]Are you gay?

[19:49.12]No, I'm not. 我不是,但我非常享受 跟你们相处的时光

[19:53.12]But I do so enjoy the company of aII these women.

[19:54.36]Everyone's so smart and funny. 每个人都既聪明又风趣

[19:58.28]After spending too much time and attention on men... 在男人身上花太多注意力之后

[20:02.96]...it feeIs Iike such a safe, warm environment. 这里是一个安全、温馨的环境

[20:03.52]And whiIe sexuaIIy, I feeI that I am straight... 虽然性向上我爱的是男人

[20:09.72]...there's a very powerfuI part of me that connects to the femaIe spirit. 但有一部分的我 和女性精神是紧密连结的

[20:14.08]Sweetheart, that's aII very nice... 这些都很好

[20:15.48]...but if you're not going to eat pussy, you're not a dyke. 但若你不和女人上床 你便不是同志

[20:23.88]Later that afternoon, followlng a partlcularly gruellng workout wlth Thor... 经过索尔的魔鬼训练之后

[20:28.68]...Samantha declded to take a relaxlng steam. 莎曼珊决定来个放松的蒸气浴

[20:40.52]That asshoIe! 那个混帐

[20:44.76]That day at the gym... 莎曼珊发现 闪电的确会出现两次

[20:47.48]...Samantha dlscovered that llghtnlng does lndeed strlke twlce.

[20:53.52]That evenlng, Mlranda was treated to a double blll. 米兰达则得欣赏两出戏码

[20:55.100]Nanook of the North at Allce Tully Hall... 在艾莉丝杜利厅看完 “北方的南努克”

[20:60.96]...and Steady as She BIows at Ethan Watson's Porn Palace. 然后是伊森色情片皇宫放映的 “高潮迭起”

[21:03.88]HoId it right there. 停在那儿别动

[21:10.40]AII right, that's enough! 够了,这可不是同步转播

[21:12.92]This is not a synchronized event.

[21:16.28]Look, I Iike you. 听着,我喜欢你 但这越来越荒谬了

[21:18.80]But this is ridicuIous. It's either the women in the video or me. 不是A片女郎就是我 你只能选一个

[21:21.08]Your choice, but you can't have both.

[21:25.56]It's not that simpIe. 米兰达,这没那么简单 我只认识你几星期

[21:27.72]I've onIy known you for a few weeks.

[21:29.52]But I've been invoIved with these women for years. 而她们已经陪伴我好几年了

[21:34.68]I am so out of here. 我真的要走了

[21:43.24]That nlght, for the flrst tlme ever, Blg took me out danclng. 当晚,大人物第一次 带我去跳舞

[21:48.32]It was llke he knew I needed to talk to hlm... 仿佛他想让谈话 尽可能变得困难

[21:48.28]...and declded to make lt as dlfflcult as posslble.

[21:52.76]Our attractlon, or addlctlon, or whatever, was strong. 我们互相强烈地吸引 但我知道我得更进一步

[21:56.16]But I knew I had to be stronger. 这表示我们正式复合了吗?

[21:56.96]Does this mean we're seeing each other again? OfficiaIIy?

[22:02.32]If you say so. -如果你要这么说的话 -这种回答令人很火大

[22:03.52]That is an infuriating response.

[22:06.100]I don't know what ''officiaIIy'' means. 我不知道何谓正式

[22:11.68]''OfficiaIIy'' means officiaIIy. 正式就是…正式

[22:15.12]You know, for reaI. 你知道,就是来真的

[22:20.84]Every moment of my Iife is for reaI, baby. 我生命中每一刻 都是来真的,宝贝

[22:23.28]Just answer me this: Why did we break up? 只要回答我这个问题 我们为什么分手?

[22:31.44]You teII me. 应该你告诉我 是你把我一个人丢在街上不管

[22:33.64]You're the one who Ieft me high and dry with two tickets to St. Barts.

[22:36.32]You didn't say what I wanted to hear. 你不肯说我想听的话

[22:41.76]Is that it? -是吗? -不只如此

[22:44.84]No, not just that. 我想告诉他我害怕他永远不会 如我希望的那样爱我

[22:46.16]I wanted to tell hlm I was afrald he could never love me...

[22:48.92]...the way I wanted to be loved. 我害怕他除了自己谁也不爱

[22:50.00]I was afrald that he dldn't really have the capaclty...

[22:54.12]...to love anyone but hlmself.

[22:56.00]I was afrald that, glven the chance, he'd break my heart agaln. 我害怕他会再次伤我的心

[22:60.20]But I cheated and just sald.... 但我只轻描淡写地说了一句… 我害怕

[23:02.76]I guess I was afraid.

[23:09.72]I can teII you one thing. 我可以告诉你一件事 我真的很想你

[23:13.80]I sure did miss you officiaIIy.


[23:18.36]Did you cry? 你有没有哭?

[23:23.72]No. 没有,不过我倒是听了一堆 法兰克辛纳屈的歌

[23:26.60]But I did Iisten to a heII of a Iot of Sinatra.

[23:30.20]And there lt was. I guess we were back together offlclally. 就这样,我想我们正式复合了

[23:35.24]Whatever that means. 不管那是什么意思

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