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欲望都市第二季 The Chicken Dance






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:25:27





[00:48.92]There are over seven mllllon people ln New York... 纽约有超过七百万人口

[00:51.64]...not lncludlng houseguests. 不包括来访的客人

[00:54.04]Vlsltors are a vltal part of the clty's economy. 游客是城里经济主要来源

[00:56.40]Most slngle people ln Manhattan do not buy furnlture or hang plctures... 大多数在曼哈顿的 单身贵族都不买家具

[00:59.88]...untll the arrlval of an out-of-towner. 直到家里有客人来访

[01:03.08]That's a great couch. Where'd it come from? -沙发好棒,哪里买的? -我不知道

[01:04.64]I have no idea. 米兰达新家的所有家具

[01:06.96]Everythlng ln Mlranda's new apartment was hand-plcked, flnlshed and arranged... 都是由夏绿蒂的新锐 室内设计师朋友

[01:11.92]...by Charlotte's frlend, Madellne Dunn, an up-and-comlng lnterlor deslgner. 玛德琳唐恩一手包办购买

[01:16.08]I've been Iooking for one of those. -我一直在找这样的东西 -这是非常时髦的沙发床

[01:17.68]That's very styIish for a puIIout.

[01:21.08]I'II have that end tabIe for you tomorrow. 茶几明天就会送来

[01:27.32]Thank you. 谢谢

[01:28.60]You're weIcome.

[01:30.48]This is a sofa bed? 这是沙发床?

[01:31.100]That's what started this whoIe thing. I needed a sofa bed for Jeremy. 事情是这样的


[01:37.56]If he actuaIIy sIeeps on it whiIe staying in my fabuIous apartment... 要是他在这里的这段期间 都睡在这

[01:40.64]...I'II throw myseIf out a window treatment. 我就从窗户跳下去

[01:42.32]Jeremy was an old frlend of Mlranda's who'd been ln London... 杰瑞米是米兰达的老朋友


[01:47.72]...wrltlng for The Economist. 他到纽约勘查就业环境

[01:48.12]He was comlng to New York to scope out the job sltuatlon.

[01:50.60]Mlranda suggested he be her houseguest, because hls e-malls, always entertalnlng... 米兰达建议他到她家作客

[01:53.16]因为他的电子邮件 出现一些调情的字眼

[01:55.84]...had started to border on fllrtatlous.

[01:58.44]Meanwhlle, I had become a frequent houseguest of Blg's. 在此同时 我成了大人物家中的常客


[02:04.20]Do you have a spare toothbrush I couId use?

[02:08.76]A spare toothbrush? -多余的牙刷? -我再买一支新的给你

[02:10.64]I'II bring you a new one.

[02:12.44]Excuse me. 借过

[02:39.60]There's only one plnk brush head and Blg was glvlng hls to me. 他把唯一的粉红牙刷头给我

[02:43.36]It was the most encouraglng moment so far ln our relatlonshlp. 这是我们关系中 最令人雀跃的一刻

[02:48.52]The next nlght, Jeremy arrlved. He was more adorable than Mlranda remembered. 杰瑞米远比米兰达记忆中 来得迷人

[02:53.88]I Iove your fIat. -我喜欢你的公寓 -谢谢,你好吗?


[02:57.68]How the heII are you? 尤其当他说出…

[02:57.56]Especlally when he sald.: 我厌倦了不断约会 我准备好要结婚了

[03:01.36]I'm tired of dating. I'm ready to get married.

[03:04.20]Miranda, are you here? -米兰达,你在吗? -来了


[03:11.52]That must be my end tabIe. -一定是我的茶几来了 -我的茶几还不敢独自出门呢

[03:13.40]My end tabIe is afraid to go out aIone.

[03:16.68]I hope you Iike the finish. 我希望你喜欢它的末道漆 比我想像中要黑

[03:20.16]It's a hair darker than I was thinking.

[03:22.24]Sorry to interrupt. -抱歉打扰了 -好美,这是比德迈式的吗?

[03:25.04]-That's beautifuI. Is it Biedermeyer? -Inspired by Biedermeyer. Good eye. 灵感来自比德迈,好眼光

[03:28.76]I'm addlcted to Archltectural Dlgest. 我很喜欢阅读“建筑文摘” 我叫杰瑞米菲尔德

[03:30.40]-Jeremy FieIds. -MadeIine. -抱歉,这位是… -玛德琳唐恩

[03:33.68]MadeIine Dunn.

[03:37.16]PIeasure. 很荣幸

[03:38.60]Thanks for bringing that by. 谢谢你帮我带过来 我们正要出去吃晚餐

[03:41.84]We were just about to get some dinner.

[03:43.28]Did you want to join us? 你要一起来吗?

[03:46.36]Last week, I was doing an interview at a restaurant in Kensington.... 上周我在一家餐厅做专访

[03:51.24]Mlranda found herself ln the sltuatlon every woman dreams of.: 米兰达的遭遇 足以让所有女人称羡

[03:53.52]She was on a truly great flrst date. 她有一个很棒的第一次约会

[03:58.32]...just be carefuI not to eat any buckshot! “小心不要吃到鹿弹”

[04:01.12]Unfortunately, lt was somebody else's. 不幸地,她似乎是第三者

[04:03.40]I shouId get Jeremy home. 我应该要带杰瑞米回家了 你一定有时差

[04:05.84]You must be jet-Iagged.

[04:07.04]ActuaIIy, I feeI great. I sIept on the pIane for once. 不会,我觉得精神很好 我在飞机上睡了

[04:12.76]I'm pretty beat. -这样,我很累了 -你想回家吗?

[04:13.32]Did you want to go?

[04:15.72]Not if you're-- 不了,如果你…

[04:18.52]Go ahead, I can find my way back. 去吧,我可以找到回家的路

[04:21.76]Of course. We don't have to.... 对,我们不必…

[04:23.56]Except I forgot to make a copy of the key. 不过我忘了再打一副钥匙

[04:27.64]Jeremy couId use my key. 杰瑞米可以用我的钥匙

[04:31.92]Of course. 当然

[04:33.00]I gave you a key. 我给了你一副钥匙



[04:43.32]-晚安 -我在那家餐厅…

[04:45.04]I was at the same restaurant....

[04:48.20]A week later, Mlranda threw Jeremy a golng away party. 一周后,米兰达为杰瑞米 举行一场欢送派对

[05:01.56]I'd Iike to make a toast to my good friend Miranda... 我想举杯敬我的好友米兰达

[05:04.60]...who not onIy put me up, she threw this solrée in ceIebration of my departure. 她不但让我借住 还帮我办了这个晚会

[05:06.28]庆祝我的离开 米兰达,我知道你的暗示了

[05:07.68]Miranda, I get the hint.

[05:11.08]I'd especiaIIy Iike to thank her for introducing me to MadeIine... 我尤其要感谢她 介绍玛德琳给我

[05:17.92]...an incredibIe, beautifuI woman who must be drunk off her ass... 一位不可思议的女人 她一定是醉了

[05:21.00]...because she just agreed to marry me. 才会答应嫁给我

[05:25.40]Apparently, the only thlng golng away was Mlranda's dream. 唯一离去的是米兰达的美梦

[05:27.16]CongratuIations. 恭喜

[05:33.44]Ice. 冰,我们需要多一点冰

[05:32.76]We shouId get more ice.

[05:36.32]Everyone says, as soon as you get your own pIace, someone wiII propose. 有人说为自己买个家 就会有人来求婚

[05:39.80]I thought it wouId be to me. 我以为他喜欢的是我

[05:41.00]At the Ieast, she owes you a mortgage payment. 这个女人欠你抵押款

[05:44.76]How is this even possibIe? These peopIe just met. -这怎么可能?他们才刚认识 -这叫做“一见钟情”

[05:48.28]It's Iove at first sight. 那才不是爱 只是一个礼拜的性爱马拉松

[05:48.32]This isn't Iove. This is two peopIe justifying a week of non-stop fucking.

[05:53.84]On my furniture. I have to redecorate. 而且是在我的家具上 我一定要重新装潢

[05:58.28]I think this is encouraging. 这真是令人雀跃 表示就算不约会

[05:60.16]Even if you're not dating anybody, you couId be engaged in a coupIe of weeks.


[06:04.36]Or you couId be dating someone for a year... 或是约会一年 得到一只电动牙刷刷头

[06:07.44]...and be thriIIed to get an eIectric toothbrush head.

[06:09.80]I don't understand why women are so obsessed about getting married. 女人为什么对结婚这件事 这么迷恋?

[06:11.52]Married peopIe just want to be singIe again. 已婚的人都想恢复单身

[06:15.28]If you're singIe, the worId is your smorgasbord. 如果你是单身 全世界都是你的

[06:19.36]Can you teII me if this is where Jeremy FieIds's engagement party is? 这是杰瑞米菲尔德的 订婚派对吗?

[06:23.52]It's the red awning, and it's a going away party. 红色雨篷那里,那是个欢送会

[06:24.64]-I can take you there. -Were you going to the party? -我可以带你过去 -你要去吗?

[06:27.80]I was Ieaving the party because there were no handsome men there. 我提早离开因为那里没有俊男

[06:32.68]Maybe the tide is turning. 现在不一样了

[06:40.44]I get it. 我的公寓为别人带来幸运

[06:40.84]My apartment is Iucky for everybody but me.

[06:43.60]What apartment isn't Iucky for Samantha? 哪一间公寓不曾带给 莎曼珊幸运?

[06:47.88]This is aII your fauIt. 这都是你的错 是你介绍玛德琳给我


[06:48.76]You introduced me to MadeIine. 我可以雇用同性恋设计师 这一切就不会发生了

[06:50.36]I couId've hired a nice gay decorator and none of this wouId've happened.

[06:55.76]MadeIine and Jeremy might've never met. 他们不会相遇

[06:55.16]Yes, and Jeremy wouId've faIIen in Iove with me. 杰瑞米就会爱上我

[06:60.12]It's not Iike musicaI chairs. 这又不是抢椅子游戏

[07:01.04]Why not me? What am I doing wrong? 为什么新娘不是我? 我做错什么?我隐形了吗?

[07:03.48]Am I invisibIe?

[07:03.100]Can I heIp you? -能效劳吗? -我住在这里

[07:06.76]I Iive here!

[07:13.96]That nlght, I needed a llttle reallty check. 那一晚,我需要找人谈一谈

[07:21.88]I was just at this party... 我参加的这场派对

[07:24.28]...and two people who met a week ago announced thelr engagement. 有两个人认识一周就订婚

[07:28.76]And? -所以说? -这不是很骇人听闻吗?

[07:27.04]I don't know. Isn't that a bit shocking?

[07:31.84]This is New York. Nothing is shocking. We've embraced pubIic urination. 在纽约没有什么骇人听闻的事 当众便溺都可以接受了


[07:35.20]These peopIe think they're souI mates.

[07:38.96]Did they actuaIIy use the term ''souI mates''? -他们真的这么说? -好几次

[07:40.48]SeveraI times. 绝对撑不过三个月 你现在穿什么?

[07:42.44]Then, I give them three months. What are you wearing?

[07:47.32]-Do you beIieve in Iove at first sight? -I beIieve in Iust at first sight. -你相信一见钟情吗? -我相信一见起色心

[07:51.92]I'm serious. -我是认真的 -我也是

[07:53.48]So am I. 我需要一点视觉飨宴

[07:55.80]Come on, I need a visuaI.

[07:58.88]I don't know, a top, strapIess. 我不知道,无肩带上衣 丁尼布料

[08:00.68]It's denim.

[08:04.44]Were you asIeep when I caIIed? -我打给你时是不是睡了? -对

[08:07.12]Yes. -抱歉 -没关系

[08:07.40]-Sorry. -It's okay.

[08:10.32]But next time, be at the door... 下一次来应门时…不要穿衣服


[08:16.68]I started to wonder. 我不禁开始想

[08:18.44]In a clty as cynlcal as New York... 在纽约这样一个 愤世嫉俗的城市

[08:18.12]...ls lt stlll posslble to belleve ln love at flrst slght? 还有可能相信一见钟情吗?

[08:23.12]I'd compIeteIy given up on the idea. 我以前不相信,但现在我知道

[08:25.80]Now I know, the ones who don't beIieve in Iove at first sight... 不相信一见钟情 是因为你没有经历过

[08:27.80]...have never experienced it.

[08:29.68]Love at first sight is for Carmen EIectra and Dennis Rodman. 一见钟情是给花花公子女郎的 在纽约简直不可能

[08:33.64]It's too fIaky for New York.

[08:35.36]Here, women want a bIood test and an ATM receipt before you get their number. 在这里,女人在给电话号码前


[08:41.32]How can you beIieve in Iove at first sight... 在这里 地铁站都有人朝你打手枪

[08:44.80]...in a city where peopIe jerk off on you in the subway? 你怎么能相信一见钟情?

[08:46.60]A brlde four weeks from her weddlng doesn't have tlme to have a coffee. 再一个月就要结婚的女人 没有时间喝咖啡

[08:51.64]So, I jolned Madellne for a mlnd-boggllng hour ln the presence of absolute certalnty. 所以我去玛德琳 准备婚宴的现场

[08:55.80]...fIowers everywhere. 一个到处都是花的婚礼

[08:58.08]I'd Iike each bridesmaid to carry a different fIower: tuIips, irises, IiIies, daisies. 每个伴娘都拿着不同的花 郁金香,鸢尾花,百合

[09:03.56]CharIotte shouId have the tuIips. 夏绿蒂应该要拿郁金香 她是我的伴娘之一

[09:04.88]-Did she say she's one of my bridesmaids? -She's thriIIed.

[09:07.16]I've asked Miranda to do the guest books since she introduced us. 我们请米兰达负责签名簿 因为她是介绍人

[09:13.72]Carrie, I'm such a fan of your coIumn. 凯莉,我真的好喜欢你的专栏

[09:15.72]WouId you consider writing something to read at our wedding? 你可以帮我写些婚礼致词吗?

[09:22.24]-What does she want you to write? -A poem about Iove. -她要你写些什么? -关于爱的诗

[09:24.68]Dear God, I hope you said no. -我希望你拒绝了 -你要怎么拒绝?

[09:26.56]How can you refuse to be invoIved in a wedding?

[09:28.40]If I knew, I wouIdn't be in charge of the guest book. 我要是知道就不会答应 负责签名簿了

[09:32.32]Why did I agree to this? 我能写些什么? 我写的是性,不是爱

[09:34.60]I write about sex, not Iove. What do I know?

[09:37.68]I might have to get married. 我可以跟那个在欢送会上 遇到的男人结婚


[09:39.36]The guy I picked up at Miranda's--

[09:40.84]If you're engaged, I'm seIIing the apartment. 要是你结婚了 我就要把公寓卖掉

[09:44.12]HardIy. 简直不

[09:47.00]We went back to my pIace. 那天晚上,我们回到我家

[09:49.100]Tug my hair! 拉我的头发…

[09:53.80]It all seemed so famlllar. She was havlng a déjà fuck. 这一幕是那么地熟悉 她感到似曾相识

[09:57.16]What's wrong? -怎么了? -我以前跟你上过床

[09:60.16]I've sIept with you before. -对,大概十五年前 -你为什么不说?

[09:60.72]Yeah, Iike 15 years ago.

[10:02.72]Why the heII didn't you say something?

[10:05.24]I thought you were pIaying the sexy stranger game. 我以为你在玩性感陌生人游戏

[10:08.28]It was Iike a reunion. -真像个大团圆 -你忘了你睡过的人?

[10:08.68]How couId you forget someone you sIept with?

[10:12.24]Toto, we're not in singIe digits anymore. 我们再也没有关连了

[10:15.56]It's not Iike you shared a cab with this guy. You sIept with him. 你不是跟他共乘计程车 你是跟他上床

[10:19.60]-Maybe we did it in a cab. -I'd Iike to forget some I've sIept with. -地点或许是在计程车上 -我也想忘了某些人

[10:21.100]I keep a Iist. -我会写名单 -真甜:今日“共事”的男人

[10:25.28]How sweet, ''Men to Do Today''. 我已经找不到上床的陌生男人 我得结婚不然就搬家

[10:26.48]I'm officiaIIy out of men to fuck.

[10:29.80]I have to get married or move.

[10:30.88]That's IoveIy. Can I use that in my poem? -我可以写进我的诗里吗? -拿去用吧

[10:33.52]It's yours. 你得看看我的伴娘礼服

[10:35.16]Wait tiII you see my bridesmaid's dress.

[10:35.00]Is it hideous? -很难看吗? -不,我们自己挑

[10:36.40]No, we got to pick our own. 不可思议,露背黑缎

[10:40.88]It's this amazing backIess bIack satin.

[10:43.16]Pretty sexy for a bridesmaid. -对伴娘来说很性感 -玛德琳指定要黑色

[10:45.00]AII MadeIine said was, it had to be bIack!

[10:48.76]CaIm down. 亲爱的,冷静一下

[10:49.36]I've been tastefuI and appropriate at seven other weddings. 我曾穿着合宜美丽地 出席七场婚宴

[10:54.92]I'm aIways: ''CharIotte, Don't Look at Me, Look at the Bride!'' 这分明是 “不要看我,看新娘”

[10:55.100]This time, peopIe are gonna Iook at me! 这一次我将成为众人焦点

[10:60.00]For some reason, thls whlrlwlnd weddlng was extremely stressful for everyone... 这场旋风式婚礼 带给所有人压力

[11:02.64]...but the brlde and groom. 除了新郎新娘以外

[11:08.32]The next nlght, I made the mlstake of telllng Blg about the poem. 次晚,我犯了个错误 把写诗这件事告诉大人物

[11:12.20]''Love, gIove, dove'' 爱,手套,鸽子,鸽子不错

[11:13.48]''Dove'' is good.

[11:15.88]''Love is Iike a dove 爱就像鸽子 或是毛茸茸的大手套

[11:16.80]''Or big fuzzy gIove''

[11:18.04]Don't use that. It might be from a greeting card. 我可以从贺卡上面窃取点子

[11:22.72]-Okay, thanks. -What? -谢了 -怎么了?这很有趣

[11:25.32]This is fun. 不应该是有趣 那可是一场婚礼

[11:26.84]It's not supposed to be fun. This is somebody's wedding.

[11:28.20]A wedding is serious to some peopIe. 婚礼对某些人来说是很严肃的

[11:30.88]Then ''shove'' probabIy won't work. 那就不能用“铲子”了

[11:37.76]When is this wedding? -婚礼何时举行? -何必问?你又不会去

[11:39.24]It doesn't matter. You're not going.

[11:42.84]Yes, I am. 我会去

[11:44.04]I wouIdn't miss you reciting ''Love, gIove, dove'' in front of aII New York for anything. 我不会错过听你朗诵 “爱,手套,鸽子”


[11:56.72]Thlngs wlth Blg were good. He was golng wlth me to a weddlng. 和大人物之间进展顺利 他要跟我去参加婚礼

[12:06.40]Can I just say, ''Wow.'' 我可不可以只说…“天”

[12:11.96]I need a few minutes. 再几分钟就好 卡片等着你签名

[12:12.76]I Ieft the card here for you to sign.

[12:14.24]I don't need to sign. They're your friends. 我不需要签名

[12:17.44]They're not my friends and your name's on the invitation, too. 你的名字也在邀请函上

[12:21.28]-ReaIIy? -Yes. 真的吗?

[12:21.96]It was my first time to get something other than, ''Carrie Bradshaw and Guest.'' 第一次我的男伴名字被印上去

[12:28.76]How'd they get my name? 他们怎么知道我的名字?

[12:30.64]I don't know. MadeIine must've asked CharIotte. 玛德琳可能问了夏绿蒂

[12:34.80]Whatever, if you don't want to sign it's not a big deaI. 你不想签名也没关系

[12:49.84]WouId you Iike to sign the guest book? 要不要签个名?

[12:51.92]WouId you Iike to sign the guest book? 要不要签个名?

[12:52.80]WouId you Iike to sign the guest book? 要不要签个名?

[12:56.96]At Ieast we get to see who's arriving aIone. 至少我们知道谁一个人来

[12:58.60]Samantha couId aIways be counted on to take Iife's Iemons... 莎曼珊这一点值得鼓励

[13:02.28]...and make them into Spanish fIy. 凡事都能往好的一面想

[13:05.64]-Do you know where the gifts go? -Excuse me, I'm not the gift person. -礼物放哪里? -抱歉,我不是负责的人

[13:07.32]That's another ''b'' Iist friend.

[13:11.40]Christ! My rerun's here. 老天,我的炮友在这里

[13:12.16]Of course, you met him at the engagement party. 当然 你是在订婚宴上遇到他的

[13:16.56]I have to start writing things down. 我得开始把事情记下来 还得多喝点酒

[13:18.76]I aIso have to start drinking heaviIy.

[13:22.76]Where's Big? 大人物在哪里?

[13:24.92]Inside, Iooking bored. -里面,看起来很无聊 -我看起来也是那样

[13:27.72]That's my Iook. 他不签卡片我应该心烦吗?

[13:28.92]ShouId I be bothered by the fact he wouIdn't sign the card?

[13:32.60]I'm gIad I didn't ask him to sign the guest book. 还好我没叫他签签到簿

[13:34.84]That wouId've put him over the edge. 那应该会把他逼疯

[13:38.32]Charlotte wasn't klddlng about the dress. It was hard not to notlce her. 夏绿蒂的礼服不是吹嘘 大家很难不注意到她

[13:41.52]Look at you! -看看你 -我的天

[13:43.60]You Iook amazing.

[13:45.60]My gosh, I am so Iate. 我迟到了

[13:47.60]Are you with the bride or the groom? -你是新娘或新郎亲友? -我是伴娘

[13:50.96]I'm a bridesmaid. 你是夏绿蒂吗?我是马丁希力 我要跟你一起走红毯

[13:53.84]-Are you CharIotte? -Yes.

[13:55.84]I'm Martin, I'II be waIking you down the aisIe.

[13:56.60]All her llfe, Charlotte had lmaglned dolng exactly that... 终其一生 夏绿蒂就是在等这一刻

[14:01.60]...wlth someone llke Martln. 和马丁这样的人走红毯

[14:02.80]I'II show you where you're supposed to be. 我带你去准备处

[14:07.16]Are you seeing this? 你有看到吗? 他根本没瞧我一眼

[14:09.04]I've been here haIf an hour. He never Iooked at me.

[14:11.12]Whlle Mlranda was feellng lnvlslble, I was feellng far too vlslble. 当米兰达觉得自己像隐形人 我觉得自己太受瞩目了

[14:14.88]I'm in the program? 我在节目表上? 我跟新郎新娘并不熟

[14:17.72]-I bareIy know the bride and groom. -They bareIy know each other.

[14:18.28]-他们也不太认识对方 -我在誓言跟餐会之间

[14:21.56]I'm between the vows and the fish course.

[14:21.76]Am I in there? Of course not. 我有在里面吗?当然没有

[14:27.72]I better find Big. -我最好去找大人物 -我跟你去

[14:28.64]I'm coming with you. 你不管签到簿了?

[14:30.72]Can you Ieave the guest book unattended?

[14:30.12]It's a buIIshit job. 客人知道这是做什么用的

[14:34.08]PeopIe know what to do.

[14:36.88]The ceremony was short and sweet, just llke the engagement. 典礼简短温馨

[14:39.76]PIease weIcome our newIyweds... 现在欢迎我们的新婚夫妇

[14:39.84]...Mr. Jeremy FieIds... 杰瑞米菲尔德先生 和玛德琳唐恩菲尔德太太

[14:42.24]...and Mrs. MadeIine Dunn FieIds.

[15:01.72]It's amazing. 她花了六个月帮我找茶几

[15:01.56]It took her months to find an end tabIe, she pIans a wedding at the PIaza in four weeks. 却在四个礼拜办好一场婚礼

[15:07.20]Five bucks says that your end tabIe wiII Iast Ionger than her marriage. 我赌五块你的茶几 比她的婚姻持久

[15:18.24]PeopIe have said a Iot of nice things about Jeremy... 大家说了不少杰瑞米的好话

[15:22.60]...and I'm here to make a rebuttaI. 我在此要反驳

[15:25.68]-SeriousIy, I've known Jeremy a Iong time-- -Which is more than the bride couId say. 我认识杰瑞米很久了


[15:30.16]I'm happy for you both. 我希望有一天 能和你们两位一样

[15:33.28]I onIy hope that someday I can have what you two have...

[15:35.80]...8,000 IittIe napkins with my name on them... 有八千份印有我名字的餐巾

[15:40.20]...and, of course, someone to Iove. 当然,还有一个心爱的人

[15:43.28]Cheers. 举杯

[15:51.44]Thank you.

[15:53.40]Now we have a very speciaI treat. 现在,我们有一个特别节目

[15:56.12]One of my favorite writers, Carrie Bradshaw... 我最喜爱的作家之一 凯莉布雷萧

[15:58.48]...has agreed to share a poem that she wrote for the occasion. 替这个特别的场合写了一首诗

[16:06.36]Shit. 可恶

[16:13.48]As I made my way to the mlcrophone, I could only thlnk of one thlng.: 当我走向麦克风时 我只有一个念头

[16:17.88]Dead Woman WaIking. 走向死亡线

[16:33.08]''His heIIo was the end of her endings 他的招呼是她结局的终点

[16:38.44]''Her Iaugh was their first step down the aisIe 她的笑声是他们走向 红毯的第一步

[16:40.12]''His hand wouId be hers to hoId forever 他的手要让她牵一辈子

[16:45.28]''His forever was as simpIe as her smiIe'' 他承诺的永远就像她的微笑 那么简单

[16:51.16]Suddenly, lt hlt me. 我突然间想到: 有两个人缘定终生

[16:53.44]Two people were commlttlng to a llfe together...

[16:58.64]...and I couldn't even get a guy to be on a card wlth me. 我却没办法要一个男人 跟我签同一张卡片

[17:03.48]''He said she was what was missing 他说她就是那失落的一角

[17:07.100]''She said instantIy she knew 她立刻说她懂

[17:11.52]''She was a question to be answered 她就是那个等待被回答的问题

[17:19.72]''And 他的答案是“我愿意”

[17:20.52]''His answer was, 'I do'''

[17:24.36]I had no cholce but to embrace the moment... 我别无选择 只能拥抱这个时刻

[17:25.64]...and try to pass off my tears... 并传递我喜悦的眼泪 给这对新人

[17:28.04]...as tears of joy for the happy couple.

[17:40.96]Can I have the dressing? 可以帮我拿沙拉酱吗?

[17:40.80]I want three or four kids, too. -我也想要三或四个孩子 -再养只小猫小狗如何?

[17:43.36]Where to you stand on dog vs. cat?

[17:48.92]You know, I think this shouId be our song. 这应该是我们的曲子

[17:52.72]We shouId dance to it. 那么我们应该跳支舞

[17:57.08]What, are they on the EveIyn Wood pIan, too? 他们也要有样学样吗?

[17:58.16]Sorry. 抱歉,我得接电话 我有错过什么吗?

[17:60.36]I had to take a caII. Did I miss anything?

[18:04.04]You missed my poem and most of the reception. 你错过了我念诗 和大部分的节目

[18:07.24]There's nothing Iike a sIow dance to make you forgive and forget. 但是一支慢舞 可以让人原谅并忘记

[18:12.40]I hate to dance when peopIe are eating. 我不喜欢在别人吃饭时跳舞


[18:16.40]I'II be at the bar where peopIe are drinking.

[18:19.08]Say heIIo to my date. 跟我的男伴打声招呼

[18:25.00]I think I know you from somewhere. -我看过你 -我们可能上过床

[18:29.12]It's very possibIe we fucked.

[18:31.40]No, I think I know you from coIIege. -好像是在大学时认识你 -我们或许在大学时代上过床

[18:34.96]Then, we probabIy fucked in coIIege.

[18:40.52]Another CosmopoIitan, pIease. -再一杯四海为家 -一杯威士忌,不加冰

[18:42.64]And a Scotch straight up.

[18:42.08]It's the famous poet, Carrie Bradshaw. 是那位有名的诗人凯莉布雷萧

[18:45.60]Can we not taIk about the poem? 我们能不能不要谈到诗?

[18:47.36]It was perfect. 很棒,除了那些眼泪 到底怎么了?

[18:51.88]Except the crying. What was that about?

[18:53.36]Big took a caII during my poem. 大人物在我念诗时接电话

[18:56.44]It's not important to him. Nothing is important to him. 那对他而言不重要 没有一件事对他重要

[19:01.32]Guess what? The Guest Book Person is aIso the Put the Gifts in the Van Person. 负责签到簿还要顺便 负责搬礼物

[19:04.48]Do you want to heIp, or shouId I go outside... 你们要帮忙吗?

[19:08.24]...and wait for someone eIse not to see me so I can end it? 还是要我等到 没有人看到时溜掉

[19:10.84]I'II heIp. What street do you want to stand in? 我帮你,你要往哪边走?

[19:19.60]If they get married within a month, I'm not going. 如果他们在一个月内结婚 我一定不去参加

[19:21.36]CarefuI, that's from me. -小心一点,这是我送的 -你送他们什么?

[19:23.64]What are you giving them? 跳舞的青蛙

[19:27.44]The dancing frogs.

[19:34.72]Even whlle on the verge of breaklng the land speed record for relatlonshlps... 即使就快要破了 感情发展速度的纪录

[19:38.60]...Charlotte took her dutles as brldesmald very serlously. 夏绿蒂还是尽责地完成 伴娘的工作

[19:42.28]Isn't it beautifuI? -好漂亮 -我们该怎么做?

[19:42.16]How do we do this? 我们把细绳随意抛 再写一些好玩的东西在镜子上

[19:44.64]We just throw SiIIy String around and write funny things on the mirror in Iipstick.

[19:50.88]Some peopIe throw condoms on the bed, but I prefer rose petaIs. 有人会在床上丢保险套 我比较喜欢玫瑰花瓣


[19:54.08]I wouId Iove to wake up in rose petaIs.

[20:00.12]It was all so romantlc. 一切都是那么地浪漫 那张床,玫瑰花瓣…

[20:02.00]The bed, the rose petals...

[20:07.60]...the bed.... 那张床

[20:11.84]Technlcally, lt wasn't a thlrd date... 在技术上,这不是第三次约会 但他们吃过饭,跳过舞

[20:13.96]...but they'd already had dlnner and been danclng.

[20:19.44]Twenty mlnutes later, Charlotte worrled she'd made a rookle mlstake... 夏绿蒂担心和这位理想中的 结婚对象上床

[20:21.20]...by sleeplng wlth a man she mlght marry. 是个错误

[20:24.20]But somethlng wonderful happened. 会有不好的事发生

[20:28.20]I want to introduce you to my parents. 我想把你介绍给我父母

[20:30.88]Meetlng the parents.: Charlotte was back on schedule. 父母…夏绿蒂的计划 又回到正轨

[20:34.04]Did you see us? We've been dancing up a storm. 你有看到我们跳舞吗? 就像起风暴一样

[20:38.72]-WouId you Iike a free Iesson? -My dad considers himseIf quite a dancer. -想要免费教学吗? -我爸爸很会跳舞

[20:42.88]That wouId be great. 我很乐意

[20:48.16]Is she the one? 就是她了吗?

[20:51.04]You're a beautifuI dancer. 你是个美丽的舞者

[20:51.16]Thank you.

[21:03.80]May I cut in? -我可以接手吗? -如果你坚持

[21:04.76]If you must.

[21:08.32]Isn't he something? 他很棒是不是?很聪明 他是我学习的榜样

[21:10.80]He's very smart.

[21:10.12]He's pretty much my roIe modeI.

[21:12.12]He used to take me to his office when I was IittIe. 他以前会带我到办公室…

[21:16.12]Your father just feIt me up. 你父亲刚才吃我豆腐

[21:16.96]-What? -We were dancing and he put his hand-- 我们在跳舞时他的手…

[21:19.04]My parents have been married for 50 years. 我父母结婚五十年了

[21:23.92]My dad wouId not cop a feeI just because some girI is wearing a sIutty dress. 我爸爸不会因为一个女人 穿着暴露


[21:28.52]Suddenly, lt was clear to Charlotte that Martln wouldn't take her slde now... 夏绿蒂当下明白


[21:32.96]...or after three or four klds, or ever.

[21:36.20]Did the Iast four and a haIf hours mean nothing to you? 过去的四个半小时 对你来说没意义吗?

[21:44.84]-The chlcken dance. -Darn, we missed the chicken dance. 可恶,我们错过了鸡舞

[21:49.48]Excuse me, have you seen my date? 抱歉,你有看到我的女伴吗?

[21:50.76]I'm sorry, I had to heIp Miranda put the gifts into the van. 抱歉,我得帮米兰达 把礼物搬上车

[21:57.16]Are you ready to go? -你要走了吗? -他们切蛋糕了吗?

[21:59.60]Have they even cut the cake yet? 我不知道 但我知道那是怎么回事

[22:03.64]I don't know, but I can teII you how it turns out.

[22:07.16]If you want to go, go. 如果你想走,就走吧

[22:10.76]What's wrong? -怎么了? -你连卡片都不肯签

[22:13.92]You wouIdn't even sign the card.

[22:18.84]The card. 卡片?

[22:21.88]I'm afraid we don't want the same things. 我怕我们想要的不一样

[22:26.88]Things Iike cake? 譬如说蛋糕?

[22:28.44]I want someone who's going to be with me untiI the end... 我要的是有人能一直陪我…

[22:34.20]...of a wedding. 到婚礼结束


[22:39.60]I'II stay.

[22:41.20]You wiII? -真的? -真的

[22:45.44]Yes. 单身女郎们,要抛花束了

[22:44.24]SingIe Iadies!

[22:46.92]It's time for the tossing of the bouquet.

[22:49.00]Isn't the bouquet toss at the end? -花束不是最后抛吗? -恭喜你,你走运了

[22:53.84]CongratuIations, you Iucked out.

[22:54.20]Get us some cake. I want to say goodbye to my friends. 我去跟我朋友说再见

[23:00.44]-Big moment. -Big and I are Ieaving. 很重大的一刻

[23:04.72]He's crossed his pain threshoId and he's carrying me aIong. 大人物跟我要先离开 他已经忍受不了了

[23:08.52]Everybody ready? 准备好了吗?

[23:09.08]One, two, three. 一、二、三

[23:21.04]See you tomorrow. -姐妹们,明天见 -晚安

[23:25.72]Let's get your coats. 我们去拿你的外套

[23:31.16]Some people know they're meant to be together. 有些人知道他们注定 和某人共度一生

[23:33.64]I knew I was meant to go home and have cake ln bed wlth Blg. 我知道我注定要和大人物 回家在床上吃蛋糕

[23:39.96]Maybe we're more the fuzzy glove types. 这就是我们的爱情方式吧

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