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欲望都市第二季 两性进化论 Evolution






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:24:47





[00:50.24]There ls nothlng more humlllatlng for a woman than a vlslt to the gynecologlst... 任何事都比不上去看妇产科 更叫人难堪

[00:56.28]Do you need more OrthoNovum? 你还需要避孕药吗?

[00:57.72]...unless lt's havlng to tell your gynecologlst... 除非结果显示你不需要 再服药了

[00:58.100]...you don't need the plll anymore.

[01:01.56]ActuaIIy, I'm going off it. -我暂时不想吃 -你想怀孕吗?

[01:05.04]-Are you trying to have a baby? -No!


[01:09.12]I sort of jumped the gun going on it in the first pIace because Steve...

[01:12.12]...the guy that I went on it for, the first reaI reIationship I've had in years, is over... 我的史蒂夫…他是我的前男友


[01:18.36]...and I don't need a daiIy reminder that I'm not having sex. 我不需要每天找个东西 来提醒我没有做爱

[01:21.16]So that's the story with the piII. 所以我不用吃药了 好了,我闭嘴总行了吧

[01:26.44]Okay, I'm quiet now.

[01:29.28]Just when Mlranda thought she'd hlt rock bottom... 正当米兰达处在谷底时

[01:31.08]...she dlscovered a new geologlcal layer of humlllatlon. 才发现她要面临另一个难堪

[01:34.08]We got your tests back and everything Iooks fine. -你的测试显示一切都很好 -好极了

[01:39.16]Great! 只是有件小事 你的排卵有点迟缓

[01:40.44]Just one smaII thing. It appears you have a Iazy ovary.

[01:43.20]A Iazy ovary? 排卵迟缓?

[01:45.48]Your right ovary has stopped producing eggs. 你的右卵巢停止制造卵子了

[01:50.08]Is it possibIe it's just on strike? 它有没有可能是在闹罢工?

[01:53.04]I know what this is. 我的右卵巢已经放弃了希望 认为我不可能结婚生子

[01:53.44]My right ovary has given up hope that I wiII ever get married and have kids.

[01:58.40]It's Iike a case you know wiII settIe out of court. Why bother? 就像庭外和解一样 何须多此一举?

[02:03.40]-The Ieft one stiII beIieves. -I'm a bioIogicaI underachiever. -你的左卵巢至少还相信你 -我的生物一向不及格

[02:04.100]It's ironic because that ovary went to Harvard. 我的右卵巢上了哈佛大学 真是讽刺

[02:09.36]I have a tiIted uterus. -我的子宫易位 -那又怎样?

[02:12.04]The sperm have to jump over that hurdIe to get to my egg. 所以精虫得跳过障碍 才能会合我的卵子

[02:15.52]But once they get there, there wiII be an egg. 那里至少还有一颗卵子

[02:19.00]I need a new gynecoIogist. Do you Iike yours? 我想另外找一家妇产科 你喜欢你的医生吗?

[02:20.00]Not right now. No. -现在不喜欢 -至少她是个女人

[02:22.76]At Ieast she's a woman.

[02:25.88]I tried to go to a man, but it was too strange... 我试着去看过男医生 他却把时间全花在下面

[02:27.56]...him spending aII that time down there and Ieaving without an orgasm, and a biII.


[02:30.72]Here. I'm going to get this. 今天我请客

[02:35.40]I don't think these are accepted here. -我想餐厅大概不会收这个 -我今晚要在大人物家过夜

[02:39.88]I'm spending the night at Big's.

[02:41.76]After aII this time, you don't have so much as a drawer there? 我的天,你们交往了这么久 你还没有抽屉可放东西吗?

[02:43.76]Big is weird about stuff. -大人物对私人物品很在意 -男人都一样

[02:46.92]AII men are. That's why you have to just stake out some territory. 所以你更应该声张你的地盘

[02:48.12]-It's not a Iand run, it's a reIationship. -ExactIy! TaIk to him about it! 这又不是争购土地 我们只是朋友


[02:54.28]With Big, I think it's best to waIk softIy and carry a big purse. 对大人物而言还是提着包袱 安静的离开为妙

[02:58.68]Yes, she shouIdn't Ieave anything there to remain a creature of mystery. 没错,她不应该留下私人物品 保持神秘感很重要

[03:03.92]What's the big mystery? He knows she wears underwear. 他都知道她穿内裤了 还有什么神秘可言?

[03:06.92]I never Ieave underwear because I never see it again. 我绝不会留内裤在男人家里 我绝不会再看到它

[03:09.68]-What happens to it? -Nothing. I never go back. -你的内裤怎么了? -没什么,我从来不吃回头草

[03:10.92]Isn't it a IittIe expensive disposing of Iingerie every time you sIeep with a guy? 每和男人上床就得丢一件内裤 是不是太浪费了?

[03:16.96]That's why I stopped wearing underwear on dates. 所以我现在约会都不穿了

[03:17.68]That's why I'm never borrowing a dress from you again. 这也是我为什么不再向你 借衣服的原因

[03:21.24]I once found another woman's underwear in a man's bed. 有一次我在一个男人家里 发现别的女人的内裤

[03:25.32]Maybe it was Samantha's! 那也许是莎曼珊的

[03:27.48]Once in Steve's bathroom, I found one of those hair scrunchies from the '80s. 有一次我在史蒂夫的浴室


[03:32.88]I'm not sure what was more disturbing: the fact that he had a girIfriend before... 我就一直在想他是在我之前 和女友亲热过

[03:37.44]...or the fact that he dated someone who wore a scrunchie. 还是和他约会的女人 穿了一件毛衣

[03:40.04]HaIf my music coIIection was Ieft behind by past boyfriends. -我有半数唱盘都是前男友的 -我会把那种东西还回去

[03:42.92]-I aIways give that stuff back. -I don't. 我不认为那是分手的礼物

[03:44.20]I consider it a parting gift.

[03:48.96]''Thanks for pIaying. Here's Hootie and the BIowfish.'' 我是“混混与自大狂合唱团” 的忠实听众

[03:50.16]They're sexuaI souvenirs. -那是两性关系的纪念品 -我就向他要了一件T恤

[03:51.76]Okay, then I want a T-shirt that says:

[03:54.44]''I dated a bartender and aII I got was this Iousy ovary.'' 上面印有“我与酒保约会 却搞得卵巢脏兮兮”的字样

[04:03.88]The next mornlng at Blg's, I started to thlnk. 第二天一早在大人物家里 我便开始思索

[04:05.00]If the thlngs we leave behlnd... 要是我们留下的东西 会成为交往过的纪念

[04:06.36]...become the archeologlcal rellcs of our sexual hlstory...

[04:11.12]...I should be able to leave somethlng. 我是该留下点东西

[04:19.20]Anclent man left cave drawlngs to prove they exlsted. 古人用壁画证明他们曾经存在

[04:23.08]I left a Halr Pro 1200. 我则留下了吹风机

[04:30.00]And I dldn't stop at that. 还乐此不疲

[04:39.60]Man may have dlscovered flre... 男人或许发现了火 女人却学会了玩火

[04:41.76]...but women dlscovered how to play wlth lt.

[04:44.76]Charlotte was maklng hlstory as well. 夏绿蒂也在创造历史

[04:48.00]Tlred of the Neanderthals she'd been datlng... 她受够了和她交往的 那个原始人

[04:50.72]...she spent her nlght wlth a gay frlend who catered partles for the gallery.: 竟然和一个承办酒席的同性恋 共度周六夜晚

[04:53.100]Dessert chef, Stephan Bodean. 而她当晚的点心就是主厨 史蒂芬鲍丁

[04:56.44]I had no idea that Betty BuckIey was so taIented! 真没想到蓓蒂布克鲁 这么多才多艺

[04:60.76]PIease! She is the cat's pajamas. 拜托,她可是猫的睡衣

[05:02.60]Why do peopIe say that? -大家为什么都这么说她? -不知道

[05:05.20]I have no idea. Maybe because she was in Cats. 或许是因为她演出过“猫”吧

[05:07.32]Let's start another one. Like, ''She's the dog's tuxedo.'' 我们也来自创一句 好比“她是狗的晚礼服”

[05:12.04]-Thank you so much for inviting me. -No, pIease. 谢谢你今晚邀请我去

[05:17.24]Thank you for accepting my Iast minute invite. 别这么说 谢谢你接受我临时的邀约

[05:17.100]My friend Don canceIed and we had had tickets forever. 我的朋友唐今早取消了约会 这张门票又退不掉

[05:20.100]CaII me anytime. 你随时都可以找我 能和男人这样畅谈非常难得

[05:23.88]It's refreshing to go out with a man I can taIk to.

[05:27.40]-You want to grab a cappuccino? -No, I've just got to get on home. -你想喝杯咖啡吗? -不了,我得回家了

[05:29.56]-You're uptown? -Yeah, and you're.... -你住在住宅区? -对,那你…

[05:31.32]CheIsea. I'II haiI you a cab. 我住在切尔西区 我帮你叫一辆计程车

[05:45.76]-Or you couId get one yourseIf. -It heIps to show a IittIe Ieg. -你也可以自己叫辆车 -露出大腿会有点帮助

[05:47.76]You know, I tried that and nothing. 我试过,可惜一无所获

[05:51.92]Thank you. Goodnight. 谢谢,晚安


[06:10.60]What happened? What do you think? 那出了什么问题?

[06:12.32]I am so confused. Is he gay or is he straight? 我也搞不清了 他到底是不是同性恋?

[06:16.68]It's not that simpIe anymore. 问题没这么简单,问题在于…

[06:18.00]The reaI question is:

[06:18.56]Is he a straight gay man, or is he a gay straight man? 他是个纯粹的男同性恋? 还是个双性恋?

[06:24.24]The gay stralght man was a new straln of heterosexual male... 男同性恋是个新兴的族群

[06:27.64]...spawned ln Manhattan as the result of overexposure to fashlon... 目前大量出现在 曼哈顿的时尚圈

[06:30.08]...exotlc culslne, muslcal theater and antlque furnlture. 外国餐厅、音乐会 和古董家具界中

[06:34.16]HopefuIIy, he's a gay straight man... 他最好是个双性恋的男同性恋 这表示他拥有男同性恋的特质

[06:36.16]...meaning he's straight with great gay quaIities.

[06:37.28]Whereas a straight gay guy... 如果他是纯粹的男同性恋 表示他根本不可能碰你

[06:40.84]...is just a gay guy who pIays sports and won't fuck you.

[06:41.00]He must be a gay straight man because he asked CharIotte out for a second date. 那他一定是双性恋 因为他又约夏绿蒂出去了

[06:45.28]UnIess he's a straight gay man in deniaI. 除非他拒绝承认自己 是个百分之百的男同性恋

[06:50.08]But Saturday night wasn't even a date. 但那根本不叫约会 我没洗头,也戴着眼镜

[06:50.00]I didn't wash my hair and I wore my gIasses!

[06:53.64]Are those recreationaI, because this drink isn't doing it for me. 那是消遣用药吗? 这杯酒对我根本没作用

[06:56.16]They're hormones. I'm trying to jump-start my ovary. 这是促进卵巢排卵的荷尔蒙

[06:59.44]-My mother's taking those for menopause. -Does she have a tiIted uterus, too? 我妈停经之后才吃那种药


[07:07.68]Isn't anybody going to notice my purse? 你们都没注意到我的皮包吗?

[07:10.68]Cute! Is it new? -真可爱,这是新款的吗? -不,但它小得放不下内裤

[07:11.96]No, but it is quite smaII and panty-free.

[07:14.56]You Ieft your underwear at Big's. -你将内裤留在大人物家了? -没有,但我留了梳子

[07:17.80]No, but I did Ieave a hair brush, a hair dryer, razors...

[07:20.20]吹风机、除毛刀、月经棉条 还有眼部卸妆液

[07:22.72]...tampons and eye-makeup remover.

[07:25.20]Good for you! 有进步

[07:25.56]And something eIse. 还有别的东西

[07:29.96]What? -什么? -你快说

[07:33.12]For the first time at Big's, I did a number two. 我第一次在大人物家里上大号

[07:41.96]I think it's a good sign... 我觉得在他家上大号很自在 这是好现象

[07:42.56]...that I feeI comfortabIe enough with Big to do a number two.

[07:46.24]It is not a good sign! It's the end of romance. 才怪

[07:46.36]-这是恋爱的终结 -这真的很了不起

[07:50.72]This is a big deaI!

[07:50.04]I went through a reIationship never doing that at the guy's pIace... 我在上一段感情 都没做过这种事

[07:54.12]...incIuding a weekend in Bermuda... 我们周末出去度假 我还一直跑大厅的洗手间

[07:55.60]...where I spent the whoIe time running to the Iobby.

[07:57.16]It's tough in New York. 这在纽约真的很不容易 在小公寓里做什么都听得到

[07:59.76]SmaII apartments, one bathroom. You can hear everything.

[08:03.04]That's why I onIy date rich men. 所以我只和有钱人约会

[08:04.64]Money means that there's enough space to distance yourseIf from the number two. 钱能买到足够的空间 让你上大号

[08:08.80]I have never done a number two at a boyfriend's pIace. 我就从未在男友家上过大号

[08:12.96]Honey, you're so uptight, you need to do a number seven. 你太紧张了,你应该上七号

[08:18.16]Excuse me, it's from that guy at the end of the bar. 抱歉 这是吧台的那位先生请的

[08:21.36]ReaIIy? 是吗?

[08:26.08]My God, it's Dominic. 我的天,那是多明尼克

[08:30.60]Domlnlc Delmonlco was a publlshlng magnate... 多明尼克德墨纳哥 是个出版业巨子

[08:33.24]...and the flrst and only man Samantha really loved. 他是莎曼珊第一个 也是唯一爱过的男人

[08:35.36]He wlned and dlned her, set the bar for hot sex... 他曾与她有过一段炽烈的恋情

[08:38.64]...then dumped her for an Icelandlc supermodel named Anka. 却为了冰岛一个叫安卡的名模 抛弃了她

[08:43.92]Once, on the cover of Fortune, he'd fallen to tablold level... 后来又因为离婚 上“财富”杂志封面

[08:44.36]...due to a messy publlc dlvorce.

[08:48.16]I'm just gonna say heIIo. -我去跟他打招呼 -你不在意他抛弃了你?

[08:50.44]After what he did to you? -他做了什么? -让她心碎

[08:53.56]-What did he do? -He broke her heart.

[08:54.56]Imaglnlng Samantha wlth a broken heart... 你能想像莎曼珊心碎吗?

[08:57.24]...was more confuslng to Charlotte than a French klss from a gay man. 对夏绿蒂而言这比 和男同性恋舌吻更难以想像

[08:60.08]Ancient history. I'm the one with the power now. 那都过去了 我现在拥有绝对的优势

[09:04.96]I've evoIved past him. 我早就超越他了

[09:20.28]-Hey, beautifuI. -Hiya, handsome. -小美人 -帅哥

[09:28.92]-What's this? -Just a few things you Ieft at my pIace. 这是什么?


[09:35.88]Thanks. 谢谢

[09:42.44]It's llke I had one too many ltems... 这种感觉就像…

[09:44.44]...and I was belng klcked out of the relatlonshlp express lane. 我被踢出了我们之间的关系

[09:48.80]What ls lt about Blg's apartment? 大人物的家是怎么回事?

[09:49.68]Nothlng ever stlcks. It's llke Teflon for women. 那里就像个所有女人的不沾锅

[09:59.24]I meant to Ieave that stuff at your apartment. 我是故意把东西留在你那里的

[10:03.80]Why? -为什么? -因为…

[10:07.72]For one thing, I don't wake up Iooking Iike this. 我不是一起床就画好妆的

[10:10.28]I actuaIIy need stuff to Iook Iike this and it wouId be nice... 我梳妆打扮需要一点东西

[10:15.52]...not to have to carry it around aII day with me Iike a nomad. 我不想整天像个游民一样 带着那些东西到处跑

[10:21.24]It's just a few things. And you can Ieave stuff here. 那只是几样小东西 你也可以把东西留在这里

[10:25.00]-I don't want to Ieave stuff here. -Not a Iot of stuff. -我不想把东西放在这里 -你也不用放很多

[10:26.96]Just Iike, you know, if you want to shave in the morning. 你早上也许会需要刮胡子

[10:31.36]I shave at the gym. -我都在健身房刮 -我一时也举不出例子

[10:34.32]I don't know, socks. -好比袜子 -你要我把袜子放在这里?

[10:36.92]You want me to Ieave socks here?

[10:39.20]Never mind what I want. What do you want? 别管我怎么说,你想放什么?

[10:39.28]I don't know. Let's save an hour. Why don't you just teII me what I want? 我们别兜圈子 你直接说你要我怎样好了

[10:43.00]No, reaIIy, in your mind... 就你认为

[10:47.68]...what is the ideaI Iiving situation for two peopIe in a reIationship? 什么是在交往的男女 最佳的状态?

[10:56.52]ExactIy what we have. -就是现在这样 -那是怎样?

[10:60.00]-And what is that? -I have my pIace, you have yours. 我们各自有自己的住处

[11:04.48]We're together when we want to be, we're apart when we want to be. 想在一起时便在一起 想独处的时候就独处

[11:07.32]-Like Woody and Mia. -Before Soon-Yi. -就像伍迪艾伦和米亚? -在顺宜出现之前

[11:12.72]Ever slnce Woody Allen descrlbed wavlng to Mla Farrow across the Park... 自从伍迪艾伦搬到顺宜家之后

[11:16.88]...slngle men ln Manhattan had yearned for that klnd of separate togetherness. 一群单身汉就期待得到 这种同居的独居生活

[11:19.36]I felt llke the last dlnosaur. Was I the one who needed to adapt? 我觉得我好像快绝种的恐龙 难道只有我需要适应环境吗?

[11:25.36]Was my vlew of a relatlonshlp extlnct? 我对两性关系不抱希望了吗?

[11:27.04]I couldn't stop thlnklng about lt. 在这个城市里的男同性恋 不但大张旗鼓又讲究时尚

[11:31.68]Thls ls a clty where gay men are so out, they're ln...

[11:34.00]...where women are so chronlcally slngle, ovarles may be the next vestlglal organ. 单身女子的卵巢 却正濒临退化的边缘

[11:37.44]We can have anythlng dellvered anytlme. 我们随时可以请人代劳

[11:39.84]We can have our dogs walked, our clothes cleaned, our food cooked. 请人带狗散步、洗衣服、煮菜

[11:44.04]Who needs a husband when you have a doorman? 既然有了看门的人 谁还需要老公?

[11:44.52]Are New Yorkers evolvlng past relatlonshlps? 纽约人的男女关系 正在进化当中吗?

[11:49.72]ReIationships have decIined since women Ieft the cave... 自从女人离开了洞窟 男女关系就开始疏离

[11:51.96]...Iooked around and said, ''This isn't hard.''

[11:52.28]So you don't need a man, but do you stiII want one? 这么说你不需要男人 但你却想拥有一个男人?

[11:56.44]I want more than one. 我想要的可不只一个

[11:56.44]I can't decide whether you represent our future or our demise. 真不知道你该代表女人的 未来还是灭亡?

[12:00.20]I am the future! 当然是未来

[12:04.28]Seeing Dominic reminded me of how needy I was and how far I've come. 多明尼克让我了解到 过去的我有多么贫瘠

[12:08.16]-We're going out Friday night. -Sweetie! -我们星期五晚上要出去 -你花了一年时间才平复伤痛

[12:11.68]It took you a year to get over him. He treated you Iike shit.

[12:13.56]他当年视你如蔽屣 你怎么还想和他出去?

[12:15.32]-Why do you go out with him again? -Because he treated me Iike shit.

[12:15.72]-就因为他以前视我如蔽屣 -你这是在自掘坟墓

[12:17.04]-I'm Ieaning toward demise. -It's caIIed revenge. 我这是在报复 我要先让他欲火焚身

[12:21.08]I'm gonna make him want me and right before we do it... 在我们办事之前 再像他抛弃我一样丢弃他

[12:23.56]...I'm gonna drop him Iike he dropped me.

[12:26.36]-As Iong as you've got a pIan. -Not onIy a pIan, I have a dress. -你有分寸就好 -我连礼服都买好了

[12:29.64]Samantha's revenge fantasy, llke all her fantasles, was even better llve. 莎曼珊的复仇计划 可谓曲折离奇

[12:34.80]You're more beautifuI than ever. 你比过去还要美艳 事业有成,我却已徒增白发

[12:38.80]So successfuI and I'm getting gray hair...

[12:40.88]...and Anka is taking me for everything I've got. 安卡把我的一切全抢走了

[12:42.08]I read that she got the saiIboat. 我看报上说她得到了那艘帆船

[12:47.36]We had good times in that boat. 我们曾在船上共度过美妙时光

[12:49.80]-You and Anka? -You and I. -你和安卡吗? -我是说我们

[12:53.88]Have I mentioned how unbeIievabIe you Iook in that dress? 我有说过你穿这件衣服 美得不可方物吗?

[13:02.36]Slnce Stephan hadn't come out... 因为史蒂芬始终没有行动

[13:04.76]...Charlotte accepted hls lnvltatlon to stay ln. 夏绿蒂决定接受他的邀请 到他家用餐

[13:15.96]That's deIicious. -真好吃 -这是焗番茄披萨

[13:18.84]GriIIed PortobeIIo pizzas topped with fresh basiI and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

[13:19.52]撒上新鲜的罗勒叶 和巴马干酪起司

[13:23.40]It's Martha's recipe. -这是玛莎的食谱 -我喜欢玛莎史都华

[13:24.24]-I Iove Martha Stewart. -She's the dog's tuxedo! 她就是个“狗的晚礼服”

[13:30.56]Look, you have the siIk pIacemats I've been eyeing at Bergdorf's. 我在柏格朵夫家饰用品店 看过这些丝质的桌布

[13:34.36]-You have good taste. -This is my fantasy kitchen. 你很有品味

[13:37.04]-这是我最想要的厨房 -这也是我的梦想

[13:40.44]This is my fantasy.

[13:54.96]Is that dress Cynthia RowIey? 这是辛西雅罗莉的服饰吗?

[13:56.52]Charlotte wanted to be open-mlnded... 夏绿蒂希望自己能抛弃成见

[13:58.68]...but Stephan seemed to be maklng lt as hard as posslble. 但史蒂芬却让情势每下愈况

[14:04.88]Meanwhlle, Samantha was maklng Domlnlc as hard as posslble. 这时候莎曼珊已经 让多明尼克心痒难耐

[14:13.12]So do you want me? 你想要我吗?

[14:15.48]Do I want you? 我当然要你

[14:24.36]Thls was the moment Samantha had walted years and years for. 莎曼珊多年来就等待这一刻

[14:26.76]What was another couple hours? 何须再费心等待?

[14:40.96]I tried to caII you. Were you at Big's? -你去大人物家了吗? -不,我出去逛街了

[14:43.64]No, I was out shopping.

[14:45.12]My reIationship is at a standstiII, so instead, I'm evoIving my Iook. 我和他的关系正面临僵局 我就想打扮自己,你还好吗?

[14:50.92]How did it go with Dominic?

[14:51.48]I sIept with him. -我和他上床了 -这不在你的计划之内吧?

[14:51.76]That wasn't part of the pIan.

[14:55.28]It's the new pIan. I wanted to remind him what he was missing. 我改变主意了 我要让他知道他错过了什么

[14:57.56]I can't beIieve I thought he was such a great Iover. 我以前竟然当他是个完美情人

[14:60.04]I'm better than him now. 我现在比他更胜一筹,再见


[15:06.12]In order to survlve two decades of datlng ln New York... 为了在纽约的男女关系中 生存二十年

[15:09.96]...Samantha had become a powerful hybrld.: 莎曼珊变成了一种混种人

[15:11.88]The ego of a man trapped ln the body of a woman. 她那纯女性的躯体底下 包裹的是大男人的心态

[15:15.64]Charlotte feared the opposlte was true of Stephan. 夏绿蒂深怕史蒂芬是个 百分之百的男同性恋

[15:17.84]She stlll needed help classlfylng her flnd, so she brought ln a team of experts. 她需要找人为她鉴定 便带来了两个专家

[15:22.32]Carrie, Stanford, this is Stephan. -凯莉、史丹佛,这是史蒂芬 -你好

[15:26.40]-Hi. -Ciao!

[15:28.40]-You changed your hair. -It's just straightened. Have we met? -你换了发型 -对,我把头发烫直了

[15:34.84]No, I've seen your coIumn. -我们见过吗? -没有,我读过你的专栏

[15:35.92]In that photo, your hair is free fIowing and BotticeIIi-esque. 你在照片上是一头卷发

[15:38.92]It's fabuIous either way. 你两种发型都很好看

[15:42.88]CannoIis and cream puffs and tarts, oh my! 奶油泡芙和水果蛋糕,太棒了

[15:47.36]I put a IittIe bit of everything. 里面有各种材料 这是我试做的成品

[15:49.16]This one's an experiment. It's a date tart with pumpkin custard. -这是水果蛋糕和南瓜冻 -这是你为我们做的?

[15:54.92]This is aII for us?

[15:55.60]-Sweets for my sweet. -And her freeIoading friends. -是我做给我的甜心的 -还有两个白吃的朋友

[15:58.36]My nutritionist wiII kiII me, but somebody hand me a fork. 我的营养师一定会宰了我 快把叉子给我

[16:02.44]-Can you join us? -I'd Iove to. -你也一起吃吧? -但是我得去盯着结婚蛋糕

[16:03.08]I have got to gIaze my wedding cake.

[16:11.44]Get back to me on the tart. 我稍后再回来吃水果蛋糕

[16:17.40]I find him very attractive. Which, of course, means he's straight. 他的确很吸引人 但他绝对不是同性恋

[16:21.28]He's obviousIy choosing to be straight... 因为他一直在讨好夏绿蒂

[16:24.52]...because he seems to be head over heeIs about her.

[16:27.04]What if he's gay and he doesn't know it yet? 他会不会是同性恋? 只是他还不知道?

[16:30.92]Honey, we are aware. 我们对这种事很清楚 我小的时候

[16:33.28]When I was a boy, my father gave me a book about the femaIe body... 我爸给我一本两性书籍 要教我男女之事

[16:35.28]...to teach me about sex.

[16:37.28]I took one Iook at it and said, ''No.'' 我只看了一眼就说:我不看

[16:42.12]-How is he in bed? -I don't know. I haven't sIept with him yet. -他在床上的表现如何? -我还没和他上过床

[16:46.68]-ReaIIy? -But he wants to. -是吗? -但是他很想

[16:48.32]It's so not fair. AII the good ones are straight, even the gay ones. 真不公平,好男人都这么君子 连男同性恋也是

[16:55.48]Give me a cannoIi.

[17:07.16]-Are you Iooking at my forehead? -No! -你是不是在看我的额头? -不是

[17:11.76]That nlght, Mlranda went out wlth Joseph Adler... 米兰达那天晚上 和约瑟夫艾勒出去吃饭

[17:12.76]...a labor-relatlons lawyer who'd been after her slnce the flrm retreat. 这个律师自从结案之后 就一直在追她

[17:18.04]The Iamb is deIicious. -这个小羊肉很好吃 -你大可放心的看

[17:19.12]You can Iook if you want. I've got nothing to hide.

[17:22.40]It's actuaIIy starting to fiII in. 我打算在这里植发

[17:25.56]She'd refused hlm twlce before, but slnce she was down to her last ovary... 她拒绝过他两次 但在知道卵巢排卵延迟后

[17:31.92]...Mlranda declded she was ln no posltlon to ellmlnate men on the basls of halr plugs. 她认为不能因为秃发的问题 就宣判一个男人死刑

[17:35.84]-I'm teIIing you, I was practicaIIy baId. -I remember. -我以前跟你说过我是个秃头 -我记得

[17:38.28]Now I have hair. This is a miracIe. 现在能有头发真是个奇迹 再吃点蛋糕吧

[17:43.40]-Some more bistee? -Sure.

[17:47.52]You probabIy think I'm crazy. 你一定觉得我很蠢

[17:48.00]ActuaIIy, I was thinking you seem very happy. 我看你似乎很快乐

[17:51.68]The funny thing is, I never thought that I'd be the kind of guy to get pIugs. 我从来没想过我会去植发

[17:55.00]But I've Iearned that you shouId never say never. -天下没有不可能的事情 -我懂你的意思

[18:01.24]I know what you mean.

[18:01.64]There are things that I've considered IateIy that I never thought I wouId consider. 最近我也碰到了 我从来没想过的问题

[18:05.72]Like what? 什么事?

[18:08.92]-Do you reaIIy want to know? -Sure. -你真的想知道吗? -当然

[18:12.96]I recentIy found out that I have a Iazy ovary. 我最近发现我有 排卵迟缓的问题

[18:18.16]Which is no big deaI. It just means that I onIy produce an egg every other month. 这表示我每隔几个月 只会排一次卵

[18:20.64]I'm not even sure that I want kids, but aII of a sudden it hit me... 我甚至不确定我想要小孩

[18:24.00]...that if the other ovary shuts down, I'm out of business. 但我担心左边卵巢也罢工了 我就没本钱了

[18:29.76]I've started taking hormones and now I'm actuaIIy considering freezing my eggs. 所以我就开始服用荷尔蒙 甚至考虑冷冻卵子

[18:36.72]Freezing your eggs? -冷冻卵子? -就是给卵子开一个帐户

[18:37.16]Like a fertiIity savings account. I think it wouId take the pressure off.


[18:42.40]It removes the whoIe bioIogicaI cIock issue. 这样就能免除生理时钟的问题

[18:44.88]-Yeah, but it raises a Iot of other issues. -Such as? -但这却会增加其他的问题 -好比什么?

[18:48.88]Such as, what is aII this reproductive technoIogy doing for us? 好比这种生殖科技 能为我们做什么?

[18:53.84]Do we want desperate women having babies at 50? 我们要让年届五十的女人 勉强生儿育女吗?

[18:58.44]Maybe some peopIe aren't supposed to procreate. 也许有些人本来就不该生孩子

[19:00.40]Maybe this is the worId's way of weeding out the weak. 也许这就是世界淘汰的方式

[19:04.28]If you ask me, this is a ridicuIous abuse of science. 我认为这是在滥用科学

[19:07.44]You have now designer sperm and these simuIated wombs. 现在有基因改造的精子 人造子宫

[19:14.80]Here's a good idea. 其实我们可以集体来进行淘汰

[19:15.60]Why don't we just eIiminate men aItogether?

[19:17.12]I don't need to be Iectured about science... 我不需要一个正在植发的人…

[19:21.68]...by a man who's doing crop rotation on his forehead. 教我什么科学才是正确的

[19:22.76]Mlranda went off the hormones. 米兰达的荷尔蒙会产生作用 不是因为约瑟夫

[19:26.68]Not because of what Joseph sald, but because she was only 33...

[19:26.12]是因为她年仅33还有左卵巢 还不想就此放弃希望

[19:30.60]...she stlll had her left ovary and she wasn't ready to settle out of court.

[19:35.28]Maybe someday there would be eggs ln her freezer. But not yet. 也许哪天 她会去把她的卵子冷冻

[19:42.52]Meanwhlle... 夏绿蒂不想再费神探究 这位神秘郎君

[19:43.76]...Charlotte declded to stop trylng to flgure out her creature of mystery and just enjoy.


[19:49.40]-Cher? -I Iove her! -雪儿? -我喜欢她

[19:51.100]She's such a survivor. 她真的很耐磨

[20:01.32]Wait. 慢着,我得问你几件事情

[20:05.72]I have to ask you something.

[20:10.68]Have you ever been with a man? 你和男人在一起过吗?

[20:13.28]No. Have you ever been with a woman? 没有,你和女人在一起过吗?

[20:16.04]I'm sorry, it's just.... 对不起,我是想到…

[20:20.100]Betty BuckIey and Martha Stewart and Cynthia RowIey! 蓓蒂布克鲁、玛莎史都华 和辛西雅罗莉…

[20:29.08]Are you gay? 你是男同性恋吗?

[20:33.36]夏绿蒂,我是个35岁 住在切尔西区的西点师父

[20:36.56]I'm a 35-year-oId pastry chef who Iives in CheIsea.

[20:38.00]If I were gay, I wouId be gay. 我如果是个同性恋 早就是同性恋了

[20:44.40]You're the one who doesn't want to make Iove. 一直不想做爱的是你

[20:51.12]I wouIdn't be so sure about that. 现在我就不确定了

[21:02.28]Charlotte was relleved and dellghted to dlscover... 知道史蒂芬不是同性恋之后 夏绿蒂总算放心了

[21:04.64]...Stephan was deflnltely stralght, or at least a gay stralght man.


[21:11.60]Frankly, after two orgasms, who the hell cares? 在到达两次高潮之后 谁还会在乎那些?

[21:18.60]The next mornlng, lt dawned on Samantha that her deslre for revenge... 隔天早上莎曼珊终于明白

[21:21.68]...was not as strong as her deslre for Domlnlc. 她对多明尼克复仇的决心 并不如她的欲望来得强烈

[21:28.24]You're awake. -你醒了 -没错


[21:32.76]You're so incredibIy beautifuI. 你真是美极了

[21:43.96]-I'm gonna miss you. -What do you mean? -我会想你的 -什么意思?

[21:47.88]Anka and I are giving it another shot. 我和安卡决定再试一次

[21:48.56]It's mostIy financiaI. 完全是为了经济的考量

[21:54.24]You can't do this to me. -你不能这么对我 -我很抱歉

[21:54.08]-I know. I'm sorry. -No!


[21:60.20]I'm supposed to do this to you! I had a pIan! This is aII wrong!

[22:01.52]-这一切不是我的计划 -我该走了

[22:04.72]I shouId go.

[22:07.68]-Get out! -I said I was going. -你滚 -我说过我要走了

[22:10.16]Stop beating me to the punch! 你休想再击垮我

[22:14.16]As she watched hlstory repeat ltself... 当历史重演的时候

[22:15.84]...Samantha reallzed she couldn't do what Domlnlc dld... 莎曼珊才知道她无法 像多明尼克一样无情

[22:19.12]...because she hadn't evolved past havlng feellngs. 因为她还没有完全的进化

[22:23.88]In a way, that was nlce to know. 但这也算是个好消息

[22:31.76]-Good morning. -Good morning, sIeepy. -早安 -早安,睡美人

[22:34.72]Something smeIIs amazing! 什么味道这么香?

[22:36.48]It's warm cranberry buttermiIk scones and Iemon curd. 蔓越莓脱脂奶烤饼和柠檬酱

[22:42.08]If I continue dating you, I'm gonna gain 10 pounds. 我要再和你约会下去 准会胖个十磅

[22:45.64]You'II stiII be gorgeous. 那你还是会很美丽

[22:50.24]-You want some tea? -Yes, pIease. -想不想喝茶? -好,谢谢

[22:54.92]-What is that noise? -What noise? -这是什么声音? -什么声音?

[22:59.76]It's kind of Iike a squeaking. 有点像老鼠的叫声

[23:05.56]My God! It's a mouse! 我的天,真的是老鼠

[23:07.52]-Are you sure? -It's in that gIue trap. -你确定吗? -在灭鼠毡上

[23:09.80]-Where? -There. -哪里? -那里

[23:11.72]-My God! -His Iegs are stuck! 它的腿粘住了

[23:16.96]-Do something! Don't kick it to me! -Get it out! -你快想想办法,别踢给我 -拿走

[23:26.80]Get it away!

[23:31.08]My God! 我的天

[23:34.08]At that moment... 这时候夏绿蒂了解到 她男性的一面还没进化成形

[23:36.04]...Charlotte reallzed her mascullne slde wasn't evolved enough...

[23:39.84]...for a man whose femlnlne slde was as hlghly evolved as Stephan's. 而史蒂芬的女性特质 却得到了高度的发展

[23:46.88]I spent the nlght at Blg's for the flrst tlme slnce my stuff was klcked out of the nest. 自从我的东西被赶走之后 这是我第一晚在大人物家过夜

[24:06.48]-Where you going? -Home. -你要去哪里? -回家

[24:09.76]-不要… -我的吹风机在我家

[24:10.56]It's where my hair dryer is.

[24:19.68]I may have to dry my hair. 我要吹头发 我现在留的是一头直发

[24:21.80]I'm wearing it straight, in case you didn't notice.

[24:24.84]I noticed. 我注意到了 我觉得你现在这样很好

[24:25.56]But I think it Iooks pretty amazing right now.


[24:37.96]Bring that gorgeous ass back into bed.

[24:39.16]I just have to make sure I didn't Ieave anything eIse. 我得确定没有东西留下

[24:55.76]Suddenly, I reallzed I dldn't have to worry about leavlng somethlng behlnd... 我突然间觉得根本无须在意 要不要留下东西

[24:60.64]...because I was there. 因为我就在那里

[25:10.28]Okay. 我可以待久一点 但我要把内裤留在这里

[25:12.68]I'II stay a IittIe Ionger.

[25:13.96]But I'm Ieaving this underwear here.

[25:17.56]Is it cIean? 它干净吗?

[25:28.76]Okay... 这是人类的一小步 却是大人物的一大步

[25:30.04]...lt was a small step for manklnd, but lt was a really blg step for Blg.

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