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[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:24:29





[00:48.84]In a town where everyone's dylng to couple up... 在一个人人都渴望 找个伴的城市中

[00:53.40]...sometlmes there's nothlng better than belng out of a relatlonshlp. 有时没什么比从一段感情中 脱身更好的事

[00:55.92]You have tlme to do your laundry... 你有空洗衣服

[00:58.20]...freedom to play your favorlte bad muslc really loudly. 把最棒的音乐 开得震天嘎响的自由

[01:01.20]But the best part of belng out of a relatlonshlp.: 但最棒的还是 有许多时间和朋友叙旧

[01:02.64]Plenty of tlme to catch up wlth your frlends.

[01:06.36]I feeI sorry for Big. I reaIIy do, because if you think about it... 我为大人物难过

[01:09.52]...I was the best thing that ever happened to him. ActuaIIy, I pity him. 我是他交往过最好的对象

[01:11.52]我同情他,我可以离开做自己 而他还是老样子

[01:15.88]Because I get to waIk away and be me and he has to waIk away and stay him.

[01:18.96]Who wants to be him when you can be me? 谁想跟他一样? 我既聪明又风趣

[01:21.08]I'm smart. I'm funny.

[01:21.76]I was this thing. I was it. I was this magic moment. 我是完美的女人,独一无二

[01:24.52]我是不可思议的一刻 就像咒语

[01:27.04]I was the abracadabra. 我为这段感情注入魔力

[01:29.68]I was totaIIy the ''poof'' in the reIationship.

[01:30.48]I've got more poof than he couId ever have. 我一根手指的魔力 比他全身上下加起来还多

[01:35.28]Sometimes, I poof just haiIing a cab. 有时我手一挥便能拦到计程车

[01:37.08]So, I guess it's better to know now so I can go poof someone eIse. 现在知道了也好 这样我才能对别人施展魔力

[01:40.04]Someone who deserves me... 吸引一个值得我爱的人 不是某个自大没安全感的家伙

[01:43.32]...and not some screwed up, insecure guy who can't deaI with a woman...

[01:46.40]...who's got her act together. 无法应付一个沉稳自信的女人

[01:47.20]Now, I'm gonna end up deIiriousIy happy and Big is gonna die oId and aIone... 我会一辈子幸福快乐 而大人物将会孤独终老

[01:51.24]...and I pity him. ReaIIy, I pity him. 我可怜他,真的

[01:60.12]What? -怎么了? -好,谁要跟她说?

[02:03.68]Who's gonna teII her?

[02:05.12]What? 什么?

[02:06.40]You're obsessed with taIking about Big and frankIy, we can't take it anymore. 你满嘴谈的都是大人物 我们再也受不了了

[02:09.76]-It's out of our Ieague. -Is this an intervention? 我们根本插不上话

[02:10.92]Yes, stop her before she obsesses again. -这算是干涉吗? -没错,别再想着他了

[02:15.72]Isn't part of the breaking up process that you get free rein to whine to your friends? 随时和朋友诉苦


[02:18.32]Of course you do. 当然

[02:20.28]But maybe you shouId think about whining to a shrink. 也许你该考虑 去和心理医生吐苦水

[02:23.16]Why shouId I pay someone when we can taIk for free... 我们可以免费聊天,喝杯东西 何必付钱给别人?

[02:24.68]...and then get a drink or whatever?

[02:26.44]I don't need professionaI heIp. I've got you guys. 我不需要专业的协助 我有你们这些姐妹

[02:31.76]For another ten minutes. -再给你十分钟 -然后我们便会打断你

[02:32.32]Then we're cutting you off, coId turkey.

[02:33.84]Hey, I don't need therapy. I need new friends. 我不需要心理治疗 我需要新朋友

[02:37.12]Look, we're as fucked up as you are. It's Iike the bIind Ieading the bIind. 我们和你一样失败 就像盲人瞎马,只会引入危途

[02:42.76]Sometimes it heIps to taIk to somebody who's objective. 有时和客观的人谈谈会有帮助

[02:45.76]Okay, I understand why you see a shrink because you're aIways in your head... 我了解你们为何去看心理医生

[02:49.92]...but I'm fine. 你们总是钻牛角尖 但我好得很,一切运作正常

[02:52.32]I am functioning. Besides, I don't reaIIy--

[02:55.60]To be honest, I just don't buy the whoIe shrink thing. 此外,老实说 我不信心理医生那一套

[02:58.36]Neither do I. My parents beIieve... 我父母相信任何脑部毛病

[02:60.88]...that any head probIem can be soIved with physicaI exercise. 可以藉着运动解决

[03:01.04]That's why aII of us are reaIIy good tennis pIayers. 这就是为什么 我们都很擅长打网球

[03:06.32]It's a sIippery sIope. 这会让人越陷越深,刚开始 一周去一次,接着一周去三次

[03:08.80]First you go once a week, then three times a week...

[03:10.32]...and next thing you know... 突然间你开口闭口都是 “我的心理医生说…”

[03:10.88]...you start sentences, ''My shrink says....''

[03:14.60]My shrink says that's a very common fear. -我心理医生说那恐惧很平常 -心理治疗实在有些自我放纵

[03:15.64]Therapy is just so seIf-induIgent.

[03:21.64]Ancient man didn't need shrinks to survive. 古人不靠心理医生也活得下去

[03:24.24]Ancient man onIy Iived tiII 30. -古人只活到30岁 -我的朋友们说对了吗?

[03:25.28]Were my frlends rlght?

[03:27.60]Had I crossed the llne from pleasantly neurotlc... 我已从讨人喜欢的神经质 跨越到惹人厌的烦躁吗?

[03:31.76]...lnto annoylngly troubled?

[03:32.44]I declded to seek my own professlonal help. 我寻求自己的专业协助

[03:34.36]How can you not have a shrink? 你没有心理医生?

[03:37.32]This is Manhattan. Even the shrinks have shrinks. 在曼哈顿 连心理医生自己都有心理医生

[03:38.72]The fact was, Stanford was rlght. 史丹佛说得对,治疗师 和偷接的第四台一样无所不在

[03:40.32]The theraplst was as ublqultous ln Manhattan as plrated cable.

[03:43.88]I have three. -我就有三个 -才怪

[03:45.56]You do not. 我真的有 一个是当我需要温柔拥抱时

[03:47.36]I do:

[03:48.60]One when I want to be cuddIed...

[03:50.24]...one when I want tough Iove... 一个是当我想要严厉教训时

[03:51.32]...and one for when I just want to Iook at a reaIIy beautifuI man. 还有一个是当我想欣赏 潇洒美男子时

[03:55.24]-That's sick. -Which is why I see the other two. -你真变态 -所以我才要看其他两个

[03:58.52]-Do you want a name? -No, Miranda's shrink referred me to one. -需要我推荐吗? -米兰达帮我介绍了一个

[04:02.40]Dr. EIIen GreenfieId. 艾伦葛林菲尔医生

[04:04.28]Dr. G! My god! She is hot, hot, hot. 葛医生?我的天,她超热门 葛妮斯派特洛也找她

[04:06.84]Gwyneth PaItrow sees her.

[04:09.84]Why does she go to a shrink? -她为什么看心理医生? -她饱受自视过高之苦

[04:10.12]She suffers from high seIf-esteem.

[04:15.92]Whlle I was contemplatlng the couch, Mlranda was enjoylng hers. 当我思量是否要接受心理治疗 米兰达舒服地坐在沙发上

[04:37.96]Two nlghts later, she had another nocturnal rendezvous. 两天后 她有了另一次深夜偶遇

[04:49.92]Soon, Mlranda found herself wlth a nlghtly playmate. 不久,米兰达为自己找到一个 夜间的玩伴

[04:53.20]A week later, I kept my date wlth Dr. G, celebrlty shrlnk. 一周后,我如期去看 名流心理医生…葛大夫

[04:58.56]So Carrie, teII me why you're here. 凯莉,告诉我你为什么来这里

[05:01.64]WeII, my friends can't handIe me anymore. 我的朋友们受不了我

[05:05.08]You're Iike very expensive foster care. 你就像非常昂贵的寄养中心

[05:10.20]What's bothering them? 什么事困扰她们?

[05:10.56]They teII me that I taIk about my ex-boyfriend too much. 她们说我讲太多前男友的事

[05:16.24]But that's normaI, right, after a break up? 但分手之后那是正常现象吧?

[05:18.72]I don't Iike the term ''normaI.'' -我不喜欢“正常”这个字眼 -那当然

[05:22.64]No, of course you don't, because you wouIdn't have any patients.


[05:26.56]So, teII me about him: 跟我谈谈他,前男友

[05:30.56]The ex.

[05:33.32]You know, I have to be honest. 你知道…


[05:40.68]I'm not sure I reaIIy beIieve in therapy. 我不确定是否真相信心理治疗

[05:44.84]I'm more of a ''soIve your own probIems'' kind of gaI. 我比较算是自力救济型的人

[05:54.32]Okay. 好吧

[05:59.36]I don't know. 我不知道

[06:03.88]He was smart. 他很聪明

[06:06.16]He was sexy, just totaIIy screwed up. 他很性感,只是心态不正常

[06:11.00]He was pIaying aII these games, and I didn't know the ruIes. 他一直在玩游戏 但我却不知道规则

[06:14.72]You were pIaying games. -你们一直在玩游戏? -不,是他在玩

[06:17.36]No, he was. I was just aIong for the ride. -我只是奉陪下场 -那你呢?

[06:20.84]What about you? 这是你第一次跟一个

[06:20.56]Was this the first time you dated a man who couIdn't give you what you wanted?

[06:23.36]不能满足你需求的 男人交往吗?

[06:26.72]WeII, that's a IittIe easy, don't you think?


[06:36.16]Okay. 好吧…

[06:38.16]Yeah. 也许我曾跟不适合我的人交往 可是谁没有呢?

[06:37.64]Maybe I've dated men who were wrong for me, but who hasn't?

[06:42.44]The thing they have in common is you. 但他们的共同点…是你

[06:48.00]-What's your point? -Maybe you are picking the wrong men. -你想说什么? -也许你挑错男人了

[06:52.44]WeII, of course you pick the wrong guys. Jesus, I couId have toId you that. 你当然挑错男人了 这种话我也会讲

[06:56.96]FrankIy, I think I picked the wrong therapist. 坦白说 我想我挑错心理医生了

[07:00.84]She just did not get me at aII. She thought I was a game pIayer. 她一点也不了解我

[07:03.72]-她以为我是游戏人间的高手 -这是对付男人的唯一办法

[07:07.68]You have to be. It's the onIy way to deaI with men.

[07:09.48]That's heaIthy. ReIationships are not about games. 这种心态还真健康 感情无关游戏

[07:12.92]They're about mature and honest communication. 而是成熟、真诚的沟通

[07:16.04]This from a woman who pIays peek-a-boo with her neighbor. 你却跟邻居大玩躲猫猫

[07:18.40]Games are empowering. 如果你知道自己在做什么 你就能完全控制局势

[07:18.28]If you know what you're doing, you can controI the situation.

[07:22.48]The onIy pIace you can controI a man is in bed. 你只能在床上控制男人

[07:24.96]If we perpetuaIIy gave men bIow jobs, we couId run the worId. 若我们不断替男人口交 我们便能统治世界

[07:29.36]At Ieast our hands wouId be free to greet dignitaries and stuff. 至少我们还能空出双手 跟达官贵人打招呼

[07:33.60]Sorry. 就算是交往中,你仍得玩游戏

[07:35.52]I mean, even if you're in a reIationship...

[07:37.72]...you stiII have to pIay games.

[07:40.40]Big and I pIayed games. Look where it got us. 大人物和我就是在玩游戏 看看我们的下场

[07:40.60]But maybe the game is not reaIIy over. Maybe it's just haIftime. 也许游戏还没真正结束 也许只是中场休息

[07:45.72]That kind of deIusionaI thinking is why you shouId be in therapy, too. 有那种错误想法就是你为何 该接受心理治疗的原因

[07:49.84]I do not pick the wrong guys. They pick me. 我没有挑错男朋友 是他们找上我

[07:54.88]So what, you're Iike a fIy strip for dysfunctionaI men? 你就像专门吸引 缺陷男人的磁铁?

[07:56.48]Yeah, but one of those reaIIy pretty fIoraI scented ones. 而且还是漂亮 有花样和香味的那种

[08:01.28]It's sIim pickings out there. 找到好男人的机会渺茫

[08:02.24]You can't swing a Fendi purse without knocking over five Iosers. 连甩个名牌皮包 都会打到五个蹩脚货

[08:06.32]Where did aII the great guys go? 好男人都到哪儿去了?

[08:11.88]There lt was.: happy hour ln the valley of lost men. 就是这里 失落男人谷的快乐时光

[08:16.88]HeIIo. 我没看过这么多男人 同时聚集在一个地方

[08:16.76]I've never seen this many of them rounded up in one space.

[08:20.44]-What's going on? -It's sports night. -这是怎么回事? -今晚是运动之夜

[08:22.52]It certainIy is. 肯定是 来吧,姐妹们,比赛开打了

[08:25.24]Come on, girIs. Let the games begin.

[08:28.76]Sports nlght.: Every female's fantasy... 运动之夜,每个女人的梦想

[08:31.88]...a room full of captlve heterosexual men... 整个房间都是 专注球赛的异性恋男子

[08:35.16]...all looklng to be dlstracted durlng commerclal breaks. 等着在广告时段分心

[08:39.64]I'm getting a contact high from aII the testosterone. 这里充斥的睾丸酮 让我跃跃欲试

[08:43.32]-We didn't order these. -They're on the house. -我们没点这些 -运动之夜,女士饮料免费

[08:46.68]It's sports night. Ladies drink for free.

[08:48.20]Forget DisneyIand. This is the happiest pIace on Earth. 忘了迪士尼乐园吧 这里才是世上最欢乐的地方

[08:52.16]Yes, indeed.

[08:58.04]If you Iadies wiII excuse me. 姐妹们,容我失陪… 我要上场了

[08:60.68]I'm getting on the bench.

[09:08.96]-Who's winning? -Knicks. -哪一队领先? -尼克队

[09:12.04]-Is that good? -You're not a Knicks fan, I take it. 那是好事吗?

[09:14.60]-我猜你不是尼克队球迷 -还不是

[09:16.48]Not yet.

[09:17.40]-I'm Don. -Samantha. -我叫唐 -我叫莎曼珊

[09:21.28]Don Seglar was a very successful lmporter of Mexlcan handbags. 唐是一个成功的 墨西哥手提包进口商

[09:24.76]He was fanatlcal about two thlngs.: keeplng the prlce of forelgn labor down... 他对两件事着迷


[09:28.92]...and the Knlcks. -我可以教你几件事 -或者由我来教你

[09:30.60]-Maybe I can teach you a few things. -And vice versa!

[09:33.68]It's 10 seconds Ieft. Pass, you motherfucker! 还剩十秒钟 快传球,你这白痴

[09:36.88]We need to penetrate, drive to the basket. 得把球送到篮下

[09:38.96]Get it to Johnson. He's on fire tonight. Go L.J., go! 强森今晚火力全开


[09:43.44]Go! Score!


[09:50.20]Whlch ls exactly what Samantha dld two hours later. 这正是莎曼珊两小时后的写照

[09:59.76]When I got home that nlght, I couldn't get Charlotte's words out of my head. 我回到家后 夏绿蒂的话在我脑中萦绕不去

[10:04.44]We spent our chlldhoods playlng games. 我们在童年玩的游戏

[10:08.32]Were they all just prlmers for the games we played as adults? 是成年后所玩游戏的入门吗?

[10:09.68]Were relatlonshlps just a blg chess match.: strategy moves, countermoves... 男女交往 是否只是一盘西洋棋局?


[10:14.64]...all deslgned to keep your opponent off balance untll you wln? 全都设计好让对手失去优势 直到赢得比赛为止?

[10:17.32]Was there such a thlng as an honest relatlonshlp? 究竟有没有诚实的男女关系? 这是真的吗?

[10:20.84]Or was lt true?

[10:24.92]Do you have to play games to make a relatlonshlp work? 玩游戏是感情的成功之本?

[10:27.76]I went out with this girI on Saturday night. We had a great time. 礼拜六我和一个女生约会 我们相处得很愉快

[10:30.68]I didn't caII her again untiI Thursday, so I didn't seem eager. 我到了礼拜四才打电话给她 这样便不会显得猴急

[10:33.24]I went out with this guy on Saturday night. I thought we had a great time. 礼拜六我和一个男生约会 我们相处得很愉快

[10:37.00]The asshoIe doesn't caII me untiI Thursday. 这混蛋到了礼拜四才打给我

[10:40.88]I screened his caII and didn't return it untiI Monday. 我过滤他的电话 而且直到礼拜一才回电

[10:43.60]I gave my boyfriend an uItimatum. Propose by Christmas or it's over. 我给男友下了最后通牒 圣诞节前求婚,否则便分手

[10:46.68]My girIfriends said that was a game. I think it was just smart. 我的朋友说这是在耍手段 我认为这招很聪明

[10:51.32]Besides, if he doesn't come through, I can aIways secretIy get pregnant. 就算他不肯就范 我还是可以偷偷怀孕

[10:56.00]The next day, I reluctantly showed up for my second appolntment wlth Dr. G. 隔天,我勉强赴葛医生 第二次约诊

[10:59.56]I was stlll a skeptlc and I'd already read every New Yorker in the waiting room. 我仍对此心存怀疑 在候诊室内读每本“纽约客”

[11:03.04]When you thlnk about lt, what was I gettlng out of thls anyway? 我到底能从中获得什么?

[11:07.92]And then, at flve mlnutes to my last scheduled hour... 然后,在五分钟的间隔时间里 我得到了答案

[11:09.92]...I got my answer.



[11:18.44]My thlrd appolntment wlth Dr. G.: 我和葛医生的第三次约诊

[11:21.08]I had come a llttle early to catch up on my readlng. 我提早到了一些… 以赶上我的阅读进度

[11:35.96]Hi. I'm Seth. 我叫赛斯

[11:39.44]Hi. Carrie. 我是凯莉

[11:42.84]I thought we couId go on pIaying this coy game, or I couId introduce myseIf. 我想我应该来自我介绍

[11:46.12]WeII, I'm gIad you did. 很高兴你这么做

[11:49.00]Especlally slnce I had worn my new dress for the occaslon. 尤其是我穿了新洋装

[11:51.60]That New Yorker is from Iast year. 那本“纽约客”是去年的

[11:56.36]WeII, this New Yorker is a IittIe behind on her reading. 我这个纽约客 阅读进度有点落后了

[11:60.20]So, how Iong you been a Dr. G convert? 你追随葛医生多久了?

[12:03.00]Not very Iong, just three sessions. 不久,才三次

[12:07.40]I just had my one-year anniversary. 我今天正好过一周年纪念

[12:07.08]What'd she give you, a cake or something? -她送你什么?蛋糕? -一大笔帐单

[12:10.68]A reaIIy big biII.

[12:14.24]Listen, this is gonna sound a IittIe weird. 这听起来可能很怪 你愿意和我吃晚餐吗?

[12:18.84]WouId you have dinner with me sometime?

[12:21.40]Sure. 当然,我很乐意

[12:23.28]I'd Iike that.

[12:29.48]-CaII me, aII right? -Okay. 打电话给我,好吗?

[12:33.52]Maybe lt was unethlcal maklng a date... 或许在心理医生的候诊室内 和摄影师赛斯罗宾森

[12:33.84]...wlth Seth Roblnson, photographer, ln my shrlnk's waltlng room...

[12:37.12]敲定约会是不道德的 但他有特殊之处

[12:39.40]...but there was somethlng about hlm.

[12:40.20]Come on in. 请进,凯莉

[12:43.36]WeII, you're dressed up. 你打扮得好隆重

[12:48.44]He's a photographer. 他是个摄影师

[12:49.64]-And you met him at your shrink's? -It wasn't a setup or anything. -你在心理医生那里认识的? -这一切皆是偶然

[12:55.68]Jeez, what if he's crazy? 万一他是疯子怎么办?

[12:56.20]It's the crazy ones that have the good piIIs. 疯子才有好药方

[12:59.96]That's it! Go, Marcus! Go! 就是这样,上,马克斯

[13:04.96]Excuse me, but why is that on and who is Marcus? 抱歉,为什么看这个 还有谁是马克斯?

[13:07.04]Marcus Camby, Knicks forward. 马克斯坎比,尼克队前锋 他真的有所表现了

[13:07.60]Now that Ewing is injured, he needs to puII it out.

[13:12.80]When did we start caring about basketbaII? 你什么时候开始关心篮球?

[13:14.80]Don is obsessed. I don't get Iaid unIess the Knicks win. 唐走火入魔,除非尼克队赢球 不然他不跟我上床

[13:19.04]Can I just say? 而他们和我可说是节节败退

[13:20.72]They and I have been on a very Iong Iosing streak.

[13:22.76]-That's awfuI. -No kidding. 真惨

[13:23.44]The Knicks are the onIy ones getting screwed. 尼克队是唯一被“操”的

[13:25.00]Come on, you fuckers! -上,你们这群软脚虾 -你为什么还要跟他在一起?

[13:27.52]Why are you staying with him?

[13:31.08]Because the sex, what I can remember, was unbeIievabIe. 因为性生活… 就我记忆所及,实在妙不可言

[13:35.72]Yes! 太好了…他们赢了

[13:37.56]They won!

[13:40.84]-他们赢了,我走了 -去吧…去做爱吧

[13:42.60]-I've got to go. -Go.

[13:44.72]Have sex. Go!

[13:46.76]The next nlght, Mlranda got a pleasant surprlse. 隔天晚上 米兰达获得意外惊喜

[13:60.72]Her date thought lt was tlme they moved past peek-a-boo to playlng doctor. 她的玩伴认为不该再玩躲猫猫


[14:18.92]Mlranda wanted to play falr, so she gave hlm a llttle tlt for tat. 米兰达希望公平 所以她决定礼尚往来

[14:23.44]All over town, people were gettlng lucky. 整个城市的人都很幸运

[14:26.92]Seth and I were havlng a great flrst date at the coffee shop. 赛斯和我的初次约会棒极了

[14:30.32]And what about the pIant? -那盆栽是怎么回事? -她总是不停变换位置

[14:30.80]I know. She aIways has it in a different pIace.

[14:35.48]Maybe it's some sort of Dr. G psychoIogicaI test. 也许这是葛医生的心理测验

[14:38.28]-That's it. It's Where's Waldo. -Yeah. -没错,像“瓦多在哪里?” -而且还需要浇水

[14:39.44]And it needs to be watered.

[14:44.44]-It's pIastic. -Are you sure? -它是塑胶花 -你确定吗?

[14:46.64]I touched it. 我摸过了

[14:49.72]You touched Dr. G's pIant? 你摸葛医生的盆栽?

[14:52.92]I've been going to her over a year. I got bored. 我已经去了一年,难免会无聊

[14:56.56]Then you came aIong. -然后你出现了 -你真会说话

[14:60.24]-WeII, that's sweet. -No, it's true. 不,是真的

[15:02.72]There was somethlng about hlm. I felt llke I could talk to hlm about anythlng. 我觉得我可以跟他谈任何事

[15:06.88]And ln the splrlt of psychologlcal health and not playlng games... 为了心理健康并且不再玩游戏

[15:09.96]...I declded to be honest. 我决定诚实相告

[15:13.76]I Iike you. -我喜欢你 -我也喜欢你

[15:14.68]I Iike you, too.

[15:23.60]Later that week, Mlranda went shopplng for dlnner. 过了几天,米兰达去采买晚餐

[15:44.08]Shopplng qulckly devolved lnto a game of hlde and seek. 采买随即变成了捉迷藏的游戏

[16:02.48]I thought I'd be an aduIt here and come over and introduce myseIf. 我想我该成熟点过来自我介绍


[16:09.04]I'm Miranda. 我是米兰达,你知道的…

[16:10.80]You know.

[16:14.12]Across the airshaft. 通风口对面的

[16:18.16]Yeah, right. You're the girI who Iives above the guy I've been cruising. 对了,你住在 跟我调情的男人楼上

[16:27.00]Mlranda reallzed she was stlll playlng wlth an lmaglnary frlend... 米兰达这才明白 她仍在和想像中的朋友玩游戏

[16:31.80]...just llke she dld when she was flve. 就跟她五岁时一样

[16:32.28]The next day, she called her shrlnk for an emergency sesslon. 隔天她联络心理医生 预约紧急治疗

[16:37.96]Meanwhlle, Sam had declded she would celebrate... 莎曼珊决定在唐家 观赏尼克队的决赛

[16:38.96]...the end of the basketball season and the return of her sex llfe... 庆祝篮球的球季进入尾声

[16:43.44]...by watchlng the flnal Knlcks game at Don's. 恢复性生活


[16:55.28]In a minute, baby. 宝贝,再等一下 大都会队和白袜队就要开打了

[16:55.56]The Mets are pIaying Chicago.

[16:58.52]Now that basketbaII is over, I can give them my fuII attention. 现在篮球结束了 我可以专心看棒球

[17:03.64]They've been pIaying Iousy baII this year. 今年他们战绩烂透了

[17:06.88]The ldea of lastlng through another sexless season... 想到要再撑一整季的无性生活

[17:10.68]...was more than Samantha could take. 已非莎曼珊能容忍 因此她弃权了

[17:11.56]So, she forfelted the game.

[17:18.52]Meanwhlle, I was gettlng plenty of actlon. 同时,我的进展也很精彩

[17:20.32]Seth and I had just come back from another amazlng date. 赛斯和我 从另一次美好的约会返家

[17:24.00]You want to come in? -你想进来吗? -我想我已经进来了

[17:27.08]I think I aIready am.

[17:30.44]This is great. 你的公寓真不错

[17:36.40]You have aII the cIassics here: CIue, Parcheesi, and Twister. 你有各种经典游戏 巴棋戏…还有扭扭乐

[17:42.16]I was the seventh grade Twister champion. 我是七年级的扭扭乐冠军

[17:46.96]-Is that a chaIIenge? -Yeah. 这是在下战书吗?

[17:46.64]AII right, buddy. It's go time. 好,那就开始吧

[18:13.48]-How are you hoIding up? -FeeIing good, my friend. -你还行吗? -吾友,好得很…

[18:19.72]Left foot yeIIow. 左脚黄色

[18:23.52]I guess that one's mine. 我想那块是我的

[18:24.32]You're in a very compromising position. 你这种姿势很不雅

[18:26.00]I beIieve I'm in about 20 compromising positions. 我可以做出20种不雅的姿势

[18:32.56]I am not gonna Iose my concentration. 我不要分心

[18:46.56]In no tlme lt was ''yellow pants off.'' 很快便成了宽衣游戏

[18:50.88]So what do you think Dr. G wouId have to say about this? 你想葛医生会怎么说?

[18:55.44]Very bad. 不乖,坏透了的病人

[18:56.80]Bad patients.

[19:03.32]I have to teII you. 我得告诉你,我不是很相信 心理治疗,我觉得是鬼扯

[19:04.96]I'm not reaIIy into therapy, I think it's kind of buIIshit.

[19:08.56]-I'm teIIing Dr. G on you. -No, no! 我要跟葛医生说


[19:12.92]-Cross your heart. -Hope to die. -你发誓? -我发誓

[19:18.28]So why are you in therapy, seriousIy? 说真的 你为什么看心理医生?

[19:24.44]I'm reaIIy fucked up about women. 我对女人有心理障碍

[19:26.56]After I sIeep with them, I compIeteIy Iose interest. 我跟她们上床之后 就会完全失去兴趣

[19:30.80]What about you? What's your probIem? 你呢?你有什么问题?

[19:33.20]I belleve ln therapy, thls moment ls called ''the breakthrough.'' 我想在心理治疗中 这一刻可称之为突破

[19:39.56]I pick the wrong men. 我总是挑错男人

[19:52.20]Although she'd made some good polnts, I stopped seelng Dr. G lmmedlately. 虽然她说对了一些事 我决定从此不再去上门

[19:57.68]I couldn't rlsk the humlllatlon of runnlng lnto Seth ln the waltlng room. 我不想冒着 在候诊室撞见赛斯的尴尬风险

[19:59.52]My frlends totally understand. 我的朋友们完全能了解

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