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欲望都市第二季 缺点 Shortcomings






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:24:11





[00:50.32]Everyone has a worst nlghtmare. 每个人都有噩梦 有些人的噩梦是穿泳衣

[00:55.52]For some, lt's bathlng-sult season.

[00:56.28]For others, lt's that your blrth certlflcate can never be legally destroyed. 有些人的噩梦是知道 自己的出生证明不能被销毁

[01:01.76]For Mlranda, lt was famlly hour at her gym. 对米兰达而言 她的噩梦是健身房的家庭时间

[01:04.24]What the....

[01:13.12]Klddy Jazzerclse, Aeroblcs Room 1, flve mlnutes. 儿童爵士舞,有氧舞蹈教室 再五分钟开始

[01:17.48]On Sundays, her nelghborhood became occupled terrltory under slege to chlldren. 每个周日 整个社区都被儿童包围

[01:23.92]They were everywhere.: 到处都有他们的踪迹: 餐厅,书店,美容院

[01:23.12]Movle theaters, restaurants, bookstores, halr salons....

[01:25.72]Starbucks was baslcally a stroller parklng lot. 星巴克变成婴儿推车停车场

[01:29.40]Was lt too much to hope for one small space to call her own? 拥有属于自己的小空间 太奢求了吗?

[01:35.16]Don't touch it, pIease! -拜托,不要乱碰 -有什么问题吗?

[01:39.92]Is there a probIem? 他喜欢按按钮

[01:39.12]No, it's just that he reaIIy Iikes to push the button.

[01:42.80]Fine, I'm in kind of a rush. Push One. 我在赶时间,按一个就好?

[01:46.80]Simon, this pretty Iady said that you couId push the button. 这位漂亮的小姐说你可以按

[01:53.68]-So sorry. -I'm sure it's just a phase. -很抱歉 -我确定这只是阶段性的

[01:55.16]Yeah, the guiIty, overinduIgent phase of a D-I-V-O-R-C-E. 因为离婚感到罪恶而宠坏小孩

[02:04.20]-Daddy. -Simon, we're not being very nice to.... -爸爸 -这样很不礼貌,你是…

[02:09.44]-米兰达 -米兰达?

[02:12.72]-That sounds Iike a princess name. -Stop taIking. -像公主的名字 -不要说话了

[02:20.12]I'm going to bite you. -我要咬你 -想不想去玩具店?

[02:22.00]-Do you want to go to the toy store Iater? -Yes.

[02:25.88]Then don't bite me. 那就不要咬我

[02:28.28]I am in vioIation of every parenting book ever written. 所有育儿书上写的折磨 我都受过

[02:32.92]-Do you have kids? -No. -你有小孩吗? -没有

[02:34.64]Married? 结婚了吗?

[02:37.92]-Here we are. -At Iast. -到了 -终于

[02:43.16]Any chance I couId persuade you to take another ride? 我能说服你再搭一次吗?

[02:52.80]Hls name was Roger Cobb. 他叫做罗杰科伯

[02:54.40]It only took hlm another floor and a half to ask Mlranda for her phone number. 搭了一层楼半他才问出 米兰达的电话

[02:60.04]The whole thlng mlght have been very romantlc... 要是赛门没有尿裤子 一切都很浪漫

[03:03.52]...lf Slmon hadn't peed ln hls pants.

[03:03.16]I don't wear vintage cIothes, I hate fIea markets, I don't coIIect antiques. 我不穿复古服饰,不收集古董

[03:08.80]Is it too much to ask that he not be, I don't know, used? 问他是否被“用旧了” 会不会太过分?

[03:13.00]Before it goes any further, just make sure his parts are stiII under warranty. 只是为了确定他“那里” 还可以用

[03:16.28]-It's Iike chewing somebody eIse's gum. -Divorced men do come with baggage. 那就像吃别人嚼过的口香糖

[03:18.84]-离婚的男人有拖油瓶 -他们带来了小孩

[03:20.16]Baggage is one thing. But when they come with kids....

[03:22.00]EspeciaIIy kids with bIadder controI issues. 有尿失禁的小孩

[03:25.60]Here's what I think. 把所有离婚男子集中起来 关在一起

[03:28.32]Round up aII the divorced men and keep them in a pound.

[03:29.28]That way, you get their whoIe history before you take one home. 在接受他们之前先打听好 他们的过去

[03:32.56]If a man is divorced, it doesn't mean he has a probIem. 不代表他有问题

[03:37.52]Like my brother WesIey. He just separated from his wife, LesIie-- 我弟弟卫斯理刚和他太太 蕾丝李分居

[03:39.20]-WesIey and LesIie? I don't think so. -What is that, marriage by Mother Goose? 卫斯理和蕾丝李,不会吧?


[03:47.56]DefiniteIy a candidate for the pound. 绝对是集中营的候选人

[03:49.56]I was going to ask you to meet him 'cause he's coming to visit, and now forget it. 我本来想邀你们跟他见面 现在算了

[03:52.96]We want to meet WesIey of WesIey and LesIie. 我们想跟“蕾丝李的老公” 卫斯理见面

[03:55.12]And p.s., does he work for NestIé? 他在“耐司礼”公司工作?

[03:59.12]My brother's very important to me. 我弟弟对我很重要

[04:03.48]I won't have him subjected to scrutiny and ridicuIe. 我不希望他被人观察和奚落

[04:05.88]-I'II be Scrutiny. You be RidicuIe. -I aIways have to be RidicuIe. 我会观察他,你会奚落他

[04:10.52]Why can't you be RidicuIe for once? -你有时候也要懂得奚落别人 -我知道

[04:12.12]I know.

[04:12.60]As for me, rather than sort through the half-off bln... 与其在旧恋情中浮浮沉沉

[04:15.100]...I was datlng someone brand-spanklng new. 我有新的约会对象了

[04:19.68]I met Vaughn Welsel at a P.E.N. luncheon a month ago. 我在作家俱乐部餐会上 认识方恩怀佐

[04:23.24]It's amazlng how much better looklng flctlon wrlters have become. 今日的作家都变的比较好看了

[04:25.36]StiII up for a movie? -还要去看电影吗? -我得送东西到我父母家

[04:27.56]I just gotta drop these books by my parent's pIace. It's on the way.

[04:33.12]-GQ caIIed. -They want you to write something? -GQ杂志打电话给我 -他们邀你写作吗?

[04:36.68]They want me to wear something. 他们邀我参加服装秀

[04:39.08]It's so great to be a writer these days, there's so IittIe writing invoIved. 今日的作家都不写作了

[04:42.04]Don't be photographed in anything sIeeveIess. 不要穿着无袖拍照

[04:45.24]No one who went sIeeveIess ever won a PuIitzer. 穿无袖的都不会得普立兹奖 我给你的一个小告诫

[04:47.32]It's just a IittIe tip from me to you.

[04:53.40]Nice townhouse. -很棒的房子 -进来,我一下子就好

[04:53.28]-Come on in, this wiII onIy take a second. -I'm not dressed for famiIy.

[04:54.36]我穿这样不好见你家人 你不能投到信箱里吗?

[04:58.44]Can you just drop them through the maiI sIot?

[04:59.44]If I'm here and I don't say heIIo... 我要是不进去打声招呼 我会有两个月不好过

[05:01.72]...I'm Iooking at two months minimum hard famiIy time.

[05:03.92]AII right. Yeah, okay. 好吧…

[05:09.36]Thank you. 妈,我发誓你是唯一 能杀死仙人掌的人

[05:10.76]Mother, I swear, you are the onIy person who can kiII a cactus.

[05:17.36]This is Carrie. -方恩 -左伊,这是凯莉

[05:18.92]TeII your sister to stop bringing me pIants. They get suicidaI around me. 叫你妹妹不要再带植物给我了

[05:21.24]它们不断地想自杀 我得劝它们远离架子旁

[05:21.40]I have to taIk them down from the Iedge.

[05:26.00]-Those books you asked me to sign.... -Duncan, Vaughn's here. -你要我签名的书 -太棒了

[05:28.48]-唐肯,方恩在这里 -他带了一个女孩

[05:29.56]And he brought a girI!

[05:31.32]-Hi. WaIIis WeiseI... -Hi.

[05:32.12]-华莉丝怀佐,我们见过吗? -没有吧,凯莉布雷萧

[05:35.52]-Have we met? -No, I don't think so. Carrie Bradshaw.

[05:40.20]My God. Duncan, get your ass in here. 天,唐肯,快进来

[05:43.56]I just Iove your coIumn. 我好爱好爱你的专栏

[05:47.48]I Iove to hear that. -我好爱好爱听到别人这么说 -妈,我们不能久留

[05:50.32]-Mom, we can't stay. -The heII you can't.

[05:53.32]You know what you shouId write about? Re-virginization. 为什么不能 你应该写写处女膜再造术

[05:55.48]Did you know there are women who are actuaIIy having... 有些女人到医院

[05:60.80]...their vaginas re-stitched to make them Iike new again? 把处女膜再缝合,变回处女

[06:03.68]Aren't they cIever? 真聪明,是不是?

[06:05.92]If you're wondering, Mom just finished a documentary on genitaI mutiIation. 妈才刚完成一部 生殖器毁损的纪录片

[06:09.12]Which I stiII haven't gotten your notes on. -我还没有收到你的笔记 -我没办法看那种东西

[06:12.04]I toId you, I can't bring myseIf to Iook at that thing.

[06:13.88]And I typed aII his short stories for him when he was 12. Duncan, Iook. 我在他十二岁时帮他 写了他的小故事

[06:19.04]Do you know who this is? Carrie Bradshaw. 唐肯,你知道这位是谁吗? 凯莉布雷萧

[06:22.88]-She writes that coIumn we Iove. -What are you doing Thursday night? -写专栏的 -你星期四晚上要做什么?

[06:27.64]Laundry. 洗衣服

[06:26.32]I teach a seminar at CoIumbia on CuIturaI Zeitgeist. 我在大学教授文化思潮 我想请你演讲

[06:32.12]I'd Iove to have you come speak.

[06:33.20]Mr. SeIf-InvoIved here didn't teII us he was dating an icon. “自顾自”先生没有告诉我们 他在跟偶像约会

[06:36.88]-Icon? -You are an icon. You are. -你真的是个偶像 -谁带女孩来了?

[06:38.64]-Who brought a girI? -This is my other sister.

[06:42.32]这是我另一个妹妹弗兰尼 这是凯莉

[06:44.44]Franny, this is Carrie.

[06:46.20]-What's up? -What's up? -怎么了? -怎么了?

[06:47.72]-Hey, mom. -Hi, sweetie.

[06:48.96]Franny and Zooey? 弗兰尼和左伊? (美国作家沙林杰的作品)

[06:50.28]What can I say? J.D. SaIinger used to get me high. 我能怎么办? 我以前太迷沙林杰了

[06:54.24]And then she'd caII me at 3:00 a.m., ''I Iove you.'' 她会半夜三点打给我说 我爱你…

[06:58.20]Good for you. BeautifuI and she thinks I'm funny. 他觉得我很好笑

[07:01.100]You're hiIarious. Put your tongue back in your head and the Iox on the tabIe. 你极为可笑 不要长舌了,吃东西吧

[07:08.80]Come on, everybody, Iet's have something to eat. 来吧,我们吃点东西

[07:09.24]-We have to go. -Come on, pIease. 我们得走了

[07:14.04]-我们可以留下来 -太好了

[07:17.60]We'II stay.

[07:17.92]I mean, really, wlthln the space of flve mlnutes... 就在这短短五分钟内 我想出下礼拜专栏的内容

[07:20.40]...I had next week's column, an lnvltatlon to speak at an Ivy League unlverslty...


[07:27.36]...and access to the entlre Zabar's flsh counter. 到扎巴餐厅大啖鱼类美食

[07:28.32]Leave now? Was he nuts? 现在离开?他疯了吗?

[07:36.92]Have you ever gone out with someone who had a kid? 你曾和有小孩的人约会吗?

[07:40.16]No, but I've never gone out with someone I met on an eIevator either. 没有,我也没有跟在电梯 遇到的人约会

[07:42.56]That's a first for me, too. 我曾在电扶梯遇到一个女孩 但不多久就吹了

[07:45.68]I met a woman on an escaIator once, but it didn't Iast Iong.

[07:46.12]It was over by the time we got to Ladies Lingerie. 到了女内衣部门就分手了

[07:50.80]I dated a man once who wore Iadies' Iingerie. 我曾和一个穿女人内衣的 男子约会,他有问题

[07:53.68]That was kind of the probIem there. I'm kidding.

[07:55.76]-开玩笑的 -我现在穿着短内裤

[07:56.56]-'Cause I'm wearing panties now. -You're kidding, right?


[08:02.96]Look what I found. -爸爸,你看这个 -快说对不起

[08:05.04]-Can you say you're sorry? -No!

[08:08.24]Are you okay? 你还好吗?

[08:08.48]FortunateIy, I mostIy use the right side of my brain. 幸运地,我通常用右脑思考

[08:17.56]It must be hard, having a sociaI Iife as a singIe parent. 单亲父母的社交生活 一定很艰难

[08:22.04]It is, I got to buy protective heImets for aII my dates. -我得帮约会对象买头盔 -我的在哪里?

[08:23.92]Where's mine, by the way?

[08:25.28]The truth is, I didn't reaIIy have a great sociaI Iife before Simon either. 赛门出生以前 我的社交生活也不怎么样

[08:30.60]I'm just one of those weird maIe aberrations who prefers to be married. 我是个脱离常轨的怪人


[08:35.72]I Iike stabiIity and routine. I Iike knowing there's peopIe waiting for me at home. 我喜欢稳定,有规律 喜欢有人等我回家

[08:42.48]-I guess that makes me sound pretty duII. -Are you kidding? -我听起来很无趣 -说什么傻话

[08:46.68]You're the HeterosexuaI HoIy GraiI. 你是异性恋中的圣杯

[08:50.44]Mlranda wondered how a vlntage man mlght look on her modern couch. 米兰达在想一个中古男人 在她现代家具上的样子

[08:58.84]-Here. -Thank you. -你看,给你 -谢谢

[09:01.48]ProbabIy not the best time to ask you to dinner. 现在邀你吃晚餐或许不是时候

[09:03.16]Whlle Mlranda was deallng wlth queaslness... 当米兰达努力克制恶心的同时 夏绿蒂在赶走沮丧

[09:07.04]...Charlotte was handllng depresslon...

[09:09.56]...whlch she felt could be solved wlth a homemade muffln. 她认为可以用手工松饼解决

[09:13.80]Here you go. Just Iike Nana used to make. 就像奶妈以前作的一样

[09:15.20]CharIie, the muffins are great, but I'd much prefer a nice dry martini. 松饼好吃,但我宁可要马丁尼

[09:18.68]But Nana aIways made muffins to cheer you up. 奶妈都会做松饼替你打气

[09:20.36]That was pre-LesIie. Post-LesIie, I need a cocktaiI. Where's your vodka? 那是以前的我 我现在需要鸡尾酒

[09:25.84]-I don't have any. -And you caII yourseIf a Wasp. -你的伏特加在哪里? -我没有

[09:27.92]-你是新教徒吗? -你们有什么事不能解决?

[09:28.52]I don't see why you two can't work it out, you had the most beautifuI wedding.

[09:32.92]-你有一场很美丽的婚礼 -我们的离婚更可爱

[09:34.12]We'II have an even IoveIier divorce.

[09:35.88]I can't beIieve you're wiIIing to just throw it aII away so easiIy. 我不敢相信你就这样轻易丢开

[09:38.96]ReIationships take work. You need patience and understanding. 一段感情需要耐心和体谅

[09:45.04]When was your Iast Iong-term reIationship? 你最近一次最长的关系 是什么时候?

[09:50.40]Just eat your muffin. 吃你的松饼吧

[09:60.32]The afternoon had been llke slx hours of foreplay. 那个下午就像历时 六小时的前戏

[10:08.48]Some men seduce wlth dlm llghts and soft muslc. 有些男人用烛光和轻音乐 引诱女人

[10:14.76]Vaughn seduced wlth chocolate chlp cookles and relatlves. 方恩用饼干和家人引诱我

[10:19.40]It was lnevltable thls would happen. 发生这种事无可避免

[10:27.68]I just dldn't know lt would happen so qulckly. 我只是没料到会这么快

[10:35.44]I'II get a tissue. 我去拿面纸

[10:48.36]Get out now, before he stains aII your sheets. 在他弄脏你床单之前甩了他

[10:48.72]Come on, that's harsh. It couId be he was just nervous. -或许他很紧张 -第一次总是很奇怪

[10:52.80]First time is aIways weird. -可能是喝酒的关系 -我们整天跟他的家人在一起

[10:55.92]-He probabIy had something to drink. -We'd spent the day with his famiIy.

[10:58.12]The guy couId not get his CadiIIac into the garage. 那家伙的车开不进车库 真讨厌被我说中

[11:02.68]I'm sorry, I hate being right about this.

[11:05.56]Samantha was the General Patton of sex. 没有胜算的话 莎曼珊不随便派兵

[11:07.92]She dldn't send her troops lnto battle lf she thought they would lose.

[11:10.60]I Iike him. 我喜欢他

[11:12.24]That's sweII, but it doesn't get the cream in the cupcake. 他们不会在杯子蛋糕加奶油

[11:14.88]But the thing I Iike best about him is his famiIy. -我最喜欢他的家人 -有可以上床的人选吗?

[11:18.88]Anyone there you can fuck?

[11:21.08]What? I'm trying to be heIpfuI. 我试着帮你忙

[11:21.16]I'm teIIing you, this famiIy is Iike.... They got charisma. 他的家人…很有魅力

[11:27.60]Like Tom Cruise, they're the Tom Cruise of famiIies. 就像汤姆克鲁斯

[11:29.12]I'm sure the famiIy is supposed to be the obstacIe to a reIationship... 家人应该是一段感情的阻碍 不是吸引

[11:34.00]...not the attraction. 我曾因为某人家有游泳池 跟他上床,结果他是个笨蛋

[11:33.48]I fucked a guy once because his famiIy had a pooI.

[11:38.96]He was pretty much of a nerd, but I'd go over there and get aII cocoa-buttered up.

[11:39.92]我会到他家帮忙打奶泡 他妈妈爱死我了

[11:41.32]His mom Ioved me. She was aIways serving me KooI-Aid and chips.

[11:42.52]-她拿多果汁给我喝 -多果汁?

[11:45.80]-KooI-Aid? -Yeah, KooI-Aid, I was 13.

[11:48.40]And honey, you shouId have seen my tan. 我当时十三岁 你应该看看我古铜色的皮肤

[11:52.96]In my mlnd, the compllcatlons of maklng a relatlonshlp work... 成功经营一段感情是不容易的

[11:54.72]...had just expanded exponentlally. 现在以指数方式持续复杂化

[11:57.44]When you date someone, how many people become emotlonally lnvolved? 当你跟某人约会时 有多少人在感情上受到影响?

[12:04.80]When you sleep wlth someone, are you screwlng the famlly? 当你跟某人上床 是不是等于跟他全家做爱?

[12:09.16]Whlle I was stlll on the fence about Vaughn... 在我还不确定 我对方恩的感觉时

[12:09.88]...I had no doubt about my feellng for hls mother. 我确定我喜欢他的母亲 我爱她

[12:14.84]I was ln love wlth her.

[12:15.64]Then we were in Nicaragua with the Peace Corps. 我们当时在尼加拉瓜 参加和平部队

[12:17.40]That's where Vaughn was born. -方恩就是在那里出生的 -你救了五条生命

[12:21.48]I can't get over it. You've had five Iives.

[12:24.00]I can bareIy make one happen. 我不可能做得到

[12:25.16]Don't puII that seIf-effacing shit with me. 不要轻视你自己 我知道你会有所作为

[12:29.52]I see you. I know what you've got going.

[12:34.64]What? What do I do? I write this IittIe coIumn. 我能做什么? 我不过写个小专栏

[12:37.00]It's a contribution. You are putting it out there. 那就是贡献,你写文章

[12:39.20]You're part of a diaIogue. 你是对话的一部分

[12:43.68]If it wasn't for you... 要不是你,我们就不会知道 其他人的性生活

[12:44.08]...we wouIdn't know haIf the things we do about other peopIe's sex Iives.

[12:49.12]-Thanks a Iot. -I'm teasing. -非常谢谢你 -我在取笑你

[12:51.12]No, it's wonderfuI to be frank and honest about sex. 能这样诚实地谈论性真的很棒

[12:55.80]That's how I raised my kids. Sex was aIways a part of the discussion. 我就是这样养育小孩的 性教育是我们的话题之一

[13:00.04]When they were 2 years oId, they knew the proper names for their body parts. 两岁时,他们就知道 身体各器官的正确名称

[13:06.20]None of this ''pee-pee'' and ''wee-wee'' crap. 从来没有什么小鸡鸡小鸭鸭的

[13:10.80]And as a resuIt, they can taIk to me about anything. 所以,他们可以跟我说任何事

[13:14.56]When Franny toId me she was a Iesbian... 当弗兰尼跟我说她是同性恋

[13:14.08]...I said, ''Great, just as Iong as you're not a RepubIican.'' 我说:很好 只要你不是共和党员

[13:19.44]-May I just say I Iike you very much. -That's dear, thank you. 我可不可以说我很喜欢你?


[13:27.40]Did you taIk to LesIie today? -你有跟蕾丝李说话吗? -没有,我跟她律师谈过

[13:31.08]No. I taIked to her Iawyer. Do you want to know about that?

[13:33.84]I'm giving her the house and she's giving me an uIcer. 我要把房子给她 她却给我胃溃痬

[13:37.52]I'm sorry I brought it up. Tonight we'II have fun. 很抱歉我又提起

[13:39.92]You'II finaIIy meet my friend Carrie. 今晚我们来放松 凯莉会过来吃晚餐…

[13:41.92]We'II go out, have dinner, maybe go to a cIub....

[13:43.08]Shit. 可恶


[13:53.76]This is my wonderfuI brother, WesIey. 这是我的好弟弟,卫斯理

[13:57.24]-Nice to meet you. -Good Iooks run in the famiIy. -很高兴见到你 -你们家族都长得很好看

[14:01.92]-Can I get you Iadies a drink? -CosmopoIitan. -你们女士要喝点什么? -四海为家


[14:04.36]-How are you enjoying New York? -Excuse us. -你喜欢纽约吗? -容我们私下谈一下

[14:10.32]Why is she here? 她为什么在这里?

[14:11.72]That's our friend. I beIieve you remember Samantha. 那是我们的朋友 你还记得莎曼珊吧?

[14:16.08]你知道她那副德行 她已经开始了

[14:16.08]You know how she gets. Look! She's doing it aIready.

[14:21.56]They're taIking. 他们在说话

[14:24.04]Samantha says there's a great jazz bar that we shouId go to. 莎曼珊说有一个 很棒的爵士酒吧


[14:28.80]-I just don't think I'm up for it tonight. -Then maybe we'II just go.


[14:35.16]TaIking and going to hear jazz. 聊聊天,听听爵士乐

[14:41.16]I think I have your son's SIinky embedded in my back. 我的背后有你儿子的娃娃

[14:46.32]I Iike to brand my women. 我喜欢把我的女人贴标签

[14:51.40]I'm going to use the bathroom, and then I reaIIy wiII go. 我去一下洗手间就走

[15:05.24]-Daddy? -No, Simon! -爸爸 -不要,赛门

[15:06.92]Daddy! -赛门 -可恶


[15:14.76]I'm sorry. I was peeing, and I didn't want him to see me. 抱歉,我在上厕所 不希望他看见我

[15:18.44]I was afraid he'd see me... 我怕他会看见我

[15:19.12]...and then he'd be drawing pictures for a chiId psychoIogist and nobody's happy. 就不得不去看心理医生了

[15:25.68]-I'II get a Band-Aid. -He's hurt. He might need a stitch. -我去拿OK绷 -他可能要缝针

[15:26.76]-I'II go with you to the emergency room. -No! 我跟你去急诊室

[15:31.76]Just go. 你走吧

[15:34.32]PIease, just go. 拜托,走吧

[15:39.04]One thlng about famllles... 要是在一个家庭里 没有人在乎你是否离去

[15:40.28]...lf no one's sorry to see you go, then you're probably not comlng back.


[15:45.96]The next mornlng, Charlotte was ln for a rude awakenlng. 隔天早上夏绿蒂被吵醒

[15:47.84]Where do you keep your coffee fiIters? 你咖啡滤纸放在哪里?告诉我

[15:51.20]Just teII me if I'm warm.

[15:56.72]My brother? You sIept with my brother? 你跟我弟弟睡觉?

[15:59.80]Honey, what a doII. He reaIIy-- 亲爱的,你真可爱 我是说,他真的很…

[16:02.24]Is your vagina in the New York City guidebooks? 你的阴道有没列入旅游书中?

[16:06.24]It shouId be, it's the hottest spot in town! It's aIways open! 那可是曼哈顿最热门的据点 而且全年开放

[16:17.40]What's going on? 怎么了?

[16:23.84]What did you say? -你说什么? -她穿你的衣服

[16:23.16]She was in my kitchen, she was wearing your shirt, I snapped.

[16:28.60]Who asked you to butt your nose into my.... Samantha, wait! Don't go! -我突然间… -谁要你多管闲事…


[16:37.64]I didn't know your mom was nominated for an Oscar. 我不知道你妈妈 得过奥斯卡提名

[16:41.56]Best Documentary Short. 最佳短篇纪录片

[16:42.24]I just Iove that she stiII has so many ambitions for herseIf. 我喜欢她这样胸怀抱负

[16:48.60]I'm not reaIIy in the mood to taIk about my mom. 我不想谈我妈妈

[16:54.24]I'm not reaIIy in the mood to taIk at aII. 我根本不想聊天

[17:07.40]Don't touch it! 不要碰它,不要碰

[17:33.92]What was the documentary short about anyway? 那部短篇纪录片有多“短”?

[17:39.88]Good, you're back. 很好,你回来了

[17:40.100]I swear to God, if you hand me a muffin, I'm out of here. 我发誓,要是你再给我松饼 我马上走人

[17:44.24]You don't know Samantha. I do. 你不了解莎曼珊 她的床柱使用过度

[17:48.36]She has so many notches on her bedpost, it's aImost whittIed down to a toothpick.


[17:52.52]It was fun. 很幽默

[17:54.12]I know. 你玩也玩过了

[17:55.52]You had your IittIe fIing, now you can go back to LesIie and work it out. 现在可以回到蕾丝李身边 把事情解决

[17:58.60]We're not working it out. You think you know WesIey and LesIie? 我们没有办法解决 你以为你知道我们的问题?

[18:02.52]Let me teII you about WesIey and LesIie.

[18:04.04]LesIie's frigid and before Iast night, WesIey hadn't gotten Iaid in two years. 蕾丝李很严肃,昨晚以前 卫斯理已经两年没做过爱

[18:09.20]-My God. -I was going out of my mind. -我的天 -我简直快疯了

[18:12.80]I've seen a pastor. I've seen a shrink. 我跟牧师谈过,看过心理医生

[18:15.36]But untiI I saw Samantha, I didn't reaIize what I reaIIy needed: sex. 直到我遇见莎曼珊 我才知道我需要的是“性”

[18:20.36]-So it was a good thing. -It was a frigging great thing. -所以那是件好事 -是一件很棒的事

[18:23.32]That Samantha.... 莎曼珊…真的是个好朋友

[18:25.44]You've reaIIy got a good friend there.

[18:37.04]It's CharIotte. 夏绿蒂

[18:44.40]-That was a terribIe thing I said. -Yes, it was. -我说的话很过分 -一点也没错

[18:46.76]If you'II excuse me... 抱歉,还有一个旅行团 要到我的阴道参观

[18:49.20]...I have another tour group coming through my vagina in 10 minutes.

[18:53.84]I'm so sorry. -我真的很抱歉 -你要说的都说了?

[18:55.32]-You said what you came to say? -Wait! 等一下

[18:59.88]I wanted to give you this. 我要给你这个

[19:05.28]Samantha was touched. -莎曼珊很感动 -过来

[19:10.16]She reallzed thls was Charlotte's way of saylng... 那是夏绿蒂向莎曼珊说: 谢谢你跟我弟弟上床

[19:12.52]''...Thank you for fucklng my brother.''

[19:16.40]Get in there. 进来

[19:19.96]Hey, kldsI Funtastlcs on Three. 小鬼,游乐室在三楼

[19:25.36]Mlranda declded she had ceded enough terrltory to the lnvadlng troops. 米兰达觉得她不想再退让了

[19:32.84]Do you mind? He reaIIy Ioves to push the button. 你介意吗?他喜欢按按钮

[19:35.32]Yeah? So do I. 是吗?我也是

[19:43.64]That is so sexy. 好性感

[19:47.12]You in bed with my book. 你跟我的书在床上

[19:52.20]It's reaIIy great. 真的很棒

[19:58.56]-Do that again. -What, turn the page? -再一次 -什么?翻页吗?

[20:04.92]Baby. 宝贝…

[20:11.96]Again. 再一次

[20:17.72]Wait, stop. 等一下,停

[20:22.20]Let's just take this nice and sIow. 我们慢慢地来

[20:26.08]You teII me if you're feeIing too excited and we'II take a IittIe break. 要是太兴奋就告诉我 我们可以休息一下

[20:32.36]Why? 为什么?

[20:33.04]Because I think we both reaIIy want this to work. 因为我觉得我们都希望能成功


[20:39.92]I Iove that you get so turned on by me... 我喜欢你因我“性”致勃勃

[20:44.56]...and I am very turned on by you. 我也因你热情如火

[20:46.56]Maybe we've just been in too much of a rush. 或许我们太急了


[20:52.64]-Forget it. -No, I don't want to forget it. Come here. 我不想算了,过来

[20:58.08]-Let's taIk about it. -No! I don't want to taIk about it. -我们来谈谈 -我不想谈

[21:03.16]I think we have to. 我们必须要谈

[21:04.76]Why does everything have to be about sex! I am so sick of taIking about sex. 每件事都跟性有关 我不想再谈到性

[21:07.56]I've been taIking about it since I was 2. 我从两岁就开始谈论性

[21:12.44]So Iet's go. 我们走吧,我爸妈在等我们

[21:13.20]My parents are expecting us.

[21:17.96]Duncan and I went down to the NeiI Simon Theater and spent $65-- 我们去看尼尔赛门的戏剧

[21:22.48]-花了六十五块 -七十五

[21:24.12]$75. 看一个英国演员假装口交

[21:23.16]To see a British movie star simuIate a bIowjob.

[21:27.52]I wonder if that's what NeiI had in mind. 我不知道那是不是尼尔的原意

[21:32.00]-Did she show her tits? -No. How's the pickIed herring? -她有露奶子吗? -没有,腌鲱鱼好吃吗?

[21:34.36]It's very good. 很棒

[21:37.48]Franny teIIs me that you two are going camping this weekend. 弗兰尼说你们周末要去露营

[21:40.96]-Where's the scaIIion cream cheese? -It's out there on the tabIe. -奶油起司在哪里? -在桌子那边

[21:46.00]I don't see it. -我没看到 -看冰箱里有没有

[21:47.48]Then check the refrigerator.

[21:50.96]-Why is he so edgy? -I have no idea. -他为什么这么急躁? -我不知道

[21:54.28]-Don't Iet him puII that moody shit on you. -I know. It's such a pose. 不要让他的情绪化影响你

[21:60.24]Since he got pubIished, he's suddenIy this tortured artist. 只要他一出书 就会变成痛苦的艺术家

[22:03.72]-Where's the cream cheese? -It's out there. -奶油起司在哪里? -在外面

[22:17.00]Why buy this shit if you can't remember the one thing that hoIds it aII together? 要是不知道东西放在哪 何必买这么多鬼东西?

[22:21.80]方恩,我们来解决 让你烦心的事,好吗?

[22:24.80]Let's deaI with what's reaIIy upsetting you. ShaII we?

[22:29.96]If everything's on the tabIe, why don't we start with some scaIIion cream cheese? 如果你希望把东西都拿到桌上


[22:35.32]Jenna and I looked at each other llke two forelgners wlthout vlsas. 珍纳和我相视 就像两个没有签证的外国人


[22:44.76]You know what, I think I'd better go. I've got a deadIine.


[22:52.80]I'II go. Thank you for Iunch, for everything. 我要走了 谢谢你的午餐和一切

[23:08.100]What happened? Everything was going so weII. 发生了什么事?一切都很好

[23:12.56]It reaIIy wasn't. -不,不好 -我知道是怎么回事

[23:13.36]I know what it is. His Iast girIfriend wasn't as discreet.

[23:17.16]他的前女友没有这么谨慎 他写短篇故事

[23:19.28]I don't want to get in the irony. He writes short stories.

[23:21.36]This has officiaIIy become too weird. 这下子真的变得太奇怪

[23:24.52]ReaIIy, in a situation Iike this, you gotta Iaugh. 在这种情况下,只能傻笑

[23:28.20]AII right, it's a probIem. But you'II work it out. 好吧,那是个问题 不过你们一定能解决

[23:35.76]He won't even taIk about it. 他根本不愿意谈

[23:39.24]-You want me to taIk to him? -No. -你要我跟他说吗? -不要

[23:43.24]-I can't discuss this with you. -You can! You and I can discuss anything. 我没有办法跟你谈这个


[23:48.16]So your sex Iife isn't so great. So what? 你的性生活不美满又怎样? 有七成的婚姻都是无性的

[23:53.84]Seventy-seven percent of aII marriages are sexIess.

[23:56.64]Other things are so much more important, Iike famiIy. 其他的事更重要,例如家庭

[24:01.88]Then I saw that the person I really had to break up wlth wasn't Vaughn. 我发现我要分手的不是方恩

[24:04.80]It was hls mother. 而是他的母亲

[24:07.68]I wouId stiII Iike us to be friends. No, I mean that. 我希望我们还是朋友,说真的

[24:13.100]And what happens when you meet somebody eIse? 要是你遇见别的人呢?

[24:17.68]I can teII you now, they won't have a mother Iike me. You know that. 他们不会有我这样的母亲

[24:22.56]You know that we have something. What we have is very speciaI. 你知道我们是独一无二的

[24:32.24]AII right, weII. 好吧,那么…

[24:36.56]CaII me sometime. -有时间打给我 -我会的

[24:40.56]-I wiII. -Sweetie. 亲爱的

[24:47.72]Wallls was rlght. The most lmportant thlng ln llfe ls your famlly. 华莉丝说的对 生命中最重要的是你的家人

[24:52.20]There are days you love them, and others you don't. 有时候你爱他们 有时候则不然

[24:56.40]But ln the end, they're the people you always come home to. 但他们永远是你的依靠

[24:60.16]Sometlmes lt's the famlly you're born lnto. 有时候是你出生的那个家庭

[25:01.44]And sometlmes lt's the one you make for yourself. 有时候是你自己组的家庭

[25:08.12]-What are you doing here? -Come here. 你在那里做什么?

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