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欲望都市第二季 这时我终于明白 Ex and the City






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:23:34





[00:48.24]Llfe ls all about maklng cholces. 人生总是不停在做选择

[00:51.04]Some cholces, llke who you marry, are blg... 有些选择很重大 好比说跟谁结婚

[00:52.72]...whlle others are even blgger. 但有些则更加重大

[00:54.100]What do you think? 买五块钱维持三天的 还是十块钱维持五天的?

[00:56.100]The $5 ones that Iast three days, or the $10 ones that Iast five?

[01:02.16]Either one. -都好 -买三天的

[01:02.24]Three days.

[01:05.04]$5. 五块钱

[01:07.64]Another cholce ls how to deal wlth an ex-boyfrlend. 另一个选择是如何面对前男友

[01:10.24]Some women handle lt coolly, calmly, whlle others.... 有些女人很冷静,而有些则…

[01:14.88]Fuck! 妈的,是史蒂夫


[01:17.36]Go! 快走…

[01:18.04]$5! Come back here! 赔我五块钱,回来

[01:31.40]He Iooked so hurt. 他看起来很受伤 像那些画中的孩子

[01:34.16]Like a kid in one of those big-eyed veIvet paintings.

[01:37.44]Poor Steve. -可怜的史蒂夫 -对不起,我一时慌了

[01:38.44]I'm sorry, I panicked.

[01:39.52]What was I to do, chat about the weather? 我不想跟他聊天气之类的话题 我跟那男人上过床

[01:42.16]-The man's been inside me. -CouId I have more Sweet 'N Low?

[01:44.72]I've never been abIe to be friends with an ex. -再给我一包低糖好吗? -我没办法跟旧情人做朋友

[01:46.40]I meet those coupIes who stay friends and I think, ''How do they do that?'' 我碰到和前男友维持友谊的人 就会想“她们怎么做到的?”

[01:52.08]I've never been friends with men. Women are for friendships, men are for fucking. 我从来不跟男人做朋友

[01:52.68]要友谊找女人就好 男人是用来上床的

[01:56.56]You must Iearn to form an opinion. -你得学着有自己的主张 -友谊是额外的好处

[01:58.72]Friendship is the bonus of a reIationship. No reIationship, no friendship.

[01:59.40]如果他们不想谈感情 那就做不成朋友了

[02:03.92]If your coupIe doesn't work, you withhoId friendship as a punishment? -你收回友谊作为惩罚? -你干嘛讲那么难听

[02:05.56]You make it sound so bad.

[02:06.76]BIack widow spiders bite their mate's heads off when it's over. 黑寡妇蜘蛛办完事后 便把伴侣的头咬下来

[02:10.84]WithhoIding friendship is Ietting them off easy.

[02:14.96]Imagine, instead of the awfuI break-up scene... 收回友谊可以让他们自在离开

[02:13.24]免了分手那幕,你说“过来” 然后大口把他们的头咬下来

[02:16.40]...you say, ''Come here''...

[02:19.04]...and chomp their head off.

[02:19.48]I wouId Iove to be one of those peopIe who's aII: 我很欣赏那种

[02:22.40]''We Ioved, thank you. You enriched my Iife. Now, go, prosper.'' “我们相爱过,谢谢你丰富 我的生命,现在各奔前程吧”

[02:26.68]I'm much more: ''We didn't work out, you need to not exist.'' 但我比较像是 “我们合不来,你最好消失”

[02:33.32]What? -怎么了? -真的好幼稚

[02:33.84]It's just so chiIdish.

[02:35.20]Not you, the whoIe situation. 不是说你,是整个情况


[02:41.68]We keep dresses we'II never wear but throw away our ex-boyfriends.


[02:44.92]I'm not saying that I'm any better. 我不是说我自己处理得多好

[02:48.24]I haven't been abIe to be friends with Big, but.... 我还无法跟大人物做朋友

[02:52.28]If you Ioved someone and you break up... 但若你爱过一个人然后分手了 那份爱到哪儿去了?

[02:55.00]...where does the Iove go?

[02:57.16]To their next girIfriend. -移情到下一个女友身上 -不…那是不一样的爱

[02:58.48]No. That is a different Iove.

[03:01.12]The Iove that Big and I had cannot be same thing he has with Natasha. 我跟大人物之间的感情


[03:07.64]Natasha? When'd you stop caIIing her the Idiot Stick Figure With No SouI? 你什么时候开始不再叫她 “缺少灵魂的空洞白痴”?

[03:10.12]About three weeks ago when I saw them at Cafe M. 大约三周前我在餐厅见到他们

[03:14.20]He was hoIding her hand and smiIing and... 他握着她的手微笑

[03:18.16]...I finaIIy got it. 我终于明白了 他们很快乐,我们结束了

[03:19.76]They're happy, sIash, we're over.

[03:24.44]It was okay. 而我觉得没关系

[03:29.48]-Natasha, what a buIIshit name. -TotaIIy. -娜塔莎?什么烂名字 -一点也没错

[03:32.84]-Stupid. -CompIete buIIshit. -愚蠢 -烂到极点

[03:34.64]Later that nlght, I got to thlnklng about the ex factor. 当晚,我思考着“X”因子

[03:38.96]In mathematlcs, we learned that ''x'' stands for the unknown. 在数学中,X代表未知数

[03:41.52]''a'' plus ''b'' equals ''x.'' A加B等于X

[03:45.52]But what's really unknown ls.: what plus what equals frlendshlp wlth an ex? 但未知的是什么加什么 会等于和前男友的友谊?

[03:48.36]Is thls an unsolvable equatlon? 这是个无解的方程式吗?

[03:52.52]Or ls lt posslble to transform a once-passlonate love... 或者有没有可能 将昔日热烈的感情

[03:54.12]...lnto somethlng that flts nlce and easlly onto the frlendshlp shelf? 转化成一份恰好的友谊?

[03:59.08]I couldn't help but wonder... 我不禁纳闷 和旧情人可以做朋友吗?

[04:01.60]...can you be frlends wlth an ex?

[04:03.80]That Sunday afternoon, Mlranda was enjoylng a blscottl and the paper when.... 星期天下午当米兰达坐在家中


[04:13.84]There lt was... 她前男友就站在外面

[04:15.68]...her ex's head.

[04:19.76]I hear you breathing. 我听见你的呼吸声

[04:25.96]Yeah. Hi! 嗨

[04:26.32]That was a shitty thing you did, running away from me on the street. 你从我面前跑开真是恶劣

[04:29.64]I didn't run. -我没有跑 -你有

[04:33.20]You ran. -我没想到会看见你,而且… -那真的伤了我的心

[04:33.20]I wasn't expecting to see you--

[04:36.76]It reaIIy hurt my feeIings.

[04:42.08]I don't do very weII with ex-boyfriends and.... 我不知道该怎么和前男友相处


[04:46.32]This is me.


[04:57.16]I heId your head whiIe you were sIeeping. 你入睡时是我抱着你的头

[05:05.72]I'm sorry. 对不起,我很抱歉

[05:07.48]I'm so sorry.

[05:09.48]It's okay. 没关系…

[05:10.28]I hadn't seen you in so Iong and I missed you... 我们好久没见面,我很想你

[05:12.96]...and then I did that shitty thing. 但我却做了这么恶劣的事

[05:16.04]-It wasn't that shitty. -It was. -没那么恶劣,真的 -有,我是个恶劣的人

[05:18.16]It was a shitty thing. I'm a shitty person.

[05:21.52]-You are not a shitty person. -I am! I am shitty! -你不是个恶劣的人 -我很恶劣

[05:24.00]You'd never do anything that shitty. 你绝不会做出这么恶劣的事

[05:26.28]How about showing up at your apartment and caIIing you shitty? 那我跑来你家骂你恶劣 又怎么说?

[05:31.16]Yeah, that was pretty shitty. -没错,那挺恶劣的 -你鼻涕快流出来了

[05:32.56]You've got a ''bat in the cave.''

[05:41.28]I miss you. 我很想你

[05:43.76]Whenever something funny happens, I aIways want to teII you about it. 每当有好笑的事发生 我总是想告诉你

[05:48.16]So teII me. 那就告诉我,我们当不成情人

[05:49.44]Just 'cause we broke up doesn't mean we can't have a friendIy meaI, does it?

[05:52.72]不表示不能像朋友 偶尔一起吃个饭,对吧?

[05:56.60]I guess not. -是 -你星期五要做什么?

[05:59.28]What are you doing Friday?

[06:01.88]I have a date. -我有约会了 -你很期待吧?

[06:04.24]Looking forward to it, are you?

[06:10.44]As Mlranda made plans to have dlnner wlth her last love... 正当米兰达计划和前男友 一起吃晚餐

[06:15.48]...Charlotte came face to face wlth the memory of her flrst... 夏绿蒂面对记忆中的初恋…

[06:20.48]...her horse, Taddy. 她的爱马,泰迪

[06:23.92]Charlotte's relatlonshlp wlth Taddy ended... 夏绿蒂和泰迪的关系 悲伤地结束

[06:24.92]...when he threw her durlng a teen equestrlan competltlon... 它在一场比赛中将她摔下马

[06:28.20]...causlng her to break her collarbone and lose the blue rlbbon. 害她摔断锁骨,并且输掉冠军

[06:32.68]Her father promptly sold Taddy and she hadn't been on a horse slnce. 她父亲把泰迪卖给别人


[06:40.52]Charlotte wondered lf lt was tlme to get back ln the saddle. 夏绿蒂考虑 是否到了该重回马鞍的时候

[06:45.40]Meanwhlle, across town... 同时,在城的另一头

[06:47.28]...Samantha was about to see a stalllon of her own. 莎曼珊即将棋逢对手


[07:14.80]I gotta say, you Iook amazing.

[07:17.04]Excuse me, but do I know you? -不好意思,我们认识吗? -还没有

[07:18.68]Not yet.

[07:21.80]I was thinking maybe you'd have dinner with me sometime. 但改天或许你愿意 跟我共进晚餐?

[07:23.80]What makes you think that? -你凭什么认为我会答应? -从你注视我的眼神

[07:28.48]The way you were just checking me out.

[07:30.56]You get 10 points for directness. 你的率直可以得十分

[07:35.12]Do I aIso get your phone number? -我也得到你的电话了吗? -我还不确定

[07:37.80]I'm not sure yet.

[07:40.80]I'II teII you what.... 这样吧

[07:42.76]Here's my business card. 这是我的名片,你跟我联络

[07:45.68]You caII me.

[07:46.92]BIatantIy picking a woman up on the street. 公然在大街上和女人搭讪

[07:49.52]How'd you get to be so cocky? -你怎么会这么自大? -我想是天生的吧

[07:51.52]I was born that way, I guess.

[07:54.00]At Ieast consider meeting me for a friendIy IittIe drink. 至少考虑出来跟我喝一杯 交个朋友

[07:58.80]I'II think about it, Mr. Cocky. 我会的,自大先生

[08:04.24]PIease do. 请尽管这么做

[08:15.40]Later that week, when I spotted a Laura Ashley dress, clrca 1988... 当我发现衣柜里还挂着一件 大约1988年的旧洋装时

[08:17.76]...stlll hanglng ln my closet...

[08:19.64]...I declded lt was tlme to glve my ex a frlendly phone call. 我决定是时候打电话给前男友 伸出友谊之手

[08:32.88]I hadn't planned on the Idlot Stlck Flgure Wlth No Soul answerlng. 我没料到会是那个缺少灵魂的 空洞白痴接的电话

[08:37.64]Then, I remembered Blg had caller ID. 接着我想起 大人物家有来电显示

[08:41.84]Shit! 该死

[08:54.32]HeIIo yourseIf. -你好 -刚才是你打的吗?

[08:56.00]-Did you just caII? -No-- 不…对,但我还没来得及讲话

[08:60.12]Yes, but I didn't get to taIk because...

[09:03.28]...I accidentaIIy hit the thing... 因为…我不小心撞到…东西

[09:06.24]...so, you know, it hung up. 所以挂断了,没错,是我打的

[09:10.92]So, yes.

[09:12.24]And I... 我听到娜塔莎的声音 替我向她道个歉

[09:13.40]...I heard Natasha, so, apoIogize to her.

[09:20.08]How is Natasha? 娜塔莎好吗?

[09:24.44]Great. 她很好

[09:25.64]She's great.

[09:28.92]How are you? -你好吗 -我一切顺利

[09:31.04]I'm A-OK.

[09:33.92]You sound a IittIe nuts. -你的语气听起来傻呼呼的 -拜托,你不能放过我一次吗

[09:38.60]Can't you Iet one go by?

[09:41.36]This is weird. -这很怪,分手后第一次联络 -没错

[09:41.76]The first caII.

[09:44.36]Right. 也许我照着准备的讲稿念 会好一点

[09:43.96]Maybe I'd...

[09:47.80]...do better if I went with my IittIe prepared speech.

[09:49.40]You have a speech? 你有讲稿?

[09:52.20]I was wondering what you thought of... 我在想…


[09:56.36]...instead of pretending each other doesn't exist... 别再假装彼此不存在

[10:02.56]...we try to be friends or something? 我们试着做朋友如何?

[10:06.60]I'd Iike that. 我很乐意

[10:08.80]I've been meanlng to call, but I dldn't know lf you wanted to hear from me-- 我本来要打给你 但我不知道你想不想接我电话

[10:12.16]-Want to have a lunch or somethlng? -Let's. -你愿意一起吃午餐吗? -我们一起吃午餐吧

[10:20.72]Thank you.

[10:25.00]I have a 1:00 reservation. Bradshaw. 我订了一点的位子,布雷萧

[10:25.76]I used to make our lunch reservatlons ln Blg's name. 以前我习惯报大人物的名字

[10:30.44]But today, I put lt ln mlne, because that's what frlends do. 但今天我用自己的名字订位 这是朋友的做法

[10:33.64]The other party is aIready here. 另一位已经到了

[10:35.04]Thank you.

[10:45.44]Are you hungry? Because I am. 你饿了吗?我很饿

[10:47.28]I got up at 6:00, worked out, hardIy had any breakfast. 我六点就起床,几乎没吃早餐

[10:53.32]They have a great Cobb saIad here. 这里的玉米沙拉很棒

[10:56.92]ShaII we eat? -你说呢?可以吃饭了吗? -我们吃饭吧

[10:58.28]-Let's eat. -We'II eat. 我那时发现到:大人物很紧张

[10:57.48]And that's when I reallzed, Blg was nervous.

[11:00.76]It was odd. The new ''frlend'' part of me felt lncredlbly compasslonate... 奇怪的是,身为新朋友 这部分的我觉得非常同情

[11:06.96]...whlle the old ''glrlfrlend'' part of me felt lncredlbly smug. 但过去当女朋友那部分的我 却觉得沾沾自喜

[11:08.40]-You okay? -Fine. -你还好吧? -没事

[11:21.24]You Iook good. -你看起来气色很好 -谢谢,你也是

[11:24.76]Thank you, so do you.

[11:26.36]Good afternoon. 午安

[11:29.00]The Cobb saIad is very good here. -这儿的玉米沙拉很好吃 -请问需要什么饮料?

[11:29.48]Can I get you something to drink?

[11:33.20]Iced tea. -冰茶 -矿泉水

[11:33.100]A mineraI water.

[11:39.56]-Scotch. -CosmopoIitan. -威士忌 -柯梦波丹

[11:43.60]An hour later, I had solved the unsolvable frlendshlp equatlon. 一小时后 我已解开了无解的友谊方程式

[11:48.68]It seems the answer ls thls.: 答案似乎是…

[11:51.20]Cosmopolltans plus scotch equals frlendshlp wlth an ex. 柯梦波丹加上威士忌 等于和前男友的友谊

[11:55.76]-老天 -还有你的音乐

[11:55.44]And what about your music?

[11:59.04]If I had to Iisten to freakin' BIood, Sweat & Tears one more time.... 我终于不必再听 “血汗泪合唱团”了

[12:02.60]-BIood, Sweat & Tears is great stuff. -10 minutes after we're awake? -他们的音乐很棒 -起床后十分钟听那种东西?


[12:14.52]TeII me about the girI.

[12:17.80]-ReaIIy? -Friends taIk about their reIationships. -真的? -朋友之间会谈论感情生活

[12:20.80]Go ahead, friend, teII me about the girI. 说吧,朋友 谈谈你女朋友的事


[12:30.72]-She's very sweet-- -Okay, enough!

[12:35.64]Don't teII me about the girI. No can do. 够了,别跟我说她的事 我听不下去

[12:36.100]Maybe we shouId make a pact: 我们订个协议吧

[12:38.48]We don't taIk about our reIationships untiI they get reaIIy serious. 除非是很认真的感情 否则我们不跟对方说


[12:51.40]It is serious. 这次是认真的

[12:58.36]We're engaged. 我们订婚了

[13:02.44]I wanted you to hear it from me. 我希望由我亲口告诉你

[13:05.100]I just got a spIitting headache. -我现在头痛欲裂 -我不知道该怎么告诉你

[13:10.48]I didn't know how to teII you....

[13:13.16]-When you caIIed for Iunch-- -Engaged? -当你打来时… -订婚?

[13:16.96]How can you be engaged? You have a probIem with commitment, remember? 你怎么可能订婚? 你这个人恐惧承诺,记得吗?

[13:20.92]In fact, you toId me you never wanted to get married again, ever. 事实上 你跟我说你再也不想结婚了

[13:26.80]Things change. -事情会改变 -你只是不想娶我?

[13:28.48]You just didn't want to marry me.

[13:30.88]-Natasha and I-- -Don't say her name! -听着,娜塔莎和我… -别在我面前提她的名字

[13:33.28]Don't you dare say her name to me!

[13:34.72]You string me aIong for two years... 你玩弄了我两年

[13:39.92]...then you marry some 25-year-oId girI after onIy five months? 然后才过五个月 你就要娶一个25岁的女人

[13:43.20]-I did not string you aIong. -Fine, you didn't. -我没有玩弄你 -随便,好,你没有

[13:47.96]You know what? I have to go. I have a headache. 我要走了,我头很痛

[13:49.96]-Are you okay? -I'm fine. -你没事吧? -我很好

[13:52.76]Don't heIp me! Don't you heIp me! 别碰我,不要你帮忙

[13:56.20]Carrie, hoId on, wait. -凯莉,等一下,别走 -你还想干嘛?

[13:59.72]What is it?

[13:59.92]-Don't end it Iike this-- -You did it Iike this. I was being friendIy. -别这样离去 -是你造成的

[14:04.08]This seems Iike a much better way to end things. 我想保持友谊 但这种结束方式似乎好得多

[14:07.48]Go. Be engaged, get married to... 去吧,尽管订婚,跟那个叫…

[14:12.64]...Nijinsky or whatever her name is. Have a nice Iife. 娜金斯基还是什么的女人结婚 不用管我,我好得很

[14:15.52]Don't worry about me, I'm fine.

[14:17.48]These steps are very dangerous. 这些阶梯很危险

[14:28.04]The next day, I had promlsed to hold Charlotte's hand whlle she trled rldlng. 隔天,我答应夏绿蒂 在她尝试骑马时要陪着她

[14:32.60]It turned out, she needed to hold mlne as well. -我也需要她的支持 -你还好吗?

[14:34.92]How are you doing?

[14:35.48]Aside from the fact that my ex is engaged to a teenager... 除了我前男友 跟一个年轻小妞订婚

[14:38.36]...and I've got horseshit on my goddamn $300 shoes... 而我价值三百块的鞋子 沾到马粪?

[14:45.36]...I'm doing okay. 我很好

[14:44.72]I think you're amazing. 我觉得你很坚强 换做是我可能已进了医院

[14:48.12]I wouId be in a hospitaI or something.

[14:49.40]What the fuck is his probIem? -它到底有什么毛病? -它只是性情倔强

[14:52.72]He's got a stubborn streak.

[14:54.28]Some horses never reaIIy Iike to be ridden. 有些马不喜欢被骑

[14:58.84]Taddy was Iike that when I first got him, but once I broke him in, he Ioved it. 泰迪一开始也是这样 但它一旦被我驯服就很温驯

[15:03.32]You know what? 你知道吗?我驯服了大人物

[15:04.84]I broke in Big. 现在那缺少灵魂的空洞白痴 却坐享其成

[15:04.32]I broke him in and the Idiot Stick Figure With No SouI gets to ride him.


[15:10.40]I'm reaIIy sorry.

[15:14.76]I know you are. Thanks. 我知道,亲爱的,谢了

[15:16.04]Damn! 该死,现实就是如此

[15:20.44]You see, this is what happens. 你试着跟前男友做朋友 最后却弄得自己一身屎

[15:21.24]You try to be friendIy with an ex and you wind up knee-deep in shit!

[15:29.40]Perfect. 太好了

[15:38.60]This is PaI. He's a good boy. 这是派尔,它很乖

[15:41.40]He's brown. 它是棕色的,泰迪也是 但它腹部有白色的斑点

[15:41.00]Taddy was brown, but he had white spots on his fIank.

[15:46.88]Just stay tiII I'm on the horse, then you can go, okay? 等我上马之后你就可以走了 好吗?

[15:50.84]I'm here, it's aII IoveIy. Go have fun. 我会等你,在这里很愉快 去玩吧

[15:55.04]Hey, PaI. -派尔 -脚踩着马蹬然后上去

[15:56.48]Foot in and up you go.

[15:58.48]As Charlotte put her boot ln the stlrrup... 当夏绿蒂把脚套进马蹬时 所有关于泰迪

[16:01.56]...all her bad memorles of Taddy, broken bones and rlbbons flooded over her.

[16:03.40]摔断骨头以及痛失冠军的 可怕记忆全涌上心头

[16:07.92]No! 不行

[16:10.84]Can't. 我做不到

[16:11.40]-No, I can't. Let's go. -You just paid. 不,我没办法,我们走吧

[16:13.20]-I said, I can't! -He's aII saddIed up. -我说我没办法 -它已经套上马鞍了

[16:18.04]After a few ''get to know each other'' phone calls... 几通电话之后

[16:22.96]...Samantha took up Mr. Cocky on hls offer of a frlendly drlnk. 莎曼珊答应自大先生的邀约 出去喝一杯

[16:26.60]Turns out, lt was a very frlendly drlnk. 到最后已经超越朋友的界线

[16:30.88]I want you to know, I never pick up guys on the street... 我从来不在街上钓凯子 除非他们非常迷人

[16:33.40]...unIess they're very cute.

[16:37.28]Get over here, you cutie. 过来吧,你这迷人的家伙

[16:40.36]Before we go any further... 在我们更进一步之前 我得警告你一件事

[16:43.44]...I gotta warn you about something.

[16:45.64]Warn me about what? 什么事?

[16:49.32]I'm very weII-endowed. -我本钱很雄厚 -中头奖了


[16:53.84]No. I'm serious. 我是说真的

[16:55.84]It's huge. 它很大

[16:59.84]Most women can't handIe it. 大多数的女人无法接受

[17:04.92]I'm not most women. 我不是大多数的女人 拉下拉练…过来吧

[17:07.48]Unzip and get over here.

[17:14.24]Samantha suddenly understood what made Mr. Cocky so cocky. 莎曼珊突然明白 为什么自大先生会如此骄傲了

[17:25.68]I'm teIIing you, it was Iike a waII of fIesh coming at me. 那仿佛整面肉墙向我直扑而来

[17:31.76]Nothing is scarier than a reaIIy big one coming at you. 没什么比一根大棒子 冲向你更可怕

[17:34.52]I didn't even want my mouth near it, I was afraid I'd get Iockjaw. 我的嘴巴根本不想靠近它 我怕会肌肉痉挛

[17:36.80]It was quite a shock. His hands are reIativeIy tiny. 我真的很吃惊,他的手算小的

[17:41.16]-Don't teII me you beIieve that. -Not anymore. -别告诉我你信那一套? -现在不信了

[17:43.56]I'm going to have to psych myseIf up before I try it again. 再试一次前我得为自己打打气

[17:48.96]You're going to try it again? Why? -你还要再试一次?为什么? -因为它就在那里

[17:49.32]-Because it's there. -It's a penis, not Mount Everest.

[17:52.84]-只是命根子不是埃佛勒斯峰 -如果它是埃佛勒斯峰

[17:53.92]If it was Mount Everest...

[17:56.72]...Iast night I couId onIy make it to Base Camp One. 昨晚我才刚登上基地营呢

[17:60.64]You dated Mr. Big, I'm dating Mr. Too Big. 之前你和大人物交往 现在我和“超大人物”约会

[18:04.64]You're unbeIievabIe. 真是难以置信 你因詹姆斯尺寸太小和他分手

[18:04.64]You broke up with James because he was too smaII, this guy is too big.

[18:08.52]Who are you, GoIdicocks? 现在这个又太大 你是谁?性爱女神吗?

[18:10.28]Yep. 我理想中的对象要刚刚好

[18:12.32]I'm Iooking for one that's just right.

[18:14.36]That nlght, after a frlendly dlnner... 当晚,一顿友好的晚餐后

[18:17.04]...Steve and Mlranda began to explore thelr newfound frlendshlp. 史蒂夫和米兰达 开始探索他们的新友谊

[18:21.64]If you were a reaI friend, you'd Iet me keep it. 如果你真的是朋友 你会让我留着它

[18:23.72]Sorry, it's part of a break-up. You gotta return my fire department shirt. 你得把我消防队的T恤还给我

[18:27.72]-It fits me perfectIy. -TeII it to the judge. -我穿非常合身 -去跟法官说吧

[18:31.16]-PIease? -Nope. -拜托? -不行

[18:37.32]Thanks for coming out for dinner. -谢谢你答应出来吃晚餐 -谢谢你…终于肯让我付钱

[18:38.64]Thanks for Ietting me pay, finaIIy.

[18:41.84]That's what friends do, isn't it? 朋友是这样的,不是吗?



[18:49.76]That's what friends do, isn't it? 对,朋友是这样的,不是吗?

[18:55.52]I got another question for you. 我还有一个问题要问你

[19:00.28]Do friends kiss... 朋友会亲…

[19:04.68]...here? 这里吗?

[19:10.08]No. 不会

[19:15.00]Do friends kiss here? 朋友会亲这里吗?

[19:21.20]No. 不会

[19:28.72]Do friends kiss.... 那朋友会亲…

[19:30.04]Yeah. 会

[19:58.92]We had good reasons for breaking up, right? 我们分手有很好的理由对吧?

[20:02.76]Yeah. 没错,金钱、未来计划、目标

[20:03.72]Money, scheduIes, goaIs.

[20:07.72]Good reasons. 好理由

[20:11.56]What now? 那现在呢?

[20:16.16]Are we stiII just friends? -我们仍只是朋友吗? -对,我们仍只是朋友

[20:18.32]Yeah, we're stiII just friends.

[20:23.64]Friends who have sex. 会上床的朋友

[20:42.20]And ln a bed across town.... 在这城市的另一头…

[20:45.96]Ready? -准备好了吗? -等等


[20:48.32]Wait. 等等

[20:52.76]After two yoga classes and a hlt of the best Hawallan gold she could flnd... 上完两堂进阶瑜珈课


[20:57.40]...Samantha was ready to take another run at Mount Everest. 莎曼珊准备好 再次挑战埃佛勒斯峰

[20:59.40]Okay, here we go.


[21:05.88]Nice and easy. 慢慢来

[21:15.32]That's it. 就是这样

[21:19.88]Easy-- 慢慢来…

[21:22.84]Easy. 轻一点

[21:29.00]Good. 很好



[21:33.16]Okay, here we go. 要开始了

[21:38.88]Here we go? 要开始了? 你是说你还没进去?


[21:40.84]We're not there yet?

[21:44.84]-No. -Okay, stop. -还没 -停下来

[21:45.60]Whoa, boy. 老天

[21:52.68]Can we just be friends? 我们能不能只当朋友就好?

[21:57.36]And just llke that, Samantha made her very flrst male frlend. 就这样,莎曼珊交了生平 第一个男性朋友

[22:04.40]The next day ln Central Park, Charlotte was maklng a new frlend as well. 隔天在中央公园 夏绿蒂也在交朋友

[22:12.68]Good, PaI. 她觉得她和派尔进展太快了

[22:13.68]She had declded she and Pal were movlng too fast.

[22:16.72]Before golng any further, they needed to get to know each other better. 他们应该把步调放慢 多认识彼此

[22:20.60]You're a good boy, PaI. 你很乖,派尔,那样舒服吗?

[22:23.48]Does that feeI good?

[22:26.00]You Iike that? My Taddy Iiked that, too. 你喜欢吗?我的泰迪也很喜欢

[22:29.76]I Ioved my Taddy so much. 我好爱我的泰迪,好马儿

[22:32.72]Oh, good boy. 她的新伙伴轻轻推了她一下

[22:35.72]And wlth that gentle nudge from her new pal...

[22:38.72]...all Charlotte's bad feellngs about Taddy llfted... 使夏绿蒂对泰迪的反感消失了

[22:41.36]...and she remembered just how much she had loved hls cute whlte spots. 她回想起过去 她曾经多爱它漂亮的白色斑点

[22:45.44]Easy. 放轻松…

[22:47.24]Okay. Go, boy, go! 走吧

[23:11.12]Hey, lt's Carrle, I'm shoe shopplng. -我是凯莉,我出门买鞋了 -是我,你在家吗?

[23:15.40]It's me, are you there?

[23:19.44]Pick up if you're there. 如果你在家就接电话

[23:21.92]You're not there. 你不在家

[23:28.20]I'm caIIing to say I feeI bad about Iast week. 我打来是想说 上星期的事我觉得很抱歉

[23:39.12]I didn't mean for it to happen Iike that... 我不是有意造成那种局面

[23:44.00]...I thought you needed to know. 你必须知道这件事 而我不想让别人告诉你

[23:46.88]I hated to think someone eIse might teII you.

[23:50.40]Chrlst. 老天,我觉得自己很混帐 对不起,我真的很抱歉

[23:51.08]I feel llke a real shlt. I'm sorry.

[23:52.64]I'm really sorry...


[23:56.64]...I would never hurt you dellberately--

[24:01.00]I know you wouIdn't. 我知道你不会

[24:02.40]-You're there? -I'm here. -原来你在家? -对,我在家

[24:12.16]-那…就像我说的,我很抱歉 -我也很抱歉

[24:14.60]Like I was saying, I'm sorry.

[24:15.64]I'm sorry, too.

[24:17.100]I shouIdn't have reacted Iike that. 我不该有那么大反应 我只是…

[24:24.16]It was such a shock. 这消息让我很震惊

[24:29.84]I guess it was a shock I needed to hear to move on. 我想这是必要的打击 好让我继续往前走

[24:33.28]Yeah. 是

[24:38.40]I wish you aII the best. I do. 我衷心祝福你,真的

[24:43.72]I hope you and Natasha wiII be very happy. 我希望你和娜塔莎过得很幸福

[24:46.52]Do you mean that? -那是真心话吗? -不是


[24:49.48]But I wlll. 但我会的,真的,我希望…

[24:52.28]Really. I hope...

[24:56.04]...some day very soon... 将来有一天,很快…

[24:58.28]...we can aII meet for a drink and be great friends. 我们大家能一起出来喝东西 当好朋友

[25:03.40]Llke they do ln the movles. 就像电影里演的那样


[25:12.76]Bye. 再见了

[25:16.76]Bye. 再见

[25:30.56]And I actually managed to hold onto those frlendly feellngs, untll.... 事实上,我真的打算 维持那份友好的感觉,直到…


[25:54.84]I can't beIieve my ex-boyfriend is at the PIaza... 我不敢相信我的前男友 现在正在六条街外的饭店

[25:56.88]...having an engagement brunch. 举行订婚宴

[25:58.100]And he had the nerve to invite you. 我不敢相信他竟然有脸邀请你

[26:01.56]It's my own fauIt. 那是我的错,是我自己 要对他发表“友好宣言”

[26:02.88]I had to make the big ''Iet's be friends'' speech.

[26:08.36]Who am I kidding? Big and I were never friends, we were... 我在开什么玩笑?我们从来 都不是朋友,我们是其他关系

[26:11.00]...something eIse.

[26:13.40]Something that did not end with an engagement party at the PIaza. 显然是那种最后不会在饭店 举行订婚派对的关系

[26:16.76]-Do we want another round? -What do you think? 还要再一轮饮料吗?

[26:19.28]Four more, pIease. 麻烦再来四杯

[26:20.36]I think I can actuaIIy feeI them over there eating shrimp. 我想我可以感觉到 他们正在那边吃虾子

[26:24.84]It's just--why her? 只是…为什么是她?

[26:30.24]I mean reaIIy.... 说真的,为什么是她?

[26:32.80]Why her? -一句话:赫伯 -赫伯

[26:32.92]One word: HubbeII.

[26:36.80]HubbeII. 我的天,赫伯 没错,真的好赫伯

[26:36.28]Oh, my god. HubbeII.

[26:38.08]It is so HubbeII.

[26:42.92]Who's HubbeII? -谁是赫伯? -赫伯

[26:44.84]HubbeII! 劳勃瑞福在“往日情怀”中 饰演的赫伯

[26:43.00]Robert ''HubbeII'' Redford in The Way We Were.

[26:48.08]I Iove that movie. -我好爱那部电影 -我超…超爱那部电影

[26:49.00]I Iove, Iove, Iove, that movie.

[26:51.08]-Never saw it. -Oh, my god! -没看过 -我的天

[26:53.16]What are you, an aIien? How couId you have not seen it? 你怎么可能没看过 “往日情怀”?

[26:58.92]Chick fiIm. 少女看的片子

[26:59.32]Robert Redford is madIy in Iove with Barbara Streisand. 劳勃瑞福疯狂地爱着 芭芭拉史翠珊

[27:03.04]-Katie. -K-k-k-katie. -凯蒂 -凯…凯蒂

[27:03.48]K-k-k-katie, right! 凯…凯蒂,没错

[27:07.68]But he can't be with her because she's too compIicated... 但他不能跟她在一起 因为她太复杂了

[27:09.44]...and she has wiId, curIy hair. 而且还有一头狂野的卷发

[27:12.36]HeIIo? C-c-c-curIy. 卷…卷发

[27:15.16]He Ieaves her and marries this... 所以他离开她 娶了一个直发的单纯女孩

[27:16.04]...simpIe girI with straight hair.

[27:20.20]Ladies, I am having an epiphany. 我突然有所领悟

[27:22.72]The worId is made of two types of women: 这世界只有两种类型的女人

[27:24.96]The ''simpIe'' girIs and the ''Katie'' girIs. 单纯型和凯蒂型

[27:28.24]I'm a ''Katie'' girI and where are our drinks? 我就是凯蒂型 饮料到底送来了没?

[27:30.32]I aIways cry at the Iast scene in that movie... 我每次看那部电影的 最后一幕都会哭

[27:34.44]-...when she sees him with his new wife-- -The simpIe girI. 当她在旅馆前 看见他和他新婚妻子

[27:39.28]-And she reaches up-- -And smoothes his hair away. 那单纯女孩

[27:38.40]-她抬起手… -拨开他的头发

[27:41.20]She says to him: 对他说 “你太太很漂亮,赫伯”

[27:41.76]''Your girI is IoveIy, HubbeII.''

[27:46.28]Then the music comes in. 然后音乐进来了

[27:47.04]''Memories'' -(回忆…) -我的天,真好听

[27:48.44]Oh my, God, it's so good.

[27:51.72]''Light the corners of my mind (像是我遥远心境的一角)

[27:53.24]''Misty water-coIored memories (往日情怀的…)

[27:56.60]''Of the way we were'' (模糊记忆)

[27:59.56]Let me do my favorite part. 我最爱的部分让我来 (是否…)

[27:60.08]-''Can it be'' -Yes!

[28:02.16]''Can it be that it was aII so simpIe then (是否当时一切都太单纯?)

[28:08.60]''Or has time re-written every Iine? (或者时光改写了每行诗?)

[28:13.92]''If we had the chance to do it aII again (如果我们有机会重来)

[28:15.48]''TeII me (告诉我,会有结果吗?)

[28:17.84]''WouId we?

[28:20.64]''CouId we? (可能吗?)


[28:25.52]I miss James. 我想念詹姆斯

[28:29.32]Excuse me? 你说什么?

[28:29.80]After I left my frlends, I found myself pulled to the slte of the engagement party. 和朋友们散会后,我发现自己

[28:33.40]不由自主往订婚派对的 地点走去

[28:35.36]I had no lntentlon of golng ln, but lt was on my way home. 我并不想进去 但那在我回家的路上

[28:51.36]One second. 等我一会

[28:55.72]I had a cholce. 我有个选择 我可以跑走,或问他一个…

[28:54.52]I could run or I could stand and ask hlm the questlon...

[28:59.12]...that lf I dldn't ask, would haunt me the rest of my llfe. 如果不问 会困扰我一辈子的问题

[29:03.80]I thought by the time I got here, I'd know what to say. 我以为在我到达之前 我就会知道该说什么

[29:05.00]And? 然后呢?

[29:10.72]You're Iate. 你迟到了,派对结束了

[29:10.96]The party's over.

[29:12.60]I'II say it is. 我想是吧

[29:16.60]Funny. 有意思

[29:21.28]I was just on my way home and.... 我只是回家时顺路经过

[29:27.28]I have a question for you. 我有个问题要问你 为什么不是我?

[29:29.52]Why wasn't it me?

[29:30.44]-Carrie-- -No, seriousIy. 不,我是认真的 我真的需要听你亲口说

[29:34.48]I reaIIy need to hear you say it.

[29:37.80]Come on, be a friend. 拜托,我们是朋友

[29:43.36]I don't know. 我不知道

[29:43.32]It just got so hard... 就是很难

[29:47.12]...and she's.... -而她… -是


[30:04.20]''Your girI is IoveIy, HubbeII.'' 你太太很漂亮,赫伯

[30:10.60]I don't get it. -我不明白 -你永远也不会明白

[30:11.60]And you never did.

[30:22.12]Easy, girI. 别激动

[30:33.88]Then I had a thought, maybe I dldn't break Blg. 那时我想到 也许我并未驯服大人物

[30:36.72]Maybe the problem was he couldn't break me. 也许问题在于他无法驯服我

[30:39.40]Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. 也许有些女人注定不该被驾驭

[30:44.96]Maybe they need to run free untll they flnd someone... 也许她们需要自由奔驰 直到她们找到…

[30:47.76]...just as wlld to run wlth. 性情相投的伴侣一起同行

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