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  When I was about 16 years old I can remember flipping through channels at home during summer vacation, looking for a movie to watch on HBO -- and how many of you remember "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"? Oh yeah, great movie, right?

  当我十六岁的时候 我记得暑假的时候在家看电视 在HBO上找一部电影看 有多人记得“春天不是读书天”这部电影? 啊,很棒的电影,对吧?

  -- Well, I saw Matthew Broderick on the screen, and so I thought, "Sweet! Ferris Bueller. I'll watch this!" It wasn't Ferris Bueller. And forgive me Matthew Broderick, I know you've done other movies besides Ferris Bueller, but that's how I remember you; you're Ferris.

  - 我看到 马修·布罗德里克在屏幕上,于是我想 "太好了!是菲利斯。我要看这个!" 那不是菲利斯。 原谅我,马修 我知道你除了菲利斯还演了其他电影,但这就是我如何记住你的.你就是菲利斯.

  But you weren't doing Ferris-y things at the time; you were doing gay things at the time.


  He was in a movie called "Torch Song Trilogy." And "Torch Song Trilogy" was based on a play about this drag queen who essentially was looking for love. Love and respect -- that's what the whole film was about.

  他当时在演一部叫“同性三分亲”的电影 “同性三分亲”改编自一个男扮女装的人实际上在寻找爱情的一出戏。 爱和尊重 —- 这就是整部电影的主旨。

  And as I'm watching it, I'm realizing that they're talking about me. Not the drag queen part -- I am not shaving my hair for anyone -- but the gay part. The finding love and respect, the part about trying to find your place in the world.

  当我在看这部电影的时候,我意识到它是在谈论我。 不是男扮女装的部分--我不会为任何人去修剪我头发-而是同性恋的部分。 是发现爱和尊重,试着在世界上找到你自己的位置的那部分。

  So as I'm watching this, I see this powerful scene that brought me to tears, and it stuck with me for the past 25 years. And there's this quote that the main character, Arnold, tells his mother as they're fighting about who he is and the life that he lives.

  所以,当我看到这的时候,有一幕感人的场景让我流泪, 在过去的25年里我一直记着这个。 主角阿诺德告诉他的母亲一句话, 当他们正在为他是谁和他的生活争论的时候:

  "There's one thing more -- there's just one more thing you better understand. I've taught myself to sew, cook, fix plumbing, build furniture, I can even pat myself on the back when necessary, all so I don't have to ask anyone for anything. There's nothing I need from anyone except for love and respect, and anyone who can't give me those two things has no place in my life."

  “再多一件事--只有一件事你需要去更好的理解 我自己学会缝衣服、 做饭、 修水管、 做家具, 必要时我甚至可以拍拍自己的背 我不用要求别人任何事 我不需要从别人那里得到什么, 除了爱和尊重, 对我来说,不能给我这两样东西的人在我的生活中无足轻重。

  I remember that scene like it was yesterday; I was 16, I was in tears, I was in the closet, and I'm looking at these two people, Ferris Bueller and some guy I'd never seen before, fighting for love.

  我记得那副场景,就像昨天刚发生一样; 当时我16岁,我流泪了,我还没有出柜, 我就看着这些人,菲利斯和我从来没有见过的人 为爱而战斗.

  When I finally got to a place in my life where I came out and accepted who I was, and was really quite happy, to tell you the truth, I was happily gay and I guess that's supposed to be right because gay means happy too.

  当我终于在我的生命中到达一个位置, 让我能公开并且接受我是一个同性恋,而且过得很幸福,说实话, 我是一个幸福的同性恋,我想我是对的,因为同性恋这个词也有幸福的意思。

  I realized there were a lot of people who weren't as gay as I was -- gay being happy, not gay being attracted to the same sex. In fact, I heard that there was a lot of hate and a lot of anger and a lot of frustration and a lot of fear about who I was and the gay lifestyle.

  我意识到有很多的人不像我一样gay— — gay作为幸福的意思,不是作为被同性吸引的意思。 事实上,我听到了很多的仇恨和很多愤怒, 很多挫折和很多恐惧, 对于我是谁和同性恋者的生活方式。

  Now, I'm sitting here trying to figure out "the gay lifestyle," "the gay lifestyle," and I keep hearing this word over and over and over again: lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle. I've even heard politicians say that the gay lifestyle is a greater threat to civilization than terrorism. That's when I got scared. Because I'm thinking, if I'm gay and I'm doing something that's going to destroy civilization, I need to figure out what this stuff is, and I need to stop doing it right now. (Laughter)

  现在,我坐在这里试图找出"同性恋的生活方式"、"同性恋的生活方式," 我一直反反复复听到这个词: 生活方式、 生活方式、 生活方式。 我甚至听政客说同性恋的生活方式是对文明一种更大的威胁 相较于恐怖主义而言。 那时我开始感到害怕了。 因为我想,如果我是同性恋而且我做的事会摧毁人类文明, 我需要找出它是什么,然后我需要立刻停止继续做它! (笑声)

  So, I took a look at my life, a hard look at my life, and I saw some things very disturbing. (Laughter) And I want to begin sharing these evil things that I've been doing with you, starting with my mornings. I drink coffee. Not only do I drink coffee, I know other gay people who drink coffee. I get stuck in traffic -- evil, evil traffic. Sometimes I get stuck in lines at airports.

  所以,我回顾了一下我的生活,一次深刻的回顾 我看到一些非常令人不安的事情。 (笑声) 我想开始与你们分享我做过的这些邪恶的事情, 从我的早晨开始。 我喝咖啡。 不只我喝咖啡,我知道其他同性恋也喝咖啡。 我陷入交通堵塞 — — 邪恶的,邪恶的交通。 有时我会在机场排很长的队.

  I look around, and I go, "My God, look at all these gay people! We're all trapped in these lines! These long lines trying to get on an airplane! My God, this lifestyle that I'm living is so freaking evil!"

  我环顾四周,然后我说,"我的上帝,看看所有这些同性恋! 我们都被困在了这队伍里 !这么长的队伍都想上一架飞机! 我的上帝,我的这种生活方式竟然如此邪恶 !"

  I clean up. This is not an actual photograph of my son's room; his is messier. And because I have a 15-year-old, all I do is cook and cook and cook. Any parents out there of teenagers? All we do is cook for these people -- they eat two, three, four dinners a night -- it's ridiculous! This is the gay lifestyle.

  我清扫房间。这不是我儿子房间的真实照片;他的更乱。 因为我有个15岁的儿子,我做的一切就是做饭,做饭,做饭。 有小孩的父母在座吗?我们所做就是给他们做饭- 他们一晚上要吃两顿,三顿,四顿晚餐 — 太荒唐了 ! 这就是同性恋的生活方式。

  And after I'm done cooking and cleaning and standing in line and getting stuck in traffic, my partner and I, we get together and we decide that we're gonna go and have some wild and crazy fun. (Laughter) We're usually in bed before we find out who's eliminated on "American Idol." We have to wake up and find out the next day who's still on because we're too freaking tired to hear who stays on. This is the super duper evil gay lifestyle. Run for your heterosexual lives, people.

  之后我做饭、洗碗、排队、堵车, 我的伙伴和我,我们聚在一起 我们决定我们要做一些狂野的乐事。 (笑声) 我们通常还来不及看完《美国偶像》就已经倒头入睡 于是不得不在第二天醒来时继续看谁还在舞台上 因为我们实在太累了,等不到宣布结果的一刻。 这就是令人讨厌的同性恋生活 快去追求你们的异性恋生活吧,各位。



  When my partner, Steve, and I first started dating, he told me this story about penguins. And I didn't know where he was going with it at first. He was kind of a little bit nervous when he was sharing it with me, but he told me that when a penguin finds a mate that they want to spend the rest of their life with, they present them with a pebble -- the perfect pebble.

  当我的伴侣,史蒂夫,第一次跟我约会, 他给我讲了个关于企鹅的故事。 一开始我也没弄明白他想表达什么。 他分享给我这个故事的时候有点紧张,他告诉我, 当一只企鹅找到它想要相伴一生的伴侣时, 它们会送给对方一颗鹅卵石——一非常完美的鹅卵石。

  And then he reaches into his pocket, and he brings this out to me. And I looked at it, and I was like, this is really cool.

  说完,他把手伸向口袋,给我看了这个(鹅卵石项链) 我看着它,心想:这棒极了!

  And he says, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."


  So I wear this whenever I have to do something that makes me a little nervous, like, I don't know, a TEDx talk. I wear this when I am apart from him for a long period of time. And sometimes I just wear it just because.

  所以,此后每当我要做什么会让我感到紧张的事的时候,我就戴着它 就像今天来做TED演讲 我们很久不能见面的时候我也会戴着它。 有时候,我戴着它,仅仅因为

  How many people out there are in love? Anyone in love out there? You might be gay. (Laughter) Because I, too, am in love, and apparently that's part of the gay lifestyle that I warned you about. (Applause) You may want to tell your spouse. Who, if they're in love, might be gay as well. How many of you are single? Any single people out there? You too might be gay! Because I know some gay people who are also single. It's really scary, this gay lifestyle thing; it's super duper evil and there's no end to it! It goes and goes and engulfs!

  有多少人爱着?有多少人沉浸在爱之中? 你可能是同性恋。 (笑声) 因为,我也一样,爱着,这显然是我警告过你的同性恋的生活方式中的一种。 (掌声) 您可能想告诉你的配偶,如果他们也爱着,他们可能也是同性恋。 你们有多少人还单身着? 你们也可能是同性恋 !因为我知道一些同性恋的人也是单身。 可怕吗?真的很可怕!同性恋生活,超级邪恶,没完没了 ! 仿佛”阴魂不散“。

  It's really quite silly, isn't it? That's why I'm so happy to finally hear President Obama come out and say (Applause) that he supports -- (Applause) that he supports marriage equality. It's a wonderful day in our country's history; it's a wonderful day in the globe's history to be able to have an actual sitting president say, enough of this -- first to himself, and then to the rest of the world. It's wonderful.

  这真的很傻,不是吗? 这就是为什么很高兴终于听到奥巴马总统“出来”说 (掌声) 他支持 — — (掌声) 他支持婚姻平等。 这是我们国家历史上美好的一天。也是全球历史上美好的一天。 因为有一位在任总统表示支持 既是对他自己,继而也是对全世界 这棒极了!

  But there's something that's been disturbing me since he made that remark just a short time ago. And that is, apparently, this is just another move by the gay activists that's on the gay agenda. And I'm disturbed by this because I've been openly gay now for quite some time. I've been to all of the functions, I've been to fundraisers, I've written about the topic, and I have yet to receive my copy of this gay agenda.

  但此后,有件事情已经让我有些烦恼 就在他这么说之后的很短时间内 就是很明显,这是只是因为同性恋维权人士的而造成的另一项举措而已 而那也正是在同性恋的议程上的。 而我不安的,就是因为:我已经公开自己同性恋身份很久了 我已经履行过所有职能,我筹过款, 我也为这个专题写过文章,然而我却未曾收到同性恋的议程的副本。



  I've paid my dues on time, (Laughter) I've marched in gay pride flags parades and the whole nine, and I've yet to see a copy of the gay agenda. It's very, very frustrating, and I was feeling left out, like I wasn't quite gay enough.

  我可是已经“按时交货”了啊! (笑声) 我参加过同性恋游行 但我至今没有看到一个同性恋议程的副本。 这令人感到非常沮丧,我觉得被抛弃了,我觉得我不是合格的同性恋。

  But then something wonderful happened: I was out shopping, as I tend to do, and I came across a bootleg copy of the official gay agenda.

  但是之后发生了一件很好的事: 我在外去购物时 看到一本盗版的同性恋的官方议程。

  And I said to myself, "LZ, for so long, you have been denied this. When you get in front of this crowd, you're gonna share the news. You're gonna spread the gay agenda so no one else has to wonder, what exactly is in the gay agenda? What are these gays up to? What do they want?"

  于是,我对自己说,"LZ ,这么长时间来,你一直无从看到它。 当你在这群人的前面时,应该分享这个消息。 你应该将同性恋议程广而告之,让其他的人消除疑虑: 同性恋议程到底是什么? 这些同性恋究竟在干些什么? 他们究竟要什么?

  So, without further ado, I will present to you, ladies and gentlemen -- now be careful, 'cause it's evil -- a copy, the official copy, of the gay agenda. (Music) The gay agenda, people! (Applause) There it is! Did you soak it all in? The gay agenda.

  所以,让我废话少说,现在为你们介绍,女士们,先生们 — — 请小心,因为它很”邪恶“ — — 一份 同性恋议程的官方副本 (音乐) 同性恋议程,人们 ! (掌声) 它在这里 ! 你沉浸在其中吗?同性恋的议程。

  Some of you may be calling it, what, the Constitution of the United States, is that what you call it too? The U.S. Constitution is the gay agenda. These gays, people like me, want to be treated like full citizens and it's all written down in plain sight. I was blown away when I saw it. I was like, wait, this is the gay agenda? Why didn't you just call it the Constitution so I knew what you were talking about? I wouldn't have been so confused; I wouldn't have been so upset. But there it is. The gay agenda. Run for your heterosexual lives.

  你们中的一些可能会称之为,什么, 美国宪法,这是你们给它的名字吧? 美国宪法就是同性恋议程。 这些同性恋,好比我,想要像正式公民一样被对待。 这些想法被平淡无奇地记录下来. 当时我非常震惊。我当时想,等等,这是同性恋议程吗? 为什么不就是叫它宪法呢?这样我就知道你在说什么了! 我也就不会一直迷茫,不会一直如此不安。 但它就在这里。同性恋议程。 赶紧过你的异性恋生活吧。

  Did you know that in all the states where there is no shading that people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered can be kicked out of their apartments for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered? That's the only reason that a landlord needs to have them removed, because there's no protection from discrimination of GLBT people.

  你们知不知道那些对以下政策毫无隐瞒的州? 在那些州,同性恋、 女同性恋、 双性恋或变性者 可以被赶出他们的公寓 仅仅因为他们是同性恋、 女同性恋、 双性恋或变性者? 那是房东赶走他们的唯一原因 因为这些人不受保护,一直生活在歧视中。

  Did you know in the states where there's no shading that you can be fired for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered? Not based upon the quality of your work, how long you've been there, if you stink, just if you're gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. All of which flies in the face of the gay agenda, also known as the U.S. Constitution. Specifically, this little amendment right here:

  你们知不知道在哪些州, 你可以因为是同性恋、 女同性恋者、 双性恋者或变性者而被解雇吗? 不是根据你的工作质量 或者工作年限 仅仅因为你是同性恋、 女同性恋、 双性恋或者变性者 这些行为都是公开不顾同性恋议程, (也被称为美国宪法) 具体来说,这个小修正案就在这里:

  "No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States."

  ”任何州都不应制订或执行任何侵害公民权利的法案 对所有美国公民有效。“

  I'm looking at you, North Carolina. But you're not looking at the U.S. Constitution. This is the gay agenda: equality. Not special rights, but the rights that were already written by these people -- these elitists, if you will. Educated, well-dressed, (Laughter) some would dare say questionably dressed.

  你们知不知道那些对以下政策毫无隐瞒的州? 在那些州,同性恋、 女同性恋、 双性恋或变性者 可以被赶出他们的公寓 仅仅因为他们是同性恋、 女同性恋、 双性恋或变性者? 那是房东赶走他们的唯一原因 因为这些人不受保护,一直生活在歧视中。



  Nonetheless, our forefathers, right? The people that, we say, knew what they were doing when they wrote the Constitution -- the gay agenda, if you will. All of that flies in the face of what they did.

  但是,是我们的先辈,对么? 当他们制定宪法的时候,我敢说那些人知道他们在做什么 或者说,同性恋议程 而这些州的所作所为都与之背道而驰。

  That is the reason why I felt it was imperative that I presented you with this copy of the gay agenda. Because I figured if I made it funny, you wouldn't be as threatened. I figured if I was a bit irreverent, you wouldn't find it serious. But when you see the map, and you see our state of Michigan -- it's legal to fire someone for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, that it's legal to remove someone from their home because they're gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, then you realize that this whole conversation about marriage equality is not about stripping someone's rights away, it's about granting them the rights that [have] already been stated.

  这就是为什么我觉得 今天呈现给各位这份同性恋议程是至关重要的 因为我觉得如果我把它当儿戏,你们也许不会感到如此惊慌 如果我是不相关人士,你们恐怕不会当真 不过,当你们看看地图时,你们会发现:我们的密西根州 开除那些 男女同性恋、双性恋、变性者,是完全合法的 把它们赶出公寓也是合法的 仅仅因为人家是男女同性恋、双性恋或者变性者 于是,你会发现所有关于婚姻平等的对话 不是关于抢夺某些人的合法权利, 而是给予他们本该有的权利 于是那些早已被制订的权利刚刚进入我们的生活 而那些权利我们早已一致通过。

  And we're just trying to walk in those rights that have already been stated, that we've already agreed upon. There are people living in fear of losing their jobs so they don't show anyone who they really are right here at home. This isn't just about North Carolina; all those states that were clear, it's legal.

  很多人生活在担惊受怕之中 担心失去工作 因而他们隐藏了真实的自己 这些事不只是在北卡罗来纳州上演 所有其他的州也一样。这些都合法

  If I could brag for a second, I have a 15-year-old son from my marriage. He has a 4.0. He is starting a new club at school, Policy Debate. He's a budding track star; he has almost every single record in middle school for every event that he competed in. He volunteers. He prays before he eats.

  现在我来跟大家吹吹牛 我婚后有个15岁的儿子 他成绩满绩点 在学校里组织了新的社团,政策辩论社。 他还是田径运动新星; 他在中学每项比赛中都战果累累 他参加志愿者活动 他饭前都会祷告

  I would like to think, as his father -- and he lives with me primarily -- that I had a little something to do with all of that. I would like to think that he's a good boy, a respectful young man. I would like to think that I've proven to be a capable father. But if I were to go to the state of Michigan today, and try to adopt a young person who is in an orphanage, I would be disqualified for only one reason: because I'm gay. It doesn't matter what I've already proven, what I can do with my heart.

  我想,作为他的父亲,而且他主要跟我住在一起 我对他的成就还是起到了一定作用的。 我觉得他是个好孩子, 值得尊敬的年轻小伙。我觉得 我也因此被证明是个能干的父亲。 但是,如果我现在去到密西根州 并尝试领养一个孤儿 我可能仅仅由于一个原因而遭到拒绝 那就是:我是同性恋 与我的能力无关,与我的意愿无关

  It's because of what the state of Michigan says that I am that I am disqualified for any sort of adoption. And that's not just about me, that's about so many other Michiganders, U.S. citizens, who don't understand why what they are is so much more significant than who they are.

  仅仅因为密西根州 认为我不具有领养孩子的资格 而这也不仅仅是针对我一个人而已 而是众多其他密西根州的人,众多美国公民 他们不明白,为什么 他们的性取向比他们是什么样的人重要那么多。

  This story just keeps playing over and over and over again in our country's history. There was a time in which, I don't know, people who were black couldn't have the same rights. People who happened to be women didn't have the same rights, couldn't vote. There was a point in our history in which, if you were considered disabled, that an employer could just fire you, before the Americans with Disabilities Act. We keep doing this over and over again.

  这类故事一而再,再而三地发生 反复在我国的历史上上演 曾经一度 人们因为种族(是黑人)而失去平等的权利 因为性别而失去平等的权利——女性无法参加投票选举 曾经一度,如果你不幸残疾 雇主可能就会随时解雇你。那是在残障人士法案出台之前。 我们竟然一次又一次地做这种事。

  And so here we are, 2012, gay agenda, gay lifestyle, and I'm not a good dad and people don't deserve to be able to protect their families because of what they are, not who they are. So when you hear the words "gay lifestyle" and "gay agenda" in the future, I encourage you to do two things: One, remember the U.S. Constitution, and then two, if you wouldn't mind looking to your left, please. Look to your right. That person next to you is a brother, is a sister. And they should be treated with love and respect. Thank you.

  如今,在2012年 同性恋议程 同性恋生活方式,我承认我不是一位好父亲 那些被剥夺了保护家庭的权利的人们 因为受限于他们的性取向,而非他们是怎样的一个人。 因此,当你日后听到”同性恋生活“或”同性恋议程“之类的字眼时 请您做以下两件事 一,请回忆美国宪法;二, 如果您不介意看看自己的左边, 请您看看自己的右边 站在您旁边的,是您的兄弟姐妹 请平等地用爱和尊重对他/她 谢谢!

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