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  I've always had a fascination for computers and technology, and I made a few apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. I'd like to share a couple with you today.

  我一直都对计算机与科技很入迷, 我研制了一些适用于Iphone, iTouch以及iPad的应用。 今天,我想与大家分享一些我研发出的应用。

  My first app was a unique fortune teller called Earth Fortune that would display different colors of earth depending on what your fortune was. My favorite and most successful app is Bustin Jieber, which is — (Laughter) — which is a Justin Bieber Whac-A-Mole.

  我最先研制出的应用是一个叫Earth Fortune的运势测试器, 它能根据你的运势 呈现不同颜色的地球图形 我个人最喜欢、也是最成功的应用叫Bustin Jieber 它是一个---(笑声) 它是一个贾斯汀·比伯攻击器 ( Whac-A-Mole原意为“打地鼠”游戏)

  I created it because a lot of people at school disliked Justin Bieber a little bit, so I decided to make the app.

  在学校里, 我的很多同学都不太喜欢贾斯汀·比伯, 所以我决定开发这样一个应用。

  So I went to work programming it, and I released it just before the holidays in 2010.

  于是我就开始写这个程序, 并且在2010年圣诞假期和新年来临之前发布了这个应用。

  A lot of people ask me, how did I make these? A lot of times it's because the person who asked the question wants to make an app also.

  很多人都问我,是怎样开发出这些应用的? 很多情况下,那些问这个问题的人, 其实也想开发应用。

  A lot of kids these days like to play games, but now they want to make them, and it's difficult, because not many kids know where to go to find out how to make a program.

  如今,很多的孩子都喜欢玩游戏, 但是,现在他们也想制作游戏。 这是很困难的, 因为很多孩子并不知道 怎样找到制作软件的方法。

  I mean, for soccer, you could go to a soccer team. For violin, you could get lessons for a violin. But what if you want to make an app? And their parents, the kid's parents might have done some of these things when they were young, but not many parents have written apps.

  打个比方,你想学踢足球,那你可以加入一支足球队。 想学小提琴,你可以报个小提琴班。 但如果你想开发一个应用呢? 父母们年轻的时候 也许踢过足球、或者学习过小提琴 但没有多少父母写过应用吧!



  Where do you go to find out how to make an app? Well, this is how I approached it. This is what I did. First of all, I've been programming in multiple other programming languages to get the basics down, such as Python, C, Java, etc.

  那么你要怎样学习写应用呢? 我是这样学习的, 最开始时,我学习了用好几种语言来编程, 由此而掌握了编程的基础知识, 例如Python语言、C语言以及Java语言等等。

  And then Apple released the iPhone, and with it, the iPhone software development kit, and the software development kit is a suite of tools for creating and programming an iPhone app. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me, and after playing with the software development kit a little bit, I made a couple apps, I made some test apps.

  之后苹果发行了iPhone, 随之还发布了iPhone软件开发工具, 这套软件开发工具是一套工具, 可用于开发与研制iPhone应用。 这为我开启了一个全新充满可能性的世界, 在稍稍摆弄过这套软件开发工具之后, 我开发出了一些应用,以及一些测试的应用。

  One of them happened to be Earth Fortune, and I was ready to put Earth Fortune on the App Store, and so I persuaded my parents to pay the 99 dollar fee to be able to put my apps on the App Store.

  Earth Fortune便是其中之一。 在我准备好要将这个应用放到App store上去时, 我说服我的父母为我支付了99美元的费用, 这样我就能让这个应用在App Store上上线了。

  They agreed, and now I have apps on the App Store. I've gotten a lot of interest and encouragement from my family, friends, teachers and even people at the Apple Store, and that's been a huge help to me.

  他们同意了,于是现在App Store上便有了我开发的应用。 我的父母、朋友和老师 给了我很多灵感与鼓励, 甚至连App Store的用户都给了我许多鼓励, 这些对于我来说都是莫大的帮助。

  I've gotten a lot of inspiration from Steve Jobs, and I've started an app club at school, and a teacher at my school is kindly sponsoring my app club.

  我也从乔布斯那里得到了很多的启发。 在学校里,我建立一个app社团, 学校里的一名老师支持着我的这个社团。

  Any student at my school can come and learn how to design an app. This is so I can share my experiences with others.There's these programs called the iPad Pilot Program, and some districts have them.

  学校里学生 都可以来学习如何设计应用。 这样我就能与其他人一起分享我的经验。 目前有一系列叫做Pilot Program的应用程序, (为各大学校利用iPad教学提供技术支持的应用软件) 有些地区可下载使用这些程序。

  I'm fortunate enough to be part of one. A big challenge is, how should the iPads be used, and what apps should we put on the iPads?

  幸运的是,我所在的地方正是这些地区之一。 而我们目前面临的挑战是应该怎样利用iPad, 以及iPad上应该有哪些应用程序。

  So we're getting feedback from teachers at the school to see what kind of apps they'd like.

  所以我们对学校教师进行了调研, 获得了关于他们喜欢什么样应用的反馈。

  When we design the app and we sell it, it will be free to local districts and other districts that we sell to, all the money from that will go into the local ed foundations.

  当我们设计完这些应用并将其出售时, 当地的学校可以免费使用, 而从收费地区获得的收入, 则会捐赠给当地的教育机构。

  These days, students usually know a little bit more than teachers with the technology.

  如今,学生们所掌握的科技通常 会比老师多那么一点点。



  So --




  -- sorry -- (Laughter) --


  so this is a resource to teachers, and educators should recognize this resource and make good use of it. I'd like to finish up by saying what I'd like to do in the future.

  所以这对老师而言是一种资源, 教育工作者们应该了解这些资源, 并充分地利用它们 最后,我想谈谈我未来的计划。

  First of all, I'd like to create more apps, more games. I'm working with a third party company to make an app. I'd like to get into Android programming and development, and I'd like to continue my app club, and find other ways for students to share knowledge with others.

  首先,我要开发出更多的应用、更多的游戏, 目前我正在与一个第三方公司合作开发App, 我想开始安卓系统应用的编程与开发, 同时,我也要继续我的app社团, 为同学们找到其他的方式, 共同分享知识。

  Thank you.




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