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  Teach every child about food


  Sadly, in the next 18 minutes when I do our chat, four Americans that are alive will be dead through the food that they eat.

  令人伤心的是 在下面18分钟,我们在说话的时候 4个活着的美国人 将会死亡 导致死亡的是他们的饮食

  My name's Jamie Oliver. I'm 34 years old. I'm from Essex in England and for the last seven years I've worked fairly tirelessly to save lives in my own way. I'm not a doctor; I'm a chef, I don't have expensive equipment or medicine. I use information, education.

  我叫Jamie Oliver, 我今年34岁。 我来自英国的埃塞克斯 过去的7年中 我不顾疲劳地工作 用我自己的方式来挽救生命 我不是一个医生 我是一个厨师 我没有昂贵的设备 和药物 我用信息,教育。

  I profoundly believe that the power of food has a primal place in our homes that binds us to the best bits of life. We have an awful, awful reality right now. America, you're at the top of your game. This is one of the most unhealthy countries in the world.

  我坚信食物的力量 在我们的家庭中是一个基点 它将我们和生活中最美好的点滴连接在一起 我们面对着一个非常非常恶劣的 恶劣的现实 美国,你现在正处于这个问题的极端 这是世界上最不健康的一个国家

  Can I please just see a raise of hands for how many of you have children in this room today? Put your hands up. You can continue to put your hands up, aunties and uncles as well. Most of you. OK. We, the adults of the last four generations, have blessed our children with the destiny of a shorter lifespan than their own parents. Your child will live a life ten years younger than you because of the landscape of food that we've built around them. Two-thirds of this room, today, in America, are statistically overweight or obese. You lot, you're all right, but we'll get you eventually, don't worry.

  大家能不能举手让我看看 你们中多少人是有孩子的 请举手 阿姨, 叔叔, 也请你们加入 ... 举起手来. 对,阿姨,叔叔也举手. 你们中的大多数啊, 好。 我们,过去四代的成年人 恩赐给了我们的孩子们一个厄运 一个比他们的父辈 短暂的生命周期 你的孩子会少活10年 比你少活10年 因为我们为他们营造的食物天地 这个屋子里三分之二的人 今天在美国,2/3的人根据统计数据来说看似超重和肥胖的 你们,我知道你们没事,但是这迟早要影响到你,别着急。



  The statistics of bad health are clear, very clear. We spend our lives being paranoid about death, murder, homicide, you name it; it's on the front page of every paper, CNN. Look at homicide at the bottom, for God's sake. Right?

  是吗? 糟糕的健康数据是显而易见的 非常显然 我们一生都恐惧死亡,谋杀,凶杀 你们指名吧,它们出现在每张报纸的头版,有线电视新闻网 看看,凶杀案在最下面, 我的老天 是吗?





  Every single one of those in the red is a diet-related disease. Any doctor, any specialist will tell you that. Fact: diet-related disease is the biggest killer in the United States, right now, here today. This is a global problem. It's a catastrophe. It's sweeping the world. England is right behind you, as usual.

  每一条红线 都代表跟食物有关的疾病 任何医生,专家都会告诉你 事实上, 饮食有关的疾病是最大的杀手 在美国, 现在,今天 这是一个全球问题 它是灾难 狂扫全世界 英国照常紧跟在你们后面,



  I know they were close, but not that close. We need a revolution. Mexico, Australia, Germany, India, China, all have massive problems of obesity and bad health. Think about smoking. It costs way less than obesity now. Obesity costs you Americans 10 percent of your health-care bills, 150 billion dollars a year. In 10 years, it's set to double: 300 billion dollars a year. Let's be honest, guys, you haven't got that cash.

  我知道他们很接近,但是没想到那么接近 我们需要一次革命 墨西哥,澳大利亚,德国,印度,中国 都有严重的肥胖症和糟糕的健康问题 想想吸烟的毒害吧 治疗它的耗资比肥胖症少很多 肥胖症要用掉你们美国 医疗保健费用的10% 那是每年1,500亿美元 而十年内,这数字将会倍增 每年三千亿 让我们认清事实,各位,你们没那个钱



  I came here to start a food revolution that I so profoundly believe in. We need it. The time is now. We're in a tipping-point moment. I've been doing this for seven years. I've been trying in America for seven years. Now is the time when it's ripe -- ripe for the picking. I went to the eye of the storm. I went to West Virginia, the most unhealthy state in America. Or it was last year. We've got a new one this year, but we'll work on that next season.

  我来开始一个饮食革命 我坚信这个革命 我们需要它,现在是时候了 我们在转折的关键 我已经干了7年了 我在美国也试了7年了 现在时机成熟了,选择的时机成熟了 我直奔风暴的中心 我去了西弗吉尼亚州,美国最不健康的一个州 这是去年 今年我们又有了一个新的,但是我们以后再去那里工作



  Huntington, West Virginia. Beautiful town. I wanted to put heart and soul and people, your public, around the statistics that we've become so used to. I want to introduce you to some of the people that I care about: your public, your children. I want to show a picture of my friend Brittany. She's 16 years old. She's got six years to live because of the food that she's eaten. She's the third generation of Americans that hasn't grown up within a food environment where they've been taught to cook at home or in school, or her mom, or her mom's mom. She has six years to live. She's eating her liver to death.

  亨廷顿,西弗吉尼亚州 美丽的小镇 我要把心灵和人民 你们的大众 放入我们已经看到的习以为常的 数据中来 我要向你们介绍一些我关心的人们 你们的大众,你们的孩子 我想给你看看我的朋友Brittany的照片 她16岁 她还能活6年 因为她吃的食品 她是一个第三代美国人 她没有在一个教会她烹饪的环境中长大 学校没有教她,家庭也没有教她 她妈妈没有教她,她妈妈的妈妈也没有 她还有6年可活 她一直会把她的肝脏吃死

  Stacy, the Edwards family. This is a normal family, guys. Stacy does her best, but she's third-generation as well; she was never taught to cook at home or at school. The family's obese. Justin here, 12 years old, he's 350 pounds. He gets bullied, for God's sake. The daughter there, Katie, she's four years old. She's obese before she even gets to primary school. Marissa, she's all right, she's one of your lot. But you know what? Her father, who was obese, died in her arms, And then the second most important man in her life, her uncle, died of obesity, and now her step-dad is obese. You see, the thing is, obesity and diet-related disease doesn't just hurt the people that have it; it's all of their friends, families, brothers, sisters.

  Stacy, Edwards一家 这是平常的一家人 Stacy劲了她最大的努力,但是她也是第三代 家庭和学校从来没教过她烹饪 整个家庭都得肥胖症 Justin,这个,12岁 她有350磅 他到处受欺,我的老天 这里是他们的女儿凯蒂,她4岁 她进小学前就得了肥胖症 玛丽莎,她还行,她是你们中的一个 但是你们知道吗,她的父亲,一个肥胖症患者 在她的臂膀中死去 而她生命中第二重要的人 他的叔叔也是因为肥胖症而去世 现在她的继父又是肥胖症 你们看到了, 问题是 肥胖症和饮食有关的疾病 不光是伤害患者 而且还伤害他们的朋友,家庭 兄弟,姐妹

  Pastor Steve: an inspirational man, one of my early allies in Huntington, West Virginia. He's at the sharp knife-edge of this problem. He has to bury the people, OK? And he's fed up with it. He's fed up with burying his friends, his family, his community. Come winter, three times as many people die. He's sick of it. This is preventable disease. Waste of life. By the way, this is what they get buried in. We're not geared up to do this. Can't even get them out the door, and I'm being serious. Can't even get them there. Forklift.

  史蒂夫牧师 他是鼓舞人心的人。早期我在西弗吉尼亚州亨廷顿市的一个盟友。 他在面对这个问题的刀尖上 他要埋葬这些人,理解吗? 他受够了,他受够了埋葬他朋友的感觉 他的家庭,他的社区 到冬天,死亡的人数是三倍 他对此痛心疾首 这是可以预防的疾病。浪费生命 顺便,这是埋葬他们的地方 我们都没有能够做到这一点 我们没法把他们弄出门,我是严肃的 根本没办法把他们弄到那里,要用铲车。

  OK, I see it as a triangle, OK? This is our landscape of food. I need you to understand it. You've probably heard all this before. Over the last 30 years, what's happened that's ripped the heart out of this country? Let's be frank and honest. Well, modern-day life.

  所以,我看到的是一个三角型,对吧? 这就是我们饮食的构造 我需要你们理解它 你以前很可能全听过 但是让我们回顾一遍 故去的30年 是什么撕裂了这个国家的心呢? 让我们坦诚地说吧 现代日常生活

  Let's start with the Main Street. Fast food has taken over the whole country; we know that. The big brands are some of the most important powers, powerful powers, in this country. (Sighs) Supermarkets as well. Big companies. Big companies. Thirty years ago, most of the food was largely local and largely fresh. Now it's largely processed and full of all sorts of additives, extra ingredients, and you know the rest of the story. Portion size is obviously a massive, massive problem. Labeling is a massive problem. The labeling in this country is a disgrace. The industry wants to self-police themselves. What, in this kind of climate? They don't deserve it. How can you say something is low-fat when it's full of so much sugar?

  让我们从大街上开始 快餐占领了整个国家。我们都知道这一点。 几个名牌在这个国家中掌握了重要的权力, 非常强大的力量 超级市场也是一样 大公司,大公司。 30年前,大多数食品 大多是本地的, 新鲜的 现在,主要是加工和各种添加剂充分, 外加的材料, 剩下的故事你也知道 份量尺寸显然是一个大大的问题。 标签说明也是一个大的问题。 这个国家的商品标签说明很不光彩 他们希望能够自主,他们想自己监督自己 业界希望自己做警察监督自己 什么?在如今这样的状况下?他们不配 你怎么能说商品是脂肪含量低,但却充满了糖份?

  Home. The biggest problem with the home is that used to be the heart of passing on food culture, what made our society. That is not happening anymore. And you know, as we go to work and as life changes, and as life always evolves, we kind of have to look at it holistically -- step back for a moment, and re-address the balance. It hasn't happened for 30 years, OK? I want to show you a situation that is very normal right now; the Edwards family.

  家庭 家庭最大的问题是 它曾经是心脏 是传承食品和食品文化的心脏 是社会的基本构成 但是现在已经不是这样了 而你们也知道, 随着我们工作和生活的变化 正如我们的生活总是不断演变 我们需要全面地来看待这个问题 退一步,然后重新处理平衡。 家庭不再是食品的中心,30年来都没有变化 我想给你们看看这个状况 这是很寻常的 现在, 爱德华家庭。

  (Video) Jamie Oliver: Let's have a talk. This stuff goes through you and your family's body every week. And I need you to know that this is going to kill your children early. How are you feeling?

  视频:Jamie Oliver: 让我们聊聊 这些玩意儿吃进你和你家人的体内 每个星期 我想你要知道这些食品会杀了你的孩子 你心里是什么感受

  Stacy: Just feeling really sad and depressed right now. But, you know, I want my kids to succeed in life and this isn't going to get them there. But I'm killing them.

  Stacy:我现在感到很悲伤和压抑 但是,你知道,我希望我的孩子有成功的生活 而这些东西不会帮他们成功 我在杀害他们

  JO: Yes you are. You are. But we can stop that. Normal. Let's get on schools, something that I'm fairly much a specialist in. OK, school. What is school? Who invented it? What's the purpose of school? School was always invented to arm us with the tools to make us creative, do wonderful things, make us earn a living, etc., etc. You know, it's been kind of in this sort of tight box for a long, long time, OK? But we haven't really evolved it to deal with the health catastrophes of America, OK? School food is something that most kids -- 31 million a day, actually -- have twice a day, more than often, breakfast and lunch, 180 days of the year. So you could say that school food is quite important, really, judging the circumstances.

  JO:是的,你是在伤害他们 但是我们可以制止它 这就是现状。 再让我们来看看学校, 我在这个领域是专家 好,学校 什么是学校?谁发明了学校?学校的目的的是什么 以前的学校用工具来武装我们 教会我们创造,做神奇的事情 教会我们谋生,等等等等 你们知道,它在这个紧裹着的盒子里已经很久了 是吗? 但是我们已经很久没有推进它的发展 来对付每个的健康灾难,是吗? 学校的食品影响很大 大多数的孩子, 三千一百万一天 一天两次,甚至更多 早饭,午餐, 一年180天 所以你会说, 学校的食品很重要,真的 从以上的状况来判断



  Before I crack into my rant, which I'm sure you're waiting for --

  在我开炮之前 我相信你们都在等着



  I need to say one thing, and it's so important in, hopefully, the magic that happens and unfolds in the next three months. The lunch ladies, the lunch cooks of America -- I offer myself as their ambassador. I'm not slagging them off. They're doing the best they can do. They're doing their best. But they're doing what they're told, and what they're being told to do is wrong. The system is highly run by accountants; there's not enough, or any, food-knowledgeable people in the business. There's a problem: If you're not a food expert, and you've got tight budgets and it's getting tighter, then you can't be creative, you can't duck and dive and write different things around things. If you're an accountant, and a box-ticker, the only thing you can do in these circumstances is buy cheaper shit.

  我需要说一件事情,它很重要 我希望奇迹在以后的三个月里 发生,延伸 管理午餐的女士,为美国做午餐的厨师们 我愿意做她们的大使 我不是要赶她们走 她们在力所能及 尽力而为了 但是她们在遵命执行而已 而她们接收的命令是错的 这个系统是由算账的来掌控的。 这个行业里没有足够的 有食品知识的人 这是问题所在。 如果你不是食品专家, 你的资金很紧 而且是越来越紧,你没法有创造力, 你没办法躲避,周旋 如果你是会计, 一个订单子的人 在这样的情况下你可以做得 就是买便宜的垃圾

  Now, the reality is, the food that your kids get every day is fast food, it's highly processed, there's not enough fresh food in there at all. You know, the amount of additives, E numbers, ingredients you wouldn't believe -- there's not enough veggies at all. French fries are considered a vegetable. Pizza for breakfast. They don't even get crockery. Knives and forks? No, they're too dangerous. They have scissors in the classroom, but knives and forks? No. And the way I look at it is: If you don't have knives and forks in your school, you're purely endorsing, from a state level, fast food, because it's handheld. And yes, by the way, it is fast food: It's sloppy Joes, it's burgers, it's wieners, it's pizzas, it's all of that stuff. (Sighs) Ten percent of what we spend on health care, as I said earlier, is on obesity, and it's going to double. We're not teaching our kids. There's no statutory right to teach kids about food, elementary or secondary school, OK? We don't teach kids about food, right? And this is a little clip from an elementary school, which is very common in England.

  现实是 你孩子每天吃的食品就是快餐 高度加工处理过的 里面根本没有什么新鲜食品 你要知道你根本无法相信那里面用的添加剂,E数据,配料 里面根本没有蔬菜。薯条也算蔬菜 比萨饼当早餐。他们甚至不给孩子餐具。 刀叉, 不,它们很危险 它他们的教室里有剪刀 但是不可以有刀叉 而依我看,如果学校不允许用刀叉 你纯粹就是在支持 从全州内支持快餐,因为快餐用手。 对, 它们是快餐。是美国夹心牛肉面包 汉堡, 香肠 比萨饼, 都是这些东西 如我前面指出的, 10%以上的保健开资 是对付肥胖症,而它正在翻倍。 我们不教孩子 法律没有规定我们要教孩子饮食 小学或者中学,是吗? 我们不需要教孩子饮食,对吗? 这是在小学里录的一段录像 在英国是很普遍的

  (Video) Who knows what this is?


  Child: Potatoes.


  Jamie Oliver: Potato? So, you think these are potatoes? Do you know what that is? Do you know what that is?

  Jamie Oliver: 土豆?你觉得这是土豆? 你知道这是什么? 你知道这是什么?

  Child: Broccoli?


  JO: What about this? Our good old friend.

  JO:那这是什么?我们的老朋友了。 亲爱的,你们知道这是什么吗?

  Child: Celery.


  JO: No. What do you think this is?


  Child: Onion. JO: Onion? No.


  JO: Immediately you get a really clear sense of "Do the kids know anything about where food comes from?" Who knows what that is? Child: Uh, pear?

  Jamie Oliver: 你立刻可以清楚的感受到 孩子对食品是从哪里来的有什么样的概念。录像:JO:你们谁知道这是什么?孩子:嗯, 梨

  JO: What do you think this is? Child: I don't know.


  JO: If the kids don't know what stuff is, then they will never eat it.

  JO:如果孩子不知道这些东西是什么 他们永远不会去吃它。



  JO: Normal. England and America, England and America. Guess what fixed that. Two one-hour sessions. We've got to start teaching our kids about food in schools, period.

  JO:这个很普通, 英国和美国都这样, 英国和美国 你们猜猜怎样才能改变呢, 两次一小时的讲座就行了 我们必须要开始教孩子们 一定要在学校教孩子们食品



  I want to tell you about something that kind of epitomizes the trouble that we're in, guys, OK? I want to talk about something so basic as milk. Every kid has the right to milk at school. Your kids will be having milk at school, breakfast and lunch, right? They'll be having two bottles, OK? And most kids do. But milk ain't good enough anymore. Don't get me wrong, I support milk -- but someone at the milk board probably paid a lot of money for some geezer to work out that if you put loads of flavorings, colorings and sugar in milk, more kids will drink it. Yeah.

  我想告诉你们 我想告诉你们的这样东西体现了 我们身陷的这个麻烦问题的缩影 我想谈谈最基本的牛奶。 美国孩子在学校喝牛奶。 你的孩子在学校早上,中午都有牛奶喝,是吗? 他们喝两瓶,对吗? 大多数孩子是这样 牛奶还不够 牛奶公司的有些人, 不要误会我 我支持牛奶,但不知道牛奶公司董事会 很可能付给某些人很多钱 往牛奶里加很多香料,色素 糖,是吧, 很多孩子都会喝,好啊

  Obviously now that's going to catch on the apple board is going to work out that if they make toffee apples they'll eat more as well. Do you know what I mean? For me, there isn't any need to flavor the milk. Okay? There's sugar in everything. I know the ins and outs of those ingredients. It's in everything. Even the milk hasn't escaped the kind of modern-day problems. There's our milk. There's our carton. In that is nearly as much sugar as one of your favorite cans of fizzy pop, and they are having two a day. So, let me just show you. We've got one kid, here -- having, you know, eight tablespoons of sugar a day. You know, there's your week. There's your month. And I've taken the liberty of putting in just the five years of elementary school sugar, just from milk. Now, I don't know about you guys, but judging the circumstances, right, any judge in the whole world, would look at the statistics and the evidence, and they would find any government of old guilty of child abuse. That's my belief.

  显然,其他的公司也会跟上来 苹果委员会会想出 奶油苹果,这样孩子会吃更多的苹果。 你知道我在说什么吗? 对我来说, 牛奶里不用放糖。 对吧?什么都放糖。 我知道这些东西的底细 它无孔不入。牛奶也不能逃脱 这是现代生活的问题 这是我们的牛奶,这是我们的盒子 这盒子牛奶里的糖份 跟一罐子糖果可乐的糖份含量一样多。 他们一天喝两瓶。 所以,让我给你看 一个孩子 一天吃八勺糖 一个星期就是这些 这是一个月 我斗胆把 五年小学吃的糖都加一起 光是从牛奶里摄取的就这么多。 现在,我不知道你们怎么想 但是根据目前的状况来判断 这世界上的任何法官 会根据数据和证据 判断政府犯了 虐待儿童罪,这是我的信念。

  (Applause) (Applause ends)

  鼓掌 掌声

  Now, if I came up here, and I wish I could come up here today and hang a cure for AIDS or cancer, you'd be fighting and scrambling to get to me. This, all this bad news, is preventable. That's the good news. It's very, very preventable. So, let's just think about, we got a problem here, we need to reboot. Okay so, in my world, what do we need to do? Here is the thing, right, it cannot just come from one source. To reboot and make real tangible change, real change, so that I could look you in the white of the eyes and say, "In 10 years' time, the history of your children's lives, happiness -- and let's not forget, you're clever if you eat well, you know you're going to live longer -- all of that stuff, it will look different. OK?"

  如果我今天来到这里,我也希望我来到这里 提供一个治愈艾滋病和癌症的方法 你们一定争着抢着要找到我 而所有这些坏消息, 是可预防的。 这是好消息。 这是非常非常能预防的。 所以我们想想,我们有个问题, 我们需要重新启动 那我们到底需要做什么呢 事实是 答案不可能从一个地方来 重新启动并取得真正的实质性的变化, 真正的变化,因此我可以坦白地看著你们眼睛 说:在十年时间里 你孩子的生活 幸福,让我们不要忘记,你吃得好会变得更聪明 你知道你会活得更久 所有的一切,都会改观,是吗?”

  So, supermarkets. Where else do you shop so religiously? Week in, week out. How much money do you spend, in your life, in a supermarket? Love them. They just sell us what we want. All right. They owe us to put a food ambassador in every major supermarket. They need to help us shop. They need to show us how to cook quick, tasty, seasonal meals for people that are busy. This is not expensive. It is done in some, and it needs to be done across the board in America soon, and quick. The big brands, you know, the food brands, need to put food education at the heart of their businesses. I know, easier said than done. It's the future. It's the only way.

  所以, 超级市场。 还有哪个地方你们会这么忠实地去购买食品? 每周进,每周出。 你在超级市场花了多少钱? 爱他们,他们就卖给我们他们想卖给我们的东西。对吗? 他们欠我们的,美国超级市场都应该有 一个食品大使 他们应该帮我们购物,展示给我们看如何烹饪 快速的,好吃的, 适季的美餐 给繁忙的人们 这里面没有开销 有的地方已经做了,要全面地做开。 在美国迅速地铺开 那些大牌,你们知道的食品品牌, 需要提供食品教育 把构建发展他们生意的中心 我知道说的简单做起来难 这是未来,这是唯一的办法。

  Fast food. With the fast-food industry you know, it's very competitive. I've had loads of secret papers and dealings with fast food restaurants. I know how they do it. I mean, basically they've weaned us on to these hits of sugar, salt and fat, and x, y, and z, and everyone loves them, right? So, these guys are going to be part of the solution. But we need to get the government to work with all of the fast food purveyors and the restaurant industry, and over a five, six, seven year period wean of us off the extreme amounts of fat, sugar and all the other non-food ingredients.

  快餐,快餐业 你们知道,很有竞争力 我这里有一大堆秘方 是快餐店的用的 我知道他们怎么干 我的意思是他们已经基本弄得我们离不开 这些成堆的糖,盐,脂肪,和x, y,z。 大家喜欢这些东西,对吗? 所以他们也该成为解决问题的一部分。 但是我们需要政府实施职能 联合所有的快餐传播者和餐饮业 在今天的5,6,7年内 帮助我们跟超量的 脂肪,糖和添加剂断奶

  Now, also, back to the sort of big brands: labeling, I said earlier, is an absolute farce and has got to be sorted. OK, school. Obviously, in schools, we owe it to them to make sure those 180 days of the year, from that little precious age of four, until 18, 20, 24, whatever, they need to be cooked proper, fresh food from local growers on site, OK? There needs to be a new standard of fresh, proper food for your children, yeah?

  现在,回到那些大牌,产品商标 我刚从说过,是一个绝对的闹剧 这一定要整顿 好,学校 显然我们是欠孩子们的 为了保证那180天一年 从珍贵的4岁 到18,20,24岁,不管哪一年 他们需要烹饪过的 合适的新鲜的食物 吃从本地产的东西,对吗? 我们需要一个新鲜食品的新标准 为我们的孩子制定的



  Under the circumstances, it's profoundly important that every single American child leaves school knowing how to cook 10 recipes that will save their life. Life skills.

  在目前的状况下,这是相当重要的 每个美国小孩离开学校的时候 都应该知道怎样做10种菜 这会挽救他们的生命 这是生活的技巧



  That means that they can be students, young parents, and be able to sort of duck and dive around the basics of cooking, no matter what recession hits them next time. If you can cook, recession money doesn't matter. If you can cook, time doesn't matter. The workplace, we haven't really talked about it. You know, it's now time for corporate responsibility to really look at what they feed or make available to their staff. The staff are the moms and dads of America's children. Marissa, her father died in her hand, I think she'd be quite happy if corporate America could start feeding their staff properly. Definitely they shouldn't be left out. Let's go back to the home.

  他们可以是学生,年轻的家长 他们能够应付 基本的烹饪 那下次再碰到经济衰退,你能做饭 经济衰退失去的钱就无关紧要了 如果你能做饭,时间也无关紧要 我们工作的地方, 我这里还没有涉及 你要知道,这也是大公司承担他们责任的时候了 他们改看看他们给他们 员工吃点什么 他们的员工是美国孩子的父母 玛丽莎,她的父亲在她的手臂中离开人世 我想她会感到高兴 如果美国公司可以为员工提供合适的食品 他们当然不该被排除在外 让我们回到家庭

  Now, look, if we do all this stuff, and we can, it's so achievable. You can care and be commercial. Absolutely. But the home needs to start passing on cooking again, for sure. For sure, pass it on as a philosophy. And for me, it's quite romantic, but it's about if one person teaches three people how to cook something, and they teach three of their mates, that only has to repeat itself 25 times, and that's the whole population of America. Romantic, yes, but most importantly, it's about trying to get people to realize that every one of your individual efforts makes a difference. We've got to put back what's been lost. Huntington's Kitchen. Huntington, where I made this program, we've got this prime-time program that hopefully will inspire people to really get on this change. I truly believe that change will happen. Huntington's Kitchen. I work with a community. I worked in the schools. I found local sustainable funding to get every single school in the area from the junk, onto the fresh food: six-and-a-half grand per school.

  你看, 如果我们做这些东西, 我们能做到 是可以做到的, 你可以保健而且省钱? 绝对的 但是家里一定要开始传教 烹饪,那是一定要做的 把它当作一种哲学来传承 对我来说它还是很浪漫的事情 这是关于一个人教会三个人 怎样烹饪一些东西 然后他们又去教三个人 只要这么重复25次 全美国就会了 很浪漫吧?是的, 但是 最重要的是 这是让人们意识到 每个人的力量都会 帮助改变 我们要恢复被丢失的传统 亨廷顿厨房。是在亨廷顿,我创造了这个计划, 你知道, 我们能够上这个最佳时段的节目是希望 鼓励人们加入这一改变 我真的相信改变会发生的 亨廷顿厨房, 我和社区一起合作 我在学校里工作, 我找到地方持续的资金 让那个地区的每个学校 从垃圾食品改成新鲜食品 每个学校六千五百美元



  That's all it takes, six-and-a-half grand per school. The Kitchen is 25 grand a month. Okay? This can do 5,000 people a year, which is 10 percent of their population, and it's people on people. You know, it's local cooks teaching local people. It's free cooking lessons, guys, in the Main Street. This is real, tangible change, real, tangible change. Around America, if we just look back now, there is plenty of wonderful things going on. There is plenty of beautiful things going on. There are angels around America doing great things in schools -- farm-to-school set-ups, garden set-ups, education -- there are amazing people doing this already. The problem is they all want to roll out what they're doing to the next school, but there's no cash. We need to recognize the experts and the angels quickly, identify them, and allow them to easily find the resource to keep rolling out what they're already doing, and doing well. Businesses of America need to support Mrs. Obama to do the things that she wants to do.

  那就是所有的开销,一个学校六千五 厨房是二万五千一个月 可以教育5000人一年 那是10%的人口 而这是人传人的 你知道, 这是本地厨师教本地的人 这是免费的烹饪客,大街上的免费烹饪课 这是真的,有形的变化 环顾每个, 如果我们回顾一下 很多美好的事情都在发生 很多美好的事情都在成长。天使 在美国做着好事 在学校, 在学校里建小农场 建菜园,教育 很多了不起的人们正在做这些事情 问题是他们都想推广他们在做的事情 到下一个学校,再下一个学校 但是没有经费。 我们需要迅速承认到这些专家和天使 找到他们, 允许他们方便地找到资源 去推广他们在做的事情 做得更好 美国企业应该支持他们 欧巴马夫人可以做她想做的事情



  And look, I know it's weird having an English person standing here before you talking about all this. All I can say is: I care. I'm a father, and I love this country. And I believe truly, actually, that if change can be made in this country, beautiful things will happen around the world. If America does it, other people will follow. It's incredibly important.

  看看吧,我知道这很奇怪 让一个英国人站在你们面前 讲述这些 我能说的是,我在乎,我是一个父亲 我爱这个国家 我真诚地相信, 实际上 如果这个国家可以改变 整个世界都会变化。如果美国能做到 我相信其他人们会跟上来 这是非常重要的

  (Audience) Yeah!




  When I was in Huntington, trying to get a few things to work when they weren't, I thought "If I had a magic wand, what would I do?" And I thought, "You know what? I'd just love to be put in front of some of the most amazing movers and shakers in America." And a month later, TED phoned me up and gave me this award. I'm here. So, my wish. Dyslexic, so I'm a bit slow. My wish is for you to help a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook again, and to empower people everywhere to fight obesity.

  当我在亨廷顿的时候,试着做几件事情 当他们不成功的时候,我希望我有一根魔棒 我怎么办?我想,你知道什么? 我真希望我可以把我的愿望放到一些了不起的 美国推动者和改革者面前 一个月以后, TED给我打电话,给了我这个大奖。 我来到这里 所以,我的愿望 阅读障碍,所以我有点慢。我的愿望 是请你们帮助加入这个强大的 持续的运动 来教会每个孩子 如何饮食 鼓励家庭重拾烹饪 给予各地的人们以力量去和肥胖症做斗争



  Thank you.


  (Applause continues)


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