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欲望都市第三季 政治 VS 性 Politically Erect






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:35:37



[00:34.52](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:48.52]l had been dating pOlitiCian Bill Kelley 我已经跟从政的比尔凯利 约会了三个礼拜

[00:52.24]fOr three weeKs. 既然大半时间都用在竞选活动 我的穿着也配合场合

[00:52.64]SinCe mOst Of Our time was spent Campaigning, l dressed the part.

[00:56.08]l fOund sOme vintage HalstOn 我挖出一些赫斯顿名牌服饰

[00:58.60]and did a spin On JaCKie Kennedy. 打扮得像早期的贾姬甘迺迪

[01:01.44]The early years.

[01:11.12]WhO here KnOws 谁知道市审计官做些什么事?

[01:11.52]what a City COmptrOller dOes?

[01:15.60]YOu dO? 你们都知道?

[01:16.28]We made a gOOd matCh. 我们配合得天衣无缝 我擅长时尚,他专攻政治

[01:18.16]l was adept at fashiOn, he at pOlitiCs.

[01:21.04]This City's pOpulaCe's passiOn, 各位市民,你们对家园的 热情、挚爱和奉献…

[01:27.00]lOve and devOtiOn tO their hOme...

[01:29.40]Really, they're bOth abOut reCyCling ideas 两者都是关于重新回收旧观念

[01:32.28]and maKing them seem fresh and inspiring. 并让它们显得新鲜且鼓舞人心

[01:33.60]lt is this lOve affair, this symbiOtiC relatiOnship between Citizens and City, 这种市民和都市间 独特、共生的关系

[01:39.52]that l prOmise tO Cherish and prOteCt. 就是我承诺要珍惜和保护的

[01:44.92]ThanK yOu. 谢谢

[01:45.92]Great guy! 他很棒

[01:49.60]Yes, he is. 是的

[01:58.72]Can we talK abOut prOpOsitiOn 114? 我们可以谈谈114号提案吗?

[02:02.60]- What is that? - YOu and me in the bedrOOm. -是什么? -你和我一起进房间

[02:07.40]- ls that On the ballOt? - lt Ought tO be. l'd baCK it. -选票上有这一条吗? -应该有,我会支持的

[02:09.24]And that's whatever pOsitiOn yOu want. 你想要什么姿势都行

[02:13.64]WhiCh way is the bedrOOm? 卧室往哪个方向?

[02:19.40]Put me dOwn. 放我下来

[02:26.84]That was the night l had my pOlitiCal COnsCiOusness raised. 当晚我的政治意识被唤起了

[02:32.04]HOw abOut a mOvie Wednesday night? 礼拜三晚上看电影怎么样?

[02:35.92]Wednesday? l'm nOt sure. l might be wOrKing. 礼拜三?我不确定 我可能要工作

[02:40.00]Thursday, then. 那就礼拜四

[02:41.20]OK, maybe Thursday. l'll see. 好吧,或许礼拜四 我再看情况

[02:45.56]DO yOu have plans? 你有计划吗?

[02:45.52]Steve, yOu Can't just assume l'm gOnna be free every night. 史蒂夫,你不能假设 我每天晚上都有空

[02:53.72]ls it a date? 是约会吗?

[02:54.20]lt COuld be a date, sO l wOuldn't neCessarily share that with yOu. 有可能,我不一定要跟你说

[03:01.08]- l'd liKe tO KnOw. WhO are yOu dating? - NObOdy in partiCular. -我想知道,你跟谁约会? -没有特定的对象

[03:04.24]- AnybOdy speCifiC? - ls this the third degree? -有具体人选吗? -这是逼供吗?

[03:06.60]l'm trying tO figure Out when l get tO see yOu again. 我想知道什么时候能再见到你

[03:10.60]l'm nOt dating anyOne else. 我没有跟其他人约会

[03:13.16]l'm nOt planning On dating anyOne else. 也不打算跟其他人约会

[03:20.44]- l just want tO see yOu. - l see. -我只想见你 -我懂了

[03:22.92]ExClusively. 独占你一人

[03:29.28]l gOt it. 我明白了

[03:32.88]That's very sweet. l just hadn't thOught abOut things that way. 你这么说很窝心 只是我还没考虑这一点

[03:34.44]- SO, thinK abOut it. - OK. -那么,考虑一下 -好的

[03:39.12]BeCause l thinK if we really want tO see if it Can wOrK between us, 我认为如果我们真的想看看 彼此适不适合

[03:44.60]this time we gOt tO maKe the COmmitment tO be exClusive. 这次我们一定要承诺 专心和对方交往

[03:49.84]OK. l hear yOu. 好,我听见了

[03:53.36]OK. 好

[04:03.36]The truth was, there were nO Other Candidates in sight. 事实上,目前并没有其他人选

[04:04.56]But Miranda wasn't ready tO let Steve win by default. 但米兰达不确定 她是否愿意让史蒂夫不战而胜

[04:11.56]YOu're dating a pOlitiCian and yOu're nOt even registered tO vOte. 你和一个政治人物约会 但你甚至没去登记投票

[04:13.72]- lt's the undeCideds they're after. - He's gOOd-lOOKing, he's gOt pOwer... -他们争取的正是游离选民 -他长得帅又有权力

[04:20.60]lt's gOt tO be a turn-On. 这一定让人心神荡漾

[04:23.44]Yeah, l'm dating a pOtential COmptrOller. lt's hOt. 是,我正和一个可能当选的 审计官约会,真令人兴奋

[04:28.16]- l want tO help Out. - YOu're nOt interested in pOlitiCs? -我想帮忙竞选 -你对政治又不感兴趣

[04:31.00]lt's a great way tO meet men. 这是认识男人的好方法

[04:33.00]With Carrie, we Can meet the inner CirCle and the interesting dOnOrs. 有了凯莉,我们可以认识 核心人士以及有兴趣的捐款者

[04:39.44]By interesting men she means single and riCh. 她指的是单身有钱的男人

[04:42.56]- Guys, he's nOt running fOr president. - l'd vOte fOr him. He's Cute. -各位,他不是要竞选总统 -他该选,我会投他,他很帅

[04:48.40]- SO? - l always vOte aCCOrding tO lOOKs. -所以呢? -我投票一向都是看外表

[04:51.28]l base my deCisiOn On the swimsuit COmpetitiOn. 我是根据泳装比赛而下决定

[04:54.68]The COuntry runs better with a gOOd-lOOKing man in Charge 白宫里有个英俊的男人当家 国家会运作得比较顺利

[04:57.76]LOOK at NixOn. NO One wanted tO fuCK him, sO he fuCKed everyOne. 拿尼克森来说,没人想搞他 所以他就搞大家

[05:02.00]- l had a Crush On Dan Quayle. - We need a president in a hat. -我迷恋丹奎尔 -我们需要戴帽子的总统

[05:08.20]NO One wears a hat anymOre. FDR, gOOd president, wOre a hat. 现在没人戴帽子了 罗斯福是个戴帽子的好总统

[05:13.68]SO busy piCKing a hat, he fOrgOt tO get in the war. 因为忙着挑选帽子 他忘了参战

[05:18.12]- l had a Crush On Dan Quayle. - We tried tO ignOre that the first time. -我迷恋丹奎尔 -刚才我们试图忽略这句话

[05:21.92]lt was his Crisp, white shirts. 他干净俐落的白衬衫

[05:23.92]- Reminded me Of my father. - SO, yOu were vOting fOr yOur father. -让我想起我爸 -所以基本上你是投票给你爸

[05:26.100]There was sOmething hOmOerOtiC abOut Quayle and Bush. 传说奎尔和布希有同性恋关系

[05:33.44]- Very Batman and RObin. - Based striCtly On lOOKs, -就像蝙蝠侠和罗宾的翻版 -根据书上所言

[05:36.00]- nO One was Cuter than JFK. - Or quiCKer tO jump in the saCK. -没人比约翰甘迺迪更英俊 -或是更快下台

[05:40.20]l'm glad yOu three weren't arOund during the Original 13 COlOnies. 我很高兴最初13州的时期 你们不在场

[05:45.08]l dOn't thinK Our fOunding fathers were very fuCKable. 我认为我们的开国元老 没什么吸引力

[05:49.08]l heard that ThOmas JeffersOn was a real fOx. 我听说汤玛斯杰佛逊很有魅力

[05:51.52]There we were. Just fOur girls talKing pOlitiCs. 这就是四个女人 谈论政治的情况

[05:55.92]Meanwhile, Miranda was faCing a day at the pOlls earlier than she expeCted. 同时,做决定的日子 比米兰达预期得要早来临

[06:01.56]Last night as we were walKing hOme, Steve asKed me tO gO steady. 昨晚我们散步回家时 史蒂夫要求我和他稳定交往

[06:05.68]HOw sweet. They still Call it that? 真甜蜜,仍是这么说的吗?

[06:05.52]l dOn't KnOw if l Can maKe that COmmitment. 我不知道自己能否做出那承诺

[06:08.32]HOw many Other guys are yOu dating? 你现在和几个男人约会?

[06:11.40]That's nOt the pOint. l'm sO ambivalent abOut Steve and mOving fOrward. 这不是重点,我对和史蒂夫 进一步交往非常矛盾

[06:16.20]YOu did let him baCK in yOur life. There must be sOmething there. 你确实让他重返你的生活 一定有什么原因

[06:19.64]There's plenty there. Flaws that maKe me nOt want tO stiCK my neCK Out. 有很多原因 那些让我不想答应的缺点

[06:24.72]But there's great stuff tOO. 但是也有很多优点

[06:27.52]Maybe l shOuld be hOnest and tell him what l really feel whiCh is: 或许我该诚实告诉他 我真正的想法

[06:30.32]what if sOmebOdy better COmes alOng? 万一更好的对象出现怎么办?

[06:31.56]YOu gOtta put a better spin On it than that. 你最好肯定这一点

[06:35.20]YOu see...that's my prOblem. 瞧…这就是我的问题

[06:38.84]l dOn't KnOw hOw tO be pOlitiCal in relatiOnships. 我不懂如何在感情中 耍政治手腕

[06:40.04]lt's time fOr the list. Things yOu liKe abOut him. Things yOu dOn't liKe. 该搬出老套的列表法了 写出你喜欢和不喜欢他的地方

[06:44.80]- See whiCh is lOnger. - That's sO judgmental. -看哪一个比较长 -那太武断了

[06:48.48]YOu are judgmental. Put it tO gOOd use. 你本来就很武断 把它用在好的方面

[06:51.04]OK, fine. l'll maKe a list. 好吧,我会列一张表

[06:56.84]POlitiCs were always as relevant tO me as a new EriCa JOng nOvel. 政治似乎和艾瑞卡张的 新小说一样,向来与我无关

[07:02.72]But l did find it interesting that a disCussiOn abOut pOlitiCs 但我发现一个有趣的现象 关于政治的讨论

[07:06.68]ultimately beCame a disCussiOn abOut sex. 最后会变成性的讨论

[07:08.60]And a disCussiOn abOut sex beCame a questiOn Of pOlitiCs. 而性的讨论 最后会变成政治的问题

[07:11.76]WhiCh led me tO wOnder, if the twO were inextriCably linKed, and if sO... 这让我纳闷,如果两个人 真的难分难舍,若是如此…

[07:19.00]Can there be sex withOut pOlitiCs? 有不含政治的性吗?

[07:21.40]That night, Samantha disCOvered her Own hOt, new Candidate. 当晚莎曼珊发现性感的新对象

[07:26.16]Hey, PinK Lady. Can l buy that fOr yOu? 红粉佳人,这一杯我请客好吗

[07:30.52]Maybe, if yOu prOmise never tO use a lame line liKe that again. 也许,如果你答应 再也不用那种拙劣的台词

[07:34.24]lt wOrKed didn't it? Jeff FentOn. 它成功了不是吗? 我叫杰夫芬顿

[07:34.88]Samantha JOnes. 我叫莎曼珊琼斯

[07:37.08]YOu are damn attraCtive. And that is nOt a line. 你真是妩媚动人 这可不是台词

[07:39.80]HOw lOng have yOu been sitting here? 你坐在这里多久了?

[07:41.08]- My first drinK. - SO, yOu're just naturally fOrward? -我才喝第一杯 -所以你是天生放肆?

[07:46.44]l'm aggressive. l run a suCCessful hedge fund. 我很积极 我经营一个成功的投资集团

[07:49.72]My life is abOut CalCulating risKs. 每天都在计算风险

[07:52.32]Telling a beautiful lady she's attraCtive is the safest bet l've made all day. 告诉一个美女她很迷人 是我一整天最安全的赌注

[07:56.28]ThanK yOu. 谢谢

[07:57.88]- YOu liKe tO sKi? - l lOve it. -你喜欢滑雪吗? -我爱死了

[07:59.88]We have a hOuse in Sun Valley. HOw lOng have yOu been sKiing? 我们公司在太阳谷有间别墅 你滑雪多久了?

[08:03.36]- On and Off fOr years. - l Can tell. YOu've gOt the legs fOr it. -断断续续地滑了好几年 -看得出来,你的美腿很适合


[08:08.60]GOt tO run baCK tO the OffiCe.

[08:13.00]HOw abOut dinner this weeK? 这礼拜一起吃顿饭如何?

[08:15.56]l tOld yOu all abOut me but l didn't hear abOut yOu. 我跟你说了很多关于我的事 但却没听到你谈自己

[08:16.48]Samantha never felt better. There were gOrgeOus wOmen 莎曼珊从没这么得意过

[08:19.76]sitting On either side and Jeff had eleCted her. 附近坐着那么多漂亮女人 而杰夫看上了她

[08:22.80]FentOn Partners. 芬顿企业

[08:26.20]That's right. We're up 320 % fOr the year. 没错 我们今年业绩成长了320%

[08:31.60]Samantha JOnes. PubliC RelatiOns. Very niCe. 莎曼珊琼斯,公关公司 很不错

[08:33.96]YOu must dO well. WhO's gOnna say nO tO yOu? 你的工作表现一定很出色 谁会拒绝你?

[08:36.76]- What abOut dinner? Friday night? - l thinK that might wOrK. -礼拜五晚上一起吃晚餐? -我想应该可以

[08:40.40]Just as her self-esteem was sOaring right Off the Charts... 正当她的自负高涨到极点时…

[08:43.88]NiCe tO meet yOu, PinK Lady. l'll give yOu a Call. 很高兴认识你,红粉佳人 我会跟你联络

[08:51.04]Bye. 再见

[08:55.40]Later that weeK, 几天之后

[08:58.80]l brOught ''the single ladies COalitiOn tO eleCt Bill Kelley'' tO a fundraiser. 我带着“支持比尔凯利的单身 女子联盟”去参加募款餐会

[09:00.68]What is the height differenCe between a shOrt persOn and a little persOn? 矮个子和小个子的 身高差距是多少?

[09:06.04]- A little persOn? - A midget. -小个子? -侏儒

[09:08.84]- A midget Or a dwarf? - What's the differenCe? -侏儒还是矮子? -有何不同?

[09:12.76]Little persOn is the prOper way tO refer tO an adult under 5 feet. 五英尺以下的成人 用小个子来形容比较适当

[09:14.88]l agreed tO gO On a date with a very shOrt persOn. 我答应跟一个非常矮的人约会

[09:19.60]l didn't realize he was sO shOrt. 我不知道他那么矮

[09:21.76]Sitting dOwn he was prOpOrtiOnal. Standing, he barely Clears my nipples. 坐着时他的比例匀称 但站起来时勉强到我胸部

[09:24.12]That may be the perfeCt height. 那也许是完美的身高

[09:26.92]l Can't CanCel just beCause he's a munChKin. 我不能因为他个子矮 就取消约会

[09:29.80]This is a pOlitiCally inCOrreCt COnversatiOn fOr a pOlitiCal fundraiser. 就政治募款餐会而言 这是个政治不正确的谈话

[09:34.92]Less than five feet is unaCCeptable. 任何低于五英尺的事物 都令人难以接受

[09:36.36]l have tO gO mingle. There are a lOt Of Cute guys here 我得去交际一下 这里有很多帅哥

[09:40.56]and these things never last beyOnd twO martinis. 他们不超过两杯马丁尼 就会被人抢走了

[09:42.64]CharlOtte was running her Own Campaign. 夏绿蒂忙着推销自己

[09:45.56]She wanted tO be eleCted wife befOre the year was Out. 她决定在年底之前 把自己嫁出去

[09:48.100]- There's Miranda. - Give me that. -米兰达来了 -给我

[09:51.20]Hey, yOu made it. 你赶来了

[09:54.48]Tell me, why are we vOting fOr this guy? 告诉我 为何我们要选这家伙?

[09:59.84]He wants an investigatiOn intO the BOard Of EduCatiOn fOr waste, 他想调查教育委员会 滥用和诈骗的情形

[10:02.40]and he's against large COrpOratiOns wasting yOur tax dOllars. 而且他反对大型企业 浪费纳税人的钱

[10:07.88]- l'm sleeping with him. - GOOd enOugh fOr me. -我跟他上床 -这样就够了

[10:12.36]COme On, l'll intrOduCe yOu. 来吧,我为你们介绍

[10:16.04]Jesus Christ, he talKs mOre than l dO. 老天爷,他的话比我还多

[10:19.04]This is the lOvely Miranda HObbes. And her friend Steve Brady. 这位是可爱的米兰达霍布斯 以及她朋友史蒂夫布莱迪

[10:24.28]- Hi. - l've heard great things abOut yOu. -你们好 -我已经久仰大名

[10:27.16]YOu must be reading my Clippings. l pay peOple a lOt tO say niCe things. 你一定是读了我的剪报 我付不少钱让人们说我好话

[10:29.36]lf yOu win, maybe yOu Can fix a COuple Of parKing tiCKets. 如果你当选,或许可以帮我 解决几张违规停车罚单

[10:34.36]l Owe New YOrK City $500. l figured l need the mOney mOre than they dO. 我欠纽约市五百元 我认为我比政府更需要钱

[10:38.04]lt's a jOKe! COme On, he KnOws l'm Kidding. 这是玩笑话 拜托,他知道我是开玩笑的

[10:44.20]- l'll get us a drinK. NiCe meeting yOu. - NiCe meeting yOu. -我去拿饮料,很高兴认识你 -幸会

[10:48.16]ExCuse me. 失陪了

[10:50.44]The dumb jOKes. COn. 蠢笑话,扣一分

[10:55.12]Cute butt...prO. 漂亮的屁股…加一分

[10:57.100]l dOn't believe in the RepubliCan Party Or DemOCratiC Party. 我不相信共和党或民主党

[11:01.48]l just believe in parties. 我只相信派对

[11:06.04]CharlOtte was stumping fOr her Cause, and maKing new friends. 穿过房间夏绿蒂正为她的理想 进行游说,顺便结交新朋友

[11:11.60]l lOve LieChtenstein. But l lOved COmiC bOOKs as a Kid. 我热爱普普艺术家李奇登斯坦 不过小时候我喜欢漫画书

[11:14.68]But that's great. His wOrK is aCCessible On sO many levels. 那很棒,他的作品老少咸宜

[11:19.84]Sweetheart, this is CharlOtte. She runs a gallery dOwntOwn. 甜心,这位是夏绿蒂 她经营一家画廊

[11:24.24]CharlOtte, this is my fianCée Catherine. 夏绿蒂,这是我未婚妻凯瑟琳

[11:24.84]- Hi. - NiCe tO meet yOu. 很高兴认识你

[11:30.100]- StanfOrd! - Hi. -史丹佛 -嗨

[11:34.36]l Can Only stay a few minutes, l have tiCKets tO the ''Vagina MOnOlOgues''. 我只能停留几分钟 我有舞台剧“阴道独语”的票

[11:38.72]Why? 怎么会?

[11:40.76]l dOn't eat at the restaurant, but l Can still hear the speCials. 我不爱女人 不代表我不能去看这类型的戏

[11:44.52]- Carrie, give me a sip Of yOur drinK. - This is my friend, StanfOrd BlatCh. -凯莉,你的酒借我喝一口 -这是我朋友史丹佛巴勒奇

[11:47.80]- Bill Kelley. - l represent the queer vOte. -我是比尔凯利 -我代表男同性恋选票

[11:52.00]lf yOu Can Carry Chelsea, yOu've gOt the City lOCKed up. 如果你可以获得切尔西区支持 那你就赢定了

[11:56.36]l'm nOt wOrried abOut Chelsea. Have yOu seen my ass? 我不担心切尔西区 你看到我的屁股了吗?

[11:58.92]GOt my vOte. 我投你一票

[11:60.80]- 12 O'ClOCK. - ExCuse me. -12点钟方向 -什么?

[12:06.40]- WhO's that guy? - That's his Campaign manager. -那个人是谁? -那是他的竞选干事

[12:10.84]- Fix me up. - HOw dO yOu even KnOw he's gay? -为我介绍 -你怎么知道他是同志?

[12:15.76]l've seen him rOllerblading On 8th Avenue. 我在第八大道上 看过他溜直排轮

[12:19.04]That's enOugh. 这就够了

[12:19.00]Please? 拜托?

[12:22.48]Great, nOw l'm a first lady and a pimp. 好极了 现在我身兼第一夫人和皮条客

[12:30.12]Hey, exCuse me. 不好意思

[12:32.100]This is awKward, sO feel free tO stOp me at any time, but... 这很尴尬 所以尽管放心随时打断我…

[12:39.60]there's a persOn here whO wOuld liKe tO meet yOu. 这里有一个人想要认识你

[12:41.96]- OK. - A guy. -好的 -一个男人

[12:47.36]Keep gOing. 说下去

[12:52.72]lt's the guy right Over there. 是后面那个男人

[12:56.20]YOu mean the blOnde guy with the great arms. 你是指手臂强壮的金发男子?

[13:05.64]ACtually, nO. lt's the bald guy, with the great sense Of humOr. 其实,不是的 是很有幽默感的秃头男子

[13:14.40]- DO yOu KnOw the blOnde guy? - NO. -你认识那个金发男子吗? -不认识

[13:17.56]- He's really muCh mOre my type. - OK. -我比较喜欢他那一型的 -好

[13:20.52]Well... GO Kelley. 那…加油了

[13:25.24]l wOndered hOw tO handle this pOlitiCal hOt pOtatO. 我思考该怎么处理 这个政治烫手山芋

[13:29.76]- He's nOt gay. - l COuld have swOrn he was. -他不是同志 -我发誓他是

[13:34.08]l realized l was getting gOOd at pOlitiCs. 我发现我的政治手腕 越来越高明了

[13:36.16]l'm just sO at the plaCe where l'm ready tO settle dOwn. 我真的很想安顿下来

[13:42.44]lt seems liKe a miraCle when twO niCe peOple liKe yOu Can find eaCh Other. 像你们两个这么好的人 能找到彼此似乎是个奇迹

[13:48.96]We met in the mOst unusual way. 我们相识的过程极不寻常

[13:48.76]One Of my girlfriends threw a party 我一个朋友举办派对

[13:53.32]where all the wOmen brOught a man they weren't interested in. 每个人都要带一个 她们不感兴趣的男人来参加

[13:54.92]- SOmebOdy brOught BOb. - The rest is histOry. -有人带鲍伯来 -其他的事都过去了

[14:01.72]l lOve that! 我喜欢这故事

[14:01.16]One wOman's trash is anOther wOman's treasure. 一个女人的垃圾 却是另一个女人的珍宝

[14:08.96]Bill raised $6,000 that night. 当晚比尔募到六千元

[14:10.76]lt really gOt him in the mOOd. 这让他心情大好

[14:13.32]YOu KnOw, yOu're the first wOman in ages l've felt this intimate with. 你是长久以来第一个 和我这么亲密的女人

[14:19.52]YOu're sO beautiful. SO funny...yOu're great. 你非常漂亮、风趣…你棒呆了

[14:23.16]ThanK yOu. 谢谢

[14:24.24]l lOve maKing lOve tO yOu. 我喜欢跟你做爱

[14:27.16]The feeling is mutual. 我也是

[14:28.16]ls there anything yOu want Or need that l'm nOt dOing? 有任何你想要 而我没做到的事吗?

[14:30.64]- NO, it's great. - 'Cause l want tO KnOw. -没有,一切都很棒 -因为我想知道

[14:34.40]- l want tO maKe yOu happy. - l am happy. -我想让你快乐 -我很快乐

[14:38.00]What abOut yOu? ls there anything yOu want Or need that l'm nOt dOing? 那你呢?有任何你想要 而我没做到的事吗?

[14:42.68]NO. 没有

[14:45.64]- Well...maybe One thing. - What? -也许有一件事 -什么?

[14:48.52]Well, l wOuld lOve tO get yOu in the shOwer. 我想跟你一起淋浴

[14:53.20]Get eaCh Other all fresh and Clean. 让彼此变得清新干净

[14:56.08]That sOunds niCe. 听起来不错

[14:58.92]And then... l'd liKe yOu tO pee On me. 然后…我想要你在我身上撒尿

[15:08.20]l wOuld be wOrried. The pee COuld be fOreplay. 我要是你就会担心 小便可能是前戏

[15:11.16]- My GOd! - Where there's smOKe. -我的天 -别那么紧张,我只是说说

[15:14.16]lt's typiCal Of men in pOwer. They lOve tO be dOminated. Humiliated. 这是有权力的男人的典型 他们喜欢被支配和受屈辱

[15:20.60]What did yOu say? 你怎么回答他?

[15:20.32]l tOld him l'd just gOne, maybe anOther time. 我告诉他我刚上过厕所 也许下次吧

[15:24.52]l Can't Keep saying that fOrever. 我不能一直用这个藉口

[15:28.36]l peed On a guy OnCe during sex, but it was an aCCident. 我有一次尿在一个男人身上 但那是意外

[15:32.36]- What did he say? - l dOn't thinK he nOtiCed. -他怎么说? -我想他没注意到

[15:36.04]l OnCe had tO stOp eating meat fOr six mOnths. 有一次我还得半年不吃肉

[15:39.20]SO this is what it's COme dOwn tO... ready, set, pee? 难道步骤就是… 准备、就位、尿?

[15:44.36]SOmetimes with the right guy yOu have tO maKe COnCessiOns. 有时候遇到适合的男人 你必须做些让步

[15:45.28]- There's always gOnna be sOmething. - Are yOu advOCating that l dO this? -总是会有意想不到的发现 -你们赞成我这么做?

[15:49.44]Why nOt? He's a great-lOOKing pOlitiCal prinCe. 有何不可? 他是个英俊的政治贵族

[15:53.72]Sure, it's praCtiCally a fairytale: ''The PrinCess And The Pee''. 没错,这几乎是个童话 “公主和撒尿王子”

[15:60.28]lf yOu Can't wOrK it Out with Bill, bring him tO my party On Friday. 如果你觉得和比尔合不来 礼拜五带他来我的派对

[16:05.28]EveryOne is bringing a guy they're nO lOnger interested in. 每个人都要带一个 她们不再感兴趣的男人

[16:07.52]That's a great idea, l Can bring my shOrt guy. 那是个好点子 我可以带我的小矮人去

[16:09.92]YOu're dating a munChKin and l'm fOllOwing the yellOw briCK rOad. 你和一个小矮人约会 而我得沿着黄砖道前进了

[16:13.68]A COuple Of nights later, and nO ClOser tO a sOlutiOn, l had a date with Bill. 几天后,问题仍然悬而未决 我跟比尔约好一起吃晚饭

[16:20.88]We went tO his favOrite lndian restaurant, 在一家他最爱的印度餐厅 号称有全市最辣的咖哩

[16:20.96]that bOasted the hOttest Curry in the City.

[16:24.64]SO l just gOt sOme new pOlls. 我收到新的民调结果

[16:27.60]l'm ahead in Manhattan and BrOOKlyn but l'm lagging in the BrOnx. 我在曼哈顿和布鲁克林领先 但我在布朗克斯区落后

[16:29.32]l may have tO spend anOther $15,000 tO buy myself sOme vOter turnOut. 我可能得再花五万块 提高投票率

[16:34.56]Pretty hOt, isn't it? Have sOme water. 很辣吧?喝点水

[16:37.48]NO, l'm fine. 不用了,我很好

[16:40.24]ExCuse me, Can l get anOther One? YOu want a beer? 抱歉,再给我一瓶好吗? 你想喝啤酒吗?

[16:43.24]SO, l read yOur COlumn yesterday. 昨天我读了你的专栏

[16:46.60]- YOu did? - lt's great. Very funny. -是吗? -写得很棒,非常有趣

[16:50.80]Just One questiOn. WhO's the handsOme pOlitiCO yOu refer tO? 只有一个问题 你指的英俊政客是谁?

[16:54.84]He's just sOme Other fellOw l'm seeing in WashingtOn. 他只是我在华盛顿 交往过的一个家伙

[16:59.04]- YOu dOn't mind, dO yOu? - My life is an Open bOOK. lt has tO be. -你不介意吧? -我的生活是一本翻开的书

[17:08.56]What l lOve abOut the COlumn is the way yOu feel abOut it. 我喜欢这个专栏的地方 是你对它的感觉

[17:09.48]lt's mutual. Even if l Can't put it in print liKe yOu. 这是互相的 即使我不能像你一样将它出版

[17:16.92]l am sO Crazy abOut yOu. 我真是为你疯狂

[17:21.12]Me tOO. 我也是

[17:23.68]l was hOping we COuld spend the night tOgether 我希望能跟你一起过夜

[17:25.76]but l have an early meeting with the BrOOKlyn... 但我一早得开会讨论 布鲁克林的…

[17:28.84]That's nO prOblem. 没关系

[17:32.76]Rain CheCK? 改天好吗?

[17:38.68]That Friday night, CharlOtte threw her ''used date party''. 礼拜五晚上,夏绿蒂举办她的 “二手情人派对”

[17:41.08]Hi, yOu made it! 你来了

[17:47.84]There are sO many eligible men here. 这里有许多条件很好的男人

[17:48.04]Hi CharlOtte, niCe apartment. Can l get yOu sOmething tO drinK? 夏绿蒂,很棒的公寓 我帮你拿饮料好吗?

[17:51.84]Yes, immediately, if nOt sOOner. 好的,尽快

[17:56.72]YOu brOught StanfOrd? 你带史丹佛来?

[17:57.96]YOu said tO bring a man yOu're nOt interested in. 你说带自己不感兴趣的男人来

[17:59.44]YOu're maKing a mOCKery Of this party. 你在嘲弄这个派对

[18:03.88]- Carrie, CharlOtte! - Hi! -凯莉、夏绿蒂 -嗨

[18:05.32]- This is Jeff FentOn. - Ladies. -这位是杰夫芬顿 -你们好

[18:08.60]- HOw dO yOu dO? - lt's a pleasure. -你好 -幸会

[18:10.100]- l'll taKe yOur COat. - TaKe yOur time. -我帮你拿外套 -慢慢来

[18:14.88]Mingle. 去交朋友吧

[18:17.76]ls he the smallest man yOu've ever seen? 他是你们见过最矮的男人吗?

[18:19.56]lf yOu'll exCuse me l have tO meet my eligible guests. 容我失陪 我必须去招呼我合适的客人了

[18:24.20]l've gOt tO get busy tOO. 我也要去忙了


[18:32.96]- Carrie! - Hey, what are yOu dOing here? -凯莉 -你怎么来了?

[18:37.64]l figured, befOre l finalize the list, l shOuld see what's Out there. 我想在我列完表之前 应该看看有没有其他人选

[18:44.60]- HOw's that list gOing? - Great, fine. -进展得如何? -很好

[18:49.76]l'm guessing that's Samantha's little friend. 我猜那就是莎曼珊的小朋友了

[18:54.84]YOu gOtta gO tO Cuba nOw. AnOther year will be tOO late. 要去古巴必须趁现在 明年就太晚了

[18:55.52]Can't yOu get arrested fOr gOing? 不会因此被逮捕吗?

[18:57.24]Fly thrOugh Canada. They lOve AmeriCans. 那就飞去加拿大 他们喜欢美国人

[19:01.68]- l'll e-mail yOu sOme Of my piCtures. - l'd lOve tO see them. -我用电子邮件寄些照片给你 -我很想看看

[19:05.00]- CharlOtte, right? - Right, and... -你叫夏绿蒂,对吗? -是的,而你…

[19:09.88]- Greg Miller. - Very niCe tO meet yOu, Greg Miller. -葛瑞格米勒 -很高兴认识你,葛瑞格米勒

[19:18.68]- Having any luCK? - ExCuse me? -你的运气如何? -你说什么?

[19:20.08]- Meeting sOmeOne. - l'm already here with sOmebOdy. -认识新对象 -我是跟女友一起来的

[19:28.36]Yeah, an ex girlfriend, right? 是,前女友对吧?

[19:32.60]What are yOu talKing abOut? 你在说什么?

[19:34.92]Get a Clue. 自己找答案吧

[19:41.04]- YOu brOught me here tO dump me? - NOt exaCtly. -你带我来这里是想甩了我? -不尽然如此

[19:45.36]l thOught, maybe yOu COuld meet sOmeOne yOur Own size. 我认为或许你可以认识 跟你一样身材的对象

[19:47.100]Sweetheart, give me an hOur in bed, yOu'll swear l'm the JOlly Green Giant. 甜心,给我在床上一个钟头 你会发誓说我是快乐绿巨人

[19:52.68]- Really? - l'm the best yOu've ever had. -真的吗? -我是你有史以来最棒的选择

[19:55.48]She felt sO pOlitiCally inCOrreCt abOut dumping a man fOr his height. 她觉得为了一个男人的身高 而抛弃他实在太不合时宜

[20:01.72]She felt she had tO sleep with him. 她觉得别无选择 而必须跟他上床

[20:02.44]Fine. Let's gO. 好,我们走

[20:09.68]OK, l'm ready tO gO. There's nObOdy here fOr us. 我要走了 这里没有适合我们的人

[20:13.48]SpeaK fOr yOurself. 那可不一定

[20:16.64]lf these guys are in their thirties and these wOmen dOn't want them, 如果那些女人不想要 这些三十好几的男人

[20:18.64]there might just be a little sOmething fOr me. 可能有我发展的空间

[20:21.80]TalK tO yOu tOmOrrOw. 明天再跟你联络

[20:29.08]Hi. 嗨

[20:32.08]l'm an adventure travel junKie. l tOOK the year Off after business sChOOl. 我是个热爱冒险旅行的人 我商学院毕业后整整休息一年

[20:35.24]TreKKed the Old spiCe trail in Asia. 沿着古代亚洲的香料路线 徒步跋涉

[20:38.72]TalKing tO Greg, CharlOtte felt liKe she had unearthed a rare COin 跟葛瑞格谈话 夏绿蒂感觉仿佛挖掘到一枚

[20:43.16]that sOme Other wOman had disCarded. 别的女人丢弃的珍贵钱币

[20:44.16]This is my ex, Belinda Peters, she hOOKed me up On this thing. 这是我前女友梅琳达彼特 我算是被她骗来这里的

[20:50.84]YOu must be a friend Of Karen's. ThanKs fOr bringing this great man. 你一定是凯伦的朋友 谢谢你带这么棒的男人来

[20:55.92]YOu're welCOme. Can l talK tO yOu fOr a minute? 不客气,可以跟你说句话吗?

[20:58.48]Sure. ExCuse me. 好的,失陪了

[21:03.88]Bye. ThanKs fOr COming. 再见,谢谢你们来

[21:09.92]OnCe Melinda saw Greg talKing tO anOther wOman, 一旦梅琳达看见 葛瑞格和别的女人说话

[21:14.40]he suddenly lOOKed all shiny and new again. 他突然整个人看起来 又闪亮如新了

[21:27.60]That night, Jeff prOved tO Samantha 当晚,杰夫向莎曼珊证明

[21:29.80]that he mOre than made up fOr his shOrtCOmings. 他不只弥补了自己的短处

[21:40.44]Samantha tOld us later it was liKe having sex with a hOrny smurf. 莎曼珊说这就像跟一个 好色的蓝色小精灵发生关系

[21:44.12]Meanwhile, aCrOss tOwn, Steve was busy stuffing Miranda's ballOt bOx. 同时在城的另一头,史蒂夫 忙着填满米兰达的投票箱

[21:57.84]YOu KnOw, l'm nOt lOOKing fOr a quiCK answer in the mOnOgamy thing. 我不是要你很快回覆 和我定下来的事

[22:05.80]lt's prObably sOmething that's gOt tO happen On its Own. 这种事是急不来的

[22:15.84]lt's just that l wanted yOu tO KnOw hOw l feel. 只不过我想让你知道我的感受

[22:20.60]YOu're the best wOman l've ever met. 你是我认识过最好的女人

[22:23.20]l want yOu tO KnOw...tO KnOw that. 我希望你知道…知道这一点

[22:31.84]l lOve yOu, Miranda. l really dO. 我爱你,米兰达,真的

[22:36.100]Steve had just said the One big prO that Outweighed all the COns. 史蒂夫刚说出一句 足以磨灭所有缺点的话

[22:44.84]Later that weeK, Samantha put her heels away and gave Jeff a ChanCe. 莎曼珊决定丢开高跟鞋 给杰夫一个机会

[22:51.20]Little bOy's rOOm. l'll be right baCK. 我去儿童洗手间,马上回来

[23:00.44](布鲁明戴尔百货公司 男童装部)

[23:07.84]Samantha was stunned. 莎曼珊目瞪口呆

[23:08.60]lt was One thing tO date a man whO went tO the little bOy's rOOm. 跟一个上儿童洗手间的 男人约会是一回事

[23:13.08]AnOther tO date One whO still shOpped at the little bOy's department. 但和一个仍在童装部买衣服的 男人约会又是另一回事

[23:16.36]Samantha! 莎曼珊

[23:19.24]l'm nOt feeling very well. l've gOt tO gO. GOOdnight. 我身体不太舒服 我得走了,再见

[23:24.52]Wait, l'll taKe yOu. 等等,我送你回去

[23:27.40]l'm nOt really siCK. LOOK, Jeff... 我不是真的生病 听着,杰夫…

[23:29.60]l Can't dO this. lt's nOt a gOOd idea. l dOn't want tO lead yOu On. 我没办法接受,这不是好主意 我不想让你误会

[23:34.84]Lead me On? YOu Came five times the Other night. 让我误会? 那晚你经历了五次高潮

[23:36.32]- lt's nOt really that... - Then, what? -不是那原因… -不然是什么?

[23:39.44]What happened in the past five minutes? 刚才五分钟发生了什么事?

[23:43.32]- YOu shOp at the bOy's department. - SO, what? -你在童装部买衣服 -那又怎么样?

[23:49.40]The ClOthes fit me better, plus they're Cheaper. 那里的衣服比较合身 而且也比较便宜

[23:51.36]Where dO yOu shOp, the big and tall whOre stOre? 你在哪里买衣服? 高挑的荡妇商店?

[23:55.36]YOu're nOthing but a big diCK with a little man attaChed. 你只不过是一个 拥有大老二的小矮人

[23:58.24]YOu're nOthing but a big pair Of tits, with tOO muCh extra leg rOOm. 而你也不过是一个 有对大奶头和过长双腿的女人

[24:05.20]Surprisingly, Samantha had fOund what she was really lOOKing fOr. 出乎意料地 莎曼珊找到了她真正寻找的人

[24:09.36]And it had nOthing tO dO with size. 这跟尺寸大小毫无关系

[24:13.52]SOmebOdy get me a bOOster Chair. 拿一张儿童座椅来

[24:13.04]She'd fOund a man whO made her laugh. They dated fOr twO weeKs. 她找到一个会逗她开心的男人 他们约会了两周

[24:19.32]ThOugh he was shOrt, it was a lOng relatiOnship fOr Samantha. 虽然他很矮,对莎曼珊来说 这样的关系已经算维持很长了

[24:22.08]That night, parChed and nervOus, l spent anOther night with Bill. 当晚,怀抱着忐忑不安的心情 我又和比尔过夜

[24:27.76]- Man, that was great. - Yes, it was. -老天,太棒了 -是的

[24:31.12]COme On, let's taKe a shOwer. 来吧,我们去洗个澡

[25:07.20]COme On, get in while it's hOt. 快来,趁水还热着

[25:12.80]- Can l talK tO yOu abOut sOmething? - OK. -比尔,我能跟你谈一谈吗? -好

[25:22.12]l've been giving this peeing thing a lOt Of thOught, 关于撒尿的事,我想了很久

[25:27.00]and while l thinK it's tOtally fine that that's what yOu're intO, l just... 你热中此道我完全没有意见 只是…

[25:31.24]lt's just never really been my thing. 我真的不喜欢

[25:35.96]Oh, yeah? 是吗?

[25:34.64]Yeah, sO l thOught instead, maybe yOu COuld ClOse yOur eyes 对,所以我想 也许你可以闭上眼睛

[25:40.60]and l COuld dribble warm tea On yOu. That might feel gOOd. 我可以在你身上滴温茶 那感觉可能会很舒服

[25:44.80]Or...maybe... 或者…也许…

[25:49.28]...yOu might thinK it's fun 我们做爱的时候 你可以听流水声

[25:52.92]tO hear the sOund Of running water when we have sex. 说不定会很有趣

[25:56.48]And, if things gOt really seriOus between us, l COuld... 若我们之间的关系更进一步 我可以…

[26:02.80]maybe, even, leave the bathrOOm dOOr Open sOmetime. 偶尔上厕所甚至不关门

[26:06.24]AlthOugh, l'm really nOt sure hOw COmfOrtable l'd be with that either. 虽然我也不确定自己 是否会感到自在

[26:14.48]YOu KnOw, there's sOmething l want tO tell yOu tOO. 我也有事想告诉你

[26:17.16]SOme peOple COnneCted with the Campaign read yOur COlumn... 竞选团队的成员读了你的专栏

[26:23.24]and they had a different taKe On it. 他们有不同的反应

[26:26.80]- What dOes that mean? - They said it was funny and Clever, -那是什么意思? -他们认为你的观点幽默敏锐

[26:31.52]but that it was a lOt abOut sex. 但大部分跟性爱有关

[26:34.56]They dOn't thinK l shOuld date a sex COlumnist befOre the eleCtiOn. 他们认为大选将近 我不该和性爱专栏作家约会

[26:43.56]They thOught it was Kind Of seamy. 他们认为这有损我的名声

[26:46.08]Wait a seCOnd, l may write abOut sex, but yOu liKe peOple tO pee On yOu. 等等,我是写性爱之事没错 但你喜欢别人在你身上撒尿

[26:55.44]Yeah, but nObOdy KnOws abOut that. 对,但没人知道这件事

[27:08.88]l realized that pOlitiCs had entered my bedrOOm as well as my bathrOOm. 我这才发现政治不但进了 我的卧房,还潜入我的浴室

[27:13.16]l deCided that my bravest pOlitiCal aCt wOuld be tO tell the truth. 我当下决定我最勇敢的 政治行动就是说实话

[27:20.60](尿还是不尿 这才是问题所在)

[27:24.40]l didn't use his real name. lt was muCh mOre pOlitiCal nOt tO. 我没有用他的真实姓名 这是比较政治的处理方式

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