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欲望都市第三季 完美情敌 Attack of the 5’10 Woman






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:35:27



[00:34.24](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:48.56]There are few things l lOve as muCh as Sunday brunCh. 很少有事物能超过 我喜欢星期天早午餐的程度

[00:50.60]YOu Can sleep till nOOn 你可以睡到中午 而且到处都还吃得到蛋

[00:54.24]and still get eggs anywhere in the City.

[00:55.28]AlCOhOl is Often inCluded. 通常会喝点酒

[00:59.00]And it's the One day 此外,只有这一天才有 单身女子的体育版

[00:60.20]yOu get the single wOman's spOrts' pages -

[01:02.44]''The New YOrK Times'' wedding seCtiOn. 就是纽约时报的结婚栏

[01:03.88]This is sO depressing. 这真是让人沮丧

[01:07.84]The Oldest wOman On this page is 27. 这一页年纪最大的女人 才27岁

[01:08.60]NOw l'm depressed 我也很沮丧 我连咖啡都还没喝到

[01:10.60]and l haven't had COffee yet.

[01:12.48]At least yOu have a bOyfriend. 至少你有男朋友

[01:14.60]That Only means l'm getting laid. 那不代表我会结婚 那只代表有人跟我上床

[01:18.48]On a regular basis. -定期的性生活 -我为这句话干杯

[01:19.68]l'll drinK tO that.

[01:20.48]Until reCently, the bride, 24, “直到最近,这位24岁的新娘 曾任奥美广告公司总监”

[01:24.64]wOrKed as a supervisOr

[01:25.72]at Ogilvy & Mather. 24! -24岁 -不要再念了

[01:25.44]NO mOre reading alOud.

[01:29.52]l lOve hOw they say ''until reCently''. 我喜欢他们用“直到最近”

[01:30.92]Meaning she quit her jOb 表示当她一找到灵魂伴侣 亦即那位银行家,她就辞职了

[01:31.100]OnCe she fOund her sOul mate linvestment banKer.

[01:35.84]lt's sO retrO. l've gOt a rOCK On my finger. 真是有够复古 “我手上带着钻戒”

[01:38.64]NOw l Can stOp pretending tO Care abOut my Career. “现在我可以停止假装 在乎我的事业”

[01:43.32]Until reCently, the bride had a life Of her Own. “直到最近 这位新娘才拥有自己的人生”

[01:45.88]YOu KnOw whO they marry? The rOman numeral guys. 你知道她们嫁给什么人吗? 名字里有罗马数字的男人

[01:48.00]- Charles Duffy AndersOn lV. - Ding, ding, ding. -查尔斯杜菲安德森四世 -我就说吧

[01:52.24]The higher the number, the wOrse the sex. 数字越大,性能力越差

[01:55.64]- l dated a lll. He COuldn't get it up. - HOw bad must Henry Vlll have been! 我跟一个某某三世约会过 结果他不举


[02:00.20]YOu give him head, he Cuts yOurs Off! 你帮他口交 他却把你的头咬下来

[02:05.36]This COuple met On a biKe tOur. 这对夫妻 在一趟自行车旅行中相识

[02:07.36]l just maKe it thrOugh spinning. All the men are gay. 我勉强骑完全程 那儿的男人都是同性恋

[02:11.96]lt's amazing hOw upset wOmen get Over the marital status Of strangers. 陌生人的婚姻状态竟能让女人 如此心烦,真是令人惊奇

[02:17.12]- What was that? - NOthing. -那是什么? -没什么

[02:21.08]- Let me see. - NOthing tO see. -让我看看 -没什么好看的

[02:21.00]YOu're suCh a bad liar. 你说谎的技巧真差

[02:31.04]Then there's the OCCasiOnal familiar faCe. 映入眼帘的是那张 偶尔熟悉的脸孔

[02:35.32]Well, it's OffiCial. He's married. Where are my fries? 只是正式宣布他结婚了 我的薯条怎么还没来?

[02:45.44]lt's fine, all right? l was prepared fOr this. 没关系,好吗?无所谓

[02:51.60]我已经有心理准备了 他们在饭店举行过订婚派对

[02:51.60]They had an engagement party at the Plaza.

[02:54.88]- SOmetimes they breaK Off. - This One didn't. Let's mOve On. -有时候订婚也会变卦 -这次没有,我们聊别的吧

[02:59.28]Why is their wedding liKe a shOrt stOry? What's next, a mOvie? 但为何它像个短篇故事? 接着会如何?拍成电影版?

[03:05.20]lt's fluff, it's PR. AnybOdy COuld be this stOry. 这很无聊,不值一看 这种故事任何人都能当主角

[03:08.60]AnybOdy whO's getting married. 任何要结婚的人

[03:11.80]This is what l hate abOut ''The Sunday Times''. 这就是我讨厌周日时报的地方

[03:13.60]This and the COuntry hOuses l Can't affOrd. 我又买不起乡村别墅

[03:21.52]- YOu want tO rent a mOvie? - lt's OK. l'm nOt gOnna slit my wrists. -你想租录影带吗? -我没事,我不会割腕自杀

[03:24.68]l just thOught yOu might want sOme COmpany. 我只是觉得你可能需要人陪

[03:28.52]YOu KnOw what? l thinK l want tO be alOne. 你知道吗?我想一个人静一静

[03:30.08]- OK, l'm just gOnna taKe the paper. - WOuld yOu stOp? -好,那我把报纸带走 -别这样好吗?

[03:34.64]l KnOw what yOu're gOnna dO. YOu Can't nOt read it. 我知道你要做什么 你不可能不看它

[03:39.36]YOu'll Cry and it'll be awful. Let's read it nOw and get it Over with. 你会哭得很惨,心情恶劣 不如现在就看,把这件事解决

[03:44.52]The COuple met in Paris, On the lle St-LOuis. “这对夫妻 在巴黎的圣路易岛相识”

[03:46.100]HOw Original, they fell in lOve in Paris. 真有创意 他们在巴黎坠入爱河

[03:49.48]''l was alOne at a Café when the waiter brOught Over a bOttle Of PinOt NOir “‘我独自在餐馆 侍者送来一瓶比诺瓦红酒’”

[03:56.44]''frOm a handsOme man at the bar'', the bride said, her eyes sparKling. “‘是吧台的英俊男子所赠’ 新娘说,她的棕眼闪耀光芒”

[04:02.32]''When we'd finished the wine, l Knew l wanted tO marry him.'' “‘当我们喝完那瓶酒 我知道我想要嫁给他’”

[04:03.16]YOu were drunK and he was riCh. This is just bad jOurnalism. 拜托,你喝醉了而他又有钱 这篇报导写得真烂

[04:09.92]Marry they did, in SOuthamptOn at the bride's parents' estate. “他们在新娘父母位于 南安普敦的庄园完婚”

[04:14.44]There were Only 50 guests. “只邀请了50名宾客”

[04:16.48]''We wanted it intimate. Just family and ClOse friends.'' “我们希望气氛亲密融洽 只有家人和挚友在场”

[04:19.36]- And ''The New YOrK Times''. - HOw intimate is that? -以及纽约时报 -还真亲密呢

[04:23.96]l dOn't hear Big anywhere in this artiCle. 这篇文章从头到尾 都没提到大人物的名字

[04:25.04]She's Calling the shOts and he's just alOng fOr the ride. 娜塔莎主导一切 而他只是奉陪下场

[04:28.12]The bride Carried Calla lilies, tied with a red ribbOn. “新娘手捧马蹄莲 系着红丝带”

[04:33.40]That's niCe. 那倒不错

[04:35.00]As she walKed dOwn the aisle “当她缓缓步上红毯”

[04:37.00]a saxOphOne played ''When A Man LOves A WOman''. “萨克斯风开始演奏 ‘当男人爱上女人’”

[04:40.24]Well, that's taCKy. 真是俗气

[04:43.32]NO, that's Big. 不,这就是大人物的风格


[04:56.88]What l wOuldn't give fOr a wOrKing fireplaCe. 真想丢进壁炉烧个精光

[05:02.12]- He wasn't the right man fOr yOu. - l KnOw that. -他不适合你 -我知道

[05:05.84]l KnOw, it's nOt him. lt's the whOle wedding. 我知道,不是因为他 是整个婚礼

[05:07.16]And it's her...her! 还有她…她

[05:14.76]YOu KnOw, she's just... 你知道,她实在…

[05:16.32]yOu KnOw, shiny hair, style seCtiOn... Vera Wang. 她有一头闪亮的秀发 穿着有品味…薇拉王的礼服

[05:20.84]And l'm the sex COlumn they run next tO ads fOr penile implants. 而我是跟阴茎植入手术广告 放在一起的性爱专栏

[05:42.48]Big wasn't the Only One taKing the plunge. 大人物不是唯一毅然投入 新生活方式的人

[05:45.28]After mOre than a deCade Of dOmestiC independenCe, 在家中独当一面超过十年之后

[05:48.96]Miranda had Opened up tO a relatiOnship... 米兰达展开一段新关系…

[05:51.04]GOOd mOrning. -早安 -她请了一位清洁女工

[05:52.40]...with a Cleaning lady.

[05:54.40]GOOd mOrning, Magda. 早,梅格

[05:57.80]DO yOu KnOw where the COffee mugs are? 你知道咖啡杯在哪里吗?

[05:60.40]l mOved them here. 我把它们移到这里了

[06:01.88]- NOw all glasses are tOgether. - l guess that maKes mOre sense. -现在所有杯子都放在一起了 -我想那样比较有条理

[06:10.32]YOu KnOw what? l always drinK COffee Out Of my law sChOOl Class Of '90 mug, 你知道吗?我总习惯用以前 法学院的马克杯喝咖啡

[06:15.56]beCause it's bigger, and... lt's just what l always use. 因为它比较大,而且… 我一向如此

[06:21.84]l bring yOu niCe herbal teas. Tea is better fOr yOu. 我带了一些草本茶来 茶对你的身体比较好

[06:26.92]Oh, thanK yOu very muCh, but l prefer COffee. 非常谢谢你 但我比较喜欢喝咖啡

[06:28.08]ThanK yOu. 谢谢

[06:30.08]- Why dO l have a rOlling pin? - lt's fOr yOu tO maKe pies. -我怎么会有一根面棍? -这是给你用来烤派的

[06:37.44]lt's gOOd fOr wOmen tO maKe pies. 女人烤派是一件好事

[06:42.04]- DO yOu have a rOlling pin? - On me? -你有一根面棍吗? -我身上?

[06:46.48]- ln yOur KitChen? - l use my Oven fOr stOrage. -在你厨房? -我把烤箱当成储藏室

[06:47.80]My Cleaning lady brOught me One. She COuldn't believe l didn't have One. 我的清洁女工带了一根给我 她不敢相信我竟然没有

[06:54.84]l Can't believe yOu have a Cleaning lady. 我不敢相信你竟然有清洁女工

[06:57.64]DOn't even start. l feel guilty enOugh. 别再说下去 我已经够有罪恶感了

[06:59.04]l hate being hOme when she is. l feel liKe if l'm hOme, 她在家时我不想回去 我觉得如果我在家

[07:02.52]l shOuld be Cleaning Or maKing pies. She says that's what wOmen dO. 我就应该打扫或烤派 据她所说,女人就该做这些

[07:07.76]Where did yOu find her, in a time Capsule? 你从哪里把她找来的? 时光锦囊?

[07:09.56]l KnOw. l dOn't need tO maKe pies. 我知道,我不需要自己烤派

[07:11.52]l'm praCtiCally a partner in a majOr law firm. lf l want pie, l Can buy it. 我是一家律师事务所的合伙人 如果我想吃派,我可以用买的

[07:17.60]l thinK l need this in a smaller size. 我要小一号的尺寸

[07:22.88]l'll get it fOr yOu, just hand it Out, there's nO need... 我帮你拿,衣服递给我就行了 你不必…

[07:24.56]Carrie? 凯莉?

[07:30.76]And there she was, Mrs. Big, all five fOOt ten Of her. 她就站在我面前 身高五尺十英寸的大人物太太

[07:34.04]Hey... Hi, Natasha. 嗨…娜塔莎

[07:39.68]l heard...l read... 我听说…我看到…

[07:42.56]COngratulatiOns On the thing, On the wedding. 恭喜你…结婚

[07:45.44]This is Miranda, we're shOpping. 这是米兰达,我们在逛街

[07:47.44]- Hi. - NiCe tO meet yOu. -你好 -很高兴认识你

[07:49.84]That lOOKs niCe, what yOu have On there. 你身上那件衣服很漂亮

[07:53.52]YOu thinK? 你这么认为?

[07:56.36]l need sOmething fOr this ''WOmen ln The Arts'' lunCheOn l helped Organize. 我得为我筹办的女性艺术 工作者的午餐会买一件礼服

[07:58.68]- l'm On the steering COmmittee. - Really? l'm a member. -我是执行委员会主席 -真的吗?我是会员

[08:03.52]YOu KnOw, l write, sO l am a wOman in the arts. 你知道,我写作 所以我也算是女性艺术工作者

[08:08.92]l gO tO that lunCh every year... 每年我都会去参加午餐会…

[08:13.80]...in ClOthes. 穿着衣服去

[08:14.16]- SO, yOu're gOing then? - Yeah, l'm gOing. -这么说你会去了? -是的,我会去

[08:18.76]- Great, l'll see yOu there. - All right. -太好了,我们到时候见 -好

[08:28.52]Oh, my GOd. 我的天

[08:29.08]- NOw, l Can't find the invitatiOn. - Why did yOu say yOu'd gO? -我找不到邀请卡 -你干嘛说你会去?

[08:33.64]l've talKed tO her twiCe, OnCe in a COwbOy hat, and OnCe in my bra. 我跟她见过两次面,一次头戴 牛仔帽,一次只穿着内衣

[08:39.52]LiKe freaKin' Annie-get-yOur-ClOthes-On. 我简直像个该死的暴露狂

[08:42.72]l wOuld just liKe her tO see me lOOKing nOrmal. 我只想让她看看我正常的模样

[08:44.100]- Just nOrmal? - l wOuld prefer tO lOOK amazing. -只有正常吗? -最好是艳光四射

[08:48.28]NOt liKe l'm trying, just effOrtlessly striKing. 但不是刻意打扮 而是毫不费劲地散发魅力

[08:52.44]l see. And will Big be at this event? 我懂了,大人物也会去吗?

[08:55.72]lt's a ''WOmen ln The Arts'' lunCheOn. lt's nOt abOut Big, it's abOut Natasha. 不,这是女性艺术工作者餐会 跟大人物无关,是因为娜塔莎

[09:01.08]lt seems tO be a lOt Of trOuble fOr a wOman. 为了一个女人 这似乎太大费周章了

[09:02.36]Can yOu help me find Out when and where it is? 你能帮我查到时间和地点吗?

[09:06.96]l Can dO better than that, l'm COming tOO. 当然可以,不只如此 我还会陪你一起去

[09:08.52]SO, yOu suppOrt wOmen in the arts? 这么说你支持 女性艺术工作者了?

[09:12.24]l suppOrt yOu, and these bitChes need tO be put in their plaCes. 我支持你,亲爱的 该给那些臭娘们一点颜色瞧瞧

[09:18.48]That night l mOdeled my wardrObe in my head and vetOed everything. 当晚我翻遍衣橱 却否决了每一件衣服

[09:21.64]Why did l Care sO muCh? 我为什么这么在意?

[09:24.44]What was it abOut Natasha that made me feel liKe the Charity Case? 娜塔莎有什么魔力 让我每次都觉得自己矮一截?

[09:30.84]Was it just that she had Big, Or was this bigger than Big? 只因为她拥有大人物 还是有其他原因?

[09:33.12]l started tO wOnder. Are there wOmen in New YOrK 我开始思考 在纽约,某些女人的存在

[09:37.08]just there tO maKe us feel bad abOut Ourselves? 是否只为了让我们自惭形秽?

[09:39.96]FOr Miranda, that wOman was a Certain UKrainian hOuseKeeper. 对米兰达而言 那女人是她请来的乌克兰管家

[09:44.92]- YOu're early. - Yes, gOOd mOrning. -你提早到了 -是的,早安

[09:46.72]Did yOu bring me this? 这是你带来的吗?

[09:49.68]lt's gift, tO maKe yOur bathrOOm niCer. 这是礼物,让你的浴室更齐全

[09:52.36]ThanKs. Did yOu mOve my hairdryer? lt used tO be under the sinK. 谢谢,你有移动吹风机吗? 它本来放在洗脸槽下方的

[09:57.36]ln the middle drawer. Last weeK l Organize fOr yOu. 在中间的抽屉 上个礼拜我帮你整理过了

[10:01.44]NO, that drawer dOesn't need Organizing. 不,那个抽屉不需要整理

[10:05.84]Magda had disCOvered Miranda's ''gOOdie-drawer''. 梅格发现了米兰达的秘密抽屉

[10:11.36]l have a bOyfriend, sO it's nOt liKe l'm sleeping with lOts Of different men. 我有男朋友,所以我不是 夜夜跟不同的男人上床

[10:15.44]FOr a lOng time there was nO guy and that's why l have the Other thing. 我有很长一段时间没有男友 因此我需要那玩意儿

[10:21.92]- OK. - YOu liKe this bOyfriend? -好 -你喜欢这个男朋友吗?

[10:25.72]- Yes. - YOu want tO marry this man? -是的 -你想嫁给他吗?

[10:30.16]l dOn't KnOw. 我不知道

[10:30.84]EverybOdy wants tO get married. l am married 28 years. 每个人都想结婚 我已经结婚28年了

[10:36.64]Well, we'll see. l dOn't KnOw if l want tO get married. 再看情况吧 我不知道自己是否想结婚

[10:44.00]GOd bless yOu. 上帝祝福你

[10:50.92]l dOn't need yOu tO bless me. 我不需要你的祝福

[10:53.40]l dOn't need GOd tO bless me. l'm fine with my life as it is. 我也不需要上帝的祝福 我很满意现在的生活

[11:01.36]lt's liKe l hired my mOther. 这就像我雇用了我老妈

[11:05.96]Manhattan has spas, where a wOman Can pay tO feel gOOd abOut herself. 幸好有三温暖 女人可以付钱享受一下

[11:11.52]l Can't believe she Opened yOur gOOdie-drawer. 我不敢相信 她打开你的秘密抽屉

[11:12.40]EverybOdy KnOws the night-stand is private. 每个人都知道床头柜很私密

[11:16.28]- What dO yOu have in there? - The usual, COndOms, vibratOr... -那里面放了些什么? -很平常,保险套、按摩棒…

[11:20.24]- Massage Oil, Cigarettes. - Nipple Clamps. -按摩油、香烟 -乳头夹

[11:24.92]- Really? - NOt fOr me, fOr them. -真的? -不是我用的,是她们

[11:26.44]That's freaKish. 好怪

[11:28.44]What's in yOur gOOdie-drawer, RObert's ''Rules Of Order''? 你的秘密抽屉里面有什么? 罗伯氏规则?

[11:32.52]- l dOn't have a gOOdie-drawer. - EverybOdy has One. -我没有秘密抽屉 -每个人都有

[11:33.20]- l've gOt a gOOdie-ClOset. - l dOn't need tO KnOw what's in it. -我有秘密衣橱 -我不需要知道里面有什么

[11:39.28]DittO. Nipple Clamps will suffiCe fOr tOday. 我也是 乳头夹的话题今天到此为止

[12:20.12]l'm nOt in the mOOd fOr steam, it's tOO hOt. 我不想蒸了,太热了

[12:25.48]Then taKe Off yOur tOwel, relax. 把毛巾脱掉,放轻松

[12:25.16]l dOn't feel liKe being relaxed in here. 我在这里没办法放轻松

[12:29.72]There gOes a wOman whO desperately needs a gOOdie-drawer. 她就是一个极需要 秘密抽屉的女人

[12:41.16]CharlOtte? 夏绿蒂?

[12:41.24]- What's wrOng? - l was just hOt. -怎么了? -我只是觉得热

[12:45.48]OK, and... 好…还有呢?

[12:48.72]And...l'm just nOt COmfOrtable being naKed in publiC. 还有…我觉得在公共场所裸体 很不自在

[12:55.36]This isn't really publiC, it's a ladies' lOCKer-rOOm. 这不算真正的公共场所 这里是女更衣室

[12:60.36]- l didn't grOw up in a naKed hOuse. - l didn't either. -我不是从小一丝不挂长大的 -我也不是

[13:04.92]l bet she grew up in a naKed hOuse. 我敢说她是从小一丝不挂长大

[13:10.40]She might still live in a naKed hOuse. 现在她可能依然如此

[13:16.80]Sweetie, whO Cares hOw yOu lOOK tO Other wOmen. 甜心,谁在乎别人的眼光?

[13:17.08]YOu have a perfeCt bOdy. 那是因为你的身材很完美

[13:20.84]YOu're deluded. 你被骗了

[13:22.24]CharlOtte, yOu have a beautiful figure. 夏绿蒂,你的体态很美

[13:27.60]- Really? - Yes! -真的吗? -真的

[13:29.48]Why was that wOmen lOOKing at me liKe my thighs were tOO big? 那为什么那个女人盯着我看 好像我的大腿太粗?

[13:38.12]Samantha always felt gOOd abOut herself. 莎曼珊一向对自己很满意

[13:38.100]But after her 80-minute massage, she felt even better. 但经过80分钟的按摩后 她觉得更有自信了

[13:46.28]l just had the mOst intense massage. Kevin gOes dOwn On yOu. 我刚做完最激烈的按摩 凯文有替你口交吗?

[13:51.24]Samantha's was gOOd, but nOt that gOOd. 莎曼珊的按摩也很舒服 但没那么舒服

[13:52.76]- Are yOu seriOus? - He's inCredible. YOu shOuld try him. -你是认真的吗? -是,他棒呆了,你应该试试

[13:59.28]Samantha smiled, 莎曼珊微笑着

[14:01.28]but a wOman with a gOOdie-ClOset dOesn't need tO pay fOr head. 不过一个有秘密衣橱的女人 不需要付费享受这种服务

[14:03.00]Celia! 席莉亚

[14:07.88]- FOrgOt yOur Key. - ThanKs, Kevin. -你忘了钥匙 -谢谢,凯文

[14:11.100]Then again, yOu Can never have tOO many massages. 然而,按摩永远不嫌多

[14:15.100]Samantha immediately gOt On the wait list 莎曼珊立刻预约 凯文下一个空档

[14:20.80]fOr Kevin's next available appOintment.

[14:25.04]That night, Steve wasn't available. Miranda ChOse the next best thing. 当晚,史蒂夫不在 米兰达只好退而求其次

[14:38.28]Magda was nOt Only Cleaning, she was perfOrming an exOrCism. 梅格不只打扫房子 还帮她驱邪

[14:44.64]Later that weeK, l had a religiOus experienCe at ManOlO BlahniK. 几天后,我去名牌鞋店 曼诺罗布雷尼克朝圣

[14:52.20]l need yOur OpiniOn. -我需要你的意见 -你付不起?

[14:53.56]YOu Can't affOrd them? 需要点些什么吗?

[14:55.84]Can l get yOu sOmething? 我要一份非常丰盛华丽 不含面粉的巧克力蛋糕

[14:58.24]l'll have that inCredibly riCh-lOOKing, flOurless ChOCOlate thing.

[15:02.00]- And a Café au lait. - l'll have a fruit Cup. -和一杯牛奶咖啡 -我只要一份水果盘

[15:06.52]- NOw yOu're maKing me feel bad. - NO, get what yOu want. -你让我觉得很有罪恶感 -不,尽管叫你想吃的东西

[15:13.84]This plaCe has the best desserts. The pOint Of COming is tO splurge. 这家店有最棒的甜点 来这里就是要挥霍的

[15:17.84]That was a splurge. Fruit has a lOt Of Carbs. 那就是挥霍 水果的卡路里也很高

[15:20.84]ls there a new ''ZOne'' bOOK Out? 新出了一本营养书吗?

[15:25.28]l hate my thighs. 我讨厌我的大腿

[15:26.68]The prOblem is nOt yOur thighs. The prOblem is yOur head. 问题不是你的大腿 而是你的脑袋

[15:31.24]NOw... AbOut the shOes. 现在…关于鞋子

[15:33.24]HOld On... 等等…

[15:36.40]l need these fOr the WlTA lunCheOn. 我要穿这双鞋去参加 女性艺术工作者的午餐会

[15:39.60]The heels are almOst high enOugh tO put me faCe tO faCe with Natasha, 它的高跟几乎足以让我 和娜塔莎面对面

[15:44.60]if Natasha wears flats. But why wOuld she wear flats? 如果她穿平底鞋的话 但她为什么要穿平底鞋?

[15:49.44]DO they maKe the right statement? 这些行头表明得够清楚吗?

[15:52.36]What statement dO yOu want tO maKe? 你想表明什么?

[15:52.84]l am beautiful, pOwerful and dOn't Care yOu're Only 25, and married my ex. 我美丽、有地位,而且不在乎 你只有25岁,还嫁给我前男友

[15:60.28]l thOught yOu didn't have a COmplex abOut yOur lOOKs. 我以为你对你的外表没有情结

[16:03.68]lt's nOt a COmplex. lt's a Natasha speCifiC ObsessiOn, 这不是情结 而是针对娜塔莎的执着

[16:06.36]whiCh will be Over when she sees me, at the benefit, lOOKing fabulOus, 等她看到我穿着这身 购自柏格朵夫精品店

[16:10.44]in these shOes and a dress frOm BergdOrf's that'll COst a mOnth's rent. 花我一个月房租的衣服和鞋子 漂漂亮亮地出现后就会结束

[16:15.52]Listen tO yOu. YOu dOn't have tO prOve anything. 听听你的口气 你不必证明什么

[16:19.68]YOu are stunning, intelligent and funny. And what is she? 你漂亮、聪明又风趣 而她呢?

[16:24.64]Married, that's all. 结了婚,如此而已

[16:27.80]YOu COuld gO tO that lunCheOn, wearing that, 就算你现在这身打扮去餐会

[16:30.92]and still be the mOst inCredible wOman in the rOOm. 也依然是全场最漂亮的女人

[16:35.80]WOw! Why Can't yOu dO that fOr yOurself? 为何你不能这样告诉自己?

[16:40.16]That afternOOn, CharlOtte faCed her fear. 当天下午 夏绿蒂面对她的恐惧

[17:44.76]l'd Kill fOr yOur breasts. 我真羡慕你的胸部

[17:57.56]Meanwhile, Samantha had spent the last half hOur faCe-dOwn, 同时,莎曼珊已经趴了半小时

[17:59.44]piCturing Kevin's faCe dOwn On her. 想像在她身上的是凯文的脸

[18:04.16]- ls this pressure OK? - Oh, yes. That is just fine. -这种力道可以吗? -可以,刚刚好

[18:11.80]Ready tO turn Over nOw?. 准备翻面了吗?

[18:11.08]l mOst Certainly am. 当然

[18:26.08]- ls this OK? - Yes. -这样可以吗? -可以

[18:30.28]- ls this OK? - Yes. -这样可以吗? -可以

[18:35.96]ls this OK? 这样可以吗?

[18:38.92]Yes. 可以

[18:49.96]SinCe they were running Out Of time, she tOOK the matter in her Own hands. 既然时间快到了 她决定先发制人

[18:57.60]ls this OK? 这样可以吗?

[18:58.60]Apparently, it wasn't. 显然不可以

[19:01.00]What Kind Of persOn dOes suCh a thing? 什么样的人会做出这种事?

[19:02.96]TO mOlest a trained prOfessiOnal while he is trying tO dO his jOb. 骚扰一个谨守本分 而且受过专业训练的按摩师

[19:08.56]Helena Rubinstein is a Civilized plaCe, fOr Civilized peOple. 赫莲娜美容中心 是给文明人光顾的文明地方

[19:15.32]l'm sOrry, l Can't allOw yOu tO COme baCK here. 很抱歉,我不能让你再回来

[19:17.08]l have tO prOteCt my staff. 我必须保护我的员工

[19:21.36]Clearly, she meant Kevin's staff. 显然,她指的是凯文

[19:22.24]This isn't my fault. 这不是我的错

[19:24.64]l KnOw that Kevin went dOwn On anOther CustOmer, 我知道凯文为另一位顾客口交

[19:29.84]and that's why l bOOKed the appOintment. 所以我才预约

[19:36.68]The fOllOwing MOnday, Samantha and l were the definitiOn Of Civilized. 次周的礼拜一 莎曼珊和我为文明下了定义

[19:39.04]We OffiCially beCame ladies whO lunCheOn. 我们正式变成高贵淑女 前去参加午餐会

[19:43.92]lt was entrapment, false advertising and blatant disCriminatiOn. 这是个圈套,不实的广告 以及公然歧视

[19:46.20]YOu Can't gO dOwn On One and nOt the Other. 你不能选择性地帮客人口交

[19:51.12]l paid gOOd mOney, expeCting tO be eaten Out. 我付了钱 期望得到应有的服务

[19:53.08]This is nOt the COnversatiOn l wish tO have as my mOst amazing self. 我费尽心思打扮 这不是我所希望的谈话内容

[19:57.24]- DO yOu see her? - NO... -你看到她了吗? -没有

[19:60.04]But l dO see Wendy Wasserstein and GlOria Steinem. 但我倒看到了温蒂瓦瑟斯坦 和葛洛莉亚史泰南

[20:04.84]- Believe me, yOu lOOK stunning. - YOu KnOw what? l believe yOu. -相信我,你美呆了 -你知道吗?我相信你

[20:09.08]HellO Mimi, Ms Carrie Bradshaw, and Ms Samantha JOnes. 嗨…米妮,凯莉布雷萧小姐 和莎曼珊琼斯小姐

[20:15.32]l'm a member, l just haven't been tO an event, ever. 我是会员 只是很少参加活动…从来没有

[20:21.32]lt's Bradshaw. 是布雷萧

[20:23.100]Here yOu are. Wear yOur name tags. 找到了,请戴上名牌

[20:29.40]Last year we had an inCident with JOyCe CarOl Oates. 去年我们和乔伊丝卡罗欧提 发生了一个不太愉快的插曲

[20:32.96]l'm nOt sure the ''HellO, my name is'' gOes with the ensemble. 我不确定直接了当的措辞 跟我这套服装是否相配

[20:37.32]HellO, my name is FabulOus. 你好,我的名字叫美女

[20:40.32]Oh, Natasha's nOt here yet. 娜塔莎还没来

[20:40.28]- Natasha's nOt COming. - What? -娜塔莎不来了 -什么?

[20:43.80]She's gOt a COld, and didn't want tO get everybOdy siCK. 她感冒了,不想传染给大家

[20:48.68]Here are yOur drinK tiCKets. 这是你们的饮料券

[20:52.100]l Can't believe that bitCh is a nO-shOw. 我不敢相信那贱人 竟然临阵脱逃

[20:56.68]l'm the One whO's siCK. Charged anOther Ouftit l Can't affOrd. 生病的是我才对 我根本买不起这身行头

[21:01.28]Maybe bOunCed a Cheque tO Charity, just tO prOve l'm amazing. 支票说不定会跳票 只为了证明我很漂亮

[21:04.16]l've never felt less sO. Let's just gO. 我从未觉得这么蠢 我们快走吧

[21:06.04]l've paid $85, we're having Our drinKs. What dO yOu feel liKe? 我付了85块,非喝到饮料不可 你想喝什么?

[21:11.64]- LOser On the rOCKs? - Give me thOse tiCKets. -失败者加冰块? -饮料券给我

[21:21.88]WhO is this and what's she dOing in my bedrOOm? 这是谁?她在我房里做什么?

[21:24.92]Virgin Mary. 圣母玛莉亚

[21:25.76]- And where's my Other thing? - What thing? -我其他的东西呢? -什么东西?

[21:30.64]YOu KnOw, the thing. DOn't maKe me say it. 你知道的,那些东西 别逼我说出口

[21:33.92]The thing yOu replaCed with this lady. 你用这名女士替换掉的东西

[21:33.36]BathrOOm, middle drawer. Next tO hairdryer. 浴室,中间抽屉,吹风机旁边

[21:39.48]NO man will marry yOu if that is by yOur bed. lt says yOu dOn't need him. 你把那些放在床边,没有男人 会娶你,那表示你不需要他

[21:43.80]What l dOn't need is anOther mOther. 我不需要的是另外一个母亲

[21:47.52]l have One in Philadelphia, and that's ClOse enOugh. 我有一个住在费城 那样的距离已经够近了

[21:51.48]l need a hOuseKeeper, whO will Clean my apartment 我需要一个管家帮我打扫房子

[21:53.68]and stOp judging beCause l'm a 34 year Old, single wOman in New YOrK. 而且不因为我是独居在纽约的 34岁单身女子批判我

[21:58.36]l drinK COffee, have sex, buy pies and enjOy battery-Operated deviCes. 我喝咖啡、有性生活、买派 而且享受电动按摩棒

[22:04.32]lf yOu Can't deal with that, l will find a hOuseKeeper whO Can. 如果你无法接受这些 我会另外找可以接受的管家

[22:14.84]l alsO head the COmmittee tO matCh mentOrs with underprivileged Children. 我也负责一个为贫困儿童 寻找良师的委员会

[22:19.24]lt'd be wOnderful if yOu'd be willing tO wOrK with Kids whO want tO write. 若你愿意指导有心写作的孩子 那就太好了

[22:22.80]l write abOut sex. 我写的是性爱

[22:25.08]ls that sOmething they'd liKe tO learn? Writing abOut blOw jObs? 他们想学这些吗?描写口交?

[22:29.44]We Can always use help in fundraising. 我们一向需要人帮忙筹款

[22:33.100]Carrie, this is Jenna. 凯莉,这位是珍纳

[22:37.12]- Hi, Jenna. - NiCe tO meet yOu. -嗨,珍纳 -很高兴认识你

[22:41.96]Jenna went tO COllege with Natasha. GO ahead, tell her what yOu tOld me. 珍纳是娜塔莎的大学同学 来,告诉她你刚才跟我说的事

[22:44.68]OK, well, Natasha lived in my dOrm, freshmen year at Tulane. 娜塔莎念图兰大学一年级时 跟我住同一间宿舍

[22:50.92]OnCe, she shOwered with a guy in the COmmunity bathrOOm. 有一次她和一个男孩子 在公共浴室内一起洗澡

[22:57.08]And... 而且…

[22:60.48]And she gained liKe ten pOunds, sOphOmOre year. 而且她大二时胖了十磅左右

[23:03.36]WOw. 哇

[23:05.44]Ten pOunds. ThanKs, Jenna. 十磅,谢谢,珍纳

[23:09.60]Merry Christmas. 圣诞快乐

[23:13.28]That's suppOsed tO maKe me feel better? 我应该觉得好过一点?

[23:13.100]Six years agO she had a weight prOblem? 就因为六年前她有体重困扰?

[23:18.16]lt's sOmething. 这样就不错了

[23:19.36]YOu had tO lOve her fOr trying. 你不得不为她的努力而爱她

[23:21.76]Samantha tried tO maKe me feel gOOd by maKing Natasha sOund bad, 莎曼珊以为说娜塔莎坏话 可以让我开心

[23:26.44]but it Only made me feel wOrse. 但那只让我觉得更难受

[23:26.28]- AnOther drinK? - AnOther One and l'll lOse my lunCh. -再喝一杯? -不,再喝午餐就要吐出来了

[23:30.40]When yOu get hOme yOu'll smile beCause she was a pOrKer in COllege. 等你回到家,你会因她大学时 是只肥猪而欣喜

[23:36.68]Ten pOunds dOes nOt a pOrKer maKe. 十磅不会让一个人变成肥猪

[23:42.32]- YOu're Samantha JOnes. - Yes. We met at Helena Rubinstein. -你就是莎曼珊琼斯 -是的,我们在赫莲娜见过

[23:46.88]Katy, Leisle, lOOK whO's here. The wOman whO gOt Kevin fired. 凯蒂、莱丝莉,看看这是谁 害凯文被开除的女人

[23:52.92]ThanKs a lOt! 谢谢了

[23:54.56]- Yeah, thanKs. - WhO's gOnna fuCK me nOw?. -是啊,谢了 -现在谁来跟我做爱?

[23:58.72]Kevin fuCKed yOu? 凯文跟你做爱?

[23:58.12]Turns Out l wasn't the Kind Of member thOse wOmen in the arts needed. 看来我不是那些从事艺术 工作者的女性所需要的会员

[24:04.60]That night, in her spOtless apartment, Miranda Knew she'd been right 当晚,在她一尘不染的公寓 米兰达知道她做对了

[24:09.96]tO taKe a stand beCause Of her night-stand. 为了她的床头柜力争到底

[24:14.20]Magda realized that single wOmen in New YOrK never maKe pies, 梅格意识到 虽然纽约的单身女子从不烤派

[24:16.72]but they sOmetimes maKe guys. 有时候她们会“做人”

[24:19.36]A few weeKs later, l gOt sOmething in the mail frOm WOmen ln The Arts. 几周后,我收到女性艺术 工作者协会寄来的一封信

[24:25.04]lt was a ''ThanK yOu fOr attending'', signed by Natasha. 是娜塔莎亲笔写的感谢函

[24:27.76]Game Over. l had tO aCCept that in life, sOme wOmen are simply better. 游戏结束了,我必须接受事实 人生中有些女人就是比较出色

[24:32.40]NO amOunt Of shOes, Or laCK Of pastry Or maKing Of pies will Change that. 买再多鞋或不吃甜食 或自己烤派都改变不了

[24:38.56]l will never be the wOman with the perfeCt hair, 我永远当不成拥有一头秀发

[24:41.68]whO Can wear white and nOt spill On it. 可以穿白色衣服而不沾上污渍

[24:44.24]And Chair COmmittees, and write thanK yOu nOtes. 担任委员会主席 写感谢函的女人

[24:46.32]And l Can't feel bad abOut that. 我不能因此不开心

[24:49.00]''SOrry l COuldn't be their.'' “抱歉我无法出席”

[24:52.28]T-H-E-l-R. THEIR (拼字错误:我不属于他们的)

[24:58.84]But l COuld feel gOOd abOut this. 但这点却让我乐不可支

[25:06.84]Miranda, it's gOOd she gOt married. The wOman's an idiOt. 米兰达,她结婚是件好事 那女人是白痴

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