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欲望都市第三季 没有任何借口No Ifs, Ands or Butts






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:35:09



[00:35.80](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:50.92]One reasOn why peOple still risK 人们无惧可能的恐怖经验 仍然冒险赴初次约会的理由

[00:51.24]the pOssible hOrrOr Of a first date,

[00:54.44]is the pOssible magiC Of the gOOd-night Kiss at the frOnt dOOr. 是期待家门前的吻别 可能会产生的那股魔力

[00:58.80]l had a great time. 我玩得很开心

[01:00.08]SO did l. 我也是

[01:02.96]The wOrld slOws dOwn fOr a seCOnd 世界的步调慢了下来

[01:06.16]as sOme peOple taKe that hOpeful lean intO a pOssible future tOgether. 当有些人满怀希望地往前倾向 彼此未来发展的可能

[01:22.92]All arOund my mOuth. 围绕着我的嘴巴

[01:25.04]HOw dO yOu thinK l felt? 你们觉得我作何感想? 他用舌头舔我的牙齿

[01:27.08]His tOngue liCKed my teeth.

[01:29.20]Did he wanna fuCK yOu Or flOss yOu? 他想跟你上床还是帮你剔牙?

[01:33.08]Bad Kissers are the wOrst. 吻技差劲的人最糟糕

[01:35.88]The wOrst. The tOp Of the wOrst. 没错,糟糕透顶

[01:37.96]He has sweet lips. l thOught he'd be a gOOd Kisser. 他的嘴唇很柔软 我还以为他吻技高明

[01:39.76]YOu Can never tell. They lOOK nOrmal. 这很难说 那种人外表看起来很正常

[01:44.60]Until their pOinty tOngue darts in and Out. 直到他们尖尖的舌头 突然开始进攻

[01:47.60]POinty tOngue, the wOrst Of the wOrst. 尖尖的舌头,糟糕到极点

[01:48.40]The wOrst is when they expeCt yOu 最糟的是他们还指望你吸吮

[01:52.16]tO dO the wOrK. 他们的舌头像蛤蜊一样 动也不动搁在你嘴里

[01:52.56]Their tOngue lays in yOur mOuth

[01:54.96]liKe a Clam.

[01:57.76]Clam-mOuth. That's the wOrst. 蛤蜊嘴,这才是最糟糕的

[02:01.24]l'd say, ''Get it Out, put it in a Cab and taKe its lazy ass hOme.'' 我说“抽出来,快搭计程车 拖着懒散的屁股回家吧”

[02:04.08]- YOu'd dump a guy fOr a bad Kiss? - YOu have tO. -你因为一个吻就甩了他? -你非这么做不可

[02:07.88]lf their tOngue just lays there, what is their diCK gOnna dO? 如果他们连舌头都懒得动 命根子又会有什么作为?

[02:11.24]POint taKen. 有道理

[02:11.12]Maybe we Can wOrK On it. 也许我们可以一起努力 熟能生巧

[02:13.92]A bad Kisser is a nOn-negOtiable. 甩了他吧 吻技差的人没有商量余地

[02:17.32]l'm nOt dumping Brad beCause Of that. 我才不会只因为这件事 就甩了布莱德

[02:21.92]Then Change his name 那就帮他从布莱德 改名为烂吻技

[02:23.00]frOm Brad tO Bad.

[02:26.64]l liKe him. Well, l did until... 我真的喜欢他…直到…

[02:27.88]Until his tOngue was in yOur stOmaCh? 直到他的舌头伸到你的胃?

[02:30.72]Can yOu ladies hOld it dOwn? This is a respeCtable restaurant. 请各位小姐克制一点好吗? 这是一间高尚的餐厅

[02:35.40]Adeena Williams was my newspaper's fOrmer fOOd editOr. 艾迪娜威廉斯 是报社前任的美食编辑

[02:38.80]And the Chef and Owner Of FusiOn, 以及“融合”的主厨兼老板

[02:42.16]whOse speCialty was a mingling Of trendy fOOd with sOul fOOd. 一家结合流行美食 和黑人传统食物的餐厅

[02:46.72]Martha Stewart meets Puff Daddy On a plate. 好比玛莎史都华和吹牛老爹 在盘中的相遇

[02:47.24]POaChed salmOn with OKra... 你们觉得水煮鲑鱼加上秋葵…

[02:50.40]Heaven. 美味极品

[02:53.32]This time next year, OKra will be sO fashiOnable. 相信我,明年的这个时候 秋葵将成为新潮流

[02:59.28]We are leaving. COme and say gOOdbye. 小妹,我们要走了 过来道别吧

[03:02.44]This is my brOther, whO brings me tOns Of musiC industry business. 这位是我成功的老哥,他为我 带来非常多音乐界人士的生意

[03:09.72]l gOtta gO, but l'm sending dessert. 我得走了,我会送上甜点

[03:11.28]- NO. - PeCan and praline pie. -不用客气 -胡桃杏仁派

[03:15.00]Yes! 太好了

[03:17.16]Didn't we meet at the COlumbia ReCOrds party fOr Jennifer LOpez? 我们在哥伦比亚唱片为 珍妮佛洛佩兹办的派对见过?

[03:19.56]l dOn't thinK sO. My PR firm handled it. l'm sure l'd have remembered yOu. 我想没有,若是由我的 公关公司负责,我一定记得你

[03:24.68]l guess l just saw yOu. ChivOn Williams, l used tO rep fOr... 我猜我只是见过你 奇佛威廉斯,曾经代表…

[03:29.00]TOmmy BOy ReCOrds. l remember frOm the guest list. 汤米男孩唱片公司 我记得宾客名单上有你

[03:31.68]- YOu're gOOd. - Samantha JOnes, if yOu need me... -你真厉害 -莎曼珊琼斯


[03:36.72]fOr a party.

[03:43.20]Ladies, l apOlOgize fOr interrupting. Have a pleasant evening. 各位,很抱歉打断你们用餐 祝你们有个愉快的夜晚

[03:49.04]COuld he any be Cuter? 他真是帅呆了

[03:51.32]GOtta lOve a fella whO lOves jewellery. 一定要爱喜欢珠宝的男人

[03:55.04]That is One fine-lOOKing man. l'd liKe sOme Of that. 那家伙真好看 我也想为自己找一个

[03:59.04]- DOn't talK liKe that. - LiKe what? -别那样说话 -哪样?

[04:01.08]Relax with the liberal reaCtiOn. That's nOt blaCK talK. lt's sex talK. 轻松看待直觉的反应 不是针对黑人而是性爱的讨论

[04:08.48]First Of all, it isn't blaCK talK. lt's AfriCan-AmeriCan talK. 首先,不是黑人 而是非裔美国人

[04:13.52]YOu shOuldn't be talKing liKe that. lt's rude and pOlitiCally inCOrreCt. 你不应该那样说话 这既无礼又不合时宜

[04:15.72]Samantha is rude and pOlitiCally inCOrreCt. 莎曼珊本来就无礼又不合时宜

[04:20.96]- She's an equal OppOrtunity Offender. - PreCisely. -她反对机会均等原则 -没错

[04:21.08]l dOn't see COlOr. l see COnquests. 我不看肤色,我看战利品

[04:25.92]TalK abOut affirmative aCtiOn. 你指的是积极行动

[04:30.20]The next day l had just settled dOwn with a Cup Of fresh COffee 隔天早上,我才刚坐下来 享用一杯新鲜咖啡

[04:36.20]and a COffee table full Of fashiOn magazines, when... 以及满桌的时装杂志…

[04:38.24]- WhO is it? - Mr Right. -是谁? -真命天子

[04:40.84]Have yOu seen ''The New YOrK Times'' style seCtiOn? 你看了纽约时报的流行版吗?

[04:43.96]l Can't handle hard news befOre nOOn. 你知道我中午之前 无法消化硬性新闻

[04:47.32]There's a beautiful man dOwntOwn, selling furniture. We're gOing. 城里有个卖家具的帅哥 我们去看看

[04:51.88]l gOt a whOle afternOOn planned with Australian ''VOgue''. 我整个下午都得研究 澳洲版的“时尚”杂志

[04:53.48]l'm nOt gOnna drOp everything tO gO tO see sOme Cute guy. 我才不要抛下一切去看帅哥

[04:57.52]- He's straight. - l'll get my purse. -他不是同性恋 -我去拿皮包

[04:60.84]PeOple with nOthing better tO dO than Ogle sOme Craftsman. PathetiC. 这些人没别的事做,全跑来 对某个工匠抛媚眼,真可悲

[05:04.68]LOOK at this plaCe. NOthing but baguettes and faggOts. 看看这地方 全都是长方形桌子和男同性恋

[05:13.68]lf yOu see anything yOu liKe, say yOu're a designer. YOu get a disCOunt. 如果看到喜欢的东西 就说你是设计师,可以打折

[05:19.12]- l gOt $50 Off my end table. - YOu're a Classy guy. -我的茶几就是这样省了50块 -你真聪明

[05:27.96]His name was Aidan Shaw. 他的名字叫艾登萧

[05:27.76]He was warm, masCuline and ClassiC AmeriCan. LiKe his furniture. 他待人热诚、充满男子气概 典型美国气质,就像他的家具

[05:32.64]The dOg is OverKill. 那只狗具有过度的杀伤力

[05:35.20]- GO get him. - ExCuse me? -去迷倒他吧 -你说什么?

[05:37.28]He's perfeCt fOr yOu. l'll visit yOu and the Kids at yOur Cabin up state. 他非常适合你,我会去 你的郊区小屋拜访你和孩子

[05:42.48]We're staring. LOOK away. 别盯着看,把目光移开

[05:44.04]His name was Marty MendlesOn. 他的名字叫马提曼德森

[05:46.56]He was warm, stylish and ClassiC gay. LiKe his Ouftit. 他热情、时髦 典型的同性恋,就像他的服装

[05:50.96]He's a designer. And single. 他是个设计师,而且单身

[05:54.84]GO get him. l'll COme visit yOu in yOur Cabin up state. 去迷倒他吧,我会去 你的郊区小屋拜访你和布样

[06:02.24]Hey, dOggie. Hi. 狗狗

[06:12.32]Bad dOggie. DOwn. 不乖的狗狗,下去

[06:17.48]Pete, there yOu gO. 皮特,去吧

[06:20.44]YOu shOuld get him a Chew tOy. 你该给它一个咀嚼的玩具

[06:23.04]TO his Credit, he piCKs the best-lOOKing ladies. 它的确值得赞扬 它一向挑最漂亮的小姐

[06:26.32]YOu Can't imagine hOw flattered l am. 你无法想像我有多荣幸

[06:30.48]- l'm Aidan. - l'm humiliated. -我是艾登 -我被羞辱了

[06:31.08]l shOuldn't let him run lOOse in the stOre. 我不该让它在店里乱跑

[06:34.76]This is yOur stOre? l had nO idea. 这是你的店?我不知道

[06:39.32]When l heard the lie COme Out Of my mOuth, l Knew l was interested. 当我听见这谎言脱口而出时 我知道我对他有点感兴趣了

[06:49.60]- This is a beautiful Chair. - This is my favOrite pieCe. -这椅子好美 -这是我最喜欢的作品

[06:52.28]YOu say that abOut every pieCe, right? 你每一件都这么说对吧?

[06:55.68]NOt really. This leather is abOut 100 years Old. 并非如此 这皮革有100年历史

[06:59.92]l stripped it Off an Old railrOad Car seat. Feel this. 我从一张老旧的火车座椅上 拆下来的,摸摸看

[07:09.16]- SOft? - l'll taKe it. -软不软? -我要了

[07:11.36]l wasn't really in the marKet fOr a leather Chair. 我不是真的想买一张皮椅

[07:15.56]But l had tO have whatever it was l just felt. 但我得拥有我刚感觉到的一切

[07:18.92]l'm a designer. Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie Bradshaw Designs. 我是个设计师,凯莉布雷萧 凯莉布雷萧设计公司

[07:26.36]Let's see. With the designer disCOunt and dOg humiliatiOn faCtOr... 我看看,设计师折扣 加上狗狗的羞辱…

[07:35.00]HOw's that? 这价钱如何?

[07:36.48]- HOw sOOn Can it be delivered? - End Of the weeK. -多快可以送到? -周末

[07:40.48]ln New YOrK City retail lingO, that meant ''l liKe yOu tOO''. 在纽约的零售界隐语中 那表示“我也喜欢你”

[07:46.92]Where dO yOu want it delivered and Can l taKe yOu Out fOr dinner? 你想送到哪里 还有我可以请你吃晚餐吗?

[07:52.08]Will yOu KnOCK anOther $10 Off? 你愿意再便宜十块钱吗?

[07:54.00]The dOg humping aside, it was One Of thOse perfeCt New YOrK Saturdays. 如果撇开被狗攻击的事 今天是纽约最完美的周六之一

[07:60.16]l'm baCK! 我回来了

[08:00.56]At Miranda's, Steve was having an even better Saturday. 在米兰达家 史蒂夫的星期六更棒

[08:05.24]- Guess what happened? lt's sO great! - What? -你猜发生什么事?棒呆了 -什么事?

[08:07.60]YOu KnOw at the KniCKs game, 你知道尼克队比赛时

[08:10.40]sOmebOdy maKes a half-COurt shOt fOr a milliOn dOllars? 从中线投篮,进的话 可以赢得一百万?

[08:14.36]- Kind Of, but gO ahead. - Next Tuesday, it's me. -好像听过,然后呢? -下周二我有机会

[08:20.72]They piCKed my name frOm the COntest l entered at Sam GOOdies. 他们从我在山姆古迪店里 参加的比赛选中我

[08:23.52]Great! 棒透了

[08:24.44]lt's nOt great. A milliOn dOllars. lt's fuCKing great. 不是棒透了,一百万 是他妈的棒透了

[08:31.04]lt is fuCKing great. 对,他妈的棒透了

[08:33.84]But dOn't get yOur hOpes up. lt's a tOugh shOt, isn't it? 但别抱太大希望 这并不容易,对吗?

[08:37.44]FOr Other guys, but they dOn't have my mOves. 对其他人来说是如此 但他们不知道我的实力

[08:45.28]The prOblem is yOu dOn't KnOw hOw gOOd l am. 问题是你不知道我有多厉害

[08:46.20]DOn't let these legs fOOl yOu. l'm great. 别被这双腿骗了,我很棒

[08:50.08]l liKe yOur little legs. 我喜欢你的短腿

[08:52.24]Let's gO tO the playgrOund. l'll shOw yOu. 我们去篮球场,我表演给你看

[08:56.04]NO, please. l believe yOu. YOu've gOt the mOves. 不用了,拜托,我相信你 你一定行

[08:58.60]l dOn't want nO Charity. Seeing is believing. 我不想要施舍,眼见为凭

[09:03.60]Next weeK, COme tO the playgrOund and watCh me shOOt. PrOmise? 下个礼拜六来球场看我射篮 你保证?

[09:05.44]PrOmise? 你保证?

[09:11.16]- That's Ralph Lauren paint. - l'll buy yOu mOre. l'm a milliOnaire. -那是洛夫罗伦的油漆 -我再买给你,我是百万富翁

[09:19.52]l have a Crush. 我迷恋一个人

[09:20.28]- Yeah? - Yeah. -真的吗? -真的

[09:22.56]YOu haven't had a Crush in a while. NOt sinCe Big. 你好久没有迷恋的对象了 自从大人物之后

[09:25.92]Big wasn't a Crush, he was a Crash. 大人物不是迷恋,他是毁灭

[09:34.20]His name is Aidan. And l believe him tO be very Cute. 他叫做艾登,我认为他非常帅

[09:39.60]SO Cute, l bOught a Chair l COuldn't affOrd just beCause he made it. 帅到我买了一张负担 不起的椅子,只因为是他做的

[09:43.84]Did he asK yOu Out? 他有约你出去吗?

[09:44.44]SO the Chair is a write-Off. 那椅子的帐就一笔勾销了

[09:48.20]l haven't had a Crush sinCe Sean Cassidy. 自从尚恩凯西迪后 我就不曾迷恋过任何人

[09:51.60]NO way. 不会吧

[09:53.28]At this age l'd have tO say l'm Crush-prOOf. 到了这个年纪 我得说我对迷恋免疫了

[09:56.48]What abOut Steve? 那史蒂夫呢?

[09:58.88]l fOrgOt abOut my bOyfriend. ls that nOrmal? 我忘了我男朋友 这情况正常吗?

[10:03.12]YOu're asKing me? 你问我?

[10:04.60]Steve thinKs he's gOnna win a milliOn dOllars. 史蒂夫认为他将赢得一百万元

[10:06.92]- YOu tOld me. - l have tO repeat it until l believe it. -你跟我说过 -我必须重复到我相信为止

[10:10.16]lt's tOtally illOgiCal and he wants me tO be suppOrtive. 这完全不合逻辑 而他却要我支持他

[10:14.88]lt's a half-COurt shOt. There are KniCKs whO Can't maKe it. 这是半场投篮 连尼克队球员都办不到

[10:18.84]l wOuld suppOrt a real dream, liKe Opening his Own bar. This is silly. 如果是真实的梦想我会支持他 譬如自己开酒吧,但这好愚蠢

[10:26.76]lsn't that what yOu COuples dO, suppOrt eaCh Other's silly dreams? 情侣不是都会支持 彼此愚蠢的梦想吗?

[10:29.08]YOu're asKing me? 你问我?

[10:34.56]That weeK, ChivOn invited Samantha tO gO uptOwn 几天后,奇佛邀莎曼珊去上城

[10:38.24]and hear an artist he was thinKing Of signing. 听一个他考虑签下的艺人演唱

[10:39.68]BaCK in the line, mOtherfuCKer. 去后面排队,贱人

[10:50.56]AlthOugh Samantha had been in the Club sCene fOr years, 虽然莎曼珊已经在俱乐部 打滚好几年

[10:54.52]she'd never been asKed tO spread withOut being Offered a COCKtail. 这还是第一次没喝鸡尾酒 她就必须张开四肢

[11:04.04]This is DJ Oldman. 这位是DJ欧德曼

[11:06.04]ln a matter Of minutes, Samantha felt at hOme in ChivOn's wOrld. 几分钟后,莎曼珊在奇佛的 圈子里感到如鱼得水

[11:11.92]Hi, guys. l'm Samantha. 各位,我是莎曼珊

[11:15.68]ln a matter Of hOurs, ChivOn was at hOme in Samantha's hOme. 几个钟头后 奇佛在莎曼珊的家也如鱼得水

[11:18.96]DO yOu liKe this grOOve? lt's the new Kid. 你喜欢这首歌吗? 是个新人的作品

[11:24.36]lt's sO sOft. l thOught all rap had a harder edge. 听起来很舒服 我以为饶舌音乐调子比较硬

[11:27.44]They Can be hard Or sOft, liKe yOu. 软硬皆可,就像你

[11:33.00]YOu have sO muCh attitude up frOnt. 平常的你如此强悍有主见

[11:34.88]LOOK at yOu nOw. SOft, sweet... 看看现在的你,温柔、甜美…

[11:41.16]Sweet, me? 甜美?我?

[11:42.12]WhO dO yOu thinK yOu're fOOling? 你想唬谁?

[11:49.40]l dOn't usually sleep with men whO have niCer aCCessOries than me. 通常我不跟 饰物比我好看的男人上床

[11:55.36]Where did yOu get these fabulOus earrings? 你从哪里买到 这对漂亮的耳环?

[11:60.00]Tiffany. 蒂芙尼

[11:59.84]Where else? 还有呢?

[12:03.48]l hOpe yOu Can sleep in a little. 我希望你能睡一会儿

[12:07.68]Sleep? 睡?

[12:11.36]Samantha rarely asKed a man tO stay Over, 莎曼珊很少留男人过夜

[12:13.84]but she COuldn't resist having breaKfast with his Tiffanies. 但她抗拒不了 和他的蒂芙尼首饰一起吃早餐

[12:17.92]One reasOn sOme peOple still risK the pOssible hOrrOr Of a first date, 人们无惧可能的恐怖经验 仍然冒险赴初次约会的理由

[12:24.36]is the pOssible magiC Of the gOOd-night Kiss at the frOnt dOOr. 是期待家门前的吻别 可能会产生的那股魔力

[12:26.16]My dOg is Obsessed with yOu. 我的狗迷上你了

[12:31.92]He Kept me up talKing all night. ''Her leg, man.'' 它吵得我整晚没睡 不停说“她的美腿,老兄”

[12:36.60]l had tO say, ''Pete, let her gO. lt's Over.'' 我必须说 “皮特,让她走吧,结束了”

[12:45.84]l have a COnfessiOn tO maKe... 我要坦白一件事

[12:48.00]l'm nOt a designer. l'm a writer. 我不是设计师,我是个作家

[12:55.72]What was that? FiCtiOn? 写什么?小说?

[12:56.16]l wanted the disCOunt. lt's shameful, but true. 我好想要折扣 这很可耻,但却是事实

[13:04.92]But dOn't wOrry, l Only lie abOut furniture, nOthing else. 不过别担心 我只有买家具时说谎,没别的

[13:10.20]Are yOu upset? 你生气了吗?

[13:12.88]YOu smOKe? 你抽烟?

[13:18.04]Just a little. 只抽一点点

[13:18.52]When the lie Came Out Of my mOuth, l realised hOw muCh l liKed him. 当我听见这谎言脱口而出时 我意识到自己多么喜欢他

[13:24.52]lf it bOthers yOu, l'll just... 如果你不喜欢,我就…

[13:30.48]l had a great time. 我玩得很开心

[13:44.28]- l Can taste that Cigarette. - l'm sOrry, l have an AltOid. -我闻得到烟味 -对不起,我有薄荷糖

[13:50.48]l thinK yOu're... 我想你…

[13:52.48]l tOtally get it. l have a mint here. They are CuriOusly strOng. 我完全了解,我有薄荷糖 它们味道出奇地浓

[13:59.92]- Can yOu just hOld that? - Sure. -帮我拿一下好吗? -好

[14:01.56]l dOn't wanna be a jerK, but l Can't date a smOKer. 我不想惹人讨厌 但我不能和抽烟的人交往

[14:11.84]SO... Really? 那么…真的吗?

[14:18.68]lt's a thing l have. 这是我的原则

[14:18.20]l COuldn't believe what my Crush was saying. l was Crushed. 我不敢相信我的迷恋对象 所说的话,我出局了

[14:24.48]Later that night, l wOndered... 夜深人静时,我纳闷着… 分手何时变得这么容易?

[14:27.84]When did dating beCOme sO dump-friendly?

[14:30.20]What happened tO the time when a bad Kiss Or a Cigarette 当差劲的吻技、抽烟 或愚蠢的梦想

[14:32.08]Or a ridiCulOus dream was part Of a persOn's pOrtfOliO? 成为判定一个人的标准时 会怎么样?

[14:37.20]ln tOday's dating marKet, is it wise tO liquidate Certain stOCKs, 在今日的约会市场里 当某些股票的表现不如预期

[14:40.28]the first sign they might nOt perfOrm as well as expeCted? 将它们出售套现是否明智?

[14:42.04]Or are there things One shOuld try and negOtiate? 或者对有些事应该尝试协商?

[14:45.72]ln relatiOnships, what are the ''deal breaKers''? 在感情中 什么是交易破坏者?

[14:50.48]l thinK it's really sexy when yOu lightly tOuCh yOur lips tO mine. 我觉得当你的嘴唇轻轻碰触 我的嘴唇时非常性感

[14:56.36]Never One tO trade a stOCK befOre it had matured, 在一张股票到期以前 绝不进行买卖

[14:60.32]a determined and patient CharlOtte tried tO teaCh Bad hOw tO Kiss gOOd. 意志坚定且有耐心的夏绿蒂 决定教“烂吻技”怎么亲得好

[15:03.20]YOu liKe that? 你喜欢那样?

[15:08.08]And l liKe it when yOu slOwly Open yOur mOuth... 我喜欢你慢慢张开嘴

[15:12.60]and just tiCKle my lips with the tip Of yOur tOngue. 然后用你的舌尖轻点我的嘴唇

[15:22.28]YOu liKe that? 你喜欢那样?

[15:27.96]With just a little negOtiating, Brad's stOCK suddenly began tO rise. 只凭着一点商议 布莱德的股价突然开始上涨

[15:41.48]StOp it! 停下来

[15:41.88]YOu're suCKing tOO hard. And my mOuth is up here. 你吸得太用力了 还有,我的嘴巴在这里

[15:47.24]- ls there a prOblem? - l Can't dO this. YOu're a bad Kisser. -有问题吗? -我办不到,你吻技很差劲

[15:51.60]lt's my thing. 这是我的风格

[15:56.32]Where are yOu gOing? 你要去哪里?

[15:58.48]DOwntOwn at Marty MendlesOn's, 在马提曼德森位于下城的家中

[16:02.76]Others were experienCing a muCh mOre suCCessful first Kiss. 另一对的初吻经验美好得多

[16:07.04]Let's mOve it tO the bedrOOm. 我们去卧室吧

[16:19.36]These are my dOlls. l've been COlleCting them fOr years. 这些是我的娃娃 我已经收集了好多年

[16:24.32]l had nO idea. 我都不晓得

[16:28.92]This...is the Queen Of Siam. 这个…是暹罗皇后

[16:32.56]She's my favOrite. 她是我的最爱

[16:33.100]Bisque China faCe. She's a real COlleCtOr's item. 陶瓷的脸孔 可以算是收藏家追逐的目标

[16:40.32]And this...is Mary, Queen Of SCOts. 而这是…苏格兰玛莉皇后

[16:49.20]- Are they all queens? - The Ones frOm Madame Alexander's. -她们都是皇后吗? -“亚历山大夫人”卖的才是

[16:53.68]Help me Clear the bed? 帮我收拾床铺

[17:02.32]NO, the SOuthern Belle sits On the table. 不,南方佳人放在桌子上

[17:08.88]Was StanfOrd enOugh Of a queen tO sleep with One whO COlleCted queens? 他不知道自己有没有能耐


[17:13.72]UptOwn at FusiOn, Samantha felt a bit liKe a queen herself. 在上城的“融合”餐厅 莎曼珊觉得自己像个皇后

[17:17.72]Did l tell yOu hOw beautiful yOu lOOK tOnight? 我跟你说过 今晚你有多漂亮吗?

[17:20.40]ThanK yOu. 谢谢

[17:25.76]What's up, genius? 什么事,天才?

[17:26.24]Genius' Over-tired ass is dragging all Over this restaurant. 天才拖着过度疲倦的屁股 在餐厅四处走动

[17:31.44]Aunt AliCe and her friends are leaving, if yOu want tO pay yOur respeCts. 爱丽丝姨妈和她的朋友要走了 你去打声招呼吧

[17:37.92]FavOrite aunt. l'll intrOduCe yOu. 是我最喜欢的姨妈 我帮你介绍

[17:37.100]Aunt AliCe is Out Of the dOOr already. YOu gO and l'll talK with Samantha. 爱丽丝姨妈已经在门外了 你快去,我陪莎曼珊聊天

[17:52.88]HOw is everything? 一切都好吗?

[17:54.88]ChivOn is right, yOu are a genius. 奇佛说得对,你是个天才

[17:57.88]ThanK yOu. 谢谢

[17:60.28]A nOn-fOOd related questiOn. What's gOing On between yOu and ChivOn? 我有个和食物无关的问题 你跟我哥是怎么回事?

[18:04.92]- What dO yOu mean? - YOu've been in here three times. -什么意思? -你们一起出现两、三次了

[18:07.60]Well, we're dating. Why? 我们在约会,怎么了?

[18:12.52]YOu're nOt just fuCKing? 你们不只是上床?

[18:14.40]NOt that's any Of yOur business, but nO, we're nOt just fuCKing. 虽然这不干你的事 但没错,我们不只是上床

[18:18.56]We aCtually really liKe eaCh Other. 事实上,我们互相喜欢

[18:22.92]l dOn't want yOu seeing my brOther. 我不希望你和我哥交往

[18:25.12]- ExCuse me? - l dOn't apprOve. -你说什么? -我不准

[18:27.60]- YOu dOn't KnOw me... - Let's nOt get persOnal. -你又不认识我… -这和你个人无关

[18:30.60]l'm sure yOu're a niCe persOn, but yOu're white. 我确信你是个好人 但你是白人

[18:35.16]l have a prOblem with my brOther getting seriOus with a white wOman. 我不赞成我哥和白种女人 认真谈感情

[18:40.64]TO Adeena, Samantha's sKin was a nOn-negOtiable. 对艾迪娜来说 莎曼珊的肤色没有商量余地

[18:42.80]- HOw Can yOu say that? - That's hOw l feel. -你怎么可以这么说? -那是我的感受

[18:47.56]l'm never gOing tO apprOve and my apprOval means a lOt tO my brOther. 我绝对不会答应 而我的同意对我哥很重要

[18:50.96]Just save us the time and trOuble and get Out befOre anybOdy gets hurt. 你何不替大家省下时间和麻烦


[19:00.00]l'll send Over sOme Mississippi mud pie. 我会送上密西西比冰淇淋派

[19:06.48]The Only plaCe Adeena was interested in fusiOn was On a plate. 莎曼珊总算明白艾迪娜 只对盘子上的融合感兴趣

[19:10.32]- She Can't dis me just COs l'm white. - Please tell me yOu didn't say dis. 说到不合时宜 她不能因为我是白人就看轻我

[19:15.88]Maybe yOu shOuld stOp seeing him. RaCe is a big issue. 或许你该停止和他见面 种族是个很大的问题

[19:20.36]There is nO reasOn tO bring raCe intO this. 根本没理由把种族扯进来

[19:23.68]ChivOn is a sweet man. We have great sex. 奇佛是很温柔的男人,我们有 很棒的性爱,他碰巧有最…

[19:24.08]He happens tO have the biggest...

[19:28.84]BlaCK COCK. We KnOw he has a big blaCK COCK. 最大最黑的命根子 我们知道他的命根子又大又黑

[19:29.52]l was abOut tO say the biggest heart. 我要说的是最宽容的心

[19:34.72]But, yes, he dOes have a big blaCK COCK. 不过,没错,他的命根子 的确又大又黑

[19:37.36]lt's big AfriCan-AmeriCan COCK. 是巨大的非裔美籍命根子

[19:40.08]- DOn't maKe fun Of me. My Chin hurts. - What happened? -别取笑我,我的下巴很痛 -怎么回事?

[19:42.24]He raped my faCe. l'm never seeing him again. 他强暴了我的脸 我要跟他断绝往来

[19:46.92]TO CharlOtte, a blaCK and blue Chin was a deal breaKer. 对夏绿蒂来说 瘀青的下巴是交易破坏者

[19:47.72]l'm nOt baCKing dOwn tO her. That's nOt whO l am. 我不会向她屈服 这不是我的作风

[19:52.88]She shOuldn't saCrifiCe whO she is beCause sOmebOdy has a prOblem. 她不该因为别人的看法 而牺牲自我

[19:57.88]LiKe me and smOKing. TOO bad Aidan had a prOblem with it. 就像我和抽烟的事 很不幸艾登对此有意见

[20:02.96]But yOu have tO aCCept peOple fOr whO they are. 但你必须接受别人真实的自我

[20:04.52]- YOu ChOOse Cigarettes Over a guy? - He's nOt that Cute. -你选择香烟而放弃帅哥? -他并没有那么帅

[20:06.00]YOu bOught furniture, he was sO Cute. 你买家具的时候他还很帅

[20:09.36]FOr him tO dump me Over a little thing liKe smOKing. 他却为了抽烟这种小事甩了我

[20:12.88]SmOKing is nOt a little thing. lt's dirty and yOu're Killing yOurself. 抽烟不是小事,而是可怕的 坏习惯,你等于在自杀

[20:16.72]We hate it. We put up with it COs we lOve yOu. YOu have a reasOn tO quit. 我们痛恨你抽烟,忍受是因为 我们爱你,现在你有理由戒了

[20:23.68]- l dOn't liKe being ganged up On. - WhO's ganging up On yOu? -我不喜欢被联合起来对付 -谁联合起来对付你了?

[20:26.88]SmOKing is a part Of whO l am. 抽烟是我个性的一部分 我不会因某个帅哥叫我戒就戒

[20:29.28]l'll quit when l want tO, nOt COs a Cute guy tOld me tO.

[20:33.56]- Right, Samantha? - NO. -对不对,莎曼珊? -不对,亲爱的

[20:36.24]Fighting fOr ChivOn is One thing. HOlding On tO Cigarettes is just waCK. 争取奇佛是一回事 坚持抽烟实在是疯了

[20:42.00]Tell me she didn't say ''waCK''. 告诉我她没说“疯了”

[20:44.80]lt's all tOtal bullshit. 那全是屁话

[20:45.04]What is wrOng with Cigarettes? 香烟有什么不好?

[20:48.64]NOthing, they're fabulOus. 没有,它们棒呆了

[20:52.36]lt's nOt liKe yOu have a hideOus dOll-COlleCtiOn. 又不像收藏大批娃娃

[20:53.84]YOu thinK that's an OverreaCtiOn tO a repressed ChildhOOd? 你认为那是对童年受压抑的 过度反应吗?

[20:59.12]WhO Cares? lt's freaKy. 谁在乎?那怪异得要命

[20:60.68]l COuld OverlOOK his reCeding hair. But the dOllies? NO. 我愿意忽视他日渐退后的发线 但是娃娃的癖好绝对不行

[21:06.52]SO, it's ''GOOdbye, DOlly''? 这么说是“再见了,娃娃”?

[21:11.44]lt's tOO bad. l Kind Of liKed him. 真可惜,我蛮喜欢他的

[21:14.68]Well, Stannie, if l may Call yOu that. Maybe yOu shOuld reCOnsider? 史丹尼,如果我可以这么叫你 也许你应该重新考虑

[21:20.20]When was the last time sOmeOne yOu had a Crush On asKed yOu Out? 上一次你迷恋的对象约你出去 是什么时候的事?

[21:22.56]YOu're nO One tO talK, Miss MarlbOrO Lights. 你不适合谈心事 万宝路淡烟小姐

[21:25.04]YOu're right. l am nO One tO talK. 没错,我不适合谈心事

[21:30.12]Maybe l COuld quit, just a little. Till l see what's up. 也许我可以戒烟,少抽一点 直到我把情况弄清楚

[21:36.56]- Et tu? - Fine. -你呢? -好

[21:40.44]l Can't see myself getting exCited 我实在高兴不起来

[21:40.64]beCause my bOyfriend's three-fOOt Lady Di dOll is arriving frOm QVC. 因为我男友三英尺高的 黛妃娃娃刚刚寄到

[21:49.52]Let's gO. Time tO gO shOOt hOOps. 我们走吧,该去投篮了

[21:53.08]- l Can't. l gOt behind On this file. - NO, yOu dOn't. YOu prOmised. -我不能去,我进度落后了 -不行,你答应过的

[21:57.24]This has tO be ready MOnday. l dOn't have time tO watCh yOu shOOt hOOps. 这份文件礼拜一要准备好 我没时间去看你投篮

[22:02.28]l asK yOu tO dO One thing fOr me and yOu Can't. What is that? 我要求你为我做一件事 你却办不到,他妈的搞什么?

[22:07.80]What's with the attitude? 那是什么态度?

[22:09.28]YOu KnOw hOw many times l dO what yOu want? 你知道我取悦了你多少次?

[22:13.92]Why are yOu getting sO upset? lt's just a stupid shOt. 你干嘛这么生气? 只不过是愚蠢的投篮而已

[22:15.80]NOt tO me it's nOt. 对我而言不是

[22:21.48]Why are yOu always pessimistiC? ''YOu Can't maKe that shOt.'' 你为什么总是这么悲观? “你一定投不中的”

[22:24.56]Steve, COme On. 史蒂夫,拜托

[22:27.76]lt's nOt just the shOt. lt's everything. ''We Can't mOve in tOgether.'' 不只是投篮,是所有的事 “我们不能同居”

[22:30.32]lf this is ever gOnna wOrK, l need yOu tO believe in us. 如果希望继续走下去 我需要你对我们有信心

[22:35.08]l need yOu tO believe in me, even if yOu thinK it's fuCKing stupid. 我需要你对我有信心 即使你认为这很愚蠢

[22:53.84]All right, hOt shOt. ShOw me what yOu gOt. 好了,神射手 秀一下你的实力吧

[23:03.16]NiCe legs! Very niCe! 小腿肌肉很有力,非常好

[23:08.12]This is fOr the big mOney! 这是为了一百万

[23:21.32]Steve never did win the big mOney at MadisOn Square Garden. 史蒂夫从未在麦迪逊广场公园 赢得大奖

[23:22.92]But having Miranda shOw up, made him feel liKe a milliOn buCKs. 但米兰达的出现让他乐翻天

[23:26.12]YOu were rObbed! 你真逊

[23:29.60]- DO Over! - OK. -再一次 -好

[23:39.84]- DOn't get any ideas. - Pete. Let's gO. -别想乱来 -皮特,去玩吧

[23:46.36]This isn't fair. He was just starting tO get Over yOu. 这不公平 它才正开始要忘了你

[23:52.08]SinCe yOu negOtiated suCh a gOOd priCe fOr me On the Chair, 既然那张椅子 你肯给我这么好的价钱

[23:56.52]maybe l Can negOtiate a little deal fOr yOu On the smOKing. 也许我可以为了你 在抽烟的事上做一个协议

[24:03.72]What Kind Of deal? 什么样的协议?

[24:03.16]l've been thinKing abOut quitting anyway. Why nOt nOw?. 反正我一直都在考虑戒烟 何不趁现在?

[24:10.04]NO Cigarettes. 没有香烟

[24:13.44]Can yOu dO that? 你做得到吗?

[24:15.32]Maybe yOu thinK l'm mOre Of a smOKer than l am. 或许你认为我的烟瘾很大

[24:19.68]l Only have liKe a Cigarette with COCKtails. 其实我只在喝鸡尾酒时来一根

[24:24.48]l'm dOne here. DO yOu wanna get sOme COffee? 我的工作完成了 你想喝杯咖啡吗?

[24:26.84]The seCOnd he said COffee, l Knew l wanted a Cigarette. 听见他说“咖啡”的那一刻 我就知道我想抽烟

[24:31.24]l'd lOve it. 我很乐意

[24:34.08]lt was One Of thOse dates when yOu have sO muCh tO say 这就像那种 因为有太多话要说的约会

[24:37.56]that COffee turns intO a mOvie, a mOvie intO a lOng walK 于是从咖啡延伸到电影 然后是漫长的散步

[24:39.84]and a lOng walK turns intO the beginning Of COld turKey rehab. 再变成冷火鸡戒烟法的 初步疗程

[24:43.84]WOuld yOu liKe tO eat sOme dinner? 你想吃晚餐吗?

[24:48.92]l was COmpletely ready tO trade in my Crush... 我已经完全准备好要投降…

[24:51.28]Hi. 嗨

[24:52.96]...when it dawned On me hOw muCh l was willing tO give up fOr a Cigarette. 这时我领悟到自己 愿意为了一根烟放弃多少

[24:56.64]Maybe a quiCK bite. 吃一点好了

[25:17.04]Her name is Sheeba. She's FrenCh. 她叫做席芭,是法国人

[25:19.20]Meanwhile, baCK in the ''Valley Of the DOlls'', 同时,回到“娃娃谷”中

[25:23.60]StanfOrd thOught there was sOmething mOre rare than a pOrCelain faCe... 史丹佛决定世上有比 陶瓷法国脸孔更珍贵的东西

[25:27.28]his passiOn. 他的热情

[25:33.96]Wait, the dOlls. 等一下,小心娃娃

[25:54.04]TO Marty MendlesOn, a brOKen faCe was a deal breaKer. 对马提曼德森来说 摔碎的脸就是交易破坏者

[26:05.04]Adeena! 艾迪娜

[26:06.68]Samantha was abOut tO COme faCe tO faCe with her deal breaKer. 在上城,莎曼珊即将和她的 交易破坏者面对面较量

[26:10.24]- What's up? - YOu tell me. l just gOt here. -有何大事? -应该你告诉我,我才刚到

[26:13.00]YOu KnOw Samantha. 你已经认识莎曼珊了

[26:15.92]What's my favOrite girl drinKing? 我最爱的女人要喝什么?

[26:17.96]- Champagne. - Marguerita. -香槟 -玛格丽特

[26:22.36]COming right up. 马上来

[26:26.76]What are yOu dOing here? l dOn't want yOu dating my brOther. 你在这里做什么? 我不希望你和我哥约会

[26:30.80]l'm a lOvely persOn. Get tO KnOw me, then hate me. 我是个很好相处的人 至少先了解我再恨我

[26:31.72]This is nOt a game. This is my brOther we're talKing abOut. 这不是游戏 我们说的是我哥哥

[26:36.88]FOr a wOman with suCh a prOgressive view Of wOrld fOOd... 就一个对世界美食 怀抱如此进步观点的女人…

[26:39.88]- That's business, this is family. - l dOn't understand... -那是做生意,这是家人 -我不懂…

[26:41.92]l'll say it tO yOu plain. l dOn't Care hOw many Jennifer LOpez dresses 我坦白跟你说吧 我不管你衣橱里挂着几件

[26:46.68]yOu have hanging in yOur ClOset, yOu dOn't belOng in here. 珍妮佛洛佩兹式的衣服 这里不是你该来的地方

[26:51.20]YOu'll never understand what l'm talKing abOut. This is a blaCK thing. 你永远不会明白我在说什么 这是黑人的圈子

[26:55.48]Please gO and leave my brOther alOne. 拜托你走,不要来烦我哥

[27:01.32]As Samantha turned tO leave, she realised this wasn't a blaCK thing. 当莎曼珊转身离开时 她明白这跟肤色无关

[27:04.60]lt was a Samantha thing. 而是冲着她而来

[27:06.88]She'd never baCKed dOwn tO a bitCh and she wasn't abOut tO start. 她从来不曾向大声嚷嚷的 沷妇低头,也不打算破例

[27:11.56]NO wOman, nO matter what COlOr, has the right tO tell me whO l fuCK. 没有任何女人,不管什么肤色 有权干涉我跟谁上床

[27:17.52]Get yOur little white pussy away frOm my brOther! 你这白种荡妇离我哥远一点

[27:21.60]Get yOur big, blaCK ass Out Of my faCe! 你这大屁股的黑妞给我滚开

[27:23.40]And yOur OKra wasn't all that! 其实你的秋葵也不怎么样

[27:29.16]Get Off me! 放开我


[27:35.20]Keep it real. 不要打了…

[27:36.08]l'm trying tO Keep it real.

[27:44.84]Seven hOurs intO the wOrld's lOngest date, all l COuld thinK was, 在世上最漫长的七小时约会后 我满脑子只想着

[27:49.96]''Five mOre minutes and l Can smOKe the Cigarette hidden in my purse.'' “再过五分钟我就可以 抛下这笨蛋去抽根烟了”

[27:51.24]- WOuld yOu liKe a dessert menu? - l'll taKe a lOOK. -请问需要甜点菜单吗? -我想看一下

[27:56.48]l fOrgOt, l have a deadline. l have tO gO. 我忘了快要截稿,我得走了

[27:60.04]- l'll walK with yOu. - NO! -我陪你一起走 -不要

[28:03.76]Stay and enjOy yOur dessert. l'm fine. 留下来享用你的甜点,我没事

[28:43.40]Carrie... We've gOt a little prOblem. 凯莉…我们出了点问题

[28:53.92]What Can l say? Adeena has always been there fOr me. 我能说什么? 艾迪娜总是在一旁支持我

[28:58.12]Ever sinCe MOm died, it's Only been the twO Of us. 自从老妈过世 只有我们两个相依为命

[29:02.80]Adeena has her issues, but yOu didn't have tO insult her fOOd. 艾迪娜是有不对 但你也不必侮辱她做的菜

[29:10.12]YOu mean the wOrld tO me. 你对我很重要

[29:15.52]But Adeena, she's my blOOd. 可是艾迪娜是我的亲人

[29:25.68]Samantha Knew the real prOblem wasn't her white pussy. 莎曼珊知道 问题不在于她是白人

[29:28.36]lt was that ChivOn was a blaCK pussy whO wOuldn't stand up tO his sister. 而在于奇佛无法勇敢反抗妹妹

[29:36.60]And fOr Samantha JOnes, that was the deal breaKer. 对莎曼珊琼斯来说 这一点成了交易破坏者

[29:41.64]lt was tOO bad we had tO end. But that's the way it gOes, l guess. 很不幸我们必须分手 但我猜世事就是如此

[29:47.32]We had sOme gOOd times tOgether and l'm sure we COuld have had mOre. 我们相处得很愉快,我也相信 本来可以拥有更多美好时光

[29:53.00]But, it's Over. 但是已经结束了

[29:60.32]ln the end, l really did it fOr me. l just hOpe he's wOrth it. 最后,我为了自己而戒烟 我只希望他值得我这么做

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