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欲望都市第三季 城市“欲女” Are We Sluts?






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:35:01



[00:35.80](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:50.24]YOu Can COunt On One hand 纽约客期待的事情 一只手就可以数得出来

[00:52.52]the things a New YOrKer will wait fOr.

[00:52.60]My list inCludes: the perfeCt apartment, 我的清单包括:完美的公寓

[00:55.72]the ChOCOlate sOufflé at Le Bernardin, 贝纳迪诺餐厅的巧克力酥

[00:58.88]and the annual ManOlO BlahniK sale. 还有曼诺罗布雷尼克年度拍卖

[01:04.16]After fOur dates with the furniture designer, 在与设计师约会四次 他的吻令我双脚发软后

[01:07.84]whOse Kiss made my Knees weaK,

[01:07.80]this New YOrKer had waited lOng enOugh. 我这个纽约客等待得够久了

[01:12.60]SO, dO yOu wanna sleep Over? 想在这里过夜吗?

[01:17.28]l have tO feed Pete. 我得要喂皮特,明天还要早起

[01:20.56]l have tO get up early in the mOrning.

[01:27.92]Apparently, that New YOrKer had nOt. 显然的,他却不期待

[01:35.56]When One dOOr ClOses, anOther One Opens. 当一扇门关闭 另一扇门会开启

[01:39.16]At 2:00am, the dOOr that Opened was Samantha's. 半夜两点,莎曼珊家的门开了

[01:52.36]What's gOing On? 发生什么事了?

[01:54.48]Freda in 1D was held up at gunpOint. -1D的芙雷达被抢了 -我的天

[01:56.56]Oh, my GOd!

[01:60.40]lt's under COntrOl. We have the suspeCt On tape. 情况已经受到控制 嫌犯被监视录影带拍下

[02:03.92]This is suppOsed tO be a safe building. 这应该是一栋安全的大楼

[02:06.96]lt was late. DOOrman was Off duty. He entered behind sOmebOdy's guest. 当时很晚,门房已经下班了 他尾随其他访客进来的

[02:09.84]That's awful. 真糟糕

[02:11.76]The guy Came in behind the guy whO Came in Samantha. 他尾随的正是莎曼珊的客人

[02:16.12]That's terrible. 真是太糟糕了

[02:16.00]- WhO has a guest at 2:00am? - l have nO idea. -谁会在半夜两点有访客? -我不知道

[02:23.80]- What did everybOdy dO last night? - NOthing. -你们昨晚都在做什么? -没什么

[02:25.16]- NOthing. - l dOn't want tO talK abOut it. -没什么 -我不想说

[02:29.32]Did yOu sleep with sOmeOne On the seCOnd date? 你第二次约会就跟人上床?

[02:30.84]NO. The third date. 是第三次,跟亚历山卓连力 在艺术展上遇到的银行家

[02:33.40]Alexander Lemly, the investment banKer l met at an art shOw.

[02:38.40]- The sex was bad? - lt was gOOd, exCept... -床上功夫不好? -很好,不过…

[02:43.04]l dOn't thinK l Can say it. -我不想讲 -自己去克服吧

[02:45.56]Get Over yOurself.

[02:47.96]What happened? -到底怎么了? -当他那个…

[02:51.60]When he...

[02:53.88]YOu KnOw. 你们知道的

[02:56.76]Came, Orgasmed, shOt his wad. -要来了,高潮,射精 -他说…

[02:58.40]He said: 该死的婊子,该死的荡妇

[02:60.48]YOu fuCKing bitCh! YOu fuCKing whOre!

[03:05.32]- Why wOuld he say that? - BeCause yOu were fuCKing him? -他为什么要那么说? -因为你在跟他做爱?

[03:12.56]He didn't say it at the dryCleaners, but when he was in yOu. 他又不是对着干洗店的人说 他是对着你说

[03:16.76]DO yOu thinK l'm a whOre? 你们觉得我是荡妇?

[03:20.76]lf yOu're a whOre, what dOes that maKe me? 你要是荡妇,我是什么?

[03:25.28]- DO yOu thinK l'm a whOre? - YOu have had a lOt Of bOne in yOu. -你们觉得我是荡妇? -你再正派不过了

[03:30.16]This is bad. NObOdy wants tO marry a whOre. 这很糟糕 谁会想要娶荡妇为妻?

[03:34.08]Even CharlOtte is having mOre sex than me. 连夏绿蒂做的爱都比我多

[03:36.04]What abOut Aidan? -艾登怎么样? -他怎么样?

[03:39.92]l dOn't KnOw what's gOing On. We're spending a lOt Of time tOgether. 我不知道怎么回事 我们在一起的时间很长

[03:41.100]He Keeps asKing me Out. But he dOesn't wanna sleep with me. 他一直约我出去 就是不肯跟我睡

[03:47.56]- Gay. - He's nOt gay. -同志? -他不是同志

[03:47.36]- MOther issues? - l dOn't thinK sO. -恋母情结? -我看不是

[03:50.76]- Maybe his diCK Curves tO the right. - We'll wOrK it Out. l'll gO left. -或许他的小弟弟右曲 -这种事情好解决

[03:56.80]l may never KnOw. 我可能永远不会知道了

[03:59.04]Wait tOO lOng tO sleep with sOmeOne, yOu beCOme just friends. 拖太久上床就会错失良机 变成普通朋友

[04:01.28]As suppOsed tO his fuCKing bitCh, his fuCKing whOre. 而不能成为该死的婊子 该死的荡妇

[04:07.08]COme On. 别这样

[04:11.92]lf Samantha was right, l had little time left 要是莎曼珊说对了 我的时间所剩不多

[04:12.20]befOre the relatiOnship-windOw ClOsed.

[04:15.68]SO l wOre my little dress that left little tO the imaginatiOn. 所以我穿上清凉的衣服 引他无限遐想

[04:19.96]DO yOu want tO taKe this inside? -要不要帮我拿进来? -我得回家了,我要…

[04:23.08]l better get hOme. l gOtta...

[04:26.16]YOu gOtta get up early. Whatever. 你要早起,管他的

[04:39.68]- What's gOing On up there? - DO yOu just wanna be friends? -这是怎么回事? -你只想当朋友吗?

[04:43.56]l dOn't KnOw. ls that hOw yOu Kiss yOur friends? 我不知道 你是这样亲吻朋友的吗?

[04:48.28]Why dOn't yOu wanna sleep with me? 你为什么不跟我上床?

[04:52.36]Whatever it is l'd rather KnOw sOOner than later. 不管是什么原因,我都要知道

[04:56.36]l dO wanna sleep with yOu. 我想跟你上床

[04:59.32]l dO. LOOK at yOu. 我真的想,看看你

[05:03.84]l've been dOwn that rOad befOre. 我以前做过同样的事

[05:07.32]l've slept with wOmen quiCKly and l'm still single. 很快就跟女人上床 而我现在仍是单身

[05:12.96]My new thing is, l want tO try and sleep with sOmebOdy l Care abOut. 我想试试看只跟关心的人上床

[05:22.72]l really thinK that l Can Care abOut yOu. 我想我可以真的关心你

[05:28.96]lt's Only been a weeK and a half. DOn't peOple date anymOre? 我们只交往一个多礼拜 现在的人都不约会了吗?

[05:31.92]Why did l expeCt tO sleep with him after Only a weeK and a half? 我怎么会期待跟一个 只交往一个多礼拜的人上床?

[05:36.44]Had l beCOme sO jaded 我变得过于轻佻

[05:39.12]that l didn't reCOgnize rOmanCe when it Kissed me On the lips? 以致于亲吻对我来说 不算是恋爱?

[05:43.48]MOdern wOmen need a Cheat-sheet tO remind us rOmanCe isn't dead. 或许现代的女人需要小抄 来提醒“恋爱未死”


[05:49.64]ROmanCe. 恋爱

[05:52.76]l tell yOu, it didn't even OCCur tO me, whiCh is sO depressing. 我连想都没想到 真是令人沮丧

[05:55.08]ls that what 13 years Of dating in Manhattan dOes tO a wOman? 女人在曼哈顿约会十三年 都会变成这样吗?

[05:59.80]l'll tell yOu what it dOes. lt gives yOu Chlamydia. 我告诉你会怎么样 你会得到衣原体

[06:04.04]ExCuse me? 那是什么?

[06:05.36]My gyneCOlOgist Called me tOday. 我的妇科医生今天告诉我

[06:08.16]My tests, whiCh she threw in fOr gOOd measure, were pOsitive. 她额外帮我做的检验 结果呈现阳性

[06:12.52]lt's nOt terrible. There aren't any symptOms, but it Can Cause infertility. 不是很糟糕,没有症状 不过可能导致不孕

[06:17.68]l guess it's gOOd l Caught it. l mean... 我想这样也不是不好… 我得到了,还好也发现了

[06:19.08]NOt that l Caught it, but that l fOund Out.

[06:21.72]- YOu gOt it frOm Steve? - l dOn't KnOw. -史蒂夫传染给你的? -我不知道

[06:24.100]lt COuld be any number Of guys, 也可能是其他人

[06:28.20]whiCh is what l tOld my gyneCOlOgist. She seemed a little judgmental. 当我告诉我的妇科医生时 她似乎有一点批评之意

[06:33.40]She tOld me tO COntaCt all the peOple that l might have given it tO, 她说我应该通知 所有可能受到我传染的人

[06:35.36]sO they Can all be treated. 这样他们才能去就医

[06:37.92]l Knew what was bOthering her. The same thOught had bOthered me 米兰达困扰的事 跟我的困扰一样

[06:41.24]sinCe the guy l'd been seeing fOr 10 days asKed me tO slOw dOwn. 我正在约会的男人告诉我 不要太急躁

[06:46.92]lf yOu're a 30 sOmething wOman in Manhattan and yOu're sexually aCtive, 如果你三十几岁,住在曼哈顿 性生活频繁

[06:51.64]it's inevitable that yOu'll raCK up a Certain number Of partners. 无可避免的性伴侣数目 会累积得很可观

[06:55.68]But hOw many is tOO many men? 但是多少才算是太多?

[06:58.16]Are we simply rOmantiCally Challenged Or are we sluts? 我们到底是恋爱狂热 还是荡妇?

[07:01.08]lt was the questiOn On CharlOtte's mind. 这件事也盘据着夏绿蒂的心头

[07:05.08]- HOw's yOur swOrdfish? - Fine, thanKs. -你的箭鱼好吃吗? -很好吃,谢谢

[07:07.76]- YOu're awfully quiet tOnight. - SOrry, my mind is sOmewhere else. -你今晚异常安静 -抱歉,我心神不宁

[07:12.76]YOu fuCKing bitCh! YOu fuCKing whOre! 该死的婊子,该死的荡妇

[07:18.12]l hate putting peOple Out Of wOrK, but it happens after a merger. 我不喜欢裁员 不过公司合并之后就是这样

[07:22.36]Maybe l shOuld teaCh ESL On the side. 或许我应该去教英文当副业

[07:27.84]Are yOu sure yOu're OK? 你确定你没事?

[07:31.76]ACtually...what yOu said the Other night Kind Of bOthered me. 其实 你那天晚上说的话让我很困扰

[07:35.60]What did l say? 我说了什么?

[07:40.60]YOu KnOw when we were in bed and yOu... 我们在床上的时候,你…

[07:46.64]YOu yelled Out sOmething. 喊叫了一些话

[07:47.12]- During my sleep? - NO, during sex. -我睡觉的时候? -不是,做爱的时候

[07:58.48]l dOn't remember saying anything. 我不记得说过什么

[08:01.76]l remember it being very niCe. What did l say? 我记得过程很美妙 我到底说了什么?

[08:09.72]lt's nOt impOrtant. l'm sure it was in the heat Of the mOment. 那不重要,我想只是一时冲动 没有关系

[08:16.28]DO yOu want tO try my swOrdfish? lt really is gOOd. 要不要尝尝我的箭鱼?很好吃

[08:20.44]By dessert, CharlOtte had deCided tO fOrget it and Call it a dO-Over. 吃甜点时 夏绿蒂决定忘掉这件事

[08:24.12]- YOu fuCKing bitCh! FuCKing whOre! - That! That's what yOu said. -该死的婊子,该死的荡妇 -你又说了

[08:29.96]- What? - Just then. YOu said it again. -什么? -你刚才又说了一遍

[08:33.76]What did l say? 我说了什么?

[08:36.36]YOu fuCKing bitCh, yOu fuCKing whOre. 该死的婊子,该死的荡妇

[08:38.16]My GOd, are yOu sure? 我的天,你确定吗?

[08:42.40]That's terrible. That's a hOrrible thing tO say. l had nO idea. 这样真的很糟糕 我自己都不知道

[08:48.56]l just get lOst in the mOment. l dOn't thinK that abOut yOu. 我刚才无法思考 想的全都是你

[08:55.04]Believe me, yOu are sweet, smart and lOvely. 相信我,你甜美,聪明又可爱

[08:60.88]YOu are the Kind Of wOman l hOpe tO marry sOme day. 是我理想的妻子典型

[09:08.28]l prOmise never tO say that again. 我保证不再那么说了

[09:10.72]That's terrible. 真的很糟糕

[09:13.100]As CharlOtte started tO feel better, Miranda started tO feel wOrse. 当夏绿蒂感觉好转之际 米兰达开始感到难受

[09:18.96]Steve, Can we nOt? 史蒂夫,可不可以不要?

[09:23.36]l'm just getting started. l'm Only at the neCK. 我才刚开始吻你的脖子

[09:25.72]Maybe yOu'll Change yOur mind when l'm dOwn arOund yOur elbOws. 等我吻到你的手肘 或许你会改变心意

[09:29.84]l Can't tOnight, l have Chlamydia. 今晚不行,我有衣原体

[09:35.16]l dOn't even KnOw what that is, but it sOunds liKe a prOblem. 我不知道那是什么 不过好像是个问题

[09:42.76]lt's nOt a big deal. lt's just a sexually transmitted disease. 没什么大不了的 只是性行为传染的疾病

[09:47.84]l might have given it tO yOu Or yOu tO me. 我可能传染给你 也可能是你传染给我

[09:54.56]Either way, yOu shOuld get tested. 不管怎样,你得要去检查

[09:56.88]l'm afraid Of dOCtOrs. l dOn't even have One. 我最怕医生,我根本不看医生

[09:60.32]GO tO the free CliniC. Whatever. 去义诊中心检查

[10:03.72]What's gOnna happen, dOes it hurt when yOu pee? 会怎么样呢? 尿尿的时候会痛?

[10:08.60]Men are just Carriers, there aren't any symptOms at all. 男人是带原者,毫无症状

[10:11.68]Then why dO l need tO KnOw?. 那我为什么要知道感染与否?

[10:15.48]lf yOu dOn't get treated yOu Can pass it On tO Other peOple. 你要是不接受治疗 可能会传染给别人

[10:18.44]YOu are my Only Other persOn, and yOu already have it. 你是我唯一的性伴侣 你已经感染了

[10:21.20]Yeah, but if yOu've gOt it, we'll Keep passing it baCK and fOrth. 如果你真的感染了 我们之间就没完没了

[10:26.60]l'd rather nOt sleep with yOu until it's Out Of my bOdy. 那我完全康复之前都不碰你

[10:32.56]l've gOt six mOre days Of antibiOtiCs. 我还要再用抗生素六天

[10:34.36]Will yOu please just taKe Care Of it? Get it Over with. 拜托你去好吗?好好接受治疗

[10:45.68]Steve's trip tO the dOCtOr didn't Cure his fear Of dOCtOrs. 史蒂夫这趟看医生之旅 对他的恐惧没什么帮助

[10:49.44]- DrOp yOur trOusers. - There's nOthing wrOng dOwn there. -裤子脱掉 -这里没什么问题

[10:55.44]l'm here beCause my girlfriend said tO get the test. 是我女朋友叫我来这里 接受检查

[10:58.20]l need a sample frOm the inside Of yOur penis. 我需要你阴茎的抽样

[11:02.76]As Steve faCed sOmething every man dreads, 当史蒂夫正在面对 男人害怕的问题

[11:04.56]Miranda faCed sOmething every wOman dreads. 米兰达也在面对 女人害怕的事

[11:07.04]She was maKing a list Of all the men she'd slept with. 她正在列所有 跟她睡过男人的清单

[11:12.20]At least all the Ones she COuld remember. 至少那些她记得的

[11:18.76]She wOndered hOw she did all these men 她纳闷自己如何能 一边搞这些男人

[11:20.56]and did her law degree and beCame a suCCessful lawyer. 一边还能拿到法律学位 成为一名成功的律师

[11:24.32]Samantha Knew her number was up there. 莎曼珊知道 自己睡过男人的数字

[11:25.72]But she didn't KnOw everybOdy else Knew. 但是她不知道其他人也知道了

[11:31.88]We KnOw it was yOu whO buzzed in the gunman. 我们知道是你把抢匪带进来的

[11:35.96]- ExCuse me? - YOu always have guests. -你说什么? -你一天到晚有访客

[11:37.04]Every time l'm in this elevatOr yOu're with a different man. 我每次进电梯 就看到你跟不同的男人在一起

[11:40.76]That's ridiCulOus. 这话太荒谬了

[12:07.100]This is yOur flOOr. 你的楼层到了

[12:14.76]ExCuse me. 抱歉

[12:19.60]The next day, Miranda's sex life was flashing befOre her as well. 次日,米兰达的性生活 也快速地从她眼前闪过

[12:21.28]ThanKs. OK. SOrry tO bOther yOu. 谢谢,好的 抱歉打扰了,恭喜你


[12:26.56]NOw yOu're married, yOu dOn't have tO wOrry abOut stuff liKe this. 你现在结婚了 就不用担心这一类的事情

[12:30.84]Bye-bye. 再见

[12:36.20]Miss HObbes, line twO is still hOlding. 霍布斯小姐,二线正在等候

[12:40.20]- Miranda HObbes. - Hi, it's David, returning a Call. -米兰达霍布斯 -我是大卫,回你电话

[12:45.08]- HOw have yOu been? - LOusy, l'm partner. All wOrK, nO play. -近来好吗? -很糟,我升格合伙人,很累

[12:49.52]- What dO yOu want? - lt's Kind Of awKward. -你有什么事? -这有一点难以启齿

[12:51.28]l'm busy, spit it Out. What is it? 我很忙,有屁快放

[12:55.68]OK. l've gOt this... -我得了衣原体,就是… -我知道衣原体是什么

[12:58.76]- lt's Chlamydia. WhiCh is... - l KnOw what Chlamydia is.

[13:03.72]- Perhaps yOu shOuld get tested. - l've been tested. -或许你应该接受检查 -我检查过了

[13:07.20]- ReCently? - Yes. ls that it? -最近吗? -没错,说完了吗?

[13:13.16]Yes. NO... Did yOu have it? 是,不…你有受感染吗?

[13:14.36]ls that yOur business? YOu Call me after mOnths tO disCuss my health? 关你什么事?几个月后 你突然打来关心我的健康

[13:19.56]- Yes, l had it. SO, what? - Perhaps yOu gave it tO me. -是,我是有感染,又怎么样 -或许是你传染给我的

[13:24.52]- What are yOu gOnna dO, sue me? - YOu COuld have Called. -怎么样?想告我吗? -你至少可以打通电话

[13:28.16]- YOu tOld me never tO Call yOu. - NOw l remember why. Bye! -是你叫我不要再打电话的 -我想起来为什么了,再见

[13:34.04]Meanwhile, l was still waiting fOr the diagnOsis On my relatiOnship. 在此同时 我还在等待我感情的诊断

[13:38.72]WOuld Aidan beCOme friend Or bOyfriend? 艾登会是男友还是朋友?

[13:42.52]Delivery fOr Miss Bradshaw. 布雷萧小姐的外送

[13:42.32]lt's abOut time. l Ordered this years agO. 该是时候了,我一年前就叫了

[13:51.96]He Certainly Kissed liKe a bOyfriend. 他的吻确实像男朋友

[13:54.24]DOn't yOu have twO matChing plates? 你没有成对的盘子吗?

[13:57.84]NO. 没有

[13:58.28]What dO yOu use fOr wine, prOmOtiOnal COffee mugs? 那你都用什么喝酒? 赠品马克杯?

[14:03.08]But he teased me liKe a friend. 他取笑我的方式像朋友

[14:07.76]COme here. Let me get this. 过来,我来弄

[14:09.16]BOyfriend. 男朋友

[14:12.72]l dOn't Care what anybOdy says. l thinK Catherine Zeta-JOnes is hOt. 我不管其他人怎么说 凯萨琳齐塔琼斯好正点

[14:16.32]Friend. 朋友

[14:17.72]NOt as hOt as yOu, but she's hOt. 当然没有你正点 不过还是很正点

[14:20.76]BOyfriend. And liar. 男朋友兼骗子

[14:28.76]- l thinK Samantha was right. - AbOut what? -我觉得莎曼珊说对了 -什么对了?

[14:30.20]Me and Aidan. l thinK we're just friends whO Kiss OCCasiOnally. 我跟艾登只能当朋友 偶尔接吻的朋友

[14:36.48]- Why are yOu whispering? - COs he's still here. -你为什么要说悄悄话? -因为他还在这里

[14:38.36]That's prOmising. 还有希望

[14:39.84]He's been in the bathrOOm fOr half an hOur. 他已经在浴室待半小时了

[14:43.16]All we did was eat Chinese and watCh ''ZOrrO''. 我们只有一起吃中国菜 和看“蒙面侠苏洛”

[14:47.44]NOw l'm wOrKing and he's reading the paper On the jOhn. 我现在在工作 他在厕所看报纸

[14:51.28]This isn't rOmanCe, this is bullshit. 这不叫恋爱,这简直狗屁

[14:51.20]- Carrie! - Yeah? -凯莉 -什么事?

[14:53.100]COme here a seCOnd. 过来一下

[14:57.48]l have tO gO, my friend wants tO see me in the bathrOOm. 我得挂电话了 我的朋友叫我到浴室去

[15:02.04]What did yOu want, beCause... 你需要什么吗?

[15:08.96]WOw. 好棒

[15:10.16]lt's liKe a Danielle Steele nOvel in here. 好像罗曼史小说中的情节

[15:13.68]FrOm a writer, l'm pretty sure that's an insult. 从一个作家口中说出 我确定这是个污辱

[15:18.92]NO, this is... WOw. 不是,这真的很棒

[15:24.60]l thOught a bath wOuld help yOu relax. YOu seemed Kind Of tense. 我想泡澡能帮你舒缓情绪 你好像很紧绷

[15:27.100]Are yOu sure this isn't just a Cheap plOy tO see me naKed? 这可是你想看我裸体的 低级诡计?

[15:33.16]Will yOu be naKed? 你会裸体吗?

[15:34.16]That's the thing abOut baths. 泡澡不就是要那样

[15:39.80]This is abOut yOu, sO enjOy. 随便你,好好享受

[15:43.88]l'm gOnna get gOing. 我得走了

[15:45.84]But that dOesn't maKe us friends COs l'll be thinKing abOut yOu naKed. 但这样并不表示我们只是朋友 我会想着你裸体的样子

[16:01.56]Big tub, little persOn. 大浴缸,只有我一个人

[16:07.72]YOu talKed me intO it. 你说服我了

[16:20.88]SO nOw what? 现在怎么样?

[16:23.44]NOw what, what? We're just taKing a bath. 什么怎么样?我们一起泡澡

[16:28.92]FuCK it, let's just dO it. 或者是,我们干脆做了

[16:29.80]This isn't hOw it shOuld happen. YOu said this was just a bath. 这样是不可以的 我们只是在泡澡

[16:35.00]- COme On, whO Cares? - YOu dO. And l dO tOO nOw. -拜托,谁在乎? -你在乎,我也开始在乎了

[16:40.12]OK. Out Of the tub. 够了,离开浴缸

[16:43.32]The next night, Samantha was feeling expOsed. 次晚 莎曼珊感到毫无隐私可言

[16:52.36]Here she COmes. 她来了

[16:60.20]- GOOd evening. - HellO. -晚安 -你好

[17:18.44]lf yOu wanna say sOmething abOut me, say it tO my faCe. 如果你们要谈论我 就当着我的面说

[17:22.20]YOu're bad fOr the building. 你是这栋住宅的害虫

[17:23.88]- What? - YOu have tOO many visitOrs. -什么? -你的访客太多了

[17:27.76]- There are always men in the hall. - l gOt rObbed beCause Of yOu. -大厅里总是有男人 -你害我被抢

[17:29.44]l Can't ClOse my left eye. 我的左眼闭不起来

[17:34.32]They praCtiCally Chased me liKe l was FuCKenstein. 他们追着我不放 好像我是做爱怪物

[17:37.60]They Can't eviCt yOu fOr having sex. 他们不能因为你做爱而驱逐你

[17:40.20]They're jealOus, dried up Old farts whO haven't had sex sinCe EisenhOwer. 那些干瘪的老家伙在嫉妒 他们八成几百年没做过爱

[17:45.84]l remind them Of what they Can't have. lt might be time tO mOve. 而我让他们想到自己有多悲惨 或许我该搬家了

[17:50.64]YOu Can't. YOu have a rent-COntrOlled apartment On the Upper East Side. 不行,那可是位于上东城的 租金管制公寓

[17:56.20]This isn't rent COntrOl, it's life COntrOl. -不是租金管制,是生活管制 -我得挂电话,跟艾登有约会

[17:56.40]l have tO gO, l have a date with Aidan.

[17:59.48]DOn't tell me yOu're nOt having sex yet. 不要告诉我你们还没上床

[18:03.08]- We're nOt having sex yet. - What are yOu dOing? -我们还没上床 -你们在做什么?

[18:06.92]TOnight, we're gOing tO a blues Club. 我们今晚要去蓝调俱乐部

[18:09.80]- WhO's singing, yOu? - We'll have sex eventually. -谁要唱歌?你吗? -我们终究会上床的

[18:12.80]By the way, l gOt a little preview. 还有,我有预先审查

[18:15.96]l assure yOu, there is nO Curving in any direCtiOn. 我跟你保证,没有弯曲

[18:19.76]lt is straight. Very straight. 直得很

[18:23.32]That night, CharlOtte had a date as well. 那一晚,夏绿蒂也有约会

[18:27.88]And he was dOing his best tO be the strOng, silent type. 他努力成为强壮、安静的典型

[18:35.64]- What's the matter? - l'm afraid tO COme. -怎么了? -我害怕射出来

[18:39.96]What are yOu talKing abOut? l'm ClOse. 你在说什么?我就快了

[18:45.60]GO ahead. 说吧

[18:49.56]YOu fuCKing bitCh, yOu fuCKing whOre! l hate myself, what's wrOng with me? 该死的婊子,该死的荡妇 我恨我自己,我是怎么了?

[18:56.04]That night, Alexander deCided tO stOp seeing CharlOtte 当下,亚历山卓决定 不再跟夏绿蒂见面

[18:58.20]and start seeing a therapist. 他开始去看治疗师

[19:01.40]And Steve gOt his test baCK. 史蒂夫的检验报告出来了

[19:04.88]lt was negative, liKe the rest Of the experienCe. 呈阴性结果 不过受检经验很糟糕

[19:05.56]That dOCtOr with the swab... OuCh! l dOn't even want tO swab my ears. 医生用海绵…痛死了 我连挖耳朵都不敢

[19:10.84]lt's my fault. l'm the One with the disease. 是我的错,我是带病者

[19:15.12]l'm a big, dirty, diseased whOre. 我是个肮脏、带病的荡妇

[19:20.96]That's my girlfriend yOu're talKing abOut. 不要这样说我女朋友

[19:22.44]YOu KnOw what? l had tO maKe a list Of all the guys l've slept with 你知道吗?我甚至得列 跟我睡过男人的清单

[19:28.24]and it's nOt shOrt. -而且并不少 -怎么个不少?

[19:29.80]HOw, nOt shOrt?

[19:35.80]lt's... NO, l Can't tell yOu. l've never tOld anybOdy my number. 有…我不能告诉你 我不曾向人透露过

[19:39.24]l'm just CuriOus. 我只是好奇

[19:41.56]YOu wOn't judge me? 你不会批评我?

[19:43.84]l spent a day at the free CliniC. 我在义诊中心待了一天

[19:48.60]OK. lt's liKe, abOut...42. 好吧,大约四十二个

[19:52.40]- 42? That's nOt sO bad. - That's tOO many. -四十二?还不太糟 -太多了

[19:57.64]lt's fine. 还好

[20:02.24]- What's yOur number? - l'm nOt telling yOu. -你的数目呢? -不告诉你

[20:06.72]COme On. 说

[20:08.00]lt's embarrassing. l've had enOugh embarrassment fOr One weeK. 很难为情 我这礼拜已经受够羞辱了

[20:12.96]What is it? 到底是多少?

[20:15.48]Ten? 十?

[20:18.24]Higher. -更多 -六十?


[20:23.32]Higher. 更多

[20:23.88]Higher than 60? 比六十更多?

[20:27.40]A lOt higher? 多很多?

[20:29.76]l'm a bartender and l'm Cute. 我是酒保,而且很可爱

[20:34.64]NOte, men whO have had a lOt Of sexual partners are nOt Called sluts. 拥有很多性伴侣的男人 不叫荡妇

[20:41.32]They are Called very gOOd Kissers. 他们叫做“很棒的接吻者”

[20:42.00]A few are even Called rOmantiCs. 有的甚至叫做“浪漫的人”

[20:45.08]l Can't believe yOu've never been tO the Blue NOte. 我不敢相信你没到过 “蓝音符”

[20:48.48]- Call yOurself a New YOrKer. - l've never dOne a lOt Of things. -还敢自称纽约客 -我没做过的事很多

[20:51.100]l Can thinK Of One thing in partiCular. 我可以想到一件事

[20:58.60]- That l've dOne. - l Can thinK Of One Other thing. -我做过的 -我还可以想到另一件

[21:05.04]What dO yOu thinK abOut me staying the night? 我留下来过夜怎么样?

[21:10.32]l dOn't KnOw. What abOut Pete? 我不确定,皮特怎么办?

[21:13.44]l arranged fOr the super's Kid tO walK Pete and feed him. 我请管理员的儿子 帮我照顾皮特

[21:17.36]And yOu Knew this all night? 你早就知道会这样?

[21:35.36]And then sOmething weird happened. 奇怪的事情发生了

[21:38.84]FOr the first time in a lOng time, l was nervOus. 这么多年的经验以来 我第一次感到紧张

[21:42.84]We were gOing tO sleep tOgether and it was gOing tO mean sOmething. 我们将要一起过夜 这绝对是意义非凡

[21:45.20]l was nO virgin, but this was definitely virgin territOry. 我不是处女 不过这样的经验绝对是第一次

[22:02.04]GOOd mOrning. 早安

[22:05.40]GOOd mOrning. 早安

[22:08.00]OK, that's what l wanted. Bye. 这正是我想要的,再见

[22:12.04]The niCe thing abOut a new relatiOnship, it's a Clean slate. 一段新关系的好处就是 开始一个新记录

[22:19.12]And speaKing Of Clean slates, 说到新记录

[22:22.08]Samantha mOved tO the trendy MeatpaCKing DistriCt. 莎曼珊搬到时髦的肉类工业区

[22:25.60]GOOd mOrning, ladies. 早安,女士们

[22:26.96]WhOres were whOres, men were wOmen and rents higher. 在那里,荡妇就是荡妇 男人是女人,租金更高

[22:30.84]Easy, that's my bed. 小心一点,那是我的床

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