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欲望都市第三季 同居风波 The Big Time






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:34:46



[00:37.80](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:50.32]Manhattan is a plaCe 曼哈顿是一个可以24小时 满足你需求的地方

[00:54.40]yOu Can get anything anytime.

[00:57.28]Cabs at 2:00 am. 半夜两点的计程车

[01:02.80]Chinese fOOd at 3:00. 三点的中国菜外卖

[01:08.96]But yOu Can't get yOur dry-Cleaning. 但不知怎的 你就是拿不到干洗衣物


[01:22.96]CharlOtte was spending her time with Trey, 夏绿蒂和崔正陷入热恋

[01:24.24]a dOCtOr frOm family mOney 他是个出身豪门的医生 几乎拥有一切

[01:26.52]whO had it all.

[01:28.20]All, but all Of CharlOtte. 除了夏绿蒂以外

[01:35.00]Apparently Trey was One New YOrKer 显然崔是个无法 随时被满足需求的纽约人

[01:37.44]nOt getting everything anytime.

[01:42.72]Trey is sO thOughtful. 崔实在很体贴 昨晚我不太舒服

[01:45.12]l wasn't feeling well last night...

[01:47.28]sO he tOOK me fOr sOme sOup 所以他带我去第七街喝汤

[01:48.36]On 7th street and then we went tO 2nd. -然后我们迈向了第二 -第二街?


[01:51.96]Base. 第二垒

[01:55.88]Then did yOur physiCs hOmewOrK with yOu? 接着呢?他和你一起做体操?

[01:56.04]NO, l wanna taKe it slOw. 不,我想慢慢来 他可能是我的真命天子

[01:58.04]He COuld be the One.

[02:00.04]YOu've Only KnOwn him fOr twO weeKs. 亲爱的,你才认识他两个礼拜

[02:05.28]YOu Can KnOw his e-mail address, 你可能知道他的电子邮件地址 但不会知道他是否为真命天子

[02:07.68]but nOt that he's the One. 我就是知道 这真的很难,因为他非常性感

[02:07.08]l just KnOw. And it's really hard, beCause he's very sexy.

[02:11.12]But l dOn't want tO ruin it by having sex tOO early. 我不想太早和他发生关系 而坏了大事

[02:14.80]Oh, sO yOu're everything-but-girl. 这么说你是坚守底线的女孩

[02:19.60]l liKe tO thinK Of it as... Kissing with extras. 我倒认为是… 有额外赠品的亲吻

[02:23.48]HOw very ninth grade Of yOu. 你真像个九年级生

[02:24.16]l read that if yOu dOn't have sex fOr a year yOu Can be revirginized. 书上说,若一年不从事 性行为,就能够恢复处女之身

[02:30.72]And prObably quite frisKy. 说不定会抓狂

[02:33.92]But isn't it great? YOu Can erase yOur sexual past and start again. 这不是很棒吗?过去的风流史 可以一笔勾销,重新开始

[02:37.08]WhO wants their virginity baCK? lt was bad enOugh the first time. 谁想要回贞操? 第一次的经验已经够糟了

[02:39.88]HOw Old were yOu? 当时你多大?

[02:43.84]Eleventh grade. Seth Bateman. 十一年级,他叫赛斯贝特曼

[02:48.96]His smelly reC rOOm. 在他家臭气熏天的康乐室

[02:48.92]Half a jOint, three thrusts, finitO. 吸了半根大麻 三次冲刺,完毕

[02:53.60]And ps, it was On the ping-pOng table. 附注:是在乒乓球桌上

[02:58.28]Meanwhile, l was dOing everything plus with Aidan. 同时,我和艾登百无禁忌

[03:04.36]l COuldn't get Out Of bed with him. 我们简直下不了床

[03:06.12]My bed was Our restaurant, Our entertainment, Our little New YOrK. 我的床成了餐馆、娱乐场所 是我们的小纽约

[03:08.72]Open 24 hOurs. 二十四小时开放

[03:17.64]When will they send a searCh party fOr us? 他们什么时候 会派搜索队来找我们?

[03:22.40]- l guess spring thaw. - That's an awful lOng time, my friend. -我猜春天融雪的时候吧 -真是漫长

[03:33.24]DOwntOwn anOther New YOrKer was enjOying her full life. 在下城,另一个纽约人 正享受她充实的人生

[03:36.92]Samantha had a new apartment in the ultra ChiC MeatpaCKing DistriCt 莎曼珊在极时髦的肉品加工区 买了一间新公寓

[03:41.92]and a new admirer. 还多了一个仰慕者

[03:43.72]Well, there gOes the neighbOrhOOd. 我来敦亲睦邻一下

[03:45.48]Len SChneider, 4A. 我是连恩施奈德,住4A

[03:48.76]- l COlleCt art. - Samantha JOnes, 2D. -我收集艺术品 -莎曼珊琼斯,2D

[03:51.24]- l guess yOu COlleCt COmpliments. - Oh, Len. StOp. -我猜你收集的是赞美吧 -连恩,放手

[03:57.52]Really, Len. StOp. lf yOu'll exCuse me. 真的,连恩,快放手 我先走了

[04:01.48]Listen, l wOuld lOve tO have yOu COme up tO my plaCe tOnight. 今晚欢迎你上来我家

[04:05.08]l maKe a mean wine spritzer. 我调的史不立兹酒棒呆了

[04:07.84]l dOn't thinK sO. SOrry. 不用了,抱歉

[04:12.92]Samantha said sOrry but what she really meant was... 莎曼珊嘴里说抱歉 其实她真正的意思是…

[04:14.64]SinCe when is it aCCeptable 一个满头白发的糟老头 怎么敢约她这种性感美女?

[04:16.40]fOr Over-the-hill lOsers tO asK Out hOt wOmen liKe her?

[04:19.80]l'm Keeping yOu On neighbOrhOOd watCh. 我会守望相助

[04:25.08]And just when Samantha thOught her day COuldn't get any wOrse... 正当莎曼珊以为 今天已衰到极点时…

[04:29.12]This is a CatalOgue fOr pre-menOpausal wOmen. 这是一本给前更年期女性 看的目录

[04:34.08]''New TransitiOns.'' NiCe name. “新转变”,不错的名字

[04:36.40]Why dOn't they Call it what it is? J.Crew fOr wOmen whO are drying up. 他们何不直截了当地称呼? 适用对象为逐渐干涸的女性

[04:39.48]FYl, l'm nOt transitiOning. l'm happening. -我没有转变,我是进行式 -只是邮寄名单搞错了

[04:43.56]YOu're On the wrOng mailing list.

[04:44.92]l shOuldn't have signed up fOr that ''Mirabella'' trial subsCriptiOn. 我不该接受免费试阅三个月的 “米拉贝拉”杂志

[04:49.92]l bOught a baCK pillOw On line and ended up with CatalOgues fOr trusses. 我在网路上买了一个背枕 结果收到疝带的目录

[04:53.60]- YOu gOt a baCK pillOw?. - At l'm getting Old.COm. -你买背枕? -对,购自“我老了”网站

[04:56.28]Maybe l COuld interest yOu in vaginal lubriCatiOn suppOsitOries? 也许你会对 阴道润滑栓剂感兴趣

[05:01.80]Listen: ''Ten years befOre menOpause yOu may have symptOms inCluding: 听好 “在进入更年期的前十年”

[05:08.40]''all mOnth lOng PMS, “你可能会体验的症状包括 长达一个月的经前症候群”

[05:09.56]''fluid retentiOn, insOmnia, depressiOn, hOt flushes Or irregular periOds.'' “水肿、失眠、情绪低落 热潮红或经期不规则”

[05:18.12]But peOple give up their seats fOr yOu On the bus. 好处是坐公车时 人们开始让位给你了

[05:22.52]Oh, my GOd! Vagina weights. -我的天,阴道砝码 -我的阴道可不等人

[05:24.88]My vagina waits fOr nO man.

[05:27.40]- LOOK. The Kegel Master. - What's a Kegel musCle? -你们看,凯格尔肌肉锻练器 -什么是凯格尔肌肉?

[05:29.64]- lt helps yOu sit tight. - And l have One? -它可以帮助你让阴道紧实 -我也有吗?

[05:33.96]- YOu dOn't dO yOur exerCises. - What exerCises? -你这么问就表示你没做运动 -什么运动?

[05:38.48]YOu have tO tighten and release it fOr ten minutes a day. 想让阴道紧实 只要一天收缩和放松十分钟

[05:44.60]Kegel exerCises... l'm dOing mine right nOw. 凯格尔运动…我现在就在做

[05:48.24]Man, she's gOOd. 她真行

[05:49.84]Well, l Can't wait fOr menOpause. 我真希望赶快停经 没有月经一定很自由

[05:54.52]lt will be freeing nOt tO have periOds.

[05:56.60]l Can't wait till flOw stOps COming tO tOwn. 我等不及红潮不再报到

[05:57.100]- NO One Calls it flOw. - My grandmOther did. -没人叫它红潮了 -我奶奶就这么称呼

[06:01.44]NO mOre mind-numbing Cramps. 不要再有脑人的腹痛了

[06:04.88]NO Kidding. l've gOt mine right nOw. Big time. 说真的,我现在正在痛 痛得不得了

[06:06.92]- l hear that, sister. - My GOd, l have my periOd tOO. -我听到了,姐妹 -我的天,我也正在经期

[06:12.04]We're all synChed up. l've heard abOut that happening. 我们都是同一时间 怎么这么巧

[06:15.80]What? l'll get mine in a few days. 干嘛?我再过几天就来了

[06:19.68]lf Samantha was running late, l was running even later. 如果莎曼珊的经期迟了 那我的就更迟了

[06:25.04]The ''Gab Magazine'' party was in an hOur “饶舌”杂志的派对快开始了 我的衣服却还在干洗店

[06:28.44]and my dress was at the Cleaners.

[06:32.80]Oh, please, sir! 拜托,先生

[06:36.68]Shit. 该死

[06:36.44]Apparently my fabulOus party dress wOuld be staying in fOr the evening.

[06:39.96]显然我漂亮的派对洋装 今晚将留在店里了

[06:47.40]Miranda and Steve deCided instead Of staying in, they'd gO Out. 米兰达和史蒂夫决定不待在家 而要出门

[06:52.36]SinCe when did it beCOme apprOpriate tO bring babies tO restaurants? 从几时起适合带小孩 来餐馆吃饭?

[06:55.16]Oh, COme On. He's Cute. 很可爱

[06:58.84]Yeah. GOd invented baby-sitters fOr a reasOn. 上帝发明保姆是有原因的

[07:01.88]l dOn't thinK it's sO bad. lt's niCe tO have babies arOund. 我觉得没什么不好 附近有小孩很棒

[07:06.80]DOn't get me wrOng. l lOve babies, but nOt with my sOup. 别误会我的意思 我爱孩子,但喝汤时不喜欢

[07:11.88]Oh, my GOd. LOOK at yOu. YOu're a mess! 我的天 你看你,吃得脏兮兮的

[07:18.28]- We shOuld dO it. Have a baby. - Yeah, right. -我们应该生个孩子 -才怪

[07:25.20]l'm seriOus. We'd have a Cute baby, nOt One that lOOKs liKe KhrushChev. 我是认真的,孩子一定很可爱 不会长得像赫鲁雪夫

[07:30.44]- We wOuldn't have tO get married. - YOu're seriOus? -我们可以不必结婚 -你是说真的?

[07:34.92]Yes. The timing is perfeCt. 没错,现在时机正好

[07:34.08]The timing is nOt perfeCt. We've Only been living tOgether fOr twO mOnths. 时机并不好 我们才同居两个月

[07:41.08]lt's way tOO quiCK. We CannOt have a baby. YOu're insane. 太快了,我们不能生小孩 你疯了

[07:50.44]COme On. l want a baby. lt'd be fun. 拜托,我想要个小孩 很好玩的

[07:53.00]lt's nOt liKe Owning a fOOsball table. DO yOu KnOw hOw muCh wOrK it is? 这和买一张足球台不一样 你知道养一个小孩多辛苦吗?

[07:58.44]Yeah, l KnOw. But l Can hang Out with him during the day. 我知道,但我白天可以陪他

[08:03.96]WatCh ''Sesame Street'' while yOu're at wOrK, then l gO tO wOrK at the bar. 你上班时我们看“芝麻街” 然后我再去酒吧工作

[08:06.40]And l'd be up all night with the baby, alOne and getting nO sleep, 而我整晚都要一个人照顾孩子 不能睡觉

[08:10.60]then have tO get up the next day and wOrK 14 hOurs tO maKe partner 隔天早上还得起床 工作14个小时以成为合伙人

[08:18.84]sO l Can affOrd the apartment yOu're watChing ''Sesame Street'' in. 这样我才负担得起那间公寓 而你却只要看“芝麻街”就好

[08:20.24]Let's hOpe the baby inherits my pOsitive attitude. 希望孩子遗传我的积极态度

[08:27.80]Can we please talK abOut sOmething else? 我们可以谈别的事吗?

[08:29.60]NO prOblem. 没问题

[08:35.84]While Miranda was left COntemplating diapers... 当米兰达正在思量尿布时…

[08:38.04]l was COntemplating MCQueen versus GuCCi. 我则在考虑要穿 麦昆还是古驰的衣服

[08:44.80]lt's yOur last ChanCe tO attend a fabulOus party with a fabulOus girl. 这是你和美女一起参加 盛大派对的最后机会

[08:49.68]- lt's a party On a bOat? - COrreCtiOn: fanCy bOat. -这派对在船上举行? -更正:是豪华的船

[08:52.12]And ps, the fabulOus girl is rumOred tO be easy. 附注:谣传美女很容易出轨

[08:56.92]- What's the party fOr? - This new magazine, ''Gab''. -为什么要办派对? -庆祝新杂志“饶舌”创刊

[08:58.40]- Have yOu read it? - NO, l want the Celebrity sightings. -你看过了吗? -还没,我是为了看名人才去

[09:02.48]l'd be stuCK On this bOat with all these Celebs. 那么我会和那些名人 一起困在船上

[09:04.84]And Celebrity hangers-On. 以及名人的跟班

[09:08.16]lt's tempting, but is it OK if l stay On dry land? 很吸引人 不过我可以待在陆地吗?

[09:12.32]- Of COurse. - Will yOu still be easy later? -当然 -等一下你仍然容易出轨吗?

[09:17.92]- ls that a prOpOsitiOn? - Bon voyage. -这是个建议吗? -一路顺风

[09:21.56]Bye. 拜拜

[09:39.88]The ''Gab'' party was everything they prOmised and mOre. “饶舌”的派对 比主办单位承诺的还棒

[09:41.84]Regis Philbin, MadOnna and ''New YOrKer'' ex-editOrs were there. 瑞吉斯菲尔宾、玛丹娜和每个 被开除的“纽约客”编辑都在

[09:46.64]- Hey, thanKs. - SO, where was l? -谢谢 -我刚才讲到哪里?

[09:49.48]UnfOrtunately, Trey was dOing mOst Of the gabbing. 不幸的是 多数时候是崔在滔滔不绝

[09:53.20]- The part abOut the birthday present. - That's right. -生日礼物的部分 -没错

[09:57.04]My mOther gives me this awful maChine fOr sOrting Change... 我妈送我一个 可以分类零钱的机器…

[09:59.96]He has a lOt Of Change. -他有一大堆零钱 -我骗她说我爱死了

[10:02.24]...fOr my birthday. l lied tO her and said l lOved it.

[10:03.24]l jumped intO a Cab and drOve that thing right baCK. 我跳上一辆计程车 抱着那玩意儿冲回家

[10:08.68]SO there l was, On... 40th and BrOadway. 当时我正在… 40街和百老汇大道

[10:13.04]- l hear a wOman yell liKe a hyena. - l did nOt! -听见一个女人像土狼般大叫 -我才没有

[10:16.56]The Cab stOps. l almOst hit my head On that plastiC partitiOn. l gOt Out... 计程车突然停下来 我的头差点撞上塑胶隔板

[10:22.68]He tOld him tO stOp the meter. 他叫司机暂停计费

[10:26.96]And there was CharlOtte, lying On the street. That's hOw we met. 而夏绿蒂躺在大街上 我们就是这样认识的

[10:29.28]And that's hOw we met. 我们就是这样认识的

[10:32.16]- That's very sweet. - Oh, and the Cabbie gOt mad. -真浪漫 -你忘了司机气疯了那段

[10:37.40]- lt's OK, COs l remember. - Anyway, it was fate. -没关系,我记得 -总之,这是命中注定

[10:40.60]lf my mOther didn't give me bad gifts 如果我妈没送我烂礼物

[10:45.76]this wOnderful gift wOuld never have COme intO my life. 就不会有这么棒的礼物 在我生命中降临

[10:48.56]l'd heard the stOry at least three times. 这故事我至少已听过三遍

[10:50.32]AnOther minute Of Trey and we wOuld be in a man OverbOard situatiOn. 再听崔说下去 我便会忍不住推他下海

[10:56.08]- Hey, l'm gOnna gO tO hit the buffet. - OK. -我去拿东西吃 -好

[11:01.00]NOt tOO hard. 别吃太多

[11:05.16]As l walKed away, l realised l hadn't seen CharlOtte that happy in years 我走开时发现,我已经好几年 没见到夏绿蒂这么开心

[11:07.52]and with a man she had KnOwn fOr five minutes. 而且是和一个 她才认识不久的男人

[11:12.92]And just when l thOught l was safe... 正当我以为自己很安全…

[11:15.76]- HellO. - Oh, hi. -你好 -嗨

[11:18.16]Cheese. 我在吃起士,你好


[11:22.52]...l ran intO the man l'd been happy with fOr five minutes. 我遇见那个 曾给我短暂快乐的男人

[11:27.24]- Right. Well, hi. - l thOught l might see yOu here. -你好 -我想可能会在这里看到你

[11:32.76]YOu did? 是吗?

[11:37.24]- Where's Natasha? - She missed the bOat. -娜塔莎呢? -她没赶上船

[11:42.32]l'm sOrry. 对不起

[11:45.64]Very CrOwded. 好挤

[11:46.00]Well, l gOtta... 我得…

[11:50.60]DOminiCK Dunne is hOlding my plaCe in the bathrOOm line. 多明尼克在厕所前面帮我排队

[11:56.08]Big and l, trapped tOgether On a bOat withOut dates. 大人物和我困在同一艘船上 身边都没有伴

[11:60.40]We were twO miles OffshOre. There was nO way Off. 我们离岸两哩远,无路可逃

[12:05.40]Children and wOmen with emOtiOnal baggage first. 小孩和有感情包袱的女人优先

[12:07.08]Carrie. LOOK what Trey gave me. lsn't it beautiful? 凯莉,你看崔送我的礼物 很美吧?

[12:10.96]WOw. Cartier. 卡地亚的

[12:13.64]lt was a surprise. He said the last few weeKs have been speCial. 这是个惊喜 他说过去几周很特别

[12:17.80]And that he's smitten. LOOK, it's insCribed. 我让他神魂颠倒 你看,后面还刻了字

[12:22.60]Let's see. ''TO CharlOtte. lt's abOut time l met yOu.'' “献给夏绿蒂 我俩相遇正是时候”

[12:28.48]Sweetie, that's great. 亲爱的,太棒了

[12:30.92]- When dOes this bOat dOCK? - ArOund 10:00. -这艘船何时靠岸? -大约十点

[12:32.44]- What time is it? - lt's nOt set yet. -现在几点? -还没调时间

[12:36.20]- lt's pretty. - ThanKs. l better get baCK tO Trey. -很漂亮 -谢谢,我最好回去找崔了

[12:39.88]l thinK this is it, Carrie. l Can feel it. 我想就是他了,凯莉 我感觉得到

[12:44.24]One wOman's ''TitaniC'' is anOther wOman's ''LOve BOat''. 显然一个女人的“铁达尼” 是另一个女人的“爱之船”

[12:53.00]- BOO. - Jesus. -凯莉 -天啊

[12:60.24]SO what was that baCK there? 刚才是怎么回事?

[13:02.96]l... l dOn't KnOw. 我…我不知道

[13:06.92]- Can't we have a COnversatiOn? - l dOn't KnOw. Can we? -我们不能正常地交谈吗? -我不知道,你说呢?

[13:12.68]ArOund BrOOKlyn there's gOnna be a mutiny. Pass it On. 布鲁克林区附近将会有 一场叛乱,把这消息传出去

[13:17.08]- What a spiffy Opener. - l try. -这开场白还不错 -我尽力了

[13:21.80]SO what are yOu? Are yOu... 那么你呢?你有…

[13:25.92]- Are yOu seeing anyOne? - Yeah, l am. -你有交往的对象吗? -是的

[13:30.16]He's great. He's perfeCt, aCtually. 他很棒,实际上近乎完美

[13:36.44]Where is he, Mr PerfeCt? 那位完美先生呢?

[13:38.16]He's hOme. l didn't wanna subjeCt him tO the slimy media leeChes. 他在家,我不想让他受到 八卦媒体的污染

[13:41.08]GOOd idea. 好主意

[13:43.92]Present COmpany exCluded. 不包括目前的同伴

[13:48.56]- That's sOme Ouftit, Kid. - Really? DO yOu thinK sO? -衣服很漂亮 -真的吗?你这么认为?

[13:51.48]lf yOu liKe this, yOu'll lOve the One being held hOstage On 7 4th and Lex. 若你喜欢这件,那你一定会 爱死被洗衣店扣押的那一件

[14:00.12]lt's gOOd tO see yOu. 很高兴见到你

[14:07.24]The next mOrning l reCOvered frOm my see-Big siCKness, 隔天早上 我从再见大人物的不适中康复

[14:10.72]while dOwntOwn, Samantha realised maybe her ship had sailed. 在下城,莎曼珊意识到 或许她的船已经启航了

[14:16.08]She was five days late. 她的月经晚了五天

[14:19.40]Later we did brunCh and bathrOOm at Time Café. 稍后我们在“时代咖啡馆” 吃早午餐,并在化妆室聊天

[14:23.04]- l'm in lOve with him. - YOu're nOt in lOve with him. -我爱上他了 -你没有爱上他

[14:26.44]YOu're in lOve with the expensive watCh he gave yOu. 你爱的是 他送你的那只昂贵手表

[14:29.04]- DO yOu have anOther? - l'm nOt Tampax Central. Buy them. -你还有吗? -我不是供应商,下次记得买

[14:35.00]l have them at hOme. But they wOn't fit in my Kate Spade purse. 我放在家里,但我凯特史贝的 名牌皮包塞不下

[14:38.48]WOw, Kate must have a tiny vagina. 凯特的阴道必定很小

[14:43.16]The watCh is a sign that he's in lOve with me tOO. 那只表意味着他也爱我

[14:47.12]- He's just in blue ball hell. - SOmetimes yOu just KnOw. -才怪,他是在禁欲的地狱中 -有时候你就是知道

[14:51.32]We're the right matCh. lt's fate. 我们是天生一对 这是命运的安排

[14:53.76]lt's nOt fate. His light is On. That's all. 这和命运无关 他的灯号亮了,如此而已

[14:58.28]- What light? - Men are liKe Cabs. -什么灯号? -男人就像计程车

[15:01.32]When they're available, their light gOes On. 当他们是自由身时 灯号就会亮

[15:02.84]They waKe up One day, deCide tO settle dOwn, and turn their light On. 等到某天他们决定要安顿下来 便把灯号打开

[15:09.32]The next wOman they piCK up is the One they'll marry. lt's nOt fate. 然后娶下一个载到的女人 这不是命运

[15:11.68]- lt's dumb luCK. - l Can't believe that lOve is randOm. -而是碰运气 -我拒绝相信爱情是随机的

[15:16.72]YOu gOtta get them when their light's On. 你必须趁他们灯号亮的时候 抓住他们

[15:20.64]- Men l meet are flashing yellOws. - Or Off duty. -我认识的男人都在闪黄灯 -或是下班了

[15:25.12]They Can drive arOund fOr years and nOt be available. 他们可以开车到处乱逛好几年 却不载客

[15:26.60]They shOuldn't be allOwed tO get behind the wheel! 不该准许他们上路的

[15:29.04]MOst men dOn't stay lit lOng befOre they taKe the plunge 大部分男人的灯号很少亮着

[15:31.68]versus mOst wOmen whO have been lit pretty muCh sinCe birth. 反而大部分女人自出生后 灯号便一直亮着

[15:37.04]That was my last tampOn. Are yOu paCKing? 那是我最后一个卫生棉条 你有带吗?

[15:38.68]NO, l dOn't have a tampOn and prObably will never need One again. 我没有 而且可能再也不需要了

[15:45.60]- A ''nO'' is gOOd enOugh. - l haven't had my periOd in 35 days. -说“没有”就够了 -我已经35天没月经了

[15:48.36]- Are yOu...? - NO, l'm nOt pregnant. l'm... -你是不是… -不是,我没怀孕,我…

[15:52.92]- l'm drying up. - COme On. YOu're OverreaCting. -我干涸了 -别这样,你反应过度了

[15:56.88]- lt was a stupid CatalOgue. - l'm day-Old bread. My time is up. -只是一本愚蠢的目录 -我是不新鲜面包,期限到了

[16:02.36]EnjOy yOur flOws. 好好享受你们的红潮吧

[16:04.08]FOr sOmeOne with nO periOd yOu've gOt a mean Case Of PMS. 就一个没有月经的人来说 你的经前症候群还真严重

[16:09.16]YOu have years Of miserable Cramps ahead Of yOu. 你还得忍受好几年悲惨的经痛

[16:13.60]Ladies... 姐妹们,我即将说的话 你们可能会觉得很意外

[16:15.80]What l'm abOut tO tell yOu...

[16:17.36]may COme as a shOCK.

[16:26.44]l'm a little... 我比你们…

[16:30.32]Older than yOu. 年纪大一点

[16:37.08]That night l COuldn't stOp thinKing abOut time. 当晚我一直思考时机问题

[16:42.84]Was every seCOnd Of Our lives COntrOlled by fate? 我们生命中的每一秒 都受命运左右吗?

[16:44.64]Or is life a series Of randOm OCCurrenCes? 或者生命只是一连串的偶然?

[16:46.80]lf l wasn't always ten minutes late, wOuld my life be tOtally different? 如果我不是永远迟到十分钟 我的人生会完全改观吗?

[16:51.76]WOuld l never run intO Big? WOuld there ever be a gOOd time tO see him? 我是否不可能遇见大人物? 是否有见到他的好时机?

[16:55.04]Was Miranda right? 米兰达说对了吗?

[16:59.56]ls timing everything? 时机是否决定一切?

[17:14.64]COuld yOu turn that dOwn? l'm wOrKing. 电视关小声一点好吗? 我在工作

[17:24.96]OK, nOt lOw enOugh. 好,还不够小声

[17:26.84]YOu're gOnna have tO get used tO the nOise with a baby arOund.

[17:30.12]如果有孩子 你就必须习惯噪音

[17:34.04]LOOK. l've been thinKing abOut this baby thing. 听着,我一直在想 关于生孩子的事

[17:39.32]We're nOt in a great plaCe right nOw. 我们现在的情况不适合生孩子

[17:41.88]Can we have this COnversatiOn withOut ''SCOOby DOO''? 我们讲话的时候 可以不要看“史酷比”吗?

[17:44.44]lt's the One where they find the ghOst in the salt mine. 这一集是演他们在盐矿找到鬼

[17:49.12]- l'm seriOus. Turn Off the CartOOns. - But what abOut the ghOst? -我是认真的,把卡通关掉 -可是鬼怎么办?

[17:55.88]- YOu KnOw what? FOrget it. - Miranda. -你知道吗?算了 -米兰达

[17:60.08]Then Miranda realised she may have already had a baby in her hOuse. 米兰达意识到 她家已经有一个孩子了

[18:03.16]l wanna shelve this baby thing fOr a while. 生孩子的事我想暂时搁置

[18:05.04]OK, yOu gOt it. 好,没问题

[18:08.08]Put a COaster under that glass 在杯子下面放个杯垫 睡觉之前把灯关掉

[18:12.80]and turn Off the lights befOre yOu COme tO bed.

[18:17.64]We haven't had sex in Over a weeK and he wants a baby. 我们一个礼拜没有性生活 而他想要小孩

[18:22.64]What's wrOng with this piCture? 这个状况哪里不对劲?

[18:23.00]YOu Can always gO the lmmaCulate COnCeptiOn rOute. 你可以效法圣母玛莉亚 纯洁受孕

[18:27.32]SeriOusly, we're in this shitty plaCe. 说真的,我们现在关系很恶劣

[18:32.48]We fight and l'm wOrKing lOng hOurs fOr this partner thing. 我们常常吵架,为了合伙的事 我的工作时间拉长了

[18:36.36]And he's using a baby as a Band-Aid fOr everything that's wrOng with us. 他把孩子当成绷带 以为可以解决我们所有的问题

[18:39.72]- What is wrOng with yOu guys? - l dOn't KnOw. -你们出了什么问题? -我不知道

[18:44.72]lt's liKe he's a Kid and l end up nagging him all the time. 就好像他是个小孩 而我老是对他唠叨

[18:48.28]l'm mean mOmmy and nO One wants tO fuCK mean mOmmy. 我是暴躁的妈咪,相信我 没人想和暴躁的妈咪做爱

[18:52.16]Oh, l believe yOu. 我相信你

[18:55.16]Maybe l'm sabOtaging the relatiOnship sO l dOn't have tO aCtually be happy. 也许我在破坏这段关系 好逃避生小孩和快乐过日子

[19:01.08]Maybe the prOblem is me. -也许问题出在我身上 -这个小孩会需要很多治疗

[19:02.12]This baby is gOnna need a lOt Of therapy.

[19:06.08]- There is nO baby! - OK, mean mOmmy. -哪来的小孩? -好,暴躁的妈咪

[19:08.16]But l dO want One eventually and my ClOCK is running Out. 但我终究会想要一个小孩 而我的时间不多了

[19:13.40]l've Only gOt a milliOn viable eggs left. 我只剩下一百万个有用的卵

[19:15.20]300 Of whiCh we just Killed with thOse martinis at lunCh. 刚才吃饭时喝的马丁尼 又杀了300个

[19:21.56]That night, Samantha gOt drunK. 当晚,莎曼珊喝醉了

[19:25.96]She had lOst her spirit and nO pill in the CatalOgue COuld COrreCt that. 她失去了往日的意气风发 目录中没有药物可以治疗

[19:29.72]And sO she aCCepted a date with Len. 因此她答应和连恩约会

[19:32.20]After all, day-Old bread needed tO stiCK tOgether. 毕竟,不新鲜的面包 必须物以类聚

[19:35.60]- Ever been in a CadillaC EldOradO? - NO. -你坐过凯迪拉克轿车吗? -没有

[19:36.28]Oh, thOse babies are smOOth. They have buttOns fOr everything. 那些宝贝坐起来真稳 车上什么按钮都有

[19:41.28]There's even a buttOn tO adjust yOur lumbar. Great fOr my hip. 甚至还有调整腰锥的按钮 对我的臀部极有好处

[19:48.20]Did l tell yOu l have an artifiCial hip? 我告诉过你我有个人造臀吗?

[19:54.68]- NO. - Hard tO believe, baby? -没有 -难以置信吧?

[19:57.84]Samantha COuldn't listen tO One mOre minute Of Len. 莎曼珊无法忍受连恩 多说一分钟的话

[20:00.24]SO she slept with him and his hip tO shut him up. 所以她跟他上床好让他闭嘴

[20:03.80]Yeah, baby. 好,宝贝

[20:08.60]Give it tO daddy. 快给爹地吧

[20:18.76]- Oh, Jesus. - What. -老天 -怎么了?

[20:20.80]Baby, either yOu're a virgin Or flOw just Came tO tOwn. 宝贝,你若不是处女 就是月经来报到了

[20:26.80]- My periOd? - There's blOOd everywhere. -我的月经? -到处都是血

[20:31.76]Oh, my GOd. That is sO... 我的天,真是太…

[20:34.56]These sheets are twO grand a set. 这些床单一套两千块

[20:37.64]l'm sOrry, really very sOrry. 对不起,我真的很抱歉

[20:43.80]Samantha said sOrry. What she really meant was... 莎曼珊嘴里说抱歉 其实她真正的意思是…

[20:48.56]there are mOre yOung studs in this pre-pre-menOpausal wOman's future. 未来还有很多年轻的性感猛男 等着她这个前更年期的女人

[20:53.60]This is embarrassing. l shOuld gO. 真丢脸,我应该走了

[20:55.88]ThanKs fOr dinner. 谢谢你的晚餐

[20:59.48]The next day, Miranda was putting in time and a half at her firm when... 隔天 米兰达在事务所加班时…

[21:07.36]- Miranda HObbes. - Hey. -米兰达霍布斯 -是我

[21:09.76]l'm busy and Can't talK. 我现在很忙,没时间聊天

[21:11.32]Meet me in half an hOur at 56th and 3rd, OK? 半小时后在第五十六街 和第三街路口见

[21:13.28]- l Can't, l gOt a meeting at 4:00. - COme On, it will help. -不行,我四点要开会 -来吧,会有帮助的

[21:19.60]- Please. - OK. -拜托 -好吧

[21:26.36]- This is nOt gOnna happen. - COme On. LOOK at them. -这是不可能的 -过来,你看它们

[21:29.32]HOw exaCtly wOuld this help us? 这对我们究竟有什么帮助?

[21:32.00]Maybe we're nOt ready fOr a baby. 也许我们还没准备好生个小孩

[21:33.96]- This COuld be a test run. - WhO wOuld taKe Care Of the test run? -这可以当作一个试验 -谁来照顾它?

[21:38.16]Me. 我

[21:43.72]Please, buyer lady. TaKe me hOme and lOve me. 拜托,出钱的小姐 带我回家,好好爱我

[21:48.20]- YOu're insane. - NOt in frOnt Of the puppy! -你疯了 -不要在狗狗面前说

[21:52.36]Miranda had been baCKed intO a COrner. 米兰达被逼进了死角

[21:53.36]Even thOugh she was surrOunded by bitChes, she didn't wanna be One. 虽然四周都是母狗(沷妇) 她可不想成为其中一员

[21:56.32]OK. 好吧

[21:60.24]CharlOtte and Trey were perfOrming their usual duet. 夏绿蒂和崔又在重复 平常那套对话

[22:04.28]...and then l gOt Out and fOund yOu. 然后我下车发现了你

[22:05.92]Oh, really? l fOund yOu. 真的吗?是我发现你的

[22:12.76]- l thinK l shOuld COme in. - NO, sweetie. -我想我应该进去 -不,亲爱的

[22:17.84]l have an early meeting. But thanKs, l had a lOvely time. Really. 我明天一早要开会 不过谢谢你,我玩得很开心

[22:22.88]Me tOO. 我也是

[22:27.36]- GOOd night. - GOOd night. -晚安 -晚安

[22:42.28]- YOu're very persistent. - l wanna tell yOu sOmething. -你真是不屈不挠 -我想告诉你一件事

[22:48.04]- l lOve yOu, CharlOtte. - YOu dO? -我爱你,夏绿蒂 -真的吗?

[22:51.60]- Yeah. - l lOve yOu tOO. -是的 -我也爱你

[22:57.40]That night, CharlOtte gOt everything she wanted. 当晚夏绿蒂得到她想要的一切

[23:01.56]Trey gOt a hand jOb. 崔则得到代打手枪的服务

[23:04.16]And at 3:00 am Miranda was getting nOthing but aggravated. 半夜三点,米兰达除了火气外 什么都没得到

[23:09.40]Please, gO tO sleep. 拜托,睡觉吧

[23:12.92]Please, l beg yOu. Here. LOOK. 拜托,我求你,你看这个

[23:13.100]This is suppOsed tO be yOur mOm's heart beating Or...sOmething. 这就当作你妈咪的心跳…

[23:25.84]- Are yOu happy? - NOt really. -你高兴了吧? -不见得

[23:28.88]We get this puppy. l'm the Only One taKing Care Of it. 我们说好一起养这只狗 结果却只有我一个人在照顾它

[23:32.16]l've been up all night. YOu're asleep. This was a huge mistaKe. 我整晚都醒着,你睡得倒熟 这真是大错特错

[23:34.44]COme On, relax. lt will be fine. 放轻松,以后就没事了

[23:37.92]FOr yOu, beCause yOu're nOt dOing anything. 对你来说是如此 因为你什么事都不做

[23:40.44]He's just getting used tO us. 它只是在适应我们

[23:44.20]POOChie, pOOChie, puppy bOy. 小狗狗…

[23:51.36]Give mOmmy a Kiss. 亲妈咪一个

[23:56.56]This is it. l'm sO siCK Of yOu being the Kid here. 就是这样 我真的很厌烦你像个小孩一样

[23:57.00]l CannOt be in Charge all the time. We're suppOsed tO be equals. 不能什么责任都要我来扛 我们应该是互相支持的搭档

[24:02.80]YOu thinK we Can have a baby? We Can't even have a puppy tOgether. 生孩子? 我们连一起养只狗都没办法

[24:06.24]- We're gOing thrOugh a rOugh patCh. - This isn't a patCh. -我们正经历过度期 -这不是过度期

[24:11.76]This is it. All the time. And it's nOt gOOd. 一向都是如此 这绝对不是好事

[24:14.32]Great. SO yOu're just gOnna give up On us, just liKe that? 很好,所以你打算就这样 放弃这段感情?

[24:19.68]NOt just liKe that. 不是就这样

[24:21.40]l have been trying nOt tO give up On us fOr a lOng time. 我已经努力了很久 不要放弃这段感情

[24:26.84]- That's niCe. - l'm just being hOnest. -很好 -我只是说实话

[24:31.04]Then Miranda realised sOmething. 米兰达领悟到一件事

[24:32.12]All this time, she thOught the prOblem was her. 一直以来 她都以为问题在她身上

[24:35.56]lt wasn't. lt was them. 其实不是 而是他们两个人的问题

[24:39.28]And there was never a gOOd time tO say what she had tO say. 永远没有好时机 说出她必须说的话

[24:43.08]- This isn't gOnna wOrK, Steve. - There's gOOd stuff, here. -没有用的,史蒂夫 -我们有美好的回忆

[24:46.80]NOt enOugh. 不够

[24:48.92]A baby wOuld've been a quiCK fix fOr sOmething that Can't be fixed. 孩子只是暂时的补救方法 治标不治本

[24:54.40]- BeCause yOu dOn't want it tO wOrK. - That's sO unfair. -因为你不想继续下去 -这么说真不公平

[25:00.92]- l dOn't wanna fight yOu anymOre. - DO yOu thinK l dO? -我不想再跟你吵架了 -你以为我想?

[25:04.80]l dOn't KnOw. 我不知道

[25:10.16]Steve... 史蒂夫…

[25:13.96]l really tried. 我真的努力过了

[25:16.64]That night, Miranda lOst her partner. 那夜,米兰达失去了她的搭档

[25:19.44]The next day, she gOt a new One. 隔天,她有了新伙伴

[25:26.52]Fifteen Of them. 总共有15个

[25:35.92]Meanwhile, l was still enjOying my One. 同时,我还是很喜欢我的搭档

[25:40.52]DO yOu wanna have a sleepOver? 你想在这里过夜吗?

[25:45.16]Let me set the timer. 我设定一下计时器

[25:50.48]l didn't KnOw abOut Aidan but my light was definitely On. 我不知道艾登的情况 但我的灯号绝对是亮着的

[25:54.64]YOu have One new message. 你有一通新留言

[25:58.32]Hey, Carrie, l'm... 凯莉,我…

[25:58.32]l Knew whO it was. l COuldn't stOp Big COming baCK intO my life. 我知道是谁,我无法阻止 大人物重返我的生活

[26:02.88]But l COuld stOp him frOm COming Out Of my maChine. 至少我可以阻止他的声音 从答录机冒出来

[26:07.76]Hey, yOu're Out Of filters. l'm gOnna run dOwn tO the KOrean. 你的滤纸用完了 我去楼下的商店买

[26:18.20]- Hey... - Yeah? -凯莉… -什么事?

[26:23.16]YOu maKe me really happy. 你真的让我好快乐

[26:26.32]- See yOu in a bit. - OK. -待会儿见 -好

[26:38.04]Oh, that was very fast. 速度还真快

[26:43.00]- What are yOu dOing here? - Didn't yOu get my message? -你来干嘛? -你没听到我的留言吗?

[26:46.40]NO, l paused it. 我按了暂停 你在这里做什么?

[26:48.12]- What are yOu dOing here? - That was him, wasn't it? 那个人就是他吧?

[26:52.16]- The perfeCt guy. - Yes and he's COming baCK, sO... -完美的家伙 -对,他很快就回来,所以…

[26:57.12]Please. 拜托

[26:60.52]What dO yOu want? 你想怎么样?

[27:07.48]l dOn't KnOw. 我不知道

[27:13.84]NO, gO hOme tO yOur wife. 不行,回家去找你太太

[27:17.44]GO. 快走

[27:21.88]l'm sO fuCKed up. 我把一切都搞砸了

[27:29.16]l had nO idea what else Big was gOnna say. 我不晓得大人物还要说什么

[27:34.100]And l'm nOt sure what bugged me mOre. 我也不确定哪件事让我比较烦

[27:38.60]That l didn't KnOw Or that l Cared. 是我不知道还是我仍在意

[27:41.96]Hey, Carrie. l'm here On yOur COrner. 凯莉,我在你公寓楼梯的转角

[27:47.56]l KnOw yOu're hOme. PiCK up. 我知道你在家,接电话吧

[27:51.12]Jesus. 天啊

[27:56.72]Well, l miss yOu. 我很想你

[28:00.28]l Can't fuCKing stOp thinKing abOut yOu. There yOu have it. 我无法停止想你,你听见了

[28:06.44]There it was. ExaCtly what l had needed tO hear... 这正是我从前想听的话 却迟了一年

[28:10.68]a year tOO late.

[28:11.100]l shOuld have been happy, but l wasn't. 我本来应该觉得高兴 但是没有

[28:15.20]lt was the absOlute wOrst timing Of all. 现在绝对是最坏的时机

[28:20.36]Ten minutes later, Aidan still hadn't COme baCK. 十分钟后,艾登还是没回来

[28:23.36]Suddenly my life was all abOut timing. 突然间,时机决定了我的人生

[28:25.20]All the right things said at all the wrOng times. 在错误的时机说了对的话

[28:30.08]My past COming baCK way tOO fast. 我的过去太早回头

[28:32.00]And my future taKing way tOO lOng tO COme hOme. 而我的未来却还回不了家

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