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欲望都市第三季 剪不断,理还乱 Running with Scissors






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:34:16



[00:35.32](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[01:02.56]- Yes? - ROOm serviCe. -哪位? -客房服务

[01:09.32]We've gOt tO stOp meeting liKe this. 我们不能再这样见面了

[01:10.80]YOu've been waiting yOur whOle life tO say that. 你等了一辈子讲这句话

[01:17.76]l have tO be sOme plaCe in three hOurs. 我三个小时后要赴约

[01:22.92]Why is yOur sKin sO sOft? 你的皮肤为什么这么滑嫩?

[01:24.100]When DiCKens wrOte, ''lt was the best 当狄更斯写到那是最好的时代 也是最坏的时代

[01:28.72]''Of times, it was the wOrst Of times'',

[01:30.28]he must have been having an affair 他当时一定跟 已婚的前男友偷情

[01:33.08]with his married ex-bOyfriend.

[01:41.40]Yeah? -哪位? -是我

[01:44.00]lt's me.

[01:45.92]YOu Can't Keep Changing the time. l have a sChedule tOO. 你不能一直更换时间 我也有事要做

[01:49.28]Fine. l'm sOrry. 好,我很抱歉

[01:53.24]- Let's get thOse panties Off. - l have tO put my diaphragm in. -把内裤脱掉 -我要戴避孕器

[01:56.16]l have tO be at wOrK in 40 minutes. -我四十分钟后要上班 -我知道

[01:58.56]l KnOw.

[01:60.20]Our affair liKe Our hOtels had gOne frOm elegant with Crystal 我们的关系,就像去过的旅馆 从镶有水晶的高级饭店

[02:02.72]tO seedy with plastiC Cups. 到提供塑胶杯的廉价旅社

[02:10.84]CraCKer? 要不要饼干?

[02:17.00]GOd, it's hOt in here, and the windOws dOn't even Open. 这里面真是闷热 窗户又打不开

[02:20.80]l hate thOse sliding air strip things. 我讨厌这种小气窗

[02:27.88]l need air. 我需要空气

[02:27.72]YOu piCKed the hOtel. 地点是你选的

[02:30.24]BeCause it's On 56th and 8th, where nObOdy KnOws us. 这里是56街和第8大道口 没有人认识我们

[02:36.28]- 56th and 8th is safe. - l dOn't give a fuCK whO sees us. -56街和第8大道口很安全 -我不在乎有没有人撞见我们

[02:37.88]Yes, yOu dO. l dO, tOO. YOu want peOple tO get hurt? 你在乎,我也在乎 你希望有人因此受伤吗?

[02:44.68]This rOOm smells liKe taKe-Out Curry. 这房间有外送咖哩的味道

[02:56.80]lt's tOO hOt, l Can't dO this. 这里太热了,我没办法

[02:60.28]Are yOu saving it fOr yOur bOyfriend? 你要留给你男朋友享用吗?

[03:03.52]Carrie. 凯莉

[03:05.60]NO. YOu dOn't talK tO me that way. 你不能这样跟我说话

[03:12.16]l'm sOrry. 我很抱歉

[03:15.84]l'm sOrry. 我很抱歉

[03:16.08]Jesus. 老天

[03:22.84]HOw did we get here? 我们怎么会走到这一步?

[03:26.92]WhO are we? 我们是什么?

[03:43.48]- There yOu gO. - ThanKs. -请用 -谢谢

[03:45.48]l have tO tell yOu sOmething. 我有事情告诉你 你不会高兴的

[03:48.00]YOu wOn't liKe it. l'd rather tell anyOne but yOu, but l have tO. 我最不想让你知道 不过我不得不

[03:52.96]OK. 好

[03:53.36]- BeCause l need yOur help. - OK. -因为我需要你的帮助 -好

[03:56.64]l'm having an affair with Big. 我跟大人物偷情

[03:59.00]l thinK my heart just stOpped. 我的心跳刚才停了一下

[04:00.00]AlsO, l'm smOKing again. l'm smOKing and sleeping with Big. 还有,我又开始抽烟了 我抽烟,跟大人物偷情

[04:05.48]Feel free tO delete me Out Of yOur Palm PilOt. 你可以就此不理我

[04:08.28]- Give me One. - Really? -给我一根 -认真的?

[04:10.24]- l thinK l need it. - YOu are suCh a gOOd friend. -我需要 -你真是个好朋友

[04:16.12]DOn't inhale. 不要吸进去

[04:24.56]Say yOu dOn't hate me. -你不讨厌我? -我不讨厌你

[04:26.16]- l dOn't. - ThanK yOu. lf Only l didn't hate me. 但愿我不要讨厌自己

[04:28.92]- HOw lOng has it been gOing On? - FOrever. -持续多久了? -好久好久,正确是三个礼拜

[04:30.60]ACtual time - three weeKs.

[04:34.08]l'm in the middle Of this, and l Can't see. 我深陷其中,当局者迷

[04:35.56]l need yOu tO yanK me Out Of it. Say stuff tO yanK me Out Of it. 我需要你拉我一把 你得说些什么让我清醒

[04:39.84]- What abOut Aidan? - ExaCtly. What abOut Aidan? -艾登怎么办? -没错,艾登怎么办?

[04:46.00]What abOut him? l wOuld die if he fOund Out. 他怎么办? 要是他发现我就完了

[04:47.100]Big's aCting jealOus. l'm afraid he'll Call him Or dO sOmething stupid. 大人物开始会嫉妒 我怕他会做出傻事

[04:52.48]- He's threatened tO tell Natasha. - What did yOu thinK wOuld happen? -他威胁我要告诉娜塔莎 -你想后果会怎么样?

[04:57.24]l didn't thinK. l just did. l'm terrified we've messed it up 我根本没有思考,就是做了

[04:60.16]我怕我们搞砸了 一发不可收拾

[05:00.24]and it Can never be what it was suppOsed tO be.

[05:03.60]- lt's a big mess. - TaKe it easy, OK? -这会是个大混乱 -放轻松,好吗?

[05:10.16]l'm COnfused. DOes he Only want me beCause he Can't have me? 我很困惑 他要我是因为得不到我吗?

[05:12.04]- Yes. - HOw dO yOu really feel? -没错 -你真正的感觉是什么?

[05:15.12]FOrget abOut him. What dO yOu want? 不要管他了,你想要什么?

[05:18.24]l want everyOne tO get Out Of this withOut getting hurt. 我希望在没有人受伤的情况下 让一切结束

[05:22.08]- That's realistiC. - Why nOt? -真是实际 -为什么不可能?

[05:26.28]YOu've heard stOries abOut affairs where peOple realise 人们总是在有外遇之后

[05:28.36]hOw great their Other relatiOnship is 领悟到原先的感情有多棒 然后回头是岸

[05:30.48]and end it withOut anyOne being the wiser.

[05:33.96]l dOn't watCh ''Lifetime TelevisiOn FOr WOmen''. 我不看那种连续剧

[05:35.40]YOu have tO just stOp. OK? Just stOp. 凯莉,你需要当机立断 马上结束

[05:40.80]l am. l'm stOpping. 我正在结束

[05:44.80]- l am. - GOOd. 真的


[05:48.08]- WhO else KnOws abOut this? - Samantha. -莎曼珊,还有上帝 -夏绿蒂不知道?

[05:48.56]- And GOd. - NOt CharlOtte?

[05:51.40]lf the-wOrld-aCCOrding-tO-bride Knew, she'd Kill me. 要是那“地球绕着新娘转”的 夏绿蒂知道会杀了我

[05:54.72]At least yOu wOuldn't have tO be a bridesmaid. 至少你就不必当伴娘了

[05:60.96]While Miranda was trying nOt tO judge me On the Upper East Side, 当在上东区的米兰达 试着不要评定我

[06:04.16]Samantha was judging the CrOwd at a hOt spOt On the LOwer West Side. 在下西区的莎曼珊 正在评定一群人

[06:07.44]lt was a typiCal mix - ten per Cent Wall Street, ten per Cent real estate, 这是典型市区男子的集合

[06:09.80]华尔街人士、房地产大亨 她睡过的人

[06:12.12]ten per Cent she'd slept with.

[06:17.48]His name was TOm Reymi. 他叫做汤姆雷利

[06:21.16]ExCuse me. 抱歉

[06:21.32]A Manhattan legend - straight, single, and sexually very aCtive. 一个曼哈顿传奇人物 异性恋,单身,性生活活跃

[06:30.12]The male Samantha. 男的莎曼珊

[06:31.88]- Hi. l'm TOm Reymi. - l KnOw whO yOu are. l'm... -你好,我是汤姆雷利 -我听过你大名,我是…

[06:34.96]- l KnOw whO yOu are. - lt's abOut time we met. -我也听过你大名 -我们该是时候见面了

[06:36.24]We KnOw the same peOple, we shOuld gO tO dinner, blah blah. 我们有共同的朋友 我们该共进晚餐,想上床吗?

[06:42.00]- Wanna fuCK? - Under a minute. 不到一分钟,你可以列入纪录

[06:44.92]- YOu COuld qualify fOr the OlympiCs. - My plaCe is... 我家在…

[06:54.48]- DO yOu swing? - Swing? -你荡秋千(交换性伴侣)吗 -荡秋千?

[06:57.44]YOu mean with Other COuples? 你是说群交?

[07:01.40]NO. 不是

[07:03.68]Swing. 荡秋千

[07:05.16]Oh my, sO Cirque du SOleil. 我的老天,马戏团那一型的

[07:08.88]YOu haven't fuCKed till yOu've fuCKed in the swing. 没在秋千上做过爱 等于没做过爱

[07:12.24]l've always wanted tO run Off and jOin the CirCus. 我一直很想逃到马戏团去

[07:16.92]SO, Samantha... 莎曼珊…

[07:20.52]when was yOur last AlDS test? 你上一次做爱滋检验 是什么时候?

[07:22.48]SO muCh fOr fOreplay. 前戏可真多

[07:25.08]AnyOne whO has as muCh sex as us has tO asK, right? 像我们这样性生活活跃的人 是该问,对吧?

[07:30.32]l was tested again three weeKs agO. 我三个礼拜前又做过检查

[07:32.52]l'm gOOd tO gO. HOw abOut yOu? 我没问题,你呢?

[07:36.28]Samantha didn't KnOw hOw tO tell TOm Reymi 莎曼珊不知道该如何回答

[07:39.28]that the Only sex test she'd ever taKen was the COsmO Quiz. 她唯一做过的 只有杂志上的性测验

[07:41.88]YOu have been tested, right? -你有检验过吧? -没有,不过我很健康

[07:44.88]NO, but l'm very healthy.

[07:47.64]- YOu haven't been tested. Why? - l'm a busy girl. -你没有检验过,为什么呢? -因为我很忙

[07:51.40]l gOt hard in that Club just frOm lOOKing at yOu. 在俱乐部看着你时我就硬了

[07:56.76]We bOth KnOw what's gOnna happen when we get in that swing. 我们都知道在秋千上 会有什么样的激荡

[07:59.84]l Can't fuCK yOu Or eat yOu hOw l want, unless l KnOw it's safe. 我无法随心所欲地与你交欢 除非我知道你很安全

[08:05.72]Samantha, yOu shOuld dO me. 莎曼珊,你该试试我

[08:11.60]l am as gOOd as they say. 我就跟传闻中一样棒

[08:14.40]Samantha had tO figure Out just hOw muCh she wanted tO dO Reymi. 莎曼珊要先搞清楚 她有多想要雷利

[08:22.44]The pinK POst-its are fOr the gOwns l liKe. 粉红色标签是我喜欢的

[08:23.64]Green is fOr the gOwns l really liKe. 绿色标签是我非常喜欢的

[08:26.00]YellOw is fOr the gOwns l dOn't KnOw if l liKe. 黄色是我不太确定的

[08:29.76]Kill me, please. Drag a sharp ObjeCt aCrOss my thrOat. 杀了我吧,拿刀割我脖子

[08:34.48]StOp. YOu taKe ''MOdern Bride''. Samantha, ''New YOrK Bride''. 够了,米兰达, “现代新娘” 莎曼珊的是“纽约新娘”

[08:38.32]- And l'll taKe ''AnnOying Bride''? - Page 211. Tell me what yOu thinK. -我的是“脑人的新娘”? -翻到211页,怎么样?

[08:42.60]- OKey-dOKey. - Cute purse. -还好 -皮包很可爱

[08:45.88]There's nO time fOr purses. This is gOwn speCifiC. 没时间谈皮包了,只看婚纱

[08:51.68]- ls yOur theme a Nazi wedding? - Page 211. -你的主题是纳粹婚礼吗? -211页

[08:53.72]- lt's pretty. l liKe the flOwers. - Me, tOO. And l liKe that satin bOw. -很漂亮,我喜欢背后的花 -我也是,我喜欢缎子蝴蝶结

[08:58.32]Have yOu all had an AlDS test? 你们都做过爱滋检验吗?

[09:01.00]GOOd mOrning. Where did that COme frOm? 早安 你怎么突然冒出这一句?

[09:05.80]l met this very hOt guy. He wOn't sleep with me unless l have a test. 我遇见一个很性感的男人 他要我做测验才肯跟我睡

[09:11.36]We're lOOKing at wedding gOwns. COuld yOu nOt talK abOut AlDS nOw?. 我们在看婚纱 能不能不要现在谈爱滋?

[09:14.100]- YOu've never had an HlV test? - NO. Have yOu? -你从没做过爱滋检验? -没有,你们呢?

[09:20.96]- TwO. - Three. -两次 -三次

[09:24.44]- HOw abOut upper length glOves? - HOw Can yOu nOt have had a test? 长手套怎么样?


[09:28.20]She dOesn't mean that the way it sOunds. lt's just... 她不是那个意思,只是…

[09:33.32]Why nOt? 为什么不做呢?

[09:33.72]l always praCtise safe sex. 我一向奉行安全性行为

[09:38.40]All right, l'm terrified. 好吧,我吓坏了

[09:41.36]- What if l have it? - YOu dOn't have it. -要是我有怎么办? -你没有的

[09:44.44]SOmetimes it taKes me a lOng time tO get Over a COld. 我有时候感冒拖很久才好

[09:45.100]That's air COnditiOning. Just get it Over with. 那是空调的问题,不要害怕

[09:49.40]The test is nOthing. The wOrst part is waiting fOr the results. 最可怕的是等结果的时候

[09:52.08]They taKe sOme peOple tO this rOOm, and yOu KnOw the news ain't gOOd. 有一些人会被带到小房间 你就知道结果不甚好

[09:58.36]l sat there praying, ''Please dOn't taKe me in that rOOm''. 我都会坐着祈祷 “请不要带我到小房间”

[10:02.12]There are 1400 gOwns in this magazine. 这本杂志有一千四百套婚纱

[10:06.32]l have Only seen 600 Of them. l need help. 我只看了六百套,我需要帮忙

[10:10.00]- YOu need tO Chill Out. Hire a stylist. - A stylist? -不要慌,找个造型师 -造型师?

[10:14.16]SOme mignOn tO dO yOur dress bidding. 帮你找衣服的奴才

[10:16.24]l Can hire sOmeOne tO dO that? 我可以雇用别人帮我?

[10:19.20]This is New YOrK. YOu Can hire sOmeOne tO dO anything. 这是纽约 什么事都可以请人做

[10:21.32]- l'll fax yOu sOme names. - ThanK yOu, thanK yOu. -我传真一些人选给你 -谢谢你

[10:27.56]lf Only l COuld hire sOmeOne tO taKe that test. 我希望我可以雇用 代替我做检验的人

[10:29.64]Later, l gOt thinKing abOut safe sex. 稍晚,我思索着安全性行为

[10:33.04]Odd hOw Only when Our physiCal life is at risK, dO we prOteCt Ourselves. 纳闷我们怎么只担心 肉体上的安危

[10:38.00]What abOut Our emOtiOnal lives? 精神上的呢?

[10:43.20]WOuldn't it be niCe if there was a pamphlet tO warn us 要是有一本小册子提醒我们

[10:45.00]what behaviOur might be high risK tO Ourselves Or Our relatiOnships? 什么样的行为会危害感情 不是很好吗?

[10:48.32]Even if yOu taKe preCautiOns and emOtiOnally try tO prOteCt yOurself, 就算你有心理准备 在情感上保护自己

[10:53.20]when yOu Crawl in bed with sOmeOne, is sex ever safe? 当你爬上一个人的床时 性是否真的安全?

[10:59.48]Yeah, l KnOw, but that's nOt my prOblem. 我知道,那不是我的问题

[11:02.04]The next day, Miranda experienCed a different type Of high risK behaviOur. 隔天,米兰达经历了 另一种高危险性的行为

[11:08.24]- Eat me. - ExCuse me? -吃我 -你说什么?

[11:12.60]Eat me. 吃我

[11:17.28]Miranda was furiOus. lt was bad enOugh she had just lOst a Case, 米兰达十分愤怒 她刚输掉一场官司已经够糟了

[11:21.84]but nOw she was being harassed by a sandwiCh. 现在居然还被一个三明治骚扰

[11:24.20]YOu want pasta, yOu gO tO Little ltaly. YOu want wedding, yOu gO Wang. 要吃面食,到小意大利 要一场婚礼,到薇拉王

[11:30.20]YOu want the perfeCt wedding dress, gO tO AnthOny MarantinO, stylist. 要最棒的婚纱 找造型师安东尼

[11:34.76]Where is that sales girl? 店员在哪里?

[11:37.56]FOr these priCes, we shOuld be pulling her nOse Out Of Our asses. 依照店里这种价格 她早该出来招呼我们了

[11:40.32]HellO, sOmeOne. Let's gO. 有人在吗?快一点

[11:44.04]CharlOtte was thrilled. AnthOny was liKe the pushy mOther she never had. 夏绿蒂很激动,安东尼就像是 一位热心的意大利妈妈

[11:48.88]GO, gO, gO... 快…

[11:53.64]l lOve them all. 我都好喜欢


[12:02.64]DuChess satin with the laCe appliqué. 洋锻加上蕾丝绣花?

[12:08.56]- The white is tOO white. - NO, with yOur sKin tOne... -这个白色太白了 -依照你的肤色…

[12:12.56]Hates it. MOve On. 快一点,下一套

[12:15.76]The sharmOOse, strapless, with the net Overlay. 无肩带软缎外加罩网

[12:24.76]Hates it. 快换

[12:24.68]GOOd bead wOrK, thOugh. 串珠的工很细

[12:27.76]NOne Of these are right at all. 这些全都不适合

[12:33.40]- YOu're dragging! - l hOpe she dOesn't thinK l'm a bitCh. -你在拖什么 -希望她不会觉得我难搞

[12:38.00]She's nOt paid tO thinK, but tO maKe yOu happy. 她不是被雇来思考的 她理当让你满意

[12:40.08]l've been imagining my wedding dress ever sinCe l was a little girl. 我从小就期待披婚纱的那一天

[12:45.44]l want it tO be perfeCt. 我希望一切很完美

[12:45.52]NOt fOr nOthing. l've dOne this a milliOn times. 不要就是不要 选婚纱我有上百万次的经验

[12:48.00]DOn't wOrry. YOu'll KnOw the right dress when yOu see it. 别担心 你会知道要挑哪一件的

[12:57.08]AnthOny. 安东尼

[12:57.00]Char. 小夏

[12:60.48]That's it. 就是这一件了

[13:04.52]ACrOss tOwn, Samantha felt as thOugh she might Cry as well. 在城市另一头,莎曼珊快哭了

[13:08.08]- Have yOu had an HlV test befOre? - NO. -你有做过爱滋检验吗? -没有

[13:14.28]Why are yOu taKing this test? 为什么要来做检验?

[13:15.16]l...feel... 因为我觉得…

[13:18.76]YOu KnOw, it's... 你知道的…

[13:21.52]- Are yOu feeling all right? - SOrry, l'm really nervOus. -你还好吗? -抱歉,我真的很紧张

[13:25.80]Relax. Just rOutine questiOns. NOthing tO be alarmed abOut. 放轻松,这些是例行问题 不要太担心

[13:30.40]OK. ThanKs. 好,谢谢你

[13:34.36]- DO yOu have sex? - Yes. -你有性生活吗? -有

[13:34.28]- Oral sex - give, reCeive? - Yes. Yes, yes. -你有口交吗?给予,接受? -有…

[13:42.40]- DO yOu have anal sex? - Yes. -有肛交吗? -有

[13:46.68]- DO yOu swallOw?. - Only when surprised. -会吞下精液吗? -只有在受惊吓的时候

[13:48.76]- DO yOu use COndOms? - Yes. -使用保险套吗? -有

[13:51.12]- What Kind Of COndOms? - Lifestyles, ChiC, Wet & Wild... -哪一种? -花花公子、生育计划…

[13:58.40]- NO, l meant, latex, lambsKin? - Yes. Yes. -我是指乳胶还是羊皮? -都有

[14:03.56]HOw many sexual partners have yOu had? 有多少性伴侣?

[14:14.52]l'm COunting. 我在算

[14:21.28]This year? 就今年度吗?

[14:20.48]While Samantha tried tO remember her sexual past, 当莎曼珊试着面对 她过去的性生活

[14:24.88]l Came faCe tO faCe with my sexual present. 我正面对我的现在进行式

[14:29.52]- StOp. - StOp what? -停止 -停止什么?

[14:34.12]YOu're maKing that sOund. That... 发出那样的声音

[14:37.36]...Kissing sOund. lt's annOying. 亲吻的声音,很脑人

[14:42.76]lt's just a sOund l maKe, l guess. 这就是我发出来的声音

[14:47.60]COme here. l'll try nOt tO dO it anymOre. 来,我试着不要发出声音

[14:56.64]LOOK, Ma, nO sOund. 妈,你听,没有声音

[15:09.08]l Can't breathe. l Can't breathe. 我不能呼吸了,不能呼吸了

[15:14.04]l'm sOrry. l'm sOrry. 我很抱歉,真的很抱歉

[15:25.68]DOn't gO. 不要走

[15:28.40]l dOn't get it. YOu used tO liKe that sOund l maKe. 我不懂 你以前喜欢我发出声音

[15:30.96]l lOve that sOund. 我爱那个声音

[15:39.72]- Where are yOu gOing? - HOme. l need time. -你要去哪里? -回家,我需要一点时间

[15:42.36]l'm in a weird plaCe right nOw, but l'll be Out Of it sOOn. l prOmise. 我现在心情很乱 我保证会很快复原

[15:50.32]l'm sOrry. 我很抱歉

[15:55.40]Say it's OK. 说没有关系

[15:58.48]lt's OK. 没有关系

[16:02.48]- What Can l dO? - NOthing, it's me. lt's all me. -我能做什么? -不用,是我自己的关系

[16:08.16]- l just need time tO figure it Out. - l'll give yOu rOOm tO dO that. -我需要时间想一想 -我给你一些空间

[16:12.80]YOu're nOt saying that in a bad way, right? 你这句话的含意 不是不好的吧?

[16:16.48]NO. 不是

[16:18.04]l'll be right dOwntOwn. 我会到市中心去

[16:26.52]Hey, buddy. Call me later? 晚一点打电话给我?

[16:29.60]lt's 1 :00 in the mOrning. l'll Call yOu tOmOrrOw. 现在凌晨一点了,我明天再打

[16:32.08]MaKe the nOise. Please maKe the nOise. 发出那种声音 拜托你发出那种声音

[16:48.16]GOOd night. 晚安,疯子

[16:52.28]SOrry. 抱歉

[16:54.56]l didn't KnOw what l was dOing, 我不知道我在做什么

[16:57.36]but l was sure l had just entered high-risK relatiOnship behaviOur. 我只知道我进入了 一段关系中的危险期

[17:06.28]Eat me. 吃我

[17:05.76]Three days later, Miranda had gOt her fill Of the sandwiCh. 三天后 米兰达想把三明治的馅掐出来

[17:10.76]That's it. YOu're nOt allOwed tO harass wOmen liKe that. 够了,你不能这样骚扰女人

[17:14.04]Eat me. 吃我

[17:14.96]We'll see abOut that. 我们走着瞧

[17:22.88]- l'd liKe tO speaK tO the manager. - That's me. -我找你们经理 -我就是

[17:26.88]That sandwiCh says sexually expliCit things tO wOmen as they walK by. 外面的三明治对着路过的女士 口头性骚扰

[17:32.24]- What did he say? - ''Eat me.'' -他说什么? -“吃我”

[17:34.52]- Yeah, he's a sandwiCh. - He didn't say it in the sandwiCh way. -因为他是三明治 -他不是用三明治的口吻说的

[17:35.100]He said it in the sexual harassing way. 他用一种骚扰的语气说

[17:40.40]He's a sandwiCh. 他是个三明治

[17:48.44]- Eat me. - YOu're brave inside yOur sandwiCh. -吃我 -有种就不要躲在三明治里面

[17:52.80]Then Miranda glimpsed just enOugh Of his full lips and shiny white teeth 米兰达突然瞥见他性感的丰唇 和闪亮的皓齿

[17:56.88]tO stOp thinKing abOut the sandwiCh 她忘掉了三明治的事

[17:59.24]and start wOndering abOut the man inside. 开始幻想面包里面的男人

[18:02.32]l Can't stOp thinKing abOut him. 我一直想着他

[18:05.12]YOu're turned On by a sandwiCh? 你对一个三明治有感觉?

[18:08.32]lt's the faCt that l Can't see him. lt's dangerOus Or sOmething. 因为我看不见他,所以很刺激

[18:12.76]- That is One fresh sandwiCh. - His vOiCe is sO sexy. -一个人肉三明治 -他的声音好性感

[18:16.64]He's prObably a trOll. 他或许是个食人妖

[18:18.64]Any man whO prOpOsitiOns a wOman frOm a sandwiCh must be a trOll. 躲在三明治里面 跟女人求爱的人一定是食人妖

[18:24.20]l dOn't KnOw. YOu thinK he's white meat? 我不确定,你想他是白肉吗?

[18:33.48]That's the first laugh l've had in weeKs. 那是我几个礼拜来第一次笑

[18:36.64]ThanK the sandwiCh when yOu have sex. 等你跟三明治上床时帮我道谢

[18:37.24]l Can't have sex with a sandwiCh. Can l? 我不能跟三明治上床 可以吗?

[18:43.48]l never thOught l'd have sex with a married ex. 我都跟已婚的前男友上床了 特大号三明治会怎么样?

[18:45.12]Can a hOagy be that far behind?

[18:47.20]Miranda, what the hell am l gOnna dO? 米兰达,我到底在做什么?

[18:56.24]As Samantha waited fOr her results, she had One thOught Over and Over. 当莎曼珊在等待结果时 她心中只有一个念头

[19:02.76]''DOn't let them taKe me intO that little rOOm.'' “不要带我进小房间”

[19:04.68]Ms JOnes, l've gOt yOur results. Please COme with me. 琼斯小姐,结果出炉了 请随我来

[19:16.88]Samantha began tO realise she was being taKen intO that little rOOm. 莎曼珊知道自己 就要被带进小房间了

[19:24.84]She was healthy. The nurse just wanted a quiet plaCe 她很健康 护士只是想找一个安静的地方

[19:27.64]tO leCture her On safe sex praCtises. 向莎曼珊宣导安全性行为

[19:31.20]Days later, sOmehOw l fOund myself baCK at the COrner Of 56th and Safeth. 几天后我发现自己又回到56街

[19:40.16]- HOw muCh? - ExCuse me? -多少钱? -你说什么?

[19:41.84]l've seen yOu here befOre. 我以前在这里见过你

[19:44.72]FOr sex - hOw muCh? 上床,多少钱?

[19:50.20]l'm Out Of here. That Japanese businessman thinKs l'm a hOOKer. 我要走了 那个日本商人以为我是妓女

[19:55.48]Wait. Carrie! 凯莉,等一下

[20:03.20]Carrie? What are yOu dOing in this neighbOurhOOd? 凯莉,你在这里做什么?

[20:08.60]Carrie, Can we... 凯莉,我们…

[20:13.68]Hey. 你好

[20:16.72]l was dOing business in the area. We bumped intO eaCh Other. 我在这附近做生意,跟她偶遇

[20:21.92]HOw are yOu? 你好吗?

[20:24.00]l just CheCKed On my wedding dress, it's at the tailOr and... 我去看我的婚纱 在裁缝师那里…

[20:27.76]- CharlOtte. - l'd better gO. -夏绿蒂 -我得走了

[20:30.76]CharlOtte. 夏绿蒂

[20:33.84]That was that. NOw nOwhere was safe. 就这样,没有地方是安全的

[20:38.44]NOt even 56th and 8th. 即使在56街和第8大道

[20:42.40]lt was a fOrCe bigger than me, liKe Niagara Falls, yOu KnOw?. 那股力量我抵挡不住 就像尼加拉瀑布,你懂吗?

[20:47.96]NO, l dOn't KnOw. He's married. 我不懂,他已经结婚了

[20:48.44]- l KnOw he's married. - YOu're the Other wOman. -我知道他结婚了 -你是第三者

[20:55.40]l'm nOt the Other wOman. l'm nOt. l mean... 我不是第三者,我不是…

[20:57.88]l KnOw l am, but l am nOt that wOman. 我知道我是 不过我不是那种女人

[21:01.88]Please, l feel bad enOugh already. 拜托不要这样 我已经觉得很糟了

[21:06.68]GOOd. DO yOu ever thinK abOut hOw she'd feel if she fOund Out? 很好,你有想过她发现了 会怎么样吗?

[21:09.20]- l thinK abOut it all the time. - NO, yOu dOn't. -我一直都在想 -不,你没有

[21:13.68]YOu thinK abOut what wOuld happen tO yOu, nOt abOut her. 你只想过自己会怎么样 没有考虑过她

[21:15.28]She's just the idiOt wife. YOu dOn't KnOw anything abOut her. 她只是被蒙在鼓里的妻子 你根本不了解她

[21:19.76]- l'll suffOCate myself in this. - This isn't a jOKe. -我用气泡垫闷死自己好了 -这不是开玩笑的

[21:23.96]They tOOK vOws. VOws he brOKe. 他们发过誓言,他却违反了

[21:28.00]l'm getting married. HOw wOuld yOu feel if sOmeOne did this tO me? 我三个礼拜后就要结婚了 要是别人这么对我你会怎样?

[21:31.72]l wOuld Kill them. 我会杀了他们

[21:38.16]HOw COuld yOu dO this? YOu're my maid Of hOnOur. 你怎么可以这么做? 你是我的伴娘

[21:43.12]l'm getting Out. Can l please help yOu paCK nOw?. 我要抽身了 我能帮你打包吗?

[21:47.08]SO we stOOd and bubble-wrapped, 于是,新娘跟她不名誉的伴娘 站着打包

[21:50.40]the bride tO be and her maid Of dishOnOur.

[21:55.96]A weeK Of fantasising sex with the sandwiCh man had gOtten tO Miranda. 一整个礼拜幻想与三明治做爱 让米兰达受不了了

[22:00.44]Safe Or nOt, she needed tO see whO she was dealing with. 不管安不安全 她都要见这个人一面

[22:04.80]Hi. LOOK, this is sO silly. 听着,这样很愚蠢

[22:08.20]Eat me. 吃我

[22:10.24]Let me see yOur faCe. 让我看你的脸

[22:20.84]Even thOugh he was Cute, Miranda walKed away. 虽然他很可爱 米兰达还是走开了

[22:22.88]What did they have in COmmOn? 他们有什么共通点?

[22:25.68]She was a lawyer. He was a sandwiCh. 她是律师,他是三明治

[22:28.32]Later, at TOm Reymi's, after a weeK Of sheer anxiety, 焦虑了一个礼拜后 稍晚,在汤姆雷利住处

[22:34.32]Samantha enjOyed the benefits Of tOtally safe sex. 莎曼珊享受了 安全性爱带来的欢愉

[22:50.56]TaKe yOur time. There's stuff in the KitChen if yOu're hungry... 慢慢来,饿的话厨房有吃的

[22:52.80]lt was the lOwest Of the lOw. l had made lOve tO my married ex-bOyfriend 这简直再低下不过了 我跟我已婚的前男友

[22:56.40]On his lunCh hOur at his apartment, 在他的午休时间到他家做爱

[22:59.64]while his 25-year-Old wife was sunning herself at the HamptOns. 背着他在汉普顿晒日光浴的 二十五岁老婆

[23:02.56]- Jesus. - What? -老天爷 -怎么了?

[23:07.12]COuld l feel any mOre liKe a hOOKer? 我这样简直像个妓女

[23:16.40]Why dO yOu Keep dOing that tO yOurself? 你为什么这样说自己?

[23:20.28]We shOuld stOp seeing eaCh Other. 我们不应该再见面了

[23:23.92]Why? 为什么?

[23:29.92]YOu're married. 你已经结婚了

[23:32.36]Hand me the phOne. l'm gOnna Call her right nOw. 把电话给我,我马上打给她

[23:36.88]DOn't be ridiCulOus. What are yOu gOnna dO - 这太荒谬了,你要做什么?

[23:37.16]Call her at the beaCh and say yOu lOve me and want a divOrCe? 打电话给她 说你爱我,要跟她离婚?

[23:43.32]YOu dOn't want me tO Call her beCause yOu lOve that Other guy. 你不要我打电话是因为 你还爱着那一个男人

[23:45.48]- This is abOut that Other guy. - He has a name. lt's Aidan. -这跟那一个男人有关 -他有名字,叫做艾登

[23:50.36]- YOu have a wife, Natasha. - Give me the phOne. -你有老婆,叫做娜塔莎 -把电话给我

[23:53.12]YOu COuld have tOld her by nOw. 要说你早就说了

[23:54.52]YOu tOld me nOt tO tell her. 是你叫我不要说的

[24:01.80]Here. Call her. 拿去,打给她

[24:06.68]lf l maKe that Call, are yOu gOnna be there fOr me? 要是我打了,你会支持我吗?

[24:10.44]Are we gOnna dO this, really? 我们真的要这么做吗?

[24:14.24]l mean, Out in the daylight, nO COCKtails, nO hOtel rOOms, real life? 在光天化日下,没有鸡尾酒 没有旅馆房间,只有现实?

[24:18.88]Carrie, in Or Out? 凯莉,要或不要?

[24:26.88]l need mOre time. 我需要多一点时间

[24:31.72]l'm Calling her MOnday. 我星期一打给她

[24:35.48]l have tO gO. YOu KnOw hOw tO let yOurself Out. 我得走了,你知道怎么出去

[24:40.08]l COuldn't help but wOnder if l really did KnOw the way tO let myself Out. 我不禁怀疑 我真的有脱身的方法吗?

[24:49.68]CharlOtte was right. What did l really KnOw abOut Natasha? 夏绿蒂说的对 我到底了解娜塔莎多少?

[24:55.16]Natasha is a wOman whO liKes tea rOses. 娜塔莎喜欢茶色玫瑰

[25:02.32]Natasha COlleCts antique sugar bOwls. 娜塔莎搜集古董糖罐子

[25:06.72]HOney? 亲爱的?

[25:09.32]Natasha COmes hOme frOm the HamptOns early. 娜塔莎提前从汉普顿回家

[25:10.40]HOney, are yOu here? l tOOK the Jitney hOme. 亲爱的,你在家吗? 我搭公车回来了

[25:19.64]Sweetheart? 甜心?

[25:22.48]HOney? 亲爱的?

[25:26.40]Carrie. l see yOu. 凯莉,我看见你了

[25:30.96]Wait! l Knew yOu were having an affair, but nOt in my hOuse. 等一下,我知道你们在偷情 但是请不要偷到我家来

[25:34.36]StOp, l'm talKing tO yOu. 不要走,我在跟你说话

[25:47.88]Oh my GOd! 我的天

[25:49.56]l had assumed, the One whO wOuld be hurt wOuld be me. 我总以为受伤的会是我

[25:52.52]Taxi! 计程车

[26:02.16]Nearest hOspital. 到最近的医院

[26:03.96]Shit! 该死

[26:32.52]ls she all right? 她还好吗?

[26:33.88]She lOst a tOOth and needed a stitCh in her lip. 掉了一颗牙,嘴唇需要缝针 不会留下疤痕

[26:35.08]They had a plastiC surgeOn, and it wOn't sCar. She's sCared and swOllen. 她吓坏了,也肿起来了

[26:41.92]Her parents are On the way. l have tO gO. 她的父母马上到,我得走了

[26:49.88]ThanKs fOr being here. 谢谢你来

[26:53.16]l'll Call yOu. 我再打电话给你

[26:59.24]FOr what? 有必要吗?

[26:60.24]We're sO Over. 我们之间结束了

[27:02.88]We need a new wOrd fOr ''Over''. 真正的结束了

[27:08.80]Carrie. 凯莉

[27:31.52]Surprise. Where have yOu been all day? 吓你一跳 你一整天去哪里了?

[27:35.12]l went tO a museum. Just walKing arOund. 我去了博物馆,四处逛逛

[27:39.100]- Oh, yeah? HOw was it? - lt was gOOd. -真的吗?好玩吗? -很好玩

[27:46.84]- l'll just wash my faCe. l'll be right in. - OK. -我去洗把脸,马上过来 -好

[27:60.48]SOmehOw, l had fOund a way tO let myself Out Of the mess. 我总算找到让自己 脱离混乱的方法

[28:04.24]l'd made it hOme. 我回到家了

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