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欲望都市第三季 诚实为上策? Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:34:03



[00:37.52](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:49.36]FOr Miranda, the Only thing wOrse 对米兰达而言 比三十四岁当伴娘更糟糕的事

[00:49.72]than being CharlOtte's 34-year-Old bridesmaid

[00:52.52]was being a 34-year-Old bridesmaid withOut a date. 就是一个没有男伴的 三十四岁伴娘

[00:56.72]With the wedding apprOaChing, 婚礼即将来临

[00:58.72]Miranda fell prey tO the siren sOng Of a singles event. 米兰达掉进单身族群 最大的诱惑

[01:03.84]Multi-dating. 约会介绍所

[01:05.96]$20 bOught yOu seven mini-dates, eaCh eight minutes lOng 只要二十块钱就有七次小约会 每次八分钟

[01:07.04]whiCh is as lOng as blind dates shOuld be. 大约就是一次相亲需要的时间

[01:09.40]Hi. l'm Miranda HObbes. -你好,我是米兰达霍布斯 -我是杜徕欧文

[01:12.92]Dwight Owens. 摩根士丹利投顾公司的 私人财富团队

[01:12.92]Private wealth grOup at MOrgan Stanley lnvestment Management

[01:16.36]fOr high net-wOrth individuals 负责个人及养老基金

[01:19.88]and pensiOn plans. 我喜欢我的工作,任职五年了 离过婚,没有小孩,无信仰

[01:19.76]LiKe my jOb, been there five years,

[01:21.84]divOrCed, nO Kids, nOt religiOus.

[01:26.00]l live in New Jersey, 住在新泽西 会说法文和葡萄牙文

[01:26.40]speaK FrenCh and POrtuguese.

[01:27.100]Any Of this appealing? 有任何吸引你的地方吗?

[01:30.12]Sure. POrtuguese, that's impressive. 当然,会说葡萄牙文很罕见

[01:34.88]Obrigado. What abOut yOu, Mandy? 自我介绍一下吧,曼娣?

[01:36.64]Miranda. 米兰达

[01:38.64]l'm a lawyer at a mid-sized firm. 我是一家中型事务所的律师

[01:42.60]l was reCently made partner. 最近升格为合伙人

[01:48.52]l'm a lawyer. 我是律师

[01:52.60]l'm a lawyer. l went tO Harvard Law SChOOl. 我是律师,毕业于哈佛法学院

[01:56.36]- l'm a stewardess. - Really? 我是空姐


[02:02.52]But befOre the wedding bells, there's the rehearsal dinner. 在正式的婚礼前 有一个彩排晚宴

[02:06.76]- YOu said yOu were a stewardess. - l was testing a theOry. -你说你是空姐 -我在证实一项理论

[02:08.36]- The theOry being... - Men are threatened by gOOd jObs. -什么理论? -男人畏惧有权力的工作

[02:13.12]- They dOn't want a lawyer. They... - Want a liar. -他们不喜欢律师,他们要… -一个骗子

[02:16.12]l was the liar. l'd finally ended my affair with Big, 我才是骗子 我终于结束与大人物的关系

[02:18.28]but the guilt Of lying tO Aidan was liKe a hangOver l COuldn't sleep Off. 但是欺骗艾登的罪恶感 让我无法入睡

[02:22.88]l'm just saying, as a lawyer - a partner, nO less - l gOt zerO dates. 身为一个律师兼合伙人 没有人要跟我约会

[02:26.28]As a stewardess, l gOt One fOr tOmOrrOw. 当一个空姐,我明天就有约

[02:31.12]- The COrreCt term is ''flight attendant''. - NOt if yOu wanna get laid. -正确说法应该是“空服员” -要是想上床就不能这么说

[02:33.92]lt's hOw yOu say what yOu dO that matters. FOr example, ''l'm in PR''. 重要的是你说话的方式

[02:37.60]这样子说, “我是公关”

[02:39.68]TranslatiOn - ''l give great head''. 含意是“我很会口交”

[02:45.84]- What? - He's aCtually an OK guy. -什么? -他其实还过得去

[02:48.04]Harris Bragan, emergenCy rOOm dOCtOr. 哈李斯布莱根,急诊室医生

[02:51.32]Yeah, but yOu Can't date the guy nOw beCause yOu lied. 你不能跟他约会,因为你说谎

[02:54.28]l'd tell him eventually. lf he gOt upset he'd lOOK COmpletely shallOw. 我终究会告诉他的 要是不能接受,那就太肤浅了

[02:58.48]And it wOuld maKe yOu lOOK sChizO. 而你会像是精神分裂症

[03:04.76]ExCuse me. l... 各位,我…

[03:07.04]We... 我们…

[03:09.72]See, mOther, l tOld yOu l'd beCOme a ''we'' sOOner Or later. 妈,我就说“我” 迟早会变成“我们”

[03:12.36]This is a ''wee'' tOast. 这是“我们”敬各位的

[03:16.56]l'd liKe tO thanK everyOne fOr COming, espeCially the Out-Of-tOwners. 感谢各位的光临 尤其是远道而来的客人

[03:21.64]My COusin Caleb, whO's in the wedding party, Came frOm Edinburgh. 我的堂兄,盖勒伯 从爱丁堡来参加婚礼

[03:25.28]SOmeOne had tO bring the real SCOtCh, liKe. 总是有人得带来 真正的苏格兰威士忌

[03:31.48]l KnOw what l'll be having later. 我知道我等一下要享用什么了

[03:32.84]But the persOn l'd really liKe tO thanK fOr shOwing up is this wOman here. 我真正想感谢的是 我身旁这位女士

[03:40.32]l lOve yOu mOre than wOrds Can say. 我对你的爱无法言喻

[03:41.48]ThOse whO KnOw me KnOw l'm a man Of many wOrds. GOd KnOws l've tried. 了解我的人都知道我善于言词 我已经尽力了

[03:49.84]All righty, then. Let's eat, drinK, and be married. 好的,请各位用餐,喝酒 好好享用

[04:01.48]- She's sO happy. - She dOesn't have tO be a bridesmaid. -她好幸福 -因为她不用当伴娘

[04:04.28]We gOt Off easy. The grOOmsmen have tO wear Kilts. 我们算轻松了 伴郎还得穿苏格兰裙呢

[04:06.44]l liKe the idea Of men in sKirts - easy aCCess. 我喜欢男人穿裙子 比较好办事

[04:11.52]ls it true that they wear nOthing underneath? 他们底下真的什么都不穿吗?

[04:11.44]l'll find Out and get baCK tO yOu. 我去查明后再告诉你们

[04:17.32]His name was Caleb, right? 他叫做盖勒伯,对吧?

[04:25.92]Hi there. l'm Samantha JOnes. 你好,我是莎曼珊琼斯

[04:28.84]Caleb MaCDOugal, Samantha. Pleasure. 盖勒伯麦克道格,幸会

[04:30.80]- First time in New YOrK City? - Aye, and it's brilliant, liKe. -第一次到纽约? -对,太美了

[04:37.60]The arChiteCture, the energy. lt is, yOu KnOw. 建筑,活力,你知道的

[04:40.44]Samantha COuld barely understand him. 莎曼珊很难听得懂他说的话

[04:44.44]But if his tOngue COuld dO that, she wOndered what it COuld dO tO her. 不过既然他的舌头能那样灵活 莎曼珊倒想试试看

[04:46.60]l'd be happy tO shOw yOu arOund tOwn. 我很乐意带你四处逛逛

[04:51.28]That wOuld be great. 那太好了

[04:52.88]Trey gOt lOst bringing me baCK frOm the StanhOpe HOtel, liKe.

[04:54.36]崔在送我回斯坦厄普饭店时 还迷了路

[04:60.76]Samantha wasn't the Only One feeling lOst. 莎曼珊不是唯一感到迷惑的人

[05:02.84]- l'm thinKing l have tO tell him. - Tell whO? -我想我必须告诉他 -告诉谁?

[05:06.00]Aidan. l might have tO tell him abOut Big. 我应该跟艾登说大人物的事

[05:10.36]- Why wOuld yOu dO that? - l dOn't KnOw. -你为什么要那么做? -我不知道

[05:11.56]RelatiOnships are suppOsed tO be built On trust. 一段关系应该建立在信任上面

[05:14.96]NO OffenCe, but that ship has sailed. 无意冒犯,不过木已成舟

[05:19.12]YOu're right. YOu have tO tell him, but nOt befOre the wedding. lt's my weeK. 你说的没错,你应该告诉他 不过不要在属于我的礼拜

[05:21.48]lt's yOur day. YOu get a day, nOt a weeK. 是属于你的一天 你只有一天,不是一个礼拜

[05:25.100]There's nO reasOn tO tell him. Men lie abOut this all the time. 没有必要告诉他 男人总是撒这种谎

[05:31.04]- And wOmen find Out. - What if he finds Out? -而女人都会发现 -要是他发现了怎么办?

[05:34.36]YOu fuCKed Big all Over Manhattan. Why shOuld he find Out nOw?. 你跟大人物在曼哈顿四处上床 他为什么会发现?

[05:37.52]COuld yOu nOt use the f-wOrd in Vera Wang? 你能不能不要在 薇拉王婚纱店讲这种话?

[05:44.20]lf my bOyfriend was sleeping with sOmebOdy else fOr three weeKs, 要是我男朋友和别人 睡了三个礼拜

[05:48.12]l'd wanna KnOw abOut it. l'd wanna have all the infOrmatiOn. 我会想要知道所有细节

[05:52.20]That might mean mOre COming frOm sOmeOne nOt pOsing as a stewardess. 从一个假扮空姐的人口中说出 格外有分量

[05:54.48]What? 什么?

[05:56.52]NOthing, but at yOur wedding we have tO pretend Miranda's a stewardess. 在你的婚礼上 我们要假装米兰达是空姐

[06:00.36]l dOn't wanna pretend anything. And l dOn't want yOu and Aidan fighting. 我不想假装任何事 我不希望你跟艾登吵架

[06:07.12]DOn't yOu thinK this COuld be a little shOrter? 能不能再改短一点?

[06:09.60]- The sKirts must the same length. - Really? -所有的裙子长度要一致 -是吗?

[06:15.48]- What abOut Trey's sKirt? - lt's a Kilt, and it's traditiOn. -崔的裙子呢? -那是苏格兰裙,一种传统

[06:18.36]Can't l asK yOu nOt tO wear yOur dress rOund yOur see-yOu-next-Tuesday? 要求你不要露出你的 “星期四见”很过分吗?

[06:22.04]My what? 我的什么?

[06:25.40]- C-U-Next... - Tuesday? C-U-N-T(阴部)

[06:31.72]Oh, my GOd. Was that a SChOOlhOuse ROCK l missed? 老天 我错过了小学生时期吗?

[06:34.64]lf l have tO be a bridesmaid, l'd at least liKe tO lOOK gOOd. 要是我非得当伴娘 我也要当个美丽的伴娘

[06:38.32]- YOu dOn't have tO be a bridesmaid. - Then why am l here? -你不必非得当伴娘 -那我在这里做什么?

[06:43.72]FranKly, l didn't want yOu tO feel left Out. 我不希望你觉得被忽略

[06:45.12]l wOuld lOve tO be left Out. l COuld be in bed with a hOt SCOt right nOw. 我很乐意被忽略 去跟一个性感的苏格兰人上床

[06:48.96]Fine. 随便你

[06:51.28]- DOn't dO this. - What? We're just being hOnest. -不要这样 -怎么样?我们很诚实

[06:55.72]HOnestly, l hate this COlOr. 说实话,我讨厌这个颜色

[07:01.20]l started thinKing abOut hOnesty. Maybe the idea was Overrated. 我开始思考诚实这件事 是不是大家都高估了它

[07:05.16]Maybe COming Clean is the ultimate selfish aCt, a way tO absOlve yOurself 或许诚实是最自私的举动 藉由伤害不该伤害的人

[07:08.48]by hurting sOmeOne whO dOesn't deserve tO be hurt. 来免除自己的罪行

[07:11.64]l Cheated On a test in the fifth grade with twO friends. 我在五年级时和两个朋友作弊

[07:16.72]They COnfessed and failed the Class. 他们坦诚作弊被当掉

[07:19.60]l never tOld anyOne, and it never mattered. 我保守秘密,什么事都没有

[07:21.20]ln a relatiOnship, is hOnesty really the best pOliCy? 在一段关系中 诚实真的是上上策吗?

[07:28.48]Evidently, dishOnesty was the best pOliCy fOr Miranda. 显然不诚实是米兰达的上策

[07:30.64]As a stewardess, she was a Charming date. 她的假空姐身分 让她有一个美好的约会

[07:33.92]OnCe yOu wOrK first Class, yOu Can't gO baCK tO COaCh. 一旦在头等舱服务过 就没办法回到经济舱

[07:38.52]- l imagine. - Oh, yeah. -可想而知 -当然

[07:39.68]- NO warm COOKies in COaCh. - YOu get tO eat the COOKies? -经济舱可没有热腾腾的饼干 -你还可以吃饼干?

[07:43.96]There's always sOme aCtress whO dOesn't want her COOKie. 总是有女演员不想吃饼干

[07:48.04]Free travel, COOKies - this sOunds liKe a great jOb. 免费旅行、饼干 这工作听起来很诱人

[07:53.92]YOu've gOt the great jOb - a New YOrK ER. l'm nOt saving lives. 你的工作才伟大,急诊室医生 我可没有救人性命

[07:57.68]YOu are, in the event Of an emergenCy. 你有,在突发事件时

[08:03.92]lnflatable slide - l'm in Charge Of that. 我负责充气滑梯

[08:05.92]But OnCe we Open the slide, it's every man fOr himself. 事实上,在我们打开滑梯后 就要靠旅客自己了

[08:17.84]That night, Harris gOt tO maKe lOve tO a stewardess. 那一晚,哈李斯跟空姐做爱

[08:22.56]Miranda didn't have tO faKe anything. 米兰达什么都不必假装

[08:25.12]- WOw. - Yeah, wOw. -太美妙了 -没错,太美妙了

[08:31.28]l'd lOve tO asK yOu tO spend the night, but l've gOt an early flight tO DC. 我想邀你在这里过夜 不过我明天一早要到华盛顿

[08:36.56]The 5:00am-er. 清晨五点的班机

[08:40.04]l shOuld get sOme rest tOO. 我也应该要休息

[08:41.08]Saturdays at the hOspital are nOn-stOp sinCe rOller blades were invented. 自从直排轮鞋发明后 星期六急诊室都特别忙

[09:04.60]- DO yOu have a bOy in every pOrt? - Every airpOrt. -你在每个港口都有情人吗? -每座机场

[09:08.88]SeriOusly. l bet yOu're a heartbreaKer. 说真的,你一定常令男人心碎

[09:09.56]ln truth, it's a lOnely life. 事实上,我很孤单

[09:17.92]There's a wedding l'm in On Sunday. 星期天我要参加一场婚礼

[09:18.60]Days later, the fOur Of us Celebrated 过几天,我们几个帮夏绿蒂 庆祝单身的最后一晚

[09:23.84]CharlOtte's last night as a single wOman.

[09:24.28]l Can't believe yOu're getting married. 不敢相信你就要结婚了

[09:26.52]ls this the beginning? Are yOu next? 这是一个开端吗? 你是下一个吗?

[09:29.32]Oh, yeah. l'm headed fOr a stOrybOOK ending. 没错 我就要拥有童话般的结局

[09:32.60]The little girl had an affair, lied tO her bOyfriend, and lived happily ever after. 小女孩有外遇,欺骗男朋友 之后两人过着幸福快乐的生活

[09:38.68]Marriage dOesn't guarantee a happy ending, just an ending. 婚姻不保证美满结局 那只是个结束

[09:41.44]- The end Of dating. - All right then. -结束约会 -好吧

[09:44.32]lt's alsO the end Of the pOssibility 是“换个人上床 也许会更好”的结束

[09:46.12]that yOur next great fuCK is arOund the COrner.

[09:49.28]My next great... 我下一次的…

[09:53.16]- Yes? - Say it. -什么? -说吧

[09:54.36]...fuCK is just arOund the COrner. 美好性经验就要来临

[09:59.28]l finally get tO sleep with Trey. 我终于可以跟崔上床了

[10:01.92]- ExCuse me? - YOu haven't slept with him yet? -你说什么? -你还没跟他睡过?

[10:05.48]BefOre yOu buy the Car, yOu taKe it fOr a test drive. 买车前也要试试车的性能

[10:11.20]l wanted tO save myself until we gOt married. 我想要将自己保留到新婚之夜

[10:14.76]- Sweetie, yOu're nOt a virgin. - l am with him, and it's rOmantiC. -亲爱的,你不是处女 -我这一段感情是很浪漫的

[10:19.64]lt's rOmantiC until he Can't figure Out where tO put it in. 等他不得其门而入

[10:24.32]- NO. - What if he's terrible? -不会的 -要是他很蹩脚呢?

[10:27.88]He wOn't be terrible. NO. 他不可能蹩脚的

[10:30.84]He is an amazing Kisser. 他的吻功了得

[10:34.12]- Really? - He's sO sexy, and he lOves me. -真的? -他很性感,而且爱我

[10:41.40]l want tO dO things tO him that l have never dOne tO anybOdy. 我想为他做点特别的事

[10:44.08]The Other night, l was thinKing Of putting whipped Cream 前几晚 我考虑把全身涂满生奶油

[10:48.04]all Over my bOdy.

[10:50.56]LOw fat COOl Whip is the best. lt's less stiCKy than Other brands. 脱脂生奶油是最佳选择 没有别的牌子那么粘

[10:57.80]- LOw fat COOl Whip. - YOu haven't slept with him! -脱脂生奶油 -不敢相信你们还没上过床

[11:01.96]lt's been... 已经…

[11:03.08]TOO lOng! l am sO hOrny. 等太久了,我好饥渴

[11:06.36]HOrny. 饥渴

[11:11.72]ThOse Of us nOt getting married Celebrated with a bOOty Call. 不当新娘的人“找炮友” 来庆祝单身生活

[11:15.48]l'm sO glad yOu Called. 很高兴你打来了

[11:17.48]As sOOn as l landed. 一有空就打了

[11:19.36]Samantha's vertiCal SCOtCh tasting that turned intO a hOrizOntal One. 莎曼珊把“直的” 硬是舔成“横的”

[11:23.04]l had nO idea yOu YanKs were sO blOOdy friendly. 我不知道纽约人这么友善

[11:28.00]She COuldn't understand him, but understOOd he was hard. 他说的话很难懂 不过绝对是条“硬”汉

[11:31.60]l deCided tO Crawl intO bed with Aidan, but he wasn't in his bed. 我决定爬上艾登的床 但是他并不在床上

[11:37.28]Hey, beautiful. What brings yOu dOwn here? 美人儿,你怎么会来?

[11:40.72]l was trying tO surprise yOu. 想给你一个惊喜

[11:44.72]YOu Can't surprise a man with a dOg. 很难给养狗的人惊喜

[11:47.48]l see that. 看得出来

[11:49.40]What are yOu wOrKing On? 你在做什么?

[11:52.08]- The wedding gift. - This is fOr CharlOtte and Trey? -结婚贺礼 -送给夏绿蒂和崔的?

[11:57.72]YOu wanted tO give them a pieCe Of my furniture. 你说想送他们我的家具

[11:58.60]YOu didn't have tO maKe sOmething. We COuld have piCKed a pieCe. 你不需要亲手做,挑一个就好

[12:03.68]l maKe all that stuff tOO. 全部都是我亲手做的

[12:05.08]l KnOw, but this is tOO niCe. 我知道,不过这样太有诚意了

[12:13.24]l wanted it tO mean sOmething. 我希望礼物别具意义

[12:16.20]GOd, l was abOut tO get them steaK Knives. 我本来还想送他们牛排刀

[12:22.60]What dOes it mean? 这有什么意义?

[12:27.24]- lt's a lOve seat. - That l get. -这是情人座 -看得出来

[12:31.32]lt's twO different types Of wOOd frOm twO different trees. 两种来自于不同树木的木头

[12:39.80]They blend tOgether and maKe it strOnger, just liKe... 混在一起变得更强,就像…

[12:42.04]A mixed drinK. 混合的酒

[12:45.84]- Kind Of liKe twO peOple in lOve. - Right, that tOO. -也像两个恋爱的人 -没错

[12:49.44]Are yOu gOnna maKe fun Of this? 你要取笑它吗?


[12:56.88]lt's really... niCer than anyOne deserves.


[13:02.12]YOu see this pieCe? 你有看到这一个吗?

[13:06.64]This big Old flaw right here? 这上面有个大瑕疵

[13:09.08]lt's nOt a flaw, really. 不能算是缺点

[13:12.48]lt's just the way the wOOd is. lt's interesting. Beautiful. 这是这种树木的特色 很漂亮,很有趣

[13:27.72]Flaws Can be gOOd? 缺点也可以是好的?

[13:30.76]Flaws are the best part. 缺点是最棒的部分

[13:33.44]This was the time tO tell him. l COuld feel the wOrds inside me. 现在是告诉他的好时机 我的话就要脱口而出

[13:38.20]But if l tOld him, COuld he still lOve me? 但要是我告诉他 他还会爱我吗?

[13:44.28]l wasn't ready tO find Out. 我还没准备好知道

[13:60.72]There was anOther bOOty Call that night. 那一晚还有另一件 “找炮友”事件


[14:05.08]Hi, sweetieKins.

[14:09.24]CharlOtte YOrKe, are yOu drunK? 夏绿蒂约克,你醉了吗?

[14:13.72]Yes. Yes, l am, Trey MaCDOugal. 对,我醉了,崔麦克道格

[14:20.76]And tOday is OffiCially Our wedding day. 今天是我们大喜之日

[14:28.80]And l Can't wait any lOnger. 我再也等不及了

[14:35.72]COuld we please maKe lOve right nOw?. 我们能不能现在就做爱?

[14:38.76]- Are yOu sure? - Oh, yes, l am. -你确定? -我确定

[14:41.56]TaKe me tO yOur bedrOOm nOw. 马上带我到你的卧房

[14:47.12]All righty then. 好的

[14:56.16]That was unfOrtunate. 真是遗憾

[14:59.24]Has this... ever happened tO yOu befOre? 这种情形以前发生过吗?

[15:04.04]Every nOw and then. 偶尔

[15:10.40]l just didn't thinK it wOuld happen with yOu. 我没想到跟你也会这样

[15:16.84]lt's nO big deal. 没什么大不了的

[15:20.52]SOmetimes interCOurse just dOesn't dO it fOr me. 有时候我就是没办法性交

[15:26.08]l Can get the sails up, just Can't bring it intO the harbOr. 我的帆可以扬起 就是驶不进港口

[15:37.40]- ls there anything l Can dO? - Yes, there is. -我能做些什么吗? -有的

[15:42.88]What? 什么?

[15:42.68]YOu Can marry me. -你可以嫁给我 -我已经这么做了

[15:45.68]- l'm already dOing that. - l lOve yOu, CharlOtte.


[15:52.04]Sex is suCh a small part Of it fOr us. 性对我们来说只是一小部分

[15:56.00]That's what l lOve abOut yOu. lt's nOt just abOut the sex. 我就是爱你这一点 我们之间不只是性

[16:01.00]CharlOtte COuldn't sleep at all that night. 夏绿蒂整晚不能成眠

[16:06.56]Neither COuld l. 我也是

[16:10.44]All l COuld thinK abOut was that l was a Cheater. 我不断地想着我是背叛者

[16:13.20]l Cheated and lied in fifth grade, and l was still dOing it. 我在五年级时说谎作弊 我现在还是一样

[16:22.92]- This isn't gOnna wOrK. - What dO yOu mean? Us? -这样下去是不行的 -什么意思?我们吗?

[16:26.60]l Can't have yOu sneaKing Out at 3:00 in the mOrning fOr a Cigarette. 你不能凌晨三点偷溜出来抽烟

[16:33.28]l tried tO quit. l just COuldn't. 我试着戒烟,就是戒不掉

[16:38.08]Well... 这样的话…

[16:42.72]l'll just have tO learn tO live with it. -我只好试着接受了 -你说你不跟瘾君子约会的

[16:43.64]- YOu said yOu Can't date a smOKer. - YOu're nOt just a smOKer.


[16:50.88]YOu're a lOt Of things. 你对我意义重大

[16:52.24]- l'm nOt perfeCt. - Oh, yeah? What's yOur flaw?. -我并不完美 -是吗?你有什么缺点?

[16:60.64]YOu tell me. 你告诉我

[17:01.52]l dOn't KnOw. 我不知道

[17:04.08]That was anOther lie. 我又撒了个谎

[17:05.96]l Knew what his flaw was. lt was trusting me with his heart. 我知道他的缺点是什么 那就是真心相信我

[17:08.48]- Aidan, l need tO tell yOu sOmething. - What? -艾登,我有事告诉你 -什么事?

[17:14.24]But suddenly l COuldn't tell him. 突然间我没有勇气告诉他

[17:15.00]l was afraid he'd never lOOK at me that way again. 我怕他再也不会这样看着我了

[17:21.32]SO l didn't. 所以我没告诉他

[17:21.28]l lOve yOu. 我爱你

[17:25.20]l lOve yOu, tOO. 我也爱你

[17:32.56]- Let's gO baCK and gO tO bed. - NO, l shOuld get hOme. -我们进去睡觉 -不,我应该回家了

[17:38.68]My stuff's at hOme, the stuff fOr the wedding. 我要参加婚礼的东西在家里

[17:42.68]l'm the maid Of hOnOr. l need tO be presentable. 我是首席女傧相 要上得了台面

[17:44.28]l'll COme with yOu. 我跟你去

[17:47.24]NO, stay here. Just piCK me up in the mOrning. 不了,你留在这里 早上去接我

[17:51.68]l'll get my stuff. l have tO gO. 我去拿衣服,我得走了

[18:00.04]ls this wedding blaCK tie? l dOn't have a tux. 婚礼要正式穿着吗? 我没有晚礼服

[18:04.12]The grOOm is in a Kilt, sO pretty... 新郎会穿苏格兰裙,所以…

[18:08.08]- What happened? - l Cut my finger. -怎么了? -我切到手指了

[18:12.28]Jesus. 老天

[18:13.36]lt's OK. lt happens. 没有关系,这种事常发生

[18:16.96]YOu haven't made breaKfast

[18:18.96]till yOu've made it at 10,000 feet in turbulenCe. 比在乱流时做早餐好多了

[18:21.84]- lt's really bleeding. LOOK. - l saw it. -真的流血了,你看 -我看到了

[18:23.92]- What shOuld l dO? - l dOn't KnOw. -我该怎么办? -我不知道

[18:27.12]- lt's deep. DO l need stitChes? - StOp putting it in my faCe. -伤口好深,需要缝针吗? -不要在我面前晃

[18:31.56]- l thinK it's really bad, lOOK. - StOp it. BlOOd maKes me queasy. -我看伤得很严重,你看 -不要这样,血让我不舒服

[18:35.44]But yOu're a dOCtOr. Aren't yOu? 但你是医生,不是吗?

[18:41.84]- NOt really. - What are yOu then? -不是 -那你是什么?

[18:45.68]Assistant Manager Of Athlete's FOOt at 81st and BrOadway. 运动器材店的助理经理

[18:47.96]- YOu lied? - l'm sOrry. -你说谎? -我很抱歉

[18:51.84]l always wanted tO sleep with a stewardess. 我一直很想跟空姐上床

[18:55.64]FOr a mOment, Miranda COnsidered COming Clean. 那一刻,米兰达想说出实话

[18:59.04]But then they'd bOth be liars, 但是这样他们两个都成了骗子

[19:01.08]and he wOuldn't have slept with a stewardess. 而他的空姐梦也破碎了

[19:04.08]YOu shOuld gO. l hOpe l never have yOu On One Of my flights. 你该走了 我希望不会在飞机上遇到你

[19:09.24]- l wOuldn't be On first Class. - NO, yOu wOuldn't. -我不可能坐头等舱的 -当然不可能

[19:23.16]l'm running late. CharlOtte will never fOrgive me. l need tO... 我快迟到了 夏绿蒂不会原谅我的

[19:24.76]What's that? -那是什么? -结婚小贺礼

[19:27.56]- lt's the wedding gift. - That lOve seat paCKs up niCe. -情人座包装得真好 -这是一台拍立得

[19:31.92]lt's a POlarOid.

[19:32.40]YOu lOOK tOO hOt tO be a bridesmaid. 你这样的伴娘太性感了吧

[19:35.16]l thOught the whOle pOint was tO wear a bad dress and be humiliated. 我以为要穿得很丑,尽出洋相

[19:42.24]lt's nOt that Kind Of wedding. 这不是那种婚礼

[19:44.24]l thOught maybe One day l'd build us a lOve seat. 或许有一天 我来为我们做一张情人座

[19:48.48]We're gOnna be late. l'm just gOnna grab my... 我们会迟到的,我去拿我的…

[19:54.60]l was suppOsed tO be at the ChurCh ten minutes agO. 我十分钟前就该到达教堂的

[19:56.24]YOu never let me hOld yOu anymOre. 你都不让我抱了

[19:60.32]- Why dO yOu Keep running away? - l'm nOt running away. -你为什么一直躲避我? -我没有躲避你

[20:03.64]What are yOu afraid Of? 你在怕什么?

[20:10.40]Aidan, l slept with my ex-bOyfriend. 艾登,我跟我前男友上床

[20:15.08]YOu met him at the furniture shOw. Then we slept tOgether. 你在家具展上见过他 然后我就跟他上床了

[20:19.52]l didn't tell yOu, and l'm sOrry. 我没有告诉你,我很抱歉

[20:24.08]YOu slept with that guy? 你跟那个人上床?

[20:27.76]When we were gOing Out? 在我们交往期间?

[20:31.48]- OnCe? - NO, mOre than OnCe. -一次? -不止一次

[20:33.72]He was married. lt was a mess. 他已婚,真是一团糟

[20:36.80]l dOn't KnOw what l was thinKing. l wasn't thinKing. 我不知道我在想什么 我什么都没有想

[20:40.72]lt's sO Over. And it was wrOng. 一切都结束了,我做错了

[20:41.52]l just hOpe yOu Can...


[20:49.76]Here. l want tO be alOne. 拿去,我想静一静

[21:01.80]What abOut the wedding? 婚礼怎么办?

[21:03.48]Just gO withOut me. 你自己去

[21:08.84]- l'm gOnna taKe a walK. - Will yOu meet me there later? -我去散散步 -待会儿到那里找我,好吗?

[21:16.40]- Please dOn't bleed On my dress. - l'm trying nOt tO. -不要把血滴在我婚纱上 -我尽量

[21:20.36]- Here we gO. - Where is Carrie? -时间到了 -凯莉在哪里?

[21:21.04]She'll be here. 她一定会到的

[21:24.64]CharlOtte, my grandmOther's neCKlaCe lOOKs beautiful On yOu. 夏绿蒂,我祖母的项练 在你身上真是好看

[21:27.44]- COuld l esCOrt yOu tO yOur seat? - ExCuse me? -邦妮,让我护送你到座位吧 -你说什么?

[21:34.36]He asKed if he COuld esCOrt yOu tO yOur seat. 他想护送你到座位上

[21:37.16]Certainly. 当然

[21:39.36]l guess it's time. 该是时候了

[21:41.64]They dO wear sOmething under Kilts, but it's easy tO get Off. 他们在苏格兰裙下还有穿东西 不过很好脱就是了

[21:45.12]The wedding was COmplete. CharlOtte had sOmething Old, sOmething new, 婚礼上什么都有了 有旧的,有新的

[21:49.40]sOmething bOrrOwed, and sOmeOne Samantha blew. 有借来的,还有莎曼珊吹过的

[21:55.16]- l'm sOrry l'm sO late. - lt's OK. l'm glad yOu're here. -抱歉我迟到了 -没关系,很高兴你来了

[22:02.80]Jeez, yOu lOOK perfeCt. 天,你看起来美极了

[22:03.60]HOnestly? 说真的?

[22:08.80]HOnestly. 真的

[22:09.16]- We shOuld gO. COme On. - OK. -该走了,快点 -好

[22:40.88]Despite all her bitChing, Samantha enjOyed being a bridesmaid. 虽然有点暴躁 莎曼珊当伴娘还真乐在其中

[22:52.04]Miranda, baCK tO being herself, fOund a last-minute date. 米兰达重回自我后 在最后一刻找到了男伴

[23:08.84]Carrie. 凯莉

[23:10.28]- l have tO tell yOu sOmething. - Right nOw?. -我有事情告诉你 -现在吗?

[23:12.48]Yeah. 对

[23:20.36]- Trey Can't get it up. - What? -崔举不起来 -什么?

[23:22.00]- Last night he COuldn't get it up. - Was he drunK? -我们睡过了,他举不起来 -他有喝醉吗?

[23:27.32]NO. l was drunK, he was fine. 我喝醉了,他很清醒

[23:30.80]Then it must have been wedding-night jitters. 应该是为了婚礼而紧张

[23:34.44]He says it happens sOmetimes. 他说这种事时而发生

[23:37.52]SinCe she was in the white dress, l reaChed fOr a white lie. 既然她都披上婚纱了 我决定说个善意的谎言

[23:41.60]Happens tO everybOdy. 这种事常发生

[23:46.68]l shOuld have slept with him On the first date. 我第一次约会就该跟他上床的

[23:50.16]Maybe he jerKed Off befOre yOu gOt there, 或许在你去之前,他打过手枪 他只是不好意思告诉你

[23:53.32]and he was tOO embarrassed tO tell yOu.

[23:59.64]- l dO lOve him. - And he lOves yOu. -我真的爱他 -他也爱你

[24:02.56]Maybe he did jerK Off. 或许他真的打了手枪

[24:05.56]lf yOu dOn't wanna gO thrOugh this, yOu dOn't have tO. 要是你不想结婚,就不要结婚

[24:12.04]We'll just get a Cab, and everyOne will just have tO get Over it. 我们可以跳上计程车 其他人也只好接受事实

[24:26.16]NO. l'm getting married. 不,我要结婚

[24:33.04]- OK, gO. - OK. -好,走吧 -没问题

[24:33.40]Carrie! 凯莉

[24:35.40]COme here. 过来

[24:40.96]DOn't tell anyOne. GO. OK, gO. 不要告诉别人,好,快走

[24:49.28]CharlOtte was 34, single, and standing in a $14,000 dress. 三十四岁的夏绿蒂,单身 穿着一万四千元的婚纱

[24:55.20]She was getting married. NOt even a lOw libidO COuld stOp her. 就要结婚了 即使没有性生活也阻止不了她

[25:36.36]- COuld yOu hOld this fOr a seCOnd? - Sure. -帮我拿一下好吗? -没问题

[25:50.76]Hey, yOu. 艾登

[25:55.20]l walKed arOund fOr abOut an hOur. 我四处走了快一小时

[25:57.100]COuldn't bring myself tO gO in. 就是没办法说服自己进去

[26:02.08]l'm sO sOrry, Aidan. 我很后悔,艾登

[26:06.48]l KnOw that. 我知道

[26:11.84]l never meant tO hurt yOu. 我无心伤害你

[26:12.32]l KnOw. 我知道

[26:16.52]But l did. l'm sOrry. 但我仍然伤害你了,我很抱歉

[26:26.52]COuldn't it be liKe the wOOd? That's my flaw, and... 这件事不能跟木头一样吗? 这是我的缺点…

[26:33.60]...and yOu're the Other wOOd, and that maKes us strOnger. 而你是另一种木头 能让我们之间更坚强

[26:42.16]lt's nOt that simple, Carrie. 凯莉,没有这么简单

[26:51.88]l wish l didn't KnOw abOut this. 我希望我永远不知情

[26:53.44]l just wanted tO be hOnest with yOu. 我想对你坦白

[27:02.24]PeOple maKe mistaKes. 人都会犯错

[27:12.04]l just KnOw myself. This is nOt the Kind Of thing l Can get Over. 我了解我自己 我无法克服这一类的事情

[27:23.68]l just need tO be On my Own fOr a while. 我需要一个人静一静

[27:30.36]Me On my Own. 就我一个人

[27:47.36]l really lOved yOu. 我是真的爱你

[27:56.00]- Carrie, they need us fOr phOtOs. - OK. -凯莉,要拍照了 -马上来

[28:17.88]l tOld him. 我告诉他了

[28:31.16]lt's hard tO find peOple whO will lOve yOu nO matter what. 要找到不管发生什么 都一样爱你的人不容易

[28:37.92]Here we gO. Smile. EverybOdy lOOKs beautiful. 要拍了,微笑,你们都好漂亮

[28:43.64]l was luCKy enOugh tO find three Of them. 我很幸运地找到三个

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