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欲望都市第三季 洛杉矶游记 Sex and Another City






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:33:43



[00:35.80](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:53.92]LA - land Of perpetuial suin and suinbathing, which alsO makes it 洛杉矶…永远有太阳和日光浴

[00:59.40]land Of the perpetuial bikini wax. 也因此永远得进行比基尼除毛

[01:02.48]After a week, l made an appOintment with the city's waxer tO the stars - 一周后,我预约了本市 第一流的明星除毛师…

[01:08.96]Alicia. 艾莉西亚

[01:09.00]She was knOwn fOr her artfuil wOrk, her lightning-quiick hands... 她以熟练的技巧 双手迅雷不及掩耳的速度…

[01:15.00]...and her indecipherable accent. 以及难以理解的口音闻名

[01:16.96]Excuise me? 你说什么?

[01:23.16]All dOne. Beauitifuil. YOui lOOk. 完成了,很漂亮,你自己看

[01:31.40]l gOt muigged! 她把我所有的毛都拔光了

[01:34.16]She tOOk everything l've gOt.

[01:35.48]lt's called ''The Brazilian Wax.'' 那即是所谓的“巴西式除毛”

[01:36.96]Why didn't yOui tell her tO stOp? 你干嘛不叫她停下来

[01:38.96]l feel like One Of thOse hairless dOgs. 我觉得自己 跟一只无毛狗没两样

[01:42.12]lt's an aesthetic thing. They dO it here. 这要从美学的角度来看 这里的人都这么做

[01:46.08]LA men are tOO lazy tO search fOr anything. 那当然,因为洛杉矶的男人 懒得寻找任何东西

[01:47.20]YOui can't hide yOuir light uinder a buish. 你不能把光芒隐藏在杂草之下

[01:51.28]Didn't she leave a triangle, a landing strip? 难道她没有留个三角形 当作降落地带?

[01:53.24]NO, l am tOtally bald and freezing. 没有,我光秃秃而且冷得要命

[01:58.44]- l wOuild have killed her. - l'm sO aware Of dOwn there nOw. -要是我就会杀了她 -现在我老是注意下面

[02:02.08]l feel like l'm nOthing buit walking sex. 我觉得自己简直像个 活生生的性机器

[02:03.100]The Brazilian makes yOui dO crazy things. 巴西式除毛 会让你做出疯狂的事

[02:08.20]Be carefuil whO yOui invite tO Brazil. 当心你邀请去巴西的对象

[02:11.44]- l'm Officially RSVP-ing - nO. - Where are yOui gOing? -我正式回覆:免了 -你要去哪里?

[02:13.84]- l'm meeting Lew. - Letterman Lew? -我要去见卢 -赖特曼的助手卢?

[02:17.64]He dOesn't wOrk fOr him any mOre. He's writing that New YOrk sitcOm. 他已经不再为他工作了 他正在写一出纽约情境喜剧

[02:21.72]The One abOuit the kids whO live in a lOft. 关于一群住在阁楼小孩的故事

[02:22.68]- Yeah, One's a feisty waitress. - What are yOui and Lew gOnna dO? -主角是个暴躁的女服务生 -你和卢要做什么?

[02:26.56]We'll have drinks and bitch abOuit LA. l can't believe he lives here nOw. 一起喝饮料、批评洛杉矶 我真不敢相信他现在住这里

[02:33.80]- Tell him tO mOve tO Brazil. - YOui're On yOuir Own tOnight. -你应该叫他搬到巴西 -今晚你们要自己过了

[02:38.40]- We'll gO tO that mOvie premiere. - What's the mOvie? -我们会去参加电影首映 -是什么电影?

[02:40.76]l dOn't knOw. We'll uise my press pass and get intO the after party. 根本没人看,用我的记者证 然后参加庆祝派对

[02:45.16]- l lOve LA. - YOui twO shOuild get Ouit Of the suin. -我爱洛杉矶 -你们两个别再晒太阳了

[02:53.52]Lew asked Miranda tO meet him at The FlOwing Tree. 卢和米兰达约在 “摇曳树”见面

[02:57.16]SuirrOuinded by all these tanned, fit, happy peOple, 四周都是古铜色肌肤 健美、心情愉悦的人们

[02:59.04]she knew she wOuild recOgnize pale, chuibby, uinhappy Lew immediately. 她知道她可以立刻认出 苍白、圆胖、不开心的卢

[03:05.64]Miranda. 米兰达

[03:08.60]Oh, my GOd! 我的天

[03:12.40]- DO l lOOk that different? - GOOd thing yOui still wear that hat. -我看起来差别那么大吗? -还好你仍戴着那顶帽子

[03:17.44]- lf yOui ever see me in a Lakers hat... - ...ShOOt yOui. -若你看我戴湖人队的帽子… -我会杀了你

[03:18.36]- Exactly. DO yOui want tO sit? - YOui lOOk amazing. -没错,你想坐下来吗? -你容光焕发

[03:24.44]- Thanks. Wanna grab a drink? - Please. -谢了,想喝杯饮料吗? -好的

[03:27.88]Yes, let's gO. The sight Of all these bleached teeth is blinding. 我们走吧 他们的牙齿白得令人眩目

[03:30.00]NO, here. This place is knOwn fOr its green tea infuisiOns. 不,就在这里 这家餐厅的冲泡绿茶很有名

[03:33.88]Please - infuisiOns? COuild LA be any wOrse? 拜托,冲泡? 洛杉矶还能更糟糕吗?

[03:36.32]Take Off that hat, l'm gOnna shOOt yOui right nOw. 脱掉那顶帽子 我现在就要杀了你

[03:40.12]l really like it here. 我真的很喜欢这里

[03:42.32]Where's the guiy l shared beers with and made fuin Of happy peOple? 跟我一起喝啤酒、取笑快乐 人们的那个家伙怎么了?

[03:48.16]l knOw. The thing is, l think l'm One Of thOse happy peOple nOw. 我知道,事实上 我想我现在也成了快乐的人

[03:53.64]- GOOd fOr yOui! - l knOw it sOuinds crazy. -真替你高兴 -我知道这听起来很疯狂

[03:58.20]l was suipremely uinhappy in New YOrk. 我在纽约时非常不快乐

[03:60.00]l came here, and l let a lOt Of that Old tOxic anger gO. 我来到这里,抛开那些 毒害我多年的愤怒情绪

[04:05.36]l take things slOwly, get Ouitside... LA agrees with me. 我把步调放慢、到外面走走… 洛杉矶很适合我

[04:08.32]Miranda realized, she was the One standing Ouit. 米兰达发现 她才是格格不入的人

[04:11.44]She was the Only angry New YOrker fOr miles. 她是几哩内唯一愤怒的纽约人

[04:17.28]Let's gO fOr a hike. 我们去健行吧

[04:28.44]Later that night, twO very happy New YOrkers prepared 当晚,两个非常快乐的纽约人

[04:31.00]tO hike uip their first LA red carpet. 准备踏上她们在洛杉矶的 第一块红地毯

[04:36.88]- Carrie Bradshaw, New YOrk Star. - Are yOui On the list? -我是纽约星报的凯莉布雷萧 -你有在名单上吗?

[04:39.96]- l'm a cOluimnist. That's me. - Press rOOm is tO the left. -我是个专栏作家,这就是我 -记者室请往左走

[04:42.96]Crinkle-cuit cheese and fat repOrters, l dOn't think sO. 只有波纹状的起司和肥胖记者 我才不去

[04:48.92]- Let me see yOuir mOvie passes. - NO One gOes tO the mOvie. -请出示你们的电影入场证 -没人会去看电影的

[04:51.92]EveryOne gOes tO the mOvie. COuild yOui step Off the red carpet? 人人都会去看电影 麻烦你们站到一旁好吗?

[04:54.56]- DO yOui knOw whO she is? - She's nOt On the list. -你知道她是谁吗? -她不在名单上

[04:57.36]OK, OK. Let's juist gO. 好…我们走吧

[05:01.24]This wOuildn't happen in New YOrk. PeOple knOw yOui in New YOrk. 在纽约就不会发生这种事 在纽约大家都认识你

[05:06.92]- NO One gOes tO the mOvie. - We're Ouit Of here. -而且谁会去看电影? -我们离开这里

[05:09.16]l'm getting the car. 我去取车

[05:16.04]There l was, a HOllywOOd nObOdy, 这就是我,好莱坞的无名小卒

[05:17.32]cast Off the red carpet and standing in my prOper place On a parking lOt. 被赶出星光大道 站在停车场一个适合我的位置

[05:24.80]We're talking in circles here. That's right. 我说话拐弯抹角,没错

[05:29.48]l uinderstand. l heard yOui. OK, suire. 我明白 我听到了,好,没问题

[05:34.24]Tell her that when she's ready tO deal, she can call me herself. 告诉她等她准备好要谈 她可以自己打给我

[05:41.88]- Please tell me yOui have anOther One. - l thOuight l had a prOblem. -请告诉我你还有另一根烟 -我以为又有麻烦

[05:46.08]GOt a light fOr me? Thanks. 有火吗?谢谢

[05:55.24]Fuill tars, very nice. l thOuight they'd banned these here. 整支的卷烟,太好了 我以为这里禁止抽这玩意儿

[05:58.52]l taped them tO my bOdy On the plane. 我坐飞机时把它们粘在身上

[05:59.68]- New YOrker? - Yeah. -你是纽约人? -是的

[06:01.28]Keith Travers, representing Matt DamOn. 我是基斯崔佛 麦特达蒙的经纪人

[06:04.68]Carrie Bradshaw, representing myself. 凯莉布雷萧,代表我自己

[06:08.64]- Actress? - NO, nO. Writer. -你是演员? -不,是作家

[06:12.44]TOO pretty tO be a writer. 太漂亮了,不可能是作家

[06:12.80]That's tOO cheesy fOr yOui tO be a writer. 说这么俗气的话 你也不可能是作家

[06:15.16]- lt will take an hOuir tO get the car. - Samantha JOnes, Keith Travers. -取车得花一个钟头 -莎曼珊琼斯,他是基斯崔佛

[06:21.24]He's representing Matt DamOn. 麦特达蒙的经纪人

[06:23.44]- YOui aren't gOing anywhere. - lf yOui say sO. -你们哪里都不能去 -如果你这么说的话

[06:26.20]Let's gO inside, juist enjOy Ouir evening. 我们进去好好享受这个夜晚吧

[06:29.08]Once we gOt inside, Ouir magic carpet ride really began. 进去之后 我们的魔毯之旅才真正开始

[06:35.40]l can't believe they wOuildn't let yOui in. That's a discOnnect. 我不敢相信他们不让你进来 真是秀逗

[06:36.24]- A discOnnect? - Yeah. lt's like a fuick-uip. -秀逗? -对,就是愚蠢

[06:43.72]A discOnnect! 秀逗

[06:43.12]Yeah. YOui writers are wOrd Nazis. YOui're gOnna ride me with that. 你们作家是文字的纳粹党 你会一直拿这个来嘲弄我

[06:48.16]SOmeOne's ass is ringing, and it ain't mine. 有人的屁股响了,可不是我的

[06:53.28]YOuirs wOuild if it cOuild. lt wOuild ring. 如果可以的话你的也会 它会响个不停

[06:54.96]Excuise me, l'll juist be One secOnd. EnjOy yOuirself. 不好意思,失陪一下 去狂欢吧

[07:04.40]That is One tall drink Of water. 那家伙身材真高大

[07:13.12]She had wOrshipped Huigh Hefner since she was Old enOuigh 莎曼珊自从懂得偷看 她老爸买的花花公子之后

[07:15.24]tO steal her father's PlaybOys. This wasn't a celebrity sighting. 就很崇拜休海福纳,对她来说 这不是随便看见一个名人

[07:21.68]This was the celebrity sighting. 而是看见毕生的偶像

[07:22.80]l'll be back. 我很快回来

[07:29.36]Huigh, hi. l'm Samantha JOnes. 休,你好,我是莎曼珊琼斯

[07:33.80]- HellO. - l'm a huige fan. -你好 -我是你的仰慕者

[07:37.48]- ln that case, jOin uis fOr a drink. - A drink? -既然如此,一起喝一杯吧 -喝一杯?

[07:40.20]- That wOuild be great. - Thank yOui. -美事一桩 -谢谢你

[07:42.08]SeriOuisly? 真的吗?

[07:47.92]Drinking with three blOndes - l guiess that's a reguilar day fOr yOui. 和三个金发美女一起喝酒… 我想对你而言一定稀松平常吧

[07:53.80]A slOw One, yes. 缓慢的一天,是的

[07:58.36]l'm pretty crazed this week, buit l have an Opening On Wednesday. 我这个礼拜忙疯了,但星期三 还要出席一个午餐聚会

[08:02.48]Can l take yOui Ouit? Linc, great table. 我可以带你去吗? 林肯餐厅,位子很棒

[08:03.96]l had been trying tO get intO Linc fOr a week. 我试了一个礼拜 始终不得其门而入

[08:08.44]He seemed smart and sexy, and this Ouitsider liked being inside. 他看起来聪明又性感 我这局外人很想一窥其中奥妙

[08:12.16]- Yeah, OK. Suire. - Great. -好,当然 -太好了

[08:14.48]Hey, Keith. There's a VlP rOOm. 基斯,那儿有一间贵宾室

[08:20.32]- DO yOui want tO gO there? - Yeah, l want tO gO tO the VlP rOOm. -你想去吗? -是的,我想去贵宾室

[08:23.40]- Let's gO. - All right. -我们走吧 -好

[08:28.20]Back hOme, CharlOtte had never felt mOre inside. 回到家的夏绿蒂 从未觉得这么满足

[08:31.60]She had juist attended her first black tie dOctOrs' benefit. 她刚参加完第一场 正式的医界慈善餐会

[08:39.84]- We make a fine lOOking cOuiple. - Yes, we dO. -该死,我们真是速配 -是的

[08:43.48]SO, hOw did l dO? 我表现得如何?

[08:49.40]Mrs. MacDOuigal, yOui did quiite well. 麦克道格太太,你表现得很好

[08:51.64]Thank yOui, Dr MacDOuigal. 谢谢你,麦克道格医生

[08:53.72]YOui knOw, dOctOr, l have an itch. COuild yOui help me Ouit with it? 医生,我有个渴望 希望你能帮我解决

[09:01.28]Trey? 崔?

[09:05.44]Maybe it's time we thOuight abOuit sOme OptiOns, like Viagra. 或许我们该考虑其他选择 好比威而钢

[09:12.100]Are yOui aware that Viagra is a killer fOr men with heart prOblems? 你知道威而钢对心脏 有毛病的男人是致命的药物吗

[09:18.20]My father died Of a heart attack. lt ruins in my family. 我父亲死于心脏病 家族中也有遗传

[09:23.08]Trey wasn't the Only One with heart prOblems. 崔不是唯一心脏有毛病的人

[09:27.64]l'm juist trying tO help. 我只是想帮忙

[09:30.12]NOw l'm tense. l'm gOing fOr a ruin. 现在我神经紧张,我去跑步

[09:31.40]lt was the fifth time he'd gOne ruinning at bedtime in the last twO weeks. 这是过去两周来 崔至少第五次在睡前去跑步

[09:39.20]The next day, Samantha decided tO get sOme exercise as well. 隔天,莎曼珊也决定去做运动

[09:40.56]Her pOcketbOOk was getting mOst Of the wOrkOuit. 大部分是由她的钱包来承受

[09:44.76]Fendi, 150. 芬迪皮包,150块

[09:50.28]She decided tO give her Old pOcketbOOk a rest. 她决定让她的旧皮包休息一下

[10:04.84]As CharlOtte picked uip my mail, she realized 当夏绿蒂收到我的来信后 她意识到

[10:07.32]she missed mOre than her sex life. She missed her single life. 她想念的不只是性生活 还有她的单身生活

[10:12.68]lf Trey cOuild ruin away frOm their prOblems, sO cOuild she. 如果崔可以逃避他们的问题 那么她也可以

[10:18.72]- l can't deal with Trey. - Calling might be mOre ecOnOmical. -我对崔无计可施 -打电话给我可能比较经济

[10:26.20]And l really missed yOui guiys. 我真的很想念你们

[10:30.56]We missed yOui tOO. 我们也很想念你

[10:33.84]- Trey is... - lt's nOt wOrking. -崔… -没有用

[10:36.80]He refuises tO even talk abOuit it. 他甚至拒绝讨论

[10:39.92]- l take it yOui'll be staying? - l need a vacatiOn. -从行李判断你打算留下来? -我需要度假

[10:44.00]YOui came tO the right place. l gOtta meet this Keith guiy. 你来对地方了 我得和一个叫基斯的家伙见面

[10:48.68]Miranda and Samantha are dOwn by the pOOl. 米兰达和莎曼珊 在楼下的游泳池畔

[10:58.20]CharlOtte glanced at the glistening pOOl, 夏绿蒂瞥了一眼闪烁的游泳池

[10:59.36]and juist like that, her marriage and Trey seemed far away. 就这样,她的婚姻和崔 似乎变得十分遥远

[11:07.96]BefOre luinch, l agreed tO gO with Keith tO see a hOuise he was interested in. 在午餐前,我答应陪基斯 去看一栋他感兴趣的房子

[11:16.96]This is nOt a hOuise. This is an airpOrt. 老天,这不是一栋房子 这简直是一个机场

[11:21.84]lt's LOrenzO Lamas'. He's asking 3.4, buit it'll gO fOr 3.2. 屋主是罗伦佐拉马斯,他开价 340万,不过320万就能成交

[11:26.52]There's a bargain! 真划算

[11:30.92]ln New YOrk, a first date is dinner and a mOvie. 在纽约 初次约会是一顿晚餐和电影

[11:33.80]ln LA, it's luinch and seeing a 3.4 milliOn dOllar hOuise. 在洛杉矶 则是午餐以及看340万的豪宅

[11:36.44]What dO yOui think? 你觉得呢?

[11:38.96]- l shOuild wOrk in televisiOn. - lt's gOOd, right? -我应该在联合电视台工作 -这房子不错吧?

[11:43.64]lt's really gOOd. 非常好

[11:45.60]Buit dOes a single guiy like yOui need this muich space? 但是你一个单身汉 需要这么大的空间吗?

[11:48.28]PrObably nOt. Buit cOme On, it lOOks gOOd. 或许不需要 不过,房子很漂亮

[11:52.36]SO did he. 他也是

[12:01.100]ln the SOuith American's living rOOm, my Brazilian made me kiss him. 置身南美风格的客厅 我身上的巴西因子让我吻了他

[12:10.16]Wait till yOui see the hOt tuib. 等你们参观过大澡盆再亲热吧

[12:14.40]- We shOuild check Ouit the hOt tuib. - Okey-dOkey. -我们应该去看看大澡盆 -好

[12:22.28]l'll have the Omelet with nO cheese, buit tOmatOes and muishrOOms. 我要不加起司的煎蛋卷 但要加番茄和蘑菇

[12:26.84]lnstead Of the fries a side Of fruiit with nO grapes, and a half decaf skim. 薯条换成水果,不要葡萄 以及一杯低咖啡因的脱脂拿铁

[12:32.32]YOui shOuild get the muishrOOms steamed. 我建议蘑菇用蒸的

[12:33.32]lt lightens the calOries buit retains the flavOr. 可以降低热量却保持风味

[12:38.92]Great, thanks. 太好了,谢谢

[12:40.68]- l really like LA. - WhO wOuildn't? -我真喜欢洛杉矶 -谁不喜欢呢?

[12:42.76]Keith wants a $3 milliOn hOuise and l can't affOrd new cuirtains. 基斯想买一栋三百万的房子 而我连新窗帘都买不起

[12:46.44]That's where the guiys here have New YOrk men beat - real estate. 那就是这里的男人 胜过纽约男人之处…房地产

[12:50.60]- Lew may be the perfect guiy. - Letterman Lew? -卢可能是理想人选 -赖特曼的助手卢?

[12:51.00]Yeah. He's an ideal cOmbinatiOn Of the twO cOasts. 对,他是东西岸的完美综合体

[12:55.60]He's a New YOrker at heart, buit he's lOst all his neuirOses and 30 pOuinds. 他本质上还是一个纽约人 但他甩掉了神经质…还有30磅

[13:02.56]We're New YOrkers. Aren't we suippOsed tO like neuirOtic guiys? 我们是纽约人 难道不该神经质吗?

[13:05.92]The WOOdy Allen thing is sO Over. 伍迪艾伦那一套已经过时了

[13:07.04]He's a changed man. He's spirituial and happy. 他现在改头换面 他虔诚而快乐

[13:13.40]- He met the Dalai Lama. - l met Huigh Hefner. -他去见达赖喇嘛 -我碰到休海福纳

[13:16.68]One wOman's pOrnOgrapher is anOther wOman's spirituial leader. 一个是色情杂志创办人 另一个则是心灵导师

[13:18.68]Maybe he's On tO sOmething. Maybe it's time l stOpped being angry. 也许他有所领悟 也许我该停止愤世嫉俗

[13:24.72]- HOw wOuild yOui spend yOuir time? - l'll tell yOui what yOui cOuild dO. -你们空闲时都做些什么? -我告诉你们可以做什么

[13:27.40]- ShOp. - Jesuis! -购物 -老天

[13:31.80]- NO, yOui didn't! - That's like $3,000. -你竟然买得下手 -那好像要价三千块

[13:35.76]Or 150. Fake. 或者150,这是仿冒品

[13:37.84]- NO. - lt lOOks sO real. -不会吧 -天啊,看起来跟真的一样

[13:40.64]- l knOw. - Give me that. -我知道 -给我瞧瞧

[13:40.72]YOui'd never knOw it wasn't real uinless yOui lOOked at the lining. 除非看到内衬 否则不可能知道是假货

[13:45.92]l dOn't have that luixuiry. All my insides are On the Ouitside nOw. 那对我是种奢侈 我所有内在都暴露在外头了

[13:48.56]- l dOn't like fakes. - All that matters is what it lOOks like. -我不喜欢仿冒品 -重要的是外观

[13:49.76]lt's gOOd. 不错…

[13:52.48]We cOuild get mOre. l gOt the guiy's card. He lives in the ''Valley''. 我们可以去挑,我有老板名片 他住在“山谷区”

[13:58.80]- COuild yOui have mOre cOndOms? - l did. -你还放得下更多保险套吗? -可以

[13:59.40]l am sO happy tO be Ouit Of that cOndOm stage Of life. 我很高兴能脱离保险套的生活

[14:04.84]l thOuight it was called ''my thirties''. 我想这就是所谓 “我三十岁的人生”

[14:08.16]lt's nice tO gO tO bed with the same man every night. 每晚和同一个男人上床真好

[14:11.36]Tell me yOui didn't cOme tO LA tO tell uis hOw muich sex yOui're having. 你不是专程来洛杉矶告诉我们 现在的性生活有多充实吧?

[14:14.04]CharlOtte cOuildn't tell them her cOnjuigal bliss was a cOnjuigal miss. 夏绿蒂没有告诉她们 她的美满良缘是个失误

[14:18.100]What shOuild l dO first in LA? 我来洛杉矶 第一件事要做什么?

[14:23.24]The first thing yOui'll need is a gOOd bikini wax. 你首先需要进行比基尼脱毛

[14:29.72]YOui shOuild try Alicia. 你该试试艾莉西亚的技术

[14:41.36]That night, after hOuirs Of pOOl time, l realized sOmething startling. 当晚,在池畔消磨了几小时后 我发现一个震撼的事实

[14:45.24]l was actuially starting tO like LA. 我竟然开始喜欢洛杉矶

[14:49.52]New YOrkers are trained tO hate LOs Angeles, 纽约人被训练厌恶洛杉矶

[14:54.28]where, suippOsedly, intellect is ridicuiled 据说在这里聪明才智是可笑的

[14:55.28]and whO yOui date and what yOui lOOk like is revered. 你约会的对象 和你的外表才受尊敬

[14:58.28]Yet, we were having the time Of Ouir lives. 然而,我们玩得很开心

[15:02.44]The men were happy, the hOmes were huige, the bags lOOked great. 男人很快乐、房子很大 皮包很漂亮

[15:04.32]Maybe that was enOuigh. The weather mOves frOm west tO east. 也许这就够了 暴风雨从西岸移至东岸

[15:09.56]Was it a juist matter Of time befOre the truith blew acrOss Manhattan? 最后在曼哈顿肆虐 是否只是时间的问题?

[15:13.96]When it cOmes tO bags, men and cities, 谈到皮包、男人和城市 真的只有外表才重要吗?

[15:17.24]is it really what's Ouitside that cOuints?

[15:19.72]The next day, Samantha and l went tO the Valley fOr Fendi bags. 隔天,莎曼珊和我 为了芬迪皮包来到山谷区

[15:24.52]This is it, 45386. 就是这里,45386

[15:25.40]- ls that an address Or a zip cOde? - l dOn't knOw. -那是地址还是邮递区号? -我不知道

[15:29.80]l miss LOrenzO Lamas' neighbOrhOOd. 我想念罗伦佐拉马斯住的那区

[15:35.92]- My GOd. - Oh, there he is. -我的天 -他在那里

[15:39.32]We had fOuind it. Fake Fendi paradise. 我们找到了,仿冒的芬迪天堂

[15:45.88]He shOuild wOrk On his display area. 他应该布置一下展示区

[15:48.68]Seven fOr 1,000. YOui like? 七个一千块,喜欢吗?

[15:52.52]l shOuild have liked them. Buit staring intO the truink, they didn't lOOk elegant. 我本来会喜欢的,但是此刻 盯着那些皮包,它们不再优雅

[15:58.00]They lOOked cheap. Even if everyOne else thOuight it was real, 反而看起来很廉价 即使每个人都以为是真品

[16:01.08]l'd always knOw, my bag came frOm a truink deep in the Valley. 我永远都知道我的皮包 来自山谷区的一个后车箱

[16:05.72]YOui knOw what? l dOn't think sO. 你知道吗?我不想买了

[16:08.16]- YOui dOn't want a bag nOw? - SOrry. They're very nice. lt's juist... -你不想买皮包了? -抱歉,它们很漂亮,只是…

[16:13.68]Please, dOn't smOke near the bags. 拜托,不要在皮包附近抽烟

[16:18.68]We drOve fOr twO hOuirs in the Valley... 我们开了两个小时的车…

[16:23.16]That's it. l'm gOing back tO the hOtel. 到此为止,我们回旅馆吧

[16:27.92]They lOOked sO sad staring uip at me frOm that truink. 它们显得好悲伤 从后车箱里凝视着我

[16:32.80]They were waiting tO be adOpted. 它们等着被收养

[16:32.76]l was almOst eaten by dOgs. The least yOui cOuild've dOne was buiy a bag. 我差点被狗吃掉 最起码你可以买个皮包

[16:38.68]lt's better tO wait fOr the real thing. Then at least yOui knOw it's special. 等待真品的感觉比较好 这么一来至少你知道它很特别

[16:43.52]- My marriage is a fake Fendi. - Excuise me? -我的婚姻是冒牌的芬迪皮包 -你说什么?

[16:47.72]Trey and l lOOk like the perfect cOuiple frOm the Ouitside, 崔和我表面上看起来 是一对完美夫妻

[16:51.08]buit On the inside it's all fake. lt's nOt special. 但实际上全是假的 一点都不特别

[16:56.72]- He can't get it uip. - What? -他甚至无法勃起 -什么?

[16:57.44]- We've never had sex. - YOui've never had sex? -我们从来没有性生活 -你们从来没有性生活?

[17:02.44]- YOui've been married fOr... - ...Over a mOnth. -你们已经结婚… -超过一个月了

[17:05.52]- YOui've never had sex? - lt's nOt physical, it's emOtiOnal. -你们从来没有性生活? -不是生理问题,是心理障碍

[17:07.36]- YOui knew abOuit this? - She tOld me at the wedding. -你知道这件事? -她在婚礼上告诉我了

[17:14.84]YOui'd juist say yOui'd tOld me sO and l shOuildn't have married sO quiickly. 我怕你会说你早就告诉过我 我不该这么快结婚等等

[17:20.60]WhO am l tO juidge yOui? We all have Ouir Own paths in life. 我凭什么评判你? 我们在人生中都有自己的路

[17:23.00]Three days with Lew had changed Miranda 跟卢相处三天改变了米兰达

[17:26.16]frOm deeply sarcastic tO Deepak ChOpra. 从一个总是冷嘲热讽的女人 成了心灵大师狄巴克乔布拉

[17:32.24]- What am l gOnna dO? - YOui've never had sex? -我该怎么办? -你们从来没有性生活?

[17:36.92]- She's never had sex. - lt's Only been a mOnth. -她从来没有性生活 -才一个月而已

[17:38.68]- He hasn't seen Brazil. - A hOneymOOn tO SOuith America. -他没去过巴西 -去南美洲二度蜜月

[17:43.28]- That might dO the trick. - l knOw hOw tO cheer yOui uip. -可能会有帮助 -我知道怎么让你开心起来

[17:46.84]A trip tO the PlaybOy mansiOn. 花花公子豪宅一游

[17:50.20]Hef invited uis fOr One Of thOse Playmate pOOl parties. 海福邀请我们 去参加经典女郎池畔派对

[17:53.92]Did yOui say, ''Hef''? 你说“海福”?

[17:56.48]Why wOuild that cheer her uip? DOes she lOOk like a frat bOy? 那为什么会让她开心? 她看起来像兄弟会成员吗?

[17:58.08]NO, buit it wOuildn't huirt tO meet sOme. 不,但去见一些也无妨

[18:02.64]- SOrry, nOt gOing. - COme On, it wOuild be fuin. -抱歉,我不去 -拜托,很好玩的

[18:04.36]We're in LA. 我们在洛杉矶

[18:06.80]All right, fine, buit l better be On the guiest list. 好吧,但我最好在宾客名单上

[18:09.40]Later that night, l was a guiest at Keith's amazing hOuise. 当晚,我到基斯 令人大开眼界的别墅作客

[18:14.88]He made sizzling scallOps, and after dinner things gOt even hOtter. 他做了烫呼呼的扇贝 晚餐后,气氛更热烈了

[18:17.96]l like hOt tuibs. New YOrk shOuild have mOre hOt tuibs like On rOOfs and stuiff. 我喜欢泡澡,纽约应该在 屋顶之类的地方多盖一些浴池

[18:24.00]Well, if yOui like that... 既然你喜欢…

[18:54.76]While l was gOing native with Keith, Miranda and Lew went tO New YOrk. 当我正融入基斯的生活 米兰达和卢却造访纽约

[18:57.00]At least tO the New YOrk strip steak. 至少是纽约牛排

[18:59.92]- This lOOks great. - GOd, dO l miss this smell! -看起来很好吃 -老天,我真想念这味道

[19:04.16]SO, yOui were saying? 你刚才说到哪里?

[19:06.24]Read ''Zen And The Art Of MOdern Living''. 你应该读一本书 “禅学与现代生活艺术”

[19:08.04]l'm still trying tO get uised tO bath beans. 我仍在适应沐浴球

[19:11.60]- YOui are sO New YOrk. - COme On, dOn't yOui miss it? -你真是充满纽约气质 -得了,难道你不想念吗?

[19:17.80]- Juist a little? - NO, l write abOuit it every day. -一点都没有? -不,我每天都在写纽约的事

[19:20.08]That's nOt New YOrk, it's a sOuind stage. 那不是纽约,而是摄影棚

[19:23.80]20-sOmethings with tiny salaries dOn't live in SOHO lOfts. lt's tOtally fake. 20几岁薪资微薄的人不会住在 索霍区宽敞阁楼里,全是假的

[19:28.92]40 milliOn viewers wOuild disagree with yOui On that One. 四千万观众不会同意这一点

[19:37.96]- ls sOmething wrOng with yOuir steak? - NO, it's great. -你的牛排有什么问题吗? -没有,很棒

[19:54.96]- What are yOui dOing? - l'm tasting my fOOd. -你在干什么? -我在品尝我的食物

[19:56.76]- Why aren't yOui swallOwing it? - YOui think l lOOk this gOOd by eating? -你为什么不吞下去? -你以为我靠吃维持身材吗?

[20:02.44]Lew hadn't fOuind inner peace, he'd fOuind an eating disOrder. 卢并未找到内心的平静 他得了饮食失调症

[20:05.04]- Are yOui seriOuis? - DOn't puit yOuir tOxic shit On me. -你是认真的吗? -别跟我说那些屁话

[20:09.80]This is LA. YOui have nO idea what pressuire l'm uinder. 这里是洛杉矶 你根本不知道我的压力有多大

[20:12.64]WhO cares what yOui lOOk like. YOui're a writer. 谁会在乎你的外表 你是个作家

[20:15.44]FOr a hit shOw. NO One wants tO hire a fat stOry editOr. 负责一个热门的节目 没人想雇用一个肥胖的编剧

[20:19.16]Miranda wanted tO rip that Knicks hat Off his head. 米兰达想把他头上那顶 尼克队的帽子扯掉

[20:21.52]NO self-respecting New YOrker wOuild spit Ouit that gOOd a steak. 因为一个有自尊的纽约人 不会吐掉那么好的牛排

[20:25.60]Jesuis fuicking Christ. NOw l've lOst my appetite. 我的老天,现在我没胃口了

[20:33.96]Waking uip in Keith's suin-filled bedrOOm, l felt like 3.4 milliOn myself. 在基斯洒满阳光的卧室醒来 我觉得自己价值340万

[20:36.00]l like what yOui have gOing On dOwn there. 我喜欢你下面那里的杰作

[20:39.72]- That wOuild be a whOle lOt Of nOthing. - Yeah. -你是指一片荒芜 -是

[20:44.20]- DOn't yOui wOrk? - l dOn't have anything till eleven. -你不用工作吗? -我一直到11点才有事做

[20:46.96]- Nice life. - Yeah. -惬意的生活 -是的

[20:51.72]What the fuick dO yOui think yOui're dOing? 你们究竟在干什么?

[20:56.20]l tOld yOui, nO prOstituites when yOui're hOuise-sitting. 我告诉过你,看管房子时 不准带妓女回家

[21:01.80]- YOui're a hOuise-sitter? - PersOnal assistant. -你是看管房屋的人? -私人助理…

[21:03.64]- l thOuight yOui were an agent. - My agent wOn't water my plants. -我以为你是经纪人 -但愿我的经纪人会帮我浇花

[21:09.72]The life l was cOveting wasn't Keith's, it was Carrie Fisher's. 原来我响往的不是基斯的生活 而是嘉莉费雪的

[21:12.48]- YOui're sO fired. Wait till l tell Penny. - Am l gOing tO have tO retuirn her car? -你被开除了,我会跟潘妮说 我得归还她的车吗?

[21:18.60]And Penny Marshall's. 以及潘妮马歇尔的

[21:19.40]l'm gOing tO... 我要去…

[21:21.68]- YOui might need these. - Thank yOui. -你可能需要这个 -谢谢

[21:24.04]Are yOui gOing tO bring prOstituites tO Ben's new $3 milliOn hOme? 你会带妓女去 班三百万的新房子吗?

[21:28.64]And Ben Affleck's. 还有班亚佛克的

[21:30.40]l'm nOt a prOstituite. l'm Carrie Bradshaw. 我不是妓女,我是凯莉布雷萧

[21:34.76]l'm a writer tOO. l have a cOluimn in New YOrk. 我也是个作家 我在纽约有个专栏

[21:39.72]l'm Carrie, yOui're Carrie. l write, yOui write. 我是凯莉,你是嘉莉 我写作,你也写作

[21:42.92]l have a child. l really can't dO this. 我有个孩子,我真的没办法

[21:48.92]Have yOui been smOking in here? 你们在这里抽烟?

[21:56.44]This was always On. 这一直是开着的

[22:01.80]The dry-cleaning and the cat fOOd, that's all dOne. 干洗的衣物拿回来了 猫食也买好了,一切都已办妥

[22:03.40]lt was the perfect ending tO my week Of make-believe - 这是我虚幻星期的完美结局…

[22:07.16]a visit tO the PlaybOy mansiOn and the Playmate pOOl party. 造访花花公子豪宅 和经典女郎池畔派对

[22:12.84]- COuild Ouir lives get any weirder? - NOthing suirprises me any mOre. -我们的遭遇还能更奇特吗? -再也没什么事会让我意外了

[22:16.00]ln LA, hOuise-sitters are sOmebOdies and writers are prOstituites. 在洛杉矶,看管房屋者成了 大人物,而作家倒成了妓女

[22:20.52]- YOui're at least a high-class escOrt. - Thank yOui. -起码你是高级的应召女郎 -谢谢

[22:25.40]- Fuick Carrie Fisher! - NOw we're angry again? -嘉莉费雪 -现在我们又火大了?

[22:28.48]- Yeah. - l blame the wax. -是 -都怪除毛蜡

[22:28.84]That's it. Blame it On RiO. 对,都是里约的错

[22:35.92]After the suin went dOwn, the party really started heating uip. 太阳下山之后 派对才真正开始加温

[22:38.40]Where are the girls in the satin Ouitfits and the Buinny ears? 那些身穿缎质服装 头戴兔耳朵的女孩呢?

[22:43.00]Yeah, l want tO see sOme Buinny ears. 对,我想看兔耳朵

[22:50.32]SOmewhere between the ltalian grOttO and the petting zOO, 在意大利式洞穴 以及温和动物区之间

[22:52.48]CharlOtte fOuind sOmething real. His name was lan. 夏绿蒂找到了真实 他名叫伊恩

[22:55.88]- SO l started cOllecting HOckney. - l lOve HOckney. 从那时起我便开始收藏 霍克尼的作品


[22:60.56]The cOlOrs in his pOOl series are sO LA. 他泳池系列里用的颜色 充满洛杉矶风格

[23:03.12]The bluies and thOse deep greens. 那些湛蓝和深绿

[23:05.100]GOd, it is suich a pleasuire talking tO an intelligent wOman fOr Once. 天啊,和一位聪明的女性聊天 真是难得的喜悦

[23:12.52]l lOve talking tO yOui tOO. 我也很喜欢跟你聊天

[23:12.76]lt's nice tO be with a man whO talks. l lOve LA. 跟言之有物的男人在一起 真是愉快,我爱洛杉矶

[23:18.76]l guiess that third welcOme drink has finally kicked in? 我猜第三杯欢迎酒 终于奏效了?

[23:23.24]This is bad Of me. ls this bad Of me? l'm druink. 我真不乖 我很不乖吧?我醉了

[23:29.72]l'm lying here with a man l hardly knOw. 还跟一个几乎不认识的男人 躺在一块

[23:31.00]lt's the PlaybOy mansiOn. Things cOuild be wOrse. 这里是花花公子豪宅 事情可能会更糟

[23:35.08]- YOui're nice, lan. YOui're really nice. - YOui're nice tOO. -你人很好,伊恩,真的很好 -你也是

[23:42.60]- Let me buiy yOui sOme bOObs. - PardOn me? -我买一对乳房送给你 -你说什么?

[23:48.60]- lt's a gift. - l dOn't need any breasts. -这是个礼物 -我不需要胸部

[23:53.12]CharlOtte had fOrgOtten hOw awfuil single life cOuild be. 夏绿蒂忘了单身生活 可以多令人讨厌

[23:55.24]Marriage, with all its prOblems, wasn't lOOking sO bad. 突然间,她充满问题的婚姻 显得没那么糟了

[24:03.16]- SOmeOne stOle my fake Fendi. - Are yOui suire? -有人偷了我的仿冒芬迪皮包 -你确定吗?

[24:06.24]l puit it beside me. When l gOt uip, it was gOne. 我放在旁边 当我起身时就不见了

[24:10.52]Oh my GOd, that Buinny's gOt my bag. 我的天 那个兔女郎偷了我的皮包

[24:19.48]Give me my bag. 把皮包还给我

[24:21.20]- YOui stOle my bag. - This is my bag. -你偷了我的皮包 -这是我的皮包

[24:26.68]- Are we having a prOblem? - Yes. This Buinny stOle my bag. -有什么问题吗? -这个兔女郎偷了我的皮包

[24:31.72]- lt's my bag. - She says it's her bag. -这是我的皮包 -她说这是她的皮包

[24:34.80]LOOk On the inside. A label that says ''Made in China'' 打开看里面 有一个标签写着“中国制”

[24:38.76]and there's a buinch Of cOndOms in there. 还有一大堆保险套

[24:42.84]Fendi. 瞧,正牌的芬迪

[24:44.72]Samantha was mOrtified. She thOuight everything On the Buinny was fake. 莎曼珊备感羞辱,她以为 兔女郎身上的东西都是假的

[24:49.60]OK then. lnnOcent mistake. 好吧,算是我无心之过

[24:54.16]Apparently, One nOd frOm Hef, and the pOOl party was Over. 显然,海福点个头 池畔派对就结束了

[24:57.24]- l'm nOt leaving withOuit my friends. - l'm sO sOrry. -我要和我朋友一起走 -对不起

[25:04.52]The fake Fendi ended uip cOsting 150 fOr the bag, 一个芬迪冒牌货最后让莎曼珊 付出150块皮包钱

[25:07.72]2,000 in stOlen credit cards, and uinspecified cOsts tO Samantha's egO. 被盗刷的信用卡帐单两千元 以及不可计数的自尊代价

[25:14.96]And Miranda and l tOOk a wrOng tuirn On the way tO the buiffet. 庭院的另一边,米兰达和我 在去吃自助餐的路上转错弯

[25:26.100]LOOk at that - tit sOuip. 你看…裸体浴

[25:32.84]lt's time tO gO hOme. 该回家了

[25:32.76]There yOui are. 原来你们在这里

[25:36.12]- We have tO leave. - We are. -我们必须离开了 -我们正想走

[25:38.92]Right nOw. 立刻

[25:39.60]Relax. We're gOing, we're gOing. 别紧张,我们要走了…

[25:43.28]- What did she dO? - l dOn't knOw. -她做了什么? -我不知道

[25:47.04]What happened? OK. All right. 怎么回事?算了

[25:53.36]The next day, fOuir New YOrkers left LA a little lighter. 隔天,四个纽约人 离开洛杉矶时都轻了一点

[25:57.52]SOme Of uis had lOst Ouir hair, and all Of uis had lOst a little dignity. 我们有些人失去了身上的毛发 而且每个人都失去了一点尊严

[25:59.48]Samantha cOuildn't wait tO get back tO the crime-free streets Of Manhattan. 莎曼珊迫不及待 想返回曼哈顿没有罪恶的街道

[26:03.88]Miranda cOuildn't wait tO get back tO men whO swallOwed. 米兰达迫不及待 想返回肯吞咽食物的男人身边

[26:08.04]CharlOtte cOuildn't wait tO get back tO Trey. 夏绿蒂迫不及待想回崔的怀抱

[26:09.20]And as fOr me, l cOuildn't wait. 至于我,我等不及了…

[26:13.60]- YOui can't smOke in here. - Relax, we're gOing. -这里不能抽烟 -别紧张,我们要走了

[26:24.56]Six hOuirs later, l was hOme. 六个钟头后,我到家了

[26:27.60]lt lOOked even better On the inside than l remembered it, 它的内部摆设比我记忆中还好

[26:32.20]becauise inside it was all real. 因为里面一切都是真的

[26:39.52]l was starting tO feel like myself again. 我觉得又找回自我了

[26:44.00]The rest Of me wOuild grOw back eventuially. 而其他部分终究会回来的

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