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欲望都市第三季 城市呛小子 Hot Child in the City






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:33:33



[00:35.00](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:50.24]lf yOu live in New YOrK fOr ten years, yOu Can Call yOurself a New YOrKer. 在纽约居住十年的人 就可以称为纽约客

[00:55.24]But the trained eye Can always spOt the Ones whO were bOrn here. 不过有经验的人可以一眼看出 谁是土生土长的纽约人

[00:59.60]l want it all, l want it nOw, and l want yOu tO get it fOr me. 我全部都要,现在就要 我要你帮我办好

[01:02.68]After firing her last twO publiCists, 在解聘了最后两个公关之后

[01:06.84]Jenny Brier, 餐厅老板女儿珍妮布莱尔

[01:06.56]the daughter Of a restaurateur, 决定指定莎曼珊

[01:07.96]had deCided that Samantha

[01:11.04]wOuld taKe Over the PR 替她即将举办的派对做公关

[01:11.72]fOr her upCOming party.

[01:14.12]l want ''Vanity Fair'', CarsOn Daly, 我要“浮华世界”杂志 MTV的卡森达利

[01:17.36]''PeOple'', ''Teen PeOple'', NSYNC... “人物杂志”、超级男孩

[01:19.56]Jenny, sweetie. DOn't taKe this the wrOng way, but hOw Old are yOu? 亲爱的珍妮,请不要误会 你今年几岁?

[01:23.56]- lt's my Bat Mitzvah party. l'm 13. - YOu're 13? -这是我十三岁成人仪式派对 -你十三岁?

[01:29.72]What are yOu, 45? 你呢?四十五?

[01:32.40]Just liKe that, the meeting was Over. 此次会谈就这样结束了

[01:35.68]l'm sOrry, l dOn't dO Kids' parties. 抱歉,我不办小孩子的派对

[01:37.96]Sweetie, my father has invited 我爸爸邀请了有头有脸的朋友

[01:40.04]Over 300 Of his pOwerful friends. 人数超过三百

[01:43.92]They are nOt all COming. The ClintOns Can't maKe it. 他们都会来,除了柯林顿一家

[01:46.08]l tOld Daddy we'll be luCKy if we Can swing this fOr under a mill. 我告诉爸爸总花费要是能 不超过一百万就够幸运了

[01:50.28]But what dO l KnOw?. l'm just a Kid. 我知道什么,我只是个孩子

[01:54.92]We'll never get NSYNC. 我们请不动超级男孩的

[01:59.72]After meeting her new Client, Samantha met us 在与新客户会面之后

[02:02.12]fOr the latest trend in pOwer lunChing - 莎曼珊在一家最热门的 自助餐厅

[02:06.68]haute Cafeteria Cuisine. 跟我们见面

[02:11.56]COming in fOr a landing, sister? 你到底要不要坐下来?

[02:12.84]Cute guy. ThOught he was CheCKing me Out fOr a seCOnd. 有一个可爱的男生在看我

[02:16.32]Where? 在哪里?

[02:19.12]DOn't turn... 不要转过去…

[02:19.12]- He's a Cutie all right. - Definitely lOOKing. -真是可爱 -真的在看你

[02:24.28]LOOKing at yOu lOOKing at him, liKe l asKed yOu nOt tO. 我叫你们不要转过去看他

[02:27.44]- TaKe yOur tray Over there. - NO. -带着你的餐盘过去 -不要

[02:31.04]Why nOt? 为什么不要?

[02:31.44]This isn't PS 147, we're adults nOw. She's married. 拜托你们,我们都是成年人了 她都已经结婚了

[02:35.100]We have tO at least pretend tO KnOw better. 我们要假装很懂事

[02:40.00]- l saw a dOCtOr abOut my headaChes. - Still lOOKing. 关于我的头痛我去看了医生


[02:42.08]WhiCh yOu're nOt helping. 你没在帮我

[02:44.92]l've been trying tO diagnOse myself On the lnternet. 我上网诊断我的症状

[02:47.52]YOu Can dO that? 可以吗?

[02:49.44]Type in yOur symptOms and wait fOr the wOrd ''CanCer'' tO appear. 只要把症状打上去 就等“癌症”这个字出现

[02:55.72]Anyway, turns Out l'm a tOngue-thruster. 总之,结果我是舌头前推患者

[02:56.28]lf yOu were a man, that wOuld be a gOOd thing. 如果你是男人就是一件好事

[02:59.56]My tOngue pushes against my teeth, sO my bite is all Off. 我的舌头推挤到正面的牙齿 导致咬合不正

[03:04.24]- My dentist thinKs l have TMJ. - YOu have tO dO sOmething. -牙医说我有颞额关节症状 -你得做些什么

[03:08.20]- l'm gOing tO the OrthOdOntist. - NO, l mean he's really Cute. -我明天要去牙齿矫正 -我是说那个可爱的男生

[03:12.20]- She COuld write him a nOte. - Even Cuter. -她可以写纸条给他 -这样更可爱了

[03:15.44]Guys, l'm nOt writing him a nOte. 各位,我才不要写纸条给他

[03:19.44]- Dear Mr. Cutie-Cute... - YOu did nOt write that. -亲爱的可爱先生… -不可以那样写

[03:22.04]- Just yOur phOne number. - l'm nOt giving him my number. -只要写上你的电话 -我不要给他我的电话

[03:25.00]Relax, TMJ. YOu dOn't have tO. 不要紧张,你不用亲自动手

[03:28.52]- l'll dO it fOr yOu. - Carrie. -我帮你送过去 -凯莉

[03:32.36]- GO, girl. - Oh, my GOd. -去吧,姐妹 -我的天

[03:36.36]Hi. l'm sOrry tO bOther yOu, but my friend Miranda Over there... 抱歉打扰了,我朋友米兰达…

[03:42.00]- Oh, my GOd. - She thinKs yOu're Cute. -我的天 -觉得你很可爱

[03:46.00]Please tell yOur friend Miranda tO Call me. 请你的朋友米兰达打电话给我

[03:54.72]On the way hOme, l deCided tO brave the afternOOn heat 在回家的路上 我决定顶着下午的太阳

[03:59.40]tO see if my shOe repair guy COuld dO anything abOut my Old sOles. 去找修鞋师父救救我的旧鞋跟

[04:05.84]But when l gOt there, there was nO ''there'' there. 但是当我到达的时候 “那里”已经不见了

[04:25.84]- What happened tO Artie? - Artie? -阿提怎么了? -阿提?

[04:28.12]My guy, my shOe guy. He fixed these the last time. 修鞋子的师父 他上次帮我修鞋跟

[04:33.12]He mOved baCK tO Williamsburg. BrOOKlyn, nOt COlOnial. 他搬到布鲁克林了

[04:36.28]He COuldn't affOrd the plaCe OnCe they destabilized the rent. 租金调整后他就负担不起了

[04:41.48]lf the COmiC business Keeps gOing the way it is, l wOn't be able tO either. 要是漫画店的生意没有改善 我也会负担不起

[04:43.16]- COmiCs aren't selling, huh? - NO, espeCially mine. -漫画销路不好吗? -不好,尤其是我画的

[04:50.20]POwer Lad, by Wade Adams. “强力小子”,维德亚当绘制

[04:55.48]ls this yOu? Did yOu draw this? 这是你画的?

[04:60.72]What's sO pOwerful abOut him? 他有什么能力?

[05:01.40]He's a superherO, Or he wants tO be. His parents were superherOes. 他想要变成超级英雄 他的父母都是超级英雄

[05:07.80]He's trying tO find his super-pOwers. They haven't KiCKed in yet. 他试着寻找自己的超能力 还没成功

[05:11.60]lt's stupid. What dO yOu dO? 愚蠢的玩意 你从事什么行业?

[05:11.28]- l'm a writer. - That's COOl. What dO yOu write? -我是个作家 -好酷,你写什么?

[05:16.04]Turn tO page seven Of yOur newspaper. 翻开报纸第七页

[05:23.28]Yes, l thOught yOu lOOKed familiar. 我就觉得你很眼熟

[05:25.48]- WOuld yOu liKe tO write COmiCs? - Aren't they a bOy thing? -你有想过写漫画吗? -那不是男生做的事吗?

[05:29.56]NO! There are wOmen superherOes - Batgirl, Supergirl, BlaCK Canary... 才怪,也有很多“英雌” 蝙蝠女、女超人…

[05:33.12]YOu've heard Of WOnder WOman. 还有神力女超人

[05:36.04]With the braCelets and the tiara. 戴着手镯和头饰

[05:39.28]l used tO lOve that even her aCCessOries had super-pOwers. 连她的配件都有超能力

[05:45.76]Oh, man. 老天

[05:53.80]What's wrOng with them? 他们怎么了?

[05:53.60]TO them, yOu are WOnder WOman. 对他们而言 你就是神力女超人

[05:58.12]- All right, stOp. l'll buy sOme. - All right. -不要拍马屁了,我会捧场的 -好

[06:06.76]l never did get my shOes fixed. But the next weeK, l gOt new bOOts. 我的鞋子没有修好 隔周我倒是得到一双新靴子

[06:16.60]l dOn't KnOw what Came Over me, but l felt COmpelled tO thanK him. 我不知道我在想什么 我只觉得应该要谢谢他

[06:19.44]Even as a superherO, l was pOwerless tO resist. 就算身为一个超级英雄 我仍是无力抵挡

[06:23.92]That evening, inspired by Miranda's digital diagnOsis, 那一晚 受到米兰达网路诊断的鼓舞

[06:27.92]CharlOtte went surfing 夏绿蒂上网寻找帮助崔的方法

[06:29.92]fOr a Cure fOr Trey's COnditiOn.

[06:32.28]There it was, in bOth the On- and Off-pOsitiOns. 答案就在那里,有着开关的

[06:37.68]$8,000 wOrth Of hydrauliCs that COuld turn Trey intO the BiOniC Man. 八千块的水力装置 可以将崔变成超人

[06:42.84]Ordinarily, this was sOmething 通常夏绿蒂对这类东西 敬谢不敏

[06:42.24]CharlOtte wOuld shy away frOm, 不过既然这危及到她的婚姻

[06:44.00]but sinCe her marriage was shy Of wOOd...

[06:47.60]That night, l met Wade Adams alias POwer Lad at Bar COde, 那一晚,我跟维德亚当 别名强力小子,在时报广场的

[06:51.28]a Times Square bar that speCialized in real drinKs and virtual reality. 电动馆约会 有真正的酒和虚拟实境

[06:56.52]l Can't believe this plaCe, it's liKe ten buCKs a game. 这个地方真是不可思议 玩一次就要十块美金

[06:59.24]Yeah, but games COme with beer. 不过买啤酒就可以玩游戏

[07:02.08]They want yOu tO play half as well and twiCe as muCh. 让人昏沉沉地越玩越多

[07:06.40]SOunds gOOd tO me. What will it be - BlOOdburst Or TerrOrfright ll? 听起来很不错,要玩 “血浴”还是“恐怖行动”?

[07:09.96]Whatever happened tO FrOgger and Miss PaCman? “青蛙过街”跟 “小精灵”呢?

[07:11.12]- She gOt married. - NO! TO PaCman? -她结婚了 -不会吧!跟青蛙?

[07:17.00]GOOd fOr them. Man, where have l been? 真有他们的 老天,我真是落伍了

[07:20.52]l dOn't KnOw, but wanna gO tO Mars? 想不想到火星去?

[07:21.00]- FOr ten buCKs? lt's a bargain. - Let's gO. -只要十块钱?很划算 -走吧

[07:25.64]WithOut leaving the building, 就在这栋建筑物里

[07:28.44]POwer Lad tOOK me tO the furthest reaChes Of the galaxy 强力小子带我到银河的最远处

[07:32.52]and right baCK tO seventh grade. 回到七年级

[07:34.60]- There we gO. - Oh, GOd. -出发了 -好兴奋

[07:39.52]lt was maddening. 这真是叫人疯狂

[07:39.20]Bram and Pippin liKed the '78 Lafite, whiCh was entirely aCCeptable. 布莱和皮平想点七八年的 拉菲特红酒

[07:45.88]The implant's OnlOff-switCh had CharlOtte thinKing abOut Trey's. 开关植入的方法 让夏绿蒂联想到崔

[07:49.92]She was desperate tO turn his On, but didn't KnOw where tO find it. 她急切地想将他启动 却遍寻不着开关

[07:53.08]The jOKe was On him. We Ordered bOth. 我们开了他一个玩笑 我们两样都点了

[07:58.68]HOw was yOur day? 你今天过得怎么样?

[07:59.44]l went tO the gallery in the mOrning and the framer's in the afternOOn. 我早上去了画廊 下午去装框公司

[08:06.100]Then l fOund this On the lnternet. See? 然后在网路上找到这个

[08:15.68]What On earth is this? What are yOu getting at? 这是什么…你想说什么?

[08:21.12]Just that... 只是…

[08:23.24]We've tried everything else and we still... 我们什么都试过了 就是没办法…

[08:29.96]YOu haven't...in my...ever... 你还没进入我的…那个

[08:34.84]SO l thOught... 所以我想…

[08:36.52]YOu Can't be seriOus. 你不是认真的吧?

[08:40.52]What Other OptiOns dO we have? 我们还有别的办法吗?

[08:51.28]Five beers, fOur videO games, 102 degrees Outside later... 五瓶啤酒,四场游戏之后 我们来到一百零二度的外面

[09:02.36]- YOu gOtta be Kidding. - What? This is fun. -你在开玩笑 -拜托,这很好玩

[09:07.96]lt's Cheaper than taKing Cabs. Besides, all the Kids gOt them. 比搭计程车便宜 而且所有的小孩都有一台

[09:11.76]- Wanna try it? - lt's tOO hOt tO sCOOt. -要不要试一试? -现在骑车太热了

[09:13.32]Let's gO tO my plaCe. l have a great view. The breeze is even better. 回我家去 阳台可以吹风看风景

[09:19.48]l'm nOt the Kind Of girl whO sCOOts tO a guy's terraCe On the first date. 我可不是第一次约会就会到 男生家阳台的女孩

[09:25.32]l respeCt that. 我尊重那一点

[09:28.24]- l have Central air. - Give me that sCOOter. -我家有中央空调 -把滑板车给我

[09:30.04]- Ever been On One? - NO. -骑过吗? -没有

[09:32.32]- That's great. - ThanK yOu. -骑得很棒 -谢谢

[09:35.40]l'm sCOOting in heels. 我穿高跟鞋骑滑板车

[09:53.28]YOu said yOu had a view, nOt the view. 你没有说这里的风景这么漂亮

[09:56.68]And this breeze - it's liKe there's different air up here. 还有微风 就好像这里的空气比较棒

[09:59.44]- HOw dO yOu have all this? - Why dOn't l get us sOme beers? -你怎么能拥有这一切? -我去拿啤酒

[10:03.92]Then we Can talK adventures and real estate. 然后来谈谈房地产的风险

[10:09.08]HOw was it pOssible that mild-mannered POwer Lad 一个温和的强力小子 怎么有能力在上东区

[10:12.08]had a ClassiC six On the Upper East Side with a view Of the parK? 买下可以眺望公园的 六星级公寓?

[10:16.84]Was he POwer Lad by day and a milliOnaire playbOy by night? 难道他白天是强力小子 晚上是亿万花花公子?

[10:22.28]HellO? 你好

[10:26.28]YOu sCared me. 你吓到我了

[10:28.68]- l heard vOiCes Outside and... - YOu're up. -我听到外面有声音 -你起来了

[10:30.04]- Did we waKe yOu? - l'm always Keeping the watCh. -我们吵醒你吗? -你知道我总是保持警觉

[10:34.00]Did yOu meet Carrie? 你见过凯莉了吗?

[10:36.64]Carrie, l'd liKe yOu tO meet my mOther. 凯莉,这位是我妈妈

[10:41.72]- HellO. lt's a beautiful night, isn't it? - Yeah. -你好,很棒的夜晚 -没错

[10:46.28]l'm Off tO bed. 我要去睡觉了

[10:48.44]YOu twO have fun. 你们两个好好玩

[10:51.84]But dOn't stay up tOO late, dear. GOOd night. 不过不要太晚睡,晚安

[10:57.12]- Night. - lt's lOvely tO meet yOu. -晚安 -很高兴认识你

[10:57.32]LOvely tO meet yOu tOO, Mrs. Adams. 我也是,亚当太太

[11:06.16]- He lives with his parents? - lt's their apartment. -他跟父母同住? -那是他父母的公寓

[11:10.52]The next day at COmmune, daddy Brier's latest restaurant, 隔天在布莱尔爸爸 新开的餐厅“圣餐”

[11:14.20]l asKed Samantha abOut my prOspeCts with POwer Lad. 我向莎曼珊询问 我跟强力小子的愿景

[11:15.20]NOt sexy. Dump him immediately. Use my Cell phOne. 一点都不迷人,马上甩了他 用我的电话

[11:18.96]He put his mOney in the COmiC bOOK stOre. 他把钱都投资到漫画店了

[11:22.24]- Still nOt sexy. What's his number? - He's saving up fOr his Own plaCe. -还是很不迷人,电话几号? -他正在存钱买房子

[11:25.04]YOu KnOw hOw tOugh the marKet is. Plus he's fun and funny. 你也知道生意不好做 况且他很有趣

[11:32.40]StOp while yOu're still sexy. 在你还吸引人之前赶快结束

[11:34.40]There's nO way yOu'd gO Out with a guy whO lived with his family? 你绝不可能跟一个 与家人同住的人约会?

[11:39.28]Maybe PrinCe William. 威廉王子就可以

[11:41.84]l'm sOrry l'm late. 抱歉我迟到了

[11:43.40]This happens tO tOngue-thrusters. 这就是舌头前推患者的下场

[11:47.80]l have tO wear them fOr a year. Am l hideOus? 我得戴一年,我很丑吗?

[11:51.20]NO. Hey, nO. NO, they dOn't lOOK sO bad. 才不会,一点都不丑

[11:56.76]- DO yOu mean it? - l'm stiCKing tO my stOry. -你说真的? -我烦心于自己的事

[11:57.44]Are yOu in pain? l'm in pain lOOKing at yOu. 会痛吗?我光看就觉得痛

[12:00.44]l'm a 34-year-Old with braCes, and l'm On a liquid diet. 我三十四岁还带牙套 而且不能喝酒

[12:06.68]Pain dOesn't begin tO COver it. 痛还不算什么

[12:08.00]- LOOK, lunCh. - We didn't Order Champagne. -看,午餐 -我们没有点香槟

[12:10.44]- COmpliments Of Jenny Brier. - YOu get the niCest COmpliments. -是珍妮布莱尔的心意 -你总是得到最棒的心意

[12:14.32]A 13-year-Old girl just bOught us a $200 bOttle Of DOm PerignOn? 一个十三岁的女孩送我们一瓶 两百块的唐培里侬

[12:20.92]DO yOu KnOw what l was buying when l was 13? NOthing. 我十三岁时什么都买不起

[12:22.68]l COuldn't affOrd anything. l served Dilly Bars at Dairy Queen. 我什么都买不起 我在乳制品店打工

[12:27.28]Where is she? Where is that Brat Mitzvah beast? 她在哪里?那个要举行 成年礼的小兽在哪里?

[12:32.64]- ls everything fabulOus? - Yes. l didn't KnOw yOu were here. -一切都还好吗? -很好,我不知道你在这里

[12:36.52]YOu KnOw Carrie Bradshaw?. YOu are fuCKing fabulOus. 我不知道你认识凯莉布雷萧 你真是该死的棒

[12:42.00]YOur COlumn abOut seCret sex - hellO, my life. 你专栏提到的秘密性爱 根本就是我的生活

[12:44.84]SeriOusly. My ex was sO COmpletely abOut the sex when we were alOne, 当我跟前男友相处时 他想要的只有性

[12:47.24]but at sChOOl, l didn't exist. 但是在学校里 他无视于我的存在

[12:51.64]- They're all liKe that. - Or wOrse. Men suCK. -他们都是一个样 -或许更糟,男人烂死了

[12:56.56]What? 什么?

[12:59.96]l'm sOrry, are yOur braCes blue? 抱歉,你的牙套是蓝色的吗?

[13:02.88]NO, they're sapphire. Oh my GOd! LOOK! 是宝蓝色,我的妈,你看

[13:05.04]YOu have the Old-fashiOned Kind. l didn't KnOw they still made thOse. 你那一种很过时 我不知道还有生产

[13:09.08]l'll be there. We have tO dash. EnjOy yOur meal, ladies. 我会到的,我们得走了 各位,好好享用

[13:13.96]YOu are sO fuCKing fabulOus. 你真是该死的棒

[13:18.96]Her braCes are sapphire. l'm a 34-year-Old nerd. 她的牙套是宝蓝色 我是三十四岁的笨蛋

[13:23.20]- HOw Old are they? - 13. -他们几岁了? -十三

[13:28.88]- They sOund... - l KnOw. -他们说话的方式… -我知道

[13:28.68]- They're dressed... - l KnOw. -他们的穿着… -我知道

[13:31.36]Just liKe us. 就跟我们一样

[13:35.12]Were Jenny Brier and her friends dressed liKe 30-sOmething-year-Olds, 是珍妮布莱尔跟她的朋友 打扮像三十几岁

[13:39.64]Or were we trying tO lOOK liKe teenagers? 还是我们试着扮成青少年?

[13:42.92]One was sending DOm PerignOn, anOther was tOuring On a sCOOter. 我们之中有人收到唐培里侬 另一个却骑着滑板车乱逛

[13:46.60]When yOu're a teenager, all yOu want tO dO is buy beer. 当你是青少年时 你最想做的事就是买啤酒

[13:51.44]OnCe yOu hit 30, all yOu want tO dO is get Carded. 一旦步入三十 你只想要扮可爱

[13:53.16]l wOndered, in tOday's yOuth Obsessed Culture, 我想知道 在今日这种崇尚年轻的文化中

[13:55.24]are the wOmen Of my generatiOn grOwing intO respOnsible adults, 我这一代的女人是 越来越成熟负责

[14:01.28]Or are we 34 gOing On 13? 还是三十四岁活回十三岁?

[14:04.76]After a weeK Of self-impOsed seClusiOn, 在闭关了一个星期后

[14:08.84]Miranda felt strOng enOugh fOr sOlid fOOd and table serviCe 米兰达终于肯与 资深编辑蓝斯布伦

[14:10.56]with LanCe BlOOm, a seniOr editOr at KnOpf. 出外用餐

[14:14.72]l started Out wanting tO be a writer, 我原先想当个作家

[14:17.60]but it's a sOlitary life. l'm mOre interested in COllabOrating. 不过那是很孤单的 我比较喜欢共同合作

[14:22.68]What are yOu wOrKing On nOw?. 你现在在做什么?

[14:25.84]YOu have a little... 你的牙齿有一点…

[14:29.64]l just gOt these. They're gOing tO taKe sOme getting used tO. 我刚装上去的,还不是很习惯

[14:34.48]Oh my GOd. 我的天

[14:36.20]What's it liKe tO Kiss sOmebOdy with thOse things? 戴着那个接吻是什么感觉?

[14:42.76]The dOCtOr said it shOuld be fine. 医生说应该没问题

[14:44.12]But a blOw jOb is Out Of the questiOn, right? 不过口交就是个问题了

[14:51.00]l was Kidding. That was a jOKe. l'm sOrry. 我是开玩笑的,抱歉

[14:56.96]He didn't want yOur hardware getting tOO ClOse tO his sOftware. 他不希望你的“硬体” 太接近他的“软体”

[15:01.32]lt's everybOdy. 大家都不想

[15:02.76]l Can't Open my mOuth withOut the wOrld thinKing l'm a freaK. 我一张开嘴巴 全世界都把我当怪物

[15:06.20]lt's liKe l'm baCK in JuniOr High. l was luCKy l gOt Out alive the first time. 我好像回到中学时代 我这次能全身而退算幸运了

[15:10.76]ThinK Of it as mOuth jewelry. YOur tOOth braCelet. 你应该把牙套想成嘴里的珠宝

[15:13.44]l'm never dating again. 我再也不要约会了

[15:15.72]YOu are. lf the guy's wOrth dating he wOn't Care abOut yOur braCes. 当然要,值得交往的男生 不会在乎你戴牙套

[15:20.12]That was sO After-SChOOl SpeCial Of yOu. 这样好像在演课后辅导短片

[15:22.60]ln the After-SChOOl SpeCial, yOu'd see him aCrOss the Cafeteria. 在短片里 你会看到他在餐厅那一头

[15:26.16]He'd smile, and he'd have braCes tOO. 他会对着你微笑 而且也戴着牙套

[15:29.96]But the siCK thing is, l wOuld never date a guy with braCes. Even nOw. 不过就算是现在 我也不会跟有牙套的男生约会

[15:35.76]Are yOu Kidding me? DOn't yOu thinK that's Childish? 真的吗? 这样不是有点幼稚吗?

[15:39.84]- MOre lemOnade, Carrie? - Yes, please, Mrs. Adams. -凯莉,还要柠檬汁吗? -好的,亚当太太

[15:41.08]HOw abOut sOme niCe, hOmemade TOll HOuse COOKies? 要不要好吃的手工饼干?

[15:46.04]Yes, please, Mrs. Adams. 好的,亚当太太

[15:48.44]On ClOser inspeCtiOn, living with the parents wasn't sO bad. 仔细想想 跟父母同住似乎还不错

[15:54.24]lt was liKe having servants yOu didn't have tO pay. 就像拥有免费的佣人

[15:55.60]Oh, and Carrie, Can yOu stay fOr dinner? 凯莉,要不要留下来吃晚餐?

[16:01.08]FaCed with having hydrauliC Cylinders plaCed in his shaft, 跟在那话儿上 装上水力圆柱比较起来

[16:06.52]Trey deCided tO pursue the less physiCally demanding OptiOn 崔决定采取比较 不折磨肉体的方法

[16:11.24]Of COunseling with a therapist he'd fOund thrOugh his COllege alumni. 他透过大学同学介绍 婚姻谘询治疗师

[16:16.48]l sense yOu're bOth having diffiCulty verbalizing yOur sexual issues. 我觉得两位在描述 性方面的问题时有些困难

[16:23.84]With sOme Clients it Often helps 对某些患者而言

[16:27.12]tO Create yOur Own nOn-threatening language with whiCh tO talK abOut sex. 创造一些婉转的新词汇来谈性 很有帮助

[16:33.96]l'm nOt sure that l understand. 我不太懂你的意思

[16:35.84]One Client rather whimsiCally dubbed his anus The ChOCOlate Starfish. 一位患者异想天开地将 他的肛门称做“巧克力海星”

[16:41.24]Are yOu sure yOu went tO Yale? 你真的是耶鲁大学毕业的吗?

[16:44.44]CharlOtte, if yOu COuld rename yOur vagina, 夏绿蒂,如果你可以 替你的阴道取个名字

[16:51.16]sOmething nOn-sexual, sOmething that didn't feel threatening tO yOu Or Trey, 一个比较不具威胁性 婉转的名字

[16:57.96]what wOuld yOu Call it? 你会叫它什么?

[17:00.100]RebeCCa. 蕾贝佳

[17:03.80]RebeCCa? Why On earth wOuld yOu... 蕾贝佳? 你为什么要取这个名字?

[17:05.48]lt sOunds niCe, and l've always liKed the name. 因为很好听 我一直很喜欢这个名字

[17:11.44]NOw yOu name yOurs. 换你取了

[17:13.84]- This is prepOsterOus. - SOmething pOsitive. -这简直荒谬至极 -取正面一点的

[17:19.20]Trey lOves tO sail. DOn't yOu, Trey? 崔喜欢航海,对不对?

[17:25.08]l dO lOve tO sail. 我喜欢航海

[17:27.88]HOw abOut sOmething liKe CanOe? 那就叫“独木舟”好了

[17:28.32]CanOe? 独木舟?

[17:31.44]- CanOe dOesn't gO with RebeCCa. - What then? -独木舟跟蕾贝佳不搭 -那要取什么?

[17:38.40]HOw abOut... 那…

[17:41.36]- ...SChOOner. - SChOOner's gOOd. -帆船怎么样? -帆船很好

[17:45.16]RebeCCa and SChOOner. SChOOner's gOOd, isn't it? 蕾贝佳和帆船很搭,对不对?

[17:46.16]lt's very gOOd. This is a wOnderful beginning. 很好,这是一个好的开始

[17:52.60]There's still a lOt Of wOrK ahead, sOme here and sOme at hOme. 还有很多功课要做 一些在这里做,一些回家做

[17:58.88]TOnight, as hOmewOrK, 今晚的功课是…

[18:01.88]l want yOu tO lie dOwn tOgether, side by side, withOut tOuChing, 你们两个并肩躺下 不要触碰对方

[18:04.56]and share a sexual fantasy. 然后分享性幻想

[18:11.88]l'm a fairy prinCess in a fOrest. 我是森林里的妖精公主

[18:14.08]l'm riding On a uniCOrn. 骑在独角兽上

[18:16.68]Suddenly l see a pirate in buCKsKins. 突然间我看见一个 穿鹿皮的海盗

[18:23.04]A prinCe in disguise. 是王子假扮的

[18:26.32]That's when yOu pull me Off my uniCOrn. 然后你把我从独角兽上拉下来

[18:27.32]YOu tear away my gOssamer pettiCOats, 把我单薄的衬裙撕破

[18:30.60]and yOu put yOur SChOOner deep inside my RebeCCa. 将你的帆船直挺挺地 插入我的蕾贝佳

[18:38.04]NOw yOu. Where are yOu? 换你了,你在哪里?

[18:41.52]l'm in hell. 我在地狱

[18:45.28]l'm sOrry, CharlOtte. l Can't dO this. 抱歉,夏绿蒂,我办不到

[18:49.16]- l'm a respeCted surgeOn. l Can't. - Yes, yOu Can. l KnOw yOu Can. -我是有名望的外科医生 -我知道你可以的

[18:53.16]We've dealt with this fOr weeKs. l'm nOt that sexual a persOn. 我们已经努力了好几个礼拜 请接受我没什么性欲

[18:58.32]But we lOve eaCh Other and... 但是我们深爱彼此…

[19:03.20]we're married nOw. 而且结婚了

[19:06.96]RebeCCa and SChOOner belOng tOgether. 蕾贝佳和帆船属于彼此 他们需要彼此

[19:07.28]They need eaCh Other. Please.

[19:09.56]YOu are a fairy prinCess. 你是妖精公主

[19:12.84]l dOn't deserve yOu. l'm sOrry. 我配不上你,抱歉

[19:16.72]l'm sOrry. 我很抱歉

[19:27.12]That night, Wade and l had Our first sleep-Over, at my plaCe. 那一晚,在我的公寓 维德第一次跟我过夜

[19:33.80]l finally figured Out what made POwer Lad sO pOwerful. 我终于知道强力小子 为什么这么强了

[19:37.20]He had the sOul Of a teenage bOy in the bOdy Of a very grOwn-up man. 他十几岁的灵魂住在 成熟男人的身躯里

[19:41.84]The maChine will get it. 答录机会接

[19:44.76]'Hi. Leave a message.' 你好,请留言

[19:44.96]'Hi, Carrie. This is Mrs. Adams, Wade's mOther. 凯莉,我是亚当太太 维德的妈妈

[19:50.88]'HOw are yOu?' 你好吗?

[19:53.88]- Oh, my GOd. - 'SOrry tO bOther yOu.' -我的天 -抱歉打扰你了

[19:55.28]'We never heard frOm Wade abOut whether he fed the dOg his mediCine. 维德没有告诉我们 他喂狗吃药了没

[20:01.72]'Wade's father was just abOut tO give it tO the dOg, 维德的爸爸要喂狗吃药

[20:05.44]'but if he's already had it, that wOuld be bad. 但要是维德已经喂过了 对狗狗不好

[20:09.68]'lf yOu speaK tO Wade, please tell him, 要是你有跟维德联络 请转告他

[20:13.04]'l wOn't gO tO bed until l hear frOm him.' 在他跟我联络之前我都不会睡

[20:19.24]Yes, MOm, l gave the dOg his mediCine. 妈,我喂狗吃过药了

[20:23.12]NO, MOm, l'm nOt mad, l just... 妈,我没有生气,只是…

[20:25.48]l tOld yOu nOt tO Call me here. 我叫你不要打到这里来

[20:28.80]DOn't Call me here. 不要打电话到这里找我

[20:32.24]l lOve yOu, tOO. 我也爱你

[20:38.84]- She wants tO talK tO yOu. - What? -她要跟你说话 -什么?

[20:49.04]Hi, Mrs. Adams. HOw are yOu? 亚当太太,你好吗?

[20:52.96]Several blOCKs sOuth, CharlOtte's night was interrupted tOO - 几个街区外,夏绿蒂在夜晚

[20:57.80]by Odd nOises COming frOm her bathrOOm. 被浴室传来的怪声吵醒

[21:12.04]CharlOtte felt terrible. She hadn't meant tO maKe Trey Cry. 夏绿蒂很内疚 她不想害崔难过地哭

[21:21.68]HOney? 老公?

[21:48.52]- He said he wasn't a sexual persOn. - lt wasn't sexual. -他说他没什么性欲 -那不是性欲

[21:50.96]lt was tensiOn release. lt helps me sleep. 只是抒解压力,帮助我入睡

[21:55.24]l understand. This may be diffiCult, Trey, 我了解 崔,这可能很难以启齿

[21:60.12]but l want yOu tO tell me speCifiCally whiCh magazine yOu were using. 不过请你告诉我 你看的是哪一本杂志?

[22:05.76]''Juggs''. “奶子”

[22:07.100]All right. We Can try and see this as a pOsitive thing. 我们可以往光明的一面想

[22:13.84]HOw?. HOw is this a pOsitive thing? 这怎么会是光明的一面?

[22:17.92]Trey was masturbating tO Juggs. At least we KnOw he isn't gay. 崔对着“奶子”手淫 至少他不是同性恋

[22:25.36]ExCuse me, what exaCtly is the prOblem here? 抱歉,这到底有什么问题?

[22:26.96]lt was tensiOn release, it had nOthing tO dO with my wife. 我只是藉着杂志发泄压力 跟我妻子有什么关系?

[22:32.04]lnteresting ChOiCe Of wOrds, Trey. 崔,你的措辞很有趣

[22:35.32]Maybe that's the prOblem. 或许问题就在这里

[22:38.20]We have tO find a way tO integrate yOur wife intO yOur sexual rOutine. 我们得想办法将你妻子 融入你的性生活中

[22:47.16]HOw are we suppOsed tO dO that? 我们应该怎么做?

[22:48.32]CharlOtte had nO idea. 夏绿蒂一点办法也没有

[22:51.12]She wished they were 13, befOre sex had made everything sO COmpliCated. 她希望他们只有十三岁 性还未将一切复杂化

[22:55.60]When hOlding hands and a Kiss wOuld have been all she needed. 她需要的只是牵手亲吻

[23:02.88]TO pierCe the COrpOrate veil, the COurts lOOK at five faCtOrs - 为了戳破法人组织的面纱 法院关注五个因素

[23:06.52]whether the subsidiary is whOlly-Owned Or... 不论辅助者是自营的还是…

[23:11.52]The 13-year-Old girl inside Miranda wanted tO disappear, 米兰达心中的十三岁小女生 想马上消失

[23:13.56]but the 34-year-Old partner in this firm deCided she wasn't gOing anywhere. 但三十四岁的事务所合伙人 决定力争到底

[23:18.44]YOu thinK l'm funny? YOu thinK it's hilariOus that l have braCes? 你们觉得我很可笑? 觉得戴牙套很丑?

[23:22.64]Let's taKe a mOment and have a gOOd laugh. 我们休息一下让你们笑个够

[23:25.52]Let's get it Out Of Our systems sO we Can wOrK liKe adults. 我们把事情解决 然后像大人一样地做事

[23:30.08]We were laughing at the typO On page three. 我们在笑第三页的错字

[23:37.76]Miranda deCided that TMJ was less painful than a seCOnd adOlesCenCe. 米兰达不想再一次经历 青春期的痛苦

[23:42.84]The next day, she had her braCes remOved 隔天,她就去把牙套取下了

[23:45.20]and resumed her life as a 34-year-Old tOngue-thruster. 重新回到三十四岁的 舌头前推患者

[23:47.16]Trey resumed his Own brand Of thrusting 崔依然继续使用自己的老方法

[23:50.56]and disCOvered that tensiOn release COuld be a turn-On. 并发现发泄情绪 也可以是一种刺激

[24:04.08]CharlOtte disCOvered a way tO inClude herself in Trey's sex life. 夏绿蒂找到方法 将自己融入崔的性生活

[24:10.24]And she figured Out what tO dO with thOse prOOfs nOt suitable fOr framing. 她将剩下来的婚礼照片 物尽其用

[24:17.12]The fOllOwing weeKend at the Brier Bar Mitzvah party... 隔周在布莱尔的成年派对上…

[24:20.08]l'm nOt sure if l have yOur name. Let's see, GOldman, GOldstein... 我不确定有没有你的名字 古曼,古斯坦…

[24:26.28]l dOn't see it. 我没有看到

[24:28.16]l'm sure l'm On the list. 我确定我有在名单上

[24:41.84]l Can't believe yOu still have aCtual albums. 真不敢相信你还保有 真正的唱片

[24:45.60]Oh my GOd, Styx. l lOve Styx. 我的天,我好爱“冥河”

[24:50.100]- l had this album. - l lOved ''Renegade''. Hated ''Babe''. -我也有这张唱片 -“叛国者”好, “宝贝”烂

[24:59.44]- HOw dO yOu have this? - Are yOu Kidding? This is a ClassiC. -你怎么会有这些? -开什么玩笑?这些是经典

[25:02.56]This sOng is me driving my parents' OldsmObile withOut them KnOwing. 我以前总是听着这首歌 偷开我爸妈的车

[25:08.40]- YOu KnOw what wOuld gO with this? - ROller sKates? -你知道现在做什么最好吗? -溜冰?

[25:11.00]NO. 不对

[25:13.84]Canadian super grass. 加拿大超级大麻

[25:14.24]Six times strOnger than pOt and 400 buCKs an OunCe. 比一般大麻强六倍 一盎司就要四百块美金

[25:18.32]lt was ObviOus Wade was in nO hurry tO save up fOr his Own apartment. 这就是维德不急着 买公寓的原因

[25:23.92]- And what is that? - My bOng. l made it. -这又是什么? -自制的大麻烟斗

[25:27.68]- At Camp TaKatOKa. - l'm sOrry, Camp TaKatOKa? -在大麻营 -你说什么营?

[25:35.76]l hadn't smOKed pOt Out Of a bOng sinCe my eighth-grade bOyfriend 我最后一次抽自制烟斗 是八年级的时候

[25:39.80]made One Out Of tin fOil, a BlC pen, and a bOttle Of Pepsi Light. 我男朋友用锡箔纸,原子笔 和一罐妈妈的汽水瓶做的

[25:42.16]l didn't even KnOw if l'd remember hOw. 我已经忘了要怎么抽了

[25:48.36]Turns Out it was liKe riding a biKe... a ten speed. 之后的感觉就像… 以十倍速骑脚踏车

[25:54.40]BaCK at the Bar Mitzvah bash, 回到成年仪式派对现场

[25:56.64]Samantha heard sOme girl-talK nOt suitable fOr little ladies. 莎曼珊听到小女生超龄的谈话

[25:58.40]l'm gOnna fuCK at least three Of thOse NSYNC guys after the after party. 派对结束后,我至少要跟 三个超级男孩成员上床

[26:03.68]The Other twO are gay. 其他两个是同性恋

[26:05.68]l'd fuCK them and their gay bOyfriends. 我会跟他们 和他们的男朋友上床

[26:07.24]Aren't yOu a little yOung fOr that Kind Of talK? 你们这么年轻 不应该讲这种话吧?

[26:12.32]l'm seriOus. YOu have yOur whOle lives tO talK that way. 说正经的 你们有大半辈子会像这样说话

[26:15.28]EnjOy being Children, at least until yOu turn 15, and start having sex. 你们应该享受童年 至少等到十五岁再有性行为

[26:23.88]- l've given blOw jObs sinCe twelve. - Really? -我十二岁就帮人口交了 -真的?

[26:25.04]- lt's the Only way guys will liKe yOu. - That isn't true. -唯有如此男生才会喜欢你 -才不是这样

[26:31.52]TalK tO the hand, grandma. 祖母,跟我的手说话吧

[26:32.68]Samantha had resented Jenny Brier beCause Of everything she had. 莎曼珊因为珍妮拥有的一切 而憎恨她

[26:36.36]But then she realized, she'd had sOmething 但是她突然领悟到 再多的钱也买不到

[26:40.36]that nO amOunt Of mOney COuld buy - a ChildhOOd. 她拥有的童年

[26:43.72]Suddenly, the Dairy Queen wasn't lOOKing sO bad. 突然间 在乳制品店打工也没有那么糟

[26:55.96]l'm thirsty. 我好渴

[26:56.84]There's bOng water. 大麻烟斗里面有水

[26:60.40]BOng water! 烟斗水!

[27:19.48]HOld this. 拿着

[27:28.88]What are yOu dOing? That's wet. 你在做什么?都湿掉了

[27:37.88]AttaCK Of the spiCy ChiCKen wings. 看我的辣鸡翅攻击

[27:43.56]Shit! 糟了

[27:46.64]That lOOKs liKe my parents' Car. 好像是我父母的车子

[27:51.40]Oh, shit. 不好了

[27:56.08]- Shit, shit, shit. - lt's OK. -不好了… -没关系的

[27:60.68]My parents said, if they Caught me smOKing pOt again, 我父母说要是再被 他们发现我抽大麻

[28:02.16]- l'd have tO sleep in the stOre. - Wait. -我就得睡在漫画店 -等一下

[28:06.24]What? 怎么了?

[28:08.20]lf they see billiOns Of ChiCKen wings, 要是他们看到这么多鸡翅

[28:09.20]they're gOnna KnOw... 也会知道

[28:16.16]...we've been smOKing pOt. 我们抽了大麻

[28:18.08]FuCK the ChiCKen wings. Where did we put the fuCKing pOt? 去他的鸡翅 那该死的东西在哪里?

[28:26.84]YOu're hOme. Early. 你们提早回来了

[28:31.60]ls that marijuana l smell? 这是大麻的味道吗?

[28:36.88]- NO, ma'am. - GOd, nO. -不是的 -当然不是

[28:41.24]Then what is this? 那这是什么?

[28:44.92]We tOld yOu, if yOu ever brOught marijuana intO this hOuse again... 你父亲跟我告诫过你 要是你再将大麻带进家里…

[28:48.20]Carrie brOught it. 是凯莉带来的

[28:52.28]l COuldn't believe it. POwer Lad wOuld never have ratted me Out. 我简直不敢相信 强力小子绝不会这样背叛我

[28:55.84]ls that true, Carrie? Did yOu bring marijuana intO this hOuse? 真的吗,凯莉? 大麻是你带来的?

[28:60.40]There COmes a time when yOu have tO taKe respOnsibility fOr yOurself. 有时候,你必须为自己负责

[29:03.40]A time when l, liKe Jenny Brier, had tO stand up and say tO the wOrld, 我要像珍妮布莱尔一样 站出来向世界宣布

[29:09.08]''TOday, l am a wOman.'' “从今天起我是女人了”

[29:11.52]Yes, Mrs. Adams, l brOught the marijuana intO the hOuse. 是的,亚当太太 大麻是我带来的

[29:19.52]And l'm taKing it with me when l gO. 我离开时会一起带走

[29:29.44]Oh, baby! 好棒

[29:33.80]There she is. 她来了

[29:33.40]ln the end, l deCided l was definitely 34 gOing On 35, 最后 我认清自己即将迈入三十五

[29:40.36]but in a City liKe New YOrK with its paCe and pressures, 不过在纽约这样一个 忙碌沉重的城市

[29:41.16]sOmetimes it's impOrtant tO have a 13-year-Old mOment, 拥有像十三岁时的时光 是很重要的

[29:46.64]tO remember a simpler time when the best thing in life was hanging Out, 在这段单纯的时光里 最棒的事就是和朋友瞎混

[29:50.40]listening tO reCOrds, and having fun with friends - in yOur Own apartment. 听听唱片,在自己的公寓玩闹

内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8616-248346-1.html

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