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欲望都市第三季 性不性有关系 Frenemies






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:33:23



[00:35.80](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:49.44]ln a City where CyniCism is as prevalent as pashmina, 在冷嘲热讽与喀什米纳披肩 同样盛行的城市中

[00:52.52]there is nOthing mOre hOpeful than getting ready fOr the first date. 没什么比为初次约会做准备 更令人充满希望

[00:57.72]Will O'COnnOr was a Cute urban planner 威尔欧康纳是个帅气的 都市规划师

[00:59.88]Miranda had met at StarbuCKs. 米兰达在星巴克咖啡认识的

[01:02.68]He mistOOK her latte fOr his dOuble-Caff 他将她的拿铁 误认为是自己的双份咖啡

[01:04.36]and Offered tO maKe it up tO her 因此提议星期六请她喝杯酒

[01:06.52]by buying her a drinK that Saturday. 作为补偿

[01:09.20]Samantha preferred the saying gOOd night tO the first date rOutine. 莎曼珊偏爱初次约会 以一句“晚安”结束

[01:13.92]His name was Sebastian Wise. 他名叫赛巴斯汀韦斯

[01:16.20]FOr Sam, it was a very gOOd night. 对莎曼珊来说 这是个非常棒的夜晚

[01:16.40]Meanwhile, Trey and CharlOtte 同时,崔和夏绿蒂

[01:21.48]were praCtiCing their new rOutine. 正在练习一套新的例行公事


[01:22.32]- All righty. SChOOner's sails are up. - Yes, l Can feel it. -帆已经升起来了 -是的,我感觉得到

[01:27.80]All righty, l'm bringing it intO the harbOr. 好,船要进港了

[01:29.48]Bring it in. 进来吧

[01:34.20]All right. Here l COme. 好,我来了

[01:39.24]Here l COme. 来吧

[01:45.04]HOney? 亲爱的?

[01:47.60]The wind died. l'm sOrry. 风突然停了,对不起

[01:54.92]After a weeK Of the same rOutine, 经过一个礼拜的反覆演练

[01:58.24]the Only thing getting up in their bed was CharlOtte's libidO. 在他们床上真正挑起的 只有夏绿蒂的性欲

[02:00.100]As fOr me, my rOutine had beCOme very rOutine. 至于我,我的例行公事 规律到极点

[02:06.56]l was spending almOst every night wOrKing. 我几乎每晚都在工作

[02:12.04]My date is three hOurs late. 我的约会对象迟到了三个钟头

[02:13.04]l'm being stOOd up, right? 我被放鸽子了,对吧?

[02:16.52]- Maybe he gOt lOst. - Carrie. -也许他迷路了 -凯莉

[02:19.04]DOesn't lOOK gOOd. 情况不妙

[02:21.88]And l'm wearing a new dress. And l'm eating Out Of plastiC. 我穿着一件新衣服 而且正在吃微波食品

[02:24.96]l'm sOrry. 我很遗憾

[02:27.08]The least he COuld dO is get tO KnOw me befOre he rejeCts me. 最起码他应该先认识我 再拒绝我

[02:30.52]Yeah, that's illegal dumping. 对,这样抛弃别人是违法的

[02:32.60]lt's Crazy. This hasn't happened tO me sinCe l'm 27. 真是疯狂,这种事 从我27岁后就没发生过

[02:36.40]l shOuld KnOw better. l thOught l'd gOt smarter abOut piCKing them nOw. 我成熟了,不该这么笨 我以为现在我比较不会看走眼

[02:43.16]l Can't believe guys still stand girls up. 我不敢相信 男人还会放女人鸽子

[02:44.44]l Can't believe l'm eating a frOzen dinner. 我不敢相信 我正在吃冷掉的晚餐

[02:48.96]l'm suCh a CliChé. DO yOu wanna grab a drinK? 我真是老套 你想出去喝一杯吗?

[02:50.20]l Can't. l have tO wOrK. 不行,我得工作

[02:52.60]l agreed tO teaCh these stupid Learning Annex Classes. 我答应去教 进修机构开的无聊课程

[02:56.80]They're Calling it ''Bright Lights Date City''. 名称叫做“光明的约会城市”

[02:59.56]- l'm sO embarrassed fOr yOu. - They're paying 300 buCKs a pOp. -我真为你感到尴尬 -一堂课三百块钟点费

[03:04.52]lt's a seminar On where tO meet men. Apparently, l'm an expert. 是个关于哪里可以认识男人的 座谈会,显然,我是专家

[03:07.32]- Tell them tO steer Clear Of StarbuCKs. - WhO wOuld pay fOr this? -叫她们避开星巴克咖啡 -谁会花钱来学这个?

[03:11.88]NOw?. Maybe me. 现在吗?或许我会

[03:14.96]OK, gOtta gO. This dress is maKing a mOCKery Of me. 好吧,我得走了 这件衣服简直在嘲笑我的愚蠢

[03:18.24]- l'm sOrry, sweetie. Bye. - Please. Bye. 我很遗憾,亲爱的,再见


[03:24.12]StOOd up at 27, Miranda had dOne nOthing. 27岁时被放鸽子 米兰达没有采取任何行动

[03:27.00]At 34, she deCided she wasn't gOing tO taKe this stand-up lying dOwn. 到了34岁 她决定不会就这么算了

[03:31.28]Will gave her the COld shOulder... and his hOme number. 也许威尔确实对她不理不睬 但也给了她电话号码

[03:37.12]- HellO? - Hi. ls Will there? -喂? -你好,威尔在吗?

[03:39.44]- WhO's speaKing, please? - Miranda HObbes. -请问你哪里找? -米兰达霍布斯

[03:44.40]Miranda, this is Will's mOther. 米兰达,我是威尔的母亲

[03:45.40]Well, Will's mOther. 那么,威尔的母亲

[03:47.40]l dOn't KnOw hOw yOu raised yOur sOn, but he just stOOd me up fOr a date. 我不知道你是怎么教你儿子的 但他爽约了

[03:53.56]Will died tOday. 威尔今天过世了

[03:58.60]- They're starting tO die On us. - Oh, my GOd. 男人开始凋零了

[03:58.92]- At least yOu weren't stOOd up. - 35 and they're dying. -至少你没被放鸽子 -才35岁就死了

[04:02.48]- We shOuld give up nOw. - lt explains why they dOn't Call baCK. -现在我们应该放弃了 -这可以解释他们为何没回电

[04:07.68]- HOw did he... - Heart attaCK at the gym. -他是怎么… -在健身房心脏病发

[04:11.64]- This is why l dOn't wOrK Out. - DO yOu wanna hear the wOrst part? -这就是我不运动的原因 -你们想听最糟糕的部分吗?

[04:14.44]l felt sO bad, l tOld his mOther l wOuld gO tO the waKe. 当时我觉得很难过 我跟他妈说我会去守灵

[04:15.88]- YOu dOn't even KnOw him. - And she never will. -你根本不认识他 -而且再也没机会了

[04:19.60]l'm far frOm being dead. l gOt us reservatiOns at Samba next weeK. 我心情好得很 我订到下周森巴夜总会的位子

[04:26.84]- FanCy. - l COuld Only get us a fOur-tOp. -真想不到 -最多只能四个人去

[04:27.64]DO yOu thinK Trey wOuld mind staying hOme? 你认为崔会介意待在家里吗?

[04:32.04]NO. He dOesn't seem up fOr muCh these days. 不,最近他似乎没什么兴致

[04:39.48]CharlOtte, is everything OK? 夏绿蒂,一切都还好吗?

[04:45.24]We've been trying tO... 我们一直尝试…

[04:45.32]FuCK? 做爱?

[04:47.52]Whatever. lt's just nOt... 随便,但他就是无法…

[04:51.32]- Getting big and hard? - ls this dirty mad libs? -变得又大又硬? -这是黄色故事接龙吗?

[04:53.08]l lOve him, and he's trying, but this is sO frustrating. 我爱他,而他也很努力 但结果实在令人泄气

[04:59.04]- Of COurse it is. - Last night l gOt sO turned On, l... -那当然 -昨晚我好兴奋,几乎要…

[05:02.00]YOu almOst masturbated, he almOst gOt it up - yOu almOst had sex. 你几乎要自慰,他几乎要勃起 合起来你们几乎发生关系

[05:10.08]- Next tO him! l feel sO ashamed. - EverybOdy masturbates. -在丈夫身边我觉得好羞愧 -人人都会自慰

[05:13.48]- l did it this mOrning. - That's why l gOt yOur vOiCemail. -今天早上我就做了 -所以我才听到你的语音留言

[05:16.92]He masturbates and reads pOrn. When it COmes tO me, nOthing. 他会打手枪和看色情书刊 但和我在一起时,一蹶不振

[05:20.100]- MadOnnalwhOre. - YOu thinK? -圣母妓女情结 -你这么认为?

[05:24.72]Trey sees yOu as his virginal wife, nOt as sexual plaything. 崔将你视为他纯洁的妻子 而非一个性玩物

[05:29.56]YOu're nOt gOing tO get anywhere until yOu Change hOw he sees yOu. 除非你改变他看待你的心态 否则不会有任何进展

[05:31.92]- l dOn't KnOw if l Can dO that. - Yes, yOu Can. -我不知道自己是否办得到 -你一定可以

[05:34.64]YOu're sexy. He shOuld see yOu. YOu're sOmething tO see. 你很性感,他应该欣赏你 你是个可人儿

[05:42.00]l sOOn realized hOw many desperate New YOrK wOmen there were. 隔天晚上,我见识到 纽约有多少迫切的女人

[05:56.88]l'm flattered that sO many Of yOu shOwed up tO hear me talK. 大家好

[05:58.52]这么多人来听我讲话 我真是受宠若惊

[06:03.08]The faCt is, l have had a lOt Of experienCe with men. 老实说 我有许多跟男人交手的经验

[06:08.36]SOme Of it gOOd, sOme Of it bad, sOme Of it very ugly. 有些很美好,有些很糟糕 有些则非常险恶

[06:14.72]There are twO milliOn single men in this City. 这个城市里有两百万个单身汉

[06:17.68]l have dated abOut a milliOn Of them. 我大概跟其中一百万个约过会

[06:23.36]All these men are right Outside yOur dOOr. 这些男人就在你的门外

[06:24.32]Next time yOu step Out with yOur shOes and traveling CappuCCinO, 下次当你穿好鞋 拿着卡布奇诺踏出家门时

[06:30.88]taKe a lOOK arOund. Our metrOpOlis is staCKed with men. 四处张望一下 我们的大都会挤满了男人

[06:36.56]YOu never KnOw whO yOu'll run intO. YOu Can turn a COrner, 你永远不知道会碰到谁 你可能在街角转个弯

[06:40.76]and bOOm - bright lights, date City. 马上发现…光明的约会城市

[06:46.08]COuld yOu be mOre speCifiC? 你可以讲得具体一点吗?

[06:50.08]DO yOu mean plaCes tO meet men? 你是指认识男人的地方?

[06:54.88]Sure. 当然

[06:54.56]Let's see. Samba. 我想想…森巴夜总会

[06:58.72]Any spOrting... SpOrts bars - MiCKey Mantle's. 任何运动酒吧… 米奇曼多俱乐部

[07:01.48]l've gOne there. All the men were married. 我去过了,全是已婚男人

[07:04.76]Really? 真的吗?

[07:09.08]Let's see. l OnCe met this fellOw On the HamptOn Jitney. 好吧,我曾在汉普顿巴士上 认识一个男的

[07:15.36]lt turned Out he COuldn't drive, and he was On a parOle prOgram. 结果他不会开车 而且他正在假释期

[07:18.92]That's a bad example. 这是个坏例子

[07:20.12]Suddenly, l felt liKe the bad example. 突然间,我觉得自己 就像是个不好的示范

[07:25.40]Yes, yOu. 是,你请说

[07:26.08]- Are yOu married? - NO. -你结婚了吗? -没有

[07:29.96]Yes, yOu there. 好,请说

[07:33.00]- Have yOu ever been married? - NO, nOt that l'm aware Of. -你结过婚吗? -就我所知没有

[07:37.40]Yes, yOu in the baCK. 好,后面那位

[07:39.12]HOw Old are yOu? 你几岁?

[07:42.28]l'm really nOt an expert On men. l just write abOut this stuff. 关于男人,我真的不是专家 我只是写这方面的文章

[07:45.12]Then why are we paying tO hear yOu talK abOut it? 那我们为什么付钱听你上课?

[07:53.32]Be quiet. 安静

[07:54.92]She's Older than us. We Can learn sOmething. 她年纪比我们大 我们可以学到一点东西

[07:58.80]The Only thing l learned that night was that l shOuld have stayed hOme. 当晚我唯一学到的就是 或许我应该待在家里

[08:05.92]- Can l smOKe in here? - NO. -我可以抽烟吗? -不行

[08:08.80]lf yOu stay single lOng enOugh, yOu shOuld get wiser abOut dating. 若你在纽约单身的时间够长 对于男女交往你应该学聪明了

[08:11.52]WhiCh men, where tO meet them... But what made us experts? 该挑什么男人、在哪里认识… 但我们凭什么变成专家?

[08:17.08]Wasn't Our single status a neOn sign that we COuldn't get it right? 我们的单身状态 不就代表我们搞不定吗?

[08:19.64]What if all these years in New YOrK 假设这些岁月只有让我们变老 更加困惑,或者步入坟墓呢?

[08:24.44]have Only made us Older, mOre COnfused Or dead?

[08:26.92]Are we getting wiser Or just Older? 我们增长的是智慧 还是只有年纪?

[08:31.76]lf they'd been hOlding tOmatOes nOt LOuis VuittOn bags, l'd be dead. 如果他们抱的是美女 而非路易威登的皮包,我就死定

[08:33.84]- Or at least gazpaChO. - DO yOu KnOw there are nO free men? 或者至少是西班牙冷汤

[08:37.24]你可知道 这里没有适合的男人?

[08:38.60]We're at my date's waKe, sO yes. 知道,因为这是我约会对象的 守灵仪式

[08:41.60]- They were sO hOstile. - FuCK 'em. -他们充满敌意 -去她们的

[08:47.56]What dO l KnOw abOut men. All l have is a bunCh Of failed relatiOnships. 我了解男人什么? 我只是谈过一大堆失败的恋爱

[08:51.48]- And One affair. - ThanKs. -还有一次婚外情 -谢了

[08:53.44]As if being dead-persOn adjaCent isn't bad enOugh. 仿佛快要死掉还不够悲惨

[08:58.20]l'm suppOsed tO teaCh anOther Class. What am l gOing tO dO? 我还得去上另一次课 我该怎么办?

[08:59.40]Hire a bOdyguard. 请一个保镳

[09:03.00]This is my first waKe. 这是我第一次参加守灵仪式

[09:04.16]DOn't expeCt a gOOdie bag. 别期望获得一个百宝箱

[09:09.44]Oh, my GOd, Open CasKet. l've never seen a dead bOdy befOre. 我的天,棺材是打开的 我从来没看过死人

[09:13.72]- Let's get Out Of here. - We Can't. PeOple are lOOKing at us. -我们快走吧 -不行,别人在看我们了

[09:30.60]He's Cute. 他是个帅哥

[09:30.40]Was. 曾经是

[09:35.72]Damn. 可恶

[09:41.76]This wOuld have helped me. A plaCe tO meet men - an after waKe party. 早知道就说这里 认识男人的场合…守灵后派对

[09:45.84]- He had mOney set aside fOr this. - lt's niCe. -他为这派对留了一笔钱 -还不错

[09:47.32]- ''l'm dead. EnjOy the buffet.'' - l liKe him even mOre nOw. -你还没死心,享受餐点吧 -现在我甚至更喜欢他了

[09:52.20]- He was sO Organized he had a will. - And attraCtive friends. -井然有序,还有遗嘱 -以及迷人的朋友

[09:55.04]- This plaCe is full Of men. - LOOK hOw freaKed Out they lOOK. -这里到处都是男人 -你看他们的表情多惊恐

[09:58.92]They KnOw any minute they're Out Of here. 因为他们知道自己随时会挂掉

[10:02.44]Carrie? 凯莉?

[10:05.24]lt's me, Jim. 我是吉姆

[10:09.20]Oh, my GOd. 我的天

[10:10.08]Jim. 吉姆

[10:13.28]- YOur hair. - l Cut it fOr a real jOb. l'm an engineer. 你的发型变了

[10:15.08]为了工作而剪,我现在是 工程师(亦指火车司机)

[10:18.16]- On the railrOad? - Civil. -铁路吗? -土木工程师

[10:19.84]- What happened tO the band? - Turns Out l wasn't talented. -那乐团呢? -结果证明我没有天分

[10:24.80]Miranda, sOrry, this is Jim. 米兰达,抱歉,这位是吉姆

[10:28.56]- We dated a grilliOn years agO. - Or eight. -我们几百万年前交往过 -其实是八年

[10:32.16]Miranda. NiCe tO meet yOu. 我是米兰达,很高兴认识你

[10:34.40]l'd asK if yOu're having fun, but that seems inapprOpriate. 我本想问你们是否玩得愉快 但那似乎不太恰当

[10:38.04]lt is, and we are. ThanKs. 的确,不过我们很愉快,谢谢

[10:39.80]- YOu were friends with Will? - May he rest. -你是威尔的朋友? -愿他安息

[10:44.40]ROOmmates in COllege. We were friends, but COmpetitive. 大学时的室友 我们是朋友,但互相竞争

[10:48.64]We were always fighting it Out fOr everything. 我们什么都要争个高下

[10:50.16]He even died first, just tO beat me tO the punCh. 他甚至第一个死掉 只为了抢先我一步

[10:54.80]- Bad. - But yOu laughed. -你真坏 -但你笑了

[10:56.88]- YOu were the ClassiC frenemies. - Frenemies. NiCe wOrd. -你是典型的亦敌亦友 -亦敌亦友,好词

[11:02.36]- l'm a writer. - l KnOw. -我是个全职作家 -我知道

[11:04.48]- l'm a lawyer. - And l'm nOt drunK enOugh. -我是个律师 -而我还不够醉

[11:06.44]- Can l get yOu anything? - Martini. -需要什么饮料吗? -马丁尼

[11:10.04]- NO. - DOn't gO anywhere. l'll be baCK. -不用了 -留在原地,我马上回来

[11:11.84]He's Kind Of Cute. 他蛮可爱的

[11:16.68]- He's Kind Of an asshOle. - Really? -他蛮混帐的 -真的吗?

[11:17.00]- Yes, indeedy. - He seems great. -是的,一点不假 -他似乎是个好人

[11:20.16]That's what l thOught when l dated him. 我跟他交往时也这么想

[11:24.16]When it wasn't wOrKing, and l brOKe up with him, ''HellO, asshOle.'' 后来我们都明白无法勉强 我便跟他分手…混蛋就现形了

[11:27.32]Snide COmments, rumOr spreading, the wOrKs. 恶毒的批评、谣言满天飞 他真行

[11:31.60]But he's sO Cute. 但他好可爱

[11:36.56]- lnCOming. - OutgOing. -他来了 -我闪了

[11:39.44]- Here yOu gO. - ThanKs. -你的酒 -谢谢

[11:40.64]l wOuld lOve tO Chat inapprOpriately, but l'm due tO give a tOast. 我很想不得体地聊天 但我在别的房间向人敬酒

[11:44.40]SO this is a wOrKing waKe fOr yOu. 那么这对你而言算是工作

[11:48.28]l'd lOve tO get tOgether with yOu sOmetime. 我希望改天能和你聚一聚

[11:54.64]Here's my Card. My e-mail address is On the baCK, and my Cell. 这是我的名片,电子邮件地址 在背面,还有行动电话

[11:59.12]Will's death had turned Miranda intO my target audienCe - 威尔的死让米兰达 变成了我的目标听众

[12:01.80]a desperate wOman. 一个迫切的女人

[12:04.88]DOwntOwn, Samantha was getting wise, 在下城,莎曼珊正在长智慧 (亦指得到韦斯)

[12:06.100]Sebastian Wise, again. 又是赛巴斯汀韦斯

[12:10.56]While, uptOwn, CharlOtte was getting nOthing at all. 然而,上城的夏绿蒂 却一无所获

[12:16.72]- We almOst brOKe the bed. - YOu Can't breaK a bed. -我们差点把床摇坏 -那是不可能的事

[12:20.48]- What dOes this stalliOn dO? - l'm nOt sure. -这个猛男是干哪一行的? -我不确定

[12:23.96]- DOes he gO tO MiCKey Mantle's? - YOu gOt me. -他会去米奇曼多俱乐部吗? -你问倒我了

[12:25.04]HOw Can yOu nOt KnOw?. YOu slept with him. 你怎么可以不知道? 你跟他上床

[12:29.44]l fuCKed him. He made me COme six times. 我跟他发生关系 他让我达到六次高潮

[12:32.16]lt's gOOd enOugh fOr me. 这对我来说就够了

[12:34.20]StOp it. 住口

[12:35.68]Why dO yOu always talK abOut sex liKe that? 为何你总是用这种态度谈性?

[12:40.80]BeCause l Can. 因为我可以

[12:42.28]Simmer dOwn, mOmmy hasn't had her Caffeine yet. 冷静下来,我还没喝到咖啡呢

[12:43.68]l Can't taKe this any mOre. 我再也受不了了

[12:46.52]Frittata. 义式起司蛋饼

[12:47.36]Sex is sOmething speCial between twO peOple whO lOve eaCh Other. 性行为是两个相爱的人之间 所发生的一件特别的事

[12:53.20]- Or twO peOple whO lOve sex. - YOu're suCh a... -或是两个喜欢做爱的人 -你真是个…

[12:57.20]A what? What am l? 什么?我是什么,夏绿蒂?

[12:58.48]YOu Can't just sleep with everything that COmes alOng. 你不能随便跟任何人上床

[13:02.64]Hey, Mrs. SOftie, at least l'm getting laid. 疲软太太,至少我有得搞

[13:07.40]YOu Can fOrget Samba. 你不必去森巴夜总会了

[13:10.28]She needs the stiCK Out Of her ass and a diCK in her COOChie prOntO. 她需要当头棒喝,还有马上 翻云覆雨一次,我说得对吗?

[13:12.48]- NOt getting invOlved. - l'm with her. -我不参战 -我跟她一样

[13:16.08]YOu KnOw what? l dOn't need this. 你们知道吗? 我不需要这种待遇

[13:20.04]Maybe yOu shOuld fOrget Samba tOO. 或许你们也不必去 森巴夜总会了

[13:27.40]- We Knew this was COming. - lt's sO sad and petty. -早就知道会发生这种事 -真是可悲又小心眼

[13:32.40]- l'm staying way Out Of this One. - Way Out. New Jersey Out. -这件事我要躲得远远的 -越远越好,闪到新泽西去

[13:36.56]SpeaKing Of petty, hOw upset wOuld yOu be if l went Out with Jim? 说到小心眼,如果我跟吉姆 出去你会有多生气?

[13:43.48]- Jim, Old BOyfriend Jim? - He Called me. -前男友吉姆? -他打电话给我

[13:45.76]Miranda, nO. He needs tO be vOted Off the island. 米兰达,不要去 应该投票把他赶出曼哈顿

[13:51.96]l KnOw hOw yOu feel, but he was sO sweet On the phOne. 我知道你的感受 但他在电话中非常体贴

[13:57.72]lt was eight years agO. Maybe he's learned sOmething. 而且那是八年前的事了 也许他已经学到一些教训了

[13:60.72]- Haven't yOu learned anything? - Apparently nOt. -难道你没学到任何教训吗? -显然没有

[14:04.60]He's alive and he asKed me Out. l'm fragile right nOw. 他还活着,而且他约我出去 现在的我很脆弱

[14:06.04]Fine, gO. 好,去吧

[14:08.44]One wOman's asshOle is anOther wOman's... 一个女人的混蛋 是另一个女人的…

[14:12.56]A-hOle. 洞

[14:12.72]As lOng as yOu're OK with it. 只要你不反对

[14:17.48]Later that weeK, CharlOtte deCided 几天之后,夏绿蒂决定

[14:19.88]fOr Trey tO see the sexual part Of her, she'd have tO dress the part. 若她希望崔看到她性感的一面 她就得改变穿着

[14:22.88]l'm gOing tO get him tO nOtiCe me. l have tO. 我要让他注意我 我非这么做不可

[14:25.64]That's a bOttOm. 我想那是下半身

[14:29.72]lf yOu're gOing tO gO the lingerie rOute, 如果你要采取内衣攻势

[14:33.04]why nOt gO a little mOre upsCale and less flammable? 为什么不挑比较有水准 和比较不惹火的?

[14:35.28]l dOn't wanna be me. l wanna be sOmeOne else. 我不想做自己 我想化身成别人的模样

[14:39.56]- That equals a healthy relatiOnship. - What dO these say? 这是一段健康感情生活的基础


[14:42.52]Read my lips. 读我的唇

[14:44.36]l want tO be Call girl meets ParK Avenue. 我想变成公园大道的应召女郎

[14:48.40]Then yOu have tO pair that with a Cardigan. 那你得配一件羊毛衫

[14:50.88]This is impOrtant tO me. l need him tO see me sexually. 这对我很重要 我要他看了之后会有性欲

[14:56.96]l KnOw yOu dO. l'm just nOt sure l need tO. 我知道,我只是不确定我需要

[14:58.96]This is muCh mOre a Samantha jOb. 这种事莎曼珊比较在行

[15:03.44]Please. l need a breaK frOm her. 拜托,我不想谈她

[15:05.24]YOu shOuldn't be sO hard On her. She dOesn't mean tO be hurtful. 你不该对她如此严厉 她无意伤害任何人

[15:08.08]She was. 她伤害了我

[15:10.08]There were twO Of yOu ruining my breaKfast. 你们两个毁了我的早餐

[15:12.16]l have enOugh prOblems right nOw. l dOn't need any leCtures. 我现在的问题够多了 别再说教了

[15:21.60]lt was my seCOnd leCture that weeK that was a failure. 这是我本周第二次失败的授课

[15:25.00]ACrOss tOwn, Samantha deCided the wise thing tO dO was 在城的另一头,莎曼珊决定

[15:26.76]tO taKe a breaK frOm all Of us and gO shOpping. 远离我们大家去逛街 才是明智之举

[15:34.84]- l'm sOrry. - Let it gO, nO One gets hurt. -很抱歉 -放手,谁都不吃亏

[15:38.84]- l was hOlding it first. - l KnOw Tae KwOn DO. -是我先拿到的 -我精通跆拳道

[15:40.92]l KnOw the manager. 我认识经理

[15:45.28]YOu're spunKy. l liKe spunKy wOmen. 有胆识,我欣赏有胆识的女人

[15:48.96]- We're a dying breed. - NO Kiddin'. -我们濒临绝种 -一点也没错

[15:52.44]l'm Claire Anne. DOn't let the sOuthern aCCent fOOl yOu. 我是克莱儿安 别被我这南方口音给骗了

[15:55.88]l'm Samantha. NOthing fOOls me. 我是莎曼珊琼斯 什么都骗不了我

[16:01.48]l'll let yOu have this sCarf 这条围巾让给你

[16:04.36]if yOu shOw me where a girl Can get a hard drinK in a darK bar arOund here. 只要你告诉我 这附近哪里有酒吧可以喝一杯

[16:08.44]DOne and dOne. 成交

[16:10.64]My last date died. The faCt that yOu're still breathing maKes this a suCCess. 我上一个约会对象过世了 所以这次你还在呼吸就算成功

[16:15.56]LOw standards. l liKe that. 标准很低,我喜欢

[16:26.44]- This was really niCe. - Yeah, it was. -今天真的很开心 -是的

[16:29.44]Carrie wasn't sure that we wOuld get alOng. 凯莉不确定我们是否合得来

[16:32.60]She Knew me a lOng time agO. l've Changed. 她是很久以前认识我的 我已经改变了

[16:34.36]BaCK then, l was in a band Called UnCle Ted's Ass. 当时我参加一个乐团 名叫“泰德大叔的屁股”

[16:39.16]- And l COuld sit On my hair. - That's impressive. -我的头发长得可以坐在上面 -真是令人印象深刻

[16:42.64]YOu didn't hear us play. 你没听过我们演唱

[16:54.56]- l'd liKe tO see yOu again. - l'd liKe that. -我想再和你见面 -我很乐意

[16:58.84]- Night. - Night. -晚安 -晚安

[17:05.00]The next mOrning, Miranda Called with the pOst mOrtem On her date with Jim. 隔天早上,米兰达打电话来 报告她和吉姆的约会情形

[17:12.68]- HellO? - lt's me. -喂? -是我

[17:13.44]l thOught it was the Learning Annex bugging me abOut my Class. 谢天谢地,我以为是进修机构 为了上课的事打来烦我

[17:16.64]- When's that? - 12th Of Never GOnna Happen. -什么时候要去? -12号,没有下一次了

[17:20.92]PeOple asKed fOr refunds after my first Class. 我上完第一堂课后 就有人要求退费

[17:23.96]- What dO they KnOw?. - MOre than l dO. -她们懂什么 -比我懂得多

[17:26.44]l feel liKe a tOtal sham. 我觉得自己像个绣花枕头

[17:29.36]Easy. That's my friend yOu're talKing abOut. 放轻松 你说的这个人是我朋友

[17:32.32]- l went Out with Jim. - DOn't maKe me say, ''l tOld yOu sO.'' -我跟吉姆出去了 -别逼我说“我早告诉过你”

[17:38.60]lt was great. He was fun and rOmantiC. 非常愉快,他既风趣又浪漫

[17:40.20]We talKed till the restaurant ClOsed. YOu're wrOng abOut him. 我们一直聊到餐厅打烊 你误会他了

[17:45.44]- 'This COuld be gOOd.' - Are we talKing abOut AsshOle Jim? -这次可能会有好结果 -我们说的是混蛋吉姆吗?

[17:49.44]- He's nOt an asshOle. - NOt till yOu breaK up with him. -他不是混蛋 -除非你跟他分手

[17:50.24]- He says great things abOut yOu. - He dOes? -他对你赞誉有加 -是吗?

[17:54.48]- l'm gOing Out with him On Friday. - GO, GOd's speed. -我礼拜五还要跟他出去 -去吧,祝你成功

[17:59.60]l feel weird dating a guy that yOu dOn't liKe. 我觉得和一个你不喜欢的家伙 约会感觉很怪

[18:03.44]We shOuld all gO Out have a drinK sOmetime. One drinK. 我们应该找个时间 一起出去喝杯东西

[18:06.32]What dO yOu KnOw abOut this guy? YOu've been On One date. 你对这个人认识多少? 你们才约会过一次

[18:11.72]What dO yOu KnOw?. lt's been eight years. ThinK abOut the drinK. 那你又知道多少?已经八年了 考虑一下吧

[18:14.56]CharlOtte deCided this wOuld be a gOOd time tO spend with Old friends, 夏绿蒂决定现在是 她和老朋友相聚的好时机

[18:19.16]the sisters Of Kappa Kappa Gamma. 大学时代姐妹会的成员

[18:22.36]Oh, my gOOdness. Has it been fOrever Or what? 我的天,真是好久不见

[18:26.84]- lt has. - CharlOtte, we've really missed yOu. -没错 -很高兴见到你,我们很想你

[18:28.80]And l have missed yOu. YOu have nO idea. 你们不知道我有多想你们

[18:33.88]COngratulatiOns On yOur wedding. WelCOme tO the married Old girls Club. 恭喜你结婚了 欢迎加入已婚妇女俱乐部

[18:36.92]He is sO handsOme. 他好英俊

[18:41.92]l wOuld liKe tO trade my husband in fOr him, please. 我愿意拿我老公交换,拜托

[18:45.28]They wOuld understand her. After all, they were married tOO. 她们会了解她 毕竟她们也是有夫之妇

[18:49.40]l remember being a newly-wed. We hardly ever gOt Out Of bed. 我记得新婚的时候 我们几乎下不了床

[18:53.84]- Sydney. - What? lt's just us girls. -席妮 -干嘛?大家都是女人

[18:56.52]My husband Can't get it up. 我丈夫无法勃起

[18:60.32]lt wOuld have been wiser tO have a CappuCCinO instead Of a third drinK. 喝一杯卡布奇诺比三杯马丁尼 要明智得多

[19:04.40]- l'm sO frustrated. - CharlOtte? -我灰心极了 -夏绿蒂?

[19:08.48]DOn't yOu ever just want tO be pOunded hard? 难道你们不想 被粗暴地占有吗?

[19:10.76]LiKe when the bed is mOving all arOund, and it's all sweaty, 床摇得很厉害,两人满身是汗

[19:14.12]yOur head is KnOCKing the headbOard and yOu feel it might blOw Off? 你的头一直撞到床头板 你感觉它快要炸开?

[19:21.40]Dammit, l just really want tO be fuCKed. Just really fuCKed. 该死,我只是很想做爱 好好搞一次

[19:27.72]The Only heads blOwing Off were thOse Of Kappa Kappa Grandma. 唯一炸开的是 姐妹会成员的头

[19:30.80]- This is really inapprOpriate. - Yeah, we're eating. -真是太不得体了 -是,我们在吃东西

[19:36.88]- What's wrOng with yOu? YOu're a... - What? What am l? -你怎么搞的?你真是个… -什么?我是什么,席妮?

[19:42.84]CharlOtte realized hOw muCh they'd all Changed sinCe COllege. 夏绿蒂意识到大学之后 她们改变了多少

[19:46.52]Her friends had beCOme frenemies. 她的朋友们变得亦敌亦友

[19:50.32]And tO them, she had beCOme Samantha. 对她们来说,她变成了莎曼珊

[19:55.36]- Here's tO new friends. - And gOrgeOus New YOrK men. -敬新朋友 -以及纽约帅哥

[20:02.12]WOuld yOu liKe tO jOin me at Samba On Friday night? 礼拜五晚上你想跟我一起去 森巴夜总会吗?

[20:07.28]TwO hOt brOads at a hOt restaurant. l lOve it. 两个辣妹去一家热门餐厅 我很乐意

[20:11.00]The reservatiOn is fOr fOur. 我订了四个位子

[20:17.04]DOne and dOne. 搞定了

[20:22.20]Samantha COuldn't believe hOw muCh fun she was having. 莎曼珊不敢相信她玩得多开心

[20:26.08]She had fOund a wOman whO was as Open abOut her sexuality as her. 她找到一个 和她一样对性开放的女人

[20:30.76]l Call the blOndes. 我选金发男子

[20:34.36]YOu are tOO Cute. 你太可爱了

[20:38.44]l COuld just eat yOu up. 我可以帮你口交

[20:41.48]Yes, l COuld. 我真的可以

[20:42.48]l'm gOnna eat yOu up. 我要帮你口交了

[20:46.84]Claire Anne? 克莱儿安?

[20:55.32]- Oh, my GOd. - ExCellent. -我的天 -太棒了

[20:60.68]l'm gOing. 我要走了

[21:02.56]Wait l'll COme with yOu. 等等,我跟你一起走

[21:08.64]- YOu Can fOrget Samba. - Where are yOu gOing? -你不必去森巴夜总会了 -你要去哪里?

[21:13.20]Samantha learned she had a little CharlOtte in her. 莎曼珊发现 她也有一点夏绿蒂的个性

[21:18.08]She had a line that COuld be CrOssed. Hers was just mOre tO the left. 她也有一条可以被跨越的界线 只是她的稍微偏左了一点

[21:22.16]The next night, l agreed tO meet Jim and Miranda fOr drinKs. 隔天晚上,我答应 跟吉姆和米兰达去喝一杯

[21:27.60]Jim tOOK me tO a pOetry reading last night. 昨晚吉姆带我去参加一个 诗歌朗诵会

[21:29.12]The unpublished wOrKs Of RObert LOwell. 劳勃洛威尔未发表的作品

[21:32.32]- He wrOte his thesis On LOwell. - l didn't KnOw that. -他的论文就是研究洛威尔 -这我倒不知道

[21:34.68]There's a lOt yOu never Knew. AnOther ChardOnnay fOr the lady. 我有很多事你都不知道 再给这位美女一杯白葡萄酒

[21:40.84]ThanK yOu. 谢谢

[21:40.96]l lOst traCK Of yOu, but l always read yOur COlumn. 我和你失去联络 但我一向拜读你的专栏

[21:44.80]- lt's really gOOd. - ThanK yOu. -写得很好 -谢谢

[21:47.72]Maybe l'd been wrOng. Jim seemed Kind, funny, attentive. 也许我错了 吉姆似乎亲切、风趣而体贴

[21:52.24]- There's a lOt Of sex in there. - lt Creeps in. -里面写了不少性爱的事 -悄悄混进去

[21:56.04]YOu didn't KnOw tOO muCh abOut sex when we were dating. 我们交往的时候 你对性爱了解得不多

[22:01.72]And still an asshOle. 仍然是个混蛋

[22:02.28]- GOOd tO see yOu. - DOn't leave. -幸会 -别走

[22:05.72]l was jOKing. Stay. l have really bad timing. 我开玩笑的,留下来吧 我很不会挑时机

[22:09.08]- Did yOu ever hear his band play? - NO. -你听过他的乐团演唱吗? -没有

[22:11.36]- She was busy shOpping fOr shOes. - l dO liKe my shOes. -她忙着买鞋子 -我的确很爱我的鞋子

[22:17.32]They COme in handy when yOu're walKing all Over peOple. 它们方便你去践踏别人

[22:22.48]- COme On. - l'm reliving happy memOries. -别这样 -我在回味愉快的往事

[22:25.16]- Carrie dOesn't walK all Over peOple. - She did with me. -凯莉才不会践踏别人 -她践踏我

[22:28.68]Maybe that's beCause yOu're an asshOle. 也许那是因为你是个混蛋

[22:30.12]She's the asshOle. She never Called me OnCe after we brOKe up. 她才是混蛋,我们分手后 她一通电话也没打给我

[22:35.84]- That's beCause yOu're an asshOle. - She's the asshOle. -那是因为你是个混蛋 -她才是混蛋

[22:37.48]- She's nOt. - ThanK yOu. -她不是 -谢谢

[22:41.08]YOu KnOw what? Never Call me again. 你知道吗?别再打给我了

[22:44.08]- Are yOu breaKing up with me? - Yeah. -你要和我分手吗? -正是

[22:46.84]The fanCy lawyer lady is breaKing up with me, liKe l give a shit. 漂亮的律师小姐要跟我分手 我才不在乎

[22:51.12]Jim hadn't gOtten Older Or wiser. 吉姆既没长年纪也没长智慧

[22:52.52]OnCe dumped, he'd still dumped On everyOne. 一旦被甩 他还是对每个人破口大骂

[22:57.20]YOu are suCh asshOles. 你们真是混蛋

[23:04.92]- OK, say it. - l tOld yOu sO. -好了,说吧 -我早就告诉过你

[23:08.60]- What an asshOle. - l tOld yOu sO. -真是个混蛋 -我早就告诉过你

[23:12.80]ls it bad that it maKes me feel gOOd tO say that? 说这句话我觉得很爽 是不是很恶劣?

[23:14.48]NO. l Can't believe l fell fOr that asshOle. 不,我居然上那混蛋的当

[23:16.24]YOur date died. YOu paniCKed. 你的约会对象死了 你一时心慌

[23:19.72]YOu KnOw me tOO well. 你真是太了解我了

[23:21.72]There are plenty Of Other asshOles Out there. 还有很多男人呢

[23:26.20]- YOu thinK? - l KnOw. And l'm an expert. -你这么认为? -我知道,因为我是专家

[23:27.68]YOu're suCh an asshOle. 你真是个混蛋

[23:30.28]Meanwhile, uptOwn, the Samantha in CharlOtte was ready tO COme Out. 同时,夏绿蒂体内的莎曼珊 终于准备要破茧而出了

[23:42.60]What in GOd's name are yOu wearing? 你身上穿的 到底是什么玩意儿?

[23:45.52]lt's suppOsed tO be sexy. 应该很性感才对

[23:49.84]COme On, yOu're my wife. 拜托,你是我老婆

[23:53.36]That's nOt yOu. TaKe it Off. 那不像你,快脱掉

[23:56.52]Fine. 好

[24:06.64]LOOK at me. 看着我

[24:13.64]This is me. 这就是我

[24:16.80]l'm nOt a madOnna, and l'm nOt a whOre. 我不是圣母玛莉亚 也不是妓女

[24:21.80]l'm yOur wife. l'm sexual and l lOve yOu. 我是你太太 我有性欲,而且我爱你

[24:37.40]What are yOu dOing? 你在干嘛?

[24:40.24]l'm tOuChing myself. 我在抚摸我自己

[24:43.72]l Can... l Can see that. 我…我看得出来

[24:48.60]GOOd. 很好

[25:03.40]Trey? 崔?

[25:05.84]l thinK we have a stiff breeze. 我想吹来了一阵狂风

[25:08.60]That night, Trey suCCessfully sCrewed his wife 当晚,崔成功和他老婆做爱

[25:13.36]fOr a full minute and a half befOre the wind died. 长达一分半钟,风才停歇

[25:17.72]After CharlOtte's night Of lOve, she Called the One persOn she Knew 一夜激情之后 夏绿蒂打给一个

[25:21.72]whO wOuld appreCiate it the mOst. 她知道最能体会这喜悦的人

[25:24.28]HellO? 喂?

[25:26.28]He fuCKed me. 他上了我

[25:28.00]HOney, that's great. l Knew yOu COuld dO it. 亲爱的,那太好了 我就知道你办得到

[25:29.88]- ThanKs. - DOn't fOrget Samba Friday night. -谢了 -别忘了周五晚上森巴夜总会

[25:35.44]l'll be there. 我会去的

[25:35.56]Did yOu COme? 你有达到高潮吗?

[25:38.24]Having spent time with their frenemies, 各自和亦敌亦友的人相处过后

[25:41.20]they fOrgOt they were enemies and went baCK tO being friends. 夏绿蒂和莎曼珊忘了 她们是敌人,又重新做朋友

[25:46.80]l realized l had beCOme my Own wOrst frenemy. 我发现我才是 最了解自己的朋友和敌人

[25:50.64]l had let 300 desperate wOmen and One asshOle COnvinCe me 我让三百个迫切的女人 以及一个混蛋使我相信

[25:53.60]that l didn't KnOw anything. l did. l was Older and wiser. 自己什么都不懂,他们错了 我长了年纪也长了智慧

[25:57.32]l deCided tO Keep my seCOnd date with the Learning Annex. 我决定去进修机构上第二堂课

[26:01.28]UnfOrtunately, my reputatiOn had preCeded me. 不幸的是,我的名声早我一步

[26:02.64]ls this it? 就这么多人?

[26:12.84]l'm Carrie Bradshaw. 我是凯莉布雷萧

[26:13.12]YOu've paid gOOd mOney tO find Out hOw tO meet men. 你们付了不少钱 想知道如何认识男人

[26:19.40]l dOn't KnOw a lOt abOut it, 我在这方面懂得不多

[26:21.28]but yOu're nOt gOing tO meet them in a Learning Annex Class. 但在进修机构的课堂上 是无法认识他们的

[26:23.56]SO, grab yOur bags. 所以拿起你们的包包吧

[26:27.32]COme On, we're nOt getting any yOunger. 快点,我们不再年轻了

[26:35.56]That's right. Just trying tO give yOu yOur mOney's wOrth. 没错,我只希望 让你们的钱花的值得

[26:36.88]l tOOK them tO a bar, tOOK my $300 and bOught them drinKs. 我带她们到转角的酒吧 花了三百块请她们喝饮料

[26:44.32]Anne, the guy Over there is CheCKing yOu Out. 安,那个男的在看你

[26:48.60]Twelve O'ClOCK. 十二点钟方向

[26:49.40]NOt everybOdy, just Anne. 不要每个人都回头,只有安…

[26:50.00]- GO and asK him fOr a light. - l'm already lit. -去跟他借个火 -我已经点燃了

[26:56.16]GO. 去吧

[27:02.80]- Hi, gOt a light? - Sure. -你好,可以借个火吗? -好的

[27:07.00]Oh, yeah. See? 太好了,看到没?

[27:07.88]OK, One dOwn, five tO gO. 搞定一个了,还有五个

[27:12.16]- What abOut him? - lt's COOl with me. lt's fine. 他怎么样?

[27:14.12]ExCuse me? Hi, have yOu met Liz? She wOrKs in TV. 不好意思,你见过莉兹吗? 她在电视台工作

[27:19.00]- l lOve TV. - SOmething in COmmOn. -我爱电视 -有共同点了

[27:25.08]That night, l made three matChes. 当晚,我配了三对

[27:25.04]l didn't lOOK fOr myself. l try nOt tO date while at wOrK. 我没有为自己留意 工作时我尽量不约会

[27:29.04]The Old and wise adage is true - thOse whO Can't dO, teaCh. 那句古老明智的谚语说得对 “不会做的人就教”

[27:36.00]ThOse whO Can't teaCh, dO. “不会教的人就做”

[27:36.88]Here's a live One. GO, get him, tiger. GO. 救生索来了 快去迷倒他吧,加油…

[27:41.16]Run liKe the wind. 跑得像风一样快

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