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欲望都市第四季 灵魂伴侣 The Agony and the ’Ex’Tacy







[00:35.84](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[01:18.16]If you're singIe... 如果你单身 周末夜你必须带在身边的是…

[01:19.44]there's one thing you shouId aIways have...

[01:22.88]when you go out on a Saturday night.

[01:22.32]Your friends. 你的朋友

[01:25.44]Why are we walking so fast? -我们干嘛走这么快? -我们有这么赶吗?

[01:25.60]Are we in that big a hurry to get to an engagement party?

[01:30.92]-What, don't you guys want to go? -l did, until l saw this invitation. -难道你不想去吗? -我一看到邀请函就不想了

[01:32.80]Let me see that again. 让我瞧瞧

[01:34.28]''Two souls, one thought.'' That is sappy. That is totally not like Danny. “两个人,一个共同想法” 真蠢,一点也不像丹尼的作风

[01:38.44]Must've been her idea. Two souls, one pushy fiancée. 一定是她的主意 “两个人,一个爱出风头”

[01:42.80]Come on, it's beautiful. 很美 非常浪漫地表达出他们的感受

[01:45.72]lt's a big, romantic gesture to express how they feel about each other.

[01:47.72]lf two people have only one thought between them... 若两人之间只有一个共同想法 那可就大有问题…小心车子

[01:51.48]something is very wrong. Cab.

[01:52.68]l remember when Danny had more than one thought... 我记得丹尼不只有一个想法

[01:55.56]and they all involved going up my ass. -全都跟那档事有关 -你和丹尼上过床?

[01:57.96]You had sex with Danny?

[01:57.60]He's cute, straight, and we've know him for 10 years. 他可爱、不吸毒,我们认识他 十年了,不都跟他有一腿吗?

[02:02.40]-Haven't we all had sex with Danny? -Yeah, that one weekend that l was bored.

[02:02.48]-那个周末我很无聊 -只是新年前夕的亲吻

[02:06.56]Just a New Year's Eve kiss.

[02:07.20]l showed him a boob in a coat-check room. -我在衣帽间让他看一边胸部 -只有一边?

[02:10.16]Just one? 我意识到他无法作出承诺 我们到了

[02:11.16]l sensed he couldn't commit.

[02:12.16]We're over here.

[02:15.44]Baby lamb chops. This is quite a spread. 小羊排,这真是一场盛宴

[02:18.52]Two souls, one big budget. 两个人,一大笔开销

[02:23.76]There he was, the fiancé du jour. 他在那里,今天的新郎倌

[02:24.88]Hey, look who's here! -看看谁来了 -恭喜

[02:27.68]-Congratulations! -Thanks.

[02:28.96]-And this is my other half, Hailey. -Congratulations. -谢谢,这是我太太海莉 -恭喜

[02:33.64]Hailey, this is Carrie and Charlotte. -海莉,这是凯莉和夏绿蒂 -米兰达

[02:36.00]-Miranda. -Oh, Miranda.

[02:38.52]Right. Sorry. 对了,抱歉 我只是有点乐昏头了

[02:41.40]l'm just a little overwhelmed.


[02:44.56]Couldn't remember my name? -连我的名字都记不住? -你该把两边的胸部都给他看

[02:46.56]Maybe you should've showed him both boobs.

[02:49.04]And across the room from the two-souI coupIe... 在房间的另一头…

[02:49.92]l told the other numb-nuts l wanted a Grey Goose an hour ago. 我他妈的一小时前就叫了一杯 伏特加酒加冰块,快点

[02:54.40]Chop, chop. 没有灵魂的男人

[02:55.16]...a man with no souI.

[02:57.36]So, Phil, what is it that you do? 菲尔,你是做什么的?

[02:60.24]l'm a TV agent, and l fucking love it. 我是个经纪人 我爱死这份工作了

[03:02.92]What a beautiful wedding ring. Where's your husband? 好漂亮的结婚戒指 你丈夫呢?

[03:05.60]He's not here. 他不在这里

[03:10.72]We're actually taking some time apart. We're separated. 我们决定分开一阵子

[03:14.96]Not legally separated, nothing legal. God, no. 我们分居了,不是法律上那种 全都跟法律无关,老天,不对

[03:18.04]We're just taking some time to figure things out. 我们只是想花一点时间 把事情弄清楚

[03:21.04]We got married really fast. Love at first sight. 当初我们闪电结婚 因为一见钟情,没仔细考虑

[03:24.44]Didn't think it through.

[03:24.72]So now we're talking and trying to figure out what he... 所以现在我们试着沟通 想弄清楚他…

[03:28.48]actually we, he and l, really want. 我们…他和我 真正要的是什么

[03:32.76]We love each other so much... 我们深爱对方

[03:34.24]but that doesn't always mean a marriage is working, does it? 但那不表示婚姻会成功 对吧?

[03:36.96]lt does not.

[03:38.84]We had some problems in the bedroom. 我们的房事出了问题

[03:42.60]But it was more about the fact that we got married so fast. 但那和我们闪电结婚比较有关

[03:45.56]So now we're just talking and trying to figure things out. 所以我们正努力把事情弄清楚 保持纯友谊关系

[03:48.68]Just talking, nothing physical. l think it's better if we just talk.


[03:51.52]So we are talking till we figure it all out. 因此我们要沟通到弄清楚为止 所以他不在这里

[03:55.84]So no, he's not here.

[03:57.80]Okay. l have to.... 好的,我得…

[04:03.68]Don't talk to her. 别跟她讲话

[04:06.04]CharIotte reaIized that she and Trey were two souIs... 夏绿蒂发现 她和崔是有太多想法的两个人

[04:09.72]with too many thoughts.

[04:11.32]The minute we met it was perfect. l knew we were meant to be together. 在我们相遇的那一刻 我就知道我们注定要在一起

[04:15.20]l could stop looking, l had found him. -我不必再寻寻觅觅了 -恭喜


[04:18.48]And what about you guys? -你们呢? -我没有交往对象

[04:21.36]l'm not dating anyone.

[04:22.24]What about you, Miranda? Seeing anyone special? 那你呢,米兰达? 有和任何特别的人约会吗?

[04:27.72]Actually, no. 没有,不过我正和一大堆 平凡的家伙约会

[04:28.96]But l am seeing a whole bunch of unspecial guys.

[04:32.60]That's one of the requirements to date me. ''Are you special? Sorry, move along. 这是和我约会的必要条件 “你很特别?抱歉,快走吧”

[04:34.28]''But if you have any unspecial friends, could you give them my number?'' “但若你有平凡的朋友 把我的电话给他们”

[04:40.36]l'm serious. Do any of you have a totally unremarkable friend... 我是说真的 你们有不出色的朋友

[04:43.76]or maybe a house plant l could go to dinner with on Saturday night? 或是在家没事干的人 可以陪我吃晚餐吗?

[04:46.20]She's hilarious. 她真爆笑

[04:53.40]Hey, what the hell was going on in there? 刚才是怎么回事?

[04:53.36]Felt like your comedy routine should have a two-drink minimum. 你的搞笑戏码 应该至少撑到喝完两杯酒

[04:56.64]We were standing in a group of married or engaged women. 我们身处一群 已婚或订婚的女人中

[04:59.52]-Just trying to avoid the pity party. -And l thought it was a cocktail party. -我只是想避免招来同情 -这是个鸡尾酒派对

[05:03.00]We were the only single people in there. -我们是里头唯一单身的人 -我们到哪都是唯一单身的人

[05:05.52]Miranda, we're the only single people anywhere.

[05:10.48]Are you telling me you didn't see all those... 你没看见那些“放心 你会找到对象”的表情吗?

[05:10.80]''Don't worry, you'll find someone'' looks?

[05:14.16]-Nope, didn't see them. -Hey. 没有,我没看到

[05:17.16]Society views single people our age as sad and pathetic. 社会认为我们这把年纪 还单身的人很可怜

[05:19.20]l don't need that judgment hanging over me. 我不要那看法在脑中萦绕不去 所以我主动出击,逗她们笑

[05:21.88]-l go on the offensive and make them laugh. -Okay, Shecky.


[05:27.36]You know what? 有时我觉得夫妻看着我们 是希望能够过我们的生活

[05:27.24]Sometimes l think people in couples wish they had our lives.

[05:31.56]Nope. 不,我们让他们不舒服 而他们不知该说些什么

[05:32.56]We make them uncomfortable, and they don't know what to say.

[05:36.64]-And you're sure you're not overreacting? -Yeah. -你确定你没有反应过度? -是的

[05:45.88]Coming. 来了

[05:48.72]God. Yes. 老天


[05:54.72]What are we doing? 我们在搞什么?


[05:58.60]Charlotte. 夏绿蒂,我还以为是 启示录四骑士

[06:02.40]l thought it was the horsemen of the apocalypse.

[06:03.28]l cannot go to any more parties until l know what we're going to do. 除非知道我们该怎么办 不然我无法再参加任何派对

[06:08.72]-About what? -Us! -关于什么? -我们

[06:10.80]l've been awake, wondering if we should stay together in spite of issues. 我已经挑灯夜战好几个小时 一直思考我们是否该复合

[06:16.36]l don't want to confuse you, so l made some notes. 我不想把你弄糊涂 所以我做了笔记

[06:17.56]-You made some notes? -lt helps me to be clear. -你做了笔记? -这可以帮助我有条理

[06:20.96]One, sex life. 第一:性生活

[06:23.32]The sex we had on the floor of your apartment... 我们在你公寓地板上的 那次经验蛮不错的

[06:26.64]was quite good, actually.

[06:29.92]One time. 一次不足以保障婚姻幸福

[06:29.28]That does not a marriage make.

[06:33.16]Come inside. Maybe we can rack up a new score. 进来吧,我们可以再下一城

[06:35.76]Two, you only want me when you can't have me. 第二:你只有得不到我时 才想要我

[06:38.36]Did you make a note that mentions... 你的笔记中有提到 今晚你有多漂亮吗?

[06:41.92]how beautiful you look tonight?

[06:49.00]We have some big decisions to make. 我们得做一些大决定

[06:53.64]Trey.... 崔

[06:58.24]You have a boner. -你勃起了 -你好美

[06:58.52]You are just so beautiful.

[06:59.84]l can't discuss my notes if you have a boner. 你勃起我没办法讨论我的笔记

[07:04.52]-Come inside. -l cannot come inside, we are separated. -进来吧 -不行,我们分居了

[07:10.36]l have more notes. -我还记了很多事 -我可以脱下你的小裤裤吗?

[07:12.12]l think about you every night. May l take off your panties?

[07:16.60]-Don't. -All right. -别这样 -好吧

[07:18.00]You said you didn't want to be married. 当初是你不想结婚

[07:21.56]But now l don't know if l want to be married. 现在我不知道我是否想结婚了

[07:30.64]Trey, are you.... 崔,你是不是…

[07:33.04]That night, neither CharIotte nor Trey came inside. 当晚,夏绿蒂和崔都没进去

[07:39.36]l'm not quite sure what to say. 我不知道该说什么

[07:43.44]l'm sorry, Charlotte, may l get you a hankie? 对不起,夏绿蒂 我拿手帕给你好吗?

[07:46.84]lt's too late for a hankie. 来不及了,没用的

[07:49.52]This isn't working.

[07:54.88]Whatever this is we're doing, it isn't working. 无论我们在做什么 它并不成功

[08:06.80]Just please stop calling me. 请别打电话给我,等我弄清楚 自己要什么时会跟你联络

[08:09.48]l'll call you when l've figured out what l want.

[08:11.96]Charlotte, l love you. 夏绿蒂,我爱你 把干洗的帐单寄给我好吗?

[08:16.76]Send me the dry cleaning bill.

[08:17.16]Trey may have had a Iot of fIaws, but bad manners wasn't one of them. 也许崔有很多缺点 但是没礼貌绝非其中之一

[08:29.40]It was a IoveIy, uneventfuI Saturday morning. 这是个愉快平静的星期六早晨

[08:31.44]Three Iattes, two newspapers, and... 喝了三杯拿铁 买了两份报纸以及…

[08:38.16]one dating-service appIication. 收到一张交友中心的申请表

[08:41.04]''Dear singIe.... '' “亲爱的单身女子” 你连个名字都没有?

[08:43.40]-Single? You don't even have a name? -l'm single, l don't deserve one.

[08:44.72]-我单身,没资格有名字 -这简直是当街枪杀路人

[08:45.16]That's the postal equivalent of a drive-by shooting.

[08:47.08]l thought those 57 menus l get every day from Hunan Moonan were annoying. 我还以为每天经过中国餐馆时 拿的大量传单已经够烦人了

[08:51.36]Look at this. ''Don't let your soul mate slip away.'' -“别让你的灵魂伴侣溜走” -这几乎是个威胁

[08:54.52]lt's almost a threat. lt's like, ''We have him. He's just waiting for you.

[08:56.24]“我们拥有他,不过动作要快 因为他正悄悄离开…他走了”

[08:58.52]''But hurry, 'cause he's slipping away. There he goes.''

[09:03.08]Soul mates only exist in the Hallmark aisle in Duane Reade drugs. 灵魂伴侣只存在于 贺曼商店的走道上

[09:06.28]l disagree. 我不同意,我相信有个完美的 男人等着使你的生命圆满

[09:08.48]l believe there's that one perfect person out there to complete you.

[09:10.92]And if you don't find him? What, you're incomplete? lt's so dangerous. 如果没找到他你就不圆满了? 这种观念真是危险

[09:16.40]All right, first of all, the idea that there's only one out there... 只有一个吗? 我干脆现在自杀算了

[09:20.00]why don't l just shoot myself right now?

[09:20.60]l'd like to think people have more than one soul mate. 我一直相信 每个人都不只有一位灵魂伴侣

[09:25.44]l agree, l've had hundreds. -我同意,我有上百个 -若错过了,下一个马上就到

[09:26.92]And if you miss one, along comes another, like cabs.

[09:28.04]That is not how it works. 不是这样的

[09:32.04]-Okay. -But you're still looking outside yourself.


[09:33.12]lt's saying that you're not enough.

[09:35.00]-Are you enough? -Actually, today she's too much. -你满足吗? -今天她太过头了

[09:39.28]The bad thing about the one perfect soul mate... 完美灵魂伴侣的坏处就是 可望而不可及,肯定要失败

[09:40.44]is that it's so unattainable. You're being set up to fail.

[09:43.16]Exactly, and you feel bad about yourself. 一点也没错 你还因此觉得很自卑

[09:45.100]lt makes the gap between the Holy Grail and the assholes even bigger. 这让圣杯和屁眼 之间的差距更大了

[09:49.20]l don't care. l believe in soul mates. 我不在乎,我相信有灵魂伴侣

[09:54.60]l thought Trey was mine. 我认为崔就是我的灵魂伴侣

[09:55.24]But l don't think that a soul mate would... 但我不认为灵魂伴侣会… 和你做爱

[09:59.36]on your leg.

[09:60.56]Really true. 一定有某个人正在等着我

[10:02.52]There's got to be that someone out there who's just perfect for me.

[10:04.00]Maybe l should keep looking. -也许我应该继续寻觅 -拿去吧

[10:08.20]Here you go.

[10:08.20]-Okay, we're filling this out. -l'm not in the mood. -我们把这玩意儿写完 -我没心情

[10:11.68]Not for you, for her. -不是给你的,是给她的 -不要

[10:14.16]-Okay! -No.

[10:14.44]Yes. 要,年龄,勾选…

[10:15.44]''Age. Check box.

[10:18.84]''20 to 25, 25 to 30, 30 to 34.'' 20到25,25到30,30到34

[10:21.84]Not after next week. 不,下个礼拜就不是了

[10:22.32]Birthday girl. 过生日的女孩,35岁


[10:26.16]''35 to 44.'' -35到44 -亲爱的,欢迎加入我这组

[10:29.16]Honey, welcome to my box.

[10:36.04]SouI mate. 灵魂伴侣 四个字,却是个大学问

[10:38.40]Two IittIe words, one big concept.

[10:41.28]A beIief that someone, somewhere... 相信有某个人在某个地方 手里拿着开启你心房

[10:42.56]is hoIding the key to your heart, and your dream house.

[10:48.36]AII you have to do is find them. 和你梦想之屋的钥匙 你所要做的就是找到他

[10:48.72]So where is this person? 那么,这个人在哪里?

[10:51.20]And if you Ioved someone and it didn't work out... 如果你爱一个人 但恋情并不顺利

[10:54.60]does that mean they weren't your souI mate? 那是否意味着 他不是你的灵魂伴侣?

[10:58.08]Were they just a runner-up contestant in this game show... 难道他只是从此幸福快乐 游戏节目中的第二名吗?

[10:60.40]caIIed ''HappiIy Ever After''?

[11:02.16]And as you move from age box to age box... 当你的年龄慢慢增长

[11:05.12]and the contestants get fewer and fewer... 而参赛者却越来越少

[11:08.00]are your chances of finding your souI mate Iess and Iess? 你找到灵魂伴侣的机会 是否也越来越低?

[11:12.40]SouI mates, reaIity or torture device? 灵魂伴侣究竟是现实 还是折磨人的工具?

[11:17.56]What about a little birthday dinner? ll Cantinori, something nice. 办个生日晚餐派对如何? 伊尔康堤诺利,不错的餐厅

[11:23.36]l'm not sure l want to do anything. l'm kind of into laying low. 我不确定我想庆祝 我想低调一点

[11:27.04]-Laying low or feeling low? -No, l'm fine. -是低调还是情绪低落? -我没事

[11:29.100]Come on, you've got to do better than that. 你不会这么容易被击垮吧

[11:32.88]You've got to grab 35 by the balls and say, ''World, l'm 35!'' 你得狠狠抓住35岁 然后向世界宣布“我35岁了”

[11:37.76]-Okay, calm down, Auntie Mame. -l'll put the dinner together. 好了,就这样吧

[11:40.76]All you have to do is show up. Just close friends, very fabulous-lite. 我来打点晚餐派对的事 你只要现身就行了


[11:44.00]All right. 好吧,听起来蛮有趣的 谢谢你

[11:48.32]That sounds fun, thank you.

[11:49.96]Should l invite Big? 我应该邀请大人物吗?

[11:51.96]What, are you slowly trying to kill me on the way to lunch? 你想在去吃午餐的路上 杀了我吗?

[11:55.52]Technically you are friends now, right? 严格说来 你们现在是朋友,对吧?

[11:60.40]You know, a phone call here and there. lt's friendly. 偶尔会通电话 你认为我应该邀请他吗?

[12:02.20]-Do you think l should l invite him? -How should l know?

[12:04.52]When l'm done with them, l'm done with them. 我怎么知道?当我跟男人玩完 就真的是玩完了

[12:06.76]Maybe not. And l think he's still in London. 算了,我想他在伦敦 还是邀请一般朋友就好

[12:08.88]Let's just keep it to low-maintenance friends.

[12:11.76]All right.

[12:15.72]Welcome. Come in. -欢迎,请进 -他好性感

[12:18.32]He is hot.

[12:20.72]-He is a priest. -He is a hot priest. -他是个牧师 -他是个性感的牧师

[12:23.88]Look at his robe. lt's so ''Robin and his merry men.'' 你看他的长袍 好像侠盗罗宾汉

[12:29.36]Está bien, gracias.

[12:29.84]You tell them, Friar Fuck. 真是令人心神荡漾

[12:36.80]Okay, sister, let's go. l'm not gonna lose my table at Pastis... 我们走吧,我不想因为 你对一个牧师目不转睛

[12:37.100]-so you can cruise a holy man. -What street are we on, again? -而让出帕斯底斯餐厅的位子 -这是哪一条街?

[12:42.16]That Sunday, Samantha went to church. 那个星期天,莎曼珊去了教堂

[12:53.48]-Good morning. -Good morning. -早安 -早安

[12:53.40]l noticed all the good work you're doing in the neighborhood... 我注意到你为这附近地区 所做的一切好事

[12:58.40]and l just stopped to see if l could be of service. -所以来看看我是否帮得上忙 -我们厨房需要人手

[13:01.16]We could use another hand in the kitchen.

[13:05.12]l'm in public relations. 我是从事公关这一行的 我可以举办义卖

[13:06.60]And l was thinking maybe l could help put a benefit together.

[13:10.52]Something classy, respectful. 搞得很有格调

[13:10.60]l can guarantee Donald Trump and Marlo Thomas. 我能保证唐纳川普 和马罗汤玛斯会出席

[13:14.40]Thank you, but here at All Souls, we're a little more low-key than that. 谢谢,但是我们比较低调

[13:17.08]We're more about collecting food, canned goods to feed to the needy. 我们通常募集食物给贫穷人家

[13:22.84]So... 总之…我很喜欢你的长袍

[13:23.52]l love your robe.

[13:25.00]This is what we wear. 这是我们的制服

[13:27.28]l'm in the Franciscan order founded by St. Francis. 我是方济会的修士 它是圣芳济创立的,这长袍…

[13:32.16]The robe is....

[13:35.76]Do you really want to hear about this? -你真的想听这些吗? -再多说点这位圣芳济的事

[13:37.72]Tell me more about this St. Francis.

[13:38.72]He lived his life based on the vows of poverty and chastity. 他终生谨遵贫穷和守贞的誓约


[13:49.48]lt's St. Francis giving his coat to the poor. 圣芳济把他的袍子送给穷人

[13:57.40]Samantha Jones, public relations. 我叫莎曼珊琼斯 是公关公司负责人

[13:59.52]lf you change your mind about the benefit... 如果你改变主意,关于义卖…

[14:04.28]or anything. 或其他的事

[14:10.52]And just Iike that, Samantha went from Mr. No SouI... 就这样,莎曼珊从无灵魂先生 转而迷恋充满灵性的男人

[14:13.52]to Mr. AII SouIs.

[14:18.28]After church, most peopIe go out for pancakes. 做完礼拜之后 大部分的人都出去拿煎饼吃

[14:23.68]Samantha wasn't most peopIe. 莎曼珊不是大部分的人

[14:42.64]Samantha, your face is glowing. Did you get a facial or something? 你容光焕发,你去做脸了吗?

[14:48.24]l masturbated all afternoon. -我整个下午都在自慰 -好吧

[14:48.48]-All right, then. -Seriously? All afternoon? -真的吗?整个下午? -两个半小时

[14:51.48]-Two, two and a half hours. -Who's got that kind of time?

[14:54.08]-l like to get in and get out. -l enjoy a quickie every now and then... 谁有那么多闲功夫? 我喜欢速战速决

[14:57.24]我也喜欢速战速决 但当感觉来了,我便顺其自然

[14:59.36]but when it's good like today, l go with it.

[15:00.36]l masturbated to my priest. 我幻想着我的牧师自慰

[15:03.72]-Your priest? -Friar Fuck. -你的牧师? -令人心神荡漾的修士

[15:05.00]l think we might have to get her a crash helmet. 我们可能得买一顶安全帽 给夏绿蒂

[15:08.48]-You have a priest? -No. 你有牧师?

[15:12.76]She wants him, but she can't have him. lt's all very Thorn Birds. 她想要他却得不到他 情节很像“刺鸟”

[15:14.28]ln my fantasy... 在我的幻想中 他扯掉我满怀的食物

[15:17.04]he tears the food l'm carrying for the homeless...

[15:20.40]out of my arms, rips open my dress... 撕破我的裙子,当街把我压倒 然后占有我

[15:21.80]lays me down in the street and enters me.

[15:24.88]What do you do for the next 2 hours and 20 minutes? 接下来的两小时二十分钟 你在做什么?

[15:29.56]-Stop, you are talking about a priest. -lt's a fantasy. 够了,你们说的是一个牧师

[15:30.76]l can masturbate to whomever l like. lt's imagination. 我可以对任何我喜欢的人自慰 这只是幻想而已

[15:33.92]lt's fun and perfectly healthy. 很有趣而且非常健康

[15:38.20]Who do you all fantasize about? -你们的性幻想对象是谁? -罗素克洛

[15:38.80]Russell Crowe.

[15:41.92]Jinx! You owe me a coke. -真倒霉,你欠我一瓶可乐 -不可思议

[15:44.20]That's amazing. What did women do before Russell Crowe? 罗素克洛出现之前 女人该怎么办?

[15:46.76]George Clooney. 乔治克隆尼

[15:49.56]Clooney's like a Chanel suit. 克隆尼就像香奈儿套装 他永远都会流行

[15:51.52]He'll always be in style.

[15:54.92]l used to masturbate to a busboy who was rude to me once. 我曾经对一个很无礼的餐厅 小弟自慰,那是什么意思?

[15:55.88]What do you think that means?

[16:01.96]Fine, the cheese stands alone. 算了,我比较奇怪

[16:01.36]Come on, Charlotte. Get that judgmental puss off, and join in. 夏绿蒂,收起你那 不以为然的表情,加入讨论吧

[16:07.96]Who do you fantasize about? -你的性幻想对象是谁? -不行,这是隐私

[16:09.84]No, it's private.

[16:10.04]Come on, it can't be any worse than a priest and a busboy. 不可能比牧师和餐厅小弟更糟

[16:13.48]We're not moving on till you tell us about one of your masturbation guys. 你不说出其中一个性幻想对象 我们就不继续聊下去

[16:19.48]lt's not guys. 没有很多个 最近只有一个男人

[16:19.04]Lately, it's just one man.

[16:24.92]L.L. Bean? -比恩? -不是


[16:28.52]Trey. 是崔

[16:28.88]And we have this really, you know, perfect sex. 我们的性爱真的很棒 你们认为这表示什么?

[16:34.56]What do you think it means?

[16:53.36]This is 459-1905. I'm not in, so pIease Ieave a message. 这电话是459-1905 我不在家,请留言

[16:57.72]l think you're still in England... 我想你还在英国,但是…

[17:00.60]but it's midnight here in New York, and it's my birthday. 纽约现在是午夜时分 也是我的生日

[17:05.76]l am officially old. 我正式地老了

[17:07.36]So l felt the need to call someone... 所以我觉得需要打给某个… 更老的人


[17:16.00]Anyway, some friends are giving me a dinner tomorrow night. 明天一些朋友要替我办 晚餐派对,其实应该说是今晚

[17:19.80]Actually it's tonight, and you're a friend.

[17:22.12]So if you are back in town... 你是个朋友 所以如果你回到城里

[17:25.00]it's going to be at ll Cantinori, at 8:30 p.m. 我们会在伊尔康堤诺利 时间是八点半

[17:29.56]And if you're... 如果你人还在伦敦…

[17:30.72]still in London...

[17:33.80]then cheerio, old chap. 那就再见了,老头

[17:37.20]So, okay.

[17:46.84]The next day, on WaII Street.... 隔天在华尔街上…


[17:48.64]Sheila, hi! How are you? 席拉!你好吗?

[17:52.64]l'm fantastic! Gosh! 我好极了 乔和我刚从纽奥良回来

[17:54.00]Joe and l just got back from New Orleans. So how are you?

[17:57.68]Are you seeing anyone special? 你正和某个特别的人交往吗?

[17:60.76]But Miranda wasn't feeIing very Shecky. 米兰达没心情搞笑了

[18:00.16]Actually, l'm not. 不,我没有

[18:03.72]Look, he's out there for you somewhere. You just haven't met him yet, right? 他就在那里等着你 你只是还没遇见他而已

[18:07.04]Maybe, maybe not. l don't know if l believe all that. 也许有,也许没有 我不知道自己是否相信这回事

[18:11.88]Maybe there isn't someone for everyone. 也许不是每个人都找得到伴

[18:14.20]There it was. The truth. 这就是事实,没有贺曼商店的 希望和两杯酒的限制

[18:16.36]No HaIImark hope, no two-drink minimum.

[18:19.48]So how is Joe? You've been married for how many years? 乔还好吗?你们结婚几年了?

[18:23.84]-Five. -Wow. 五年,我打赌你一定在想 “那孩子呢?”我跟乔说过

[18:24.12]l bet you're thinking, ''Where are the kids?'' Right?

[18:25.68]lt's like l said to Joe. We can have kids...

[18:30.20]or we can have gorgeous fabric without chocolate stains. “我们可以选择孩子或是没有 巧克力污渍的豪华布料”

[18:31.44]Miranda reaIized it's not just about being singIe. 米兰达意识到 这不只是单身女子的问题

[18:35.92]Everyone has a sore spot that needs a IittIe comedy routine. 每个人都有个痛处 需要上演搞笑戏码缓和一下

[18:38.100]...let alone a poopy diaper.

[18:40.44]And so Miranda Iaughed. Not because it was particuIarIy funny... 于是米兰达笑了 并非因为这特别好笑

[18:45.28]but because it was kind. 而是因为她这么说很体贴

[18:55.12]They told me you were inside. 他们告诉我你在里面 我打扰你了吗?

[18:60.20]Am l disturbing you?

[19:02.80]May l join you? 我可以加入吗?

[19:16.88]l was thinking about you yesterday. 昨天我想到你

[19:18.68]You and the work that you do. 你和你所做的工作 我那时在超市

[19:24.56]l was at the market.

[19:31.44]They're Le Sueur peas. 这些是勒叙厄豌豆 它们是最棒的

[19:34.88]-They're the best. -That's very kind.


[19:37.40]Thank you.

[19:42.16]l have a confession to make. 我要忏悔

[19:45.72]l think about you other places than the market. 我在超市以外的地方想到你

[19:52.72]Do you ever think about me? 你有想过我吗?

[19:56.76]l believe that God made the body. 我相信身体是上帝造的 而且形态非常完美

[19:59.24]And it's perfect in its splendor.

[20:01.24]But l'm not of my body. 但我的身体不是由我作主 我的人生要享受其他乐趣

[20:04.52]My life is about other joys.

[20:19.92]Samantha wondered if maybe the hot monk was her souI mate... 莎曼珊纳闷这性感的修道士 是否为她的灵魂伴侣

[20:24.52]as he was certainIy unattainabIe. 因为他确实可望而不可及

[20:26.60]I arrived at my party after a day of shopping. 逛了一整天街后 我到达举行派对的餐厅

[20:29.48]With no true souI mate... 没有真实的灵魂伴侣在身边

[20:33.56]I spent the afternoon with my shoe souI mate... 我在名牌鞋店曼诺罗布雷尼克 消磨了一整天

[20:35.52]ManoIo BIahnik. -晚安,我可以为你效劳吗? -布雷萧,十人的聚会

[20:35.12]-Good evening, can l help you? -Yes, Bradshaw, party of 10.

[20:40.92]You're the first to arrive. Follow me, please. 你是第一个到的,请跟我来

[20:48.84]lt's 8:45 p.m. The reservation was for 8:30 p.m., right? 现在是八点四十五分 预订的时间是八点半吗?

[20:52.76]That's right. Here you go. 没错,请坐

[20:54.12]-Enjoy. -Thank you. -慢慢享受吧 -谢谢

[20:58.100]-Hi. -Hi.

[21:02.40]Would you like a drink whilst waiting? -你等候时想喝杯东西吗? -请给我一杯雪莉登波

[21:02.76]l'll have a Shirley Temple, please.

[21:07.72]Once everyone else gets here, we'll be drinking a lot of champagne. 一旦人到齐了 我们便会喝很多的香槟

[21:08.64]Good, great, excellent. 好,好极了

[21:22.84]Twenty minutes Iater, stiII no party. 二十分钟后,还是没半个人来

[21:28.80]Hi. Still alone. 我还是孤单一人 有找布雷萧的电话吗?

[21:30.32]Did anyone call asking for Bradshaw?

[21:35.00]Not that l'm aware of. Let me check with the maitre d'. 就我所知没有,我去查一下

[21:36.24]Okay, thanks. 好,谢了

[21:42.24]Can l bring you some champagne now? -现在为你送上香槟好吗? -不,还不需要

[21:43.52]Not yet. 好,好极了

[21:46.00]Good, great, excellent.

[21:51.48]Happy birthday to you 祝你生日快乐

[21:55.48]Happy birthday to you 祝你生日快乐

[21:58.72]Happy birthday, dear Marta 生日快乐,亲爱的玛莎

[22:01.84]Happy birthday to you 祝你生日快乐

[22:07.96]25. 二十五岁!妈的,我老了

[22:09.56]Fuck, l'm old!

[22:20.80]Hi. 抱歉占着这张桌子 我想像不出大家都到哪儿去了

[22:23.88]Sorry for holding the table. l can't imagine where everybody is.

[22:27.68]There is only one ll Cantinori, right? -只有一家伊尔康堤诺利吧? -是的

[22:29.36]-Yes. -Okay.

[22:34.80]The woman with the birthday cake is here... 送生日蛋糕来的人在等着收钱

[22:37.52]and she needs to be paid.

[22:40.60]Okay. 我拿一下皮包

[22:42.96]l'll just get my purse.

[22:46.84]After I paid $70 for my own birthday cake... 我付了70块钱 买下自己的生日蛋糕之后

[22:49.24]I was totaIIy out of the party mood. 我完全没有庆祝的心情了

[22:50.40]So I decided to go home and kiII myseIf. 所以我决定回家把自己给杀了

[22:54.48]-Lady, what are you doing? -Get off of there! 你在干嘛? 看看你站的是什么地方

[22:58.76]Look where you're standing!

[22:59.40]-lt's wet, get the hell off there! -No, the other way! 快滚开那里,不,从另一边走

[23:01.64]The other way, for Chrissakes! 另一边,看在老天份上

[23:05.92]For crying out loud. 真是的,拜托你好不好,妈的

[23:15.00]Jesus Christ! Don't pick up the cake!

[23:19.88]-She's picking it up! -l'm sorry! -对不起 -玛丽莲梦露,快走开

[23:21.24]Marilyn Monroe, do me a fucking favor, get off the road!

[23:23.72]l'm sorry! 对不起

[23:24.80]Sorry! We'll bring some beer over, and we'll have--

[23:27.40]l'm sorry! God! 该死,对不起

[23:31.28]By the time I got home... 在我到家之前 我便已坠入恶劣情绪的深渊

[23:33.24]I had faIIen into an emotionaI hoIe so deep...

[23:37.12]onIy a fireman without a coIIarbone couId rescue me. 只有缺乏锁骨的消防队员 才能救我出来

[23:40.84]You have 14 messages. 你有14通留言

[23:43.32]Honey, I'm trapped at work, I'II be 10 minutes Iate. 亲爱的,我工作缠身 我会迟到十分钟,待会见

[23:46.48]The reservation Iine is busy, I'II see you soon.

[23:48.28]Carrie, I'm in traffic. They're paving Fifth Avenue. 凯莉,我被困在车阵中 第五大道在铺路,根本过不去

[23:52.36]No one can get through, don't wait for me. Happy birthday. 别等我了,生日快乐

[23:56.36]I'm stuck in fucking traffic. 路上大塞车 我又拼不出伊尔康堤诺利

[23:58.84]I don't know how to speII II Cantinori for the idiot at 4 1 1.

[23:59.52]Get a ceII phone! 买一支手机吧

[24:01.80]Carrie, it's Stanford. I'm at the wrong pIace. 凯莉,我是史丹佛 我跑错地方了

[24:06.80]Did you know there's a Mexican restaurant on University and 1 1th caIIed EI Cantinoro? 你知道有一家墨西哥餐厅 叫做埃尔康堤诺罗吗?

[24:14.44]-Carrie. -Okay, I'm here. They said you just Ieft. 我到了,他们说你已经走了

[24:19.08]Where are you? We're stiII here. 你在哪里?我们还在这里

[24:23.80]Okay, so now we're coming uptown. 我们在上城的咖啡店等你

[24:24.68]Meet you at the coffee shop in 20 minutes. -二十分钟后到 -留言播放完毕

[24:28.04]End of messages.


[24:32.64]lt's just me! 是我,是我夏绿蒂

[24:33.48]lt's just me, Charlotte!

[24:37.76]l just aged 35 more years. 我刚又老了35岁

[24:44.36]What are you doing here? -你怎么会在这里? -我来带你去咖啡店

[24:44.64]l'm sorry, l came to take you to the coffee shop.

[24:46.100]No. l'm going to bed. 不,我要上床睡觉了 我没心情和大伙一起热闹

[24:50.12]l'm not in the mood to be with a bunch of people.

[24:50.32]Come on, it's just the four of us. You have to come, it's your birthday. 只有我们四个 你一定要来,今天是你生日

[24:56.28]l'm aware of that. 这我可清楚得很

[25:01.16]The longer l sat there, the more alone l felt. 我坐在那里越久 我就觉得越孤单

[25:04.80]And it really hit me. l am 35 and alone. 我一直想着 我35岁了而且很孤单

[25:07.08]You are not alone. -你并不孤单 -我知道我有你们

[25:10.08]l know l have you guys, but....

[25:11.68]And really, l hate myself a little for saying this, but... 我恨自己说这种话,可是…

[25:19.44]it felt really sad... 生命中没有一个关心我的男人 真的很悲哀

[25:22.20]not to have a man in my life who cares about me.

[25:26.08]No special guy to wish me happy birthday. 没有特别的人祝我生日快乐

[25:33.64]No goddamn soul mate. 没有该死的灵魂伴侣

[25:38.44]And l don't even know if l believe in soul mates. 我甚至不知道 自己是否相信有灵魂伴侣

[25:47.44]Don't laugh at me, but... 别笑我,但我们也许 可以当彼此的灵魂伴侣

[25:51.12]maybe we could be each other's soul mates.

[25:53.20]And then we could let men be... 我们可以只把男人当成 一起玩乐的对象

[25:57.00]just these great, nice guys to have fun with.

[26:01.36]That sounds like a plan. 这主意还不赖

[26:05.36]l'm 35. 35 is not 25. -我35岁了,不是25岁 -谢天谢地

[26:09.64]Thank God.

[26:11.24]l'm 35. 天啊,我35岁了

[26:14.72]Shut the fuck up, l'm 1 40. 你他妈的闭嘴 我今年还140岁呢

[27:04.100]Happy birthday, baby. 生日快乐,宝贝,上车

[27:07.08]Get in.

[27:12.16]-lt's after 1 2:00, you're late. -Not really, l'm on London time. -已经过了12点,你迟到了 -不见得,我是伦敦时间

[27:15.12]London is five hours ahead. -伦敦比这里快五个小时 -既然那样,我真的迟了

[27:17.32]ln that case, l'm really fucking late.

[27:19.68]l can't believe you actually got out of the car and got balloons. 我不敢相信 你真的下车去买汽球

[27:25.00]l didn't, Raoul did. 我没有,是拉尔去买的 他人真好

[27:28.64]Good man.

[27:31.16]So... 那么…

[27:34.72]-how old are you? -How old are you? -你几岁了? -那你几岁?

[27:36.20]-Nope. -You don't have to give me an exact number. 你不必告诉我确切的数字 选一个,30到35?

[27:40.12]Pick a box.

[27:40.68]30 to 35, 35 to 40... 35到40?40到45?

[27:44.48]40 to 45?

[27:46.72]Really? 真的吗?40到45

[27:47.92]40 to 45.

[27:49.00]l don't know what you're referring to. l had something in my eye. 我不知道你从哪一点判断 刚才有东西跑进我眼睛


[28:02.36]How do you feel about soul mates?

[28:05.92]Well... 这个嘛,我相信“灵魂”

[28:05.72]l like the word ''soul.''

[28:10.64]l like the word ''mate.'' 也相信“伴侣” 其他的可就问倒我了

[28:10.60]Other than that, you got me.

[28:23.92]Did you have a nice day? -你今天过得愉快吗? -非常开心

[28:26.04]l had a fabulous day.

[28:29.88]Good for you. 真为你高兴

[28:36.56]As Big's car drove away, I reaIized... 当大人物的车慢慢驶离

[28:39.56]having three souI mates aIready naiIed down... 我发现确定有三个灵魂伴侣后

[28:42.04]made it a Iot easier... 寻找适合一起玩乐的男人 就变得容易多了

[28:42.08]to spot those great, nice guys to have fun with.

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