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欲望都市第四季 真我的风采 The Real Me






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:43:28



[00:35.84](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:50.64]A IittIe past 10.:00 p.m., I was dressed to the nines at Brasserie 8-1/2. 十点过后, 我盛装打扮 前往 “八点半” 酒吧

[00:54.68]Located on the corner of ''Right Now'' and ''Everyone Was There''... 就在 “当下大家都在” 酒吧转角

[00:59.68]it was the pIace to see and be seen. 是个欣赏和被欣赏的好地方

[01:02.00]Look at that one. 你看那一个

[01:04.88]Mary, hail a cab. 万福玛莉亚!

[01:08.84]-Do you think he's a model? -A model what? -你看他像不像模特儿? -哪一种模特儿 (模型) ?

[01:08.80]A model citizen, a model home... 模范市民? 模范住宅? 模型飞机?

[01:12.52]-a model airplane? -l think he's the dirty-haired Gucci guy... 他是个有一头秀发的 狂野古驰男

[01:14.56]-with clean hair. -He's so versatile. 他真是千万风情 何不过去打声招呼?

[01:19.76]-Why don't you go over and say hello? -He's gorgeous.

[01:20.56]The only way to get a guy like him interested in me would be to pay. 他真是帅呆了 他不会看上我的, 除非我付钱

[01:24.92]My love, there's no need for you to enter Hookerville. 你没有必要召妓

[01:27.52]Carrie, l know what l look like. 凯莉, 我知道自己长什么样子

[01:31.60]Then you can't see what l see. 你不知道我眼中的你


[01:37.76]Lynne Cameron was a much sought after fashion-show producer... 琳卡麦隆是很受欢迎的 时尚节目制作人

[01:43.32]as vaIuabIe to a show's success as VaIium or VeIcro. 是节目成功不可或缺的角色

[01:44.12]l just told Damian you have just so fucking saved my life. 我刚告诉达米安你是我的救星

[01:49.96]-l did? -Sorry, this is my boyfriend, Damian. -我是吗? -这是我男朋友达米安

[01:51.68]l use the term ''boyfriend'' loosely, as Damian is clearly a homosexual. 应该说是男性朋友 他是不折不扣的同性恋

[01:57.56]ln that case, this is my boyfriend, Stanford. 这么说来 这是我男朋友史丹佛

[01:59.32]You so have to be in this fashion show l'm doing. 你一定要替我的时装表演走秀

[02:05.52]A mix of models and New York people with style. 结合模特儿和时髦的纽约人

[02:08.16]And no one is more New York or has more style than you. 没有人比你更纽约、 更有型了

[02:13.04]Lynne, l'm a writer. -琳, 我是作家 -你一定要来

[02:13.72]You're fucking doing my show if l have to hunt you down...

[02:15.04]要不然我就把你的皮剥下来 给别的模特儿穿

[02:16.92]skin you alive, and have one of the other models fucking wear you.

[02:21.88]l'll call you next week. Could this place be any louder? 我再打给你 这个地方真是吵到不行


[02:29.76]l am so coming. -我一定会去 -去哪里? 我不是模特儿

[02:30.32]To what? l'm not a model.

[02:33.64]Then you can't see what l see. 你不知道我眼中的你

[02:37.88]l'll start with a salad with extra blue cheese dressing. Thank you. 我要一份蓝乳酪沙拉

[02:43.48]Are the vegetables on the veggie plate organic? 这些是有机蔬菜吗?

[02:46.52]They have beef pot pie on the menu, what do you think? 菜单上都有牛肉馅饼了 你认为呢?

[02:49.84]l'll just have a cup of hot water with lemon. Thank you. 我只要一杯热水加柠檬

[02:54.88]lsn't it hard to eat just organic all the time? -只吃有机食物很痛苦吧? -非常痛苦

[02:57.20]lt is so hard.

[02:59.08]Last night l could not stop thinking about a Big Mac. 昨晚我一直想着大汉堡

[03:00.56]l finally had to get dressed, go out and pick up a guy. 我最后得出去找个男人

[03:03.32]Talk about a happy meal. -你是说快乐儿童餐 -你很漂亮, 身材又好

[03:06.32]Lady, you have never looked better. Your body is amazing.

[03:08.08]l hope so. 希望如此, 我星期三要拍裸照

[03:10.92]l'm having nude photographs taken on Wednesday.

[03:14.40]What're you gonna do? Have postcards made up... 你要送给可能的约会对象吗?

[03:17.08]to hand out to prospective dates?

[03:18.72]This is not about a man's approval. 这无关男人, 我是为自己拍的

[03:21.36]This photo is just for me.

[03:24.44]So when l'm old and my tits are in my shoes... 当我年华老去 我可以看着照片说

[03:24.28]l can look at it and say, ''Damn, l was hot.''

[03:27.28]-lsn't that a little narcissistic? -No one thinks that... -我以前真是性感 -这样太自恋了吧?

[03:30.56]没有人会认为 中学的照片很自恋

[03:30.56]when you get your seventh-grade picture taken.

[03:34.44]-You weren't naked in that. -That we know of. -你又没有裸体 -这个我们知道

[03:37.52]Look, l like my body. 我喜欢我的身体, 我要拍照

[03:39.24]l'm getting these pictures taken, what's the big problem?

[03:41.20]No problem, you're my hero. 你是我的偶像 你这么放得开真的不简单

[03:41.60]l think it's fantastic that you can just put it out there.

[03:45.16]l can't even say yes to being in some charity fashion show. 我连参加 慈善时装秀的勇气都没有

[03:49.88]-''New York Style''? -Yeah. “纽约风格” 吗?

[03:50.28]You were asked to be part of that? That's huge. 很盛大 所有的顶尖设计师都参与

[03:53.92]-All the top designers are doing it. -They want you to be a model?

[03:55.00]No, it's a mix of real people... 他们要你当模特儿?

[03:58.72]那结合一般人和模特儿 我认识制作人

[03:60.20]and models. l know the producer.

[04:01.52]You have to do it, you live for fashion. -去吧, 你为时尚而活 -我才不是因时尚而活

[04:03.88]l do not live for fashion.

[04:07.76]How many fashion shows did you drag me to during Fashion Week? 时尚周时你拖我参加了几场?

[04:09.64]-Eight, what's your point? -Why are you turning down... -八场, 你的重点是? -何不亲自演出?

[04:11.72]-the chance to actually be in one? -l do not belong on a runway.

[04:15.24]我不属于伸展台 那是模特儿的天下, 不是作家

[04:17.40]Runways are for models, not writers.

[04:19.08]What's the difference between strutting down a runway... 趾高气昂地走伸展台 跟走第五大道有什么不一样?

[04:21.44]and the way you strut down Fifth Avenue?

[04:24.64]Strut? -我趾高气昂? -一定会很有趣的

[04:26.52]-Do l strut? Am l a strutter? -l think it'd be fun.

[04:28.80]l was a teen model when the Ralph Lauren store opened in New Haven. 我少女时曾是劳夫罗伦 在纽哈芬分店的模特儿

[04:34.88]Okay, it's amazing l was able to keep my lunch down just now. 不可思议, 我居然还吃得下

[04:37.16]l just.... 我无法在众人批评的眼光之下 走伸展台

[04:38.28]l cannot imagine walking down a runway while people sit there and judge me.

[04:41.96]-No one would judge you. -We judge models all the time. -没有人会批评你 -我们总是批评模特儿

[04:45.40]But you're not a model, you're one of the real people. 你是一般人

[04:49.64]Exactly. 大家会以为我不知道 自己有几斤重

[04:50.92]l don't want people to think that l can't see the difference between a model and me.

[04:54.20]Who gives a fuck what people think? This is a fabulous opportunity. 不要管别人怎么想 这是个绝佳的机会

[04:58.08]Honey. -你或许可以留着衣服 -我也有想过

[04:59.36]-You'll probably get to keep the clothes. -l thought of that!

[05:02.52]-l'd do it in a New York minute. -So would l. -我不会放过这个机会 -我也是

[05:05.80]What do you think, mutey? 你怎么说, 哑巴?

[05:10.68]WhiIe Miranda wouId never dream of waIking on a runway... 从未想过走上伸展台的米兰达

[05:14.24]she had no probIem running on one. 遇到一个问题

[05:29.08]l happen to know you were on that treadmill for longer than 30 minutes. 你在跑步机上超过三十分钟

[05:34.52]That's illegal here at Crunch Fitness. 这在健身中心是非法的

[05:35.12]l'm starting to train for the marathon. 我在为马拉松健身 第一次参加

[05:39.20]-First time. -Wow! 那很好

[05:42.56]Good for you. 我曾是学校径赛校队队长 但是跑马拉松…

[05:42.40]l was the captain of my high-school track team, but the marathon....

[05:50.36]l'm Dave. -我是戴夫 -米兰达


[05:54.32]Have a good workout. -祝你健身愉快 -就这样?

[05:58.32]That's it?

[05:60.96]-ls there more? -l hope so. -还有什么吗? -我希望有

[06:05.68]l've been watching you for months. l think that you are very sexy. 我注意你很久了 我觉得你很性感

[06:10.92]So, what's the problem? -问题是什么? -他觉得我很性感

[06:11.32]He said, ''l think you're very sexy.''

[06:14.08]And? 所以说?

[06:15.88]l was wearing no makeup and my Hanes $3 old man's undershirt. 我没有化妆, 穿着廉价衬衫

[06:18.84]Nice. -好极了 -他居然认为我性感

[06:20.08]l can't believe a guy would think that l was sexy.

[06:24.64]-Okay, l'm hanging up now. -I'm serious. -我要挂电话了 -我很认真的

[06:25.72]Smart, yes. 我很聪明, 有时候很可爱 但决不会是性感

[06:29.24]Sometimes cute, but never sexy. Sexy is the thing...

[06:30.08]l try to get them to see me as, after l win them over with my personality. 通常我会先以个性吸引男人后 再展露性感

[06:34.88]You win men over with your personality? 你以个性吸引男人?

[06:39.84]They want you to be a model? -他们要你当模特儿? -我要挂电话了

[06:40.16]Okay, l'm hanging up now.

[06:41.64]Later that night, I got to thinking about Narcissus. 稍晚, 我想到了纳克索斯

[06:45.48]A man so consumed with his own image, he drowned in it. 一个因自恋而淹死的美少年

[06:48.96]Did he have no best friends to mirror back a heaIthier view of himseIf? 他难道没有朋友当他的明镜吗

[06:53.88]And why is it that we can see our friends perfectIy... 我们为什么能看清朋友 却看不清自己呢?

[06:58.24]but when it comes to ourseIves, no matter how hard we Iook...

[06:59.44]不管多么努力 我们总是无法看清自己?

[07:01.44]do we ever see ourseIves cIearIy?

[07:06.28]Samantha, on the other hand, saw herseIf a IittIe too cIearIy. 而莎曼珊把自己看得太透彻了

[07:10.16]Okay, Samantha... 老虎带来各类音乐

[07:11.68]Tiger, here, has a variety of music choices to ease you into the shoot...

[07:13.96]可以帮你进入状况 让你感到自在一些

[07:13.96]and help you to feel more comfortable. Tiger?

[07:16.60]-l've got some Steely Dan-- -l'm comfortable. -我有史提利丹 -我很自在

[07:23.60]Okay. Camera, Tiger. 相机给我, 老虎

[07:28.12]Yes, sir. -老虎? -好, 抱歉

[07:39.68]-Do you like your gynecologist? -She's amazing, why? -你的妇科医师好吗? -她很棒, 怎么了吗?

[07:42.16]l think l might wanna see someone else. -我想换医师 -发生什么事了?

[07:44.84]-What's happening? -Trey and l are still just talking.

[07:46.76]-We're not ready to move back in yet. -What's happening with your vagina? -崔和我正在考虑… -你的阴道怎么了?

[07:52.60]Sweetie, l'm not bugged, it's just us listening. 我没有被窃听 只有你跟我听得到

[07:54.52]Maybe a yeast infection. But my gynecologist says no. 可能是子宫颈感染 但是我的医生说没有

[07:58.20]-But something's definitely off. -What are the symptoms? -有什么症状? -把她的电话给我

[07:60.44]l don't wanna talk about this. Can you call my machine and leave her number?

[08:05.04]Do you know anyone that Stanford could go out with? 你有认识可以介绍给 史丹佛的人吗?

[08:07.80]lf we don't find someone, he's gonna start dating hookers. 要是再没有对象 他就要去召妓了

[08:09.88]Hookers? -召妓? -没错


[08:14.28]Charlotte... 夏绿蒂, 我现在趾高气昂吗?

[08:17.28]would you say that l'm strutting right now?

[08:18.12]CharIotte decided for Stanford BIatch, it wouId have to be someone cute. 夏绿蒂认为史丹佛的对象 一定要可爱、 有型

[08:23.44]Someone with styIe, someone Iike... 就像她的婚纱造型师安东尼

[08:26.48]Anthony Marantino, her wedding-gown styIist.

[08:29.48]-What? -Anthony, hi. lt's Charlotte York MacDougal. -干嘛? -安东尼, 我是夏绿蒂

[08:33.96]Sorry, thought it was my mother. 15 phone calls to make sure... 抱歉, 我以为是我妈妈

[08:35.16]l get her the cheapest sheets l can, from Bed, Bath and friggin' Beyond. 她打了十五通电话 要我帮她买最便宜的床单

[08:41.00]l was wondering if you were dating anyone now. -你现在有约会对象吗? -我跟大家约会, 为什么问?

[08:41.32]l'm dating everyone now, why?

[08:43.20]l have this friend, Stanford-- 我朋友史丹佛

[08:46.28]What's he look like? -他长什么样子? -他很可爱

[08:48.88]He is adorable. 在电影里会找谁演他?

[08:48.24]ln a movie, who would play him?

[08:52.44]l don't know.... 我不知道, 艾德哈里斯吧

[08:54.32]A younger Ed Harris. -年轻的艾德哈里斯 -性感

[08:58.00]That's hot. 米兰达和健身男子 第一次约会到了尾声

[08:59.28]And speaking of hot, Miranda ended her first date with Captain Crunch.

[09:01.96]-That was fun. -l hope l didn't talk too much. -今晚真有趣 -我希望我话不会太多

[09:04.04]l think the only words you actually said all night were, ''That was fun.'' 你一整晚只是一直重复 “今晚真有趣”

[09:21.56]God, you are so sexy. 你好性感

[09:23.16]What? You don't think so?


[09:32.20]Maybe he was right. 或许他是对的 米兰达没有必要争辩

[09:34.68]After aII, who was Miranda to argue with the Captain?

[09:43.96]-Hello? -Miss Motherfucker... 混帐小姐 为什么不回我电话?

[09:47.44]why have you not returned my Iast 200 phone caIIs?

[09:49.20]Lynne. 琳, 我不应该接受表演邀约

[09:53.80]l really don't think that l should do this show.

[09:56.16]l mean, come on, l am not a model. And as much as l would like to think-- 我不是模特儿 也从未妄想过…

[09:60.04]Carrie, you're in or you're out, l don't have time for this. 要或不要一句话, 我时间不多

[10:01.40]l'm sure Dolce & Gabbana can find someone else to dress. 再说, D&G不怕找不到人

[10:05.00]Dolce & Gabbana? -D&G -模特儿是设计师挑的

[10:06.92]Each designer picks the person they want to dress.

[10:11.76]Dolce & Gabbana picked me? D&G选中我?

[10:12.64]Yes, fuckette. And those are some picky ltalians. 没错 他们可是挑剔的意大利人

[10:17.44]Do you think that l would be able to keep the outfit? 我可以留下服饰吗?

[10:27.68]What's up, love? -怎么了, 心肝? -我出来了

[10:30.84]l'm coming.

[10:37.40]Me likie. 我喜欢

[10:38.68]Perfect in the bust and the waist. Turn, love. 胸部和腰部很完美 转身, 心肝, 喜欢吗?

[10:42.68]Do we likie? 长度不对, 得改短一点

[10:44.68]No likie the length.

[10:48.24]We must take it up about four feet.

[10:50.64]l know, l'm too short. 我知道我太矮了

[10:54.32]But l'm very comfortable in heels. Honestly, the higher the better. 但是我很喜欢穿高跟鞋 越高越好

[10:58.72]So feel free to put me up in the big gal shoes. -我穿高跟鞋没问题的 -走走看, 心肝

[10:60.80]Walk, love.

[11:08.92]lf we gave it to Heidi, we wouldn't have to take it up. -海蒂就不需要改 -海蒂克伦?

[11:10.84]Heidi Klum?

[11:13.08]Yes, turn, love. 对, 转身, 心肝

[11:14.80]Yes, trot back. -小跑步回来 -小跑步?


[11:18.44]小跑步, 对, 好极了

[11:21.96]Good. -看看是谁来了 -奥斯卡, 你好

[11:24.36]Look what the pussies dragged in.

[11:25.12]Hello, Oscar. 我现在单名 “奥”

[11:27.60]We're just calling me ''O'' now, love.

[11:29.28]Who's this? -这是哪位? -凯莉布雷萧, 纽约模特儿

[11:30.52]Carrie Bradshaw, our New York Style model.

[11:34.36]Model, God, no. 我不是模特儿, 我是作家

[11:36.84]-l'm a writer. -l'm Paul Denai. -我是摄影师保罗迪内 -你好, 我喜欢你的…

[11:39.52]-l'm a photographer. l'm-- -Sure, l love....

[11:42.84]-l'm sorry. -No, l'm sorry. l just.... 抱歉, 我看过你的作品

[11:45.60]l know your photographs.

[11:47.00]l'm doing a little behind-the-scenes book about Fashion Week. 我正在为时尚周拍摄幕后花絮

[11:49.00]Do you mind if l shoot your fitting? 不介意我拍摄你试装吧?

[11:53.96]Sorry, l wasn't ready. So go ahead. 抱歉, 我还没有准备好

[11:57.24]That's the point, don't mind me. l like the element of surprise. -我喜欢在无预警状态下拍照 -我可以给你一些惊喜

[11:60.40]l could give you a surprise, love.

[12:03.88]Now, what's your opinion, love? 心肝, 你觉得怎么样?

[12:06.56]-Me love or him love? -You, love. -你是问我还是他? -你, 心肝

[12:10.36]l don't know, whatever you think. -你决定就好 -我有更好的点子

[12:14.72]No, changed my mind, got something better.

[12:19.72]That was bad. 真糟糕, 拍照让我不自在

[12:22.52]l'm sorry, l'm very uncomfortable having my photograph taken.

[12:25.36]How does a girl who doesn't like having her picture taken wind up in a fashion show? 那你怎么会参加时装表演?

[12:30.56]l'm in it for the free goods. 我是为了免费的服饰来的

[12:32.100]Maybe... 或许我们可以一边喝酒 一边跟你解释摄影这件事

[12:35.04]if l explained how a camera works over a glass of wine sometime....

[12:40.16]l've... 我不会拒绝免费的授课

[12:41.56]-never been a gal to turn down a free lesson. -Or a free dress.

[12:43.76]-或是免费的服饰 -来了, 喜欢吗?

[12:43.88]Here it is. Do we likie?

[12:48.64]We likie! 喜欢

[12:51.28]And speaking of uncomfortabIe.... 说到不自在…

[12:53.28]Okay... 可以把腿放下了

[12:56.68]you can put your legs down now.

[12:57.88]lt is not a yeast infection. -这不是子宫颈感染 -不是吗?

[12:59.56]-lt's not? -l have an entire file of women... 很多病人都有同样的症状

[13:04.64]all with the same symptoms. ltching, stinging, burning.

[13:05.92]All of them think they have a yeast infection. lt's not. 她们都以为是感染 其实是外阴疼痛

[13:08.80]lt could be vulvodynia.

[13:13.56]-ls it serious? -No. -很严重吗? -只是会造成不适

[13:13.96]lt's mostly just uncomfortable. We can get it under control. 些许抗抑郁剂就可以控制

[13:17.88]l'm gonna prescribe a light antidepressant.

[13:21.72]-But l'm not depressed. -lt's not for you. lt's for your vagina. -我并不抑郁 -是给你的阴道的

[13:26.52]Your vagina's depressed? 你的阴道抑郁?

[13:30.16]The mood elevator sort of corrects the imbalance. 抗抑郁剂可以平衡

[13:31.68]Wait, how do you know your vagina's depressed? -你怎么知道它抑郁? -有一些症状

[13:35.16]-There are symptoms. -lt can't meet its deadline? -稿赶不出来? -总是想吃高热量食品?

[13:36.72]lt always wants to go to Krispy Kreme?

[13:40.24]lt's so funny, my vagina's depressed. 真好笑, 我的阴道抑郁

[13:49.96]Stop. -够了, 我可能有外阴疼痛 -什么东西?

[13:50.08]-l might have vulvodynia. -Vulva-what-ya?

[13:52.44]So, everyday... 我每天都得写阴道日记

[13:55.84]l have to keep a vagina journal.

[13:57.52]Come on. “阴道为什么抑郁的日记” ?

[13:59.60]A ''Dear vagina, why so blue?'' kind of journal?

[14:02.72]''Dear vagina... 亲爱的阴道, 我暗恋一个人

[14:03.00]''guess who l have a crush on?''

[14:04.88]More like: 不是, 类似 “今天痒不痒”

[14:07.04]''ltchy today? Not itchy.''

[14:10.52]-Sounds like a bestseller. -Ready to order? -有大卖的潜力 -要点餐了吗?

[14:11.100]l guess we're still waiting. But could l have a hot water and lemon? 我们还在等人 可以给我一杯热柠檬水吗?

[14:17.72]Thanks. 夏绿蒂 你的那个要不要来一点薯条?

[14:18.08]l'm fine, but, Charlotte, maybe your hmm-hmm would like an order of fries.

[14:24.04]l guess not, thank you. -不用了, 谢谢 -抱歉我迟到了

[14:25.36]Sorry l'm late. 我得去拿照片目录, 你们看

[14:27.36]l had to pick up my nude contact sheets.

[14:28.24]Look. 食物来了就收起来

[14:29.52]Okay, but only until the food arrives.

[14:31.80]Charlotte, l want your professional art-eye opinion. 夏绿蒂 我需要你的专业艺术眼光

[14:40.36]That's not very arty. 这样并不艺术 我看得一清二楚

[14:42.76]l can see your....


[14:47.20]This is the full frontal. l just did that to warm up. 那是正面角度, 算是热身

[14:52.40]You should have warned me, really. -你应该先警告我 -怎么了吗? 不过是阴道

[14:54.68]What's the big deal? lt's just a vagina.

[14:57.44]lt's magnified. l've never even seen mine that close. 那是放大过的 我连我的都没仔细看过

[14:59.04]You've never seen yourself up close and personal? -没有仔细看过? -凯莉, 你有吗?

[15:01.40]-Have you seen yours that close? -How'd l get involved?

[15:04.12]You've never looked at yourself with a hand mirror? 关我什么事?


[15:08.80]Oh, my God!

[15:09.20]Honey, l insist you go home right now and take a look. 你应该回家好好瞧一瞧

[15:12.24]Or better yet, take my compact and make a quick trip to the ladies' room. 最好现在带着我的粉盒 到盥洗室看仔细

[15:17.76]l don't want to look. 我不想看, 那好丑

[15:20.20]l think it's ugly.

[15:24.20]Maybe that's why it's depressed. 或许这是它抑郁的原因

[15:26.60]What did l miss? 我错过什么了吗?

[15:30.48]On their second date... 第二次约会 都是米兰达在说话

[15:31.04]Miranda did most of the taIking.

[15:33.32]She was feeIing confident and sexy. 她感到自信且性感

[15:36.20]l like my life. 我喜欢我的生活, 我的工作 我爱我的朋友

[15:37.52]l love my job, l love my friends.

[15:43.32]She couIdn't beIieve how comfortabIe this new Miranda feIt. 她的全新感受 让她感到不可思议

[15:47.64]And l love meeting new people... 我喜欢认识新朋友

[15:48.44]like you. 就像你

[15:59.12]Miranda had no idea what had changed. 米兰达不知道哪里出了错

[16:08.84]l want pure class. 我要纯净的感觉

[16:10.84]l'm thinking ash...

[16:11.28]or a charcoal-gray matte inside the frame. 框边考虑用灰色或是木炭色

[16:19.28]lnch on either side? 两边都要?

[16:21.64]Even though Samantha had done the photo just for her... 虽然莎曼珊拍照是为了自己

[16:24.24]she stiII wanted to be seen a certain way by men. 她还是希望得到男人的垂涎

[16:26.04]Charcoal would bring out the gray tones. 木炭色可以衬托出灰色

[16:28.60]The matte should stop about an inch away from my breast... 框边应该在我胸部这边停止

[16:31.60]right here, see my breast? 看到我的胸部了吗? 就在这边, 靠近屁股

[16:34.96]And then stop right around here, near my ass.

[16:36.48]See that? 看到了吗? 就在我屁股这里

[16:40.32]Right near my ass.

[16:42.20]How's next Thursday? 下个星期四取件?

[16:45.48]Whatever. 都可以

[16:49.72]And you took this one of Cindy Crawford. See, ''Photo by Paul Denai.'' 这幅辛蒂克劳馥是你拍的

[16:51.04]How can you still remember? lt was the '90s. 你怎么记得? 那是九零年代的事了

[16:53.96]lt was '92. 是九二年 我好喜欢她的美人痣

[16:57.36]l loved her beauty mark so much.

[16:58.44]l used to pencil one on, you know, and then... 我都会拿铅笔画一颗痣 把痣放在有瑕疵的地方

[17:01.04]l'd move it around whenever l had a blemish.

[17:02.48]So, you know, it'd be here, then here... 可能是这里…这里 也可能是这里…这里

[17:07.28]and sometimes here and here.

[17:11.84]Here's another one. -还有这个 -我不敢相信你有这本书

[17:11.84]-Man. -l can't believe you have this book.

[17:13.36]-lt's getting embarrassing. -Are you crazy? l love this. 我爱死了 我刚搬到纽约时, 身无分文

[17:17.72]When l first moved to New York, and l was broke...

[17:19.12]sometimes l would buy Vogue instead of dinner. 我会把晚餐钱拿来买 “时尚” 杂志, 就可以饱了

[17:23.96]l just felt it fed me more.

[17:26.84]l used to do all that high-fashion shit... 我以前都是做名流的时装摄影

[17:29.44]but the behind-the-scenes stuff l'm doing now is so much better. 我这次做的幕后花絮有趣多了 也更真实了

[17:32.100]lt's more real. 真实?

[17:35.04]Real. lck.

[17:36.20]The reality of people and all their little flaws... 真实的人们和他们的不完美

[17:42.80]it's the little flaws that make them so much more beautiful. 不完美让他们更美丽

[17:45.56]Forget reality and tell me about the models. 不要管真实了 跟我谈谈模特儿

[17:45.92]Who's a big bitch and who's a bigger bitch? 谁是难伺候的坏女人?

[17:48.80]Sorry... 抱歉, 我不说人闲话

[17:50.24]l never click and tell.

[17:53.88]Why are you so fascinated with the models? -为什么对模特儿这么着迷? -我就是爱

[17:57.40]l just love 'em.

[17:58.28]They're just beautiful. -她们很漂亮 -给你看一样东西

[18:00.84]l wanna show you something.

[18:03.44]You show me... 告诉我哪一个模特儿

[18:08.24]one model...

[18:10.12]who's more alive... 比她更真实

[18:11.60]or more beautiful than her. 更漂亮?

[18:27.88]-So, which one is your new boyfriend? -lt was only one kiss. -你的新男友是哪一位? -只是一个吻

[18:29.76]lt's so predictable. A model dating a photographer. 模特儿跟摄影师约会很自然

[18:32.96]Stanny, l'm a model. 史丹佛, 我是模特儿

[18:39.84]Excuse me. 抱歉

[18:42.40]l may have a stroke. Do l look all right? 我可能兴奋过度 我看起来还好吗?

[18:45.88]l'm nervous about the Charlotte fix-up. 对于新对象我有点紧张

[18:48.80]You look fabulous, have fabulous seats. Everything's gonna be fabulous. 你看起来美呆了, 一切都很棒

[18:53.96]-l can't think about you now. l'm a model. -You're a supermodel. -真不敢相信我是模特儿 -超级名模

[18:55.84]l made them put me in these super high heels. 我要求他们让我穿超级高跟鞋 我看起来一定很棒

[18:59.44]l'm gonna be so freaking tall.

[19:01.60]Supermodel and super size it, please. 超级名模配上超级尺寸

[19:04.96]Excuse me, hi, l'm Carrie Bradshaw. Where do l go? 我是凯莉布雷萧 我应该要去哪里?

[19:08.24]Over with the non-models. -到非模特儿区 -她是怎么回事?

[19:08.96]What's her problem?

[19:13.36]-Gucci and Dolce and Dior. -Oh, my. -古驰和迪奥 -我的天

[19:15.20]Look, this is the Polaroid of the dress. 看, 这是服饰的照片

[19:18.100]Me likie. 我喜欢, 这就叫时尚

[19:21.96]That's a fashion thing.

[19:23.28]Here's one of Frank Rich. 法兰克瑞奇 和芙兰雷伯维兹也有来

[19:27.56]And Fran Lebowitz.

[19:27.24]These are the other real people? -他们也是非模特儿组? -怎么了吗?

[19:31.52]Okay, what the fuck's wrong?

[19:33.68]Frank Rich, Lynne? 瑞奇? 雷伯维兹? D&G请不到埃德科克吗?

[19:35.12]Fran Lebowitz? What, Dolce & Gabbana couldn't get Ed Koch?

[19:37.40]Gucci got him, what's the problem? -古驰请到他, 怎么了吗? -我好像笨蛋

[19:42.08]l'm such an idiot.

[19:43.16]-Actually convinced myself l belonged here. -You do belong here. -我说服自己我属于这里 -你是

[19:45.04]Can l go home? -我可以回家吗? -不行, 时间都安排好了

[19:47.52]No, the entire show is timed per model.

[19:50.52]l'm a non-model. -我是 “非模特儿” -但是你很漂亮

[19:53.68]But you're fabulous.

[19:55.36]Lighten up. 振作一下

[19:56.76]Okay, so you're not Heidi Klum. 你虽然不是海蒂克伦

[20:00.36]But you're the modeliest of the real people. 但你是一般人中最有型的

[20:08.72]l mean, he told me l was sexy. And then he didn't want to kiss me. 他说我很性感, 却不想吻我

[20:12.28]Was it me? Suddenly l wasn't sexy? What does it mean? 是我的关系吗? 我突然不性感了?

[20:15.76]Who knows? He's a man. -什么意思? -天知道, 男人就是这样

[20:17.36]You can lay your pussy on a table in front of one... 你可以把阴部给他看 却还是弄不懂他在想什么

[20:21.64]and still not know what he's thinking.

[20:24.88]And just when I thought it couIdn't get any worse.... 正当我觉得事情不能再糟时

[20:28.96]There's been a change, you're not wearing this. 事情有些改变, 你改穿这个

[20:32.48]You're wearing this.

[20:35.44]Okay. 我得找人谈谈

[20:36.40]l'm gonna need to speak to someone.

[20:41.72]l had to lose the dress, love. 我得放弃那一套 迪奥有类似的设计

[20:42.52]l saw that Dior is showing something similar right before you.

[20:44.28]lt's a fashion house of cards. -时尚就是这样不可预测 -我不能穿珠宝内裤

[20:48.64]l can't wear jeweled underwear.

[20:49.76]l just want you to look at them. Aren't they fantastic? 你仔细看看, 很漂亮的

[20:55.24]How can l make this clear? 我要怎么让你们明白? 我不喜欢

[20:57.32]Me no likie.

[20:60.20]Paul, can you do something? Okay, but not that. 保罗, 帮个忙吧? 不是这个

[21:04.84]Oh, my God!

[21:04.68]-Try them on, you'll love them. -No, please, really, l'm gonna faint. -你会喜欢的, 心肝 -我会晕倒

[21:07.12]l can't wear jeweled panties and strut out in front of Frank Rich. 我不能穿着这个 在瑞奇前面走秀

[21:11.40]l respect Frank Rich. Frank Rich is a writer. 他是我尊敬的作家

[21:15.80]You're not just wearing panties, love. 你又不是只穿内裤

[21:18.20]They come with a fantastic coat. Trot round there and try them on. 你会搭配漂亮的外套, 试试看

[21:21.44]我有一定的型, 你了解吗?

[21:24.44]l have a certain look, you know? And l just really don't think...


[21:28.80]that jeweled panties is it.

[21:32.48]lf you look like a whale, we won't send you out there. 如果你像大白鲸 我们也不会找你来

[21:33.88]We're Dolce & Gabbana, for Chrissakes. Now come out or l'm coming in.

[21:37.68]-出来不然我要进去了 -老天

[21:39.76]God! 棒极了, 头发不对 你需要蓬松的发型


[21:41.44]Now the hair's all wrong. We need big hair.

[21:44.92]Char, this is so exciting. 夏绿蒂, 我好兴奋

[21:54.44]Stanford Blatch, this is Anthony Marantino. 史丹佛巴勒奇 这位是安东尼马蓝提诺


[21:60.64]Marantino, is that ltalian? -马蓝提诺? 意大利人吗? -西西里岛


[22:05.12]ls that different? 有差别吗?

[22:09.08]Yeah. 有

[22:14.12]l'd better go check on Carrie. 我去看看凯莉

[22:20.00]Ed Harris? 艾德哈里斯? 哈里斯个头

[22:22.20]Try ''Ed, l have no hair-is.''

[22:24.16]l thought you two would hit it off. -我以为你们会一拍即合 -只因为我们都是同性恋?

[22:28.48]Why, because he's gay and l'm gay?

[22:30.76]Let me clear something up for you. 让我澄清一件事, 我条件很好

[22:30.84]l'm a nice little package. l got good arms and a high, tight ass. 手臂强壮, 屁股紧翘 我应该找更好的人

[22:36.24]l could do a lot better.

[22:38.68]Ten minutes and ten hair extensions Iater.... 头发痛了十分钟后…

[22:40.76]l can't believe Charlotte would set me up with such a queen. 她居然把我介绍给女王 她认为我跟他很配?

[22:45.96]ls that who she thinks l am? Someone who'd date such queen?

[22:48.72]l don't have time to decipher the levels of queendom in your world right now. 我现在没时间跟你谈论女王

[22:53.60]Would you please go get me another champagne? 你能帮我再拿一瓶香槟吗?

[22:58.36]That is big hair. -头发真蓬 -谢谢你

[22:59.56]-Thank you. -Orlando, she looks fabulous. 奥兰多, 她真漂亮

[23:03.76]We need the big eyes to go with the big hair. 心肝, 现在需要大眼睛 凯文, 这位是凯莉

[23:07.24]-Kevyn Aucoin, Carrie Bradshaw. -Nice to meet you, ready for makeup?

[23:07.80]幸会, 准备好要化妆了吗?

[23:10.08]Okay, sure.

[23:16.00]Hi, l know you're a genius, but here's the thing. 我知道你是天才 不过我是作家

[23:17.44]-l'm a writer. -l know, l'm a big fan of your column.

[23:19.64]Don't worry, you're gonna look fabulous. 我喜欢你的专栏 别担心, 我会让你很漂亮

[23:22.84]-Okay. -Okay?

[23:23.12]-Here. -Nobody's listening to me. -没有人听我说话 -你很漂亮

[23:27.72]-They keep telling me l'm fabulous. -You are fabulous.

[23:29.52]Bring Samantha here. She'll tell me the truth. -把莎曼珊叫来, 她会说实话 -不要, 女王在那里

[23:30.68]-l can't go back. That queen's out there. -Go.


[23:39.16]Crisis. Carrie needs to see you backstage. 紧急事件, 凯莉要你去后台

[23:46.28]Where's her highness? 女王殿下在哪里? 你朋友上哪去了?

[23:48.60]-What? -Your little friend, where is he?

[23:52.28]-他有事得先走 -怎么? 他不喜欢我?

[23:52.72]He had to go.

[23:55.96]Why? He didn't like me?

[23:57.84]He had... 不是的, 他有急事

[23:57.80]a decorating emergency.

[24:01.68]l've been rejected by someone l wasn't interested in. 我被一个我没兴趣的人拒绝

[24:03.56]l hate when that happens. 我最讨厌这样

[24:08.88]Lynne, we're okay to go. 可以开始了

[24:23.88]Lights, go. 灯光, 音乐倒数

[24:24.68]Music cue four, go.

[24:32.12]Gucci. 古驰


[25:10.16]Tell me the truth. l know people don't mean it when they say that, but l do. 说实话, 我要听真正的实话

[25:13.36]Honey... 亲爱的, 你真是衣架子

[25:15.44]you're a model. -你不会骗我吧? -当然不会, 你就像模特儿

[25:15.84]-You'd tell me, right? -Absolutely.

[25:19.64]You're a model.

[25:20.100]Look how tall l am. The shoes were my idea. 我好高, 鞋子是我挑的

[25:27.12]-Christian Dior. -l gotta get out there. 我得出去了, 加油, 模特儿

[25:29.40]-Go, model. -All right.

[25:38.84]You're Heidi Klum. 你是海蒂

[25:40.08]-Wow! Those are fantastic. -Really? -内裤很漂亮 -真的吗?

[25:44.56]Do l look okay? -我看起来还可以吗? -你美呆了

[25:46.16]-You look fabulous. -Thanks. Okay, let's go. 谢谢, 我们走吧




[26:02.96]-Wait till you see our gal. -Really? -我们的凯莉真是不得了 -真的?

[26:09.32]When is she coming out? -什么时候轮到她? -她是下一个

[26:11.00]She's next.

[26:15.08]-DoIce & Gabbana. -Carrie, go. 凯莉, 加油

[26:23.96]Didn't l tell you? 我就说吧

[26:30.88]Fuck me hard! 杀了我吧, 海蒂, 继续走

[26:33.76]Heidi, go.

[26:39.76]Oh, my God, she's fashion roadkill. 老天, 她是伸展台杀手

[26:44.00]Stop fucking taking my picture. 不要拍我

[26:48.52]I had a choice, I couId sIink off the runway and Iet my inner modeI die of shame... 我可以离开伸展台 让我内心的模特儿羞愧而死

[26:54.08]or I couId pick myseIf up, fIaws and aII, and finish. 我也可以重新整理仪容 站起来走完全场

[27:06.72]And that's just what I did. 我选择后者 在真实生活中跌倒的人

[27:07.68]Because when reaI peopIe faII down in Iife...

[27:11.64]they get right back up and keep on waIking. 都会站起来继续向前走

[27:33.52]Katia, go. 卡雅, 加油

[27:47.16]Turns out, my IittIe act of bravery... 我的壮举激发其他三人的勇气

[27:49.00]inspired three other peopIe to acts of bravery as weII.

[27:55.20]Miranda faced her fear of knowing the truth. 米兰达面对追问事实的恐惧

[27:56.88]-Hi. -Hi.

[27:58.20]l'm really confused. 我很疑惑, 我们曾经很愉快 然后你突然断了音信

[27:59.28]l thought we had a good time and then you never called.

[28:04.24]And l never called because you never called. 我没有打电话, 因为你没有打

[28:07.12]l guess that's fine, but... 但是我得知道我哪里做错了

[28:09.92]l just have to know. Did l do something?

[28:12.12]No. Yeah....

[28:13.20]l don't know. 我也不知道 但是当你在沙发上时

[28:13.48]We were sitting on the couch, and you just....

[28:18.88]You seem a little full of yourself. 你似乎有些自满

[28:22.56]Okay, glad we straightened that out. 很高兴我们把事情讲开了

[28:27.28]Cheeseburger and fries. 起司汉堡和薯条

[28:27.52]Samantha faced her fear of what reaI food wouId do to her perfect figure. 莎曼珊面对了真正的食物 会破坏身材的事实

[28:37.64]Thanks. -谢谢 -好棒的屁股

[28:37.52]Nice ass.

[28:43.24]l didn't tip you enough. 我给的小费太少了

[28:44.48]And CharIotte faced her fear of seeing herseIf. 夏绿蒂克服不敢 观察自己的障碍

[28:58.04]And just Iike Narcissus before her... 就像自恋的水仙

[29:01.40]CharIotte became so mesmerized by what she saw, that.... 夏绿蒂被她所见的迷住了

[29:06.64]And as for me... 而我则把宝石内裤 和内心的模特儿藏起来

[29:08.68]I tucked my jeweIed underwear and my inner modeI away...

[29:11.32]where they beIonged... 重新回到真实的自我

[29:13.12]and went back to my Iife as a reaI person.

[30:56.32]Subtitles conformed by SOFTlTLER

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