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欲望都市第四季 与“性”何干 What’s Sex Got to Do With It?






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:43:13



[00:35.44](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)

[00:44.28]“与 ”性“ 何干? ”

[00:47.56]New York City, no matter how weII you think you know it... 不管你自认多么了解纽约

[00:52.44]there's aIways somewhere or someone new to discover. 这儿总是有新鲜的人事物 等待被发掘

[00:55.80]I was on my second date with Ray King, who Iived in Queens... 这是我跟雷的第二次约会 他家在皇后区

[00:60.28]but it feIt Iike our second, third and fourth date... 然而一口气去三家爵士俱乐部 让我觉得好像是第四次

[01:01.04]because we'd been to three jazz cIubs in one night.

[01:05.44]l can't sing for shit, but damn, can l chop. 我不会唱歌但会切菜

[01:07.76]And where does one learn this skill? -哪里可以学习爵士? -泽西海岸

[01:09.64]-Jersey Shore. -ls that where you're from? -你的家乡? -你听

[01:11.64]Listen. This lick right here is why l wanted to play the bass.

[01:11.80]就是这一段节奏 激发我学贝斯的念头

[01:18.36]Man. 天, 这里怎么样?

[01:18.36]How about that?

[01:19.96]Jesus, that's sweet. 老天, 真是动听, 再听一次

[01:23.56]Listen to that again.

[01:42.32]How about that? 你觉得怎么样?

[01:48.20]This might be a good time to tell you... 现在是坦白的好时机 我不喜欢爵士

[01:51.88]l don't like jazz.

[01:55.04]Why would you say something like that? 你怎么会这么说呢?

[01:60.24]l don't know, you can't follow it... 你不能跟着唱, 没有旋律可言

[02:02.80]and there's no melody.

[02:04.80]And it's just like.... lt's all over the place. 就像这样四处流窜

[02:05.16]Carrie, you gotta stop trying to make it be something else... 你不能改变它

[02:10.16]and appreciate it for what it is. 试着去欣赏它 我希望贝斯在我手边

[02:10.92]Damn, l wish l had my bass.

[02:14.12]Come here, you be the bass. 过来, 你当贝斯

[02:19.20]Don't l have to be in the musician's union or something? 我应该先加入音乐家协会吧?

[02:20.68]You play all those instruments? -你什么乐器都能演奏? -我只是练过几个调子

[02:23.96]''Play'' is a little strong. l learn a few notes, l get bored, l move on.

[02:26.24]厌倦了就换, 你听贝斯的部分

[02:27.64]Listen to the bass.

[02:30.76]The beauty of jazz... 爵士乐就美在它有各种可能性

[02:32.52]is that it can go anywhere.

[02:34.32]lt can go from here... 可以是这样…

[02:38.68]to here... 或这样

[02:43.96]to here.... 甚至这样

[02:46.56]It was right about that time that I started to appreciate... 就在那时候我才开始懂得欣赏 爵士乐这玩意

[02:51.32]a IittIe type of music we caII jazz.

[02:57.76]So what did you do last night? -你昨晚做了什么? -去听爵士乐

[02:58.88]l listened to jazz.

[03:02.44]What is so funny about jazz? 爵士乐有什么好玩的?

[03:06.52]Okay, here it is. 是这样的

[03:09.68]Last night, with Ray... 昨晚, 我跟雷经历了…

[03:14.00]l had...

[03:18.04]the most intense orgasm of my entire life. 我有生以来最强烈的高潮

[03:21.44]l did my laundry. Continue. 我洗了衣服, 继续说

[03:25.72]lt doesn't make sense, l barely know him. We've only been on two dates. 这实在没道理 那是我们第二次约会

[03:29.20]And yet you had sex with him. -你就跟他上床? -我们让凯莉说完好吗?

[03:30.00]Can everyone please let Carrie talk about the sex?

[03:34.24]The mind-blowing sex. Now... 简直是神魂颠倒

[03:36.12]l realize that this next statement... 我知道这听起来很古怪

[03:40.84]makes me a bit of a freak, but...

[03:45.52]l usually have to be in love with someone... 但是我通常只跟我爱的人 才会有高潮

[03:48.16]to have that kind of orgasm.

[03:50.44]-You might want to see someone about that. -What the hell is going on? -这倒是跟他约会的好理由 -到底是怎么回事?

[03:52.36]Maybe Ray is the one. -或许雷就是你的真命天子 -你的阴蒂是这么想的

[03:56.32]Your clitoris seems to think so.

[03:58.04]lt was probably just a fluke. 这或许只是侥幸 我明天再试试看

[03:59.28]l'm going back tomorrow to find out.

[04:01.68]l, on the other hand, am on strike. -而我正处于罢工状态 -什么意思?

[04:02.40]What does that mean? -我不要有性生活了 -这样太消沉了吧

[04:05.96]lt means l'm not having any more sex.

[04:06.04]That's not a strike, honey, that's a slump.

[04:09.24]No, it might have started as a slump, but l'm in control of it now. 一开始可能会 现在已在控制之下了

[04:12.60]l've made the conscious decision not to have sex until conditions improve. 在情况好转之前 我拒绝发生关系

[04:18.80]How many people will be affected by this strike? 有多少人会因此受到影响?

[04:20.88]So far, just the one, but l'm optimistic. 目前只有我一个 不过对此我很乐观

[04:25.16]The thing is, l can't go on any more bad dates. 我不要再忍受糟糕的约会了

[04:28.84]l would rather be home alone than out with some guy... 我宁可待在家里也不要和 在网路上卖袜子的人约会

[04:31.88]who sells socks on the lnternet.

[04:36.20]l'm dating someone. 我正在与人交往

[04:36.96]Someone l actually like. -一个我真正喜欢的人 -真好

[04:42.76]Maria. 玛莉亚

[04:47.00]My Maria, from the gallery? 我的玛莉亚? 艺术家玛莉亚?

[04:49.20]She's my Maria now, we're having a... 她现在是我的了 我们正在认真交往


[04:55.16]Yes, ladies, l'm a lesbian. 是的, 我是同性恋

[04:57.92]Wait a second. 等一下, 你们认真交往?

[05:01.52]-You're in a relationship? -Yes.

[05:05.68]And she just walked in. Please get those looks off your faces. 她来了, 别露出惊讶的表情

[05:14.44]-Hello. -You know Charlotte. -你认识夏绿蒂 -当然

[05:16.32]Sure. -凯莉和米兰达 -幸会

[05:17.60]And this is Carrie and Miranda.

[05:19.04]-Hi! -lt's so nice to meet you.

[05:23.32]l see you told them. 看得出来你告诉她们了

[05:26.16]How does that work? 这怎么可能? 你一觉醒来就成了同性恋?

[05:29.96]You go to bed, you wake up the next morning...

[05:30.44]and you're a lesbian? 我忘了告诉你们我是消防栓

[05:33.44]-l forgot to tell you, l'm a fire hydrant. -l'm a shoe.

[05:35.12]l always wanted to be one, and now l am. 我是鞋子, 我一直想变成鞋子

[05:38.40]l don't think she's a lesbian, l think she just ran out of men. 她不是同性恋 只是因为男人被她用光了

[05:41.96]Then you go on strike, you don't eat pussy. 这样的话应该罢工 而不是去吃阴部

[05:45.04]Did you just say ''eat pussy''? 你刚才说 “吃阴部” ?

[05:48.56]l did, but just for emphasis. 我只是强调

[05:55.64]You know, the truly amazing thing is, l had the news tonight. 最难以相信的是 我今晚有大新闻

[05:58.28]-l had the most intense... -''Mind-blowing,'' l believe was the word. -我经历了最强烈的高潮… -神魂颠倒

[06:04.44]...orgasm of my life... 却又略逊莎曼珊一筹

[06:05.64]and Samantha still managed to up-sex me.

[06:13.80]They met at my gallery. l introduced them. 她们在我的艺廊相遇 我是介绍人

[06:17.96]You're a pimp. 你是拉皮条的

[06:19.64]Later that night, inspired by Samantha's wiIIingness to expIore new territory... 稍晚 受到莎曼珊探索新领域的影响

[06:25.64]CharIotte feIt it was time to conquer some oId territory. 夏绿蒂感到 该是征服旧地盘的时候了

[06:28.60]The bed... 她和崔曾在这张床上 经历过夫妻之间的大问题

[06:30.00]where she and Trey had so much troubIe as man and wife.

[06:33.48]Here we are. 就是这里了


[06:37.04]Should we have a glass of wine first? 要不要先喝杯酒?

[06:39.32]-l'm fine, unless you-- -No, l'm okay. -我很好, 除非你想… -不, 我也很好

[06:47.96]lf you don't feel ready.... 如果你还没准备好…

[07:02.48]Just because she was on strike didn't mean she had to do without. 停止性生活不代表停止享受

[07:09.68]That's how Miranda discovered the perfect reIationship. 米兰达发现了最完美的 约会对象

[07:13.76]Jon Stewart and chocoIate écIairs. 电视和巧克力蛋糕

[07:16.52]...be here today and she is, from what I understand, in Iove with me.

[07:20.40]That night... 夏绿蒂和崔的夜晚也十分甜美

[07:21.80]CharIotte and Trey enjoyed a sweet ending to their evening as weII.

[07:27.08]Not bad. 不赖吧?

[07:32.64]lt was almost mind-blowing. 简直是神魂颠倒

[07:34.84]CharIotte was reIieved. 夏绿蒂松了一口气 他们已经征服了卧房

[07:37.00]Now that they had fixed their probIem in the bedroom...

[07:39.08]she was ready to move back into the other rooms as weII. 她已经准备好要征服其他房间

[07:43.24]So... 你在想什么?

[07:44.52]what are you thinking?

[07:49.56]l'm thinking l've never seen my John Thomas so hard. 我从来不知道我的老二 可以这么硬挺

[07:53.00]l swear, at times l felt like it was gonna rocket right off. 我常常觉得它就要发射出去了

[07:58.48]What were you thinking? -你在想什么? -我不知道

[08:03.36]l don't know.

[08:06.80]Should l.... 我应不应该…

[08:12.16]Do you.... 你想不想…

[08:18.16]-Are we ready to-- -Go again? -我们可不可以… -再来一次?

[08:22.92]Houston, we don't have a problem. 休士顿, 我们一切都没问题

[08:26.92]Three, two, one, blastoff! 三、 二、 一, 发射

[08:36.52]-Who is it? -It's Ray. -哪位? -雷

[08:37.72]Hi, come on up. 上来

[08:41.84]Shit. 讨厌

[08:46.08]So, did you and the girls run down the street talking about me? 你们回家的路上 有没有谈论我?

[08:51.84]-Maybe. -How many bIocks? -或许吧 -谈了几个街区?

[08:54.52]Two, okay, nine. -两个…九个 -说真的, 我有点受伤

[08:59.04]Honestly, l'm a little hurt.

[08:60.92]After all the hours l've spent listening to you people talk about your relationships. 我总是听你们谈论你们的关系

[09:04.28]You do that? -你有吗? -至少我表现出礼貌

[09:06.48]I make the courtesy caII.

[09:07.44]''Do you think you love him? Blah, blah, blah.'' “你认为你爱他吗? ”

[09:12.60]You just caught us a little off guard with the lesbian thing. 你是同性恋这件事 吓我们一大跳

[09:15.20]That's just a label, like Gucci or Versace. -那只是标签, 就像名牌 -那些服饰品牌

[09:16.48]Or Birkenstock. 这跟性向无关 玛莉亚真的很不可思议

[09:19.48]This is not about being gay or straight.

[09:20.76]Maria is an incredibIe woman.

[09:23.68]She's got passion, and talent... 她有热情、 天分

[09:27.32]-inteIIigence-- -A vagina. -智慧 -还有阴道

[09:30.04]-Vagina schmagina. -''Schmagina''? “她阴道”

[09:31.12]她阴道? 现在流行的称呼吗?

[09:31.40]ls that what the lesbians are calling it?

[09:35.80]For your information, we haven't even had sex yet. -我们还没上过床 -你真的在谈感情


[09:38.64]You really are in a relationship.

[09:40.64]I am. Life is not aII about sex. 没错, 凯莉 性不是生命的全部

[09:44.64]Try telling that to her schmagina. 去跟她的 “她阴道” 说

[09:46.04]l want a bourbon, and l want to go down on you. 我要一杯威士忌 还要替你口交

[09:51.48]Not necessarily in that order. 不一定要照顺序

[09:52.20]The truth is... 我希望第一次很特别

[09:55.48]l really want it to be special the first time.

[09:58.08]l'm sure that it will be special. 我相信一定会很特别


[10:03.24]l'm sure it will be special, because--

[10:05.12]Is Ray there? -因为… -雷在你旁边吗?

[10:08.60]No, Samantha, l'm listening. 不, 莎曼珊, 我在听

[10:12.84]l'm listening.

[10:15.76]The next day, I thought about what Samantha said. 次日我思考莎曼珊说的话

[10:16.92]She wasn't having sex because she wanted to have a reIationship... 她不上床是因为想要谈感情

[10:21.92]and I was having mind-bIowing sex hoping to turn it into a reIationship. 而我则希望美好的性 能转变成感情

[10:23.48]So there you have it. 没有性的感情和没有感情的性

[10:26.08]We've got a reIationship without sex...

[10:28.88]and sex without a reIationship.

[10:30.48]Which had a better shot at survivaI? 哪一种成功的机率大?

[10:31.92]I couIdn't heIp but wonder, what comes first, the chicken or the sex? 我不禁纳闷 先有爱还是先有性?

[10:38.24]That night I decided to reaIIy taIk to Ray. 那一晚, 我决定和雷好好聊聊

[10:42.20]I figured we needed to catch the reIationship up to the sex. 我们在感情方面得加把劲

[10:45.28]That was the pIan. 我是这么计划的

[10:46.04]Wait a minute. 等一下…

[10:50.76]l asked you a question. Where did you go to school? 我问你, 你上哪一所学校?

[10:55.04]All over. 到处

[10:57.72]Freckles on the legs, nothing wrong with that. 城门城门鸡蛋糕, 三十六把刀

[11:02.48]It was my best reIationship ever. 这是我有过最棒的关系

[11:07.24]MeanwhiIe, over at Casa de Lesbo.... 而在女同志之家…

[11:10.44]That coq au vin was amazing. 红葡萄酒煮鸡真好吃

[11:12.40]You can paint, you can cook, you can do everything. 你会作画, 会下厨, 无所不能

[11:20.56]But... 而你带来最棒的甜点

[11:20.44]you brought the most incredible dessert.

[11:27.72]Want a bite? 吃一口

[11:33.16]Samantha decided if she was going to be gay... 莎曼珊决定既然要当同性恋

[11:36.04]she'd be gay aII the way. 就要当得彻底

[11:44.60]l might not be much in the kitchen... 我在厨房的表现或许不好

[11:48.12]but l'm more than enough in the bedroom. 但是我在卧房的表现没话说

[12:01.100]Baby. 莎曼珊, 我没有感觉


[12:07.36]lt's not really working for me.

[12:09.76]It was a phrase Samantha had never heard in bed before. 这是莎曼珊从没听过的一句话

[12:14.84]Honey, l've never gotten any complaints from the men. 亲爱的 从来没有男人跟我抱怨过

[12:22.72]Men. 男人…

[12:23.28]l want you to look at me. 我要你看着我

[12:30.72]Connect with me. 跟我连结在一起

[12:34.32]This is lovemaking. 这是做爱

[12:36.80]lt's not a porno flick. 不是色情电影

[12:40.20]l want to show you. l'm gonna lay down. 我要你看清楚, 我会躺下来

[12:44.04]And l want you to look at my boceta. 我要你看着我的 “葡赛塔”

[12:46.64]lt's a Portuguese word for ''pussy.'' 葡萄牙文的阴部

[12:59.96]MeanwhiIe, Miranda, stiII off sex and on chocoIate... 拒绝上床迎接巧克力的米兰达

[13:03.64]couIdn't bring herseIf to order the seven écIairs she reaIIy wanted. 虽然很想要七个蛋糕 却只能点一个

[13:05.64]So she asked for just one.

[13:07.80]One cake, please. 我要一个蛋糕 你推荐哪一种?

[13:11.60]-Which do you recommend? -l'd go with the Louvre. 这个特制罗浮巧克力蛋糕

[13:14.48]Monsieur Payard's signature chocolate cake.

[13:18.24]Sold. -我要了 -一共是74块半

[13:20.56]Okay, that'll be $7 4.50.

[13:21.04]As in 7 4 dollars and 50 cents? -74块半美金 -是的

[13:25.84]Yes. 米兰达发现 她没有那么想要那个蛋糕

[13:25.72]Miranda decided she didn't need a cake that badIy...

[13:32.00]especiaIIy when she couId make one for under $5. 尤其是五块钱就可以拥有一个

[13:36.16]Every once in a whiIe, a girI has to induIge herseIf. 每个女孩偶尔都要宠爱自己

[14:03.16]l'm on the mallard! -崔, 我坐到鸭子了 -什么? 抱歉


[14:57.36]He still hasn't asked me to move back in. 他没有要我搬回去

[14:60.16]We make love all over the apartment. ln the morning... 我们在屋子里到处做爱 然后我像妓女般搭计程车回家

[15:01.32]l get in a cab and go home like a Park Avenue hooker!

[15:04.72]-Can't you bring it up? -No! -你不能要求吗? -不行, 他的帆正扬起

[15:08.08]We finally got the penis working, l don't want to scare it. 我不想吓坏他

[15:11.08]Why can't l have the relationship and the sex? 我为什么不能同时拥有 性和感情?

[15:11.16]-Why is it one or the other? -You got me. 你考倒我了

[15:13.84]l wanna order. Where's the lesbian du jour? 我们的女同志在哪里?

[15:17.92]Listen, you guys, when she gets here, we have to talk about her relationship. 等她来后 我们要关心她的感情事

[15:21.72]She was mad we didn't take it seriously last time. 她要我们认真看待

[15:26.00]Please. She isn't having a relationship, she's just doing this to bug us. 那才不是感情 她只是要刺激我们

[15:28.28]l don't know. They haven't even had sex yet. 我不确定, 但是她们还没上床

[15:32.48]She said she wants it to be special. -她希望要很特别 -真的?

[15:33.52]-Really? -Yeah.

[15:37.32]Then we should be supportive. This is the healthiest thing she's done in ages. 这可是莎曼珊长久以来 最健康的一件事

[15:41.32]Does anybody want to split the chocolate pudding? 有人要跟我分巧克力布丁吗?

[15:45.16]Morning, ladies. 早安, 各位

[15:47.88]-Morning. -Hi!

[15:50.44]Tell us about your relationship. How is everything going with Maria? 谈谈你的感情事 进展得如何了?


[15:57.68]Did you know that when a vagina gets engorged...

[15:58.88]it expands to the size of a fist? 可以像拳头一样大吗? 真是个奇异的孔穴

[16:01.68]lt's like a fabulous cave.

[16:04.08]l guess they've had sex. -她们上床了 -显而易见

[16:04.24]-Apparently so. -And we have three holes down there. -我们那里有三个洞 -我听够了

[16:09.52]Okay, stop talking about your relationship.

[16:10.12]But it's fascinating! There are places a dick just can't go. 还有老二到不了的地方

[16:14.32]Some dicks manage just fine. 有些老二做得不错

[16:18.20]Please, Maria has 10 dicks. -玛莉亚有十根老二 -是你开启话题的

[16:19.64]For the record, you started this.

[16:21.56]l am sorry... 抱歉, 手指并不算老二

[16:24.44]but a finger is not a dick.

[16:26.20]A finger is more like a third of a dick. 比较像是三分之一的老二

[16:29.80]So technically, Maria only has three and a third dicks. 所以技术上来说 玛莉亚只有三又三分之一根

[16:32.68]l can tell you right now, this... 我可以告诉你们

[16:37.64]is not the same as this. 这样跟这样可不一样

[16:41.04]Okay, put that away. 不要比了

[16:43.72]l'm just saying, size has nothing to do with it. 我只能说尺寸不是问题

[16:45.20]What's happening to you? -你是怎么了? -我正在受教育

[16:46.80]l'm getting an education.

[16:49.88]Not only do l now know everything there is to know... 我只需要去了解 伟大的 “葡赛塔”

[16:51.68]about the glorious boceta....

[16:53.84]That's Portuguese for ''pussy.'' 葡萄牙文的阴道

[16:55.04]''Boceta, schmagina, let's call the whole thing off.'' 葡赛塔、 她阴道 我们不要再谈这个了

[16:60.00]The most important thing... 最重要的是玛莉亚教我 要跟她相连结

[17:01.60]is that Maria has taught me how to connect during sex.

[17:05.32]lt's not just some animal act. 这不只是动物的行为

[17:09.00]lt's about two people making love. 而是两个人, 做爱做的事


[17:21.80]l couldn't pick a shirt. Red, blue, l didn't know. 我还没决定穿哪一件, 进来

[17:25.40]Come on in, l'm making margaritas. 我帮你调杯酒

[17:28.08]Look what l bought today. 看我买了什么 第一张爵士唱片

[17:31.96]-My first jazz CD. -No.

[17:37.12]You gotta hear that on vinyl. 你一定要听听这个

[17:40.56]Wait, Ray. 雷, 等一下

[17:43.08]Stop. Don't play anything. 雷, 停下来

[17:46.24]Don't scat, don't chop, don't blend.... 不要放音乐, 不要急 不要切菜, 不要调酒

[17:50.00]Could we.... 我们可以坐下来聊一会儿吗?

[17:51.40]Could we just sit and talk for a while?

[17:56.56]The ''gotta talk'' girl, gotta talk. 非得聊天不可

[17:57.28]''What are you thinking? Where is this going?'' 你在想 “我们可以 进展到什么地步? ”

[18:01.04]l'm not that girl. 我不是那种女孩 我只是想跟你聊聊

[18:03.96]l'm not any girl, l just want to talk.

[18:08.40]You know, talk. 就是聊聊而已

[18:09.52]Like, where are you from? You said something about the Jersey Shore. 你的家乡在哪里? 你曾经提过泽西海岸

[18:15.96]l spent a couple summers there. 我在那里待过几个夏天 和朋友们去飞镖射击

[18:16.08]Worked on the boardwalk. There was a skeet shooting place l went to.

[18:20.44]-On the Jersey Shore? -Upstate New York, college. -在泽西海岸? -在纽约北部, 拉弓

[18:22.40]And, pull!

[18:24.52]Man, why no skeet in the city? l love the skeet. 这个城市为什么没有飞镖? 我爱死飞镖了

[18:27.68]l should open one in New York. Maybe sell a club. 我应该在纽约市开一家

[18:30.00]When was the last time you had canned corn? 你上一次吃罐头玉米 是什么时候? 像很好吃

[18:34.56]That sounds good right now. You hungry? -你饿了吗? -不饿, 因为…

[18:35.16]No, because remember l met-- 我曾在赌城吃过 塞满玉米的肉馅派

[18:39.44]l had a pot pie in Vegas once, loaded with corn....

[18:41.32]As Ray taIked... 当雷不停地讲话时 我突然意识到

[18:43.52]I reaIized he wasn't spontaneous and unpredictabIe and thriIIing.


[18:49.76]He was a guy with ADD. 他有注意力缺失症

[18:52.44]What kind of reIationship couId I have with a guy I couIdn't even taIk to? 不能谈心算什么感情? 我必须结束它

[18:55.52]Flaky crust.

[18:58.40]I'd have to end it.

[18:59.72]You like pies? 喜欢吃派吗?


[19:05.36]Wanna play me?

[19:07.76]Yeah. 总有一天


[19:18.52]MeanwhiIe, uptown... 在此同时, 在上城区

[19:20.60]l was thinking. 夏绿蒂给崔最后一次机会 请她搬回家

[19:22.00]...CharIotte gave Trey one more chance to ask her to move in.

[19:24.56]l'm just gonna say it. 我要说了

[19:29.16]Next time l'm hard... 下次我勃起时 能不能请你帮我量尺寸?

[19:30.40]would you consider measuring my John Thomas?

[19:34.60]What? No! 什么? 不要

[19:37.08]l understand, it's juvenile, l know. 我知道这样很幼稚

[19:39.76]But l've just never seen it like this. 只是我从没见过它这样

[19:43.32]l'm taking a shower. 我去洗澡

[19:47.40]CharIotte was never a woman who cared much about penises... 夏绿蒂向来不挺重视老二

[19:50.32]and now a penis was running her Iife. 现在老二却主宰着她的生活

[19:54.88]Forget it. 算了

[20:03.84]As CharIotte Iathered up... 就在洗澡的同时 夏绿蒂开始激动起来

[20:04.64]she reaIIy started to get Iathered up.

[20:09.52]Who did he think he was? 他以为他是谁? 他们可是结发夫妻

[20:12.08]He was her husband, and she was his wife.

[20:13.76]What the heII was going on in this Upper East Side nightmare? 她为什么要忍受这样的噩梦?

[20:20.64]l'm tired of being married to your penis! 我受够嫁给你的老二了

[20:23.92]l am a person. 我是个人, 这应该是段感情

[20:24.08]This is supposed to be a relationship!

[20:26.36]And l am done walking on eggshells! 我不要再这样小心翼翼了

[20:30.88]''Don't talk about moving in in front of the penis... 不要在它面前谈搬回来的事 它可能会软掉

[20:32.72]'''cause it might go soft.''

[20:33.36]''The penis likes this,'' and ''The penis doesn't like that!'' 它喜欢这样, 不喜欢那样 现在又想要量尺寸

[20:36.12]And ''The penis wants to be measured!''

[20:40.12]-lt was just a thought. -Here's another thought! -我只是想想而已 -不如这样吧

[20:43.88]You can shove this marriage up your ass! -把我们的婚姻丢掉吧 -夏绿蒂, 不要走

[20:45.00]Don't go. 我要回到我租的公寓

[20:46.68]l'm going home to my own apartment, where l have a lease.

[20:50.64]l hope that you and your penis have a very lovely night! 祝你和你的老二 有个愉快的夜晚

[21:05.96]MeanwhiIe, Miranda was getting fed up as weII... 在此同时 米兰达开始厌倦自己了

[21:08.84]with herseIf.

[21:36.48]Hi, it's me, Ieave a message. 你好, 是我, 请留言

[21:40.36]l know you're probably busy... 我知道你可能忙着 享受兴奋至极的性爱

[21:41.16]having mind-blowing sex right now...

[21:45.20]but l feel that you need to know, your good friend, Miranda Hobbes... 但我觉得你有必要知道 你的好朋友米兰达

[21:49.20]has just taken a piece of cake out of the garbage... 刚才从垃圾桶里捡蛋糕来吃

[21:51.96]and eaten it.

[21:52.48]You'll probably need this information... 等你到医院看我的时候 才不会觉得奇怪

[21:55.04]when you check me in to the Betty Crocker Clinic.

[22:15.56]That night Miranda reaIized... 当晚, 米兰达领悟到 巧克力只是性的替代品

[22:17.84]she'd been using chocoIate as a substitute for sex...

[22:20.40]and now she needed a substitute for chocoIate. 她现在需要巧克力的替代品

[22:31.92]The strike was officiaIIy over. 罢工正式结束了

[22:36.12]That's perfect! 太棒了

[22:36.28]Just when she thought she knew everything there was to know about women... 正当她以为她对女人了若指掌

[22:44.56]Samantha caused the very eIusive... 莎曼珊遭遇了前所未有的经验

[22:47.56]femaIe ejacuIation.

[22:48.52]Was that good or bad? -这是好是坏? -好的不得了

[22:50.84]That was very good.

[22:52.00]Samantha got the reIationship and the sex. 莎曼珊同时拥有感情和性

[22:58.08]In fact, a IittIe more sex than she'd expected. 甚至比她预期的要多一点

[23:02.32]l want some water. 我想喝水, 你呢? 我马上回来

[23:06.76]You want some water?

[23:07.44]Be right back. 隔天早上, 我有了新的想法

[23:08.72]The next morning, I woke up with a new thought.

[23:12.20]Maybe Ray was Iike jazz. 或许雷就像爵士乐 与其改变他

[23:14.48]Instead of trying to make him be something eIse, I needed to Iet go...

[23:17.44]and appreciate him for what he was. 不如试着欣赏他 和他令人神魂颠倒的性

[23:20.24]TruIy mind-bIowing sex.

[23:45.88]But unfortunateIy... 不幸地, 他对我的兴趣

[23:46.96]I got the feeIing Ray had stopped pIaying me...

[23:49.28]and moved on to another instrument. 已经转移到其他乐器身上

[24:02.52]Morning, ma'am. -早安, 女士 -早安


[24:08.36]You left something at my.... 你把东西忘在我的…

[24:10.04]At the apartment. 忘在公寓了

[24:18.20]l want you to move back in... 夏绿蒂, 我要你搬回来

[24:20.20]and get rid of this old apartment. 放弃这间旧公寓

[24:25.28]And stay all night, every night. 整晚都不要离开

[24:28.56]And wake up next to me every morning and be my wife. 每天在我身边醒来 就像我的妻子一样

[24:32.32]-You do? -Yeah. 你真的希望?

[24:37.48]l talked it over with my penis and we both agree. 我跟我的老二谈过了 我们一致同意

[24:40.56]l don't want to lose you again. 我不想再失去你了

[24:44.96]Charlotte York MacDougal... 夏绿蒂, 愿意再嫁给我吗?

[24:49.52]will you remarry me?

[24:51.20]Yes, Trey MacDougal... 崔, 我愿意

[24:55.88]l will remarry you.

[25:19.60]WaIking home from ADD, ''another dating disaster''... 结束一个悲惨的约会之后 在回家的路上

[25:25.00]I worried that there's a reason they caII it ''mind-bIowing'' sex. 我了解到为什么要叫做 “神魂颠倒”

[25:27.96]Maybe that kind of physicaI connection obIiterates the chance of an inteIIectuaI one. 因为肉体上的结合 消灭了精神上的

[25:31.88]Or maybe it's possibIe to find both. 又或许两者不可兼得

[25:37.84]That's what I was hoping, because great sex is great... 虽然我希望拥有美好的性

[25:41.32]but I stiII Iike a song with a meIody I can sing to. 但我还是喜欢 可以跟着唱的曲子

[25:55.12]Subtitles conformed by SOFTlTLER

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