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欲望都市第四季 事业与爱情 Time and Punishment






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:42:50



[00:35.44](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:48.88]Once Aidan and I were back together... 艾登和我复合之后 似乎没什么事情

[00:48.32]it seemed Iike nothing had ever happened to break us apart.


[00:54.60]Hi, it's me, go ahead. 是我,请留言

[00:56.08]Hey, kid. What's shaking? I'm back in town. 有什么新鲜事?我回到城里了 打电话给我,宝贝

[00:59.88]CaII me, baby.

[01:05.72]l'm.... 我没有…




[01:26.52]A IittIe machine with a big message. 传来大讯息的小答录机

[01:29.52]-Okay, something happened. -Something bad? -发生了一件事 -坏事吗?

[01:32.36]Big called while Aidan and l were making love. 我和艾登做爱时 大人物正好打来

[01:35.48]Something bad. 是坏事

[01:37.36]The machine picked up. -答录机接了电话 -你们有什么反应?

[01:37.24]-What did you do? -Nothing. 没有,我们继续做爱

[01:41.12]We just kept making love.

[01:41.64]He could keep going after that? 他还有心情做下去? 他真有毅力

[01:44.20]-Honey, he's a keeper. -Never mind him, how'd you do? -别管他,那你呢? -我撑到结束

[01:46.68]-Fine, l finished. -You did? 你有?

[01:50.20]l had to. 我必须这样,我从入学测验后 就没这么努力过

[01:51.60]And l haven't worked that hard at anything since my SATs.

[01:54.24]This is awful. Did you talk about it? 真糟糕,你们谈过这件事吗?

[01:55.12]No, we just went to sleep. 没有,我们倒头就睡

[01:57.04]And when l woke up, Aidan was on the other side of the bed. 当我醒来时 艾登躺在床的另一边

[02:01.100]Usually he sleeps right next to me. You know, like, right here... 通常他都睡在我身旁 就在这里

[02:05.80]and l just, l get in his little nook. -而我依偎在他的怀抱中 -也许他改变了睡姿

[02:09.76]Maybe he's just sleeping differently.

[02:12.16]Maybe, or maybe he'll never forget what happened... 或者他永远也忘不了发生的事

[02:15.04]and every time the phone rings... 每次电话一响 他会以为是大人物想重拾旧情

[02:16.52]he'll think that it's Big calling to start affair number two.

[02:20.72]That's a big maybe. -这很有可能 -我本来希望能有个新的开始

[02:20.08]l was just hoping that we could just start fresh...

[02:24.40]and now we're gonna have to talk about it. -现在却得谈这件事 -你要解释大人物的事?

[02:27.48]What are you gonna do, sit Aidan down and explain about Big?

[02:30.72]Unless Hallmark makes a ''Sorry l Cheated'' card. 除非文具店有卖 “抱歉,我不忠”的卡片

[02:31.32]No one wants to hear about their lover's past lovers. 没人想听爱人过往的情史 还是少碰为妙

[02:35.88]What happened was in the past, leave it there.

[02:36.32]lt's on my answering machine. l have to talk about it. 他都在我答录机里留言了 我非解释不可

[02:41.60]-Here you go, this is yours. -Thank you. -这是你的餐点 -谢谢

[02:46.96]Can l change the subject? -我可以换个话题吗? -拜托,我愿意付你一百万

[02:48.84]l'll pay you a million dollars.

[02:52.04]l'm thinking about quitting my job. -我在考虑辞职 -别家画廊给你更好的待遇?

[02:53.80]-Did you get an offer from a better gallery? -No, l mean, stopping working.

[02:55.16]不,我是指停止工作 完全不做事


[03:02.84]Really? 真的吗?

[03:03.64]Yeah. 我一直努力兼顾每件事 快把自己逼疯了

[03:04.92]l've been driving myself crazy lately just trying to get everything done...

[03:09.60]-and Trey suggested-- -Trey suggested? -崔建议… -崔建议?

[03:12.36]He mentioned that... 他提到也许我可以辞职

[03:15.56]maybe l might quit.

[03:15.76]And l mean, really, l have just been driving myself crazy. 我一直忙得不可开交 为了什么?画廊?

[03:19.32]And for what? The gallery?

[03:22.92]What has the gallery ever done for me? 画廊为我做过什么?

[03:23.00]-But you love your job. -l know. -可是你爱你的工作 -我知道

[03:26.40]But there's so much more l could do with my life. 但我的人生还可以做更多事

[03:31.08]Like what? -比方说? -很快我便会怀孕

[03:32.48]Soon l'll be pregnant, and that'll be huge.

[03:34.48]Plus, l'm redecorating the apartment... 我正在重新装修房子 我也想学印度菜

[03:37.16]and l always wanted to take lndian cooking classes...

[03:39.80]and sometimes l'll walk by one of those Color Me Mine pottery places... 有时候我经过陶艺工坊

[03:44.20]and l'll see a woman having just a lovely afternoon glazing a bowl. 看见一个女人为一个碗上釉 度过愉快的午后时光

[03:49.40]That'd be a nice change. 也许这会是个很好的改变

[03:50.88]And l wanted to volunteer at Trey's hospital. 我还想去崔的医院当义工

[03:52.36]And help raise money for the new Pediatric AlDS wing. 替小儿科爱滋病房募款

[03:55.92]The cooking and the AlDS stuff is great, but... 烹饪和爱滋病义工都很棒

[03:59.00]Color Me Mine, sweetie.... 至于陶艺工坊… 要是我经过看到你在里面

[04:01.68]lf l was walking by and l saw you in there...

[04:06.64]l'd just keep on walking. 我会继续往前走

[04:07.64]Anyway, that's what l'm thinking. 无论如何,这是我的想法

[04:12.72]You sure you're not just having a bad work week? 你是因为这礼拜 工作太累的关系吗?

[04:14.72]No, that's not it. 不,不是那原因,我要辞职 我真的想这么做,我要辞职

[04:18.28]l'm quitting, that's what l want to do, yep.

[04:19.20]l'm quitting. 离开之前最好考虑清楚

[04:20.48]Well, be damn sure before you get off the Ferris wheel...

[04:24.68]because the women waiting to get on are 22, perky, and ruthless. 因为排队等着接替你的女人 年轻、漂亮而且毫不留情

[04:30.60]You seem to have a lot of opinions today. 你今天似乎有很多意见

[04:34.80]l'm telling you... 我告诉你,忘掉这件事就对了

[04:35.88]just forget it ever happened.

[04:41.16]Later that day, I got to thinking about reIationships... 之后,我思考感情 和局部脑叶切除术

[04:47.52]and partiaI Iobotomies.

[04:48.32]Two seemingIy different ideas that might be perfect together... 两个表面上不同的概念 却可能是完美组合

[04:51.72]Iike chocoIate and peanut butter. 就像巧克力和花生酱

[04:54.40]Think how much easier it wouId aII be if there was some swift surgicaI procedure... 想想事情会变得多么简单 若有某种外科手术

[04:58.64]to whisk away aII the ugIy memories and mistakes... 能轻易抹去 所有可怕的记忆和错误

[05:02.04]and Ieave onIy the fun trips and speciaI hoIidays. 只留下美好的旅行 和特别的节日

[05:06.72]But untiI that day arrives, what to do? 但在那天来临前该怎么办?

[05:07.00]ReIy on the same oId needIepoint phiIosophy of ''forgive and forget''? 信仰不念旧恶的古老哲学?

[05:12.88]And even if a coupIe can manage the forgiveness... 即使情侣间能做到宽恕

[05:15.92]has any ever reaIIy conquered the forgetness? 真的有人能完全忘怀吗?

[05:18.44]Can you ever reaIIy forgive, if you can't forget? 如果你无法忘记 那么你真的能够原谅吗?

[05:25.56]To Samantha Jones, some things were unforgivabIe. 对莎曼珊琼斯来说 有些事情是不可原谅的

[05:30.08]And taking someone eIse's cab was right at the top of her Iist. 抢搭别人的计程车 更是名列前茅

[05:36.60]-l was here first! -Sorry! -是我先拦的 -抱歉

[05:47.56]l don't think so. Get out! -我可不这么想,下车 -我才不要

[05:52.76]l'm not getting out.

[05:53.92]West 1 2th and 9th Avenue, please. 西区十二街和第九大道 希望你旅途愉快

[05:55.60]l hope you enjoy the ride.

[05:58.08]He did. 他的确很享受

[06:08.04]And in a far Iess friendIy bed uptown... 而在上城一张不甚友善的床上

[06:11.44]I was even farther from the nook. 我离他的怀抱更远了

[06:16.76]Yet, I stiII wasn't sure, maybe I was overreacting. 我还是不确定 也许是我反应过度

[06:23.96]8:10? l gotta get to the gym. -八点十分了,我得去健身房 -你不必现在就去

[06:26.04]You don't have to go to the gym right now.

[06:29.80]-Do you want me to get all soft again? -l liked you all soft. -你希望我又变得浑身松弛? -我喜欢你浑身松弛

[06:31.20]l didn't. 我不喜欢

[06:38.28]Give me a good morning kiss. 给我一个早安之吻

[06:40.52]You might want to brush your teeth first. 你先去刷牙再说

[06:45.08]WeII, that settIed it. He wasn't forgiving or forgetting. 原来如此 他不打算原谅而且怀恨在心

[06:49.16]And speaking of not forgetting.... 说到怀恨在心…

[06:55.64]Hello? -昨天你在咖啡店真自以为是 -你说什么?

[06:57.04]You were so judgmental at the coffee shop yesterday.

[06:59.84]-Excuse me? -You think l'm one of those women. -你认为我跟那些女人一样 -哪些女人?

[07:04.12]What? One of what women?

[07:06.40]One of those women we hate who just works untiI she gets married. 那些我们很讨厌 结了婚就不工作的女人

[07:07.36]Charlotte, it's 8:15. -现在才八点十五分 -这算什么回答

[07:12.68]That's not a response.

[07:13.64]lt's an 8:15-in-the-morning response. 这是早上八点十五分的回答

[07:16.80]The women's movement is supposed to be about choice. 妇女运动应该和选择有关

[07:21.20]And if l choose to quit my job, that is my choice. 若我决定辞职,那是我的选择

[07:22.96]''The women's movement''? Jesus Christ, l haven't even had coffee yet. 妇女运动? 我连咖啡都还没喝呢

[07:28.64]lt's my life and my choice. 这是我的人生和选择

[07:29.24]Okay, Charlotte? 夏绿蒂,这与我无关 这是你的事

[07:30.32]This isn't about me, this is your stuff.

[07:33.60]Admit it! You were being very judgmental. 承认吧,你很自以为是

[07:37.60]l'm dripping all over my bathroom and you're calling me judgmental. 我的头发正在滴水 而你却说我自以为是

[07:39.08]lf you have a problem with quitting your job... 如果你下不了决心辞职 去和你丈夫讨论

[07:43.08]maybe you should take it up with your husband.

[07:46.96]See, there it is, ''your husband.'' 看到没?“你丈夫”

[07:48.52]There's nothing wrong with having a husband! 有丈夫没什么不对

[07:49.12]Charlotte, l'm hanging up. 我要挂了

[07:52.32]Don't you dare hang up! And stop saying Charlotte like that. 你敢? 别用那种语气说“夏绿蒂”

[07:57.76]l am quitting my job to make my life better... 我辞职是为了有更美好的人生

[07:60.68]and do something worthwhile like have a baby and cure AlDS. 以及做一些有意义的事 譬如生孩子和治疗爱滋病

[08:04.56]Oh! You're gonna cure AlDS? 你要治疗爱滋病?真为你高兴

[08:06.24]Good for you. Just don't be too disappointed...

[08:09.52]if all you wind up with is a pretty ceramic mug... 但若最后你只得到一个 写着崔名字的杯子可别太失望

[08:13.80]with Trey's name on it.

[08:13.96]-Take that back! -I'm hanging up. -收回那句话,你敢挂断! -我要挂掉了

[08:17.28]Don't hang up! l'm interviewing girls to replace me... 我要面试接替我职位的人 我需要你支持我的决定

[08:19.12]and I reaIIy need you to get behind my choice.

[08:22.56]-You get behind your choice. -l am behind my choice. -你自己支持就行了 -我是支持我的决定没错

[08:24.20]l choose my choice. -选择权在我 -我没时间听你说这些

[08:25.28]l don't have time for this. l have to go to work.

[08:30.48]Some of us stiII have to go to work. 我要去上班 我们有些人还是要工作

[08:32.36]l choose my choice! 选择权在我…

[08:39.52]Fuck! 妈的,天啊

[08:43.12]Jesus! 当处于敌对情况

[08:42.60]When in a hostiIe situation...

[08:45.16]some women, Iike CharIotte, confront it head-on... 有些女人,像夏绿蒂 会抬头挺胸地正面冲突

[08:50.56]whiIe others.... 有些则…

[08:54.52]Fresh juice? 喝杯新鲜果汁?

[08:55.00]-Where'd you get that? -l ran down to the Korean. -哪儿来的? -我跑到楼下买的

[08:60.92]Dressed like that? -穿这样去? -引起一阵不小的骚动

[09:01.16]lt caused quite the stir.

[09:06.28]Will you help me patch up, buddy? 老兄,帮我贴戒烟贴片好吗?

[09:09.76]l got a big tense meeting with my editor in about an hour. 再过一小时 我要和编辑开个重大会议

[09:14.20]lt feels like a two-patch day. 今天得贴两片才行

[09:18.60]You notice how much better l'm doing this time? 有没有注意到 这次我进步了很多?非常坦白

[09:21.36]No cheating.

[09:23.36]l think l finally kicked that bad habit. 我想我终于改掉坏习惯了

[09:28.32]Now l'm practically perfect, don't you think? 现在的我可说是完美 你不觉得吗?

[09:36.08]That kinda hurt. 很痛,干嘛这么用力?

[09:38.88]What was that?

[09:38.88]l was just making sure it was on good and tight. 只是确定它粘得够牢

[09:51.12]-Are you mad at me or something? -Why would l be mad at you? -你在生我的气吗? -我为什么要生你的气?

[09:55.24]Excuse me. 借过

[10:03.92]About the other night.... -关于那天晚上的事 -搞什么…

[10:05.80]What the fuck?

[10:08.52]This goddamn milk is bad. 这该死的牛奶坏掉了 你就让它放在冰箱?

[10:09.88]You just fucking let it sit in there?

[10:17.92]Look, it's not you. l'm just a little pissed off because of work. 不是你的问题 我只是因为工作而有点心烦

[10:22.20]l got to strip these pieces, the chemicals are toxic... 我整个礼拜都得用 有毒的化学物质拆卸零件

[10:24.92]-l can't get anybody to watch Pete. -l'll watch Pete. -没人照顾皮特 -我会照顾皮特

[10:28.20]Come on, dog walking is not your favorite thing to do. 你根本不喜欢溜狗,凯莉

[10:37.24]You love Pete, l love Pete. 你爱皮特,所以我也爱皮特 我就是这种女朋友

[10:39.48]That's just the kind of girlfriend l am.

[10:48.28]How 'bout l take my tall drink of water out to dinner tonight? 今晚我带你这大个子 一起出去吃饭如何?

[10:52.44]Someplace super nice... 找间有供应新鲜牛奶 很棒的餐厅

[10:54.84]where the milk is fresh.

[10:55.68]l was gonna hook up with some of my buddies over at Steve's bar. 我和几个朋友 约在史蒂夫的酒吧

[10:59.76]ls it a night with the guys, or can girlfriends crash? 这是纯属男人的夜晚 还是女友可以跟的聚会?

[11:03.76]You can come, don't come... 你可以来,也可以不来 随便你,你高兴就好

[11:05.72]whatever, do what you like.

[11:09.32]No, you go have fun with the guys. 你和朋友玩得开心一点

[11:15.52]-Hello? -My neck is out. 我的脖子扭到了,刚才夏绿蒂 打电话来,我正在擦干头发

[11:18.80]Charlotte called and l was drying my hair...

[11:21.84]my whole body is fucked up because of the marathon. 我全身动弹不得 因为刚跑完马拉松

[11:24.32]l'm sorry, can l do something? -我很遗憾,我帮得上忙吗? -我不知道

[11:27.40]l don't know. lt hurts to even hold the phone. 连夹着电话都很痛

[11:30.20]Come over. 快过来

[11:31.12]-Okay, l have a-- -Thanks! -我有… -谢了


[11:38.76]Shit. 米兰达的脖子扭到了

[11:39.24]Miranda's neck is out. She can't move and l'm just....

[11:43.20]l'm worried that it's too late for me to cancel my meeting. 我担心现在要取消会议 恐怕太晚了

[11:46.48]l'll go check on Miranda for you. 我帮你去探望米兰达

[11:50.96]-You would? -Sure. -你愿意? -当然

[11:51.16]Thank you. 谢谢你

[11:55.68]You are a great, great boyfriend. You know that? 你是个很棒的男朋友 你知道吗?

[12:01.80]l mean it, you're the best. 我说真的,你是最好的

[12:09.40]Where are the keys? 钥匙在哪里?

[12:11.56]Twenty minutes Iater... 二十分钟后 米兰达脖子的伤势更为严重

[12:11.68]Miranda's neck had gone from bad to worse.


[12:20.40]-凯莉? -我是艾登,凯莉派我来

[12:23.96]No, it's Aidan, Carrie sent me.

[12:25.76]No! 不,别进来,我没穿衣服

[12:29.76]No, don't come in, l'm naked!

[12:32.24]What? Jesus. 什么?天啊

[12:36.12]My neck pulled again and this is the only way l felt comfortable. 我的脖子又扭到了 这是我唯一觉得舒服的姿势

[12:40.60]l'll get up. 我自己起来

[12:44.96]-Okay, don't get up, l'm coming in. -No, don't come in, l'm fine! -别起来,我进去好了 -不要,别进来,我没事

[12:50.24]-l can't get up. -Okay, l'm coming in. -我起不来 -好,我进去了

[12:55.20]Oh, God.

[12:56.40]l am mortified. -我觉得好丢脸 -放轻松,我目光移开了

[12:60.88]Just relax, darling, l'm looking the other way.

[13:02.56]l'm going to lift you up. -我抱你起来 -你会一览无遗

[13:05.84]-No, you'll see everything. -Nothing l haven't seen before, okay.


[13:08.88]Nice smell, that's the April Fresh stuff, right? 好香,是四月清新系列吗?


[13:13.76]All right. You ready to be lifted? 你准备好起身了吗?要开始了

[13:18.04]-Okay. -Okay, here we go.

[13:24.04]All right, put your.... 好,把你的手放在…对了

[13:25.00]There you go. 好

[13:27.88]All right.

[13:28.68]Let's get you up now, on three. 我们起来吧 数到三,一、二、三

[13:29.00]One, two, three.

[13:32.96]-Okay, how you doing? -l'm fine. -你还好吗? -我没事

[13:42.24]Snug as a bug in a rug. 好,舒适地躺着吧

[13:42.08]Samantha was right. 莎曼珊说得对

[13:45.20]It seemed every aspiring ''gaIIerina'' in New York... 纽约每个有抱负的画廊经纪人 都想得到夏绿蒂的工作

[13:49.80]wanted CharIotte's job.

[13:51.36]She was determined to find the perfect repIacement. 她决心找一位完美的接替人选

[13:54.92]Someone bright, someone smart... 一个开朗、聪明 像夏绿蒂的人

[13:56.60]someone Iike CharIotte.

[14:01.72]''B.A. in Art History, minor in Finance.'' 主修艺术史,副修财政学 跟我一样

[14:04.20]Same as me.

[14:06.64]''Career objectives: To own my own gallery.'' “生涯目标 拥有自己的画廊”

[14:09.36]Oh, my God, that is amazing. 真是令人惊奇 我第一份履历表也这么写

[14:12.84]l think l had the same objective on my first résumé.

[14:16.40]Did you ever own one? -你有达到目标吗? -没有


[14:20.96]l found l loved it here so much, that it felt like my gallery. 我发现我太喜欢这里 感觉就像是自己的画廊

[14:23.44]You've done an amazing job. 你的工作表现很杰出 这是我最爱的地方

[14:26.52]lt's my favorite space.

[14:30.60]l probably shouldn't tell you this with a line of people out there, but... 外面这么多人排队等着面试 我不该告诉你的,但你录取了

[14:34.48]you're hired. 是吗?

[14:37.36]l am? 谢谢你…

[14:39.36]Thank you, thank you!

[14:43.92]So, do you have any questions? -你有任何问题吗? -只有一个

[14:43.04]Just one.

[14:46.72]Why are you leaving this fantastic job? 为何你要放弃这么棒的工作?

[14:49.72]l'm married, and we're planning on a baby. 我结了婚 而且我们计划要生个孩子

[14:56.48]Also... 再说,我是连诺克斯山 儿童爱滋基金会的董事

[14:57.28]l'm on the board of the Lenox Hill Pediatric AlDS Foundation.

[15:03.64]CharIotte heard herseIf Iie. 夏绿蒂听见自己撒谎

[15:06.20]She just couIdn't bring herseIf to teII the girI... 她无法鼓起勇气说出 她履历表的新目标将是…

[15:08.68]that her new résumé objective wouId read.:

[15:09.68]Wife, mother, and part-time bowI gIazer. “妻子、母亲 以及兼职陶碗上釉者”

[15:15.52]That night, I decided to interrupt Guys' Night... 当晚,我决定突访男人之夜

[15:18.52]to give Aidan a quick thank-you-for-heIping-Miranda kiss. 很快给艾登一个 “谢谢你帮忙米兰达”之吻

[15:31.08]You're my hero. -你是我的英雄 -什么事?

[15:34.84]What's new, pussycat?

[15:34.96]Not only are you great to me... 你不只对我好

[15:39.44]but you're great to my friends as well. 你对我的朋友也很好

[15:44.76]Who's a better boyfriend than you? 有谁比你这个男朋友更棒?

[15:46.56]l'm back. Where were we? -我回来了,刚才玩到哪里? -我正要挑战三颗花生

[15:51.52]-l was up to three peanuts. -You think you're such hot stuff?


[15:54.20]-Yeah! -Peanuts? 花生?

[15:56.32]Yeah, Shayna here is teaching me how to play jacks... 席娜教我用花生玩抛接游戏 我挑战到三颗了

[15:57.88]with the peanuts. l'm at three-sies.

[16:03.64]Hi, l'm Carrie. 你好,我是凯莉

[16:07.32]Carrie. 凯莉

[16:09.80]-Hi. -l'm sorry. That's Shayna. 抱歉,她是席娜

[16:13.32]-Hi. -Can l get you a drink? -你想喝点什么? -不用了,谢谢,我等下就走

[16:13.28]No thanks, l'm not staying.

[16:16.36]l don't want to interrupt the night with the guys. 我不想打扰你和朋友的聚会

[16:20.04]So, where are the guys? 他们人呢?

[16:23.04]Man, the guys blew me off at the last minute. 他们临时放我鸽子 所以我来找史蒂夫聊天

[16:25.12]So, l came down here to hang out with my buddy, Steve.

[16:31.08]And Steve.... 那史蒂夫…不好意思…

[16:32.56]l'm sorry, where's Steve?


[16:36.36]lt's kinda slow, so Steve went to get a burrito. 他去买墨西哥卷饼了 席娜和我正在找大麻

[16:40.12]Shayna and l are looking out for the joint.

[16:43.16]All right, l'm up. 好,该我了,两颗

[16:43.40]-Two-sies. -Two-sies! -两颗 -小心

[16:45.52]Look out.

[16:48.16]-That was good. -That was very good. -很厉害 -非常厉害

[16:53.44]So, Miranda says that you were amazing. 米兰达说你很体贴

[16:56.92]He helped my girlfriend today. He took her to the chiropractor. 他帮了我朋友的忙 带她去看脊椎科医生

[16:60.40]-We got us a nice guy, here. -Shucks, ma'am. -真是个好人 -才怪

[17:05.20]So, how was Miranda? 米兰达情况怎么样?

[17:08.48]No work or running for a week. 一个星期不能工作或跑步 她得戴颈圈

[17:11.96]And she has to wear one of those foam collars.

[17:14.32]-What do you call four? -Four-sies. -四个怎么说? -四颗

[17:16.12]Four-sies! 四颗

[17:19.52]Okay, well, l'm gonna go. 我要走了

[17:21.16]-What, yeah? -Yeah.

[17:26.48]Can you excuse us for a second? -你可以回避一下吗? -当然


[17:31.04]-What is going on? -What's up? -这是怎么回事? -什么事?

[17:32.60]You tell me. 你告诉我


[17:40.20]you do your thing. 你慢慢玩

[17:43.28]Listen, l don't have to work tomorrow... 我明天不用工作

[17:45.08]so, come on over if you want. -如果你愿意可以过来 -我会去的

[17:45.64]l'll come over.

[17:48.72]Good luck with four-sies. 祝你挑战四颗成功

[17:51.40]lt was nice to meet you, Shayna. 很高兴认识你,席娜


[17:56.36]l'll see you later. 再见

[17:59.04]-Let's go. -Okay. 来吧

[18:03.52]Watch and learn, young buck. 看好了,学着点,小伙子

[18:14.28]But Aidan never showed up. 但是艾登没有来

[18:19.12]And at about 3.:00 a.m., it became very cIear... 大约三点时,事情变得很明显

[18:22.80]that I was being punished for my big mistake. 我因为犯了大错而受惩罚

[18:45.76]That cowl neck look is on the way out. You heard it here first. 那种颈圈快要过时了

[18:51.76]How are you, sweetie? -亲爱的,你好吗? -我像象人一样坐着睡觉

[18:54.64]l had to sleep sitting up like the Elephant Man.

[18:58.60]l brought you bagels to cheer you up. -我带了贝果来帮你打气 -你真好

[18:60.72]That's so nice of you.

[19:05.56]Aidan never came over last night. 昨晚艾登没有来 他说他会来,但是他没来

[19:10.24]He said he would, but he didn't. And l called him this morning.

[19:13.64]He said he thought that ''come over'' meant today... 他说他以为 我指的是今天而非昨晚

[19:17.48]not last night.

[19:17.88]You know what? This is bullshit. -真是荒谬 -我也这么想

[19:19.36]-Yeah, that's what l think. -No, you! 不,你才荒谬

[19:23.48]You are bullshit!

[19:24.96]You and your bullshit cheer-me-up bagels. 你所谓帮我打气的贝果 只是个诱饵好让你谈艾登的事

[19:26.64]They're just a decoy so you could talk about Aidan.

[19:30.80]You didn't even bring cream cheese. -你连奶油乳酪都没带 -我买了很好吃的贝果

[19:34.12]l got the good bagels. 你派男友来就已经够恶劣了 现在还随便拿贝果打发我

[19:34.28]lt's bad enough you send your boyfriend to help me...

[19:37.68]but now, the bullshit bagels!

[19:41.68]Are you saying you don't want one? 你不想吃吗?

[19:43.32]lf you fell or something... 如果你跌倒或受伤 我绝对不会派男友来帮你

[19:43.84]l would never send my boyfriend to help you...

[19:47.32]and yes, l know, l don't have a boyfriend. 对,我知道,我没有男友

[19:51.28]What's the problem? 有什么问题? 艾登在紧要关头比我有用

[19:50.88]Aidan's better in a crisis than l am.

[19:54.56]l can't even remember your cream cheese. 我连奶油乳酪都记不住

[19:58.28]He saw me naked. 他看见我的裸体,你男友看见 我裸体躺在厕所地板上

[19:58.96]Your boyfriend saw me naked on the floor, lying on a bathmat!

[20:04.44]Did he tell you that? -他有告诉你吗? -没有,他是个绅士

[20:04.44]-No, he's a gentleman. -He did!


[20:10.40]All right, l get it, l'm sorry. 我懂了,对不起

[20:13.60]l will never send a boyfriend to do my job again. 我再也不会派男友代替我


[20:20.04]Do you want toasted? 你要烤吗?


[20:26.40]lf... 如果我还算是有男友的话

[20:28.20]l still even have a boyfriend.

[20:31.88]l think he's having an affair with a waitress at Scout. 他和“史考特”的女侍有一腿

[20:34.16]Just because you cheated on him does not mean he would cheat on you. 你对他不忠 并不表示他也会这么对你

[20:38.84]-l'm gonna burn your bagel. -Don't. -我要把你的贝果烤焦 -不要

[20:40.48]lf he hasn't, it's just a matter of time. -那只是时间早晚的问题 -他没有出轨

[20:43.96]He's not having an affair. Aidan isn't like that. He's a good guy.


[20:47.28]Yeah, he's the good guy and l'm the bad guy. 他是好人而我是坏人

[20:51.12]And the bad guy just has to take it, right? 坏人就得忍气吞声,对吧?

[20:52.24]l mean...

[20:53.44]you should've seen the way he was acting in front of me. 你该看看他在我面前的样子 他在折磨我

[20:58.80]He's torturing me for what l did to him.

[20:58.36]And l deserve it. 而我活该

[21:04.44]l deserve it, right? -是我活该,对吗? -我想耸肩,可是会痛

[21:06.04]l'd shrug, but it hurts.

[21:09.64]Got any jelly? 有果酱吗?

[21:13.60]l wish l knew the name of that cab driver. l'd send him a bottle of wine or something. 但愿我知道那计程车司机大名 我要送他一瓶酒

[21:18.48]That was really great. 真是太棒了

[21:18.96]You're a wild man. 你是个狂野的男人

[21:22.96]Yeah, speaking of wild... 说到狂野,下面真是杂草丛生

[21:24.16]it's getting a little too wild down there, might be time for a wax.


[21:31.28]See you soon. 再见

[21:36.16]lt's my week between waxes. l have three errant hairs... 我下礼拜才要除毛 这混蛋居然当我是丛林女王

[21:38.36]and the asshole thinks l'm George of the Jungle.

[21:39.24]-Horrifying. -You should see the bush on him. 太可怕了

[21:42.84]l need a weed whacker just to find his dick. 你该看看他那堆杂草 我要除草机才找到他的命根子

[21:45.44]Could you please keep it down? We're on the Upper East Side. 请你小声一点 这里是上东城区

[21:48.68]Men. We have to run to ''Helga the hot waxer'' every other week, but them? 我们每两周就得向除毛师 报到一次,但他们呢?

[21:54.16]How would they like it if we told them to shape their hedge... 如果我们叫他们修剪树篱 他们作何感想?

[21:57.72]-trim their trunk? -Plant their bulbs? 或栽种球茎? 我们在讨论园艺吗?

[21:58.100]-We are talking about gardening, right? -Don't get me started on his back hair.

[22:02.20]-别逼我抱怨他背后的毛发 -等等,皮特要拉了

[22:02.32]Okay, please, wait a second, Pete has to go.

[22:05.60]This is lovely. 真可爱 你干嘛要带这只狗散步?

[22:08.16]Why are you even walking this mongrel?

[22:12.56]Because l'm proving to my boyfriend that l am trustworthy and loving. 我要向我男友证明 我值得信赖、亲切和体贴

[22:14.72]And kindly, do not take your anger out on Pete. 别把气出在皮特身上

[22:18.64]So, watching his dog take a dump... 看管他的狗拉屎 就能使大人物那段记忆消逝?

[22:20.52]is going to make the memory of Big fade away?

[22:22.36]-lt couldn't hurt. -Come on. -反正无妨 -拜托,狗、女侍的事

[22:23.40]The dog, the waitress.

[22:25.96]l don't know that anything happened with the waitress. 我不晓得他和女侍之间 有没有发生什么

[22:28.16]How much longer are you gonna punish yourself? -你要惩罚自己多久? -直到我重回他的怀抱

[22:31.92]Until l'm back in the nook.

[22:33.12]You may never get back in the nook. -你可能永远回不去了 -别这么说

[22:36.72]Don't say that.

[22:39.80]l know it's true, but don't say it. 我知道是事实,但不要说出口

[22:40.08]l'm not a dog expert, but is that normal? 我不是狗专家,但那样正常吗

[22:46.56]No! He's got the runs. 不,它拉肚子了

[22:47.24]-Poor Pete. -Poor me. -可怜的皮特 -我才可怜

[22:52.52]Oh, God!

[22:53.08]He must be sick or something. 它一定是生病了

[22:56.68]Honey, l love you, but this is not my scene. l'll call you. 我爱你,但我对这档事没兴趣 我迟些找你

[22:58.96]-You're not gonna just leave me here? -Bye-bye. 你不会丢下我落跑吧?

[23:02.72]Pete, no. 亲爱的,你还没拉完

[23:04.44]Don't walk, you're not done, honey.

[23:06.60]Pick up after your dog! -帮你的狗捡大便 -它不是我的狗

[23:10.40]He's not my dog!

[23:12.48]It was right about then I wondered just how much shit... 我纳闷自己究竟还愿意 为我的错误忍受多少窝囊气

[23:17.96]was I wiIIing to put up with for my mistake?

[23:22.92]Poor Pete's poo-poo pIatter continued for so many bIocks... 皮特持续狂泻了好多条街

[23:26.20]I got worried and decided it was time to take him home. 我很担心所以带它回家

[23:31.20]So, l said, ''What?''

[23:34.68]-There's a big giant-- -Here, your dog got sick, l'm leaving. 你的狗生病了,我要走了 计程车


[23:40.40]Will you hold this? 帮我拿一下,凯莉,等等


[23:45.88]-What are you doing? -Toxic chemicals? -你这是干什么? -有毒化学物质?

[23:50.96]l'm taking a break. 我在休息

[23:50.04]And she just happened to be there with coffee? 她刚好带着一杯咖啡经过?

[23:56.72]l diapered your dog! -我跟在你的狗后面把屎把尿 -小声一点

[23:56.00]Keep your voice down.

[23:59.20]What are you doing? -你们在干嘛? -没有,我们是朋友


[24:02.48]lt's my friend. We're friends.

[24:03.16]Why don't you just fuck her? Then we can both be bad. 你何不跟她上床? 这样我们就一样坏了

[24:21.96]Nothing happened. 什么都没发生

[24:25.04]But l thought about it. 我考虑过你的提议

[24:28.56]Do you want to come in? -你想进来吗? -我太生气而不想进去

[24:28.56]l'm too pissed to come in.

[24:34.72]l hate that he calls here. 我讨厌他打电话给你

[24:36.40]Nothing's happening... 什么事都没发生,也不会发生

[24:39.20]or will ever happen.

[24:40.96]You have to know that, right? 你一定要知道这一点 我绝不会再那样对你

[24:45.92]l would never do that to you again.

[24:48.88]Never. 绝不会

[24:52.88]l don't want you to see him ever again. 我不希望你再和他见面

[24:55.16]l can't do that. 我办不到

[24:60.84]He's in my life. 他是我生命中的一部分

[25:03.56]Not the same way you are, but he is. 和你的地位不同 但他确实存在

[25:07.20]You can't keep punishing me... 艾登,你不能继续惩罚我

[25:10.16]and l can't keep punishing me. 我也不能继续惩罚我自己

[25:14.88]l made a mistake... 我犯过错,我很抱歉

[25:18.04]and l am sorry.

[25:21.72]And l know that you can't forget what happened... 我知道你忘不了发生过的事

[25:26.52]but l hope that you can forgive me. 但我希望你可以原谅我

[25:29.16]You have to forgive me. 你一定要原谅我

[25:32.92]You have to forgive me. 你一定要原谅我






[26:03.24]You had a lot of nerve telling me to get a wax. 你好大的胆子 竟敢叫我去除毛

[26:08.36]lf you were in Aruba, the natives could bead your back. 如果你在阿鲁巴岛 当地土著会用串珠装饰你的背

[26:12.64]And it's not just there. 不只如此,每次我帮你吹喇叭 就觉得像是在剔牙

[26:14.80]Every time l blow you, l feel like l'm flossing.

[26:18.76]l'm sorry, baby. 我很抱歉,宝贝

[26:21.48]ls there anything l can do to make you forgive me? 我该怎么做你才肯原谅我?

[26:31.08]Samantha forgave. 莎曼珊大发慈悲 而布莱德上了永生难忘的一课

[26:31.20]And Brad got a Iesson he never forgot.

[26:37.68]Look how much bigger my dick looks! 我的命根子看起来好大

[26:40.12]And soon, CharIotte's Iast day came. 夏绿蒂最后一天上班

[26:43.04]-Number seven should go on the north wall. -l think it would be better on the south side. -七号画作应该挂在北墙 -挂南墙比较好

[26:48.80]You're 22, what do you know about life? 你才22岁,你懂什么人生? 我是说,艺术

[26:51.00]l mean, art, l'm sorry.


[26:54.76]l'm just.... 我只是很不安

[26:56.12]l'm freaked out.

[26:58.24]l've been working my whole life. This is a big transition. 这是我人生中一个很大的转折

[27:02.40]lf it's any consolation, my mother worked all the time. 不知道这算不算安慰 我妈是职业妇女

[27:06.96]lt would've been nice to have her home more. 要是她能在家陪我该有多好

[27:14.56]Don't forget to set the alarms. -别忘了启动警报器 -你不等下班再走?

[27:17.00]You're not going to finish the day?

[27:21.28]l think l'm done. 我想我的任务已经完成了

[27:22.00]Good luck. 祝你好运

[27:32.24]CharIotte Ieft her past to pursue her new Iife objectives... 夏绿蒂挥别过去 追求她新的人生目标

[27:36.44]be a good mother, cure AIDS... 当个好妈妈、治疗爱滋病…

[27:39.36]and prove Miranda wrong. 以及证明米兰达是错的

[27:47.24]You better move my meetings till the end of the week. 你最好把会议改到周末 我还没完全康复

[27:48.76]l'm not quite 100 percent.


[27:53.72]Still wearing the brace. 仍然戴着颈圈

[27:56.92]Okay, bye.

[27:59.04]And for the first time in her Iife... 这辈子破天荒第一次

[28:04.36]Miranda Iearned the joys of cooking and of not working. 米兰达体会到烹饪 和不工作的乐趣

[28:08.80]Of course, she'd have to go back eventuaIIy... 她终究要回到工作岗位 只为了证明夏绿蒂是错的

[28:12.52]just to prove CharIotte wrong.

[28:19.84]And as for Aidan... 至于艾登,他和我并未完全 回复到原来的关系

[28:21.72]he and I weren't quite back to where we were.

[28:24.20]We might never be there again... 我们可能永远也回不去

[28:26.72]but we were in a new pIace, a more honest pIace. 但我们到达一个新的阶段 一个比较诚实的阶段

[28:33.28]And somehow, over time... 而且不知怎的,经过一段时间 我又回到他的怀抱了

[28:35.28]I had made my way back into the nook.

[28:47.100]Subtitles conformed by SOFTlTLER

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