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欲望都市第四季 爱、钥匙、主板 My Motherboard, My Self






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:42:43



[00:35.72](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:49.64]One frazzIed Friday, four overbooked girIfriends... 一个疲惫的周五 四个朋友分别从不同方向前来

[00:51.64]came from four different directions.

[00:54.44]The East Side... 东边,西边

[00:55.92]the West Side...

[00:58.32]Park Avenue... 公园大道和莎曼珊

[01:01.40]and Samantha.

[01:04.56]It was the uItimate New York power Iunch, aIso known as the power catch-up. 纽约的午餐时间 也是报告自己生活的时间

[01:08.36]l'll start. 我先开始 我可以一口气总结我的人生

[01:10.32]l can sum up my life in one breath.

[01:12.44]Work, work, Au Bon Pain, work. 工作、工作、法式三明治 工作,你呢?

[01:13.20]And you?

[01:16.20]Okay, let's see.... 我想想看

[01:18.08]Aidan, Aidan, this pimple, Aidan. 艾登、艾登、面疱、艾登 一个小时不到就说完了

[01:20.28]Maybe we don't need an hour. 夏绿蒂,你的三明治真好吃 不工作的你可以当我老婆

[01:22.76]Charlotte, l can't believe you made this sandwich.

[01:24.04]l love you not working, you can be my wife.

[01:27.40]l thought l'd have more free time, but redecorating is very stressful. 我以为我会清闲一点 但是装潢压力很大

[01:29.52]Did you know there are over 40 different kinds of dimmers? 光是调光器就有40几种

[01:32.48]Remember back when the economy was good and we had a table? 记得经济好的时候 我们还有一张桌子吗?

[01:37.16]-Carrie? -Yeah? 你现在是管理员吗?

[01:40.32]Are you a janitor now?

[01:43.04]l know, it's ridiculous. 我知道这很荒谬 得要七把钥匙才进得去他家

[01:44.40]l need these seven just to get in Aidan's building.

[01:45.68]He gave you his keys? -他给你他家钥匙? -对,但我都叫他过来我家

[01:47.88]Yeah, but l always make him come to my place.

[01:50.16]He buys that two-in-one shampoo. 他用二合一洗发精

[01:52.28]Does Aidan have your keys now, too? -他有你的钥匙吗? -两把都有了

[01:54.44]He does. All two of them.

[01:57.76]You exchanged keys, that's big. -交换钥匙可是“大”事件 -“大”人物可不会这么做

[01:58.40]No, that's the opposite of Big.

[01:60.24]Good for you. 你们真好,我可是等了半年 才敢把钥匙给清洁妇人

[02:02.48]lt took me six months to give my cleaning lady a key.

[02:07.00]l happen to have the key to a lasting relationship right here. 我这里正好有 开启热情的“钥匙”

[02:10.04]1001 sexual positions. 1001式性爱姿势,在转角买的 一块半,我爱这个城市

[02:11.92]l got it on the corner from a guy. $1 .50. l love this city.

[02:15.00]Whoa, Nellie. -谁的腿可以弯这么后面? -好像是给无骨人看的

[02:16.40]-Whose legs bend back that far? -lt's like sex for the boneless.

[02:21.80]See, that's what l love about this guy Nick l'm seeing. 我就是喜欢尼克那家伙这一点

[02:24.08]He's deboned? -他没有骨头? -他是纽约大学的摔角教练

[02:26.04]He's the wrestling coach at NYU...

[02:28.04]and he's like an extra-strength rubber band. 他就跟橡皮筋一样

[02:31.16]''My congregants, please refer... 各位,请参见宝典的第91招

[02:33.80]''to Position 91 in your prayer books.

[02:36.80]''And let us say, 'Amen.''' 我们齐声说“阿们”

[02:44.96]That night, I came home to find Aidan in the most shocking position of aII. 我回家发现艾登最惊人的姿势

[02:49.16]Cooking to the oIdies. 听着老歌作菜

[02:48.64]You're deflowering my pristine kitchen. 你毁了我的厨房

[02:56.76]Fajitas! 法士达

[02:57.36]Meet my new George Foreman... 凯莉,这是我的乔治领班 脂肪减少烧烤机

[02:60.16]lean, mean, fat-reducing grilling machine.

[03:04.76]George, Carrie. -乔治,这是凯莉 -我相信它很神奇

[03:05.04]Charmed, l'm sure.

[03:11.72]What are you doing back there, ladybird? -你在后面做什么? -找东西

[03:13.48]l'm just looking for something.

[03:16.04]Not in front of George. -不要在乔治面前这样 -不要理乔治了

[03:19.56]Leave George out of it.

[03:19.64]Okay, that's it. 够了,你越来越下面了

[03:22.52]You're going down!

[03:28.80]What about the fajitas? -法士达怎么办? -去他的法士达

[03:30.80]Fuck the fajitas.

[03:34.64]If giving a man the keys to your apartment... 要是把钥匙给男人

[03:35.24]means unIocking the door to home cooking and great sex-- 就能有家庭料理和绝佳的性爱

[03:38.60]''...why were so many independent women--'' 为什么会有那么多独立的女人

[03:40.60]Don't, it's not done yet.

[03:44.60]Don't read it. 还没写完,不要看

[03:52.52]Oh, my God. 我的天


[03:59.32]Come on, come back.

[04:01.72]What.... -这是什么?为什么会这样? -怎么了?

[04:02.16]-Why is this happening? -What's up?

[04:04.68]My computer just crashed right in the middle.... l just-- 我的电脑用到一半突然当机

[04:07.44]Okay, just relax, darling. Breathe and reboot. 亲爱的,不要慌 只要深呼吸,重新开机

[04:17.40]lt always works on my computer. 我都是这样处理我的电脑

[04:20.60]Well? 把使用手册拿出来

[04:22.00]-Let's get your manual out. -l don't have a manual!

[04:24.28]l got rid of it in a feng shui attack. 我没有手册 风水师要我丢了它

[04:27.16]Oh, my God, l want to kill myself. -我真想杀了自己 -蜜糖,不要慌

[04:29.32]Just hang in there, sugar. This thing's faking you out, that's all. 这玩意只是吓唬你的

[04:33.88]Aidan, please. 艾登,不要按了

[04:36.88]Please just stop touching it. Stop it!

[04:38.28]You don't know what you're doing, just stop! 住手,你不知道你在做什么

[04:43.52]Two meItdowns Iater... 我们把电脑包在我的羊绒披肩 直冲维修中心

[04:46.00]we rushed my '98 Iaptop, in my '99 pashmina, to Tekserve.

[04:47.100]Can you please not do that? 你不要这样好吗?

[04:55.68]-64! -Oh, God, come on! -64号 -终于,快来

[04:58.64]-Number 64. -Yes. -64号 -我是,你好,谢天谢地

[04:60.36]Hi, thank God.

[05:01.44]-Please tell me... -l tried a few home remedies. -你一定能修好吧 -我们在家试过几种方式

[05:05.80]...that you can fix it. 一次一个,是谁的电脑?


[05:09.60]One at a time. Which one of you crashed?

[05:09.28]Me, l did, it's mine. But then he did something to it. 我的,但是他按了一些键

[05:15.76]Tell him what you did to it. -告诉他你做了什么 -我按重开机

[05:15.16]l hit the Control-Alt-Delete.

[05:17.32]That only works on PCs. 那只对PC有用

[05:21.12]You a PC user? 你是PC使用者吗? 那样并不相容

[05:21.80]You're not compatible.

[05:26.56]Tell me exactly what happened right before you crashed. 告诉我当机前发生什么事

[05:30.08]l was typing and then he came over and he kissed me... 我在打字,他过来吻我

[05:34.52]and then l got the bomb. 然后就出现一个炸弹

[05:36.20]Not ''da bomb,'' you know? 不是“红色炸弹”

[05:38.92]Not the good kind.

[05:39.88]ls this funny, do you think that this is funny? 你认为这很好笑吗?

[05:41.40]Just trying to.... -我只是想… -你让我很丢脸

[05:44.28]You are mortifying me.

[05:46.04]When was the last time you backed up your work? 你上一次备份是什么时候?

[05:52.60]l don't do that. -我从来不曾备份 -你不做备份?

[05:52.20]You don't back up?

[05:56.20]No. 还有出现其他的东西吗?

[05:57.48]Anything else before we go in?

[05:60.80]Yes! 一个邪恶的小人跳出来 眼睛部分打叉

[05:59.20]There was a mean little man who popped up...

[06:02.28]and he had ''X's'' where his eyes should be.

[06:05.08]And his tongue... 他的舌头露在外面

[06:06.32]was hanging out the side of his mouth.

[06:08.72]-He didn't have a tongue. -He had a tongue. 他没有舌头

[06:12.04]That's the Sad Mac. 那是“悲伤麦金塔” 你应该早点告诉我

[06:11.28]You Sad Mac'd, you should've told me that before.

[06:15.28]Oh, my God, why? What does that mean? 为什么?那是什么意思?

[06:16.56]Could be your motherboard, the guts of your computer. 可能是主机板的问题

[06:21.48]lt could be bad RAM. 可能是记忆体不足 电脑要留下来做测试

[06:20.56]We'll keep it here for a couple of days, run some tests.

[06:25.92]l'm Dmitri. 我是狄米崔,有结果再通知你

[06:27.92]l'll call you if we find anything.

[06:27.32]-lf? -Number 78! 不然呢?


[06:33.36]Oh, God, Miranda, l'm freaking out. 要是我的心血全部不见了呢?

[06:35.36]What if everything l've ever written is gone?

[06:38.84]When was the last time you backed up? 你最后一次备份是什么时候?

[06:40.84]You know, no one talks about backing up. 没有人提过备份这件事 你从来没有说过这两个字

[06:41.24]You've never used that expression with me before.

[06:45.40]But apparently, everybody's secretly running home at night... 但是显然大家都偷偷地做备份

[06:47.96]and backing up their work.

[06:50.40]Dr. AdIeman, pIease caII Extension 213.

[06:52.88]Where are you? 你在哪里?

[06:54.44]l'm at the hospital in Philadelphia. 费城的医院,我妈妈心脏病发

[06:57.44]My mom had a heart attack.

[06:57.84]Oh, my God. 我的天 你居然让我抱怨我的电脑?

[06:59.04]And you let me go on about my stupid computer?

[07:02.92]That's very upsetting, l've been through that. 那很令人沮丧

[07:06.56]ls she okay? 她还好吗? 你出发前怎么没有告诉我?

[07:07.80]How could you go to Philadelphia without telling me?

[07:09.08]l had six minutes to get the train. l didn't know how bad it was till l got here. 我得赶来 到达之前我不知道有这么严重

[07:13.24]How bad is it? -有多严重? -院方的说法不一

[07:13.24]They keep teIIing us different things.

[07:16.32]She's pretty out of it. 她陷入昏迷了 她醒着时还不忘批评我的口红

[07:17.40]Although, she did open her eyes just long enough to veto my lipstick.

[07:23.48]Can l do anything to help? l'll jump on a train. 我有什么可以帮忙的吗? 我去陪你

[07:25.68]l'll come there and keep you company.

[07:27.96]No, it's fine, l'm fine. 不用了,我很好

[07:28.84]Miranda, the doctor is waiting. 米兰达,医生在等了 医院里不可以使用手机

[07:33.00]You can't use a cell phone in the hospital.

[07:35.20]She called me. 她打来的

[07:38.88]Great. Now my sister's mad at me. l gotta go. 我姐姐在生我的气了 我得挂电话了

[07:42.56]Keep me posted, all right? 随时通知我,好吗?

[07:43.08]Okay, bye.

[07:46.72]MeanwhiIe, CharIotte's afternoon was fiIIed with ovuIating and decorating. 夏绿蒂整个下午 都在排卵和装潢

[07:50.40]She was 12 days into her cycIe... 她的周期还有十二天 还剩三间房间等待装潢

[07:53.32]and three rooms into her Iighting project.

[08:02.32]She had become a bona fide dimmer expert. 她成了货真价实的调光器专家

[08:09.72]Samantha caIIed in a bona fide positions expert... 莎曼珊则请来了 货真价实的姿势专家

[08:12.20]who came fuIIy equipped. 全副武装而来

[08:28.08]Turns out a haIf neIson was very much Iike Position 4 1 1. 摔角的反夹式 和第411招十分雷同

[08:38.40]One haIf neIson, one fuII orgasm. 一个反夹式造就一个高潮


[08:50.76]lt's me, l'm sorry to wake you. -是我,很抱歉吵醒你 -没关系

[08:52.92]That's okay.

[08:56.44]My mom died. -我妈妈去世了 -我的天

[08:55.92]Oh, my God.

[08:59.48]She was stable last night. 她昨晚已经稳定了 所以我们都回家了

[09:01.72]And we all went home.

[09:04.80]And then they called and said she was crashing. 然后医院打来说她情况危急

[09:06.16]And by the time we got back, she had died. 等我们赶到时,她已经走了

[09:09.16]Miranda, l'm so sorry. 米兰达,我很遗憾

[09:14.60]l just wish we hadn't gone home, you know? 我真希望我们没有回家

[09:20.56]Nobody wanted to, but they kept telling us we ought to get some sleep. 没有人想回家 是医院人员要我们休息

[09:22.16]l'm sure that she knew, on some level... 我相信她会感觉到 你们在身边的

[09:24.84]that you were with her.

[09:26.32]But l wasn't with her. 但是我不在,没有人在

[09:29.56]Nobody was!

[09:30.00]What can l do? -我能做什么? -不用,我很好

[09:33.28]Nothing, l'm fine.

[09:37.20]l'll be fine.


[09:41.08]The funeral's on Tuesday and l don't have anything to wear.

[09:44.92]l didn't think l would be going to a funeral while l was here. 我根本没料到我会参加葬礼

[09:46.40]l'll be there, so l can.... 我一定到,我帮你带点东西

[09:49.64]l'll bring you something from your apartment.

[09:52.00]Don't bother. 不用麻烦了

[09:52.08]l'm just gonna go out and buy a shitty black dress... 我随便去买一件 永远不会再穿的全黑洋装

[09:56.68]l'll never wear again.

[09:59.68]Are you sure? I'd be happy to do it. -我很乐意的 -不用了,什么都不必做


[10:03.44]Don't do anything.

[10:06.92]l better go. 我该走了

[10:09.60]l'm so sorry. -米兰达,我很遗憾 -谢谢,我得走了

[10:10.16]Thanks, l gotta go.

[10:18.32]Miranda's mother died. 米兰达的母亲过世了

[10:29.48]Come here, you okay? -过来这里,你还好吗? -我很好

[10:29.48]l'm fine, actually.

[10:33.84]Do you know when the funeral is? l'd like to go if l can. 葬礼什么时候举行?我陪你去

[10:40.48]l don't know. 我不知道

[10:46.36]You don't have to. 你不必这样,我真的不知道

[10:48.44]l don't really know.

[10:56.28]Where have you been, and where's Miranda? l'm starving. 你上哪里去了? 米兰达呢?我饿死了

[11:00.48]What's wrong? 怎么了?

[11:05.84]Miranda's in Philadelphia. 米兰达在费城 她母亲心脏病发

[11:07.32]Her mother had a heart attack yesterday...

[11:11.60]and she died, early this morning. -今天稍早时过世了 -她根本没有生病

[11:13.80]She wasn't even sick.

[11:18.80]l can't believe it. 真难以置信 可怜的米兰达还好吗?

[11:20.96]Poor Miranda, how is she?

[11:24.64]l don't know. 我不知道,她不是很好

[11:27.52]She's not good.

[11:32.80]l just felt so awful for her and l just.... 我真的为她感到难过 我不知道该说什么

[11:34.24]l didn't know...

[11:38.56]what to say to her and....

[11:41.96]You know Miranda, she was trying to be so strong... 你们了解米兰达 她总是装作很坚强

[11:44.40]but she sounded so alone. 但是她听起来好孤单 而我却一直说错话

[11:46.28]And l just kept saying all the wrong things, l think.

[11:47.80]l'm sure you didn't. 我相信你没有

[11:52.84]-Here. -Thanks, l'm sorry. 我很遗憾

[11:56.88]l guess the first thing we should do is send some flowers. 我们首先该做的就是送花

[11:59.52]-Right. -Or a fruit basket. 或是水果篮,或是松饼 你们觉得呢?

[12:01.60]Or muffins, what do you think?

[12:06.76]You all right? -你还好吗? -什么?


[12:09.96]l'm fine. 我很好,送花很好 告诉我支票要开给谁

[12:12.04]Flowers are fine, just tell me who to send the check to.

[12:17.12]l'm just hungry. 我只是饿了

[12:20.00]After breakfast, CharIotte showed her support for Miranda... 夏绿蒂向米兰达 表现支持的方法

[12:22.48]by becoming the Martha Stewart of death. 就是变成丧事专家

[12:25.40]l want the clear cellophane and the navy ribbon. 我要透明的玻璃纸和蓝色缎带

[12:28.64]Samantha, have you called Miranda yet? 莎曼珊,你打给米兰达了吗?

[12:31.72]She thinks it'd be faster for us to take the train to Philadelphia... 她认为搭火车会快一点

[12:33.84]and l agree.

[12:37.52]We're going to the funeral? 我们要参加葬礼? 我以为只是送送花

[12:39.40]l thought we were just sending flowers.

[12:40.16]Of course we're going to the funeraI... 我们当然要去了 你应该打给她

[12:42.68]and you should call her.

[12:45.68]l think she'd really like to hear from you. -她会很高兴的 -但是我要说什么?

[12:45.64]What am l gonna say to her?

[12:48.32]You couId say, ''I'm so sorry for your Ioss. 你可以说 “我们很遗憾你失去了母亲”

[12:51.44]''l love you, l'm here for you.'' “我爱你,我永远支持你” 缎带够多了

[12:53.20]That's enough ribbon.

[12:54.40]''You're in my thoughts. “我记挂着你,愿她安息”

[12:57.28]''May she rest in peace, I'm so sorry you Iost--''

[12:60.24]Fine, l'll call her, good-bye. 好,我打给她,再见

[13:04.24]In times of sorrow, some peopIe have troubIe reaching out. 在悲伤的时刻 有人选择什么都不做

[13:08.24]Samantha wasn't one of those peopIe. 莎曼珊不是这种人

[13:14.96]Wanna wrestle? 想要摔角吗?

[13:20.36]Keep doing that! 继续…

[13:24.32]But today... 但是今天,有点事与愿违

[13:26.72]something was just out of reach.

[13:30.88]So they tried another position. 299. 所以他们尝试了第299招

[13:34.44]l'm almost there. 我快来了

[13:39.72]Just hang on one more second. 撑着点,再一下下

[13:44.80]Hang on, hang in there. 撑着,跟我一起

[13:45.32]Keep hanging on, stay with me.

[13:47.88]Stay just like that. 就像这样

[13:54.32]Get 'em off me! 不要碰我,你让我分心了

[13:56.44]You're distracting me.

[13:59.28]And when none of those worked... 所有的招式都没用 他们回到最传统的第17招

[13:60.48]they went back to OId FaithfuI. Number 17.

[14:05.48]Okay, now that's it. 好,就是这样

[14:07.28]Now we got it. Here we go. 就快来了,太棒了

[14:09.64]Home free.

[14:12.36]Just keep doing exactly what you're doing. 像这样不要停


[14:17.08]Exactly what you're doing. 像这样…

[14:21.56]Don't stop. 不要停…


[14:24.64]-不要停 -我五点要去洗衣店

[14:27.44]l gotta pick up my stuff at the cleaners by 5:00.

[14:29.00]Okay, stop. 好,停

[14:33.52]l want you to make it very clear to the Philadelphia florist.... 跟费城的花店说清楚

[14:37.60]Tasteful, all white. 要有品味,全白

[14:39.56]The Casablanca lilies, the calla lilies and the Phalaenopsis. 百合、海芋、蝴蝶兰

[14:42.92]l don't want any crap. -我不要烂东西 -你已经说过了

[14:45.04]You told her. 这些花要放在祭坛的 就代表着我们

[14:46.84]These flowers will be the centerpiece on the church altar.

[14:48.92]lt's important that they represent us, don't you agree?

[14:54.00]l don't know, l'm not even listening. 我不知道,我根本没在听 我达不到高潮了

[14:55.36]l lost my orgasm.

[14:58.28]ln the cab? -在计程车上? -什么意思?

[14:60.32]What do you mean, ''lost''? 我花了两个小时做爱 什么都没有

[15:03.04]l mean, l just spent the last two hours fucking with no finale.

[15:05.08]lt happens. Sometimes you just can't get there. -有时候就是没办法 -我每次都可以

[15:07.12]l can always get there. -每一次性交? -她在吹牛

[15:11.08]Every time you have sex?

[15:12.28]She's exaggerating.

[15:17.36]Please say you're exaggerating. 你是在吹牛吧

[15:19.52]l'll admit l have had to polish myself off... 偶有一两次我得假装一下

[15:21.20]once or twice, but yes. 但只要我想要,我就可以达到

[15:22.40]When l R.S.V.P. to a party, l make it my business to come.

[15:25.76]See, l've been a no-show on more than one occasion. 我的可是不定时缺席

[15:29.04]Sex can still be great without an orgasm. -没有高潮的性还是可以很棒 -胡说八道

[15:33.04]That is such a crock of shit. -她说的有道理 -我是怎么了?

[15:33.56]She has a point.

[15:36.44]What's wrong with me?

[15:39.32]Listen! 听着,高潮的机会还多的是

[15:40.28]You've got plenty of orgasms under your belt.

[15:44.48]You're gonna be fine. 你一定可以的 我们来回想一下

[15:44.56]Now, let's retrace your steps.

[15:47.64]Were you on top? -你在上面吗? -这有什么关系?

[15:49.76]How is that relevant? -你在下面也可以达到? -上面,下面,倒栽葱

[15:52.52]You can have them on the bottom?

[15:53.72]-Top, bottom, upside-down. -All right, now you're just showing off.

[15:54.92]-你真是爱现 -我在求救

[15:55.32]-l'm asking for help! -Sweetie...

[15:60.56]l'm sure it will pop up when you least expect it. 我相信当你不那么在意时 就会心想事成


[16:05.16]jury duty. -就跟陪审团一样 -除非…

[16:07.52]-Unless.... -What? 怎样?

[16:09.00]l read this article about a woman... 我看过一篇报导 关于一个总是能高潮的女人

[16:11.68]who's having orgasms around the clock.

[16:15.48]And then, boom! 然后,突然间,高潮停止了

[16:17.36]Orgasms stopped for good.

[16:20.04]永远地停止了 我想她把它们用光了

[16:20.28]lt was like she had used them all up or something.

[16:26.04]That's the meanest thing you've ever said to me. 那是你说过最邪恶的话

[16:32.80]MeanwhiIe in PhiIadeIphia, Miranda reaIized... 在此同时,在费城

[16:33.36]米兰达需要一件 可以搭配洋装的黑色内衣

[16:33.48]she needed a shitty bIack bra to go with her shitty bIack dress.

[16:38.36]Can l help you find something? 能为你效劳吗?

[16:39.32]No, l'm looking for this in 36A in black. 不用了 我在找36A的黑色胸罩

[16:43.64]You don't look like a 36A to me. -你不像36A -我是

[16:45.20]l am.

[16:49.60]Excuse me? Lucille? 抱歉,露西?

[16:51.56]l've been a 36A my whole life. l think l know what size l am. 我一辈子都是36A 我知道自己的尺寸

[16:57.92]Didn't think so. 我不这么认为

[16:60.80]-Try these. -There is no way that l'm a 34B. -试试看 -我不可能是34B

[17:04.88]Just try them. 穿穿看

[17:08.20]How's it going in there? -怎么样了? -很好

[17:08.64]Everything's fine.

[17:10.88]From the age of 14, Miranda had a strict ''no visitors'' poIicy... 十四岁起 米兰达就是一个人换衣服

[17:16.56]in the dressing room.

[17:15.80]Let's see how that's working out. 合不合身?

[17:17.80]AIthough her mother never observed it, and neither did LuciIIe. 她母亲没见过,露西也没有

[17:22.52]l just said that l didn't need any help. -我不需要帮忙 -你说你不需要

[17:25.76]You say you don't want help, but you were picking out the wrong size. 结果挑错尺寸,这一件很合身

[17:27.88]See, this one fits you.

[17:29.24]l think that l can adjust my bra straps by myself. 我可以自己调整肩带

[17:33.72]Would you please get your hands off of my breasts? 不要碰我的胸部

[17:35.24]l'm not being fresh. 我可不是新来的 我知道怎么样最合身

[17:36.60]l think l know what's best.

[17:39.88]You don't! 你才不知道 我才知道我要的是什么

[17:40.16]l think that l know what's best for me!

[17:45.68]SuddenIy Miranda reaIized... 突然间,米兰达领悟到 她再也没有机会跟妈妈吵架

[17:45.76]she wouId never have a fight with her mother again.

[17:49.84]l'm sorry, it's not you. 我很抱歉,不是你的关系

[17:51.80]My mother just died, and.... 我母亲刚过世

[17:56.20]-Come here. -No, l'm fine, l.... -过来 -不,我很好


[18:03.88]And there, behind the curtain, when no one was Iooking... 就在帘子后面

[18:06.76]Miranda found a kind of support that actuaIIy fit her. 米兰达得到了她最需要的安慰

[18:20.76]This is perfect. 这非常合身,你说的对

[18:24.24]You were right.

[18:29.60]Thanks. 谢谢

[18:33.20]Wait! 等一下 你总是在我背后偷袭我

[18:36.04]Damn, you're always sneaking up on me.

[18:38.72]Surprise! 大惊喜,你的新电脑

[18:40.84]lt's your new computer.

[18:46.80]-lt's blue. -Yeah. -是蓝色的 -比你旧的那一台有趣

[18:46.36]lt's a lot more fun than your old one.

[18:49.84]lt's got this handle, so it's like a little purse. 就像个小提包

[18:53.96]That's a very expensive purse. 很昂贵的提包

[18:57.00]-When did you get that? -Today. -你什么时候买的? -今天

[18:59.60]And l got you one of these Zip drives... 我还帮你买了备份机 你可以开始备份了

[19:02.12]so you can start backing up your work now.

[19:05.00]l don't even know how to use that... 我根本不知道怎么用 而且我不需要

[19:06.08]and l don't need it, l have my own system.

[19:08.72]-Works just fine. -Right. 我自己的系统就很好用了

[19:12.72]You sure about that? -你确定吗? -我确定

[19:13.40]l am. 我还没有打算换电脑 我在等我旧的那一台

[19:15.12]l'm not ready for a new computer.

[19:17.40]l'm still waiting to hear back about my old one.

[19:21.96]My whole life was on that computer. 我一生的心血都在那里

[19:25.56]l get it. 我懂了,你不把我包括在里面 你不想要电脑

[19:27.36]lt's all you.

[19:27.24]l'm not a part of any of this. You don't want the laptop.

[19:32.84]You don't want me to go to the funeral. l feel like-- -你不要我陪你去葬礼 -我把钥匙给你了

[19:33.72]l gave you my keys, what more do you want?

[19:37.88]Your keys? 钥匙?很好,我可以进入你家

[19:37.60]Great, now l can get into your front door.

[19:41.72]How do l get into there? 我要怎么进去这里?

[19:47.84]l'm sorry, but l've been taking care of myself... 我很抱歉,长久以来 我都是一个人照顾自己

[19:52.12]for a really long time. 你可能不喜欢 但是这是我处理事情的方式

[19:53.48]You may not like it, but this is how l deal with things.

[19:58.04]This is your receipt. 发票在这里,电脑随便你处置

[19:58.92]So you can do whatever you want with that computer, all right?

[20:12.60]MeanwhiIe, Samantha was troubIeshooting her own Iaptop. 在此同时 莎曼珊正在解决自己的难题

[20:20.20]She was determined to just reIax... 她决定要放轻松,无拘无束


[20:32.72]and Iet the rest of the worId faII away. 远离世上的尘嚣

[20:40.68]-What? -Good, you're there. 什么事?

[20:41.96]I'm picking up bageIs for the train ride. Sesame, right? 我在买车上吃的贝果 你要芝麻,对吧?

[20:44.56]And have you called Miranda yet? -你打给米兰达了吗? -没有,我要全麦

[20:46.04]I'm whoIe wheat...

[20:48.56]and l haven't called her because l don't want to bother her. 我没有打是因为不想打扰她

[20:52.92]l'm masturbating. 夏绿蒂,我在自慰 我接下来一整天都要自慰

[20:55.60]l told you l'd be doing that all day today.

[21:07.52]By nightfaII, Samantha caIIed off the search party. 到了傍晚,莎曼珊放弃了

[21:21.28]Somewhere in the city of Iost dreams and missing persons... 在这个充满失落梦想 和失踪人口的城市

[21:24.36]Samantha's orgasm remained at Iarge. 莎曼珊的高潮也还没出现

[21:29.40]The next morning, my own search party caIIed... 次日,我的电脑终于有进展

[21:33.00]with news of a breakthrough.


[21:36.40]You remember me? 记得我吗?我是438号 我的电脑在你这里

[21:39.16]l'm Number P438W, you have my computer.



[21:51.28]And here's what we could recover from your hard drive. 这是我们 仅能救回来的熟悉吗?

[21:56.64]Any of that look familiar to you?

[21:58.24]There it was, my past. 我的过去,现在是一团糟

[21:60.52]It was a mess.

[22:01.04]Can you please tell me why this happened in the first place? 可以告诉我 究竟是哪里出了问题吗?

[22:07.80]We don't know. 不清楚,电脑就是这样

[22:06.100]Sometimes these things, they just crash.

[22:11.96]We can replace your motherboard... 我们可以帮你更换主机板 你得买个备份系统

[22:11.64]but you have to get yourself a backup system.

[22:17.84]Pick out a Zip drive, start saving. 买个备份机,开始存档 就不会遗失资料了

[22:19.84]Next time, you won't lose everything.


[22:24.00]You saved your warranty, right? 你的保证书有留着吧?

[22:43.96]HeIIo, furniture company. 你好,家私店

[22:45.96]lt's me, the girl who doesn't back up. 是我,不备份的女孩

[22:48.24]This is my attempt to breathe and reboot. 我试着要深呼吸,重新开机

[22:52.12]Are you smiIing at aII over there? -你在笑吗? -我在听

[22:55.92]-l'm listening. -Okay...


[22:60.88]l'm just on my way to Philly...

[23:01.16]and l just wanted to say that l'm sorry. 只想跟你说我很抱歉 这对我来说很不容易

[23:07.92]This is hard. 我们要走的路很不容易

[23:08.72]We're gonna run into stuff that's hard.

[23:10.08]That's why l was trying to help. -所以我才试着帮忙 -我知道,但是…

[23:14.28]I know that...

[23:16.44]but if you start helping me... 要是你一直帮我 我习惯了依赖你

[23:17.36]and then l get used to having that help....

[23:22.56]Yeah? 这样没有好处的

[23:23.32]No good can come of that.

[23:25.44]l mean, then what happens when, you know... 要是有一天你不在身边了呢?

[23:29.92]you're not around one day?

[23:31.28]-Where am l going? -l don't know. -我会去哪里? -我不知道

[23:34.48]You could be out of town or be busy or.... 可能外出或是忙得不可开交

[23:39.36]Things fall apart. 未来谁也说不定 我们可能会各分东西

[23:39.60]We could fall apart. -我知道 -所以?

[23:41.52]l know that.

[23:42.20]Then what? 我们就只能当一对 “悲伤麦金塔”了

[23:44.72]Then l guess we'd be a couple of Sad Macs.

[23:54.64]PhiIadeIphia. 费城,只消一跳一蹦 计程车,火车,计程车就到了

[23:56.44]Just a hop, a skip, a cab, a metroIiner and another cab away.


[24:09.04]l'm not gonna find my orgasm in this town. 我在这里也找不到高潮的

[24:13.60]We are at a funeral. 这是个葬礼

[24:33.72]Be right back. 等我一下

[24:42.04]l'm so sorry. 我很遗憾

[24:48.52]l'm so sorry. 我很遗憾

[24:52.60]You look great. 你看起来气色真好

[24:58.04]She does. 我说的是实话

[25:01.84]-How are you? -l'm fine. -你好吗? -很好

[25:02.04]But everybody else is very concerned about me... 大家都担心我 只因为我孤家寡人

[25:05.80]because l'm here alone.

[25:06.32]l didn't realize l needed a date for my mother's funeral. 我不知道连参加母亲的葬礼 都要携伴

[25:11.56]My sister and her husband... 我姐姐和姐夫 要我跟他们一起走完通道

[25:12.48]want me to third-wheel with them down the aisle....

[25:14.68]God forbid that l should walk it alone... 上帝不准我一个人走 这样会很难看

[25:17.92]because that would be the real tragedy, right?

[25:21.40]lgnore the coffin. 不要管棺材了,有个35岁的 未婚女子走在后面呢

[25:20.32]There's a single 35-year-old woman walking behind it.

[25:24.80]-Miranda? -Coming, Betsy. 马上到,贝西

[25:33.44]This is hard. 真是难过

[25:35.72]''You look great''? “你看起来气色很好” 我可没有教你这样说

[25:38.84]That was not one of the things l told you to say.

[25:42.72]Excuse me, Betsy? 打扰了,贝西,我是夏绿蒂 我跟你通过电话

[25:45.36]Hi, l'm Charlotte, we spoke on the phone.

[25:48.64]l just wanted to say again how sorry l am. 我想再次表达我的遗憾

[25:49.76]And to make sure that everything worked out with the flowers. 顺便确定葬礼上的鲜花没问题

[25:52.92]Yes, thank you. 谢谢你,它们现在才送到

[25:54.20]ln fact, there they are now.

[26:06.48]l said tasteful! 我说要有品味

[26:08.64]l think now we know what $500 worth of glitter looks like. 我们总算见识到五百块的鲜花

[26:14.40]Death is the eternaI mystery. 死亡这件事永远是个谜 我们永远无法理解

[26:17.60]It defies our comprehension.

[26:20.36]There are no expIanations, no answers. 没有解释,也没有答案

[26:23.44]No magic words to soothe us. 任何话语也无法安慰我们

[26:28.20]You're a spiritual leader, can't you make something up? 你可是精神领导,振作一点

[26:30.92]Those flowers were supposed to say: 那篮鲜花应该要表达 “我们很遗憾,我们爱你”

[26:33.76]''We're so sorry, we love you.'' Not ''you're dead, let's disco.'' 而不是 “你死了,我们狂欢吧”

[26:37.24]...so many wonderfuI stories about her...

[26:40.28]from her daughter Betsy and her husband, David... 她的女儿贝西和夫婿大卫

[26:43.92]her son John and his wife, Miranda... 她的儿子约翰和妻子米兰达 她的女儿凯萨琳…

[26:46.20]her daughter Catherine.... 他刚才说…

[26:49.20]Did he just say....

[26:51.48]No spiritual stuff and he can't keep the family tree straight? 他连家谱都搞不清楚?

[26:55.96]This guy's a hack. 这家伙真是乱来

[26:56.92]Sara, AIexandra, Nathan, and IittIe EmiIy.

[27:03.72]After the buriaI... 葬礼结束后

[27:06.00]John and his wife, Miranda, invite you back to their home. 约翰和妻子米兰达 邀请各位到他们家中

[27:10.76]Directions can be found as you exit the sanctuary. 地图就在教堂外面

[27:17.72]l'm sorry. -我很遗憾 -谢谢

[27:21.20]Thank you.

[27:26.48]FinaIIy, Samantha found the reIease she reaIIy needed. 莎曼珊终于找到了解脱

[27:30.44]She cried for everything she couIdn't say... 她为了难以启齿的事哭泣 她根本搞不清楚自己的感受

[27:33.64]and for things she didn't even know she feIt.

[28:01.88]lt's okay. 有时候你会开口要求别人支持 有时候支持会不请自来

[28:03.28]There's the kind of support you ask for...

[28:06.36]and a kind of support you don't ask for.

[28:11.28]And then there's the kind that just shows up. 而有的人以出席表示支持

[28:16.08]Thank you.

[28:32.96]After aII, computers crash, peopIe die... 毕竟,电脑会当机 生命终尽,感情会生变

[28:38.64]reIationships faII apart.

[28:40.20]The best we can do is breathe and reboot. 我们所能做的只是深呼吸 再重新开机

[28:45.20]And when that faiIs... 当这个方法失败时

[28:48.08]a IittIe gizmo caIIed a Zip drive... 备份档案可以 让我们无后顾之忧

[28:50.88]can provide a surprising amount of comfort.

[29:01.92]So can a boyfriend. 男朋友也可以

[29:05.88]If you can Iearn to Iet him. 如果你学着让他们去

[29:14.52]Subtitles conformed by SOFTlTLER

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