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欲望都市第四季 乡间小屋 Sex and the Country






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:42:36



[00:35.72](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:48.44]For most New Yorkers, Manhattan is the center of the civiIized worId. 对大多数纽约人来说 曼哈顿就是世界文明的中心

[00:52.60]But for a priviIeged few... 对少数享有特权的贵族来说 曼哈顿仅是平日消磨时间之处

[00:54.72]Manhattan is mereIy a pIace to kiII time between weekends...

[00:58.40]at their fashionabIy rustic, New York country homes. 因为他们周末都待在 时髦的乡间别墅

[01:03.56]Wow, yeah, the place looks great. 看起来很棒

[01:04.12]I was wiIIing to forgo the priviIege. 我愿意放弃这个特权

[01:06.24]-That's the ''before'' picture. -Sorry. -那是整修之前的照片 -抱歉

[01:12.04]That's the after. -这才是之后的模样 -我可以再看一次之前的吗?

[01:14.80]Could l see the before again?

[01:16.16]You kinda have to be there to appreciate it. 你必须亲临现场欣赏它

[01:17.96]No, l can appreciate it from here. -我可以在这里欣赏 -幸好你不必

[01:20.84]Luckily you won't have to, since you're coming up there with me next week.

[01:23.84]-下周你就要去了 -是吗?

[01:26.40]l am?

[01:28.12]Man, l wish l could. 真希望我能去 但我下周要在城里和编辑开会

[01:29.60]But l have a meeting with my editor in town next week.

[01:31.88]That's all right, it's only 40 minutes away. 车程只要40分钟

[01:34.64]You take the train in for your meeting. Then right back out when you're done. 你坐火车去开会 结束之后再回来

[01:39.84]You've just thought of everything, haven't you? 你一切都设想好了,不是吗?

[01:43.24]Pack your bags, little lady. 打包行李,小姐 你要和我去乡下了

[01:43.52]You're comin' to the country with me

[01:48.48]That's Miranda, l gotta go. We'll talk about this later. 是米兰达,我们晚一点再谈

[01:50.84]-Nothing left to talk about. -Yes, there is. -没什么好谈的了 -有

[01:56.92]-l'll be right down. -I'm coming up. -我马上下去 -我上来了


[01:58.44]See... 我是名副其实的城市女孩 我是属于都会的女孩

[02:01.20]l'm what you call a bona fide city girl.

[02:05.12]l'm a girl-about-town.

[02:07.00]l'm the kind of girl that goes to a late movie in the middle of the week. 我是那种平日会去看 晚场电影的女孩,我很疯狂

[02:10.28]-l'm crazy. -l know it. 我知道

[02:13.32]-Hi, there. -Hello. -你好 -你好

[02:16.84]Could you tell your little pal, Steve, to call his insurance company? 可以请你转告史蒂夫 打给他的保险公司吗

[02:18.48]They can't find him and they think that l'm his in-case-of-emergency person. 他们仍然以为 我是他的“紧急连络人”

[02:21.28]So, he needs to update that whole file. 他得更新档案才行

[02:23.96]l know he wants to talk to you about some stuff, too. 他也有事想跟你说

[02:30.56]Like what? -譬如? -反正有事

[02:30.60]Some stuff. 他要跟我说什么?

[02:34.00]No, what is he gonna tell me?

[02:34.64]Now that Jessica's gone, he wants to start seeing me again? 现在洁西卡走了 他又想和我交往?

[02:37.28]That he can't stop thinking about me? That he's still in love with me? -他还爱着我? -史蒂夫得了睾丸癌

[02:42.56]Steve's got testicular cancer.

[02:45.64]That l'm a horrible, selfish bitch? 我是个自私讨厌的坏女人?

[02:48.20]SeveraI bIocks south, CharIotte aIso found herseIf... 往南几条街 夏绿蒂也处于妥协的姿势

[02:51.72]in a compromising position.

[02:53.72]Whatever it is you're doing, don't stop. 无论你正在做什么 不要停下来

[02:55.28]lt's a fertility exercise. -这是生殖能力强化运动 -我知道一个更好的

[02:59.08]l know a better one.

[03:04.92]No, not yet. 还不行,我的基础体温表显示 我再过五天才要排卵

[03:03.32]My basal body temperature reading says l won't be ovulating for another five days.

[03:07.60]Perfect. That means we have five days of practice to get it right. 那太好了 我们有五天可以练习

[03:13.16]No, we can't. 不行,你得保存你的精液 让精子的活动力到达巅峰

[03:14.40]You need to conserve your juices till then, so they'll be at their most powerful.

[03:18.44]Darling, l'm juicy now. -亲爱的,我现在就很兴奋了 -对不起

[03:18.92]l'm sorry, it's just...

[03:20.92]we've been trying for three months, and l don't wanna take any chances. 我们已经努力三个月了 我不想冒险

[03:25.32]Can't it wait until Saturday? -不能等到星期六吗? -我们要去康乃狄克州看妈妈

[03:26.28]We're gonna be in Connecticut on Saturday. We promised mother.

[03:29.40]l know. 我知道,我在想我们可以 留下来全神贯注做这件事

[03:32.28]But l was thinking maybe we could stay here and concentrate on this.

[03:36.84]She's expecting us. 她很期待我们去,如果我们 错过兰花展,她会非常失望

[03:38.72]We miss the orchid show, she'll be devastated.

[03:40.80]Then l guess we'll just have to have sex at your mother's. 那我们得在你妈家做爱

[03:43.60]People having sex in Connecticut? 康乃狄克人会做爱吗?

[03:47.28]There's a first time for everything. 凡事都有第一次

[03:54.12]lt's no big deal. 这没什么大不了 医生说这种病现在很流行

[03:56.84]The doctor said it's very trendy now.

[03:58.40]Lance Armstrong had it, the Drew Barrymore guy. -兰斯阿姆斯壮也得过… -人人都在得

[04:03.20]Everybody's getting it. lt's the TiVo of cancers. -这是很热门的癌症 -这没什么大不了

[04:05.28]That's right, it's no big deal.

[04:06.76]He's just gotta get in there and snip one of those guys out of there and l'm done. 只要拿掉一个睾丸就行了

[04:11.96]Good, so, then it's stage one, right? l looked it up on the net. 所以这算是第一期? 我上网查过

[04:15.52]Yeah, l guess so. -我猜是吧 -你猜是吧?你不知道吗?

[04:18.92]You guess so? You don't know?

[04:21.76]What? Sure, stage one, you have the operation. 当然,这是第一期,要先开刀

[04:26.16]No, stage one, the cancer hasn't spread to the lymph nodes. Has it? 不,所谓第一期是癌细胞 尚未扩散到淋巴结,对吧?

[04:29.44]Your doctor gave you an ultrasound, right? 你的医生有帮你照超音波吗? 电脑辅助断层扫描呢?

[04:34.72]-A CAT scan? -You know, l mean... 你知道…我转头、咳嗽

[04:37.40]l turned my head, l coughed. He poked around a little.

[04:40.28]Who is this doctor? Has he got a storefront outside Port Authority? 这个医生到底是谁?

[04:44.52]No, he's nice. 他很好 我经由保健组织找到他的

[04:44.92]l got him through my HMO.

[04:46.40]Then he must be good. 那他肯定医术高超

[04:48.48]Steve, look... 我和事务所里一些 有过这经验的男同事谈过…

[04:52.68]l talked to some guys in my office who have been through this.

[04:53.20]-Miranda-- -Don't worry, l used a pseudonym. 我用的是假名

[04:56.84]They gave me the name of a specialist at Beth lsrael. 他们介绍我去看一位专家…

[04:59.84]You don't have to do that. You don't have to do anything. 你不必做任何事 我有医生,这没什么大不了

[05:02.64]l have a doctor, it's no big deal.

[05:06.40]Will you stop saying that? lt is a big deal! 拜托你不要再这么说了 这是很严重的事

[05:10.60]This isn't your crazy yellow toenail. This is cancer. 这不是脚趾甲发黄的小毛病 这是癌症

[05:12.88]The longer you wait to find out what's going on... 你拖得越久不去检查清楚

[05:14.16]the longer we sit here having this conversation...

[05:18.72]the more likely it is that the cancer will spread and that you will die. 癌细胞就越可能扩散 然后你就死掉了

[05:23.52]lt is a big fucking deal! 这可不是闹着玩的

[05:25.88]All right.

[05:28.08]l made him cry. No, first, l yelled at him. 我把他弄哭了

[05:33.84]l yelled at my friend, the cancer patient. Then l made him cry. 我先对一位癌症病人大吼 然后再把他弄哭

[05:37.20]lt's understandable. l mean, you just lost your mom. 这是可以理解的,你刚经历 丧母之痛,满腔怒火无处宣泄

[05:39.00]l'm sure you have a lot of pent up, residual anger.

[05:40.52]Maybe, but he was just pissing me off. 也许吧 但最主要是因为他惹我生气

[05:43.88]Sounds like he needed the kick in the ass, which you gave him. 他的屁股需要狠狠踢一下

[05:47.68]You know what you need? 你知道你需要什么? 跟我去艾登的乡间小屋度周末

[05:47.56]A nice, relaxing weekend with me at Aidan's country house.

[05:51.44]You're not going, are you? 你不是真的要去吧?

[05:55.80]lf by ''going'' you mean being taken against my will and kidnapped... 如果你是指心不甘情不愿 被绑架去的话,没错

[05:58.20]then yes, l'm going. So, enjoy me now, ladies.

[06:01.76]Because this weekend l'm a hick town hostage. 这个周末我是个人质

[06:04.88]l can't go, Steve has cancer. 我不能去,史蒂夫得了癌症 得有人让他正视问题的严重性

[06:05.92]Somebody has to stay in town and make him feel bad about it.

[06:10.52]You're at the Connecticut compound? 你会在康乃狄克的别墅?

[06:14.60]Come on! lt's like we're living in Paris... 拜托,这就像住在巴黎 然后周末去普罗旺斯一样

[06:16.56]and running off to Provence for the weekend.

[06:19.76]What is it about the weekends now? 周末有什么好问的?阵亡将士 纪念日后跟我上床的每个家伙

[06:22.32]l swear to God, every guy l've fucked since Memorial Day wants to know...

[06:24.60]what l'm doing this weekend. They just don't get it. 都想知道我周末要干嘛

[06:29.40]My weekends are for meeting new guys... 他们就是不明白 我的周末是用来认识新的男人

[06:29.60]so l don't have to fuck the old ones.

[06:32.56]That's a no, l guess? 所以这是拒绝?

[06:35.28]l guess l'll have to brave the wilderness on my own. 我得独自面对荒郊野外

[06:37.24]No. 不是独自,还有艾登

[06:38.92]Not on your own, with Aidan.

[06:41.60]And l love Aidan. 我爱艾登

[06:42.24]And Aidan loves the country. 艾登喜欢乡下 所以或许我也会喜欢乡下

[06:44.12]Maybe l'll love the country.

[06:47.52]Just because Aidan loves the country, you have to love it, too? -因为艾登喜欢乡下? -显然情况必须如此

[06:51.20]Apparently that's how it works.

[06:52.16]You need to pretend to be someone else, to be in a relationship. 你得在一段感情中伪装自己?

[06:56.92]No, l believe the word you're looking for is ''compromise.'' 不,我相信这叫做妥协

[06:60.00]lt's true. Trey loves golf, so, l'm taking golf lessons. 崔爱打高尔夫球 所以我就去学

[07:02.92]Trey loves Bunny, so, l'm ovulating at the orchid show. 崔爱邦妮 所以我决定在兰花展中排卵

[07:06.76]Which hick town is it exactly? -乡间小屋位在哪里? -这真是讽刺到极点

[07:09.76]lt's too terrible and too ironic.

[07:15.44]lt's Suffern. 在沙佛,纽约的沙佛 (音似受苦)

[07:15.80]Suffern, New York.

[07:21.32]Sounds like you better take some Buffer'n to Suffern. 看来你最好带一些 “百服宁”去沙佛了

[07:34.32]Well? 到家了

[07:43.64]There's a lake right over there. One mile. 这附近有一个湖,一哩远

[08:03.44]This floor's all original. Dates back to 187 4. 这是原来的地板 可以追溯到1874年

[08:08.80]The plumbing's 197 4, so, of course, it needs work. 水电管线是1974年装设的 所以需要整修一下

[08:11.88]But l put in a hot water heater all by myself. 我加装了热水器

[08:16.44]What do you think? Scary as you thought it'd be? 你觉得怎么样? 跟你想的一样恐怖?

[08:18.48]No. God, no. 不,天啊,不会

[08:20.16]It was scarier. 是更恐怖

[08:21.24]Good. 那好,我先把这东西放到后面

[08:25.40]Let me stick this stuff in the back. And l'll give you the grand tour. -我再带你四处参观 -我在这里等你

[08:27.68]l'll be here.

[08:42.72]So, there I was... 我被困在即使以内战标准来看 都很老旧的小屋

[08:44.52]trapped in a cabin that was outdated even by CiviI War standards...

[08:47.08]when I couId've been out cocktaiIing, and sampIe saIe-ing. 原本我大可喝着鸡尾酒 在派对上招蜂引蝶的

[08:54.24]-Oh, God! -What is it? 怎么了?发生什么事? 你还好吧?

[08:57.60]What happened? Are you okay?

[08:58.00]No! 不好,我的天

[08:60.72]Oh, my God!

[09:01.28]There was a huge, giant squirrel in that window, right there. 窗户边有一只巨大的松鼠

[09:06.04]That's my squirrel. 那是我的松鼠 我一直偷偷喂它

[09:09.32]l've been sneaking little nuts out there.

[09:12.36]Hoping he'd come make friends, and he did. 希望能和它做朋友

[09:12.60]You can't be friends with a squirrel. 你不可能和一只松鼠做朋友

[09:17.20]A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit. 松鼠只是长得比较可爱的老鼠

[09:18.48]-ls that right? -''That's my squirrel''? 是吗?

[09:19.88]那是我对松鼠的定义 还有什么我该知道的惊喜吗?

[09:21.48]Any more Wild Kingdom surprises l should know about?

[09:24.64]Let's see, just.... 我想想…

[09:33.20]Hours Iater, we discovered one satisfying way... 几个小时后 我们发现了一个令人满意

[09:37.28]to pass the time in the country. 在乡下消磨时间的方式 只是时间还不够久

[09:39.24]Just not enough time.

[09:42.16]There I was, miIes from home, hours from sIeep... 现在的我,离家数十哩 离睡觉还早得很

[09:46.92]with no one to taIk to, nowhere to go, and nothing to do except.... 没有聊天的对象、无处可去 无事可做,除了…

[09:52.92]Three hours, two mosquitoes, and one too many Vodka KooI-Aids Iater... 三个小时,打了两只蚊子 以及一杯伏特加调酒之后

[09:54.76]I finaIIy found an outIet for my computer, but not my frustration. 我总算找到插座连接电脑 但我的挫折仍无法宣泄

[10:06.00]ReIationships, no matter how good... 无论多美好的感情 都必然有一连串的妥协

[10:09.08]are inevitabIy a series of compromises.

[10:11.04]But how much of ourseIves shouId we be wiIIing to sacrifice... 我们应该愿意为另一个人 牺牲多少自我?

[10:14.32]for the other person before we stop being ourseIves?

[10:18.64]In a reIationship... 在一段感情中 妥协的艺术何时派上用场?

[10:21.00]when does the art of compromise become compromising?

[10:26.88]MeanwhiIe, back at the center of the civiIized worId.... 同时,回到文明世界…

[10:32.68]So... 你下礼拜周末要做什么?

[10:33.36]what are you doing next weekend?

[10:37.24]What did l say? 我说了什么?

[10:40.52]Tired of being the ''wake up and smeII the coffee'' girI... 不想再当个 “起床便要煮咖啡”的女人

[10:44.48]Miranda invited Steve over for tea and sympathy. 米兰达邀请史蒂夫来喝茶 并接受同情

[10:47.48]Or, in Steve's case, Chinese food and Chop Socky. 或者以史蒂夫的角度而言 享用中国菜和动作片

[10:49.12]l thought you hated these movies. 我以为你讨厌这种电影

[10:50.56]Yeah, but you don't. 可是你喜欢 录影带店的人说这部超好看

[10:54.92]And the guy at Video Village said this one rocks, so....

[10:59.40]You want the last spring roll? -你要吃最后一条春卷吗? -不,那是你的

[10:60.88]No, that's yours. 我不想吃,你吃吧

[11:02.80]No, l don't want it. You have it.

[11:05.96]Shit! 他们忘了送茶,你想喝茶吗?

[11:04.92]They forgot the tea. Did you want tea? l could make some.

[11:07.64]That's it, l'm outta here. -我来泡 -我要走了

[11:11.84]-Why, where are you going? -Home. -你要上哪儿去? -回家

[11:12.60]You think l wanna stay here, and be treated like some fuckin' cancer patient? 你以为我想被当成 癌症病人对待吗?

[11:15.68]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?

[11:18.96]Since when don't you want the last spring roll? 你为何不想吃最后一条春卷? 你每次都把春卷吃光

[11:19.68]You usually eat them all. l'm lucky if l see one.

[11:23.84]l'm sorry, l felt bad. 对不起,我觉得很内疚

[11:24.04]ln the park, you needed a shoulder to cry on. 当你在公园想要个肩膀哭诉时 我却像个沷妇一样对你吼

[11:28.84]-And l was a total bitch to you. -Yeah, you were.

[11:30.48]Thank God, because l have a doctor who knows what he's doing. 没错,谢天谢地 现在我有个脑袋清楚的医生了

[11:35.76]l scheduled my operation, and l have insurance that's gonna pay for it. 我准备动手术,保险会支付

[11:38.36]So, thank you for being a huge bitch. 谢谢你当个沷妇 给我那条春卷

[11:43.00]Give me that spring roll.

[11:51.48]The next day at the MacDougaI's Connecticut compound... 在麦克道格位于康乃狄克州的 花园别墅里

[11:54.76]Bunny gave CharIotte a tour of her nursery. 邦妮带夏绿蒂参观她的温室

[11:56.04]Since my boys have all grown up... 自从我的孩子们长大之后 这些兰花就变成我的宝贝

[11:57.44]my orchids have become my babies.

[12:00.04]And this year, Waxie Hanahan's Chocolate Oncidium... 今年薇丝汉纳罕的 巧克力文心兰

[12:05.60]will be no match for my Rising Suns. 绝不是我“旭日东升”的对手

[12:06.48]-They're exquisite. -l'm pleased you think so, Charlotte. -它们好精美 -我很高兴你这么想

[12:12.04]l've re-potted this one for you to take home. 我已经移植了这盆给你

[12:12.64]-No, l couldn't. -But l insist. -我不能收 -但我坚持

[12:15.12]A gift in anticipation of the great gift you're giving me. 期盼你将送我的大礼 所以先送你一份礼物

[12:22.68]What gift is that? -什么大礼? -亲爱的,一个孙子

[12:25.16]Why, a grandchild, my dear.

[12:27.76]You mustn't be cross with Trey for telling me. 别因为崔告诉我而生他的气

[12:32.24]He knows how anxious l am... 他知道我很渴望有个 小麦克道格来传宗接代

[12:34.40]to have a wee MacDougal to carry on the family name.

[12:39.80]l couldn't get any sleep at all last night. The silence out here is deafening. 我根本睡不着

[12:41.56]-这里的寂静会让人耳聋 -你在乡下

[12:44.64]You are in the country. 接着我去淋浴却没水

[12:47.64]Then l go to take a shower and there's no water.

[12:50.12]So, now, he's working on the pipes all day... 所以他整天都在修水管

[12:53.28]so, l finally had to leave the house before l dehydrated. 我得在脱水之前离开这房子

[12:56.16]WeIcome to Frozen Cup.

[12:57.88]Yes, l'd like a cheeseburger, please, large fries, and a Cosmopolitan? 我要一份起司汉堡 大薯条和一杯四海为家酒

[13:01.16]What? -什么? -一杯草莓奶昔

[13:02.72]A strawberry shake, please.

[13:05.64]Where are you? -你在哪里? -荷荷克斯的“冷冻杯”

[13:06.92]l'm at the Frozen Cup in Ho-Ho-Kus.

[13:10.08]l had to freaking drive to New Jersey to get cell service, and, apparently... 我得开车到新泽西 手机才收得到讯号

[13:13.68]the only way to get anything to eat in the country is to make it yourself. 想吃东西的唯一办法

[13:15.08]就是自己动手做 但我没心情烤面包

[13:18.88]l'm in no mood for Bisquick.

[13:20.24]lt could be worse. 邦妮正为她的孙子挑选学校 而我甚至还没怀孕呢

[13:22.16]Bunny's already picking names and schools for her grandchild.

[13:25.32]l'm not even pregnant. 她还吩咐厨子 别在我的煎蛋卷里放虾子

[13:25.20]She wouldn't let the cook put shrimp in my omelet.

[13:29.60]You have a cook? 厨子?我这州离你那州多远?

[13:29.20]How far is my country from your country?

[13:32.28]How is the house? -房子怎么样? -房子?什么房子

[13:32.96]What house? 松鼠四处出没 简直是动物农场

[13:35.16]He's got squirrels running there. lt's AnimaI Farm.

[13:36.84]Four legs good, two legs bad. -四脚的好过,两脚的痛苦 -你没对他说这种话吧?

[13:38.32]-You didn't say that to him, did you? -No.

[13:43.28]He thinks l love it. l don't even know what l'm doing out here. 他以为我爱死那房子了 我不知道我干嘛要来

[13:44.48]You're keeping him company. -你是去和他作伴 -我有努力,但他在外头干活

[13:48.68]l'm trying, but he's out there hoeing.

[13:50.08]So, try harder, go hoe. 那就再努力一点,去干活吧

[13:52.76]All right.

[13:56.72]So... 我们要把这些铁路枕木 搬到那边的喷泥洞吗?

[13:59.60]what are we gonna be doing? Are we gonna be schlepping...

[14:02.48]these railroad ties over to the mudhole?

[14:03.76]-Yes. -All righty, then. -是的,别把自己弄伤了 -我不会弄伤自己的

[14:06.48]-Don't hurt yourself. -l'm not gonna hurt myself.

[14:09.08]All right, you ready? 准备好了吗?

[14:10.32]Here you go.

[14:11.60]-You okay? -l'm fine, it's just mud. -你还好吧? -没事,只有泥巴而已

[14:15.72]Okay. 加油…

[14:19.40]Oh, God.

[14:25.32]Okay, go!

[14:28.44]Shit! 可恶

[14:36.60]Okay, l'm not being helpful anymore. 我帮不上你的忙了 也许我该回城里去

[14:38.56]l think l should get back to the city.

[14:43.84]l have that meeting to get ready for. 我要为开会做准备

[14:51.68]And several showers to take. 还要洗好几次澡

[14:52.20]Four hours Iater, I kissed Aidan good-bye... 四个小时后,我向艾登吻别

[14:56.48]kicked the mud off my boots, and had a New York steak with my New York ex. 和我的前男友在纽约共进牛排

[14:59.16]l tried, l really did, but nature and me... 我试过了,但大自然 和我的组合…就是不自然

[15:03.16]it's unnatural. And l love being with Aidan. 我喜欢和艾登在一块 全世界我只想跟他…

[15:03.52]l mean, there's no one in the world that l would rather be....

[15:08.72]l'm sorry. 对不起

[15:11.76]-ls it okay to talk to you about this stuff? -Go ahead, l'm okay. -跟你说这些没关系吗? -说吧,我没事

[15:12.68]Good. l'm glad that we can talk about this stuff. And listen... 我很高兴我们可以谈这种事 如果你认识了什么人…

[15:17.56]-if you meet someone, l want you to feel-- -l met someone.


[15:30.64]Who is she? -她是谁 -若我告诉你,你不能说出去

[15:32.64]lf l tell you, you can't tell anyone.

[15:35.92]ls she... 她是你想像中的女友吗?

[15:36.04]your imaginary girlfriend?

[15:40.32]She's an actress. 她是个演员,薇洛桑莫斯

[15:41.60]Willow Summers.

[15:42.00]She's not an actress, she's a movie star. 她不是演员,她是个电影明星

[15:45.48]Did you see that Spy GirI movie? l thought she was pretty good. 你有看那部女侦探的电影吗? 她演得很好

[15:49.04]l don't know about that. l do know she wears many wrong things on the red carpet. 但她在星光大道上的穿着 错误百出

[15:53.72]l cannot believe you are dating... 我真不敢相信你居然跟一个…

[15:58.00]someone named after a tree. 与树同名的女人约会 (薇洛为柳树之意)

[15:58.20]-She's really something. -How did you meet her? -她真的很有魅力 -你怎么认识她的?

[16:02.36]She came up to me at her premiere thing and asked for a light... 她在首映会上走过来向我借火

[16:05.32]and said, ''l have two vices, smoking and green-eyed men.'' 她说“我有两个坏习惯 抽烟和迷恋绿眼的男人”

[16:11.60]-She's a smoothie. -We talked, had a few... -她嘴巴蛮甜的 -我们聊天、喝了几杯酒…

[16:15.68]went up to her hotel... 回到她住的饭店 脱了衣服…红色的内裤

[16:17.08]dress comes off...

[16:18.28]red panties.

[16:20.68]Kept her high heels on. l lifted her up, l put her on the bed-- 她仍穿着高跟鞋 我抱起她、将她放到床上…

[16:24.56]Okay, that's plenty. Thanks. 够多了,谢谢

[16:27.20]That was about 30 seconds. l think l did pretty good. 差不多有30秒 我想我的风度还不错

[16:33.40]How's the stock market treating you these days? -你在股市混得如何? -我忘不了她

[16:36.56]The thing of it is, l can't get her out of my head.

[16:40.96]She's crazy about me. 她为我疯狂 薇洛桑莫斯为我疯狂

[16:42.56]Willow Summers is crazy about me.

[16:44.72]Someone's crazy. -肯定有人疯了 -我不是开玩笑的

[16:44.20]l'm not kidding. When l walked home from her hotel--

[16:47.48]-当我从她的饭店走回家… -你用走的?

[16:47.60]-You walked? -Yeah.

[16:49.40]l thought, this is something. 我心想 “我们之间真的有感觉”

[16:54.24]There's something here.

[16:57.76]A connection. 默契

[16:58.04]Yeah, the red panty, green-eyed connection. 红色内裤和绿眼的默契

[17:01.84]Fuck. 妈的,我想我恋爱了

[17:02.100]l think l'm in love.

[17:07.88]As I waIked off my Big dinner, I reaIized I'd gone from pretending... 我明白我已从假装不讨厌乡下

[17:12.48]I didn't hate being in the country...

[17:14.24]to pretending I didn't hate Iistening to Big's WiIIow taIk. 转而假装我不讨厌 听大人物谈薇洛的事

[17:18.60]I may have been back in the city, but now I was reaIIy suffer'n. 或许我回到了城里 但现在我真的在受苦

[17:29.24]One thing was cIear. I had to get back to the country. 有一件事很清楚 我必须回到乡下

[17:33.72]But this time, I wouIdn't reIy on the country to provide the entertainment. 但我不打算靠它提供娱乐

[17:38.68]I wouId take the entertainment with me. 我决定自己带,也就是…

[17:38.20]Otherwise known as Samantha. 莎曼珊

[17:41.64]-What's next, Samantha? -You've got to be kidding me. -下一步是什么,莎曼珊? -你一定是在说笑吧

[17:45.28]Come on. -我们要烤一个派 -那是你,我只是在烤而已

[17:46.56]-We're baking a pie here. -You're baking a pie. l'm just baking.

[17:51.72]lt's hotter here than it is outside. 这里面比外头还热 难道不能开冷气吗?

[17:53.60]Can't we turn on the air conditioning?

[17:53.12]One cup of milk. 一杯牛奶 不能,这里没有冷气

[17:57.08]No, we can't.

[17:58.60]There is no air conditioner.

[18:02.48]Or milk for that matter. -也没有牛奶 -下一班火车是几点钟?

[18:04.04]What time's the next train?

[18:04.32]No, you can't go. 你不能走 艾登睡觉之后你得娱乐我

[18:08.80]You have to entertain me when Aidan goes to bed in an hour.

[18:11.68]You lured me here under false pretenses. 你用藉口把我骗到这里来

[18:11.48]l told you that it was rustic. -我告诉过你这里很朴实 -少开玩笑了,这里真破烂

[18:15.48]Honey, don't kid yourself. lt's a dump.

[18:17.84]Aidan worked very hard on this place. 艾登在这房子下了很多功夫

[18:21.76]Did you know that he put that hot water heater in all by himself? 他一个人装设热水器 凭他的赤手空拳

[18:23.52]With his own bare hands.

[18:25.12]Actually, l was wearing gloves at the time... 其实,当时我有戴手套 不过还是谢了

[18:28.60]but thanks for the shout out.

[18:31.88]ls it hot in here or is it just me? -是这屋里热还是只有我? -不只是你

[18:35.36]lt isn't you.

[18:36.36]l'm pre-heating the oven. 我在预热烤箱

[18:37.16]lt couldn't be any hotter in here. 这里不可能更热了 还是有可能?

[18:41.12]Or could it?

[18:44.52]Who's the farmer with the delts? 那个有三角肌的农夫是谁?

[18:50.16]Young McDonald? 小麦唐诺?


[18:55.16]That's Luke Gilmore. Came out here from the city after the last big market crash. 那是路克吉摩尔 股市崩盘后就来到这里

[18:59.32]He doesn't say much, kinda keeps to himself. 他话不多,人很内向

[19:00.40]So, what does he do out here? -他在这里做什么? -从外表看来是伏地挺身

[19:02.68]Pushups, by the look of him.

[19:11.64]Oh, no. 你想干嘛,莎曼珊?

[19:12.84]What are you up to, Sammy-Jo?

[19:13.80]Honey... 如果我们要烤派 就需要一些牛奶才行

[19:16.40]if we're gonna bake us a pie...

[19:16.100]we're gonna need us some milk.

[19:28.04]Anybody home? 有人在家吗?

[19:38.88]-You lost? -No. -你迷路了? -不是

[19:40.04]l'm staying next door, and l'm baking a pie from scratch. 我住在隔壁 我正自己动手烤派

[19:45.44]And l suddenly realized... 却发现牛奶刚用完了

[19:46.60]fresh out of milk.

[19:49.100]Help yourself. 请自便

[20:08.32]You from New York City? -你来自纽约? -是的

[20:11.00]Yes. 但等我买得起一个小农场 就不再是了

[20:13.20]But only until l can afford a little farm all my own.

[20:20.92]Ever milk a cow before? 以前挤过牛奶吗?


[20:26.48]But something tells me l'd be very good at it. 不过某个东西告诉我 我会做得很好

[20:35.56]Squeeze off the milk with your thumb and forefinger. 用拇指和食指挤出牛奶

[20:37.84]Then roll down into a fist. 然后往下转,握成拳状 先挤再转

[20:41.48]Squeeze and roll.


[20:46.76]Squeeze and roll. 先挤再转,我想我学会了

[20:48.24]l think l can do that.

[20:49.24]Squeeze and roll. 先挤再转,先挤再…


[20:58.12]l usually get a little warning before that happens. 通常这种事发生前 我会得到一点警告

[21:03.00]l guess it just takes practice. 我想只要多练习就行了

[21:06.24]Anything else around here need milking? 还有其他东西需要挤奶吗?

[21:10.64]WhiIe Samantha worked up an appetite... 当莎曼珊开胃时

[21:14.00]Trey, are you up here? 崔,你在哪里?

[21:16.48]...CharIotte's eggs were ready. 夏绿蒂的卵也准备好了

[21:16.88]-ln the bath. -lt's time. -我在洗澡 -时间到了,我要排卵了

[21:18.48]l'm ovulating. 快从浴缸出来 立刻上床跟我做爱

[21:20.84]So, get out of the tub, get into this bed, and make love to me, right now!

[21:27.64]Charlotte, l was just telling Trey... 我正跟崔说你常常让我想起 在你这年纪时的我

[21:29.80]how much you remind me of myself at your age.

[21:36.76]There you are. 原来你在这里 你在这里做什么?

[21:40.28]-What are you doing in here? -What were you doing up there? -你们刚才在浴室做什么? -什么意思?

[21:43.04]Up where? What do you mean?

[21:44.00]What do l mean? Your mother was watching you bathe. 你妈在看你洗澡

[21:47.40]She was not. We were having a conversation while l was in the bath. 她不是在看我 我们在我洗澡时聊天

[21:51.96]l don't know how you were brought up. 我不知道你是怎么被带大的

[21:54.08]But that is not acceptable parent-child bath-time behavior past the age of 5! 但过了五岁之后 陪同洗澡就是不可接受的行为

[21:58.96]Even 4 in some cases.

[21:60.72]lf you think that l'm bringing a child into that... 要是你以为我会那样教养小孩 或我是那种母亲,最好再想想

[22:01.84]that l will be that kind of mother, then you better think again.

[22:06.08]She may have raised you like that, but l am not your mother. 她那样把你带大 但我可不是你的母亲

[22:12.56]l was raised by a woman... 我是被一个叫伊娃奈尔的 女人带大的,她是我的保姆

[22:12.92]named Eva Neal.

[22:15.96]She was my nanny.


[22:18.00]l don't remember ever seeing my mother...

[22:22.36]ever, except after her tennis lesson and before the cocktail hour... 除了她上完网球课 以及鸡尾酒时间前

[22:25.96]when she would draw me a bath and tell me how she'd spent her day. 她会替我洗澡 然后告诉我她一天的生活

[22:29.72]So, l know, l have always known... 所以我知道,我一直知道

[22:31.96]that you could never ever be that kind of mother. 你绝对不会变成那种母亲

[22:36.72]That's my ovaries. l'm ovulating. -是卵巢提示铃,我正在排卵 -我们最好赶快开工

[22:42.56]We'd better get to work.

[22:42.68]Okay, but l have to get in the right position. 我得采取正确的姿势 等等,我必须把腿抬高

[22:44.24]Wait, stop, not like that. l have to get my legs up.

[22:47.92]WhiIe trying to make a baby... 当夏绿蒂和崔努力制造宝宝时 他们也毁了邦妮的

[22:51.72]CharIotte and Trey accidentaIIy destroyed Bunny's...

[22:53.80]and Waxie Hanahan's ChocoIate Oncidium... 而薇丝汉纳罕的巧克力文心兰 则再次夺冠

[22:55.60]won first prize for the second year in a row.

[22:59.08]Back in New York... 在纽约,迎接病人史蒂夫的是 耐心的米兰达

[23:01.28]the patient, Steve, was greeted by a patient Miranda.

[23:12.60]You're up. 你醒了,你还好吗?

[23:13.16]How are you?

[23:17.64]On drugs. 麻药还没退

[23:19.56]-How long you been here? -Not long. -你来多久了 -没多久…一会儿了

[23:23.60]A while. 手术顺利吗?

[23:26.44]ls that okay?

[23:28.40]l.... -我跟医生谈过 -他怎么说?

[23:29.40]l talked to the doctor.

[23:33.08]Yeah, how's he? 他说下面一切看来 都蛮不错的

[23:34.24]He said everything looked pretty good down there.

[23:38.16]l told him, frankly, l'd seen better. 我告诉他我看过更好的

[23:42.40]Sorry. -抱歉 -会客时间结束

[23:43.80]Visiting hours are over. You're going to have to leave now.

[23:45.52]-现在你必须离开 -对不起,我不这么认为

[23:46.32]No, l'm sorry, l don't think so.

[23:49.96]-Are you a family member? -l'm his in-case-of-emergency person. -你是他的家人吗? -我是他的“紧急连络人”

[23:52.48]lt's okay, Miranda, if you wanna go-- 如果你想走没关系

[23:55.56]Shut up or l'll give you a sponge bath. 闭嘴,要不然我就帮你擦澡

[23:56.52]Twenty minutes. 只有二十分钟

[23:59.00]Drink your juice. 喝点果汁

[24:08.16]MeanwhiIe, on his farm, Young McDonaId had Samantha. 同时,在他的农场里 小麦唐诺和莎曼珊一拍即合

[24:22.28]That was good. 感觉真好

[24:23.28]You're a man of few words, but they're all the right ones. 你话虽少,但却字字珠玑

[24:27.72]What are you doing next weekend? 你下礼拜周末要做什么?

[24:32.12]Look! 你看,我做好派皮了

[24:35.60]l made crust! 现在我们只要放进苹果 它就是派了

[24:37.20]Now all we have to do is put apples in and it's pie.

[24:41.28]-Look at that. -No, you don't understand. -还真了不起 -你不明白

[24:43.24]The only thing that l have ever successfully made in the kitchen is a mess. 我在厨房唯一制造过的东西

[24:48.04]And several little fires. Come on, you feel like peeling some apples? 就是混乱和几场火灾 你想削几颗苹果吗?

[24:51.28]-l feel like taking a shower. -Now? -我想去淋浴 -现在?

[24:54.80]No! 你整天都在外面忙 我一直被关在这屋里

[24:56.20]You've been outside all day, and l've been cooped up in here.

[24:60.16]Look, we'll do it together. lt'll be fun, all right? 我们一起做吧,很好玩的

[25:04.64]-lt's a squirrel! -God damn it! -啊!天…妈的 -松鼠来的

[25:08.68]-God! -Are you okay? -你还好吧? -不,我不好

[25:10.40]No, l am not okay!

[25:11.96]l burned my legs! 我烫到我的腿了

[25:14.28]And l....


[25:20.64]l hate that squirrel! l hate this oven! 我讨厌那只松鼠 我讨厌这烤箱

[25:23.72]l hate... 我讨厌…这里

[25:23.88]this! 房子,你讨厌这房子

[25:25.80]-House, just say it, you hate the house. -l hate the house.

[25:29.76]Thank you. -我讨厌这房子 -谢谢

[25:31.48]l'm sorry, l just.... 对不起,我只是…

[25:34.84]l don't belong here. l don't know where anything goes... 我不属于这里 我不知道每个开关是什么

[25:39.44]and l burned my legs. 而且我还烫到腿,真的很痛

[25:41.48]-lt really hurts. -Come here.

[25:44.36]Jump up here. Come on. 坐上来

[25:48.44]Where is it? Oh, there it is. 在这里

[25:58.68]ls that better? 这样好一点了吗?

[26:04.24]l'm sorry. 我很抱歉

[26:09.44]l don't hate the house. 我不讨厌这房子,我讨厌松鼠

[26:10.72]l hate the squirrel.

[26:13.92]The squirrel's not so bad. 松鼠没这么糟糕

[26:16.40]The house, it'll get better. 这房子会越来越好,你等着看

[26:18.60]You'll see.

[26:20.36]Maybe from now on l should come on the weekends. 也许我应该只在周末的时候来

[26:24.92]Yeah, or every other weekend. -或是每隔一星期 -我根本不必来

[26:27.20]-l don't have to come at all. -Okay.

[26:40.36]Weekends are good. 周末来还可以

[26:53.16]One sIow train ride and two fast-food appIe pies Iater.... 一趟缓慢的火车 以及两份速食苹果派后…

[26:59.04]-These are surprisingly delicious. -l know. 这真是出乎意料地美味

[27:00.44]Why would anybody go to the trouble of making one... 可以买到这么完美 又大小一致的派何必自己做?

[27:04.88]when you can buy one that's so perfect, and individually sized?

[27:08.76]-Wait a minute, hold still, sweetie. -What? 等一下,别动

[27:13.24]Souvenir? -纪念品? -我再也不会离开这个城市

[27:15.72]-Please, l am never leaving this city again. -Taxi!

[27:18.00]Actually, the country's looking pretty good to me right about now. 其实,我现在觉得 乡下风景挺美的

[27:22.60]Really, so, you'll be back next weekend? -这么说你下周末还会去? -不会是下周末

[27:26.24]Not next weekend, no. -不然是什么时候? -你还要吃那个派吗?

[27:29.76]So, when are you going back?

[27:32.44]You gonna finish that pie?

[27:35.60]In the end, of course, Aidan and I compromised. 最后,艾登和我各退一步

[27:38.72]He spent money on air conditioning. 他花钱装冷气 我便在沙佛待久一点

[27:41.16]And I spent enough time in Suffern to reaIize...

[27:44.84]that city girIs are just country girIs... 发现城市女孩 其实跟乡村女孩一样…

[27:46.96]with cuter outfits. 只不过外表比较亮丽

[27:49.04]l got a cab!

[27:57.08]Subtitles conformed by SOFTlTLER

内容来自 听力课堂网:http://www.tingclass.net/show-8618-248357-1.html

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