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欲望都市第四季 爱你口难开 All That Glitters...






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:41:54



[00:35.84](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:49.36]One of the best things about New York is that on any given night... 住在纽约的好处之一是

[00:52.32]there are a miIIion things to do. 晚上有很多事情可做

[00:55.12]One of the worst things about New York is trying to pick one. 而坏处之一则是 不知道挑哪一种

[01:07.32]Those floors next door, they were in worse shape than yours. 隔壁房间的地板比你这间还糟

[01:10.40]You want me to see if l can get us into Town? 要不要到“城里”去?

[01:12.20]That restaurant in the Chambers hotel, with the period in the name, Town period. 就是那一间名字里有句号的 “城里”餐厅?

[01:16.16]lt's supposed to be amazing. Exclamation point. 应该用表示惊讶的惊叹号吧

[01:19.28]-You know what sounds amazing to me? -What? 你知道我觉得什么最棒吗?

[01:25.12]Nice hot shower, watching the game. 热水澡,看球赛

[01:27.12]Bucket of K.F.C. Mashed potaters, biscuits. 一桶肯德鸡、洋芋泥、比司吉

[01:32.28]But it's Saturday night. -现在是周末夜呢 -吮指回味

[01:33.08]lt's finger-lickin' good.

[01:35.56]K period, F period, C period. 肯德鸡

[01:48.32]lt's about fucking time. Get over here and do me! 快过来搞我

[01:51.88]-ls that your standard greeting now? -Sorry, l thought it was Richard. -你是这样打招呼的? -我以为是理查

[01:53.64]That asshole said he'd call in five minutes. That was four hours ago. 他四个小时前说要回电话给我 我一直痴痴地等

[01:56.16]-l've been waiting by the phone. -My dinner might be arriving in a bucket. 我的晚餐是一桶鸡 你想要出去吗?

[02:01.72]-You want to go out? -lmmediately. 马上出发,我打给其他人

[02:03.08]-l'll conference the others. -You know how? -你怎样打? -这是电话三P的唯一方法

[02:06.28]How else do you have three-way phone sex?

[02:06.48]What are you doing? -麦克道格家 -找我的,我接了

[02:09.76]-MacDougal residence-- -lt's for me!

[02:12.28]Good for you! -我们今天讲的第一句话 -我们出去

[02:11.36]lt's the first time we talked today.

[02:13.52]-Hello? -We're going out. -谁在线上? -我们全部

[02:16.52]-Who's on the phone? -All of us. lt's the future.

[02:17.80]Why are you guys calling me so late? -为什么这么晚打来? -现在是七点半,你睡了?

[02:20.72]-lt's 7:30, were you asleep? -l'm pregnant. l'm always asleep.

[02:25.88]These are my last months of freedom. l'm spending them in bed. 我怀孕了 我在床上度过最后的自由

[02:26.44]Don't spend them alone. -不要独自在床上过 -你们去玩吧

[02:29.16]l'm a lost cause, go on without me, save yourselves!

[02:30.100]No, we're all going. We have to shake things up... 每个人都要去 不要让自己变得无趣

[02:35.92]before we officially become boring.

[02:38.12]-l say we go dancing. -l'm in. -我们去跳舞吧 -我去

[02:40.80]Let's go dancing! 不要去那种因为我胖 就会被冷落的地方

[02:39.60]Not where l'd feel worse when no one's interested because l'm fat.

[02:44.64]You're not. You're pregnant. -你不胖,你是怀孕 -男人会大排长龙追我

[02:45.32]Yeah, that'll have men lining up at the door.

[02:49.32]l know exactly where we should go. 我知道我们该去哪里

[02:51.08]That night we finaIIy answered the age oId question.: 那晚,我们终于得到了 等待已久的答案

[02:54.32]''Where are aII the hot guys?'' “性感的男人上哪去了?” 性感的都是同性恋男人

[02:58.88]WeII, the hot gay guys.

[03:01.64]They were at the hot gay cIub, Trade. 他们都在热门的同性恋酒吧

[03:06.04]l feel like we don't belong here. -我们好像不属于这里 -因为我们穿衣服

[03:08.20]That's because we're wearing shirts.

[03:13.28]Seriously, why don't straight men have bodies like this? 异性恋男人 怎么没有这种身材?

[03:15.84]Because gay men have the possibility of sex at the gym. 要是他们能在健身房做爱 他们也会勤于运动

[03:20.44]lf straight men had that they'd be working out, too.

[03:22.12]l've had sex at the gym. -我曾在健身房做爱 -莎曼珊是大家的动机

[03:22.12]Samantha is doing her part to motivate the masses.

[03:26.40]l'm going to the ladies' room. -我要上洗手间 -我也要,一定没有人

[03:27.32]Me, too, l bet there's no line.

[03:30.16]-Wait. We'll meet you at the bar? -At the bar. -待会儿吧台见 -吧台见


[03:36.56]My God, it's Anthony! Hi! -安东尼 -你在这里做什么?

[03:41.40]Jesus Christ, what the hell are you doing here?

[03:41.100]We're shaking things up. You remember Carrie? 我们在找乐子,记得凯莉吗?

[03:45.20]Hi! -我喜欢你的衣服 -可以一眼看穿

[03:46.48]-Love what you're almost wearing. -Sister, Day-Glo Underwear, look into it.

[03:49.16]-Are we gonna dance? -This is my friend, Gordon. 我们跳舞吧

[03:53.44]He's a design editor for House and Garden. 这是我的朋友高登 “家居与园艺”杂志的编辑

[03:54.32]My God! l love that magazine! 我的天,我爱那本杂志

[03:57.12]l used to wear my mother's pearls and flip through it when l was little. 我以前会戴着我妈的项练 翻阅它

[03:59.68]Me, too. -我也是 -我的公寓亟需改造

[04:00.96]l've got a great before apartment, if you're looking for an after.

[04:05.44]You should see Char's apartment. lt's Park Avenue, it's so frigging gorgeous. 你应该参观夏绿蒂的公寓 实在美呆了

[04:08.52]We're doing an urban issue this spring. Maybe l should check it out. 我们在做城市特集 或许我该去打扰一下

[04:12.72]My God! 要是我的公寓能上杂志 我一定会飞上天堂

[04:13.44]lf my apartment could be in H and G magazine...

[04:16.32]l would be in heaven! 你好漂亮,想不想跳舞?

[04:16.20]You are pretty. You want to dance?


[04:23.84]So how long have you worked there? 你在那里工作多久了?

[04:27.72]Swell, l get him all wound up, she cashes in. -我辛苦把到他,她捡现成的 -你们在一起?

[04:28.72]-Are you two together? -No, but l'm hoping we will be around 3:30. 还没,我希望会有进展

[04:33.20]You're dirty. -要跳舞吗? -你们去玩就好

[04:34.32]-Dance? -No, l'm good. You kids go have fun.

[04:36.00]-Okay. -Okay. -小心,仙女来了 -哪一个?

[04:38.76]Watch out for the fairy.

[04:40.76]Which one?

[04:43.56]Attention gentlemen, ladies present! -男士们请注意,有女士来了 -抱歉

[04:47.24]Sorry. There's no ladies' room, because....


[04:50.40]Yeah, excuse me. Thanks. 抱歉,谢谢

[05:03.60]Don't mind me, fellas. Just looking. 不要理我,只是随便看看

[05:07.52]Kinda like being a diabetic at Baskin Robbins. 就好像糖尿病患逛冰淇淋店

[05:12.60]Sir? 先生,抱歉?


[05:15.84]Excuse me! Over here. 抱歉,这里

[05:19.12]Hello, anybody!


[05:24.80]What do you need? -你要什么? -显然需要一根阴茎

[05:26.76]A penis, evidently.

[05:29.16]l'm trying to order a dirty martini. 我要一杯马丁尼

[05:29.36]Kurt, a dirty martini for the lovely and talented Carrie Bradshaw. 给这位美丽的凯莉布雷萧 一杯马丁尼

[05:34.72]Thank you. -谢谢你 -奥利佛史班瑟

[05:36.52]-Oliver Spencer. -Hello.

[05:37.20]l've only been in the States six months, and regard your column... 我来纽约半年了 你的专栏是我在此的生存指南

[05:41.12]as my New York survival guide.

[05:43.28]Oliver, you're a dead man. 那你死定了

[05:43.56]l have no idea what l'm talking about. 我不知道自己在乱写什么 你是做什么的?

[05:48.24]-What do you do? -l'm a shoe distributor. -我是鞋子批发商 -你最好不是在开我玩笑

[05:49.64]lt would be cruel to kid me. 全部走高级路线 在这里、雪梨和米兰都有分店

[05:50.04]All the top lines. Offices here, Sydney, and Milan.

[05:56.12]So, then you get a discount? -你可以拿到折扣? -可以给特别的客人和作家

[05:58.20]For special friends and columnists.

[06:03.28]Thank you. Cheers! -敬你 -敬你自己

[06:04.64]Cheers to you! Hello, what's this? -这是什么? -什么?

[06:06.36]-What? -That. 那个

[06:10.72]Oh, this. 这个

[06:12.84]l keep forgetting l'm engaged. -老是忘记自己订婚了 -你不可以离开约会市场

[06:12.92]You can't go off the market, you're my dating guru.

[06:15.16]l'm still allowed to see other gays. -我可以和同性恋约会 -我们一起去吃早午餐

[06:17.56]You must allow me to take you to brunch. l'll give you my card.

[06:21.92]-Can you hold this for a moment? -Sure. 我把名片给你

[06:22.84]-可以替我拿着吗? -可以

[06:23.04]What's this, a goody bag? -这是什么?礼品袋? -我稍早参加了电影试片会

[06:25.92]Of course, l was at a film release party earlier.

[06:28.32]Jox and Cocks Four. -“骑师与阳具4”? -我以为是“商人象牙”

[06:31.32]l was told it's a Merchant-lvory film.

[06:33.76]Would l be able to enjoy this if l missed Jox and Cocks One, Two and Three? 要是我前三集没看 还会喜欢吗?

[06:36.08]Yes, but you'd want to see those eventually. Very important films. 会的,你一定会想看的 这是很重要的影片

[06:46.12]Max! Hi! 麦克斯

[06:49.32]Max was a junior associate at Miranda's Iaw firm and, apparentIy, gay. 麦克斯是米兰达事务所 新进的合伙人,显然是同性恋

[06:52.64]-Hi. -l had no idea. -我看不出来呢 -我也不知道你是同性恋男子

[06:56.76]l had no idea you were a gay man either!

[06:57.16]l'm here with friends. And there's no ladies' room, because.... 我跟朋友一起来的 因为没有女用洗手间

[07:01.52]-Yeah. -Yeah.

[07:02.60]Listen, Miranda... 米兰达

[07:05.20]l'd kind of prefer if we didn't make an issue out of this at work. 我希望这件事 不要在工作场合公开

[07:09.08]l'm not in the closet. l just wouldn't want the older partners... 我不希望老一辈的同事 用异样眼光看我

[07:13.96]to start treating me differently, so-- 我完全了解 只告诉你,我怀孕了

[07:16.40]l totally understand.

[07:16.80]And between you and me, l'm pregnant.

[07:19.72]And unwed. 而且未婚 你不应该常泡在同性恋酒吧

[07:22.32]Perhaps you should spend less time in gay clubs.

[07:23.16]Seriously, good for you. -说真的,恭喜你 -这不知道算不算好事

[07:27.48]Remains to be seen.

[07:28.56]Anyhow, l haven't told anybody at work, because good-bye to all the good cases... 要是此事一公开 好的案子就没有我的份了

[07:32.44]and then it's only a matter of time before the buzzards start vying for my office. 有人会开始觊觎我的办公室

[07:35.08]lt is a very nice office. 那间办公室很棒

[08:14.40]l'm coming here every week!

[08:17.48]Excuse me.

[08:19.84]What did l miss? 我错过什么了?

[08:22.16]l peed in a men's room and outed a coworker. 我在男厕尿尿还遇见同事

[08:24.92]l got a phone number and some porn. -我拿到一个电话和情色片 -我看到阴茎和吃了“狂喜”

[08:27.60]l saw two dicks and took a hit of ''X.''

[08:27.40]To think that l almost slept through this. -我差点睡着 -你吃陌生人给的迷幻药?

[08:31.56]l can't believe you took ecstasy from a stranger.

[08:32.56]He wasn't a stranger! He's a friend of Bobby's friend Bobby. 他是我朋友的朋友的朋友

[08:36.76]Then, you know it's safe. 这样就安全吗? 我们等一下要到摇头派对吗?

[08:38.64]-Will we be going to a rave later? -No, but l might have to drop in on Richard.

[08:39.72]不是,我等一下会邀请理查 来一趟狂喜之性

[08:42.52]Sex on ''X'' is supposed to be amazing. lt releases all of your inhibitions.

[08:43.08]-这能解放所有的禁忌 -你还有禁忌吗?

[08:46.28]You have inhibitions?

[08:51.48]-My God, look. -Three dicks and counting! -我的天,你们看 -三根阴茎在跳舞

[08:55.84]They say opposites attract. 常言道“异性相吸”

[08:57.72]What they faiI to mention... 他们忘了提到异性 也有相异的观点

[08:58.00]is that opposites aIso tend to have opposite views...

[09:03.40]on what constitutes a rockin' Saturday night. 他们度过星期六的方式不一样

[09:18.52]How was your night? 你今晚过得如何?

[09:20.28]l've got a goody bag. 我得到礼物包 知道里面有什么吗?

[09:23.64]Know what's in it?

[09:25.32]C'mon, l had to fight a foreigner for it. 我跟外国人打架赢来的

[09:29.00]Come here. 过来

[09:32.68]Just tuck in here and... 躺下来,我们睡觉

[09:38.76]let's go to sleep.

[09:38.44]-l'm not tired yet. -You will be. -我还不累 -等一下就累了

[09:43.64]Hey you, l had five cocktails. 我喝了五杯鸡尾酒

[09:53.68]l danced with a lot of fine... 我跟很多俊俏…

[09:59.68]half-naked men. 半裸的男士共舞

[10:02.32]lf you would wake up right now... 要是你现在醒来 我可以向你保证…

[10:03.84]l can almost guarantee...

[10:07.40]you'd be in for some F... 你会得到销魂…

[10:11.48]U... 蚀骨的…

[10:14.88]N. 乐趣

[10:20.12]l ate too much chicken, l think. 我吃太多炸鸡了

[10:22.32]Will you rub my belly, baby? 宝贝,你帮我揉肚肚好吗?

[10:26.60]I know it was wrong to compare... 我知道比较是不对的

[10:29.44]but I feIt Iike I had spent the evening in a CaIvin KIein ad... 但是我觉得我在 卡文克莱的广告中度过一晚

[10:34.32]and now I was back to basebaII, buckets, and BVDs. 然后又回到棒球、炸鸡 和BVD内裤

[10:37.20]MeanwhiIe, Samantha was having x-ceIIent sex. 在此同时 莎曼珊正在床上享受

[10:46.44]That was amazing. 真是太棒了

[10:48.92]You are amazing. 你太棒了,我爱你,理查

[10:51.56]l love you, Richard.

[10:55.12]l am in love with you. 我爱上你了

[10:58.72]You toId him you Ioved him? -你说你爱他? -那是兴奋过了头

[10:59.40]lt was the ''X'' talking!

[11:01.16]All l wanted to do was to have sex! -我要的只是性 -他说什么?

[11:04.36]Okay, and then what did he say?

[11:06.04]Nothing, he just went to sleep. -什么也没说就睡了 -他是不是没有听到?

[11:08.64]ls it possible he didn't hear you?

[11:10.52]He heard me. Can l get a fucking cab? 他听到了,我叫不到计程车

[11:14.72]lf he was any kind of gentleman at all, he'd pretend it never happened. 他要是够绅士 他会假装什么都没发生

[11:19.16]But you did have sex, right? -但是你们上了床 -我们当然有上床

[11:20.36]Of course we had sex.

[11:23.16]Aidan and l didn't. He fell asleep and l watched gay porn. 我和艾登没有 他睡着后我自己看同性恋电影

[11:26.24]See, that's what happens when people say, ''l love you!'' 当你说了“我爱你” 就会变这样

[11:28.60]Do you love him? -你爱他吗? -谁知道?

[11:30.52]Who the hell knows?

[11:33.48]Maybe the ''X'' knows. -或许“狂喜”知道 -会让你眼花撩乱

[11:33.100]lt makes you giddy.

[11:35.88]l was in love with the taxi driver, the doorman, his sweater. 我也爱上计程车司机 管理员和他的毛衣

[11:40.92]But you only said it to Richard. 但你只对理查说

[11:41.12]l am never taking ''X'' again. 我再也不吃迷幻药了 那太危险了

[11:43.24]lt is a dangerous, dangerous drug.

[11:47.52]That afternoon I was high on another feeI-good drug.: 那天下午,和新同志朋友见面 也让我感到兴奋

[11:49.16]the new gay friend. -你真有趣 -人家说在酒吧遇不到男人

[11:52.40]Could you be more fantastic?

[11:52.84]They say you can't meet men in bars.

[11:55.24]That was true for me last night. 昨晚倒是真的 我想认识新朋友

[11:56.96]l went to Trade hoping to meet someone for just a shag...

[11:59.84]because l've a boyfriend in Sydney. 只是玩玩而已 我在雪梨有男朋友

[12:01.100]And the only person l met was you. 而我只遇见你,我好失望

[12:03.100]Not that l'm disappointed. 你的男朋友不介意 你跟其他人约会?

[12:06.88]And your boyfriend doesn't mind if you date other men?

[12:10.28]Not date, have sex with. -不能约会,只能上床 -国际通用的同性恋准则

[12:11.76]-Right, the international gay rules. -Absolutely.

[12:15.76]Blow jobs only, no last names. The gym is a free space... 全对

[12:15.76]只能口交,不能说出全名 健身房是个自由的空间

[12:19.00]and never ever show up at the same place wearing the same shirt. 不要穿同一件衣服 出现在同一个地方

[12:23.76]l just crossed over into a whole other set of rules. 我见识到另一种制度

[12:25.28]You've certainly worked out more options than ''Till death do us part.'' 除了“至死不渝”外 还可以有别的准则

[12:27.04]That's all we've come up with, and frankly, l find it a little limiting. 我觉得这是种限制

[12:32.44]l know gay couples who are monogamous. But l'm a realist. 我认识一夫一妻的同性恋伴侣

[12:33.60]但我很实际,我不期望在 一个男人身上得到全部

[12:36.12]l don't expect to get everything from one man.

[12:40.28]But l guess l shouldn't be saying this to someone wearing a ring. 我不该跟 手上戴着戒指的人说这个

[12:42.68]-What's with you and this ring? -What's with you and the ring? -跟这戒指有什么关系? -你的未婚夫怎么样?

[12:46.76]-You haven't even mentioned him. -Aidan. -你不曾提过他 -他叫艾登

[12:49.96]What's Aidan like? -艾登是怎么样的人? -他很高

[12:52.60]He's very tall...

[12:52.40]and incredibly kind. 难得一见的大好人

[12:57.36]And handsome. 还有…


[13:01.88]So, why would you leave that at home on a Saturday night? 你为什么丢他一个人在家?

[13:04.52]He wanted to stay in and listen to sports with a bucket of chicken. 他喜欢和炸鸡待在家里

[13:08.60]He would have made my dad so proud. 我老爸一定会喜欢他 你有去过“八号小屋”吗?

[13:11.48]-Have you been to Bungalow Eight yet? -No.

[13:14.40]But l hear it's a pretentious, members-only, tiny, crowded club... 没有,听说是个矫饰、狭小的 俱乐部,得要钥匙才能进去

[13:15.64]that you need a key to get into.

[13:19.96]-l have a key. -When are we going? -我有钥匙 -什么时候去?

[13:22.52]lf it isn't little Carrie Bradshaw. 这不是小凯莉布雷萧吗?

[13:26.20]Young Stanford! 年轻的史丹佛,你好吗?

[13:27.88]-How are you? -At the moment, confused. 目前有些困惑,这位是谁?

[13:32.76]Who's this? -奥利佛,史丹佛 -幸会

[13:31.28]-Oliver Spencer, Stanford Blatch. -Pleasure to meet you.

[13:36.56]l don't mean to be rude, but l must go to the men's room. 抱歉,我得上洗手间

[13:39.72]l've just been, you'll love it. -我刚去过,你会喜欢的 -真的吗?


[13:41.72]-l'll be right here. -l'll be right back. -我在这里等你 -我马上回来

[13:46.28]-So? -Yes? 凯莉…

[13:48.48]l saw the way you were behaving. 我看到你刚才的样子 你跟这个漂亮的男人上床

[13:50.76]You're sleeping with the beautiful man.

[13:53.36]The beautiful man is gay. -这个漂亮的男人是同性恋 -该死,口音老是骗过我

[13:57.32]Damn! An accent always throws me.

[13:59.00]He's only been in New York for about six months. 他只来这里半年 我在同性恋酒吧遇见他的

[14:02.00]l picked him up at Trade.

[14:04.68]You went to shirtless heaven without me? -你去不找我? -不一样

[14:08.04]lt wasn't the same. 我可以将你让给艾登 但是这个…

[14:08.44]l was prepared to lose you to Aidan.

[14:12.56]-But this-- -ls just brunch. 只是吃早午餐

[14:14.80]-l'm green with envy. -Yes, you are. -我很嫉妒 -你是很嫉妒

[14:18.52]Fine! 好吧,继续和你美丽的男人 共享美丽的餐点

[14:19.80]Have your beautiful brunch with your beautiful man...

[14:21.48]and then go home to your other beautiful man. 然后再回家找 另一个美丽的男人,贪心鬼

[14:22.76]Greedy, greedy, greedy.

[14:25.76]Later, I started to think about restIessness and reIationships. 我开始思考不安定和感情

[14:29.00]Once we found what we've been searching for... 一旦我们找到我们想要的

[14:32.72]why are some of us reIuctant to Iet go of our singIe seIves? 为什么有些人还是不愿意 放弃单身的自己?

[14:36.08]Is singIe Iife in New York such a constant fIurry of fun and friends... 在纽约的单身生活这么有趣

[14:39.56]that settIing down immediateIy fiIIs us with the urge to shake things up again? 所以一旦安定下来 还是会蠢蠢欲动?

[14:44.72]And why does becoming part of a coupIe impIy settIing down? 为什么结婚表示着安定下来?

[14:49.72]Maybe OIiver does have the key. 或许我们不应该期望 从一个人身上得到全部

[14:51.72]We shouIdn't expect to get everything from one man...

[14:53.56]but instead, feeI comfortabIe getting different things from different peopIe. 而是与不同的人 得到不同的乐趣

[14:57.68]AIthough, at what point do separate interests become separate bedrooms? 但是不同的兴趣 何时会导致分房睡呢?

[15:02.24]I couIdn't heIp but wonder, to be in a coupIe... 要成双成对 是不是就得抛弃自我?

[15:05.00]do you have to put your singIe seIf on a sheIf?

[15:09.48]MeanwhiIe, Miranda's workahoIic singIe seIf was a thing of the past. 工作狂米兰达已经是过去式了

[15:12.96]Now, she was sIeeping for two. 她下午两点就昏昏欲睡

[15:15.08]lt's finally happening. 这一天终于来临了 我们事务所迈向未来了

[15:16.24]Stern, Hawkins, Erickson is moving into the future.

[15:21.72]Excuse me, what? We're moving? -你说什么? -周五穿便服

[15:24.28]Casual Friday.

[15:24.20]The entire partnership finally okayed it, finally. 所有的合伙人都同意了

[15:29.08]l've been working on this for what, two years now? 我为这个争取了两年了

[15:32.04]-Right, great. -Yeah, thanks. -好,太棒了 -谢谢

[15:37.92]And congratulations. 还有…


[15:59.52]Did you tell Celeste l was pregnant? 你告诉赛勒丝我怀孕了?

[16:01.60]Okay, yes, but only in your defense. -对,但是我是在帮你辩护 -怎么说?

[16:06.04]What? 她告诉大家你在办公桌上睡觉

[16:07.32]She was telling everyone how she saw you sleeping a couple of times.

[16:09.12]That you may be an alcoholic, bipolar, or something. 说你可能是酒鬼

[16:13.68]You told her l was pregnant? -所以你说我怀孕了? -这样不好吗?

[16:13.92]-lsn't that better? -No, not at a law firm, no. 在律师事务所不好

[16:18.56]Sorry, l told her it was a secret. 抱歉,我要她守密

[16:19.84]She can't keep a secret. 她守不住秘密 或许全公司都知道了

[16:23.36]She's probably told everybody in the office.

[16:23.96]How would you like it... 要是我告诉大家 你是同性恋呢?

[16:26.84]if l told everybody in the office that you were gay?

[16:30.68]Casual Friday has arrived. 周五可以穿便服了

[16:34.96]Great. 太好了,你可以告诉我祖父母

[16:35.88]Maybe next you can call my grandparents.

[16:44.92]-This is gay porn. -What was your first clue? -同性恋情色电影? -不然你以为是什么?

[16:48.08]You said we were watching an independent film. l brought biscotti. 你说那是独立制片的电影

[16:49.16]Relax, l've watched it already, and l'm telling you, this is really funny. 放轻松,我已经看过了 真的很有趣

[16:57.52]See, that's the way to do it. 就是这样 没有“我爱你”,直接做起来

[16:58.56]No ''l love you,'' just good old-fashioned fucking.

[16:60.52]l am not in the mood for gay porn. 我没有心情看这个

[17:06.48]-Not in the mood for gay porn? -Don't you want to know how it ends? -没有心情? -你一定猜不到结局

[17:11.36]House and Garden wants to shoot my apartment. “家居与园艺”要来拍我家 崔一点兴趣也没有

[17:12.12]l told Trey and he doesn't care.

[17:16.56]We turned off porn to talk about a magazine? 我们关掉电影谈杂志? 麻烦你拿给我

[17:16.92]Biscotti, please.

[17:20.60]He never cares about what l want. 他从来不关心我想要的

[17:21.48]Anthony is more excited about it than Trey is. 安东尼比他还兴奋

[17:24.08]That's because gay men understand what's important. 同性恋男人知道什么是重要的

[17:26.28]Clothes, compliments, and cocks. 服装、赞美和阴茎

[17:28.32]And clubs. 还有俱乐部 奥利佛明天要带我到八号小屋

[17:29.72]Oliver's taking me to Bungalow Eight tomorrow night.

[17:35.52]Sounds like you're cheating on Aidan with a gay man. 你为了同性恋背叛艾登

[17:37.20]No, that's allowed. 同性恋男友 是一夫一妻制的漏洞

[17:39.40]Gay boyfriends are the loophole of monogamy.

[17:40.80]My gay boyfriend outed me at work, then l outed him. 麦克斯出卖我 然后我也出卖他

[17:43.28]Even my gay relationships are dysfunctional. 我连和同性恋的关系 都处理不好

[17:46.92]Okay, here's the problem. 艾登喜欢待在家,我跟他相反 他可以接受

[17:47.16]Aidan loves to stay in, and l love to go out. And he's fine with that.

[17:51.72]lt's either the greatest relationship ever, or we're headed-- 这代表我们的关系很棒还是…

[17:57.60]For separate bedrooms, like me. 迈向分居之路,像我一样

[17:60.24]We're in completely different places. 我们不同心,崔对现状很满意

[18:02.28]Trey's content with what we have.

[18:04.84]Therefore, l am a bad person for needing to have a baby. 而我则是想要宝宝的坏人

[18:06.32]You're not a bad person, you're a person with needs. 你不是,你只是有需要

[18:09.48]This is making me depressed. Let's watch that movie. -我们来看电影吧 -我还以为你们不看了

[18:14.16]l thought you'd never ask.

[18:14.56]Give me some of that.

[18:21.72]The next morning, Samantha and Richard... 莎曼珊和理查仅在事业上 互相扶持

[18:21.80]were taking care of business, but not each other.

[18:24.52]l'm not doing any more charity crap if we can't get publicity. 不能打知名度就不要做慈善了 史提夫马丁有出席

[18:29.28]Steve Martin was there and he's the toast of New York. -他在纽约很受欢迎 -他很受纽约客的欢迎

[18:31.20]He's the toast of The New Yorker. There's a difference.

[18:37.36]-Are we gonna talk about this? -About what? -我们可以谈一谈吗? -关于什么?

[18:39.100]That thing l said the other night. 关于那一晚我说的话

[18:47.08]Samantha, you were high on ''X.'' 你当时嗑了药 我也有过相同经验

[18:52.04]Believe me, l've been there.

[18:54.72]Oh! Good. 那就好

[18:56.44]Okay, then.

[18:58.60]Once Richard made it cIear that her ''I Iove you'' didn't matter... 就当她知道那句话不代表什么

[19:03.32]Samantha reaIized she was secretIy wishing it did. 莎曼珊突然发现她希望他当真

[19:04.28]-So, you'll yell at The Times? -l already did. -你要对着时代杂志吼叫? -我已经这么做了

[19:08.88]-Did you need something else? -No. -你还需要什么吗? -没有

[19:14.12]She wanted to teII him it wasn't just the drug taIking that night. 她想要说那不是药物的关系 但是她掩饰了真感情

[19:15.88]But she put her reaI feeIings on the sheIf.

[19:20.00]Fuck you at my place around 8:00? 八点到我家做?

[19:21.80]Sounds good. 好主意

[19:25.76]And since it was CasuaI Friday... 在便装周五当天

[19:28.84]Miranda and Max decided to come out of the cIoset... 米兰达和麦克斯 以便服穿出自我

[19:30.12]with their casuaI cIothes. 米兰达以单身妈妈的样子出现

[19:33.12]Miranda sheIved her work concerns...

[19:35.12]and showed up as a proud, singIe mother-to-be.

[19:37.60]And Max showed up as a proud gay man with a sense of styIe. 麦克斯则是以品味 穿出同志的骄傲

[19:40.16]But when Stern, Hawkins, and Erickson saw Max's sense of styIe... 当他们看见麦克斯的打扮

[19:45.04]that was the end of CasuaI Friday. 便装周五就走进历史了

[19:53.88]Pretty. -很漂亮 -为了明天拍照

[19:57.04]They're for the photo shoot tomorrow.

[19:60.72]They're coming at 10:00. 你可以把东西搬出客房吗?

[20:03.56]Would you please move your stuff out of the guest room?

[20:05.80]-Are they photographing the guest room? -l don't know. -他们要拍房内? -我不确定

[20:08.68]But it doesn't look very good with us sleeping in separate bedrooms. 不要让他们发现我们分房睡

[20:11.76]No, it doesn't, does it? 对,这样不好

[20:15.44]They want us to dress nicely, but not too formal. 他们要我们穿着入时 但不要正式

[20:20.24]l'm in the picture? -我也要上镜头? -他们要替我们拍照

[20:21.52]They want to photograph both of us.

[20:25.92]Why? -为什么? -他们认为我们是完美的一对

[20:25.60]Because they think we're the perfect couple.

[20:32.84]l know. 我知道…

[20:36.12]But l promised, and they're coming. 但我答应他们了

[20:42.52]l don't want to do this. -我不想入镜 -只是拍张照片

[20:44.88]lt's just one picture, and it's important to me.

[20:48.44]No, this. l don't want to do this anymore. -这对我而言很重要 -我不想再这样下去了

[20:51.04]You are so angry at me. 你很气我

[20:57.60]l'm sorry. 对不起

[21:03.68]l want a baby. 我想要宝宝,我以为你也想要

[21:05.64]l thought that's what you wanted, too.

[21:08.24]So did l. 我也是

[21:11.92]l don't think l should have to give that up. 我们不应该放弃这个机会

[21:13.80]You shouldn't. 你不应该

[21:18.80]You can have the apartment. 公寓给你,我搬回去跟母亲住

[21:20.08]l'll move back in with mother.


[21:33.60]CharIotte and Trey's separate interests had become more than separate bedrooms. 他们南辕北辙的兴趣 不仅导致分居

[21:37.68]They'd become a reaI separation. 他们已经形同陌路

[21:42.44]MeanwhiIe, I tried to find a way for my singIe seIf... 在此同时 我试着让单身的自我

[21:46.24]and my coupIe seIf to coexist. 和订婚的我共存

[21:49.68]There you go. 到家了


[21:56.44]Where are you going all dressed up like that? -你穿这么漂亮上哪儿去? -我说过我要出去

[21:59.92]-l told you l was going out. -You didn't say you were going all out.


[22:02.20]l have to see Bungalow Eight. -我要去“八号小屋” -舞台剧吗?

[22:02.72]-Yeah, what's that, a play? -No, it's a very hot club. 是很热门的俱乐部 我得知道这一类的事情

[22:07.76]lt's important that l know about these things.

[22:08.76]Some people consider my column the New York survival guide. 有人把我的专栏当作 纽约的生存指南

[22:13.64]-What's going on here? -lt's just... -这是怎么回事? -我的新花招

[22:17.24]something l'm trying.

[22:19.52]lt's closer to my heart this way. 这样比较贴近我的心

[22:26.36]Who are you going out with, the girls? -你跟女生们出去? -跟一个叫奥利佛的男生

[22:26.96]This guy, Oliver Spencer.

[22:31.24]-A guy? -He's gay. -男生? -同性恋

[22:33.44]Cool. 好,我今晚收工了

[22:35.24]Listen, l am done for the night.

[22:37.48]So, you want me to jump in the shower, come with? 你要我洗个澡跟你去吗?

[22:40.76]l don't know. 我不知道能不能带两个人进去

[22:43.68]l don't know if he can get us both in.

[22:44.16]We can get in anywhere. -我们哪儿都能去 -要有钥匙才行

[22:47.44]-You need a key or something. -A key? Give me a fuckin' break. 钥匙?拜托

[22:51.60]See, that kind of attitude is not appreciated at Bungalow Eight. 八号小屋不欢迎这种态度

[22:54.92]Come on, a key? Why do you even buy into that shit? 你为什么相信这种狗屁?

[22:57.96]Let's just go out to dinner, l haven't seen you all week. 我们出去吃饭 整个星期没有跟你在一起了

[22:60.68]l can't. 不行,我答应奥利佛了

[23:01.36]-l told Oliver. -All right. 好,不要忘了带钥匙

[23:05.84]Don't forget your key, because...

[23:08.12]we're very exclusive here, and we might not let you back in. 我们这里很排外 可能不让你进来

[23:13.12]See, now l feel bad. l basically discouraged him from coming. 我感觉糟透了,我没邀他来

[23:14.88]-Call and have him join us. -This is so not his scene. -打电话叫他来 -他不会喜欢这里的

[23:19.64]Then you have to break it off. This is Bungalow Eight, darling! 那就别想了,这里是八号小屋

[23:23.56]Right, what's a relationship compared to a night with trendy strangers? 稳定的感情和与陌生人 共度一夜比起来?

[23:26.12]Oliver Spencer and date. 奥利佛史班瑟和女伴

[23:29.52]l'm your date? 我是你的女伴?

[23:44.32]Turns out there's one probIem... 和英俊的同性恋约会有个缺点

[23:46.72]with having a handsome gay man as your date.

[23:47.20]Other handsome gay men. 会被其他的同性恋打扰

[23:50.08]l just love those new Prada open-toed sandals. -我爱死那双拖鞋了 -我可以帮你弄一双

[23:53.96]l think l can get you a pair of those.

[23:53.24]-Really? -What size? -什么尺寸?


[23:56.52]So, Ollie? 这里有东西可以吃吗?

[23:59.60]ls there anything to eat at Bungalow Eight? Or is food so very last year?


[24:04.56]你现在正享受得忘我 我要走了

[24:04.80]Okay, it seems you're in the middle of a spa session, so....

[24:10.36]Wait, you're going? 你要走了?

[24:10.84]You know, l left a gorgeous man at home to come here and be your date. 我丢下一个帅哥 跑来当你的女伴

[24:17.52]And l'm guessing size 1 1 did as well. 穿11号的家伙陪你就够了

[24:19.60]So, l'm just not really sure why l'm here. 我不知道我到这里做什么

[24:23.56]Because you're fantastic, and l'm sorry l was neglecting you. 因为你很棒,抱歉我冷落你了

[24:26.24]l'm very bad. 我很坏,亲一个和好?

[24:31.72]Kiss and make up?

[24:35.28]lf it isn't Mr. and Mrs. Down Under. 这不是澳洲先生和小姐吗

[24:38.48]I was so preoccupied with my gay boyfriend... 我有了同志男友 就忘了同志老公了

[24:41.56]I kept forgetting about my gay husband.

[24:44.12]You remember Stanford, from brunch? -记得吃饭遇到的史丹佛吗? -那不只是吃饭

[24:46.96]Apparently, it was more than just brunch.

[24:49.80]Don't fall for him, he's just another pretty face. 他光有一张俊俏的脸 他没有我爱你

[24:51.48]He doesn't love you like l do.

[24:52.80]l knew this woman when she took the subway... 我在她穿肯蒂思搭地铁的时代 就认识她了

[24:56.68]-and wore candies. -Candies?

[24:56.96]l assure you, l never wore candies. 我没有穿肯蒂思

[24:59.48]You wore pink suede candies, and l adored you anyway. 粉红麂皮肯蒂思 不管怎样我都爱你

[25:01.12]And how dare you try to steal her away... 你怎能用你的假口音把她骗走

[25:04.32]with your dreamy eyes and your probably fake accent?

[25:08.68]l'm sorry, l didn't realize the lady was spoken for. -我不知道她名花有主 -她是

[25:10.20]-She is. -All right, then. 好吧,亲一下和好

[25:14.64]Kiss and make up?

[25:16.88]And then I reaIized, my singIe-seIf Iife... 我明白我的单身生活 已经结束了

[25:18.56]had a sheIf Iife, and it had just expired.

[25:21.20]-Okay, l'm going. -Okay. -好,我要走了 -好

[25:24.52]No, Carrie, stay. We only just got here. 不要走,我们才刚到

[25:27.88]-Let me buy you another drink. -No, it's fine, l just want to go home. -我再请你喝一杯 -我想回家

[25:33.84]And the surprising thing was, I did. 出乎意料地,我真的回家了

[25:40.44]Honey, l'm home. 亲爱的,我回来了

[25:47.28]How was the Bungalow? 小屋怎么样?

[25:51.32]l've seen better. 我去过更好的

[25:54.00]Why do you own Jox and Cocks Four? 你怎么会有“骑师与阴茎”?

[25:56.72]More research for the survival guide? 为我的生存指南做功课

[25:59.48]Really? 真的吗?你学到什么?

[26:01.20]What did you learn?

[26:12.40]Oh, yeah.

[26:15.96]Give me some of that. 给我一点那个

[26:20.28]A big thank you to our gay friends. 非常感谢你的同性恋朋友

[26:24.36]That's the thing about Manhattan. 曼哈顿就是这样

[26:25.72]The most excIusive cIubs onIy have a coupIe members... 高级的俱乐部只有少数的会员

[26:31.12]and they're very hard to find. 他们不好找

[26:32.52]The next morning, House and Garden came to CharIotte's house. 次日, “家居与园艺” 到达夏绿蒂家中

[26:36.56]lt's fork, fork, knife, spoon. What are these people, crazy? 叉子、叉子、刀子、汤匙 这些人疯了吗?

[26:40.52]This is perfect. lt's very Upper East Side breakfast for two. 这样很好,上东区的两人早餐 我喜欢这套瓷器

[26:44.32]-l love this china. -Me, too. 谢谢,那是我们婚礼上用的

[26:45.64]Thanks, it's our wedding china.

[26:48.68]Anthony, can l talk to you a minute? 安东尼,能借一步说话吗?

[26:51.80]We'll be right back. 我马上回来

[26:56.12]ls he cute or what? 他真是可爱到不行

[26:59.12]-Trey and l-- -Splitting up, l knew it. -崔和我… -分居了,我就知道

[27:03.48]l don't think he's gonna be in the picture. So, should we just cancel? 他不会来拍照了 我们要取消吗?

[27:07.60]Cancel? H and G, House and Garden? Do it without him. 取消?这是“家居与园艺” 我们自己拍

[27:09.08]-Won't that look bad, just me? -lt'll look beautiful. -只有我不是很难看吗? -会很美

[27:14.36]He may be the heart surgeon. But you're the heart of this operation. 他是心脏科医生 你却是这一切的中心

[27:16.24]Honestly, you're the best catch ever. Look what you did to this place. 你看你把这里布置得

[27:21.52]You could take any guy off the street, fix him up... 你可以把街上随便一个男生 改造得完美

[27:23.08]and make him into something wonderful.

[27:25.20]Not for nothing. 你值得更好的男人疼

[27:27.28]You deserve more than that stick-up-his-ass preppy. That's all.

[27:29.72]Now get in here and have breakfast. 过来享用早餐

[27:33.60]Gordon, it's just gonna be-- -高登,只有… -准备好拍照了吗?

[27:35.100]All righty, we ready for the picture?

[27:41.56]One minute. 等一下

[27:46.76]-Trey, you don't have to-- -No. 你不需要…

[27:49.04]This is important to you. 这对你很重要 我至少可以做到这一点

[27:51.52]l at least want to do this.

[27:53.08]Handsome husband, beautiful wife. 英俊的丈夫,美丽的妻子

[27:56.00]Having breakfast! 共享早餐

[28:04.24]Smile. 微笑

[28:03.44]Trey had moved out by the time the magazine was on the stands. 杂志出刊时崔已经搬走了

[28:08.20]But aII over America, IittIe girIs in their mothers' pearIs... 但是当戴着妈妈珠宝的小女生

[28:11.68]saw the picture and thought, ''That's what I want. '' 看到这张照片时会想 “这就是我想要的”

[28:21.36]That's the thing about reIationships. 感情就是这么回事

[28:23.72]Sometimes they Iook prettier from the outside. 外人看起来总是比较美好

[28:32.88]And what's inside... 而实际上和外表上总是有出入

[28:35.04]can be different than it seems.

[28:45.80]Subtitles provided by SOFTlTLER

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