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欲望都市第四季 承诺恐惧 Change of a Dress






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:41:46



[00:36.24](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:48.16]When a marriage breaks up, there are numerous ways to cope. 当一桩婚姻破裂时 有很多方式面对

[00:52.40]You can cry. You can move. 你可以哭、你可以搬家

[00:55.52]lt's left-right, not right-left. 是左右,不是右左

[00:57.48]Or, as CharIotte did, dive into a new routine. 或者和夏绿蒂一样,热衷新的 例行公事,练习踢跶舞

[01:03.68]A tap routine.

[01:04.24]l feel good. 我觉得很好 我还报名雕刻和踢跶舞课程

[01:04.12]l even signed up for sculpture and tap dancing class.

[01:09.72]Because you can't do one without the other. -缺一不可 -每个人都叫我要悲伤

[01:09.64]And everyone keeps telling me to take time to grieve.

[01:14.20]l don't need time. 我不需要时间,这次离婚 将会干净俐落,就像撕掉绷带

[01:13.80]This divorce is going to be clean and swift, like pulling off a Band-Aid.


[01:21.48]My God, l thought that was you. 我的天,真的是你

[01:24.12]There it was, the unmistakabIe voice of Susan Sharon. 果然是苏珊雪伦 不可能认错的声音

[01:25.72]-What's new? What's going on with you? -Same old, same old. -有什么新鲜事? -还是老样子

[01:29.12]Just writing, gallivanting, eating. You know, the usual. 就是写作、逛街、吃饭 一如往常

[01:33.88]-Carrie! -What?

[01:34.96]You're forgetting the most important thing. 你忘了最重要的事

[01:40.40]-They're engaged! -You're getting married! -他们订婚了 -你要结婚了?

[01:45.52]My God! 我的天啊,艾登,恭喜

[01:45.92]Aidan, mazel tov!

[01:48.96]Okay. Let me see, where's the-- 让我瞧瞧,戒指在…

[01:52.44]lt's here, it's right here. 在这里…看到了吗?

[01:55.32]Why is it around your neck? 为什么挂在脖子上? 现在流行这样戴吗?我真落伍

[01:58.44]ls that what the people are doing these days?

[02:01.52]-l'm so out of it. -No, it's just me. 不,只有我而已 这样比较接近我的心

[02:04.80]lt's closer to my heart this way.

[02:10.56]So, spring wedding? 那么是春天的婚礼? 秋天的婚礼?

[02:12.96]Fall wedding? Where are you doing it? -你们要在哪里举行? -我们还没考虑那些事

[02:15.04]God, we haven't even begun to think about that stuff.

[02:18.04]You'd better chop-chop, missy. 最好动作快一点 场地老早就被订光了

[02:19.12]Because these places book up, l'm telling you, years and years.

[02:22.60]Okay, anyway, the wedding. 好,婚礼…

[02:25.08]The next morning, a hoteI moguI and his pubIicist... 翌晨,饭店大亨和他的公关

[02:29.04]began another grueIing day at work. 又开始一天累垮人的工作

[02:34.40]-Can l help you? -You're gorgeous. -我可以为你服务吗? -你真美

[02:35.12]Tell me something l don't know. 说些我不知道的事吧

[02:36.48]As intimate as their personaI affair had become... 虽然他们的私人关系变得亲密

[02:40.88]when it came to their business affairs, Samantha remained cooI and professionaI... 谈到公事 莎曼珊仍然冷静而专业

[02:45.12](猜猜他是谁? 直击…理查莱特)

[02:50.64]...in theory. 理论上

[02:53.32]J.J. Mitchell. -我是杰杰米契 -杰杰,我是莎曼珊琼斯

[02:52.00]J.J., Samantha Jones. l have your column in my hand...

[02:55.68]我正在看你的专栏 我非常失望

[02:56.48]and l'm very disappointed.

[02:59.64]Jonesy, l thought you'd be sucking my dick... 我以为你会因为我让理查的 名字上报而膜拜我的命根子

[03:01.16]for getting Richard Wright's name in the paper.

[03:04.76]We'll talk about your dick later. Richard Wright canoodling with Bebe London? 我们待会再讨论你的命根子 理查和贝贝伦敦?根本是狗屁

[03:07.84]That's bullshit. l know he's canoodling with one woman and it's not Bebe London. 我知道他和一个女人有一腿 并不是她

[03:12.92]Okay, guess which hotheaded publicist can't seem to keep track of her own client? 你猜哪个公关 无法掌握客户的动向?

[03:14.64]Guess which two-bit gossip columnist is talking out of his ass? 你猜哪个微不足道的 专栏作家最会胡说八道?

[03:20.84]Believe me, l'd rather be talking out of your ass. 琼斯,我宁愿舔你的…

[03:22.12]So, just say the word--


[03:27.12]J.J. Mitchell's column said you were canoodling with Bebe London. 杰杰米契说你和贝贝伦敦 有一腿,他是个白痴

[03:30.96]He's an idiot, just giving you a heads-up.

[03:34.08]All press is good press, right? 记者都很神通广大,对吧?

[03:34.56]So, you were canoodling with Bebe London? -这么说你们有一腿? -有什么问题吗?

[03:37.36]ls that a problem?

[03:39.72]No. 不,我只是需要知道事实 才能把工作做好

[03:42.60]l just need to get all the facts so l can do my job.

[03:46.48]Why don't you take a break from your job and get that sexy ass in here? 休息一下 带着你性感的屁股进来吧

[03:60.48]In an effort to drown out thoughts of Richard canoodIing with Bebe London... 把理查和贝贝伦敦有一腿的 想法抛到一边

[04:05.56]Samantha focused on her own canoodIe. 莎曼珊专注于她的好事

[04:09.16]And in a more modest shower uptown.... 在上城比较不火辣的淋浴…

[04:13.44]-Excuse me, have we met? -Can l get in there? -抱歉,我们见过吗? -我可以进来吗?

[04:16.68]The Sheetrock guy is coming in 10 minutes. lt's really coming along over there. 等会有个家伙要来 工程进行得如火如荼

[04:22.16]Walls are coming down, washer-dryer's on the way. 墙壁正在打掉 洗衣烘干两用机正在途中

[04:26.64]l forgot about the washer and dryer. 我一直梦想买一台 过真正的纽约生活

[04:28.52]l've been dreaming of that my whole New York life.

[04:30.04]-Here's something else for you to chew on. -What's that? -还有一件事要考虑 -什么?

[04:33.08]How about Hawaii? 夏威夷怎么样?

[04:34.88]-As what, the 50th state? -As in, we get hitched. -做为第50州吗? -做为我们结婚的地点

[04:38.96]We grab a couple friends, down some mai tais, tie the knot. 找几个朋友,喝一些甜酒 完成终身大事

[04:41.04]You know, we can get ''Maui'd.'' -我们可以去茂宜岛 -你刚才裸体说双关语吗?

[04:43.72]Buddy, did you just pun in the nude?

[04:47.60]-Yeah. -What did l tell you about that? 我是怎么跟你说的?肥皂给我

[04:49.100]-Give me the soap. -What do you think? -你觉得呢? -关于夏威夷的事?

[04:54.20]-What, about Hawaii? -Yeah.

[04:56.04]Come on, do l look like the ''Hang-10,'' ''Surf's-up'' kind of bride to you? 我在你眼里 看起来像冲浪新娘吗?

[05:01.84]'Cause l really think my grass skirt days are over. -我的草裙时代已经结束了 -那亚斯本呢?

[05:05.24]Okay, how about Aspen?

[05:06.88]Christmastime in Aspen 圣诞节在亚斯本结婚

[05:09.40]You, me, a polar bear, a judge. 你、我、一只北极熊和法官 听起来如何?

[05:12.16]How's that sound?

[05:14.48]For a shower with so IittIe water pressure... 在水压这么小的情况淋浴

[05:18.24]I suddenIy feIt a ton of it beating down on my shouIders. 我却感觉有一公吨的水 倾盆而下

[05:22.08]And here's the spine, right here. 这是脊椎,就在这里 很不可思议吧?

[05:26.96]lsn't that incredible? Here's the heart beating.


[05:33.16]See? -看到了吗? -应该是吧

[05:34.96]Kind of. l think so.


[05:37.12]Do you want to know the sex? l can tell you right now, if you do. 你想知道胎儿的性别吗?

[05:43.40]-Okay. -Sure? 你确定?

[05:49.48]lt's a boy. 是个男孩

[05:50.44]lt's a boy. How do you feel? 是男孩!你觉得怎么样?

[05:60.56]Great, a boy! 太棒了,是男孩!

[06:01.68]Boy, oh boy. 天啊,是男孩

[06:04.24]l just faked a sonogram. -我在照超音波时作假 -你说什么?

[06:08.64]-l'm sorry? -l was lying there... 我躺在那里 医生带领我游览我的子宫

[06:10.20]the technician's giving me a guided tour of my uterus...

[06:14.40]then she tells me l'm having a boy-- -她说我怀的是男孩… -我的天,米兰达

[06:16.16]My God!

[06:19.44]-You're having a boy? -You see? That. -你要生个男孩! -看到没?就是那样

[06:21.36]That's what this woman wanted out of me, but l couldn't get it up for her. So, l faked it. 那就是她想看到的 但我提不起劲,只好假装开心

[06:27.24]What exactly does a fake sonogram look like... 万一哪天我需要用到 那表情到底是什么样子?

[06:28.12]in case l ever need to do it?

[06:34.28]Everyone else is glowing about my pregnancy. 人人对我怀孕的事都兴高采烈 我什么时候才会跟他们一样?

[06:35.28]When will l? 每次有人听到我订婚时 我也有同感

[06:36.16]l get the same thing every time someone hears l'm engaged. They're like--

[06:39.36]l'm supposed to be all excited about picking a date, and a place, and a theme. 我应该很兴奋挑选日子和地点

[06:44.20]And l just want to lie down and take a big nap. 我却只想躺下来睡个午觉

[06:46.92]l feel like a deadbeat bride. -我觉得自己像个赖皮新娘 -那就别做那些蠢事,管它的

[06:50.48]So, don't do all that stupid stuff. Fuck them.

[06:52.16]l better do something soon because l'm getting the distinct feeling... 我最好赶紧着手 我觉得我的宽限期已经结束了

[06:56.92]my grace period is O-V-E-R.

[06:59.60]l don't even want to look for a dress. Me, no dress! 我甚至不想去看礼服 我,没有礼服,哪里不对劲?

[07:03.08]-What's wrong here? -Maybe it's like the dentist. 也许这就像看牙医一样 你一拖再拖

[07:06.88]You put it off and put it off, and then you finally go...

[07:09.44]and afterwards you feel great. 终于非去不可 之后感觉好极了

[07:11.16]God, l have to go to the dentist. 对了,我必须去看牙医

[07:14.24]Okay, wait. l'm having a radical idea here. 等等,我有个激烈的主意

[07:18.72]There's a horrible bridal shop a couple of blocks away. 再过两条街 有一家可怕的婚纱店

[07:20.32]-We could go-- -How do you even know this? -我们可以去… -你怎么知道?

[07:22.56]Because every time l pass by it, l go ''blech.'' 我每次经过…都想吐

[07:25.56]We could run in, you could try on the worst dress they have... 你可以试穿最糟的那件礼服 面对恐惧、尽快做完这件事

[07:29.12]just face the dragon, get it over with.

[07:31.80]And then l'll treat you to a Tasti-Delite. lt's like aversion shock therapy. 然后我请你去吃美味佳肴 这是专治反感的震撼疗法

[07:34.88]You want me to try on a bad wedding dress? 你要我试穿一件很丑的礼服?

[07:39.68]You're gonna have to do a lot better than Tasti-Delite. 要比美味佳肴更吸引人才行

[07:42.76]l'll try one on too? 我也试穿一件

[07:47.92]-Hi! -Hello. -你好 -两位好

[07:48.20]Ladies. 我朋友米兰达要结婚了 所以我们想找件特别的礼服

[07:49.60]My friend Miranda here is getting married.

[07:51.92]So we're looking for something special...

[07:55.48]and we're in kind of a hurry. 我们时间有点赶

[07:56.40]And for Carrie here... 至于凯莉,我们想要一件 有很多蝴蝶结的礼服

[07:59.48]we're thinking of something with a lot of bows...

[08:02.12]very frilly and poofy. We want her to look like a giant cupcake.

[08:05.64]希望她看起来像个 巨大的杯形蛋糕

[08:05.100]l'm sorry, which one of you is getting married? -抱歉,你们哪一个要结婚? -我们两个都要

[08:09.40]We both are. We do everything together. 我们什么事都一起进行

[08:12.76]And right now, Miranda has everything but the gown.... 米兰达什么都有,就是缺礼服 还有新郎

[08:14.68]-And the groom. -Whoops!

[08:17.48]Okay. 这是女同志婚礼吗?

[08:19.44]ls this a lesbian wedding? 不…这是异性恋 非常保守的仪式

[08:19.32]No, it's a very straight-laced, conservative crowd.

[08:22.72]Lots of Wall Street types. -充满浓浓的华尔街气息 -我帮你们找找看

[08:27.08]l'll see what l can find. Come with me.

[08:27.52]Your rehearsal dinner is gonna rock. 你的预演晚宴将会惊天动地

[08:29.96]Okay, on the count of three.... 数到三

[08:33.16]One, two.... 一、二…


[08:47.68]Stop, l'm going to pee in this thing. 别说了,我要尿出来了 你看你

[08:50.36]-Look at you! -Look at yourself!

[08:51.52]-Hold still, you need a veil. -Okay. 别动,你需要头纱

[08:56.20]Look, look. 快看…

[09:02.32]l look beautiful. You can't even tell l'm pregnant in this. 我真漂亮 看不出来我已经怀孕了

[09:05.28]The sleeves balance out the tummy. Don't you think it's kind of fetching? 袖子让肚子看起来变小 你不觉得吗?

[09:07.68]My God. 太紧了,我不能呼吸 可以帮我脱下来吗?

[09:10.56]This is too tight, l can't breathe. Can you get it off me?

[09:12.32]-Are you kidding? -No, l'm not kidding! -你在开玩笑吗? -不,我不是开玩笑

[09:15.80]You don't want the woman to come back in here. -你不希望她回来吧? -脱下来,我不能呼吸

[09:19.40]l'm not kidding. Get it off! l'm burning up. l can't breathe!

[09:22.68]l'm sorry!

[09:22.16]There are a million buttons back here! 有数不清的釦子

[09:24.64]My God, your back is all red. -你的背全湿了 -脱下来就对了,把它扯开

[09:27.32]Just get it off, just rip it off!

[09:38.28]My God. 我的天

[09:40.96]What just happened? 刚才是怎么回事?

[09:41.32]-l can't do it, l can't get married. -This is all your fault. -我不能结婚 -这都是你的错

[09:45.20]-How could you take her to that dump? -lt was an experiment. lt went awry. -你带她去那个烂地方? -这是个实验,结果出错了

[09:50.80]Okay, let's just slow down. 让我们放慢步调

[09:52.48]This is classic cold feet. Let's not do anything rash. -别做任何仓促的事 -疹子,一点也没错,你们看

[09:57.28]Rash, yes exactly, rash. Look at this.

[09:60.44]My body is literally rejecting the idea of marriage. Look! 我的身体确实是在 否决结婚这个主意

[10:03.12]Once you get a rash from a guy, it's time to heave-ho. 一旦你长了疹子 就该把那男人给甩了

[10:05.48]No, it's not him, it's me. l'm missing the bride gene. 不是他的问题,是我 我缺少新娘基因,应该被研究

[10:08.48]l should be put in a test tube and studied.

[10:11.56]lt's not just you, l don't want to get married. -不只是你,我也不想结婚 -永远?


[10:14.44]Why do we even have to get married? Why? 我们为什么要结婚? 给我一个好理由

[10:18.16]Give me one good reason.

[10:18.20]Aside from the not-wanting-to-die-alone thing. 除了不想孤独终老之外 我承认这值得考虑

[10:22.52]Which is something to think about, l admit.

[10:25.60]For me, when it was good, it gave me a sense of security. 当我的婚姻还很美满时 它给我安全感

[10:28.84]But l feel secure now. 但我现在觉得很放心 我们相处得很好

[10:32.44]Things are great with us.

[10:34.04]-You know what they say, ''lf it ain't broke--'' -Don't marry it. -俗话说“如果没坏…” -干嘛结婚

[10:35.12]-What are you afraid would change? -l don't know. -你害怕什么会改变? -我不知道

[10:39.48]Nothing. 什么都不会变?一切都变了?

[10:42.72]Everything. -每个新娘都有那种感觉 -她们为什么不说出来?

[10:41.00]Every bride feels that way at one point.

[10:43.56]Why aren't they speaking up?

[10:45.16]Carrie, l'm going to ask you an unpleasant question now. 我要问你一个不太客气的问题 你到底为什么要答应?

[10:48.84]-Why did you ever say yes? -Because l love him.


[10:53.64]A man you love, kneels in the street... 一个你爱的男人跪在大街上

[10:58.48]and offers you a ring, you say yes. That's what you do. 送你一枚戒指,你只能点头

[11:02.68]You get married, you hope for the best. lt doesn't work out, you get divorced. 结了婚当然希望幸福 要是不幸福,那就离婚

[11:06.04]You can take tap with Bo Jangles here. 和夏绿蒂一起跳踢跶舞

[11:08.84]No, l can't take a vow of forever-and-ever, if what l mean is... 我不能许下永远的誓言 如果我指的是可预见的未来


[11:14.32]-l can't do that to Aidan. -Talk to him about it. -我不能这样对艾登 -跟他谈

[11:15.88]How do you talk about this? ''Aidan, what's up? 这种事要怎么谈?

[11:19.04]''l've been having some doubts about the whole 'l do' thing.'' “艾登,我始终有一些疑虑”

[11:22.28]lt'll break his heart. l should never have said yes. 这会伤了他的心 我不该答应的

[11:24.20]-l'm a bad person. -lt's amazing. 我是个坏人

[11:26.72]ln a courtroom, reasonable doubt can get you off for murder. 在法庭上,合理的怀疑 可以让你谋杀的控罪被撤销

[11:29.60]ln an engagement, it makes you feel like a bad person. 在婚约中却让你成了坏人

[11:32.08]Look, everyone has anxiety around weddings. 每个人对婚礼都会感到焦虑

[11:36.44]Maybe your anxiety threshold is just lower than other people's. 或许你焦虑的门槛比较低

[11:40.64]lnteresting theory. 很有趣的理论,你认为 那件礼服还在垃圾车里吗?

[11:42.84]You think that dress is still outside the dumpster at Tasti-Delite?

[11:46.80]After being hit by a bridaI wave... 受到婚礼的浪潮冲击之后

[11:47.68]I tried to get my mind around the concept of happiIy ever after. 我努力让思绪集中在 从此幸福快乐的概念上

[11:54.56]As progressive as our society cIaims to be... 虽然这个社会号称进步

[11:58.24]there are stiII certain Iife targets we're aII supposed to hit. 仍有我们应该达到的人生目标

[12:01.88]Marriage, babies, and a home to caII your own. 婚姻、孩子以及自己的家

[12:07.56]But what if, instead of breaking out in a smiIe... 万一你露出的不是微笑 而是疹子怎么办?

[12:08.68]you break out in a rash?

[12:11.68]Is something wrong with the system? Or is it you? 是制度出了问题,还是自己?

[12:12.36]And do we reaIIy want these things? 我们真的想要这些吗? 或者我们只是照着程式执行?

[12:16.52]Or are we just programmed?

[12:19.60]In a crisis, peopIe aIways teII you to Iisten to your gut. 在紧要关头时,人们总是 告诉你听从自己的直觉

[12:23.36]Mine was teIIing me to start smoking again. 我的直觉告诉我要再次抽烟


[12:27.68]Marlboro Lights, please. 一包万宝路淡烟

[12:30.96](新娘杂志、婚纱天地 美丽新娘)

[12:34.24]But I decided not to throw it aII away. 但我决定不要全部置之不理

[12:38.12]You know what? Actually.... 只要这几本就好

[12:39.20]Just these.

[12:41.08]Later, whiIe Aidan worked on the apartment next door... 当艾登在整修公寓

[12:46.16]I worked on reprogramming my attitude. 我则修正我的态度

[12:47.56]CouId I be a spring bride? 我会是春天新娘吗?

[12:54.08]Happy bride? 快乐新娘?

[12:58.36]Peekaboo bride? 躲猫猫新娘?

[12:58.96]Stop! 停止,艾登,快住手

[13:00.04]Stop, Aidan, stop it!


[13:14.60]l'm freaking out. 我快疯了

[13:17.56]l can't, l.... 我没办法,我不能…

[13:17.76]l cannot....

[13:21.72]l am having... 我对这一切改变的反应太强烈

[13:22.36]a very strong reaction to all this change.

[13:25.20]-Okay, just don't freak out. -l am freaking out! -别激动 -是真的,一切感觉好快

[13:28.48]-lt all just feels really fast. -The hole?

[13:30.40]-l told you l was gonna come through there-- -lt's not just the hole! -我跟你说过要挖洞 -不只是洞的关系

[13:34.04]-而是… -什么?


[13:45.28]lt's the marriage stuff. 是结婚的事

[13:48.48]l love you and l'm sorry... 我爱你 若我不该跟你说这些我很抱歉

[13:50.48]if l'm not supposed to talk to you about this.


[13:58.32]But l have to.

[14:01.20]Come here. 过来这里,坐在地上

[14:03.96]Just sit down on the floor.

[14:12.32]What's happening? 发生什么事了?

[14:20.56]l didn't want to say anything... 我本来什么都不想说

[14:23.00]but then that thing came through my wall. 可是刚才铁锤冲破了我的墙

[14:31.52]l don't think that l'm ready to get married yet. 我想我还没准备好结婚

[14:38.60]-Do you hate me? -No, come on. 你恨我吗?


[14:41.04]-You're catching me a little off guard here. -l know, l just....

[14:42.92]-我知道,只是… -不,我听见你说了

[14:45.72]l hear you.

[14:54.88]l need a minute here. 我需要一分钟

[15:02.72]ls it because l said we could get ''Maui'd''? 是因为我说 我们可以去茂宜岛吗?

[15:11.36]Thank you for making a joke. 谢谢你说笑话

[15:16.76]Let's slow it down. 我们放慢步调吧

[15:19.92]Okay, how much time do you need? 你需要多少时间?

[15:22.32]Six months? 六个月?

[15:24.92]Nine months? 九个月?

[15:28.36]-The end of the year? -Which year? -年底? -哪一年?

[15:35.24]So, you just need some time? 你只是需要一些时间吗?

[15:37.12]Yeah. 对,我想是吧

[15:40.52]l think so.


[15:46.44]We'll get there. 我们会走到终点的

[15:49.36]Thank you, Aidan. 谢谢你,艾登

[15:53.84]Thank you for listening. 谢谢你倾听

[15:60.80]Did you see the washer and dryer? 有没有看到那台 洗衣烘干两用机?

[16:09.84]l love you. 我爱你

[16:13.68]The next day, Miranda enjoyed a few moments of soIitude with her biIIs... 隔天,米兰达和她的帐单 以及清洁管家

[16:18.60]and her cIeaning Iady. 享受片刻隐居生活

[16:18.48]Magda? 我付你整个月工资,可以吗?

[16:20.28]l'm going to pay you for a whole month, okay?

[16:24.76]Look what l found on the kitchen counter. lt's beautiful! 你看我在厨房流理台找到什么 好可爱

[16:30.80]-Did they tell you boy or girl? -Yes, it's a boy. -医生有告诉你是男是女吗? -有,是个男孩

[16:35.56]A boy! 男孩!这屋里即将多一个男孩

[16:37.88]A boy is coming into the house. A boy is highest blessing, it's good luck.

[16:41.16]男孩是最珍贵的恩赐 这是好运

[16:44.72]Smile. 笑一个


[16:51.96]Smile for a boy. 为男孩笑一个

[16:53.76]A boy! 一个男孩!

[16:57.12]A boy! 一个男孩!

[17:06.60]And whiIe Miranda had tea for one, CharIotte was mastering Tea for Two. 当米兰达一个人喝茶时 夏绿蒂则要跳双人舞

[17:12.76]We're coming across the fIoor with me 你们要从那边跳过来

[17:15.24]Step shuffle step for you, step shuffle step for me. 为你跳个舞步,为我跳个舞步

[17:24.88]And now, two by two. 现在两个人一组,出发


[17:28.84]Next pair. 下一对

[17:31.60]Nice! 很好

[17:37.08]Very nice. 非常好

[17:43.04]You, in the flowers... 穿花上衣的,来吧

[17:45.44]go! -我没有舞伴 -那就一个人跳,来吧

[17:46.32]-l don't have a partner. -Just go it alone.

[17:49.04]And go!

[17:50.52]-l don't want to go it alone. -You'll be fine. Come on, flowers. -我不想一个人跳 -没关系的,来吧

[17:56.80]Picture me upon your knee

[18:02.84]l can't do this, l'm sorry, l can't. And l shouldn't have to. 我办不到

[18:06.60]l deserve a real partner. And this song is abusive and hurtful. 我根本不该来的 我应该有个真正的伴

[18:07.24]-而且这首歌很伤人 -我还要继续弹吗?

[18:11.12]Should l stop?

[18:11.68]You should think about how a person would feel... 你应该考虑那些刚离婚

[18:15.68]who's going through a difficult divorce...

[18:15.64]and who just comes here to have fun and feel good about themselves! 想来这里开心玩乐 找回自信的人有何感受

[18:26.00]In her attempt to skip over her grief, CharIotte tapped into her pain. 夏绿蒂企图轻描淡写她的悲伤


[18:37.44]The next week, we aII put on our finest and gathered at the BIack and White BaII... 隔一个礼拜 我们齐聚在“黑白舞会”上

[18:41.88]Richard Wright's charity fundraiser. 理查莱特负责慈善基金募款

[18:46.60]Aidan looks so handsome in a tux. 艾登穿礼服看起来真英俊

[18:51.04]-Yeah. -How's he doing? -他没事吧? -他很好

[18:52.72]Good, good.

[18:54.96]Still a little thrown about the change in plans... 对计划的改变还是有点困惑 不过还好

[18:56.24]but good.

[18:59.88]l just hope l did the right thing. -希望我做的事是对的 -跟着感觉走

[19:01.72]You followed your feelings. That's always the right thing to do. 这样绝对没错

[19:07.04]l'm drinking seltzer... 我喝的是塞尔兹矿泉水

[19:07.96]and l'm in a formal gown with an elasto-waist. 我正式礼服下穿着弹性束腰 我在这里真是如鱼得水

[19:12.36]l really fit in here.

[19:14.80]Do you realize you're growing a teeny tiny penis inside you? 你明白你体内有个小弟弟 正在发育吗?

[19:19.80]That's so sci-fi. -简直就像科幻小说 -我的天,你要生个男孩

[19:18.76]My God! You're having a boy?

[19:22.56]Aren't you so excited? 你有没有很兴奋?

[19:28.52]Two glasses of French fizz here and a sody for you. 两杯法式气泡饮料 和给你的苏打水

[19:32.84]Did you know that Miranda's having a boy? 你知道米兰达怀的是男孩吗?

[19:36.16]l think l'm going to hurt myself. 我一定会扭到脖子

[19:39.60]l trust you're finding something noteworthy... 我相信你正为专栏 寻找值得注意的题材吧?

[19:40.08]to put in your column, J.J.?

[19:42.36]Look at you. 瞧你,我可以想到其他地方 刊登我的专栏

[19:45.12]l can think of other places l'd like to put my column tonight.

[19:48.64]-Dream on, J.J. -Never hurts to ask, right? -继续做梦吧 -问问也无妨

[19:48.100]l'm sure you know this one... 你猜哪个饭店大亨 正和一个纽约名女人

[19:52.80]but guess which hotel king is having very private relations...

[19:54.80]with a very public New York woman? 发展一段亲密关系?

[19:56.56]l guess the cat's out of the bag. -事实已经摆在眼前 -一点也没错

[19:59.48]lt's out of the bag. Look at them together.


[20:05.32]That Judith McBain, she's insatiable. 茱蒂麦克贝恩,她胃口奇大

[20:05.12]Word is they've done it in every one of his hotels. 换句话说,他们在他每间饭店 都做过那档事

[20:09.56]Excuse me. -失陪 -很高兴和你聊天,琼斯

[20:12.16]Good chatting with you. 莎曼珊可以应付记者 却不能接受事实

[20:15.04]Samantha couId handIe the press, but not the truth.

[20:17.64]Richard is fucking the entire styles section... 该死的理查和每个人乱搞 我竟然第一次在乎这种事

[20:19.72]and for the first time in my life, l actually give a shit.

[20:25.00]l think l have monogamy. l must've caught it from you people. 我想我有一夫一妻的观念 一定是被你们传染的

[20:28.40]-lt's airborne. -There are a lot of hot guys... 这里有好多男人 但我一个也不想和他们上床

[20:29.16]but l don't want to fuck a single one of them. Not him...


[20:34.72]or him. 这个男人怎么样? 他问我是否认识你

[20:33.24]What about this guy over here? He asked me if l knew you.


[20:39.68]No, l'm not interested. Damn it, l'm not well. 不,我没兴趣,该死,我病了

[20:44.40]At least you're not getting divorced. -起码你没有离婚 -告诉理查你的感受

[20:46.44]-Just tell Richard how you feel. -l can't do that.

[20:49.84]He likes me because l'm supposed to be immune to this bullshit. 不行,他喜欢我就是因为 我对这些风流帐免疫

[20:54.24]There goes that Judith Bitchy-McBitch heading for Richard. 茱蒂麦克贱人正走向理查

[20:55.20]Okay, l'm going to go over there... 我要过去那里 表现十足的镇定

[20:58.40]and l'm going to be completely calm, and completely professional.


[21:04.44]Every day, miIIions of peopIe suffer from monogamy. 无数人饱受一夫一妻制之苦 目前还没有解药

[21:05.36]There is no known cure.

[21:08.84]l'm so sorry. 真对不起

[21:14.88]-Hey, gorgeous. Great turnout. -This is purely professional. -出席的人很踊跃 -这完全是专业

[21:18.00]Exactly how many women are you fucking? -你究竟和多少女人上床? -这不是“乌青睾丸”舞会

[21:19.56]lt's the ''Black and White'' Ball, not the ''black and blue'' ball.

[21:25.16]As your publicist, l must tell you all this canoodling and bed-hopping... 身为你的公关,我必须告诉你 滥情是很低俗幼稚的行为

[21:27.84]is tacky and immature. 这让投资人紧张不安…

[21:30.88]-lt makes investors nervous, and frankly-- -lt makes you nervous, too.

[21:33.28]-也让你紧张不安 -身为你的公关,是的

[21:34.36]As your publicist, yes, it does.

[21:36.56]So, grow up. Stop fucking other women. Just fuck me. 成熟点吧,别再搞别的女人 只要搞我就好

[21:43.32]Come on, we're not the monotonous-- 行了

[21:44.00]我们不是单调的… 我是说专一的那型

[21:46.68]-l mean, monogamous type. -Maybe l am. 也许我是

[21:49.56]Gorgeous, l'm not. 美人,我不是

[21:53.96]Fine. 无所谓

[21:58.24]Jonesy, you get any good dish for me? 有没有性感美女要介绍给我?

[21:60.24]In fact, she did. 事实上她有

[22:02.24]Samantha gave J.J. an excIusive... 莎曼珊给杰杰一个独家

[22:05.12]just to prove to herseIf that she was not. 只为了向自己证明 她并非一夫一妻制的信徒

[22:08.36]-What the.... -Shit. 妈的,等一下

[22:09.64]Shit! Just a minute.

[22:12.56]It wasn't the first time a guy went soft on Samantha... 这不是男人第一次 在莎曼珊面前呈现疲软糗态

[22:14.76]but it was the first time she didn't care. 但这是她第一次不在乎

[22:18.20]Jonesy, l can't believe this is happening. This never happens to me. 我不敢相信竟然发生这种事

[22:23.88]l can give a list of women who this has never happened with. 我可以给你一长串 以前没发生这种事的女人名字

[22:26.60]That isn't necessary. 没这个必要

[22:25.96]No, l want to, l want you to call Anna Bonnie at 957-7297... 我希望你打957-7297 找安娜波尼

[22:30.12]or Lisa Yellin at 459.... 或莉莎耶伦…

[22:33.92]There you are. 原来你在这里 或许我回心转意得太快

[22:35.84]Listen, maybe l was too quick back there.

[22:38.52]lf there's anyone who could keep monotony interesting-- 要是某人能使专一变得有趣…

[22:40.48]Man of the hour. 热门人物

[22:49.44]You'll never change. 你永远不会改变 我也不希望你改变

[22:50.72]And l wouldn't want you to. Let's just keep things as they were. 我们就维持现状吧

[22:54.52]This doesn't count. He couldn't even stay hard. 这次不算 他甚至无法持续勃起

[22:56.40]Good seeing you, J.J. 很高兴见到你,杰杰

[23:02.08]Don't say it, limp dick. 什么都别说,软脚虾


[23:09.72]That's a very good look for you. 你这样穿非常好看

[23:12.48]l think we both look kinda sharp tonight. 我想今晚我们两个都很正点

[23:18.16]You've never looked prettier, my friend. -你从未这么漂亮过,吾友 -谢谢

[23:18.24]Thank you.

[23:20.92]Let's get married tonight. 我们今晚就结婚吧

[23:24.32]Come on, you've got this beautiful white dress on... 你穿着这么美的礼服

[23:28.92]l've got this tux for another 13 hours. 我这套还有13个小时 才要归还

[23:31.68]Let's just do it. 我们结婚吧

[23:33.16]Let's get in a cab... 我们坐计程车直奔机场 飞到拉斯维加斯

[23:37.64]airport, Vegas.

[23:41.00]No muss, no fuss. 没有麻烦

[23:41.20]-Aidan, this isn't funny. -Come on! -艾登,这不好笑 -我说真的,来嘛

[23:48.80]Look, if we get married tonight... 我们今晚就结婚

[23:52.96]we wake up tomorrow, it's done. 明天一早醒来,这事已经完成

[23:54.32]All right? We're still us. We don't even have to tell anybody. 我们还是原来的我们 甚至不必告诉任何人

[24:03.48]What about what we discussed? -那我们之前讨论的呢? -你只是害怕而已

[24:05.88]Come on. You're just scared.

[24:05.56]Yes, l'm scared. 是的,我很害怕

[24:08.84]Come on, Aidan, we talked about this. -我们谈过这件事了 -不,是你谈,而我听

[24:12.04]No, you talked and l listened.

[24:14.24]Carrie, l looked at you tonight from across the room... 今晚我从屋里另一边看着你

[24:18.80]and l thought, l love her. 我心想“我爱她”

[24:22.00]And she loves me. “她也爱我 我们还等什么?”

[24:23.48]And what are we waiting for?

[24:24.56]Because l need more time. 因为我需要更多时间

[24:28.84]What's going to change? 有什么会改变?

[24:30.32]This is me. l don't have any tricks up my sleeve. 我袖子里没有藏什么把戏 这就是真实的我

[24:31.24]-This is who l am. -This isn't about you. 并不是你的问题

[24:36.68]l'm not ready for marriage. 我还没准备好走入婚姻

[24:37.28]l am. 我准备好了,如果吓到你 我很抱歉,但我已经准备好了

[24:41.88]l'm sorry if that scares you, but l am.

[24:42.36]People fall in love, they get married. 人们坠入爱河、结婚 这是必经过程

[24:46.44]-That's what they do. -Not necessarily.


[24:53.40]Why can't we... 为什么我们不能维持现状?

[24:55.28]just keep things the way they are...

[24:58.48]-just live together? -l don't want to live together. -只要同居就好? -我不想要同居

[25:01.44]l've had girlfriends for 20 years. 我已经交了20年女朋友 我希望你做我的老婆

[25:03.24]l want you to be my wife.

[25:06.88]-Aidan, you're pushing me. -Maybe you need to be pushed. 你这是在逼我

[25:07.68]也许你需要被逼 只不过是一张无聊的纸罢了

[25:10.96]What's the big deal? lt's just a stupid piece of paper.

[25:13.04]lf it's just a stupid piece of paper, then why do we need it? 如果只是一张纸 那我们为何需要它?

[25:17.44]Because l need it! 因为我需要

[25:18.16]l want to make this official and lock this thing down. 我想要法律的认可 让这件事尘埃落定

[25:22.08]l want the whole wide world to know that you're mine. 我要全世界知道你是我的

[25:28.40]Who else's would l be? 我还会是谁的?

[25:32.44]My God. 我的天啊

[25:38.72]You still don't trust me. -你还是不信任我 -你甚至没把戒指戴在手上

[25:39.80]You don't even wear that ring on your finger.

[25:40.40]l am yours. There is nobody else. 我是你的,没有别人

[25:44.68]l love you. But l can't marry you to make you trust me. 我爱你,但我不能为了 让你信任我而嫁给你

[25:53.44]Look at me. 看着我

[25:58.08]Look at me before we make a huge mistake. 在我们铸下大错之前看着我

[26:03.00]lf you don't want to marry me right now... 如果你现在不想嫁给我 你就永远不想嫁给我了

[26:05.04]you'll never want to marry me.

[26:07.12]-That's not true. -l think it is. -不是这样的 -我认为是

[26:22.88]l'm gonna sleep in the other apartment tonight. 今晚我要睡在隔壁

[26:26.64]Really? 真的吗?

[26:27.64]Yeah, really. -真的 -只有今晚吗?

[26:30.60]Just for tonight?

[26:32.20]l can't believe l'm back here again. 我不敢相信我又重蹈覆辙

[26:39.04]Shit. 该死

[26:50.20]We had Ieft the Iand of bIack and white, and now, everything was gray. 我们离开了黑白世界 现在一切都是灰的

[26:53.16]To the outside worId, Miranda's maternaI gene might never kick in. 外表上,米兰达的母性基因 可能永远不会显露出来

[27:02.08]But that night she feIt a reaI kick from deep inside. 但在那晚,她感觉体内深处 结结实实地被踢了一下

[27:46.96]There are some waIIs you can push through... 有些墙推得动,有些则不行

[27:47.72]and some you can't.

[27:54.40]That was the onIy night we wouId ever spend... 这晚是我们唯一一次 在墙的另一边过夜

[27:57.88]on the other side of the waII.

[28:04.56]The next day, Aidan moved out. 隔天艾登就搬出去了

[28:14.68]Subtitles provided by SOFTlTLER

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