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欲望都市第四季 房事风波 Ring a Ding Ding






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:41:37



[00:35.72](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:50.24]A girI in pigtaiIs once said, ''There's no pIace Iike home. '' 曾有个绑着马尾的女孩说 “没有比家更温暖的地方”

[00:56.52]But then her home didn't have a toiIet that fIushed for no reason... 但是她的家没有无故 故障的马桶

[01:03.28]and a boyfriend who was moving out for one big reason. 还有一个将要搬走的男朋友

[01:13.60]That's the last of it. 最后一箱了


[01:23.12]You want me to fix that? -你要我帮你修吗? -我可以找人来修

[01:23.92]No, it's okay. l can get someone to come and fix it.

[01:28.08]Just let me get in there for a second. 我修一下就好

[01:36.36]Hold the ball cock. This thing right here. 握住浮球活拴,那个东西

[01:42.32]Right there. 这里

[01:48.20]That should do it. 可以了

[01:53.84]l should go. 我该走了

[01:57.60]You can't leave. 你不能走

[02:01.72]Our last words to each other can't be ''ball cock.'' 我们的最后一句话 不应该是浮球活拴

[02:05.36]You should definitely stay... 你应该留下来

[02:11.16]at least for another day. 至少多留一天 或是永远不要离开

[02:13.76]-Or forever. -We've been through this.


[02:18.08]l can't.

[02:24.88]Are you sure? 你确定吗?

[02:26.44]l am. 确定


[02:33.84]this is difficult to say. 这很难以启齿

[02:41.60]l left the ring on the clown table. -我把戒指放在桌上 -那是你的

[02:46.36]That's yours. 我一开始就不应该接受

[02:47.64]No, l should never have accepted it in the first place. l'm sorry.


[02:51.28]-Please take the ring. -l want you to have it. -我希望你收下 -请你带走

[02:54.56]Please take it. lf you do or say...


[03:02.96]one more nice thing.... 再对我温柔…

[03:10.68]l got to go. -我得走了 -我无法看着你离开

[03:09.100]l can't watch you leave, so l think l am gonna....

[03:14.40]l'm better.... l'm gonna stand here. Could you just.... 我要待在这里


[03:18.96]Could you just shut the door?

[03:22.56]l know. 我知道,走吧


[03:44.92]Three hours Iater, I peeIed myseIf off the bathroom fIoor. 三小时后 我才从浴室地板上爬起来

[03:56.00]ApparentIy, there were things that were difficuIt for Aidan to say, as weII. 显然艾登也有难以启齿的事

[04:10.64]I curIed up to read Aidan's Iast words to me... 我蜷起来阅读艾登最后一封信

[04:14.84]aIso known as the good-bye Ietter. 也就是告别信


[04:28.36]-Aidan's evicting her? -He's not evicting her. -艾登要驱逐她? -不是,他给她三十天做决定

[04:31.12]He's giving her 30 days to decide what she wants to do.

[04:33.32]-That's just tacky. -Look, life gets complicated. 他太没有风度了

[04:34.72]人生真复杂,史蒂夫和我 要分配与孩子相处的时间

[04:36.08]Steve and l are drawing up papers to timeshare our kid.

[04:39.76]Great love stories are supposed to end with tragedy and tears... 伟大的爱情故事 都以眼泪做结尾

[04:43.72]not papers from the law firm of Gold and Vogel. 而不是律师事务所的信

[04:45.04]This is more than fair. He's asking you to buy your apartment... 这很公平,他要你以原价买下

[04:50.20]for the exact price he paid, or you can vacate and he'll sell it.

[04:50.72]-不然你要搬走好让他卖掉 -搬走?

[04:52.20]Vacate? l'm homeless.

[04:57.44]l'll be a bag lady, a Fendi bag lady. 我无家可归了 提着芬迪包包的流浪妇女

[04:57.76]You should think of buying your place. -或许你该考虑买下来 -在纽约,大家都租房子

[04:59.92]l am not a buyer. New York is a town of renters. Everybody rents.

[05:04.40]-l don't. -l don't. -我不是 -我也不是

[05:04.40]-l don't. -You got yours in the settlement. 你的是别人给你的

[05:07.48]You did not have to pay for it.

[05:09.76]l paid for that apartment. 那层公寓我也有付出

[05:15.16]l'm pregnant. l can't control it. 我怀孕了,控制不住

[05:17.84]Honey, you better learn, because that is unappetizing. 你最好学着控制 这样会破坏胃口

[05:21.04]l know. l am so swollen and gassy. 我臃肿又涨气,就像救生圈

[05:23.32]l am like a flotation device.

[05:27.80]l'll get this one, and l don't want a fight out of you. 让我来付,我不想跟你们争

[05:30.56]Save it for your down payment. 为你的头期款存点钱

[05:32.64]Excuse me! You bought the Chanel wallet? 你买了香奈儿的皮夹?

[05:35.52]No, Richard gave it to me as a gift. -这是理查送我的礼物 -为了庆祝什么?

[05:38.32]-Nice. What was the occasion? -No occasion. -不为什么 -他爱上你了

[05:42.20]-He is in love with you. -He is not. -他才没有爱上我 -你怎知道?

[05:44.88]-You don't know that. -l do. 我知道,你们看这张卡片

[05:47.08]Take a look at the card.

[05:48.16]''Style for style. Best, Richard.'' “时髦送给时髦 最好的理查”

[05:53.52]-''Best.'' Yikes. -''Best'' is the worst. -最好的? -用“最好的”最不好

[05:54.64]Even Gold and Vogel give you ''sincerely.'' 连律师事务所都会用 “诚挚地”

[05:57.48]''Best'' is like signing ''Not love.'' -“最好的”就代表“不爱” -他有这个心意最重要

[05:58.68]lt's the thought that counts. He bought you something you'd love.

[06:02.88]He's a pretty generous guy with money. 他很大方,在金钱方面

[06:04.44]-Aidan wanted me to keep the ring. -You did, didn't you? -艾登要我留着戒指 -你有留下吧?

[06:09.00]-Honey, you're a fool. -No. 你好傻

[06:14.32]lt was the right thing to do. 这样做是对的 你有想过把戒指归还吗?

[06:16.96]-Do you ever think about giving yours back? -No, l love that ring. -不,我爱这个戒指 -我无法将戒指留下

[06:18.44]l couldn't keep it. Every time l looked at it, it would break my heart.


[06:27.48]This ring is worth a lot. -这只戒指很值钱 -蒂芬妮,2.17克拉,白金

[06:31.00]Tiffany. 2.1 7 carats, platinum setting.

[06:34.40]Beautiful cut, very few inclusions. So, what do you want to do with it? 切工完美,十分清澈 你想要怎么做?

[06:38.36]l was thinking maybe l'd turn it into a necklace. 我考虑将这个变成项练

[06:41.36]A floating diamond necklace would be to die. Very now. 漂浮的钻石项练一定会很棒

[06:45.80]-So, a lot of people do this. -These were my baguettes. -很多人这么做? -这原本是我的宝石

[06:49.68]Because it turned out my husband was a faggot... 我前夫原来是同性恋 所以戒指就成了耳环

[06:52.28]now they're earrings. But he had good taste. 但是他品味不错,做成项练?

[06:56.36]-So, a necklace? -l'm not sure.


[06:58.52]Maybe a pendant. We can melt down the platinum setting... 做成垂饰,把白金部分融化

[07:01.68]-and turn it into spectacular earrings. -Melt it down? -做成漂亮的耳环 -融化?

[07:07.60]There, in the wedding band boneyard, CharIotte started to meIt down. 就在结婚戒指的坟场 夏绿蒂心软了

[07:12.56]l don't think l'm ready for this. 我再考虑看看

[07:14.76]Just don't take it to the gypsies next door. 不要拿去给隔壁的吉普赛人

[07:21.00]Okay. Let's look at your assets here at the bank. 让我们来看看你在银行的资产

[07:24.16]You may be able to use them as collateral for the loan. 或许可以作为贷款的担保

[07:28.52]Linda, Line 1.

[07:31.16]lt says here that you have $700 in your checking account. 你的支票户头有700块

[07:35.32]l just paid my credit card bill. -我刚付了信用卡费 -还有957块的存款


[07:39.60]$957 in savings.

[07:45.56]Look, Linda. 是这样的,琳达

[07:47.64]You're single, right? l'm sure you can appreciate my problem. 你也是单身 一定能体恤我的困难

[07:50.52]l just broke up with my fiancé, which, trust me, is traumatic enough-- 我刚跟未婚夫分手 已经够难过了

[07:55.28]Linda, Line 2.

[07:58.80]And now l have... 我只有25天去筹钱买房子

[08:01.24]twenty-five days to either find the money to buy my place...

[08:04.96]or l am out on the street. 不然就得流落街头

[08:06.40]Do you have any other income, besides the column? 除了写专栏还有其他收入吗?

[08:12.00]No. 没有,但是我被票选为 纽约最佳杂志专栏作家

[08:13.40]But l was chosen as New York magazine's best pick for city columnist.

[08:15.88]l was the pick over Pete Hamill. -赢过皮特哈密尔 -银行以外的资产呢?

[08:18.32]What about your assets outside the bank?

[08:20.76]-Property, stocks, bonds? -No. -房地产、股票、债券? -没有

[08:24.40]l'm sorry, Ms. Bradshaw... 抱歉,布雷萧小姐

[08:29.28]but you are not a desirable candidate... 你不是贷款的最佳候选人

[08:31.96]for a loan.

[08:37.16]After assessing what IittIe assets I had... 在知道我的资产有多么少后

[08:41.40]I reaIized I wouId have to change my IifestyIe. 我明白我得改变生活习惯

[08:45.88]Excuse me, could you tell me how much the bus is? 请问搭公车多少钱?

[08:48.48]$1 .50. -一块半 -真的吗?

[08:48.24]Really? Wow.

[08:52.12]Last time l took the bus, it was like 75 cents. 我上一次搭的时候 还是七十五分

[08:54.96]You know, for $3 more, you could take a cab. 再多三块钱就可以搭计程车了

[09:02.88]For crying out loud. 真是倒霉

[09:04.04]Why do you have to take the bus if you're on the bus? 你可以登上公车广告 为什么还要搭公车?

[09:08.72]My thoughts exactly. 我也是这么想

[09:13.64]So here I was, a 35-year-oId singIe woman with no financiaI security... 我,一个35岁的单身女子 没有财产

[09:17.88]but many Iife experiences behind me. 但有许多人生经验 这些都不算数吗?

[09:19.68]Did that mean nothing?

[09:20.08]After aII, heartbreak and breakups are the hardest kind of work. 毕竟 心碎和分手是最困难的事

[09:24.52]So shouIdn't there be some sort of credit for enduring them? 忍受这些不该得到掌声吗?

[09:27.92]And if not, how do you retain a sense of vaIue... 当无从证明起时 要如何保持价值感?

[09:31.04]when you have nothing concrete to show for it?

[09:33.12]Because at the end of yet another faiIed reIationship... 因为在一段失败的感情之后

[09:40.08]when aII you have are war wounds and seIf doubt... 你遍体鳞伤,对自我怀疑

[09:41.96]you have to wonder, what's it aII worth? 你不禁纳闷:这一切值得吗?

[09:48.60]Let me just say again, l love your gallery... 让我再说一次 我很喜爱你的艺廊

[09:52.12]so if there are ever any openings, you have my résumé. 要是有职缺 你有我的履历表吧?

[09:54.96]MeanwhiIe, a woman with far fewer financiaI worries... 一个不用烦脑金钱的女人 也在思忖她的价值

[09:59.44]was aIso contempIating her worth.

[10:16.24]CharIotte knew the ring didn't mean as much, now that she wasn't with Trey. 和崔分开后 夏绿蒂明白戒指已经没有意义

[10:22.32]But on that particuIarIy Iow Thursday... 但是在低潮的星期四

[10:25.56]she put on her 2. 17-carat diamond... 她戴上2.17克拉的钻石

[10:30.56]and wandered around her 2. 17-carat Park Avenue apartment. 在她偌大的公园大道公寓徘徊

[10:44.88]That night, at Richard's.... 那一晚在理查家

[10:46.56]-Another gift. Are you trying to spoil me? -That's the plan. -又送我礼物,你想宠坏我? -正有此意

[10:51.76]-La Petite Coquette, my favorite. -l know. l pay attention. -我最爱的牌子 -我知道,我有注意

[10:53.24]Wait a minute. There's a card. -等一下,有卡片 -卡片

[10:57.40]The card.

[11:01.08]''Sexy for sexy. Best, Richard.'' “性感致性感,最好的理查”

[11:05.28]Why don't you slip into that, while l pour us some Cristal? 何不趁我倒酒时穿上?

[11:07.32]l'll do my very best. 我尽量让你满意

[11:10.92]Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink. 只能看不能买

[11:16.48]This is torture. Why are you doing this to me? l can't buy shoes. 真是折磨,为什么找我? 我不能买鞋

[11:20.64]l have to buy shoes. None of my old ones fit. 旧的鞋子都穿不下了 连我的脚都肥了

[11:22.84]Even my feet are fat.

[11:26.92]-These are pretty. -l'm looking for comfortable. -这双好漂亮 -我在找舒服的鞋

[11:28.84]Then l'll try these for you. 我帮你试穿,抱歉?

[11:31.00]Excuse me, sir, could l try these, please, in a seven-and-a-half? 请帮我拿这双七号半

[11:36.28]And these. 还有这双,还有这双 这里全部

[11:39.96]l guess, just all of these.

[11:41.56]But, sir, no matter what happens in the next 20 minutes... 不管接下来20分钟发生什么事

[11:44.52]under no circumstances am l to buy these. 在任何的情况下我都不买鞋

[11:47.12]-l'm just trying them on for fun. -How fun for me. -我只是穿着好玩的 -可累惨我了

[11:51.88]Could l try these in a nine? 我要试穿这双九号

[11:52.56]-Sure. -Thanks.

[11:58.92]-What is that smell? -Sorry. -那是什么味道? -抱歉

[12:01.24]l've learned to control the sound now, but not the activity. 我已经会控制声音 但是还是得放

[12:05.48]That's just mean. 真是恶劣

[12:07.16]Damn! 该死,怎么可以放屁不通知?

[12:09.64]How'll people know to scatter without a warning?

[12:10.76]Although, maybe it's not that l control the noise... 或许我不是真的会控制声音

[12:15.52]as much as my ass is so big the sound is now muffled. 或许是因为我屁股大到 挡住声音

[12:20.20]Look at my fingers. They're like sausages. l can't even get my ring off. 我的手指就像香肠 连戒指都拔不下来

[12:22.76]l'm telling you, the fat ass, the farting, it's ridiculous. 肥屁股、放屁,真是荒谬

[12:27.16]l am unfuckable... 没人要跟我上床 而我却从未如此饥渴过

[12:28.36]and l have never been so horny in my entire life.

[12:31.92]-Really? -Yeah. 所以怀孕时一定要已婚

[12:33.52]That's why you should be married while pregnant...

[12:37.92]so somebody is obligated to have sex with you. 有人得义务跟你做爱

[12:41.48]-l'm an undesirable. -No. l am. -我不受欢迎 -我才是

[12:46.04]The lady at the bank said l was an unattractive candidate for a loan. 银行的小姐说我是 最不受欢迎的贷款人

[12:50.00]Where did all my money go? l know l've made some. 我的钱都跑到哪里去了? 我知道我有赚一点

[12:54.28]At $400 a pop, how many of these do you have? 一双鞋400块,你有几双?

[12:58.48]-Fifty? -Come on. -50? -拜托

[12:59.88]-A hundred? -Would that be wrong? -100? -有错吗?

[13:04.12]100 times 400, there's your down payment. 100乘以400等于你的头期款

[13:06.04]That's only $4,000. -只有四千 -是四万

[13:09.24]No, it's $40,000.

[13:11.92]l spent... 我花了四万块买鞋 却没有地方住

[13:12.08]$40,000 on shoes...

[13:17.44]and l have no place to live?

[13:20.76]l will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes. 我就快变成住在 鞋堆的老女人了

[13:28.20]l pulled my own finger. l'm a walking whoopie cushion. 我拉自己的手指 就像会放屁的整人坐垫

[13:35.76]When a girI gets backed up against a waII she can't afford... 当穷途末路之际 我只好考虑租房子了

[13:38.52]she has to consider renting others.

[13:40.24]That's the closet? 这就是衣橱?鞋子要放哪里?

[13:43.32]Where do the shoes go? 你可以在门上装挂物架

[13:43.20]You get one of those racks that hang on the door.

[13:49.80]l'll hang myself on a door if l have to live here. 要是我得住在这里 我要把自己吊死

[13:56.72]Do l smell curry? 怎么有咖哩的味道?

[13:58.20]There's an lndian restaurant downstairs. 楼下有印度餐厅

[14:01.12]Delia, l ask you... 这样的公寓月租居然要 2800块?

[14:04.36]how can this apartment be $2,800 a month?

[14:08.88]l pay $750 for something that's twice the size. 我的公寓大两倍,没有味道 只要750块

[14:10.56]-lt don't smell like takeout. -You have a rent-controlled apartment.

[14:10.96]要是你有租金受管制公寓 就不要放弃

[14:12.04]l suggest you stay there.

[14:16.48]Unfortunately, that's really not an option. 不幸地,我没有选择

[14:21.56]What other shit holes are you showing me today? -你还要带我去什么烂地方? -以你的态度和价钱限制

[14:24.04]l have to be honest. With your attitude and price limitations...

[14:26.72]l think you should consider Weehawken. 你可以考虑威霍肯(纽泽西)

[14:30.92]Get back to me when the numbers are in. 统计好数字通知我

[14:34.80]Look at you, all dressed up. Applying for a job here? 看看你盛装打扮,来应征吗?

[14:40.88]So this is where you work. 这就是你的办公室,好可爱

[14:43.24]lt's cute. lt's smaller than l expected.


[14:47.12]l always imagined rows and rows of blondes in tight sweaters, typing. 有一排身穿紧身衣的 金发美女在打字

[14:49.72]They're at lunch. 她们去吃午饭了

[14:53.60]l am here in an official capacity. 我是为了公事而来

[14:57.08]-Aren't you going to ask me to sit down? -By all means. Pick a chair. 你不请我坐下吗?


[15:02.84]Faced with the prospect of Weehawken... 面对可能搬到威霍肯

[15:02.92]I decided it was time to caII in the big guns. 我决定寻求重量级的协助

[15:06.32]Now, what can l do for you? 我能为你做什么吗?

[15:12.36]l once read that you took something like $3 million and leveraged it... 我曾经看过你拿三百万元

[15:14.88]to build a $100 million building. How did you do that? 去盖一亿元的房子 你是怎么办到的?

[15:20.52]-What's going on? -l want to buy my apartment... 怎么了?

[15:21.52]我想要买下我的公寓 但是我没有钱

[15:23.92]but l have no money.

[15:26.76]l'm worth nothing. 我一文不值

[15:31.48]You're worth a million bucks, Bradshaw. 你身价一百万,布雷萧

[15:33.44]Maybe you should go work at a bank. 或许你该去银行工作

[15:40.20]Aidan and l broke up. 艾登和我分手了

[15:43.60]So it's not just money troubles. 不只是钱的问题?

[15:47.04]-Why didn't you call me? -l got enough troubles. -你为什么不打电话给我? -我的麻烦够多了

[15:53.80]What happened? -怎么了? -显然被你说对了

[15:56.72]Apparently, you were right, l am not the marrying kind. 我不是结婚的料

[15:59.20]Or the timing wasn't right. 或是时机不对,你会没事的

[16:03.68]You're going to be okay, kid.

[16:05.32]So l need money. You know money. 所以我需要钱


[16:10.12]l need to know what you know about money.

[16:14.88]Simple. 简单,我告诉你怎么弄到钱

[16:15.16]l'll tell you how to get the money.

[16:17.80]Big offered me the money for my down payment. 大人物要帮我付头期款 但是我不能拿

[16:20.68]But l could never take it.

[16:27.20]-Could l? -You couldn't. -可以吗? -不行

[16:29.32]He just gave you $30,000? 他给你三万块?

[16:30.60]As a loan. l would pay him back. -借我,我会还他的 -收下这笔钱

[16:32.100]Take the money. 当你收下男人的钱 就被他控制了

[16:35.36]When a man gives you money, you give him control.

[16:36.64]lt's just money. Man, woman, who cares? lt's fluid. 只是钱罢了

[16:38.56]男人,女人,谁在乎呢? 大家互相帮忙,各取所需

[16:42.72]Someone needs it, you give it. You need it, you take it.

[16:43.24]l'm uncomfortable with this. We shouldn't be talking about money. -我们不应该谈钱 -我们什么都谈

[16:48.40]Why? We talk about everything else.

[16:49.60]People are funny about money. 人对钱总是很奇怪,就像理查

[16:51.48]Like Richard, he's happy to buy me gifts, but-- -他很爱送我礼物,但是… -还是没有爱?

[16:55.44]Still no ''love''? 他继续使用“最好的”

[16:57.24]No, but he continues to send his best.

[16:60.52]Don't cash Big's check. l'll loan you the money. 不要动用支票,我借你钱

[17:04.32]You're about to have a baby. l can't take your money. 你就要生宝宝了,我不能拿

[17:06.68]-And furthermore, do you have that much? -l have about half that. -你有那么多吗? -大概一半

[17:12.56]-What? Does no one else shoe shop? -l could loan you the rest. -大家都不买鞋的吗? -剩下的我借你

[17:15.16]Look... 你们愿意借我钱实在太窝心了

[17:18.32]that is really...

[17:21.48]sweet of you two to offer.

[17:25.08]lt's really sweet. 真的很窝心,但是我要靠自己

[17:28.84]But l'm gonna do this on my own.

[17:33.72]So l can't tape it back. 所以我不能收

[17:39.00]l have news. 我有好消息

[17:41.96]Looks like l have gotten a job as a docent at the Museum of Modern Art. 我要到现代美术馆当讲解员

[17:46.04]What does that pay? l can docent. -我也可以讲解 -那是义务性的

[17:47.76]lt's a volunteer job, but they're very coveted positions.


[17:51.52]You come back. 再次光临

[18:02.04]l have no fortune. 我没有未来这一点 不需要饼干告诉我

[18:02.96]l didn't need a cookie to tell me that.

[18:07.92]These fans only cost $1 . 这些扇子只要一块钱

[18:11.68]l'm going to save a lot of money on air conditioning. 我得存一大笔钱装空调

[18:17.48]You okay? 你还好吗?

[18:21.72]No apartment and no Aidan. 没有公寓,没有艾登

[18:27.72]lt's been a rough two weeks. 这两周真难熬

[18:33.44]Just give me a block. l'm going to be fine. 我走一下就好

[18:44.52]As I thought about Ieaving the apartment that I had Iived in for the past decade... 一想到要离开住了十年的公寓

[18:48.08]I reaIized how much I wouId miss it. 我才知道我会多么想它 它一直陪伴着我

[18:50.88]Through everything, it had aIways been there for me.

[18:55.16]And suddenIy, I was irrationaIIy angry... 突然间,我失去理智地愤怒

[18:59.20]and I knew just where and who to take it irrationaIIy out on. 我知道该找谁出这股怨气

[19:02.20]Hi. What are you doing here? -你怎么会到这里? -我刚好在附近

[19:05.48]l was just in the neighborhood.

[19:08.48]Come on in. 请进

[19:09.96]You want some iced tea or something? 你要喝冰红茶吗?

[19:14.92]Why didn't you offer me the money? -你为什么不借我钱? -我就知道你会问

[19:15.08]-l knew you were going to say that. -l wouldn't take it. -我也不会收 -那我问不问有什么差别?

[19:19.72]-Then what does it matter if l offer it or not? -Because...

[19:22.28]因为我会借给你 你是我的朋友

[19:22.56]l would have offered it to you.

[19:26.04]-You're my friend. -Money and friendship don't mix. 金钱和友谊不能混淆 我父亲和他的朋友…

[19:29.36]My father and his friend Paul were never the same--

[19:31.60]We're not talking about your father and his friend Paul. 我们不是在谈你父亲和他朋友

[19:35.00]We're talking about you and your friend, me. 我们在谈你和我

[19:40.68]And for the record, l am aware... 告诉你,我很自知

[19:42.64]that l have some financial messiness that l have to clean up, and to that end... 我有一堆财务上的麻烦要处理

[19:46.44]l am looking into some freelance magazine work. 所以我在寻找自由投稿的机会

[19:50.48]l have been offered $4 a word at Vogue. That is a lot. 时尚杂志要给我一个字四块钱 一般人只有两块

[19:52.08]Most people get $2.

[19:54.88]So, yes, l have made some mistakes, and, Charlotte... 我是犯了一些错误

[19:59.32]you have made some mistakes. When you were making those mistakes... 你也有犯过错,当你犯错时

[20:04.64]l was sitting across from you at the coffee shop... 我坐在咖啡厅里

[20:07.92]nodding and listening and supporting you. 点着头,倾听,支持你

[20:11.76]l was not sitting at a Chinese restaurant... 我可没有坐在中国餐馆里

[20:13.36]turning away when you should have been looking at me. 在应该看着我的时候 把头别过去

[20:17.36]And what kills me is, you don't even have to work. 你根本不需要工作,还当义工

[20:22.64]You're volunteering.


[20:28.60]l love you.

[20:30.36]But it's not my job to fix your finances. 但我没有义务 帮你解决财务难题

[20:35.36]You're a 35-year-old woman. 你已经35岁了,应该要靠自己

[20:37.04]You need to learn to stand on your own.


[20:42.28]What is that on your finger?

[20:47.28]l just wear it when l'm alone in my house. 我只有一个人在家时会戴上

[20:49.56]And you're telling me to be more independent? -你还告诉我要独立? -那是我的戒指

[20:52.80]lt's my ring. l can wear it if l want to. 我想戴就戴,有什么错吗?

[20:55.12]And so what if it makes me feel better?

[20:58.88]And for the record, the only reason l'm volunteering is, no one will hire me. 还有 我当义工是因为没人雇用我

[21:02.48]l've called seven galleries. 我跟七间艺廊联络过

[21:04.36]Apparently, l have too much experience. 显然我经验太丰富了

[21:12.00]You're right. lt's your ring, your business. l got all worked up on the walk over here. 这是你的戒指,你的事 而我一路自己走过来

[21:17.40]-You walked? -No, l took a $5 cab ride, seven blocks. 你走路来的?

[21:18.96]不,我花五块钱搭计程车 载我七个街区

[21:22.28]These shoes pinch my feet, but l love them. 这双鞋弄痛我的脚 但是我就是爱穿

[21:25.100]l am in a financial cul-de-sac. 我现在在财务的死胡同里 我要搭公车回去

[21:30.20]But l'm going to take the bus.

[21:33.20]l just hope l'm not on it. 希望上面没有我的照片

[21:39.64]MeanwhiIe, in the Iap of Iuxury.... 在此同时,在优裕的环境中

[21:45.20]lt's okay. l'm Richard's assistant, and l'm gay. 我是理查的助手,同性恋

[21:48.72]Okay. Turn around and give a girl a moment. 转过身去,让我换衣服

[21:51.36]l'm Roger, and you weren't supposed to be here. 我叫罗杰,你不应该在这里

[21:54.64]Richard left, and l decided to take a nice relaxing bath... 理查先走了,我想冲澡 却遇到这种事

[21:55.16]but now that's shot to shit.

[21:58.60]Okay. Decent. 好了,可以见人了

[22:01.52]l am so sorry, but if it's any consolation... 我很抱歉,不知能不能弥补你

[22:06.88]-wow! -Pilates. 彼拉特斯运动

[22:09.68]So, why haven't l seen you around the office? 为什么不曾在办公室见过你?

[22:12.36]He has three assistants. l run his errands. 他有三个助手,我帮他跑腿

[22:17.04]His errands! 跑腿?

[22:19.52]ls that an errand gift-wrapped on the bed? 帮他包装床上那个礼物?

[22:26.96]All right. l'm his personal shopper. 我是他的私人采买

[22:31.72]-He's a very busy man. -l'll bet. -他很忙 -看得出来

[22:34.40]Exactly how many women are you buying gifts for? 你帮他买过多少女人的礼物?

[22:37.20]-What do you mean? -You've seen my bush. 什么意思?

[22:40.68]We're a little past acting coy. 罗杰,我都被你看光了 我们不要扭扭捏捏

[22:44.44]Since you came into the picture, a lot less. 自从你出现后就少了很多

[22:47.04]And he's never sent me to Chanel before. 他从没叫我买香奈儿 这一点很有趣

[22:47.36]That was fun. Great wallet. 很棒的皮夹,也有红的 我不知道该选哪一个

[22:52.04]-lt also came in red, but l couldn't decide-- -Richard didn't pick out any gifts?


[22:54.68]Technically, no. 技术上来说,不是 但是看得出来他很喜欢你

[22:58.36]-But he really likes you. l can tell. -Yeah, he thinks l'm the best.


[23:02.08]Wait, the cards. 等一下,卡片的内容?

[23:06.12]''Style for style''? ''Sexy for sexy''?

[23:09.12]''Me for you.'' 那是我写给你的 不要炒我鱿鱼

[23:13.80]Please, don't have me fired. 我假装你不存在

[23:14.36]l'll tell you what. l'll pretend you don't exist.

[23:18.16]-Thank you. -lf you do one thing for me. -谢谢你 -但是你要帮我一个忙

[23:28.00]l thought you'd like it. -我就知道你会喜欢 -真的?

[23:29.20]You did?


[23:32.68]l forgot the card.

[23:37.84]''Gorgeous for gorgeous. “英俊致美丽,爱你的理查”

[23:40.40]''Love, Richard.''

[23:53.84]l love you, Samantha. 莎曼珊,我爱你

[23:56.32]-l do. -You do? -真的 -真的?

[24:02.08]And l love... 而我爱…

[24:06.80]this. 这个

[24:07.04]Samantha couId have said, ''I Iove you. '' 她可以说“我爱你”的 但害怕代价太高

[24:10.36]But she was afraid it wouId cost her too much.

[24:12.32]So she did what she did best. 所以她尽量让他满意

[24:17.32]So every other Saturday... 隔周星期三、六 五点你带他?

[24:22.28]and Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., you take him.

[24:22.48]-l was thinking 4:57 p.m. would be better. -You think this is stupid. -4.57会更好 -你认为这样很蠢?

[24:27.04]No, l just was thinking that things are going to get off-schedule. 我在想…

[24:31.44]事情可能不照计划来 我们在讨论宝宝,不是火车

[24:34.32]We're talking about a kid, not a train.

[24:36.00]l'd offer to do that for you, but l don't think it's in the contract. 我很乐意帮你 但是这不在契约上

[24:41.88]Don't give me a hard time. l could fart you into oblivion right now. 不要故意整我 我可以放屁把你轰到外太空

[24:51.32]That feels so great. 这样好舒服,谢谢


[24:57.16]-Steve, am l ugly? -What? -史蒂夫,我很丑吗? -什么?

[25:02.52]No. You got that glow. -才不会,你散发一种光芒 -你愿意跟我上床吗?

[25:06.04]-But would you want to have sex with me? -What are you talking about?


[25:10.00]You're pregnant. 除了浮肿胀气以外的副作用

[25:12.20]And another charming side effect, aside from flatulence and bloating...

[25:15.72]is all l can think about is sex. 就是我满脑子性

[25:18.32]And who would want to have sex with me? 谁愿意跟我上床?

[25:24.08]l'd like to have sex with you, but l'm pretty sure it's not allowed. 我愿意,但这是不可以的

[25:30.96]l've read section B-1 4 in the contract... 我读过契约里B14条

[25:35.16]and it said nothing about sex. -上面没提到性 -去他的契约

[25:35.40]Fuck the contract...

[25:41.08]and please fuck me. 请跟我上床

[25:49.36]-What? -You're squishing me-- -什么?对不起 -你压到我了

[25:50.56]-l'm sorry. -No.

[25:54.24]That night, Steve gave Miranda muItipIe orgasms... 那一晚 史蒂夫给米兰达多重的高潮

[25:58.32]for what it's worth. 我们说清楚,这样并不是夫妻

[25:60.40]Just to be clear, this doesn't mean we're a couple.

[26:04.56]This is a mercy fuck. 只是同情的性

[26:14.80]l'm sorry about the other day. l'm sorry if l hurt your feelings. 前几天真是抱歉 我不是故意让你难过

[26:19.48]You were right. l didn't want to let go of being Mrs. Trey MacDougal. 你说的对 我已经不是麦克道格太太了

[26:22.04]l think you are coping amazingly well. 你处理得非常好

[26:26.16]l'm just scared. -我只是害怕 -我了解,我也是

[26:29.80]l know.

[26:29.48]-Me, too. -Wow! 我们又是一个人了

[26:34.76]-We're alone again. -Yeah.

[26:50.32]l want you to take the ring for your down payment. 拿这个戒指付头期款

[26:51.76]l can't. You love this ring. 不行,你很钟爱它

[26:55.84]No, l love what the ring represented. 我爱它代表的意义

[26:57.32]No, you're right. lt would make things too complicated. 这会让事情变得复杂

[27:00.32]This is a straightforward business proposal. Clean and simple. 这是公事上的提议

[27:04.60]简单明了 有钱不能帮朋友有什么意义?

[27:04.72]Why do l have all this money if l can't help out a friend?

[27:08.28]But it would be a loan. l'll pay you back. -借我的,我会还你 -我知道

[27:11.88]l know. 我希望你仔细地考虑

[27:12.96]l want you to think really carefully about this.

[27:16.44]l have. 我考虑过了

[27:18.92]Will you be comfortable knowing it will take me time to pay you back? 你要知道我短时间还不出来

[27:22.28]l will. 我知道

[27:32.32]l really appreciate this. 我真的很感激

[27:35.92]-l'll pay you back. You know that, right? -l do. 我会还你的,你知道吧?


[27:38.12]lt's okay. l trust you.

[27:42.60]Will you take the ring?

[27:45.96]l will. Thank you. 我接受,谢谢你

[27:49.32]CharIotte had taken her painfuI past and turned it into my hopefuI future... 夏绿蒂将她痛苦的过去 转化成我希望的未来

[27:54.88]and that made the ring priceIess. 让这只戒指变得无价

[27:57.68]l start work at the museum next week. 我下礼拜开始到美术馆上班

[28:02.16]That's great. Guess what. 太棒了,我也让时尚杂志 加价到一个字四块半

[28:04.72]l got Vogue up to $4.50 a word.

[28:10.60]l fixed the toilet, and should be done with this by the end of the afternoon. 我把马桶修好了 其他的今天就可以完成

[28:16.80]Okay, great. Thank you. 太好了,谢谢

[28:20.56]It wasn't quite as easy as cIicking my ManoIo BIahniks three times... 这一切不像穿 曼诺罗布雷尼克一样简单

[28:24.60]but it was worth it. I was home. 但是绝对值得,我回家了

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