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欲望都市第五季 挚爱理论 Anchors Away







[00:35.60](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:50.32]When you are singIe and Iive in New York... 当你在纽约处于单身状态

[00:53.64]there is no end to the ways to fiII your days.: 有很多方法来填满生活

[00:56.40]museums, parks, theaters, concert haIIs... 博物馆、公园、戏院、演唱会

[00:59.56]nightcIubs and countIess restaurants. 夜总会以及数不清的餐厅

[01:03.36]But one of the most amazing things about Iiving in a city Iike New York... 但住在纽约最棒的一件事

[01:08.24]is that any night of the week you can go to Paris. 就是你可以在任何一晚…


[01:16.08]Joy for Two for one. 一张“两人喜悦”

[01:19.56]-Enjoy the show. -Thank you. -好好欣赏 -谢谢你

[01:28.04]It was one of those perfect New York nights... 今晚跟往常一样美好

[01:37.16]That fucking Richard. 该死的理查

[01:36.36]...foIIowed by a Iess than perfect New York day. 隔天却不太美好

[01:40.36]He left another ''l'm sorry'' message on my machine. 他又在我答录机里留言说 “我很抱歉”

[01:42.20]Like the ''l'm sorries'' are gonna make up for the fact... 仿佛那样就能弥补 他帮别的女人口交的过错

[01:46.88]that l caught him eating another woman's pussy.


[01:52.04]lt's okay. Nothing has to change. 没关系,不需要改变任何事

[01:54.56]-Just think of this as a big purse. -Miranda, your purse just spit up. -把这当成一个大包包 -你的包包吐了

[01:59.72]You'd think after three weeks of no returned calls, he'd get the message: 你想三个礼拜不回他电话 他就会明白

[02:02.12]''Not okay to eat another woman's pussy.'' 帮别的女人口交是不被允许的

[02:06.96]Samantha, Brady. -莎曼珊,布莱迪在场 -我气炸了

[02:05.100]l'm pissed off, Charlotte. What the hell am l supposed to say? -那我该怎么说? -称它为别的女人的寿司

[02:09.28]Call it ''sushi.'' Another woman's ''sushi.''

[02:11.36]Fine. Richard ate another woman's sushi. 好吧,理查吃了她的“寿司”

[02:16.84]Fish and chips would have been such an unfortunate order right now. 现在真不适合点炸鱼排和薯片

[02:17.80]-What did you do last night? -Went to a movie. -你昨晚上哪儿去了? -去看电影

[02:21.92]-With who? -Myself. -跟谁? -我自己

[02:23.16]On date night? -在约会夜? -我们50岁时还会这么说吗?

[02:24.40]Are we still gonna have to call it ''date night'' in our 50s?

[02:27.96]l'd think that everyone would be looking at me thinking, ''That poor, pathetic girl.'' 我只是觉得别人会看着我 心里想: “那可怜的女孩”

[02:32.24]-Like the way l'm looking at you right now? -What? -像我现在怎么看待你一样? -什么?

[02:34.60]You don't go out alone? -难道你不会一个人出门吗? -在约会夜?

[02:34.32]-On date night? -You're never alone in New York. 在纽约绝不孤单,很适合单身 这个城市就是你的约会对象

[02:37.40]lt's the perfect place to be single. The city is your date.

[02:39.76]-You're dating the city? -For about 18 years. -你跟这个城市约会? -大概18年了

[02:44.04]lt's getting serious. l think l'm in love. 而且越来越认真 我觉得我恋爱了

[02:46.52]-Do not check your messages again. -l'm not. -别再听留言了 -我没有

[02:48.24]l just wanted you to all hear his tone on my machine. 我希望你们听到 他在我答录机里留言的语气

[02:53.72]lf you keep participating in this, you might as well call him. 如果你这么乐在其中 干脆打给他

[02:56.48]-l'm not participating. -This has got to stop. -我才没有乐在其中 -这种情况一定要停止

[02:58.80]Yes, it's tragic that you were in love and it didn't work out. 很不幸你的恋情不顺利

[03:01.64]But you have got to emotionally cut him out of your life and move on. 你得慧剑斩情丝,继续过日子 而且越快越好

[03:06.60]And the sooner the better. 大家都知道 每个人一生中只有两个挚爱

[03:06.44]Everyone knows you only get two great loves in your life.

[03:10.40]-Everyone who? Where did you get that? -l read it in a magazine. -你从哪儿听来的? -我在杂志上看到的

[03:14.08]What magazine? Convenient Theories For You MonthIy? 什么杂志? “方便理论月刊”?

[03:16.84]-What does that mean? -Last year, when you were married... -那是什么意思? -去年你结婚时…

[03:19.32]you believed a woman only got one great love. -你相信女人只有一个挚爱 -“挚爱”是什么意思?

[03:22.40]And that phrase ''great love,'' what does it mean?

[03:25.44]lt means a love that changes you, that shakes you to your core... 那是一种会改变你 让你脱胎换骨的爱

[03:27.80]after which you're never the same. 从此你便不是原来的你了 我说真的

[03:30.08]Seriously, there is not an unlimited amount of love in the world. lt's rare. 爱并非取之不尽用之不竭 它很珍贵

[03:36.64]Way to take the edge off a club sandwich. 三明治是怎么切边的?

[03:38.36]So far, l've only had one: Trey. How many great loves have you had? 到目前为止我有一个…崔 你曾有过几个?

[03:40.80]-Zero. -Really? -零 -真的吗?那史蒂夫呢?

[03:41.20]-What about Steve? -Steve's a friend, not a core-shaker. 史蒂夫是朋友 不会让你脱胎换骨

[03:45.56]l'm done with great love. l'm back to great lovers. 我对挚爱死心了 我要回到大情人怀抱

[03:47.48]-You? -l refuse to define love... -你呢? -我拒绝用那些字眼定义爱情

[03:50.16]in those limited terms. -我是不得已的 -拜托,凯莉,艾登和大人物

[03:52.76]-l had to. -Come on, Carrie. Aidan and Big.

[03:57.68]One, two. And according to you, l'm done. 一个、两个 根据你的理论,我没希望了

[04:00.80]No, it was a stupid article. lt was at the dentist. 不,那是篇无聊的文章 放在牙医诊所

[04:04.80]lt's too late for that now. You said it. lt's over for me. 不…来不及了 你自己说的,已经结束了

[04:06.96]''Here lies Carrie. She had two loves, and lots of shoes.'' 凯莉躺在这里 她有两个挚爱和一大堆鞋子

[04:12.72]Fuck love. 去他的爱, “寿司”让给你 我需要“上床”

[04:12.32]l gave you ''sushi.'' l need ''fuck.''

[04:17.52]After a Iight Iunch, Miranda stopped to set down a heavy Ioad. 一顿轻便午餐后 米兰达停下脚步来卸下重担

[04:20.08]-You want me to carry him? -No, l'm fine. l just got to switch. -要不要我帮你提? -不用,我只要换边就行了

[04:24.96]Ladies, seamen, 1 2:00. 姐妹们,12点钟方向 有一群海员

[04:27.72]l pray, when l turn around, there are sailors. Because with her, you never know. 我祈祷转过身时看见的是水手 因为她的话很不可靠

[04:33.60]Wow! We have just spotted our first sailors. 哇

[04:34.56]我们刚遇见了第一批水手 舰队周已经开始了

[04:39.36]Fleet Week has begun.

[04:40.76]FIeet Week is that one week a year when the U.S. navaI ships dock... 舰队周是每年


[04:44.60]and our fair city is made even fairer... 我们美丽的城市 将变得更加迷人

[04:48.12]with cute, sweet American saiIors Iooking for fun. 因为可爱的美国水手 都外出寻欢作乐了

[04:52.28]l've been so distracted by Richard that l almost forgot my favorite holiday. 都是理查害我心烦意乱 我差点忘了最爱的节日

[04:58.16]-Fleet Week isn't a holiday. -lt should be. -这并不是节日 -应该是的

[04:60.04]Sort of the antidote to Valentine's Day. 足以和情人节抗衡

[05:01.52]This is just what l need. l'm gonna ask them about the big party. 正是我需要的 我要去问清楚庆祝派对的事

[05:05.32]Hold on there, Pearl Harbor. Not interested. 等等,珍珠港我没兴趣

[05:05.40]Why? We always have fun when we go. 我们每次去都玩得很开心

[05:07.68]Me running through Times Square in heels, trying to find a cute sailor to kiss? 穿着高跟鞋跑过时代广场 只为了找个水手亲吻

[05:14.76]That ship has sailed. Pun intended. 那艘船已启航,这是双关语

[05:17.56]We have to show them a good time. lt's our patriotic duty as women of New York. 我们一定要去 这是身为纽约女人的爱国义务

[05:21.72]lf you want to do your patriotic duty as a New York woman... 如果你想尽 纽约女人的爱国义务

[05:23.08]you will come shopping with me right now... 你会跟我一块去逛街 到城里花点钱

[05:25.100]and throw some much-needed money downtown.

[05:30.44]-l'm in. -l'm in. -我要去 -我也去

[05:29.64]l forgot the snugli. 我…忘了喂猫

[05:33.24]Let's get you a cab home. There's one. Taxi! 那帮你叫计程车回家吧 那儿有一辆,计程车

[05:39.52]lt's okay. 好吧

[05:43.80]-Okay, so l'll call you later? -Overspend for me. -我晚一点打电话给你? -帮我多花点钱

[05:48.76]Okay. -好 -我自己可以,行了

[05:47.16]-Bye, Brady. -l'm okay. l got it.

[05:51.16]Bye-bye. -再见 -再见

[05:56.80]l'll call you later. 我晚一点再打给你

[05:58.68]Miranda suddenIy found herseIf moving sIowIy away from her oId Iife... 米兰达突然发现自己 正慢慢脱离她原本的生活

[06:05.36]and quickIy into her new one. 并且迅速迈向新生活


[06:10.40]Poor baby. Boy, pink thing.

[06:13.80]Boy, look at that pink face. 瞧那张大脸蛋

[06:18.28]-Dear, let Magda help. -l'm good. -来,让梅格… -我自己来行了

[06:20.56]l've got it. You just keep doing the thing. The mirror. 你继续…擦镜子 我会请保姆哄他睡个午觉

[06:22.72]l'll get the nurse to put him down for a nap.

[06:25.64]-On floor? -Lina. 在地板上?

[06:26.20]ls that my big boy? -莉娜? -那是我儿子吗?

[06:30.92]Hi. What are you doing here? 你怎么会在这里?

[06:32.88]l just came over to hang with B-boy. Magda let me in. 我来找宝宝玩,梅格让我进来

[06:37.56]Hey, champ. Want half a sandwich? -想不想吃三明治? -你从哪…

[06:40.24]Where did you get a....

[06:44.64]Okay. 史蒂夫…

[06:46.68]Steve, l can't have you ''hang'' right now. l've got a schedule. 我不能留你,我都安排好了

[06:50.40]l've got to get Brady down for a nap now, or he won't sleep tonight. 我得让布莱迪睡个午觉 否则今晚他就不会睡了

[06:52.16]-Lina! -How's your nipples? -莉娜 -你的乳头还好吗?

[06:55.44]-Excuse me? -Lina said sometimes they get sore. -什么? -莉娜说有时候会痛

[06:58.72]Would you get Brady ready for his nap? 莉娜,让布莱迪午睡好吗?

[07:02.60]And please don't talk to Steve about my nipples. Thanks. 还有,别跟史蒂夫谈我的乳头 谢了

[07:06.16]-Don't blame her. l asked. -You just randomly asked about my nipples? -别怪她,是我问的 -你不经意问起我乳头的事?

[07:08.96]Yeah, l talk about your nipples to strangers all the time. 我总是跟陌生人讨论你的乳头

[07:10.88]-再见 -等等…


[07:15.92]The bum's rush? l came over to help. 不用这么急,我是来帮忙的

[07:17.52]l appreciate that, but l don't need help. l've hired help... 谢谢,但我已经请了助手

[07:20.12]-and we've got everything under control. -Okay, so thanks for the eats. -一切都在控制中 -谢谢你的三明治

[07:27.24]Have a good evening, Mrs. MacDougal. 祝你有个愉快的夜晚 麦克道格太太

[07:28.44]CharIotte reaIized she may have put Great Love Number One behind her... 夏绿蒂意识到 或许她已将一号挚爱抛诸脑后

[07:32.72]but his name was stiII in front of her. 但他的名字仍在她眼前

[07:52.28]Break-ups.: bad for the heart, good for the economy. 分手虽然会伤心 对刺激经济倒有好处

[07:55.80]It's the bad guy again. And I'II keep caIIing tiII you agree to taIk. 又是我这个坏蛋 我会一直打到你答应谈为止

[08:01.36]So unIess you want 20 messages every day, you'II meet me tonight for a drink. 除非你想每天听20通留言 不然今晚见

[08:04.12]I miss you. I'II be waiting, gorgeous. 我很想你,我会等你,美人儿

[08:07.40]Right sentiment... 态度对了

[08:09.20]Sushi Samba. 寿司森巴

[08:10.48]...wrong restaurant. 餐厅错了

[08:13.08]Richard Wright? Thank you. 理查莱特?这边请

[08:31.28]Hello, gorgeous. 你好,美人儿

[08:33.28]ln a wildly optimistic gesture, l ordered you a Dirty Martini. 我以乐观的手势 帮你点了杯马丁尼

[08:40.72]Dirty Martini? Dirty bastard. 马丁尼?


[08:54.04]l've always wanted to do that, but l don't think l could pull it off. 我一直想这么做 但我不认为我办得到

[08:55.52]How did it feel? -感觉怎么样? -太棒了

[08:58.60]Fabulous. But l woke up this morning even angrier. 但我今早醒来时却更加愤怒

[09:03.60]l need to hurt him more. 我要更狠地伤害他 我不能在那男人身边,他有毒

[09:04.40]l can't even be around that man. He's dangerous and toxic.

[09:08.88]So, he's manthrax? -他是男人中的炭疽病毒? -自大傲慢的王八蛋

[09:10.44]Arrogant prick.

[09:10.84]-l wonder what he was gonna say. -What couId he say? 我很好奇他本来想说什么

[09:15.24]That he loves me. That we belong together. That he didn't mean to hurt me. 他能说什么? 说他爱我,我们属于对方


[09:20.00]People make mistakes. l cheated on Aidan. He gave me a second chance. 人都会犯错,我对艾登不忠


[09:25.28]And look how well that turned out. 看看结果搞成什么样

[09:26.44]-That was different. -True. lt wasn't a sushi situation. 那不一样

[09:27.56]-对,这跟寿司的情况不同 -那是另一回事

[09:30.44]And that's another thing.

[09:31.52]l'm not doing the baby talk at breakfast. 我才不要在早餐时童言童语

[09:35.40]l signed up for friendship, not some PC bullshit baby brunches. 我是为了友谊而来 不想听无聊的育儿经

[09:39.44]You're overreacting. Brady won't happen every day. 你反应过度了 布莱迪又不会天天出现

[09:42.56]He'd better not. -最好不会 -米兰达还是米兰达

[09:44.24]Miranda's still Miranda. She had a baby, not a lobotomy. 她生了个宝宝,没动脑部手术 她知道你跟小孩合不来

[09:46.44]-She knows you're not child-friendly. -Don't kid yourseIf.

[09:50.08]The days of ''pussy'' and ''fuck'' are gone. 别自欺欺人 淫声浪语的日子已经过去了

[09:56.28]Later that night, I got to thinking about days gone by. 那天晚上,我想着逝去的岁月

[09:58.96]That carefree time when our scheduIes were as wide open as our hearts. 那段无忧无虑的时光


[10:03.32]The time before the baggage and break-ups and babies... 那段精神包袱、分手和孩子 开始压垮我们以前的时光

[10:07.68]began to weigh us aII down.

[10:08.88]I couIdn't heIp but wonder... 我不禁纳闷

[10:09.28]does that sense of adventure stiII fIicker inside of us? 冒险精神是否仍在 我们心中摆荡?

[10:12.68]Or when it comes to being carefree singIe girIs... 或者身为无忧无虑的单身女子

[10:16.76]have we missed the boat? 我们错过那艘船了吗?

[10:25.80]Surprise. Pain au chocolat. 大惊喜,巧克力酥


[10:29.08]l'm sorry. l don't know you.


[10:35.72]-l'm Carrie. l'm a friend of-- -Hi. This is Lina. 这位是莉娜,进来吧

[10:38.88]Come on in.

[10:43.80]-Does she speak? -No. l love her. -她会不会说话? -不会,我真爱她

[10:47.84]Were we supposed to do something and l forgot to write it down? 我们是不是该做什么事 而我忘了记下来?

[10:49.32]l had the whole day free, thought l'd stop by for a little chatty. 不,我放自己一天假 便想过来找你聊聊

[10:53.12]Fatty, come on. l gotta sit. -来,胖妞,我要坐这里 -你饿不饿?

[10:56.92]So, are you hungry? l brought some pain au chocolat. 我带了一些巧克力酥来

[10:58.28]Thanks, but the only eating l'm concerned with now is Brady. 谢谢,但我现在只关心 布莱迪的饮食

[11:01.28]-He doesn't seem to want to eat. -Perhaps he's anorexic. -他似乎不想吃东西 -也许他得了厌食症

[11:04.12]-Sorry, what? -lt's a dumb joke. -抱歉,什么? -只是个蠢笑话

[11:06.64]-What was it? -Anorexic. -什么笑话? -厌食症


[11:10.80]No, l've been trying to feed him for an hour, and he won't latch on.... 我已试着喂奶一小时了 他却搞不清楚…

[11:17.60]Stop, boring. What's up with you? 不说了,真无聊 你最近好吗?

[11:21.68]l've been thinking about that thing that Charlotte said in the coffee shop. 我一直在想


[11:25.44]About the great loves? 关于挚爱?

[11:30.00]Here we go. 来吧

[11:32.96]Maybe Aidan and Big are my two great loves now. 也许艾登和大人物 是我目前的两个挚爱


[11:39.92]But that doesn't mean that l'm always gonna feel that way about them. 那并不表示…我会永远

[11:43.24]Come on, Brady. lt's right here. Okay, you don't want it? Fine. -对他们有这种感觉 -来,布莱迪,在这里


[11:49.28]Here we go.

[11:51.36]There, in the middIe of my two great Ioves... 就在我两个挚爱的话题 说到一半时

[11:53.96]were Miranda's two great breasts. 看见了米兰达的一对大胸部

[11:58.64]-l'm sorry, what? -Your breasts are huge. 对不起,你说什么?


[11:59.04]No, what were you saying about.... l can't even remember. 不,你刚才说什么?

[12:02.40]我甚至记不得了 真是令人沮丧

[12:03.88]This is so frustrating.

[12:08.00]-He'll eat eventually. -Not that. This is frustrating. -他终究会吃的 -不是那件事

[12:09.08]这真令人沮丧 我跟不上你的思绪

[12:10.44]l can't follow your thoughts. lt's all about nursing and nipples. 我满脑子都是喂奶和乳头

[12:13.92]Sweetie, they're looking right at me. 亲爱的,它们正盯着我呢

[12:15.12]l am not gonna become one of those mothers... 我不会变成那种

[12:19.12]who cannot carry on an adult conversation. l am not. 无法继续讨论成人话题的妈妈


[12:23.80]Three weeks ago, l would've been listening to you and saying funny things back. 三个星期前,我还能 专心听你讲话,幽默回应

[12:27.96]Now l'm going, ''What, what?'' l didn't even get the anorexic joke. 现在我只会一直说“什么?” 还听不懂厌食症笑话

[12:31.76]How easy was that? -那很简单吧? -我只是随便说说,没啥意义

[12:33.44]l'm just talking. Just ''blah, blah.'' lt's just words.

[12:37.28]They're not just words. They're your words. And it's not just now. 但那是你说的话 而且不只是这次

[12:39.16]What about Samantha? Could she have gotten me into that cab any faster? 莎曼珊把我弄上计程车的速度 还能更快吗?


[12:45.04]My friendships are important to me.


[12:52.60]We're not going anywhere. 我们不会离开你 也许生活会有一点小改变

[12:54.88]l mean, maybe things will have to change a little.

[12:56.00]-Fuck. -l know. -去你的 -我知道

[12:60.76]But you're still one of us. 但你仍是我们的一分子

[13:02.04]Only now, you're the one with the biggest boobs. 你只有现在是胸部最大的人

[13:05.04]-Can you believe the size of my nipples? -Please, l was not at all prepared. 你能相信我的乳头有多大吗?


[13:08.20]l'm gonna have to go find some sort of trauma counseling. 我得去寻求心灵创伤辅导

[13:13.60]There. 找到了,我们终于有了接触

[13:15.88]We have contact.

[13:21.92]Okay, l'm gonna go. 好了,我要走了 让你专心照顾霍布斯小子

[13:24.12]-l'll let you concentrate on Mr. Hobbes there. -You don't have to go.

[13:25.88]你不需要离开 我现在可以听你说了

[13:26.12]l can listen now. l can do it.

[13:28.40]Miranda, you're a mother. 米兰达,你是个母亲

[13:34.44]-But it's okay. l won't tell anyone. -Don't. -但没关系,我不会说出去 -千万不要

[13:38.44]What are you gonna do all day? 你一整天要做什么?

[13:42.44]First a trip to the Guggenheim, and then lunch, and then... 先去逛古根海姆博物馆 然后吃午餐,接着…

[13:47.36]who knows? lt's New York. -谁知道?这里是纽约 -跟这城市约会?

[13:48.36]-Hot date with your city? -Exactly. See that?

[13:51.24]You listened, and we had the witty repartee. Bye. 没错,看到没有?你听我说话 我们还有机智对答呢,再见

[13:56.04]That same afternoon, CharIotte feIt Iike going to a movie. 当天下午,夏绿蒂想去看电影

[13:59.32]So she caIIed her afternoon movie friend, Anthony. 她打给一位午后电影良伴 安东尼

[14:01.00]Carrie says that the French film at the Paris is amazing. 凯莉说巴黎戏院的 法国片很好看

[14:06.36]Fuck the French. 去他的法国 我没必要花一个下午看那垃圾

[14:05.04]Like l need to spend an afternoon looking at that drippy shit.

[14:10.76]-Good hat, though. -Thanks. -你的帽子还不赖 -谢了,你想看什么?

[14:10.76]-What do you wanna see? -Anything with Josh Hartnett. -乔许哈纳特演的电影都行 -我不认识他

[14:12.60]-l don't know who that is. -He's cute with a capital.... 他很可爱 有个大写字母“U”…

[14:19.60]He totally checked you out. You should go back and get his number. 他被你迷得神魂颠倒 你应该去向他要电话

[14:23.04]-He's a sailor. -l know. -他是个水手 -我知道,快点,他要走了

[14:27.04]-Go, hurry, he's getting away. -l can't do that. -不行 -你真不像同志

[14:30.72]You are so not gay.

[14:32.04]-What am l gonna do with him? -Fuck him. -我要跟他做些什么? -跟他上床

[14:33.88]Put him into that Park Avenue, pink-shirt, flaccid-peepee mojo... 别老是想着公园大道 粉红衬衫和疲软不振的前夫

[14:37.16]you've been dragging around. -在那些往事中裹足不前 -我没有裹足不前

[14:39.08]l'm not dragging anything around. As a matter of fact...

[14:41.28]l changed my name back to ''York'' on my mailbox. 我把信箱上的姓氏改回约克了

[14:44.92]Good for you. Now maybe you should be thinking about a different box. 那很好 或许你该考虑换一个信箱

[14:48.24]When's the last time you had sex? 你上次做爱是什么时候? 如果你得想,就表示太久了

[14:50.28]lf you have to think about it, it's been too long.

[14:50.60]-When was the last time you-- -10:30 today, at the gym. -你上次… -今天早上十点半在健身房

[14:56.80]l'm not looking for just sex. l can have just sex. 我不只是寻找性爱 我也可以只享受性爱

[14:57.88]l'm looking for my next great love. 我是在寻找下一个挚爱

[14:60.04]Don't let it hit that six-month mark... 别超过六个月

[15:01.52]because after that it's just a sleigh ride into menopause. 要不然就会加速进入更年期

[15:05.48]l'm serious. lf you don't put something in there soon, it'll grow over. 如果你不赶紧找个男人 阴道将会老化

[15:10.96]What is it with this frigging wind? 这该死的风是怎么搞的?

[15:11.68]As CharIotte and Anthony made a Ieft... 当夏绿蒂和安东尼左转

[15:15.96]Samantha found herseIf in the right neighborhood.: Richard Wright's. 莎曼珊发现自己 来到理查莱特的住家附近

[15:19.84]-Here you go. -Thank you. 来,谢谢,一张给你

[15:22.92]One for you.


[15:36.16]Ma'am, it's against city law to deface public property. 小姐,破坏公物是违法的

[15:37.64]This man said he loved me... 这个男人说他爱我

[15:39.28]and l caught him eating another woman's pussy. 但我却逮到他帮别的女人口交

[15:45.08]Carry on, ma'am. 继续吧,小姐

[16:04.84]New York weather, Iike a man, can be unpredictabIe. 纽约的天气跟男人一样 都是难以预料的

[16:10.44]But that's part of the fun. 但那就是乐趣所在

[16:26.44]And a New York Museum, Iike a man, can sometimes be cIosed... 纽约的博物馆也跟男人一样 有时候会关闭

[16:31.68]when you wish they were open. 当你希望他们敞开大门时

[16:54.16]That's another reason I Iove New York. 这是我爱纽约的另一个理由 就这样

[16:56.32]Just Iike that, it can go from bad to cute. 缺点也变得可爱了

[17:04.40]l guess we're not going anywhere for a while. 我想我们暂时哪儿也去不了

[17:11.92]l love the way the rain smells. 我喜欢雨的气味

[17:16.72]lf this were a French movie, we'd fall in love and get married. 如果是法国电影 我们会坠入爱河,然后结婚

[17:23.88]No, l was just pointing out how romantic this would be in a movie. 不,我只是指出 这在电影里会有多浪漫

[17:27.84]l don't wanna marry you. 我并不想嫁给你

[17:29.56]Okay, l do. 好吧,我想

[17:33.24]No, come on, l'm kidding. 我开玩笑的,我们才刚认识 再等五分钟吧

[17:37.68]l mean, we just met. Let's wait five minutes.

[17:40.68]l don't even wanna get married. l was engaged last year... 真的,我并不想结婚 去年我订了婚

[17:43.96]and if l didn't wanna marry him, l.... 但如果我不想嫁给他…

[17:52.80]-Singles at the counter. -l was hoping to get a table-- -一位坐吧台 -我希望有张桌子…

[17:57.68]Singles, counter. Two. 一个人去坐吧台,两位…

[17:60.28]-Okay, thank you. -Who's next? -好,谢谢你 -两位


[18:04.36]SeveraI wet bIocks Iater... 走了几条街后,我决定

[18:06.52]I decided to warm up with a bowI of New York matzo-baII soup. 来碗犹太面包鸡汤暖和一下

[18:09.88]Come on, let's go! 走快一点…

[18:14.48]That manager's really a prick. 那经理真是混蛋

[18:16.44]l put up with it because l come here all the time. 我忍受只是因为我习惯来这里

[18:20.72]They know me. l live in the neighborhood. 他们都认识我,我住在附近

[18:20.92]We single gals gotta have a port in the storm. Am l right? 我们单身女子得在暴风雨中 找个避风港,对吗?

[18:28.60]Lithium. l like to sprinkle it on my ice cream. 这是锂片 我喜欢把它洒在冰淇淋上

[18:31.96]-You ever try it? -No. -有没有试过? -没有,没试过

[18:35.48]-Can't say that l have. -What kind of mood elevator are you on? 你服用哪一种抗抑郁剂?


[18:42.92]-l'm not on one. -Yeah? 是吗?我以前跟你一样 后来就和这家伙分手了

[18:45.80]l used to be like you, then l broke up with this guy.

[18:49.16]This was '82. Morty. Thought somebody better would come along. 那是1982年的事,他叫莫提

[18:49.08]我以为会出现更好的人 一个也没有

[18:52.92]Never happened.

[18:58.68]l love this! 我爱死这个了

[19:01.92]If CharIotte was right, this woman's two great Ioves... 如果夏绿蒂说得对 这女人的两个挚爱

[19:05.48]were a man named Morty, and Iithium-Iaced ice cream. 是一个名叫莫提的男子 和洒着锂粉的冰淇淋

[19:09.04]After 20 minutes squatting under the coffee-shop hand dryer... 在咖啡店的烘手机下 蹲了20分钟后

[19:12.24]I reaIized I'd been kidding myseIf. 我才明白我一直在骗自己

[19:14.40]New York and I didn't have the perfect reIationship. 纽约和我之间的关系并不完美

[19:18.32]All right! 好了

[19:19.36]It was dismissive, abusive, and it made me feeI desperate. 这城市冷漠、不怀好意 而且让我觉得走投无路

[19:26.24]I was now fresh out of great Ioves. 我的挚爱再也不会出现

[19:32.40]Hey, sir.... 先生

[19:37.96]Thank you. 谢谢你

[19:42.28]Should l? 要吗?

[19:50.68]Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Louis Leroy. 容我自我介绍 我名叫路易斯拉罗

[19:53.68]This is Bill Hope and Paul Watkins... 这位是比尔霍伯 以及保罗沃金斯

[19:54.88]and we'd like to invite you to a Navy party tonight. 我们想邀请你参加 今晚的海军派对

[19:58.76]-Feel free to bring some girlfriends. -Yeah, feel very free. -欢迎携带女性友人 -欢迎之至

[20:07.68]l don't know why l was fighting it. This is gonna be fun. 我不知道我为何犹豫 这一定会很好玩的

[20:10.00]Exactly what we needed. Three single gals back on the town. 这正是我们所需要的 三个单身女郎又回到城里了

[20:14.08]What's the longest you've gone without sex? 你们最长时间 没有性生活是多久?

[20:16.36]You don't get that info without dinner and a drink. 没吃晚餐和喝酒之前不说这些

[20:18.20]-Next week will make it six months. -Watch it. 我下礼拜就满六个月了

[20:21.20]Thanks. You threw me, and l lost my concentration. 谢谢,她吓倒我了 害我一时失神

[20:26.28]l am gonna have sex with a sailor tonight. 今晚我一定要跟一个水手上床

[20:29.28]-She almost got me on that one. -l'm serious. -我也差点被她吓倒 -我是认真的,我必须上床

[20:29.88]l have to have sex to put Mrs. Trey MacDougal behind me. 好摆脱麦克道格太太的身分 我是全新的夏绿蒂约克

[20:32.92]-l'm a whole new Charlotte York. -What about the great love?

[20:36.84]-你那套挚爱理论呢? -也许那些只是胡扯

[20:37.52]Maybe that was bullshit.

[20:39.52]Gotcha! 我扶你

[20:44.56]-How are we gonna find your sailor? -We'll find him. -我们要怎么找你那位水手? -会找到他的

[21:00.88]God bless America! 天佑美国

[21:08.52]The important thing is to stick together, or we'll get lost. 重点是集体行动 不然我们会走散



[21:22.84]Very good.

[21:24.96]And uptown, another woman found herseIf in a confusing naveI situation. 在上城,另一个女人发现自己 陷入令人困惑的肚脐处境

[21:31.28]Look, Brady. 你看,布莱迪,这是你的肚脐

[21:32.56]There's your bellybutton.

[21:40.24]Help me! 帮帮我

[21:46.44]Twenty freaked-out minutes Iater.... 惊恐的20分钟后…

[21:46.80]l can't do this. l'm prepared for the expected... 我办不到,我对预期中的事物 做了心理准备

[21:51.40]but l'm not prepared for the unexpected. l can't schedule shit like this. 但对意外毫无招架之力 我想不到会发生这种事

[21:53.96]And the people that you hire won't help you with shit like this. 而且花钱请来的人又不肯帮忙

[21:59.64]Where's the cat? 那只猫呢?

[22:00.32]God, Steve, it's gross. Help me, it's gross. 天啊,史蒂夫,好恶心

[22:03.32]-帮帮我,好恶心 -放轻松,我会帮你

[22:03.72]Relax, l'll give you a hand.

[22:08.88]He may not be a core-shaker... 他或许改变不了她

[22:11.56]but Steve was there when she was shaken to the core. 但史蒂夫却在她被吓得 花容失色时陪在身边

[22:32.96]You looking for someone? 你在找人吗?

[22:33.20]My girlfriends. 找我朋友,对女人而言 这派对简直就像百慕达三角洲

[22:37.00]This party's like the Bermuda Triangle for women.

[22:40.60]That's a little sailor joke. -那是个水手笑话 -你很风趣

[22:43.68]You're funny.

[22:44.28]You remind me of my mom. -让我想起我妈 -拜拜


[22:53.04]-Evening, miss. -Ahoy, matey. -你好,小姐 -伙伴,领结很好看

[22:56.36]Nice dickey.

[23:01.16]MeanwhiIe, I stiII had not found CharIotte... 我还是没找到夏绿蒂

[23:03.24]but CharIotte had found an officer who wasn't a gentIeman. 不过夏绿蒂已找到一个 不太绅士的军官

[23:07.64]Show me your tits? -可以看看你的胸部吗? -不行,我几乎不认识你

[23:10.12]l can't do that. l barely know you.

[23:12.100]Okay, then just show me one. 那看一边就好,这是命令

[23:18.88]lt's an order. 从前夏绿蒂一定会叫他吃官司 但现在的她…

[23:20.28]The oId CharIotte wouId've had him court-martiaIed.

[23:21.16]But the new CharIotte... -军官… -时间紧迫

[23:24.32]Well, Officer...

[23:25.00]...had a deadIine. 如果是命令的话

[23:26.64]...if it's an order.

[23:31.68]-Oh, Jesus! -Carrie! -天啊 -凯莉

[23:32.84]-l was just looking for you, l didn't-- -No. This is Officer Matt Cook. 我只是来找你,我没有…

[23:35.28]-这位是麦特库克军官 -我们待会见吧

[23:36.16]l'll see you later.

[23:42.52]l can't do this. Let's just talk. 我办不到,我们还是聊天吧

[23:48.56]lt's your call, ma'am. 都听你的,小姐

[23:48.56]Turns out CharIotte was caught somewhere between the oId and new York. 结果夏绿蒂被困在 过去和现在之间

[23:53.16]But she figured showing her boob to a reIative stranger... 但她盘算对着陌生人袒胸露背 可以换来三个月延长期

[23:55.80]bought her another three months.

[24:01.00]凯莉,原来你在这里 夏绿蒂呢?

[24:01.00]There you are! Where's Charlotte?

[24:05.56]Believe it or not, she's involved in a little peepshow upstairs. 信不信由你 楼上的脱衣舞秀有她的份

[24:08.24]l'm really starting to have a newfound respect for that girl. 我开始对那女人有点敬意了

[24:13.64]What is it about today? l've seen Miranda's boobs... 今天是怎么回事?我看了 米兰达的胸部、夏绿蒂的胸部

[24:14.80]l've seen Charlotte's boob.

[24:15.32]Why not just show me yours and get it over with? 何不也让我看看你的胸部 好让这一切结束?

[24:26.68]l was kidding. 我是开玩笑的

[24:26.16]l wasn't. That ought to hook me a sailor. 我不是 那应该能帮我钓到一个水手

[24:28.44]Yeah, it'll Tailhook you one. Look, l'm going. 别扯上海军性丑闻 听着,我要走了

[24:32.84]-不要走 -我是对的

[24:33.88]l was right. This ship has sailed. 这艘船已经开了 不幸的是,我还在船上

[24:35.00]And tragically, l'm still on it.

[24:38.96]Good night. Keep an eye on Boom-Boom up there. 再见了,注意楼上那位豪放女

[24:47.44]-Hey, there. You came. -Yes, l came, l saw... 你来了

[24:50.08]-我来见识过了,我要走了 -别这样

[24:53.08]l'm leaving. 我大老远从路易斯安那州 来这里和一个纽约美女共舞

[24:54.36]Come on, l've come all the way from Louisiana to dance with a New York city girl.

[24:60.96]l'm a good dancer. 我舞跳得很棒

[26:10.72]Even though she was fIoating in a sea of dickeys... 虽然她正漂浮在水手的汪洋中

[26:13.32]1 new message and 12 saved messages. “你有一通新留言 以及12通旧留言”

[26:14.40]...Samantha couId onIy think about Richard. 莎曼珊满脑子只有理查

[26:18.40]You threw a drink in my face and papered my neighborhood. “你朝我脸上沷酒 还在我家附近张贴告示”

[26:21.28]WouId I stiII be caIIing if I didn't reaIIy Iove you? “如果不是真心爱你 我还会打电话来吗?”

[26:24.96]I Iove you, gorgeous. Give me another chance. “我爱你,美人儿 再给我一次机会”

[26:30.20]You threw a drink in my face and papered my neighborhood. “你朝我脸上沷酒 还在我家附近张贴告示”

[26:34.68]WouId I stiII be caIIing if I didn't reaIIy Iove you? “如果不是真心爱你 我还会打电话来吗?”

[26:45.04]Say, Louis from Louisiana... 来自路易斯安那的路易斯

[26:47.12]how many great loves do you think you get in a lifetime? 你认为一生中会有几个挚爱?

[26:51.96]Great loves? 挚爱?

[26:54.16]That is the question on deck. 正是

[27:02.52]Maybe one, if you're lucky. 也许一个吧,如果幸运的话

[27:15.92]l'm glad l stayed. 我很高兴我留下来了

[27:18.44]After the way this city kicked my ass today, l needed that dance. 在今天诸事不顺之后 我需要跳那支舞

[27:23.12]l have to say, this is my first trip to New York. 老实说,这是我第一次来纽约

[27:25.28]Not for me. 这里不适合我

[27:28.48]l mean, the garbage, the noise, l don't know how you put up with it. 垃圾、噪音 真不知道你怎么受得了

[27:40.08]Thanks. 谢了,再见

[27:44.28]Good night.

[27:48.76]Wait. 等一下

[27:51.24]Going home all alone? 你一个人回家?

[27:54.88]lt's rough out there. -外面很危险 -没那么糟糕

[27:55.32]lt isn't so bad.

[28:02.04]If Louis was right, and you onIy get one great Iove... 如果路易斯说得对 人只会有一个挚爱

[28:06.24]New York may just be mine. 那纽约可能就是我的挚爱

[28:09.80]And I can't have nobody taIking shit about my boyfriend. 我不能让任何人批评我的情人

[28:15.68]A short whiIe Iater, I had a thought. 没过多久,我突然想到

[28:16.76]Taxi! 也许过去就像是 把我们往回拉的锚

[28:18.04]Maybe the past is Iike an anchor hoIding us back.

[28:20.92]Maybe you have to Iet go of who you were... 也许你必须摆脱过去的自己…

[28:28.20]to become who you wiII be. 才能迎向未来的自己

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