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欲望都市第五季 非原罪 Unoriginal Sin






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:46:07



[00:36.12](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:50.92]The worst thing about not being in a reIationship... 没有男朋友时最可怕的噩梦

[00:58.00]is when your job is to write about being in a reIationship. 就是你必须写篇


[01:08.52]Remember that guy who wore sandals? 还记得那个爱穿凉鞋的男人

[01:09.12]Randall, the sandal guy? We went on a couple of dates. 凉鞋小子蓝达尔吗? 我们约会过几次

[01:14.20]-Like, six years ago? -Yeah. 那是六年前的事吧?

[01:14.80]-ls that anything? -His name was Randall? 你想说什么?

[01:19.36]No, but l'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here, ladies. 他叫蓝达尔?


[01:21.12]Last week, l wrote about my search for the perfect French fry. 上星期我在专栏里提到 我在寻找完美的薯条

[01:26.00]-l saw that. -lt was cute. 那真的很可爱

[01:31.92]French fries. 薯条

[01:33.80]You didn't read it, did you? 你没看我的专栏吗?

[01:35.44]l don't always have time to read your column. 我没空看

[01:39.16]Okay, then. 好吧,连我的朋友

[01:43.20]-Even my friends find me irrelevant. -l read it every week. -都觉得我的文章写得烂 -我每星期都会看

[01:44.52]You have a little man hanging from your breast. 你生了孩子

[01:47.20]What else are you gonna do? -你还能做什么事? -吃东西

[01:49.40]-Eat. -l'm in a dating desert. 没有人跟我约会 他们会把我的专栏改名为

[01:50.84]They're gonna have to change the name of my column to just ''.... and the City.''

[01:52.04]“什么都没有城市” 或许他们还会取消它

[01:55.24]-Or they'll just cancel it. -You're on the side of a bus. 你上了公车广告

[01:58.24]Then why did my editor call? He never calls. 编辑为什么要打电话给我? 他从来不会打电话找我

[02:00.48]l'm not getting laid. Therefore, l'm getting laid off. 没有人跟我做爱 我要被开除了

[02:04.12]You're not getting laid off. 你不会被开除

[02:05.100]l don't know if you read the rest of the paper... 我不知道 你有没有看其他的报导

[02:10.04]but these are troubled times. People with real jobs are getting laid off. 有工作的人的确会被开除

[02:12.32]This is not a good economy in which to be whipped cream. 现在不景气 很多人都会被开除

[02:17.84]Last night, l actually started writing about my sock drawer. 昨晚我开始写我的袜柜 男人就跟袜子一样

[02:21.88]Men as socks.

[02:21.96]''Socks and the City.'' “袜子城市”

[02:24.16]l think you and l need to go find some men. -你们跟我得去找男人 -问题是根本就没有男人

[02:27.08]-There are no men. That's the problem. -There are men.

[02:28.92]You just have to know where to look. When are you free? 你们必须知道该去哪里找 什么时候有空?

[02:30.04]l'm not trolling for men just for something to write. 我不会为了找灵感跟男人鬼混

[02:34.04]You people go have sex, report back. 快去做爱吧,别忘了跟我报告

[02:35.92]l can help if you want to write about baby-proofing. 除非你保证不怀孕 不然我绝不做爱

[02:39.56]l'll tell you how to baby-proof. Use a condom. 用保险套吧

[02:41.88]What can l get you? 需要我效劳吗?

[02:41.24]l'd like the veggie scramble and wheat toast. 我要蔬菜泥跟全麦面包

[02:45.56]l'll have an order of fries. Maybe l'll make it a two-parter. 我要薯条 或许我可以把它当成男人

[02:48.84]l'd like the Denver omelet and hash browns. Thank you. 丹佛蛋卷跟薯饼

[02:50.00]l'll have the fruit plate. And l'm back with Richard. 我要新鲜水果盘 我跟理查重修旧好

[02:55.08]-Richard, whose death we've been plotting? -Maybe there are no men. 我们一直想杀掉的那个男人?


[02:59.64]l finally agreed to listen to what he had to say. 我听完了他想说的话…

[03:01.32]l've never known anyone like you. 我从来没有认识过 像你这样的女人

[03:05.84]l was in over my head. And then l got scared. 我心里觉得很害怕

[03:09.68]He got scared? 他会害怕?

[03:11.00]That doesn't excuse the.... 那无法解释…

[03:13.36]Okay, that coming from you... 从你口中说出那种话 真的太令人震惊了

[03:14.48]is almost as disturbing as the news itself.

[03:19.72]l get scared, l hide under the covers, not between somebody's legs. 我害怕时会躲在被窝里 而不是别人的双腿之间

[03:22.00]Perhaps you had to be there. -你曾经享受过那种滋味 -你一定还有机会的

[03:22.24]Perhaps you'll have to be there all the time so he doesn't get scared again.


[03:28.20]Being scared is not an easy thing for a man to admit. 要男人承认自己害怕 不是件容易的事

[03:31.08]So what? They get a medal for correctly identifying a feeling? 他们会因为坦承自己的感觉 得到嘉奖吗?

[03:34.88]We do that all day long. l feel pissed off. 我们整天都在做相同的事 我觉得好生气

[03:37.44]D.N.R.: Do not resuscitate. -别跟他复合 -我不是白痴

[03:40.52]l'm not an idiot. l understand, as a woman of the world...

[03:40.80]我知道 理查是个有魅力又成功的男人

[03:44.12]that Richard is a very charismatic and successful man.

[03:45.60]And an interesting pussy might cross his path now and then. 只要有美人走过他面前 他就会跌倒…

[03:48.88]-And he might fall-- -lnto it?

[03:51.04]And if he does, it's just sex. That might be a flaw in him. 那只是性,或许那是个缺点 但没有人是完美的

[03:55.64]But you know what? Nobody's perfect.

[03:56.52]Some women can't even get their husbands to pick up the dry-cleaning. 有些女人没办法 要老公去干洗店拿衣服

[04:01.28]You're comparing not wanting to pick up the dry-cleaning with.... 你拿去干洗店拿衣服来比较…

[04:03.00]-Charlotte, do the thing. -No. 夏绿蒂,说话

[04:07.76]Look, l know he loves me. 我知道他爱我,相信他后悔了 我相信他会努力的

[04:09.08]l believe he's sorry, and l believe he'll try his best.

[04:12.44]Then that's your choice, and we should all respect it. 那是你的选择 我们应该尊重你的决定

[04:14.100]Now, how about this for a column? 这能拿来写专栏吗?

[04:18.88]''Desperate Women Who Will Believe Anything.'' “什么都相信的绝望女人”

[04:24.16]The next day, two parents covered outIets... 隔天两个绝望的父母绞尽脑汁

[04:28.56]to prevent their baby from getting shocked. 避免他们的孩子被吓到

[04:32.32]l was thinking... 我一直在想…

[04:33.28]maybe we wanna get Brady baptized. 或许我们该让布莱迪受洗

[04:38.20]For grownups, there is no such safeguard. 对成年人来说 那么做无法确保任何东西

[04:39.36]-Neither of us even goes to church. -l know that, but it's tradition. -我们都不会上教堂 -我知道,但那是项传统

[04:43.92]l was baptized, my father, my father's father. 我受洗了,我父亲、爷爷 跟其他家人都受洗了

[04:47.52]Everybody in my family gets baptized.

[04:49.08]-lt would really mean a lot to my ma. -Your ma? -那对我妈来说意义重大 -你妈?

[04:57.56]You never even had a mother when we were going out. 我们约会时你没提过你有妈妈

[05:01.04]This is the first l've heard of her. 这是我第一次听到你提起她

[05:02.00]You're just trotting her out to make a case for religion. 你还说要帮他举行宗教仪式

[05:04.04]lt's not about religion. lt's not about God. lt's just something you do in case... 这跟宗教或上帝无关

[05:07.00]这么做是以防万一 宝宝就不会坠入地狱的边境了

[05:08.00]so the baby don't end up in limbo.

[05:13.88]-You don't even know what that means. -l do so. -你根本不知道那是什么意思 -我知道

[05:15.52]So, what is it? -那是什么? -在那里宝宝会到处乱飞

[05:16.92]lt's a place where babies fly around without bodies...

[05:19.24]just wings under their neck. 他们没有身体 脖子上长出了翅膀

[05:23.68]That sounds like something we should worry about. 听起来我们好像要担心一下

[05:26.16]Brady isn't even crawling yet, and you've got us baby-proofing every inch here. 布莱迪不会爬 你到处贴防撞护条

[05:29.16]But you won't let someone put water on his head so he won't go to hell? 你却不愿意让神父帮他洒洒水 避免他坠入地狱中?

[05:34.04]Miranda didn't beIieve in heII, except the heII she was in right now. 米兰达不相信地狱 虽然她正身处地狱中

[05:37.92]This is why l was worried about having you involved. 那就是 我不想跟你扯上关系的原因

[05:40.40]Why should l go through a stupid ceremony just to make your ma happy? 我为什么要举行那种仪式 让你妈妈感到开心?

[05:45.76]lt's nice. 那真的很棒 大家都可以看到宝宝

[05:45.48]Everybody sees the baby. You have cake. Some people give you money.

[05:46.16]还可以吃蛋糕 有人会包红包给宝宝

[05:50.36]-What's wrong with Brady having a party? -l don't believe in it. -办派对有什么不好的? -我不相信

[05:52.04]lf you don't believe, it's just water on the kid's head. 如果你不相信… 那只是在宝宝的头上洒水而已

[05:57.76]Downtown, Samantha's faith was faItering. 在市区里 莎曼珊的信心动摇了

[06:02.40]-My friends don't believe you. -Am l dating your friends? -我朋友不相信你 -我在跟你的朋友约会吗?

[06:05.28]With your track record, l wouldn't put it past you. -我不能相信你 -她们有什么问题?

[06:05.76]-What exactly seems to be their problem? -This...

[06:09.32]is their problem. 这就是他们的问题

[06:10.12]-We talked about that. -Yeah, but Miranda thinks it's bullshit. -我们谈过了… -米兰达认为那是胡说八道

[06:15.60]What's to stop you from getting scared every time a hot woman walks by? 如果有个辣妹走过你身边 怎么样你才不会害怕?

[06:21.64]-She wanted to know. -l don't give a shit what your friends think. -她真的很想知道 -我不在乎她们在想什么

[06:24.72]l love you. 我爱你,我有东西要送你

[06:26.24]And l've got something for you.

[06:35.16]Unless Miranda wouldn't approve. 除非米兰达不准我这么做

[06:39.24]Now it was Samantha's turn to be scared. 现在轮到莎曼珊要害怕了

[06:47.88]Don't worry, it's not for that finger. lt's for this one. 别担心,我不是要你 戴在那根手指上,是这根才对

[06:49.20]So, when you flip me off, l'll have something shiny to look at. 你抛弃我的时候 至少我还留下一点纪念品

[06:53.28]There it was. 就是这个

[06:55.64]A canary diamond I'II-try-not-to-cheat- and-eat-when-I'm-scared ring. 鲜黄钻石钻戒, “我不会偷腥 一害怕就吃东西”戒指

[07:03.60]Samantha wasn't sure if she was in heaven... 莎曼珊不确定她是在天堂

[07:07.88]or Iimbo. 或是在地狱的边境

[07:10.08]MeanwhiIe, I was cIearIy in heII. 同时很明显地我处于地狱中

[07:13.52](男人跟袜子一样 有些男人是艾格利袜子)

[07:16.20](有些是安全袜 这个专栏烂透了)


[07:21.96]That afternoon, CharIotte and I went troIIing for men. 那天下午夏绿蒂跟我去钓男人

[07:26.24]He's kind of cute. -他挺可爱的 -我们在玩百分之一的机会

[07:29.64]We were pIaying One-One Hundred. It's Iike a road-trip game for urban singIes.

[07:31.12]那就像是 在寻找都市里的单身男人

[07:31.04]You watch the men come in your direction... 看着每个走向你的男人

[07:33.100]and you see how many out of 100 you'd sIeep with. 计算一下在一百个男人中 你想跟多少男上床

[07:38.32]Okay, yes.

[07:40.88]-Eight out of forty-six. Where are you? -Zero, thirty-two. 四十六个男人中我看中八个 你的成绩如何?

[07:43.08]-Zero? What about the guy with the dog? -l don't like dachshunds for men. -三十二个男人全被我淘汰了 -溜狗的那个男人呢?

[07:47.44]我不喜欢养腊肠狗的男人 他们应付不了真正的狗

[07:48.36]Can't handle a real dog, can't handle a real woman. -也无法应付真正的男人 -他长得很帅

[07:49.52]-He was gorgeous. -That's another thing. 长得太帅的男人 床上功夫通常不怎么样

[07:53.72]Men who are too good-looking are never good in bed, because they never had to be.


[07:57.56]Zero, thirty-five. -三十五个男人全被我淘汰了 -你全都看不上眼?

[07:60.56]-None of them? -They were gay. -他们是同性恋 -这只是幻想游戏

[08:03.44]lt's imaginary. There must be someone in Gramercy Park... 一定有男人能激起你的性幻想 你太挑剔了

[08:06.60]that you'd have imaginary sex with. You're being too picky.

[08:09.32]-You're an imaginary whore. -l am not. -你是爱意淫的荡妇 -我才不是

[08:13.00]You have slept with eight men, and we have only had appetizers. 我们才吃完开胃菜 你就跟八个男人上过床了

[08:16.08]You should come with me next week to Dr. Cheryl Grayson's seminar. 你应该跟我一起去参加 雪莉葛瑞森博士的研讨会

[08:20.44]l've been before, and it's really inspiring. 那真的能激励人心 你该好好找出问题跟答案

[08:22.92]And there's time for questions and answers.

[08:23.64]Plus she has a new haircut, and l hear it's very cute. 她换了新发型 听说看起来很不错

[08:28.08]Why would l go to that? -我为什么要那么做? -因为你变得愤世嫉俗

[08:29.00]-Because you're becoming cynical. -That's why l wouldn't go.

[08:31.28]所以我不想去那里 那就像“第二十二条军规”?

[08:35.76]lt's kind of a Catch-22, isn't it?

[08:35.96]-You might get a column out of it. -Sign me up. -或许你能找到写作的灵感 -帮我报名吧

[08:39.100]l think you'll really enjoy it. 太棒了,你一定会喜欢的

[08:43.92]Her philosophy of written affirmations has helped me let go of negative thoughts. 她写的证词哲学



[08:48.36]Not this guy. No, he's balding. He's got a big head.

[08:52.76]-他的头太大了 -你的想法太负面了

[08:53.24]So, you still have some negative thoughts.

[08:56.24]Oh, my God, he's coming over here. Don't look up. 天啊,他往这边走过来了 别抬头

[09:03.76]Aren't you Carrie Bradshaw from the New York Star? 你不是“纽约星报”的 凯莉布雷萧吗?

[09:05.64]Gabe, hey. -贾比,你好 -你们认识?

[09:07.36]-You two know each other? -This is my editor. 他是我的编辑

[09:10.44]-This is Gabe Manning. -Hi, l'm Charlotte. -这位是贾比曼宁 -你好,我是夏绿蒂

[09:15.92]Hi. l'm glad l ran into you, since you don't return your calls anymore. 我很高兴能遇见你 因为你都不回我电话

[09:18.88]l know. 我知道 但我正在为下一篇专栏找灵感

[09:20.28]But l am just now researching my next column.

[09:21.48]And l think it's going to be super fun and sexy. 我想它一定会超级有趣跟性感

[09:25.84]See, we sit here and we pick... 我们坐在这里 想知道一百个男人中

[09:27.92]how many men out of 100 we would want to sleep with.

[09:31.12]No one's asking you to fuck every guy in town. We're only a weekly paper. 有多少男人 是我们想上床的对象

[09:34.60]没有人想知道你要跟 多少男人上床,我们是周刊

[09:36.28]We don't actually sleep-- -不,我们并没有… -我一直想联络上你

[09:38.56]l've been trying to get in touch with you...

[09:41.24]because an editor from Clearwater Press called. 清水出版社的编辑打电话给我

[09:41.84]They're interested in turning your columns into a book. 他们想把你的专栏辑录成书

[09:54.88]l'm having a Cosmopolitan with the woman who wrote about Cosmopolitans. 我跟写这些专栏的女作家 一起喝“四海为家”

[09:59.96]Now, if only l could find a man.... 如果能找到男人就好了

[10:03.60]Trouble finding a man. Ever considered writing about that? 没办法找到好男人的困扰 你考虑过拿它来作题材吗?

[10:04.00]That's a great idea. Let me get a pen. 好点子,我该去拿枝笔过来

[10:06.28]The next night, I met with pubIishing powerhouses... 隔天晚上我跟出版商见面

[10:10.40]LiIy Martin and Courtney Masterson. 莉莉马丁跟柯特妮麦斯特森

[10:13.36]Seriously, Carrie, this is such a thrill. 太棒了,清水出版社的人 都很喜欢看你的专栏

[10:13.44]All of us at Clearwater Press read your column religiously.

[10:16.56]God, l don't even do that. 我不会那么做

[10:18.84]l even have the one on ''Ten Men to Avoid'' on my refrigerator. 我把“十种该避免的男人” 贴在冰箱上

[10:22.80]But not in that icky, Cathy comic kind of a way. 但那跟看“凯西”漫画不一样

[10:26.00]-God, no. l hate that shit. -Me, too. -我讨厌那玩意 -我也是

[10:27.40]-Anyway, l predict this book will be huge. -Huge. -我预料这本书会大卖 -红透半边天

[10:32.16]And that's.... 那是…为什么?

[10:32.12]Why? 很多单身女郎渴望看这样的书

[10:33.52]'Cause many single women are desperate for something like this.

[10:36.64]And you're looking at two of them. One, two. 在你面前就有两个,我跟她

[10:39.60]The good news is you have an inventory of columns to choose from. 你可以从已完成的 众多专栏中挑选

[10:43.28]Some we don't have to include. 有些内容不必放进书里

[10:43.68]Like that last one on French fries. That didn't make the fridge, did it? 关于薯条的那篇专栏 不适合贴在冰箱上吧?

[10:49.64]We want to fast-track it, and get it on the shelves by Christmas... 我们希望在圣诞节 也就是光明节时上市

[10:50.72]slash, the Jewish Hanukkah. 你可以挑选25到30篇专栏

[10:53.60]You can pick and choose the columns, about 25 or 30...

[10:55.40]then write an introduction and a dedication to clarify the tone of the book. 写一篇简介及感谢名单

[10:59.36]So, you mean.... 你是说…你是什么意思?

[11:03.44]-What do you mean? -You know, what's the message? 我们要传达什么样的讯息?

[11:08.72]Just... 我可以选出我最喜欢的专栏?

[11:09.60]here are my favorite columns.

[11:12.12]Yes, but also, is it hopeful? 没错,但这真的行得通吗?

[11:14.80]ls Carrie Bradshaw an optimist or a pessimist? 凯莉布雷萧是乐观主义者 还是悲观主义者?

[11:18.16]What's your point of view? 你有什么看法?

[11:19.24]You know, after all the breakups and the disappointments... 在分手、失望跟火车意外后

[11:23.32]and the train wrecks, you still believe he's out there, right?

[11:26.92]-你还是相信他的存在? -我们该开枪自尽吗?

[11:28.24]-Or should we just shoot ourselves now? -No.


[11:34.28]Yes. 没错,应该行得通


[11:37.04]To be honest, I wasn't sure what I beIieved. 老实说 我不确定自己相信什么

[11:39.12]But my cynicaI side suspected optimism wouId seII more books. 但我愤世嫉俗的一边告诉我 乐观看法会卖出更多的书

[11:47.12]My best friend is going to be a published author. 我的好朋友将成为畅销女作家

[11:51.36]lt's so fabulous. lt even makes me more fabulous. 那真的太棒了,我觉得很高兴

[11:54.76]l don't know. l think l enjoy being slightly under the radar. 我喜欢自己迟钝的样子 我安于现况

[11:56.24]l take comfort in the fact that many people, present company included...

[11:59.52]很多人,包括礼品公司 都没有看过专栏

[11:59.44]don't ever see my column.

[12:02.44]l'm waiting till it's coming out in hardback. l hope it's big and glossy. 我等着精装书上市 希望它会非常地轰动

[12:04.88]Like my mistakes. ls this really something you encourage? 就像我犯过的错误一样 你鼓励这样的事?

[12:09.44]Do it. Newspaper is out. lt's all about books. 快去做吧,报纸没搞头了 现在是书的天下

[12:13.72]Everyone who's anyone has a book. 有名的人都写书

[12:16.84]l'm not sure what you just said... 我不确定你的意思 因为我被一枚钻戒弄得分心了

[12:18.32]because l was temporarily blinded by a piece of jewelry.

[12:21.88]Let me see that. 让我看一下

[12:24.60]lt's from Richard. 这是理查送我的 我想这是他的道歉礼物

[12:27.88]l think it's his way of saying, ''l'm sorry.''

[12:30.92]Wow! What do you get if it happens again, the Hope diamond? 如果他再伤你一次 你会得到什么?希望之星?

[12:32.64]That's what this is. l-hope-that-fucker- doesn't-break-my-heart-again diamond. “希望那个混蛋 别再伤我心”钻戒

[12:38.12]EvidentIy, we were both turning our pain into goId. 我们都把痛苦抛在脑后

[12:42.56]That night, I started to think about beIief. 那晚我开始思索信念的问题

[12:44.44]Maybe it's not even advisabIe to be an optimist after the age of 30. 或许年过三十的人 不应该太乐观

[12:49.72]Maybe pessimism is something we have to start appIying daiIy... 或许悲观比较适合日常生活 就跟保湿面霜一样

[12:52.00]Iike moisturizer.

[12:54.28]Otherwise, how do you bounce back... 否则当信念被现实击倒

[12:57.60]when reaIity batters your beIief system...

[12:60.56]and Iove does not, as promised, conquer aII? 爱无法如梦想中般征服一切时 你该怎么办?

[13:03.44]Is hope a drug we need to go off of, or is it keeping us aIive? 希望是让我们死去的毒药还是 让我们继续活下去的力量?

[13:09.68]What's the harm in beIieving? 信念有什么杀伤力呢?

[13:11.36]Repeat your affirmations daiIy if you want to Iet Iove into your Iife. 如果你想让爱进入你的生命里 每天重复你的证词

[13:19.28]Open yourseIf. Breathe in the possibiIity of Iove. 打开心胸,呼吸爱的气息

[13:23.04]What is not Iove is fear. (我相信爱)


[13:25.80]It's time to Iet go of your fears and embrace your dreams. 放开你的恐惧,拥抱你的梦想

[13:31.56]Miranda stiII wasn't a beIiever. 米兰达不是教徒 但她更改了她的信仰

[13:33.44]But her faith was renewed when she found a church that seemed to suit her. 她找到一间很适合她的教堂

[13:36.76]And a suit that seemed to fit her. 还有一套她穿得下的套装

[13:38.64]-l'm waiting in the rain. -l know. You said 10:45. -我站在雨中等你 -我知道,你说十点四十五分

[13:42.80]lt's my fault. l'm sorry. -没错 -这都是我的错,对不起

[13:46.100]He's not with her. 他没有跟她来

[13:50.16]l know. l told you she'd probably leave him with the baby nurse. 我说过 她或许把他交给护士照顾

[13:53.44]This is my ma. Ma, Miranda. -这位是我妈,她是米兰达 -布莱迪太太,很高兴见到你

[13:54.80]-Hi, Mrs. Brady. So nice to meet you. -No, Mary, please.

[13:58.92]请叫我玛莉,你长得好漂亮 我本来想换上最好的洋装

[13:59.52]You're so fancy.

[14:02.76]l wanted to wear my nice dress, but the dry cleaner's doesn't open until 10:00.


[14:08.08]l was hoping that you'd bring little Brady, since l haven't seen him yet. 我好希望你带布莱迪来 我还没有见过他

[14:11.64]You know, Stevie gave me a picture. 史蒂夫给我他的照片 我一直把它放在皮夹里

[14:15.84]l've been carrying it around in my wallet.

[14:18.48]lt's a little creased. l should have put it in a frame. 照片有点折痕 我应该把它放在相框里的

[14:20.88]l Xeroxed it at the phone company... 我在电话公司影印照片 让我部门里的同事都能看看他

[14:23.16]and everyone in my division said he looks like me.


[14:29.24]So, l'll see him at the ceremony. l'm just grateful to be included. 我在受洗仪式中能见到他

[14:32.32]谢谢你邀请我来 毕竟你不是天主教徒

[14:36.08]Especially since l know you aren't Catholic...

[14:36.40]and you didn't want to have a christening. 也不想举行受洗仪式

[14:40.64]But the idea of this little baby burning in Hell-- 但一想到宝宝会在地狱中 遭到焚身之苦…

[14:45.76]-Ma. -All right. -妈 -好吧

[14:47.52]l'm just saying, my oldest son, Jackie, had a baby who died. 我只是说…我的大儿子杰奇


[14:54.96]Two weeks old. We're still reeling.

[14:55.76]His wife is black. She's not very friendly. 我们还是很难过 他太太是黑人,她不怎么友善

[14:58.76]Thinks l have a problem with her. But l don't. 她以为我歧视她,我才没有

[15:03.32]l don't. 我没有,或许神父不需要知道 你们没有结婚


[15:07.48]Maybe the priest doesn't need to know you aren't getting married.

[15:10.68]-We're not lying to the priest, Ma. -Now you're religious. -我们不想骗神父 -你现在倒成了虔诚的教徒

[15:15.76]Hello. -你是霍布斯吗? -没错,我们通过电话

[15:16.32]-The Hobbes party? -We spoke on the phone.

[15:18.16]-l'm Father Andrew. Come on inside. -Sorry we're late. -我是安德鲁神父,请进 -抱歉我们迟到了

[15:19.72]Hello, Father. 你好,神父,我是玛莉布莱迪 皇后区圣安格尼斯教堂的教徒

[15:22.04]l'm Mary Brady. l go to Saint Agnes in Queens.

[15:27.96]They're not getting married. 他们没有结婚

[15:31.88]-ls she drunk? -No, just a couple of beers. -她喝醉了吗? -没有,她只喝了几杯啤酒

[15:34.44]l don't want the baby referred to as Catholic. 我不希望提起宝宝是天主教徒

[15:40.60]No original sin... 也不要提起原罪或远离撒但

[15:43.08]no renouncing of Satan....

[15:43.56]lt's not that she's a fan of Satan, it's just that she doesn't want... 那不是因为她相信撒但 她只是不想提起

[15:49.96]-to talk about him. -ln fact, no mention of Satan, the Devil.... 事实上不要提起撒但,魔鬼…

[15:53.80]Miranda was surprised the priest was so fIexibIe. 米兰达很讶异神父那么好沟通 但在不景气的时候

[15:55.60]But the truth is, in these troubIed times...

[15:58.80]the CathoIic Church is Iike a desperate 36-year-oId singIe woman... 天主教会 就跟绝望的三十六岁女人一样

[16:02.96]wiIIing to settIe for anything it can get. 他们愿意安于 手边能抓到的东西

[16:06.84]...own forever.

[16:06.36]This is not what l had in mind when you asked if l wanted to go dress shopping. 你说要出门买衣服时 我没想到你要这么做

[16:10.12]Believe me, l'm less thrilled than you. 我比你还觉得无聊 他要受洗,穿上礼服

[16:13.72]He has to get baptized and wear a dress.

[16:16.76]Baby's first drag show. 宝宝的处女秀

[16:18.84]-lt's a very odd tradition. -Don't even get me started. -这是项非常奇怪的传统 -别挑衅我

[16:24.64]lt's all about cleansing this little baby of his sins, when clearly... 重点是要洗清小宝宝的罪

[16:26.40]babies come into the world with a clean slate and we're the ones that fuck them up. 宝宝纯真地来到这个世界上 是我们污染了他们

[16:30.92]So, you're a pessimist, right? -你是悲观主义者吧? -我们认识吗?

[16:32.48]Have we met? 这是为了我的书

[16:33.100]lt's for my book. l have to figure out if l'm an optimist or a pessimist. 我必须想清楚我是乐观主义者 还是悲观主义者

[16:40.92]And l don't know anymore. 我真的不知道 我不知道自己相信什么

[16:42.64]-l don't know what l believe. -Neither do l, and l'm having a baptism. 我也不知道,我要办受洗仪式

[16:45.72]-So, how do you rationalize that? -One less bath l have to give him. 你怎么说服自己的?


[16:48.28]Mostly, l'm doing it for Steve. He's been pretty good to me. 我会那么做是为了史蒂夫 他一直对我很好

[16:51.04]Known him for three years, and l didn't meet his mother till yesterday. 我认识他三年了 直到昨天才见到他妈妈

[16:56.56]-What's she like? -lmagine Steve in a wig, drunk. -她长什么样子? -想像史蒂夫戴假发喝醉了

[17:01.04]-Yikes. -Yeah. -好恶心 -没错

[17:04.28]So, listen. 你愿不愿意当布莱迪的教母?

[17:06.28]How would you feel about being Brady's godmother?

[17:08.60]Really? What would l need to do? 真的吗?我需要做什么?

[17:09.08]Officially, you provide the baby with spiritual guidance. 正式地来说 你必须给宝宝心灵上的指引

[17:13.72]Unofficially, you stand with me so l have somebody to roll my eyes at. 非正式地来说你要站在我旁边 让我有个人可以翻白眼

[17:18.32]-What do you say? -l don't know. Spiritual guidance? 我不知道…心灵上的指引?

[17:21.72]And there's cake from some bakery in Queens. 我们订了皇后区面包店的蛋糕

[17:23.60]The really sugary kind, with the thick, white icing? -放了很多糖跟厚厚的糖浆? -或许还有鲜奶油

[17:27.36]Maybe even a buttercream cross on top.

[17:30.52]Now you're talking. 没问题 我愿意给他心灵指引跟吃蛋糕

[17:32.36]Spirituality and cake.

[17:36.72]That night, CharIotte dragged me to the Fountain of BeIief. 那晚夏绿蒂拉我到信仰之泉去

[17:40.48]It was mostIy women. 在场几乎都是女人,很明显地 女人是“希望”的主要市场

[17:40.20]ApparentIy, women are the main market for hope.

[17:43.56]Welcome. Would you like to take an affirmation? 你要不要抽一张证词?

[17:46.72]Saying no would get us off on the wrong foot... 拒绝的话我们会被踢出去

[17:50.20]it being an affirmation and all.

[17:52.80]-Thanks. -Enjoy. -谢谢 -祝你玩得愉快

[17:55.00]''l believe in the good in people.'' That's nice. What does yours say? “我相信人性本善”,太棒了 你的证词写了什么?

[17:59.88]''l believe this is hooey.'' “我相信这是胡说八道”

[18:02.56]-Are you going to make fun of everything? -No, l'm not that quick. -你要挖苦所有事情吗? -我的脑筋没动得那么快

[18:06.52]-What did you do today? -The usual. -你今天做了什么? -还是一样

[18:10.68]Helped pick a christening gown for my friend's illegitimate baby. 帮我朋友的非婚生子 挑选受洗仪式的礼服


[18:13.76]l'm so happy she decided to do a baptism.

[18:16.64]She asked me to be the godmother. -她请我当孩子的教母 -什么?

[18:19.32]-What? -lt's not a big deal. -那没什么大不了的 -那是很重大的责任

[18:20.92]lt is a big deal. lt's a huge responsibility.

[18:25.84]l know people whose friendships have ended... 我知道很多朋友因此绝交

[18:25.00]because someone was a disappointing godparent. 因为有人没办法尽到 当教母的责任

[18:30.96]Why are you so.... 你为什么会那么…

[18:36.16]-Did you want to be the godmother? -No. -你想当孩子的教母吗? -不

[18:39.92]l just think it wouldn't kill you to acknowledge that some things are sacred. 知道这世界上还有神圣的事 并不可怕

[18:43.12]-l do acknowledge-- -We're not talking. -我真的… -我们别说话了

[18:47.68]-We're not? -No. -是吗? -没错

[18:59.80]Are we talking yet? 我们可以说话了吗?

[19:03.76]Okay, let me know when we're talking. 你要跟我说话时通知我一声

[19:10.64]l believe this is going to be a very long evening. 我相信这会是漫长的一夜

[19:19.88]l believe we are the only normal people here. 我相信 我们是这里唯一的正常人

[19:26.36]l believe in the good in Charlotte... 我相信夏绿蒂是个好人 她不管我的想法拉我来这里

[19:28.52]who dragged me here against my will when l wanted to stay home...

[19:30.52]事实上我只想待在家里 抱着负面想法哭泣

[19:32.92]and just be negative.

[19:43.48]What does the gown look like? 宝宝的礼服长什么样子?

[19:47.20]Table for two. 两个人

[19:50.68]l know you're trying to make me feel bad, but l gotta tell you, that turns me on. 你想让我难过 却燃起了我熊熊的欲火

[19:54.56]Right this way. 这边请


[20:21.24]-Are we okay? -We're fine. -我们没事吧? -没事

[20:22.28]l almost forgot. 我差点忘了,星期天你要跟我 一起参加米兰达的受洗仪式

[20:23.72]You're going to Miranda's baptism with me Sunday.

[20:26.20]lt'll be all day. lt'll be boring. lt'll be mandatory. 它会花掉你整天的时间 既无聊又乏味

[20:29.08]-What time? -2:00. -几点开始? -两点

[20:32.24]Are you going to do the thing again? -你会再那么做吗? -不会,你呢?

[20:37.84]No. Are you?


[20:43.88]l love you.

[20:50.92]AIthough he appeared to have reformed... 虽然他看起来像是改过自新了

[20:52.44]Samantha wasn't ready to forgive his sin. 莎曼珊还没有准备好原谅他

[20:56.00]Love will come to you... 你相信自己是个值得爱的人 爱才会来到你身边

[20:57.12]only when you truly believe you deserve it.

[20:60.76]MeanwhiIe, an hour and 20 affirmations Iater.... 同时过了一个小时 听了二十个证词后…

[21:02.64]Love will raise you up... 爱能够提升你,恐惧令你沮丧 只有爱才是真的

[21:06.08]fear will pull you under.

[21:08.64]Only love is real.

[21:09.64]Yes. Go on, stand right up. 好的,请站起来说

[21:11.64]Yes. I just wanted to thank you, CheryI... 我想谢谢你 这些证词对我非常有效

[21:15.72]because the affirmations have reaIIy worked for me.

[21:17.56]I prayed for Iove, I beIieved in Iove, and Iast week, I feII in Iove. 我祈祷爱的出现,我相信爱 上星期我坠入爱河

[21:24.52]And he's perfect and kind and giving... 他是个完美仁慈 乐于奉献的男人,现在我知道

[21:27.24]and I now know that I deserve that. So, thank you.


[21:31.80]Thank yourself. You did it. lsn't that inspiring? 谢谢自己吧,你办到了 那真的是很棒吧?


[21:42.52]Anyone else? 还有人想说说自己的感觉吗?

[21:45.80]Did you want to say something? -你有话要说吗? -不

[21:49.72]-No, I-- -Yes. 是的,我一直在想…

[21:51.36]Hi. I was wondering....

[21:56.96]我一直在想那个女人 花多少的时间去相信那些证词

[21:58.36]I'm wondering how Iong that woman was doing her affirmations...

[22:01.52]because I've been doing mine every day... 我每天不断地想着我的证词

[22:05.48]and I want to beIieve, but nothing is happening. 我想相信它 但什么事都没有发生

[22:10.44]I just don't think it's working. I just don't think it wiII work for me. 我不认为这个方法行得通 它应该对我没有效果

[22:15.12]l hear fear. 我听到了恐惧跟怀疑

[22:17.64]l hear doubt.

[22:20.32]You have to believe love to receive love. 你必须相信爱才能接受爱

[22:23.96]Keep repeating your affirmations, eventually... 继续背诵你的证词

[22:27.28]your heart will catch up with your head. 你的心会追上你的理智

[22:30.12]That's the thing, though. 但是有一件事

[22:33.84]I did find Iove. 我真的找到了爱

[22:34.20]I beIieved that there was someone out there for me... 我相信白马王子真的存在 我终于遇见了他

[22:39.52]and I met him, finaIIy...

[22:40.68]and we had a beautifuI wedding. 我们举行了盛大的婚礼 之后一切都变了

[22:44.04]And then everything just feII apart.

[22:46.36]And I'm worried. 我很担心 我害怕他会让我无法再去相信

[22:47.44]I'm afraid that he took away my abiIity to beIieve.

[22:51.64]I hate him for that, because I aIways beIieved before... 我恨他因为以前的我相信爱

[22:55.68]and now I just feeI Iost. 现在我觉得很迷惑

[22:59.88]I'm trying to put myseIf out there... 我试着走出去 但我觉得很无助

[23:04.16]but I feeI hopeIess.

[23:06.20]Perhaps you're not really putting yourself out there. 或许你还没有走出去


[23:17.56]No, she's out there. 不,她真的走出去了

[23:18.56]l mean, emotionally and physically. 不论是在心理上或是在生理上

[23:20.76]Maybe you're not looking for love in a real way. 或许你没有用实际的方法 来寻找爱

[23:25.92]Maybe you're not really trying. Maybe you're not really out there. 或许你没有努力 或许你没有走出去

[23:28.12]BeIieve me, she's out there. 相信我,她走出去了

[23:44.92]Sunday afternoon, we aII gathered for a baptism... 星期天下午我们齐聚一堂

[23:45.88]in the IittIe church that wouId. 在一座小教堂里举行受洗仪式

[23:55.44]You, with the flower-thing. 戴着头花的小姐 史蒂夫告诉我你是教母

[23:56.84]Steve tells me that you're the godmother.

[23:60.20]l'm the godfather. 我是教父 史蒂夫的二堂哥派屈克

[24:03.36]Steve's second cousin, Patrick.

[24:07.04]lt'd make a good story. Little Brady brought us together. 你写出了好故事吗?

[24:08.08]-小布莱迪让我们齐聚一堂 -天啊

[24:13.24]Someone who isn't related to Steve. No offense, Patrick. 有人跟史蒂夫没有亲戚关系 我没有冒犯的意思

[24:15.60]None taken. -也没有人在乎 -你来了

[24:17.28]l'll check you later, gator. -待会见,大美人 -好吧

[24:25.04]-That's a nice dress. -l didn't want Brady to show me up. -这件洋装很漂亮 -我不要布莱迪抢走我的光彩

[24:30.92]By the way, l think your baby's godfather... 我想你宝宝的教父 用劣质古龙水帮自己受洗了

[24:31.52]baptized himself with some bad cologne.

[24:34.28]Brady's grandmother invited the folks from Molly Maguires. 布莱迪的教母邀请了 摩莉麦奎尔店里的客人

[24:40.04]l know you've got your hands full with the drunk and the skunk... 我知道你必须面对 那些醉鬼跟臭虫

[24:42.04]but l have to tell you something. -我必须告诉你一件事 -我穿这件洋装看起来很胖?

[24:47.52]-l'm too fat to be wearing this, aren't l? -No.

[24:48.88]You look beautiful. No, it's me. 不,你看起来很漂亮 有问题的人是我


[24:54.20]Are you sure that l am godmother material?

[24:55.36]Shouldn't you maybe pick someone a bit more maternal? 你应该挑个更有母爱的人吧?

[25:02.44]No, l like that you're not. 不,我喜欢没有母爱的你


[25:04.64]Here's the thing.

[25:06.92]This is such an awesome responsibility. 这是一份重责大任 我不知道自己的未来是什么

[25:12.88]l don't know my own view of the future.

[25:13.24]l think l'm possibly one bad date away from bitter. 我是一个充满怨气的人

[25:16.04]Don't you think that l'm getting a little cynical? 你不觉得我很愤世嫉俗吗?

[25:20.92]Not compared to me. 跟我比起来你逊色多了

[25:23.40]Carrie, you're my best friend. 凯莉你是我最好的朋友

[25:29.96]Just so you know, Charlotte's dying for the job... 夏绿蒂很想当宝宝的教母 我想她会做得比我好

[25:30.84]and l think she'd probably be better at it.

[25:33.76]l don't know if l believe in any of this. But l believe in you. 我不知道我相不相信这回事 但我相信你

[25:38.52]l want you to be my baby's godmother. 我要你当我孩子的教母

[25:42.40]l did spring for the hat. 我把帽子弄得很漂亮

[25:48.08]Who presents this child to receive the sacrament of baptism? 谁希望孩子进行受洗圣礼?

[25:52.16]We do. 我们

[26:15.88]''Give him an enquiring and discerning heart. “让他有好奇聪明的心”

[26:18.88]''The courage to will and to persevere. “有乐观坚持的勇气 跟爱的力量”

[26:22.76]''A spirit to love, and the gift of joy and wonder.

[26:23.84]“以及快乐幸福的人生 我们以主之名祈祷”

[26:25.96]''ln the Lord's name, we pray.''

[26:28.80]Lord, hear our prayer. 上帝,请听听我们的祈祷

[26:30.20]''ln baptism, we use your gift of water, which you have made a rich symbol... “在受洗时我们用你赐的圣水 也是你富庶的象征”

[26:33.56]''of the grace you give us in this sacrament. “你赐给我们的恩慈 来为宝宝受洗”

[26:38.16]''Through it, you led the children of lsrael out of their bondage. “经由它你带领以色列的子民 走过奴役苦难”

[26:39.12]''Through it, we are reborn.'' “经由它我们得以重生”

[26:45.12]There isn't enough holy water in the world to cleanse you. 全世界的圣水 还不够洗清你的罪恶

[26:55.24]Brady, l baptize you in the name of the Father... 布莱迪,我以天父

[26:60.24]and of the Son... 圣子

[27:03.100]and of the Holy Spirit. 及圣灵之名为你受洗

[27:09.68]Amen. 阿们

[27:09.76]I couIdn't heIp but hope the water wouId wash away... 希望圣水能洗净 我天生愤世嫉俗的原罪

[27:14.52]some of my originaI cynicism.

[27:19.04]lsn't this the most beautiful goddamn Catholic you've ever seen? 他是你见过 最美得要命的天主教徒吧?

[27:25.68]Sorry, Father. But he's a cute fucking kid. 抱歉,神父 但他真的可爱得要命

[27:28.88]-Honey, congratulations. -l didn't do anything. -恭喜你 -我什么都没做

[27:33.72]You got me to a church. 你让我走进教堂

[27:37.00]-Beautiful baby. -Thank you. -好漂亮的宝宝 -谢谢你

[27:38.28]And just for the record, l did get scared. 说真的,我很害怕

[27:43.36]Okay, whatever. Thanks for coming. 好吧,随便你,谢谢你赶过来

[27:52.00]He's such a player. -他真的很会装 -我不知道

[27:54.40]l don't know. Maybe things will work out between them.


[28:01.56]That night, I dedicated my baby... 那晚我努力地养育我的宝宝 我呕心沥血写出来的书

[28:05.64]my book, to hopefuI singIe women everywhere... 献给所有充满希望的女人 特别是…

[28:09.92]and one in particuIar.:

[28:13.68]My good friend, CharIotte... 我的好朋友夏绿蒂 她永远都那么地乐观

[28:13.48]the eternaI optimist, who aIways beIieves in Iove.


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