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欲望都市第五季 四十而惑 Luck Be an Old Lady






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:46:00



[00:35.72](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:52.44]When venturing out on your first bIind date in a decade... 长久以来的第一次相亲

[00:54.60]it's cruciaI to have the right attitude. 抱持正确的态度非常重要

[00:60.60]Hope for the best. 除了满怀希望…

[01:00.48]-Ted? -Sorry. -你是泰德吗? -抱歉,不是

[01:05.36]Prepare for the worst. 还要有最糟的打算

[01:11.72]And who knows? You just might be pIeasantIy surprised. 说不定会有意外的惊喜

[01:21.24]Or not. 也可能没有

[01:25.52]l got stood up. 我被人放鸽子了

[01:24.84]Yes, l deigned to go on a blind date... 我可是放下身段去相亲

[01:29.92]against all my better judgment.

[01:29.88]l was willing to lower myself into the gutter-- 愿意做这种卑微的事

[01:33.20]God, l miss dating. -我怀念约会的日子 -他居然没有出现

[01:35.16]-And then he doesn't show! -Are you sure? 你确定吗?

[01:37.64]Either he didn't show... 他不是没出现 就是被我吓跑了

[01:41.56]or he took one look at me and ran for the hills.

[01:41.40]Which is worse? l can't decide. -哪一个比较糟? -不会有更糟的事了

[01:45.60]l'm sure there's a good explanation.

[01:47.20]-We'll get to the bottom of it. -We're there. 被陌生人伤了心 绝对是最糟糕的事

[01:49.36]A stranger hurt my feelings. l'd say that's scraping bottom.

[01:51.68]You shouldn't even be going on blind dates. lt's beneath you. 你不应该去相亲 那简直侮辱你

[01:55.24]Now, that's not true. 我认识因相亲结合的恩爱夫妻

[01:55.76]l know a lot of great couples that met on blind dates. Eric and Marcie--

[01:58.84]Stop. Even if he had shown up... -艾瑞克和玛西… -好了,就算他出现…

[02:01.92]most first dates are like job interviews with cocktails. 第一次约会就像边喝酒边面试 我受够了

[02:04.48]l think l'm done. 我也受够老是吃面包 我点了松饼

[02:05.88]l said that yesterday about eating bread, and l just ordered pancakes.

[02:10.48]Why should l risk having a God-awful evening... 我明明可以跟你们 共度有趣的一晚

[02:13.16]when l am guaranteed to have fun with you guys? 为什么要浪费在约会上?

[02:18.04]Honey, you're cute. But l'm never gonna fuck you. 亲爱的,你很体贴 但是我不可能跟你上床

[02:20.20]l'm really sorry this happened to you on your first date back out there... 很遗憾你这次约会不愉快 但是因噎废食

[02:23.16]but you have to keep trying. 我爬出洞穴,受了伤 我要回洞穴舔伤口了

[02:25.24]l'm like Punxsutawney Phil. l came out, l saw my shadow, and l'm going back in.

[02:28.56]See you next winter. 你必须承担风险 要不然会变成老姑婆

[02:29.84]You have to take risks so you don't wind up an old maid.

[02:32.04]That's right! 没错,不能变成老姑婆

[02:35.28]Must not wind up old maid!

[02:39.76]Now, how am l gonna remember that? Does anybody have a pen? 我该怎么记住这一点? 谁有笔?

[02:41.96]Why do we get stuck with ''old maid'' and ''spinster''... 为什么女人不结婚就是 “老姑婆”或是“老处女”

[02:44.28]and men get to be ''bachelors'' and ''playboys''? 男人就是“单身汉” 或是“花花公子”?

[02:48.84]No matter how shriveled their dicks are. 不管他们的老二有多皱多小

[02:50.24]The end. New topic. 够了,新话题

[02:52.92]Charlotte's 36th birthday, Saturday night. 下星期六是夏绿蒂36岁生日

[02:57.88]l say we spinsters take back Manhattan. 我们这群老姑婆来闹翻曼哈顿

[02:60.08]l've thought about it... 我考虑过了,决定保持35岁

[03:02.12]and l've decided l'm sticking at 35.

[03:04.32]Because it was such a good year? -你这一年过得如意吗? -我不想变成36岁

[03:08.80]Because l'm just not where l thought l'd be at 36.

[03:09.72]-l don't feel 36, and l don't look 36, right? -No. -我内心不像,外表也不像 -没错

[03:14.76]And men are much more interested in meeting 35-year-olds. 男人对35岁的女人比较有兴趣 所以我要停在这里

[03:16.88]So l'm sticking. 我们都庆祝过36岁生日 现在换你了

[03:18.16]We all turned 36, like big girls. Now it's your turn.

[03:23.32]Let her stick. Lying about her age is the smartest thing she's done in years. 谎报年龄是她这几年做过 最明智的事

[03:25.28]Okay, then. Where are we celebrating Charlotte's 35th birthday, the sequel? 我们要去哪里庆祝 夏绿蒂第二个35岁生日?

[03:29.40]Sorry, today's the baby nurse's last day. 今天是保姆照顾宝宝最后一天

[03:33.96]Now you'll have to book me a year in advance. 你现在要事先预约

[03:34.44]-Wow, you're like Nobu. -l can't go either. 你好像热门餐厅

[03:37.64]Richard's taking me to Atlantic City for the weekend. 我也不能去 理查要带我到大西洋城

[03:40.40]-What'd you do wrong? -He loves to gamble... -你做错什么事? -他喜欢赌博

[03:42.32]and there's some kind of heavyweight prizefight thing he wants to see. 还想看一场重量级拳赛

[03:48.00]But we are going on his private jet. 我们搭他的私人喷射机去

[03:50.16]No celebration is fine with me. 不庆生也没关系

[03:51.04]Are you telling me we can't get together... 我们不能聚在一起 庆祝夏绿蒂的生日?

[03:53.16]to celebrate Charlotte's 30-faux birthday?

[03:57.52]This is bullshit! 太离谱了

[03:58.72]Two nights Iater, with no friends avaiIabIe, no dates... 两天后 在没有朋友、约会的晚上…

[04:02.68]not even any good bad TV to watch.... 甚至没有想看的电视节目

[04:08.56]This is bullshit! 太离谱了

[04:11.04]Okay, this is my third and final phone call. 这是我打的第三通 也是最后一通电话

[04:15.20]Miranda thinks she can get Steve to watch the baby. 史蒂夫可以帮米兰达照顾宝宝

[04:19.68]Charlotte agreed to come out... 只要我们不提夏绿蒂的年龄 她就肯去

[04:20.20]as long as we don't mention her birthday or the number 36.

[04:23.84]l'm still a little fuzzy on the rules. 这个规定仍有待商榷 你不能从大西洋城回来吗?

[04:27.16]Anyway, can't you get out of Atlantic City?

[04:29.80]-l don't know. l'll have to ask Richard. -PIease do... -我得问理查 -拜托你问

[04:32.92]because l am looking at the last picture taken of the four of us... 我正在看我们的最后一张合照 实在是年代久远

[04:34.00]and it is moldy.

[04:38.48]Miranda is wearing a blouse with shoulder pads. 米兰达穿着有垫肩的上衣

[04:40.44]Carrie's hell-bent on getting the four of us together Saturday night. 凯莉硬要我们四个 在星期六聚会

[04:45.60]Would you be terribly disappointed if l didn't come? 要是我不去,你会不会失望?

[04:49.64]Why not just bring them along? 干脆邀请他们一起来 我加订两间房

[04:50.20]l'll arrange for comp suites, and there's room on the jet. -飞机上有的是座位 -太好了


[04:54.96]That Friday, I picked up my feIIow jet setter on the way to the airport. 星期五,去机场的路上 我顺道去接同机的友人

[05:01.52]Under the boardwaIk, we'II be having some.... (踏在木板路上,我们…)

[05:04.52]What? 怎么了?

[05:06.88]l can't go. l'm just... 我不能去了 我没办法和宝宝分开

[05:08.80]not ready to be separated from the baby.

[05:09.16]-What? -l'm kidding! -什么? -我开玩笑的

[05:12.08]Steve took him two hours ago. l'm free! l'm leaving the compound! 史蒂夫已经把他接走了 我恢复自由身了

[05:17.24]Don't do that to me. l'm a 36-year-old woman. 不要吓我 我是36岁的老女人了

[05:18.60]-Come on in. l just need two seconds! -Okay! 进来,等我两秒钟

[05:21.28]-就两秒钟 -好

[05:24.92]Oh, man.

[05:26.60]-Hi, Magda. How are you? -You wanna see something beautiful? 梅格,你好吗?

[05:29.24]Come, l show you. Look at him. 想不想看宝宝的照片?


[05:32.76]You ever see such beautiful face? Look, here.


[05:37.20]So smiley.

[05:40.60]And here, after bath, with his little pupik. 这一张刚洗完澡 看他的小肚皮

[05:48.52]Okay. 知道了

[05:51.72]As l live and breathe... 霍布斯小姐…

[05:54.92]Ms. Hobbes, l never thought l'd see the day. 没想到你也有这一天

[05:57.76]That's not me, that's her. l didn't even take most of those. 这些照片不是我拍的 都是她拍的

[06:02.24]Okay, this is the only sweater l have that covers my ass. 我只有这件毛衣遮得住屁股

[06:06.36]Can l can get away with this and stretchy pants all weekend? 我能摆脱这一切和伸缩裤吗?

[06:09.12]Are you kidding? Atlantic City is the capital of stretchy pants. They're mandatory there. 大西洋城规定访客 都要穿伸缩裤


[06:19.96]Hi, how you doing? 你好吗?

[06:20.48]What's wrong? What are you doing back here? 你怎么又回来了?

[06:23.56]l thought l forgot the wipies, but it turns out, actually.... 我以为我忘了换尿布 其实是…

[06:27.32]l don't think l can do this. -我办不到 -你说什么?

[06:32.80]Excuse me? 我怕我会弄断他

[06:32.16]l'm afraid l might break him or something.

[06:34.40]Look, l accidentally scratched his face with my dirty fingernail. 我不小心用脏指甲刮到他的脸

[06:40.32]lt's nothing. You've taken care of him before. 没事的,你照顾过他

[06:44.60]-lt's been fine. -Yeah, but for two hours. 两个小时还可以 超过两个小时我可能会…

[06:47.40]For two hours l'm great, but after two hours, l might...

[06:51.80]accidentally kill him. 不小心杀了他

[06:54.76]We're both afraid we're gonna kill the baby. 我们都很害怕会杀了他

[06:55.32]That's a given. But we made an agreement this week. 我们这个礼拜做过协议

[06:58.84]Monday to Friday, l try not to kill him. 星期一到五,我来照顾他

[07:02.60]Saturday and Sunday, you try not to kill him. 星期六、日换你


[07:09.08]l'm sorry. 抱歉

[07:12.12]l can't do it. 我办不到


[07:18.68]You should go. You're gonna miss the plane.

[07:20.68]No way. The four of us are going to Atlantic City. We'll figure something out. 我们四个缺一不可 一定有别的办法

[07:29.08]Hello! -抱歉我迟到了 -夏绿蒂

[07:29.36]-Sorry l'm so late! -Hi!

[07:33.40]Charlotte, welcome aboard. -欢迎你 -其他人呢?

[07:33.64]-Where is everybody? l though l was late. -They had a problem. -我以为我是最晚到的 -宝宝那边出了问题

[07:38.28]Something with the baby. They're meeting us down there.

[07:38.40]-我们约在大西洋城碰头 -真的吗?

[07:39.08]They are? But....

[07:42.28]So it's just going to be the three of us for the whole flight? 所以这趟旅程 只有我们三个人?

[07:46.12]Yeah, come in. Make yourself comfortable. 对,请进,不要拘束

[07:50.44]Samantha, you shouldn't have! 莎曼珊,你太客气了


[07:57.76]lt's pretty.

[07:60.04]But what is it? 这是什么?

[08:02.24]l'm sorry, that was actually meant for Samantha. 抱歉,那是我送莎曼珊的

[08:06.72]-lt's a pearl thong. -For me? -珍珠丁字裤 -送我的?你真淘气

[08:09.100]You naughty boy.

[08:18.36]Did l tell you l've taken up knitting? l find it really calms my nerves. 我最近开始学编织 可以安抚情绪

[08:22.52]Practical and stimulating. What will they think of next? 实用又令人兴奋 商人的新花样真多

[08:25.52]Knitting is the new yoga, according to New York magazine. “纽约杂志”说 编织是新式瑜珈

[08:28.28]l'm making these for little Brady. 这是要送给小布莱迪的

[08:31.40]Maybe later, if you're good, l'll give you a pearl necklace to match. 等一下我再送你 珍珠项练来搭配

[08:35.44]My father gave me the most beautiful pearl necklace for my sweet 16. 我16岁生日时 父亲送我一条珍珠项练

[08:38.52]Actually, we're talking about the other kind of pearl necklace. 我们说的是另一种珍珠项练

[08:43.92]You know, when a guy decorates your neck. 男人在你脖子上留下的记号

[08:47.20]You're sure that Carrie said they were coming down tonight? 凯莉她们今晚真的会到吗?

[08:51.24]''Knit one, purI two'' wouId never sound the same to CharIotte again. 编织再也不能安抚 夏绿蒂的情绪了

[08:59.08]You know, l need to go somewhere that l've been looking forward to-- 我要去度假 那是我期待很久的

[09:04.08]-Excuse me. -No. -两位… -不行…

[09:05.56]-That's not what l'm talking about. -Time out. 两位,暂停

[09:06.16]Magda here has offered to help Steve with the baby over the weekend. -梅格愿意帮忙照顾宝宝 -那不是她的工作

[09:10.84]No, that's not her job. 拜托米兰达花点钱解决问题 我们好上路

[09:13.72]l'm begging you, throw some money at the problem...

[09:14.100]and let's hit the road. 我们已经错过飞机了 要怎么去那里?

[09:16.52]We've already missed the jet. How would we get there?

[09:20.80]This is the finaI caII for AtIantic City. 往大西洋城的旅客请快上车

[09:22.88]Passengers shouId be on board for immediate departure. 公车即将离站,旅客请快上车

[09:25.92]This is pleasant. 真是令人愉快 一整车都是老太太

[09:27.36]l think we're on the old-lady express.

[09:29.64]-就在那边 -老先生都到哪里去了?

[09:33.88]-Where are all the old men? -Dead, or married to 20-year-olds. 不是翘辫子就是娶了年轻老婆

[09:39.20]l am so excited. 我好兴奋 我一直期待独处看杂志的时间

[09:41.36]l have been dreaming about being alone with these for months.

[09:42.04]l love that The New Yorker is your porn. 纽约客杂志能让你兴奋

[09:46.40]Do think we'll still be friends when we're this old? 我们老了之后还会是朋友吗?

[09:50.00]-Sure. -What do you mean, ''sure''? -当然 -什么叫当然?

[09:52.88]l could barely get us together for the weekend... 我们还有体力时 都这么难聚在一起了

[09:55.80]and we're all still mobile.

[09:57.56]Hey, New Yorker, l'm talking to you. 纽约客,我在跟你说话

[10:02.72]How are we gonna make it to 70 if you've already zoned me out? 你们现在都跟我划清界线了 怎么撑到70岁?

[10:04.52]Okay, l'm listening. Talk fast. 我在听,讲快一点

[10:08.72]l'm serious. Friendships don't magically last 40 years. 友谊不会自动维持40年 你得做点投资

[10:09.56]You have to invest in them.

[10:12.24]lt's like your savings. 就像储蓄一样 你不能期待哪天醒来

[10:14.96]You don't expect to wake up one day, old...

[10:15.16]and find a big bucket of money waiting there. 银行里就有好几百万

[10:18.40]Did you finally open that lRA? -你终于去开退休帐户了? -不是

[10:20.52]No, my point is... 我是说我们需要一个 感情上的退休计划

[10:23.12]we need an emotional retirement plan.

[10:26.20]This is important... 找时间和对方出来旅游 是很重要的

[10:28.16]making time for each other and taking trips like this.

[10:32.08]Because as we can see here, at the end of the line... 你看 到最后公车上只有老太太

[10:34.72]it's just gonna be us ladies riding a bus.

[10:38.28]l'm so happy right now. 我现在好高兴

[10:41.52]AtIantic City departing at gate 104. 往大西洋城的旅客 请到104号门

[10:50.84]Two New Yorker magazines and two knit booties Iater... 两本纽约客杂志 和两双毛袜之后

[10:54.80]we aII arrived at the understated Taj MahaI casino. 我们终于来到低调的 泰姬玛哈陵赌场

[10:59.20]Here it is, ladies, Atlantic City! 各位女士,这就是大西洋城

[11:04.68]Breathe deep and take it all in. 深深地吸一口气

[11:10.24]God, l've missed this. 天啊,我怀念这个味道

[11:13.20]-Yeah. -l thought you'd never been here before. -你不是没来过 -我是说烟味

[11:16.80]l'm referring to the cigarette smoke.

[11:18.20]-Look at all the old ladies. -This is nothing. -这里老太太真多 -这没什么

[11:20.44]-You should have been on the bus with us. -l wish l had been. -你应该坐公车 -我也希望

[11:23.04]Please, a little harmless over-the-bra action... 我们不过是亲昵了一点

[11:27.04]and Miss Priss here is running for a parachute. 紧张小姐就急着要跳机

[11:30.40]Have you ever heard of a pearl necklace? 你有听过珍珠项练的比喻吗?

[11:31.36]l'm hitting the slots. -我要去玩吃角子老虎 -我答应理查会去找他

[11:32.60]l told Richard l'd stop by his baccarat game.

[11:35.44]Not so fast. We'll take care of all that later. But right now... 别着急,等一下再去

[11:41.04]l'm taking my ladies to dinner. 现在我要带你们去吃晚餐 没错,我请客

[11:42.72]That's right. lt's on me. Steak? You got it.

[11:45.48]Lobster? Coming right up. 牛排,没问题…龙虾,马上来

[11:48.32]Nothing is too fancy... 来到大西洋城大家千万别客气

[11:50.28]for my Atlantic City ladies.

[11:56.16]We have got to get a picture here. This place is fantastic. 我们一定要照相 这个地方太漂亮了

[11:60.12]ls that a euphemism for tacky? -你是说俗不可耐吗? -好狂野

[12:01.32]lt's chandelierious.

[12:05.00]Would it be bad to order more sour cream? -我不该点酸奶酪? -没关系,你在度假

[12:07.68]No! Eat your heart out. You're on vacation.

[12:10.44]l almost forgot about Charlotte's present. 我差点忘了夏绿蒂的礼物

[12:12.24]-lt's tomorrow, and l said l didn't-- -Relax! -是明天,而且我不要礼物… -我在礼品店买的,很便宜

[12:13.36]l bought it in the gift shop for $3.99.


[12:25.80]Old Maid? ls this supposed to be funny? 老太太?这很好笑吗?

[12:26.28]Of course it's supposed to be funny. You couldn't be farther from an old maid. 当然,你就快成为老太太了

[12:30.72]l remember her looking a lot older. She looks about our age now. 我记得她以前比较老 她现在看起来跟我们差不多

[12:36.32]She's had work done. 她整形成功

[12:36.20]So, here's where all the bathing beauties are hiding. 原来美女都躲在这里了

[12:41.36]Oh, you flatterer. 阿谀奉承

[12:43.28]My poker game is about to start. Would you like to join me? 我的牌局就要开始了 想陪我吗?

[12:45.64]l don't think so. l think l'll stay with the girls. -我还是陪她们好了 -好吧

[12:49.12]All right. 理查,欢迎回到泰姬玛哈陵 你好吗?

[12:50.40]Hey, Richard, welcome back to the Taj Mahal.

[12:53.08]-How are you? -Very well, Denise. Thank you. -丹妮丝,我很好 -丹妮丝,你好

[12:55.92]Hello, Denise. l'm Samantha. lt's a pleasure to meet you. 我是莎曼珊,很高兴见到你

[12:58.96]lf you ladies will excuse me... 恕我失陪 五位绅士等着赢我的钱

[13:00.68]there are five gentlemen waiting to take my money.

[13:05.12]-l'll walk you out. -Thank you. -我陪你走 -谢谢

[13:08.20]That reminds me, l have to pump soon. -她让我想起我该喂奶 -谁挑这家“波霸餐厅”的?

[13:09.80]-Yeah, who picked this breastaurant? -Cleavage is big here.

[13:12.08]lt's part of the regional charm. 乳沟算是这里的地方特色之一 我们来举杯敬酒

[13:17.16]All right. l propose a toast.

[13:20.92]To the four of us. May we always-- 敬我们四个的友谊…

[13:22.32]l think l will join Richard after all. Good night. 我还是去陪理查好了,晚安

[13:31.40]Ladies, would you like a souvenir photograph? 女士们,想不想拍张照留念?

[13:33.68]No. lt was supposed to be of the four of us. -好 -不用了

[13:35.96]应该要有四个人的 其中一个见色忘友

[13:38.36]Now one of us has a puss on.

[13:42.00]Thanks. 谢谢

[13:44.80]When are we gonna go gamble? 我们什么时候去赌博?

[13:46.80]Come on. Baby needs a new pair of shoes. 宝宝需要新鞋子

[13:49.48]Seven! Winner!

[13:51.24]Okay, you won! Let's go find Samantha. 你赢了,我们去找莎曼珊

[13:54.80]-But l'm winning. -That's why you should leave now. -我手气正好 -所以你应该马上离开

[13:57.64]l don't wanna leave. 我不想走

[13:58.80]l've been here a half-hour. No one's offered to buy us drinks. 已经一个半小时了 竟然没有人请我们喝饮料

[14:01.56]-They're free. -Hey, blondie, blow my dice for luck. -饮料不用钱 -金发美女


[14:06.08]No. l don't know how to play the game. Let her do it. 我不知道怎么玩,请她来

[14:11.44]No, get the hot one. -不要,叫辣妹吹 -金发美女带来幸运,吹吧

[14:12.92]l want you. You're my lucky blonde. Blow.

[14:18.40]All right.

[14:22.20]l'm looking for a five, shooter! Five to stay alive. -开始了 -拜托了

[14:26.68]Come on.

[14:30.64]Fuck, l lost. -该死,我输了 -糟糕

[14:31.92]You just won me $1 2,000, blondie. 美女,你帮我赢了一万二

[14:35.48]Here. 给你

[14:39.04]Oh, my God. 天啊

[14:44.96]-l can't accept this. -lt's yours, blondie. -我不能接受 -美女,这是给你的

[14:48.40]Get in the game. Have some fun. 赌一场吧,很有趣的

[14:49.20]Come on.

[14:55.80]What'll you do with that? You gonna gamble? -你要拿来赌吗? -这可是一千块呢

[14:55.64]lt's $1,000!

[14:59.56]-''The hot one.'' Did you hear that? -lt could be a lot more. l could coach you. -你有听到吗? -可能会赢更多

[15:02.92]''Lucky blonde.'' lt's so sexist. “金发美女带来幸运” 真是“发色”歧视

[15:03.80]-lt's found money. What've you got to lose? -$1,000, and that would not make me happy. -你又不会有损失 -我会损失一千块

[15:09.28]What would make all of us happy, l believe... 我会伤心的


[15:12.68]is to go see ZZ Top in the Magic Carpet room.

[15:16.76]l think l'm gonna pass. 我不去了 我订了付费电影和巧克力

[15:17.04]l got pay-per-view and a frozen Milky Way waiting for me in my room.

[15:21.24]What? A minute ago, you were bouncing off the walls! 什么?前一分钟你才生龙活虎

[15:26.12]This is what l'm like nowadays. l stop for a minute, l have to lie down. 我现在就是这样 我要躺下休息一下

[15:27.100]Good night. -晚安 -你不能去睡觉

[15:33.16]You can't go to sleep! 再过五分钟夏绿蒂又要35岁了

[15:34.92]ln five minutes, Charlotte turns 35 again!

[15:37.20]Good night! 晚安

[15:40.08]CharIotte went to sIeep that night with a $1,000 chip on her shouIder. 那一千块筹码 让夏绿蒂当晚无法成眠

[15:47.96]As a ruIe, the easier a game is to understand... 一个游戏越简而易懂 对赌场越有利

[15:50.32]the greater the house edge, and rouIette is no exception.


[15:54.00]The house edge on aII bets is 1/19...

[15:55.92]or 5.26%... 不论哪一种赌注都对赌场有利

[15:57.68]except for a 0-00-1-2-3 combination... 除了0、00,和123的组合

[16:01.60]which carries a house edge of 7.89%. 赌场的胜率只有…

[16:03.28]PeopIe go to casinos for the same reason they go on bIind dates.: 赌博和相亲有一个共通的动机

[16:06.12]hoping to hit the jackpot. 就是赢得大奖 但通常不是破产就是独饮闷酒

[16:08.64]But mostIy you just wind up broke or aIone in a bar.

[16:12.52]If we know the house aIways wins... 如果我们知道赌场总是赢家

[16:17.80]why gambIe? 为什么要赌博?

[16:24.52]The next morning, Richard and Samantha awoke... 次日,在忽必烈套房 理查和莎曼珊刚起床…

[16:28.80]in the comfort of the KubIa Khan Suite.

[16:28.72]How long do you think you'll be off with the girls? 你跟女孩们会玩多久?

[16:32.48]All day probably. What are your plans? 或许一整天吧 你有什么打算?

[16:37.56]l haven't decided yet. 我还没决定

[16:44.32]-l'm sorry to interrupt, Richard. -lt's not a problem, Terry. -理查,抱歉打扰了 -小茸,没关系

[16:47.12]ApparentIy, there were no oId maids at the Taj MahaI. 显然,泰姬玛哈陵没有老女人

[16:49.56]Terry, was it? 你叫小茸?很好记的名字 小茸送来毛茸茸的浴巾

[16:51.04]That ought to be easy to remember. Terry, with her terrycloth towels.

[16:58.64]Samantha had the distinct feeIing she was being KubIa-conned. 莎曼珊直觉她和忽必烈有染

[17:01.32]Thank you. 谢谢你

[17:07.20]Samantha, you're not actually jealous of a casino cleaning lady, are you? 莎曼珊你不会为一个 清洁小妹吃醋吧?

[17:13.52]No. l just find it impressive that you know the name and cup size... 你居然知道 所有女性员工的名字

[17:16.52]-of every woman who works here. -l know the male employees' names as well. 我也知道男性员工的名字 不代表我会跟他们睡

[17:22.28]lt doesn't mean l'm gonna sleep with them. Aren't you keeping the girls waiting?


[17:27.56]Hi, l'm Samantha. 你好,我是莎曼珊

[17:31.84]Can l get you some towels? 需要浴巾吗?巧克力?

[17:34.52]A chocolate for your pillow?

[17:37.48]-A blowjob? -Yes, but not necessarily in that order. 还是口交?


[17:46.32]MeanwhiIe, CharIotte's encore 35th birthday... 同时,夏绿蒂的第二个 35岁生日悄然来临

[17:51.72]was off to a running start.


[18:01.32]There she was, an oId maid. 镜中的她,一个老太太

[18:07.40]And it wasn't funny. 这一点都不好玩

[18:09.40]Three hours Iater, I was stiII waiting for our foursome to come together. 三个小时后 我等待我们四人再度碰头

[18:12.48]-Here we go. This is the spin. -Yes, you're quite the spinster. -转轮盘(老处女) -你是很像

[18:16.84]Sorry l'm late. l've been fucking Richard for the past three hours. 抱歉我迟到了 我得跟理查大战三回合

[18:21.44]-l think he's fucked out now. -ls he still breathing? -他已经筋疲力尽了 -他还有呼吸吗?

[18:22.32]lt was defensive fucking. l had no choice. 这是一场保卫战,我别无选择

[18:24.92]There are cheap-looking whores flying at him from every direction here. 到处都有下贱的婊子 等着勾引他

[18:42.40]There she was.: ''Miss AtIantic SIutty. '' 这时,大西洋城荡妇姗姗来迟

[18:49.28]-Charlotte, are you in there? -No, but l think Harlot is. -夏绿蒂,你在里面吗? -我想里面住着婊子

[18:53.28]l didn't like any of the clothes l packed... 我不喜欢我带来的衣服 所以到商店买了这一件

[18:53.24]so l picked something up at one of the casino shops.

[18:57.64]Those are for women who have lost all their money and have to turn tricks. 这是给输光了钱 必须出卖肉体的女孩穿的

[18:60.08]-Does this gal gamble? -Yeah! -这位小姐赌博吗? -当然

[19:01.28]Okay, let's go.

[19:07.36]No wonder the house always wins. These guys are smothered in breasts. 难怪赌场不赔钱 这些赌客几乎被奶子包围了

[19:10.96]l don't know what l was thinking, bringing a cheating man to ''Atlantic Titty.'' 我怎么会让花心大少 来到“大奶子”城?

[19:17.40]Put your bets down.

[19:17.28]-What you doing down there? -lt's the pearl thong. -你在做什么? -都是那件珍珠丁字裤

[19:22.40]lt's good for foreplay. Not so good for post-play. 对前戏很有用 现在简直整惨我

[19:23.16]All bets in? -你全部赌了? -赌得大,赢得多

[19:25.96]You bet it all?

[19:27.52]You gotta play big if you wanna win big.

[19:29.92]Ma'am, would you like a hit? 女士,要不要赌?

[19:32.60]Over. -结束了 -我们输大了

[19:31.12]-We just lost big. -lt's all part of the fun.

[19:35.60]这就是乐趣所在 我需要你的筹码

[19:36.28]We're gonna need your chip.

[19:39.96]Who, me? -我的? -你有一千块筹码

[19:41.24]You're sitting on $1,000. Don't make me hit the ATM again. -我懒得去提款机 -我们输得还不够吗?

[19:44.64]-Haven't we lost enough? -We're just getting started.

[19:46.04]Are you playing this hand, or what? -这只是开始 -你要玩吗?

[19:46.60]Ladies, if you're not gonna play, you're gonna have to give up your seats. 如果不玩,就必须让座

[19:52.92]lt's okay, sir, we're leaving, but would you mind taking our picture first? 我们马上走


[19:57.68]-Wait, l need lipstick. -l'm not allowed to do that. -我不能这么做 -这里不是游乐场

[19:59.64]Jesus Christ, it's not Disneyland. Hey, Red, move your fat ass.


[20:07.88]-What did you just say to her? -Who the hell do you think you are? -你刚才说什么? -你以为你是谁?

[20:11.36]-Fuck you. -Get in the game, or get out. -去你的 -下注,不然就离开

[20:13.44]-Guys, let's go. lt's okay. -No! 没关系,我们走吧

[20:18.72]lt is most certainly not okay! 不,当然有关系

[20:19.72]Listen, you big jerk, her ass isn't normally this big! 听好了,胖混蛋 以前她的屁股没这么大

[20:24.60]Yes. 谢谢你,我差点忘了

[20:26.80]Thank you, l almost forgot. 我屁股大是因为刚生完小孩

[20:27.48]My ass is fat because l just had a baby, you asshole!

[20:31.08]-What's your excuse? -Yeah. You having triplets? -你呢? -你生了三胞胎?

[20:37.52]Come on, let's go. 我们走吧

[20:43.32]The Lennox Lewis match soId out that night... 当晚重量级拳赛的票销售一空

[20:45.40]but our heavyweight fight caused a bigger stir. 我们的重量级纷争 却引起更大的骚动

[20:47.24]Guys, l think l'm gonna go upstairs. 我要上楼去了

[20:50.04]Come on, they're just idiots. Don't go. 别理那些白痴,不要走

[20:52.80]l'm tired. l'm sorry, Charlotte. Happy birthday. 我累了,对不起 夏绿蒂,生日快乐

[20:55.84]Please stay. Come on, you can have my chip. 不要走,我把筹码给你

[20:58.68]lt's Richard. 理查打来的…真的吗?

[20:60.36]Hello. Really?

[21:03.96]-Do you think l should go talk to her? -No, l think she'll be all right. -我要不要跟她谈谈? -她没事的

[21:08.96]Sure, l'll go with one of the girls. Ciao! 好,我找人陪我去,再见

[21:11.12]He had a sudden conference call and can't go to the fight. 他突然要开会,不能看拳赛

[21:13.32]''Go with the girls.'' Right. “找朋友去” 他好在房间等“客房服务”

[21:14.92]So he can stay in the room and get serviced by room service.

[21:17.40]We'll see about that. 我们走着瞧

[21:26.64]Shit. 该死

[21:39.68]Under other circumstances, running stairs in a pearI thong... 在其他情况下 穿着珍珠丁字裤上楼梯

[21:42.76]wouId have been Samantha's idea of a good time. 对莎曼珊来说或许是享受

[21:44.44]But by the eighth fIoor... 但是到了八楼…

[21:45.28]somewhere between pissed off and getting off...

[21:50.00]she had to take it off. 气急败坏的她不得不脱掉它

[22:02.64]Yes, thank you, l will. 好的,谢谢你,我会的

[22:02.20]No one's here? 这里没有人

[22:07.28]-What's going on? -l can't do this anymore. -这里没有人 -怎么了?


[22:11.48]That's what's going on. 我爬了11楼

[22:11.64]l just ran up eleven flights of stairs...

[22:13.92]because l was sure you were up here fucking someone else. 因为我确定你在跟别人搞

[22:16.92]As you can see, l'm not. -很显然我没有 -现在没有

[22:20.32]Right now you're not. But you were, and you will again. 你现在没有 但是从前有,未来也会有

[22:23.08]And l can't spend my life running up and down stairs wondering when. 我不能浪费生命 提心吊胆,担心你出轨

[22:27.04]l thought l could handle this, but l can't. 我以为我办得到 但是毕竟我已经37岁了

[22:32.64]l'm too old.

[22:32.20]l'm 37, after all.

[22:39.00]l told you l'd do my best never to hurt you again, and l meant it. 我说过我会尽全力不去伤害你 我是说真的

[22:40.100]Right. Your best. -是,尽全力 -莎曼珊…

[22:43.88]Samantha, l love you. 我爱你

[22:48.24]l love you, too, Richard... 理查,我也爱你 但是我更爱自己

[22:51.44]but l love me more.

[22:59.00]And there, high above the casino... 就在赌场的最顶楼 莎曼珊收回她最大的赌注

[23:01.44]Samantha puIIed her highest bet, her heart, off the tabIe.


[23:15.48]And just when Samantha thought she might have foIded too soon.... 正当莎曼珊认为自己 退出得太快…

[23:26.04]One drink here, and then we should see the boardwalk before it gets too dark. 在这里喝一杯 然后趁天黑前去外面走一走

[23:31.08]-Can we buy you a drink? -Would you like to sit down? -能请你们喝一杯吗? -想坐下来聊吗?

[23:34.76]-That would be nice. -No, we're fine. -不用了 -我很乐意

[23:37.12]So, you having a good time? -玩得愉快吗? -很愉快,今天是我的生日

[23:38.56]Yes, actually, today is my birthday.

[23:42.24]-Now it's your birthday. -Happy Birthday. -突然想过生日了 -生日快乐

[23:46.80]-So, what are your names? -Can you just.... One second? -谢谢 -你们叫什么名字?


[23:50.08]-What is the point of this? -l thought you wanted a drink. -这样是做什么? -是你想喝一杯的

[23:55.96]Can l please have a word with you alone? 我能单独跟你说句话吗?

[23:57.12]Sure. 可以,我们马上回来

[23:59.80]We'll be right back.

[24:02.32]lt's Charlotte. 我叫夏绿蒂

[24:08.96]The one in black's cute. -黑衣服那一个很可爱 -我离开曼哈顿到这里

[24:11.16]l didn't leave Manhattan for a double date with two guys we'll never see again. 不是为了和不认识的男人约会

[24:15.32]You don't know that. You didn't even talk to them. 你根本还没跟他们说过话

[24:16.08]l don't want to talk to them. l would rather have a real conversation with you. 我不想跟他们说话 我只想好好跟你聊

[24:20.100]Can't we just have one drink? lt might be fun. 喝一杯就好了,应该很有趣

[24:27.16]They're gone. -走吧 -他们离开了


[24:29.00]Problem solved.

[24:34.52]Twenty minutes Iater, we were out of the dark and into the Iight. 20分钟后 我们终于“弃暗投明”

[24:38.68]lsn't this amazing? lt's like a postcard from the '20s. 真是太不可思议了 这景色好像20年代的明信片

[24:40.44]We couldn't have had one drink? What's the harm in having one drink? -喝一杯会怎么样? -你居然还在沮丧

[24:44.64]l can't believe you're still upset.

[24:46.40]What role did you think they would play in our lives? 他们在你生命中 会扮演什么样的角色?

[24:48.32]-Who knows? We might have hit it off. -Come on. -我们可能很谈得来 -拜托

[24:52.28]Let's look at the odds realistically. 我们谈过的恋爱 有几次是成功的?

[24:54.28]How many guys do we ever hit it off with?

[24:56.24]Very few, and even if we do, those relationships don't last. 少之又少,就算成功也不长久

[24:59.52]Even if they did, men die first, so we're back where we started. 就算能长久,男人比较早死 我们到头来还是孤家寡人

[25:02.80]l say we skip all the drama... 我们干脆跳过这些恋爱剧情 互相作伴就好

[25:07.20]and just enjoy each other's company...


[25:11.48]But l don't want to skip all the drama. 我不想跳过这些剧情 那才是人生

[25:15.48]That's life, that's everything... 感情、纪念日和孩子才是一切

[25:16.96]that's relationships, and anniversaries, and kids.

[25:18.32]And l want all that, in addition to my friends. 除了朋友,我也要那些

[25:22.72]That sounds wonderful, but don't bank on it happening. 听起来很完美 但别指望它会发生

[25:27.60]You must be cold. l'll meet you at the hotel. 你一定很冷,我们饭店见

[25:30.44]l'm going to get some saltwater taffy. 我要去吃盐水太妃糖

[25:34.76]-Are you sure? -Yeah, l'm dying for it. -你确定吗? -我求之不得

[25:39.20]Watch the tram car, pIease. 电车启动,请小心

[25:52.44]By my fifth piece of peppermint taffy, I reaIized... 第五颗薄荷太妃糖过后 我突然领悟…

[25:54.20]maybe I wasn't banking on my friends. 或许我不是想依赖我的朋友 我只是躲在她们身后

[25:59.28]I was hiding in them.

[25:59.56]You ready for a swim? Got your bathing suit on under there? 要去游泳了吗? 我帮你带了泳衣

[26:03.16]Yeah, it's a bikini. You'll love it. 是比基尼,你会喜欢的

[26:07.12]l was kind of hoping for a skinny-dip. 我本来想裸泳

[26:10.04]You know there's nothing skinny about either of us. 还是不要引人注意 要走了吗?

[26:14.72]Should we go back?

[26:14.88]ln a minute. lt's almost sunset. -再等一下,太阳快下山了 -你最爱的粉红色天空

[26:18.68]You and your pink sky.

[26:37.84]Then again, maybe there are some things worth gambIing on. 或许有些事情值得赌一次

[26:46.28]Back inside, I had a thought. 我内心突然有个念头 想在未来赢得大奖

[26:50.00]To hit the jackpot in the future...

[26:53.36]you might have to bet on where you are in the present. 就要赌上现在所拥有的

[26:54.68]Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. 各位先生女士,请下注

[26:59.84]What happens after 36? 36以后的数字呢?

[27:01.32]l don't know. l guess you fall off the table. 我不知道 或许掉到桌子底下了吧

[27:10.56]All right, no more bets. Here we go. 下好离手,转动轮盘


[27:16.72]The winner is... 赢家是29号

[27:19.00]number 29!


[27:33.32]l can't believe you gambled all that money away. 我不敢相信你输掉所有的钱 我们原本可以坐轿车回去的

[27:36.72]-We could be in a limo right now. -You told me to.

[27:39.72]是你要我赌的 我以为可以坐飞机

[27:42.16]l thought we were taking the jet.

[27:44.64]You couldn't have broken up with him tomorrow? 你不能明天再提分手吗?

[27:47.56]What, and lose my dignity? 然后输掉我的尊严?

[27:50.80]Don't let me have any more of these. 不要再让我吃糖了

[27:52.80]Anyone up for playing Old Maid? -有谁想玩老太太纸牌? -我们不是吗?

[27:54.28]Aren't we?

[27:59.16]-l'm in. -l'm in. -我要玩 -我也要…等一下

[27:59.04]Oh, wait!

[28:02.04]Oh, my God! -天啊 -不会吧

[28:06.56]Excuse me, would you mind taking our picture? 抱歉,可以帮我们照张相吗?

[28:10.32]This is a moment we're gonna want to remember. 当下,我们都想记住这一刻

[28:17.56]Turns out it was. 而这一刻果然永难忘怀

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