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欲望都市第六季 前进市场 To Market, To Market







[00:38.12](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:47.36]When you Iive in the city that never sIeeps... 生活在不夜城 有时不小心睡过头

[00:50.84]it comes as a bit of a shock when somehow...

[00:52.12]you manage to oversIeep. 就会陷入一阵混乱

[00:58.72]Taxi! 计程车

[01:08.84]Excuse me. 对不起


[01:17.96]Taxi! 计程车

[01:21.12]Thank you. 谢谢你

[01:28.88]Shit! 去你的,可恶

[01:40.32]先生 我要在30分钟内赶到市中心

[01:43.72]Sir, l have to be downtown in 30 minutes.

[01:52.08]Thank you. 谢谢,不必找了

[01:54.76]Keep the change.

[01:56.24]l thought that you need a lift. 要搭便车吗


[02:18.00]Excuse me. Hi. -证券交易所在哪里 -就在那里

[02:20.72]-Which way to the stock exchange? -There.

[02:22.60]Thank you.

[02:25.20]Excuse me.

[02:36.00]-Step forward. -Okay. -前进 -停

[02:36.40]Stop. Give him the bag. 这给你

[02:39.40]Here, can you hold that?

[02:39.100]Let's go. Stop. Arms. 前进,停

[02:42.08]l'm sorry. -手举高 -对不起

[02:49.44]Sir, can you hurry? l'm here to ring the bell. 能不能快一点 我是来主持开盘的

[02:53.08]-Go ahead. -Okay, thank you. -走吧 -谢谢

[02:52.52]Step forward.

[03:03.76]All right, you have to put this on. And we gotta hurry up. 你要戴上这个,我们得快一点


[03:20.52]Today, one of New York's favorite newspapers... 本市最畅销的报纸之一 “纽约星报”即将挂牌上市

[03:26.32]the New York Star is going pubIic.

[03:29.60]And here to open trading is one of its favorite coIumnists... 在此主持开盘仪式的是 它的一名畅销专栏作家

[03:33.36]Carrie Bradshaw. 凯莉布雷萧

[03:36.64]Now you can press it. -你可以按了 -好

[03:45.28]The day after the stock market... 第二天,我和女士们约在 有名的“肉品市场”吃午餐

[03:46.08]I met the Iadies for Iunch in the fashionabIe Meat Market.

[03:49.24]lt was so exciting. lt almost made me want to invest in something. 真令人兴奋 我也打算投资点什么

[03:53.56]l love the stock market. 我热爱股市 一群男人在那里挥汗使之攀升

[03:54.12]A room full of screaming, sweating men all trying to get it up.

[03:56.24]l don't invest anymore. lt's too volatile. 投资的风险太大

[04:01.08]Exactly. l like my money right where l can see it. 我喜欢看到我的钱 挂在我的衣橱里

[04:02.36]Hanging in my closet. 你们的股价正在涨 我买了你们报社的股票

[04:04.56]Actually, your stock is up. l bought shares of your newspaper yesterday.

[04:07.24]Really? Thank you, sweetie. Was it expensive? 真的?谢谢你,会很贵吗?

[04:10.92]-No, you're cheap. -l never.... -不会,你们很便宜 -我才不便宜

[04:15.00]-Ladies. -Thank you. -女士们 -谢谢你

[04:18.52]$20 for a hamburger? That's reasonable. 一个汉堡20美元是很合理的

[04:19.16]Pathetic. When l moved to this neighborhood... 我搬来的时候 20元只能找变性人替你手淫

[04:22.64]the only thing that cost $20 was a hand job from a tranny.

[04:26.24]l'm serious. lt's all gotten so sanitary. 我是说真的 大家都注意起公共卫生来了

[04:28.40]l mean no smoking in bars. What's next? No fucking in bars? 先是酒吧内禁烟 接下来是什么,酒吧内禁性?

[04:33.12]Well, first there would have to be a no-fucking section. 那就需要设立“禁性区”

[04:34.96]l mean, just look at this street. Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen. 看看史黛拉麦卡尼 和亚历山大麦昆

[04:40.36]The only designer name that belongs in the Meatpacking District... 适合出现在“肉品市场”的 设计师应该只有奥斯卡梅尔

[04:41.32]-is Oscar Mayer. -l never liked his clothes. 我不喜欢他的衣服,太腻了

[04:45.80]-Too fatty. -But that's what's great about New York. 附近总会出现一些新邻居 餐馆…

[04:49.52]There's always a new neighborhood or restaurant....

[04:49.100]A new man. 及新的男人

[04:51.48]That's right. Friday night, my first official date with Jack Berger. 这个星期五晚上 我和杰克柏格将首度正式约会

[04:58.28]That is so exciting. lsn't that exciting? 那不是太好了

[04:59.32]Sure. lt's all fun and games till someone has a child. 有趣又好玩 直到你有小孩为止

[05:04.72]So, what do you two have planned? 你们有什么计划

[05:05.08]He hasn't said yet. So many outfits need to be scouted. 他还没提出来 我也还没决定要穿什么

[05:09.20]You kids today and your dating. -你听起来像小女孩一样兴奋 -没错

[05:11.64]l know. l feel like a girl of 35 again. 我觉得自己又像回到35岁

[05:18.80]l really like him. -我真的很喜欢他 -那就找出他的底限在那里

[05:20.72]Then you better find out his bottom line right up front.

[05:22.28]lf Harry had told me he could only be serious about me if l were Jewish... 若哈利说除非我信犹太教 他才会对我认真

[05:27.96]l doubt l'd be in my situation. 我就不知该如何因应

[05:28.88]l don't get it. What kind of man passes up pussy for Purim? 为宗教 而舍弃美女的算什么男人

[05:32.32]Soup and a tenderloin of pork. 汤及嫩猪排

[05:38.44]What's with the face? -你那是什么表情 -我哪有什么表情

[05:39.28]-l didn't make a face. -l said pork, you went....


[05:44.60]lt's just l'm confused. 我只是有点困惑

[05:45.88]You can order pork, but you can't get serious about our future... 你可以点猪排 却不能认真考虑我们的未来

[05:49.16]because l'm not Jewish.

[05:50.64]And from the meat market to the marriage market. 从肉品市场到婚姻市场

[05:54.92]Charlotte, it doesn't work that way. l'm not kosher. l'm conservative. 夏绿蒂,我不是传统犹太教徒

[05:56.80]-我是保守派 -我也是

[05:57.60]l'm conservative, too.

[05:57.76]My conservative doesn't have anything to do with wearing pearls. 我的保守派信念 跟戴不戴珍珠无关

[06:03.96]Look, l know what you're thinking, okay? 你在想,我为什么让事情 发展到这地步却什么也没说

[06:03.08]''Why did l let things get this far without talking about this?

[06:08.72]''Why did l sleep with you or even kiss you?'' -我为什么和你上床 -为什么?

[06:10.72]-Why did you? -Because l couldn't not kiss you. 因为我忍不住想吻你 想跟你亲热,想看到你

[06:13.48]Not sleep with you, not see you.

[06:15.08]Believe me, l never thought a shiksa goddess like you... 我从没想过像你这样的女神 也会爱上我这种傻瓜

[06:16.60]would fall for a putz like me.

[06:19.16]You're not a putz. -你才不是傻瓜 -你知道这个字的意思?

[06:23.84]Do you even know what ''putz'' means?

[06:26.64]Yes, schmuck. 没错,是笨蛋的意思

[06:27.100]Sure you're not Jewish? 你确定你真的不是犹太人?

[06:34.36]And from Jewish to pooish. 话题从犹太教转到育儿经

[06:40.12]You got a little doody on your forehead. 米兰达,你额头上有“便便”

[06:43.04]What? Where? -什么,在哪里 -越擦越脏,在另一边

[06:42.12]No. Now you got more. The other side.

[06:45.60]Which side? 哪边

[06:48.48]拜托,这一点都不好玩 快用湿巾帮我擦掉

[06:48.88]Help! lt's not funny. Baby-wipe me.

[06:53.88]-Get it off! -''Baby-wipe me.'' 快点,我是说真的

[06:54.16]l did not say it like that. Just get it off.

[06:56.36]''Baby-wipe me.'' -快用湿巾帮我擦掉 -看你喜不喜欢

[06:57.72]-Let's see how you like it. -No, Miranda! 喜欢吗 喜欢便便在你脸上吗?

[07:02.88]No, knock it off! 别闹了

[07:06.68]Brady, tell Mommy to stop chasing Daddy. 布莱迪,叫妈咪别再追爹地了

[07:09.16]What? 怎么了

[07:14.32]l don't think it's funny. You weren't the one with shit on your face. 我觉得一点也不好笑

[07:15.80]You were chasing me. -是你先追我的 -我没时间跟你玩这个

[07:18.12]l don't have time for this. l have to get up early.

[07:21.28]l don't know why you're here. You dropped off the baby hours ago. 我不知道你还赖在这里干嘛

[07:24.68]l don't have time to stand around while you read the paper... 我没时间在你看报纸的时候 闲闲站在那里

[07:27.16]and order food in....

[07:29.32]Don't you have a life? -你没有自己的生活吗 -我当然有自己的生活

[07:30.96]l got a life.

[07:36.80]Bye, Brady. 再见,布莱迪

[07:45.68]l'm in love with Steve. 我爱上史蒂夫了,给你抱

[07:47.16]Hold this.

[07:47.52]Oh, my God, l can't believe it. 天啊,我真不敢相信

[07:51.12]Come on, are you seriously telling me you didn't know? 你是说你不知道?

[07:55.40]l knew. l just can't believe you admitted it. -我是不敢相信你会自己承认 -我需要喝一杯

[07:58.88]l need a drink. What have you got?

[07:60.88]lt's 1 1 :30 on a Saturday morning. -现在是星期六早上11:30 -你没听到我说我爱上史蒂夫

[08:02.36]Did you not hear me just say l was in love with Steve?

[08:04.84]l think l got an old bottle of Kahlúa somewhere. 我可能还有一瓶 陈年香甜咖啡酒

[08:09.20]Okay, hold on there, Brady. 等一下,布莱迪 你妈咪需要喝一杯

[08:11.68]Mama needs a cocktail.

[08:14.36]Last night, we were in the dining room, and we were laughing. 我们当时在饭厅里嘻闹

[08:16.96]All of a sudden, l looked over at him and l realized... 我看着他,突然了解到…

[08:20.84]we belong together. 我们彼此相属

[08:27.68]So l picked a fight and threw him out of my apartment. -所以我把他赶出我的公寓 -做得好

[08:29.20]Good thinking. 这些饼干已经在这里待很久了

[08:31.44]These Triscuits have been here since the mid-'80s.

[08:36.76]l so cannot be in love with Steve. 我不能爱上史蒂夫 他不是我要的男人

[08:38.72]Steve so is not the guy for me.

[08:43.52]-Miranda.... -You're right. 你说得没错 史蒂夫就是我要的男人

[08:46.40]Steve so is the guy for me.

[08:46.96]No, l was just asking if Brady can eat crackers yet. 我只是要问 布莱迪能不能吃饼干

[08:49.68]No. -我这些年是怎么搞的 -你没有错

[08:51.48]How can l have been wrong all these years?

[08:53.44]You weren't wrong. lt just took you a while to get here. 只是需要时间来看清这一切 现在你打算怎么办

[09:01.20]What are you gonna do? 我不知道,我已投入太多 何况我们还有了小孩

[09:00.80]l don't know. l have a lot invested in this relationship.

[09:03.40]-Plus we have the baby. -Plus you said you were in love with him. 何况你还说你爱上他了

[09:11.92]So how are you gonna tell him? 你要怎么告诉他

[09:12.52]Maybe l should take him somewhere romantic... 带他到浪漫一点的地方 好让我不会跟他吵起来

[09:14.08]where l can't start a fight.

[09:17.48]My God, Miranda. Do you know what this means? 天啊,你知道这代表什么吗

[09:22.00]You're asking Steve out on a date. 你在主动跟史蒂夫约会

[09:27.72]-Hi, Samantha. -Hiya.

[09:28.24]You're looking good, Sam. 俏妞

[09:33.72]That night, as Samantha waIked home... 当莎曼珊在回家路上 经过附近的酒吧时

[09:34.80]past her friendIy neighborhood bar, the RampoIe...

[09:39.76]she saw something truIy upsetting. 看到一件令她气愤的事


[09:48.100]Just what we need: another Wall Street asshole with money. 真是够了 又一个华尔街暴发户

[10:01.80]Hold the door! 等一下再关

[10:07.48]Hi, thanks. l live here. 谢谢,我是这里的住客 你看,这是我的钥匙

[10:10.80]See, here are my keys.

[10:12.64]Chip Kilkenny. l've just moved in. -奇普吉肯尼,我刚搬来 -莎曼珊琼斯,三楼

[10:16.36]Samantha Jones. 3F.

[10:18.72]l'm 4F. You're right under me. -我住四楼,你正好在我下面 -那还真有缘

[10:20.60]That sounds promising.

[10:23.40]That's quite a car. 真是一部好车

[10:24.92]l love a nice Hummer. 我喜欢好的悍马


[10:28.76]Good night.

[10:36.64]And uptown, in a sIightIy Iess obvious maneuver.... 在市区外 透过一个小小的策略运用…

[10:42.72]-l'm close. -Honey! -我快不行了 -亲爱的…

[10:44.08]ls this whole Jewish thing really that big a deal? 是不是犹太教徒 真有这么重要吗

[10:49.16]No! God! 天啊,不

[10:58.80]The next morning, bright and earIy.... 第二天一大早

[11:03.64]Good morning. 早安

[11:04.76]There's a happy face. 你看起来心情很好

[11:08.36]l am a happy face. 我是心情很好

[11:11.60]lt's a beautiful morning, and the sun is shining. 这是个美丽的早晨,阳光灿烂

[11:13.52]And you changed your mind about the Jewish thing. 而你对犹太教的事 看法已有所改变

[11:19.20]-What Jewish thing? When? -Last night. -什么犹太教的事?何时? -就在昨晚

[11:22.64]l asked you if it was that important to you... 我问你那是不是很重要 而你回答说不

[11:22.56]-and you said no. -l did? -我这么回答? -对

[11:24.100]Yeah. 就在你达到高潮之前 你怎么这么快就忘了

[11:28.40]When we were making love, right before you came.

[11:30.60]How could you not remember?

[11:31.12]Charlotte, honey, l can't remember my own name right before l come. 亲爱的,我在达到高潮之前 连自己叫什么都会忘了

[11:36.36]That's what you said. 是你自己说的

[11:36.36]Asking me to renounce Judaism during sex is a clear manipulation. 在做爱过程中引诱我放弃 犹太教义简直是恶意操纵

[11:42.96]Blah, blah, blah!

[11:43.64]l just don't understand. Why is it so important to you? 我只是不明白 为什么这件事对你有这么重要

[11:48.72]l promised my mother l would marry a Jew. -我答应过我妈要娶犹太教徒 -你妈?

[11:50.56]Your mother? 她对她的理想丈夫 跟他们的妈妈有点过敏

[11:52.76]CharIotte had had her fiII of potentiaI husbands...

[11:53.36]and their demanding mothers.

[11:54.04]Harry's stock suddenIy began to pIummet. 哈利的股价顿时一落千丈

[11:58.04]-就在她临终的时候 -此时又突然升高

[11:58.04]Right before she died.

[12:01.84]And just Iike that, it was up again.

[12:03.88]l'm very sorry your mother is no longer with us... 很遗憾你母亲已经不在了 如果她看到我的话…

[12:08.28]because if she met me--

[12:09.44]She'd fall in love with you like l did and not care? 她会爱上你 而不在乎你是不是犹太教徒?

[12:13.36]No. Jews don't think like that. 犹太教徒是不会这么想的

[12:15.60]Keeping tradition alive was very important to her. 对她而言传统很重要 她在大屠杀中失去了家人

[12:19.44]She lost family in the Holocaust.

[12:21.68]What? 怎么了

[12:25.08]Now l can't say anything because you've brought up the Holocaust. 既然你提起了大屠杀 我也无话可说了

[12:35.40]Hi, it's me. Leave a message. 是我,请留言

[12:38.40]Hi, it's Jack. 你好,我是杰克

[12:38.20]Berger, not Kerouac. 先声明我是杰克柏格 不是杰克凯鲁亚克

[12:42.08]l wanted to clear that up. 你可能正在过滤电话 我也是用这种方式过滤电话

[12:44.96]So, you're probabIy standing there screening.

[12:46.36]Way to play it. l'm a big fan of the screen.

[12:49.12]In fact, don't pick up or I'II just.... I'II panic and hang up. 别接起来 否则我会受到惊吓而挂断

[12:53.20]Don't pick up. 我还没做好 直接沟通的心理准备

[12:53.60]l'm not ready for actual voice-on-voice action.

[12:56.48]So I'm jumping right in... 我想建议 约会当天我们可去吃饭看电影

[12:59.88]and suggesting dinner and a movie for the big date.

[13:01.36]Everybody's really been loving that movie, Craig's Room. 听说“神秘之屋”那部片很棒 我们不妨也去凑个热闹

[13:05.56]Why don't we go and hate it?

[13:06.92]Here come the movie times. 接下来是电影的场次 5:15有一场,7:00有一场

[13:08.24]We have 5.:15, we have 7.:00....

[13:13.00]And he calculated which times and which theaters... 他盘算着 哪个时段比较不会拥挤

[13:15.76]would be least crowded, which says, ''take charge.'' 也就表明主控权在他

[13:17.84]Yet left the restaurant choice to me, which says, ''flexible.'' 但他让我决定去哪里用餐 也就表示那是可商量的

[13:21.04]All in all, the perfect machine message. 非常完美的电话留言

[13:24.84]l think Berger and l are going to be very happy together. 我觉得 我们两人在一起一定会很快乐

[13:29.56]l love this time before the first date when you can say things like that... 我喜欢这种 你几乎可预见完美结局的感觉

[13:32.08]and almost believe them. 怎么突然像在演戏一样

[13:34.96]-Why all the drama? -Because l really like him.

[13:36.84]我真的很喜欢他 想想看这对女人有多重要

[13:36.96]And you can imagine what that does to a girl.

[13:40.84]Got it. Say no more. Really, say no more. 好了,别再说了 真的,别再说了

[13:44.12]Right after, l got a message from this other fellow... 我收到另一个人的留言 他突然要约我出去

[13:45.96]who l've known for a year, suddenly asking me out...

[13:49.96]which only proves my theory: 这证明了我的理论 招引约会的最佳妙方

[13:50.24]The only thing a girl needs to get a date is another date.

[13:53.24]Your stock is up. -就是另一个约会 -你的股价攀升了

[13:54.64]-And did you say yes? -No, l already have a date. -你答应了? -没有,我已经有约了

[13:55.24]Which is why you should say yes to the other one. 答应另一个约会吧 你太在意和柏格的约会了

[13:58.32]You're putting a lot of pressure on this Berger date.

[14:02.08]Charlotte's right. You need to do something to take the edge off. 你需要做点别的事 来舒解一下压力

[14:05.60]l am not going on a simu-date. 我不喜欢脚踏两条船

[14:07.68]How many new outfits have you bought for this movie? Be honest. 你为这次约会买了多少行头

[14:11.12]None. Six. All returnable. 一件都没有 六件,全都是可以退的

[14:12.32]All right, maybe just a casual coffee to take the edge off Berger. -来杯咖啡好缓和柏格的压力 -你看吧

[14:15.100]Exactly. 当天稍晚 我开始思考股市及约会的事

[14:18.08]Later that day, I got to thinking about the stock market and dating.

[14:22.76]Are they reaIIy that different?

[14:23.84]If you have a bad stock, you can Iose your shirt. 如果选错股票 你可能会倾家荡产

[14:27.24]If you have a bad date, you can Iose your wiII to Iive. 如果选错约会对象 你可能生不如死

[14:29.12]And if the date is good, the stakes get even higher. 但若你的对象很好 风险反而更高

[14:36.08]After weathering aII the ups and downs... 于是在一阵起起落落之后 你会发现自己仍是一无所有

[14:36.56]you couId one day find yourseIf with nothing.

[14:41.36]When it comes to finance and dating... 因此对于财务和约会这两件事 我忍不住提出质疑…

[14:45.36]I couIdn't heIp but wonder.:

[14:47.80]''Why do we keep investing?'' 为什么我们还要持续投入?

[14:54.56]And speaking of high-risk investments.... 说到高风险的投资…

[15:05.84]Hey, it's me. I'm not here. 是我,我不在这里 请试拨史考特酒吧957-7297

[15:06.40]Try me at Scout.: 957-7297.

[15:10.76]Don't forget the 212. 别忘了拨212


[15:15.88]Hi, Steve.

[15:18.56]l need to talk to you about something. 我有话想跟你说 我们是否能共进晚餐讨论一下

[15:20.80]How about we do it over dinner?

[15:21.100]How's tomorrow night? Magda can sit with Brady. 明天晚上行吗 梅格可以过来照顾布莱迪

[15:27.56]Let me know. Bye. 请回我电话,再见

[15:29.56]lt's Miranda and.... 我是米兰达…再见


[15:34.92]Miranda feared it was possibIy the most imperfect machine message ever. 米兰达担心那是 有史以来最糟糕的电话留言

[15:41.08]And Samantha decided to say it with a basket. 莎曼珊决定以礼篮展开攻势

[15:53.24]Welcome Wagon. 欢迎搬来,帅哥

[15:54.60]Hi. 对不起,我刚好在冲澡

[15:55.80]Excuse the towel. l was just gonna shower.

[15:57.68]l brought you a basket filled with goodies... 我帮你带了个 装满好东西的礼篮

[15:60.08]to acquaint you with your new neighborhood.

[16:02.48]Cheese, prosciutto, condoms, handcuffs. 里面有乳酪、生火腿 保险套、手铐

[16:04.48]-Handcuffs? -From the bar next door. -手铐? -来自隔壁那家酒吧

[16:09.92]Enjoy. -好好享用 -我伸手去接毛巾就会掉下来

[16:10.32]lf l reach for that, my towel will fall.

[16:14.28]l'm no fool. 我又不是没见识过

[16:22.56]A IittIe whiIe Iater, Samantha bIew Chip the stockbroker. 不久之后 莎曼珊享用了股市经纪人奇普


[16:32.16]Now that's what l call eating in. 这就是我所谓的在家吃饭

[16:36.48]听着…我从没这么做过 但我可以给你个消息

[16:37.56]l never do this, but here's a tip.

[16:40.12]Elan Pharmaceuticals is gonna go straight through the roof. 亚隆制药,它会飙得很高

[16:44.40]Elan Pharmaceuticals. 亚隆制药

[16:51.40]-Thanks. -No, thank you. -谢谢你 -我才要谢谢你

[16:54.28]That was the best F-ing head of my life. 这是我此生最大的享受

[16:57.72]Just Iike that, their mutuaI fun... 他们的共同性趣 于是转变成共同基金

[17:01.84]turned into mutuaI funds.

[17:05.68]Later that week, I met graphic designer WiIIy AppIegate... 同一个星期 我和威利艾波格有个黄昏之约

[17:09.16]for a Iate afternoon simu-date.

[17:09.08]This is a cute place. -这个地方不错 -希望它还令你满意

[17:12.76]l hope it's okay. l didn't know. 我想选在花园 应该不会出什么问题

[17:13.24]But l figured, you can't go wrong with a garden, right?

[17:16.12]-Yeah, it's great. -l hope it's okay. -这里很好 -希望你喜欢,我不知道

[17:21.88]l didn't know. l just said that.


[17:25.08]It suddenIy became cIear that a simu-date for me... 显然我的双重约会 对他而言是第一次约会

[17:28.08]was a first date for him.

[17:30.96]Are you looking at my sty? -你正在看我的针眼吗? -对不起?

[17:33.24]-Excuse me? -My sty. 我的针眼 我长了一个针眼,就在这里

[17:36.88]l have a sty. See, right here.

[17:37.32]l was gonna cancel, but then l thought: 我本想取消约会 但又想“她可能不会注意到”

[17:39.100]''Maybe she won't even notice it.''

[17:42.16]l didn't even.... 我并没有…我没有在看它

[17:43.24]-No, l wasn't looking at it. -That's good. 很好

[17:53.20]What was that? Have you ever seen anything like it? 怎么搞的?你曾见过…

[17:55.20]No, l have never. -我从没见过 -我没挑对地方,对不起

[17:56.40]This is a bad choice of place. l'm sorry.

[17:58.56]No, it's fine. 不会,这很有意思 就像荒野狩猎口味的卡布奇诺

[18:02.36]lt's fun. lt's like a ''cappuccino wilderness safari.''

[18:09.72]Balsamic vinegar in my sty. -黑醋跑进我的针眼里了 -天啊,来

[18:14.08]God, here.

[18:17.24]Thanks. Could this go any worse? 谢谢,还有什么比这更糟的

[18:23.32]What the fuck? 这是…搞什么…

[18:29.12]l'm fine. 我没事

[18:31.16]It was a sudden crash no anaIyst had seen coming. 这是个没有任何分析师 预测到的大崩盘

[18:34.96]And in yet another type of market.... 在超级市场中…

[18:37.12]l hope you're happy now. l'm twice as nervous about my Berger date. 现在我更加担心 与柏格的约会了

[18:40.44]Caring too much is like a disaster magnet. -过度在意简直是弄巧成拙 -可怜的家伙

[18:44.60]Poor guy. 你能想像长个针眼 也能把整件事搞砸吗?

[18:44.32]Can you catch a sty helping someone up from gravel?

[18:49.80]Where's the homeopathic section? 也许该建议顺势疗法 开个“针眼去除科”

[18:51.04]Maybe they make something called ''Sty-B-Gone.''

[18:51.08]Did you know that Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism for Eddie Fisher? 你知道 伊丽莎白泰勒改信犹太教了吗

[18:56.12]l'm thrown by the change of topic, but l do appreciate the trivia. 真高兴你转移话题

[18:59.80]l'm reading her book My Love Affair with JeweIry. 是在她的“恋恋珠宝” 一书中提及

[19:00.28]Not surprising. -她为了心爱的男人改变信仰 -以及一件昂贵的珠宝

[19:02.48]She changed her religion for the man she loved.

[19:04.96]And a big old, honking piece of jewelry.

[19:08.04]-Don't be so cynical. -Sorry, it's my potential sty talking. -别这这么尖酸 -抱歉,我受到针眼的刺激

[19:10.56]Love. She did it for love. 她是为了爱而改变

[19:15.64]Are you thinking of pulling an Elizabeth Taylor? 你打算效法伊丽莎白泰勒吗

[19:16.60]l need more information. There's more to being a Jew than jewelry. 我还需要更多资讯 不光只是珠宝而已

[19:21.48]Wise words. l'll meet you at the checkout. 明智之举,待会付帐柜台见

[19:34.40]CharIotte wondered just how far she wouId go for her true Iove. 夏绿蒂犹豫 她要为真爱付出到什么地步

[19:45.92]Did you know that Elizabeth Taylor converted to Judaism for Eddie Fisher? 你知道伊丽莎白泰勒 为了艾迪费雪而改变信仰

[19:50.52]Now don't get too excited. We're just trading information here. 别太兴奋 我们只是在交换意见


[19:54.20]From a not excited place l ask, is this something you might consider? 我不太感兴趣地问 你考虑这么做吗

[19:57.64]l'm just trying to understand what's so special about being a Jew. -犹太教有什么特别之处 -我觉得你好像在玩什么把戏

[20:01.56]-l feel like l'm on a game show. -l'm serious.

[20:05.44]lf this is really your bottom line, then you're gonna have to try... 我是认真的 如果这是你坚持的底限

[20:06.92]and give me a reason, aside from your mother, that l can relate to. 再给我一个合理的理由 你母亲的那部分除外

[20:18.04]lf we were to get married... 如果我们要结婚的话 现在只是在交换意见

[20:18.100]Now, we're just trading information here.

[20:22.20]...l would want our children to be raised Jewish. 我们的孩子 将要以犹太人的方式养大

[20:25.60]CharIotte reaIized it was time to reveaI to Harry... 夏绿蒂了解 此刻该她掀出底牌了

[20:30.48]her bottom Iine.

[20:33.92]lf that's really the reason, then l have to tell you something. 如果这是重点的话 那么我有事要对你说


[20:45.40]l may not be able to give you children. 我可能无法为你生孩子

[20:47.04]l'm challenged in the reproductive area. 我有生育方面的问题

[20:53.04]lt's not hopeless, but it's difficult. 虽不至于全然无望 但是希望并不大

[20:59.32]l guess l should have brought it up sooner, but l never thought we'd even.... 我应该早点告诉你 但我没想到我们会…

[21:02.24]l understand if you-- 我会谅解,如果你…


[21:08.56]l love you. 我爱你

[21:10.60]You are the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to a schmuck like me. 你是像我这种笨蛋 一辈子求之不得的礼物

[21:17.88]You're not a schmuck. 你不是笨蛋,你是傻瓜

[21:17.56]You're a putz.

[21:21.84]Seriously, Harry... 说真的,哈利

[21:22.96]you want a family... 你想要一个家庭…

[21:27.72]and what if l couldn't give that to you? 而万一我不能给你的话怎么办

[21:31.52]We'd adopt or something. 我们可以去领养

[21:33.88]But they wouldn't be your own. -但那就不会是你自己的小孩 -不然你想怎么办?

[21:40.04]What are you gonna do? 夏绿蒂约克深受

[21:40.32]CharIotte York was deepIy touched...

[21:44.84]by Harry GoIdenbIatt's humor, compassion, and acceptance. 哈利葛登布拉特的体贴所感动

[21:48.28]''If this is Jewish, '' she thought, ''that's worth Iooking into. '' 她心想,如果这就是犹太教 那倒值得深入探索

[21:53.60]MeanwhiIe, downtown, Samantha had moved her neighbor... 市区中,莎曼珊在股票债券…

[21:56.48]from stocks and bonds to stockings and bondage. 和床第之间杀进杀出

[21:60.40]Go away. l'm busy. 走开,我正在忙

[22:05.32]-Miss Jones. -Juan. -琼斯小姐 -璜

[22:10.88]-Who the fuck are you? -FBl. -你是什么人 -联邦调查局探员

[22:12.32]Get dressed. You're under arrest for insider trading. 你因内线交易而被捕

[22:16.96]Turns out, Chip KiIkenny was quite the Iadies' man. 事实证明奇普是个调情高手

[22:18.40]And every time a woman went down, the Dow went up. 只要有一个女人躺下 道琼指数就会上升

[22:20.00]Ma'am, can you undo your cuffs so we can use ours? 女士,请解开你的手铐 好让他戴上我们的


[22:26.36]All the good ones are getting arrested. 好男人总是被逮走

[22:31.16]And at a romantic restaurant, a 37-year-oId singIe mother... 在气氛浪漫的餐馆中 一位37岁的单亲妈妈

[22:35.48]found herseIf on a first date. 发现自己像初次约会般紧张

[22:40.60]You look pretty. 你看起来很美

[22:41.60]You got a date later? -你待会还有约吗? -没有,正好穿了这件衣服

[22:43.88]No, it's just the dress.

[22:49.84]Jeez Louise, it's dark in here. l can barely read my menu. 好暗,我几乎看不见菜单

[22:51.72]We need like another candle or something. -我们还需要再点一枝蜡烛 -我觉得这样很好

[22:54.92]l think it's kind of nice.

[23:00.96]l asked you here because... 我约你到这里来是想解释 我上周为什么会跟你吵架

[23:04.72]l wanted to explain why l picked a fight with you last week.

[23:08.12]Miranda, l know you. And l know why you picked a fight with me. 米兰达 我知道你为什么会跟我吵

[23:10.88]-You do? -Yeah. -你知道? -没错

[23:14.36]You're upset 'cause l'm hanging around too much. 因为我粘得太紧,惹你不高兴

[23:15.08]You think l'm getting too close. But you don't have to worry.

[23:18.88]别担心 我已经有别的约会对象

[23:21.32]l just started seeing someone else...

[23:23.56]and it's going really good. 目前进展得很顺利 所以你可以放心了

[23:24.44]So please relax.

[23:27.12]l'm not in love with you anymore. 我已经不再爱你了

[23:41.12]All that stuff l said to you about Steve never happened. 我之前跟你提及 关于史蒂夫的事就当没发生

[23:42.48]Don't mention it to anyone. Don't think about it. 别再提了

[23:45.60]Don't even so much as give me a look like you might be thinking about it. 也别让我看见 你想提起那件事的表情

[23:50.64]Like that look. l can't ever, never see that look again. 就像这样 我无法忍受这种表情

[23:54.76]Calm down. l think you're overreacting to that thing that never happened. 你对没有发生的事反应过度了

[23:57.72]lf you think l'm overreacting here, you should be inside my head. 你应该知道我的感觉是什么

[24:02.72]l have to say this next thing... 米兰达 接下来的话我一定要说

[24:04.20]but l will play along and not look at you while l say it. 但我说的时候不会看着你

[24:07.64]Maybe if you had told Steve anyway-- 也许如果你跟史蒂夫说…

[24:09.84]l swear to God, l love you but l will have to kill you. 我发誓我爱你 但我还是必须杀了你

[24:15.40]Brady, come on. Work with Mommy here. Please! 布莱迪,别这样 配合妈咪一下好吗

[24:16.72]l'm sorry, but l'm looking and l'm talking. 对不起 但我一定要看着你并告诉你

[24:22.00]This is your life. 这是你的人生 你和孩子共同的人生

[24:23.48]You two have a baby together. lt is not high school.

[24:24.28]-又不是还在念高中 -那不是柏格吗

[24:26.04]lsn't that Berger?

[24:32.00]-God, l look like shit! -You don't look like shit. -天啊,我看起来糟透了 -不,才不会

[24:34.48]l look like shit. This is not my perfect outfit. 这不是我最好的衣服

[24:37.56]-Are you leaving? -Yeah, bye. -你要走了吗 -对,再见

[24:42.76]Oh, God. Shit!

[24:56.76]I was just entering the safety zone when.... 当我终于到达安全区域时 却看到…

[25:01.72]There he was. 他就在那里 我的心情犹如股市大崩盘

[25:01.04]My emotionaI equivaIent to the big crash of '29.:

[25:05.60]Aidan. 艾登

[25:24.72]-Look at you. -Look at you. -看看你 -看看你

[25:27.56]-l had a baby. -l have a date. -我有小孩 -我有约会

[25:34.44]That's wonderful. This is him? 太好了,是男孩吗

[25:37.44]No, this isn't him. This is a stunt baby. 不,不是男孩 是可爱的小婴儿

[25:38.64]Yeah, it's him. This is the man: Tate. 是男孩没错,他叫泰特

[25:43.00]l call him Tater 'cause he looks like one, you know. 因为他看起来像个马铃薯 眼睛大大又没有头发

[25:44.80]No hair, big eyes.

[25:48.96]He's cool. Aren't you, Tate? 你好酷,对不对,泰特 你要去哪里

[25:49.72]-So where are you running to? -Home.

[25:53.52]回家,一切都还好吧 看起来很好

[25:54.92]So things are good? They look good.

[25:56.92]l'm just hanging out in front of this fabric store waiting for Tate's mom. 我在织品店外等泰特的妈妈

[25:59.76]All right, don't laugh. l married another furniture designer. -我娶了另一位家具设计师 -真的

[26:03.16]-Really? -Yeah. What are you gonna do? -还能怎么办 -又不能跟市政府争

[26:04.76]Yep. You can't fight city hall.

[26:08.92]Cathy. She's great. 她叫凯丝,人很好 想见见她吗

[26:11.40]-You wanna come and meet her? -Another time. 下回吧,我真的得走了

[26:15.20]-l really have to run. -Okay.

[26:18.48]Bye, Tate. 再见,泰特

[26:22.36]Oh, God, Aidan. 天啊,艾登…

[26:28.44]lt's good to see you. -很高兴再见到你 -我也是

[26:30.52]You, too.

[26:35.00]We should get together and have coffee sometime and catch up. 我们应该找时间 喝喝咖啡聊聊近况

[26:36.64]Great. Okay, we'll do that. 没错,好,找时间再聊

[26:42.76]Bye. 再见

[26:43.92]There is the type of date you can't wait to keep. 有些对象让你迫不急待想拥有

[26:48.40]And the type of date you both know you'II never keep. 但有些对象 你们彼此都知道永远无法拥有

[27:13.68]A bIock Iater, I reaIized if Aidan and I couId survive that huge a crash... 过了一个街口之后 我终于明白

[27:13.96]如果我和艾登 都能走过大崩盘并存活下来

[27:15.52]and both get out aIive...

[27:19.60]there was nothing I couId do on a first date... 我没有理由不能克服 第一次约会的心理障碍

[27:21.40]I couIdn't bounce back from.

[27:23.96]Berger, it's Carrie. -柏格,我是凯莉 -你好

[27:26.36]Hi, listen. 我现正在 林肯中心附近的戏院外

[27:25.96]l'm standing outside the Sony Theater near Lincoln Center...

[27:30.96]and Craig's Room starts in half an hour. 电影即将开演,没有人在排队 你现在能过来吗

[27:33.52]And there are no lines. Can you go now?

[27:34.80]That's so weird. I'm right in that neighborhood. 太巧了,我就在附近

[27:39.40]Really? Must be fate. 真的?这一定是天意

[27:39.100]-I'II be right there. -Okay. Bye. -我马上到 -好,待会见

[27:51.00]This blows. 这衣服很逊 我本来为今晚特别挑了衣服

[27:52.84]l had my special outfit all picked out for tonight.

[27:54.00]l got the tickets. -我买了票 -我去买爆米花什么的

[27:56.08]Then l got the popcorn and the assorted chocolate goodies.

[27:58.28]-Are you a candy gal? -l am the candy gal. -你喜欢吃零食吗 -没错

[28:03.48]-'Cause l'm a candy man. -Yeah? 太好了,我也喜欢

[28:04.32]No, l am serious. Sammy Davis ripped me off. -山姆戴维斯诳了我 -你常省略名字前面的“小”

[28:05.04]Sammy Davis. You don't feel the need to use the Junior?

[28:08.44]No. Not at all. -对,经常这样 -真的

[28:12.92]-Really? -Nope.

[28:16.08]And by cIose of WaII Street that day... 当天的股市收盘时 那斯达克指数下跌

[28:17.76]the NASDAQ was down, but amazingIy, our stock was stiII up.

[28:21.16]然而神奇的是 我们的股价仍旧上扬

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