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欲望都市第六季 完美的现在 The Perfect Present






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:51:35



[00:35.80](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:54.64]In a singIe gaI's Iife, there are three important firsts. 单身女子的生活中 有三个重要的第一次

[00:57.52]The first time you have sex... 第一次的性爱 第一次的完美性爱

[00:60.20]the first time you have good sex...

[01:03.88]and the first time you see a guy-you-just-started-dating's apartment. 及第一次造访


[01:14.08]Come on in. 请进

[01:19.24]Nice. 不错

[01:22.32]Very nice. -很不错,太好了 -不然你认为会看到…

[01:24.84]Thank God.

[01:26.40]You were expecting....

[01:27.32]One never knows. Gentlemen left to their own devices.... 谁知道 男人总有些奇怪的摆设

[01:31.60]You name it, l've seen it. 说得出的我都见识过,皮沙发

[01:33.16]Pleather couches...

[01:36.88]two-foot bongs... 二英尺长的烟斗

[01:39.96]-dead body in a corner. -Dead body? -角落里的尸体 -尸体?

[01:41.24]l only went out with him for a week after that. 我在那事发生后一个星期 和他约会

[01:44.12]但目前为止这里还没显示 有变态单身汉的迹象

[01:47.60]But so far, nothing in here says ''scary bachelor.''

[01:51.16]Except me. 除了我之外

[01:54.24]l really like this wall color. -我喜欢这墙壁的颜色 -我不敢居功,是罗伦的主意

[01:57.04]Yeah, l can't take credit for that. That's Lauren.

[01:58.72]-Ralph Lauren? -No, Lauren, Lauren, my ex-girlfriend. -劳夫罗伦? -不,我的前女友罗伦

[02:02.08]She was the decorator. 她是设计师

[02:05.100]l'm sorry, is that weird? -这很奇怪吗 -拜托

[02:08.68]Please, you have a ''decorator''... 你有设计师,我也有设计师

[02:11.72]l have a ''decorator.''

[02:13.12]There's really no need for the ex-decorator conversation. 实在不必要再延续 前设计师的话题

[02:21.48]Got it. 知道了

[02:26.76]Should l set the alarm? Do you need to get up early? -你明天要早起吗 -不用,你想怎么样都行

[02:27.48]No, l'm all yours.

[02:29.56]Good night. 晚安,欢迎来到我家

[02:32.72]Welcome to my house.

[02:48.72]Okay, what's going on there? 这是怎么回事

[02:52.48]That's my sound machine. l'm a troubled sleeper. 那是我的音效装置 我很不容易入睡

[02:55.76]Kind of hooked on it. 我一定要听那个才能入睡

[02:58.08]Frogs? -青蛙? -还有蝉

[02:59.36]Yeah, and cicadas. Officially, we're in the rainforest. 基本上我们正身处雨林 那是一只鸟

[03:05.92]That there's a bird.

[03:12.80]l feel like l'm camping. l'm not a big fan of camping. 我好像在露营 我不是很喜欢露营

[03:14.08]-Tomorrow morning, l'll make you s'mores. -Okay. 明天早上我帮你做烤棉花糖

[03:23.24]l always wondered who bought those. 我常想这些东西有什么用处

[03:25.52]Actually, it was a gift. -那是人家送的 -谁送的

[03:28.60]-From.... -Yeah, Lauren. 我和罗伦在一起后 她买给我的

[03:31.48]She got it for me about two weeks after we started going out.

[03:34.08]She hated it when l tossed and turned. lt was her therapist's idea. 她受不了我一直翻来覆去

[03:36.24]她的治疗师给的建议 罗伦总是…

[03:38.64]-Lauren did everything her therapist-- -Okay.

[03:42.68]So, frogs. 青蛙

[03:47.28]What's so bad about frogs? 也没什么大不了

[03:52.28]Good night. -晚安 -再过一会你就听不见了

[03:52.32]You'll see, after a while you won't even hear it.

[03:58.12]I couId onIy hope he was referring to his ex-decorator's name. 我希望他指的是 他前设计师的名字

[04:02.16]-Okay, one drink and then we leave. -And one drink means one drink. -我们去喝一杯就走 -说好一杯就一杯

[04:07.36]Tell me why we're going to this again. -我们为什么要去 -她分手了,我们要去支持她

[04:08.16]She's a friend going through a breakup. We're being supportive.

[04:11.04]-On a Friday night? -She tried to kill herself. -星期五晚上? -她还想自杀

[04:15.60]-lt was six Advil. -On an empty stomach. -吞了六颗止痛剂 -空腹

[04:17.20]The good news is l'm off the Zoloft, l lost 10 pounds... 好消息是我摆脱了抗忧郁剂 瘦了10磅

[04:22.36]and after that asshole dumped me... 在那混蛋甩了我以后 我发现自己有设计皮包的天分

[04:24.48]l realized l have this amazing gift for designing bags.

[04:30.80]lt's a purse party. 这是个皮包派对

[04:35.68]lsn't this precious? 是不是很漂亮? 你可以拿它去赴午宴

[04:36.88]You can take it to lunch.

[04:38.44]lsn't life funny? 人生是不是很有乐趣

[04:40.56]Because of that fucker, l've discovered l'm Fendi. 感谢那个混球 让我重新找回自己的价值

[04:48.92]Buy away. 喜欢就买

[04:56.56]When did making bags become the fallback career? 曾几何时,手提袋 竟变成二度就业的生涯规画?

[04:57.76]Someone should tell Crazy that owning a hot glue gun... 该有人告诉疯婆有把热熔胶枪 并不表示你就是皮包设计师

[05:01.20]does not make you a hot purse designer.

[05:03.44]-Don't call her crazy. -l'd rather carry a colostomy bag. -别叫她疯婆 -我宁可用肛门造口袋

[05:07.68]Ladies, these aren't bags, they're baggage. 那不是袋子,那是行李袋 破坏她关系的祸因

[05:09.80]We are standing among the ruins of her last relationship.

[05:13.24]And it was one ugly breakup. 他们分得很难看

[05:15.12]l resent this. 为你前一段不好的关系 付出代价的人

[05:18.24]The only one who should have to pay for a bad relationship...

[05:20.84]is the person in your next relationship. 就是你下一段关系的对象

[05:22.60]True, and here's hoping that isn't me. 没错,希望我没那么惨

[05:26.40]Last night, Berger started opening the ''ex-file.'' 昨晚柏格终于打开前任档案

[05:28.04]-Fascinating. What do you know so far? -Her name is Lauren. 你目前知道些什么

[05:33.72]She bought him a Sharper lmage sound machine. 她的名字叫罗伦 她买了一个音效装置给他

[05:34.32]She's a monster. -她是个怪物 -我必须听到关于她的事?

[05:36.92]We just started dating. Do l need to hear about the ex already?

[05:38.68]-The sooner, the better. -Maybe it should be: the later, the better. -对,越早越好 -最好永远不要

[05:42.76]-Or better yet, the never, the better. -That's good tuna.

[05:44.44]You must know where he's been so you know what you're getting. -鲔鱼很棒 -你才能知道自己的状况如何

[05:47.16]As long as what you get doesn't itch, l say you're fine. 如果你不会发痒 那表示你免疫了

[05:50.96]He has a past, l have a past. Do our pasts really have to have a present? 我们一定要把 过去式再拿出来谈吗

[05:56.40]Yes. At least find out how they broke up. 找出他们分手的原因 你会知道他们的关系如何

[05:57.80]That will tell you a lot about their relationship.

[06:01.00]See, l was hoping to skip all that and start fresh this time. 我本想跳过那一切重新开始

[06:04.28]-ls that crazy? -No. -这样不好吗 -不好,疯婆来了

[06:04.64]Here comes crazy. 看看这个,鞋子图案 是不是很有趣

[06:06.76]Look at this one. Little shoes!

[06:10.44]lsn't this fun? 谁还需要一个 开始秃头且勃起困难的男人

[06:12.68]Who needs a balding 38-year-old boyfriend with erectile dysfunction...

[06:16.40]when you can have a new career and cute cater waiters? 何况你已经有了新生涯 还有英俊的侍者围绕

[06:19.68]Excuse me, champagne for the girls. 对不起,把香槟端给女士

[06:22.72]Have fun. 玩得愉快

[06:23.16]Katie, shoes. 凯蒂,鞋子图案

[06:25.72]Doesn't that waiter look familiar? 那个侍者看起来有点眼熟

[06:30.40]l fucked him. -我上过他 -原来是他

[06:30.60]That guy. 那是生食餐厅的侍者 也是我多年来最好的一次经验

[06:32.56]lt's that waiter from Raw. Also known as the best sex l've had in years.

[06:39.96]This party just got a whole lot more exciting. 这个派对越来越有趣了

[06:41.32]Okay, just one glass and then we've got dinner reservations at 66, yes? 一杯就好 我们晚餐在66街的餐厅订了位

[06:47.20]But l can't stay late because l have a 9 a.m. conversion class at the synagogue. 我不能留太晚 明早九点我要去犹太教堂上课

[06:51.20]-You had a two-hour class today. -l know. -你今天已上了二小时的课 -没错

[06:52.36]l'm accelerating my studies. There's just so much to take in. 我正在加紧学习 要学的还太多

[06:55.04]The history, the tradition, the philosophy, oy! 历史、传统、哲学,唉

[07:01.44]You guys, that was my first ''oy''! 你们听 我刚说了生平第一个“唉”

[07:07.68]-Hi, Victoria! -Hi!

[07:08.04]A whole bunch of folks just arrived... 有些人刚刚才来 我还需要更多鲔鱼馅饼

[07:09.64]so l'm gonna need some more tuna tartlets.


[07:30.12]Oh, my god! 我的天

[07:34.80]l'm way too fucking fragile to see this. 我无法承受看到这种画面

[07:38.00]You're fired! 你被开除了

[07:38.100]This is my big purse party! 这是我皮包派对的大日子

[07:48.52]Victoria, does this come in any other colors? 维多利亚 这款还有别的颜色吗

[07:54.72]Do l look like a fucking department store? 我这里看起来像是百货公司吗

[07:55.16]Get the fuck out of my apartment! 滚出我的公寓 快点,你们这些贱女人

[07:60.64]All you bitches get out of my apartment! Give it!


[08:03.64]Look what you did. 看你搞的 为了做这个我还剪了床罩

[08:06.44]l cut up my bedspread for this.

[08:10.12]Okay, dinnertime. 去吃晚餐

[08:12.68]The next day at TempIe EmanueI.: 第二天在以马内利教堂

[08:14.20]Soon, you'll be ready for your mikvah. 很快你们就可以进行犹太浸礼

[08:18.44]Who can tell me what the mikvah is? 有谁能告诉我浸礼是什么

[08:20.84]Yes, Charlotte. 一种改信犹太教的仪式

[08:22.80]lt's the ceremony that marks our official conversion to Judaism.

[08:24.92]Very good. 很好,这仪式的意涵为何?

[08:27.80]And what does the service entail?

[08:33.44]Yes, Charlotte? 夏绿蒂

[08:33.84]lt's a ritual bath... 一种沐浴仪式 浸沐在水中重生而为犹太教徒

[08:35.92]where we are immersed in water and reborn a Jew.

[08:39.72]Very good. 很好

[08:41.12]CharIotte, aIways the straight-A student... 她一直都是资优生

[08:41.100]took to her Judaism cIass Iike a gefiIte fish to water. 夏绿蒂上起课来简直如鱼得水

[08:47.80]As you come to your rebirth as a Jew... 重生之后你将奉行新的戒律

[08:49.36]you will find special and new traditions to embrace.

[08:51.84]However, you must also bear in mind... 然而,你要记住 你必须放弃基督教的信条

[08:54.04]that you will be letting go of your Christian traditions.

[08:59.60]Many find Christmas to be the most difficult to leave in the past. 许多人发现 要舍弃圣诞节是很困难的事

[09:03.60]You must grieve this loss. 你必须忍痛放弃 这可能很不容易

[09:05.48]lt can be quite hard.

[09:13.52]And speaking of the past.... 说到过去式

[09:15.60]lt's 2:30. You're 20 minutes late. -你迟了20分钟 -我知道,我有事缠住了

[09:16.48]-l got held up. -l'm barely gonna make my appointment. -我可能赶不及赴约 -对不起,黛比的车出了状况

[09:21.96]l'm sorry. Debbie had car trouble, so l took a cab.

[09:23.16]-Who's Debbie? -Debbie, the girl l'm seeing. -黛比,谁是黛比 -跟我约会的女孩

[09:28.92]So, Brady's changed and ready to go. Don't forget the diaper bag... 布莱迪准备好了 别忘了尿布袋

[09:34.48]and please try to have him back on time tomorrow. 请把他准时送回来

[09:35.76]-l'm sorry, l'm never late. lt's just her car-- -Steve, l don't need to know. -对不起,因为她的车… -我不必知道那么多

[09:39.08]l just need you not to be 20 minutes late again. 我只希望你别再迟到20分钟 谢谢


[09:47.44]-Excuse me, Rabbi Minsch? -Yes, Charlotte? -打扰一下,明斯牧师 -什么事,夏绿蒂

[09:50.48]l was just wondering what you said about Christmas. 关于圣诞节的事 我想要问个清楚

[09:56.56]How exactly black and white is that?

[09:58.56]Charlotte, as a Jew, you have to embrace the new holidays... 身为犹太教徒 你必须奉行新假日而放弃旧俗

[10:02.72]and let go of the old. 过圣诞节就好像 你是素食者却吃肉一般

[10:03.92]Keeping Christmas would be like being a vegetarian...

[10:07.80]and still eating meat. 我不会上教堂 但我能不能放棵树?

[10:09.48]l wouldn't go to church or anything, but maybe l could still have a tree?


[10:17.92]Caroling? 唱圣歌?

[10:21.24]Rudolph? 驯鹿

[10:23.00]But Rabbi Minsch-- 明斯牧师

[10:22.08]Charlotte, if you are serious about becoming a Jew... 如果你真心 想成为一个犹太教徒

[10:28.96]you have to let go of the attachments to your past. 你必须去除过去的习气

[10:32.84]From that day on, CharIotte wouId aIways think of him... 从那天开始 夏绿蒂就把他当成

[10:35.16]as the Minsch who stoIe Christmas. “偷走圣诞节的明斯”

[10:36.12]That night, miIes from the Amazon... 当天晚上,远离亚马逊丛林的我

[10:40.12]I was just drifting off to sIeep when.... 在快要睡着的时候,突然…

[10:53.32]Hello? -还记得那件红色洋装吗 -什么?你在哪里?

[10:54.40]-Remember that red dress you had? -What?

[10:58.52]-Where are you? -ln California. 在加州,床上

[11:01.68]ln bed.

[11:02.64]l was sleeping. 我正要入睡

[11:07.72]Alone? -独自一人? -没错,你把我吵醒了

[11:07.04]Yes, you woke me up.

[11:11.60]You never used to need so much sleep, kid. -你不是不太需要睡眠 -我老了,像你一样

[11:11.40]l'm old now, like you.

[11:17.88]So, the red dress. -那件红色洋装? -凡赛斯还是古驰?

[11:17.56]-Versace or Gucci? -It had tiny IittIe straps.

[11:20.84]Gucci. -有细带子的… -古驰

[11:24.24]And when l slipped one strap down, the other would fall. 我只要解开其中一条带子 整件衣服就会掉下来

[11:26.64]-Remember that dress? -Yes. -还记得那件洋装吗 -记得

[11:29.68]You looked good in that dress. 你穿那件洋装很好看

[11:37.76]Remember when l found you in your closet... 还记得我在你的衣橱里找到你 你只穿了高跟鞋和胸罩

[11:40.32]in just heels and a bra?

[11:40.64]And I came up behind you and put your hands against the waII. 我从你背后靠近 把你的手贴在墙上?

[11:45.92]Remember that?

[11:48.28]Yes. 你昨晚做了什么

[11:48.56]-So what did you do last night? -Nothing. l went to bed early...

[11:50.40]没什么,早早上床 意外和大人物通了性爱电话

[11:54.28]-had accidental phone sex with Big. -What?

[11:55.84]Brunch is suddenly looking up. -什么? -早午餐突然有看头了

[11:57.04]Actually, he had phone sex. l was on the other end... 事实上是他讲性爱电话 我试图礼貌地拒绝

[12:00.44]trying to think of a polite way to get out of it.

[12:03.68]Turns out, there is no polite way to get out of phone sex. 但我找不到 礼貌拒绝性爱电话的方法

[12:07.60]l wasn't aware that you and Big had phone sex. -我不知道你们会通性爱电话 -偶尔,自他搬走以后

[12:10.88]Occasionally, since he moved away.

[12:14.04]You have phone sex? -你们会做电话性爱 -我不认为那是电话性爱

[12:13.92]l prefer to think of it not as phone sex...

[12:17.92]so much as a trip down memory lane. 比较像是回忆过往

[12:20.80]The next time he calls, tell him that you're in a serious relationship. 告诉他你已经有固定对象了

[12:23.60]l'm not in a serious relationship with Berger. We're still just dating. 但我没有,我们还在约会

[12:28.48]lt's good dating, but we don't know where it's going yet. 是还不错 但我们还不知道会如何发展

[12:30.16]You'll never know if you keep reminiscing with Big. -你还在留恋大人物 -这两件事并不相关

[12:33.44]One doesn't have anything to do with the other.

[12:36.12]l don't know why you want to drag that Big baggage into the new relationship. 为什么要把大人物这个包袱 带进新的关系里

[12:39.08]lt's not baggage, it's Biggage. 不只是包袱,是大包袱

[12:42.80]And Big is no more a threat to Berger than Lauren is to me. 大人物对柏格不会造成威胁 罗伦对我也不造成威胁

[12:44.84]Thank you. lt's all in the past. -他们是过去式 -但你的电话帐单不是

[12:47.52]-And on your phone bill. -He called me. 是他打来的,我是淑女

[12:50.92]l'm a lady.

[12:54.80]Come on, pudding, l'll get your pacifier. 来吧,宝贝,我找奶嘴给你

[13:01.24]Look at all the shit Steve has in here. 看史蒂夫装了什么垃圾在里面

[13:05.64]Honey, isn't the baby birth control enough? -你的避孕计划还不够吗 -是史蒂夫

[13:06.92]They're Steve's and Debbie's, his new girlfriend. 还有黛比的,他的新女友 她叫黛比

[13:11.68]That's her name, Debbie.

[13:13.56]Where are they doing it, Gymboree? -他们在健宝园干那回事? -黛比从事幼儿看护?

[13:15.28]Debbie does daycare.

[13:20.12]Honey, relax. l have those in my mouth all the time. 别紧张 我也常把它们放在嘴里

[13:24.40]Later that day, I got to thinking about tense reIationships. 当天稍晚 我开始思考两人关系的时态

[13:27.60]And by that, I mean a reIationship... 我的意思是,这段关系涉及的

[13:30.16]and its connection to the past, present, and future tense. 过去、现在及未来式

[13:34.28]At a certain age, we've aII had reIationships... 我们各自拥有 不太完美的过去完成式

[13:35.56]that are far from past perfect.

[13:37.84]But how much does that past reIationship... 但过去的关系真的会影响 未来完成式的实现吗

[13:40.92]affect our dream of a future perfect?

[13:44.08]And as I became more and more tense... 我越来越困惑,不禁开始质疑

[13:46.56]I couIdn't heIp but wonder...

[13:50.56]can you get to a future if your past is present? 如果过去尚未完成 你是否还能进入未来?

[13:53.76]And over at Samantha's... 在莎曼珊家中 一段完美性爱即将迈入历史

[13:55.00]a day of great sex was about to fade into the past.

[13:58.40]Are you absolutely sure you can't stay? 你确定你不能留下来吗

[14:03.48]l gotta pull an extra shift at the restaurant. 我必须在餐馆多值一个班

[14:04.56]l got fired from my other gig, remember? 我才刚丢了一个兼职,记得吗

[14:09.04]Listen, l do feel bad about what happened. 对于那件事我也感到很抱歉 我希望你能拿这个

[14:12.12]And l wanted you to have this.

[14:18.100]$300? -300美元 -我打了几通电话查询

[14:22.28]l made some calls. That is what the A-list caterers pay. 那是高级外烩支付的薪水

[14:26.84]Lady, you are fucking out of your mind. 小姐,你搞错对象了

[14:34.72]The next morning, after another fitfuI night of frogs.... 第二天早上 在经过了一夜蛙鸣之后…

[14:36.56]-So you're gonna be okay here? -Absolutely. Go. -你自己一个人在这里行吗 -没问题,你去吧

[14:39.44]lt's just a stupid standing breakfast thing with a bunch of writer buddies. 那是和一群作家们 共进早餐的一个愚蠢聚会

[14:45.92]l'd ask you along, but we're a pretty pathetic bunch. 我本想约你一起去 但我们这群人实在很乏味

[14:47.24]Please go. 你去吧,还有 我的朋友,你并不乏味

[14:48.64]And for the record, you, my friend, are not pathetic.

[14:60.16]You gonna get that? -你不接电话吗 -9:30?三个字,行销电话

[15:01.72]You know what? 9:30 in the morning, one word: telemarketer.

[15:03.04]l think that's a two-word hyphenate. 我以为那是四个字

[15:06.28]Jack, it's Lauren.... 杰克,我是罗伦

[15:10.68]It was officiaI. 显然罗伦控制了 这屋里的每一部机器

[15:12.48]Lauren controIIed every machine in the apartment.

[15:15.04]CaII me, I want to taIk to you. -我有事想跟你说,请回电 -去你的再去你的

[15:17.56]Fuck you!

[15:21.60]Bye. 再见

[15:28.40]You don't want your new boyfriend to still be in love with the ex... 你不希望你的新男友 还爱着旧情人,但也不希望…

[15:30.04]but you don't want....

[15:35.72]That is not the way you talk to your ex-decorator. 这可不是 和前设计师说话该有的礼节

[15:37.24]Damn, and just when you thought you didn't have to open the ex-file. 尤其是在你以为 你不必开启前任档案的时候

[15:43.88]So he's doing a ''fuck you'' to the ex. 只要他还和你上床就好 有什么好担心的

[15:45.20]As long as he keeps fucking you, what's the problem?

[15:45.84]The problem is, what's going on there? 有什么事会导致 要伸出两只手指头来咒骂对方

[15:47.68]What happened between them that would cause a double-finger situation?

[15:52.44]And if it wasn't big, why is he still so angry? 若那不是件很严重的事 难道他有情绪上的问题

[15:55.92]Does he have a problem with anger? And here come the questions.

[15:56.20]-那就大有问题了 -没错,男人都是疯子

[15:57.100]You're right, men are crazy.

[16:01.76]l fucked that waiter at the party and he got fired for it... 我上了那个侍者 结果害他丢了工作

[16:04.48]so l gave him $300 the next time we fucked, and now l think he's upset. 我们再次交欢以后 我给他300美元结果他很生气

[16:09.12]Okay, not the same situation. -那是不一样的情况 -那是很大一笔小费

[16:11.12]l don't see what the problem is. lt's like a big tip.

[16:12.28]$300 in a restaurant is a big tip. 300美元在餐馆里 是一笔很大的小费

[16:15.80]-$300 in the bedroom is a big prostitute. -At least it wasn't phone sex. 但在卧室就是很大的侮辱

[16:19.96]-至少那不是电话性爱 -是他打给我的

[16:21.68]He called me.

[16:24.24]Yeah, keep telling yourself that. 别自欺欺人

[16:29.00]-Right on time. -And l appreciate that, l do. Come in. -我很准时 -真令人感动,真的


[16:33.28]l'm just getting Brady ready to go out for a night with his dad. 我才刚替布莱迪准备好 过夜要用的东西

[16:38.84]Packing up the old diaper bag. 整理尿布袋 确定要用的东西都很齐全

[16:40.16]Making sure he has everything he needs.

[16:42.64]Bottle, Binky.... 奶瓶


[16:47.72]Trojans. -保险套 -听我说

[16:48.40]Look, Miranda-- 我不担心我们的孩子有性行为 但我很高兴他做好防范措施

[16:49.96]l'm not exactly thrilled that our baby is having sex already...

[16:53.60]but l sure am glad he's using protection.

[16:55.36]-Got your point, very funny. -No, Steve, not funny. -我懂了,很有趣 -你错了,混蛋

[16:57.96]-Fucked up. -Come on, it's just condoms. -只不过是保险套而已 -放在尿布袋里?

[16:60.40]ln the diaper bag, Steve? 你做了多少次?

[17:03.00]How much sex are you having that you need rubbers in the diaper bag?

[17:04.08]What's it to you? 关你什么事

[17:06.48]ApparentIy, some of Miranda's baggage had shifted during fight. 米兰达的包袱 在争吵中移转了位置

[17:13.44]l just don't think you're taking this parenting thing seriously. 你没善尽做父亲的责任

[17:15.44]-What? -You show up late to pick him up. -什么? -你迟到

[17:18.80]One time. -只有一次 -不只一次

[17:20.32]More than one time. There was that other time when you were late.

[17:21.40]-Okay, what's your problem? -This is not about me. -你到底有什么问题 -这不是我的问题

[17:25.88]This is about your need to start taking responsibility for your child. 你必须尽到照顾孩子的义务

[17:30.64]Clearly, there are times when you can't because your mind is somewhere else. 但显然有时你的心思 并不在孩子身上

[17:33.32]What are you talking about? -你在胡说些什么 -当你的小弟弟在别人身体里时

[17:35.24]Like when your penis is in some girl's vagina...

[17:36.32]and you're having an orgasm... 我们的宝贝却静静地在室息 你却在享受高潮

[17:40.68]while our baby is quietly suffocating in the other room.

[17:43.68]-Debbie and l never do it when he's awake. -Okay, Steve, you're not getting this! -我们从不在他醒着的时候做 -你没抓到重点

[17:45.24]l am saying your focus needs to be totally and completely on Brady. 你的注意力 要完全放在布莱迪身上

[17:50.60]My focus is always 100% on Brady. 我的注意力总是 百分之百在布莱迪身上

[18:04.36]See? 看吧

[18:06.52]That night, the onIy thing Miranda and Steve couId agree on... 米兰达和史蒂夫 唯一达成的共识

[18:08.80]was separate diaper bags. 就是两人各用各的尿布袋

[18:28.72]Hey, beautiful, l'm here. 美女,我来了

[18:33.96]What's all this? -这是怎么回事 -这是我最后的一棵圣诞树

[18:37.76]lt's my last Christmas tree.

[18:40.24]-lt's July. -That's right, so it doesn't count. -现在才七月 -没错,所以还不算数

[18:43.32]Charlotte, honey, you can have a tree. Lots of Jews do. 亲爱的,你可以摆圣诞树 很多犹太人也摆

[18:49.16]lt wouldn't be appropriate. Look. 但那是不对的,你看

[18:54.16]lt's my favorite ornament. 这是我最喜欢的装饰品

[18:56.92]Silent Night, Holy Night. 平安夜,圣善夜 这是圣家庭和耶稣诞生图

[18:57.04]See, that's the holy family in the Nativity.

[19:01.20]This was my Grandma York's. lt's so old. 这是我祖母留下来的

[19:05.40]See how there's hardly any glitter left on the baby Jesus. 已经很旧了 小耶稣身上的亮粉都掉光了

[19:10.72]lt's very rare to have a blue Christmas ornament. 这是很少见的蓝色圣诞节装饰

[19:13.60]-ls that a fact? -Yeah. 是真的吗

[19:16.12]They're usually red or green... 通常都是红色、绿色或银色

[19:19.68]silver, gold.


[19:25.64]-Keep Christmas. Who cares? -l do. -继续过圣诞节没什么关系 -有关系

[19:29.84]l'm gonna do this right. l'm not gonna be a meat-eating vegetarian. 我不想变成吃肉的素食者

[19:34.28]No, these all have to go. -这些都要丢弃 -这个除外,我们要留着这个

[19:35.08]Except this one. We're keeping this.

[19:40.08]What the hell, they were Jews, too. 有什么关系,他们也是犹太人

[19:44.64]DreideI, dreideI, dreideI (坠斗…我用泥土捏塑它)

[19:45.52]I made it out of cIay

[19:48.52]And when it's something, something (当它…)

[19:50.100]''Dry and ready.'' (干了以后)

[19:54.56]lmpressive. Dry and ready. 厉害,干了以后

[19:57.84]Dreidel, l will play. (我要玩坠斗)

[20:02.44]That night, CharIotte reaIized the memories she was giving up... 夏绿蒂了解到她所放弃的回忆

[20:04.32]might be nothing compared to the memories she was getting. 比起她即将得到的 或许根本不算什么

[20:11.36]And Samantha reaIized, to make things right... 莎曼珊了解


[20:14.36]she wouId need to service someone eIse for a change.

[20:16.72]Hello. 你好,我是莎曼珊 我是你今晚的女侍

[20:17.36]My name is Samantha. l'll be your waitress this evening.

[20:21.92]Tonight l will be serving you. 今晚就让我来为你服务

[20:25.76]You are fucking crazy. -你一定是疯了 -侍者先生,你还没领教到

[20:29.96]Mister waiter, you have no idea.

[20:31.04]-You don't know my name, do you? -Of course l do... -你不知道我的名字对吧 -我当然知道…保罗

[20:34.12]Paul. -我叫杰瑞 -我乱猜的

[20:37.00]lt's Jerry.

[20:39.04]l took a shot.

[20:40.92]When you're a waiter, you must always be aware... 当你做侍者的时候 你一定知道

[20:44.20]that the customer comes first. 顾客至上

[20:50.04]lt's a hard job. 那真是个坚硬的工作

[20:55.80]You know, Samantha, l'm not just a waiter. 莎曼珊,我不只是侍者

[20:59.08]ls that right, Jamie? -是吗,杰米 -杰瑞



[21:04.88]l'm an actor.

[21:08.72]God, there goes my hard-on. 老天,我退潮了

[21:17.76]lt's a good thing l still have mine. 但幸好我还没退

[21:18.28]Samantha had had many waiters in her past... 莎曼珊上过很多侍者 但就在那天

[21:22.84]but to the present day, this was her very first Jerry. 杰瑞首度成为她的入幕之宾

[21:30.08]As for me... 至于我,度过了另一个 在柏格床上无法入眠的夜晚

[21:31.48]I spent another night not sIeeping in Berger's bed.

[21:48.48]-You okay? -No, l can't sleep. -你还好吗 -不好,我睡不着

[21:49.00]-ls it the frogs? -No, the frogs are fine. -因为青蛙吗 -不,跟青蛙无关

[21:53.76]What's up? -怎么回事 -没事,你继续睡

[21:55.16]Nothing. Go back to sleep.

[22:03.80]Jesus. 老天

[22:02.72]-lt's the frogs. l'll turn it off. -No, it's not the frogs. -一定是青蛙,我把它关了 -不,不是青蛙

[22:12.56]-lt's Lauren. -What about her? -是罗伦 -她怎么了

[22:13.36]Okay, for the record, l was hoping to skip this and start fresh... 说实在的 我本想跳过这段重新开始

[22:18.52]but what's going on with you and the double finger? -你那天为什么伸出两只手指 -两只什么?

[22:23.60]-The double what? -The other day, to the answering machine. 就是那天,对着电话答录机

[22:27.96]-对 -我们要不要讨论一下

[22:29.96]Do we need to talk about this?

[22:30.44]She just drives me crazy, you know. She keeps calling here. 她快把我逼疯了

[22:34.92]她想要一起吃午饭 好有个“了结”,她说的

[22:35.32]She wants to go out to lunch for closure. That's her word.

[22:37.92]l would never say ''closure,'' certainly not at 2:00 in the morning. 我不会用“了结”这个字 至少不会在凌晨两点

[22:42.96]She keeps bugging me. 她认为那很重要 因此她才能重新开始

[22:43.24]She thinks it's important in order to move on.

[22:53.20]What do you think? -你认为呢 -那不是一顿午餐就能解决的

[22:52.80]l think that it's gonna take a lot more than a lunch.

[22:60.84]What? 怎么了


[23:03.12]No, it's embarrassing.

[23:09.44]She cheated on me. That's how it ended. 她背叛我,结果就是如此

[23:12.92]She broke my heart and pretty much killed me. 她伤了我的心,令我痛不欲生

[23:14.08]And l was dead... 我就像行尸走肉,直到遇见你

[23:18.68]till you.

[23:28.48]And then, there is another important first. 于是又多了一个重要的第一次

[23:30.40]The first time you reaIize this reaIIy might be something. 第一次你了解到 这事可能真的很严重

[23:35.56]You ever been that hurt? 你曾经如此痛心过吗

[23:41.20]You want to tell me about it? 你愿意跟我分享吗

[23:44.48]Sure. 当然

[23:46.56]And just Iike that... 就这样 我们走出现在,向未来迈进

[23:49.00]we moved out of the present and into our future.

[23:53.76]-How much time have you got? -l got all night. -你有多少时间 -一整晚

[23:56.40]So now, it was time to cIear up the past. 现在该将过去做个整理了

[24:16.100]lt's me. -是我 -你好

[24:19.32]-HeIIo there. -Have you got a minute? -你有空吗 -有,我正在按摩池里

[24:20.100]Yeah, sure. l'm just relaxing in my hot tub.

[24:24.16]A hot tub? 按摩池?不会吧 那不是早就落伍了吗

[24:25.92]Shame on you, that is such a cliché.

[24:29.20]No, a Jacuzzi is a cliché. A hot tub is retro. 不,按摩浴缸才落伍 按摩池又卷土重来

[24:35.52]Remember the time we were in the Jacuzzi in the Four Seasons and you-- 还记得那次我们在按摩浴缸…

[24:37.56]Okay, hold on there, partner. 等一下 我打电话来不是要说这个

[24:39.28]This is not gonna be one of those types of calls.

[24:44.16]What type of caII? 我是说你掉了项练的那一次

[24:45.44]l was talking about when you lost your necklace in the jets.

[24:49.44]lf you'd like to make it one of those phone calls, l'm $1 .50 for the first minute... 如果你想来个“热线”电话 我的头一分钟收费1.5美金

[24:54.40]and 50 cents for each additional.

[24:56.00]-Please stop. -What's on your mind, baby? -别说了 -怎么了,宝贝

[24:59.56]l was just calling to tell you... 我是打电话来告诉你 我们别再打“热线”电话了

[25:00.12]that we won't be having any more of those calls.


[25:08.72]Really, why is that?

[25:10.20]-Because we're just friends now. -Those are friendly calls. -我们现在只是朋友 -那是友善的“热线”电话

[25:14.36]-l don't talk to my friends like that. -l do. 但我不会跟朋友讲那种电话

[25:18.76]Maybe that's why you have so few. -我会 -因此你没什么朋友

[25:21.80]You got me there. 被你说中了

[25:26.68]-l started seeing someone. -Were you seeing someone the other night? 我有固定的约会对象

[25:27.100]-那天你们已开始约会了吗 -对

[25:32.56]Yes, but it just got serious. -但我们最近才稳定下来 -我了解

[25:36.56]l see. 所以我认为 我们该将过去的留在过去

[25:38.84]So l think we have to leave all that in the past.

[25:40.68]Consider it in the past. 往事只能回忆

[25:43.80]But we'll stay friends. 但我们还是朋友

[25:47.56]Friends. -还是朋友 -好朋友

[25:51.76]Good friends.

[25:54.80]His name is Jack Berger. 他叫杰克柏格,也是个作家

[25:56.28]He's a writer as well.

[25:59.88]Okay, kid. 好吧,偶尔还是给我个电话

[26:02.16]Give me a call sometime.

[26:04.76]Any kind of call you want. 任何电话都行

[26:17.40]That night, in the basement of a synagogue... 当晚,在犹太教堂的地下室

[26:18.96]after 75 acceIerated cIasses... 经过75堂密集的课程之后

[26:22.76]CharIotte, the EpiscopaIian princess, was reborn a Jew... 夏绿蒂,圣公会公主 重生成为一名犹太教徒

[26:30.12]Ieaving the oId CharIotte behind. 将以往的夏绿蒂抛在脑后

[26:33.96]Was this tub drained before me? 池水是刚放满的吗?

[26:39.84]Not aII of her. 也许并没有全部抛开

[26:49.80]l finally figured out what you needed. -我想到你需要什么了 -是吗

[26:51.48]Oh, yeah? 我想了一下 将范围缩小到两个选择

[26:55.36]l thought about it and l narrowed it down to two choices.

[26:57.16]A Pulitzer Prize... 普立兹奖或是这个

[26:60.64]or this.

[27:01.60]-l already have a Pulitzer. -You do? -我已经有普立兹奖了 -真的

[27:07.12]-l don't like to brag. -Then l chose right. -对,我不喜欢吹嘘 -那么我选对了

[27:12.04]lt's for a fresh start. 一个新的开始 最新的音效装置

[27:14.64]lt's the newest sound machine they make, with many other sounds besides frogs.

[27:14.64]除了青蛙以外 还有很多其他声音

[27:18.24]l don't care for frogs. -我不排斥青蛙 -新的开始,新的音效

[27:22.72]-New start, new sound. -Deal.


[27:37.72]That same night, next to Berger... 当天晚上 在柏格及第四海浪声的陪伴下

[27:41.60]and Surf Sounds Number Four...

[27:44.16]I sIept more soundIy than I had... 我睡了有始以来最香沈的一觉

[27:46.56]in as Iong as I can remember.

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