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欲望都市第六季 祸从口出 Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:51:25



[00:35.92](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:60.96]In New York City, it is a statisticaI fact... 在纽约,有个统计数字

[01:05.04]that once every seven minutes, an unsuspecting woman... 每七分钟 就会有一名女性无意间…

[01:10.20]Shut the fuck up! -闭嘴 -与演员约会

[01:11.24]...dates an actor. 放开我,我老公马上回来了

[01:13.48]Let me go. My husband will be home any minute!

[01:14.76]For Samantha, one of the perks of dating Jerry the actor... 对莎曼珊来说 和演员杰瑞约会

[01:18.16]was getting to stage fuII-scaIe fantasy productions. 让她能把自己的各种性爱幻想 发挥到极致

[01:21.96]Please don't hurt me. l'll do anything. 拜托,别伤害我 我都听你的

[01:25.36]Just shut the fuck up! 闭嘴,给我闭嘴

[01:29.32]You are really good. -好酷 -闭嘴,听到没?

[01:29.100]l said, shut the fuck up.

[01:34.76]No, you shut the fuck up, and fuck me before my husband gets home. 闭嘴,趁我老公还没回来前 快来炒个饭,快点


[01:38.92]And then he pretended to tie my hands behind my back... 然后他就假装 把我的双手捆绑起来

[01:41.80]and the whole time he kept screaming, ''Shut the fuck up.'' 炒饭时 他一直大叫“闭嘴…”

[01:45.68]l tell you, it is so refreshing... 和一个喜欢变换新花招的人 在一起,真是棒呆了

[01:49.68]to be with someone who likes to fuck outside the box.

[01:53.16]-And this is my friend, Samantha. -The wallflower. Right. -她就是莎曼珊 -是啊, “壁花”

[01:58.16]That is incredibly offensive. 太可怕了 对女人施暴可不是开玩笑的

[01:59.80]Violence against women is a very serious issue.

[02:03.68]Please, it was a fantasy. Fantasies can't be censored. 拜托,那只是性幻想 不用接受审查吧

[02:05.40]Actually, l think the Supreme Court is working on that right now. 事实上最高法院 目前正针对这方面在努力

[02:08.68]All fantasies are healthy and harmless. Don't you agree? 任何幻想都是健康无害的 你们同意吧?

[02:13.24]You know, as a guy, l've always been under the impression... 我以男人的立场来说

[02:15.60]that rape, or anything in the rape family... 只要是任何涉及强暴 或性暴力的事都是不好的

[02:19.40]is just not a good idea.

[02:21.36]Can l go home now? 我可以回家了吗?

[02:23.40]There is no greater sound than your friends Iaughing at your new boyfriend's jokes. 看到姐妹淘对新男友的笑话 哈哈大笑,心里真是得意

[02:27.56]That's not the only scenario we play. 我们的戏码可不止一出

[02:28.56]Sometimes he's Senator Smith, or Principal Smith. 有时他会扮成史密斯参议员 史密斯校长或史密斯狱友…

[02:34.00]-Cellmate Smith-- -Okay, moving on. 换个话题吧,米兰达 和房地产商进行得如何?

[02:36.12]Miranda, how was your date with the real estate guy?

[02:37.48]Actually, it wasn't horrible. He was kind of cute, and funny, and.... 还不算太糟 他很风趣、迷人…

[02:43.64]Hello? 你好

[02:44.24]Dr. Smith, thank you for returning my call. 史密斯医生,谢谢你回我电话

[02:49.24]Excuse me, he thinks l may have the mumps. 失陪一下 他说我得了腮腺炎

[02:53.72]Yes, l'm swollen. -对,很肿… -打得火热

[02:54.00]Now, that's hot.

[02:58.24]So how did the date end? -你的约会怎样了? -他陪我走回家…

[02:60.76]He walked me home.... -抱歉,女人间的八卦… -不…没关系,受不了再说

[03:02.96]-l'm sorry, are you maxed-out on girl talk? -No, l'm good.

[03:07.64]l'll let you know. 好,后来他在门前向我吻别 我邀请他上来

[03:09.92]So he kissed me goodnight at the door, l invited him up.

[03:13.16]He couldn't because he had an early meeting. 他说隔天早上要开会 吻别后,他说会打给我

[03:15.68]We kissed again. Then he said he'd call.

[03:16.04]Two kisses. Very promising. -两个吻,很有希望 -但他没上来?

[03:18.76]You think, even though he didn't come up?

[03:20.52]Definitely. lt means he likes you, but he wants to take it slow. That's nice. 对,那表示他喜欢你 但他想慢慢来

[03:24.92]Berger, what do you think? 柏格,你觉得呢?

[03:28.56]You really want to know? -想听实话? -对,我需要男人的意见

[03:31.00]Please, l would love to have a man's opinion for a change.

[03:33.08]All right. l'm not gonna sugarcoat it for you. 好吧,我不想骗你 他并没那么哈你

[03:37.64]He's just not that into you.

[03:39.04]-That's not true! -Don't listen to him. -才不是 -别听他胡扯

[03:44.08]No, l'm intrigued. Elaborate. 不…我倒想听听看

[03:46.48]Look, l'm sorry, but when a guy's really into you... 如果这家伙很哈你,他会上楼 才不管什么会议

[03:51.84]he's coming upstairs, meeting or no meeting.

[03:53.56]That is ludicrous! What about extenuating circumstances? 太可笑了 那些情有可原的状况呢?

[03:58.20]What about you're stressed out, you're on deadline, you have a migraine? 你不是常说压力大 或是偏头痛?

[03:60.48]Or a lot of guys are afraid of getting their feelings hurt... 很多男人也害怕感情受伤

[04:05.76]and they don't want to ruin a friendship. -还有,他们不想毁了友谊 -或是害怕自己的感觉

[04:05.04]Or they're freaked out by their own feelings.

[04:10.12]There's a lot of push-pull out there. A lot of mixed messages. 错综复杂,各种因素都有

[04:11.32]Yeah, l have to say that's all coat for, ''He's just not that into you.'' 对,但这些藉口可以解读成 他没那么哈你

[04:15.60]l'm sorry, but with guys it's very simple. 对不起,但男人是很简单的

[04:17.76]lf we're into you, we're coming upstairs. We're booking the next date. 如果他喜欢你,就会上楼 再约下一次

[04:22.48]There are no mixed messages. -没那么错综复杂 -没有?但…

[04:25.16]No mixed messages? But--

[04:27.16]l've spent my whole life deciphering mixed messages. 但我花了一辈子时间 在解读男人说的话

[04:28.12]l've made a whole career of it. -我还把它当成职业 -天啊,他不哈我

[04:30.64]Wow. He's just not that into me.

[04:37.80]-没那么哈我 -别理他

[04:39.44]Honey, ignore this person. He doesn't know what he's talking about.


[04:44.24]You're fired.

[04:46.64]Look, if he's not into you, the guy's obviously a weenie, so-- 就算他没眼光吧…

[04:49.80]No, l love it. 不,谢谢你 这是我听过最棒的解放言论

[04:49.20]lt is the most liberating thing l have ever heard.

[04:53.76]Think how much time and therapy l could have saved over the last 20 years... 如果我20年前早点知道 就不用白浪费时间,接受治疗

[04:57.48]if l had known this. 我还是觉得他会打电话给你

[04:59.56]l still think the real estate guy is gonna call.

[05:01.92]l think you've got an uncomfortable e-mail coming your way, you know? 我觉得你可能会接到 讨厌的电子邮件写说…

[05:03.24]Something like, ''Sorry l haven't called. 我没办法打电话 因为我没有电话

[05:06.20]''l'm in a place in the world where they don't have phones.''

[05:10.48]l love him. 和知心好友共度夜晚 最棒的就是能整夜尽情聊她们

[05:12.56]The best part of a night out with your friends...

[05:15.76]is taIking about them aII the way home.

[05:15.56]Charlotte is a trip, Samantha's hilarious. They all are. 夏绿蒂很有趣 莎曼珊超好笑的,你们都一样

[05:21.24]-They thought you were hilarious. -How do you not love Miranda? -她们觉得你才好笑 -你怎么不爱米兰达?

[05:22.32]l know. l love her. And l love that you loved her. 我当然爱她,我喜欢你也爱她

[05:27.28]God, she loved you. They all did. 她爱你,她们都爱你

[05:30.44]And they're a tough crowd. -我的姐妹淘可不好应付 -我也是

[05:33.72]-l'm a tough crowd. -Okay, your choice: 选一个 乳脂软糖?还是坚果口味?

[05:36.80]Fudgesicle or Nutty Buddy?

[05:38.72]Oh, my God! l wanted this one. We're perfect! 不会吧,我选这个 我们真速配

[05:44.48]When you went to the men's room, they were-- 如果你要去上洗手间… 我话太多了?

[05:46.36]-Stop. -What, am l talking too much?

[05:48.76]No, l wanna say something and l don't want you to say anything back, okay? 不是,我有话要说 但你不用回答,好吗?

[05:51.44]You promise?

[05:53.84]l love you. 我爱你

[05:55.72]l love you, too. And l'm not saying it because you said it to me. l promise. 我也爱你 我没说,是因为你叫我别说

[06:01.56]l was gonna say it before. l've been thinking it the whole night. 我早就想说了 一整晚都想着这句话

[06:05.76]l love you. l just wanted to say it again on my own. 我爱你,我想自己再说一次

[06:11.60]In my euphoric state... 在这种极度亢奋的状况下

[06:13.20]I knew there was onIy one kind of person who couId toIerate me. 只有一个人能容忍我

[06:14.40]l'm in love, too! l'm so happy for you. 我也谈恋爱了 真替你感到高兴

[06:19.48]lt's the fastest l've ever said, ''l love you,'' but l could not hold it in my mouth. 我从没这么快说出这句话 但我就是憋不住

[06:23.76]And why should you? There's no reason. You're in love. -干嘛不说?你恋爱了 -我恋爱了

[06:26.52]-l'm in love. -l love Harry so much, it hurts. 我好爱哈利…爱到心痛

[06:30.52]Sometimes l look at Berger, and he's so cute... 有时我看着柏格 帅到我真想捏他的脸

[06:31.08]l just wanna squeeze his face off!

[06:34.76]This Friday night is my first official Shabbos. 这星期五是我第一次 过犹太教的安息日

[06:37.36]So l am cooking a big, traditional dinner for Harry. 我要帮哈利 准备一桌传统的大餐

[06:43.44]-l'm so excited to finally be a real Jew. -Here's your brisket, lady. -真兴奋,我要成为犹太人了 -小姐,你的牛胸肉

[06:46.80]Listen, l said lean. 我要的是瘦肉

[06:56.64]Just when I thought my week couIdn't get any better... 这一周的心情真是好到不行

[06:57.92]I came home to find a IittIe surprise from Berger. 当我回到家 又收到柏格寄来的小惊喜

[07:01.72](潘朵拉飓风 杰克柏格着)

[07:05.76](我知道你爱我 但也爱我的书吗?)

[07:15.72]From Berger's book to Samantha's books. 从柏格的新书 到莎曼珊的戏码…

[07:22.20]l'm sorry, Ms. Jones... 对不起,琼斯小姐 你欠美国政府30万元税金

[07:22.60]but you owe the U.S. Government $300,000 in back taxes.

[07:27.84]But, Auditor Smith, l don't have that kind of money. 史密斯稽查员,我没那么多钱

[07:29.72]What are you going to do, take the shirt off my back? 你打算怎么办?没收衬衫?

[07:35.52]Take the shirt off my back. 把衬衫脱掉

[07:42.76]Now this is what l call internal revenue. 这才是我要缴的“国内税收”

[07:50.72]In my fantasy, Hurricane Pandora wouId be briIIiant. 而在我的幻想中 “潘朵拉飓风”将是本杰作

[07:53.48]In reaIity... 事实上…

[07:56.88]it was. 也是如此

[08:04.52]lf you're still not finished, it's all over between us. -如果你还没看完,就太逊了 -我刚看完,真的

[08:08.64]l just finished it, just this minute. l swear.

[08:10.88]Did you stop for meals? -连饭都不吃了? -我看了两天,有四百页

[08:12.88]lt's been two days. lt's 400 pages.

[08:16.84]-Well, l can't date a slow reader. -Are you done? -看书这么慢怎么当我马子? -说完了没?

[08:17.24]The question is, are you done? -说完了,你呢? -看完了

[08:19.56]Yes, l'm done, and if you would shut your trap... 如果你不再碎碎念 我就告诉你我的想法…

[08:24.32]l could tell you...

[08:26.68]that l love, love, loved it. 我爱死了…

[08:29.40]l loved it! 爱死了

[08:31.04]Except for one huge problem. 只有一个大问题

[08:35.28]You have your leading lady running all over town wearing a scrunchy. 你居然让女主角戴着发圈 在城里趴趴走

[08:41.12]-发圈 -绑头发的,哪里不对?

[08:42.88]The hair thing? What's wrong with that?

[08:45.40]Nothing, unless you're writing about women in Manhattan. 没什么不对 除非她住在曼哈顿

[08:47.88]ln which case, where do l begin?

[08:50.48]What are you talking about? Many New York women wear scrunchies. 你在说什么? 一大堆纽约女人会戴发圈

[08:55.36]ln the bathroom maybe, when they're washing their faces. 也许在浴室里吧 当她们洗脸时

[08:58.64]You're full of shit. 胡扯,我每天都在纽约 看到女人戴发圈

[08:58.12]l've seen women every single day all over New York City wearing scrunchies.

[09:02.40]But here's the thing. Here's my crucial point. 好吧,但我的重点是…

[09:07.08]No woman who works at W magazine and lives on Perry Street... 在杂志社工作 住在佩里街的女人

[09:08.04]would be caught dead at a hip, downtown restaurant... 绝不会戴着发圈 出现在市中心的时尚餐厅里

[09:13.32]wearing a scrunchy.

[09:17.32]Man, it's a good thing l came along... 这可是宝贵的意见

[09:20.00]because you may know the fellows, but l know the ladies. 你也许很了解男人 但我可是女性专家

[09:22.36]Great. 好吧

[09:24.56]Okay, can l read you my favorite part? -我来念我最爱的章节 -算了,别再谈书的事了

[09:28.72]No, l'm done talking about the book.

[09:30.60]Are we ordering in? 叫外卖?

[09:35.08]He completely shut down. Why? 然后他就闭口不谈

[09:37.56]Why did l have to get up on my sassy horse and ruin everything? 我干嘛口无遮拦胡言乱语 坏破了一切?

[09:43.52]Yeah, sass will bite you on the ass. -对,爱乱讲话可有苦头吃 -最难过的是,我好爱他的书

[09:45.12]And the thing that kills me is l love the book.

[09:45.32]l could have gushed about it all night. 我有一整夜可以大放厥词 干嘛劈头就让他面子挂不住?

[09:49.40]Why did l have to go straight to the negative and just pick at it?

[09:52.92]Because you're in a relationship. 男女朋友常会这样 史蒂夫常被我批评得体无完肤

[09:53.08]l used to pick at Steve about everything: the way he held his fork, his grammar...

[09:56.68]他吃饭的样子、文法 还有恶心的指甲

[09:56.64]-his dirty fingernails. -Used to? -过去式了? -看来他新女友有得受了

[10:01.04]He has a new girlfriend for that now. Debbie.


[10:04.24]-Do you think Debbie picks at Steve? -Of course. -你觉得黛比也会百般挑剔? -那还用说,女人天生如此

[10:05.00]All women pick. lt's in our DNA. lt's our little way of showing that we care.


[10:09.00]l think l made it abundantly clear just how much l care. 现在我终于搞懂了 原来我这么在乎他

[10:15.08]You have to work it out with him. Berger has single-handedly changed my life. 你得好好和他沟通 柏格可是大大改变了我的一生

[10:19.24]l still haven't heard from the real estate guy, but it's fine. He's just not that into me. 那家伙还是没和我连络 算了,他没那么哈我

[10:23.60]l think, right now, Berger's just not that into me. -柏格也没那么哈我吧 -好好和他沟通

[10:24.100]So talk to him about it.

[10:28.80]You two seem like you could laugh your way through anything. 你们很速配 在一起笑声不断

[10:31.16]Yeah, it's that kind of thinking that got me into this in the first place. 这也是一开始 我会喜欢上他的原因

[10:35.24]One of the signs that a femaIe goriIIa is in Iove... 当母猩猩对公猩猩心生爱意时

[10:39.32]is that she can be seen picking nits off her maIe companion. 母猩猩会帮它 “挑”身上的虱子

[10:52.12]And yet, in humans, nit-picking can ruin a perfectIy good evening... 但对人类来说 爱挑剔却会毁了美好夜晚

[10:56.40]not to mention a reIationship. 甚至毁了男女关系

[10:58.88]Women are known to be more verbaI than men. 有个不争的事实 女人比男人善于沟通

[10:59.08]But when does criticism that's constructive become destructive? 但建设性的批评在什么时候 会变成破坏性的言论?

[11:06.36]Are there times when the Iadies shouId just shut the fuck up? 女人该适时闭紧嘴巴吗?

[11:16.60]The next morning, another woman was making too much noise. 隔天一大早 有位熟女则制造太多噪音了

[11:22.08]What on earth is all that banging? 到底在敲什么?

[11:24.04]Good morning, Mrs. Collier. l'm a Jew now. How are you? 柯利尔太太,早 我现在是犹太人了,你好

[11:37.68]l know he'll call eventually. 他一定会打来的

[11:38.64]He's just going through a really hard time right now. 他一定很难熬 不景气,上司被解雇

[11:39.76]His boss got laid off. 米兰达趁午餐时间 查了她的无线掌上电脑

[11:43.44]Later, on her Iunch hour, Miranda checked her BIackberry.

[11:44.68]There it was. 没错,柏格预言的那封 讨厌电子邮件来了

[11:47.12]The uncomfortabIe e-maiI Berger had predicted.

[11:50.36]Then, when they get busy, it's like, ''l can't call. l'm so stressed.'' 男人每次一忙就会说 “我没办法打电话,忙死了”

[11:54.96]But he's gonna call. -他一定会打,刚好厨房翻修 -事情太多了

[11:58.12]-And his kitchen's being rewired. -lt's all so complicated.

[11:60.60]-That's a two-day process. -At least. 得花两天的工程,要全部拆掉

[12:03.68]Excuse me, l couldn't help but overhear your conversation... 对不起 我无意中听到你们的谈话

[12:08.40]and l hope what l'm gonna say will save you a lot of time and energy. 希望我说的话 能让你们不用浪费时间和精神

[12:13.44]He's just not that into you. 他没那么哈你,忘了他吧 祝你们愉快

[12:15.24]So move on.

[12:17.24]Have a great day.

[12:19.80]Having passed on the gospeI to these New York women... 米兰达把“福音” 传播给这两位痴情女后

[12:22.68]Miranda couId onIy hope they wouId spread the word far and wide. 她希望这个真理 能散播到全世界

[12:27.36]-Bitch. -Who the hell asked her? -贱人 -谁问她了?

[12:29.52]Not me. 可不是我,纽约到处是疯子

[12:31.44]-l know you didn't. -Crazy people in New York.

[12:34.00]-He is so gonna call you. -l know. -他一定会打给你的 -那还用说

[12:36.40]And as two women's fantasies were being shattered... 当这两名女子的幻想破灭时

[12:38.48]another's were being brought to Iife. 另一位熟女的幻想 正春花朵朵开


[12:46.76]Detective Smith, Department of Homicide. 刑事组的史密斯警探

[12:50.44]l'm afraid l'm gonna have to ask you some questions, ma'am. 要向你请教些问题

[12:53.88]Why, certainly, Detective. Am l in some kind of trouble? 怎么了?我有了麻烦吗?

[12:56.28]-Two martinis, please, straight up. -Yes, ma'am. -两杯纯马丁尼 -给我塞尔兹矿泉水

[12:60.16]-Actually, make mine a seltzer. -Of course, you're working.


[13:04.60]But, you know, Detective... 大侦探,小酌一下不打紧

[13:06.60]one little drink won't kill you.

[13:11.68]-He'll have a martini. -No, it's a seltzer. -给他马丁尼 -还是矿泉水

[13:13.76]Seriously, Samantha, l'm in AA. -我正在参加嗜酒者互诫协会 -那句话倒让莎曼珊清醒了

[13:17.04]That sobered Samantha right up.

[13:18.48]Totally fucked up for eight years in Seattle.... 过去八年来 我常醉得不省人事…

[13:20.12]You know, l just realized. l have a presentation first thing in the morning. 我刚想到明天一早有个会议…

[13:28.48]So, sorry. 抱歉了

[13:33.08]Jerry had taken the fantasy into dangerous territory. 杰瑞刚将幻想带入 危险的境地…

[13:35.04]ReaIity. 真实生活

[13:39.76]-Two martinis. -No, dude, l said a seltzer. -两杯马丁尼 -不对,我要的是矿泉水

[13:41.08]MeanwhiIe, CharIotte was hard at work on her fantasy roIe.: 同时,夏绿蒂正努力扮演 幻想中的角色玛莎史都华

[13:44.88]Martha Jewart. 犹太布丁放进烤箱了 而薄饼汤圆正在煮

[13:48.56]The kugel's in the oven, the matzo balls are boiling.

[13:49.56]lt's three hours till Shabbos. We should start braiding the challah. 再三个钟头就是安息日了 来弄白面包卷吧

[13:53.64]Doesn't Shabbos mean ''day of rest,'' i.e. ordering in? “安息日”不是休息日吗? 可以叫外卖

[13:56.44]We're wearing aprons. Do you own aprons? 我们穿了围裙 你家有围裙吗?

[13:60.28]-The challah! -Okay, you don't have to holler. -白面包卷来了 -不用大呼小叫的

[14:03.16]Miranda, like this. 米兰达,像这样…

[14:09.76]l don't know what l'm doing. Why did you call me over here? 我根本不知道怎么弄 你干嘛打电话叫我来?

[14:13.12]Because l didn't want to spend the entire week saying, ''Guess you had to be there.'' 我想找个伴 所以就把你找来了

[14:16.68]Did Harry's friend ever call you? 哈利的朋友打电话给你没?

[14:17.100]Yes. As a matter of fact, l'm seeing him tonight. 有,晚上我会和他见面 就穿这样去约会吧?

[14:20.36]You think l can get away with this outfit?

[14:22.76]Definitely, the apron softens you. 可以啊 你穿上围裙比较有女人味

[14:25.96]Can you read me what's next, after it's braided? 帮我看一下 卷完面团后要做什么?

[14:31.92]With her high schooI boyfriend, CharIotte doodIed. 夏绿蒂为了高中男友 还写了心情日记

[14:34.12]With Harry, she Jew-dIed. 而为了哈利 她努力成为犹太人

[14:37.96]l think it calls for... 接下来应该是加两杯 哈利约克葛登布拉特

[14:40.48]two cups of Mrs. Harry York-Goldenblatt.

[14:43.44]Did l miss something? Did you get married while l was at work? 你该不会趁我上班时 跑去结婚了?

[14:46.04]No, but that's where we're headed. -没有,但我们有这打算 -你忘了加夏绿蒂约克布拉特

[14:49.48]You forgot Charlotte Yorkenblatt.

[14:52.40]Actually, l've been making some calls... 事实上 你们觉得十一月如何?

[14:54.20]and l was wondering how you both felt about November.

[14:59.56]November? For what? -十一月?做什么? -举行婚礼

[14:59.32]For our wedding.

[15:03.32]Most of the synagogues are booked through the fall. -在那之前排满了犹太教聚会 -我没问题

[15:05.24]-November works for me. -Has Harry even proposed yet?

[15:05.40]-哈利向你求婚没? -米兰达

[15:08.56]No, but he will. 还没,但他会提的

[15:11.76]Aren't you counting your matzo balls before they rise? 那不是八字都还没一撇?

[15:15.56]Miranda, zip the lip. 别说了

[15:18.92]We have an understanding about our future. 我们彼此有共识 这种事不用拿出来讨论

[15:18.20]We don't have to talk about it all the time. lt's b'shert.

[15:20.72]-一切顺理成章 -什么意思?

[15:22.20]-l don't know what that means. -lt's meant to be.


[15:28.40]l would never have gone through all this trouble... 如果没把握,我不会自找麻烦

[15:32.44]if l didn't know for sure that we were getting married.

[15:33.56]l'm sorry, l just don't want to see you get hurt again. 对不起 我只是不希望你再受到伤害

[15:43.20]And ever since her reaIity check with Jerry... 自从莎曼珊看清 现实中的杰瑞后

[15:46.76]Samantha had no interest in seeing him again. 她就对他兴趣缺缺

[15:50.92]However, when a certain government officiaI caIIed... 但当她接到政府人员的电话时

[15:52.40]she was more than happy to take a meeting. 她倒是很乐意见一见

[15:60.80]Secret Service Agent Smith, if you're here... 史密斯特务

[16:00.48]你跑来这里 现在谁来保护总统?

[16:04.48]who's protecting the President?

[16:05.64]You know, l changed my mind. 我改变心意了 我们来玩点更火辣的

[16:07.52]l thought of something even hotter for us to play.

[16:11.04]Hotter than Secret Service sluts? -比扮演风骚女特务更火辣? -对

[16:15.60]l'm me, you're you. 我演自己,你也演自己 开始吧


[16:21.04]You know, when l told you the other night l was in AA, you bolted. 你一听到我在戒酒,拔腿就跑 怎么回事?

[16:27.12]What's up with that? 杰瑞,对吧?

[16:30.52]lt is Jerry, isn't it?

[16:30.100]l'm afraid we want different things. 我想我们要的东西不一样

[16:35.16]You want to tell me all about you... 你希望我认识真正的你 但我不想

[16:37.44]and l don't want you to tell me all about you.

[16:38.64]lt spoils the fantasy. 这样会让幻想破灭

[16:42.84]-That's harsh. -Yeah, l am harsh. -真无情 -对,我很无情

[16:47.20]l'm also demanding, stubborn, self-sufficient, and always right. 也要求很高、固执 自给自足,眼光一向正确

[16:50.56]ln bed, at the office, and everywhere else. 在床上、办公室 生活上都是如此

[16:52.84]-l already knew that. -And that's just a little bit about me. -这我知道 -你只知道一点点

[16:58.96]All right, cool. 好吧,酷

[16:59.84]Let me tell you one little thing about me. -我要告诉你我的事 -这有点…

[17:02.40]-See, this is exactly-- -At least let me tell you my last name.

[17:03.60]我想让你知道我姓什么 杰洛德

[17:07.08]lt's Jerrod.

[17:11.44]Your parents named you Jerry Jerrod? 你父母帮你取名 叫做杰瑞杰洛德?

[17:14.84]-No wonder you drank. -Right. -难怪你常喝醉 -是吗?

[17:18.52]There wouId stiII be accountants and undercover agents in their future. 莎曼珊和杰瑞往后还是会 上演特务的戏码

[17:20.52]But that night, Samantha and Jerry got off on pIaying themseIves. 但那一晚他们卸下面具 扮演自己

[17:27.68]MeanwhiIe, I was Iooking forward to putting the scrunchy moment behind us. 同时我也在努力化解 我们之间的发圈心结

[17:36.00]UnfortunateIy, it was staring us in the face. 说时迟那时快 它就刚好出现在眼前

[17:44.96]Okay, l'm sorry to have to do this... 对不起,我不得不提

[17:47.04]but l do believe we are in the presence of a scrunchy. 但前面刚好有个 戴发圈的女士…

[17:49.40]l also do believe, and correct me if l'm wrong... 如果我错了,欢迎指教

[17:52.68]that we are in New York City proper. 因为这里正好是纽约

[17:56.96]This woman does not appear to be washing her face. 而这位女士也没在浴室里洗脸

[17:58.28]She appears to be standing in line at a hip, downtown restaurant. 又刚好出现在 市中心的时尚餐厅里

[18:04.24]So it kind of kills your New York woman theory. 这可推翻了 你对纽约女人的理论

[18:10.92]Tough break, Bradshaw. 踢到铁板了,女性专家

[18:12.68]-She's not from New York. -What? -她不是纽约客 -什么?

[18:16.16]Doesn't matter. Did they say how long the wait was gonna be? 算了,还要等多久?

[18:19.72]Excuse me. Hi, l'm sorry to bother you. 对不起,打扰一下

[18:21.40]We're just wondering what part of New York you live in. 不知道你住在纽约哪一区?

[18:27.88]Me? 我?天啊

[18:31.60]l am from Macon, Georgia. 我从乔治亚州梅肯来的

[18:34.28]But thanks, you made my whole day. 谢谢你,我快乐翻天了

[18:35.04]Honey, did you hear that? These people think l live in New York. 亲爱的,听到没? 他们以为我是纽约客

[18:42.12]l'm so hungry. When are they gonna let us sit down? 我饿扁了 什么时候可以入坐?

[18:46.80]Downtown, over curried Iamb and chutney... 米兰达在市中心大啖 咖哩羊肉加酸辣酱的美食后

[18:47.16]Miranda found herseIf pIeasantIy surprised by CharIotte's matchmaking skiIIs. 对夏绿蒂的媒人眼光赞赏有加

[18:53.04]That was one spicy biryani! -印度比尔亚尼菜真辣 -没错,辣到嘴都麻了

[18:56.16]l know, l've lost all feeling in my tongue.

[18:59.92]Listen, l know a great place around the corner if you wanna get coffee. 你想喝咖啡吗? 我知道附近有间很棒的店


[19:05.76]l wish l could, but l really should call it a night.

[19:11.12]lt's fine, l understand. 没关系,我了解

[19:14.20]You're just not that into me, and it's okay. l get it. 你只是没那么哈我 没关系,我懂

[19:16.72]No, l like you. 不是,我喜欢你 但我真的得走了

[19:19.56]l just really have to go.

[19:22.68]-Paul, come on, you can stop lying. -l am not lying. -保罗,别骗人了 -我没骗你

[19:26.32]Come on, be a man. Tell the truth. 像个男子汉,说实话

[19:30.24]l have diarrhea. 我想拉肚子

[19:34.40]ApparentIy there is one rare exception to Berger's ruIe... 看来保罗是柏格理论的 特殊案例

[19:38.40]and it often invoIves curry. 因为咖哩的关系

[19:40.36]After dinner, Berger ate banana cream pie and I ate my words. 用餐后,柏格点了香蕉派吃 我则因说错话而努力弥补

[19:43.16]Another thing l loved... 我也好喜欢你将 修女会的电话比喻成街灯柱

[19:45.36]was the way you used the sister's phone calls as little landposts.

[19:49.68]l mean, landmarks... 当做地标、路标…总而言之…

[19:51.88]or mileposts.

[19:54.76]Anyway l just loved how those sort of punctuated the story. 让整个剧情生色不少 很棒的点子

[19:57.56]lt was just a really nice touch.

[20:02.36]Oh, my God, the introduction.... Brilliant! 对了,还有序文,太优了

[20:05.84]You're instantly on this guy's side, even though he's a complete mess. 你宛如男主角的化身 虽然他是个大呆瓜

[20:12.20]You know, you really just nailed him. 真是一针见血

[20:21.20]WhiIe I was working overtime.... 当我正在加班,努力弥补时

[20:24.48]CharIotte's work was finaIIy coming to an end. 夏绿蒂的工作终于接近尾声了

[20:26.80]Harry, you can come on in now. Sorry it's so late. -哈利,快来 -这是什么?

[20:30.64]What's all this? 为了庆祝我们第一次过安息日 我费了一点心思

[20:32.28]Since it's our first Shabbos together, l wanted to make it a little special.

[20:34.96]A little? This is phenomenal. 一点心思?这可是丰盛大餐

[20:36.84]l just need to get the candles and then we can say the bracha. 现在只要点上蜡烛 就可以唱圣歌了

[20:51.24]Come on. 加油

[20:55.32]Honey, please turn that off. We're about to eat. 亲爱的,电视关掉,要用餐了

[21:06.28]lt smells incredible. 香味四溢 你居然还做了牛胸肉,棒呆了

[21:06.12]And you made brisket. l cannot believe you made brisket.

[21:46.28]-Good Shabbos. -Good Shabbos, sweetie. -安息日愉快 -安息日愉快

[21:53.48]l cannot believe you made all this. 真不敢相信 你居然做了一整桌菜

[21:55.44]-What did l do to deserve you? -l feel the same way. -我到底积了什么好阴德? -我也有同感

[22:01.44]l've been thinking about blessings... 我常想到“恩赐”这个字 你就像是神赐的恩典

[22:04.68]and you are such a blessing to me.

[22:05.80]What are you.... 你在…

[22:10.68]-Why is the TV on? -lt's on mute. -电视怎么还开着? -我切到静音

[22:13.16]Mute? We're having Shabbos dinner. -静音?我们在吃安息日晚餐 -这场比赛很重要

[22:15.92]lt's a big game, honey. 现在马上关掉…

[22:15.64]Turn it off. l want you to turn it off right this minute.

[22:19.20]-But it's-- -Off now. -但是… -快关

[22:21.20]Let me just watch this one pitch. 只差一球…

[22:22.00]l gave up Christ for you and you can't give up the Mets? 我为你放弃了耶稣基督 你却不愿意放弃纽约大都会队

[22:25.96]lt's gonna be a long life if you keep that up. 别老是用这个藉口,没完没了

[22:28.04]''l gave up Christ for you, take out the trash. 我为你放弃了耶稣基督 把垃圾拿出去倒,袜子捡起来

[22:31.64]''l gave up Christ for you, pick up your socks.''

[22:34.100]Do you have any idea how hard l worked to prepare this meal for you? 你知道我为了准备这顿晚餐 多么煞费苦心吗?

[22:38.36]l went to Zabar's every day this week... 这礼拜每天都到扎巴超市报到

[22:42.08]l had to make 30 matzo balls... 我做了30个薄饼汤圆 只有4个成功

[22:44.48]just to get four that were the right size and shape.

[22:48.24]Not to mention the months of studying and cramming like a maniac... 更别提几个月来像个疯子 努力成为犹太人

[22:52.68]to convert to Judaism. And what have you done for me?

[22:56.20]而你为我做了什么? 说个日子,快点

[22:57.28]Set the date.

[22:60.68]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?

[23:00.84]You said you couldn't marry me unless l was Jewish... 你说我要是个犹太人才能娶我 现在我是犹太人了,选个日子

[23:05.76]and now l'm Jewish. Set the date!

[23:07.60]You're acting crazy! Do you hear yourself? 你现在的样子像个疯子

[23:08.88]Do you know how lucky you are to have me? 你知道你有多幸运吗? 你知道我们看起来像什么?

[23:13.20]Do you know how we look?

[23:15.08]Do you know what people out there think when they see us together? Do you? 我们出双入对时 你知道人们怎么评断我们?

[23:20.28]Yeah, l know what people are thinking. 我知道人们怎么想 但我不知道你也是其中之一

[23:22.16]l just didn't think you were one of them.

[23:24.52]FinaIIy it was CharIotte who was on mute. 夏绿蒂终于闭嘴了

[23:29.72]l don't need this. 我不用受这种罪

[23:31.80]l'm leaving. 我走了

[23:35.16]To think l bought a ring. 我居然还买了戒指

[23:42.72]The Mets won that night, 5 to 4. 那晚大都会队以五比四获胜 但夏绿蒂却一败涂地

[23:45.92]But CharIotte Iost everything that mattered to her.

[23:48.36]l just remembered another hilarious part. 对了,其中有个桥段很棒

[23:51.28]And Iater, on the corner of 73rd and mea cuIpa.... 稍后就在73街转角上 我也得到报应了…

[23:55.32]You know the scene where the dishwasher guy... 就是洗碗工用汤匙 把麦片装回盒子那一幕

[23:58.72]is spooning up the Rice Chex and he's putting them back in the box?

[24:02.80]lt's perfection. How did you come up with that? 棒呆了,你怎么想到的?

[24:05.80]-lt's so lame. -No, it was not. lt was hysterical. -真逊 -哪会?超爆笑的

[24:08.36]l'm not talking about the book. l'm talking about what you're doing right now. 我指的不是书 而是你现在的举动

[24:13.20]l just wanted you to know how much l loved your book... 我只是想让你知道 我好喜欢你的书,真的

[24:18.40]because l did. 对不起,我不该批评发圈的事 弄得一团乱

[24:19.32]And l'm sorry l muddied it up with the whole scrunchy thing.

[24:23.96]lt's not that big a deal. -没那么严重 -好吧

[24:27.72]l think l'm gonna call it a night. 我得走了,明天要早起

[24:30.20]l gotta get an early start tomorrow.

[24:32.44]-Are you kidding? -No. Thanks for dinner. -你在说笑吗? -不是,晚餐很愉快

[24:37.88]l'll call you tomorrow. 明天再打给你

[24:37.76]And then there are times... 此时可不是 纽约女人选择沉默的时候

[24:40.48]when a New York woman shouId not shut the fuck up.

[24:51.88]You can't just pull that line on me and walk away. 你不能这样就一走了之

[24:55.96]This time it's true. 这次真的有事

[24:55.16]You're obviously still pissed, and l'm sorry... 显然你还是很火大,对不起 但你不能闭口不谈

[24:57.48]but you can't just shut down like this.

[24:59.92]We have to be able to say what's on our minds. 大家应该开诚布公 心里有什么话就说

[25:03.24]lf you thought that l had made some kind of mistake... 如果我哪里错了 我希望你能告诉我

[25:05.28]l would want you to tell me.

[25:10.56]Nice hat. 很美的帽子

[25:15.48]lt's fabulous, and you said that to hurt my feelings. -真有你的,你故意的 -那只是我的真心话

[25:17.04]-That's how you made me feel that night. -Fabulous. 帽子太美了

[25:21.24]-So, you could just walk away now? -Yes, l can. -现在换你一走了之 -我当然可以

[25:25.28]l'm sorry, all right? 对不起

[25:24.72]What was l supposed to do with that scrunchy comment? 不然发圈的事我该怎么办? 整本书重写?

[25:28.76]Was l supposed to hop in my time machine and fix my entire book?

[25:32.68]l don't know what your problem is, but it has nothing to do with a scrunchy. 我不知道你到底哪根筋不对 但重点不是发圈

[25:36.44]Yeah, it's about the fact that my book is a big, fat, fucking failure. 重点是 那是个非常失败的作品

[25:38.32]-Wait. What? -lt's just, l already feel like shit. -什么? -那只是…

[25:43.88]You trying to pump me up all night, not helping. 我已经够难过了 你却一直帮我打气,还是没用

[25:49.28]l'm sure this is all very sexy. You probably never really-- 我觉得很窝心,也许…

[25:54.32]Stop. 别说了

[25:55.72]l want to say something and l want you to listen. 我想说些话,希望你注意听

[25:60.56]You're a beautiful writer... 你是个很棒的作家 我很喜欢你的书

[26:03.44]and l loved your book.

[26:08.44]And l love you. 我爱你

[26:09.04]And l still think... 而且你很性感

[26:12.52]you're very sexy.

[26:14.48]And l'm not gonna let you make a joke right now. 现在我不准你乱开玩笑

[26:21.28]Then l got nothing. 那我什么都不说

[26:28.52]Come on. 进来吧

[26:33.08]Saying ''I Iove you'' is easy. 说“我爱你”这句话不难

[26:34.20]What comes next is a IittIe scrunchier. 但接下来的事 就得考验智慧了

[26:42.40]Harry hadn't caIIed in two days... 哈利已经两天 没打电话给夏绿蒂

[26:44.92]except to say he was sending someone over to pick up his TV. 只除了说要派人过去 拿回他的电视机

[26:54.08]Just what New York needs.: another singIe Jewish girI. 看来纽约正需要 多一位单身犹太女孩

[27:00.72]Good morning. -早 -早

[27:06.80]-Mind if l get in there and wash my face? -Not at all. -可以进去洗把脸吗? -请进

[27:11.84]Oh, my God, where did you get that? 天啊,你哪来的?

[27:13.92]Macon, Georgia. Why, you wanna try it on? -乔治亚州梅肯,要戴吗? -不要

[27:17.20]You're gonna look so pretty with this scrunchy on. 你戴起来一定美呆了

[27:22.08]No, l hate you!

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