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欲望都市第六季 新男性主义 Lights, Camera, Relationship






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:51:17



[00:38.00](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:47.76]In every reIationship, there comes a time when you take that next important step. 在每段感情中,都会有步入 下一个重要阶段的时候

[00:53.84]-Do l look all right? -Don't worry, they'll love you. -穿这样可以吗? -别担心,他们会爱死你

[00:57.92]-l just want to make the right impression. -They'll love you because l love you. -我想给他们好印象 -我爱你,所以他们也会爱你

[01:01.36]Here we are. 对有些情侣来说 是指与对方父母见面时

[01:03.16]For some coupIes, that step is meeting the parents.

[01:05.16]For me, it's meeting the Prada. 对我而言 则是该让他见见普拉达了

[01:08.76]Holy shit. 真不是盖的

[01:11.84]You know, on my planet, the clothing stores have clothes. 在我的星球里 买衣服到成衣店就有了

[01:15.88]Ladies. 辣妹们

[01:19.48]So how often do you shop here? -你常来这里血拼? -凯莉

[01:20.16]-Carrie. -Hi. -你好 -我想不只一次吧

[01:23.36]l'm gonna guess more than once.

[01:24.96]lf all my customers were this beautiful, yes? 真希望我的每个客人 都是美女辣妹

[01:27.20]-This is my boyfriend, Jack Berger. -How are you? 汤尼,这是我男友杰克柏格


[01:33.28]Okay, two. Bonus round. l'm down with that.

[01:34.64]-He's funny, yes? -Yes. -他真幽默 -没错,他第一次来逛

[01:38.04]And this is his first time at Prada.

[01:39.16]-We have some amazing new things for men. -l'm here for my amazing new girlfriend. -正好有些很棒的男装新品 -我陪她来的

[01:43.72]Can l get you something to drink? Cappuccino, bottled water, champagne? 想喝什么? 卡布奇诺?水?香槟?

[01:48.72]-Champagne? -Yes. -香槟? -对

[01:49.08]Some coupIes spend Saturday afternoon shopping. 周末时有些情侣会去血拼购物

[01:52.56]Look, everybody, it's Carrie. 各位,凯莉来了

[01:52.28]Other coupIes spend it sexing. 而有些则是疯狂做爱

[01:57.24]-Aren't you gonna shower? -Nope. -你不去冲澡吗? -不了

[02:02.80]l want to smell you on me all night. 我可以整晚回味着你的味道

[02:04.88]Dirty boy. 小色胚

[02:05.60]So how's Friday at 9:00? -星期五、九点? -星期五不行

[02:11.08]l can't do Friday. 但星期五一向是做爱日

[02:11.64]But we always do Friday, it's T.G.l. Fuckday.

[02:16.60]-My play starts previews this week. -Play? -这星期我的戏要开始彩排 -你的戏?

[02:21.68]l was thinking you could come check it out. 你可以过来看看

[02:24.88]lt's a kick-ass play. 超屌的戏

[02:25.84]''Kick-ass play.'' Three words l hope never to hear again. 超屌的戏? 以后别再用这种字眼

[02:30.84]-Come on. -lt's in Brooklyn. l don't do borough. -来嘛 -那在布鲁克林区,我的禁地

[02:34.80]Don't give me that look. 别装那个表情,我才应该难过

[02:37.88]l'm the one who should be hurt. You always spend Fridays in me. -星期五应该是属于我们的 -好,来谈个条件

[02:40.96]Okay, here's the deal.

[02:45.28]You come see me in Brooklyn... 你来布鲁克林区看我的戏 接下来我保证让你…

[02:46.72]and afterwards, l'll make sure you come... 飘飘欲仙,乐到最高点

[02:50.32]and come and come in the bedroom.

[02:59.96]-What do you think? -Two things. 你觉得如何?

[03:03.32]One, you look damn fine. 第一,漂亮极了 第二,我有点醉了

[03:05.92]Two, l'm a little hammered.

[03:08.68]Here, for you. Try. -这里,试试看 -美呆了

[03:12.40]Now, that is fabulous.

[03:13.40]You know, l never say fabulous, but if l did, l would. 我从没用过“美呆了”这字眼 但有机会我一定会说

[03:15.88]That's what a real shirt looks like. 这衬衫看起来很正点

[03:19.96]-我的天啊 -但你可以穿一辈子

[03:20.80]-But you will wear forever. -Yeah, l'd have to.

[03:25.72]Does it also somehow open into a small studio apartment? 非得如此 这还附送单房公寓?

[03:27.20]Carrie, tell him. 以前我女友也是一直说服我 但穿上后整个人都不一样了

[03:29.00]My girlfriend used to talk me into things, and l'm a better man for it.

[03:33.64]This is our first shopping trip together. l want to take it slow. 这是我们第一次一起逛街 慢慢来吧

[03:34.84]So how is Claudia? -克萝迪亚好吗? -我们吹了

[03:37.24]We broke up. 真惨,但更惨的是 杰克居然不穿普拉达

[03:40.64]Yes, is tragic.

[03:40.24]Only thing more tragic is Jack Berger not having Prada.

[03:42.88]What can l say, except thanks for the hooch. -我能说什么?谢谢你的酒 -别客气

[03:47.60]Carrie, do you know any fantastic gorgeous single women like yourself... 凯莉,哪里找得到 漂亮迷人的单身女人?

[03:50.36]l could go out with?

[03:55.32]Cheer up, sweetie. 别一副苦瓜脸 也许我帮你找到了完美梦中人

[03:57.92]l may have found you the impossible dreamboat.

[03:58.92]Straight, single, and works for Prada. 他不是同性恋,单身 在普拉达上班

[04:01.16]-ls he Jewish? -What? 他是犹太人吗?干嘛?

[04:04.16]Did you think l would throw away all my new religious beliefs... 总不能因为和哈利吹了 就把刚信奉的宗教信仰丢了?

[04:07.44]just because Harry and l are no longer together?

[04:11.96]-Yeah. -l am not a fair-weather Jew. -当然可以 -我可是个能共患难的犹太人

[04:14.92]Besides, l can't even think about dating again. 我现在还不能和别人约会 和哈利分手的伤口还没抚平

[04:17.72]l'm way too sad about losing Harry.

[04:18.80]Now, Charlotte, honey. You will start dating eventually... 夏绿蒂 反正你早晚都要开始约会

[04:23.84]and by then this Prada item may be off the rack. 一直拖,到时好货都被挑走了

[04:26.04]lf she's not ready to move on, she's not ready to move on. 失恋的人还没做好心理建设前 就是没办法谈新恋情…

[04:28.12]People can't move on before they're ready.

[04:30.72]l'm just saying. -这是我的看法 -约会的事,我想都不敢想

[04:31.00]l can't even imagine dating again. l mean, what would l say about myself?

[04:35.32]到时我要怎么自我介绍? 我结了婚、又离婚

[04:36.68]''l was married and then l got divorced...

[04:38.68]''then l fell in love with my divorce lawyer and we were gonna get married... 后来爱上我的离婚律师

[04:41.52]''but then l blew it and we split up, too.'' 结果却被我搞砸了 我们就吹了

[04:46.92]lt's depressing. 真悲哀

[04:49.80]Now you went and told the truth. 这倒是实话

[04:51.76]What are we gonna do about it? 好,该怎么办? 星期五晚上出去疯一下

[04:53.100]l say we get all dressed up and go out for drinks Friday night.

[04:57.56]l'll wear my new Prada. -我会穿新买的普拉达 -算我一份

[04:58.12]-l'm in. -Excellent. 全员到齐

[05:02.80]Shit, motherfucker fuck shit. 妈妈咪啊妈妈咪

[05:03.40]There's a ''Shit, motherfucker fuck shit'' situation? 撞期了?

[05:06.88]-l have to go to the theatre. -They finally made that mandatory? -我得去剧场 -不去不行?

[05:10.28]A new play in Brooklyn. Jerry's in it. 杰瑞的新戏在布鲁克林区上演

[05:13.36]-So it's children's theatre? -l think that's sweet. -那是儿童剧场 -真体贴

[05:15.84]lt's not sweet, it's pathetic how far a gal will go for a good fuck. 什么体贴,是可悲 为了上床,不得不去看戏

[05:22.24]要让木板焕然一新 得用不少涂料

[05:24.88]And speaking of the theatre, that night... 说到戏剧

[05:27.24]Miranda continued performing her one-woman show... 那天晚上米兰达继续上演 她的怨女单人秀…

[05:30.24]I'm Not In Love With Steve. “我并不爱史蒂夫”

[05:33.16]-回来了 -史蒂夫

[05:35.12]How was life on the playground? 在运动场玩得如何?

[05:38.08]The little bratty girl had a birthday. -调皮的小布莱迪过生日 -布莱迪过生日?

[05:42.60]Bratty had a birthday?

[05:44.48]Yep, here. 给你,帮你抢到一个杯形蛋糕 我可是拼了老命

[05:45.16]l scammed you a cupcake. lt's chocolate. l had to fight for it.

[05:48.12]For me? Thanks. 给我的?谢谢

[05:53.00]l'm getting a gut from all the cupcake action on that playground. 在球场为了抢那个杯形蛋糕 抢到都快有腹肌了

[05:58.12]You don't have a gut. 你哪有腹肌


[06:01.36]Okay, so l gotta run. l wanna get home to see the Knicks game. 好,我要回家 看尼克队的比赛了

[06:06.04]Why don't you watch it here? 在这里看吧?

[06:08.92]l pay for ESPN and all, and l've got all this extra food and all. 既然缴了钱看ESPN频道 还有点心…

[06:15.48]Unless you have plans with someone, in which case-- 除非你和别人有约

[06:17.68]Debbie's got shit to do. 没有,黛比有事

[06:20.16]l wouldn't be crowding you? 你不会觉得太挤吗?

[06:23.76]For the guy who scammed me the chocolate cupcake. 有人可是拼了老命 帮我抢杯形蛋糕

[06:28.84]Cool. 酷

[06:38.72]The Knicks overtime turned into Steve's overnighter. 尼克队进入延长赛 而让史蒂夫在米兰达家过夜



[07:07.36]All right, now l have to call somebody. You have a Prada abuse problem. 看来我要打电话报警 你太沉迷普拉达了

[07:13.44]l do, do l? Here. 是吗?

[07:15.60]For you. 这个,送你的

[07:17.24]lt's the ''l never say fabulous'' fabulous shirt. 就是那件我从没说过美呆了 却美呆了的衬衫

[07:21.68]Carrie, thanks, but you can't afford this. 谢了,但你哪有钱去买

[07:25.64]You can't afford that stuff you bought yourself. -你连自己的都没买了 -上周我是买不起,但你看…

[07:28.96]Last week l couldn't, but voiIà.

[07:32.04]lt's a check from our publishers. They sold my book in Paris. 出版社刚卖出书籍的法国版权 这是法国寄来的预付款

[07:35.44]lt's an advance from France.

[07:38.80]That's quite an advance. -金额还真不少 -难以置信吧,待遇差这么多

[07:38.68]l know, l can't believe it. Half off at home, big deal in France.

[07:40.16]到了法国却身价倍涨 我可是出版界的杰瑞路易斯

[07:42.84]l'm the literary Jerry Lewis.

[07:43.64]So, you see, you have to have the ''l never say fabulous'' fabulous shirt... 所以我决定一定要送你 这件美呆了的衬衫

[07:47.80]because you are the most fabulous... 因为你是优质男人中的极品

[07:52.60]of all the fabulous men who never say ''fabulous.''


[07:58.20]Okay, thank you. 好吧,谢了

[07:59.44]l'm starving. What looks good? 我饿扁了,有什么好吃的?

[08:05.84]The next day I met Miranda and IittIe Iord Brady... 隔天下午我和米兰达母子 相约来个傍晚漫步

[08:09.00]for an earIy evening waIk. -我累了,可以和布莱迪挤吗 -没问题

[08:09.12]lf l get tired in about a block, can you push me around in that?


[08:14.36]Steve slept over the other night. -前几天史蒂夫在我家过夜 -你说什么?

[08:18.72]On the couch. 他睡在沙发上 看尼克队比赛,看到太晚了

[08:20.76]We were watching the Knicks game and it got late.

[08:21.92]Someone's gonna get hurt. 有人会受伤

[08:25.52]Carrie, l can't help it. lt was the most fun l've had in a long time. 凯莉,我没办法 我好久没这么快乐了

[08:29.36]-l like being around him. -Then tell him that, l beg of you. -我喜欢有他在身边 -那就告诉他,求求你

[08:33.48]-He has a girlfriend, did you forget? -No, did you? -他有女朋友,记得吧? -记得,你呢?

[08:36.52]-No. -He probably already knows how you feel. 那还用说

[08:39.12]-他可能早就知道你的感觉 -不可能,我演技一流

[08:41.80]No way, l'm acting my ass off.

[08:42.40]There is no Academy Award for that, just so you know. 这种事装不出来的

[08:45.40]My God, Courtney. Hi. 真意外,柯特妮

[08:48.76]-Carrie Bradshaw, the toast of Europe. -Hardly. -你好 -布雷萧,欧洲出版界新宠儿

[08:54.44]Miranda, this is Courtney, my publisher. 还早呢 这是柯特妮,我的出版商

[08:55.20]Ex-publisher. l just got the boot. Hence the gin. 前出版商,我刚被炒鱿鱼了

[08:60.72]l'm gonna go home and make myself a welfare martini. 现在我要回家喝自己 痛快畅饮一番

[09:02.80]Wait. Why? -怎么会? -引述一下“销售成绩不佳”

[09:03.76]''Disappointing sales in my sector.''

[09:07.36]-l'm sorry. -''Fuck them.'' -真遗憾 -去他们的

[09:10.56]lf it weren't for the European interest in your book... 如果不是欧洲市场对你有兴趣 上星期我就打包回家了

[09:11.72]l'd have gotten the boot a week ago when they started dropping all my authors.

[09:17.92]How's Berger handling it? He's so frigging talented. l can't stand it. 柏格还好吧? 他真的是很有才华的作家

[09:19.28]They should've never dropped his second book option. 他们不该放弃他第二本书的 购买权,一群短视的人

[09:22.76]Shortsighted A-holes. You tell him to get the phone book out...

[09:23.04]转告他如果他要找酒伴 我随时奉陪

[09:25.04]and give me a call if he needs a drinking buddy.

[09:27.36]Cute kid. See you. 好可爱,拜

[09:32.08]Berger never said anything to me. 柏格一个字都没说,真是的

[09:36.00]My God.

[09:38.16]And l'm running around buying him shirts and shoving my big check in his face. 我还花大钱送他衬衫 在他面前大肆炫耀那张支票

[09:43.04]-You didn't know. -God, l feel awful. -你并不知情 -天啊,真糟糕

[09:47.00]Why did l have to parade in and brag about that check? 我干嘛把支票拿出来炫耀?

[09:49.08]Because you're proud of it. And you earned it. 因为你很自豪,那是你赚来的 为自己感到骄傲没什么不对

[09:53.00]-lt's okay to be proud of it. -This is not good.


[09:57.16]So what now? Should l tell him l know? 现在怎么办? 要告诉他我知道了?

[09:58.92]Maybe you should wait till he brings it up. 等他提起再说吧

[10:02.80]Move over, Brady, l'm getting tired. 布莱迪,过去点,我好累

[10:08.72]And in CentraI Park.... 而在中央公园里

[10:08.60]Not him. Gay. 不行,玻璃

[10:10.40]Gay and doesn't know it. 有同性恋倾向

[10:14.76]Here. Pale with no arms, straight, and Jewish. 看,苍白的弱鸡 非同性恋、犹太人

[10:18.24]Please, Harry and l just broke up. 拜托,哈利和我才刚分手

[10:20.64]Char, you loved Harry, l loved Harry. 你爱他、我也爱他 我们都爱哈利

[10:20.100]We all loved Harry. But it's been two weeks. Next. -但已经两星期了,往前看 -这样行不通的

[10:26.12]No next. lt doesn't work like that.

[10:27.48]lt do, and it better, because you are knock, knock, knocking on sad-gal door. 当然可以 除非你想变成失魂落魄的怨女

[10:32.44]And nobody loves a sad gal. 没人喜欢可怜的怨女

[10:33.16]You don't understand what this feels like. 你不会了解我的心情 你从没…算了

[10:37.32]You've never....

[10:38.40]-Never mind. -What? l've never what? 说啊,我从没什么? 失去生命中的最爱?

[10:40.88]Lost the love of my life? Wrong.


[10:45.40]Paolo. Brazilian. Broke my heart. 保罗,巴西人,他让我心碎 我对他一直念念不忘

[10:49.64]-l've never gotten over him. -Anthony. 安东尼

[10:51.72]Had an ass like two scoops of butter pecan ice cream. 一对俏臀就像奶油胡桃冰淇淋

[10:55.20]Him. l could see you with him. -他不错 -我没兴趣

[10:56.80]-l'm not interested. -You better get interested... 你最好提起兴趣 还是你想当独守空闺的老处女

[10:59.28]or you're gonna end up all alone and with no mans.

[11:03.16]Maybe l am. 有可能,最坏也不过这样

[11:03.68]Would that be the worst thing that could happen?


[11:09.32]Nice day to get laid. 嘿咻的好日子

[11:17.80]The corn. -谷类? -已采割


[11:21.32]The hay. -饲草? -已采割


[11:27.40]My youth? 我的青春?


[11:55.24]Samantha wondered if perhaps she'd judged the arts too quickIy. 莎曼珊不禁在想 她可能对艺术太早下断论了

[12:02.80]So was it worth the trip? 不虚此行吧?

[12:03.48]l'm not usually a fan of the theater, but get your cock out. 通常我不是舞台剧迷… 该升旗了

[12:11.88]-Did you like the play? -l felt like l was hit with a tranquilizer dart. -你喜欢这出戏吗? -就像被镇静剂镖射中一样

[12:16.16]-Did you at least like my monologue? -What monologue? -至少你会喜欢我的独白吧? -什么独白?

[12:17.00]After you dropped trou, all l could think was... 你的工作裤掉下来时 我心里只想着嘿咻这档事

[12:20.20]l got to get me some of that.

[12:24.56]This. 上床了

[12:26.36]l hope the critics like it more than you. 希望影评的反应比你好 今天我辞掉了餐厅工作

[12:29.96]l quit my restaurant job today.

[12:31.84]They wouldn't let me off to do the play. 他们不让我请假去演戏 去他们的

[12:34.64]-So fuck them. Maybe it'll be a big hit. -How? -也许这出戏会一炮而红 -一炮而红?宣传烂透了

[12:39.80]The promotion of this thing is all out of whack.

[12:39.100]You have this pathetic, sad little flyer... 传单更不用说了 这出戏的大卖点一个字也没提

[12:43.64]and nowhere on it does it say the most important thing about the play.

[12:46.04]-What's that? -Full frontal, you, naked. -什么大卖点? -你,正面全裸

[12:51.32]Now, that's a reason to go to the theater. 这才是观众会走进剧场的诱因

[12:53.92]-Who's doing the P.R.? -No one. -宣传公关是谁? -没有宣传,没经费

[12:54.28]They don't have money for that kind of thing.

[12:56.96]We're getting paid, like, $30. 已经付给演员薪水了…30元

[13:02.88]ls this really what you want to do with your life? 你真想把这当成你的职业?

[13:04.04]Stand in an empty theater talking some harvest-to-harvest bullshit? 站在空荡荡的舞台前 讲些收割的烂台词?

[13:08.52]Yeah. l love it. l'm an actor. 对,我乐在其中,我是个演员

[13:12.68]Then l'm gonna help you. 那么我就来帮你

[13:17.36]You're gonna help me be an actor? -帮我成为演员? -不是,帮你塑造成巨星

[13:19.24]No, l'm gonna help you be a star.

[13:22.12]Look, if l have to go see you act, there better be a red carpet involved. 如果我非得去看你演戏 起码得有红地毯走

[13:26.28]l don't need help. All l gotta do is work on my craft. 我不需要你帮忙 我只需要好好磨练演技

[13:30.36]All you have to do is work on your abs. 你要做的就是 好好磨练床上功夫

[13:34.24]But we have to do something about your name. 但我们得帮你取个艺名

[13:37.12]Jerry Jerrod. Awful. 杰瑞杰洛德,逊毙了

[13:38.72]-Stop talking. -Whatever you say. -别说了 -随便一个…麦特

[13:42.00]Matt? Toby?



[13:55.52]ls something wrong? 怎么了?

[13:56.80]No, l'm just preoccupied. 没有,我只是…心不在焉

[14:05.36]Berger, it's okay. l know. 没关系,我知道了

[14:09.32]About the book option. 关于出书购买权的事

[14:14.80]l bumped into Courtney a few days ago. -前几天我碰到柯特妮 -你怎么没早点说?

[14:16.88]-Why didn't you say anything sooner? -Because l didn't know if-- -因为我不知道… -其他人知道吗?

[14:19.100]-Does anyone else know? -Like who? -比如说? -你朋友?

[14:22.08]Any of your friends? -米兰达刚好也在… -我不想让她知道

[14:24.04]Miranda was with me, but she--

[14:25.12]-l don't want her to know. -She's fine, it's no big deal. -她还好,没什么大不了的 -对我来说,可不一样

[14:30.72]lt is to me. 不是…我是说她觉得没什么

[14:30.84]No, l meant to her.


[14:40.04]l'm sorry. -抱歉 -有什么好抱歉的?

[14:43.72]What do you have to be sorry about? 衬衫、还有支票 我觉得糟透了…

[14:44.52]The shirt and the check. l feel awful. l would never--

[14:47.12]This has nothing to do with that. 这是两码子事,好吗?

[14:52.40]l think that check is great. 你拿到那张支票很了不起

[14:52.48]Don't feel bad about that. You earned that. 别为此感到不安 那是你赚来的,你很棒

[14:57.84]Good for you.

[14:60.84]l'm proud of you. 我为你感到骄傲

[15:04.64]Berger, do you want me to talk to my new editor? -你想和我新编辑谈一下吗? -行行好,不要,谢了

[15:08.52]Jesus Christ. No, thank you.

[15:11.60]lt's just a dropped option. 那只是购买权没谈成而已

[15:13.16]l'll be fine. 我会没事的

[15:19.64]Yes, you will be. 当然

[15:19.60]Because you're great. 因为你是最棒的

[15:24.48]He grunted. End of discussion. 他哼了一声…谈话结束 好像叫我该闭嘴了

[15:28.56]-l shouldn't have said anything. -Look, when men are failing-- -当男人受挫失败时… -他不是失败

[15:31.56]-Berger is not failing. -Fine, when men are flailing... -好吧,当男人乱了方寸时… -好吧,可以这么说

[15:35.12]Okay, yes, there's a bit of a flail.

[15:36.52]...they need strong women to charge in there and help. 他们需要女强人的肩膀依靠 助他一臂之力

[15:41.88]Like l did with Smith Jerrod. -就像我帮史密斯杰洛德一样 -谁?

[15:43.48]-Who? -Jerry. l changed his name. 就是杰瑞,我帮他改了名 我正在帮他打造事业

[15:45.80]l'm helping him with his career...

[15:48.48]and Smith is the perfect name for the next big thing. 史密斯这个名字 肯定会大红大紫


[15:53.20]''Smith Jerrod, the next it boy, is so it... 史密斯杰洛德 新人气偶像接班人

[15:57.52]''that the glitterati are migrating to Brooklyn to see him act.'' 知名人士纷纷涌到布鲁克林区 观赏他的表演

[16:02.76]Are the glitterati migrating to Brooklyn? -名人纷纷涌到布鲁克林区? -没错

[16:05.68]Yes, you are. l got tickets for us all opening night. 我这里有他首演夜的入场券 还邀请了所有时尚名人

[16:08.24]lnvite everyone fabulous you know, and dress up.

[16:09.80]l've got a whole red-carpet thing happening. 记得盛装出席 我还安排了红地毯

[16:12.88]Why are you doing all this? -你干嘛这么大费周章? -他28岁,一周赚30元

[16:14.00]He's 28 and making $30 a week.

[16:17.20]The poor guy was dying. l could help, so l did. 这可怜的家伙快活不下去了 既然帮得上忙,就拉他一把

[16:20.28]And he isn't threatened by you offering to help? 女人帮他 他不会觉得感到威胁?

[16:23.76]No, he's a whole different generation. 不会,他是新世代人类

[16:25.72]Younger guys aren't threatened by strong women having power. 新世代的男生可不会 被握有权力的女强人吓跑

[16:30.48]ls it a whole generation or just him? 新世代人类都这样? 还是只有他?

[16:34.08]As women's roIes evoIve and change, we assume that men's do as weII. 当女性角色正逐渐蜕变之际 想必男性也是如此

[16:40.84]There are hundreds upon hundreds of articIes... 有太多报章杂志常讨论到 “新男性”这个话题

[16:41.16]written about the new man.

[16:42.80]But does this new man reaIIy exist? 但现实生活中 真有所谓的新男性吗?

[16:45.60]Perhaps he's just the oId man... 也许他们只是经过女公关 重新包装的传统男人?

[16:46.28]renamed and repackaged by some cIever P.R. woman.

[16:51.00]Are the men of today Iess threatened by a woman's power... 现今的男性已对女性权力 不再感到威胁?

[16:54.04]or are they just acting? 还是他们只是在演戏?

[17:11.28]Hang on. 等一下,你早到了

[17:12.48]You're early. -是吗? -对,你好美

[17:12.92]-Am l? -Yeah.

[17:16.16]-You look nice. -Do l? 真的?布莱迪

[17:22.80]Looks like it's someone else's turn to make cupcakes. 看来有人正在做杯形蛋糕 了不起

[17:26.88]That is so cute. 我从没做过,但应该不难吧

[17:25.56]l never did it before, but it can't be that hard, right?

[17:30.92]-Do l look like the baking type? -Right. -我像烘焙专家吗? -说得也是

[17:33.100]''Mix batter in a large bowl.'' 把面糊放进大碗里

[17:37.08]Okay, here's a bowl. 好,这里有个碗

[17:42.88]Look at me, l'm baking. -看,我在做蛋糕了 -你不用动手

[17:44.64]Miranda, you don't have to do that.

[17:46.92]Someone needs to help you, and Brady really has no motor skills. 得有人帮你 而且布莱迪也帮不上忙

[17:51.84]One condition: l get to lick the bowl. 有个条件

[17:51.44]-得让我舔一下碗 -成交

[17:54.12]Deal. l have the milk and eggs right here. -这里还有牛奶和鸡蛋 -这周你在球场上会所向无敌

[17:57.28]You really are gonna score points on the playground this week.

[18:01.64]lt's not for the playground. They're birthday cupcakes for Debbie. 这不是给场上的球友 而是黛比的生日蛋糕

[18:04.84]Fun. -很好 -有个派对,但她说不要蛋糕

[18:06.52]We're having a party, and she said she didn't want a cake...

[18:09.92]but she didn't say anything about cupcakes. 可是她没说不要杯形蛋糕

[18:12.88]So how many cupcakes are we making? 那么要做几个?

[18:16.76]H-A-P-P-Y-B-l-R-T-H-D-A-Y-D-E-B-B-l-E. 黛比生日快乐…

[18:24.24]-20. -20. Great. -共20个字母 -做20个,很好

[18:31.48]20 IittIe Debbie cakes Iater.... 要做20个黛比生日的小蛋糕

[18:34.16]-That's bad, right? -Here, let me do it. 很丑,对吧?


[18:38.84]Shit. lt's 6:30. 该死,六点半了,可恶

[18:41.24]l gotta go to work. 我得去上班了,这样… 我回来再做

[18:44.28]Okay, let's just.... l'll finish those later.

[18:47.68]Just go. l'll do it. You can't do letters anyway. 快去,我来就好 反正你手没那么巧

[18:50.76]-Really, you sure? -Go. -真的? -快去

[18:55.92]Thanks. Miranda, you're the best. 谢谢,你是最棒的

[19:16.80]-Jello. -l'm not going, l'm not up for it. -你好 -我不去了,不想去了

[19:21.08]lf l'm going to the theater, you're going to the theater. -我去,你就得去 -我不行

[19:23.04]-l can't. -Are you all right? What's wrong? 你没事吧?怎么了?


[19:27.04]l'm at Steve's, and he had to go to work...

[19:29.12]and l got stuck helping him make 20 cupcakes... 而我得帮他做20个杯形蛋糕 因为他女朋友生日

[19:32.40]for his girlfriend's birthday. -他干嘛叫你帮他做? -不是他说的

[19:35.08]-Why would he ask you do that? -He didn't.

[19:39.40]l thought they were for the playground, and then it was too late to back out. 我以为这是给球场上的球友 但是话都说出口了

[19:45.36]lt's my own fault. What did l think would happen? 是我自己不对 我到底在想什么?

[19:48.60]He would see how great l make cupcakes and be back in love with me? 他看到我这么会做杯形蛋糕 就会重新爱上我?

[19:51.28]Damn it! l fucked up Debbie's ''B.'' -可恶,黛比的B写坏了 -把糖霜放下

[19:53.76]-Put down the icing. -l have to finish. -我得做完 -黛比不值得你掉泪

[19:56.84]Debbie cannot have your tears. No way.

[20:01.96]lf l don't finish, Steve will know something's up. 如果我没做完 史蒂夫会知道事情不对劲

[20:04.64]Miranda, you can't make those cupcakes and live with yourself. 你不想做就别做,别勉强自己

[20:07.92]Move away from the icing. 把糖霜放下

[20:08.56]-What'll l tell Steve? -Blame the baby. -我要怎么对史蒂夫说? -拿宝宝当挡箭牌

[20:11.40]That's what they're there for. 宝宝就是有这个好处

[20:16.44]-l put it down. -Good girl. -我放下了 -乖女孩

[20:21.52]God, that's Berger in a cab. l'm not dressed yet. Listen to me. 惨了,柏格在计程车上等 我还没准备好

[20:23.52]You get out of there, you go home, and I'II caII you Iater, okay? 马上离开,回家去 待会我再打给你

[20:28.76]-Okay. l love you. Bye-bye. -Me too. Bye. -好,我爱你,拜拜 -我也爱你,拜

[20:38.80]Surprise. 惊喜

[20:44.16]That's not a cab. -那不是计程车 -对,但这好玩多了

[20:46.44]No, this'll be much more fun. 我好久没骑它去兜兜风了

[20:47.76]l haven't had her out on the open road for a long time.

[20:52.52]l'm not really dressed very biker chick. 我穿得不像飞车辣妹吧 这可是一身普拉达

[20:54.20]-Prada and all. -lt'll be fine, come on. 行的,上来吧

[20:59.80]Not to be a total girl about it... 我不是故意找碴

[21:00.08]but l really can't have the helmet hair... 但是走红地毯,不能戴头盔 发型会弄乱

[21:05.44]when there's a red carpet situation.

[21:05.76]We haven't been out on this thing the whole time we've been dating. 从开始约会后 我们就没骑过这辆车出门

[21:10.24]l really want to take the bike tonight. 我真的想骑 经过布鲁克林大桥时一定很棒

[21:11.60]Think about how much fun it's gonna be going over the Brooklyn Bridge.

[21:14.52]Come on, Carrie. For me? 好啦,凯莉,为了我?

[21:21.68]All right, just don't go fast. -好,但别骑太快 -要戴吧?

[21:26.64]Good hat, huh?

[21:29.68]There is a IittIe-known reIationship Iaw. 男女之间 有个鲜为人知的小法则

[21:31.88]When your man is down and out, you have to get up and on. 当你的男人失意落魄时 你更得好好打起精神

[22:04.52]l told you not to go fast. 我叫你别骑太快

[22:07.08]lt wasn't that fast. 没有很快,只是你坐在上面 感觉很快而已

[22:08.96]lt just feels fast because you're on the bike.

[22:11.56]Bullshit. 胡扯 你没感觉到我双手紧抓住你?

[22:12.52]Couldn't you feel my hands digging into you?

[22:15.00]-Yeah, l thought you were excited. -l was terrified. 有,我以为你很兴奋

[22:17.12]-我吓死了 -别激动,安全无事了

[22:20.28]All right, calm down, you're safe.

[22:24.76]l am not gonna die on a bridge... 我才不要死在桥上 就为了让你飙车,有成就感

[22:26.08]so that you can feel like some big man on a bike.

[22:29.36]-What the fuck does that mean? -You know exactly what it means. -你这话什么意思? -你心知肚明

[22:33.24]And l am sorry, but l'm not sorry l made that money. 抱歉,但我不会为那笔钱抱歉 那是我辛苦赚来的

[22:35.84]l worked really hard for it, and l never thought you would be...

[22:39.00]the type of guy that would have a problem with that. 我从没想到你是那类型的男人 无法接受女人比你强

[22:40.80]Neither did l. But l guess l do, don't l? 我也没想到 但我就是,对吧?

[22:57.80]l'm sorry about the bike. 车子的事,很抱歉

[22:59.96]Are you gonna look at me? 你不看着我吗?

[23:07.44]l didn't think l was going that fast. l'm sorry, l'll never do it again. 我没想到自己会骑这么快 对不起,以后不会了

[23:11.48]Well, l'll never get on that bike again. 以后我再也不会坐那辆车了

[23:17.44]Look, l don't want to be this guy. 我不想当那种男人 因你的成功卓越而感到威胁

[23:19.48]l don't want to be the guy threatened by your success.

[23:20.92]l swear to God, l will do anything, l'll do whatever it takes. 我会努力让自己别变成那种人 我不想当那类型的男人

[23:24.60]l don't want to be this guy.

[23:31.20]l think you are magnificent. 我觉得你真的很棒

[23:35.96]l do. 真的

[24:03.32]That was for the helmet. 这一拳是为了头盔

[24:04.40]Come on, let's get this over with. 走吧,忘了这些事

[24:29.84]Carrie, over here. Right here, Carrie. -凯莉,看这里 -看这里,凯莉


[24:32.60]They know you? -记者都认识你? -以前我是派对女王

[24:34.00]l used to be a party girl.

[24:38.60]Can we get one alone? 单独拍张照?

[24:40.36]-单独拍张照?凯莉 -独照

[24:44.44]-Yeah, sure. -No, we're together. -好,没问题 -别走…

[24:46.40]-不…我们一起的 -他的大名?

[24:48.24]-What's his name? -Jack Berger. He's a writer, too. -杰克柏格,他也是作家 -太好了,很棒

[24:51.20]Lovely, thanks a lot. Cheers. -谢谢,笑一个 -单独拍一张


[25:02.52]They just do that so that they can get it right for the papers. -因为上报要用的 -没关系

[25:05.80]This just isn't my night. 反正今晚什么事都不顺

[25:08.12]Look, l'm really not up to going in. 我不进去了 免得坏了大家的兴致

[25:10.16]l'll just wreck it for everybody. Would it be okay if l took off? 我落跑,没关系吧?

[25:15.32]You can get home with the girls, right? 你可以和姐妹淘一起回家 对吧?

[25:19.84]You okay? 你可以吗?

[25:35.64]''Hello, gorgeous.'' 你好,大美女

[25:40.40]That is the worst Barbra Streisand l have ever heard. 芭芭拉史翠珊不至于这么糟吧

[25:42.60]When in Brooklyn, do as the Brooklyns do. 既然来到布鲁克林区 就得入境随俗一下

[25:46.08]Speaking of the worst, l have, like, the worst seat l've ever had. -说到这个,我的座位超烂的 -别担心,你和我一起坐

[25:49.28]Not anymore you don't. You're sitting with me.

[25:52.64]And speaking of ''one aIone''... 说到一个人,夏绿蒂正坐在 尽是成双入对的剧场里

[25:55.60]CharIotte sat in the theater surrounded by coupIes...

[25:59.68]and in one, cIear, crystaIIized moment... 顿时在那一刻

[25:60.16]she feIt what her Iife wouId be Iike with no mans. 她觉得自己下半辈子可能得 过着独守空闺的日子了


[26:07.04]Miranda's not coming. 米兰达不来了 在普拉达工作的汤尼坐你旁边

[26:09.76]So my friend Tony from Prada is sitting next to you.

[26:14.32]Hello. -你好 -你好

[26:18.16]After aII, what singIe girI in New York wouId turn down a gift from Prada? 毕竟哪个纽约单身女性 会拒绝来自普拉达的礼物?

[26:25.52]All of Manhattan is here. -曼哈顿的人全来了 -那么岛上谁看家?

[26:28.92]Who's watching the lsland?

[26:35.80]My youth? 我的青春


[26:59.32]The rain came down. 雨水直直落…坚硬又柔软

[27:01.20]Hard, then soft.

[27:03.72]lt hit the grass. 落在草地上…青葱又湿润

[27:06.28]Green, then wet.

[27:10.68]Wet, so wet. 湿润,如此湿润

[27:14.36]lt reminded me of you. 让我忆起你

[27:17.40]You always smelled like the rain. 你的味道就像雨水

[27:22.32]A stud is born. 猛男诞生了


[27:36.68]That night Smith Jerrod's Full Moon became a sensation. 那一晚史密斯杰洛德 主演的“满月”造成大轰动

[27:47.16]-Full frontal, and he can act. -Who knew? -正面全裸,又能演戏 -谁会料得到?

[27:51.32]-Where's Berger? -He left. -柏格呢? -他走了

[27:55.20]He's coming down with a cold. 他感冒了

[27:55.96]-l'll see you later. -Okay. Good night. -回头见 -好,晚安


[28:03.92]-You want to come out with me? -Sure.

[28:07.76]Maybe we were aII acting, aII the time. 也许每个人无时无刻都在演戏

[28:09.44]And tonight I was pIaying the part of the woman in the great reIationship... 而今晚我的角色就是扮演…

[28:12.08]whose boyfriend was coming down with a coId. 在这段人人称羡的恋情中 谎称男友感冒的女人

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