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欲望都市第六季 停看听 Hop, Skip and a Week






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:51:09



[00:35.40](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:49.56]In New York City, where no good event gets going before 9.:00 p.m... 在纽约市 好事不会在晚上9点以前发生

[00:52.32]it's a very bad sign when you get invited to something that starts at 9.:00 a.m. 因此接到早上9点开始的通知 就是个不祥的预兆


[01:01.68]What are you gonna say? -你打算怎么说? -我认为早上10点前人人有罪

[01:01.84]l'm just gonna tell them that before 10:00 a.m...

[01:03.48]as far as l'm concerned, everybody's guilty.

[01:08.96]l figure l'll be out in no time. 我应该很快就会出来

[01:08.00]Since l'm down here, l'm gonna head over... 既然来了 我要去逛逛电脑用品店

[01:10.28]to J & R to look at some computer shit.

[01:14.32]When you get off, call me. We'll meet up, do something. 等你出来 我们再看看要做什么

[01:16.16]Well, aren't you going to write today? -你今天不用写东西吗 -什么意思

[01:19.24]What does that mean? 没什么,只是随便问问

[01:18.44]lt doesn't mean anything. lt was just a question.

[01:22.96]What did you think l was gonna do? Sit on my ass all day and slack off? 你认为我就应该 整天呆呆的坐在那里?

[01:26.20]No, l didn't mean it like that. 我不是那个意思

[01:30.32]Look, it's early. 拜托,现在还很早

[01:31.76]Right. lt's early. 没错,是很早

[01:33.100]And it's aIso a very bad sign when a coupIe is fighting before 9.:00 a.m. 情侣早上9点前就在吵架 也是个不祥的预兆

[01:39.44]You know what we need right now? A Hollywood kiss. 你知道我们现在需要什么 一个好莱坞式亲吻

[01:42.00]Here? But we have coffee. 在这里?


[01:50.20]Come on. Hollywood kiss. 来吧,好莱坞式亲吻

[01:58.64]Better? -好点没 -好多了


[02:02.40]-l'll see you later. l love you. -l love you, too. Wish me luck. -待会见,我爱你 -我也爱你,祝我好运

[02:07.80]Hang them high. 让他们好看

[02:15.44]Hi, l hope you can help me with this. 希望你能帮我个忙

[02:17.24]l feel terrible, but l don't think that l can serve jury duty today. 我觉得很抱歉 但是我今天不能当陪审员

[02:21.92]You see, l work for myself as a freelance writer... 因为我是个自由作家 没有人能帮我代班

[02:24.96]and no one can cover for me.

[02:30.36]Welcome to jury duty. 欢迎成为陪审员

[02:35.48]MeanwhiIe, another woman was having troubIe juggIing her duties. 同时,另一个女人 也被她的义务弄得晕头转向

[02:38.20]-ls it 8:30 already? -Good morning. -已经8点半了 -早安

[02:42.04]Fuck! -干 -别说脏话

[02:44.68]Don't say ''F.''

[02:49.72]l'm gonna be a little late tonight. 我今天会比较晚回来 有工作要做

[02:50.04]-Come here, baby. Yes, darling. -Work stuff.

[02:52.80]Around we go. 亲爱的

[02:54.56]lt's okay, Brady... 没关系,布莱迪 妈咪只是去工作

[02:57.76]Mommy's just got to go to work.

[03:01.88]Boy is fine. He just misses Mama. 孩子没事的 他只是不舍得妈妈


[03:06.32]Look at that. 你看看,好,说再见

[03:08.08]Yes. Say bye-bye.

[03:10.20]Bye-bye, Mommy. 再见,妈咪

[03:13.08]-No, it's no big deal. -Bye-bye, Brady. 再见,布莱迪

[03:14.76]lt's all right. 除了早餐的咖啡 罪恶感也是米兰达的例行公事

[03:16.04]AIong with her coffee...

[03:18.24]feeIing guiIty had become a part of Miranda's daiIy routine.

[03:22.32]-Let me help you, darling. -Thanks, Lenore. -我来帮你 -谢谢

[03:25.88]You have done such a wonderful job with this event. 这件事情你做得非常好

[03:29.56]Macaroons on the outside, dear. -把蛋白杏仁饼干放外面 -希望大家会喜欢

[03:31.16]l just hope people enjoy it.

[03:32.24]l'm sure they will. 他们一定会的

[03:35.32]CharIotte had been guiIted into joining the synagogue's Sisterhood Society. 夏绿蒂因为罪恶感 加入了犹太教堂的姐妹会

[03:39.04]Now, l know since Harry... 我知道自从哈利…

[03:42.80]you've been coming to temple alone. 你总是独自来教堂 分手对你来说是个坏消息

[03:44.12]The break-up was bad news for you, but good news for me.

[03:46.80]但对我却是好消息 所以对你也是个好消息

[03:50.44]Hence, good news for you.

[03:50.76]Lenore, what are you saying over there? 莉诺,你在那里说什么

[03:55.32]l have someone for you. 我有适合你的人选

[03:56.20]Now, l know, l don't look old enough to have a son your age, but l do. 我知道我看起来不像有个 跟你一样年纪的儿子,但我有

[04:02.72]Charlotte, darling... 夏绿蒂,我有两个单身的儿子 都非常适合你

[04:03.68]l have two single sons, both perfect for you.

[04:06.04]Barbara, l told you l wanted to fix her up with my David. 芭芭拉 我说过我想撮合她跟我的大卫

[04:11.84]CharIotte may have been there to arrange the cookies... 夏绿蒂是去那里准备饼干

[04:16.28]but Barbara, EIaine and Lenore were there to arrange her next marriage. 但芭芭拉、伊莲和莉诺 则是去准备她的下段姻缘

[04:18.100]MeanwhiIe, Samantha had used her pushiness... 同时,莎曼珊展现了 她惊世骇俗的作风

[04:21.08]to parIay her new man's hit off-Broadway show... 把她新男友的个人优势

[04:24.64]into a hot, on-Broadway poster. 印在性感海报上公诸于世

[04:28.52]Fuck me. 让我死吧

[04:28.24]That's the first thing every woman in town will be saying after she sees it. 城里每个女人 看到之后都会这么说

[04:34.48]lt's huge. -好大 -这是第二句

[04:33.68]And that's the second.

[04:36.28]And, honey, l'm not even sure the poster does you justice. 我觉得海报还没有你本人勇猛

[04:41.08]Come on, my dick's three stories long. 我的弟弟有三层楼那么长

[04:42.64]The way God and Madison Avenue intended. 这是你得天独厚之处

[04:47.72]Sometimes, when you're sitting on a jury... 有时当你坐在陪审席上

[04:50.68]it may seem as if aII you're doing is a Iot of waiting around. 看起来好像是在浪费时间 但其实不然

[04:54.28]But to the contrary, the cataIyst for the resoIution of the Iawsuit... 法律案件 因为你们的存在而得以解决

[04:58.72]is the fact that you were there, ready to hear the evidence and render a verdict. 准备听取证据并做下判决

[05:04.72]You are not just sitting around... 你们不只是呆坐在那里 而是扮演一个不可或缺的角色

[05:06.48]but rather pIaying an indispensabIe roIe in our justice system.


[05:10.28]But now, Iet's take a Iook at the fIow of a typicaI triaI. 现在让我们来看一下 正常的审判流程

[05:12.68]Whether you're serving on a civiI or criminaI triaI... 无论是民事或刑事审判 都有一个既定程序

[05:15.04]there's a generaI procedure that is foIIowed.

[05:19.04]You may hear opening statements by the opposing attorneys... 你会听到 双方律师的开场陈述

[05:23.12]each presenting their sides of the dispute. 各自代表他们的当事人 这不是证据

[05:25.08]This is not evidence. 真的很怪 芒果根本不能直接咬来吃

[05:27.76]lt's just so weird.

[05:28.44]l mean, a mango isn't even a fruit you can bite into.

[05:31.16]l do believe it is the oddest thing you can pull out of a briefcase. 我认为那是从公事包里 拿出来最奇怪的东西

[05:36.52]Except for a pineapple. 除了凤梨以外

[05:38.92]The moment he pulls out a pineapple, l want you to call me. 如果他从公事包里拿出凤梨 你就打电话告诉我

[05:42.00]Thank you. 谢谢

[05:47.76]Charlotte, what are you doing here? 夏绿蒂,你在这里做…

[05:51.76]Why are we hiding? -我们在躲什么? -我这辈子最糟的约会

[05:50.44]l'm on the worst date of my life.

[05:55.88]Honey, l'm so sorry. 我很遗憾

[05:55.32]This woman from the temple set me up with her son, and he's awful. 教堂的人安排我跟他儿子约会 他糟透了,帮帮我

[05:60.08]-You have to help me. -Okay.

[06:02.08]Call me on your cell phone, tell me something bad happened... 打电话给我,说出事了 我就能抽身了

[06:04.56]then l'll rush out. 等他走了以后 你再回来跟我们一起吃饭

[06:05.84]After he leaves, you'll come back, eat with us.

[06:09.16]-Yes. -Okay.

[06:13.72]We've been dating a long time. We have contingency plans. 经过长期的约会训练 我们已经有一套应变计划

[06:21.96]l asked for more bread, but they haven't brought it yet. 我跟他们要了面包 但是还没送来

[06:25.32]Okay. 好

[06:30.08]l'm sorry. 抱歉,很少会这样 说不定是出了什么事

[06:31.100]l wouldn't normally get that, but maybe something bad happened.

[06:39.16]Hello? -你好 -是我,出事了

[06:40.44]Hey, it's me. Something bad happened.

[06:41.64]Something bad happened? 出了什么事?

[06:43.00]l knew it was going to be terrible. The man brought me carnations. 我就知道会很惨 他送我康乃馨

[06:47.60]-l see. -Hold up, the man brought you flowers? 等一下,他送你花,真是混球

[06:51.40]What an asshole.

[06:52.64]-Not flowers, carnations. -What's wrong with carnations? -不是花,是康乃馨 -康乃馨有什么不好

[06:57.52]They're filler flowers. -那是填空花 -你会因为这样甩了他

[06:56.32]Would you dump a guy if he brought you carnations?

[06:59.40]Me? No. But l happen to like carnations, especially the pink ones. 不会,我特别喜欢粉红康乃馨 因为我觉得又要开始流行了

[07:03.48]ln fact, l think they're making a comeback.

[07:06.80]l would, however, throw away a guy for wearing Docksiders or Topsiders... 不过我会因为他穿帆船鞋 甩了他

[07:08.84]-or any of the above. -No, those are cute. 怎么会,帆船鞋很好

[07:12.84]So basically, guys are just fucked. -反正男人很糟糕 -不,只是没遇到对的人

[07:12.52]No, that's not true. None of that matters with the right guy.

[07:16.32]Harry was bald and he talked with his mouth full. 哈利秃头还会边吃东西边讲话 但我就是爱他

[07:20.08]But l loved him anyway. -因为他不会送你填空花 -不,因为我爱他

[07:22.40]-Because he didn't bring you filler flowers. -No, because l loved him.

[07:25.44]Of course you did, sweetie. Don't say that to her. 你当然爱他 你不应该那样说

[07:28.96]l'm sorry, l was just trying to be funny. -对不起,我只是开玩笑 -一点都不好笑

[07:31.80]Well, it wasn't funny.

[07:35.00]Yeah, it wasn't funny. l'm a slacker. 是不好笑,我还是个懒虫 要是我穿帆船鞋我早就挂了

[07:37.92]l guess if l were wearing Topsiders, l wouldn't be here.

[07:42.56]Good evening. You folks ready to order? -晚安,可以点餐了吗 -好,我看看


[07:46.44]Let's see. l'm going to start with the goat cheese salad... 我要羊奶乳酪沙拉 还有鲔鱼…

[07:47.12]and then l'll have the tuna. But, sir, can you make sure...

[07:51.72]there's no parsley on anything? l'm just really allergic. 你能不能拿掉所有的荷兰芹 我会过敏

[07:56.08]-Not even a sprinkling of it on the plate. -He got it. No parsley.

[07:57.68]-他知道了,不要荷兰芹 -你能不能…

[07:59.48]Can you ask the chef if the marinade for the tuna has parsley in it? 帮我问问看腌鲔鱼的酱里 有没有放荷兰芹

[08:04.72]Because if it does, l should probably change my order.

[08:05.84]-l'll go check. -Thank you. -我去问问看 -谢谢你

[08:07.32]You're not allergic. -你不是过敏 -什么?

[08:09.48]-What? -You're not allergic. -我不喜欢荷兰芹 -为什么不直说

[08:12.76]l don't like it.

[08:14.16]-Why don't you just say that? -Because when l say that... 因为如果我那么说 荷兰芹还是会出现在盘子上

[08:17.16]parsley somehow magically appears on the plate...

[08:18.96]and l feel bad because l have to send it back. 我把它退回去又不好意思

[08:20.36]You didn't even order something that comes with parsley. 你又没点有加荷兰芹的东西

[08:25.04]lt comes with everything. -它无所不在 -对不起,事实上我必须…

[08:25.20]You know what, guys, l actually have to....

[08:29.08]l totally forgot.... 我忘了…我有事…要先走

[08:28.80]l have to go.

[08:31.28]Bye. 再见

[08:33.44]CharIotte decided to Ieave her second bad date of the night. 夏绿蒂决定逃离她当晚 第二个糟糕的约会

[08:43.20]You can just drop us at the corner of 73rd and Madison. Thanks. 在73街和麦迪逊街口 停就好了,谢谢

[08:49.68]Actually, can you go around? lt's 73rd between Park and Madison. Thank you. 能不能请你绕一下 到公园街和麦迪逊街间的73街

[08:55.60]l'm in heels. 我穿了高跟鞋

[09:02.80]l can't believe you put me down in front of your friend. 我不敢相信 你竟然在你朋友面前指责我

[09:04.56]l didn't put you down. -我没有指责你 -太好了

[09:07.96]Okay, great.

[09:09.84]Now you're going to tell me what l feel? -你的意思是我乱说? -我没有说你乱说

[09:12.92]l'm not telling you what you feel.

[09:13.24]Here we go again. 又来了

[09:17.12]What's going on with us? -我们之间是怎么了 -你为什么不考虑我的立场

[09:20.28]When did you stop being on my side?

[09:24.28]When did you stop being on my side? 你又为什么不考虑我的立场

[09:33.52]This isn't working. -这样行不通 -没错,我们该暂时分开一下

[09:33.92]You're right. l think we should take a break.

[09:36.68]Are you serious? -你是说真的 -我们应该分开一阵子

[09:39.04]l think we need some time apart. 我知道最近不太顺利,但…

[09:42.08]l know things haven't been great, but....

[09:46.24]How long have you been thinking about this? 这件事你想多久了

[09:49.20]Right up here is fine. The third brownstone on the right. 到这里就好 右边第三栋棕色的建筑

[09:60.52]No, actually wait. There's gonna be two stops. 不,等一下还要再去一个地方

[10:03.12]Wait, you want to take the break starting now? 什么?你要从现在开始分开

[10:05.48]l thought you would at least come up. We need to talk. -我以为你会上来谈一谈 -我不想谈

[10:09.60]No, l don't need to talk.

[10:10.88]Okay? l need some time to think. -我需要时间想一想 -要多久

[10:12.56]How much time?

[10:16.44]About a week. 大概一个礼拜,我会待在 汉普顿的家,我需要一点时间

[10:16.96]l'm gonna go out to my Hamptons house. l just need some distance...

[10:22.60]to sort through stuff. ls that okay? 把事情想清楚,可以吗

[10:24.68]What, l'm supposed to decide what l feel about this... 什么?我要在计程车跳表时 决定我的感觉吗

[10:27.36]with the meter running?

[10:32.72]Yeah, okay, go. -好,你走 -我回来再打电话给你

[10:36.04]l'll call you when l get back.

[10:42.96]Thanks for dinner. 谢谢你的晚餐

[10:52.72]l knew we were having problems, but a break? 我知道我们之间有问题 但有必要分开吗?

[10:57.92]What am l? Some horrible job he needs to get away from? 他那么急着要摆脱我吗?

[10:60.96]A break isn't always a bad thing. -分开不见得是不好的事 -那是分手的一种缓冲说法

[11:01.88]Come on. lt's a hop, skip, and a week from a break up.

[11:04.36]Or it's the thing that saves you from saying the things... 这样也可以避免说出 事后会后悔的话

[11:06.16]that you wish you could take back, but you can't.

[11:10.20]lf Harry and l had taken a break... 要是哈利和我有分开一阵子 也许我就不会盲目约会了

[11:10.72]then maybe l wouldn't be out on blind dates again.

[11:14.08]Remember when a break was a good thing? Spring break, coffee break. 短暂的休息原本是件好事

[11:15.80]像春假、咖啡时间 但是时间一长就变成分手

[11:16.28]Now it's break up, break down.

[11:19.04]They keep getting worse. What's next? -每况愈下,接下来是什么 -破裂

[11:22.64]Hip break? 知道我的想法吗 我认为不该有那个表情

[11:24.04]You know what l think?

[11:26.76]l think don't do that.

[11:28.52]Do what? 什么表情?

[11:32.08]l'm sorry. l'm upset. 抱歉,因为我很心烦

[11:32.60]Well, don't be. You'll be even more upset when your face is all lined. 不要这样 等你脸上都是皱纹会更心烦

[11:37.16]As far as l'm concerned, the test of a good relationship is: 就我所知 看出两人的关系是否良好

[11:41.44]Are you like this... 是这种表情

[11:44.24]or like this? 还是这种表情

[11:47.40]That is the test of a good relationship? -那能看出两人关系好不好? -还是你的皮肤科医生好不好

[11:48.56]Or a good dermatologist.

[11:51.96]Make fun, but a bump in the road is never good. 尽管笑 但路上出现障碍总不是件好事

[11:54.96]And you shouldn't bother staying around to find out how not good. 而且别光在那里想 情况有多糟

[11:58.76]lt's not all frowns. Berger and l have a lot of good stuff, too. 也不全都是坏事 我们之间也有好事,那很复杂

[11:59.32]lt's complicated. 复杂到那个男人 要跑到长岛去思考

[12:01.52]Complicated by the fact that the man had to go...

[12:04.60]all the way to Long lsland to think this through.

[12:05.36]Maybe you can send him a postcard. 也许你可以寄一张明信片给他

[12:10.76]That is the most blatant agenda-pushing l have ever seen. 这是我所看过 最露骨的行销手法

[12:14.12]And the most effective. 也最有效

[12:15.24]l just wish l knew what he was thinking. -真想知道他是怎么想的 -谁在乎?看看他的肌肉

[12:17.52]Who cares? Look at his pecs.

[12:22.96]l meant Berger. 我是指柏格

[12:23.60]lt's so frustrating. What am l supposed to do? 我是不是只能等他来选择我?

[12:26.44]Just sit around waiting to find out whether he chooses me?

[12:28.36]l'm doing that all day at jury duty and it sucks. 我整天都在当陪审员 烦都烦死了

[12:32.32]Here's an idea. 不然这样吧 利用这段时间想想你要什么

[12:34.52]Why don't you use this time to think about what you want?

[12:37.80]Remember you? What do you want? 记得你自己吗?你想要什么

[12:44.56]The next day, I got to thinking about triaIs and triaI separations. 第二天 我开始思考审判和试验性分居

[12:50.60]In a courtroom, a jury decides the outcome. 在法庭中 由陪审团做最后决定

[12:51.52]In a reIationship, the victims have to decide their own fate. 在两性关系中 受者害必须决定自己的命运

[12:56.76]How can two peopIe mired in the mess ever figure it out? 已经陷入泥沼的两个人 能想出解决的方法吗?

[13:00.84]Do we need distance to get cIose? 为了更亲密就必须保持距离?

[13:06.52]Sorry. Cab gridlock situation. 抱歉,交通阻塞

[13:08.20]They should rename the Westside Highway the No Way Highway. 西区高速公路应该叫 不通高速公路

[13:13.36]Let me just pull out my files on the McKenzie case. 让我把麦肯锡的档案拿出来

[13:15.16]We're not here to discuss the McKenzie case. -我们不是要讨论那件案子 -抱歉,那会议的目的是什么

[13:18.68]-l'm sorry. Then what is this meeting about? -You.


[13:21.12]We're concerned.

[13:23.80]lt's been noted recently... 你最近开会常迟到

[13:27.28]that you've been late to important meetings and are struggling to handle your case load. 案件也堆积如山

[13:30.68]l'm sorry, Maurice. l don't know what you mean. l was late today, but-- 抱歉,默里斯,我今天是迟到

[13:34.72]Actually, you've been late rather frequently. 事实上你最近常迟到

[13:38.56]There was the deposition last Tuesday, and the motion hearing last Friday... 包括上星期二的宣誓作证 和上星期五的听证会

[13:42.40]and you left early on Monday. -星期一你也早退 -你盯我还盯得真紧,芬

[13:44.28]Way to watch my back, Fern.

[13:45.60]-l understand it's been difficult. -With the new baby and all. -是很不容易 -尤其要带新生儿

[13:48.76]Got it. 知道了,没问题 以后不会再犯

[13:50.24]No problem. Won't happen again.

[13:55.84]But let me say, as far as the McKenzie brief, Miranda Hobbes is kicking ass. 但是麦肯锡案 我做得非常出色

[13:59.80]Where l'm doing a bad job is at home. 我没有善尽义务的地方是家庭 很抱歉,我还有事要做

[14:00.92]So, if you'll excuse me, l have work to do.

[14:08.24]And may l remind you that when my mother died... 顺便我提醒你,我母亲去世时

[14:11.84]l was back in the office on Monday. 我星期一就回来上班

[14:25.76]Guess what l'm drinking. An Absolut Hunk. You're a drink. 你猜我在喝什么 “绝对猛男”,你的饮料

[14:30.44]And you are delish. 而且非常可口

[14:34.08]Take off that ski cap. -帽子拿下来让人家看到你 -我不希望他们看到我

[14:34.08]Let people see you.

[14:35.68]l don't want people to see me.

[14:37.28]Everybody's giving me shit about the poster. 每个人对那张海报都很不屑

[14:39.56]You're insane. People love it. -胡说,大家都爱死了 -不是我认识的人

[14:43.44]Not my people. 我朋友很不爽 我为烈酒公司裸露

[14:44.72]My sober buddies are pissed that l'm shilling for a liquor company.

[14:48.52]My acting class thinks l'm a sellout. 我表演班的同学认为我是叛徒 我妈把所有的杂志藏起来

[14:49.04]My ma's hiding magazines in every supermarket in Seattle...

[14:51.40]so my 96-year-old grandmother doesn't see my dick. 免得我祖母看到我的弟弟

[14:55.00]Drunks, nobodies, prudes. 都是些酒鬼 无名小子、老古板

[14:59.28]l just don't see where this is going. 我实在看不出来有什么用

[15:01.96]lt'd be one thing if l was getting auditions. But nothing's happening. 到目前为止 一个试镜机会都没有

[15:03.32]l'm sorry to bother you, but are you the Absolut Hunk? 对不起打扰一下 你就是“绝对猛男”

[15:07.00]Yes, he is. 没错,就是他

[15:09.48]l just wanted to say that my friends and l are huge fans. 我只想告诉你 我们都非常非常喜欢你

[15:12.84]-Oh, my God. -Hi. -我的天 -你好

[15:18.96]lt's working. What did l tell you? 我早就告诉你一定会有用

[15:20.52]How does those guys toasting me mean my acting career's happening? 这跟我的演艺事业有什么关系

[15:24.60]First come the gays, then the girls, then the industry. 先是同志,然后是女生 再来就是演艺界

[15:29.44]-Cheers. -Cheers. -干杯 -干杯

[15:32.52]And speaking of absoIute gay... 说到绝对同志 夏绿蒂和二号儿子进行约会

[15:34.52]CharIotte was on a Iunch date with yenta number two's son.

[15:39.84]So, l mean, l guess l just knew it wasn't gonna work out. 我就知道那是行不通的

[15:42.12]l like practicing Pilates... 我喜欢练习彼拉特斯 但我不想整天跟对方谈这件事

[15:44.16]but l don't want to talk about it all day with my significant other.

[15:48.96]What are you looking for exactly in a significant other? 你的理想伴侣是什么条件

[15:52.64]Look, we don't need to do this. 我们不需要这样

[15:55.40]You know l'm gay. l know l'm gay. 我是同志,这件事你知我知

[15:59.00]The only person who doesn't know l'm gay is my mother. 唯一不知道的就是我妈

[16:00.76]So do you really wanna know what my type is? 你真的想知道我喜欢的类型 就是他

[16:04.04]That's it.

[16:05.36]l know him. 我认识他

[16:09.84]Get out! Could you introduce me? 不会吧 你能介绍我认识他吗

[16:11.92]Actually, he's straight. 可是他喜欢女人

[16:16.28]My brother will be so disappointed. We're obsessed with him. 我哥会很失望的 我们都好迷他

[16:24.12]-Charlotte, honey. -Hi, Elaine. -夏绿蒂 -你好,伊莲

[16:25.12]You went out with a faigeIah and a mieskeit, and you can't go out with my David? 你和他们两人出去 却不跟我的大卫约会

[16:28.72]-lt's just those blind dates are so-- -Wait! Not so blind. -那些盲目约会把我… -没那么盲目

[16:33.88]l showed David your picture from the last newsletter... 我给大卫看你的照片 他认为你是仙女下凡

[16:35.56]and he thought you were a knockout. 谢谢

[16:36.36]That's nice. 我告诉他 你会参加下次的单身联谊之夜

[16:38.04]l told him you'd be at the next Single and Mingle Night at the temple.

[16:42.52]You could meet there. He's a looker, my David. 我的大卫是个帅哥

[16:46.20]Now, l know most people say that about their children. But he is. 大多数的人都认为 自己小孩很帅,但他真的帅

[16:49.96]And he's even better looking in person. 他本人更好看,你会见到他的

[16:53.56]So you'll meet him?

[16:55.64]Never had braces. Can you imagine? 从没戴过牙套,你相信吗

[16:58.12]Some peopIe are buIIied into bIind dating. 有些人被逼参加盲目约会 夏绿蒂则是误上贼船

[17:01.60]CharIotte was bubbied.

[17:04.72]l'm here! 我回来了,我回来了

[17:07.76]ls he still awake? -他还醒着吗 -不,他一小时前睡了

[17:09.08]No. Boy go to sleep an hour ago.

[17:13.96]Great. 很好


[17:20.60]l guess l can just get back to my work then. 我想我又可以开始工作了

[17:31.76]That night, the onIy thing Miranda put to bed was the McKenzie brief. 当晚,米兰达唯一抱上床的 是麦肯锡的档案

[17:37.60]The next day, the verdict was in. 第二天,判决下来了

[17:38.48]Century 21, the downtown discount store, was the best part of jury duty. 21世纪,城里的折扣商店 是当陪审员唯一的收获

[17:47.24]Hello. -喂 -我穿格子裤,拿着九号球杆

[17:48.92]l'm with two men in plaid pants and l'm carrying a nine iron.

[17:51.72]Greetings from CaIifornia. -从加州打来问候你 -我在逛折扣店

[17:53.20]You think that's bad? l'm discount shopping.

[17:55.76]What are you doing golfing? -你怎么会去打球 -我想藉机喝一杯

[17:59.08]l'm just in it for the scotch afterwards. How are things?

[18:01.76]Pretty good. -情况如何 -我找到一件莫里那瑞的洋装

[18:03.16]So far l found the most unbelievable Anna Molinari dress...

[18:06.60]and a Dolce kimono. -还有杜嘉的晨袍 -我是指你的生活

[18:09.52]l meant in your life.

[18:09.100]How's tricks? -最近搞什么把戏 -把戏是小鬼玩的

[18:11.92]Tricks are for kids. 好,你跟那个家伙 热狗的进展如何

[18:14.96]Okay, kid.

[18:15.20]So how's it going with that guy, Hotdog?

[18:17.56]Berger. Why do you ask? 是柏格,你为什么问

[18:19.96]Because we're friends, and friends ask other friends... 因为我们是朋友 朋友总会互相关心一下近况

[18:21.24]how things are in their lives.

[18:23.64]Besides, l don't tee off for another 10 minutes. 再说,还要10分钟才轮到我

[18:27.80]We're great. 我们很好,很好

[18:30.48]Moved in together yet? -住在一起了没 -事实上我们想慢慢来

[18:31.88]Actually, we're taking it slow.

[18:35.28]What does that mean? -什么意思 -我们暂时分开

[18:37.64]We're kind of taking a break.

[18:38.84]You're taking a break? -暂时分开? -分开一下

[18:40.12]A little break. 我被他问得有点招架不住

[18:39.20]I don't know why I toId him. I think I crumbIed under questioning.

[18:42.88]Why? You haven't been together that long. 你们为什么要暂时分开

[18:46.60]Sometimes a person needs a little space. -有时候人需要一点距离 -跟你?他一定是疯了

[18:49.40]From you? This guy must be crazy.

[18:51.48]Spoken by the man who moved 3,000 miles away. 你自己不是也搬到3000哩外去

[18:56.00]You know, a break can be a very good thing. -暂时分开也不见得不好 -只要你自己觉得好就好

[18:58.12]As long as you're all right with it.

[18:58.80]l am very okay with it. ln fact-- -我觉得很好… -你们散了

[19:00.52]You're breaking up. -不,我们没有,柏格和我… -听不清楚,你的声音散掉了

[19:02.48]-No, we're not. Berger and l-- -No, your ceII phone...

[19:06.60]is breaking up. l can hardly hear you. Hello?


[19:09.76]With an armfuI of discount cIothing... 拿了一手的折价衣服

[19:12.72]I reaIized I couId no Ionger discount my feeIings. 我发现我的心情并没有变好

[19:14.20]I decided to rent a car... 我决定租一台车 缩短我和柏格之间的距离

[19:16.20]and drive the distance to get cIoser to Berger.

[19:27.16]l paid $187 to drive 40 feet. 我花了187元只开了40英尺路

[19:32.72]What did l think l was going to do? Badger my boyfriend into being with me? 难道要我自己送上门去求他

[19:36.88]That's one option. 那也是一个办法

[19:35.80]l just keep thinking if l stick with it... 我老是想如果我再投入一点 再努力一点

[19:40.08]-just tried a little harder-- -Carrie...

[19:42.12]凯莉,你知道 我也很喜欢柏格

[19:45.24]you know how much l like Berger, but come on.

[19:48.52]No one can accuse you of not having tried. You did good. 就算你不做 也没人能说你什么

[19:51.52]l mean, Berger can be threatened... 柏格可能没自信,没安全感 有时候也很孤僻

[19:55.88]and insecure, and sometimes he shuts down...

[19:57.76]but he's also smart and funny. 但是他也很聪明,很风趣

[19:60.44]Like, he made up this thing, this Hollywood kiss thing. 就像他发明好莱坞式亲吻一样

[20:06.84]Whenever we're being pissy with each other, we'd do this fake Hollywood kiss bit. 每次我们被对方惹火的时候 我们就会做好莱坞式亲吻

[20:11.88]And it makes us laugh. -那让我觉得很开心 -你们需要这么做?

[20:13.88]You guys need a bit?

[20:15.36]l know. lt isn't working. 我知道,我们不适合 为什么这么难承认

[20:17.36]Why is it so hard to admit that?

[20:19.12]l gotta break up with him. 老天,我一定要和他分手 如果他回来的话

[20:23.60]lf he ever comes back. 来,妈咪在这里

[20:25.52]All clean.

[20:26.48]Look, here's the mommy.

[20:27.28]Hey, guy! 你回来了

[20:30.16]-How was your bath? -Here we go.

[20:30.88]Magda, l'll see you at 8:00 tomorrow. Thank you for everything. 明天早上8点见 谢谢你,没事了

[20:34.84]-lt's okay. -Don't cry. Magda be back tomorrow. -别哭,梅格明天就回来了 -我今天很想你

[20:39.52]l missed you today. How are you? -你好吗 -再见,布莱迪,别哭了

[20:40.80]Bye-bye, Brady. No more crying.

[20:44.68]Oh, you darling. Bye-bye. 亲爱的,再见

[20:49.44]What's wrong with him? -他怎么了 -他没事

[20:51.96]He'll be fine. He just misses his mommy. 他只是舍不得他妈妈…梅格

[20:54.92]Magda. 没事了

[20:56.28]lt's okay. 第二天 米兰达决定解决这个问题

[20:58.60]The next day, Miranda decided to do something about that.

[21:03.40]We both know that this isn't working. 我们都知道这样行不通 而且情况不可能一下改变

[21:03.88]And as much as l would like it to, it's not just going to magically change.

[21:07.12]What are you saying? -你是什么意思? -我不能再这样工作下去

[21:09.04]l can't keep working like this. l'm going to have to cut way back... 我要缩短工作时数 回到一星期50小时

[21:13.28]to 50 hours a week.

[21:19.96]55 tops. 最多55小时

[21:29.00]Here. Okay. 好

[21:34.08]That night, Miranda was there to put Brady to bed. 那天晚上 米兰达抱布莱迪上床

[21:39.48]But there wouId stiII be times when she wouIdn't be around. 但她还是有的时候 不能陪在他身边

[21:43.04]So Miranda found a way to be around. 因此她想了一个办法

[21:47.28]And at bus stops aII around town.... 在城里所有的公车站

[21:50.76]Fucking A. 可恶,全纽约的人 都认为我是个混蛋

[21:52.64]Everybody in New York thinks l'm an asshole.

[21:54.04]Listen, blondie, if you're gonna be in this business... 听好 在这个行业中脸皮一定要厚

[21:58.96]you're gonna have to be a lot more thick-skinned than this.

[22:02.40]What business? The naked hustler business? 裸体骗子的行业?

[22:04.40]l understand you're upset, but you have to take a step backward... 我知道你很烦 但是眼光要看远一点

[22:07.80]and see the big picture. -我需要时间想一想 -给我站住

[22:09.68]l need some time to think. See you later.

[22:11.28]Stop right there.

[22:14.44]So there's a bump in the road. 路上是出现了障碍

[22:15.56]You can't bail the minute things get rough. 你不能临阵退缩,相信我

[22:17.64]Now trust me, this will all work out. -一定会成功的 -万一不成功呢

[22:23.00]What if you're wrong? 皱眉出现了

[22:24.76]There it was.: a frown.

[22:26.64]Or as cIose to a frown as Samantha and her dermatoIogist wouId aIIow. 或者说是莎曼珊和她的 皮肤科医生能容忍的皱眉

[22:31.72]Oh, my God, look! There he is! The Absolut Hunk! 老天,他在那里 “绝对猛男”


[22:36.92]What did l tell you? First the gays, now the girls. 我不是说过吗 先是同志,然后是女生

[22:43.48]A hop, skip, and a week Iater, the industry foIIowed. 接着过了一个星期后 演艺界也跟进了

[22:48.24]Gus Van Sant offered Smith the part of a modeI/hustIer/junkie... 葛斯范桑让史密斯 在他的新电影中

[22:51.24]in his Iatest movie, which he happiIy accepted. 饰模特儿兼瘾君子一角 史密斯欣然接受

[22:58.20]You grew up in Connecticut. l went to school there. 你在康乃狄克州长大? 我在那里念书

[22:58.84]-Really? Where'd you go? -Yale. -真的?哪间学校 -耶鲁


[23:04.04]Something wrong with Yale? -耶鲁不好吗? -不,不,那就是…

[23:05.76]No, it's just....

[23:08.52]Yale. 耶鲁

[23:10.88]CharIotte knew how siIIy she sounded. 夏绿蒂知道自己听起来很蠢

[23:11.88]The probIem wasn't that David went to YaIe. 问题在于他不是哈利

[23:14.40]The probIem was he wasn't Harry.

[23:17.36]David, you're really nice. 大卫,你人真的很好 事实上你很完美

[23:19.92]ln fact, you're perfect.

[23:22.44]但是我现在的心情 实在是看得到吃不到

[23:23.52]But for where l am right now, you might as well be a gay man with carnations.

[23:29.00]Sorry? 我不明白

[23:30.08]l'm just not ready to date. 我还没做好约会的准备

[23:34.64]Okay. 好

[23:34.96]You want to go back to my apartment and have sex? -那就跳过这段去我家 -不了

[23:38.04]No. 我只是认为值得一问

[23:40.76]Well, figured it was worth asking.


[23:44.32]l think l'm gonna head out. Bye.

[23:55.04]This blows. The only cute guy just left. 真无聊,唯一的好男人走了

[23:60.44]All that's left is the fatties and the baldies. 剩下来的非肥即秃

[24:01.72]CharIotte couId onIy hope that one of the baIdies was her baIdy. 夏绿蒂只希望其中一个秃头 是她所爱的秃头

[24:27.24]Out of all the synagogues in all the cities, you had to walk into mine. 城里这么多犹太教堂 你偏偏走进我这间


[24:34.72]How have you been? 最近好不好?

[24:36.16]Not good. 不好

[24:40.48]l miss you. 我想你

[24:45.12]And being away from you only made it all the more clear how much l love you. 离开你以后 我才知道我有多爱你

[24:49.20]-Charlotte-- -Wait. Let me finish. -夏绿蒂 -等等,让我说完

[24:53.88]l don't care if you ever marry me. 我不在乎你会不会娶我 我只想跟你在一起

[24:56.88]l just wanna be with you.

[24:60.16]l would be lucky to have you. 我有你就够了

[25:02.24]So if you could find some way to forgive me, if you could just call me... 如果你能原谅我 就打电话给我

[25:08.72]or just ask me out again? 或者再约我出去

[25:11.40]That's not good enough. 那样还不够


[25:27.28]Will you marry me? 你愿意嫁给我吗?

[25:32.04]Yes. 愿意

[25:33.52]Yes, l'll marry you. 我愿意嫁给你

[25:41.68]l am so coming back next week. 我下礼拜一定还要再来

[25:52.24]It wasn't a pineappIe, but it was just as weird. 那不是凤梨 但还是一样怪

[25:56.20]And there was onIy one other person who wouId reaIIy appreciate it. 只有另外一个人 才能跟我分享这件事

[25:58.72]At that moment, I knew I wasn't ready to Iet Berger go. 那时,我了解到 我没办法跟柏格分手

[26:03.24]Okay, people, you're released. 好,大家可以回去了

[26:12.72]Who is it? -哪位? -是我,我回来了

[26:12.20]It's me. I'm back.

[26:16.88]Come on up. 上来吧

[26:19.76]When it comes to a triaI, you have to Iisten to the evidence. 在审判时,你必须听取证据

[26:22.88]But when it comes to the triaIs of Iove... 在爱的审判时 你必须听从自己的心

[26:23.76]you have to Iisten to your heart.

[26:25.92]I didn't know what Berger's verdict wouId be, but I knew mine. 我不知道柏格的决定会是什么 但我知道我的

[26:38.28]l hear they're making a comeback. 我听说它们又开始流行

[26:46.20]l know things have been bad, but l really think-- -我知道事情很不顺利,但… -我知道

[26:50.08]l know.

[26:50.28]l love you, Carrie. 我爱你,凯莉 我想要挽回

[26:52.04]l wanna try to make this work.

[27:02.00]You're never going to believe it. The mango guy... 你绝不会相信 那个带芒果的人,拿出了…

[27:03.28]-he pulled out-- -A pineapple? -一颗凤梨? -一颗椰子

[27:04.100]A coconut. -就差一点 -没错

[27:08.20]-So close. -l know.

[27:43.56](对不起,我办不到 别恨我)

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