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欲望都市第六季 捕捉爱情 The Catch






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:50:39



[00:35.64](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:49.72]My career had reached new heights, IiteraIIy. 我的事业达到了新高峰

[00:54.12]An editor at New York magazine thought I wouId be the perfect person... 报社编辑认为我很适合

[00:59.00]to write about the uItimate chaIIenge for swingers.: 报导高空秋千表演者的挑战

[00:60.40]The fIying trapeze.

[01:02.28]Wouldn't you rather be at Geoffrey? They're having a sale on stripes! 你想报导 杰佛瑞商店拍卖会吗?

[01:06.32]That's not supportive! 这算是哪门子的安慰

[01:08.40]Step on up. Good. That's good. 往前,很好

[01:13.32]Come around to my side. 绕到我旁边

[01:15.56]We'll take off your climbing lines and strap on your safety harness. 我要解掉你的攀爬绳索 帮你系上安全绳

[01:19.28]Please strap on anything that'll keep me from plummeting to my death. 什么事都阻止不了 我跳入死亡陷阱

[01:23.92]Toes over the edge. 脚趾站在边边,双脚与肩同宽 再宽一点

[01:26.92]Feet shoulder-width apart, just a little bit more.

[01:28.28]That's good. Head up. Now put your right hand out in front of you. 很好,头抬高 右手伸到身体前方

[01:34.16]l've got you. Good. Are you ready to grab the bar? -准备好抓住秋千了吗? -我准备好要去酒吧

[01:35.76]l'm ready to go to the bar. Does everyone say that? -大家都会那么说吗? -差不多

[01:40.32]Pretty much. Okay, hold the bar in one hand. -单手抓住秋千 -你是世界女王

[01:43.60]-You're queen of the world. -You're queen of the world.

[01:45.20]-你是世界女王 -太棒了

[01:45.00]All right. That's good. Keep your head up.

[01:48.12]太棒了,头抬高 别往下看,你准备好了吗?

[01:49.20]Don't look down.

[01:52.88]Are you ready? And.... 好了

[02:01.84]Swing out, sister. 加油,姐妹

[02:02.20]Two hours Iater, I was hooked. 两小时后我上瘾了

[02:07.56]Are you watching? l'm about to try a catch. 你在看吗?我要尝试空中接人

[02:09.36]Maybe you should quit while you're alive. 或许你得及早收手 免得连小命都丢了

[02:13.04]You can totally do this. 你得这么做 听我的话并且相信我

[02:16.44]Just listen to me and trust me.

[02:19.68]All right. Legs up. 好了,脚抬高

[02:22.96]Take your hands off and reach for me. 手放掉朝我飞过来

[02:26.24]This time you got it. Let go. 这次你一定办得到,放手

[02:30.84]Let go. 放手


[02:36.00]That day I didn't get caught... 那天我没有完成 空中接人的动作

[02:40.56]but Samantha's zipper did. 但莎曼珊的拉练卡住了

[02:59.64]This is one of the frustrating things about Iiving aIone. 这是独居生活的缺点之一

[03:03.04]There's not aIways somebody around to rip your cIothes off. 没有人能帮你把衣服脱掉

[03:15.48]Hey, Smith, wanna come over and do me? 史密斯,你想过来上我吗?

[03:21.76]What she meant was ''undo me. '' But two birds with one stone. 她的意思是“帮我脱困” 但这招是一石二鸟

[03:28.08]And in CentraI Park... 在中央公园 摄影师帮一对恋人拍照

[03:28.08]a photographer attempted to catch two Iovebirds sitting on a stone.


[03:33.96]Honey, a little less teeth. Just relax your lips. 甜心,牙齿少露一点 嘴唇放轻松

[03:38.32]No, now you're squinting. 你在乱瞄

[03:40.72]A Iesser man might have toId CharIotte to take a fIying Ieap... 大部分的男人会叫女人闭嘴

[03:43.52]but Harry Ioved her too much. 但哈利太爱她了

[03:46.48]-l thought the point was to look natural. -That's what l'm trying to get you to do. -重点是自然一点 -我在教你怎么自然一点

[03:51.56]One might ask, how natural is it to be sitting in Central Park in a suit? 穿着西装坐在中央公园里 算哪门子的自然?

[03:55.24]l read the wedding section religiously... 我看过结婚版 知道他们要的是什么

[03:59.88]and l know what they're looking for. Not all pictures are selected. 不是每张照片都能雀屏中选

[04:01.20]And l really want there to be... 我真的希望我们结婚的消息 能登在周日泰晤士时报上

[04:04.76]a York-Goldenblatt announcement of our wedding in the Sunday Times.

[04:05.84]So, please, just a little less teeth. 拜托你少露一点牙齿

[04:09.24]Charlotte York, l cannot wait to marry you. 夏绿蒂约克 我巴不得马上把你娶回家

[04:15.52]-That's perfect. That's it. -l was having a moment. -那真的是太棒了 -我真的好高兴

[04:20.96]Lipstick! 小心唇膏

[04:22.64]Wait! No, sorry, no kissing pictures. lt's tacky. 等一下,抱歉 别拍接吻的样子,那太恶心了

[04:25.44]And speaking of tacky.... 说到恶心…

[04:26.24]Cute, huh? Debbie bought it for him over at the Sixth Avenue flea market. 很可爱吧?黛比在 第六大道跳蚤市场帮他买的

[04:34.08]Did you wash it first? 你有清洗过吗?

[04:37.88]She also got something for you. 她还买了样东西要送你

[04:40.64]lt's aromatherapy. 这是芳香疗法蜡烛

[04:46.24]You know, l was thinking, maybe we should figure out a time... 我想或许我们该安排时间 让你们两个见面

[04:51.68]for the two of you to meet.

[04:51.68]What? Why? 什么?为什么?

[04:53.100]She's around Brady. l know you're not comfortable with that. 她跟布莱迪很亲 我知道你不太高兴…

[04:56.36]l'm completely comfortable. l don't need to meet her. l trust you. 我非常高兴 我不需要见她,我相信你

[05:02.20]She bought me a fucking candle. 她买了根蜡烛给我

[05:05.60]And it was an aromatherapy candle, for serenity and calm. 那是有镇静作用的 芳香疗法蜡烛

[05:11.76]l was much more serene and calm before the fucking candle. 没收到这根该死的蜡烛前 我非常镇静

[05:14.28]Women with candles replace women with cats as the new sad thing. 使用芳香疗法蜡烛的女人 太悲惨了

[05:19.36]And get this: He thinks l should meet her. 他认为我该跟她见面

[05:22.12]l sense that he wants us to become friends. 我觉得他希望我们变成朋友

[05:22.100]Forget it. You do not need to become friends with the new girlfriend. 你不能 跟前男友的新女友当朋友

[05:29.40]lt's unnatural, uncomfortable, insincere... 那不自然,太做作恶心 看起来似乎很居心不良

[05:32.56]and rife with ulterior motive.

[05:33.16]-Has this happened to you? -No, l'm just being supportive. -你也发生过这种事? -不,我只是在声援你

[05:37.24]-But there is a baby involved. -Exactly. -但宝宝被扯进这件事 -没错

[05:39.08]She's using Brady to get to me, and l am not falling for it. 她利用布莱迪接近我 我才不会中计

[05:43.40]Speaking of falling, l tried the trapeze yesterday for that piece that l'm writing. 说到这里,我为了报导 亲身体验高空秋千的滋味

[05:50.12]l could never! l have the most terrible fear of heights. -我有超级惧高症 -我没有,看我的鞋子就知道

[05:53.24]l do not. You've seen my shoes.

[05:54.20]So did you fly through the air with the greatest of ease? -你不是玩得很开心吗? -没错,但我不会空中接人

[05:56.12]At first, but then l couldn't do a catch.

[05:60.00]l had to let go and reach for the guy, who was very cute, and l still couldn't do it. 我只需要放手让那个大帅哥 接住我,但我还是做不到

[06:02.48]You are insane for getting into a harness without even a hope of an orgasm. 你喜欢玩点安全的 没有高潮也没关系

[06:09.32]-Hello, ladies. -Hi, honey. -大家好 -甜心

[06:10.64]-Hey, Harry. -Hi, Howie. 大伙们,他是哈利的伴郎 来自波特兰的豪威

[06:12.52]Everyone, this is Harry's best friend Howie Halberstein, in from Portland.

[06:17.48]We're not crashing. l'm just here to drop off the photo proofs... 我们没空聊了 我只是拿照片跟座位表过来

[06:20.88]and the seating chart. 然后我要把桌号卡 拿去给美工

[06:22.96]We're gonna have a quick bite to eat, then l'm taking the place cards...

[06:24.84]to the calligrapher.

[06:28.24]After that, we're gonna go around the corner and try to find our balls. 之后我们要去打球

[06:33.28]Yes, Harry knows how to show a guy a good time. 哈利真是会玩

[06:35.60]Howie, this is Samantha and Miranda and Carrie. 她们是莎曼珊跟米兰达


[06:38.92]-Hi. -Hi, how are you? -你好吗? -我很好

[06:40.96]-Good. -Good.

[06:41.40]Good guy. You two, l see it happening. 天啊,你们两个…我懂了

[06:50.88]So, Carrie, l was thinking maybe you might show Howie around a little later. 凯莉 我想待会你带豪威去逛逛吧

[06:55.24]Unless Harry needs me to ice a cake or something. 除非豪威要我拿蛋糕去冰


[07:01.04]l'm kind of busy because l have to do a flying trapeze thing.


[07:06.20]That is so weird. l have a lion-taming thing tomorrow, so that's out for me. 真是奇怪,明天我得去驯狮 所以我没空

[07:11.76]But, you know, if you change your mind, l'll give you my business card. 如果你改变心意 我可以给你我的名片

[07:17.64]-There you go. -Thank you. 拿去吧 我的联络电话都在上面

[07:19.52]All my lines are on there. Call me, l'll be waiting by the phone. 我会等你的电话

[07:25.00]-What's wrong with you? -He was funny and cute. -你是怎么了? -他既幽默又帅

[07:28.04]Yeah, and in town for a week. What's the point? 他在城里待一星期 那有什么大不了的?

[07:32.80]That is the point. 那就是问题所在 太棒了,你知道他会离开

[07:35.24]lt's the best possible scenario, because you know he's leaving.

[07:38.32]But it's like whatever happens, there's an expiration date. 所有美丽恋情都会过去 这只是逢场作戏

[07:43.24]-lt's expiration dating. -lt isn't dating. lt's sex. 这不是约会,这是性爱游戏 它既好玩又刺激

[07:46.32]lt's fun. lt's a fling.

[07:50.04]Please, l'm too old for a fling. l can barely do a swing. 拜托,我太老了受不了刺激 我连荡秋千都不敢

[07:53.08]lf you'll excuse me, l have to go home... 对不起,我得去写 我不敢做空中接人的报导

[07:56.80]so l can write about the fact that l couldn't do a catch.

[07:59.04]-He is a catch. -You should do him. -他就是你要接的 -你该上他的

[08:04.32]When you're young, your whoIe Iife is about the pursuit of fun. 年轻时你只想找乐子

[08:09.92]Then you grow up and Iearn to be cautious. 年纪越来越大 你学会越来越小心

[08:11.08]You couId break a bone or a heart. 你不是会摔断骨头 就是会被伤了心

[08:15.76]You Iook before you Ieap, and sometimes you don't Ieap at aII... 你会在往下跳前看个清楚

[08:19.44]because there's not aIways someone there to catch you. 因为不是每次都会有人接住你

[08:20.24]And in Iife there's no safety net. 现实生活中也不会有安全网

[08:25.88]When did it stop being fun and start being scary? 什么时候人生不再是乐趣 你开始觉得害怕?

[08:31.20]I decided it was time to Ieave fear behind and have some fun. 我决定我该抛开恐惧 找点乐子

[08:42.00]Okay, legs up. 腿抬高,很好

[08:43.68]-That's good. Let go and reach for me. -l can't. -放手朝我飞过来 -我办不到

[08:47.16]All right, this time. Let go. 好了,这次一定会成功 放手

[08:52.36]l can't. 我办不到

[08:55.60]Don't tell me you can't. l want nothing but lilies on the chuppah. 别告诉我你办不到 我要帐篷里放着百合花

[08:60.60]The theme is Yentl Chic.

[08:60.48]Don't forget the candles. -别忘了蜡烛 -天啊,你比我更坏

[09:03.48]This isn't the first wedding l've planned. You're worse than me!

[09:04.68]We want candles, candles, candles. 我们要蜡烛 不是又短又粗的蜡烛

[09:08.76]And l don't want short, stubby, broken-up dick candles.

[09:10.96]l want long tapers. 我要细长型的蜡烛 好吧,回电话给我

[09:13.32]-All right, call me right back. -Ta-da!

[09:17.72]-lt's okay? -Okay? You're Audrey Hepburnowitz! -可以吗? -你看起来好像奥黛丽赫本

[09:21.76]l'm so excited about this wedding. 我好兴奋 婚礼得根据传统进行

[09:24.96]We're doing everything according to tradition.

[09:24.92]We're going to smash the glass, and the signing of the ketubah. 我们要摔破杯子 唱犹太歌跳呼拉舞

[09:29.20]The hora. 小心,别从椅子上摔下来 呼拉舞太可怕了

[09:31.64]Be careful. God forbid you fall off the chair.

[09:32.40]Oh, the horror! The horror!

[09:34.68]-Maybe we won't do the chair thing. -You have to. That's the big finish. -或许我们不该用椅子 -你非得那么做不可

[09:39.56]Remember, when you're up there, pretend you're having a good time... 只要记住坐上椅子后

[09:43.52]hang on for dear life, and for fuck's sake keep your legs together. 你得抓紧 别忘了双腿要紧紧并拢

[09:44.100]Nobody wants to see the bride's beaver. 没有人想看新娘的私处

[09:47.60]Don't say that in front of my dress. 别在我的婚纱面前那么说

[09:52.80]Hello. York residence. 这里是约克家,我们有空

[09:54.28]Yes, we have a minute. lt's The New York Times fact checker. 是纽约时报的查询人员

[09:57.68]Yes, Goldenblatt has two ''T''s. Sure. 葛登布拉特,没错

[10:01.24]Fax it over! 传真过来吧

[10:05.52]We're in, we're in!

[10:06.08]This calls for a hora! 我们得好好庆祝一下

[10:11.96]Hey! 天啊,你在这里做什么?

[10:15.08]Oh, my God! What're you doing here? Don't look at me!

[10:16.56]-别看我 -天啊,小夏,我的耳朵

[10:18.04]Jesus Christ, Char, my ear.

[10:19.80]You're not supposed to see me in my dress. This is bad luck, very bad luck! 你不应该看到我的婚纱 那会招来噩运

[10:24.72]Close your eyes. Keep them closed! 闭上眼睛,别看

[10:27.20]Oh, no, this is so bad. 不,这真的是太糟糕了

[10:31.16]Are all brides like that? -所有的新娘都是那样吗? -我看过更糟糕的

[10:34.72]That's nothing. l once had a girl in Long lsland give herself a stroke. 我看过一个新娘害自己中风

[10:38.00]She pulled it together for the big day, though. 但她还是拖着身体完成婚礼

[10:44.96]Hopefully l'll get cell reception down in Mexico. 希望在墨西哥 我的手机仍收得到讯号

[10:48.16]Samantha, a fan of expiration dating... 喜欢逢场作戏的莎曼珊 将要享受到

[10:53.12]was about to enjoy one of the benefits of dating an actor.

[10:55.12]Location, Iocation, Iocation. 跟男演员交往的好处 他常常得出外景拍戏

[10:56.100]lt's gonna be cool working with Gus Van Sant. 能够跟葛斯范桑合作 真的是太酷了

[11:03.16]Here. Let me. 我来帮你

[11:06.96]l can't believe we don't get to spend my last night together. 我不敢相信 我们无法共度我的最后一夜

[11:10.52]-Are you dying? -No. -你快死了吗? -不

[11:11.68]Then it's not your last night. 那么这不是你的最后一夜

[11:15.56]There. 好了

[11:18.96]l'm gonna miss you, Samantha. -我会想你的 -把这套表演给葛斯范桑看吧

[11:20.44]Save that performance for Mr. Van Sant. lt's just two weeks.

[11:23.16]-我们只分开两星期 -那真的很漫长

[11:25.32]lt's a long time. 你能不能快点离开? 我要迟到了

[11:28.04]Would you get out of here already? l'm late as it is.

[11:30.20]Yeah, yeah.

[11:34.96]And listen, when you're on location don't do anything l wouldn't do. 听着,别做我不会做的事

[11:38.96]-What does that rule out? -There are things. -你是指哪些事? -蛮多的

[11:41.92]Karaoke. l don't do that. 譬如我不唱卡拉OK



[11:54.24](那个玩高空秋千的 大胆男孩)

[11:60.40]-This is it. -lt's a very nice building. -就是这里 -这栋建筑很漂亮

[12:01.88]Miranda! 米兰达,我找不到钥匙

[12:05.28]l can't find my keys.

[12:05.68]-Magda! -You still have keys? 梅格,我不在家

[12:07.56]-l'm not home. -Because of Brady. 你听懂了吗? 我已经去夏绿蒂家了

[12:08.08]Do you understand?

[12:11.76]l'm already at Charlotte's.

[12:13.32]l am not home. 我不在家

[12:21.88]-ls Miranda here? -She is not home. -米兰达在吗? -她不在家

[12:25.56]That's too bad. l was really looking forward to meeting her. 真的太可惜了 我很期待要跟她见面

[12:29.76]She is not home. 她不在

[12:33.40]-Magda, this is Debbie. -Nice to meet you. -梅格,她是黛比 -很高兴能见到你

[12:37.80]All right, we just need to grab some things out of Brady's crib. 我们要到 布莱迪的摇篮里拿些东西

[12:38.76]The last time l forgot Mr. Elephant, Brady acted like a big baby. 上次我忘记拿大象先生 布莱迪哭得跟个娃娃一样

[12:42.48]Didn't you, B-Boy?

[12:46.64]He is a big baby. 他的确是个娃娃

[12:52.00]But l have not cleaned in room yet. -但我还没有打扫房间 -没关系

[12:56.20]That's okay.

[13:01.56]This is a nice room. She has nice taste. 这里很漂亮,她的品味不错

[13:03.76]-Yeah. l helped build the crib. -Really? -我帮忙组合摇篮 -真的吗?

[13:12.40]What's wrong, Brady? Did you drop your Binky? 怎么了?布莱迪 奶嘴掉了吗?

[13:17.28]Where's your Binky? -掉在哪里? -在那边

[13:19.36]lt's right there.

[13:23.60]Here you go, Bradylicious. 拿去吧,布莱迪宝贝

[13:25.20]Hey, wanna go to Blockbuster and rent a tape or something? -你想到百视达租录影带吗? -好啊,但这次由我来选片

[13:27.68]Okay, but this time l get to pick.

[13:33.64]-Bye. -Bye, Magda. -再见 -再见,梅格

[13:44.92]There's a lot of dust down there. 摇篮下面积了很多灰尘 你该用吸尘器打扫一下

[13:47.28]You really should vacuum under....

[13:56.84]That night we aII gathered at CharIotte's casuaI rehearsaI dinner. 我们在夏绿蒂家集合 排演婚宴的流程

[13:59.52]You're like a lint tray. What's happening back here? 你的脸色真难看 发生了什么事?

[14:01.00]That Debbie is crazy. 那个黛比是个疯子

[14:04.28]She came to my apartment with Steve and totally ambushed me. 她跟史蒂夫跑到我家来

[14:07.44]l had to hide under the bed to avoid them. 我得躲到床下

[14:11.84]-Seriously? -Maybe. -真的吗? -或许吧

[14:14.72]-Did you see her? -Just her shoes and her nails. -你看到她了吗? -我只看到她的鞋子跟趾甲

[14:16.32]-And? -Both acrylic. -结果呢? -都很假

[14:19.96]Maybe you should just meet her and get it over with. 或许你该跟她见个面

[14:21.24]l don't want to meet her. 我跟她见面就代表她真的存在 史蒂夫真的交了女朋友

[14:24.64]lf l meet her, she's real, and that means Steve has an actual girlfriend.

[14:27.96]ApparentIy I wasn't the onIy one who had troubIe Ietting go. 不是只有我无法放手

[14:32.72]Hey. What's happening there? 发生了什么事?

[14:33.08]Oh, you know. Bride, bride, bride. Blah, blah, blah. 大家都在聊新娘的事

[14:36.16]l just saw your fling go into the bathroom. lt's like shooting fish in a barrel. 我看到你的朋友到卧室去了

[14:41.48]Still no. -我还是不要 -这只是逢场作戏

[14:43.12]lt's just casual sex.

[14:44.16]Nothing's casual anymore. Not even when it says so on the invitation. 我不再逢场作戏 即使他是自己送上门

[14:50.60]Just go in there and see what happens. 去看看会发生什么事

[14:52.40]Worst comes to worst, you could always hide under the bed. 你可以躲到床下去

[14:59.64]I decided they were right. 我决定相信她们的话

[14:60.16]It was time to get back in the swing of things. 我该冒点险了

[15:10.76]-Good to see you. -See you later.

[15:11.16]Hey, how are you? 你好吗?

[15:13.68]Wow, this is kind of uncomfortable. 这真的是太难堪了

[15:18.32]Look, would you please stop calling me? l don't have time to chat. 请别再打电话给我 我没空聊天

[15:21.40]l've got boutonnieres on my mind. -我心有所属 -抱歉我没有打电话给你

[15:23.92]l'm sorry l never called.

[15:24.08]No, l understand, you're busy. That time of year. 我了解,你很忙 小丑学校在做年度评鉴

[15:27.28]Final exams for Clown College or something.

[15:32.84]What would that entail, you think? -你觉得怎么做才能及格? -穿上超大号的鞋子

[15:34.56]The seating arrangements in the little car, walking in the floppy shoes--

[15:36.00]Squirting flower and nose application. -变出花来,戴上假鼻子? -别忘了丢派

[15:38.52]...continual pieing, the cloud-kissing....

[15:43.20]Maybe I wouId have a fIing. After aII, how bad couId it be? 或许我该跟他逢场作戏 毕竟那会有多糟糕呢?

[15:53.72]That night Howie and I had sex Iike we were teenagers again. 那晚豪威跟我 像青少年一样做爱

[15:58.80]Meaning he had no idea what he was doing, and I didn't say anything. 他不知道自己在做什么 我什么都没说

[16:07.12]MeanwhiIe, Samantha was banging around as weII. 同时莎曼珊也在敲东西

[16:16.48]You have one new message. 你有一通新留言

[16:19.88]Hey, I'm here. It's pretty cooI. You miss me yet? 我已经到了,这里很酷 开始想我了吗?

[16:27.80]That's the thing about getting used to a man.: 那就是习惯同一个男人的问题 他会对你紧盯不放

[16:27.100]There's aIways a catch.

[16:33.100]lt's here! 它来了

[16:36.84]Not just her wedding day, but The New York Times. 今天是她的结婚日 也是她登上纽约时报的日子

[16:45.04]Oh, my God! 天啊,我有胡子

[16:47.88]l have a moustache.

[16:51.40]lt's an ink stain. But look at me. Now, that is a terrific smile. 那是墨水印子,快来看 我笑得很灿烂

[16:55.76]This is a nightmare! -这是场噩梦 -或许只有我们的报纸是这样

[16:58.32]lt's probably just our paper.

[16:59.44]Anyway, who cares? We're getting married today! 谁在乎呢?我们要结婚了

[17:02.80]l look like Hitler! 我要办一场犹太婚礼 我看起来像希特勒

[17:04.28]l'm having a Jewish wedding and l look like Hitler!

[17:06.20]HeIIo? -喂 -你的报纸上我长了胡子吗?

[17:09.08]ln your paper do l have a moustache?

[17:10.36]What? -什么? -你的结婚版,胡子

[17:11.76]ln your wedding section, does it look like l have a moustache?

[17:16.84]Hang on a minute. 等一下

[17:18.00]As I feared, my fIing had become a pain in the neck. 我的恐惧是对的 我的逢场作戏令我的颈受苦

[17:24.60]You do not look like Hitler. 你看起来不像希特勒

[17:27.76]Frito Bandito, maybe. -或许有点像菲瑞多班迪托 -噩运已经开始了

[17:27.68]The bad luck is starting already.

[17:36.00]Yeah. 对,上面的确沾了东西

[17:36.40]There's a IittIe something...

[17:39.08]but maybe it's just my paper. 但或许只有我的报纸有

[17:40.48]And your paper. -还有你的报纸 -我得挂电话了

[17:43.64]l have to go. 很明显地夏绿蒂被打败了 我也是

[17:43.08]CIearIy, CharIotte was bent out of shape, and so was I.

[17:48.16]Come on, granny. l'll take you to the Early Bird Special. 来吧,老奶奶 我带你去买大特价商品

[17:53.04]Oh, God, don't make me laugh. 别逗我笑,真的很痛

[17:56.60]lt hurts. 这是玩高空秋千的后遗症?

[17:57.88]ls this still from your days as a Flying Wallenda?

[17:59.56]That's my official story, and it's partially true. 我对外的说法是那样 但那只是部分原因

[18:02.24]But this is a sex-sprain. -事实上我是做爱时拉伤了 -真的太好了

[18:07.52]-Good for you. -No, it was not good for me. 不,我觉得一点都不好 那跟动物交配差不多

[18:09.12]lt was jackrabbit sex. You know, pound, pound....

[18:14.56]-Are straight men still allowed to do that? -No, they aren't. lt's bad. 异性恋的男人可以那么做?


[18:17.56]lt's basically masturbating with a woman instead of your hand. 那像是用女人手淫 我完全得不到乐趣

[18:22.56]l don't enjoy it. -凯莉,你来了 -你好

[18:24.84]Carrie, you made it!


[18:29.92]The jackrabbit? -他就是那头禽兽? -我最好…

[18:30.00]-l better.... -Hop to it. 你去吧

[18:41.80]You look hot! 你看起来好诱人

[18:44.20]Thanks. 谢谢

[18:47.48]-Guess what? -What? 你猜怎么着? 我在麦色饭店订了间套房

[18:51.56]l got a suite at The Mercer for later. King-size bed. Huge tub.

[18:51.92]超大的床跟浴缸 我们可以在我离开前吃个早餐

[18:56.84]We can have breakfast before l leave...

[18:56.12]unless, of course, we're busy doing something else. 除非我们还有别的事要忙

[19:03.96]l don't know. 我不知道

[19:05.56]l'm pretty tired from last night. 我因为昨晚的事觉得很累

[19:09.44]l'm only gonna be in town for another day, and l want to get to know you better. 我只会在城里再待一天 我想更进一步了解你

[19:16.12]Okay, we'll see. 好吧,再看看

[19:19.28]We'll see? 再看看?我知道那是什么意思 你答应了

[19:21.20]l know what ''we'll see'' means. lt means ''see you.''

[19:26.68]No. 不,我…

[19:28.44]No, the thing is...

[19:29.84]you're just visiting, so... 你只是来这里作客,我想…

[19:39.96]l figured it was a one-night kind of thing. 我以为那只是一夜情

[19:43.56]Just fun. 只是为了好玩

[19:51.40]lf l'd known you were just using me, l wouldn't have made love to you like that. 如果我知道你是在利用我


[20:01.24]We are here today to celebrate the union of two very special people: 今天我们齐聚一堂 为庆祝两个人的结合

[20:06.28]Harry Goldenblatt and Charlotte York. 哈利葛登布拉特 跟夏绿蒂约克

[20:10.76]lt's important for everyone here to be a witness to this moment... 在场的宾客必须见证这一刻

[20:16.76]for the Jewish wedding ceremony has two parts. 因为犹太婚礼分成两个部分

[20:18.84]The first designates to the community... 一是向全世界的人宣布

[20:22.60]that the kaIIah, bride... 新郎跟新娘

[20:27.28]and the chatan, groom...

[20:27.100]are for one another alone. 就此相守一生

[20:33.44]And the second part gives them to one another. 第二部分是他们得对彼此承诺

[20:37.24]lt's a gift and a huge responsibility. 这是一项恩赐 也是项重责大任

[21:00.60]As one man sIipped a ring on... 当新郎试着帮新娘戴上戒指

[21:03.08]one woman was stiII trying to sIip a braceIet off. 有个女人想拿掉她的手镯

[21:18.48]Sorry. lt's a back spasm. l'm sorry. 抱歉,我的背部拉伤

[21:41.96]It seemed to CharIotte that the wedding had gone from Jewish Iaw to Murphy's Law. 看来这场婚礼 完全不符合犹太律法


[22:03.60]MazeI tov. 恭喜

[22:15.96]Charlotte, are you okay? 夏绿蒂,你没事吧?

[22:17.52]This is a disaster. lt's the worst wedding in history. 这是有史以来最差劲的婚礼

[22:22.88]That's not true. 才怪 虽然我的视线只有这么高

[22:23.36]Although l only saw most of it from here down.

[22:26.84]Harry never should've walked in on me wearing my wedding dress. 哈利不该偷看我的婚纱 现在我们被诅咒了

[22:29.72]-Now we're cursed. -You're not cursed.

[22:32.84]你们没有被诅咒 你们刚刚结婚了

[22:35.64]You're married. You just got married.

[22:37.68]l know... 我知道 但我希望一切都很完美

[22:38.76]but l wanted everything to be perfect.

[22:42.08]Okay, you have to stop with the tears. 别哭了 你第一次的婚礼非常完美

[22:43.48]You already had the perfect wedding...

[22:47.72]and the marriage, not so perfect. 但你的婚姻却一败涂地

[22:51.44]l think this is a good sign. 这是个好预兆 婚礼越糟糕婚姻越成功

[22:52.80]l think the worse the wedding, the better the marriage.

[22:56.40]-l have a stain on my dress. -That's good! -我的婚纱沾到了红酒 -太棒了,那是个好预兆

[22:58.00]That's a good sign!

[23:01.96]You're just trying to make me feel better. 你只是在安慰我

[23:02.16]No, l'm trying to get you to open your eyes, because you're missing it. 我要你张开眼睛好好看看 因为你错过了它

[23:08.32]-What? -Everything! -什么? -你错过了你的婚礼

[23:10.20]You're missing your wedding.

[23:13.40]You have a wonderful man who loves you... 你嫁给一个深爱你的好男人

[23:15.96]who'll be there to catch you when you fall. Do you know how special that is? 你有不顺时他会陪着你 那不特别吗?

[23:19.04]l would love to find a man who's strong enough to catch me. 我想找个 愿意陪着我的坚强男人

[23:25.72]So let's get to that reception, so you can fall on a cake or something. 我们快去参加婚宴 你可以摔倒在蛋糕上


[23:35.96]-Okay? -Perfect still, of course. -好吗? -太棒了

[23:42.80]Oh, Christ! 天啊

[23:51.28]Are you okay? -你没事吧? -没事

[23:50.48]Yeah. l'm just feeling a little sad. 我觉得很难过 它真的是太美了

[23:54.32]lt was just so beautiful.

[23:56.44]-The ceremony? -My bracelet. -你是指婚礼吗? -我的手镯

[24:05.16]Ladies and gentIemen, can I have your attention, pIease? 各位先生女士,请注意

[24:06.56]God, it's time for the toast. Top me off, l'm next. 天啊,要举杯致意了 帮我倒酒,下一个是我

[24:11.16]I wouId Iike to raise a gIass... 我希望大家一起举杯

[24:13.20]to Harry and CharIotte... 敬哈利跟夏绿蒂

[24:16.100]because they found each other despite aII the buIIshit. 因为他们在漫天谎言的世界中 找到了彼此


[24:26.48]It's tough out there. I mean, peopIe don't care Iike they used to.


[24:30.12]PeopIe Ieave you hanging. 他们喜欢耍着你玩

[24:34.40]PeopIe... 他们全都是贱人

[24:36.40]are a bitch.

[24:38.96]ls this a toast or a roast? -他要干杯还是要骂人? -大家为爱干杯吧

[24:40.44]So here's to Iove!

[24:43.04]And Iove means never... 爱就是永远都不要说


[24:49.44]having to say.:

[24:51.72]You used me for sex! “你利用我满足性欲”

[24:56.68]Thanks, Howie. That's nice. -谢谢豪威,太棒了 -不,等一下


[25:03.16]It was a Mazel Tov cocktaiI. 这是跟新人致意

[25:07.28]Carrie said, ''The worse the wedding, the better the marriage.'' 凯莉说婚礼越糟糕 婚姻越完美

[25:11.28]Then l think Howie just got us to our Silver. 我想豪威让我们 一定撑得到银婚

[25:18.32]Hi. 大家注意,太棒了

[25:20.44]HeIIo. Great.

[25:24.12]I wouId Iike to congratuIate... 我要恭喜我的朋友 勇敢的夏绿蒂

[25:25.88]my very brave friend, CharIotte...

[25:32.16]who knows what she wants... 她知道自己要什么 并且努力去争取幸福

[25:32.36]and who goes for it.

[25:35.52]Not everyone can do that. 那不是每个人都能办到的

[25:40.80]EspeciaIIy when it comes to Iove... 更何况是为了追寻爱

[25:43.08]some of us can't even... 有些人甚至无法将爱说出口

[25:46.08]say the words.

[25:48.64]But.... 但是…

[25:56.92]Sorry, hon. Good speech, though. 抱歉,但你说得很好

[25:60.40]Maybe Miranda just got us to our Gold. 或许米兰达能让我们撑到金婚


[26:45.24]He's certainly acrobatic. 他真的很耍宝

[26:48.20]Oh, yeah. He's the regular Jerk du SoIeiI. 他是个耍杂技大混蛋

[26:53.04]Do you think everyone knows l slept with him? -大家都知道我跟他上过床? -对

[26:56.64]Yes. And they all think you're a big whore-ah. 大家都觉得你是个烂女人

[27:08.80]-l don't like this. l'm afraid! -Of what? -我很害怕 -你怕什么?

[27:09.16]What's the worst that can happen? We'll live happily ever after? 还会发生什么更糟糕的事? 我们会过着幸福快乐的生活?

[27:23.68]And, of course, this being a wedding, there was one more catch to go. 这场婚礼的精彩好戏还在后面

[27:28.28]Okay! Who's ready to catch the bouquet?


[27:32.84]Not me. l've lit myself on fire. 我才不要,我的演讲稿着火 还在宾客们面前惊慌失措

[27:35.40]l've showed emotion in public. l think l'm done.

[27:40.40]-Oh, you were fabulous. -l believe you mean flammable. -我受够了 -你表现得很棒


[27:46.92]Okay, now you're done. 你真的受够了

[27:48.76]It wasn't a perfect catch... 她不能抓住捧花

[27:59.04]and neither was mine. 我也表现得不怎么样

[28:02.72]But I survived because I have a good safety net. 但我撑了下来 因为我有很棒的安全网

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