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欲望都市第六季 捕女人与鞋 A Woman’s Right to Shoes






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:50:29



[00:35.80](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:52.20]The singIe New Yorker's weekend is aII about buying.: 单身纽约客的周末 总是脱离不了购物

[00:55.32]the Iatest Vogue, fresh fIowers... 新一期的“时尚”、花 送给前单身纽约客的礼物

[00:59.20]and gifts for previousIy-singIe New Yorkers.

[01:03.88]Hi. l'm here for the Welker wedding registry. 我来认购伟克家的结婚礼品

[01:06.12]l'll take the Newport soup ladle and three Bimini steak knives. 我要认购汤勺和三把牛排刀

[01:08.00]The baby Peck list? 沛克家新生儿的礼品单… 打嗝毛毯?

[01:10.12]The burpy blanket. 还剩下什么?

[01:12.20]Okay, what is left?

[01:13.68]Fine, l'll take four espresso cups and a pepper grinder. 好,我认购四个咖啡杯 和一个胡椒研磨罐

[01:17.84]Yeah, okay, the Little Me activity chair. 好,就充气活动椅

[01:25.64]That night, Stanford and I were invited to ceIebrate the arrivaI of baby boy Bronson... 史丹佛和我应邀参加

[01:27.20]琪拉和恰克布朗森的 喜获麟儿派对

[01:29.72]Iatest son of Kyra and Chuck.

[01:32.52]-Easy, baby girl. -Sorry. -小心点 -对不起,你买的是什么

[01:33.08]Hey, what you got in there, Stanny?

[01:34.56]The Peter Rabbit dish set with matching bib. 彼得兔餐具组

[01:37.56]Dang, you snagged that! 原来被你抢走了 都是你,害我得买充气活动椅

[01:41.84]Thanks to you, l was left with the Little Me chair.

[01:44.20]And get this. l also got him a CD of Free to Be... You and Me 还有一张 “随性做自己”的音乐专辑

[01:47.92]l loved Marlo Thomas! l played that album all through the fifth grade. 我喜欢马罗汤玛斯 我五年级的时候常听那张专辑

[01:52.60]l wanted to run as fast as the wind. 我希望能跑得像风一样快

[01:54.24]l played WiIIiam Wants A DoII so many times... 我常听“威廉想要洋娃娃”

[01:56.16]l almost turned my little sister into a gay man. 我妹妹差点变成一个男同志

[02:09.04]Welcome to the party. l'm Margo, Kyra's sister. 你好,欢迎光临 我是琪拉的妹妹玛佳

[02:12.56]The gifts go over on the table, and the shoes go there. 礼物放在那张桌上 鞋子请脱在这里

[02:21.92]Kyra and Chuck don't like outside dirt coming in. 他们不希望把屋子弄脏

[02:23.20]The twins are always picking things up off the floor. -那对双胞胎总从地上捡东西 -但…

[02:25.04]But this is an outfit.

[02:27.72]-但这是整一套的 -感谢你盛装出席

[02:31.16]They'd really appreciate it.

[02:39.40]Good thing l wore my party socks. 幸好我穿了我的派对袜

[02:42.88]Jeez, if l'd known l was gonna be shoeless... 如果早知道要脱鞋

[02:45.52]l would have compensated with a big hat or something. 我会戴顶大帽子来弥补


[02:52.72]Well, now l'm so teeny l might bump my head on the coffee table. 你看我变得这么矮 我的头可能会不小心撞到桌子

[02:56.40]Watch out, Little Me. 小心

[02:60.76]Our hostess, Kyra Bronson, had made a name for herseIf in the earIy '90s... 女主人琪拉布朗森在90年代 因拍摄卧病在床的

[03:04.04]taking pictures of anorexic actresses on beds at the CheIsea HoteI. 厌食症女演员而声名大噪

[03:09.24]Hey, you two. 你们来了

[03:11.68]Now she took pictures of fat babies in buckets. 现在她则拍摄肥胖婴儿

[03:13.48]We come from the East 70s, bearing gifts. Where is the blessed child? 我们从东区一路抱着礼物走来 那个幸福的小婴儿在哪里

[03:17.96]The baby's in his room. You can't miss him. He looks just like Chuck... 在他房里,他看起来就像恰克

[03:22.84]except without that sad, closed-up hole in his ear when he pierced it in the '80s. 只少了恰克在80年代穿过 现在已经合起来的耳洞

[03:25.20]-Anyway, here. -Thank you. 来,我得去招呼别人 我自己也需要喝一杯

[03:26.12]l've gotta go. Other people need drinks, and by ''others,'' l mean me.

[03:32.36]Hey, Milo, Allegra! 麦罗、艾蕾卓

[03:34.36]Waiter, there's a baby in my drink. 服务生,我的饮料中有个婴儿

[03:39.52]Uptown, Miranda was putting her foot down in her co-op board meeting. 城外,米兰达正在加速运作

[03:41.20]Look, we all want to find the perfect tenant for $10,000. 我们都想赶快找到理想房客 但不想因此拖长面谈时间

[03:44.76]All l'm asking is that we not prolong the interview.

[03:47.48]Whatever decision we make about Dr. Robert Leeds, let's make it quick. 让我们尽速处理 罗伯特里兹医生的申请

[03:54.04]l've got a baby downstairs getting over the chicken pox. 我家里还有个长水痘的婴儿

[03:55.84]l have a cataract. 我有白内障

[03:58.68]-Hello. Come in, won't you? -Hi. 你好,请进

[04:02.28]Yes, hi. 突然间米兰达觉得 这个面谈出现转机

[04:04.48]And suddenIy, Miranda wasn't so bored at her board meeting.

[04:07.96]-Hi, l'm Miranda Hobbes. -Hi. -你好,我是米兰达霍布斯 -你好

[04:09.16]And this is everybody else. 这是其他的人

[04:14.12]And l'm Robert Leeds, but you probably know that already... 我是罗伯特里兹 但我想你们一定都知道了

[04:17.32]along with my social security number and my jacket size. 包括我的社会福利号码 及我的外套尺寸

[04:23.68]So, Robert, you're a doctor for the Knicks? 罗伯特,你是尼克队的医生?

[04:26.04]Yeah, guilty as charged. -我承认 -做多久了…

[04:29.04]-How long have you had-- -Hey, you've had a great season. -你们这一季打得很好 -我想你不是篮球迷

[04:31.72]l take it you're not a basketball fan.

[04:34.68]Well, you've got me there. l'm a baseball person. 被你说中了,我是棒球迷

[04:36.56]-Yankees or Mets? -Please, Yankees. -洋基还是大都会 -拜托,当然是洋基

[04:42.36]-Should have known. -And what is that supposed to mean? -看得出来 -你这是什么意思

[04:45.52]-On Page 4 of your tax return-- -Lynn, please. -在你的报税单第四页… -琳,拜托,我们会进入主题

[04:48.60]We'll get to it.

[04:52.28]WhiIe Miranda was pIaying a game of pick-up... 当米兰达在表示好感时

[04:55.36]You tell him l'll do depositions Friday, but only if my client is ready. 如果我的当事人没问题的话 将宣誓作证订在星期五

[04:59.12]...CharIotte was picking up as weII. 夏绿蒂也在挑捡某样东西

[05:03.00]Exactly. What, you gonna push me on this? Don't push me! 没错,你是在逼我吗?别逼我

[05:06.88]Because if you push me, then l push back. l don't have to produce my client for this.... 如果你逼我,我就推回去 我不需要更多客户

[05:10.16]CharIotte knew when Harry moved in, he wouId unpack his bags. 夏绿蒂知道哈利一旦搬进来 免不了会有一些习惯上的不同

[05:15.64]She wasn't expecting the teabags. 但她没想到 他的茶包袋也会造成困扰

[05:17.32]And everything else?

[05:21.60]Why are you hocking me on this? Can you not hear what l'm saying to you?

[05:24.52]l'll repeat this slowly. Open your ears, Reg, here it comes.

[05:27.68]你听好,我说 我不这么认为,清楚吗

[05:28.28]l don't think so! Clear?

[05:30.48]One tax return and a haIf hour of eyeIash-batting Iater.... 经过半小时的眉来眼去之后

[05:35.36]-lt was really nice to meet you. -You, too. -很高兴见到你 -我也是

[05:39.92]And l won't hold that Mets thing against you. 我不会用 “大都会”的事来对付你

[05:43.08]l appreciate that. 感激不尽

[05:48.16]Well, he's perfect! 他很适合

[05:53.64]Frankly, l am concerned about his financials. 我担心他的财务状况 他的生活费很高

[05:57.00]His alimony payments are awfully high.

[05:57.36]And he's never owned before. -他从没置过产 -你们一定是疯了

[05:59.48]You people are crazy.

[06:01.36]lt's the single ones who always throw the wild parties with all the girls. 单身汉常会 找一堆女孩子来开狂欢派对

[06:07.24]Okay, l think we all know what's not being said here. 好了,我想大家都已心知肚明

[06:15.60]The unspoken thing was that Robert was cute and Miranda was horny. 心知肚明的就是罗伯特很帅 而米兰达很饥渴

[06:23.52]And then we saw the most amazing house-- 然后我们看到那间很棒的房子

[06:24.64]l swear, l had no idea who we were bidding against. 我不知道 和我们抢标的对手是谁

[06:27.40]You liar. You two know everything. 你胡说,你们俩早就知道了

[06:31.48]That's true. We got the house... 没错,我们标到那房子

[06:33.68]but we could not get a table at Nick & Tony's for the rest of the summer. 但接下来的那个夏天我们就 没法去“尼克和汤尼”用餐

[06:41.84]Well, it's getting late. -时间不早了 -对不起把你们留这么晚

[06:41.52]Oh, my! We have held you guys captive.

[06:45.12]No, we've had a swell time. lt's just.... 我们觉得很愉快,只是…

[06:48.00]lt's midnight, he's gay. He has to start his night. 已经半夜了,他是同志 他必须开始他的作息

[06:50.96]-Anyway, congrats on the baby. -Thanks. -总之,恭喜你们 -他真的好可爱

[06:54.28]Yeah, he's just precious.

[06:55.44]-Okay, bye. -Bye. -好,再见 -再见,谢谢你们过来

[06:58.96]Nice to meet you. 再来,我们的景观设计师 偷走了我们一半的树

[06:60.80]Then, of course, our landscaper takes off with half of our trees.

[07:03.60]We might have been one foot out the door, but my shoes appeared to have aIready Ieft. 我走到门口

[07:06.56]才发现我的鞋子 已经先行离去

[07:11.88]Then they told us, ''That's what you get for stealing Billy Joel's firewood.'' 我告诉他 这就是你偷比利乔柴火的下场


[07:16.40]-Was there another room for the shoes? -No.

[07:18.12]-不会 -我的鞋子好像不见了

[07:22.80]-Mine seem to have gone missing. -That's crazy.


[07:29.04]God, Carrie, l'm sorry. l just can't imagine where your shoes went. 凯莉,很抱歉 我不知道你的鞋子到哪去了

[07:32.100]You know, Jennifer was wearing sandals. Perhaps she took yours by mistake. 珍妮佛也穿了凉鞋 也许她不小心穿错了

[07:36.60]Actually, they weren't sandals. They were Manolos. 事实上我的鞋不是凉鞋 它们是曼诺罗的鞋

[07:40.100]l'm sure they'll turn up. l can loan you some shoes to go home in. 我想它们一定会出现 我先借你一双鞋穿回家

[07:54.20]They say you shouIdn't judge untiI you've waIked a miIe in someone eIse's shoes. 不可轻下断言

[07:55.80]除非你曾穿他人的鞋 走了一哩路(设身处地)

[08:01.88]I made it six bIocks. 我走了六个街口

[08:04.52]The next day, over dessert... 第二天

[08:05.100]I was stiII not over the fact that my shoes had deserted me. 我还是无法自 我的鞋离去的打击中平复

[08:11.92]These were new Manolos. l hadn't even done a full lap around the party. 那是双新鞋 我甚至没穿它在派对中跳舞

[08:15.80]l don't play favorites with my shoes... 我并非爱鞋如命 但那双鞋很特别

[08:16.48]but these were very special.

[08:19.04]Who would steal shoes from a party? -有谁会在派对上偷鞋子 -穿七号鞋且品味卓越的贼

[08:22.00]Someone size 7 with excellent taste.

[08:24.44]Why in hell did you take your shoes off to begin with? -你为什么要脱鞋 -我们不得不脱

[08:28.60]We had to for their kids.

[08:30.40]Apparently we drag things in on our heels that make children sick. 都是为了他们的小孩 我们会带进细菌使小孩生病

[08:32.04]Please, it's children who drag the germs around. 小孩子才是带菌者

[08:36.96]Brady got the chicken pox courtesy of some kid who licked him at the playground. 布莱迪会长水痘 就是被某个小孩舔到而感染的

[08:41.12]Oh, my God! -老天 -琪拉一定对你很愧疚

[08:40.72]Kyra must have been mortified.

[08:43.40]Actually, l kept waiting for the mortification that never came. 我看不出她有愧疚的意思 她只说它们可能会再出现

[08:47.20]She said they might turn up and sent me home.

[08:50.16]Those shoes are not turning up anywhere but a pawn shop in Brooklyn. 它们会出现在当铺里

[08:52.96]Stop. l'm gonna cry in my flan. 别说了,我快哭出来了

[08:55.24]So that's it? They're just gone? 难道就这样?鞋子无故失踪?

[08:59.72]Boo-hoo? 在法律上,这件事她也有责任

[09:01.92]-Legally, she owes you for them. -l can't ask her to pay for my shoes.

[09:03.16]-我不能要求她赔偿 -为什么不能

[09:06.20]Why not? 若是你办派对 而要她把小孩留在外面

[09:05.44]lf you gave a party and told her to leave her baby outside in the hall...

[09:11.52]and her baby was missing at the end of the night, believe me, there'd be payback. 如果孩子走丢了 他们一定会追究到底

[09:15.40]That is the craziest thing l've ever heard! Children are not shoes. 这是我所听过最不恰当的比喻 孩子和鞋子可不一样

[09:19.80]l know. l'm not saying it. -我知道,我不会这么说 -你有权生气

[09:19.48]You have every right to be upset about your shoes.

[09:24.28]l am so sick of these people with their children. 真受不了那些有小孩的人 放任孩子到处乱跑

[09:25.56]l'm telling you, they're everywhere. 坐在我隔壁的头等舱席 在我旁边一桌用餐

[09:26.24]Sitting next to me in first class, eating at the next table at John--

[09:31.00]Look at that. 你看看,这是喝咖啡的地方 不是带小孩的地方

[09:33.08]This place is for double cappuccinos, not double strollers.

[09:38.68]l'm sorry. -对不起 -不需要道歉

[09:40.36]Hey, no need to apologize. l wouldn't bring Brady here.

[09:43.64]我不会带布莱迪来这里 妈咪要用两手吃八美元的蛋糕

[09:44.16]Mommy needs two hands to eat her $8 cake.

[09:47.44]-You're not gonna defend children? -No, l don't like any children but my own. -你不护着孩子? -没错

[09:48.32]除了自己的小孩其余我都不爱 看看那个脏东西

[09:51.40]Look at that dirty little rugrat.

[09:55.40]That's just chocolate. 那只是巧克力,孩子都很可爱 但都比不上布莱迪

[09:55.44]All children are beautiful, but not as beautiful as Brady.

[09:60.76]That's true. -那倒是 -你们的新婚生活如何?

[10:00.76]Hey, so how goes the big matrimonial move-in?

[10:04.92]Good. Harry's moved most of his stuff in. lt's going well. 很好,哈利已把东西搬进来 一切都进行得很顺利

[10:10.36]And l'm just trying to learn to compromise, because sometimes l can be a little rigid. 我只是要学会如何调适 因为有时我太挑剔了

[10:14.88]That's not true. -谁说的,才不会 -只有一件事

[10:15.16]There's just one thing and it's small, but it really grosses me out. 一件小事,但令我很反感 就是关于茶包的问题

[10:21.20]We have a teabag situation.

[10:23.20]l understand. Just breathe through your nose. 我了解,只要用鼻子呼吸就好

[10:29.36]-When you're sucking his balls. -What? No! -就是在你吸他蛋蛋的时候 -什么?才不是

[10:34.72]l was talking about.... Harry leaves his old teabags around the house. 我说的是,哈利随手乱放茶包

[10:38.80]l thought you meant ''tea bagging,'' when you hold a guy's balls in your mouth. 我还以为你指的是吸茶包 就是把男人的蛋蛋放在口中

[10:42.88]Why is it called.... Oh, l get it! 为什么这叫…?我懂了

[10:45.68]Because they hang, and the dipping. 因为它们是悬吊的…触碰嘴巴

[10:48.84]Oh, great. Now l've lost my shoes and my appetite. 够了,我不仅丢了鞋 连胃口也全没了

[10:54.44]This is very good.

[10:55.48]You now what l love about living with you, besides those nutty soaps in the bathroom? 除了浴室肥皂外 知道我为何喜欢和你一起住吗

[11:01.60]-What? -Living with you. -什么? -和你住在一起

[11:07.16]Honey... -亲爱的,有件事我必须要说 -什么事?

[11:10.64]-l need to talk to you. -What's up, baby?

[11:13.80]l really don't mean to be a nag, but it's just, well.... 我不是故意要找碴,只是…

[11:18.16]lt's this. -关于这个 -茶?

[11:21.08]-Tea? -No, teabags. 是茶包,你放得到处都是 它们会留下茶迹

[11:23.84]You leave them all over the house, and they stain.

[11:26.32]Maybe you could just try to be a little more careful. -你可以再注意一点 -真是,我还以为我做得很好

[11:28.12]-Damn! l though l was doing so well, too. -What do you mean?

[11:30.32]l've been really trying to watch my ass, now that l'm living in your house. -怎么了 -我已经很小心翼翼了

[11:32.88]-因为我是住在你家里 -这是我们家,我希望你自在

[11:35.88]lt's our house now. l want you to be yourself.

[11:38.44]Yeah, well, myself is pretty much a bull in a china shop. 我这个人总是横冲直闯的

[11:42.44]Then you're a bull in our china shop. 那就在我们家里横冲直闯吧

[11:46.28]lt's a bull. -准备要闯了 -知道了

[11:49.88]-l get it. -Just making sure. -不准反悔 -好

[11:58.12]Hold it. 等一下

[12:03.28]Hey, Yankee. 你好,洋基迷

[12:07.40]Welcome to the building. -欢迎搬进来 -多谢你的关照

[12:07.40]l have a feeling you had a little something to do with that.

[12:10.44]Let's just say you owe me bigtime. 你算是欠我一份情

[12:20.52]You have a pock. -你长痘子了 -什么?

[12:23.88]What? -在你脸颊这里 -老天,一定是被我儿子传染

[12:24.28]-On your face, right there. -Oh, my God!

[12:26.68]l must have gotten it from my kid.

[12:28.72]-Oh, l thought you were single. -l am. -我还以为你单身 -我是

[12:34.92]It was the perfect first conversation. 这真是完美的邂逅 没有痘子会更好

[12:36.40]Minus the pock.

[12:41.88]All right, give me the lotion and cotton balls. Stat. 把乳液和棉花给我,快

[12:44.56]-You don't really say ''stat''? -No, but it sounds good, doesn't it? -你不是真的要说快吧 -不是,但听起来很顺

[12:49.04]So this is the little germ-disseminator. -他就是细菌传播者吗 -他名叫布莱迪

[12:51.84]Also known as Brady. Run while you're still breathing.

[12:53.88]-趁你还有力气的时候快离开 -没关系,我得过水痘了

[12:54.12]No, it's okay. l had the chicken pox when l was four. Hey, where are you going?

[13:03.04]He's a winner. l really want one of these some day. 他真可爱 希望哪天我也有这样的小孩

[13:07.20]He looks just like you. -他看起来很像你 -是吗

[13:09.80]-You think? -Oh, yeah.

[13:14.36]Okay, Mama. 来吧,妈咪

[13:17.24]-You know, l could do this myself. -Yeah, but l'm a professional. -其实这个我可以自行处理 -没错,但我是专家

[13:23.04]梅格,这位是罗伯特里兹医生 他刚搬到楼上来

[13:24.24]Magda, this is Dr. Robert Leeds. He's moving in upstairs.

[13:29.08]-Hi. -Nice to meet you. -你好 -幸会

[13:31.28]-l'll take baby from there. -Okay. -我带孩子去午睡 -好

[13:37.24]You got another one. 你这里也长了一个

[13:42.12]Okay, Miss Hobbes, l think you'll live. But no scratching. Doctor's orders. 好,没什么大碍 不过不能抓,这是医生的命令

[13:47.08]Okey-doke. 对米兰达而言 罗伯特就是最佳处方

[13:48.60]For Miranda, Robert was just what the doctor ordered.

[13:52.24]Hey, Carrie, what a surprise. -凯莉,什么风把你吹来了 -我想把这个还给你

[13:56.44]l was in the neighborhood. l thought you might want these back.

[13:58.32]You didn't have to return these. l had forgotten all about them. 你不必这么客气 我已经忘了这回事

[14:02.56]-Any news on my shoes? -No. lt's weird. -有我鞋子的下落吗 -没有,真奇怪

[14:10.72]So, this Jennifer.... Did you ever find her sandals? 你找到珍妮佛的凉鞋了吗

[14:14.20]What? -什么? -如果她穿了我的鞋

[14:15.60]Well, if she took my shoes, she would have left her sandals. 她的凉鞋应该会留下来 我想做个称职的鞋探

[14:18.52]Just being a bit of a shoe detective here.

[14:22.84]l haven't heard from her. 我没有她的消息

[14:28.92]Oh, my gosh, Carrie, l am such a shit! l should have offered to pay you for them. 天,我真是的 我应该赔你鞋子的钱

[14:33.48]No, you don't have to do that. 你不必这么做

[14:34.92]You know, you have kids and you lose all sense of social decency. 一有孩子就把基本礼仪都忘了 请进

[14:39.08]-Come in. -Okay.

[14:49.08]Milo, honey, put your trucks back for Mommy. 麦罗 帮妈咪把你的玩具收起来

[14:55.16]So how much were they? -那双鞋要多少钱? -485美元


[15:02.16]Come on, Carrie. That's insane. -拜托,凯莉,这简直是抢劫 -它们就是这个售价

[15:04.12]Well, that's what they cost.

[15:09.48]l'll give you $200. 我会付你200美元

[15:10.20]Okay, this is an awkward conversation. 这样说实在很尴尬

[15:13.64]l'm sorry. l just think that's crazy to spend that much on shoes. 抱歉,但在鞋子上 花那么多钱上实在不值得

[15:18.52]You know how much Manolos are. You used to wear Manolos. 你以前也穿曼诺罗的鞋

[15:20.60]Sure, before l had a real life. 没错,在我有真实人生之前

[15:23.20]But Chuck and l have responsibilities now: kids, houses.... 但恰克和我有责任要负 孩子、房子…485美元?

[15:27.88]$485, wow!


[15:34.72]l have a real life. -我也有真实人生 -我没有恶意

[15:35.64]No offense, but l don't think we should have to pay for your extravagant lifestyle. 但我们不想为你的奢侈负责

[15:38.52]l mean, it was your choice to buy shoes that expensive. 谁叫你自己要买那么贵的鞋

[15:43.68]Yes, but it wasn't my choice to take them off. 但也不是我自己 要脱下那双鞋的

[15:45.56]They're just shoes. 只不过是一双鞋

[15:50.64]Shoes. 鞋子

[15:53.20]She shoe-shamed me. l left there covered in shame. 她羞辱我 我被羞辱得体无完肤

[15:55.72]She's a fucking bitch! -她是个贱人 -重点就在于她不是

[15:59.40]But she isn't, that's the thing. She's become this whole other person.

[16:03.00]lt's like she's had two caesarians and a lobotomy. 她变了一个人 生了孩子之后整个人都变了

[16:06.52]She owes you for those shoes. -她该赔偿你 -不,我不在乎那笔钱

[16:08.24]No, it's not about the money. l don't care about that.

[16:09.40]l'm talking about a woman's right to shoes. 我说的是女人关于鞋子的主权 她何苦要羞辱我

[16:13.00]Why did she have to shame me?

[16:15.40]Because she's trapped in a hell of her own making. 因为她身陷 自作自受的地狱无法翻身

[16:21.64]No, wait, that's me. 等一下,我在说我自己

[16:25.32]l am dying to scratch these! But if l do, it'll be worse. 我真的痒到受不了 但若抓下去,情况会更糟

[16:30.28]How are they today? -你的水痘如何了 -好恐怖

[16:31.20]Biblical. There's literally a pox on my house. 简直就像有病毒在我屋子里

[16:36.28]lf there wasn't a JuIes & Mimi marathon on BBC America this weekend... 要不是正在播“爱在他乡” 我真想跳到窗外去

[16:39.36]l'd have jumped out the window.

[16:41.24]Hey, speaking of handsome black men, have you spotted any more of Dr. Knicks? 说到英俊黑人男性

[16:42.24]你最近还常看到 “尼克医生”吗

[16:46.00]Don't say ''spot.'' 还说呢,我一脸痘花 哪里都不敢去

[16:47.88]No. As a leper, l'm laying low.

[16:51.88]But according to my sources, he's officially in the building. 但他应该在这栋大楼里

[16:52.56]ls it bad that my life is filled with shoes and not children? 我的生活中充满鞋子而非孩子 是一件很糟糕的事吗

[16:57.56]Stop it! 别再说了 她这个贱人竟让你有这种感觉

[16:58.96]And she is a fucking bitch for making you feel this way.

[17:03.24]Oh, God! 我们小的时候 马罗汤玛斯曾唱过

[17:03.68]When we were young...

[17:06.28]MarIo Thomas sang to us about accepting each other and our differences.


[17:10.76]But then we got oIder and started singing a different tune. 但之后我们各唱各的调

[17:12.92]We stopped ceIebrating each other's Iife choices and started quaIifying them. 也不再尊重各自的生活选择

[17:19.20]Is acceptance reaIIy such a chiIdish concept? 难道接纳只是一个幼稚的概念

[17:20.52]Or did we have it right aII aIong? 还是我们一向都是如此?

[17:26.76]When did we stop being free to be you and me? 我们何时不再随性做自己了呢

[17:32.76]The next morning, CharIotte Iearned just how free the reaI Harry couId be. 第二天早上 夏绿蒂发现哈利十分随性

[17:34.04]Oh the shark has pretty teeth, dear (鲨鱼的牙齿很漂亮)

[17:39.80]And he shows them pearIy white (它毫不遮掩地 将它们展示出来)

[17:47.44]-Morning. -Hi. -早 -早

[17:51.84]-Are you gonna take a shower? -ln a little while. -你是不是要洗澡 -还没

[18:18.56]ApparentIy, it took next to nothing to make Harry feeI comfortabIe. 显然哈利在这里 已经全然自在了

[18:27.60]CharIotte feIt compIeteIy trapped. 夏绿蒂觉得很困扰

[18:28.72]She wanted to see Harry be himseIf in her home. 她希望哈利在她家里很自在

[18:33.28]She just didn't need to see that much of him. 但却不希望看到他太过随性

[18:38.64]MeanwhiIe, I decided to bare aII to Kyra. 在此同时 我打算跟琪拉把话说清楚

[18:45.12]-Hello. -Hey, Kyra, it's Carrie. -你好 -你好琪拉,我是凯莉

[18:49.48]Listen.... 我对那天的事心里有点挂碍

[18:52.04]l feel weird about what happened the other day.

[18:54.84]We've been friends a really long time... 我们是很久的朋友了 我想把话说清楚

[18:57.20]and l just want to clear the air.

[18:57.00]Oh, my God, Carrie, l'd forgotten about that days ago. 我早就忘了那天的事了

[19:02.80]Well, l didn't. l've been thinking a lot about it, and-- 我没忘 这件事让我想了很多…

[19:04.00]Man, you must have a lot of time on your hands. Milo! 你一定是时间太多

[19:09.16]Pants stay on. l'm serious! Penises stay in the bathroom. 麦罗,穿上裤子,真的 不要光屁股跑来跑去

[19:11.84]Carrie, can you hold on for one second? l'll be right back. Thanks. 请等一下,我马上回来

[19:20.08]Hello. 喂?

[19:22.36]Hello, Santa. 你好,圣诞老人

[19:29.44]You know what, l am Santa. l did a little mental addition... 知道吗?我真是圣诞老人 我约略算了一下

[19:33.12]and over the years, l have bought Kyra an engagement gift, a wedding gift. 我送给琪拉一份订婚礼物 一份结婚礼物

[19:36.60]Then there was the trip to Maine for the wedding, three baby gifts. 送她去缅因州度蜜月 以及三个小孩的礼物

[19:40.68]ln toto, l have spent over $2,300... 总共我花了超过2300美元 庆祝她的选择

[19:45.56]celebrating her choices.

[19:47.20]And she is shaming me... 而她竟不耻我花 区区485美元在自己身上?

[19:47.32]for spending a lousy $485 on myself?

[19:53.16]Yes, l did the math. -没错,我的确算过 -但那些是礼物

[19:55.20]But those were gifts.

[19:56.56]l mean, if you got married or had a child, she'd spend the same on you. 如果你结婚生子的话 她也会送你礼物

[20:02.96]And if l don't ever get married or have a baby, what? 倘若我没有 结婚生子的话又该如何

[20:05.80]l get bupkis? 我什么都得不到 毕业后如果还是单身的话

[20:06.32]Think about it. lf you are single, after graduation...

[20:08.80]there isn't one occasion where people celebrate you. 没有人会替你庆祝任何事

[20:13.96]-We have birthdays. -No, we all have birthdays. -你有生日 -每个人都有生日,那不能算

[20:17.44]That's a wash. l am talking about the single gal. 我指的是单身女性 “贺轩”也没设计出

[20:21.84]Hallmark doesn't make... 像“恭喜你没有陷入 错误婚姻”的贺卡

[20:23.60]a congratulations-you-didn't-marry- the-wrong-guy card.

[20:27.28]And where's the flatware for going on vacation alone? 也没有单人度假用的餐具组

[20:30.24]You're right! 没错,我不需要结婚礼物 哈利已经是最好的礼物

[20:34.04]Why should l get wedding gifts? Finding Harry was gift enough.

[20:37.32]No, no. 别这么说 我想送你礼物来庆祝你的人生

[20:37.32]l'm thrilled to give you gifts to celebrate your life.

[20:41.12]l just think it stinks that single people are left out of it. 但让我真正不爽的是 单身的人受到歧视

[20:45.76]So the moral of the story appears to be: 社会习俗演变成

[20:46.08]Until l get married, l won't be seeing nothing from Kyra. 除非我结婚 否则琪拉永远不会送我礼物

[20:50.52]-How's the pistachio? -lt's so good. You want some? -开心果好不好吃 -很棒,要不要尝尝

[20:55.40]MeanwhiIe, Samantha was trying to have a working Iunch. 在此同时 莎曼珊正打算吃一顿商业午餐

[20:60.80]Another bite? 我们被打断了 听好,我要三个贵宾席及…

[20:60.28]We got cut off. Look, l need to get him three VlP seats and--

[21:06.68]Look at you! Look at you eating your pesto. 看看你,看你吃青酱面的样子

[21:11.24]No, l don't want any shitty house seats. Listen to me. 我不要什么特别席

[21:17.28]-No, l can't have any-- -Excuse me. We don't allow cell phones. -不,我不能… -这里不能讲手机

[21:22.36]-Are you kidding me? -No. -你在开玩笑吧 -不是

[21:23.96]l'll call you back. 我再打给你

[21:24.72]l understand that my cell phone may be annoying to some... 我知道这样会吵到别人

[21:27.60]but what are you doing about that noise? 但你们对那种噪音 为何置之不理

[21:35.76]There's nothing we can do about that. That's a child. 我们没办法处理 那只是小孩子

[21:38.24]And that was aII Samantha had to hear. 莎曼珊忍无可忍

[21:44.20]You're a big boy. 你好,我知道我必须 和你的孩子在本市共存


[21:46.80]l understand that your child and l have to coexist in this city.

[21:52.08]But perhaps you could take him somewhere more appropriate for a Happy Meal... 但能不能请带他 到别的地方吃快乐儿童餐

[21:55.28]so l could have a happier one. 让我也能在这里舒服地用餐

[21:59.36]Seamus, that wasn't very nice. 希姆,这样做很不好

[22:01.20]我表达了我的意见 他也表达了他的

[22:05.88]l've made my point and he's made his.

[22:18.32]Honey! 亲爱的


[22:23.20]-Hello, beautiful. -Hi. -你好,小美人 -你好

[22:27.08]Do you know what we need to bring back in this house? 你知道 我们该在这里恢复什么吗

[22:31.56]Cocktail hour. 鸡尾酒时间

[22:34.64]CharIotte reaIized there was something grosser than teabags aII over her house. 夏绿蒂发现有些事 比茶包更让人难以忍受

[22:41.48]Her husband's teabags aII over her new white couch. 那就是哈利的茶包 在她的白色沙发上

[22:44.64]-Harry! -What? -哈利 -怎么了

[22:47.52]-No, l feel bad. -About what? 我受不了


[22:53.44]l'm trying to be less rigid, and l really do want you to be yourself in our house. 我尽量不想啰嗦 而我也希望你能够自在

[22:55.56]l know you do and l appreciate it. 我知道,我很感激

[22:60.08]And... 对于你的裸露我也快能接受了

[23:00.28]l'm almost used to the whole naked thing.

[23:05.76]l knew it was too much. lt's just me. But l can put on clothes. 我知道我这样太过分了 我会穿上衣服

[23:09.80]No. l want you to be yourself. 不是,我希望你能感到自在

[23:13.88]lt's just.... Maybe you could put something between yourself and the white couch. 我只是希望你在自己 和白沙发之间能再加点东西

[23:19.76]l get it. We've got kind of an ass-white couch situation here. 我知道了 问题出在屁股和白沙发

[23:24.44]l will put on shorts. -我会穿条短裤 -是吗

[23:24.24]-Could you? -Of course. 当然

[23:34.48]Now? 现在就穿?

[23:39.84]Love you. 爱你


[23:57.40]Miranda, are you in there? 米兰达,你在家吗

[24:01.52]l can see your feet under the door. 我从门缝看到你的脚了

[24:04.00]-Damn. -l just came by to check up on you. -可恶 -我是过来看看你情况如何

[24:07.48]-l'm fine. -l've seen it all. l'm a doctor, remember? -我很好 -我是医生,见怪不怪了

[24:16.84]l'm fine. Come on in. 我真的很好,请进

[24:20.48]lt's not that bad. 情况还不错

[24:22.20]l've seen a 7' tall man's shinbone poking through his calf, so.... 我还曾看过 七英尺大汉的胫骨穿透他的小腿

[24:26.16]-Where's Brady? -He's asleep. -布莱迪呢 -他在睡觉

[24:28.24]Too bad. l wanted to give him this. 我想给他这个

[24:31.40]l'm pretty sure his hand-eye coordination is still a little sub-par to make the team. 我相信他的手眼协调功能 还不到能参加球队的地步

[24:38.08]lf he's gonna go pro, we gotta start him young. 这要从小开始培养起 你在看什么

[24:40.84]What are you watching? -“爱在他乡”,有点蠢 -剧情是什么

[24:40.84]-lt's just JuIes & Mimi. lt's silly. -Yeah? What's it about?

[24:46.20]Well, that's Mimi. She's the landlord. -那是咪咪,她是房东 -她身边的是朱尔斯

[24:51.60]Right next to her there is Jules, and they've slept together a couple of times...

[24:52.36]他们有亲密关系 但朱尔斯可能和另一女孩有染

[24:54.60]but Jules may be involved with the girl who works in the sausage shop.

[24:59.04]-ln a nutshell. -He seems to be pretty into her now. -就这样 -他好像很喜欢她

[25:02.12]l'm intrigued. -我也想看 -是吗

[25:05.80]-Really? -That and my cable's not hooked up yet. 我的有线电视还没装好

[25:15.36]JuIes, you know, you didn't have to bring the rent over in person. 朱尔斯 你不必亲自送房租过来

[25:21.32]What's a few tube stops between friends? 坐几站地铁有什么关系

[25:22.72]l love a brother with an accent. 我喜欢带口音的兄弟

[25:25.40]Do you think we'II stay friends after this? 我们以后还能做朋友吗

[25:29.28]I hope not. 最好不要

[25:46.08]You're so soft! 你好柔软

[25:53.52]That night, I decided I couIdn't wait for a ring. 当晚,我决定我不能再等电话

[25:54.100]And so I gave someone eIse one. 因此我决定先打过去

[26:03.00]-This is MiIo. -This is AIIegra. -我是麦罗 -我是艾雷卓

[26:04.68]Mommy, and Daddy, and baby Henry, and us aren't here. 爸妈和小亨利 以及我们全都不在家

[26:10.32]Leave a message. 请留话

[26:12.12]Hi, it's Carrie Bradshaw. 你好,我是凯莉布雷萧

[26:16.28]l wanted to let you know that l'm getting married. 我想告诉你们我要结婚了

[26:20.16]To myself. 和我自己结婚 我在曼诺罗布雷尼克登记礼品

[26:20.96]And l'm registered at Manolo Blahnik.

[26:23.72]So thanks. Bye. 就这样,谢谢,再见

[26:27.44]One giant step for me, one smaII step for singIe womankind. 我的一大步


[26:38.04]Here they are. -就是这个 -她只有订这个?

[26:39.88]-That's all she registered for? -That'll be--

[26:40.04]-对,价钱是… -485美元


[26:45.92]Plus tax. 再加税 能不能请你看好你的孩子

[26:47.68]And could you please watch your children? We don't want them touching the shoes.

[26:48.40]我们不希望他们触碰那些鞋子 谢谢


[27:00.72](恭喜你 祝福你和你自己幸福)

[27:04.08](爱你的琪拉、恰克、麦罗 艾蕾卓和亨利)

[27:19.80]It was my very first wedding present. 这是我的第一份结婚贺礼

[27:23.68]The fact is, sometimes it's hard to waIk in a singIe woman's shoes. 有时单身女子这条路并不好走

[27:29.44]That's why we need reaIIy speciaI ones now and then. 因此我们偶尔需要 一些特别的鞋子

[27:32.32]To make the waIk a IittIe more fun. 让这条路走起来 增添一点小小的乐趣

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