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欲望都市第六季 真命天子 One






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:50:03



[00:35.80](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:57.28]-Come on, let's hurry. -l'm not dressed to hustle. -快点… -又不是赶着接客

[01:00.64]When CharIotte and I heard there was a woman in CheIsea... 当我和夏绿蒂听到 有个女人不吃也不说话

[01:04.28]not taIking or eating...

[01:08.16]we were there in a New York minute. 我们立刻就赶去了

[01:19.96]And she's doing this for how long? 她要这样表演多久?

[01:24.64]Sixteen days, 24 hours a day. 16天,全天无休

[01:27.72]-This is Day 6. -lt gets worse? -今天是第6天 -愈来愈没体力吧

[01:30.60]''By changing my personal energy field... 藉由改变我个人的能量力场

[01:34.88]''l'm attempting to change the energy field of this room... 来改变这间房间的能量力场

[01:37.76]''and perhaps that energy shift will shift the energy of the world.'' 进而改变全世界的能量力场

[01:41.60]Good for her. So, Pastis for lunch? 了不起,午餐喝茴香酒?

[01:45.04]When l was working in the galleries... 我在画廊工作时 表演艺术比陈列品还前卫

[01:47.32]performance art was more theater than installation. 现在她把表演艺术 又带向新的境界

[01:50.68]She's moved it to the next level.

[01:53.48]Well, girlfriend needs to move a comb through her hair. 我看她该拿梳子,梳一下头发 有客人来了

[01:56.64]She has company.

[02:28.76]There's a man over there staring at me. 那边有个男人瞪着我看

[02:32.20]-Where? -Over there. -哪边? -那边


[02:41.20]He's not there.

[02:45.92]Can you tell Circe that Charlotte from his gallery on Spring Street... 麻烦你转告瑟塞 春街艺廊的夏绿蒂向她问好

[02:49.40]sends her very best?

[02:54.92]Okay, that's him again. 就是那个人

[02:57.96]Oh, my God. 我的天,那是艺术大师 亚力山大佩特洛夫斯基

[02:59.68]That's Aleksandr Petrovsky, the artist.

[03:02.32]He is the.... 他可是…

[03:09.08]Thank you very much. 谢谢

[03:11.12]-Would you like to keep it? -No.

[03:11.68]-Excuse me, Mr. Petrovsky. -Yes? -对不起,佩特洛夫斯基先生 -什么事?

[03:16.04]l don't mean to bother you, but l just have to say thank you. 不好意思打扰你 但是我想谢谢你

[03:19.32]When l first moved to New York and was working in the galleries... 我刚搬来纽约时 在画廊工作

[03:23.12]your Abstract No. 1 was my first important sale. 你的画作“头号抽象” 是我第一笔大交易

[03:27.52]This is such a thrill. 真是鬼斧神工之作

[03:30.28]l mean, you defined the '70s in terms of progressive-- 你为1970年代立下了新标竿…

[03:35.76]And what did you think about this work today? -你觉得今天的表演如何? -令人感动,含意深远

[03:36.12]Very moving. Significant.

[03:40.64]And what do you think? -你觉得呢? -很好

[03:42.08]lt was good. 但你好像觉得很好笑 我听到你的笑声

[03:42.08]But you thought it was funny.

[03:46.28]l heard you laugh.

[03:49.40]l'm not very arty. -我不太会附庸风雅 -你不觉得它别有含意吗?

[03:49.96]You don't think it's significant?

[03:52.84]Please. There are depressed women all over New York... 拜托,纽约到处找得到 这种萎靡消沈的怨女

[03:56.40]doing the exact same thing as her and not calling it art. 没人认为它是艺术

[03:58.72]Put a phone up on that platform and it's just a typical Friday night... 如果你在现场摆个电话

[04:03.76]waiting for some guy to call. 那只是周五晚上 女人苦等男友电话的典型特征

[04:04.80]She's kidding. -她在说笑 -我也不信她能整天不进食

[04:06.76]Frankly, l don't buy the whole 24 hours-not-eating thing.

[04:09.92]l bet if anyone bothered to come down here at 3:00 a.m... 如果有人凌晨三点跑来

[04:12.24]she wouldn't even be up there. She'd be round the corner having a Big Mac. 可能会看到她躲在角落 偷吃麦香堡

[04:14.64]Why do you think she has the knife ladders? To keep her from running out for a snack. 干嘛放刀梯? 就是怕她偷跑去吃点心

[04:19.80]-And who are you? -What do you mean? -你是哪位? -什么意思?

[04:22.96]Your name? 大名?

[04:26.32]-Carrie Bradshaw. -You are a comic. -凯莉布雷萧 -你是喜剧笑匠吗?

[04:29.20]l'm Charlotte York. l mean, Goldenblatt. 我是夏绿蒂约克…葛登布拉特

[04:32.28]l forgot my married name. l just got married, so l.... 差点忘了夫姓,我刚结婚

[04:37.28]Can l just say again... 我想再说一次

[04:39.36]how very, very important your work is. 你的作品真的深具影响力


[04:48.64]Oh, my God. 我的天

[04:48.60]We just met Aleksandr Petrovsky. 我们刚遇见艺术大师 亚力山大佩特洛夫斯基

[04:54.88]''You are a comic.'' 你是喜剧笑匠?

[04:60.16]That night, over at New CoupIe CentraI.... 那天晚上,在新爱巢里…

[05:02.00]Hot pizza, and in less than 30 minutes. 热腾腾披萨,30分钟内送达 看来我该改行才对

[05:06.00]l think l missed my calling.

[05:07.20]You just pass by me without a kiss? 你就这样进去,不亲我一下?

[05:09.16]l had to wait till l could use my hands. 我想等双手有空时

[05:18.80]See? 满意了吧?

[05:21.12]What's with the little pizza box? 那个小盒子是什么?

[05:27.00]One is a pizza, the other is a surprise for you... 一盒是披萨

[05:27.96]另一盒则吃完披萨后 给你的惊喜

[05:29.84]after the pizza.

[05:32.76]-After. -l love surprises. 先别急

[05:33.92]我喜欢惊喜 要喝什么?酒?

[05:35.12]What are we drinking? Wine?

[05:39.00]-真是的 -怎么了?

[05:42.72]What? 有个队友膝盖断了 我得去医院

[05:42.36]One of my guys busted his knee. l have to go to the hospital.

[05:47.84]What are 6' 8'' pro basketball stars doing on a skateboard? l don't know. 职篮明星干嘛跑去溜滑板? 真搞不懂

[05:52.92]Don't wait up. 别等我

[05:55.28]l'll see you tomorrow. 明天见

[05:57.40]All right, then. 拜拜

[05:59.100]Good night, beautiful. 晚安,美女


[06:08.92]There they were. The sweetest words you couId ever say... 这就是最甜蜜的话语

[06:10.64]in the sweetest way you couId ever say them. 用最甜蜜的方式表达

[06:22.24]Turns out Miranda didn't Iike surprises as much as she thought. 结果米兰达并不如想像中 那么爱意外的惊喜

[06:29.88]Last night Robert said, ''l love you.'' 昨晚,罗伯特说了“我爱你”

[06:33.60]Wow! That's wonderful. -太棒了 -写在饼干上

[06:34.36]On a cookie.

[06:38.68]l need more information. -做个小简报吧 -他拿盒饼干来,说是惊喜

[06:40.32]He brought it over, l guess, as a surprise.

[06:41.72]But before we got to it he had to leave... 结果在我们还没吃之前 他有事走了

[06:44.20]and then l panicked and ate the entire thing. 我看到后有点慌了 就把饼干全吃光

[06:48.76]Because? -因为… -这样我就不用再去伤脑筋

[06:50.96]lf it wasn't there, l wouldn't have to deal with it.

[06:53.24]你是指他把那句话 写在饼干上?

[06:53.16]Now, was it the fact that he said it on a cookie...

[06:57.44]or that he said it, period? 还是因为那句话的关系?

[06:60.52]lt had to be the cookie. 应该是指饼干吧

[07:00.84]Robert is great. Right? 罗伯特棒呆了,对吧?

[07:04.88]l didn't wanna be the one to have to tell you this about him... 他好不好 我不希望是由我来告诉你


[07:11.28]but he's perfect. 抱歉,但这种话只有 莫逆姐妹淘会坦诚以告

[07:11.16]l'm sorry. lf your best friend can't tell you, who will?

[07:14.12]He is perfect. 他真是完美的好男人

[07:18.72]Really. You should see how cute he is... 你真该看看他帮忙策划 布莱迪生日派对的模样

[07:20.52]helping plan Brady's birthday party.

[07:23.48]Brady is one year old. 布莱迪已经一岁了

[07:27.36]And yet l haven't aged a day. 而我还是这么年轻貌美

[07:30.96]Saturday afternoon, my house. 周末下午,在我家 姐妹淘们、还有史蒂夫家人

[07:32.52]Just us, some of Steve's family.

[07:35.20]l'm not coming if there's a clown. -如果有小丑,我就不去了 -没有

[07:36.08]-No clown. -Good. Nothing's scarier than a clown. 很好,我最怕的就是小丑

[07:42.76]We're gonna be four. Thanks. What are you getting? 总共四位,谢谢 你在拿什么?

[07:50.04]Yes, l need glasses, and l'm not ashamed. 没错,我需要戴眼镜 而且戴得理直气壮

[07:52.80]l have a sexy young man who loves to fuck me, and l'm fabulous. 我有个喜欢上我的性感小男友 而且我美呆了

[07:56.00]Have you considered putting that on a T-shirt? 你可以考虑把这句话 印在T恤上

[07:59.36]Are those the kind you get at the drugstore, next to the Bengay? 这是在药房买的吗?

[08:02.76]How dare you! These are Chanel. 太污辱人了 这可是在香奈儿买的

[08:04.04]-给你 -谢谢

[08:06.84]Have you ever heard of that artist, Aleksandr Petrovsky? 你们听过艺术家 亚力山大佩特洛夫斯基吗?

[08:10.08]-Who? -Aleksandr Petrovsky? -谁? -亚力山大佩特洛夫斯基?

[08:15.68]Oh, my God. 天啊,他可是54摄影棚酒吧的 头号帅哥

[08:15.28]He was the number one hot guy at Studio 54.

[08:17.48]Dated every top supermodel in the '70s. 1970年代的超级名模 都和他传过绯闻

[08:20.96]My nipples are getting hard just thinking about him. 一想到他 我乳头就不由自主坚挺了

[08:24.64]-Why? -l met him yesterday. -你干嘛问? -昨天我遇到他

[08:27.72]No! How did he look? ls he still gorgeous? 真的假的?他看起来如何? 还是那么帅吗?待会再来

[08:28.76]We need more time.

[08:30.76]Where did you meet? What's he like? 你在哪里碰到他的? 他看起来如何?

[08:34.96]We met at a gallery and... 我们在画廊碰到…他怪怪的

[08:37.16]he was odd.

[08:38.24]How old is he now? Let me see. 他现在几岁了?我算一下 那时我22岁,他大概30岁

[08:40.80]When l was 22, he was about 30.

[08:42.32]Studio 54 was '79, so that would make him, what? 54摄影棚酒吧在1979年开业 所以现在他应该是…53岁

[08:48.20]-Fifty-three. -And that would make you.... 那么你是…

[08:51.96]l'm forty-fucking-five. l have nothing to hide. 我45岁了 没什么好遮遮掩掩的

[08:57.24]Hello. 姐妹们

[09:05.60]-What? -l'm pregnant. -干嘛? -我怀孕了

[09:08.76]Congratulations! -恭喜 -真好

[09:09.44]Oh, my God. -太好了 -有点快

[09:12.44]lt's very early, but l am. 但真的怀孕了 医生刚告诉我的

[09:13.20]l just heard from the doctor. We don't know if it's the acupuncture...

[09:17.92]or all the herbs that l've been taking... 不知道是针灸疗法的关系

[09:20.08]or maybe Harry and l are just a better fit, or whatever. But l'm pregnant. 还是我和哈利比较合 但我真的怀孕了

[09:22.36]-How far along are you? -About three weeks. -怀孕多久了? -三星期

[09:26.76]Please excuse me. 对不起

[09:34.60]-What was that? -l'm growing it out. -那是干嘛? -促进生长

[09:36.40]My hair down there. 阴毛,史密斯喜欢浓密体毛

[09:38.80]Smith enjoys a full bush.

[09:41.16]lsn't this great? 太棒了 一切还是像以前一样…

[09:43.84]Everything is exactly like it always is.

[09:47.64]But l'm pregnant. 只是我怀孕了

[09:48.72]One Iazy Wednesday afternoon Iater.... 随后在这个慵懒的周三午后

[09:53.68]Hello? -你好 -你好,午安…

[09:52.48]Hello. Good afternoon.

[09:55.56]Wrong number. Sorry. 打错了,对不起

[10:07.12]-Hello? -l'm sorry. -你好 -抱歉…

[10:08.28]Yes, l'm sorry, too. Wrong number. 我也很抱歉,打错了

[10:26.76]Yes? -你好 -又是我

[10:28.28]l'm afraid it's me again.

[10:30.04]l have really a bit of trouble here. 我有点问题…

[10:33.04]Sir, l cannot understand you. 先生,我实在搞不懂…

[10:37.72]This is Aleksandr Petrovsky calling... 我是亚力山大佩特洛夫斯基 想找凯莉布雷萧

[10:39.84]for Carrie Bradshaw.


[10:40.52]l'll get her, hold on.


[10:54.92]Hello? -你好 -刚才是你吗?

[10:53.72]That was you before, yes?

[10:55.20]Sounded just Iike you. 声音很像

[10:58.20]No, that was my sister. 不是,那是我妹,她来看我

[10:59.100]-She's visiting. -That's nice. 很好,希望你不会介意我打来

[11:02.36]l hope you don't mind me calling you.

[11:04.76]I got this number from the friend of yours... 我是从朋友身上打听到的 她认识你在画廊工作的朋友

[11:08.76]who knows the girl who works at the gallery at Circe. 希望你不会介意

[11:11.92]l hope it's okay. 没关系

[11:11.80]Okay? 你还是觉得 那位艺术家很好笑吗?

[11:14.00]Are you still laughing at that artist?

[11:16.16]Excuse me? -你说什么? -说她会偷吃麦香堡

[11:18.20]Saying that she eats all night Big Macs.

[11:21.24]-我还是坚守立场 -我想也是

[11:24.92]-l'm sticking to my guns. -I thought you wouId.

[11:25.100]So let's go see her at 3:00 a.m. to be sure. 那么我们凌晨三点去瞧个究竟

[11:32.00]How's Saturday for you? -星期六可以吗? -你在说笑?

[11:34.56]You're not serious.

[11:36.00]l am serious, she is serious. 我是认真的,她也是 而开玩笑的人是你

[11:37.28]You're the one who is not serious.

[11:40.92]You're expecting me to get out of bed and go meet you... 你要我凌晨三点不睡觉 跑去画廊和你见面?

[11:43.92]at some art gallery at 3:00 a.m.?

[11:46.28]Not 3:00. Let's say 1 :00. We'll have dinner first. 不是三点,一点吧 我们先用晚餐

[11:50.20]At the Russian Samovar. -在苏俄茶壶餐厅见 -凌晨一点?神袐的餐馆?

[11:51.16]1 :00 a.m., a mysterious place. l'm not getting sold into white slavery, am l?


[11:57.12]l don't know what this means. -什么意思? -开玩笑的

[11:59.44]lt was a joke.

[12:03.60]Okay, comic. 好吧,喜剧笑匠

[12:07.40]Goodbye. 再见

[12:25.40]-Hello, again. -Harry. -又是我 -凯莉,我是哈利

[12:26.84]-It's Harry. -Harry, hi. 哈利,你好,怎么了?

[12:30.84]What's wrong?

[12:32.60]-What happened? -lt just, you know, went away. -怎么回事? -就是…流掉了

[12:38.20]Doctor says it happens all the time. 医生说这种事常会发生

[12:40.28]-How is she? -Not good. -她还好吧? -不好

[12:43.36]She's just been sitting and staring since this morning. 一整个早上就坐着发呆 她叫我别打给任何人但是…

[12:48.84]She didn't want me to call anybody, but l thought....

[12:50.24]You did the right thing. -你做得很对 -她在客厅

[12:50.80]She's in the living room. l told her you were coming.


[12:57.40]How are you? -你还好吧? -怎么说…

[13:01.88]You know....


[13:20.92]This is awful. l'm so sorry.

[13:22.76]The doctor said the good news is we got pregnant. 医生说 好消息是我们可以怀孕

[13:26.72]He said lots of women miscarry and go on to have perfectly healthy kids. 他说很多流产过的女人 后来还是会生出健康婴儿

[13:31.20]lt's true. 没错 我帮你泡薄荷茶,好吗?

[13:33.08]Shall l get you some mint tea? How about that?

[13:34.36]l can't go to Brady's party on Saturday. 我不能去参加布莱迪的派对

[13:39.36]Okay, she'll understand. 好,米兰达会谅解的

[13:44.76]Napkins, cups. 餐巾、杯子、派对礼物

[13:47.60]-Party favors. -Done. 都买了…那么星期六 史蒂夫只要带蛋糕来就行了

[13:52.68]On Saturday, all Steve has to do is bring the cake.

[13:55.04]-What kind? -Chocolate with white icing. -哪种蛋糕? -有白糖霜的巧克力蛋糕

[13:58.80]Baby's first sugar. Look out. 宝宝的第一个“生日”,当心 (又指:毒品)

[14:01.96]You like chocolate, don't you? 你喜欢巧克力,对吧?

[14:06.56]Were you ever gonna mention anything about the cookie? 要不要谈一下饼干的事?

[14:10.92]You know what? Yes, l was. 你知道吗?当然好

[14:13.80]lf you'd give me a minute. -但给我些时间 -已经过了五天

[14:14.52]lt was five days ago.

[14:19.52]l'm embarrassed. 真糗,我把饼干一口气全吃光

[14:21.96]l ate the whole thing.

[14:22.64]-lt was delicious. -Good. -好好吃 -很好

[14:27.84]What about what it said? 饼干上面的话呢?

[14:31.44]Sweet! 真甜

[14:34.88]So sweet! 甜到心里头

[14:37.68]I Iove you, JuIes. -我爱你,朱尔斯 -我爱你,咪咪

[14:39.84]I Iove you, Mimi.

[14:41.16]I've Ioved you ever since I first saw you. 初次与你邂逅时,我就爱上你

[14:47.52]It feeIs so right to finaIIy say it. 现在终于能把这句话说出来 感觉真好

[14:50.40]I don't have to hoId the words back anymore. 不用再藏在心里 我爱你,朱尔斯

[14:53.28]I Iove you, JuIes.

[14:56.68]I Iove you. 我爱你

[15:03.52]-Hello? -l am so fucked up. -你好 -我搞砸了,全完了

[15:08.96]We need to divide and conquer. What's going on? 从头说起,怎么回事?

[15:12.16]l can't say, ''l love you.'' l just can't. lt's not in my DNA. 我没办法说出“我爱你” 真的,我天生就说不出口

[15:15.76]And everywhere l look it is just flying out of people's mouths. 而周遭却到处听到人们 就这样自然地脱口而出

[15:20.04]-Whose mouths is it flying out of? -Everyone. -谁脱口而出? -大家都是,朱尔斯和咪咪

[15:21.72]-Jules and Mimi. -They're fictional. -那是剧中人物 -但他们说了,罗伯特也说了

[15:24.28]But they say it. Robert said it.

[15:28.00]He said it on a cookie. -他是写在饼干上 -我搞砸了

[15:29.76]l am so fucked up.

[15:31.68]Robert asked about the cookie, and it was the perfect time to say it. 他问到饼干的事 正是最佳时机,我却说不出口

[15:36.32]And l couldn't. 他一直等着 我就是没办法说出口

[15:35.80]He was just hanging there waiting, and l couldn't.

[15:39.48]l am never gonna be happy. 看来我是不会过着幸福日子 我没这个命

[15:42.20]Just not gonna happen for me.

[15:44.48]Do you love him? -你爱他吗? -怎么可能?这话都说不出口

[15:47.24]How can l love him if l can't even say the words?

[15:51.16]l always thought that when the right guy came along... 我一直以为只要遇上对的人 一切就会迎刃而解

[15:53.40]all of my bullshit would calm down and go away... 这句话就会自然脱口而出

[15:57.40]and the words would just fall out of my mouth...

[15:58.28]because l would know he was the one. 因为我知道 他就是我的真命天子

[16:03.00]And here he is. 他就在眼前,完美的男人

[16:03.44]The perfect guy.

[16:05.32]And l.... 而我…

[16:08.72]ls he the one? l don't know. 他就是真命天子吧? 我也不知道…

[16:11.00]Because l am so fucked up. 因为我搞砸了

[16:14.12]And l am gonna ruin my life. -我会毁了自己 -别说了,太迟了

[16:17.80]Stop. lt's too late to ruin your life.

[16:19.24]The only thing you're going to ruin tonight is your night and mine. 今晚你只能毁了 你我宁静的夜晚

[16:23.44]l was kidding. -开玩笑的 -很冷

[16:27.00]l'm laughing on the inside.

[16:27.80]Okay, Iisten. Get a good night's sIeep... 好好睡个觉 明天看情况再说

[16:30.60]see how you feel tomorrow...

[16:32.32]turn off JuIes and Mimi, and go to bed. 关掉电视,上床睡觉

[16:36.76]-You've seen enough love for one night. -You're right. -今晚别再谈情说爱了 -你说得对

[16:41.36]You know what used to make me feel better? Cookies. 你知道什么能让我 心情好过些?饼干

[16:45.64]-Good night. -Good night. -晚安 -晚安

[16:50.08]I bIame VaIentine's Day. 我觉得这全得怪情人节

[16:51.44]Hundreds upon hundreds of cards, aII decreeing, ''You're the one. '' 一大堆卡片上都写着 你就是我命中注定的最佳选择

[16:57.52]Just imagine the hundreds and hundreds of wrenching Iate-night phone caIIs... 也许有无数的深夜电话 都深深被这个问题所困惑

[17:00.84]aII over this one idea. And it's not just with Iove. 我指的不只是爱情而已

[17:04.08]It seems we're aIways Iooking for that one thing to make our Iives compIete. 我们无时无刻不在找寻 那个最佳选择,让生命更完整

[17:08.36]That job, that chance, that famiIy. 最理想的工作、机会、家庭

[17:12.84]I couIdn't heIp but wonder.: 我不禁在想 何时这个最佳选择才会出现?

[17:13.24]When wiII waiting for the one be done?

[17:27.28]Samantha was never a woman who Iooked for the one. 莎曼珊向来不是 那种会寻觅最佳选择的女人

[17:34.20]But today, she found one. 但是今天她找到了…

[17:41.88]A gray one. 一根灰色阴毛

[17:59.76]She figured a box in the hand was better than one in the bush. 她觉得手边的染剂 也许能帮她解决问题

[18:04.56]Turns out, Ieft on too Iong... 结果染的时间过久 却问题更大了

[18:07.40]Nice and SimpIe was not so nice.

[18:12.92]Here we go. Happy birthday. 好,生日快乐

[18:14.88]Hey, birthday boy! -神奇小子 -那是爹地

[18:17.44]How are you? 你好吗?

[18:19.56]Who got the clown? -谁请的小丑? -我

[18:22.52]-l did! -Hey, Ma! 妈

[18:25.04]l got my grandson a clown. The kids will love it. 我帮孙子请了个小丑来 孩子们最爱小丑了

[18:31.48]Brady is the only kid. -里面只有布莱迪是小孩子 -我出钱

[18:32.68]Well, l paid him.

[18:33.16]He can open the door or something. 小丑可以帮忙开门…什么的

[18:36.44]Put that cake somewhere cool, where it won't get knocked over. 把蛋糕放在不会被打翻的地方

[18:43.24]Laundry room. 洗衣房

[18:44.72]And tell the clown to open the door. 叫小丑去开门

[18:48.40]l hope you're not insulted. l brought my own beer. 我自己带啤酒来 希望你不会生气

[18:53.64]Not at all. -哪会?不会 -妈

[18:56.72]-Hi, Ma! -Debbie! 黛比,我的黛比

[18:59.84]There's my Debbie!

[19:01.28]Miranda, the baby looks so cute. -小孩超可爱的 -谢谢

[19:04.16]-Thanks. -God bless him. -愿主保佑他 -要喝啤酒吗?

[19:07.76]You want a beer?

[19:11.12]Sure. 好啊

[19:11.16]Did you see my clown? 看到我请来的小丑没?


[19:21.64]-Thanks for coming. -Of course. -谢谢你来 -应该的

[19:25.08]-How is she? -The same. -她还好吧? -老样子

[19:27.64]Just stares at the TV. 瞪着电视发呆 她说没精神来参加

[19:29.64]She said she wasn't strong enough to come.

[19:32.72]-l don't know what to do. -She'll be okay. -我不知道该怎么办 -她会没事的,给她点时间

[19:33.80]She just has to feel it.

[19:37.08]-Come on, there's food. -Good. -来吧,有好吃的 -好

[19:46.52]This is the story of EIizabeth TayIor. 这是伊丽莎白泰勒的故事

[19:48.60]The E! True Hollywood Story. E!真实的好莱坞故事

[19:51.88]We'II give you an excIusive reveaIing Iook... 我们将独家为你揭露这位 好莱坞伟大巨星的不凡事迹

[19:52.36]at one of HoIIywood's greatest treasures...

[19:55.96]a taIented and courageous woman who is, above aII, a survivor. 一位才华洋溢的勇敢女性 更是一位存活者

[20:03.12](伊丽莎白泰勒 E!真实的好莱坞故事)

[20:14.24]-There you are. -l was told there'd be no clowns. -你来了 -米兰达说没有小丑

[20:15.24]Nothing's scarier than a clown. 我最怕小丑了

[20:18.16]l need to talk to you in private. -我得找你私下谈 -等等,我饿扁了

[20:19.40]lt'll have to wait till l get something to eat.

[20:23.24]-l'm starving. -Here. Come. 拿去,来吧

[20:37.52]Okay. What is so important that it couldn't wait? 好吧 有什么大不了的事这么急?

[20:41.48]l found a gray hair. -我找到灰色毛发 -在食物里?

[20:43.20]-ln the food? -ln my hair. 我下面的体毛

[20:44.76]Down there.

[20:47.28]What am l going to do? lt's a disaster. -怎么办?真是大灾难 -没那么严重,只是老化迹象

[20:51.52]lt's not a disaster. lt's all part of getting older.

[20:53.04]-You said that yourself. -My eyes getting old is one thing. 眼睛老化是一回事 但这个…不能老化

[20:55.52]But this cannot get old.

[20:59.32]What will Smith think? -史密斯会怎么想? -他知道你年纪比他大

[21:01.56]Smith is well aware of the fact that you're older.

[21:02.84]Older, not old. And this is old. 年纪大,但不是老化 有哪个男人喜欢上老太婆的

[21:05.84]No man wants to fuck grandma's pussy.

[21:08.16]God, this is a child's birthday party. 帮帮忙 这是小孩的生日派对

[21:14.48]l was going to tweeze, but if you pluck it six more will come to its funeral. 如果拔一根就会长多六根来

[21:16.68]Well, that's what they say. 人家是这么说的

[21:19.96]-Bye. -Stop. Please. -再见 -别走,拜托

[21:24.04]l'm not telling you the whole story. -我还没说完 -更惨吗?

[21:28.00]-lt gets worse? -l dyed it. 我染了色 但时间过久,颜色全变调了

[21:30.48]And l left it on too long.

[21:33.52]And it's the wrong color.

[21:35.28]You have 10 seconds, and then l'm leaving. 好,再给你十秒钟 我就走人了

[21:37.64]-Ten, nine-- -lt's red! -十、九 -变成红色了

[21:39.56]And when Smith sees it l'll have to explain why it's red. -我向史密斯解释为什么… -五、四

[21:42.32]-Five, four, three... -You don't get the magnitude of this.

[21:45.44]-你没搞懂 -二、一

[21:46.12]-...two, one! -l'm Bozo the Bush!


[21:52.08]Turns out there is something scarier than a cIown. 结果,比小丑更恐怖的 东西出现了

[21:55.88]EIizabeth endured a difficuIt tracheotomy operation... 伊丽莎白接受了气管切开手术

[21:58.44]hovering near death for three days. 整整三天徘徊在生死之间

[21:60.12]EIizabeth TayIor's story is an epic and an inspiration. 伊丽莎白泰勒的故事 就像英雄事迹且激发人心

[22:05.08]Now is the time for guts... 现在正是需要勇气毅力的时刻

[22:10.40]and guiIe.

[22:11.76]This is the story of one of-- 这是真实的好莱坞…

[22:40.28]-Everything's so nice, Miranda. -Thanks. -一切都很棒 -谢谢

[22:45.24]l'm real glad everything worked out. 真高兴一切皆大欢喜 你和罗伯特,我和史蒂夫

[22:48.96]You and Robert, me and Steve.

[22:48.92]Because l really love him. 因为我真的好爱他

[22:59.08]There's my girl. 大美女

[23:01.56]l got my pipes all warmed up to sing. 我刚吊好嗓子 可以唱生日快乐歌了

[23:03.16]-Now where's that cake? -l'll get it. -蛋糕呢? -我去拿

[23:09.04]You okay? 你没事吧?



[23:29.92]Hold on. 等等,忘了这个 你看我带了什么来?

[23:31.28]Forget those wimpy little ones.

[23:32.76]Wait till you see what l've got here.

[23:34.84]Look at that. 超酷的

[23:41.92]l love you, Steve. 我爱你…史蒂夫

[23:42.60]l'm sorry, l should never have said that. lt's just that... 对不起 我不该这么说,只是…

[23:46.40]l love you and l fucked everything up, and now it's too late. 我爱你,我把一切搞砸了 现在太迟了

[23:50.44]l'm sorry l'm doing this. l'm sorry. Please don't look at me. 对不起,我不该这样 拜托,别看我

[23:58.80]l love you, too. 我也爱你

[24:03.80]You do? 真的?

[24:08.48]l mean, come on. 当然

[24:10.04]What about Debbie? 那黛比呢?

[24:14.52]l know, but... 我知道,但是…

[24:15.80]Miranda, you're the one. 米兰达,你才是我的最爱

[24:26.24]We're getting the candle! -我们在拿蛋糕 -蛋糕呢?

[24:26.92]Hello. Where is cake? 看,史蒂夫带来的蜡烛

[24:29.92]Will you look at the candle that Steve brought?

[24:37.96]Look at the candle. 看蜡烛,爹地正在点蜡烛 那是数字“一”

[25:05.60]Make a wish, Brady. 布莱迪,许愿

[25:20.52]Did you make a wish? 你许愿了吗?

[25:22.20]Give me a kiss. 亲我一下

[25:26.60]Three weeks Iater Miranda and Steve got their wish. 三星期后米兰达和史蒂夫 如愿以偿,两人又复合了

[25:28.60]They were back together.

[25:33.52]From a one-year-oId's birthday party to a 1.:00 a.m. dinner party. 从一岁生日派对 到凌晨一点的晚宴…

[25:41.08]Hi. l'm here to meet Aleksandr Petrovsky. 你好 我来见亚力山大佩特洛夫斯基

[25:44.56]Upstairs. 楼上

[26:07.96]Good evening. 晚安

[26:12.84]Don't you mean good morning? -应该是“早安”吧 -你好美

[26:14.08]You look lovely. -我只是穿睡衣来 -你迟到了

[26:14.92]-l'm just wearing my pajamas. -You know, you're late.

[26:20.36]-lt's 1 :03. -Sorry, l don't wear a watch. -一点零三分 -抱歉,我没戴表

[26:22.84]How did you ever know your time? -那么你怎么知道几点了? -因为有人会提醒我

[26:24.32]l find that someone will always tell me.

[26:26.44]1 :03, did you say? 你刚说一点零三分了?

[26:30.12]1 :04. 一点零四分了

[26:36.28]lt's very Red downstairs. 楼下一片红彤彤 (又指:红军)

[26:39.08]Sadly, it's what's expected of Russia. 真遗憾 这就是一般人对苏俄的印象

[26:45.04]So what's all this? -什么好菜? -马铃薯加点莳萝

[26:45.28]Potatoes with little dill, herring...


[26:50.60]beet salad, more red...

[26:55.48]veal in aspic. 小牛肉加花色肉冻

[26:55.96]What exactly is aspic? 什么是花色肉冻?

[26:59.52]Kind of a meat Jell-O? 肉做的果冻?

[27:04.12]Try it. lt's yummy. 吃吃看,超赞的

[27:04.100]Do you always eat this late at night? -你都这么晚才吃饭? -我常整夜工作,现在不算晚

[27:06.20]l usually work all night. For me it's not late.

[27:09.24]-You work all night painting? -Painting, sculpture, whatever. -整夜画画? -画画、雕刻…都有

[27:14.36]l have a bit of an art question. 我对艺术有个小疑问

[27:16.92]-As you know, Alexander.... -Aleksandr. -亚里山大… -亚力山大

[27:27.36]Say ''Alek.'' -亚里山大 -亚力…

[27:30.96]-亚力山大 -叫我鲍伯吧

[27:34.64]Call me Bob.

[27:39.40]So, l'm a writer. 我是个作家

[27:43.00]l write a column for a newspaper. 为报社写专栏

[27:48.32]Congratulations. 恭喜

[27:57.08]Drink? -喝什么? -你喝什么?

[27:59.40]-What are you drinking? -Water. 水

[28:01.48]ln that case l'll have a vodka martini, please. 那么麻烦给我伏特加马丁尼 谢谢

[28:06.92]Thank you.

[28:08.60]Well, Bob... 鲍伯,我很久没这么晚出去玩

[28:10.20]this is the latest l've been up in quite a while.

[28:12.92]l even had to take a little disco nap. Remember those? 我甚至要来个小睡 你还记起迪斯可的岁月吗?

[28:16.24]My spies told me you were quite the regular at Studio 54. 有密探向我透露 你是54摄影棚酒吧的常客

[28:21.72]That must have been an amazing time. 那一定超有趣的

[28:28.92]Why don't you tell me about that? 透露一下内幕消息吧

[28:31.60]What is there to remember? 要说什么?玛莎葛兰姆的脸孔 还是安迪华荷的假发?

[28:35.36]Martha Graham's face, Andy Warhol's wig.

[28:37.64]That's about it. 没什么好说的 我很少想到过往的岁月

[28:40.64]l rarely think about the past, but l care about...

[28:41.72]我只想到今天 或是今晚会发生什么事

[28:43.72]what can happen today. Tonight.

[28:45.100]What may happen tomorrow. 明天会怎么样?对吧?


[29:01.28]l have something to show you, and l don't want you to freak out. 我有东西要让你看 但你别吓到了

[29:09.24]Oh, man. 天啊,怎么光溜溜?

[29:12.24]-Where did it all go? -l shaved. -我刮掉了 -超讨厌


[29:14.04]Look, l know you enjoy a full bush. 我知道你喜欢浓密体毛 但我有件事要告诉你

[29:18.32]But there's something l should tell you.

[29:21.48]There is one moment in every reIationship... 在每段男女恋情中 总会有这惊险的一刻…

[29:24.76]where you risk Ietting someone know the reaI you. 让对方认识真正的你

[29:30.96]l'm a working woman... 我是个上班女郎 没那么多时间让你东找西找

[29:31.40]and l don't have time for you to be down there searching for it.

[29:34.48]So l wanted to make everything nice and simple. 所以我决定一切清楚简单就好

[29:39.08]This was not that moment. 但这不是我说的那一刻

[29:41.16]-How long have you lived in New York? -A long time. -你住纽约多久了? -很久了

[29:45.76]Off and on Paris, London, and a few other places. 也住过巴黎、伦敦 还有其他地方

[29:48.12]-l like New York. lt's honest. -Honest? -我喜欢纽约,这是实话 -实话?

[29:51.08]There's no big smile on its face. lt's dark, painful.... 纽约不是那种洋溢欢乐的城市 而是深沉苦痛,我喜欢

[29:56.16]l like it. 真像典型的俄国佬

[29:57.68]Okay, you are way too Russian.

[29:60.16]You'd get a girl out of bed to tell her you like pain? 你让女孩子大半夜不睡 告诉她你喜欢品尝苦痛?

[30:06.44]lt's 2:00 a.m. Lighten up, Bob. 现在是凌晨两点,打起精神

[30:08.40]Don't you know any jokes? 你会讲笑话吗?

[30:12.48]-More meat? -Fruit and tea. -又是肉? -水果、还有茶

[30:15.44]We sweeten our tea with black cherries. lt's good. 我们用黑樱桃增加茶的甜味 很棒的

[30:20.32]Try it. You'll like it. 喝喝看,你会爱上的

[30:30.00]-Fruit? -l'm not really a fruit person. -水果? -我一向不爱吃水果

[30:30.36]Take a banana. Put it in your purse for breakfast. 放根香蕉在你皮包里 可以当早餐

[30:33.76]l insist. 听我的话

[30:44.00]There is a banana in your purse, or are you just very happy to see me? 你那么高兴是因为见到我 还是因为香蕉(又指阴茎)?

[30:50.56]You asked for a joke. 是你叫我讲笑话的

[30:58.68]At exactIy 3.:01... 就在凌晨三点零一分 我们在画廊前停车

[30:58.20]we puIIed up in front of the gaIIery to see if art was aIive and awake.

[31:01.36]去瞧一瞧那位艺术家 是否还活着、醒着

[31:06.44]-My purse, l left it in the cab. -Taxi! -我的皮包,忘在车上了 -计程车

[31:15.88]Wait! 等等,等一下…

[31:15.48]Don't go! Wait a minute!

[31:23.68]Here we go.

[31:45.20]Do you want to give her a banana? 你要把香蕉给她吗?

[31:53.28]Of aII my odd dates, this was number one. 在我所有怪异的约会经验中 这肯定是最另类的

[32:04.60]Taxi! 计程车

[32:07.36]Hi. -晚安 -去哪里?

[32:08.60]Where do you go? Where do you wanna go?

[32:29.48]Where is he going? 他要去哪里?

[32:28.44]l asked him to wait so we could have proper good night. 我叫他稍等 我们可以互道晚安


[32:38.28]-Thanks for dinner. -You're welcome. 别客气

[32:43.96]l live right near here. 我就住附近

[32:43.36]-l thought you lived way downtown. -That is near. -我以为你住在市中心 -没多远

[32:51.64]You can take the boy out of Studio 54... 你可以试着忘记54俱乐部

[32:53.48]but you can't take Studio 54 out of the boy. 但那段过去永远是你的一部分

[32:57.96]You are funny. 你很幽默

[32:59.76]Light. 风趣


[33:06.76]So not tonight?

[33:29.32]And he tasted Iike bIack cherries. 他像品尝黑樱桃般慢慢品味

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