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欲望都市第六季 变幻人生 Out of the Frying Pan






[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:49:26



[00:37.00](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)


[00:50.16]When you're dating someone new, everything can seem foreign... 跟新对象约会时 一切看起来都是那么地新奇

[00:54.84]especiaIIy when you're dating someone foreign. 何况我的交往对象是个外国人

[00:58.12]My Russian had been taking me around the worId. 我的俄国情人带我环游世界

[00:60.96]Greece in Astoria, ItaIy in the Bronx. 阿斯托利亚的希腊餐厅 布朗克斯的意大利菜

[01:03.08]Tonight it was Korea, on West 32nd Street. 今晚是西32街的韩国餐厅

[01:14.32]-Wow. You look-- -Why, thank you. -你看起来… -谢谢

[01:19.04]So where to tonight? 今晚我们要去哪里?

[01:23.76]Very, very exotic place. 一个非常新奇的地方

[01:25.40]Really? 真的吗?

[01:26.100]Well, just so you know, l'm fully vaccinated. 我已打了预防针

[01:31.48]-Good. -So should we get a cab? -很好 -我们要搭计程车吗?

[01:32.60]l have not been to this mysterious place before... 我从来没去过这个神秘的地方 但我想走路应该就能到

[01:36.28]but l believe we can walk.

[01:38.04]l'm intrigued. Continue. 我很好奇,继续说

[01:43.20]Turn around, we are going to your place. 转身,我们要到你家

[01:55.64]Art, shmart. The man can cook. 一个艺术家,还会做菜

[01:58.12]l have never made a risotto in a frying pan before. 我从来没有用平底锅 做过意大利烩饭

[02:03.88]l'm sorry. l don't use my kitchen. 抱歉,我从来没用过我的厨房

[02:06.08]And l don't usually make my guests sit on the floor... 我不常请客人坐在地上

[02:10.68]next to my stack of Vogues, which l ordinarily hide... 旁边放着“时尚”杂志 通常我会把它们藏在浴缸里

[02:12.16]in the tub, for company.

[02:16.20]And the walls are-- 而且我家的墙面…

[02:17.00]l love your house. lt's so you. 我喜欢你家 它非常有你的风格

[02:21.20]-Small and artless? -No, warm and lovely. -既小又没有艺术品味? -不,既温暖又可爱

[02:27.96]-Are you okay? -My foot sleeps. -你没事吧? -我的脚都麻了

[02:32.52]-Well, now we'll have espresso. -Great, where? -我们来喝意大利浓缩咖啡 -太棒了,去哪里?

[02:37.08]l don't have an espresso machine. 我没有意大利浓缩咖啡机

[02:41.44]And you call yourself a writer, yeah? 你说你是个作家?

[02:46.56]l may have an old Mr. Coffee one-cup... 我之前买的即溶咖啡还有剩 但你一定不会喜欢

[02:48.72]but don't hold your breath.

[02:51.40]Oh, my God! 我的天啊

[02:60.96]Okay, we go out. 好吧,我们出去喝咖啡

[03:04.12]Okay. 好吧

[03:07.72]That mouse is dead. Wow. 那只老鼠死了

[03:09.32]lt was a rodent. You don't want this in your house. 它是老鼠 你不会希望家里有那种东西

[03:16.96]Maybe he was just crossing through... 或许它是刚好经过 想到隔壁的漂亮公寓去

[03:18.44]to get to the much nicer apartment next door.

[03:21.96]They call this denial. 你在否认事实 看到一只老鼠代表还有更多

[03:22.20]Where there is one, there will be more.

[03:29.08]Yeah, we're going out. 我们出去吧

[03:36.12]At least it didn't happen in a room l actually use, like my closet. 至少它不在我常用的房间里 譬如我的衣物间

[03:38.52]Good Humor me. 太好笑了

[03:40.84]The next morning, we were determined to use our good humors... 隔天早上我们决定

[03:44.92]to make Samantha's chemo Iounge as cIose as possibIe to a cocktaiI Iounge. 将莎曼珊的化疗疗程 变得跟鸡尾酒会一样

[03:47.08]Look at Miranda working Mr. Grape there. 快看米兰达啜冰棒的样子

[03:51.44]Steve is one lucky guy. -史蒂夫真幸运 -莎曼珊

[03:56.00]Well, you guys are having a good time. -你们玩得很开心 -没错,得癌症是件趣事

[03:58.12]You bet, cancer is hilarious.

[04:01.20]-Are all of you as fun as Samantha? -We try. -你们都跟莎曼珊一样风趣? -我们努力那么做

[04:02.88]l'm her favorite patient. 我是她最喜欢的病人

[04:04.88]-Any mouth sores, sweetie? -No. -你嘴巴会痛吗? -不会

[04:05.44]Great, just keep up the Popsicles. 继续吃冰棒

[04:07.04]-Samantha, l have to say, you are amazing. -l am. -莎曼珊,你太棒了 -没错

[04:13.24]And if you love me in chemo, wait till you see me at Smith's movie premiere. 如果你喜欢我做化疗的样子 等着看我出席史密斯的首映会

[04:17.52]l'm getting a hot dress, fantastic shoes... 我会换上性感礼服跟漂亮鞋子 打败癌症,在红毯上大放光芒

[04:19.60]l'm going to kick cancer, and that red carpet's ass.

[04:23.68]Hear, hear. -敬大家 -敬大家

[04:27.64]lt's not at all what l expected. 完全出乎我意想之外,那里有 苏丹式躺椅、录影带跟冰棒

[04:28.20]They have these Barcaloungers and videos and Popsicles.

[04:33.28]You throw in shuffleboard, it would be a vacation in Miami. 加上推盘游戏 这里跟迈阿密假期差不多

[04:37.88]Here they are. 就是这里

[04:36.28]Later, the Russian took me somewhere eIse I'd never been before... 稍晚他带我到一个 我从来没去过的地方

[04:40.08]the kitchen suppIies department. 厨房用具部

[04:41.32]-She doesn't even look sick. -But she is sick, yes? -她看起来不像生病了 -但她真的有病吧?

[04:46.84]Well, she was, but she's gonna be fine. 没错,但她会好起来的

[04:49.52]l had a friend who had breast cancer. 我有个朋友得了乳癌 她过世了

[04:53.48]She died.

[04:56.04]l think this one is you. 我想这个很适合你

[05:04.40]From kitchen suppIies to a kitchen surprise. 我们在逛厨房用具部 有人在厨房听到意外消息


[05:16.72]Hi, Dr. Steiner.

[05:23.80]None of them? 都没有吗?

[05:23.100]Sure, l understand. 我当然了解

[05:28.60]Thanks for calling on a Saturday. Bye. 谢谢你在星期六打电话来 再见

[05:38.60]-None of my eggs were viable. -Oh, baby. -我的卵子都没有着床 -宝贝

[05:42.88]Again. 又失败了

[05:47.08]What do you want to do? 你打算怎么办?

[05:50.92]-Try lVF again. -You sure? -再试一次试管婴儿胚胎植入 -你确定?我们试过两次

[05:51.92]-We've already tried it twice. -Yeah, l'm sure. 我很确定,一定会成功的

[05:55.28]lt'll work. l mean, it has to. 我是说我们非成功不可

[06:02.68]-You okay? -Yeah. l'm gonna go for a run. -你没事吧? -没事


[06:12.00]In high schooI, CharIotte was voted most popuIar... 高中时 夏绿蒂是最受欢迎的学生

[06:15.16]head of the track team, and cIass president. 田径队队长跟班代表

[06:20.36]She had won everything... 她事事如意

[06:24.92]except the baby race. 就是生不出孩子

[06:33.20]MeanwhiIe, across town, a coupIe who had won the baby race... 在纽约的另一端 一对夫妻为了孩子伤脑筋

[06:38.36]had Iost their bedroom to their baby. 他们把卧室让给宝宝

[06:41.92]Wait, we saw this one. 等一下,我们看过这一间 “在中区的迷人两房公寓”

[06:43.40]''Charming midtown two-bedroom.''

[06:45.48]Why don't they say what it really is? Crack house on an air shaft. 为什么他们不说实话呢? 那是在通风井上的破房子

[06:51.08]Scout, off! 史考特,下去

[06:56.64]Listen to this one, in our price range, ''Three-bedroom.'' -这在我们的预算内,三房 -我要去穿鞋子了

[06:57.84]-l'm putting my shoes on. -''Outdoor space.'' -有户外空间 -我要去拿皮包了

[07:01.20]-l'm getting my bag. -''Finished basement.'' -还附地下室 -是独栋的房子?

[07:02.48]-lt's a house? -ln Brooklyn. -在布鲁克林 -好吧,我去脱鞋子

[07:04.100]Okay, shoes are off.

[07:07.48]What did l tell you about that side of the paper? -我说过报纸广告都是骗人的 -那个地方很不错

[07:10.56]What? lt's a good place.

[07:11.08]Steve, we're not moving to Brooklyn. 我们不搬到布鲁克林区 我只喜欢住在曼哈顿

[07:12.56]l'm a Manhattan girl. l don't like anything not Manhattan.

[07:16.12]l'm Queens, and l'm pretty cute. Let's just look at it. 我住在皇后区 但我是个好男人,去看看吧

[07:20.72]Sleeping in the dining room isn't so bad. We're near the kitchen. 睡在餐厅里还不错 我们离厨房很近

[07:24.76]Did you let Fatty out of the laundry room? 你让胖胖在洗衣间乱跑?

[07:27.08]We don't even need this, we can hear Brady through the wall! 我们不必要这东西 隔墙就能听到布莱迪的声音

[07:31.96]Miranda, we can't keep living like this. 米兰达,我们不能再这样下去

[07:34.40]Scout, down! 史考特,下去

[07:38.60]Fine. l'll look at it. 好吧,我会去看看

[07:50.84]Wow. -哇 -什么?

[07:50.60]-What? -That is some strong coffee. 咖啡味好浓

[07:56.76]-No wonder you work all night. -That's the way l like it. -难怪你会熬夜工作 -我喜欢喝这种咖啡

[07:59.76]-l'm gonna need a little milk in this. -Then it's not espresso. -我得加点牛奶 -那就不是意大利浓缩咖啡了

[08:03.64]Milk will ruin it. Keep sipping it. You'll see. 加牛奶会毁了它 继续喝,你会喜欢的

[08:15.08]-l need to talk to you about something. -Yes? -我得跟你谈一件事 -什么?

[08:18.36]You know, the other day, when l was talking about my friend? -当我谈到我的朋友… -那个得癌症的女人

[08:21.40]-The one with cancer. -Her name is Samantha. 她叫做莎曼珊

[08:27.40]l just felt like... 我觉得你太不体谅我的感觉

[08:30.36]you weren't being very sensitive about my feelings.

[08:32.44]l mentioned her, and your first response... 我提起她,你的第一个反应是 告诉我你朋友的事

[08:34.56]-was to tell me about your friend. -Who died, yeah.

[08:38.72]Yes, see? Exactly. -她死了 -你看吧

[08:44.52]l'm sorry about your friend, but my friend is going to be fine. 关于你朋友的事我很遗憾 但我朋友会好起来

[08:50.96]And my friend died. -我朋友死了 -你又来了

[08:52.04]See? You're doing it again.

[08:54.64]-Not everyone dies. -Then they are lucky. -不是每个人都会死 -那么他们很幸运

[08:57.52]Okay. 好吧

[09:00.12]Maybe l'm not being very clear. 或许我说得不够清楚

[09:05.56]No, you're being clear. You don't want your friend to die. 不,你说得够清楚了 你不希望你朋友死掉

[09:09.72]Please stop saying ''die.'' 请你不要再提“死”字

[09:11.12]But to be realistic, you must acknowledge this possibility, yes? 但你得现实一点 知道她的确有可能会死掉

[09:16.20]No. 不,她及早发现,她是第一期 她正在做化学疗法

[09:17.80]They caught it early, it's Stage One. She's having the Cadillac of chemo.

[09:20.08]No, she is going to be fine. 她会没事,你是吓不了我的

[09:24.24]-And your scaring me isn't helping. -All l am saying, when my friend died--


[09:27.12]l don't know why, but you are not listening to me. -你为什么不听我说? -你才没有听我说

[09:33.48]You are not listening to me.

[09:33.32]Are you kidding? All l've said is, ''Please, don't talk about your friend who died.'' 你在开玩笑吗?我是说 “请不要谈你过世的朋友”

[09:39.60]Her name was Sophie. -她叫做苏菲 -我要走了

[09:41.36]l'm leaving. 但我们在喝意大利浓缩咖啡

[09:41.08]What are you talking about? We're having espresso.

[09:45.36]No, we're not having espresso. We are not listening. 我们不必喝意大利浓缩咖啡了 我们根本沟通不良

[09:49.24]Sit down, finish your coffee. lt's hot. 坐下把咖啡喝完,很烫的

[09:54.24]l'm leaving. 我要走了

[09:57.76]Excuse me. 对不…

[10:02.12]You know, l asked you not to mention your friend... 我要你别提你朋友的事

[10:07.20]and now all l can think about is your friend. 现在我满脑子只想到她 我朋友跟你朋友无关

[10:08.48]And my friend has nothing to do with your friend.

[10:13.76]-l think you are acting like a child. -And l think you're acting like an asshole. -你太孩子气了 -你是个大混蛋

[10:16.64]-Maybe you should go for now. -l'm already going! -或许你该走了 -我已经要走了

[10:31.04]It was my first fight with the Russian. 那是我第一次跟俄国佬吵架

[10:34.12]And I didn't know if it was the strong espresso or the strong words... 我不知道是意大利浓缩咖啡 或是吵架的关系

[10:37.64]but either way, not even my feet sIept that night. 那晚我辗转难眠

[10:46.64]My goodness, look at you and your little coat. 天啊,看看你穿着外套的样子 你去逛街了吗?

[10:50.24]-Did you go shopping? -Princess Dandyridge Brandywine, come!


[10:53.84]l got her. 我抱住它了

[10:56.68]My goodness, so cute. 天啊,好可爱

[11:04.68]Thank you. -谢谢 -这只小狗的名字挺吓人的

[11:03.08]That's a mighty big name for such a little dog.

[11:05.92]-lt's her show name. -My gosh, l love dog shows. -那是它表演时的名字 -我喜欢狗选美,它赢过吗?

[11:10.04]-Has she ever won? -This one? Two-time loser. 这只狗吗?它输了两次 它已经不参加比赛了

[11:13.32]She doesn't show anymore.

[11:16.32]She was bred from two champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 它是两只冠军 骑士查理王猎犬的后代

[11:18.96]But when l tried to show her, it turns out she has a defect. -结果它有缺陷 -不

[11:21.32]-No. -Yeah, one of her hind legs is too short. 它的一条腿太短了 真可惜,它非常有天分

[11:24.32]Such a shame, she had so much promise.

[11:27.24]She just isn't a winner. 但它不是冠军

[11:29.88]Well, she's awfully cute anyway. 它真的好可爱

[11:32.48]-l'm Charlotte York Goldenblatt. -Trudy Stork. -我是夏绿蒂约克登布拉特 -楚蒂史托克

[11:36.56]All right, Princess, come on, that's enough. 公主,够了

[11:38.36]That's enough, come on. There.

[11:40.12]-好了 -好吧

[11:43.04]-Well, nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you. Bye-bye. -很高兴能认识你 -我也是,再见

[11:48.88]That was the day a King CharIes met an Upper East Side princess. 再见

[11:49.40]那一天骑士查理王猎犬 遇见上城东区的公主

[11:56.12]Taxi! 计程车

[11:57.52]And an Upper West Sider went to see a house in BrookIyn. 一个上城西区的职业妇女 要到布鲁克林区看房子

[12:07.60]-Where to? -Brooklyn, please. -你要去哪里? -麻烦到布鲁克林区

[12:12.64]l don't go to Brooklyn. 我不去布鲁克林区

[12:16.16]Yeah, neither do l. 对,我也是

[12:22.08]Miranda tried to see her future in BrookIyn, but she just couIdn't get there. 米兰达想到布鲁克林区找未来 但她连去都去不了

[12:28.04]Shit, yeah. 对,该死,天啊,你真棒

[12:32.24]God, you're good.

[12:35.04]Fuck. 该死

[12:38.28]What? Jesus! 什么?天啊

[12:39.28]-What do l.... -Just give it to me. -我做了… -给我吧

[12:44.68]-Man, that's a lot of hair. Did that hurt? -No, l'm fine, really. -那撮头发挺多的,会痛吗? -我真的没事

[12:49.64]So where were we? 我们刚刚做到哪里了?

[12:55.48]l'm sorry. 对不起

[12:58.76]l'm gonna take a bath. 我去冲个澡

[13:01.04]ApparentIy, Samantha wasn't the onIy one Iosing something that night. 很明显地那晚不只莎曼珊 因为失去感到心痛

[13:07.24]-Samantha's not gonna die, right? -Of course not, she'll be fine. -莎曼珊不会死吧? -当然不会,她会好起来的

[13:10.100]Her hair started falling out at a really bad time. 她开始掉头发 而且时机太不恰当了

[13:15.36]God, was she at work? -天啊,她开始工作了吗? -不,但那时她真的在忙

[13:16.04]No, but she was definitely doing a job.

[13:21.12]-No. -Yes, ma'am. -不 -没错

[13:23.84]-She's a trouper, she'll be fine. -Yeah, l know. -她是个斗士,她会没事的 -我知道

[13:26.00]But according to my Russian friend, we are all in denial. 但我的俄国情人说 我们都在否认事实

[13:29.28]-Why, what does he say? -lt went like this: -他说了什么? -事情是这样的

[13:34.48]Him: ''Your friend might die, yes?'' 他说“你朋友可能会死” 我说“不,你是混蛋”

[13:34.16]Me: ''No, you're an asshole.''

[13:39.64]-We had our first fight. -Yeah, l picked up on that. -那是我们第一次吵架 -我了解

[13:43.92]l mean, this is a man who is so sensitive about so much. 这个男人那么浪漫

[13:46.76]But then this: ''Death, deal with it.'' 但他说“面对死亡的事实吧” 我知道他是俄国人,天啊

[13:49.08]l know he's Russian, but Jesus, come on.

[13:51.84]-Maybe it's the language barrier. -Well, it's definitely a barrier for me. -或许是语言障碍的关系 -对我来说那是个障碍

[13:55.24]ls this who l'm seeing, a man who kills mice and optimism? 我在跟一个会杀老鼠 又乐观的男人交往?

[13:60.92]lt's not denial. They got it early, she's gonna be fine. 那不是否认,她及早发现 她一定会没事的

[14:05.88]You are aware that you've said she'll be fine three times in half a block? 我们才走了半条街 你就说了三次她会没事

[14:08.56]Yeah, l just picked up on that, too. 对,我也了解那一点

[14:11.04]Anyway, how's it helping her, if we freak out about it? 惊慌害怕是没有用的

[14:13.64]-lt is our job to think positive. -Exactly. -我们的任务是保持乐观 -没错

[14:16.88]Can you believe we're actually having this conversation? 你能相信 我们真的在聊这件事吗?

[14:20.16]No, and here's another thing l never thought l'd be saying: 不,还有一件事 我从来没想过我会这么说

[14:24.96]Steve wants us to move to Brooklyn. -史蒂夫要我们搬到布鲁克林 -好吧,别说了

[14:27.36]Okay, stop!

[14:28.64]-Now that is information l can't handle. -l know. 我无法接受那种事

[14:34.92]l can't move to Brooklyn. Even cabs won't go there. 我知道我不能搬到布鲁克林区 连计程车都拒绝去那里

[14:47.40]My conversation with Miranda brought me back to reaIity. 我跟米兰达的谈话 让我真的面对现实

[14:48.20]Or, more specificaIIy, the peopIe who want us to Iive in it. 更精确地来说 我面对大家口中所说的生活

[14:52.76]The worId teIIs us to get reaI. 这个世界要我们现实一点

[14:55.08]But what happens when Iiving in reaIity means Iiving in pain, fear... 如果现实就是活在痛苦恐惧中 或是住在布鲁克林区

[15:01.72]or BrookIyn? 那会发生什么事呢?

[15:02.80]If a defense mechanism can get us through the difficuIt times, how bad can it be? 如果防御机能让我们渡过难关 生活会有多难呢?

[15:09.12]Maybe the reaIity is, we need deniaI. 或许现实是我们需要否认


[15:18.60]DeniaI had become CharIotte's best friend, next to Harry. 否认成了夏绿蒂的好朋友 它的地位仅次于哈利

[15:22.08]Going for a run? 你要去慢跑?

[15:27.00]-What are you looking at? -Just doing some research. -你在看什么? -我在找资料

[15:28.56]-On what? -Adoption. -找什么资料? -领养手续

[15:34.56]lt could be just a backup, you know. lf we put ourselves on some lists... 那是我们的备用计划 或许我们该去登记

[15:38.44]by the time we know what's what, we'll have some choices. 知道结果后我们可以做选择 你觉得呢?

[15:41.48]What do you think?

[15:44.80]That seems like the right thing to do. 那似乎是个好方法

[15:54.100]-Hi, Trudy. -Hi. -你好,楚蒂 -你好

[15:57.92]Hi, Dandyridge. 你好,丹蒂蕾吉

[16:03.68]l brought you a present. 我帮你带了礼物来

[16:04.68]-lt's turkey bacon. ls that all right? -Sure, she's not a show dog. -是火鸡培根,没关系吧? -没关系,它已经不比赛了

[16:13.80]Do you like that? 你喜欢吗?

[16:15.00]Well, she really loves you. 它真的喜欢你

[16:18.04]Who wouldn't love her? Look at that face. 谁不喜欢它呢?看看它的脸

[16:26.04]You know... 只因为它的表现不如你意

[16:28.64]just because somebody doesn't perform the way that you want them to...

[16:33.68]doesn't mean that you should just give up on them. 那不表示你应该放弃它

[16:36.24]l'm sorry. 对不起

[16:39.64]l swore l wouldn't cry. 我发过誓我不会哭

[16:44.24]lt's just that l'm trying to have a baby, and it's just not going very well. 我试着要怀孕 但一直无法成功

[16:47.28]That day, thanks to a dog with one short Ieg... 那天由于一只短腿狗的关系

[16:51.60]CharIotte stopped denying her shortcomings. 夏绿蒂不再否认她的缺点

[16:56.64]l don't care for babies... 我不在乎孩子

[16:57.72]or Labs. 或是怀孕的事

[17:04.72]-Thanks for coming. -Are you kidding me? This is gonna be fun. -谢谢你赶过来 -你在开玩笑吗?这会很好玩

[17:06.36]l used to do this when l was 16, at the mall. Without the cancer part. 16岁时我常在购物中心这么做


[17:16.60]l have a movie premiere, and l need to look like myself at my most fabulous. 我要参加电影首映会 我要表现出最美的一面

[17:21.68]Would you like natural hair or acrylic? 你要真发还是合成假发?

[17:25.08]Sweetheart, does it look like l do acrylic? 甜心 你觉得我会喜欢合成假发吗?

[17:26.96]These are our best natural hair: Sassy and Pretty Me. 这些是我们最棒的真发 纱希跟美人

[17:34.44]-No, and no. -Fine. -不 -好吧

[17:37.32]Let's try this. 试试这顶

[17:40.20]lt's from the Rene of Paris line. 它是马格里特系列

[17:43.76]This looks like you. 看起来很适合你

[17:48.92]Carrie, how do l look? 凯莉,我看起来怎么样?

[17:52.84]You look like Florence Henderson. -你看起来像佛萝伦丝韩德森 -她的假发太假了

[17:52.28]Florence Henderson in a bad wig.

[17:56.80]Listen, l can't be on the red carpet in a bad rug, do you understand? 听着,我不想戴着难看假发 走上红地毯,你明白吗?

[18:04.52]l know. 我知道

[18:05.92]This is Candy. 这是甜甜

[18:08.08]She's very popular. 它非常受欢迎

[18:13.88]l don't think you're listening. 我想你没认真在听 我不想看起来像甜甜

[18:16.04]l don't want to look like Candy. l just want to look like myself.

[18:19.36]-我只是看起来像自己 -小姐,这些是假发

[18:21.52]Ma'am, these are wigs.

[18:25.52]They're not ever gonna look exactly like you. -它们不可能长得像你 -我无法接受

[18:28.60]That is not acceptable.

[18:30.88]-We could style the bangs-- -Don't touch my head. -我们可以帮你做整理 -别碰我的头

[18:33.48]l've worked with many women with cancer. 我为许多得癌症的女人服务过

[18:34.16]l don't have cancer, l have a premiere. 我没有得癌症 我要参加电影首映会

[18:37.32]And l don't want some second-rate wig named after a hooker. 我不要用妓女名字 命名的二流假发

[18:43.00]My hair is my thing. 我喜欢我的头发,这…

[18:44.72]This is bullshit.


[18:48.88]Carrie, we're going. 凯莉,我们要走了


[18:55.92]l'm just so angry. 我好生气,我可以应付化疗 但掉头发的事情太沉重了

[18:59.32]The chemo l can handle, but this hair thing, it's too much.

[19:02.40]-We'll find you a better wig. -l have left hair all over Manhattan. -我们会帮你找到更棒的假发 -我到处掉头发

[19:04.56]Every time the wind blows, l have to check to make sure l'm not bald. 每次一起风 我得检查自己是不是秃了

[19:10.36]lt's only temporary, it'll grow back. 头发会长回来的

[19:12.76]And until then, l have to look like a sick person, and l don't do sick person. 在那之前我看起来像病人 我不会跟病人上床

[19:16.92]Because you're not. You're someone who had a little blip of bad luck... 因为你不是病人,你只是 运气不好,现在都过去了

[19:18.68]-and now it's over. -What if it's not over? -如果它不会过去呢? -一定会的

[19:20.20]-lt's over, so over. -What if it comes back?

[19:24.64]如果癌细胞又复发呢? 我会死的,而且头发掉光

[19:25.84]l could die, Carrie, with really bad hair.

[19:30.20]You are not going anywhere. 你不会死

[19:35.72]Carrie, please... 凯莉,拜托 让我说出我的恐惧

[19:38.00]let me talk about what l'm afraid of, please.

[19:40.84]The deniaI part of me wanted to say, ''You'II be fine. '' 抱持否认态度的我想说 “你会没事的”,但我说

[19:45.56]Instead I said.:

[19:46.80]Okay, l'm here. 好吧,我洗耳恭听

[19:50.32]Maybe l should just shave it all off. 或许我该把头发剃光

[19:52.08]Yeah, you could be one of those fantastic bald women, who's all about earrings. 你会是 戴着漂亮耳环的秃头美女

[19:57.28]l better not look like fucking Kojak. 我不想看起来像外星人

[20:03.96]Yeah, cancer. 对,癌症

[20:05.64]Turns out, not so hilarious. 结果它一点都不好笑

[20:09.92]After Samantha Iost controI, she did the onIy thing she knew to get it back. 莎曼珊失控后 她做了唯一的反击

[20:29.64]Babe. 宝贝

[20:36.32]What are you doing here? 你来这里做什么?

[20:36.60]l got your message. What do you mean, you're not coming to my premiere? 我收到你的留言 你不参加我的首映会?

[20:41.72]l'm very busy. 我非常忙

[20:50.64]l'm shaving my head, all right? 我正在理头发,它非常可怕 你一定不敢看的

[20:52.24]lt's scary and awful, and you can't handle it.

[20:55.80]-Who says l can't handle it? -You freaked out after just a few little hairs. -谁说的? -你被几根头发吓坏了

[20:60.08]-You freaked out, too. -You lost your hard-on. -你也是 -你还阳痿

[21:02.60]Shit happens. 那种事常发生的

[21:07.32]Let me be here for you. 我要留在这里陪你

[21:11.32]Listen, this is very intense, and you're being very sweet... 听着,这件事很可怕 你一直都很体贴

[21:13.80]but there is no way that you can relate to what l'm going though. 但你没办法了解我的感觉

[21:21.48]What are you doing? 你在做什么?

[21:25.16]No, you can't, your hair's your thing! 你不能那么做 你就是靠头发吃饭的

[21:28.04]Chill out, l'm busy. 别说话,我正在忙

[21:36.20]And when l'm done cue-balling here, l'm moving right over to you. 我剃光头发之后就帮你剃

[21:39.52]That night, Smith gave Samantha the very best head of her Iife. 那晚史密斯帮莎曼珊 理了她一生中最满意的发型

[21:47.52]The next day, Miranda endured her first out-of-borough experience. 隔天米兰达忍受 第一次化为普通人的经验

[21:52.56]Broken. 坏了

[21:56.52]Broken. 坏了

[21:58.96]You mean Brooklyn. 你是说“布鲁克林”

[22:01.100]Here, let me show you what we could do. 我来告诉你 我们该怎么整修房子

[22:07.76]We tear out these closets, we make this the dining room... 我们可以把柜子打掉做成餐厅

[22:10.36]which we wouldn't have to sleep in. 我们不必睡在里面

[22:11.96]Open up this fireplace. lmagine all of our friends over here... 整理壁炉,朋友来拜访我们时 可以坐在壁炉边喝啤酒

[22:15.32]the fire's going, having some beers....

[22:18.80]None of our friends are coming to Brooklyn, but continue. 我们的朋友不会来布鲁克林 但继续说吧

[22:24.56]米兰达 这已经由不得你喜不喜欢了

[22:27.88]This isn't just about you anymore.

[22:29.16]Brady is only gonna get bigger, God willing. 布莱迪会越来越大,感谢上帝

[22:32.56]And look at all this space. 看看这间房子

[22:33.84]You owe it to all of us, you, me, Brady, Scout, Fatty... 为了我们,你、我 布莱迪、史考特、胖胖

[22:38.20]to really look at this place. 好好看看这个地方

[22:42.08]We're a family. 我们是一家人

[22:46.36]Oh, my God. 天啊,我结婚了

[22:49.72]l'm married. 那是现实

[22:48.12]And that was the reaIity.

[22:51.92]l'm gonna take Brady and the dog outside. 我要带布莱迪跟狗到外面去

[22:56.36]You let me know what you think. 你决定后再跟我谈

[23:02.04]Come on, let's go out back. Yeah! 来吧,我们到后院去

[23:20.76]Let's chase the dog around. 我们去追狗玩

[23:26.72]You wanna go get him? (欢迎光临布鲁克林 美国优质住宅区)

[23:30.16]That day, Miranda couIdn't deny what was best for her famiIy. 那天米兰达无法否认 什么事对她的家人最好

[23:38.24]So what do you think? 你觉得呢?

[23:45.92]We're very interested, but l'll want to bring in an engineer. 我们有兴趣 但我想带设计师来看看

[23:48.56]l'd require a long escrow, and if the furnace isn't up to code, l'll need it replaced. 我要跟你订契约 如果壁炉不能用,你得换新的

[23:51.04]And so, she negotiated her way into her future. 她跟房东谈判她的未来

[24:01.08]所有的纽约客 都来看葛斯范桑的电影


[24:12.36]And Samantha reaIized she couIdn't deny cancer. 莎曼珊了解 她无法否认罹患癌症的事

[24:19.08]She wouId never be exactIy who she was again... 她永远都无法恢复以前的模样

[24:22.76]so for that night, she decided to be LiI' Kim. 所以那晚她决定扮成莉儿金

[24:44.92]It was a very speciaI deIivery from Miss Stork. 史托克小姐送来的快递

[24:47.44](你比我更能够 给它一个温暖的家)

[24:48.88]Oh, my goodness, thank you! 我的天啊,谢谢


[24:56.96]It was a girI, eight pounds, two ounces. 它是只八磅两盎司的小母狗

[25:03.84]My goodness! Hello, are you hungry, precious? 天啊,你饿了吗?宝贝

[25:06.32]-Who is that? -She's a present, can we keep her? -谁来了? -它是礼物,它能留下来吗?

[25:09.68]Anything that makes you smile like that, we'd be crazy not to. 如果它能让你笑 我们当然要留下它

[25:15.76]-What's her name? -Princess Dandyridge Brandywine. -它叫什么名字? -丹蒂蕾吉白兰地公主

[25:19.24]That's impossible, you got to change it. 我根本念不出来 你得帮它改名字

[25:19.44]What should we name you, pretty girl? 我们该叫你什么呢?宝贝

[25:23.72]Who's the prettiest girl in the world? 谁是全世界最漂亮的女孩?

[25:29.96]Elizabeth Taylor. 伊丽莎白泰勒

[25:32.16]Elizabeth Taylor Goldenblatt. 伊丽莎白泰勒葛登布拉特

[25:35.64]That was the day EIizabeth TayIor moved in with Harry and CharIotte. 那天伊丽莎白泰勒 搬到哈利跟夏绿蒂的家

[25:43.56]And something far Iess gIamorous moved in with me. 有个不速之客跑到我家

[25:50.72]Oh, my God!

[26:02.36]He will stay at the fancy neighbors' now. 现在它会待在隔壁的漂亮公寓

[26:06.44]Thanks. 谢谢

[26:06.64]l didn't think l would hear from you. 我以为你再也不会跟我联络

[26:11.32]l was upset. 我很难过

[26:12.52]l need you to not talk, so that... 我要你别说话

[26:17.08]l can say this without you confusing me. 听我把话说完 不要再打断我

[26:21.96]Samantha is my friend. 莎曼珊是我的朋友

[26:26.36]She's my family... 她是我的家人,我爱的人

[26:29.72]my insides. 她会没事的 因为她一定要没事

[26:31.88]She will be fine, because she has to be fine.

[26:35.16]That's how important she is to me. 她对我就是那么重要

[26:38.16]So for you to say that she may not be... 所以你说她可能无法康复

[26:44.44]it feels very hurtful... 我真的很痛心

[26:47.00]and really unnecessary. 我不希望是那样的

[26:50.28]Let me explain. -听我解释,我过世的朋友… -天啊

[26:53.36]-My friend, who died-- -Oh, my God!

[26:56.24]Wait. 等一下

[26:59.96]When she died... 她过世的时候

[27:03.40]l was surprised. 我很讶异

[27:05.32]The amount of pain.... 那种心痛

[27:06.20]l didn't want you to be surprised, like l was. 我不希望你跟我一样 毫无准备地面对痛苦

[27:14.72]-You could have just said that. -We are different. 你可以直接说

[27:15.40]-我们是不一样的人 -没错

[27:19.44]Yes, we are.

[27:21.88]l need my relationship with a little bit of milk. 我希望我的爱情世界 不要因为现实变得苦涩

[27:26.80]lt is clear who is the writer here. 谁是作家看起来非常明显

[27:30.12]Your friend will be fine. 你的朋友会没事的

[27:34.44]Thank you. 谢谢

[27:35.60]And l'm sorry about Sophie. 关于苏菲的事我非常遗憾

[27:41.00]Thank you. 谢谢

[27:45.16]That night, for the first time, we spoke the same Ianguage. 那晚我们第一次有相同的感觉

[27:51.20]So whiIe Samantha's Iife and my Iife with the Russian wouId continue... 莎曼珊努力活下来 我跟俄国佬重拾旧好

[27:54.12]it was cIear that Miranda's Iife, as we knew it, was over. 很明显地我们所熟悉的 米兰达的生活方式结束了

[27:58.00]Brooklyn. 我不想提布鲁克林,更何况 住在那里,你们会来看我吧?

[27:60.88]l can't even say it, let alone live in it. You'll all come visit, right?

[28:06.52]Talk about denial. 这才是否认

[28:07.04]Stop. We'll all come, won't we? -别说了,我们都会去吧? -我不会,我得了癌症

[28:10.00]Well, l won't, l have cancer.

[28:12.20]How long are you gonna play that cancer card? -你要拿癌症当挡箭牌多久? -直到你搬回来为止

[28:15.80]As long as it takes for you to move back.

[28:15.88]But it's just a subway ride away. -搭地铁就能到了 -它得穿过河底,太不安全了

[28:17.48]A subway that goes under water. That's not normal.

[28:21.12]Another Manhattan? -再来一杯曼哈顿? -拜托给我们四杯

[28:23.36]Please, for all of us.

[28:25.32]That night, Miranda was determined to drink in as much Manhattan as she couId. 米兰达决定多喝几杯曼哈顿

[28:31.16]Do you remember that awful apartment that l had on 1 7th Street? 你记得我在17街 住过的那间恐怖公寓吗?

[28:36.48]The one with the water bugs? -那间有水虫的公寓? -你在河滨路的工作室呢?

[28:37.72]What about your horrifying studio sublet on Riverside Drive?

[28:40.44]l blocked it. -我把它封死了 -我也租过一些烂公寓

[28:42.24]Man, l have had some really shitty apartments here.

[28:45.08]Why do l think living in Manhattan is so fantastic? 为什么我觉得 住在曼哈顿很棒呢?

[28:49.96]Because it is. 因为它真的很棒

[28:51.08]Here we go. -酒来了 -谢谢

[28:52.92]It wouId be chiIdish of us to deny that our Iives weren't changing... 否认我们的生活没有改变 太孩子气了

[28:57.24]but for this night, none of us were going anywhere. 但今晚我们哪里都不去

[29:02.08]That's the thing about reaIIy good friends, and a reaIIy great Manhattan. 好友齐聚一堂 喝杯好喝的曼哈顿

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