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欲望都市第六季 情迷巴黎(上) An American Girl in Paris, Part Une





[00:00.00] 12.08.02 08:48:58
[00:35.12](性爱专家凯莉布雷萧 并且勇于发问)
[00:50.12]Some outfits wait a Iifetime to be taken somewhere speciaI. 有些衣服等了一辈子 才找到适当的时机亮相
[00:54.20]The same can be true of peopIe. 有些人也是那样
[01:00.76]Hi, it's AIeks. 我是亚力,别整理行李了 巴黎也有卖衣服
[01:03.88]Stop packing. They have cIothes here in Paris.
[01:06.12]See you tomorrow. Safe fIight. 明天见,祝你一路平安
[01:10.92]Hi, it's Miranda. 我是米兰达,这已是我第40次 打电话求你别去巴黎
[01:12.72]No, this is not my 40th ''PIease don't go to Paris'' caII.
[01:13.40]It's been three weeks. Is that funny yet? Anyway, I got us a dinner reservation. 那很好笑? 我帮我们订了餐厅
[01:17.28]You're Ieaving at 9.:00, so we have to eat at 6.:00... 你搭九点的飞机 我们得像老人六点吃饭,谢谢
[01:21.04]which makes us senior citizens, thank you.
[01:22.56]Or shouId I say, merci beau ''pIease don't go. '' 或许我该说谢谢美女 求求你别走
[01:29.68]It's me. I'm in town. 凯莉,是我,我在城里
[01:33.08]Look, I'd reaIIy Iike to see you, so caII me. 听着,我真的想见你 回我电话
[01:37.04]Same number, and in case you've forgotten, it's.... 号码没变,如果你忘了…
[01:39.92]DeIeted. 删除留言
[01:44.04]After many more hours of packing... 花了那么多时间整理好行李后 我出发去吃最后的晚餐
[01:44.00]I was off for our version of the Iast supper.
[01:55.08]lf Mohammed won't come to the mountain.... 如果穆罕默德没有走到山边…
[01:58.80]Hiya, kid. -你好,小鬼 -嗨
[02:01.08]l was in the neighborhood, saw your light on. 我刚好经过 看到你的灯还亮着
[02:05.76]Can l talk to you? -我能跟你谈一谈吗? -我跟朋友约好吃饭要迟到了
[02:08.56]Well, l'm late for dinner with the girls.
[02:15.12]lt's 5:45. 现在是五点四十五分
[02:18.28]Come on, get in, it's cold. 快上车吧,外面很冷
[02:40.00]Raoul, give us a minute? -劳尔,麻烦让我们独处一下 -不,外面很冷
[02:39.36]No, it's okay, he doesn't.... lt's cold.
[02:43.36]He's a tough guy, right, Raoul? 他很壮的,对吧?劳尔
[02:46.36]l'll tip like a Rockefeller. 我付小费时 就跟洛克菲勒差不多
[02:51.52]l'm sorry for not returning your calls. -我很抱歉没有回你电话 -我觉得自己像个粘人的女孩
[02:54.20]Yeah, l was starting to feel like a needy chick.
[02:59.44]Did l do something to piss you off? -我做了什么事惹你生气吗? -不,我…
[03:02.48]No, it's....
[03:03.32]l've just been busy with other things. 我一直在忙别的事
[03:08.80]Look, l know l freaked out about us the last time l was here. -上次我伤了你的心… -没关系
[03:12.36]No, it's fine.
[03:16.04]-You were amazing to me, and l-- -You were fine. -你对我很好,我想要… -你也很好
[03:18.32]Would you let me finish? 你能不能让我说完?
[03:22.04]And since then, l've been thinking a lot about us-- -我一直在想… -你不必这么做
[03:25.40]You don't have to do this, okay? There's really no point. 那真的不必要
[03:32.64]lt's all fine. 没关系的
[03:36.92]Raoul's freezing, and l have to go meet the girls. 劳尔快冻坏了 我得去跟我的朋友见面
[03:40.60]Got it. How about dinner tomorrow? 我知道了 明天晚上一起吃饭?
[03:47.48]Drinks? 喝点东西呢?
[03:53.84]l'm starting to feel like that chick again. 我又开始觉得自己很粘人了
[03:56.52]l won't be here tomorrow. l'm leaving for Paris tonight. 明天我不在这里 今晚我要飞到巴黎
[03:59.48]Paris? 巴黎?
[04:04.88]-You're finally taking that vacation? -lt's not a vacation. -你终于要去度假了 -我不是去度假
[04:09.08]l'm going there with a man that l'm in a relationship with. 我要跟我现在的男朋友去那里
[04:15.80]He's wonderful, and l'm happy. 他很棒,我很幸福 请你不要觉得内疚
[04:15.72]So please don't feel bad about anything.
[04:21.76]Goodbye. 再见
[04:23.64]Wait. What do you mean, ''goodbye''? 等一下
[04:26.32]l have to go. -你说再见是什么意思? -我得走了
[04:35.32]Carrie, stop!
[04:37.84]What are you doing, saying goodbye and jumping out of the car like that? 你在做什么? 你跟我说再见然后跳车离开?
[04:46.52]Are you moving to Paris? 你要搬到巴黎?
[04:52.08]When were you going to tell me? 你打算什么时候告诉我?
[04:57.16]-You're not even going to tell me who he is? -His name is Aleksandr Petrovsky. -你不告诉我他是谁? -亚力山大佩特洛夫斯基
[05:01.60]You're moving to France with a Russki? 你要跟一个俄国佬搬到法国?
[05:05.12]-Come on, it's a joke, Carrie. -You do this every time! -少来了,我在开玩笑,凯莉 -你每次都这样
[05:09.56]Every time! What, do you have some kind of radar? 你装了雷达吗?
[05:13.64]Carrie might be happy, it's time to sweep in and shit all over it? 凯莉可能过着幸福的生活 该去破坏她了?
[05:16.32]What? 什么?不,我是来告诉你 我犯了一个天大的错误
[05:18.92]No, look, l came here to tell you something. l made a mistake.
[05:22.60]-You and l-- -You and l nothing! -你跟我… -根本没有“你跟我”
[05:26.48]You cannot do this to me again! You cannot jerk me around. 你不能再这样对我 你不能耍着我玩
[05:31.44]-Carrie, listen, it is different-- -lt's never different! -凯莉,这次不一样… -六年来每次都一样
[05:34.44]lt's six years of never being different.
[05:39.72]But this is it, l am done. 够了,我受不了了 别再打电话给我
[05:41.88]Don't call me ever again! Forget you know my number!
[05:44.48]ln fact, forget you know my name. 忘记你知道我的电话号码 忘记你知道我的名字
[05:51.72]And you can drive down this street all you want... 你想开车来这里是你的自由 因为我不会再住在这里
[05:53.92]because l don't live here anymore!
[06:08.40]Sure, now that l'm with someone else, now that l'm leaving, it's ''different.'' 没错,我跟别人交往 现在我要离开,那是个改变
[06:14.68]-You know who he is? -Who? -你知道他是谁吗? -谁?
[06:16.68]The boy who cried love, that's who. 渴望爱的男孩,这是个悲剧 爱情来得太淡也太迟了
[06:17.20]And just like in the fable, it's too little, too late.
[06:22.76]Love? He said he loved you? -爱?他说他爱你吗? -不,我…
[06:24.84]No, it's....
[06:27.40]lt's an allegory. No, look, my point is, he's been doing this for years. Years! 那是一种讽刺,我的意思是 多年来他一直都这么做
[06:30.20]And l'm done with it. -我受够了 -忘了那些事吧
[06:33.36]-Then just put it all behind you. -lt is behind me.
[06:34.76]l'm mostly upset about him ruining my last night in New York. 我已经忘了,我真的很气 他毁了我在纽约的最后一夜
[06:40.64]Well, fuck him! And, you know, l never say that. 去他的,我从来没有那么说过
[06:47.00]-Would you like another cocktail? -No, l can't be drunk on the plane. -还要来杯鸡尾酒吗? -不,我不能喝醉了
[06:51.20]l want to arrive stunning and impossibly fresh-looking. 我下机时得保持光鲜亮丽 让他有惊艳的感觉
[06:55.08]Okay. 好吧
[06:59.12]Ladies-- -女士们… -别说了,你把我都惹哭了
[06:60.52]Stop, really, you're going to make me cry.
[07:01.20]She didn't even say anything yet. -她什么都没说 -但我知道她要说什么
[07:04.12]l know what's coming.
[07:10.44]l want to thank you all for wishing me well tonight... 我要谢谢大家今晚帮我饯别
[07:14.96]in spite of some of your personal opinions about my leaving. 虽然有人对我的离开有意见…
[07:18.64]Me? l've never had an opinion in my life. 我吗? 我这辈子从来都没有意见
[07:23.28]You guys, stop. Please. -拜托你们别说了 -冷静点,爱哭鬼
[07:27.48]Easy there, waterworks.
[07:34.32]Today, l had a thought: 今天我想到一件事
[07:40.60]What if l had never met you? 如果我没有认识你们呢?
[08:02.92]Let's pull it up, shall we? 大家控制一下自己
[08:06.32]-l'd like to show my face here again. -Yes, the tears have to go. -我还想来这里吃饭 -对,别哭了
[08:10.60]All right, someone say something not sentimental. 好吧,快说些理智一点的话
[08:14.40]Chemo might have kicked me into early menopause. 化疗让我提早步入更年期
[08:17.56]Task accomplished. -任务完成 -你们不会相信我有多热
[08:17.96]You cannot believe the hot flashes. l can barely keep my clothes on.
[08:20.24]-我巴不得脱光衣服 -你以前的藉口是什么?
[08:21.44]Really, what was your excuse before the chemo?
[08:26.88]l'm going to miss you, you cunt. 我会想念你,小荡妇
[08:30.00]Wow, even ''cunt'' didn't stop her. 她连听到小荡妇都会哭
[08:37.56]It's me, Ieave a message. 是我,请留言
[08:41.60]Manhattan Towncar for Bradshaw. Car number 221, downstairs in two minutes. 曼哈顿城区计程车公司 221号计程车两分钟内抵达
[09:22.40]Ladies, l know it's getting late, and we all need to get up for our pilates. 女士们,我知道很晚了 我们得早起做彼拉特斯
[09:26.36]-More hot decaf? -Are you insane? -还要低咖啡因热咖啡吗? -你疯了吗?
[09:28.12]But hang in... 撑着点,我知道我们能办出 最棒的乳癌慈善晚会
[09:29.40]and l know we can make this breast cancer benefit our best ever.
[09:35.40]Mona, the goody bags, tell us. 梦娜 请告诉我们义卖物品有哪些
[09:38.28]Thanks, Sheila. 谢谢你,席拉
[09:40.76]Okay. 首先是粉红缎带乳癌饼干
[09:40.08]First, we have the pink-ribbon breast cancer cookie.
[09:44.96]-Oh, Jesus. -What's wrong with the cookie? -天啊 -饼干有什么不好的?
[09:47.44]For the past five years, every fucking breast cancer benefit l've been to... 五年来所有乳癌慈善晚会
[09:52.80]has had that fucking breast cancer cookie. 都会卖该死的乳癌饼干
[09:54.20]l don't care about a breast cancer cookie, and l had breast cancer! 我不在乎乳癌饼干 我得了乳癌
[09:59.36]Point taken. 我了解,所以…
[10:01.56]And? 有些参加晚宴的女人得了乳癌
[10:03.24]Some of the women coming to this event are battling cancer.
[10:09.08]They need something more inspirational or outrageous than a fucking cookie. 她们需要比饼干 更有启示性跟勇气的东西
[10:14.04]ls it hot in here? -这里很热吗? -我们已经拿到饼干了
[10:14.04]Well, the cookies are donated, so we're having them, but you're right.
[10:19.100]We do need something inspirational... 但你说得对,我们得为她们 做些更有启示性跟勇气的事
[10:24.08]and outrageous to give to these women.
[10:26.80]So, l'm giving them you. -我要把这个任务交给你 -你说什么?
[10:31.16]Excuse me? 我要你发表演说
[10:32.44]l'd like you make a little speech before you bring me up.
[10:33.24]-But what would l say? -Something inspirational. -但我该说什么? -说些有启示性的话
[10:37.80]Something you think they'd like to hear. 你觉得她们想要听的话
[10:41.88]But... 但我的公婆 利柏南夫妇也会出席
[10:43.48]my husband's parents, the Liebermans, are coming...
[10:46.88]so please try not to say ''fuck'' so much. 拜托,别说太多脏话
[10:51.76]Could l get some water, please? 能帮我倒些水吗?拜托
[10:54.44]Fill it up. 把它倒满
[11:39.04]A little slower, s'iI vous pIait. -请慢一点 -没问题
[11:42.52]-But of course. American? -New Yorker. -美国人? -我是纽约客
[11:47.92]Je m'appeIIe Carrie Bradshaw. l'm staying here with Aleksandr Petrovsky. 我叫凯莉布雷萧 我来找亚力山大佩特洛夫斯基
[11:51.96]Very good, Miss Bradshaw. 是的,布雷萧小姐 佩特洛夫斯基先生在沙龙里
[11:51.96]l believe Mr. Petrovsky is in the salon right now.
[11:56.92]Yes. -是的 -好的
[12:01.92]The luggage?
[12:04.60]Thank you. 谢谢
[12:25.68]-Carrie, you're here. -Hi. -凯莉,你来了 -嗨
[12:27.64]So nice to see you. -看到你我好高兴 -嗨
[12:37.60]l want you to meet my daughter Chloe. 我要你见见我女儿克萝依
[12:55.28]l'm sorry, all l got was, ''lt's 10:30.'' 抱歉,我只听得懂10跟30
[12:60.76]-You don't speak French? -Well, l'm learning, but-- -你不会说法文? -我正在学,但是…
[13:03.36]Chloe was saying that she's having a bad day... 克萝依说她今天心情不好
[13:05.96]and she wants to kill herself. 她想自杀
[13:07.24]She's a bit dramatic. 她真的很惨,跟男朋友有问题
[13:09.80]Boyfriend troubles.
[13:12.88]Well, that's my department. So tell me all about the bum. 那是我的专长 跟我谈谈那个混蛋
[13:19.24]Papa tells me this is your first visit to Paris. -爸爸说这是你第一次来巴黎 -如果看电影幻想不算的话
[13:22.64]Well, not if you include movies.
[13:25.60]But l can't believe l'm finally here. 我不敢相信我终于来了 看到艾菲尔铁塔我差点大叫
[13:27.00]l almost screamed when we drove by the Eiffel Tower.
[13:32.48]Terrible. 真可怕,以前它还可以忍受 现在晚上加演灯光秀…
[13:33.04]lt was tolerable before, but now with that light show at night...
[13:37.12]hideous, just hideous. 真的是太可怕了
[13:52.08]l wanted Chloe to meet us for drinks tonight... 我要克萝依今晚跟我们喝一杯
[13:55.44]but the only time she could give her old papa... 但她只有今天下午有空陪老爸
[13:57.12]is from now till this afternoon, so....
[14:02.28]You two should have your day alone. 你们两个应该好好独处
[14:05.20]lnterpreting for me is going to cut your time in half. 有我当电灯泡只会打扰你们
[14:06.76]l can unpack and take a nap... 我可以整理行李,睡个觉 调整一下我的时差,好吗?
[14:11.92]and try to get on Paris time. Okay?
[14:15.00]Also, l have to meet some people from the museum for an early dinner. 我还要见几个博物馆的朋友 跟他们提早吃晚餐
[14:19.12]But l'll eat light, so we can go out then, okay? 但我只会吃一点 然后我们可以一起出去
[14:22.36]l'm in Paris. Don't you worry about me. -我到了巴黎,别担心我 -好吧
[14:31.40]See you. 再见
[14:36.32]-lt was nice to meet you, too. -Thank you. -我也很高兴能见到你 -谢谢,再见
[14:46.92]-Where am l going? -625. -我要去几号房?
[16:22.84]Ten hours Iater... 10小时后
[16:26.20]aII dressed up, and no Petrovsky to go. 我盛装打扮 佩特洛夫斯基却没有出现
[16:44.40]Where is the recommendation from your friend, the judge? 你的法官朋友 写的推荐信在哪里?
[16:47.20]Here. 这里
[16:49.76]And Carrie left hers at home, so l can pick it up when l get her mail later. 我去帮凯莉拿信时 会顺便把她的推荐信拿回来
[16:52.44]lt's amazing, with all the unwanted children, we have to do this. 这个世界有那么多弃婴 我们却得做这些事
[16:56.24]This private adoption is a very competitive market. 私人领养中心竞争激烈
[16:60.24]More competitive than China? We've got a year's wait on that list. 中国的弃婴不多吗? 我们得等上一年
[17:03.80]Honey, God is going to send us a baby from somewhere. 上帝一定会帮我们挑个好孩子
[17:07.20]And it's just our job to file all the papers... 我们的工作是填写表格
[17:11.84]and to just be as aggressive as we can, up to the point of obnoxious. 表现得非常急躁不安
[17:15.72]Amen. 阿门
[17:34.92]l'm sorry l'm late. 抱歉我回来晚了
[17:37.72]This museum dinner turned into this big, long thing... 我跟博物馆的人吃晚餐 结果时间一拖再拖
[17:40.88]with the exhibit sponsors... 个展赞助商 跟其他赞助人都来了
[17:44.68]and other patrons, riffraff, blah, blah.
[17:48.04]Sorry. -抱歉 -你为什么不打电话来?
[17:50.24]-Why didn't you call? -l did. 我打了 你要柜台帮你拒绝来电
[17:52.00]You had the ''do not disturb'' on your phone.
[17:56.40]Right. 对,我忘了
[17:59.56]l forgot.
[17:60.48]Did you sleep? 你有睡吗?
[18:04.52]-Did you get enough sleep? -Yeah. -你睡饱了吗? -对
[18:10.88]lt's dinnertime in New York. 现在是纽约的晚餐时间
[18:21.80]You look like dessert. 你看起来好像甜点
[18:26.52]What's under your miIIefeuiIIes? -你的千层派下藏了什么? -千层派层层相叠
[18:28.00]MiIIefeuiIIes.: a thousand layers.
[18:33.08]One, two, three... 一、二、三
[18:37.12]four, five, six... 四、五、六
[18:43.72]seven, eight, nine, ten.... 七、八
[18:49.28]Oh, my God! Stop! 天啊,快住手
[18:53.36]''lf you want to see the face of breast cancer, look around you. 如果你们想知道乳癌的真面目 看看你们的四周
[18:58.68]''lt's the woman next to you at the dry cleaners... 它就是你隔壁的洗衣店女工 小儿科护士
[19:03.56]''the nurse in pediatrics...
[19:06.48]''the single mother picking her child up from school.'' 到学校接孩子的单亲妈妈
[19:10.32]Are you sure the heat is off? 你确定暖气关了
[19:15.40]Fucking chemo. 去他的化疗,我说到哪里了?
[19:15.20]Where was l?
[19:18.40]''She's the woman with the knowing smile. 她带着了解的微笑
[19:20.60]''A smile that says: 诉说着“我打败了乳癌 我可以征服世界”
[19:23.68]'''l beat cancer, l can take on the world!'''
[19:31.20]lt's good? 很棒吧?
[19:34.60]What is that? -怎么了? -它有点老套
[19:37.60]lt's kind of stiff.
[19:38.48]-l thought it would sound more like you. -lt's an inspirational speech. -完全没有你的风格 -这篇演说非常有启示性
[19:43.88]At AA, the most inspirational speakers are the ones who keep it real. 在嗜酒者互诫协会 说真话才会有启示性
[19:45.60]Keep it real? 说真话?
[19:49.00]l'm speaking at a black-tie benefit, not chilling at P. Diddy's crib. 我要在正式晚宴上演讲 不是在吹牛老爹的派对上耍宝
[19:51.32]l'm just saying, the truth is powerful. -我是说真相才有力量 -你是戒酒专家,我是公关
[19:55.40]Look, you may know AA, but l know PR.
[19:56.76]Now, if you'll excuse me, l simply must stick my head in the freezer. 对不起,我得把头伸进冰箱里
[20:05.24]After a week in Paris, I'd decided my French was now strong enough... 在巴黎待了一星期 我觉得我的法文非常棒
[20:09.40]to brave the uItimate test.: a day of shopping. 可以勇敢面对终极挑战 到街上去血拼
[20:29.20]Fine, l'm fine. 我没事
[20:33.04]Oh, my purse.
[20:34.04]l'm fine.
[20:44.00]Someone has been shopping. -有人去大血拼了 -我跌倒了
[20:45.48]l fell. l fell in Dior.
[20:48.16]So l decided that the more l purchased... 我想我买得越多
[20:52.100]the less they'd think of me as the American who fell in Dior. 他们就不会认为我是 “在迪奥跌倒的美国人”
[20:58.20]-They don't think like that. -Not anymore, they don't. 他们不会那么想的
[21:03.00]This is the shopping equivalent of a lobotomy. 现在不会,这趟血拼之旅 跟切除脑叶手术差不多
[21:03.88]Poor baby. 可怜的宝贝
[21:08.16]My purse went flying. l had to scoop everything up. 我的皮包飞了出去 我得把所有东西捡回来
[21:11.72]l came all the way from New York to squat and scoop in Dior. 我大老远从纽约来这里 结果趴在迪奥地上捡东西
[21:16.80]l didn't even bother to check and see if l had all my credit cards. 我甚至没时间检查 我有没有把信用卡都捡回来
[21:20.28]Well, apparently you had one. -很明显地你捡回了一张 -我有很多年都不会再用它
[21:20.96]One that l won't be using again for many, many years.
[21:31.68]Oh, no. -不,我的天啊 -怎么了?
[21:33.96]-No, oh, my God. -What?
[21:35.24]My Carrie necklace was in here. l put it in here, and l don't see it. 我的凯莉项练不见了 我把它放在这里
[21:43.72]lt's not in here. 它不在这里
[21:48.88]God, no, l can't have lost my Carrie necklace, no! 我不能失去我的凯莉项练
[21:52.24]-Was it insured? -No, it's not like that. -它有保险吗? -不,不是那样的
[21:54.68]lt cost nothing, but it's.... 它不值钱,但它是…
[21:60.24]lt's priceless. 它是无价之宝
[22:01.52]l've just had it forever, so.... 我保存它很久了,所以…
[22:51.64]Hello? -喂 -太早了吗?
[22:54.12]ls it too early? -凯莉,你好吗? -我真的很沮丧
[22:54.00]Carrie, hi! How's it going?
[22:59.56]l'm really upset.
[22:59.96]-What's wrong? -It's nothing serious, I just.... -怎么了? -不是什么大事
[23:05.16]l lost my Carrie necklace. 我把我的凯莉ȍ2*].PEȍ不见了
[23:06.60]lt's gone, and l'll never be able to replace it. 我永远都找不到东西代替它
[23:13.28]l got it at that street fair when we were all together. 我跟你们一起去市集时买了它
[23:16.68]lt just makes me so sad. -我真的好难过 -那当然,我了解
[23:20.04]Sure, l understand.
[23:20.92]Well, no one in Paris seems to understand, or at least they don't understand me. 在巴黎没有人了解我
[23:27.08]Come home. -回家来吧 -不行,我来这里才一星期
[23:28.00]l can't come home. l've only been here a week.
[23:33.20]So, aside from the necklace, how's it going? 除了丢掉项练之外 你还好吧?
[23:34.16]Well, you know, it's hard. 在这里生活很辛苦 比我想像中还辛苦
[23:38.92]lt's harder than l thought. l don't speak the language. 我不会说法文,这里又冷又湿 没办法整天散步
[23:43.24]And it's too cold and rainy to walk around all day.
[23:45.60]l've been to every museum twice. 我去过每间博物馆两次
[23:49.76]l don't know, l'm just sort of lost. -我不知道,我失落感很重 -亚力在哪里?
[23:52.76]Where's Aleks? 个展花掉的时间比他预期中长 所以我常一个人
[23:54.32]Well, the exhibit is taking much more time than he thought...
[23:59.44]so l'm alone a lot.
[23:60.52]Come home. -回家来吧 -那太可笑了,我才刚到
[24:03.20]That's ridiculous, l just got here.
[24:04.96]l'm serious, you sound really upset. 我是认真的,你真的很沮丧
[24:07.08]No, l'm just being a baby. You know, l lost my necklace... 不,我只是在闹孩子脾气 我弄丢了我的项练
[24:10.36]and l saw these girls having lunch and.... 我看到那些女孩在吃午餐…
[24:22.20]l just thought how much l miss you guys.
[24:25.04]We miss you, too. 我们也想你
[24:28.56]This is absurd. l'm in Paris. l've wanted to come here my whole life. 这真的太荒谬了,我在巴黎 我一直想到这里来
[24:31.12]l just have, you know, too much time to think. 我太闲了才会胡思乱想
[24:36.92]What does that mean? 那是什么意思?
[24:38.36]Can l tell you something you won't use against me... 我要告诉你一件事 你发誓以后不会取笑我?
[24:42.64]when l feel better and everything's great?
[24:44.92]Yeah. 那当然
[24:47.80]l keep thinking about Big. 我一直在想大人物
[24:52.68]About... 我在想如果是跟大人物来巴黎 那会是什么样子
[24:53.16]what it would be like if l'd come here with Big.
[25:01.12]Hello? -喂 -我还在听
[25:03.04]l'm still here.
[25:02.24]But that's just something I do... 当我跟其他男朋友出现问题时 我都会那么做
[25:06.60]when things aren't going perfectIy with any guy.
[25:06.92]l compare him to Big. 我拿他们跟大人物比较
[25:13.68]God, this French phone is saying something that l don't-- 天啊 我听不懂法国总机在说…
[25:17.56]Listen-- 听着
[25:36.24]If you want to see the face of breast cancer, Iook around you. 如果你们想知道乳癌的真面目 看看你们的四周
[25:43.20]It's the woman next to you at the dry cIeaners... 它就是你隔壁的洗衣店女工
[25:49.88]the nurse... 小儿科护士
[25:52.64]in pediatrics...
[25:55.52]the singIe mother picking her chiId up from schooI. 到学校接孩子的单亲妈妈
[25:59.56]l said inspirational, not perspirational. 我要她有启示性 不是要她满身大汗
[26:01.88]She's brave... 她既勇敢又能干
[26:04.04]she's capabIe...
[26:06.96]she's you. 她就是你
[26:13.32]Oh, fuck it, she's me. 该死,她就是我
[26:14.52]And if any of you are having hot fIashes Iike I am... 如果你们跟我一样全身发烫 你们都该拿到勋章
[26:17.40]you deserve a fucking medaI.
[26:20.36]Bad enough I Iose my hair, now I have my face running down my couture. 掉头发就已经够糟糕了 现在流汗流到妆也化掉了
[26:29.04]Oh, to heII with it. 去死吧
[26:34.08]That's better. 那样子好多了
[27:26.96](给夏绿蒂妈妈,凯莉 宝宝的推荐信)
[27:51.80]Hey, it's me, Ieave a message. 是我,请留言
[27:54.12]It's me. 是我
[27:56.60]I know you said you never wanted me to caII you again, but I'm stiII in town... 我知道你要我别再打电话给你
[27:60.04]但我还在城里,我不知道 你能不能听到,但我还是要说
[28:00.56]and I don't know if you're even caIIing this number, but I had to caII.
[28:04.32]I figure at this point I've got nothing to Iose, except you. 我想这个时候除了你之外 我没什么好失去的
[28:11.60]I can't Iose you again, Carrie. I Iove you. 我不能再失去你 凯莉,我爱你
[28:16.84]Hi, it's Charlotte. 我是夏绿蒂
[28:20.84]And her computer was just sitting there on the bed. 她的电脑还放在床上
[28:33.76]Well, l know l haven't been your favorite over the years. 多年来你们一直不喜欢我
[28:37.16]-l wouldn't say that. -l would. -我不会那么说 -我会
[28:46.80]Well, God knows l've made a lot of mistakes with Carrie. 天啊,我真的伤透了凯莉的心
[28:49.88]l fucked it up many times. 我搞砸了,很多次,我知道
[28:55.56]l know that.
[28:59.12]Look, l need your advice. 听着,我需要你们的建议
[29:03.72]You three know her better than anyone. 你们比任何人都了解她 你们是她的最爱
[29:03.96]You're the loves of her life, and a guy's just lucky to come in fourth.
[29:08.48]任何男人能排到第四名 就够幸运了
[29:13.44]But l do love her. 但我真的爱她
[29:14.20]And if you think l have the slightest chance... 如果你们觉得我还有一丝希望
[29:18.60]l'll be on the next plane to Paris, l'll roam the streets until l find her... 我会搭下一班前往巴黎的飞机 在街上不停地寻找她
[29:24.68]l'll do anything.
[29:26.56]But if you think... 但如果你们觉得她真的快乐
[29:30.44]that she really is happy...
[29:34.28]well, l wouldn't want to wreck that for her. 我不想毁了她的幸福
[29:39.96]And l'll be history. 我会从此消失
[29:54.68]Go get our girl. 去找我们的朋友吧
[30:12.68]And what is that? 那是什么?
[30:20.60]Oh, my God. 我的天啊
[30:23.52]l know this is not the Carrie necklace, but it's a necklace for Carrie. 我知道这不是凯莉项练 但这是要给凯莉的项练
[30:31.04]These aren't diamonds?
[30:33.16]Let's just say l wouldn't throw it around in your old purse. 我不会把它放在你的旧皮包里
[30:39.80]l hope this will cheer you up. -希望它能让你打起精神 -谢谢你
[30:42.40]-Want to try it? -Yes! -你想试戴一下吗? -我要
[30:46.48]Okay. 好了
[30:51.16]-lt's all right? -lt's lovely. -可以吗? -漂亮极了
[30:56.84]Listen, l know l've been busy. 听着,我知道我一直都很忙
[30:58.20]As soon as the exhibit opens... 但我发誓个展开始后 我会好好陪你
[31:03.28]it'll be just you and me, l promise. Okay?
[31:24.92]Carrie, this is Andre, my best friend. 他是我最好的朋友安德烈 我跟你提过他
[31:26.12]-Remember, l told you about him? -Oh, yeah.
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